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Wilmington journal. (Wilmington, N.C.) 1844-1895, March 12, 1875, Image 3

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i Iff st:ile
b iv adjourned
c' (' at 1
t'ter Khn't c-:
V; i ; liiriid
tii; turn -'t,L1 01 lir;'!
;ys. J
held ii
:lUUIUi i-f sS U I .nl
lid t'
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dot I.NAT.
n C
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2 1.
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J. Ml
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) ' I N.
. 1 v r i ' s
.k ii ' U M1.
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r.: Co?
J fl iltilS
.r. i?u r 1 ! .1 '
. i : v ! t 1 vt ;
. ! w ; .: . lj
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N-rtii K i-t
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r U
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: .i!t V
-W Jilil
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il Sim, It I
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1 '
tr.i u
i r 1 1 a
are.i t b a ..' iiotn 1.
f " ! -i ,- ' d . v.d
in t 1
water tor t w- uioia.'is .
i.e!'.1 was not t;; s!.'g;
i-i . i .;ii w; a - l vi.i Iii
1 i)!' ti;e m.tti. L
'. ::;. ircn'lv- bctwei-n
ill liLii
i , W J S I i 1
ui.',; co:tt.
r-.r-d ia a i 'i
a d.ik c'.ir.-li-.:i.t
-l io -i
'O li;
p.l .tii
d i i'.
V- -
tA I
t'lv f
i ti'.'r i-o nt, arnl
:. D i t:;e b ly
wer :
Il s
' ' ".- .Vi-li-d, !i.i:li Hill
- i i.'i, a gi 'i' l
bu t do
1.. rinv. -1. -i ri in-
r e
r i
.11:1;; X.
Vi r-i ici.
taat li.-ci
'.a 'a-r
a' tot; jlli y
s'il i.ir.:.-
h .d!i
,1 i.-v :
P -r-
li sj1(,t -.,.llii
;U I'.uliUovvii
:t en? nli ti'- mystery Far .u
" t ; tf.ia'. No p.iiprr.-. vt
llii- d-. ceiled, an;! there
i !il.
in i U Lt.j'i
MN T, 1 ! Nl'l K
'i 1
' ',,' n'jt'ni . a
; - i o r...
' i l;.: I" of ti,'-
s.aa-i is- d 1.
. N
1 -7
1, ia
V-1 1'
j- i.e: i
IS el.
-t th.
ed to.
f if.
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a. i.vi-
v. . .-.
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in v
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l.-liCh C:
it -:n
"eri.i 1
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. 1 , .-
; ml
', ab-al-
at a
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J -e
ii r, i-
aiiZt n
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ail is j 1
-' -' at em ui.
1 ' Mi.' 17. -:rs of !,
a 1 a;"-d m.ia in :
.d N- v.- Ibea-.v- .
t ,
' :"'' !s i;i.-ta v. ho is .0 a i
'l-oiiJtiii.U d wili h. f I
t'i f.he la. 1,, .t.-.r, t- 1.. !
:ra t
1.1 a in . i 1 1 : ! 1 1 1 I it ,
F , -ii- : i. i i 'i no i
;nr, adeuait county aad State Agri- ;
a-ia'i .!.- 10 piov - the cor- '.
lay us-.-itions. Not ocly
" " ' e ami,.
aaeti time in their ;it-
uaa-.i- - a.., a. .1 1.1
( . -! .e. s p,;:t liueiaoy
;J; ''"--didtati wuv a m uo- theia suc
'l A tarther pro.,,. 1 ;,sk ai. x-ii-ea
,,f ids la -i.atiful farr,, Vv .
V ai;i s
''' I.I il
w 'tieb is a cred.t ;. 1 ia- cou-.-'e.
Bead. ,s, Messis. Edi-
1 o-T.-ch b.-longs to t; ut treat
e i.iil.p f u id,. 1. T .. .
- r l atr, ,., ,,f 11,. 1. .. 1.... . ,
tpl,.,, r . .-'. o c .usL me 10 sa v
" "ave faid
I only wish we 3;ad
rs. I hope mv I i is. nd
rry Mich r,.,.,n
Jkf A '. WuoJVt'r he rn'iy be, will
', 1 TliH fame spirit
a at,
fx.m;,a w?" e win
-I'l-s K, IOJ. T Irr.,.. ;f
F'th me tl.ut K- d.ii , "e wui agree j
."deserved and tl t iaV- UDJU8tauU I
L&7v,-. . .. "
,eat. Ufc ine bettbr of ids jndg-
lmtT,f ... i. . o xiiaii eA-
Tlic Orators NiniAsillod-J iidgc
lEoiid Kciuscs t frut ixn 1 11 1 ucii
lin ( ji i ii .r tUn t'ity IIIectttMi
'filie IH'cioioii in Edil!.
A special telegram to the Jorr.NAL,
mm Raleigh, received liere Monday
at noon, auuonnced tbo gratifying in
telligence that Judge lio,ui iiud ren
dered his decision, ictd-iag ia gratr.t
I tb injunction prayed for to stay oar
city election. The following is the uc
c.s.oii tendered by Julae l;iid :
t; :iS IS
v. h,! ai; 1
' . -d . m; i;
V'. , i:l
;i u ea ( a 1
id T ii;4r i.i
!v Ida L,
id to ei.ioia
d -fell iblllts,
-t-U!S Ml (l ;10: di
.a- .aty ,;1 Oil ail:
.-t J!!. N.
v. .terser landing
ii. i!i r an ana mk-d Chatt'dr
ii -.(-ii t y !-0' i:!v giuuted
; a re.
1 IJ" I (
;rl -;a d by f he cira"i'.aii
n 1:1 aty tda add la- (jiv-ii
v i a cof.si if ufioi.!!l
aia-. u as i i!-
1 ii-t.
1 i.ro
s lit which
tgely ma-iiaal
V I-
$!;i.: 1 tb ;. ti :ve the
: 11
ii.- tJity tdoaa
t i.'lli,!! ' y ti u--
; c ..
'.. t
. ,1
i d,
I ' i '. .'. 'V : K ii. iti
by tseif - Inrr
.; ;oli .f t: m 11 ;; t .:-r
j--ew. u, b -c -.use :e
ii. t T ir s:r:l :- t-t 'ir
vof . r-i ?h..!! Si pr.
vv..ii ii :-.i. p.ii tiea!;;i
1 ; i ' 'itjj i 1 p. - r ;! . .
in, s-; ; 1 i tii rt;-.- r
! O-
, fy flf f iltl
.1 , v. i 1 .j 11 1 -li i t. i
n-.-' t is :.ot;i o:per e
' l .ui vr..ti or dt.::s;..-r
i,:iai:'gi; &ii -vd Id :m
ri'j;. ii to the comi!;:oi
Il l
I til
:i ' ; 1 . it v ;
in-; is -::! d o
;i r 1 1 ! ' !I 1 ! -)- -,tr
'.Vmilil ;!Il.s. : ' ,
I.11 1 tin-1).-
ll ii. ii
ii t!i-n-
- Clli'il-
a ;
in I.
I i i
lv !
t' 1 '
- ir r . t
: oO
- I ' 1 i '
1.; biY
A iit-
iftr d
t t
j- i
'- f.
upOtl i ''l':l :t i.-
i 1 u
iiad r
id v);s
-"lilt.- ,f
H :rti.y.
... I'll,-
:.!.. lit I'
r r ,, .jirI.
C'l i'.i t i f ;
S'. irli v.
1 v
1 ' .!) y
f iO t.:
v it.-.a i.'-i. rr--. ' ne
J i; 1 i to tUl! ir.Zf
f": bid V il. i
' v tin; L
t I n il. iu i'ti t
( u !-f:iii.s
it are. tout
i: in 5 e ?;.-e
ud h.- .-.-iii" ti
! i'ir r to tii-
tin V.-'lo -'" k
e:i..?i -o: .1 .
:.e,th. lehit'.lv
)i. t.-. it it li--in
:!;? L-,i n : - or
.i' pliv.-d -jf !
or H.
I !-
X .v- s--ri
1 .... , ,
J- t!
f ; . I .
- :i
I iie
iit'itiuii ;f ti;
s :lii:l:e r HImIV in
;a- lit and ther-.v
. i . i
.1 !
1-70 !
l.Ti, to punish ;
nut o rnt- ie the j
t1; i-iiit-
til" I i i if ! 1
e iii
auction must be re-
t- it .: r 011 ml).
N. ('., M'iirch 8th 1876
: 'i.
o' tbe fractions oppoai
p i. s;i;. of tin.- Supplt men
;.! .ii g pn.cticai force to tin-
:.!-. n- oi the new cor.nty cf j
i.i: bid o.i-.Kf Tl tii House to- j
u - ir p,i-i-,-d ti.e Senate, at d ,
; -;. .ii::t niMoritv of niutty i
i?; t
..is r-poittd by ob-
i.f Mouse th.it no
. i ii r.i 1 e ; more 1 f j
b Shis
:-:,!' .o il parrio:-
t :: tills rigtit-
:! iu lehiuery ai.-t oi'
- ' o; ie-:ii g i:;
ii bi-i:df of Pelidr
'11! w bole se-s i;ii.
id r:iv 1
1- tail. a.:d
ulida m oi
: ii
iii pr
- b v.-'10-id
iai; ! iu Siili- ( f
1! the co!in?y
. : 1 , : 1 j , t .li-
ill ii :' a- of s.'i a
:.i li'a : lie P.'iiti
t.i r., 11 -f t v alia e
. - I ii.- supid- -'
.; .'til- 1 ;::;'- i-
i ;.: L "I'd ! a. -.;ght
A -ys, the
lovvij.:;. . ;
iateJ'i'-" -els ti: a
fled O .-...1 . i 8-
A" 1
il :
I i.e c
:l - b, : U
1 1 1 1 ' r
i ' ?..!. ;
ho i n a
erei'ti i
a ea.'' . s 1 1 m
a lr.;:- nt;mbi r
!"i in tin- i'iiin. i-r
tin- H-m -a is
i Ti, - l.i'a Has
ti d Kit as :;:(." o' de-
. ,' . . d v, l! -I llll):ii
1.10 the t xtraorui-
i -iit-CMi' 1- oPtU-
i a ai'io a;-i y
sa.-.d'sdi d S'V a ij.V'a'
! a- : o; tin- L !!-
h ;
e !
s il-
)iii 1.. 1
,.rt..,..J, ,1
d w dii sla
' I
ai.d s-gua
;i w:i!!)i..:
h it a
..I IV! o
1 -vbo.-
i 1
i i'l l.nO!l-...i.. .vui-.i
u i-ait taxpayers, o .
t - aad
i',U .V-Z lH'' tlJan
lia -l.ie. .
! ii ! viu a s iu ttiiS co
1 f:'uf I
L!;a.i:a -as. Nov a sn gl
f aadaul'it-ss ian ioa.s
1 ...i ioai v.li: v-.it-s ti.is 1,-trt.r
ua. iv:
.bail who oi'Oosi tl tl
wao otip
i l:
at 1 ;
: v. j
as barv uii
.da-item, at-i arising iroiu u e
i !aa grave 01 oblivion, aad
a'e.-r ;nai riva'.ry now be v. i-o
tor Iha pout: -al -.vetl ire
i iiii gool d" PcM'.ier county.
,:m b.-eo rai.lii 'd alii a Ct rtl
O'l iu
; ui'.''
a bill i
J. id v.
..' d..a .
id :J! the legislation oa the ;
jd. j,-.- i-l't'.-led o the .lor UN All j
v t ii. 1. r ja:i ii-idioa. j
!i..m most pimaar a: in no- j
'a ts f a- i.'iu- :a.i p., a t lit :ry ;
: t
I !
a.d h- n-ijast. i"'t t n.eaii
,,.-s, oi" ( bi'ii'oi .i, Mi', liiah
.1 Coin 1. has, vd.-. it.. a. o
Jd-vi!::. i.( 3!cl.'.r,l!, M-
:.f .'i.ti son. a, 11' tilt- -oeaiv-r
r, t
o' i : s. a, w! V.f
;d to s I.i iieiitt'l . v. at i
: d
a taat a.
Idled to
v e .vah t!
ll CidlTdV :
C.o. lVa.
i di", id or i
di-r iv-''i'
h is i ail
.it ,.-'
1 ;
c er
I. i.i : . 1 '.a - ;
a E inf. ia put- j
i' i'i Il li'l U; ou I
. v t v,-r l ag t j
! -a gal ian t ai d
ii S ruiisnu, '
-d has a!i e ex- ,
irs f. t's.
a '-i
wia. i a
w ek
e.--tiin.-s v
r-i-t a; ,o;d . iliaa at ,
i : a. i: i-Ji- i'. i'J I'1- i
( i ' :iri:.li, t tic nee lii
?av :: . H -a s ? '' lb e, ol i
I. a a t i i.i id-. ,1 ! . To j
olia.aatioa . of tla- (Jo:- I
r es oi J'.-i'di r greater !
Of the Seiltite, lliitt MiiJ. 1
! II a-e. S. ;
i v ai I V.'
titan t;l I
MfK.a-. oi
'S j- ti Wilier.
iaidesf:iud that the
water is
?Y lapn in tne Car
Fear river,
hi-i: it -ir 'as time fai'v
'; r !, et .
x ; . i a
, t ; 1
' She.i's i
iit Fa.M f r, vilie.
e destruction of
ii- banks of tlie
I. el) i
ah 'tiir
i-.aed -i'o;i-r!
s'i'. - 1 ai'i o f.-dts of pro-bied en route
ot!a: city. Many timber rafts have
iio ii Mm to pities io.d 'est nnd in
.some ia.- iat e- s the disasters have been
: cuiuirly" distn ssing. Titer., is cue
ia-da- i-e. in pnrticnlar. of which we
iia e been a formad, th .t of a coa.red
. iram wi- a few days since lost a rft
o' timber, with
one hundred barrels !
of rosin, nil hi'
ow n rror ertv. at a '
p. - nt about 26 miles below Favettf-
vii). The steamers plyin? ou the
river frequently encounter the rem- j
nanta of rafts which have been in the
deceitful eddies aad currents now pre
valent all along the stream,
Raleioh, March 10.
Mr. Morehead. from the Committee
on Constitutional Reform, reported a
biil providing for the call of a Conven
tion to meet in Raleigh on the 6ih of
September, 1875, for the purpose of
cont-idtring find adopting euch amend
ments to the Constitution a they may
tie m necessary and expedient, bub
ject only to the restrictions hereinaf
ter provided. The bill provides that
the. election for delegates to Raid Con
vention t.hnl' be held o; the tirst
Thursday in August, 1875, and that it
fi!i:t l coubist of one huudrcd and twen
ty delegates. The Convention :hull
have no rowt-r to consider, debute,
adopt or propone any amendment to
the existing constitution or ordinance
upon the following subjects : Home
stead and personal property exemp
tions, mechanic's and laborer's lien
and rights of married women as now
cured by law, nor to alter or amend
I section 3 or 5 of article 5 of said Con
j shrntion, nor change the ratio b
, tweeu poll and property tax s therein
J established. Nor shall it have power to
i piopofee or adopt acy amendment or
I ordinance vacating any office or terin
I of oftii-i! t;ow exi.tiiig and filled oriieid
J by v.itue of any election or tip
j poiotment nnder the existing Con-
stituiiun and laws until tlie
i atme shall be vacated or cxphcd 1111-
(l;,r exist. ng laws, but it muy recom
i m.'iad the abolishment of any ofhci s
when the present term shall expire or
vacaijcit - s oce-ir, and may provide for
th? tiiniigof Mich vacancies other than
j as now and limiting the terms
1 thereof Nor shall it adopt or propose
I a'iy plan or ainemlment or scheme of
j compensation to owners of emaccipat
! ed slaves, nor fur payment of any lia
bility or d-bt incurred wholly or m
piit in aid of the late war between tLe
States, nor for the restoration of tl e
j law of imprisonment for debt; nor
suasi ttiey re.pure or propose any eUu-
j carionul or property ipaaliGcations for
I oflice or voting; nor shall said Conve. -
' , ! tiou pass any ordinances, legislative jo
a !.-. 11 c-.nt', I ,
mi v "of tje I their charact-r. except such as are n -ih
;r rn-Iits i cf'ssary to su)mit tlie amended Con
n eJm- nts 1 etitution to the people for their ra'iii-
cition or reiction. or to convene the
.. ... , 1 . 1 1
ijr-ne-ai a.ssemoiy. xne wnoie wnen
:tm.juded to be submitted to the peo-
pie for their ratification or rejection,
Up,,u wilicli bill the Committee sub
mitted the following report:
The Committee on Constitutional
Ii term, after considering the several
1 t.i'l i.v.nnuiiif, L.i i,il:-TifT rt ti f ..-in
I veutiou heretofore introduced and re
! f rred, albo several bids proposing n? -!
merous amendments to the Cou-
stitation by Lt-gislative method, lieg
I leave to introduce the enclosed bill,
j and a majority recommend that it do
On motion of Mr. Moreheud the bill
was presented a'id made the special
order fur Frid iv at 12 o'clock. S"
Wavittnoton, March 9 Noon The
i'ie..ds of Judge Pardee have ihe best
assiu-n'ces th.it Ids name will go to
the S'-ate to-d,iy or to-morrow as
Di-aru-t Judge ot Louisiana.
Th- Senate resumed the considera
tion of the reuo'at-oQ for the admis
sion of Pinchbeck, and Morton con
tinue! his argument.
Washington, March 9 night
Senator Boath, from Calftforida, in
ii-:-'. In Ropubhcau caucus Terry,
.a .M:ch'.gM'i, was chosen President
j-,rn t m f the Senate, and the caucus
; pr- vid the reoion of the Standing
C mmitteesas reported by the Sub
Cunitmttee of the Senate. Thursday
will determine the question of Sar- J
getit-at-Arms as between French, the '
pre.ent iiicambnt, and Chas. Kenne
ly, of New York, who contested the
piace with French in 1869. They will
then consider whether it is expedient
to make; ehana-es in the other offices
i r'nt- I l.'Tnii.-'r.-its have been accorded
the Chmrinaiifchiii of the Committee
ii:a -pai l,-a n,a!nni. tV.r.
. mmitt.M 1isi.vm iricreAxtal from
es'iU to n,BP- npoa each of which
,. l).nioirata hnvi fhreft members.
Senator Wilson was absent. Ferry
received 39 and Thurman received 25
vo'es for President pro turn.
The standicg committees announced
show tho following changes in chair
men : Conkiing, Ccmnierce, vice
Ciiaiidier; Hainhn. Postofflce atid
i'ti-tro-id.-i, vice Ramsay; Oglesby,
I'ub.ic Lsinds, vice Sprague ; lagills,
L'ensious, vice Pratt; Hitchcock, Ter
ritories, vice Boremau; West, Rail
road-, vice Stewart; Sargent.Mines and
Mining, vice Hamlin; Boutwell, Re
vision of Laws, vice Oonkling; Patter
von, lj tncation ana nanor, vice x-ian
.... .- - TS I
! i.ai
a I, I
Cda ton, Civil Service and R-j
lent, vice Aright. ,
; trench ment
I Two committees, have been given to
! the D- mocrats. Thurman, Private
Land claims, and Stevenson, Revolt? - j
t.onary Claims. j
Alter announcement of the com j
t iitteec Pinehback was reoiimed and
Moi a-n eoniiuiied his speech. At it- j
i-.'iie'u-ion Merrimon took the floor iu j
opposition, but yielded, before conclud
int;, to Executive session.
Noni nationf Paide,Disfr;ct Judge
if Louisiana, a r-nomination ; Albert
S lower, i'avmastr 01 tne Army
, lUJr. UI mr aim.) , j
Dear.ek. Attorney Boutliem inMrici,
of Aiiss ss.ppi ; wehster. i-osimasrer
a 0.:!.g.-lurg, S. C. ; Glover, Post-
itt -. r. -i
maste.- at Mhcou. G : Stewart. Post
al as e- at Mac-nj, Mis;.; L Ve, Post--!wsi
ut Trenton, Teun.
C.ajtirntations Orth, Minister to
Austria; Maqnare, Minister to Con
stantinople ; Evans, Maishal Eastern
District l'exa-. vice Ochiltree
Ida- State Department lias e.pner ; to tnai many 01 science irom an au
d.sp tches thar. the Virginia s papers j dress of Professor Charles Phillips of
w. 1-sao C ! for live hundred pound;- j Davidson College : " There, says P10
o bo aidowed tlie family of each vie j feasor Charles Phillips, once a beloved
The cargo of vessels arrived at port
a hi, m,fi,r f thu finstnm '
House "bur not discharged at the time
the new tarilT became a law, are ex- j
Washington. March 9 Night
Senator Johuaon is on the Committees
of Foreign Relations and Postofficts !
nnd Pout Routes '
ana 1 ost i-ioures.
liAUiS AT AlLi.Md xiLmu.tua.x
Atlanta, March 10 Night The
races were opened to-dy atOglethorpe
Park. The t. tree-quarter race was won
by Mattie O. time 1:20. The mile
dash wa S ffiM bv Cewtmrin timn 1 iFffl .
Concord, March 101:45 A. M.
One hnndred and eighty-four towns
give Cheney, Republican, 29,508 ; Rob
erts, Democrat, 28.388; scattering 500.
Last year these towns gave McCuth
ings, Republ;cin, 20,027 ; Weston,
Democrat, 25,820; scattering 1,667
Tl i shows a mtgain for Cheney of
Thirty-one towns in the second Con
gressional District give Pike, Repub
lican, 4,811; Belt, Democrat, 5.C34;
Fletcher, SO.
Forty-live towns in the Third Dis
trict pive Blair, Republican, 7,452;
Kent, Democrat, 7,029; scattering f-9.
Fifty-nine fowi.s in the First Dis
trict give Whitehouse, Republican,
9,993; Jones, Democrat, 10,023; scat
tering, 194. The whole number of
towns in the district is eighty-seven.
Late returns of the night seem to
have changed the face of the election
somewhat, making what at an earlier
hour seemed an overwhelming Re
publican victory rather doubtful. The
returns of the Congressional districts
are meagre aud insufficient to indicate
the result positively. The Republi
cans claim to L-ave elected Piko in the
Second District and Blair in the
Third, and think Jones, the Demo
cratic candidate in the First District,
is defeated. On the other hand, the
Democrats claim to have elected Jones
iu the First District, Bell in the S.-c
ond, ai.d think that Liter returns m;j.y
show the election of Kentiu the Third.
The Second and Third Districts se :n
doubtful with the chances tomewhat
in favor of Jones in the First Distric".
The Republicans claim to have elec
ted t1 o Governor, but the litest re
tarns have reduced the gaina so tJ a
110 election by the people" seems no?
improbable. The Legislature will be !
very close. !
Concord, Mrch 10 Night Tj;tb-r
Two hundred and four tosvns give
Cheney 33,584; Roberts, 32,470: Wnde
and scattering 590. These towns Int
year ?ave McCutchens, 29,344; Weston,
29,58"-2 : Blackman and scattering l.Slo.
which is p net gain for Cheney of 25
There are 28 towns to be heard from.
Later returns from 232 towns aud
wards give CiiDev 37,012; Roberts.
Democrat, 36,096; NVliite a. id 'eatt-t-ing
624 The net Republican gmi
over last year'n vote i 2.869. The
lemaining towns hist year gave a Dem
ocratic majority, over all others, oi
790. This indicates that Cheney and
Roberts will run with attont an eve.
j vote, the scatiering votes defeat; 1 g
th election of either by the peop:e
I Both partus claim the majority
of the senatorial districts. Ihe
Democrats claim the House by
15 to 20, while the Rt-pab!
cans also claim 13 majority in t lu
same body. In the .Irst Congressional
Dis-tnct the election of Jone-, Demo
crat, is conceded by both parties.
Bluir is ehcted ovr r Kent, Democrat,
iu the Third District, while th Second
is stdl in doubt eonfidetit'y claimed
by both pirties. The Maud jr. Repub
lican newspaper, claims that Pike and
B!a:r, both R publicans, are elected
to Congress ; that the lit publicans
have a good working m ijoiity iu tl e
House of Representatives, and that
the Republicans have elected 6 oi lU
Senators, with several districts it
d u')t. The Patriot, Democrat, sa? s
that there is no election of Governor
by the people; tint the Republicans
have rive Senators and the Democrats
rive.with two districts indonbt.andthar
the Democrats have a majority in the
House of Representatives. Tlie P.i
tiiot also claims the election of Jone-
and Bed, Democrats, to Congress, with
the Third District in doubt. The Peo
ple (Democrat) also claims a substan
tial victory for its par y, with the ex
ception of tiie Tj.ird District, which Jt
considers doubtful.
The Graham G'eauer.in speaking of
the heavy rains as: Iu our county,
the bridge across Big Alamance at j
C Curtis nas ueeii mucn aamagi-u;
aud the one cross tho same 6tream at
Holt's factory wes swept entirely
away. We Lear of dar".age to the fac
tories on Deep River, in Randolph.
The Newberu Journal of Commerca
learn that the Sheriff of Gartered,
Jon a D Davis, Esq., and three of the
County Commissioners have resigned.
Th? reason assigned is unwillingness
to levy and co'lect the railroad tax for
which mandamuses have issued from
the U. S. District, Court.
lho Mom
derstand tl
Tho Monroe Euquirer says: We un-
itemed Modie Allen killed at Capr
1'iiis' works, on the C. C. Ry., aboiit
six mile from this place on Jast
Tnnrsday night. At a corouer's inqut
held on Friday the following testiino
my wbs shown, viz: That on the night
mentioned, Mr. 11. H. Carter, the
section master, went into his shanty,
and fiiidiDg a dog there, ran him out
and shot at him as he ran out of the
door. Just at this time the woman
came u j and wanted to see his pistol.
He handed it to her aDd turned around
to look out, and hearing the pif-tol
fire, turned just in time to catch the
woman who had shot herself, aad was
in the act of falling. Mr. Carter was
the only witness present, and his face
being from her, he could not tell
whether the shooting was accidental
or not.
In the days when rouge-et-noir
flourished at Baden Baden the Prus
sian officers were stiiety forbidden to
piny. One of them, however, dressed
.... .i,-iK.i riLiilnrLi ig Tll,1 f.i-.li
"s 11 lHlll'l"i ii.i. . j.ivt
Napok,ons on a co)oj. The color
VMn. nn twice and the officer was
nbont to take the money when his eye
f U upon the King of Prussia, who
was watching tho game with interest.
In his inght the ol!iaer did not dare to
remove his Napoleons. The play con
tinued atid the s;ime color came up a
third, a fourth, a fifth t me, aud 3,2(0
francs wne added to his pile, but the
winner stood motionless, erect as if on
parade, expectiug the next instant to
see all his wiunings wiped out. Tl e
Kiiijz put an end to his suspense lav-
or.l.toaC OllC an
am! saying in a kinuly
T fl7 t draw von
wiuuiag and to be qu'ck about it, be
J -- J
fore I notice you; your
continue so favorable."
luck cannot
In his "Sketches of North Carolina"
for the Norfolk Landmark, Gov.
Vance, alluding to th trag c death of
Dr. Mitchell on Black Mountain,
quotes the following eloquent tribute
pupil ana long a ieuow teacner in tne
Uuiversity, "he shall rest till the
Judarment Day. in a mausoleum such
as no other man has ever had. Reared
by the hands of Omnipotence it was
was giveu thus to express their esteem, j
and it wa consecrated by the lips of
aSSlgUeu liO 1J1U1 OJ IU' no 10 huuuj a
eloquenoa warmed by affection amidst
the rights of our holy religion. Before
. ... ,. , j
him ts t.n isorin uarou; a ne joveu
so well and served so faithfully. From
his lofty couch its hills and valleys
melt into its plams as they stretch
away to the shores of the eastern
ocean, whence the dawn of the lass
day, stealiDg quietly westward, as it
lights the mountain tops first shall
awake him earliest to hear the greet
ing of ''Well done good and faithful
Howa vwi-li Party Goei Ofl In tUe
Land off f bia ana Crocudlle.
A correspondent of the Phi adelphia
Press thus writes from Cairo. Egypt:
Last Sunday (January 17) was a
great holiday here. The Khed ve re
ceived calls from seven until after ten
a. m. an example for early rising it
would be well for Mr. Americans to
imitate. It was quite a eight to sit in
the garden watching the carriages pais
by witn gentlemen in court eostum?,
brilliantly decorated, and private ?en
tlemen in d esb suits, with cravats and
wnite gloves. At nearly 11 a. m.
Prince Arthur, of Et gland, drove by
with his suite on their way to call on
tne Khedive, who returned his call 11
two hours The Prince attended
hurcti at our hotel in the afternoon
Last Wednesday night (January 20)
the Khedive gave a grand ball, three
thousand invitations being issaed.
we received cards of invitation
through our consul. I did not wish to
go, as, like Flora McFlimsey, I had
nothing to wear; but R. insisted, and
strengthened his arguments by the
gilt ot a new dres, so we weut.
lho ball was given at the Guezireh
palace, situated on the Nile. As
one entered the avenue leading
into the garden of the palace,
fairy land began Chinese lauterua
snspended along the avenues, and
gleaming amid the broad green
ieaves 01 lofty palms, giving them the
appearance of being covered with gor
geous flowers; fountains sparkling like
sprays of diamonds in tlie flashing
light; graceful statues draped with
garlands as if trying to conceal their
loveliness, gas jets placed closely to
gether round the top of the palace,
giving the elxect at a distance of an
unbroken chain of flame; revolving
lights in many colors, so arranged as
to be reflected in the river for almost
a mile, combined to form a scene i f
magical beuuty unequalled by any m
the "Arabian Night. ' When the in
vited guest reached the grand entrance
his eyes were dazzled by the flood of
light poured upon him from the richly
gated chandeliers in the vestibule;
the marble pavement and the broad
marble steps were covered with rich
Persian carpets. As the ladies stepped
from their carriages, ushers dressed iu
the native costume olfered th 'ir artii.-
to cloak room, then up the grand
staircase, and as they could not upeak
English, nor most Farmers Arabic,
they could not present the ladies whom
they escorted: but now aud a gntio
man who had been presented, ami who
understood French, conducted the :a
dies to tne room where the Kited) re
stood alone, receiving his guests hk
auy ordinary Ameiicau gentleman
When inrrodiici-tl be shook h.,d-i and
united pleasantly. As be, too, could
not understand those that did not
speak, b& remained silent till another
groupcameup Tlie next thing iu ordei
wattn walk through the varion- rooms,
pirt?cuiariy admiring those occu
oi. d by the Empceas Eugene, of
Franc13, when here oa n visit som fe-.v-years
since. They were elegantly
t' d up in blue. It would be impassi
ble to tuily describe their magusljc -nt
beau'. VVheh we entered the baa
room, which was superbly deeorarid
and lined with mirrors, a tingle s-l
hud been formed for the "Lancers."
The gentlemen in the set were Prince
Arthur, two Princes (sons of the Khe
dive), a'id the Duke of Mecklenburg.
The Isdies were very hanil'oraf and
magnificently dressed. The dresses of
the women 111 general at this prmceiy
fete were surpassing in their pl'-ndor.
Glittering coronets, necklaces of pre
cious stones, and on their arms, iu
their hair, and even around their
waists, and ou portions of their dres
ware some of the largestdiamonds that
were ever s-en outside of palaces
when the court jewels were displayed
Weary of the glitter of the ball-room,
we passed out on the balcony to there
revel ia the panorama spread beforr
us. It was beyond description, an t
still (though t lift hour win late), far a
tho eye cou d reach carriages could be
seen comingup theilluminatedavrnue,
as though bringing guests from the ut
temiost ends of the earth. The Khe
dive's buffet was next in order. Here
there were all kinds of refreshments
for the gentlemen, witli r profusion of
1 ye wines. All through the evening
waiters carried around trays a
ices, wine, lemonade nnd slier
bat. Half an hour after midn?';ht
supper was announced. The guests
were all seated at table? glitierinj
with crystal, silver and gold, aad laden
with all tho luxuries of tlie East. Im
mediately after the napkins were un
folded a small ornamented fhoet ot
paper, on which was prin'ed ?n French
verse an Egyptian toast to His High
nss the Khedive, was handed to each
guest. A gentleman arose and recited
it, ending with "hip, hip, hnrrah!" in
which all the gentiemea joined. Of
courte the liidits prestnt were Europ eans
and Americans only, the ladies
:u this part of the world not making
their app'-araneeoutsiJeof thehareni-.
The gentlemen were of all nations .
The most conspicuous among them
were the Orientals with their long,
loose robes, rich scarfs and turbaned
heads. Most of the gentlemen wine
the usual evening dress, ornamented
with whatever decorations they were
entitled to wear. Th Khedive and
some of the nn f ives wore frock-coats
and the usual te.z.
This ball of the Khedive is but a
type of the hospitalities which this
princely rub r of Egypt is constantly
xteudmg to the ioreigners in his
capital a species of far-sighted policy
which ramifies every action of this en
lightened monarch. The politics which
is now shaking these dominions to the
centre will form the staple of my next
letter. S. A. S.
to tl.K AtliiCleU.
No matter under what form of sick
ness you laoor, there is one great
truth yon should keep in mind: All
disease originate in an impure condition
of the blood. Purify that, and the dis
ease must d;-part ; but 3 on cannot pn
rify the blood by the use of poisonon
drugs, and exhaustive tdimulants. The
best Jilood J'urijier ever discovered is
Dr. Walker's famous Vinegar Btt
tees, compounded of simple herbs. 4?
For a.11 S-'rtnale t'oiuplaiuli,
in young or old, married or single, st
the dawn of womanhood or the change
of life, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prefcrij -tiou
manifests such a positively reme
dial influence as to call forth the
loudest praise from all w ho nse it.
Mr. John A. Kiuzey, druggists, of
Knob Nister, M" , writes as follows:
"Dr. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., Dear
Sir Your medicines sell better than
any other I keep, and give universal
satisfaction. The people are especialb
delighted with your Favorite Preserip
lion, and it seems to be a favorot.
among n'l that have ever used it " I:
is sold by druggists and dealers in
For the information of our readers
we publish the appointments of Rev.
W. S. B-aek, P. E.. for his second
round of Quarterly Meetings iu the
Wilmington District:
Magnolia, at Bryants, March 20th
and 2Ut .
Wiimiugton,at5th street, March 27th
and 28th.
Cokesbury, at Averasboro, April 3d
and 4th.
Clinton, at Andrew Chapel, April
10th and 11 tb.
Kenansville, at Richlanas, April 1 . th
and 18th.
t. ... -n.. T.,i,.ai a.-h avu
oiuiii vine, at ucmci, aim
and 25tb,
Wilmington, at Front Street. May
1st and 2nd.
Bladen, C. F. Mission, at Deem's
Chapel, May 8th and 9th.
Elizabeth, May 15th and 16th.
Whitevdle, at Fair Bluff, May 29tb
and 30th.
Wooten, Richardson & Co.,
"w-ii,:eitc3-toc, ust. o.
flarcb 11. IS74.
general markets have exhibited mo
special activity during the week, but
the volume of business is fair, never
theless, and the feeling in trade circles
is hopeful and encouraging, all the
conditions at present being favorable
for a more active movement in mer
chandise than for some time past.
Congress ha adjourned; legislation
npon public finances and revenue is
fixed for the present, in the passage 0
all bills proposed by the administra
tion, and we see no reason now with all
these obstacles removed why trade
snouia not De active. Jjocally, there
was a disturbing influence which has
detracted some attention from trade.
We refer to the municipal election
being held to-day. Politics have
raged high for several days and con
sequently business has suffered some
neglect. Ihe Spring has fairly opened
and in a few days we may "expect a
lively trade. Finances are undisturb
ed. There is money abundant to
meet the demands of good borrowers;
rates of interest are unchanged.
The export movement for the week
snows an increase oyer last week. The
shipments of the principle articles of
produce for the week were as follows:
Cotton 2,713 bales, spirits tnrpentin
1,038 casks, rosin 10,859 bbls., tar 995
Ii Is., erud turpentine 575 bbls.,
against: Cotton 607 bales, fpirits
turpentine 934 casks, rosin 4.970 bbls..
tar 458 bbls., for last week.
Foreign freights are firm. The d-
ply of toanag is not large and vesselt
are wanted.
Tho chief features of the market and
the change of prices of most of the
leading products and manufacture for
the week were as follows:
COT ION" The excitement in cotton
has abated a bttle the past week, and
yet much uniform bouyauey prevailed
ip to Wednesday noon wnen there
was a concession in favor of havers of
i oeut per bbl. Since then the de
luand has been light, the mark-t rath
er slow aad tame, and with some
holders showing a shgLt inclination t
offer with greater freed m. Thi de
cline however was hardly sufflcent to
meet current bids, and faiad to ic
rease the business, home buyers find
ing no inducemei.t to buy be ond
actual wants, and the oondition of af
fairs at Liverpool adm tting of no
m it gin for exporters At the close to
dy the market :s quoted duil at the
quotations below.
The receipts for the week were eg
Friday 250 bales.
Saturday 173 "
Monday 237
Tuesday 95
Wednesday 248
Thursday 278 "
Being a total of 1,281 bales, agninst
1,251 bales for last week. The exports
were 2,714 bales, and the stock is
2,768 baies.
The general Cotton movement for
the week was as follows : It appears
that the total receiptsfor theseven days
have reached 77,268 bales, against
73,075 bales last week, 96.950 bales J
the previous week and 103,461 bah si
three weeks since, making the total
receipts since the first of September,
Jc74, 2,991,527 bales, against S, 146,449
bles for the same period of 1873
74,6howing a ilrcrease since September
1, 1S74, of 154,922 bales.
The exports for the week ending
reach a total of 145,334 bales, to
which 50, 5 1 6 were to Great Britian,
17,073 to France, and 77,746 to tie
rest of the Continent, while the
stocks as made up are now 726,960
Tho following are the official quo
tations to-day:
G od Ordinary
Low Middling
(?ood Middling
ROSIN. The rosin
in the early part of
..13 cents.
market rallied
the week and
strained was advanced, but a soit of
doubtful and dissatisfied air prevailed
in he market and business failed to
come up to either hopes or expecta
tion?, The aggregate sales dariDg the week
were small. Strained was the princi
pal grade of movement and even of
this qua'ity the amount that changed
bands was light. Futures were in
some demand and several transactions
took place, but very few sales were
reported. The finer grades of rosin
were in moderate demand and some
lots were taken for export. Quota
tions below represent the market pri
ces at the close:
Foreign freights are 6carct and high,
vessels are wanted and tho highest
rates of freights can be obtained for
oha: t ts direct. The salos for the
week were as follows:
Friday Sales of 85 bbls. i-trained
at SI 50. 500 bbls. do, at gl 55 and
500 I ibis, do, at buyers option to 20th
of March at 81 60 per bbl.
Saturday Sales of 100 bbls. at 1 CO
per bbl.
Monday Sales of 500 bbls. D. E.
and F. at SI 70 per bbL
Tuesday No sales reported.
Wednetlay No sales reported.
Thursday Nosales reported. Mar
ket closing at 81 55 bid for strained.
The receipts for the week were 12,871
bbls, against410,647 bbla for last reek.
I'he exports for the week were 10,85 -bbls
against 10,647 bbls for la6t week.
The stock in yard 65,108 bbls against
63,096 bbls for last week.
Tho following were the nominal
quotation sto-day:
Good Strained.
No. 2
Extra No. 2
Low No. 1
No. 1
r-ixtra No. 1
Low Palo
Window Glass . .
Water White. . .
$1 55
1 60
1 65
1 70
2 202 25
2 7 3 10
4 254 50
4 755 00
5 25&5 50
5 75a6 00
6 507 00
market has the same general features
as reported in our last review, with
the one exception that a slight advance
was obtained in the early part of the
week. The market, however, did not
subtain the rise, but on Tuesday
drepped back to former quotations,
and nothing of any importaace trans
pired. At the close, t day, the mar
k t is nomiualiy at 32 cents.
The receipts for the week were 1,002
casks, against 1,390 casks for last week.
The exports for the week were 1,038
casks, Against 834 casks for last week.
The stock in yard and afloat is 7,561
casks against 7,597 oasfes for last week.
The sales for the week were as fol
lows :
Friday. . . .100 casks at 32a per gaL
Do 100 " 32 "
Do 50 " 83 " "
Saturday. .ISO " 33 " "
Monday. . . 15U " 3 " "
Tuesday ..150 " 32
Wed'sday No sales reported.
TAR There does not appearjqjfj
tion to firmness before referred to,
do?s not appear to have been general
this week, but aside from this there
has been a steady feeling, and buyers
readily tooK all offered, at tne quota
tions. To-day. at the elose. the mar
ket is steady at 81 40 W bbL
The receipts for the week were 1,602
bbls. again tt 3,245 bbls. for last week.
The exports for the week were 995
bbls. against 468 bbls. for last week.
The stock in yard is 9,552 bbls against
y.Uio bDls lor last week.
The sales for the week were aa fol
lows :
Friday 150 bbls at 81 40 per bfc
Saturday. . . 200 " " 1 40
Monday.... 100 " " 1 40
Tuesday.... 229 " " 1 40 "
Wednesday. 125 " " 1 40 "
Thursday... 300 " " 1 40
day noon, the close of our last review
(too late for mention) there was a re
action of feeling in the market and
yellow dip declined 5 cents. On Fri
day, the first day of this week, yellow
cup opened as a further decline of o
oents. Sijoe then there has been a
steady market and no alteration of
figures nave been required. The re
cent rise in the rivers has increased
the receipts several thousand barrels
this week, but the supply is not larcrer
man sue demand, and to-day the mar
ket closes steady at $1 25 for hard and
f3 15 for yellow dip per bbl.
P. S. Sinee the above has been in
type the market is firmer and yellow
dip and hard have both advanced 5
cents. Market closing steady at the
The receipts forthe week were 6,029
bbls, against 5,275 bbls for last week.
I'he exports for the week were 575
bbls, and the stock in yard and afloat
is 14,292 bbls. against 18,552 bbls. for
The sales for the week were as fol
lows: Yellow
Friday... 200
Saturday. 1000
Monday.. 119
Tuesday. .2500
Wed'y.... 275
Thursday. 1300
Dip. Virgin.
1 25 2 15
1 25 2 15
1 25 2 15
1 25 2 15
1 25 2 15
1 30 2 20
GRAIN There haa been a moder
ate trade doing in grain during the
past week, but the market is void of
any new features. Cokn There was
only one eargo arrival during the
week, the schr. William from Hyde
ceunty, containing 1,300 bushels,
which sold at 85 o. This proves that
our speculation in regard to the pro
bable course of prices published in
our last report was correct, as the
figures obtained this week speak for
themselves. At the close the marki t
i quoted steady at 85$ cents. From
store prices have rnied unchanged.
There wa a fair order demand and
large lots were shipped to the interior.
The receipts for ihe week were as
follows: From Philadelphia, 5,167
baihel; from Baltimore, 2,915 bush
els; from New York, 3,212bnshels;per
schr. William from Hyde, 1,300 oush
and by Wilmington Weldon R. R.
2.162 bushels. The following are
the quotations to-day: Yellow and
uitxed corn 90 to 92$ cts. and white
mealing 95 (& S7i c s. bush; hicrhest
figures including sacks. Oats. The
market is quiet and unchanged in
price. Quotations from store are
80 to 82$ cts T$ bushol,iacluding sacks.
1'eas. ihe stock is small and the
demand at present light; 00 w and clay
seil at $1 C5S1 10 bushel, and
51 15&Si 2o for white bushel.
Rice. The demand is fair with an ad
equate supply. Clean Carolina is held
at 9 cents by the cask; Rough
is in small supply, and sells at 81 20
to ft i 40, according to quality. Cokjj
alEAL ihe demand is light and the
stock is equal to the enquiry prevail
ing. Sells from store at 97$ $
p bushel, including : cks.
PEArnbiB Ihe market does not
present any new features from lat
week, prices being well sustained and
a iair amount 01 receipts with
a good trade doing. The ship
ments from this port since the opening
of the season ara upwards of 60,000
bushels which leaves an estimated
tcck on hand of 10,000 bushels.
To-day the following quotations were
Fanoy. 81 40
Extra Prime 1 30
Prime 1 20
Ordinary Nominal .
FERTILIZERS--The following are
the ruling prces :
Solnable Pacific $18, cash, $55 time;
Peruvian Guano, (Chincha Island)
875, $77Se)0; do. do. Gnanope, 870 ;
Carolina Fertilizer, 865 time ; $50
oash; Ruth's Challenge Sol. Phos
phate, 860$65 ; Wando Guano, $70 ;
Patapsco, do. , 865 ; Navassa Guano,
?53, cash, and $60, time ; Cape Fear
Gaano, 835, cash, and $45, time ; E.
F. Coe's Superphosphate of Lime, 860;
Baugh's Raw Bone Phosphate, 8 60 ;
Lister Bros. Superphosphate of Lime,
$65 ; Whann's Raw Bone Superphos
phate, 852 ; Lodi Manufacturing Com
pany's Pure Bone, 848 ; do. do. dou
ble refined Poudrette, 830 ; do. do.
Nit. Phosphate Lime, 860; Zells
Phosphate, 854 50864 50; Berger
Butt's Superphosphate, 860 ; Wilson's
Superphosphate of Lime, 860 ; B. D.
Sea Fowl, $50 cash, and 835 time.
PROVISIONS There has been a
fair coi sumption and order demand
for meats of all kinds during the past
week, and prices were sustained until
Monday, when there was a slight re
action in favor of buyers. The foreign
exports for the seaboards, says a
western exchange, for last week ehowi
a considerable falling off when com
pared with the corresponding week of
last year, which combined with the
other causes of depression, has had
the opposite of an assuring effect.
On the other hand the stocks in the dis
tributing markets of the South are
small and the supply at the west is es
timated considerable less than it was
a year ago, so that the packers fee)
confident that the natural increase of
the domestic demand will compensate
for any probable falling off in the
wants of foreign countries. North
Carolina bacon continues scaroe and
there is very little doing owing to the
small stock. Quotations of this qual
ity of meats are nominal.
To day the quotations for meats are
as follows:
DRY GOODS The warmer weather
of the past few days has evidently had
the effect of turning the attention of
the country trade to Spring goods, aud
there has been considerable demand
from the interior markets for a gene
ral assortment of goods, but the busi
ness is done chiefly upon orders. The
trade is comparatively light as yet
The further udvanco in th ravr mate
rial makes a stronger tone to the mar
ket for cotton fabrics, and some arti
cles are tending upward, but there is
no quotable advance on staple articles,
except that the price of the f tandard
makes of prints is more nniformdy 10c
for all Spring or medium colots.
Woo-eu good- meet little demand and
are steady in price.except jeans, which
are selling well, and some grades at a
iittle better prices.
North Carolina Bacon sells at
10J11 cents for shoulders, 1314
oents for sides, 1314 cents for hog
round and 1819 oents for hams. We
quote W'fft.m Stnoked. at 99$ cents
tor shoulders, 1213$ cents for sides,
and 16 17 cents for hams. Dry Salted
sells at 8(&8$ cents for shoulders and
1l12 cents for dear rib sides.
Lard North Carolina is scarce and
wanted. Sells at 1820 oents lb.
Northern steam refined, in buckets and
tubs. Bells at 1718 cents Tfi Tb.
COTTON YARNS-'. -The market
ruled quiet all the week, there being
only a moderate demand for small lots
to assort stocks; prices unchanged.
EGGS The warm weather which
has prevailed for - several days past
caused a material increase in receipts
and a disposition of buyers to take
more than. -were barelyj required for
ir- J;-t fc
domestao rather free offerings and
only a fair demand. Liverpool and
American sells at 81 151 20 per sack.
BEESWAX The receipts are fully
equal to the wants of the trade, though
all offered finds a ready market and
prices are well sustained at 2323 cts.
) lb for prime.
March 4 Steamship Regulator,
Jones, New York, A D Cazaux.
Steamship D J Foley, Price,
Baltimore, A D Cazaux.
Steamship Tonawanda,
March 6 Schr Samuel C Hurt.
Kelley, Woods, Hole, Mass., W H Mc
Rary 4 Co., with 3,510 sacks guano.
Nor. Brig Flamingo, Mosfgeld, De-
oantander, Spain, li hi Heide.
Schr Luoia Murchison, Jones, New
York, Williams & Murchison.
Schr F Merwin, Pierce, Baltimore,
Worth & Worth, with guano.
Steamship Rebecca Clvde. Child s.
Baltimore, A D Cazaux.
March 8 Schr Annie E Valentine,
Potter, Baltimore, Worth & Worth.
Steamship Gulf Stream. Faireloth
New York, A D Cazaux.
Schr S P Brown, Tienken. Carde
nas, Worth & Worth, with molasses.
Schr Trott Kiner. Bradford. New
York, Northrop fe Cummin g, with
Schr Wilbam. Davis. Hvde county.
Lippitt & Co., with 1,300J bushel?
March 9 Steamship Lucille. Ben
nett, Baltimore, A D Cazaux.
March 6 Steamship D J Folev. i
Price, Baltimore, A D Cazaux. i
Steamship Regulator. Jones. New '
York, AD Cazaux. !
March 8 Steamship Tonawanda.
Wiltbanks, Philadelphia, Worth &
German Baraue Aueusta Ti-.-tt-e.
Lieckfeld, Bristol, Spruut & Hinon.
ateamship U J Foley. Price. Balti
more, A D Cazaux.
Schr Mary E Van Cleaf . TLorndvke.
New York, Williams & Murchison.
Br Brig Sterling, Thompson. Rotter
dam, Williams & Mnrchison.
Steamship Gulf Stream. Faireloth.
New York, A D Cazanx.
Norwegian Brig Anna. Peterson.
Rotterdam, Williams & Murchison.
March 10 Schr Ben, Dais. New
York, Williams & Murchison.
New York Steamship Regulator
1,125 bales cotton, 720 bbls rosaa. 300
do. tar, 250 do. crude turpentine, 0
do eggs, 4 bdl3 hides, 10 bbfs peanuts,
222 bushels do., 15 bbls flour, 8 do.
empty bottles, 3 pekgs mdz-.
Baltimore Steamship D J Foley
536 bblsj rosin, 77 bales cotton, 29
empty kegs, 135 casks spirits turpen
tine, 4 pkgs mdse, 20 boxes candy, 110
bbls pitch, 120 do tar, 6 ba'Us woo!,
2,057 bushels peanuts, 25 cases tar.
i'mladelphiH tdamshtp Tonawan
da, 255 bale cotton, 1,386 bbls rosin,
450 do tar, 100 do pitch, 150 do erud.-
urpentine, 171 cks tpts turpentine. 2a
bales yarn, 25 do sheeting, 10 touts
iron, 225 bushels peanuts, 3 bales
rags, 3 pkgs metais, 4 bbls eggp, SS
mptv kegs, 3,100 shmarles, 1 bale
hides, 1 do wool.
New lork Schr Mary E Van Cleaf
-1,133 bbls rosin, 211 bales cotton.
New York Steamship Gulf Stream
yoi naies cotton, i,0Hl bias rosin.
450 do crude turpentine, 1-10
casks spirits turpentine, 180 l usta .-.
peanuts, 12,000 feet lumber, 3,00 ) ju
niper bolts, 11 pkgs mdse.
Bristol German Barque Augusta
Tietge 600 casks spirits turpentine,
2,636 bbls rosin.
Rotterdam Br Brig Sterling 3.225
bbls rosin.
Rotterdam Norwegian Brig Anna
2,401 bbls rosin.
On the 3d instant, at tae ri-.-iiiaiiCd ot 1m:i
iel A. Humphrey, near Sum.piu u, N. O., lr.
ff 'l.D. HAKOIST, of Swaiif tior-, ti. 1;., io
Miss ALICE UL.VEK. of Philadeliihta, Pa.
ewbern papers i.icace copy.
At. the refidence of the tirideV fth?r, in
Columbu oounty, on the 4th incttnt, le. ii--ton
Smttb, EtKJ., Mr. J'lHS H. PKA.lTE, o
Blalen county, to Alt3 FLOKA L.A.t,
daughter of JJougald Oiark, Jiaj., ofliulam.
Mar copy.
On the morning ol the StU of I.'.arch (iiw.
C. MYERS, aged 29 year aiid 2 iuoiah.-.
The tnnerai serviots -will tike ptai fioru
tho residence of Mr. n. A. Mars this (Wed;.. .--day)
evening at hall past 3 o'clock 'it-.-friends
of the family are renpect; uUy ujci tj
In Holly Township, on the mornlnj cf th
Mth of February, Mr. JO tl -M .jj.Mc.ii, ag. .1
N$ yeari and 28 days. Ha was born at sunrUc
and died at s-uariac. He lived aud died o:-. rL
Mine plantation that he was born uii. tic let..
uever been out of his native State. Newbcii.
was the extent of his travels. Uy h peixe
yeranoe and industry b9 bad ai cumul ite.i a
large landed tstale. lie was a m .not :n.!o:;i.
tftble will, stemming the winter-; p.lj ; .;
summer's heat lojkm? after hif b aaiei. . 1,
leaves a widow arid mx chd.lreu, bcsiiie
fr.epds, to mourn his lots. il.
In this city, the 7th iast, after a lingeti'it; ill
ness, in the 36lh year ol tier age. !i, lis. jii.
RY AUGUSTA, wite of C. W. tiawes
While tne Death Angel meTit thrasii-g ir.
his remorseless sickle, to harvest tiie lovoiic.-i
and best of earth, he seldom gathers a th al uii
his cold arm to rich in eveiy oeauiaui grace as
llary Auga-ta Hawea. in all ihe ku,
innocenco ui cbildhood she consecrated hi r la--to
God in her 12th year, anj htltil it cm u ti 1
end with a deep, uniform devett-jn, giving i.n
whole ex'stence to faithfully tiueer tiiepin . ? e
of her MaKtr. As a child, s.rt-r, wile, tioaicr.
friend and Christian slie laied ev-rry leii-.tiet:
up to the higbert human idea!. She was n. v 1
known to speak a harsh or uuiiii.it word to an;,
member of bar family. She never uttertii ;i
murmur daring her long, and oi ea t .i;;,ad
sickness. Her external r-cautilul tuim i,.i
features were but faint chad vch o. her tuur
beautiful internal, morai ami iulellectu 1 n.i
eoaseesrd ot an iutlieot of more than orjinmi
power and culture, and a gentle and siu'.ab ..
natural disposition, and a sjuI thoiongaiy ,111
bued with the spirit of Christ, al. who cauie u
contact with her loed her, autl her 11, tin i;c
tor good was felt by evjy one fl.-r tend, 1,
unwavering and inteligent avotion t' alii
loved ones at home, and hers rong and thorn: ;
ful maternal love, trade Ler life ..ii ineei iaiatd.
lew,rg. and her death au irreparaof-. cmae
loss. Auch were lier paiie-c, nsiMttio i a, ..
aitb, during her lo.'K aflli-aio.i, ,u oue ran u
il-' in her prewnce witl oat. f-cling ili-t X,in:
nfluence of hnr siinctiti dii irit. With a in- u
ic calmuc-t-s and s-;lf-i.-ire"-H on, wi.i.hshiw-
tow a Cbilstiaii could die, the mail-, evury U ni
p -rat pieparatiin tor .lea h gve her li t
cbi dren her pnrte g ll.?sr-ing. and tht-nae
them a 1 up to Gud, ai e then fail- nUy w i 1,
the near coming of h.r sir-.it.g leliv ri-r.
His Stbbathot sacred rtst begin to fade eut ia
thesav.Bi.d its fun w.,s mikng b ii 111 ti.,
hills He came and, s the inin'd fat s i a
s i.niber r.ei eath its motbei's -tint . , mi hi;
ge t y to 1 as!eep in the ai ni-, nf Ji tns
Tne r. movat f sucii a ci.a aero i.iust, at -i 1 , ;
t me, leavet-r,d-r ties ble aieg w th , in ii
close of sueh life m';t cri, a v t. a;iy 11 ;i
h -uie aid community Many wi .i n-aa ;h s
mi t a: n-jun-'i m ut nf d- ft th , i I droa a ' ear
-diesi- memory o th t-iai t it . and "
'O her d seonr-ol ir tiisbard. too !n-rls- h',
itsn, and hr sore'y a d dm y bnea '
tnoth"i sisti'B arid t.ro In r th ir hen f ,
f-j m jMiihicb ana earn. tt praye.s.
At Kocty Poi-t, at the re.i.l w e of i-o. "
'ren.'h. Kiq., Monday m .rn g ti.e S li i-;
OEiiKHl C M '. Krts, aged SO ye hp
n the 5th in.stacit, nf eial-, f s. . t tie: r- -i
dnci" of h s brntner, at W hi:., v lie. ;i . i' ,
SAMUEL S JACKS a p ,onau-nt " t 1
aud lawyer nf Kunlol fh i-ounf., umi w.r-i-law
of the lata Out, Vr;rtb, ag.d ubiyiit 4
Beef T aiirtr's.
Mink' 1! Be f
For sale at
fi. H. W. hU -i'i,
N K. "orner Market and secoad .sue. :-,
march 7 ' 1
Molasses I Molasses !
1V H :ds. New Crop Cuba N'a-,
ltHl Bhl " ' Oiibi M . kSj, s,
0 Ki!. ngtr House Hohu-j'S,
M Hods. lemrara Mo!ases,
S'i bt a New Orleans ilolaKces.
For sale bv
mxrch 7 57
ODu Pont's Powder.
f--f " Tf"" -
i ' i
We cla'm that the
samy..od collar b 1 Haiiw-
better, look mare liks linen, and Ir r r p flip jf') ' ' "' "
1 Ligci m ja any uiult -diLi-r'
Passing aw&y muig away !
o!di Wa.-t; t-t' a former day.
ooUi-ON 1' civisthe conn de arae . ii
Gcoii-tije to tlie humbug ! let them pasa, -
Tl. to c.- . . -w
end' -, ,i i' !-"ia in e,i or more per-,
fo .s m 1 ties v. ,.,lbjr,n, towns, who daUV
,ir0n, .ei ,V' U ' 'J" I,(,r knowtuat Johnson'. AncJ
Uyne I immenti- w.iae.-t certain cure. Ia
not a iicritct Citic. vuwuiw(u
We notice that the smii...i 'd
or. r tlie con-try remiAeen.r1 d
dan-s t av,)rv a,Me,ou ruwt m.-Mzchav. :
- rin.-i s a;-.,! tn r. 1:1 tki section have Ion
known sm, ! apa i.iW tho advantages -Vi
t"oisa::npii t , 'lake IVotice,
Kvr-- r.iian ait oC di l iy lankes your cXra d - ,
more Loi-oUsy, aril uitau depends on theji&K
(!ic:ou.s cliaiio ir a r: meity. The amount of
testimony in r.uor of Dr. .Sihscck's Pulmonic'
S vrnp. hs f. euro for i i-,;un:)tion, far exceeds .
nl! that i--:n a l: -.ndt to .-'j.-iport the preten
f.:. a.-".t any a.t r j.t. ,j:.-ir,e. 3ea Dr.Scbenck'S
Air;au .c-, coiaaa'It.g tin; certificates of many
1 LTr.iT s o: tl;-! 1 .-i-t 1. -a'lajiabili'y, who have
bff 11 rv.-MTt...! ',. iicid'i. after b-ang prononn
c'd incurable b i.'iyie.-ius cf acknowledged
ability. ScUi-m-k's Pu.raor.ic jrup alone has
ciaad many, i-.., t-ici-e or: te:ico will show; but
V..e care is of. ..-a ; relieved by ihe employment
nt f.v.i 011 r rm-;dtcs v.idch l)r. Sfhcnck pro-v!d-:s
tar -he i-ur;-, TLcn; adJ'-liona! reme-tlU-s
si-d. -ua. ,a Yi'ee.l Tonic and Man.
drado Pii-.-. r.y th - au-.-iy use of those mcdl-cir-is,
a'.-ear.'iiiiit u fJ:rci't.on, Dr. Schenck
certlncs ih:it iu.- ,
m.iv he e rt J .
!r. ;cdiaa:s i--ixl
tCn'c , c. r 1:
T'I.!- u; -:n':.., 1 v
t.a auvii-..- cat.- I.
cf Consumption
s-ifly at b is princl
an." Arch Hrets,
y, viici-a all lcttfcra
;u.'.rch 10th, 1S75. J
r.rnn.-.f, .
!i,u 1 r.!.,
in-tint. i,.:
:-. .-: a 1.
.a- i.i,
Taiv.' olatclv upon eeo
in your is if. oftho 6tu
'.' t a." iressfil vou a
e o: :i.c waiter. Ibavo
- -v y-m -i.ever tell
.-; o-.d-.-uSs nnles.; some
note a.-aitii; ler d -. v-.im-your
tir: v . r a- M.n I, yc
' h- ie:uifs o. yo.ir co -i'i .-tu''-l-aa
;;i: o ityoi. hi-i. -
1 i ir the arm i d."
1 t.ui.k tii
rr(i... li. ' 1
1 hi. -tiii'ii;,
il tin re. 1 1.
v b; is ,1' ia
ura. Us- ; k!o',h th'H-tubttaitiial
oil'' un- 1- - st .1 : 1 .1 t h:it. 1-rtLt ni-ii.rrt
..-ui tii a e. si, niiiic lion 1 doubt
... tri.ai r.Tie r-a-i.1 in thla section
an ,e , i: ,. t: to writo aa ariicla
e-t tf I n , f;.'..id v ai a m.i im-ina-h
1 :u I yn-.iti-d i e : nutc a as io satisfy mv
re 1 as .i -,di. ti; a ti.e pc:.-f.u waa reHoetabla
en- e 11 to ;. :.e 11 eLL-e. ei . -a Uieh I doubt, rm
Vary riap-ctfud-,
uBO. Z Fkemch.
64 d ft wit
march 1 1
. GUAi.O.
t. -
the M.-ie,-f:ii.
! ..... .
r 1; v 1 ,r.
ei v 1 n.
my r i
1 il . e V. ti.'
' " oa Agtu sjf; tne 4f- .
ireai-T-. litr. : rountrj undlng a
.,-i.nui -iiii 1. n coru juarion or
u ;',
.:, ;i-.-. ' vle.;g- tat UgaTe
11 yi r, ow.njrto tne
.. , iilj to nArotias'rs of
I , 1 ilrdio Jilinotaaly
.- w. ; et cero-on' ill lots
t '11 1 l;-iu-rhei in larger
b'ly eilol.(flr,,t Ob trill lh
h 1 iwofiosn ;.. diode
r e. ia onioa to th fr or
0 lii-u r-ri Ajfnt are oiaiged.
' I i
- tn
1 -r
:tt 1 1
Ot 1
I! H,.,ll S,
i'S-- it-
wii.i in- , u
il -r.- ; iv .1 - . :
to m i nl 4-:
Oi l.!! 'M ; !.
1 " t i '
pttce.-i mia uis-
s .in W.1..1 or innll
ia,iie,l t ciub to
..t 11 .-r .1 ' it I. - 1
- In. li lb c- I.. .1
f ge I li - r 01 -;i;i
!ird, w.e (-t
t -. ; i c :i a ,
I'.- ihj-e I - j, 1.
!' 1 I.e 1.11" - o r.n
Jo . -:ir -i ti'siii
-. . v- r in 1 st
il t'! .-I tiu tons or m to, on
;-;iv i' i-i-di in piUo ai.d irart
!i t-'iiyirs of fi ty tons snd
I .... 1 1 tie deiien-ii Ag'-nts in-
II en-. Ii..s:n n.ouey -hell. by.
- on nid 1 !:..- a- n laieili-SS
i li .i.e. I wil tivf t y u. or
i.i .i, ...1 -, i iy oiders Ou the
v-di a ,- .1 h: co.iciusive
ii IU-''
tin- Hie d i'i 's Im Kimn as t!iat
ii--.. 1. a j. u: -, ami r.t le-s price.-.
. di . . i tiirau .matei, and
iulii..-, ia . i r- on ai.-l -aton
N . f-3 r - aver St., New York;
IT 1 .).
:i 6tAwtf
. I
I -id
p. fi
Tin ttt "Pnm CinmrTtTii
a...i s
F "
n ?t n n ?
a rsr t x-? i v:a r.
l V:
- ii-i :
; itiv. s at reduced
r:e 1 er.-i.i-er? Ex-
Tl ' il ; t Of V.TPK lOtS.
R1-.1 twin
to h
ira aelui c:u.n.
mf& VieMor!
Superior to any Fcrtibzer Made
in tit 3
United ?l:titc
Far rdTTCdd OCItN. TOBACfc'6.
Per -.:
li t; ', 7- : '.:
h. a. 1: ...i
.5 Co. dir.
hur. h .V; t
il.ee. r l.il'k
1'aeifi -. N ; ;
M A ai.Ke;r,
I i -.li
rsrr t-'
',, J. a-" -i.;,a, a to Son, Char
V.; !::: ' diitdcro, N. ij.;
j do.. -,l t . U ; Murray
ui on T- 1 " ,'d', i-.-i.t-'.-11, Uv
..o.,.:r.'. .Oil ,h. 5 S i.Ms
i.-.-s. .... X 1 ; i i; a. 1 . i 't.e Si K.aves.
I'm : ." .1, VHs,.n, NO;
i. Jti;, In C
a --ti itj u
! U iit'LO J L.LOditiLL OHUbLi
w ft
i::AI 1:0
f ii O Ne
KX.UAGT if -'
;. I !. T'i Klii" rota a
V '' niCAb G rfN
ila.N -a M auras,
ii.'i tirotia-i at
i- ii-.rt.yTrB,
M.1T, 1SS1.
an i.a.A iSs
i:;:KP.'s that
ii- '-r i-.ire is Mh
v eici meed in in-
; . h.nd ih. in iny
v. io-', th; n-.ost
;;la;a' .-jiwcllarl
ii Di'11-i whoie
iu S -.ii-" tliat is
Only Good.""
Ask for
:r ' ilS, Sauce.
1 Jfl.tl
m,i -.. si ta Hot
iv: i ii i v,
1 I'l'KIt
-:et. --ibt.3 by
v. ha-ii is so
lis' famous
. . 1 " r- aj f
: . A r ,
u .... Li
i ."il l Biivl
Hi 1'
"" f. ; -'. i '-V t r tir' u.i.t He il .
For sale by
march. W
101 Bol.i. Fa-ly Ro
100 PnilSjO
For "ale lv n
march 7 - - 'Stasia.
al appla-ad'e -r, ..-- '
' VidlV V - ... "s.. " ''" '.j
TV Or 1)1.: H. I(va
W orcostcrcliire Sauce.
-So;,l Whidcii ;e :cil for ICxi' itaaon byt-i
r'rj i iel. :s, I II i & P t.d. II I S, 'VVorceFte:,
h.jliuji.t; ;.n.t ii ;t id i.y i; e i.i Saucs3 gen
Tat iv ',ji-iiiel. 'li :h ; v. ,dd.

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