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- r
lifi Tarboro' Southerner.
- - - - Kruro;:
NlV.tTU C !J'.)I.1N A.
3-aperixitencIent of Puoli
I'liG recent tipvt irstinent of
! -.nr) P. F.attlo to the above
v...-iihas started tip old man Molver,
1i-.te incrmbeht, v.Iio refuses to
i-ve way for tlio nev appointee.
It will bo ccoft, by tlio c rospon
icU?3 published below, that Mr.
' i(,.,.,iu,i ir.i.in "Wc-Twr to surren -
l-..uv.a -
;.-u his efiiee, which the latter de
v,1.; eJ to do, claiming that Lis term
l oftice had not expired and dony
:jijtUatt'nc commission under v.hich
Mr. 13ato acted was loal.
It is a matter of congratulation
; hst in this contr versy a disgrace
i a personal discussion will not be
witnessed, to the shame of all respect
- bla peop
ilo in the iats. as both
? kit ties have made up a case and re-
r'. rred the matter to the Supreme j
It is als to be hoped that this
b dy will make a Speedy decision,
'!.e result of which will be the sum
mary beheading of Jlclvor.
He is notoriously unlit for the p -'-ition;
his administration has been a
voniplete failure, as admitted by his .
v. n party organs, and for the . sake j
. of.o:.l inWfai of the
.statu he should be
-p ,'elily as possible.
The appointment of Mr. Battle, a
r-entleman of culture, refinement and
'.ir.Tj experience, has met the heartv
ippr batiou of the people of the en
tire State, regardless bi party, and
it is a shame thai such an inefficient
old blockhead as Mclver should be
permitted for a ni"ment to obstruct
tho progress of the establishment of
?, good system of public schools
sach as he utterly foiled to do.
Politics Lave notliing to do with
this matter, and he who endeavors
f jr party purposes to make the issue
a party measure will receive the se
vere condemnation of every lover of
his State.
The success of 7ur. I'&tilc gives an
assurance that cannot fail to make
glad the heart of all true North Car
olinians namely the revival of our j
once honored and prosperous "Uni
versity. This, no doubt, will be one
of the primary objects of his admin
istration and those who knovf his
energy and perseverance look hope
f ally for such revival.
God speed him in Us good work.
The following is the corresp-; n
Baleicii, January 15th, 1873
llo'it. A rum- r Mi lca Jiaiejijh:
Dsa:; Sin: Having received from
His Excellency, Governor CaUwc-ll,
a commission appointing me Super
intendent of Public Int-trnction of
the State of North Carolina, and
taken the oath required by law. I re
speetfuPy notify you that I will be
ready to take charge of the ofllce on
t j-morrow.
Having derived great pleasure, as
well as profit, fr in the perusal (if
your exceeilingly able report t - the
present General Assembly, I hope,
nnd from our friendly relations, be
liere, that, y u will continue to aid
me with your valuable counsels.
Truly vours,
Kemp P. Eattli:,
Snp'tof Public Instruction.
Office Scp't Public Ixstt.cctiox, )
Pvaleigu, N. C, Jan. 1C. 1S73.
lion. Kct-. y, J'. Bn!r:
Deaf. S;k: I have the honor to
acknowledge tho receipt of your let
ter of the loth instant, giving notice
ox your appointment by His Excel
lency, G -vera r Caldwell.
Assured as I am, from a.n acquain
tance with you of mote that twenty
years, of your eminent fitness for the
duties of tho office of Superinten
dent of Public ! struct! n, I Avould
cheerfully surrender the filce to you.
if I believed my term of office had
v5.pii.ed, or that the commission un
der which, you claim is legal.
By the first section of Article 3 of
the Stale Constitution, the term cf
all officers of the Executive depart
ments shiili commence on the first
day of January next after their elec
tion and continue until their succes
sors arc elrrtfil (tin qitnlijiiil. I3v
sect! n 13 of the same Article: If the
oCice of any of said officers shall be
voratnl by death, resignation, or
otherwise, it shall be the duty of tho
Governor to appoint another until
the disability be removed, or his &uc
ce.ss.or be f'-nli-d and qifilifted.
An officer is cn w ho is invested
with an office. Mr. Keid has not
been invested vvith the ffice, and
therefore he w as not an officer. The
office of Superintendent cf Public
Ii.sfrwti ft neves: became the office
of Mr. P.eid, and there fore it was not
r.iatr.l by hi, death or thenviael
The Constitution c ritinuerf the term
of the present incumbent, and no
vacancy has c ccur red. It is reas li
able tnat the Constitution shrtuld
designate the pers n, if it lias a suit
cl)!e pi t a n - n lian'd to' continue in
ffice. in cose the person elected dies
( r refuses to qualify; and the Con
stitution of Nor h Carclina 1 c s this
very tiling. It continues tire term
of the i' enmbent until his tree'epror
is iin ird and (j'lid.'i, d. No ac'nr.ey.
occurred, and His Kxcelh hey 1'ud no
ti.thtnity to giant the c tiiiuisicn t
vd-icli yon reft r; rd fr tiiat reat:(,n
-.11 :.i
!i S.Vd TO
..it. V.
tl. U.
Suji't of Public Insti-uction.
The Usury Law.
For some time- past the Sotjtkeb
:?.. h.ifi been advocating the neces
sity of repealing the present laws re
specting tao loan" of money.
We have contended that money
was a mere commodity', and subject
to Ripply and demand as any other
We notice with pleasure that
many members of the Legislature
ontert.ain the same views, and are
working vigorously to perfect the
! desired change.
While differing rath the Raleigh
I A'- 'i upon almost every political
1 pom
t, we can yet cordially agree
ith it m the expression of the fol
lowing sentiments.
"On Saturday Mr. Gorman, of this
county, introdiiced a bill to repeal
the usnrv law. This is a move in
the right direction. Money is pro
perty it i? a commodity that must
be kept in circulation; and unless
the laws permit parties who loan
and borrow, to regulate rate f in
terest according to what money is
worth, to a considerable extent
monev will not only be locked up,
but it will be sent to other States
for investment, where the rates of
interest are regulated by the supply
and demand, and according to the
security offered by the borrower.
The Usury law has prevented
thousands of dollars from seeking
investment in this and other States.
Those who have money to loan will
ot loan in this State for eight per
cen -hen they can obtain twelve
per cent in Virginia, and still higher
ra'es in ."her S a es where there is
Tcais ot , . .
,.,1 ,.!no usm-v law. Nei her will capi ai
removeJ. as, , -
I is s loan 'iieu iuuucj o miuuun
ra es, and risk loosing 'die en ire
in'eres-, if die b-orrower remse o
pay and plead usury.
It is )i,-h lime that 1 itr of ihh
cl-.aractcr rcl! fcp'-;d '!. U' rates o:
iutcre.-t :.tc ieit to Le detcrreiiiOtl b
the pnrtie-J, evt ry man who has stir
v!uh kidney, wilt le leady to Icnu on
i;o )dieuritv. The c .ntinuir.ce of ti e
u itry liw on otir all.te b fl:p !im i.-
:l e j I ices
r.ei e monev can te oorro-
f.i to tlii' Ii.idks a'or.f. AS sjk;
... . A
ihc suf j.'.y of nituey excech
i;:tr:J. istcs it" iutercst will
tno (if-
The. i fcseril U V events capitid
si-ekins ihis Svuip, ni)d uis . drive-
'p.pita! front the tfi-ore. Money
;s lo
oker L'ardtd as propctlt t.;C
It. is agiio.-.t the jiiojre-s ot t!"c age
to throw obstruct-.. in the w:iy o'
its circulati: n and invrstmenc in ac
corJanco with
stith ccntracts as may
i)e cdtorta titt bV i;-3 parni-s w.u
. . I .1 ...... :
loan and borrow. If money is r
rowed lr -:ti a Nution-I lUr.k, it mil t,
f ui-ce-ity. he 0'i pir?o'ial security,
hvenise uci: 15.inks ae ii'-t a!i.;veJ 1-j
lun oa t!Ktra:e. Ih pe d the usury
la a', a .d !i.r:iey can he nbiamed !r iu
any nJ ; li ,i .-oi:s who have money
to lo- u.
.Several irtc-ffcc'uil a' tempts have
htrc't.ioiy I'icri tua e to repeal the
'rr law. i Tteor.te are awaketiit:
to ths iri'pohncce t repc:.br, tin- ,
tcr it
wiil bo. re-;
e:.I,d. We behove, with Mr. li-.-u-c;t,
tit Afison, "that t'.ierc would be
ni :
hop.; of reform to any p-rt 1 -:i:iv.
!,.f the mortality of mtin." 'i he
3 is rpfortiitic t!;: demand i
en let the beg;?.;it t.re repeal the
law at. tji-ce. There can Le uo excuse
!..r further dcI'V.
The itel Pait Touched.
Amid all the interconrsa of men,
whether cf a social, political or finan
cial nature, restrictions have always
Se.oh restrictions will stand pro."
minently forward so long as society
itself exists.
ist meet equal; honest
men expect to meet honest men in
their social intercourse. Those who
have sold thernsch c to Radicalism
for fdtoy lucre must not expect to
be rec-fived in the. families and at
the firesides of North Carolinians.
For the sahe of dollars and cents
the pay and emoluments of office
a number of wliite people in this
State have thrown themselves into
negro arms -have hob-nobbed with,
petted and carressed these peculiar
friends until they (tho whites) have
stepped into some fat office.
Such natives have forgotten their
f nativity have failed to remember
that they aro" wbito men have
hugged to their bosom the negro
element, said do not hesitate to exult
in the same so long as it keeps
them in oilice.
Notwithstanding all this, these very
men, blackened by every perfidious
social derection, cry aloud against
social ostracism, and, because they
are refused the rnti er of good society,
dare to denounce such society a3
being coirtp Bed of men and women
unfit' to' be associated with and
everything else that a fertile and
malicious brain can imagine as per
the following from the Raleigh Era,
of Saturday last:
''The Republicans of North Caro
lina, headed by their Governor, give j I
notice to the party of so-called re-Is
spec'tatility and social ostracism,
that,' now' that the day is theirs, the
war or "ostracism lias out begun.
They ought to know, and must know,
that Governor Caldwell desph.es
them; he would spit upon" them; and
the contempt he cultivates for their
kc t is enough to mr.ke them all hide
their heads in very shame."
This, of course, is aimed at the
heads of the white men cf North Ca
rolina, a tid comes from the moUth
T.ieee r-f the "Gov."
ror 1
hi: V.
and pen-
I ... ; , I ' i,v l
, , s'ice'iu.iy conducted it in i ll its ac
mto that circle, however much they j j.meuts ol instruct ion and tnana-e-
mav so desire.
That Old Question.
In common with a great majority
of the people of N rth Carolina we
think it about time to stop the dis
cussion of the "Senatorial questi n."
Bdh sides have had thoir "say,"
and, no doubt, both have satisfacto
rily demonstrated to the entire sat
isfaction of ihe respective adherents
of each the justice of their position.
Now, let us be done with it.
The people are tired of if.
Other States are laughing at ns
for it.
Hon. A. S. TdcrVimon 13 Our Sena
tor f'T the next term.
Vituperation, calumny and abuse
cann t unseat him, or induce him to
prove recreant to the obligations of
the party that voted so unanimously
for him in August last, or the great
State whose interests he wiiLrepre
serit upon the floor of Congress.
To some extent, both parties may
have been in the wrongj
But let us remember that it is an
accomplished fact that cannot be
changed, a- d use all our influence
to uphold the exertions of Senat. r
Jlerrinion in his endeavors .to ad
va ce in the Senate of the United
States the general prosperity and
welfare of our common StateJJ
Let us have peace.
F. migration
We fully agree with our valued
cotemporary, ine iiaieign m
the regret to see a disposition on the
part, of our citizens in dinercnt sec
tions cf the State to leave North
Carolina in search ef better homes.
AVe published an item a few days
since, showing that one hundred and
twelve white persons had purchased
emigration tickets at ne
tho North Cai-oliiia V.oit.
and our
inforriitiut stated that large nuinbors
of such tickets were being constant
ly s-.oId at many points on the sumo
The experience- cf thousands who,
aftf-r journeying t other States, have
returned imnoverished anil dinsatis-
li--d to spend tho remainder of their j "cr" holding effiees ly appoint tueut
davs in ths OKI N -rtli Ktr.to, fdicul t ! !r"rn ad otherwise under the
be a pad -wfirmnr to those wT.o ivpi('"slitut ion and Uvea of the United
ali'k-ted v.itli the cmij
ration fever.
and who are d-hn't-d b
the llaf ferlnir
and deceptive ftork-s of ti-avelkrs cn,l1""ty 'ne " ana le-ntoties
interested persons, in recrard to tho I ia whtch t'ey re-idc, or cf municipai
t simenor :;Jv:uita'es of othrr Staffs 1
, , ,
iiaiu lenr.uiies.
1 i ,-i
fact that i hxrp-e majority- of
those who leave Xoi ih Carolina gen
erally seek the first opportunity to
come bark to their old homes, is the
i best evidence that our State, take it
; all in all, is the best Iaee which has
vet been found for contentment and !
As immigration 13 one of the i-:r.t-
est needs of the State, so emi
tion ;
15 one of the grcatef-t evils.
v lnle !
we aelvoeaf e the former as calculated j
to add
lo our proJnctive mnver. to
increase oiir p'pnlation, to augment
our capital, t dovf lop our resources,
to advance the material interest;' sn !
promote the general prosperity of
tue State, o i the same principle we
opposo emi'n-atiou as having a uir ect-
Iv contrary tendencv. and as LL'hlv I
iiihirious in drainiiiL- North Carohna ;
of her chief recuperative means
her hardy and industrious native
V'e invite immigration from otli
States and from Europe. "We desire
to Fee our population rapidly aug
mented by the influx f thrifty, moral
energetic and enterprising citizens
from other parts of the world, but
ail the fruits of immigration will turn
to ashes on our lips, if a spirit of
dissatisfaction shall seize our own
people to such an extent as to cause
them to seek happiness aud prosper
ity in other lands.
-oi th Carolina has the capabilities j r;:l ethee. hel l by such purs n. and
cf becoming a great and wealthy' vV'" t:,'cen r be and w.ll be' treated
State, and when her advantages are a rcdgmitioi .by such Federal oi
thoroughiy knov.n and appreciated. I "cer o! his cmnii-'Mon or appointment
the tide -i immigi'ation wiil be tia-ned I in ,he wrviee of the Unifecf States,
t wards her bo dors, and her everv i ' he ftiee id' justices pf the peace, of
iriterest wiil advance with rapid
u.iuu uiiu
unprecedented strides.
(From the Presbyterian)
Bingham SGhool
Geeexseoko', N. C, Dec. '2'5, 1S72.
Deats Bo. DeYeaux: I have just
this morning seen- a circular of CoL
Wm. Bingham, mentioning his con
tinwd ill health, and the necessity of
his continued absence from the Ring
ham scle ol. The Colonel litis been
absent nearly all the session just
closed, and will certainly be absent
at the opening, and possibly for a
large part f the ensuing session-,
fie announces that Major Robert
Bingham (his brother has been, and
will continue to be, in charge of the
school as acting superintendent; that
the kc.1v 'ol is thoroughly organized;
that complete preparation has been
made for the instruction and care of
pupils; that the teachers are men of
tried and proved ability and success
in their professi n; and that parents
may therefore be assured' that tlieir
sons are- in good hands, &c. Pex--s
nally acquainted with tho two
RingharrvK, and with their associate
teachers, having had a son at their
school and uotJcr tae tuition and care
of thaw men tor live ses-ions, win se
progress uoa culture whs every way
ansfactorj 4'ceuritr a profound intei -
est as a citizen id' North Carolina, r.nd
;i o':u i.stin;i, in this school and grauTuI
l)i tVie'beni 6;s confeired on mysell ai.u
u many otl.ers by the generous kuul
ness' of thoe men 1 vfi!, over my
wo irllatttro, to reoonvmend thw
schoittj the continued aud increased
patronage of jarcuisaud fiuarctians ul
hoys, who are LieUm-i out for a" seboi 1
where there are uli e,f(tithjtd trnJ suc
cts. fed tracltT, and men ot li,gn toned
mor;il ciiaiaetc r, to whom to eutrust
ih-irboys. 1 be! eve that what the
(I lunel himself says it his c:retr!&Y us
t the noi that h:ive taught with him
.. .a .. .a.... u .... - J l
i.u uniii i ii. in lui ear?, ai.u nave
I u.ji dui iDg hu absence, is siuoply tree;
i ot merely because it is the utterance
of Col. Wm. Bingham a man of the
Ioftiet character, an3 who. I Det'eve,
would rather die than falsify or equiro
cate but because the character, attain
ments arid xjerienee of these men. in
the pns". demonstrate if truth. Ma'
Robert Bingham is a schilar and chris
tian gcntnian, and a teacher of long
experience; he has been connected with
thin schorl aa a teacher with his broth
er for nearly theinie length of time.
Indeed. 1 believe it is jieuerally known
that the Bivgham teaching in the lair
guaes has been, fbr three or four years
back, maiuly that of Robert liingham,
owing to the Colonel's feeble and im
paired health. It is the eaase coins' of
teachers that have managed the school
so ably, so strongly aitd so successfully
.tor years past. I have do doubt that
snores of gentlemen in this State, and
further South and West, would readily
do what T am doing, aud fully endorse
hese men, and .cbniHiend heartily the
Ringham School, if the idea should oc
cur to them, as it did to met that possi
'y tl.e Coi(MiT circular ui'ght lead
ore to thftc that T.is temporary or
I nr coutiuu'id absence would materi
ally impair or disorganize, in some way,'
i he Rmghara b'chool. As the parent,
Qthe Cunstian parent, 1 trust,)' of five
boys, write this ti rt tele - "prp bono
publico, and 1 am Riad and thanklcl
io fjo.l, that aiuid a good deal, educos
tionat'if, t li :ir is not ot t he most pryj
siniT eiiaramcr iir p!rrauce,-i-Fic
have some schools in North Carolina
Tmtd and female.) among the best
to he loi't.d any where, at. lenst within
the reach of our people ; and that sneonp
these, ns I become more intimately ac
rjuainted v ith the meD sad their meth
od, the more readily do I niine, and
the more heartily do I coromeod. the
liiinjhum School and Dtividsqn CaUeye,
and enrncst!y . wish them continued
pati ooayc and success quam, diu jpiteri
hint. Truly yours,
J. IIenrt Smith.
Executive SOrderr-No Federal
Officer to kold Cl-rii;Ortice-An
Acceptance of the L.at
ter.a Resignation of the Former-
Wasiiivgton. Jatutary'17. Ry
the I'rccident ctthe Uuitpd States
Kseiutivo order: Wfccrea?, it hs
Keen brouL'nt to the notice of the Pres-
j i ieijt of the Uoiieil States that mioy
Stupes iKinin)r such redend
positions accept rfiiecs undfr t! c an
t-o-pt: rations ti-irter t&e charters and
ordinances of fcueh corporations thre
b. assMDiing the duties of the State,
IVrritorirl or muuiciful ' office at the
-ue tiu.-e thrt they are charged with
lie dtit:e cf 'lie civ.l efiice held uo
Federal auth rity; aid wherets, it is
bt!ived that with le -ccebtiois the
h-:diri of two euc't offces by the asm
person ) incompatible with a due and
f.iitlit'til discharge of the duties of eitl -
' r offit". that it frequently gives rise to
"rear inconveniences una otten re
d s in de:ri;nent to the
c, aer-
vice, and moreover, in not in h;T jscr.y
the genius govt rntnent. In
view or t.ie premises tlcrefore, the
President has deemed it proper thuf
:Mtd hereby to give public notice, (vat
from and af'er the 4th tl iy cf March,
A. 1. 1F73. except ns herein Fpt-ciSod.
for-ons btddtttg suy fedtal or-ivil
by appointment under (be con
tiiution and lawsof the United Spates.
i 1 be expected while holding such
' ffice not ta accept or hold any office
under any State, Territor al govern
ment, or under any charter or ordi
nance of any municipal copnr.-.tion,
and further, that the acce, tance or
"ontinued holding of pny sah terri
torial er mtioicipd! ofjce; whether by
el. rftion or appointment, by any per
son I. filing civil office as aforesaid
under the government of the United
State, otb' r thin judicial offices under
the constitution of the. United Sta'e
wi.l bp deemed a vaeatioo of the Feds
" v , -v . , . . . ,
to take the ucKnovvledgement of deeds
(of bail, or to administer oaths, sr.ali
fn t be deemd within the purview t-f
bw onler, and are excepted from 'Vs
oiif ration. ad may befheW by Federal
officers. The npp'dulmeut of Deputy
Marbal ef the United States may
be conferred upon t-heriffa it deputy
sheriff-i and deputy postmasters", the
pinolutnet t of whose t ffice does not
pxeeed sii hundred dollar per annum,
are also excepted frornf the operation
of thU older, an V may accept and
hold appniijtiBcnts under State, Ter
ritorial or nuinicrpal authority, prb
v'ded the same be found not to inter
fere with he discbarjit! of their duties
as postmasters' Heads of departments
,.md other officers of tl e Government
who have the appointment of suboid
ioate officers are required te tute notice
ot tli9 order and to see to the enforce
merit ol its proriswns and terms wjth
in the sphere of their respectire" de
partments or f'fSccs.. and as Trlate to
the everI per-ons holding appoint
m nts under'them respectively.
By order ul the I re-ident:
Signed J Hamilton Fish, .
Secretary of ?Statp.
Washing"tor, t. C, Jan. ,17th, 1&72
The exerciser ot this Institution will
rill j
id, )
c'lninrnnee'. on Thursday, '. .Jiarnonry 23
18iO, under the nianasemeiit of i'rot M.
Fetter, ..kite of the University of Norjh
Carolina,.'"' hft has been recency ,efeftedi
IVii.c'iiihI of the( above named Academy.'
Tl;e course of instruction, having, been rt
oiy!in"!xcd hy the Board: of Trustees, is de
signed to lie both rfemcntary in jt cnai
iitier, an(Val-o Classical.jMatlismatical and
Coiiiineicial. , - .
, Teyui cf Tuition per acssion of - 20
weeiis. rnmary Department, 8l2 5J.
Itiphir EuRtn-h, $'20. Latin, Greek,
French, nd Book-keeping, each $5 00.
B aid $12 per month. For farther par
ticulars apply to the Principal.
jy.23 lm. .Scotland Neck, N. C.
of New IlanoTcr,
January 15ti.l873. f
1i ii i; p o a bd, yf ' d i r net ofts riAvis:
(leclmtd & tiemJ-arinual ilividenU of
sis;per c-nfc frijiho capital stock of this
Bank tor tfit six oiontlH endinst Slst inM.;
parable wl ul !aMerrthe 1st of Fein nary.
s 1't
D. WAfXACE, Secretary. 1
' r : :
iiehce, nisu;y Edgefotiibe plan4ts pY6
nopnes it Ibe best ettlHvt tley evr usett
Ootrtoxt Fpoa
Stay bv: obtlred by application to , , v
; , Ti V. I.AJB, :
if" A 1 Agent Jajbficv..
Or' to any'ofthe IJilfidi'ore'Conimission
Mrctauta. jy.23-2m.
jL: comuMiUcetl business as
ocenpying tlie Store under the 8orrfHKit3rt;B
Otnce, opposite tne uourt House.
Just Received and for Sale:
500 Baga Patapsco Guand.
70 Bbls. Dissolved Bone.
500 Bags Potash Salts.
50 Bags Peruvidii Guano.
500 Bushels Oats on the way.
In offering ' the Patapsco Gnano to the
planters of Eilgorombf, after several ytairs
of test and exptrmuce, I can oaiy say tliai
the arrie'e is gitmnteod to be fully up to
the standard, ami, it anything, bcUt-r ihan
ever ix-fore ohePiJ. . .
The fVitasir Suits is what is required ou
every (arm in the Couu'T, it be-iiif cheant r
and more vai"ib! than abhe burut ou tho
farm.. . ,
-- The Peruvian Gnnuo aDd Di-soWed Rone.
property nuxed has bwn too often triud to
niafeeauy s'atonieut Letc nec-e-ssry.
Hojiig for a share f rnbtic r:itriiirffo.
with strict uttrut ion to luiMriess. 1 in'rudu.-e
myself again to the Farmers of E'lirecomLt;.
jy. 23 -2m.
Agents! A Rare !mi:e( I!
We will py all Agents $43 per week in
csh who will eniiase with us at once.
jivervthm furmhed nntl
fXnenses paid, t
Address A. -Coulter & Co. Charlotte, Mich
Plants, Kosies, llahiias, p"'ii-
chia , Uciai.i inis. Bedding F hints. Gladi
olus, etc- Send a stump ir 'Dreei's Gar
den Calender," lGs pajres illutr-,iied. with
practical direolK tiR. HENHY A. FREKK
714 Chestnut St., Phil.ilelph'a, Pa.
We wih to cni;e the sericcs of at leas'
one reliable, intelligent tientleman in
every Cit),Toi. and County in the South
Bnsioess a'reable and stiletly legitimate,
viel'.ling from $1,500 to $J,ol0 fu r annnni.
Fr pariicnWr.1. addr-ss. TUKXKULL
BROS, Puh'rs, liahiiuore, Md.
For any ease of .".:nd
f-'br;?, Itehia ir Ci
!r.ter Flits that Ie
Inr.v'n 1'iie lttuidy ts.il
X'tv. It is preps -"h"
cir-rcisly to cure tin- lih-s
Kohl by all lMUi;gi:s.
and notliiiig eVj.
Price, One liollv .
S to OA P'r unv! As?cn'tii V.'ant. d!
O rpl A11 vla&se "f werLi ts peo
ple, of ' itV.er f-xyon i: or old, r.i?v no:e
mon v H work f r iH in their xpare inon t-ni,
or kl'the liiue, th" at a:iytbi"iB elo. F.tr-.
ticnlani free. Address G. Stiuaon A Ci .,
Portland, Maiuu.
A book ot 000 paces, with di'orH' and pub
liaheis' names, date of e.tnKlishuint, kize,
politics, subscription price, and circulation
of all New.-papers in the tjoited States und
D'Miiinjon of Canada. .
PRICE, FIVE DOLLAfc. by mail. Ad
dress Publi.-U-r, N'. 41 Phi k Row, N. Y.
A book of 128 paaes, sho Ins how, when
aiiij Where . to advertise, and conlaiiiiiia
a li"t of neatly U.OOO newspapers, with
much other info' iilatiou of interent to ad
vertisers. Address GEO. P. HOWELL &
Co., Pub's, 41 Park Row, New York.
Str. VSTA, Captain J. K. HATT0N
Str. ISIS, Captain C. V. JESTER
Willt after this date, niako daily trips from
one of the above Boats leaving eitch jM.rt
every rtsy (S'.indav excrpteit), torching
at till Landings on the ay, atroriWiig the
travelling public and shippers uhumiuI
fac iitie-s for freight and , travel, with
and Good Sf ee"d, Low Fare, and unprece
dented Low T;u if! for Freights, these
Boats are unequalled. i
Giving throuh Bills or Lading ou Cot
ton frum all points on U e River to
New York via Railroad, - $3 23
Baltimore , - 2 75
Norfolk . w ; r- 2 25
or aIiqji parties prefer shipping via Wash
ington j er Steamer Olive, freiii'its will be
thi; sanie aa above, no charge for wharfage
hauling or e.vpnses if-hhippod by tl.i
line; a: d all Goods, Wares or Merchan-
die and Prf'dncc, shipped I o care of either
'"VESTA" or ISIS," willbe frighteil.at
lower rate than ever heretolorp carried
b- any traiispo-tation on the river, free
froni all extra harai-s,
pSr f hrongli Tickets will he issue
to .traveller! going North by this line fur
less than any other route.
The Steamer VESTA making close
connection with the 7 o'ciock P. M. train
froin.Taiboro, traveller! can always avail
themselves of the samo if desired.
A'.y information will be cheerfully jriven
bv opplying to the Captain of either Boat,
or to : JOHN G. BLOUNT,
Agent at Washington, or
Jy.l6-3aa. Agent at Tarboro.
Gotten Food
r-Thd-SnrrentleriDf General Uff,
At Appomattox C. IJ.4 Ya.f April 9. 13C3.
AMAGSClFicEkT 14 x 1 S inch Engrnv
of the San ericler of Gen Lee. b ,in
tif iijr colortd. i En"r.tVeif in the hii'beat
r"st3'f9 of th ftrt tnd printed on 1cavy jiLite
paper it is iriyya gem ot art, one which
Nbquld hrtna in tlrep.irlor of every Sonthern
homo. Sent by inriA.il, mounted on a roller
ani poirt paid, f re-eipt, of 20 eents, or!3
tor ,51) Vn,s Kei& wanted Address,'
J. C. & Y. M. BURROW, B. is'ot. Tent).:
Catalogues of Pictures, Books, &.c, sent
freo j 03 t
! Situatioli' Wanted.
il ttrm as Teacher tn a Scl o.,l or Pri
vate FanwJy..; Ttie applioint has had sev
eral years experience, and" is cpnipetert to
teach the usual English branrtit-s, inebtd
itiH the l:tnu-rf .i, so Music and Vax
fork. iAl(tre.!, st-Vint terrif, ..
' t ' " MISS'W., of M nrfreCMtioro, N. C.
Th nly Reliable Gift Dwtnbutioa iu .he
$80,000 0i
To be distributed in
To be drawn Monday, xliu:.ry 17th. It-lZ.
two Grand Capitals of
$5,000 fc.UB IN CLR K5!
One Horse and 11; t'"V. with .Si:i--;
Huri.t ss, v r'.li $0''O.
Our Finf-hmed l:o3e-.vvi-.l l'iiwi . wovh J"
I'J Family iev.iiiK ile,im-ii. wo t . ea.
Five Crvli Wutches anu CL-ir.-i, -.v.-rtis S:i
Five Gold Ameviciu lluutinjj Viii'--rs, woitt-
12r, eaeh..
le:. LiiJieB' O..U Il.mti;, Y.atcJie-, w.-.rth
- - 1. -
f 75 each.
SOU Hold and Si'.vr Li ver Fm.t"n Vi'atches
(hi all), worth frwa S2U t;4:-OU f-ch
Go!i I Chains s-.ver-ware, e v eir. , A c, A c.
N uiuter ot (iiii, 3 5i)0 tickets Li'... ted
io ca (:o.
Agents wanted to .Sell T'.: ':.ci-' i: T '" m
I.il-er:il rieiiiiuos will bs- Haul.
xi. .. Ti,.l.i . ! v 'i '!Svfle
T1t ts ?p"; Twm-!iv(. T'.eUet v- '
.Circulars co!tta;r:.;i:-' a fu'.l hst of yrizes. a d?-
atriplmii i t!ie manner of !r i v. in-". - -"
iniormatitiu ;u referein e to the J'istril,.niji
wiil bo se: t to any oi.f oid ring :b iii. A
letleis mi;st be addressed to
m . ink i-t'hu-t:. t, B SITE, S(X S3.
01 V. Fitth Street. CIN(.:lNNAi !
'i he Morning Star.
j milCUGH n'y Five Yenrs G.d. I as V e !
L Liiresr l.ii!v Circulation of an ' new. '
paper i.i tL; arc, ami a c 1 1 ii'kii "ii i-i
.bii'i.gt 'ii !i;'l pur cent. hoi;er I thai j
ol any other p.Hf;r. j
Ilift Enterprise,
Now coiti' dnvit with t!:- Cai:i'I.ina FaUmi'R, i
tuiiking of t! e be.-t F.i!ti.T Nr.vs- j -j-PAPI.R3
iii the S"Uth. Cirfuution vnyj-'
large and rajd.tl.y incieasit!;;.
Daily ShR, 1 ear $7 j
" 0 numr i.s o .
til ii-ths 2 ( o : 1
W KEEI.T Sf.vlt, 1 year 2 l'i I .
Ci m.-nrlw 1 j
?' ;;.ont!.s :. . . M I
(ieiy 'ce safi-'y asertei! trut r.o lie-:-...!
--sfa ..Ii d'.-.l in N oi : !. t (Hi.i:
h.i.s i; .i.!.- hicU l.fj.' i! pov.r;,i a lUK
Aice.s i.v; a Staij
'jf4 nd i"- vtiei-i-u'-n roi'ie.s. Address,
Vill. H S;.ltVKt, SV l...if.ui,.r.. N. o.
1 1' Chronic aud Acute Fhetima'iv", Nen
ratyia, L'ir1d-a;c Sciatica,. K'd::'V a:!i
Nervous itsease, at er ve:iis .,i u:;-riii:'.
by taking . Fliir r fi gt'toWe Bb--vsIr
Syrup the M-ieiifitio discovery J C
Fitter, M. D , afcaular Ei :id i-ie (diyi-.-'an.
with whom we' are . pers' i.afH,: in o.nuntrd.
who fiH- So years treated Ibsen--! v
exelusively with astosiishie': re.nlti. SY,.
believe it our ctirrstiaiT '1 i-,1 y. af'.er del'.b
euilion, to consrieuUuu v vviest sifi r
ers to use it, especially ;ei so-.s in ir.de
tate circiimstan es w'-o ninnot '!f rd
waste money and time ()m w.ithhs
tup's. As elerrv :t n v.;- i.e.jsiy t -el :t:e
tlcito reiionsibii tv rtrtinr'i'ti u"5 ii tuib-
licly ii-i-iruriif li i.i iiif.lirine. Ivit. 'in I
kno- '! .!e and t xperiecce of its ri-it-,rk- I
aide n t it fit!v'juf.tles our eim. Hev
r.wi.-.ir, ill. i ":.. Penn'a, s:;(f.-ivd 1(5 f
vear. t.et-iime hnpeli-s. K'V. i !t.r,: is
.Murphy, D. 1)., Fratik'ord, pbiladi hhia. I
liev. J. B. Divis. Fliuht-town, New I
Jersey. Rev. J . S. Buchanan, Clarence,
Iov a. ft'ev. G". G. Smft'-, piftsfAtt, New
YorR. Rev. Joseph Ueg'zs, Fulls Church,
Philadelphia. Other tes'imoniols tnn
Senators, Governors, Judges. Congress
hien, Ptiysichins, &c, forwarded gratis
with pamphlet exi lainin these' diseases.
One thousand dollars wifl be presented to
any medicine for same diseases showing
equal . merit, utider tcst or. that i au po
dnee or-:fonrth as many living en. t.ny
persoii sending bv letter" descr'ptii'u of af
fl'crton will receive gratis a legally signed
guarantee, naming the number ol bottles
to, cure, agieeiBij to refund- raoney upon
sworn Rt.ite.nent of its failure to -ure.
Afhicted invitd to write, to Dr. Fitler,
Fhdadelphra. His valuable advice costs
Dr.-A. 11. Macnair,v. special a-zent for
EdgeCorubd county, N. C. .jy.l6-1y.
Ho-7 Lost,- How Restored.
Just, published, a new edition of Dr
radical cure (Without medicine) of Sper.:
iiiiiloirb.cea or Seminal Weakness, Invol
untary Seminal Losses,, Irnpotency, mental
and physical incapacity, impediments in
marriajre, eic; also, Consmt t!ot, Epil
epsy and Fits, induced by self indulgence
or sexual extravagance.
Price, in a scaled envelop, enly 0 cents.
This celebrated author in 1 hi- admirah'e
essay, clearly demonstrated from a thirty
years' successful practice, that the alarm
ing consequence of self abuse may be ra-
iralf cSred Tvltliont tlie dangerous us
Lof interna! o ed'einc or the nppiicatinn of
the knife;, .pointing out a mode of cure, at
once ir.i ley certain and effectual, by
means Gf which every sufferer, no ma'ter
what hiu condition may be, may cu'e -liiiij-self
cheaply, privately, and radically.
6Thi Lecture should be in the nands
of every youth and every man in the land.
Sent, under seal, in a plain envelope, to
any address, postpaid, on receipt of six
cents, or two pt si amp.
yliso, Pf. CiilverweU'a 'Marriare Guide,'
price 50 cents. Address ihe pnl lishern.
CHAS. J. C. KLINE & CO., 127 B -wery
Uew Yoik, P. O. Uox, 458. jy.l-ly.
'A ; 't " : j pl,-tS.'(;
. .---i.. 'l. -'"i '-..A-- .l. -:r. r.l -VkVI
- " " : Ji-iiis. i-iiKESi. bcaira. tvti.
Keeps constant), on hand a full totk'oi
and r3Pancy Goods.
v' Subscriptions received for
Appletot 'a Journal, monthly and wceklf.
he I opular Science, niorit iiiy.
T.,e Piycoli-Kical Join mil.
The New York Medical Journal.
GodeiV, La-ly's Book, with which a fine
t hromo, of 'Our Darling" is given to
every subscriber.
Any boob not in brock ordered at Pub-
Ushers pr.ces.
nov.23-Cm. lAtlBOBO.
i w:is dissolved by mutual consent on
the 17lh f December, T87J, Mil. W y
CLAKft h;ivt,.g i.,.Mht the tinire Interest
ot Ma. JOtlJ, KING, assurai-d the liabir
itici and wiil clore the busiuess of the lf
firm. y
I return uiy thanks to my friends
noil the public for the liberal patronage
they have given me, and hope they -yiil
continue it with my former partner and
successor in business, Mr WM S CLARK.
intret , in; th .firai tf .KING A
t'L.VHK I sha'l contiiitie "ousineti at 'he
New 'tore (IJoivd'fth old stand near the
Court lione) of the late linu, and hoe
t4 receive a liberal Mipport F, om tti
t'rieuds and patrons of the late firm and
the public in (leiiornl.
,1 have, wrnred tie. services ff Mr.
HOBT. WHirKHUKST, who will l 1 k'
to sec and i ve hi friends.
j 2 tf
Navassa Guano!
T iv y- r Kim t sr
i Oi:ANO") .und wiil :ij.p!
: t F.i:.oy Pr: wirit the f:eit
y liu.i r
tit :i,ii'.irii
. i j I I K."-t on ft;i
anriiiK? 1"- eruviaa G hauc
m i. N Av'if. Air.
; rt rt 1
; , t - v f w" "k n r
H liUii'f If i J J f I . I )
J -U- v ' x A. t l . UUlwV
! y-'
A!w.ys i n hatid
hi lb.- eel brsMrd F ic
toiw t Vi ci'.S, liji;!:iac T;
ul ta-jtoi v jo icM-.
Co., Hill.-bur.
A ariet , ,f bra
the 1 r.t.f. .
!.;s in par-n-i to Mi
S. S. XA.' II, A-e..t,
HiO K' U City -Mi Foik.
lfl IllUbp Pol's.,
'tt . N l.eoii, Sin-u'iler .-Mid Sid.'S.
li' Is ih'V.r. nil rd;-.
C,fee, !.,!-.!, C;.v,! &
I.:be::d m'vai" . do i-nii ittii.
Ni". fd to Ml;i I iM.n (."C !., H'ev.' Y-
S. S. NASH, Afjrut. .
HiSSiO.i JitfiCHWT if.r. -21 tt.
jno. vi.r.iiii.j io;;. jno.
r. WEITl"
Elliott & White,
So. 20
Rcarske SQsar?,
A?' !! for J.
W hihtv.
liunijjirujiers Old Virgtnir
y li-1 y
FTs always on hand for s.u'e, cheap for cash,
Uridartaker's Department
.Mwaya ce. ban.l at tho Lowcsti Cusli l"i-
.rlabs2iiy, Walisut, Poplar & Fiat
( FIsli's Jletallic Cclfins
' furnished at Shortest no'i-.-o
J. E.
The Finest
ISlack "Walnut.
Of Now and Original Design?, and of the most Superb
Stylp. and Finish. Also a choice assortment o Tables,
Wardrobes, Dressing Cases,' Fageres, Sideboards,
Library and Book Oases, Hat Trees and What-Nots.
4 '
Also a Complete Line of
Carpets, OilTClothsV Mattings,
Window Shades and Wall Paper.
Give tae a cull before purchasing elsewhere. All goods warranted as represented
Office rt: Salesroi m-new 0S. 207 & 2C9 MAIN ST., old K0S. 58 & 60
promptly attended to in all its branches. The only afieta in the city tor
Kisk's Metalio Buria3. Oases.
Mahogany and other Coffins lnruinbed at the shortest notice, 88 Iso, Lar.
apes, with the lest Ilearso iu the Ciiy. and tha Patettt -Right Corpse fjc
rvr ia the city uuJ surroirdm country.
0N-' c.4S8R dh r pep.buaky
tS7S, the trnrtertiifrnd'JunticCTi 'nf
I'eace wiil meet at t;.e j,.!! nnJ. e, at twolrl
noon, to let out thorcpniringbrtmld bridge
too lowest M bier. -. . tcl?
atnfonnniou v.iil be given on th d&y nt
met tug. . 3 1
H. I, U'diOKTT, ) T
Agent Wanted ftr Cokiln.
's ComniciitntAr
on tliejl.bie, for tiio Home Circle. i,2f0i)nn,
25-1 Eiif,'ravi;iffs. The best entcrpise of tfa
venr for agetitg. Every family wiil haT it
Nf.tiuiijr lik it now rmblished.Tof eTron'iM
Address li S Gt,dnptt Vn, 37 Park lt'ow
Jew York '
BQOK AOEJtTS r-pir at wrk. or toaRK fr
8nie ni w.tKwjkjiouidrUaiat bare fr
circulars of the bcat-44uig books pubfiali ,i
Exiraordinaiy iudiecnM f oft-red. t-iim rb
prcminms Kven a-sty. rnrticulars free
iiress yuecn i.Vf, FublisUuS Co., Cmciuoati
Ohio. ' . '
Eetter thi n Pictiireg ia the
't he Great Aniefienti FamBv Ne f.pa)T
3a year with the JTTHII.Kft YFjf.i t(or
3T Park Row, New York
Send for a Sample Copy.
cnvinnirrs Tnn n simian- jFjefl,J if,9 ..ST.n'
Spanolfd Basskk;-, A IarKe. j hiMratH for"
column Hppe purer. '1ilS(t" siw spttud'ut
Htories, scbes. tales. n-.a. wit, Wnmr,
puzxles. recipe. Ac. 11th ver. $1 VfllT
with eljrant Vntns: romo. ''Anturnn T t4V-. "
tree to alL Only one doHar Trv it ones. Snt
isfaction pxaranteed. AnU wanted. Outfit
free. Kpeciinens Ac, for 6 cents. Ad.irest
"j5.WNE!1," Kir.sdalR. N. H.
Cmva, M.' I.., XU Yefiwa, OUlil
TO- ' ,
'. ,. .-SKK T!1B
-Ade-f-riset Oazette.
l;v M.-ii', 2"j .-' nts
.'ddrew CiEO. It. HOWELL A Co , 41 Taik
Row, Nerr York
miiF. p.vnEUiGNKff- nwF run
L tlaj n:e'e I into Co -Pa: tuershio ucid,-r
the .i:!i' ii.ime . Y
for the purpoce ol cc ducting a e.-perd
Mc-rcant'.lc' lfuvir:i'SM in the lovvu of Tar -b,.ro,
arid respeorfit ly ak a bhare of tlu
pab'ic pj.ti.ca?n
0;7EN f. F.tKRVS.
v;;luai $ufi??ex,
TAKKOKO, T. C, Jan. 1-t, 1S73.
Ft'tfitn tr copy j-J Jr.
T A XIaiot,
F. H IUuj x
l;:lV.'ied 1823.
I TARDY & 15 i .OTHERS, .
C O T T O N FAC T 0 11 S
A t
Cen?rRi fesiaiissioa Jlfrchaal,
&3 Smith's Wharf,
t. a. !iAi:nY wa. c. H.mnr
1 Iioiiias A. Hardy & Sons,
General Commission ond
i-itii vv a:u;i:c; KUitcii.t its,
AM. jh' I.KKS IN
fi:k f h i t: i no ' otse r
Cr.rdyNv:-.atr. Norfolk, Va
B. D. Brickhousc,
Farm &. Spring Wagons
CISTS, TS11KS, feRiYS, &f..
j.i.y2iy Norfolk, Va.
Chas. 31. Walsh;
3f A N r 7 AC T L' I. C R OF
Tomb Stones
Mams, mm m a-
i 2-1 Fr.TEUSBCRG, Va.'
L. v i-.je. i- if, r, t S 'J iJ .4, -4 i-Ji
FOLK, "V,.
..... . .
and most Fashionable"
Library . r
and CliamDer
-i '
I :
J. - fttff

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