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The Tarboro' Southerner.
ThuTEday, - - - May 23, 1372.
paper Advertising Agents, fto. 4 South
Street, Baltimore, Md., are duly author
ized to contract for advertisements nt our
1,'ii-ftl .rates. Advertisers in that ("iiy. are
rc(!ictcd to leave their favors with tliis
lu use.
County Executive Comifiittee
John S. aiuv, Chairman. :
ii. e. lioiitoo.
Iv 1. Stamps.
V. 11. Sharpe.
Win. liijjp. ..
To the Democratic-Couserva-tive
Party of Edgecombe.
A grand Coantv Convention and Mass
Meeting r t'ic party wdl be hold in Tar
lo:o onSatiudiy the 15th day o! June.
At t!ii-i Convfii'i m will ba cons idercd
the expediency of nominating a full De
mocratic County ticket.
Considerations f.r a tli-iron'i. organiza
tion of th- party ' 'r t'.io present campaign
will be discussed.
Prominent foreign and hone speakers,
including oar State Nominees, will address
the people cm that oca-dd': .
The dilferem Tow :ii!iijH ;cre requested
1olii.l l at once, rrimary meetings and ap
point delegates.
1W order of the Kxecntive Committed.
Wir. Biuos,
, Orn Coihiespoxdfnts. As st.itod.rv few
w-l;s since, wo. Lave perfected arranRO
incn's to si otiro regular correspond, nee for
the SoxHit- r.NiUi during the present cam
! - 'Hi-
S. r.d have already been published and
et!i. r-; will come in duo time.
i i is our purpose to make a locrd, politi
cal and newsy sheet f.r all the adjoining
entities, and wo invite conc-spc-udeiiee from
( Vi i v st ction.
For the S' milion ?r.
Township lleeting.
At a mtinc; iu Waiuat Creek. Township,
tin' following t;.utlcrc.en wore itpp"ii.te.I t
r ;.' -.-i- i:T. ths? township in the Comity CVn-.-o
ion, to nomiiiato Candidates f r the
various County officer, whenever called.
r. A r. Xii.!es, J.wl-.na Killebr -.v, S L
Hart. -1 V. Wim Krly.X 1! Kdiebrew.
;i motion t!i" Presid.m r.al Secretary
o'.dVd to the Committer
C. lb KiLi.rnr."w,
O it.n-f, President.
St "ere'arv.
r-h'er finite Asrricuitural Society
nation of Officers Interesting
The resular nicotine; of the Edgecombe
Agfienl! in al Society was held o-i Tuesd
t '-t. In the nbT-r.ee of the President, Col.
" 15. Miilebiew, cau-ed bv ilkies the
!iir was (ccirift by Win. F..Le',vis,
K-r,., one of the Vice-ProM.lenl.
M, -is. C. M. Wesson, L. L. St.iton and
O.C Farur made application for mrmbi r
v'litl - Mil Vl'VP II !'! mn r ' fll.-' 1 1
Mv. II. Ilanrnn nmn fl lls..t ti n r..n-
m . bo amended so a? tn rm.l ll;.i. !
"fivi- members s,-nll enstitnte a qm.rum i
t i transact any business of the Society,"
v.'.iU nr.tler ti e ru'es, lies ever until tLe
r,v' reubr m-.-et'iifr.
The Prtsii'e'it ar.no;'.' ced that this was
t lie i e;:i;lr i:re-tii if fur the ami mi 1 elec
tion of diet i s w I'.creupon au c!ectiv'-i
",v;i? fronn info, with the following result.
'r. J. i
l!a!;er. President.
Lewis t, - , .
- i e 1 resiilents.
se ;ar.eill. i
P.is's, b'ceordiejr Secretary.
K. 11. Sramps, (.'orrespoiiiling' Seerpfsrr.
n. T
The question of a County Fair was fnllv I
.-H.onssed but no dt-,-:ive .-'.(''inn n-vcm! i
decisive Kt.iou acr
-iiKin. i
Mr. J. R.Thigpen introduced the follow- combe."
in res'duti.n- Wnat must C"bb and Duggtn tatn.c n
s-otw.i, Ttiat a S'lver Cup, of the valae this friendty' attack when so much U
f ten ib, bars, npf 'om iitply Inscribed, bo Ppnds upon the purity of their "lepubli
av. arded at the r.esf nior-thly meetiu? to i tin's at the Radical County Convention
the exhibitor of the lit c .t Milch Gnv, of i on Saturday June tli
Native Stock, to be c 'ir.e",. led for onlv bv'j
members .of the Society the members of ! Jnst received at H. MORRIS & DUO'S
the. Society being conni'tited a C -mmi ttes i 1 assortment 0-' Infants and Childrons
Oi t,,e. Whole upon t!;e ai'.itr.uiaH.
The Tren surer was authorized, from any
unappropriated fund- in hi liaiir?.;. to im mediately
procure the Cup ard have it
niady for presentation at the next mei
inir, as soon as the award was announced.
On motion of Mr. E. R. Stamps a stand
ing committee of three was appointed,
whose duty it should bo to prepare ar.d
submit to the Society at each meeting sub
jects for discussion.
The Chair appointed the following mem
bers of the Committee, viz. J. R. Thig
pen, J. G. Reeves and II. C. Rotirne.
The fallowing .resolution, introduced by
Dr. J. II. Baker, was unanimously adopted:
Jirsolv'l, That the thanks of this Society
be tendered to cur late President, Col. C
li. Killebrew, for the able and efficient
manner in which he has discharged the
duties of his fiice.
That in retiring from the position he has
.in faithfully and successfully filled for tin
p?st two years, fee carries -with him the!
warmest feelings of gratitude of this As.so
ei tion.
The subject of "Diversity of Labor,"
was agreed upon for discussion at the
next meeting.
Tho Society then adjourned until Tues
day, the ISth of June next.
W5L F. LEWIS, President.
WM. BIGGS, Secretary.
Sonny Fon It. Wo approach tb.3 subject
with f -ar and trembling. We really feel
ioc. impotent to express the sorrow that is
tuvjiiiK at onr heart strings, for the reason
that w forget to mention the Soda Foun
tain of Dr. L. L. Statoa iu tho last issue of
We trust the following amende honorable
fgad emphatic statement will make up the
e i T.
Dr. Staton's Soda Fountain is tho most
eomplefe and elegant ouq in this section of
the country; his syrups aro unsurpassed and
management uneipialed.
If y u desire a refreshing drink call at
this Fountain during a sultry day.
Corrkctiox. In noticing the prospects
of the Radical County nominations last
week we expressed the pinion that New
ton and Jackson, both colored, would bo
retained as Commissioners.
Wc feel rather "jnbious" of the correct
it ess ofour information, and we have since
beet: continued in tke doubt.
A prominent leader of the mongrel con
cern, (but justice compels us to assert a
calculate also,) assures us that it has
!-' determined t throw over-board both
these darkies for why or wherefore It
was impossible for us to a-ccrtain. '
Another correction we feel constrained
t.- make upon the slate published by us in
A iislio.
G dv:n, that incomparable and prompt
Coroner, has come to the conclusion that
be h u been working fr th , ,,ar,y iong
etioiigh lor the perquisites ol an office that
1 aid comparatively nothing ami he is now
m , king I'm- higher anie. lie is an aspi
i it:t f'fr, an 1 will accept nothing less than
se.it in the House o'' Rci'.recnt;r'..a
tic influence of Johnson, Malison, Bunn
and Co!,!, to the contrary, notwithstanding,
l.CVei;hele:;i. Ij is going to light iOUt
onih.it line if it takes all tho campaign.
Other changes in the slate will be men
tioned as they bec.ene manifest.
Excursion To Wilson. 'e ar in
i nmd by M. C. C. Thomas Agent of the
Wilmington and Widdon p x Uoad'at this
f'tec, that a prcial Train will leave the
.'.ait'oro Depot lor ilso1? S ind.iy
oe; iM-ii at ocioci; lor tin;
illowing nil who desire to
pre.i. !:;-g at that place on th
pnrpnsc of
atbnd the
t day. He-
m I;'
'i a' tive.
day. the tram
r'-'dobk, p. m.
Ocn Orkatest Sowhkr. We chance to
know that Gen. Lee and Gen. A. P. Hill con
sidered (Jen. Pender the ablest sol. Her that
North Carolina gave t the war. Gen. Lee
said that he never had his j.ioper rank that
he ought to have been one of his corps com
manders. Gen. Hill said to the late Mr.
AVallace. the Nestor of the Petersburg Bar,
as Mr. Wallace told Dr. rHumard and the
writer, that tie was the ablest soldier of his
rank, Major General, that lie had ever
known. We introduce this for the purpose
of asking onr Tarboro'. brethren, . Messrs.
flings and Stamps, if tho monument that was
to bo erected to the memory of the. noble,
brave - Pender has ever been completed, and
if not, what ha'.i become of the project set op
foot a lew years ago to raise a fund to plaoo
a shaft above the remains of tho most illrs
trious citiKrn that Edgecombe ever gave
birth to, ami to purchase a home for his
widow 1 .
Our great admiration for Gen. Pender is
our excuse for thus obtruding an inquiry as
to a matter ' that more properly concerns
Edgecombe, Although he was there "na
tive and to the manor born," Ms fame be
longs to the wlmln State. Wo are very
prond of it. and will b ?'r.d to learn from
our respected contemporaries that a beauti
ful monument of native Granite or Parian
marble now rises above the rem n ins of our
most consummate Captain. Senttii?:
We are sorry to inform our friend of the
Sentinel that as yet we have been unable to e
rect the proiosed monument over the remains
of onr great hero, but . that, "war's s;rim em
blems' alluded to in Mr. Margrave's poem,
a pi'e of cannon balls upon his crave, are
the only marli of the (lend warrior's couch.
We hope .however, that at some future time,
when the ravages of war have been swept
away, and peace and prosperity return, that
a grateful people Will yet .honor the tomb of
a great and noble man, who gave his life for
their defence.
We suggest that the soldiers of his old .bri
gade each contribute one dollar to the noble
cause, tmd that the Memorial Association be
entrusted . wfyh .the work of erecting Gen.
Pender's monument.
Wc would say to the Sentinel, however,
that a beautiful Memorial window, in the
Episcofs.1 church ju Tarboro, shows that the
dead hero is thought vi.Enq'iirer.
In addition to the explanation of our
esteemed cotcmporary of the Enquirer, as'
given above, we would state ihxt the success
of every s'K-'b. project depends very materi
ally upi n tho local and moral standing of
the projector, or its main advocates.
Tii3 Dsuocr.ATic Convkntiov. The
Cocaty Executive Committee of the Dem
ocratic party have called a Convention to
bo held at Tarboro on Saturday, Juno tho
It is proposed to nominate a fall Dem
ocratic County ticket, and it is particular
ly desired that every Township should bo
represented either in person or bv proxy.
We, therefore, ure npon tlio sevc-al
Townships tho importance of calling pri
mary meetings at an early day and appos
ing Delegates to the said Convention.
The Executive Committee are now cor
responding with prominent Democratic
speakers from other sections of the State,
and they feel confident of beinj ablo to
sccuretheprraser.ee of some of our ablest
debaters, including Judo Merrimon, and
Major Hughes, our nominees for Governor
aud Lieut Governor.
Die!; Johnson, the late inevitabl-i and re
louhtahlo colored II idical leader, seemi to
ntei t.iin no prospect of any nomination
ilt the Collllty CoilVCliiloa on JUitO btil.
lie appears to have completely p
lie appears to have completely plaved
in all his iiiiiueiice, and from present
uidicatiotis it is probable that the newly
imiK-rted nero, M ibson, will till bis scat
in th'j House of Kepvescntaiivos.
Savk rs FroM Qvr Frikkks. It is very
bard alter certain political ape, states have
i been workin-jr most vig rou.siy t tudentify
themselves with the Kadical party, and
ate now working for prominent nomina
tions therein, to bo "gone back on" by their
crran and classed with rampant Demo-
I cnts.
I Now for instance. Tho Raleigh Era,
nrin ol ti.e .aaica. ij
'Dr. W. A. Da-.gf n and Joseph
leadimr Democrats of Edge-
Cobb as
dresses, Bonnets and Caps at great bar-
lius, call and see them.
Delkgatzs to thk District CoXvev
tion. At a refrnlar meeting of the Connty
Executive Committee, behl on Tuesday last,
tho following Delegates were appointed to
the Democratic Convention of the Second
Congressional District, which assembles in
Goidsboro on June oth:
Dr J II Baker, Fred Whitney, Orren Wil
liams, C M Wesson, W T Cobb, E L Moore,
Jos II Pippen, A P Chalk, T C Powell, J II
Clmpinau, W S Long, Erastns Cherry, Geo
L Windxrlv, Levi Walstoa, Mark Atkinson,
Hiram Webb, J J Atkinson, Wiley Wtbb,
J AC Thome, S L Hart, UC Iviilebrew,
J P Jenkins, Jas li Thigpeu, -Jesso Staucil.
Jno L Bridgers Jr, D II Barlow, Chas W
Knight, Chas King.
The Committee at the same time directed
that all other good Democrats from the
connty wko might, visit Goidsboro on that
occasion be considered duly accredited del
egates. Pkess Association. At a meeting of the
editors at Greensboro, we suggested the or
ganization of a Press Association for this
State. It met with approval, and a com
mittee, enmposed of Capt. Nat Atkinson of
the Ashville "Citizen," Capt. Wm. Biggs,
of the Tarboro Southesnek, and Capt. S.
T. Williams of the Raleigh "News," were
appointed to draft .rnles suitable for the
government of such association. Owing
to tho hours appointed for the sitting of
the State Convention, no other meeting of
the members of the press could be held.
We now suggest that these gentlemen pre
pare said rules, in accordance w'th their
appointment, and thGy call a meeting of the
editors to take place in Raleigh sometime
during this 'summer. This matter can be
made of -v.st importance to tlie press of onr
State, and should be gone into. What do
our brethren say to this suggestion? Louis
burg Courier
We, as one member of the Comniitteo ap
pointed at Greensboro by the Press Meeting,
heartily respond to the suggestion of onr
friend Furman.
Leaving out even the peculiar moneyed
business of tho Press which a State Conven
tion could adjust upon a satisfactory basis.
There are other considerations, political in
character, pending a State and National
Campaign, that requires careful considera
tion and united action on tho part of those
who are presumed to lead public sentiment.
Wc; therefore, trust that Capt. Atkinson,
Chairman of the Committee, will draft such
suitable resolutions and call a meeting of
the press of the State at as early a day as
practicable at some central point.
Whatever action he may decide upon wo
will stand by.
Rr Appearance of Paper. For some
unfortunate reason, and one that our experi
enced Foreman could not then discover, the
last few issues of the South t.rn kii have pre
sented a most blotched and blurred ap
per.nnoc. Thoro was evidently some railed defect,
for Radicalism is Fine to embrace something
i - . .tii- k
wrong, bilse, corrupt and uceepi,ie. a
careful examination a few days since dis
closed the aforesaid defect, which was found
to be in the rutU'r, condit ion of tho roller
an exact representation of tho Radical
We have had fuo said roller thoroughly
cleansed and purified, just, as the 1 lemocraey
expect to do at the August election iu tho
matter of State offices --and wo trust no
further trouble will be cxpciicuee-d in read
iug the iltiennci s of v. ii.il we are va.u
enough to assert to lie, "ihe hUmnciicsi De
mocratic paper of Nortli Car.din.i
From tho Advance.!
PKTErsnfRG, Va,, April 9th, 172.
Messus. Editors: I hafVlilid place in
my hands a late copy f the Tsvlioro
Soutukiinkr, iu which I Und many witty
comments and several quotations from a
facetious correspondent who has recently
returned from a visit to Colorado, and
who, on account of his confessed ver
dancy had on adventurous and nearly a
tragical experience there, jf!?).
'Aft, I am informed, the arllclcjK jr-Ferred
to, were, copied in 'he l.':i' tlelx ro A-l-vnnce,
ard ns L have been rcquosted by
several of your subscribers to li'titice them.
I respectful v request that .youwill ex
tend to me the courtesy of a reply; through
the columns of your interesting, and I be
lieve, impartial paper.
This unfortunate tourist write, that he
had just arrived-nnd was4akig observa
tions,' when 'a starving, cow, mistaking
him for something 7rcf?i,made an unexpect
ed assault upon his unprotected jnirson'
and actually sought to devour him! Now,
this would have been a very sad fate in-
,!..e,l lillf rut Im M- T.titlr ftinl
-.- . V4, ll,t IV ...... ...... ,
the .hungry cow sagaciously
tna 'individual as a 'young iliilto!;' was
only cnressiiif and not attempting to cat
hi m on account, as he supposes of his rjrecn
appearance, wdiilo he, unlike the 1d wo
man of such questionable taste, did not
like (Bullock though he was) to bo kissed
by: the cow, and yet, that hungry, spiteful
or . affectionate 'kmc' mut-have madie a
deep and lasting impression upon the wi
protccteti person of the. JSoutiikuseh's cr
lespondent, as he alludes to the circum
stance as the 'one distinct remembrance
of the place,' f ,
He also says, that fearing a continuance
of such attacks, tie gave upjill hope of anc-,
cess at Green Cjtjy, ajid difi not consider
himself remarkably orecn at finding him
self once more, on the good old soil of
r.dgecombe, 1 quota literally ana agros
most heartily with tli yofcng man, that, if
he was so 'verdant' as to live in constant
fear that the coics'trtntld-eat him, success
would be impossible there, or anywhere
else, and that ho ought, indeed, to consider
himself quito fortunate ti fcave reached in
safety the good old soil of Edgecombe
once more, where I hope his friends may
at least be able to keep the cattle away
fiom him. I, therefore, think he certainly
determined wisely, when he concluded
then and there to go. from Colorado, to
'go quickly, and to star.d not on the order
of his going.' J. Ale. Pacis.
The Editor of tho Sot'TriERN'EB wishes
it distinctly understood that he has noth
ing to say npou the subject.
: : m m i , .
By some unaccountable mischance, not
yet understood, a considerable amount of
Local Matter prepared for the last issue of
the SoiiTHEBNEit was lost aud did not ap
pear. We regret it particularly on account
of our readers, who were the main loser;.
r.r-R in Pitt. Tho political situa
tion iu Pitt County has reached such a
critical point the chances boing no evenly
balanced that it seems to us the Democ
racy of that county should have an organ
that will firmly and faithfully advocate
their cause and fearlessly expose the cor
ruption and venality of the opposition.
It is with pleasure thr.t we understand
there is some prospect of the speedy pub
lication of such a pa;jer, controlled by a
good Democrat and an experienced writer.
We are informed that should negotia
tions that are now in progress be satisfac
torily arranged the paper will bo started
in Green vibe about the first of July--in
full time to taka cn tciivo part in tiie
State ciavass-
Dn.r.rATES to tuk Ei-Tscor.v'L Con
vention. Tho AnnuaL Convention of
tho Protestant Episcopal Church will com
mence in Salisbury on Wednesday,' tho
22:id of this month. Tho following de
legates have been apnointed by the Vestry
of Calvary Church of -this place, viz:
n. cnapman, w in, -l. rippen, L,. cnam
berlain, Mathew Weddell.
Alternates X. J. Fitruan, James S.
Pippen,' T. F- Levis, V. M. Wesson.
Ei: ttovuai.1 Visit. We very much re
g'ct missing the visit of Mrs. Ktilley, the
accomplished Editress of ths lljcky Aloxant
Mail, who honored our olfice by a call last
week. Mrs. S. is one of the most grace
ful and polished lady writers in tho State,
an ! her power has been particularly shown
in the management of her. department of
the Mail.
Second District Convention.
The District Convention of the Democratic-Conservative
party for the nomination
of a candidate to represent this Congression
al District, and for such other matters as
may come before it, will be held at Goids
boro, on June 5th, 1S72, at 11 o'clock A. m.
The Exitcutive Committee will endeavor
to make arrangements with tho various
railroads to pass delegates at half fare.
Duo notice of this and ether nocessary mat
ters will be duly announced.
Cy order Executive Committee 2nd Con
gressional District. Walter Clark.
From our Traveling Correspondent.
Washington', D. C. April 30th, 1372.
"The Metropolitan" is situated in a beau
tiful portion of. the city, on -"Pennsylvania
Avenue'' tnd being rather central, is a,good
ba.-je for operations, contrality in Washing
ton being an object, as every visitor there
knows, and tho foot-sore pedestrian, nfter
three days peregrinations, is prepared to
appreciate the fact that Washington is "the
City of magnificent .distances;" it being only
one nule exactly from the gate of the Cap
itol to the gate of the White House the
termini of Pennsylvania Avenue the other
prominent public buildings boing olistant
from each other in proportion.
There is much in Washington to interest
a stranger, and the Capitol buildings alone
would entertain one for several days; indeed
the Rotunda and passages ure constantly
crowded with sight-seers from abroad and a
corps of polite .policemen are stationed at
regular intervals to answer questions, give
information and keep relic hunters from
despoiling tho building and defacing the
ornaments by their petty pilfer ings.
. Entering tho Capitol from the Avenue,
we ascended a long flight of storufe steps and
came to an immense basin surrounded by
an iroii jrajling and filled with fresh water
from a spring two or three ntles off, in
which countless numbers of golfl and other
fish play, and feed on the cruibbs thrown
them by little children.,
Going in on the first floor qf the left
wing under tho Senate- Chan.bod we came
to the heating and ventilating apparatuses,
which have great attractions for mechanical
minds; the heat is furnished by raaans of
steam generated in huge boiler, ,tho
machinery for it being complicates! rpd
ornamental; innumerable steel bands fur
nished as bright as mirrors, and countnsss
brass knobs so highly pob'shtd that yonJ
ran see the reflection ot your luce m them;
the floors being covered with handsome
Brussels carpets. VentilAtion is obtained
by means of immense fans, revolving rapid
ly, producing a powerful current of r.ir
which is forced through the entire length
and hcigth of tho building by means of
Going pp another flight of' rtonc steps
(for everything is made of stone and iron)
we enter the Linunda of 'he main new build
ings, and advancing to the centre with
head thrown back and upturned eyes, we
are Myibly impressed with the idea of our
uuuuuaal msignihcauco ana can out won-,
dcr at hud admire the mighty mind of the
man who could conceive ?neh a structure
in building an ornament fori uations pride,
be er.t'ted a monument to his individual
This, beyond a doubt, is tho principal
attraction of the buildings; everything is on
tho grand, magnificent ficalo. and every
thing in tasteful proportion. .'
The Rotunda of the Dome being th: prin
cipal feature in the house; the prini ipa. fea
ture of tiie Rotunda is the bronze doors''
(or rather d mbie door) to the entrance from
.'Hist Front" Street. This door, or doors,
are solid bronze, consisting "f eight pan
reds, lour on each side, representing tho
c ire. . of Christopher Columbus from the
time la Was eoiioiii.ionod by the ee'iirt
of Spa'i: to Lis -ath in a di;'i.;eon.
The figures stand out in bold relief, an.t
the features of tl different faces are rery
expressive. The doors were designed by
lingers, of Rome, and cast by Miller, in
"Munich; iu 18C0. e They are seventeen (17)
feet high, nine (9) feet wide and weigh
twenty (20,000) thousand pounds, costing
forty thousand ($40,000) dollars; these
doors have Eot been exempt frem the petit
larcenies 61" pncrilegous relic seekers; some
one having stolen the ridle and Btir
rup off the ass on which Columbus is mcun
ted, on his way to the Court of Ferdinand
and Isabella; a'polieeman is however Bow
stationed here, who's especial duty it is
to guaid .those doors.- . . .
The Tail Tf the Rotunda Is orrmmented,
by eight cartoons 12x18 feet in we, by tho
best .native and foreign artists; the first on
the right.- as you enter the bronze, doors,
repreSi-ntiiv' "the Landing of - Columbus.
in liibi" (by Var.derlyn.)
2nd. "The embarkation of tho rilgrims
from. Dclf J -haven, in 1(120." (by Robt.( Weif)
!-3d? 'Washington resigning his -' Cam
mlswion. . -
4th. "Surrender of Cornwallis, 1731."
Gth. 'Snttenlr of Buegoyne, 1777."
6th. "Declaration of Independence,
7th,1r'Tariiir9 of Pocbahontas. . iri3."
"th." 'Difmrerf- of -tho ' Mississippi,
1541," (by W. II. Powell.) . : '
The ceiling-of the Dome is covered with
"Brumidi's fresco" a painting happily con
ceived and Lundsomcly executed; represen-
1 ting by iDiytl io logical sonlxds, the. arts and
f l'iijprlrecs tif'the nation. "On the "fop of the
Doino is a Cupola, and suimountuig this
Cupola is a statue of the .Goddess pf Lib
eity. . ' . ,v
Any one who has the energy and nerve to
climb up to the top of tho. dome, will be J
amply rewarded tor their labor by to birds
eye view they get of Washington and its sur
roundings. - Iu the Cupola ia a chandelier
composed of several perpendicular rows of
gas "jets, so that when lighted it resembles"
a "pillar of Jire :" like t he pillar of fireV ,
that preceded tho Israelitish host, it should
I ba the"be;corVlight for' a' nation1' guidance, :
otii msieau, id presents a ungut uuu u uun
sido to the same nation, leading the one to
corruption and ill gotten fortunes, and leav
ing tho other in the darkness of despair and
desolation. I ; . i
It is interesting to see how so many lamps
are lighteS, for it would take six men half J
a day to light each one separately: it is done
by means of electricity, one- rpofu filled
with powerful batteries bemg set apart for
this purpose, and when desired, as though
some Divine power had said: "iet there be
light;-" forth fiash tho flames, as quick as
lightning, from the grand floor to cupola.
As yon epter from the . Avenue; pass
through the right hand door of the rotunda
aud you coino to a room with several stat
nes in it, among others, is the. ono of Pres
ident Lincoln, by Vinnio Reams, which,
judging from tho picturo of him, is a good
likeness. Passing on through this rooTi,
we come to the 'House of-c.f,r-ogcni;arivos"
aiul looki' down upon the vast amphithea
ter of hirman heads, our eyes involuntarily
rest u; on Ben Butler; recognized immedi
ate Jy by the resemblance the caricatures of
him bear to the original. Like 'RedGauutlet, '
he has the mark .of iho. Beast unmistakably
stamped on his forehead.
In tho back ground, sit two or three
11th Amendments, with their heads hung;
down, totally unconscious of what is taking'
place around them and utterly ignored by
their wiuta colkc.guesii -- ...
Passing from "the House" beck through
the rotunda, wi come to the "Seuate Cham
ber," and are forcibly impressed with the
superiority of this over the other branch
ot Congress.
What Butler is in the fTonsa, Charles
Simmer is iu tho Senate; Sumner is scrupu
lously noat in his dress as he is unscrti
pn.ous in his politics; but withal he is a
good iookii?" man. Edmunds, of Vermont,
is now on the floor and is endeavoring to
account for tho misappropriation of thcNaval
appropriations, defending the Administra
tion," while Trumbull, from Illinois, mppar
ently indifferent to what is takif-g place, is
paying the strictest attention to what Ed
munds is. saying, and now rising from his
his seat, rakes Edmunds fore and aft, expos
ing the fallacy of his argument and placing
him in an unenviable position Edmunds is
a smart wan and good debater; but Trum
bull is liissriporint in every respect.
Our next letter -will be a continuation of
"what wo know about Washington." .
T. R. O, Jr.
We feel authoiizod some what in stating
that Hon. A. S. Merrimon, Mj. Hughes
and Gen. W. R. Cox, and other distinguish
ed speakers will bo present at the Demo
cratic CQunty Convention to be held at
Tarboro on June 15th.
Let ns havo a good, gld time Democratic
turn out.
. . . 4 m ;
Tub Ball Opened Walnut Creek
Township contains iomei Of the most wide
awake aud enthusiastic -Democrats of
Edgecombe. They almost always respond
speedily to any call from legal au
thority and generally . poll their full
Walnut Creek opens the ball for the
County Campaign in holding a primary
meeting a few dys since and appointing
Delegates to the County Convention
which meets iu Tarboro on Saturday, the
loth prox.
The game has commenced which Tow
nship wjli respond pest?
We earnestly request the Secretaries
of the different Towuship meetings to send
in to the Soctiieeneu their reports at the
earliest moment.
Tho Editor, besides controlling tho old
est Democratic Journal of the State, is
also Secretary of the county Executive
Committee, and.Ji is important that all
reports of the action ot the party in all
portions of the county should be forward
ed to him without delay. It is also im
portant that the Democracy of Edgecombe
should have an opportunity ot reading the
action of such sections. If snch is treason
or vanity make the most of itl
At the residence of the bride's mother on
Wednesday 15th Mayia7J2, by Rev. Mr.
Gilbreth, Mr. JohnD. Rubne
iOfh, to
Miss Alla. W. PlTTMAK, of Edgi
In Raleigh on the eVeping of the 17
insb, -at the resielence of the bride's father,
by Rev. A. W. Mangum, Mr. H. M. Ivey
and Miss Bettib Howaed. AU of that
city. 7 : -.
In 1'arboro, on Saturelay, the 18th of May,
1772, Mrs. Jank Hanks, in the 48th year of
her age.
At Chapel Tlill, N. C, on Saturday the
11th inst., of Pneumonia, Mrs. E. P. Pat
KirxiK, formerly of Ncwbern, in the 66th
year of her age.
Tcwn and
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Ileisomen AtN ntii n 1 1 Ciii nt r.,-
shop and furnish a defensive armor for
your norses in Uie way ot i i,y KTT!G
m-16 2t J. U. BROWN
How We Tscd to bs Physi ckf d.
Who does not remember tho ti Flip wllrr
spring purgation was consideron iudispen-
tauie to summer neaith' iSo msttef fur
wrv faces, the 1nov;t.hhi spit; it.! - r t n i
rhubarb, or ealeu-el and jalap, must bo
administered.. These "spring medicines,"
me youngsters were to .J, were to keep
them hale and heauy dn.ang the summer.
We all know now that this was a falacy;
that new vigor, not depletion, is what "is
enervatinar effects of
weather, a course of Hostetter's Stomnch
Bitters is higlily exi e lient. This lamous
vegetable preparation has three prominent
properties: It renovates, purifies, and
regulates all the functions of the body. Iw !
is composed exclusively of nm-o vei'ftjiMn
productions, viz. tiie essential principal of I
Aionongaueia uye,am tho most eliicacious
tonic and alterative roots, barks, and gums
known to medical botanists. Hence, it is
an absolutely safe medicine, and no tine- i
ture of the Pharmacopoeia can compare
with it either in purity, or in the variety of
it objects, and its comprehensive results..
Happily for mankind, the theory that it
was necessarv to prostrate a nntipnt n
order to cure him, ;is forever exploded,
ana tne true .philosophical doctrine, that
vigor is on grfjat antagonist of da-ease,
has taken its dace. Hostetter'a Ritters
is an invigoraut, and hence it is the proper
medicine for the feeble at this most trying
season of the year.
Be sure that you obtain tho genuine
article, as there are innumerable vile imita
tions in ine mamec. jjook to the orna
mental stamp, the engraved label, and the
name blown into the glass. Hosteiter's
Stomach Bitters is sold in bottles only.
Keep thk Hair Unblemished. "I am
like an old hemlock withered at the top"
said a venerable Indian Chief, pointing to
his thin and bleaching locks, Thousaud
of men and women in civilized society,
much younger than the old Sagamore, are
ime mm, wimereci at tno top, - simply
because they have neglected .to use tiie
means of preserving and- beautifying the
Ijair which science had placed at their tlis
niSsftl. If Icon's KATniRinN ho futbfnllw
applied onoa or tn-ieu a. cUiy, to tho fibers
andthe scplp, it is just as impossible that
mo iiuir Hiiuuiu tiecay, wimer, mil emi, or
beeoiAfl hnrsb aiid fn'jrTV. n Con.f. n. mr.'b'lnur
duly rdfreshed with nightly dews and .suu-
1:1 i 1 .3 1. . . : i ...
iii, xiiiu, sjaouiu )eeoi:o una unu oarreu oi
green blades. This matchless preparation
not onljf keeps the hair alive and tho skin
of the head m a healthy and clean condi
tion, bur. Bfifnnlh)- r.inltiiil!p tho filnn-irwifa
And imrifi.rta tn llir-.ni a lnslr Ih.-Tifiilifv
uuu. nuvv ueaury una; laimtuie ov any oiner
uiuiiti nr iEP.ariiuiir.. ic iocs Tier. k'n i-in
metalic and sulphurous hair dye3, dry up
t.bp T'Atrirn.l rrtrtielTiTA ftlii HfMiln lnf. om-
plies nutriment to the roots of tho hair and
vigor u tne nbeiii.
Dr. Riftir'n rTiT-eprrT rffnv A.iftfl
ward for an incurable caso. Sold by drug
gists, or by mail, (i) cents. Addiss Ii. V
Pierce, M. D., Buffalo, N. Y.
Physiicians Use T'tera in Their
k A "
It is ftlmost linivwi-sillv thn i-j. 1h-.
Physicians conuonm what are generally
known as "Patent. ATce!i''i'ies." A'.lhonirh
PATENT MEDICINE, yet its cbjuposi
tion(tho result of years ol study). is known
only to himself, and so palpable are their
valuable curative properties, that very
many of tlvo first Physicians iu the South
and Wet have adopted inem in tin ir
practice, and recoiuiucuded them to their
SHELBTtOCNTY, Ali .September 12.1S0O.
Dr, Wm. 11. Tali. ,
Sir Although I am an 5L D., and nat
urally Jiostilu toail "nostrums ,'' yet "see
ing is believing, end feeling is the naked
truth." I must say, from actual observa
tion, that your Liver Piils are all you
represent Them te bo, and a little more
besides. I sh.il! ubvays iv.comnieml thens.
J. F. DEN IN, M. D
Dr. Tutt's liair lyo Promoics the
Oro.ytli of lie iie.i;-.
The Wilson Collegiate fnstitclr,
high-tqeed family. tAble, experi
enced, snd laithnil tcicliers. Truciiealness,
thoronsrhnFs. t;i-,ii tohVo .., .. '
The physical, intellectual and moral nature ,',(.!
onr pupils harmoniously develoned. I
Trition t, 5 and ;Id:ific, if;and R-T'-id.
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Be sure to give me a call an J you "Vi ill find
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April 4-.1m ROBT. C. ISRCWN.
l Vs ...
sst ?-
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His Shoji is the place to get a
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Boot & Shoemaker
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compiam ei a tau nt. i uoeji on nuiui tor
Hemlcck Solo Leather and
Rcsseti.Kip Skin,
aaid wi tling cm in my line
1 have recently inovcil my sh'-p b' the
stor-3 next door t" WK. it. t'. IfUdti'.fS.
where I will bo pleaded to see all my old
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A new loek of tine French Calf Skins
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oiippers an
Ai mum
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Th k
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one of tho most handsome Stocks t
Uvei- ( a L.foiO in Tartoro, conotins 0 nil
1 .1
it V.lr;-T'
i Kl.it,'
t.a-b. .t eoifus au.
J i
i . (
l ;t -jt'r ..." my iir-Ji.?iui
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stis n nrai s
astonishingly Low Figures
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..t ' -
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..nra anywhere,
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The Best Periodicals of the Dsy.
Blackwood's EtiiishnrjrJi Magazine
REj-aiNTi:.') i;v
The Leonard Scott Publishing Co.,
HI) 1'ulton Street, New York,
nt about wic-tbinl the price of the oriiicn.,
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Oi l.il , .', ;5',"'t"-b--J.niu.-iry, April, Jnlyi
liwVrTl,1y!11Ul0 f t,,C 0ti' 2'uh'
I or nllV OP" Jleyfeiv ri . 1
J or aio. tiioljeviewn. i
i'tr liny Uirn- ftevicwri... . "l0
l or r.ii four Jf views 12
For J,!ackwoo(IV, jrura-;r,'-' 4 ..
for i.hu levood ;,.! 01,0 l:evipw. 7
for !,;,.';v,,,o,( v. i..,, 1, ., a
for lilackwoy.1 and 3 .Vvi.,wa! '.13 '
or ISlacliwoonx the 4 Ih-yiows, 15
''.-, , o I.- -ii i a nuniLer. to bo prepaid
hy tne ynartcr tit the ofly.-o of delivery. 1
A ihconnf 1,' fv(.i.vtr 1... -1
o t'. clii;.'S o:' r.,;ir or mn. i,,...,...- '11
.- t ' - ..j,., will irt-
e'Vi' e .1 :rs (! l1-",.!. , ,,,1 .. .. . ..
or I-....' , .',
. ":., ' of t(l; r.,, ..,-...... , : MI
and hi) oif.
TicmbKof fcrn or i.,re, in nddition to ih
r.:,oj0,iiseount a copy f rutin wiu bo aUuww
to tue etter-m. of the, hd'
,1... bn of o: iuch peliodu 8 EH th.-V
ma.i R-ji.ws-ife. n r.
Or iiiN?. :,. ,,f fli U!()V yii tcnt'i , s to
.lis, rn.iv have. r premium, one of the 'four
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f'ith'r pit i.iinrii to KiibHcrilx-nt iut h,;,
eoui.t to Ciiib., en 1 bo allowed iinh-K t!,i
iur.ii.vx. r.ini!..l direct to 110 publihUar..
Nuj-reniiiims .-an be lv, n to chib..
To s.vt;ro pr-'iiiiMi.! it v. i!i l. n.'p.-M-nrv to
ymko.ar'y .-.pplic,,;..,,. as kU,ok ftva!Uo
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ircuhi: v.j, rui-tix.-f p,;j-:;ei:'!i.r may bu
had .-ii pp,lcat:or:. .
Tk3 Leo;iard Scott Publifijntr Co..
110 Pulton .Street, New York.
The Lccnard Snott Pu- lishi.iff Co,
AT I T UT t "
1 o .Seiejilliie .O'l l'i-.u lii-al Ar CUM i:;-,.
V He.NI'.Y S-lM-'IKNS. l-'.tr.K., I'dHi'liir'ti ftni
the late.l. I'. V..i:--.v. IVl)l..r of fifH !'t:l,6
Avri-illlim. ::. V:d.- f-??.--, N, w-'lavcn.
'i'tt.. v..U. i ?' f'etuvo. loOO ;: Ho
roil . . r .. -.'.;.--,. Ptcc, 7: bv ln.txj,
po;.t piijd, -.j, Jaa H-llio.

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