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Ilie Tarboro' Southerner.
Thursday, - September 26, 1872.
M-:wk8. Gr UorF. New
ram-i Advertising AgupU, N. 4 South
Street, "Baltimore, M4 r duly author
ized to contract for advertisements at our
Unrest rates, Advertiser in tbat C ty are
re.i nested toj leave their favors With this
- - i i
Reported and Corrected weekly by
Dry Goods & Groceries,
Corn, per bushel
Meal. "
Baeou Hog Round
Hunts ,
Lnnl per lb,.,...,,,
Butter Country ,
" Firkin,,,.,
Potatoes Sweet, per bushel.
' Irish , per bushel . .
Tallow, per lb,
ly.j;,s, per dozen
Fugs, per lb
iei.'Rwax.,ier lb
Beef, pe lb....
Plied App'ea, per lb
A pple Ban- per gal
ma', per gal
(Irape Juice, per gal.. . , . . , ,
Fresh Pork, per lb ,
..,.,..65 cts
. , 75 cts
.75 cU
,,.,,,1? cts
15 cfe
15 c'--
40 cis
50 Cl8
75 cts
: 10 ci
.15 to 20 cts
25 o
40 cts
2 Cl3
28 ct3
.. .6 to 8 cU
, 10 cts
$2 25
0 cts
" 35 cts
. .,,..8 cts
The Cotton Market.
Tabbouo, Sept. 26 Cotton Ordi
jinry, 4 cents. Good Ordinrry 17
cents. Low Middling. 17 cents.
New Yobk, Sept. 24 Cot ton
Ordinary. 16 cents. Good Ordinary,
lit J cents. Low Middling, 20 cecta.
Middles, 20 cents.
Baltimore, Sept. 25th. Middling
ISJ cents. Low Middling, 17 cents.
Norfolk, Sept. 25th. -Cotton dull
Low Middling, 17 1 ceots.
WANTED. A Boy who can Read
ns ma apprentice to the Printing
Business. Apply at this office.
STERN & GOODMAN are ahead of
every body i' tho reoeptloa of their Fall
r.ii.l Winter Good Go and see tbcra at
Cam-jugs "be Cjct - We iiet pn
i 'u, i..eu iu s.i iug tani. tbe G-'ee ev P- e ideu
.ii'i C:vn'p. ;';n in teCo,"ly wi'l be r.
i . i, iiV'i i,Hic R"d v.o ins-
Cupt. W.ii. the Elector ot Ee-
co.nbe wi'' eo-jimenes tbe canjji ci a j
tui'v da. ,
Below miP V'S found Lis nppoia'aaen'.s. j
Tle rnpoinl-neais we.e la.u.e by the'
l.'.i.1 c' c.iuv e , but '-he Eeaioc -cy of
t'ie cooniy nu?v be asstneu that rep.eepia
. :ve . orthev prvty will be on band a each
Mt ki-.' o eont "ove -.se the &iUe cs-e .t'o? s
ot .he Ead'ccl speaker?.
c.ye..eeh ao'mii; -ihe Bar'!
iv.rt-e io divide ue.
'I lie followirs ;s 'e l;tt of appo'n! pet?
The Editor of t'.'e oti jrastn eMecis !o
r.t I end each one of ioese anpoiitire j s; be
i" i cti, sl.' Je h-ccVd e nl a'oue- '.o meet
tu. cohort'-, ( tfOK.'y b'ael.) of Ei'i'-'c H'Vii
)'r hies to coj ouud i le n. He ft', o Lores
il- 't his nai.y will meet Lim al eacu p e
einei hi tall force.
i'P'i. 'u':' einnot arouse enthusiasm wit b
o.ii I'i'.iy fi 'lowers.
Tlie io'lowiug are the appointment
" hpri'-i'-,
S itun1 ,
Tni -e
T;.u Hy,
S.- II I ;V,
Tile. I'" i ,
Till' .,'.,
l'ue Jii.
VeAiw .'
a ii i -.
Oct. 3, Laucasttrs' Store,
" 5, Sharpe's Store.
" 10, Barrield'8 btore.
" 12, Tarboro.
" 15. Lofslx)ro.
" '7, Biiti'e'.ioro.
" lf, Toc'. v Mouii"
" 22, ( "e.o's Store.
" CV T'iuey GroviJ.
" f j, Wenos.
" '.C, Sr:u l.
;' i9, No'il' Mi''.
CO, Eo want's.
No. 2 I.ca's' S.O'.e.
F.1H-- im .& CoiT"N ' i '1 1 Edetoaibe
i-i v, v jn- .'v r ,:-vlidp5 Hie st. "n -i d Coi
loii 'oi.iie'v; ( oruiv : Nor-li Cc ol'ii.i.
lUr j)? v.rncl:oi ,'s cons'ili-if :l ihe K-'tiiu1-iii
'1 I'v wLc"d ot icr coo ui'es should male
(ii-ir c I'et'lai'o.j
Thisycir, e r e pained to eav, Ef,"e-t-nmlie
has irAde ft :". :lu-e, r"t f.-o-ji aut
of e- te ieaoesod jadjAient ou tue rit
of htc ftirroi-.f. but on aecoun of an fd
vei eac-i nn afo.atile ue: son.
Tiie c'.ioa c.-op in Edgecombe will, cor
tcfpient'y, .i' l. ishort one-lhi d.
The first arrival vet. of Fall and Wiuter
(Joods, at STERN It GOODMAN'S.
A BninK P vvmes f . Within tha past few
m"iiths tbe tojrn ot Tarboro has ben bles
sed (or cussed) with a rew sjt of oflic'Js.
The Solhtkeb has berelcfere esnrec-
sed the opinion that tbe taid Po:ud were
honest and capaoln (no.wi :8' ending tbe
fact of their r.ad'caliFm.) TLj Sorfp:j;
EC tbejrcfo.e, t ,'ue i he privilege of mak
inti a spccest'cn ta fv& Board:
Tarbo o is looming rp iiJ.o the dimen-!
sions of a c-.y. there is en
pmornt of busiue'.s, merchantile,
cial and o'her-w ise; transacted iu
In fact. Tar'uOi'O is neavly a ci'v,
fore, tbe coipcrate authorities shonld
to tbe uterepts leli in their hanas.
A Brick Pavement on Main Su-eet is ab
solutely necassery to kajp up with the ad
AQce of tbe '''own.
Let ns liave it. M-. Commissioners!
Look int the matte and eierc.'se your
AVTExnox Ti ciHOT.orcs.The Stock
bo. tiers of ihe Edgecombe I'emi'e Semin
ary i.ive jequested to meet at tbe Coml
iloiihc. ia'larboro, on T'nujstiay, tbe 26th
?ds:. at JO o'cloci-, A.M.
A ccmplete ranization is contempUtteJ
fihet a mil .tendance is desired. The iol
Jowin ,';enUtmea constitn: the committee,
viz: Fred I'jbifs, J. II. Eakti-, F. ll.
A Woncerfvjl Change. Up to the past
few j tars the rr.a:n 6inple of Gianville
4oin(y was Icbacco, the cj'vat-on of
cott n t eirg entirely ignored mtl.atseciion.
A great revolution has, however, taken
place in that wealthy and prosperous coun
ty anil the tilling o" their 'ate gieit Blinle
is being abandoned and coiion subsHtuted.
Such mnas i je Hesters, Co'. S. S. Coop
er, A. U. A. Wijtiams and otbe-s aa begin
ning to devote their principal attention to
ro' ten, fitd .ue'-e is no doubt thai their ex
pmp'e will be laigely followed.
1 In our opinion I. is the dawn of a new
find more p.ospe.oas e;a for that section.
V'.r.C'N.'A An KniTu C l . -.
A. vnnuLna
oricxi.Tl)BASociETT.We have received
a posier of the First Annual Fair of tbe
trginiu and North Caioliua Aorioultural
Society, which will be held in The city of
No;-folko the 22nd, 23d, 24th and 25th of
There are few place presenting mors at
tractions for tbe enter! ainoient of a cowd
a'.i oning an exhibition ot this kind than
"W"'!- ieauuluiy jslioatiScJ, j.s water
adviiiitages are of the finest known, and one
f tne most at;i active features announced in
tue bit: is the excursions on snlendid steam.
rs down the Virginia Capes, as well as re
gaJas and boat races by amateur erews.
Noi V.lk is also the outlet of the commerce
t a lare portion of pur State, and is nour
ished by h fine section of Virginia. -
We notice among the Vice Presidents the
names of such gentlemen as Hon. Asa
'J'Kgs, Capt. John S. Dancy, Peter E,
smith, and others, whose connection with
any institution gives it character Erqulrer
mquciiins air. How in mrl-f . K
fid established prhe-lOO for 10 cents.
; ExcorjRtGEiKo Fbosxects. In Peters
burg, Va., there is a la'ge Hardware Iloure1
known as Plummer, Yoncg Co.
In Tarboro, N. C, t'oere is enother large
Hardware Horse knoa as piummer,
Lewis & Co., a branch of the Petei3burg
fiim. The flealeis 5a; Edjecombe (ind ad
joining counties an the realft.' of tie
Socikbneb know that thaTaiboro, Uoube
is the lead:ng boose c-f. the Countj.
W" e now propose to thow wbat the et
ere,bu,rg pape.s hare to say o( the mother
house. The L de.i ?s looked upon, as a
h andard and t a?ul pape. It epetks
"As an eviderce oT Vhe iMmTaeo's-
prise of one o. our lvie".t houses, ead a
grati yiu ntc cai'onof tbe j-ow nj aeivi.y
o the ci,to. all I'as of t.ade; we may
state tDai Messt rirxBne-t Yoi'n-j & Co.,
of :he Tixjn F.o-v, a;e jijsl ;d 'eceipt of a
large s.ipplT o.r sioe-ij ppmps, liOiS znoo9,
and otner r.r v'es of La dre on tie
fcchooner J. P.. Clemen! cb'.'.i'le.ed by
ihem to cocvey '. '!.s .ou .'omeaj from Phi
): de!)b:'.. Tb:s pluable c?-go was insured
for 1 10,090, a i, ba3 rome to i Dd in good
condiilor. add'ng ifrge'y to the 1 1 ready "im
meiiseriid va iedfsjo -ment o-! uJs fs.ib
U . anient, w.ixhjs he )a -gest in Vtj P'r.
and oue of .he l.-gci ia lae aa.bea
S.p.'es. Mes-.. I'lumnue,-, Yoorg Co.
weve a'so pop ?Fol jetda that ano'.jer
scboone1 hnd oeeJ cbpr e ed fo? th "r use
iu Piulaile'i-i"'.'. to eotvey oo.uer la ge
audi- -o.-i io he y ,'oc oT Lrr!tva- e.
Tl''e weve in oe ta-;,o ji'siieoe'.vedfoar
Lii jdre4 oi'ouruherpv'mp', be ponul.-r buc
( 2.-3 (31! e: nse tale o' wh en are re.'tly
woiide a: 0.-e worsand or more have
al'e?dy bee a sold i a tas c'ty. Me
PJt'u.iaew Vocng & Co. a.e loajmerced
:;moti" ter stock o b.'ove . which s
ve y fj"'. and conjolele, ia'o ft'e cspac'oi's
sto -e room v-t:t doc j .O tjen. in i-ie li'Qi
).' ont b. ildt.i, Wit.e an v Ne t'liue y
wi'l also be as'e -cd. and s'; - " -Jed
u ado - AL. Eve os. Tbesr're W ' 'he
i-isiauces n:il m'ht be fe etl oC e e.:-
ejsive ope..-.ioi'S of .otte.
The SocTHtRNER will be sent to ary
address during the campaign for the smal
sum of Fifty cent for four months.
Go to STERN AGOOD MAN'S and ex
amine their fine Stock of New Goods, the
best ever brought to Tarboro.
TaK Consa:oRo Fait We have receiv
ed t'ue Prerh'ura List for the First Annual
ofttie Pjitmers' aud Mechanics' As
so ailoa of Noih U-ioi'ds, to be hekJ
at Coit'sbo o, October 'lid. 7 rd, 24th and
2a'.h. I. makes a sp'endid showing and
t ynuJcen?eu;s o3red shou'd cert -inly
a:l,r.et a '8Tge nntpber pf yislto.s and ex.
D?v'd Dlc'zso", F.i., the seat cotton
!? tc ol Ceo-,'a, will ue'-vcr an Address
on A-, -icul ural Buii.ec.3, on Wedne.day,
Oc.ober 2l!rd, at J 10 A. M.
I" Krzcellency, Gilbca C. Walker,
('ove.'bo o' V.igicia. is expected and
w U deie.' tl-e Aoc'ress on Thursday, the
AJ. '. C. V. Alof-ianiiny, of New Hano
ver co.'uty, wi'l duliver ue charge to tiie
Kni".h.s en Ceu for the Tournament,
Oc:j'oci 25 Ii, at 1 o' lcck, P. M.
Kemember thit the very best bargains
can be made from the large Stock of New
Subscribe for the Campaign Soitherxkb
only fifty cents.
A W aston Js.l -. -he Wilmington
Jo.-'.ci well 'emp.1.8 that ca-'itet-basism
;n North Caro'ina o s. y the lest, nt
s;"ouvi.ious wi- h hon -sy iu .ts otl'ci! re-
oiishi the Sia e. lis cord is a slencli
' i He nobl lis U'"oiT i"' i'e. and to flaunt
s e.nb'.eins in heir eyes is jiisily oencive
When, theieio'e, one Nason, of New
')H oiteis -i pieinium thiouh the Fa;r
o'tlie Fainier's nd M-ciianic ytssocia
. on of ori- Caroliua, to be he'd at
(.'tdsboro nvst month, often dollars to
tlitOady nialcing the best carjet-bag I'eck
iie. the bow to resciiib e a cirpct-bap-, and
it is heralded is "a chance for the
L'dies," lie dsplavs r sliameletsiiess.which,
at leai, should not have been encouraged
anil eiijoised by u Aricul.ural Associ-
D'n't ibrget to go and examine the mag
nificent Stock of Fall and Winter Goods
just received by STERN A GOODMAN.
Gin Houses and contents insured in
flrst-class companies at reasonable rates,
a 22-4 1. ORKEN WILLIAMS, Agent.
Harry Dancy, the champion c- lored
G 'ee'ey rran of Na"h, ha3 called a meeting
tor Ni uvday, the 'JVth. to orssnine, unaer
the aosoices of the Rockv Mount Greeley
arj'i Brown Club, a political club exclusive
ly to!o ed.
A Magnificent Stock of Fall ard Wmta
Goods just received by
Sept. 12-lf. STERN & GOODMAN
Watch oat, ye Lathes, f"r Af.n. Felden
heimcr, who will announce her oper"ug
day in '.he neii issre of the SoUthkbse1
. O. O. Mei.i- vo ov tbk Grant
Loot s iu-s Dmtkd !t"Tr!. ''be Ax
uoal meein of ihe T. j-Ji Wo, .b Grrnd
Lode c-f the LidepejJeni O.otr of Odd
Fellows, asseaibleu in the C iy of Elt;.
mo.tj oo loih c Sep.'embei.
Tne io"ow'-iig officers were food to b
F .?. D. Siuart, T. W. G;. od She; C.
R. W. D. G-a.jd ti e; Jer- i L.
L. W. G i-nd Cor. pju Rec. S;e
le. I-
Joshua Va.-., u- E. W . G id T-.ta-
er;Rev. J. W. Vei?tL'e. T. W. G td
Chaplain; Ib.ui -ft W. Cayce R. W. G . od
Ma'-s.Ml';-' Puies Sm-.b- 1:. W.f.r. d G.s--
ci'i: Joi a lu. oiim -e-'sui. Av. W. L. i ca
MesFeuf-e .
Tie o was a fuM reprecer al:on f.ora
i wen:-p; e C.rnd Lodges and 'wea;y.
four G,dj,i lincaaipfii-'il:.
The G.'?iid Lodge ot" Nor,li Ci 'olma w?s
epiesoDted by Seaio.i Ga'e., P. G. Al., a
mosi werthy .eflex of Oud FelloWbb:p 'i
Gin Houses and contents insured in
first-class companies at reagonab'e rates,
a 22 -4t. ORREN WILLIAMS, Agent.
Ta - rivet has kept so low for tbe past
month hat tbe boats have been unable
to come beyond Greenville, the rain on
Friday week e nab I ad the Vesta to leach
Tarboro on last Monday but she beat a
rapid retreat i.hat night. The water, how
ever, bsid fnllen so much that- it has been
impossible for he to finish her trip, and
from the last accornts she was fast
aground near Sparta, hav'n sent to this
place to abtain horses to convey hT pas
sengers to Grenville. JUnqvlrer.
The Yotjko Fotra' Rural is a novelty
snving publications for Young People, en
tirely different om any other in style and
ha racier. C ii prizes are given for best
:'composstions." Write for a specimen
number and pprticnlars, wh:cli wStl be
sent f ee. Terms, fl,50 per year $1.00
in clubs iuf (oar and more, and every sub,
sciber receives a pair of beautiful chro
Hios as a git. Splendid p -miams to those
who fo-m clubs, Addr3s H. N. F. Lew
is, Publisher, Ch:cago.
State Faim We give below the time and
p'aces for tbe holding of State Fairs,
Central Ag.ieultpraJ Society, Henderson,
Oct. 8 to ll.
North C?roiia Agricultural Society, Ra
leigh, October 15th to 18tb.
Fa-mers'and Mechanics' Association of N.
C, Golusboro, October, 22nd to 25th.
Roanoke and Tar River Agricultural So
ciety, Weldon, October 29th to November 1st.
Fa-'r of the Carolinaa, Charlotte, N. C, Oct
22nd to 25th. S
Cape Fear Agricultural Association, WUm
mgton, November 12th and 15th.
State Agricultural Society, Richmond, Va.,
October, 23th to November 2nd.
Border Agricultural Society of Virginia and
North Carolina, Danville, October 22d to 25ta
An Address to the People of
North Carolin .
The North' Carolina .'AgflcultBral
and Industrial Convention jfbicK met
in Raleigh on the 1 1th of January last,
by a unanimous vote, directed their
Testden,t to, prepare and issue a ad,
dress to the People of th'S-tate'oa
the subject of coxoperatiao and such
other matters as may be of interest.
Tbe uodersigned in obedience to
that resolution, ventures ta offer some
suggestion to the public and particu
larly to farmers for their serious con
It should be taken as a good omen,
that upon a short notice, and that too
imperfectly circulated, more thau two
hundred delegates, representin twenty-four
counties and twenty different
societies and associations, should have
assembled together ai ' that season- of
the vear. in Convention : thvt two days
should have been devoted by tbem to
the earnest, harmonious and lutein-
gent consideration of subjects of vital
importance to the Agiicultund lnter-
cU of the State, and that by tactt
consent, eve: y thing of a politi'al char
acter should have been excluded from
the consideration of the assembly. It
U a step in the right direction,
You were informed th.ouh the
pablio press of the subjects which
were acted upon by the Convention
and it is thought not necessary that
they should ail hew be enumerated
You could not have failed a observe,
that they were all of deep inter st.
most of them of vital importance, and
all are beset with difficulties so great
aa to reuder the success of most of
tbem hopeless, unless thiough the
united intelligence and wiadoinof the
f it be possible, these difficulties
must be met and must be overcome;
or we can hardly expect a hih degree
of success in our ag.icultural and
other indastrial pursuits.
In the first place, 'for example, all
men are agreed thab mun have
more capital and labor,,, before the
State can bo raised from its present
condition. Rut cupital and Lbor can
not be created for the occasion. It
must come to us. And the most san
guiae of our leading men have expec
ted that it would pour in upon us ,'roni
abroad so many and so great, are tne
inducements held out by the excel'
leoce of our soil, climate and produc
tions, ioviting immigration. But
others less sanguine cannot build with
confidence upon these expectations
for timely aid and relief. Aod a
sound consideration of the subject w 11
probably lead generally to the follow
in conclusions. Our thousands of
ac rs of uncultivated lands will not
he occupied by an industrious populas
:oii of skilful farneis, nor will we
have a more abundaut supply of val
uable larborers until threo conditious
are iu SUed on our part.
Fivst. Our public debt must be
disposed of iu some way. This debt.
so-ci'lled, amounts to $35,000,000, and
is 'daily iici easing by accuin-r inter
est, and opcates as a substan ial mort
z,a, for is redemptirn. upon all the
property of the people which as asses
sed iii tixation amounts only to
S119,000,000. That is to say, the real
and pertouai property of the State, is
only about three times greater than
the debt for which it is bound.
Secondly. Tranqui'ity and good
order must be fully established through
out our borders; and the laws must be
obeyed as iu the days of old, and at
home and abioad, cvtrywhere all must
be assured th-tt this is so. The want of
this convict. on abroad is now opera
ting stroDjly aga-nst us.
Thirdly. A sound system of pub-,
lie instruction muft be established, on
such a footing that all inquiries will
be sai;sficd that it will be permanent
and efhcicub.
Lmil thee three conditicns are
first performed on our part, we may
be assured that adequate relief will
not come to us fro.n abroad, capital
ists wili not invest here and companies
of valuable immi'jrantyill not settle
heie. . Jt
But the trouble is 'upon us. It
s urgent, we caunot wait; what is to
be doue?
The answer is: We must make th
most, of our present means and re-
1. We must ue , whst labor we
have, to the greatest advantage, aod
make it wore valuable to us. This
must' be done by diminishing the size
of our faims, draw in the inclosures;
cultivate less land, and cultivate it
better; making a less number of acres
produce-better crops, and with more
cenaioty than the whole plantation
does now, and at the same time by
this means, a better system of agricul
ture will be introduced.
2. But it is obvious that our surest
reliance for labor under the pres
ent circumstances is upon our colored
The whole population of tne btate is
1,071.361 souls, of this number 1,241
are Indians, and 391,00 are of Airi
can. descent. And all things consid
ered, they are the best field laborers
in the world.
We are all here together. They
are dependent for their bread upon
their labor in the cultivation of the
laod. and they have no lauds of their
on to cultivate. While the whit
population numbering 780,470, own
the land, and to a great extent are un
able to cultivate it for themselves.
Here then, we have presented to us,
the elements of a most convenient,
valuable and neccessary arrangement
between the two races.
The true basis is furnished of a last
ing business partnership mutual in
terest. One party furnishes the land
which uf necessity must be cultivated,
and the other party iurnishes the la
bor which of necessity must be used
in its cultivation. InSueuced by
those considerations, aod also by the
high and houonbte duty which we
owe u the colored race among ns,
growing out of our former relations
with it, thi3 arrangement should be
adopted io good faith and carried out
on our part upon just, fair and libers
al principles. Aud we should cheer
fully aid them as th weaker party
iu their endeavors to
But labor and capital is not all
thai cr Agriculture require. The
present- ruinous mode of agriculture
must be changed, has been des
cribed as "the art by which good'.'
"land ia converted into. Old fields." It
U a "ixad habit' which like other' bad
habits has become a second na'ure,
with the great body of the cultivators
of the soil. ' As U now is, it has de
eceoded f-om father to sou without a
change through generations through
centuries. In vain, wVl you appeal tu
old nieo; they wi! he..r you and agree
to the tt Ukh of what you eay, but they
will not crpflge their .way a. Tho old
bad hah't remains,' -
The child reo are- the hope of the
country, and they mast be instructed
in ifte simple elt'rn,entary principles of
aj.'-icu'.ure, Teach t'ae ci ildrcn of this
year and io ten, years you have a
whole body of farmers taught. In this
let us follow Germany and France; lit
us ibllow otiire and common - east.
Asricuhate is, and must be, of
paumouit importance to tho people
of North Caioliua. It is our just
and grot pursuit our trading iute.
est tbe founc'Htion of everything
else. The present mod of ag icul
mi e calls Tor a genet al and thorougn
charge. Tbn wiiole .vstein ruuAt be
remodeled and suited to our present
"irci'.ns'f.nees". Our : vrrious resources
mu't be developed aud brought into
use. And tb's feat work sUould Le
ommeuced in earnest, without further
delay, anJi-urried on with all the en
e-.y and peseveraDce oX all our peo
ple. To accomplish tK is great end
cqi'ires mvoh mo-e than ordinary A:
iMicLiKal societies expect to acoom--pl:sl:.
Their chief des-go, is to b,r;u
out foe eh'b't.io.1 whatever is most
exie'leot in eyeTy department of In
dus, y. Thus all valuable iuforma
:oi given and e.nula ion, interest
and Eo.il a,' e i roused. But there is
no oppo? luft:ty here ior acqaireiog
ld'1 orm'd.lnn oo place for general
coos. 'i .. 'on and discussion of the
v.'.rioua subjects of interest (A the cu1
tlvcior o" i n. soil. The place for this
is i tiie neibbji-bood club, the coun
ty a 'oc:atiori, the district convention,
rod especially in separate associations
fe mcii y the differeat cultivators ol
toe soil ; the grc'ui growers, the iobc
co piatrters, the co.ton plan ers, ti e
nu.se.yuieo, &.., &c.-
All these associations should be
fo-rptd aod should be fostcied aud
si-Mijed, and oue spirit, one union,
oue object should animate them all, to
t'e advancement of the agriculture
condition of the State.
Individual effort can d but little;
the cause requires concert of aotiou;
organised, iu.elligeut co-opei ation.
Alter much reflection it is thought
that iu u address of this kind to the
woule people of the State, allusion may
w.tli propriety be made to our politi
cal condition.
Two great political parties have
arise-u out o! tin: new order uf tilings,
aud are contending for the superioi itj.
Oue ol these parlies evidtutly rei.-
resenU tho great mass of the sub-tau-tial,
iptelligent poition of the people:
that portion of them wniuh muin'v
hears the burduus oT the :ovei umeul.
ud tli's Ja iy it would stem, dues
not Sudimuily reg.trJ me s.'tuattou,
power and iufluence of another great
c'ass ol' the people the oioied pop
elai'tu aud eudeavors to obtain aud
coot.ol the goveeumeut without their
aid and in dcrauce of ll em.
The other p"riy, on the contrary,
seema ou'D'y to rtly upon the com
bined suppo.t of the colored popula-
oj, aud eodeavois to obiaiu the
cotitrol of the goverameut wit hout the
aid una ;n deSaoce of the mt lligeui,
tax-paying po.tiou of the people.
Oi thtae two parties, with the expe
rience of the past before us, and iu
the present condition of things, it
uay witu sa.ecy be amruieu, tnat
ueiihcr, while entertaining these
views, can wisely ard satisfactorily
administer the State government.
The public good, ibr which govern
ment was instituted, rises superior to
all party success and triumph.
It ia time, it is fail time, for the
"sober second thought of the people"
to ace aLd for their voice to be heard.
The North Carolina. State Agricul
tural Convention will meet in UJeigh
on the 1 1th of December next. In it
will be assembled a ul! representa
tion of the agricultural interests of the
State, and there let the liberal, .the
wise, the pa riotic leaders and promi
nent men of both political parties
meet with them ; aud there also let us
have a full reprcar niation of that class
of men whom tbe people formerly dc
I'ghted to honor and. to trust. Such
men as Calvin Graves, AH red Dock ...
ery, David S. lleid, Giles Mebane,
Wi'liam Eutoo, the two venerable ex
Judgci of the old Supreme Court,
and many others from all over the
St.te, of the tjame class ot eminent
citizens, who have not of late taken a
prominent part in public affairs. And
then let this subject be submitted to
a committee of such men as will com
mand tbe respect and confidensa of
the whole State, to whom their report
shall be made.
Pet pie of North Carolina! A new
Uture les before us. Shall it be a
tuture of Euccess, of prosperity, of
greatness, or a calamitous failuiel''
The great crisis is upon us. Let
us prove ourselves worthy iu energy!
wisdom and p'-owess, of the icuowoed
race of people from ' whom we boast
our descent.
Pres't N. C Agr. Con.
Hillsboro, Sept. 19, 1871.
The Ealeigh News says that the officers
of the Suite Agricultural Society are mak
ing every possible arrangement for the ap
proaching rair, to commence on me ittn
proximo. They have every reason to be
lieve that tne exniDiuon win equal u uoi
surpass, any neia since tne war.
In tHs place, on Thursday, the 19tb
inst.. Mr. Allen WilhamstoN, eged 24
At his resto'ence io this county, on 2oth
inst., W eh.s Dbaugdan, in bis 87tu year,
In Edgecombe County, on Uonuay, Sept,
23rd, Wh. Digos, eon of Geo. L. and Fan
nie Wipiberley, aged 9 mouths.
Enquirer please copy.
' - ;- , -
JUNE 18th, 1872. '
Tuition, 825 to $30 per session.
juparci. do per month.
One r f of charges payabljor enjtiance
Refer, t the Principal,
or Trustees.
Present Seion, closes. f.riday, 31st May.
' s 4-tf.
For Both Sex,es,
day in OctolnT till lastFridi.y in juoe.
Students adm:! el at aay lime.
Superior physicl, intellectual and mor? 1
advant..ge. 'Vuio" S, Si a.nd 66; Music,
So; Agricul'.are.SS I-y. Board in institu
tion (including everything), $15 pet
month. Addves, for Catalogue,
ang. 15-Sm. VVil.soo. N. C.
Male & Female Departments
mence SEPTEMBER 2nd, and end
DECEMBER lath, J87Z.
Primary Departtnen',
Preparatory -tollegiate
Music on Piano, Oiau av Guitar,
with use of Instrument,
Contingent Fee fot- each student.
$10 50
13 50
20 00
15 50
Board in host latnilies, ereitliin''
eluded, per month trom J0 to $12.
For further pai-tlcnlaitrr-r'reoo
i C. G. DAVENPORT, p.esident.
Aog. 1-tf. Kocky Mount, N.C,
Of Marble, Granite, Brown-Stone and
Scotch Granite. Also
: Marble Mantles, Furniture,
And Plumbers' Slabs Furnished to order.
E. B. PKICE, No. 3 Mechanic St.
Norwalh, Conn.
Apr-1 4-ly. Tai boro, N.C.
Uniyersity High School,
Sea- Amherst CD., Ta.
Offers combined tulvautages incomparable
with those of any other School in Virginia.
Special arrangements may be made bv
which the usuaj eipens uwy be reduced
nearly one-half.
For pan.Dhlet, giving fu'l par: iculars,
address H. A. STRODE. Principal
STITITE, Xtv I'avcn. Conu, Prepara
tory to College, liiisiuos.s, tSt'ienlitic M-'uiols.
U S. Military and NavM "vleuuca. tall
bt ssion, 4l!th ye tr, te;ias Sepi . 1:1. For Cata
logue, aJil-ess, Geu. ViI. U.'. .'UA'SEL,
A. idler Sr. & Co.,
204 MAIN ST.,
June 13-2 ai
Gin un;:l you see or fiud out all about
A 12 vev old boy or ttrl can tlo your Gin
ning as well as fo experienced mjn, It is taa
perfe:ioaof a Gin. See ceififit-ates o the
lata Jo'iiu A. Viaes, Dr. J. H. Bauer a'ld Capt.
Jno H. Da'tir, on vaiose faims they Lave beea
SUCC063.jUy operated. -"
Aug. 20, 1872. NORFOLK, Va.
- Sparta, rdgeco-nbe Co., N. C, J
June 11 ta, 1S72. f
Messrs. Hvroans t Dancy.
"Gents: I have used Hall's Gin and Gin
Feeder with entire satisfaction. The Feeder
is a great convenience, rending tne giu Dg
ol Cotton an easy matter in the bsnfls of an
ordinary farm laborer. Last season I g'nucd
200 baics with it and I liUe it bciter than any
Gin I ever used, for the reason ths.t it tuius
out more bnt per day than anyotiiev.
J. A. Via JSH.
Tarbdro. N. C . June 17th. 1872.
Messrs. Hymans & Danny.
Gentlemen: it is witu pleasure that I bear
testimony to the fact, that the "Hull's Self
Feeding Cotton Gin" bought of you Ufit Fall
gave eniire satisfaction.
The Cotton is distributed in the box by tho
Feeder so regularly and nnifo inlv, that iu
ginning more than one hundred balos or Cot
ton, tbe rou was not once uroKen.
I have no hesitation in pronouncing it, with
the Feeder attached, supeWor to any Gin I
ever nsed or eve saw utcd. Very respect
fully yours. J. H. iiAEER.
Tarboro, N. C Juno 11th, 1872.
Messrs. Hymans & Dancy.
Gentlemen: I used Hall's Gin and Gin
Feeder last season, ginning over 100 bales of
Cotton with it. It wora perteetly. The
Feeder distributes the Cotton over the Savyg
more uniformly than the human band do U.
It requires no skilled labor to attead to ,ihis
Gin, when the Feeder is attached.
A boy of 12 to 15 years old ean give it all
the attention necessary. Ver ' rnlv vonrs,
sur. 22-2m. - JOHN 8. DANCY.
Cotton Presses
Hardware Store.
Tarboro. N. C t
GolAsVoro,. C.
upe j!3-tf
Mlfflil MEI TOES;
VirginiaFemale Institute
Buildinsa contain over 80 rooms; Grounds,
nine '.e. Pni-iiitt fpo.m 17 ti,
Course is rovnpristl in eight Schools, nnder
iwen Yi-.-oTuso.s aanOi ce .s. jocrUon beae
utplanri Salnbrons. Terms race'e mi. Anply
fo Circular! .0 K F. PHILLIPS. Prln-.pi-!,
orW HjTA'JS. Secy. 8 atvi'.oo Va,
ivoirni CAPor.iiTA
tub "v;i:ll-i;nown firm of
fcp & JONES,
an extensive, and complete BOTTLING .ASD
which they are enabled to supply the en lire r
State with
Their bottling egtablishmert is capable of
turning out 100,000 Lotties ?? . using .be
and sold al very 'on figurca.
Hotels, Bar Roopja. and families supplied
at short notice.
shipped ia glass fonniaina homing quart
each, from which the Waters may be drawn
off in small quantities learfeig the balance as
fresli and spm kling as the first glass.
Onr Ageats will visit every town in the
State for the puipose of ini.oJtteiiig llicse
Wateir. 'anelCm.
mm store
Just pened ia Tarboro by
Where will be found the pure&t
Drugs and Chemicals
I have enii'eil thserviccs of M,it. Jno.
E. Taylor f 'nnoiirt. Ya. A thoroujtb
Itnisgi;t :uii Piisi niaceuiist, who having
had a practical experience of seventeen
years in the business, I eau cheerfully re-comm'-Dj
tiini to my jiairons and cilto
mers as a carc"ul, sate, euUcmaiy tlrtt
gist and sales iu an
This Drng Store is in the ok! bnildirg
iateiv occii:iied by M'-. J. M. Reri,ncntl,
bt ihc -whole has 'j'-.eii 1 1 1 . ongbiy chang
ed, renovated and renewed, and my cslab
bshnient now will oe found one of the
in the S'jte; Iu compounding of
the utmost care will be exercised, and
nope hut ; lie
My former frienis and patrons are rer-p' ct
fuliy requeued to call an. ptaiuint my
New itock and Establishment.
A. II.
June l3-if.
1 and bes' fn, oioied F. oao'e Sc'1 oo's In tho
South and hag en'oved a aige weusure of
public favo.- for ui.it'y yep.i-s. nety-eight
ooardinar pvrus were reiisteivd du.112 the
labt. session aud a few f-'jid to ecnre places
for want of ioo.u. Coo' o. la'do srcouotlr-l ions
for ufteo.i or tvtej " rdtlii onai bo."deis
will 1 e p.ovitied by ,he bebiuing of the aet
1st "Wednesday iu Octc be".
Te-ms pay sess on of D;ne months, Board
ana Lueir.y Ti'il'oo. il.'S.
Music, D..'-ving, Tau)' ug, Ac, on te. ois
eqra'ly .e?soii.-.Die.
For ca' - 'oas , app1 v '. o
A.M.jDOTVELr. rc,
Physicians & Surgeons
N.E. cor. of Lombard & Hanover Sis
rnms institution having been
X organized under the most favorable
circumstances, and possessing a carefully
selrcted faculty and ail requisite facilities
for Imparting a thorough Medical J-.ttuca-tion,
will open its regular Winter Session
on the tiint day of October nexl..
proper. y recommended, will he received
on verv liberal tc .ns.
Application should be made at once.
Fees: Malr.cu'ation, $5: Demonstrations,
$10i Professors. 120; Beneflciaryi
Graduation,? $20; GertiftcaOjvn,JU!toiiDC
tion, $10, " f "i "",v
Proicss6-f Snrgery.
nARVEY L. BYKD, M. D., .
Professor of the Institute of Medicine
Diseases of Nervous System for the
Agent for Edgecombe County. jyll-W
Sewing Machine.
I r-i h: ia r 1
Tarboro, Thursday, Oct. 31st
Great Traveling 'Museum,
Menagerie, Caravan,
rTlAtUT-Vr-n-Tk tltrnr,
w-MuuiJiu hum
International Zoological Garden,
Polytechnic Institute,
wdEimom urcus.
Aa tie spa;e ol tae
JOHN ROBINSON, Proprietor and General Director,
Tins lu iantic Enterprise, which has been at a Vast Expenditure 01 time and Money
thoroughly Reorganized and Equipped for ihe present traveling season, presents the
Stprtling, Novel. Unique and Colossal Spectacle never before witnessed in the anuala
of amusement enteinrise either iu this or any o,her aae,of
Ml for r Sin3le Price of Admission.
In the Ct llectiou aid. Orgrni :atin of 'he Museum tij,e utmost cre has been taken
to graVIy and en'ighten the public by piewenting in One Yast Assemblaie an accumn
latit.n sych ps has oovcr been attempted or dreamed of by the combined act, tnlcnt
and liberality of all ther managers in America or Europe. It may lie hit.ereiting fur
the. public to nnderstund that fov nearly Two Years Mr. Kohinso ' Numerous Agents,
who are found :n almost eveiy p. it of the world, have been actively employed in pro
curing Cai:eUies ;ir his Great Trpvelling Show. Some o these were pnt on exhibi
tion ior Mie PirsuTime l. st vea- but they have been very largely niipplemei.ted for.
the present scison by Nevy Acces iona and Consignments bronglit by almost every
steamer boin Foieign io:t,s which ba,s airived in New York for the past Elgiu Months
As an illustration of ti e Indomitable Energy of the well known proprietor ot tliis estub
'islirr.iot, It may be weM to remark that the Exhaustles.s ic-ou'ces of Enroj 9, Asia,
Afvica and Aniciica. w'lh the subdivisions of China, Jaii, Aus'.ra'ia, , lie Fo a,- Eo
uions, rfouth Sea Istonds, Arabia, Tut kev, Siam, Circissia, Ejypt, tiie Puciflc, Arctic,
Indian and Atlau'c O eaus together with the lied Sea and Il -Iy Ljnd, have all been"
levied into, coutiibutinj; to swell the aggregate ot tins single 1 pa' tmnn', which, after.
.1, constitutes but a moiety ot a'l tr.at may
rium. Museum, Menagerie ana Caravan there
This Stnpenious Cojnbination has lieen brought together at tn acti al coii to the Pr -
nclor ot .nore than a Million of Dollars,
vested in a gii gle Show. The enriosities of
hoioest excerpts from the realms of Zoology. Ornitliolouv. Geolocv. lchthvoloTv.
Conchoh gy, Eutomology, Anthropology, Mechanics, Numismatics, Science, Statuarv.
Oil Paintings, ang many rare and squisite productions of tho A-ito : aiic and llclio-
rapnic Arts, aim m ciassihert r r trns 'iieat
not only of NaturaU-ts but of Ptets, Statesmen, Philosophers ami Divines.
Parents, Sabbath mid Public School Teacheis s ioiilrlbear in mind that No Public
Exhibition ever instituted in America afforded a tithe of the l'riciicnl Lsons of In
tuition which are foi-nd in this Unioue Exposition of Ohiurt Teachinr.
To this vast array is adced, m a bfperate
Thousand People,
With One Hundred Horses, Ponies,
Trick Hordes, Elephant?, and
Female A 1 lists
If travellins by wagons would require the
Tvlen and Ilorses.it is iurtheimoie coufideatly bolievcd by those m ist competent ta
judge, while the management are very emphatic in the itatement, that taken in th
amrrcate. J. t'obi Bon s World's J air has
value, with a Greater Variety of Marvelous
Twenty Ordinary .shows.
In order that tiio Public may oe aoie 10
magnitude of this oncern, we vtdnn'ee,
at any tune tbe uauv ejpenses altenaing
More than the Gross Receipts of any of the self-styled tMt-c.ass shows in Amenc.
It is, thcrelore. with no ordinary degree of conflr'ence ihit the management announces
.1- . rn.....in 1 CI.aiuc fj.l.ilv flni4 Priro ril AHmttt'.lmi am nn.il i 1 ,r tittt
t-Ii.lt meat; 4.et''' iciiu ouwo 'ui vn.j
l.ares: Kvef Seen on Farlii.
We respectfully solicit tno attention of
only the Leading Features of the Geat Exhibition, a e have not the space to men
tion tue Multitudinous C'miosiiies with wh";h the entire Exposition so amazingly
abounds. The Monster Sea L'ous rorn Ala.ska, Nine in iutnber, the la-gest weighing L
Two Thousand I'ou.idv, consume five hunured ppiinds of fish daiK ; the Egyptian Cror
codile, tweuty feet loiifc: a Den of A'ncan aucl boutn American bnaKes, the longest
oue thirty iteet long; a Texas S.eer with three horns and eyes- an Educated Hog. that
can Reau and Talk: the Largest EJephapt in (be World-actual Weight Five Tons; a
Drove of Ciuueis Buffaloes, B-sons, bacrea ignite. tama; iorty tne .-naliest
Poaies ever see.'; a i'hiuoceros, or Unicorn of Holy Yrit one ,ne Mst Marvelon
S''cinies ever imported weight Eight Thous. nd Pounds, post I5 000; a prir of Gi.'iit
(Mr:thevTyeIve Feet High; SoaJi American Hippopotamus, ria.te Beast, tforneoj ,
Wse. Ca ri Casiimfsre Goat, fcrDj;maiea fa'awne necp, apoitea axis Deer,
liisou of rnlofado, American Fallow Deer,
Cflifbrnia: SU'iped and Spotted Hye-ias,
A odes; Puma or Ame.'ctn Congar American airaio, virzmia rantnei: ii tdgers.
Senegal IeJp-rds, Aostralian Kangitroo; Rat Kangaroo, of Jfew Zealand; Tawmy
Lionlif afira, Shetland Ciw, Brbyrousa; the Zcjio, or Ox Nunda; Spotted Tigers,
Black TigCr, A' 'en Porcupines and Beavers, the whole ormiPi the Most MaguiiJ. fl
cent Collet'on of Wild Ani.aa eve - seei at one time.
v Wilt be iutroduced tt:e Following Uuexampled Anay 01 Lquestriac,
fKj Acrobatic, Athletic and Gvmuastie Talent;'
Great and jDdomitable IlODEltT ST'CKNEY. the Treferred Ridt
of the Pi-ris E'hihition sad the Uhampino II nseman ofthe VprId. Glr'AP. t
M. KELLY, the (jbampioo Leaper. 40U!j Wl'-SON, iho Great Fonr Uor e ( f.
Ride BA3TKU F. ROUUIN'S. the pashing Somersault Equestrian. MR. r '
GEORGFi SLOMAN, the Daring S nth American Hoiseman and Trainep.
Coloied Boy, LriWIS, the Wild nd Pashm? Lepresentttive ot ljtreback ew
Ho.3emambip and Hurdle Leaping. ABDEL aod DA'S, the unet1naiii4 f't has'
Gymqusts. W'liiam Carioll, the flying leap.r. Tiie w otffinuj Coorads. ech
M'He Fiane s. the reat exemplar ol the high school of equestriana, ,Fetrli. ll ,C-
Gieat Clowns, euibodying some ot the most original in America,, Joao'Low
low. the peerless Aichie Campbell, William Conrad, F. Rohinson, the Holland ;ef a,H
Bioiheis, in their wonderful Gymnastic apec;aU;es. Cbarletliicart; baHoutfl ;i
leaper and volti-eur. The chaiming an4 heaqtiful M'Hd L'Aoour, mw eques- V,r t, e
triene eclipses any artiste that has made h- r th but wilhio the charmed p rp'e, ;M
Madam Get trude the u less atd beau" ful wj d boast tami, I'lle Marga- , -."
ret, ti e Queen of tbe Mcnag. . illiam Courads performing Jog-and Mon- .
keys will aho be iotroJuced, and the world is challepged to produce their; -equals
ia ihc variety of their performance acd the ftlmost human sagacity which,
it ey displpy. Remember, a Shew, the equal of which big never been seen ia
EuroDe or America, managed and owned by the veteran showman of tho vorVi, ' p
whose name is a sure giit'iantee that the 1'ui'iic will' wjbess the Finest and m St
claloiat'i exhibition evsr wit.ievseti in TarlOi' . Get. 31st. Remenber the Pay -Admlss'on
to all 50c. Children (under 10) 25c. Ferformaoce at 1 and 7:30 O'clock --s
r - Tcf "in a tp--
and Hinplidrome.
. , '
Grouods will permit
be sca. Jt is estimated that in til Aqua
Which is ten times tin re than was ev;r In
the several departments ie resents tbe
Exhibition as. to challenge the udmirati" 11
Colossul Tout capablo of boldins Ten
Camels, Maley Riding Dos, Monkeys,
Fifty ot tbe Ucst JUale ftqd
in the World.
actual services of nearly Two Thousand,
more reai ana soua attraction, merit ana
teaiurcs tn:,n is usually cpntaicpa fit
icvm an approximate conception ot tne
the statement that wincn wiu ie rjual'hed
Joim Hoiunsoii's axnininon arc urce lime ,
v. .u y f if......
the reader to the fo. owing enumeration hF-
sontn American jaguai; &uver Lions of
re.uvian Aipu-aj L,i;nna, or uaraei, of the
- ' --- - - ' ' ; '

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