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Te TarfcoiV 'Southerner.
October 30, 1S73.
ll.MV.M lilGGS, - - - -'Editob
TJ. S. Grant, President of the
Vnited States, and Tod R. Cald
well, Governor of North Carolina,
Lave '-sued pjocUowtio s settifg
apart Thursday, the 2Tth of NcTeni
bernext as. ads, of t-8gmg
aua prayer
Thankful fcr what T
True, that owe thanks to the
Greit GiTr of AH Things, ihat He
has spared onr lives, and enabled us
to see the rising of the sun and the
zromz down thereof ; that He. has.
cent forth th rain and sunshine,
whereby our tempor-I -wants h,av.t
been abundantly supplied ; and has
stayed His avengrtg, hand iroi
many sections of cur country deserv
ing of chastises!', nt; but it seems,j
ti us that .Just at, tfcm. ti:pe.. w$l a.
Xatipnal thanksgiving ifT th- whol
country, North, Sent East and
West, is a aiockery of the term
and nutbinjj less.
In aNfc--I or S ate point of
view, for what have we to be thank
Congress and Legislatures proves
Sily of the most di.v est and dia
honorable. transactions ; the people
loand down by an intolerable bur
d&a c taxation !
prayer we. have jieid of! Prayer
that He may speeiily rid us of such
a dmgrce 10 our nation; and prayer
that He, in His good Providence,
may oon lighten the load in the
way o? taxe that now paralyzes the
efforts of all.
Have e cause t: be thankful
through a stupid Administration of
X ional finances,"' at-d blundering
management of puVlic funds for
the present money crisis tka is upon
us kee 'v g the honest laborer from
Irs liwful pay, and shipwrecki"g j
the staunchest business houses of )
the country ?
Have we cause in this era of nr
Xtitioiwl history to be thankful that
our I anks have suspended, and cur
rency has d sappeared;from the face
of the land ?
Have e of the South just at this
time, caute to be thankful, in view
of f'e aw'ul disenaat qcs of Provi
dence now being vi-ited upon some
of our fairest sections throu h the
medium of that grim monster ye',
low fever?
Prayer is needful f-r all, and
ta -ksgivings too, but surely no' in
the vie-v adopted by President 1
Gra-it and Governor Caldw. 11 sim-j
plybeca- se it was November tber- j
fore, a proclamat on . of thanksgiv
ing should be announced.
"We believe in prater, and, as an J
exchange well fay, ive b:lieve in
thanks to God ! II e is a merciful
tender Father; but he is alsi a
Judge ; and the time comes, i n th s
earth, when he sees fit to chasten
his people for their sins with a heavy
hand. And then they ought to bow
ia meekness, and pray in fasti-g and
humiliation ;: and we belie v that if
ever that season i-t to arrive, it has
jforae for the American yeople now.
Southern Planters and Their
ilt cannot be denied that the pres
ent coodition of the cottOD market has
had the effect to produce an impres
sion upon the miud of the farmer thtit
jt would be ruinous for him to send
his crop to market at the present
Takirg advantage c-f this fact n
number of peisotF, professing to rep
xtsent the iutcrests of the farmers,
have been advocating the policy of
keeping home thair crops until a bet
ter time, or, in other words, advising
men .to prove reereant to their plight,
ed obligations, when they received
advances upon which, and upon which
h'odc they could have made these
same crops.
"We- do not contend that a firmer
shou'd rush hia crop into market
and sacrifice tho S'me simply be
cause he is indebted to his commis
s on me.chant for supplies, but fe
do tbiak that simple justice demands
that he t-honld fend suffic en to
liquidate the same.
And though it is forwarded that
js no reason that it should be sold at.
the pr sent prices.
"We tae it fov granted that
cott n in h nd wi uld be satis-
f c ory to all 'actors, end that would be
sufficient to Xi'ac,r tho commission mer
chants upou a safo Lasis as to their
obligations in the Lanka, wi'li do det.
riment to .the producer.
If the Southern planters pursue the
tfl'.cy cf holdit.g back their cotton
now ai d allows Lis factors to bear the
brunt of the sti rm, they cannot,
with ary hope of success, expect, iu
the coming keason, that thiy will rr
ceive advances coujraeasurate with
iht-ir neceskit ice.
Sei-d 00 your ctqtton, aud meet
your obligations.
Hon. A. S Merrimon has been
a:p"oyed as an attorney in the great
(1 t'rgia c tton su t c ;se, w i h is t
I e ergucd b fore the coming term
of the United States Superior Court
i V fibMjt ii City.
The Financial Crash The
ljuty of the South-
A correspondent of tb Southerns,-,
a few. issue, since, predicted that
tU present financial trash was then
but in it-infancy, ad. that irsVeriouS
and most damagirg lours wpuld soon
be developed.
It is now only too apparent that lis
prediction and iew were based ur. on
solid foundation.",. an,d there is much
reason that before the Autumn leaves
have passed away, - large Bonib.
now safe vi sqund, will auecuirb to
the severity of the storm,. .
Some of the features of this crash
furnish Ftrarge food, iqf financial
miud.4 to digest, but weshall" ooly
mention one. which is generally roo-
oidered t be most strange, imgortaDt
and daccero'Sr
Ileietofore, when fioaDcitiLtrpobles
have convulsed, the country, the
bants were the Utt. to i-peod
mvm?n'. cf e kind, but
jr.... --. '-
iu thjs instant tiey took the
lead and di not wait for t'ja merch
ants to-cither suspend or break. TI is
course ou the part of our fiuuncifil.it!-
stitutions too pliinljr shews that they
l ave been doing bnsiue?s, far too ex
tensivelj. on borrowed or J,cpottt cap
ital, and it is safe to conclude that,
unless they caoi realize at a very early
dav laree sums ou their "Sills Ileceiv-
able," they will have to coitiuu. de
clining to piy depositors checks, and
any one cao sec whst such a
course v.ouIJ vi.sk.ou t Ji3 couutry.
On every hand panics will become ri
paut and every man that can j;ct ijold
of a dollar will take it bom? and "sit ou
it," though his course break all the
men in the community, IJailrf&l eu
terpiises, in every direefbo, w 11 su -pend;
every commodity iu the land
will dieiVue and the country will be J
visited by a swanu offjjihy extcitiocr
ers, that will rob it of its very vitality
Fanners will be couppUcd to see their
crops pass out af t lie: r iiuuda at fur
below what it cost to produce them
Cttton our King"- will he pur
c'.iased at rai nous rates and carried to
Europe by iore'gners y.ha will be ubL-
to bundle tt.
When this hour eoraes-r-and come it
oiust another bitt3r letou wijl be
taught our Southern planters whose
blioduess to their owu iutere-ts has
not on'y amr-xed the country, but will
rum them and the entire Sjuuth, nle.-s
they cease to bt hi-wcrs of vjoi d auci
diawers of water" for e North
r . . . n .
whose maiufactri5g inter?sts enable:
troubles far better than our people
If this lesson doss Dot awaken a cpcr
at d a commou seuse spririt aud de
termination sqiouz our Leople 110
fatei 0f a financial character, will ever
be too eevere for them. "They are a
lauglmg stock for the reypie
of the 5n;-thwesl a support
and stay to the New Kugiat.d people
and yearly wrste their very existence
simply to cniich the rfn.aud 'heir j
children whose hoarded gains were
once spent to hire minion o laj
waste our hoajes, roh' us o
our ltbtrtieF, make slaves ol
cur children, ravish our women, aud
rejoice over our downfall, when we
dured o raise our voite aud hauds
ugaiust pppresion, au4 fight tor
This picture is not too strong, for it
is true, and truth cauuot be ovei-
diawn or painted in too bnUiant
color-, though the colors used exceed
the rays of the noon-lay suu.
Wc have frequently been exasyera
ted at hoaricg Northern men, whiie
ti:kiuc f he South say, "'She is fit
only to product; couoa for our man
ufactories," or ' Her people are too
inoruat and indolent to establish a d
sustain manufactories" or "Th-.y
haven't braius enough to manage
steamship liues to foreign poits or
large wholesale houses iu, their pities,"
ot-c, &o.
How Ijng will our people thus re
main the suppliant vaus of their
coDquerersr lteavu grant tne time
is not far ahead when we shall see
them breakieg camp and proudly
moving into new Cuirtra, where they
will be freed from, the many miserable
and destroying complaints that now
be iege, and mage almost intolerable,
the very precipcts of their homes.
15 at what arc we ts do now, or
when the severe at hours pf the crash
Why, save your money, sell only
enough ci jtoo to make yourselves
easy and pay your factors and commis
b!ou u.ercbarits, wear j cloth-s
and when next spring comes plant a
mixed and only s-h a crop as your
actual means will sustain and, our
word for it, this course will make you
independent in less than three years.
Those who have spare capital sbou'd
establish manufactories and every one
should sustain their efforts. It is by
such means io part that the peo
ple of the North grow rich. They
make more money ty fell -denial and
strict economy thau by any otbtr
way and though we were once in a
condition to laugh at their examples,
wp are npt now. Wa have always set
the Yankees down as fools for being so
stingy, (aa we pleased to calj it), but
all ot us are' now lOu'pMledio admit
that it pays to be ''etir-jy fool-," aDd
the Boonci we jump over the ftrice
and feed with the fbotf1! cattle, the
wiser we will be considered' iu the
fu u e. '
The Truth of History-
The writer of this, in company with
about seven hundred officers and men
ofasbravn a number of soldiers es
ever shouldered the musket, had. the
late or rujslof tune tobe an'ng tbenrt
prwonera eaptured by the Fedsral
At the time of capture the command
was known as the 7th Regiment of N
C. Y,Iupteers, nder the command of
I ok Win F. Martin an J the duty as
signed them was t'a defences of t'm
Sfcite coastj
It w a uotorious fact that when
ll?tt.ei43 was attacked by one- of the
strongest Uiivai arn"rueftt8 "ver sent
out by iho Uuitel Jfates Governui --nj
the L'-i,11n fjt tht point wii wholly
inadeUHte U any defence
In lact, hd the iscua been delayed
one year no Confederate commander,
.although leading tho bravest veterans
of the amy of Northern Virjiiuia.
wouhl have felt justified in atttfuiptiui;
to hold the position int stch over
lowerinp odtl- yet this rpgi'.eiit o(
N. C. s-ddievK, auiniated by a loyal
heroism t their ea-e and a patriotic
duty in defence if their himes and
hearts tones fur tvfo dag. sustained a
Ere of hyt and shell scarcely iqiialled
duriug the whole aooala of the war.
Unable t' reeh or jpjre the enemy
with their puny caunou they bravely
withstood the stiim -nit 1 ics'ipt uce
was useless a id but & mere sacrifice of
life fct nothing
TVhan draped off tft Northern pri?
ois, qertitn press and men iu cur own
tat,e, who k'jew not the fcmell of gun
powder, dared eoudemD the deft ace
rande by them, Faying how this and
that could have been done, acd how
this aud that ciu!d have been averted.
These rspersions were calni'y b rne,
only o be the more amply refuted by
the blood of the ae'ors upoa ihs (-an-guluary
fie'ds of Virgiuia, white ti e
same aspe;?ors were "still hid:i)r ju
hoiub prouf jicsitictis.
Col. YozX, of "The Ji'vtng and the
Dead," 1 as, fo; the past leiv week-,
been giviog full aud authentic accounts
of this fit', and Irt ui tho colemis of
his valuahlu paper, hich i.Iioul(ibp in
the Lao is of every true North Caro
)::.. . . I. .. . . 1 -i : . '
itiJU, e liJkO 111c loiiuwiug CXirtClS
from papers tf that date, iu a sUter
S'ate :
l'ron Cha:l?aton Mercury.
t.IXv 'l'Kors. We have iiad with
itM(-u e;ite Ho seven:! tfatenienis el
, - . .
Ii.iln r;t. ;;n. I wv have ai rin d at ifn
con hitirvn thai t w.is ; i;a . al victo
ry, w"; Iv hieb P.ica pi.e Ili'.tlcr liari
'nithiog U4ilo---i-xic:,t aa looker ou
tt a Siifc -istancif. is $:a cd on the
iu 1' 1 alil
r.1 i..,ftruv 1 h ... ,i,
jun ur tne aoati, imntsota am!
Cinul e;U:nd, from a distance bf ynd
the ite of the ihirtv--wus and twei -ty
four's ot Fort JIhI 1 er.is shtlled ihp
auiTifoii. ttho t jud 1 heir ground uohly
in a;i unfortunate prtdicaikent of tot
btiog abl to reply wiih elfert.
Some t" the S oiibern pr batie i''
dulcd n rrm .rks d n g'tory of i.
v!uu:eers of the Old Nirtlt Sia'e
The mo.-t reliable sneoums of the ene
my voluntar ly 00 1 b, -tn jut iCf . W
can state 00 g-.od auiliorit ,. tliat thoe
iu the United iiaie N vv who partic
ipated mi the action, speak in terms oi
high commendation of Colonel Mar
tin's Aih iiei.yVi.t 5 rtli ' lluioliua
Yolunteeis. i is knovyn that Ciiminr
d re 13ariO;i peluseil tr su: render his
sword to JJu'ler, stating as a reason
that his conin a-d li;id not par tie pated
in the fiht. The reasoimblcuesi nl
ot thK position was alhiwed and the
ju ender took lice on bo:irdt'i fl 1
ship of the iq iadron 'i'he 7 h Nut th
Caiolioa Regiment obey ed ordtrs, and
went to Hittems. I', wis n t their
fau't that they had no moans of prc
t'O'ion from the shells thrpwu by
frigate two miles off, and no opportu
nity of making good their repeat
when tha fortunes of war proved to be
against thee. t is a little singular
that Commodore i.irroa eommande I
the Wabash just before his re-- rja
tiou fiom the Uuited Statis Navy.
From the Charlston Courier.
Wc regret, t lie 16-s ol that point and
the capture of so uuuy pallaut voluu
teeis. But He are thankful that tho
reverse leavvs no stain ujlon our b- n
or. Maine an aches to some par'v,
but wa leave ihe peoph and press 01
our bravft sister Siale to find out a:id
punish the neglect and sloitighted
nesa. The soldiers bravely sustained
our national reputation for baavery.
and the iteleat is uf.attoniled with di
race. Io delightful contrast is thai
reverse tt the bu nitrous reverses
that have befallen the troops of the
u-urper. Though in every encounter
with the forces of the Con federate
S'a'Ps Uey have l al tf e advau'tage ol
nu, 10 hers and equipments, thej 'liave
uot only 1 'Bt the bailies, but covered
themselves with dishonor. Had we
attacked Butler io those forts, 'with
thdt fleet, he would not have fira 1
single gun, I ut'wo'uld liavo made haste
to lower bis flag and surreuder'at dis
cretion. Out spirit is heightei ed b
the brave aud stubborn de en ;e mid-
by those noble" men'. That they
Might so Jong and stoutjy baa all tbu
effee' of a victory. '
There will be an el ction in Texas
next Mon tay, 3rd.. On Tues a ,
th, the f.. flowing States -will hold
eecios: New York, Massachu
setts, Wiscons n, Mississippi, V.r-
iginia, Miuesota and -Maryland.
Alluding to the triumph of the
Democratic j arty in Ohio last week,
the Brook'ys Argus sa8i The
"Deid Democracy ' got upon t e
lid ol its cbffin 1 st Tuesdaj it Ohio,
and squeaked and gibbered in b ich
a hoi-rihle m nner is to drive about
15,001) Republicans away from the
The Proposed Amendment to
the Constitution.
The following geutletneu, the Senate
rommtttee appointed to consider tne
propriety of cbangipg the aiode of
electing president and Vice president
of the Tinned States, jfessr. Bayard
of Delaware; Morton, of Indiana:
Carneutcr. of Wiswusin: aud Au-
ihony, of Rhode I?laud i recently
met iu New York and agreprj upou
the following as expedient to be ni
bodipdio the proposed amendment:
V. To t bclish the E'rctoral Colle-res
2. That the president aud Vice
Presi'fent be elected by the people
voting directly for the cand dites.
3 Tliat each State shall be dividod
into as many districts as thi St,i'e As
entitled to Representatives ir Congress
in be composi d of contiguous te-vitory,
compact in form, and as nearly equal
in population a ujuv be, and the per
son having the highest number of votes
for President in each district sha'l re
ceive the vote of 'that, disiricf,. whicli
shall eou'nt one Presidential vote ; that
each taie shu 1 be entiiled to- tw'
Presidential voters at larg(; whic!:
shall tie counted lr t' e pcrsou huvirg
the highest number of votea'io the
whole State. '
4r The person having the hikest
number of sueii Preide;it il vote in
the IJiitijd.tat.es sliull he President.
5. Tl:ese rroisioi8 to he appbcuMe
to I he V'k'C io'i of ice President.
C, Coagis shall fiav.' power to prr
viile lor holJin-jr and e)ii(iucti the
lecti'.n for president ftnd Vite Pies
dent, an 4 to estahl "h a tril unal fui
the deciion of contest as to the1 "vote
in any district or ito, and ni'ake reg
ulations, governing tjj e proceedings of
these inbauals.
OnriUN Asylum.'
Uxforp. N. C ,Oct 15. 183.
EditvEs' orTE Sextjnel:
In ;.nswer k ur lippelf, the iMti
zens and lodges ot 31a ous are send
ing up their dnnsiiious and d'jntribu
lions in cat-h and ''in kind."
Such is the naturoufi.ur institu
tion and such our need of fui.ds, that
we are coustan'ly iruipe'.lid "lo go
put among the c-tizns" of the tows.,
aud tVo members of "tires ai.d liar i -co
'io' n ieit coutrihuiitns, station
that nn)e-s iina'pJia'e h lp ! received
the instit luioc will he jiece"suii:y com-
t e ita 10 Mcp. it:n every uppca
we are more Winced il.At the ' U!d j
North, blate w h otver a. low lb erj
01 hit tfliiau 10 t'u u'.H'ti 111 a
lord, and wherv.Vir v.e have cr me be-'
low' H i-m. the citizens , f nntrivfl
....... 1. ) i n .
fwnnij nan: pi-u Ci3 j.'iiuvi r UC'J
e -uifiiif by th ir liberal couti ibulions.
(See DM'ttthiy repn't.)
Ol coafse, if th aid vie ncei! dte
nnt reach u-, l,we mn't -top.'" J
times we have been faoitL-iiug iu tajth
aud ulooa;y.
There i need of cont inual rcplei;-
our ston,
ir Chil-
uren e:it. ana mut Piit uum. (Jio; be
hind shoes. & -. eur out and mu.-t. be
renewed. G't ' bles ire good pi-p!e
of the Stnt iJ j h jy have -t jtaWsl u
t "ti p'ri:jtiit" in tie direction in
a'i a ny ine niSL'H nani "lit or the
Grand L -dge of "31uot,. of N..r h Cat-
olir.a, and tlnuk me ,l'a 1. VVe
have had our iria., and ey ArduiMf
dut!e; our motto hs Ltjtu--.s; il i,
Onward V
Kow is tho nose to give us hl, i i
a Mit'Stnntial wy, not i t!v 10 c 11:1.-1:.
but iu i'.ip shap ' of blankets, provis
ioli5 ai.ll oh.
Sl'o -jre d :ng this. The o'h r
d iy. our Kni'-lt u " friends t-vui i .
! ot i f uitfehantbs'' ami a c-tsh ctw
I a. I !
iiiuunou wi iio vico. ij'igr me st-ni
us a u'laniiai lene'A'al Ot it eir f .
i i us ai.J ti e asvjuui. G ciens ol
Tu.-Car"ra. A lon:f liiiMoor ie, i linton.
iil K'jjle iodi s i'n sbj.eii .u,
Mx thodit..' liip i-f iiscDpaihti's.
doetors. lawyers, dfSi$ f?, inin
and clnllreii. Jew- yfit G 1 til. aie
eoiniiig to our help. Til it. is vln.t we
want, ll'lp, help help ! '
lioit & Sons ser.d a 1 bar il b. x.
Ljiiib ir; uptves injo line and x,warrus
eL'lit or ten with blankets ' anci jshoe.
Wa aip !i!oin p 1 he bill, and at
its top we Mini! rrriko our pri!o'4iinet
b w, and our o-phq 'children will
try to uil. iha'iik yon !
l ours rpectfujly,
' A. I). Cohen.
Priocip.l N. 0. O. A.
The Promise of Specie.
One of tho in.ist graiiiyin-; nn"o'
the lihies is that reported io our VVa-l.-
ia ton" d.'spati'H ' j.e'u rday., 'o th ei
lect that the Secretary ol Tnasury i
10 put upon iha uiaiket, Vs rypi
as possible, silver coin to' take the
place of paper currency." In a few
days a begionino will be tende by pay
in the current b:s uf'the dej art
nieiit ju this coin. For tome t'cie tin
ini'itfl I ave bcr.u . largelv -thploy'ed in
mikinz silver uioney if jjll (Icn'oinina
t ions, and undoubtedly the Secteta-y
bus a larga supply with which to s-ui
tain 1 is P' Jicy
Th - effect of this course Diivt be re
assuring. It shows noionly that the
government is of sound couditiou
financially, but that the paper tvbicl
it issues is gr&dtia'ty appr.ae,io ill
rue stand ri of va'ue. It wiMharteu
t he reuiufpiioii of specie 'paj'aj ints, i'
it is not absolutely resumotion. iV.
F W. ;
First Ui.ood op the Revolution
The "t!ition fioin lbany Ar.us.'
in the 'Observer.' ol Jan: 'Jth, is i u i. -
tereMing cm tribution to our Itevolu
uooary annals, but the'fi ' blo-jd f
the Hi volution was shed in North Ca:
olioa. liaiicrol't.' io his '41itory o
'he Unitfd fiiates, vol. 6. paire 185
say: -'me oioo;t ol Tabels was
first shed among the settlers on th
Cape Fear River." The impartial
reader of history will sea as much Re- -
olution id the biUle of Ala-nance,
May lbth, 1771, a in that of Lex
inuton, April 10th. 1776.
The Bos too ma-tsacre of !arch 5K.
17J, wa3 an outrage fur whieji ih
c:i plain and mod eueasred vere''re 'u
lai ly tried by Voris';' buf the
'3ranuical acts of (Joy. 'Tyro.11 in North
t?ar'l na and ihe resttam" of the op
pres-ed people wire Jicts in the Uevc
lutioiury drama Ntw York Ob
is rvcr.
meeting of the State' Agricultural So'
ciety, hell oo Wedocsduy night, the
15th iost.. the following; resol'wtlons of
rep'ct to the memory of tho late Gen.
D. M. Uarringer were adbptedr "'
Wukiieas, Amid the uncertain
t'us of this life we are called oltco 'to
modru the death of many valued cit
izen", our heartf-P. horrow on sucli
ocVa ions fids utterance iu the rej
ititiou of tkose acts of uaoly patriot
ism, ut ostentatious charity and noble
unselfishness, yvhich havp" beeu the
crowning virtues ' our trieni?, while
living, moving, actiog and Anioktng.
The civiitioB of a people uay web
he weighed by their virtuo'u respect
aud veueration for their 'dead Aud
fortunate for us thnt Nrlh farolina
reared, uu'ured and honored Da.MPL
Mgi.eau Barking El), whose death we
now deploie, wbosd virtues we can
proudly point to and Bjy'v$uh was
our del ai ted brother-uember ThcrtT
Unsolved, That as members of the
Stat Agricultural Society, s'J deplore
the detti uf 'one a' its mi5t psefu'
members, ouc wboe voieevas ever
lieard on the sid; of right and in the
interest of his beloved mother, North
Carolina, whether in the couueiis of
the nation, or the hustings, iu1ier
(.courts of i slice, or in deliberative
bodies of her wisest and best.
Uer material prosperity, her ad
vancement io all thai tends to great
ness, and 'her honor, always held the
warmest pja e iu his heart. i,ike the
devoted sou, he wa' ever ready to ad
vance the oCe and to shiefd tha other.
Mmly ;ri ntrye was reguired, ' soft
arid loving as a woman, as (f.)c dihiand
of affection iired ; lis '.fas iutcc1. oue
of rier jewels ; ' ' '
Rcsufvctf, That we tend r io the
f mily of th' deceased our warmest
sympathy in the hour of their gsief
aud earnest compassiou at this great
lusoheJ, That a copy oftheieres
' luiii us be borue to the family by a
Committee; appointed by the Presi
d.ur, and that ihey he rpread upoc
lue minutes of the Association.
A A. Mckoy,
Jno. S. 1ancv,
J. M. WfiTH.'
I ii'ii now prepared to supply l'aiuiiWR of
Tailmro. aud EljjecAaibe County, witn
auy (intitities I Hie liest
ialsf, in a count Vi and equal to
I !t tironL'iit from toe No th All rde:s
w't;1 l -r-mpt ly fil e't by ralpna at i lie
r.wery tttHtimil,Oi..i .4 JJr. b. J. Nash,
Mulu tit., Tartoro, X. C-
0,t f. f-ji
W M. f.Cevi.
Something Entirely New,
e x 11 b i r 10s,
On 1 he SO A DKM 1" COS! ! l.XS, D ii!y.
tioin '.) A M 1P tilfSainnliiy even
ing n'xt. ' , oi:i'-lt
riiii. salqox""
tcre Lacics 1 r Gcutltnvtn c obtain
of the vt ry boat quality the market affords.
Hot Coffee?..
1 c
cn be hail t teu called rr.. o
The uu J( ri'ig r d t)3q luave to inform liis
fm iHts and J)!ro s tliat he is dow rjarpd
t fnruiaii at rii-wua'jWs tioar Oj4ter, cooli-e-l
or Uy measure, ii-r-i-i(:t i at ail who
lef.ie . pure O VOt lurifg the tiiaon
"... .... mf- 7 .MCirfLiiuu
v.i i ne coiainctcp in a matter to smt those
v.ji i mav 1 a:roil2e :ne u:dtai -Mfi
.ed at ln&old
I J. H.'iS l' Ji AO N
In the mnttor of theli.i 1 Wlinjgtou cuunty,
tiiuuro und ltojiioke
Steaaiboat Company. i;
Superior Cjurt.
rpwo-thirds of the Capital Stock of the ab3ve
X named Corporation havjuc been subscrib
ed for rfiihiii .ti.o time prescribed by law, and
J - If T iia, one of the corpoiatws, having
duly reqa"(-t' d ihe (rU-rk of the Superior
1 our: ot Washi: pton county to call p, meeting
of ihe rropoted corpiirators and aubscribers,
notice is hereby triveu to the uronosed coroo-
ra ois and subr.cDe:8 ot said piopog.id cor
l.iii"u io meet un lao rwecty-nrtn clay of
Nownib' r, 1ST3, In the town of Plymouth
JoMgiiatel iu the plin of Incorporation as the
principal place, of business of said proposed
corooratiwn- 'or the purpose of electing offi
cers and adopting bye-Jaws, and for such
olher -pur;xs(?s as may be proper and lawlul.
jjone at My ottiee, iu 1'lymouth, the 24th
oay 01 uatoupr, l(j73. J. A. MELSON,
oet4ir3t. Clerk Miperior Court.
l i: jiarp's .speciric cures Dyspepsia, Liver
.... v 17 1
sour stomach, water brash, heartburn, low
spirits, Ac. In thirty-five ytars never failing
to cure tne most oosucate cases. Sold by
(inif; its eeiBily. Win. Howard agent for
larooro, jN. V. iwpot tto .ighth st. JN 1,
Circulars mailed on application oe3o-tf
JQ&nts Wanted.
Senl for Ci alogue.
J.omestic Sewin.j Machine CO., New York.
Mecklenburg; Co., If. C.
Weill eqni.'pid, Sevan Protestors, -Epen
sea low, Session begins Sept 25, 1 S73, Send
ior '.'atalogne, ' J, K, BLAKE,
8w i"' f'pairman . of tho Faculty.
ITITDH Xo, we wod only
iVl J MIJJ2jI call attention to
otiii Wei fauger, witn which, a man can earn
f "25 per day in good territory. It bores ary
diameter, "and ordinary wells at tho rate of 14o
feet per day. Fann, Township, ad County
Rights for sale. Descriptive book sent on re
ceipt 01 yc postage. Address aiulu CO.,
ot. LiCUlS, iMO.
sent by mail to. an;
tmf! for 1 Will ehncr:
perma f nt black or brows and contains do
poison, Trade supplied at low rates, Maoic
uotfB o, . pringueiu, aiaas. ...
A. AVatch Free.
worth $2o, givem gratis to every lire niin who
will act as oar agent; business light and hon
orable: $3.io made iu 5 days; saleable as flour:
eve iy body buys i'; can't do without it; must
hveit;no cut enterprise, ana no humbo;
Eenedv & lio, Jittsiipg, Pa, ' ' .
How eithor sex may fascinate and pain the
love and affections of any person they choose
instantly, This simple meutal acquireraen' all
can pusses, free, by mail, for 5c, together
with a marriage gaiuo, l.gyptian oraclo,
U(..IU9, 1 1. w .p, neuvtiujj-uiut Still ,
Ac, A queer ouok, Adlress X Wiih o,
mos, rnuaeipma.
SAMPLES bo ct tht retail
quick for tlo. It L, WOLCOT 181 Chatham,
square, a
Genuine Waltham Watches
sent V OD. The best and chearx-at in the
world, and the most accurate, Illustrated
price list and loweat rates seut fre; addresa
fVULtu s uj, za uoud si reel, h x.
F O It
Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness,
aud all Threat Diseases
Put up only in BLITZ" Boxes.
a tried and sififE Remedy .
The Highest Medical Author
ities Of Europe y 'he auongest
Tonic, Purifier aiic Deobstruent knowu to
the medical wpjld is
Jt ai rests decay of vital fore R, exhaustion
of th. neivioiu system, reres vigor to
tije debilitated, cleanses vitiated blood, re
moves vAsihlc - bstriictions aud acts direct
ly an the Liwr nil, Sl-ei Pricu 1 a
bottle. JOHN &ELLOGG, 18 Piatt
lreet, N. A.
EV- DR-DEEMS, Pastor 01 the
. ij.'iuroii ol the O.iau. i-s, aud Eiliir of
the Chiistian Ase. Nw York, has written
a worlf etmHed "JESUS," comp ete
in one ctav ) voinrf ,i 7 ,C paes. tieauti
fnl'y illi!tiated. This lMik ia meeiiugr
wiili. a. Itrge !. Dr. De- ins heine :,
true-'!l'rien4 to lbs So.ithej.n people, his
hooli vill be eagerly looked for here. JSolrt
ouly llirngi eanvas-in;' iigeat npooiuted
by the PnT.lishers.. For teti iiory tor this
an.l the Gre:it Pictorial B k of Travels
"ALL 'KOlJSD T11K WORLD," adOivss
U. !J. PTB. tO, 11 and 13 TJiiyersity
"lace, N. Y.
That at the aame time Pnrepa, Purifies and
Strengthens the System. Dr. Tt'Ti"4(ill,UtU
are composed cf many ingredient i'ronii
n nt among them are Sarxapari&i aid AVd
Cherry, ho uuit"d aa tq ct tof?tU j;: "the one
through i adiuiiure with 01 her auhst noia
purifving ai d purging, wh le the other is
strengtiioiiing the system. Thus thee Pills
are at the same time a tonic and a cathartic
a desiieratum lon so c'at for by medical
nun, but never before discovered. In other
words, they do the work of two medicines and
lo jr- mrjeh" better thau any two we know of,
for they remove nothing from the system but
im. arities, no that whiiu ihcy purge they also
strengthen, and hence they causo . u dubility
and are followed by uoreat-tinu.
Dr. Tutt's Pills have a wonderful influence
n ti e h 'mi Thfy noaoily cirify wit out
neaknu.i6- it, but .lhy remcva.alt noxious
partieies rom ihc chyle" before it is convened
into fluid, and thus makes :nipui blood an
niter impossibility' As there is ni ili a
tiou. so there is no nausea or sickness intend
ing the operation of thi most eTc.cllenmedi
eiue. wh ch never strains or tortures the di
gestive organs, but cansi them to wu k in a
!;erf. ctly natural manner ; hence persons tak
ing them do not became pale and emaciated,
b'4t on the contrary, wh.le all nnpniities are
boing removed, the combined a. -turn of :he
-aisapariiia und Wild 1 berry purifies and in
vigorates the body, and a robust state of
hetith io th remit oi Their united action
vice, 25 cents a box. . S Id Vy all druggists.
Dpot BCortlaiidt st., K. T. ' "'
a :
. . art tkk n l 1 1
ig. style anil pertret fH lone
?vrie. iHEl'ON.
Org's t. It U produced ty
n Ptra aet cf reedt,
peculirlv voice.
-"ttZZM STIBKI!VG vhile
r. 4 a a 7 a n ',r'an v
of" the HUM A IV"
voice: is sir.
P-1RR. Thrmt liberal.
" WTVRSsnw.iBL
Broadiv w, N. Y., wfll tf 50O pianos
and OUCiANS f ii-tclaxa makers, xn
eluding WATERS', at extremejy low
prices for cashf or p.rt mxh, and balance in
small momMfpairmenis. TV'ew ?-OctHve
firt-cla FIAAOS, U1 modern im.
provement, fnr -275 d-. ' w .-Octave,
670. iouBM;.RrnoK(.r4s,
trated Catalogues mailed. 4 a,Ci dis
count toiliiusUr, ri,urTh,!,S Tti?a".'i hn-l Temperance
'-' AfiFJrrswAirrrn.
A Lady of experience, a graduate of P. F,
Institute desires a KITPAT 10V, Address
stating terms, SUSS E., JIur.recsloro,
C, Oct23-2t
having a thorough know edne of Geu-
eral Merch&i di-e. No j'ther u ed apply
oel23-tf Soiuheiner UlBce.
the parents of the State, and especially
Eas'ern Carolina, that I am now prepared
to take as BOARDERS a limited number
who may attend the Seminary iu Warren-
ton, and who will receive all the advant
ages and comforts of the home circle.
For further particulars app y to Dr. A
IL' MACNAIR, Tarooro, or the under
signed, Warrenton, N. C,
oc23 til formerly Miss Alice Taniiahill
Death Bed of Stonewall Jackson.
This is the title of fine encravinK of the
Death-Bed of Stonewall Jackson, 14x1 4 ii ches
in size, aud printed on heavy plate p-per; offi
cers Of the Coniederate army are grouped sor
rorfuliy. around the couch t f this great and
good-ma,i uus ctiriFiian soiaier, wnose nic
hlopd hss been given lor his country, In the
distanoe ia thtWencamping army, the veary
sentinel on his beat, etc, It a picture that
will touch every Southern heart, and sin uld
have a plaoo in "every Southern home, Sent by
mail, mounted Ob roller, postpaid, for 20ets
eacii, or 3 for ScctS, V M ilUHltOW, 2im
Main st; Biifctol. 'iiun. Agents wautea tor
this an4 other fine ugravirg, $3 to 'o aday
Wilmin jton, N.C., Oct. 11, '73. (
il"it. ) iMiiT Hllli
. i
On and after October 12 Passenger Trains
on W. and It. K. will run as follows :
Leave Union Depot daily (Sun-'aya
excepted) at, ." 7:4o & m
Arrive at QoliJsbc to at ,' .- -U:5o m
itocky aiount 2:oopm
' Weldon . 2:5o r m
Leave Weldop daiy (Sundays ex-
cepteu). , ........ 9:5o a m
Artive alt Rocky Mount 1 1:35 a m
" Goldsboror . .' 1 :87 p m
" Union Depot 5o p m
Leave Union Depot daily. lo:3o p m
Arrive at Goldsboro. '8:37 a )
" Rocky Mount 5.-58 j
" Weldon.............. , 8:o m
Leave weldon daily at ft.ot m
Arrive at nocKy 01 pun f 9:48 a m
: " Goldsboro. .llj5o p n
Union Depot 4ro5 p ni
Mail Train makes close connection, at Wel
don for all points North-wia Bay Line and Ac
qma Creek routes.
Exnreas Train connects only with Acania
Creek route.-. Pullman' Ilac Sleeping Cars
on this train. , ,
Freight Trains will leave Wilmington tri-
weeklv at 6 m, and arrive at l:lo p m.
Express Freight Trains wHl leave IPilming.
ton daily at 2 p m and arrive at 6 p m. -
ocl-6t'f JOHN F. DlVINiS, Gen'l Sup't
t ' t"--:i -v Til
smj wr jkimrm.
J - j 11 ..--Hi
iil'll. 'I.
tlC TJ g E
Tlx BX?L
' ' ' MjarcTAcrtrBED " - '-
Tappcy, Lumsden & Co.
Two men can pack a SOO 'ala and do it
" - v 13. .v .... mi. a 1 n u - -
I have seen many presses but yours is
: sill 1 2l i I h iMji' ' 1 : - : '
.'T TJ I "TT'f I 1 t
Agents FARRER, PIPPEN & CO.. Tarboro, T. R. CHERRY . CO., (Jreenvilij
rice in relcrshurff. ! !.
Five Per eat. fifiscoont
n Every
Te People of-KdgecGine wiLl find it U thoir
Wc advantage to examine our stock of Dry
are of- 3 (ioods, eatly -Made Clothing, Boots
fering a . and Shoes, 'Juts, Yankee Notions,
discount of - Furnishing Goods, Trunks and
5 per cent. 'to fcTI Valises, &c, t-C.,' &c, &c,
every ody that buys 3 befyre "purchasing else
a bill of $20 and up- pj ' where. We call par
Ayards ior cash. At our O ticular attentit n to'
Store will be found a J).en- our laige and
did collection of Domestic arid good slock of.
Fancy Dress Goods, Shawls, Blan- Overcoats.
kets, Quilts, etc., etc., etc., p and
Kew Goods lrom this date 55 Thal
' until Christmas will be con- mas
stantly received and offered
at a slight advance' upon New 'prU Cost.
r?-? ! w r? '.7
W n ii rl?
fill I 1 I I II I I 11 II M W
y 1 q .ti . iSmi iia
We have justreceived our Winter Stock o
Hry Goods, Boots suSos, SijU sli
" T" . -oft m -r- rl - S-
so a large assortment ot
iittuies um vrciiio i uimoiiui 7
,il Trunks and Valises, &c.; -
w- i i a... ;.. i r.. ...... i. ,t ifthin. anil arr prepare!!
to SUIT M-n,1oys and Children with
ing at LESS MOJjEY than the same iiod
State. Our ..tick of OVERCO ATS
and Cnildren are of the last Mjles. aud
Call and nee them before bojiug. It is no trouo- io snow uu. ,uUUB.
We have a great variety of sairiples' and 'piece goods, and
make clothing to order at short notice and at the lowest fig
ures possible for fine goods and fine york, ' We cut garments,
make' and trhu them for th'ose that bring their own cloth.
Remember that our Clothing fit better, wear better and
give tnore general satisfaction than all the cheap Clothing
sold in this Market. YOJLJWTLL SAVE TEN ?ER OE.NT at
ottokil Fr ea
Petersbvu-o. v
with eas, i Vhea niaijy down lav ;
Je the -
the bet.
-:Juider.:;ii, k'q
! - - 3Waa
. ine onaAyis uuu vi.aiv
a Suoday or E ervduy bU l ol Lloth-
- phi w dou' -y ""r w '
CAPES and TALSUS lor Mco, Bojs
w.il be poM -i-i-y cheap.
... v . -3
t C1 U , B n

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