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OpeMlntr Dar-The Various Sport a
A. Oar Crowd tand nach Enjoy
ment. For some time past the officers and
members of the Bt. George and St. An
drew's Athletio Club have been in
dustriously pushing forward the pre
paration of their grounds, just outside
the city limits, for the purposes of
their grand opening on Thanksgiving
Day. The grounds, comprising ten
acres, have been terraced and graded,
tracks for the various sports have been
laid off and topped with clay, fences
have been built, a grand stand, capa
ble of seating many hundreds, has
been erected, thejericket ground has
-been laid off and turfed, and a battery
for rifle practice has been erected.
The gentlemen who conceived the
idea of forming on athletic club in
Wilmington, and had the business tact
and ability to inaugurate tho institu
tion on its present extensive il.-n,
deserve not only the commendation
and thanks of the entire community, but
deserve to have their names iuecribd
on an enduring monument, commemor
ative of the event of Tbureduy.
Nothing can be bitter calculated to
bring our people out together in social
intercourse upon terms of fraternity
and good feeling, one toward another,
than an exhibition of the ir.enly nj.ortp
of the gymnasium, participated in by
men and youths whom we daily meet
and associate with. Besides this, thp
physical development of the eysfern,
and the beneficial results to the heaUL
of those whose business overtakes the
mind and enervated the body, are the
rewards which such an organization
will freely shower upon its iiit-mbers.
The enthusiasm for athletic sports
among the Greeks, their love of the
beautiful, which was gratified in th
gymnasia by the sight of the fiuefet
forms in tie prime of youth, and by
the halls and colonnades adorned with
statues and pictures, and occupied by
teachers of wisdom and philosophy,
rendered these places the favorite
resorts of the old and the young.
Gymnastics even formed an essential
part of the celebration of all the great
festivals, and to be unable to partici
pate in these manly exercises, from a
physioal incapacity that arose from a
want of development, was a case for
the bitterest reproach. "lie can
neither swim nor write," is the well
known term of reproach which the
Greeks heaped on all such. Swim
ming and running were much esteem
ed, and the Olympiads wee named
from the victors in the race. Hiding
on horseback, dancing and -wrestling
were pre ot iced to the fullest extent,
Dancing was practiced, not ior social
enjoyment of the society of the fairer
ex, m with us, but for the purpose of
giving grace and confidence - to the
orator on the rostrum and in the forum.
With the decline of Greece, the
gymnastic art naturally degenerated,
and became gradually reduced to the
zeroises of the professional athlete,
which survived the ruin of the land of
their birth. The Olympic games con
tinued to be celebrated several cen
turies after Christ, and it is thought
by some modern travelers that they
could find traces of the ancient games
continuing to the present day. "You
have the Pyrrhic dance as yet," says
Byron. The Romans imitated the
gymnasia, as they did everything
Grecian, but with them, these sports
never beoame national, as they were
with the Greeks.
Now we are a strong advocate for a
free bestowal of public support, both
moral and pecuniary, upon the noble
efforts which the Bt. George and St.
Andrew's Athletio Club is making in
this direction. It haa made a brilliant
beginning, and all that is now needed
to make it a grand success is the
patronage and encouragement of the
The weather on Thursday was pro
pitious to the opening. A bracing air,
bat not too cool, a cloudy sky, but no
r un, favored the comfort of both the
athlete and the spectators. Notwith
standing the Club flag did not arrive
in time to welcome its visitors and
wave over the joyous assemblage, its
officers in oharge of the entertainment
had provided everything necessary to
exhibit a hearty welcome to all. At
aa early hour the grounds were
thronged with the better class of Wil
mingtonians. "Youth and beauty,"
the old, the young, and the middle
aged were all there. All day long,
from 10 o'clock, until the shades of
evening closed around them, groups of
merry men and youths could be seen
assembled at different points in the
grounds, either witnessing or partici
pating in the various sports. Kind
words and cheeiful greetings bespoke
the joy of the hearts within, and gave
evidence of a happy day for all who
were present.
At 10:30 o'cloek the rifle team com
menced firing at the targets, 200 yards
distant. The Judges were, Meearp.
D. MoRae. Joseph Price, E. G. Barker
and E. Lilly. The entries were 30 in
number and were entitled to three
rounds each, and repeat, to be fired at
two targets, numbered 1 and 2.
At target No. 1 the following gentle
men fired and made the score attached
to their several names:
Junius Davis, 20J; H. N. Xjatham,
1; Walter G. McRae, 8$; J. F. Jones,
7; W. P. McMahon, 2 J; J. C. James,
L. S.F. Brown, 20; W.Roddick,
8; J. A. Byrne, 1; DuBrutz Cutlar,
IS; Eugene Maffit, 11.
so. 2.
A. Campbell, 15; W. Fyfe, 10; Fred
Hargrave, 15J; W. Ii. DeRosset, 4;
B. W. Price, 10; H. G. Smallbones,
7,; B. V. Sweet, 3; R. G. Ress, 17;
E. F. Story, 4; W. R. Keenan, 14; E.
Lilly, 15.
There being a tie between Messrs.
Davis and Brown it was decided by
the following score whioh was after
wards made: Mr. Brown, 4, 4, 614;
Mr. Davis, 4, 4, 311; which resulted i
in Mr. Brown's winning the Evans' 34
, shot rifle.
o intx wimsa match.
. Prize, gold headed cane; entries, H.
G. Smallbones, W. Fyfe, R. W. Price,
Von by Mr. Fyfe. Time, lu minutes.
100 xabds BTJinnxa back.
Prize, inkstand worth $10; entries,
T. . E.' Sprunt, H. ; ' Bauman,"
H. D Barkhimer. R. B Hai-tsfield, Li.
S. F. Brown, James Corbett, Mr. 7
HartsfHeld winning in ten seconds.
sack racb. -This
piece of sport convulsed the
crowd with laughter. The contestants
were required to get into a bag, which
was brought up and tied around .the
necks, all the limbs beiDg confined
within, which caused a good deal of
ground tumbling. The prize wes a buU
calf, which was won by Mr. OKphant
The entries were Messrs Oiiphant,
Sprunt, Fyfe, Toomer, Roddick and
Prize, silver cup Entries : T. JE.
Sprunt, James Corbett, Ii. Greenbantn,
J. Oiiphant, H. Bauman, t Bjgly.
Mr. Sprunt won.
Entries: Jas, Corbett. W. Roddick,
DuBrutz: Cutlar, R. Heartsfieid won,
jumping 15 feet.
X liic, - " .
DuBru z Catlar, W.Fyfe, T. E. Sprunt, !
W. Roddick; Mr. Catlar won, J imp
ing 4 feet 5 inches.
Mr. IrS. F. Bowa wa- the only en
try who came up. to time and rait
uround the track iu 1 m. 5 sec , taking
thoprizj sleeve buttons and stul.
The contestants ran iii pairs havia;;
the inide legs tied firmly togt-tuer.
The difficulty of loc moticu au l.
easily imagined. Prize, Sacking I :g
Entties : Gleaves and Roddick, S i-ui!-l.ones
and Fyfe, Oiiphant and Spru.it;
the last winning.
Prize, Smith & Wesson pistol En
tries : G. W. Baiiy, W. E. Hill, D.
Hohecbtein. Mr. Baily won in 5 iv.
10 eec.
Trize, 1 pair clicking ehoes; entries,
DuBrutz Cutlar, L. Greeubaura, Wra.
Ffe and W. lloddick. Mr. Cutler
won, jurcpirg 41 inches.
Prize, silver cup and wheelbarrow;
entries, Jas. Corbett, W. P. Toomer,
J. Oiiphant, G. W. Baily, W. Rod
dick. The contestants were blindfolded
and required, at the word, to turn
themselves and wheelbarrow around
before t-tarting, the race being to an
objective point 100 yards distant
Some of them would collide with each
other, others would diverge in oppo
site directions, ard some of them, af
ter rolling their barrows for some dis
tance, finally landed at the starting
point. In the firbt heat, Mr. Oiiphant
was first to reach the flag; bnt owing
to a misunderstanding of some of the
racers, he generously waived his
claims, and allowed the prize vo ba run
for a second time, when Mr. Corbet
Prize, meerschaum pipe; entries,
DuBrutz Cutlar, R. G. Ross and W.
P. McMahon. Mr. Ross won, throw
ing 52$ feet.
Prize, bilver plated ladle; entries,
B. Gleaves, G. W. BaiJy, W. P. Toom
er and J, Oiiphant. Mr. B&iiy win
ning. FENCING.
There was an interesting exhibition
of the art of fence, first between Mr.
Maffitt and Mr. G eaves, and then be
tween Mr. Maffitt and Mr. Ross.
During whicn time there was also a
lively game of
played. The games did not cease nor
the crowd disperse until night put an
end to the fun. Wilmingtonians have
never had a day of mere unalloyed
pleasure and we hope to see the pro
gramme again soon repeated.
Gomniiktion from Ills IHaJeslj-, tlie
Klnffaf the Carnival.
The senior editor of this paper has
received from the King of the Carnival,
the commission of "Special Humorist
Disseminator," with the honorable title
of the "Count of Wilmington." The
following is the document, and it ex
plains itself :
m the Honorable Count of Wilming
ton :
lioyal Letters Patent,
Sir: Ills Majesty instructs the un
der8igncd, to wit :
So great and wise, so potent s the
fourth estate, that in consideration
thereof, you are appointed Special
Humorist Disseminator to His Msjetvr
ty, with the name, style and titl of
Count of Wilmington, and your Jour
nal the vfficial organ; in which u!J
edicts, proclamations and orders eanu
ai.tig from his Jovial Majesty will bi
printed in such style, and with edito
rial comments, as will occasion perusai
by our subjects. Your corresponded 1
will be conducted through Jlijim, P.
O, Box 9,000 Atlanta, Ga.
Your compliance with the publica
tion of, this document and tha enclos
ed proclamation, will be proof that you
humbly bow to our Royal will und
pie usure.
Postal Matters.
Mailable matter is divided into
three classes, viz:
1. Letters.
2. Regular printed matter.
3. Miscellaneous matter.
First class This class embraces all
correspondence, wholly or partly in
writing, excapt book manu scrip: and
corrected proof sheets passing between
authors and publishers; legal or drop
letters and U. S. postal cards. Kates
of postage on this matter three cents
for each pound or fraction thereof.
Second class This class embraces
all ma ter exclusively in priot, and
regularly issued at stated periods from
a known office of publication, without
addition by writing, mark or sign.
Postage ou all newspapers and peri
odicals issued weekly or oftener, two
cents a pound or fraction thereof; pos
tage on all newspapers and periodicals
issued less frequently than onoe a
week, three cents a pound or fraction
thereof, must be mailed from a known
office of publication or news agents to
regular subscribers or news agents.
Third class This class embraces all
pamphlets, occasional publications,
transientnewspapers, magazines, hand
bills, posters, uusealed circulars,
books, book manuscript, proof sheets,
corrected proof sheets, maps, prints,
engravings, blanks, flexible patterns,
articles of merchandise, phonographic
papers, letter envelopes, seeds, cut
tings, bulbs, roots, scions and all other
matter which may be declared maila
ble by law. and ail other articles not
above the weight prescribed by law,
which are not, from their form or na
ture, liable to destroy, deface or oth
erwise injure the contents of the mail
bag, or the person of any one engaged
in the postal service. Postage, one
cent fox each ounce or fraction thereof.
- pLaurel Falls ia the nm of a new
postoflice established in Yadkin county.
Gen.' Hoke made " a visit to ' 8alem
last Saturday, nd ..was the recipient of
a serenade ffom the Salem brass band.
The Salem Press says : The Mount
Airy Railroad excitement is still in
progress. We hope it may succeed.
For the fiscal year ending J ane 30tb,
1875, North Carolina paid internal
revenue taxes to the amount of $1,629,
984. At Rockingham Court Judge Kerr
sentenced an old man named Rowe to
ten years in the penitentiary for a
brutal assault upon a woman.
And then we hear of fair prospects
of the Coal Felds Railroad, from
DanvilleVto Statesville. through this
section of 'country. Success to it.
Mr. Cornelius Stephenson, of John
ston county, raised this year 400 bush
els of sweet potatoes on two and a
half acres. He realized at the rate of
145 per acre.
Mrs Parker, living near Mocksville,
in .Davie conuty, wa recently wound
ed, perhaps fatally, by the accidental
discbarge of a gun in the hands of her
The cotton gin and tobacco factory
of Robert A. Jenkins, Esq., of Wil
li ivmsboro, Granville county, were to
tally destroyed by fir accidentally, on
the morning of the 18th.
Mr. A..H. Martin, aa aged and high
ly esteemed citizen of Charlotte, died,
in that place, Saturday morning last,
in his 71st year. He left no immedi
ate family, having not been married.
The Hickory Press says: A filk
dress on exhibition at our Fair de
serves ppecial notice. The silk wrb
manufactured, spun, wove, and made
into a dres?, all iu Catawba county.
It is owned by Miss Filter, of this
The Rev. M. H. Vm'gban, of Liouis
burg, has accepted th-j cill from t.
Stephens' Episcopal Church at Oxford,
and will probably enter upon his du
ties in this latter connection about the
first, of December.
We are truly sorry to learn that
lapt. M. B. Crawford, the clever con
ductor on tho W. & W. R. R. freight
train, ha.d the misfortune to get hia
aim broken at Kocky Mount last Sat
urday in handling some heavy boxes.
The gin louse of Mr. Powell, of
H ilifax, who lives about 7 miles from
Enfield was Duriud on Wednesday
with a large quantity of cotton. The
cooductor on the train who gave us the
information did rot learn whether the
.property was insured or not.
The Winston Sentinelazys: Thelarge
aui growing business of our town de-
. mauds greater facilities than we have
at present, and wo are glad to know
that we are in a fir way of getting a
National Bank established here. $78,
000, we learn has already been sub
scribed. Says the Oxford Torchlight: Messrs
J, M. Currin & Co., proprietors of the
Brick Warehouse, Henderson, N. C,
on last Friday sold shunt 800 lbs. of
tobacco fot Mr. F. B. Hester at an
average of $tK per cwt. Mr. Hest?r
liv s near Oxford, and we tender him
our eongratu lotions for obtaiuii g huea
hif ii prices wL.n he "vend was h- low.
Grauviile tobr.co brats the wor:l.
S.iystbe Sentinel i "Wo were shown
yetertlay en exq'Uite vv.ii;it-ioi hand-kerchii-f,
over sti!"'!!, -ivLch is the
work of Mrs. Maty Lucas, of thia city,
who is 81 years of pg3. The work i
rich and d-Jicite, son-icf the figures
of birds and flowers stcming like ge-sam-
r fabric.-;. Mrs Laeus has never
yet used testacies r any other artifi
cial aids to tje-Hii'ut."
The d'-Iei Cr! ws eond acted by
Meters. McCorkle, Li-acb and Watson.
Messrs. McCorkle, Jcyee, Dobson at:d
II A. 11. . 1 - 1 - - 3 1 A . J 1 t
luui nit v liavo aireauv aiiamtu ai toe
bar, while Messrs. btevenson, Glenn
and Watson added greatly to theirs,
and showed theineelvee rising members
of the profession. The charge of bis
his Honor w.is exceeding fair and im
partial one, and gave general satisfac
tion. Up to thfr time of going to press
sentence has not been passed upon
We lean that on the night, of the 3.1
instunt, the vicinity of Pekin, Mo-;t
gonv.-ry cmity, the gin houe of Jaaies
Skinner was fired by an iuctndiary,
and together with its content was
entirely countimd.
T. . .,
uwuoo i u
time. c.jiit.uLu a a cou
u.-iuerao.e qa:iu-
tity of ci;tton, and alt' gather it i- be
lieved the loss will amount to fuiiy
$1,000. Mr. Ski oner is said to b a
very worthy man and ill abie to stand
such a Letvy iown A colored inri
whose name we have forgotten, ha
been arretted ou suspicion of laving
committrd Uje deed, and coufii!-d iu
jaii tt Tioy. Rockingham South.
TIih trial of William, D. Hendrick
for tho killing of Hubert Jennings,
whicli was moved to tLid c-juuty from
Yadkin at the lust term of l'adkiu
Court, began on Wednesday morn;rjg,
a jury was obtained by one o'clock,
aud the xaminaf ion ot witness s be
gan in the afternoon SCud " lasted uut.il
last Ihurd.y uight. Tlie cae was
tti-tifcd before U e jury on Fridav ami
Saturday morning. &j;d the charge o
tLe Judge ws delivered en Sutuiday
afternoon. The jury alter be't;g out
forty-eight Lours return d with a ver
dict of mans.'aushTer. The State was
ably represented by Messrs. Dcbson,
Joyce, CJieun aud btevenBon.
The Wilson Advance scys : We re
gret to lean timt Mr. William Apple
white if Staunton burg township, in
his .unty, sustained a heavy iocs a
few days since by the burniig of his
giii Lous with some considerable
qu.v.tiiy. We understand it origina
ted fjom the friction of the running
wo'k '. Thert-Wrus no irihura;:Ctt. Fires
will occur. Thy cannot alv-ays be
prevented. Bui the loss eau b' iW-seii--tl
or preventtd entirely by insurance.
We extend to Mr. Appiewhite onr sym
pathy m iis hft-.vy iuss, some $l,t:0,
and truet hit misfortune niiy b h
warniiiinff to others tu insure thtir
Kins and other projH rty.
Tho Raleigh A'cws says : The Sher
iffs yea-.erday commenced in eruet
Uttiag in an t ppenrance, and replen
ished to some extent Treasurer Jen-kin';-
money bag. M. 1). Dogget, Tux
Coil ctor of Cicaveh.bd countv. uaii
ovr Sl.lOi; J. K BacLauan, Sheriff
oi .Jackson, disgorg-d himself of 31,-
luinbus county v?ns eai"d of $3,66 15;
Joseph Cobb, SherilT of Edgecombe
c muiy, br-ing overbardeutd disgurgt d
Cie Biiug little sum of $16,900 12, atd
f. A. Huil, i ax Coli cfor of Kocking
hain. nanded over $7,954 14. The
Sheriff of B;incDib was on hand, but
had not settled wh"rt we wero in the
Treasurer's i Iiu.
The Slatesviile American FRys :
Directors of tho Atlantic, Teuuest-ee ct
Ohio liHtiroad met, in Chariotte last
Wednesday. The business traLsaf tt i
was not (ji geDej: i Jan rofct. Tlie n:;m,'
of the fiig hf-tlo'i, Ahhl;ud, two ulU. h
the othtr citle oi Ah Xin.lriana, waj
changed to LtoiiewalJ, and the Lam
of the station Centre was cbai ged to
Mount Mourue, which is the name of
the postoflice. The fare on the road
was increased from four to five cents
per mile, which is the usual rate cn
Southern railroads. Tho building of
the depot in Charlotte, which has been
done by the President on his author
ity, was approved by the Board. The
balance t-hiet was examined and was
found satisfactory.
The small advance made in the pas
senger fares, was deemed necessary
by the Board, to aid in relieving the
Road from tne financial difficulty in
which it was placed a year or so ago
and save it from sale and sacrifice,
and keep it in the hands of the stock
holders, the counties of Iredell and
Mecklenburg being largely interested,
consequently, every oik&e'n - being a
stockholder. The pteijnt of the Road
i altogether promising;
A -new and handsome -Episcopal
Church will boon be going up in Ashe
ville. -
The Hieko"y Press says Mr. E. Ij.
Sherrilt, of SherriU's Ford, Catawba
county, raised a radish this year which
measured 22J inches in length and 16$
inches in circumference. We would
like to see the man in this county that
can beat thr.t.
Ou the farm of Mr. Dudiey Farth
ing, in Watauga county, there were
daring the summer, signs discovered
of the former habitations of Indians.
Two o- three old clay pots were plough
ed up however the gold had disap
peared. The Charlotte Observer learns of a
homicide at Hickory on Monday night
last, in which a young man by name
of Columbus Jones, killed a negro
men. The young man attacked the
guard who had him in charge and
escaped. He has not since been ar-
On last Sunday, Nov. 21st, Morgan-
ton lost a valuable citizen in the death
of Rev. Joseph Ferree. Mr. Ferree
w8 depot agent at this place one year,
formed miny acquaintances in this
section and was liked by ill. He was
Clerk of the Superior Court of Burke
county for a number of years, and in
that and adjoining counties had gained
many warm friends.
. The Raleigh News says: Ibe fol
lowing Sheriifs settled their State tax
e during the 26th and 27th inst: Wm.
Latham, of Ashe, paid in $2,383.75; J.
F. Summers, of Wilkes, $2,915.37; E
R. McCall, of Caldwell, $2,442.68; W.
A Deaun, of Wayne, $11,189 80; A. A.
Wiseman, of Mitchell. $376 25; D. W.
Divine, of Cherokee, $l,u65 93; B. F.
Jones, of Yadkin, $2,986 92; W. F.
Cooper, of Graham, $452 96; Rafus
Galloway, of Brunswick, 4,886 35.
The Raleigh Sentinel says of the,
new President -f the Raleigh & Gaston
railroad, John M. Robinson, is a son
of Moncure RobinaoD, who was chief
engineer in the construction of the
Petersburg & Weldon road, and after
ward president, of the Seaboard & Roa
noke line. When he left college, his
father placed him in the machine
shops, where he served a four years
apprenticeship, and come out a thor
oughly practical man. Although still
a young man, Mr. Robinson is presi
dent of three or or four railroads and
a line of steaccers. He is a vigilant,
energetic, prudent business men, a pol
ished gentleman in his bearing, courte
ous in manners and aff.sble in conver
satiou; atd we are assured will make a
valuable and popular ofSoer in the new
position with which North Corolina
has invested him.
atid tbe Frying- Pan
LighlMit p.
- Smithvillh, N. C, I
November 26th, 1875. (
Dear Journal :
Please allow me a short space in the
columns of y.iur most valuable paper
to correct an erroneous report concern
ing the crew of the Frying Pan L'ght-
ship and the pilots.
it nas been reportea at various
times that-the pilots of this place go to
the phip in question quite frequently.
nd in oodsc quenco of which the ra-
t'l'is to the crew do not hold out.
Having ben oa b ard of said ship in
i "'itr capacity of officer and "foremo.st
hand," i krow whereof I pei:k.
Occasionally durirg the summer.
the pilots iu the smail opei. loats visit
tho Lightship to se thtir friends or
relation, cr to board ve-sela bound to
Yotu city. It i3 viry seldom they stay
uj'Trt thana day. Iq wiuter they soarcc-
:v th'nk of goiLg tnere, and when they
tio go, it is to take rtfuga from the
I lia.e never koown or even heard
being scarce on board
aforesaid ship; but on the contrary
have S'.tn thtm oveirun mauy times.
Ti.is proves very conclusively that the
fabricator of the report is guilty of a
shameful misrepresentation of facts.
It i Raid that '"competition is the
life of trade," and it applies to the
pilots as well as to men of other trades
or professions. All will aimit that the
large decked iilot boats have a great
ad vantage ovei the fniall open boats,
ard it is exceedingly straugo to me,
why a fw iu the former boats should
objtcfc to tho lat ter ones going to the
L'h-ship o eisioLa' y to catch v-pe's.
Tf ,'ir;v nm n!:i i t? urn nilt- nlw.n) fli-
j f - ...i i.i
, provisions oi ti;e jj'giitsi,u u. ing iu
Pufficieiit for tb
ie crew and th visitiutr
i pi'ots. then tho captain of the vessel
j should report the tact. The iusp" Hor
j once told the mister of the Frying
I'an LUKQtslnp to treat tiie visititipr
pilots kindly and courteously, and I
i in certain that he will do it. Ignor
ance and pompr.gity are not calcula
ted to ruin au intelligent people.
i Justice.
Hon, Jk.lt tea 91. Waddell.
This gentleman, the Representative
from this District in the Congress of
tha United States, left h ie on Monday
ni .rning for Washington City to take
his place in the flcase. Congress
convenes ou Wednesday of this week
lne benate is R publican, but the
Dt rnoeracy have a lrge majority in
the House of Representatives. The
selection of a Speaker of the House
will be the firt impoitant business,
aud as there is a possibility that that
ofilcer may be called to act as Presi
dent, it is highly important that he
should be a firm, decided and tried
man, one into whose hands the Execu
i : ii. ii i- .
iiva t'uair oi me nation can De con
fided. The Speaker ba?, besides the
arrangement of the Committees of the
House, and on them depends the prao
tied orki; gof the legislation of the
session tne investigation of all the
business of the Gbverr mnt- in all its
departments. We are glad to kno
th'-.t our talented representative will
be promptly on the spot, ready to use
hi influence and his vote in making
a proper selection of Speaker. We
bHve never had a more industrious
cirber of Congress or on who was
more watchful of the intoress of his
cor.fet tuents.
For Th Journal.
A Lucky litorslav.
In Clinton, Thursday, Nov, 25th, at
St. Timothy's Church, by E. R. Rich,
pastor of the Church of the Good
Shepherd, Raliegh, Dr. John William
Giiggs, tf West Point, Ga., and Miss
U3sin Howard McKoy, daughter of A.
A. McEoy, of Clinton.
'I h" yonn-f couple bqve gor.o butb,
:tud t.ey carry with thein the good
'-i.-hes of the entire community. Dr.
Grepgs, although young, enjoys a re
pntjtton nt excelled by any other
young man in hi profession.
Miss Susan Howard McKoy, his
wife, is th daughter of our distin
guished townsman Judge A. A. McKoy,
and a young Judy of charming charac
ter, and loved by all who have the
pleasure, of her acquaintance. A
worthy young cnple; may their future
be to them all their friend's hope, and
that they can m ike it.
Sen Eos A.
Clinton, N. C, Nov 29th.
In many respects we believs
market prices are lower, and the
of living less in Wilmington than
other city, north or south. It is
that it is so, for out people just
are 'Daaiy ou. ior stamps.
Who wants to bet that the woman
who defined a man as "a conglomera
ted mass of hair, tobacco smoke, con
fusion, conceit and boots," isn't an
elderly maiden who has been disap
pointed some time or other ?
Tbe conference.
We publish this morning the Ht of
the Ministers and delegates composing
the North Carolina Conference of the
M. E. Church South, together with
the boaieb" to which they have been
assigned. This is one of the largest
eoclesiascal bodies that meets in the
South, being the- next to the largest
Conference (we believe) in the South
ern Church. We know they will be
welcomed among us and that our citi
zens will strive to render their visit
agreeable. Most of the members will
arrive ou the Tuesday evening trains.
Some of the standing committees and
candidates for the Ministry have al
ready arrived, and the examination of
classes on the studies will begin to-day
at the lecture room of Front street
S D Adams; H M Bowden, J B Al-
ford; Mrs S M West, O M Andersou
J N Andrews and wife, - E Everett; W
Arendall, R W Chadick; I W Avant,
Ed T Love; J T Bagwell and
wife, W M Parker;,! B Baik-y, Jesie
Ives: W Baker. Geo Sloan; 11 -G
Barrett, Rev Geo Patterson; J A Belk,
W H Bell; R W Bell, R W Chad wick;
A D Betts and wife, J M Hardwick;
R P Bibb, Col E K Brink at Mrs
Pickett's; W S Black and wife, S D
Wallace, W H Bobbitt, Geo H Kd-1-y;
J B Bobbitt and wife, M inuing
House; T A Boone and wife, F H
Mitchell; A A Bshamer, Mrs Newton
Highsmith, O J Brent and wife, Pur.
cell House; M W Boyles, John Sav
age; D Brogden, Wilbam Hankins;
J R Brooks, Alfred Alderman; R M
Browu, J M Hardwick; B W Brown,
Dr. JH Freemau; D R Bmton, Mi.
S M West; J D Buie, J II Taylor, at
Mrs Pickett's; R F Bnmpas, und wife;
U S Badcliffe, st Mrs. Nixon's; L S
Bulkhead; Thos R Lawther; R O Bur
ton and wife, Thos Beck, at Manning
House; LBByuum, Mantling House.
W H Call and vvifo. Cupt J E L -g-gett;
J J Carden, D A Smith; O W
Carr, D J Greer; J B Carpenter, Geo
O MeDougal; p J Caraway, D G
Worth; WS Oiaifin, Mrs E K en; F
A Clarke, L H B wdeu; m Cio-,8,
CaptJE Leggett; H P Cole, WM
Poisson; G S Cole, W M Poisson; T A
Coon and wife, J B Orrell; K KCoun
oil, B G Worth; B Craven and wife,
Dr W E Freeman, T F Craven, Mr-
Houston; L W Crawford, C A H . in
ner: R R Crawford. L E Rice; J C
Crispe, Mannirig House; D Cu breth,
and wife, Mrs J C Bowden; J A Cun
ningham, and wife, Rev J E Maun; W
H Cunniugham, J H Taylor, at Mrs
J H Davis, JF Garrell; S M Davis,
Mrs S A Parmelee; C F Deems, 3eo R
French Jr B F Dixon, MiS S M Webt;
C H Dodpon, Dr J H Freeman; Prof
W C Doub, Edward Kidder; W C
Doub, Jr, W M Parker; M Dove, C 1
E R Brink at Mrs Pickett's; T H Ed
wards, Wm Corbett; T B England, J
W Perdew; J S Erving, L E Rice; G
Farrar, G Register; A J Finlaypon,
Wm Fewell; Col Flowers; Wm Lir
kins; J W Fioyd, Jersey Hopkins; M
Foy, Ed T Love; W C Cannon, H B
E lers; G C Garria', J W Perdew; Dr
J JGaire't, Alfred Alderman; T H
Gatlin, H B Eiiers; T J GattK Samu
el Davis; C A Gault, Wm F Corbett;
H H iilbon8, James 1 leet; L H Gib
bons, Joel W Woolfin; J WGedmy;
E P Coviugton; D A Gocde, J H Mai
lard, at Mrs Pickett's; H Griy R ger
Sullivan; R T Gray, Preston Cum-
miug; P Greening, A R Black; J R
Griffith, R M McIutire;T W Guthrie;
W 1 Gore; J II Guin, JG Craig.
B F Hall, Col Roger Moore; W S
HaltoTO, Miss Ktte Kennedy; G W
Hardicon, Wm Newell; L C Haynes,
Mrs Price; FA Harmon, 8 D Wall ice;
J T Harriss, W M Poisson; 3 E Hart-s-1',
Wm G Fowler; 3 F Keitinan; W
M Poisso' ; S H Hel.sabt ck. D A Smith,
L L Hendaen aud wife, Alex Oldham;
P II Hernwn, jno F Garrell; L 3 Hol
deu and wife, L M Williams; N
A Hooker, J G Craig; E nowland,
D A fmith; M H Hoyle, Mrs S A Par
melee: S V Hoyle, Capt I B Granger;
H T Hudson, Edward Kidder; M j
Hunt. Dr W E Freeman; It L Hunt
R M Mclntire; G W lvey, Mrs S M
West; 3 W Jenkins, R W Chndwick;
D C Johnson john Colvilie, J W Jon
kins R W Chadwick; DC Johnson, S
A Currin; J Johnston, John Colvilie;
T M Jones, Col C I Grafilin; W M
Jordan, jos W Taylor,
I F Keerans, Rev Isaac J KiDg; C
WKing, Rev Isi-ho King; T M Kendall,
Geo W MoDougal; W D Kirkland, R
W Chadwick ; W F Koraegay and wife,
Capt J C Borden.
J W Leake, Preston Cumming; S
Leard, Miss Kate Kenedy; W D Lee,
P Heiatiberg'-r ; J W Lewis, A R BUck ;
E J Lilly, Preston Cumming; A vi
Long, John Savage; D A Loug, R E
Heide; J Lu uley, Ashley Gilbert, at
Mrs Pickett's.
J Mahooey and wife, Jos W Taylor;
W B MuiiCss and wf, S.tmuel Davis;
A W Mangurr, J W Thompsou; I N
Mann, Rev J E Mann; J B Martin,
Mrs Junius D Gardoer; J R MoFerrin,
Mrs J C Bowden; D May, Jasper
Bishop; Dr J YV McGee and wife, Mrs
J C Bowden; Bishop H N McTyeire,
J W Thompson; .1 P Moore, Col B R
Moore; W M D Moor.;, Walker W
Moor.; W H Moore, S N Cannon; J F
Moore, Juo F Garrell; R S Moran.
Capt J E Liggett; T O Moses, William
L L Nash and wife, T.-tos S Tolar;
J S Nelson, TF Garrell; WC Norman,
W M Poi-s.m; N S Norton, H B Gay;
J W Nurt'a, Dr J D Bol'amy.
iV O Nral, H B Gay.
W J Parker, Dr W E Freamm; S D
Peeler, Mrs Newton Highptuith; W H
Pegram, i E Hpfde; J C Pimix, D G
WcthjOM Pepper, S G Notthorp;
C H Phillips. J W Woolvin; B O Phil
lips, Col C L Grufflin; L Phillips, Ro
ger Sullivan, L W Piggott and wife,
G A Summerell, at Manning House; J
W Puet, E P Covington.
J W Randall aud wife, Gen S H
Manning; A R Raven and wife, I T
Alderman; N M Ray, Mrs Emma Keen;
T B Recks, Col Roger Moore; F L
Reid, W M Poisson; J J Renn. W M
Parker; J M Rhodes, S A Currie; T P
Picard, Dr J F King; S L Riddle, Col
Roger Moore; W 8 Roan, E B Sandere!
W M Roby and wife. L H Bowden; Z
Rnsh, R C Orrell.
J S indford, Wm LarkiLe; Dr A A
Scroggs, HM Bowden; J WShackford
and wife, Purcell House; V B Sharpe,
E P Covington; J M Shaver, Newton
Gillican; L Shell, E P Covington; M
V Sherrill, P Heineberger; J 8 Short
DA Smith; JP Simpson, Dr J F
King; J G Slooumb, H M Bowden; J
O Smith, Col Rojer Moore; N M Smith,
Samuel Davis; T W Smith, J C Smith;
J F Smoot, J rsey Hopkins; J N Bo
rders, E B Sanders; J Southgat?, II H
Munson; L E Stacy, H M Bowden; P
WStamy, G Register; R T SU venson,
B F White; A J S okes, Dr J D Bel
lamy; J 8 SutlifiVMra T O B.iwdeu; F
W Swindell and wife, Rev J E Mann.
MC Thomas, Cpfc J T Rinkin; JC.
Thomis, SN Can uon; KW Thompson,
Capt I B Grainger; J E Tbomp on. W
D Mahn: A B lhmon, J TiiJett,
Mrs Pric.: T L Triplet!;, D J Grier;
W Turner, Thos R Lawther.
A A Walker. W D Mahn; W H Wat
kins snd w.fe. Rev G D Bernbeiiu; R
S Webb, C A ilumn- r; A S Webb, R
S RadcliflV, at Mrs Nixon's; J H
Wheeler, Mrs Junius D Gardner; Jos
Wheeler, Geo C sadbourn; J W Wheel
er aud wif W A French; T G Whita-
ker, Jas T Petteway; Pf G Whittington,
L H Bowden; H F Wil'y, Jas T Pet
tawy; T C Will; ..ns, Geo Oaadbouru;
W P Will ams. 3 G Northorp; R A
Willis, C ip: J f R inkh.; W C Widson,
W I Gore; James Wiusoa and wife, J
W Maoumber; N H D Wilson and
wife, A A Willard; G xJ Wo'fe, Jasper
Bishop; M L Wood and wife, W P
Oldham, F H Wood, James Fleet; I
T Wyehe and wife, A G Litta.
E A Tates, B G Worth.
tbe t'otloi Itaile of Italefgh.
At the graud banquet given by the
Italeigh News Publishing Company
complimentary to the Board of Trade
of that oity Mr. Leui H. Adams in re
sponse to the toast "Our Cotton Trade"
responded, relating the following in
teresting facts concerning the cotton
trade of that c ty:
Mr. President and Gentlemen: I am
sorry that you have n,t made a better
.-election ou ttiis oocasion, but sir, as I
:tm one of the oldest cotton dealers
now iu Raleigh I know a few fac's that
'jfhy be import int to jou all
Oar cotton trade was very small ten
years ago. on'y about 500 to 700 bales
b-hig s, id here thn anr-nally. I
hii?k this ye.ar our receipts will re tch
a tout 4'.00t) or 45,000 bwleP, aud it is
now grading with the best, cotton in
th country. The oi l fields that were
before t!;0 wr turned out as worthless
are now our beat cotton iand, arid I
believe irom the be.se information thot
I have that in a few years this part of
North Carolina will stand as welt for
high grade cotton as any section in
the South. Our receipts are increas
ing from 7,000 to 10.000 annually We
are receiving cotton from about fifteen
couuties, and our territory is extend
ing every year, and I be-live the day
is n t dist nt when tbe peopJe in East
ern North Carolina will send their
cotton here. What we want at pres
ent is a railroad to Rocky Mount and
Tarbnro. Op.-n that line, and in one
vear thereafter our receipts will reach
100,000 bales.
I think we bava held our own in
Raleigh durit g the monetary pressure
of tha ast tvo years bitter than any
town iu tho country. Look at the nu
nurous faiiurrs iu very quarter of
the Cuion, and yet there has not been
ont; in Raleigh. Oar business commu
nity has not only sustained the shock,
but is King foiward. We now have
betve u i,0 and 40 cotton buyers. Jf
the business of Rtdeigh contiunts to
in.: prove as in the pas, it will soon be
ono of the leading cotton markets of
tho: country. Our Lope for the future
is brigLt.
Fort Fisher Capi. John 71. Sutton.
It is with pleasure, for more reasons
thtm Ofe, that we give insertion to the
following letter from "Survivor." The
writer of these liues knew Capr.Sutton
ultimately, both as a fellow soldier
aud warm personal friend, and none
did he know more brave aud gallant.
During the two fights he was conspic
uous for his daring, and received the
plaudits if his commanding officer:
Lewiston, N. C, Nov. 22, 1875.
Editors Norfolk Virginian.
GNTs: In perusing the very inter
esting report of G. in your paper of
the 19th tilt., I noticed that, in giving
tho names of the different commands
which took part in the ast fight at
Fori Fisher, Company C. Third North
Carolina Battalion, commanded by
Capt. John M. Sutton, was net men
tioned. There was not a braver or
more chivalrous man at Fisher than
Capt. Sutton, and 1 hev been told
that the lamented General Whiting on
his death bed bequeathed his sword
to Capt. Sutton for meritorious coc-
duofc during the fight.
C pt. Suttou a compauv numbered
forty-five effective men, of which fif
teen were, killed and wounded, the
Captain himself being wounded soon
after Geueral Wniting. The Company
also took part in the first fight, for
which it received a complimentary no-t-ce.
Capt. Sutton died 6ooa after the
war. Had he been living, no doubt
he would have been wth thoe who
were at the reunion at Wilmington.
A Sukvivor.
Norfolk Virginian.
-U.N .UUM I'Y.
D. A. CjaPEU CO. ) In Snp,nr f onrt
O. W. BOLHRD. S FU Term.
IT sppsaiiiiji to h gvit-t'actlon of tt J rourt
upon tli. affidavit of O. ik. Co .per, that toe
itrientlant hacQ . remoTetl him.:t f oua the
ount-.' ot Sami'SOD. ant Sta'e of North "aro
Una, anU oo rc -nt. h'm-eir from tha ;amn
that tht rdiu.ir? prooes of law csni:ut lk
sHrreft. It i- therefore order&4 tbtt pullotttr.n
ba niaile for foiT week a in. th Wax:tiaTON
-tor K A L r-ot.fving hlT thaturleithe replerieg
.ue propi riy ii vie t upon, by gilng call hfn t
a:id pleail? r ,lf njurs at tbe next Term r ttv
Sni-enor Court, to be held fo- tlu
r amjifon, on the bixtefnth Madtv . r i;
'."conit MjiiJ :y in August, xir, fr.ii iii.. 'y
d ifn t will b; entered agairst h'iu and ie
nropiTtr ICTitd on will bd cm'dimueU to tify
fie r te.
w r repiiaionv wnereor, I her nntn et m v
.1 him;, and afSA the t-el o. axi l Court, at
tare in uunton.ttlB tae rlrnt Jay of MoTomber,
IK 18T5.
T A. CTJLRKTH, i lwrk,
Mnpfinr Court of Samp-on County, N. C
Attorney for P'aiDtlfr. norBw
iN O T i J
. sale, one ot the b-et Business
Locations in the 'iu t.vo- I'..- uuKw k, I
C our miifsiroiu hailot'e !ir r on b :t ts
lcr.--n the INew HrltRir, Ko-wl. ponris or
Nine Hundred and ttinety Acres
ol i.ii il, ou w..icu are tuitet im but i tarUv
wui x with the .han o rnthig or leas'njt
voni'g nw o." Pound Timber. With a
ROO'i Ulstlllery '-i n t'.s-i.y ax'.ures, all
in nrmvijioruer. A StaraHousA liwel-
Iin2 Hoa-re, nd alt nec4niry nut tijimi. ;or
ucce-t'a! prwsciTion 'of the Turpentine
and Mercantile bus -n.
TERMs. :-"e thir l Cash. One etrd
n j.t Mih, n1 one th:r t-.. nini loonthe.
''fHtMOi g'tren Jn -iry i t, itk.
mi mm , doors
Wm. FY iT JE'
from Paris"
The Latest Things oat in that line. A" largo
lot of
Another Hndome; Assortment of
lAteat Style of Linen Collars and Cuffs,
O tt O U L V,
Scrolalous Ilumor,
ViuKtisi wilt eradicate .m (ba svstrn
er"ry lint f croru.t n't "'crolan Humor
I' h'Mt permaneuttr cur-d tbufsa-iit- in B -sion
si1 yiinitv who hid been lo- g and painrj!
Cancer, Cancerous Humor.
The mtrvolous etf. ct ot V in k i . cwe o'
an er und i"a e:i o-i. Hum ir c 1-tiie-' t'te
m stjri'fu'id Tt-n-on o1 "b-i tn d si! t' c Ity,
mn- of 1mm ra prtr-;r:b'n Vkokti-k
tjnir pat ents.
Vkoktitb ha n&rer ' it t t- cura the mort
inflexib'ec9e (fO!ik9-.
Mercurial Diseases.
Th VmoKTttcit meeta with wonderful sncc s
tn ihe cure of this ciai of d's-a-d.
Pain in the Bjnes.
In this ompliint the VeartTiNB ii tht jtra
t medv, as it renuwes from ihj -. 'em th- p o
dncing c.iaw.
Salt Rheum.
T( t'c, c t w-ti-ss -; d rfei-l & 1I
certmidv vield t tho KT tt - it .rliTc t tf cts of
VKETiNit has narer t'ailad to enre tne mo.jt
Inv :""rate case of Ervsi.-eias
Pimples and Humors of the Face.
Kexrun fhonld ts'wrh us th 't t b:iTehy, ri.nn
or pimp ed kin d-pin1s ntirely apoti an 1
teriiil oanne a d -na futward application ca
tt care 'bi rtefo"t. Vbtik L the grent
blooil pnrifler.
Tumors, Ulcers or Old Sores
Are csned by an imp-ire rtaM of the b ol,
Oiesns-it!e Wood thr-nfhly with Vbgbiiub.
a'd vhesa comp'ains will disappear.
For this O'impla'nt the only sabstan'ial bn
fitran bs obtained throngh th blood. Vkob
tihk ttU! grea" blond pnrifi t. '
Vbsbtitib; dof" not act as a cafhatio to dt
bt Itate the bowel, bnt 5l"ne ll the orgnr,
enabling eac to perform the functions devoiT
iag aon them.
VroxTmi hw renornl thoip-ds to heattr
who hT be ?n 'on and pa nful -ui"erers.
If VsanTlFK 1 t-ken Ttgi'.nr'r. a-c"dlner to
di-errtl'-ns, a ccrtair. at d upedj cure will follow
its u-e.
Falntness at the Stomach.
Vkobtiwb inwif stima aing bitters wh ch
creat a fictitious spp. tite. bur. a gen'l tonic
h'-h awl-tts natnre to re"to'e the stomach to a
healthy action.
Female Weakness.
the1 c-niDlant''. r tov:if,)rates und i,r-pth-ens
th wh -!e s!t-m, i- n oi tne atcretire
organs ana avs irnmmaron
General Debility.
Tn this coiapIVn. the good effct r-f tbe
Vebetinb re -ea'ied Imnifdiately after rom
rancing ta take it; as debility denotes de
(te'ency of tha b'o'H, and Vssstiss acts
directly upon the b'o-xl. oot3i-4w
Vegetine Is Sold ly all Druggists.
Hla!i-IO mnnntoa. sue 9x11, for 1.
Novelties and Chromos of eery description.
Ntiohal mm) tk., Phila.Pa 4
a day ir nsi-g on- Well
Aucer and Drills. $100
nioniii pt d 'o y,o-il A;-. n's. - ug r
book tre. lilx AUf.r ',, St. IxuU.
AGENTS WANTED ! Meda's and Diplomas Awarded
tor H0LMAN Spj0T0RAt BiBLS
1300 Illustrations. Addre for n w i-.irc-ilr-,
A.J. HOLM AN Sc CO. 930 ahch St.,
Pnilltl, hi. P.
ill Soul Charmin, Mesnie it r , Marriae
tioidr, showing how either sex mny fascinate
avd gitln th lore find aection of any person
the chfw- insrantlv, 400 I'sre. mt'.l Ii1'
Cvnts. Hunt o.- 38 S 7f t., Fhlia, Pi.
C10t3S500. leidr.
pave book -ntt'ei : "Ven and '.d-'-rns of "'all
John Hickling 6u Co., ohm Itilu
nai kers a .a &v,..s, -3 uio d-a , N. w Vork.
Par UP ONLY IN Bi.TJE rt'tXrts.
r''.T mi by Prujris' eu!rltv, nl .f'H
-TON HO '.Liiff .V fc !0., Philadlphi. Pa
WIFE NO. 19.
Brighams' Rebellious Wife,
"The only corn"let Krp- se of all the
Secrets or Brlham's Harem
wr.tttsn. rforn u .-nut aiuniai. ANN EI-'ZA
i.ow expos- s to the or ". as no other
woman can the secrets, mvsteries
n't Crimes f be horrible eastern ot Cos
gamy, rem iue rery beginning. Nerly 200
I ilos'ratir.n beiutitv the w.irk. It is the oett,
sollna book tmblwhrd. 10,000 mor men
a d women n have empnvnent and mxve
f-om $s tc $iOd"y. All live acents
ie wntti4 : i . 1 u-t'-ated Uircimtr wt-b irg-s
te'm. Sr.: fre Ito no1- dflav rnt adre-'s
OUSTIN. OILMAN &. CO.. Uartford,
. t., (Jhicago. Ill;, Cincinnati, Olni.
S5 to
pile ot t
mrc rnnno;
ltiee. during
time, than r
mert that v
work. F"ul'
fen l ns jor
"'ow is yon
business el
wnat e off
M ine.
i3Qrt PFR DAY. Agents want
ed. All Classes of working
. h sxes, young and o'-a. ntake
it work for" us. in their owa local-
heir spare moments, or H the
nrthing els?. We. offe'-employ
pav hond.ouiei jr fur oery hoar
irt'CU:ars, term, etc., sen' free,
address Ht once. Don't delay.
' time. Don't look lor work or
hpte, nnttl yon hare learned
r (i. Stison Co , Portland,
may 25 -12-d Aw
Vflf A TSTH Agents f the bet
IIIM't I t si I
SENT Fit 5 circuVar hoVftO $10 tO
Wliiiite.t : ii Stok Prtrilegoi, has pai-t and
wih pay I.ai - Profit, ltailroad Stocks, Bnnds
ar-d t.old rhton maritins. Interest (tCfift
Si? twr ceu: iliow-Ml on d-posltssab;eot vpJ'JUt
t sich drai r. Buck waiter & 0"V, Bankei-uLd
BroXcrf, Ne. -0 Wall Street, M. Y. P.O. -4317.
85 to -S50 stl'nW
jo a ttrrtmi-. fmi ta'ticn ars wnr f -:e Ad,
-rew PENDLETON & READ, 65 Wal
Street, .New Yorn.
W- want .me one iu every oour tv to take
or'iers and d iiver go'8 ior the o.d and oriiin
kI'.0 l. Ifonso. '. arya ' a-h wages. Jpie -d;n
haff- n every ni ;hHi hood for the rigbt
i j. e her fe. youn tr eld Sampl. s
ne fas circnl ir?, rniH, etc. a coa-. lete
outfit srt t f. e and pot j aid. Send tr t st
once an-1 make mo..ey Rt your hum's. Atidr' ss
M. d r A L. J uo., ti rs. rioward tre t BAlti
mor. , Md.
S. lina KeKrts for ale. I ofier for sh e a
complete setot the North Carolina Bio:t in
flr.t ratd order, ror tenrs. adtrets
W. U BAIL' Y, Agent,
Cbar'otte, N CI.
Pa'lv Sentinel a d Charlotte Democrat copy
r-nr times, ant forward accounts to Daily
Prosnectns oi tlie Eyeuins Renew
Undersigned will begin tie pafilication in
the City of liuiington, of tin Evbmno Review.
The Kevikw will be published every evening,
except Sunday. Its aim will be to fu' nish the
latest, the beet, and the mot-t reliable news, in
every meaning of the erm.
The Editorial Department will be In ab e ha- ds,
and thi local repo-ts will be furnished by Mr
Jaines for five years past the local editor of the
Duily Journal.
Mr. Ch rles A. Prl, a son of one of the
fou;:ders of the Journal, ani himself a gen
tleman of sreral veat experience in the bus
In. ss, wl I ti -.vc . liirg bt tto bnsine s depart
ments ot the vrT
rjnunal atti.tion will be (rtren to its mar
ket r. ports with th view of furnishing the foil
ti anpstiuiiS of the day to the close of mercan
tile l ours, and thes reports will be made by
a carf'jl, thoroughly experienced reporter.
the whole the paper will be newsy, cbai
hh1 r li'bie, and a special medium th ongh
vhi h the poor man and the laboriug clas-ee
roy te ber ',
Terras of subscription : g5 year, 50 cents a
month and 13 cents a week. Advertising rates
very low.
Tn connection with the news aenartm ac w.
will establish the Review Book and .fob Prii:ting
Office, where competent and skillful onefativea
will be employ -d, and where it is needless to say
we will do onr best to furnish onr patrons
with the best .work for the lowest amount of
Josh T. James.
up;. 15tt cias. A- Price.
If Wilmington
Carolina, her business men will advertise in
large and well estanlished weeklr nevnu
per, circulating extensively im tfc 9 counties o
Hyde. Beantort. Pamlico. Pitt, tdnwonhi
and those adjoining. Rates Low.
Lte or Tarboro. of Washington.
JEditora and Proprietors.
oot3 8 tax copy.
na PilM Kurt.
- '
ao 1': tne ia lie n-ains 10 nwirn n;wr,
li envelope g ldei ie,pon h 1 !er. pencil,
Ptert yaTd easu-r, an i piece of j- welry.
Single pick . e with lgnt p-'a. pstpi'd,
n. . , ' I ... . . T . . ( r .Tit O. . , . . m C . . . . -
way, N.Y.
Smith', -total Dm Etovtor. I JSt ,3 01lteJ'"
, TJpper Fart of th
BKin iwronif jnns
out wl " "Ei9
wator" ad to. To
ran nlM yr aUrt
wMli paaalng a mud
dy plae, and thaa let
it fall, vr yoa ca kMp
Itrmtaed. JtkKpath
It Ixxrpa tbe aklrt la
klrt irnm tn jnitn.
"aatAfnl and Vav-
er.tonaDie xumtr. it araws an
t:i. fi 1 1 1 1 1 nun th beck, making tbe
' traia'b.t front.' It Saves) mora
th. Tan TlmM tta Coat. It c.a b.
cb(4 froi One Dreaa to aaoUier.
rrle, 4B eaata b. Mailed.
Mailed, on receipt of pric. '
OR tbe Patterns sb4 Cloili MooMs of the ESTIR1E
ST7IT will be OI VEN FREE PKKM1TTM to sny p r-.u
who sends 81.10 to us, as one year's euuscrlpUon te tbe
IontIiJ7"Woria of FasMon'
FINE ARTS and POLITE Literature.
Single Copies 25 Cents,
abscrlptloa Price, $3 a yar, post-paid, Inelndlair a
premium of Two Dollars' worth of paUerus free to each
TTe send oar CERTIFICATES for thl a'r!oll,.
poa reosipt of sulMcriution. (TWO ef onr nRsiSri
J5LKVATORS will b given IN lLACIi f Oua
i ouar worUi or Patterns, if deiursUj.
OF irAJSXXIOIV," the very finest,
most beautiful, attractive magazine tote found;
in this connlry . and evejy perton wno beginsj
with Tatrin; It, will NBVER discoatinue it)
while it Is pubUsbed. j
$4,500.00 IN ' GOLD TO GIVE AWAY!
We will give S2 COO CO in COLD
COIN to 65 y iri'i.ml'Cuu! arf ;
'im-'t of t-uscril'ers to our Worlci of
Fashion." T 3tach, bfore MiTcl- 6, lt;
As Ml twK To the getter--p or the I n-g t-t
C ub S0l !0 n Ood .in
2-t l.ar ce-t C'iuH H'O t i r n -. C:ii '
3d Lsrpe.t Cluh l-'O 00 in f-io'd Coir.!
4 h La-pert Ciob.... l;o ro'n old ".
Sth Lriirnest Club liOOOinGo'd C ir,.
th Kareett C!' b II 00 in old Coin
7th La"-ije-t CI jb.. 10i oo in .ln oiti.
8th l.arcrf st Club.... 75 00 in Jt;ld oiti.
6tb Iart-st lu't MiO'i: (l-lrt Ciir,.
10th L.f.TR'?' C'-i S"5 'O'n to'd "o'n.
11th i ariet t'lnh SJ 0t i" Old Coin.
and so n to the 65th karg t tt.ub:
YOU get a premium for every siil'Scr.ber you strd w
m ii fn
tember number besides -ii .t d r. o. -Ottr-s-.f m-.'ihm,,,,,,,;
h ive Just p&IA i13S OO :i. ' O d. rd.t c '.o our i- . vf ofT -rs. " tt ran
one-1 ail"1 j ,ivk; no vc urorr.ise.
umh - ail
b us, or sen 35 Ct-'iits tor cne copy, he nd ?amp ter r hmum! t ataloue.
P O, Box 50C5-
JVi: lrl.ffKS.
rpilE CHILDkiW PKifXU, Published
a year.
- itry pi,AirEAiE R w. siti-
t . letary.elitor. Weekly, at SI 00 year
iJemocratic iii politics
WIT,SON Af VAXCK Petry G W ili'ini'.
e.Titnr. w'eck'y.at 2a ;ear. 1 nio
ai' ic in politics.
LRKMAR1.E TIM. -i-Weiiii, a Vii d
8nr,tut ann'iH P. H. W inton, edi
J'euiucratic in politics.
i.0. O, I!iitr e-.'ttor mid p o i fto.
ve ;kly.Ht$i ei aunum liemocianc in poli
tic. If, OABOIilOA H(H;SEH(L1) MMl.U
X. ZiNE-t.o ti-t-or . Ji lit:s A. Burnt, rd
i lotiMy, at year, one of tad tine-t
i erary forksi:. lht jouth.
CHARIvj E MA'O KiT-Willian I
n-e.e .iter. and ro;rieor. vyecilj :t
.'0 per a- um.
WAhHlN'irON rl'MO Washington, -f.
Oi u fct-r, editor and nxpi h tot .
Weekij ,at 5 j ear. I enocraiic in i oiit i. s
N'IKTH C- BOMV C1TI7BN, Anheviie.
N. ' H. u t'niui'iii, edi'tr. Onr year
S. Iiemocatic in politics.
MI TON CH' OM'H.E Kvaijs .t: Tuas
t..n edi'rr-ard proprie'ors PnUi-m r
satur--y, at $'i i ye ir. . f mociatic t poi:ti(.s ,
Gl'KKNVIL' K RK,I -TI R-Wtik. i:
TI nrdiy at Gree'-U'e. Pitt county, st
f 2 a ye ir. Ja$. T. I. yon, editor. Uctnocr.tiic
in po itios.
THB ( ESTHAL PR') t K-TANT. ('.r eus
boro. N . C . publish -?d In ton , interest of
tae Methooiat r r.tM's-.t Oburch. Si to ier
annum. J. L Mih :ux, editor.
ti. I). Pool, Jr.. edir-ir Weekly, t S?2 a
year. Democratic in politico.
ROCKT M iTJN r M T. H. & W. I.
Thirp, pro.rler-- W. L fh irp, ed'tor
Weekly, at il a ar. L:mj.raUc i'i" politics
.0. P. F. Dutty and James W. Al
brigh?, fe- iter and proprUitois one y.-ar 82
six months f 1 25. Oemociaticin p !ili-B
SHELBY AFR iRA -.WcUuffiRnd Hanbinji
ton, ed t ia ant proprietors. I'ub.i ec
-aturdava. Ht Shelby, N. u. Otm-crntic iu pol-lti.-s.
One year 82
CAROLINA. M E SKNG 'H Seml-We -kly ,
vtondasai'd huisdiys at Gold. bnro,4 S
a vear. J. A. Bofitz, editor and proprietor
Democratic in politics
CHRIST1 A A'.'V-KM TB Organ Cf the
Metbo list hurch in .North Jaro'.:iit. Ral
eih. N.tj. K-v J. Hobbiti, tdnorj mt
propriter. One ye ir f 2 20.-
CtHELBY BANNt". Miellit, N. O. Pnb
lC5 ii-hed every Th nsu--iy ii'ornit.g. Iurhm
werjo, editor. I em crstc in toiii'.ct?
s i:bcriptin 1 50 for on? yea:; 81 cents toi
S' montns
rr HE OA N V I Ll.E T I 1 E"
This is a nun-
oratlc Weekiv p r er. estabiish-d ii 1F65
hnvin an ex ensive . ireulati n in ,.t the Vir
gtnia and Nitli ijura'iu coautioi- aro.in.i lHn
vile, frlce, 2 a year; si or six m'nh": 5
cents for three months, s pecimen conie- for
warded upon ariliCHticn. Address P.Bouldin
eunur .i u ttfirieiL i
tn WilciiuKton, N. C , bv KftuLKHA Ki s
a SATJJ1KKS. The Jotiriial is the oidest
aatlv tn rjlortn t atoinu, oeinc now iu t
twe- tv fiftn year. It sca'in; hly lertocrt in
FOlttics. and its services re aotinowlrd-ed bv
tbe party tbrougr:ou the State aof iiieMt'm-
able value. 1 ha .tournal is va'uable as a ;;m
tnercial au;h"r!iy , an" en h11 tbe topics f the
day, is ei liven .a with the latest informr;i.n.
tt is pub iKQi.d d l!y, for o:ie yir ..0 ;
moi.thK, $.i0. The Weekly is published at
$2.00 per year. Adiiress,
AvHKnLL?;. (N C) CtriZBN. A-hevitle.
N. .'., Org-n or 'he l' mocracv of thf
ignth .k...grei-sioiial '"istrict. l argest Cttab
lisued lrcul li ) i in ei-ter:i iorta iarulina
than any two pap rs combined. Special ht
tenttjn a!w i- s iven to the material df.vi-lop-mintol
the stte, and of oai m n'a:n mc
tn.n In i nrrii ul r. Th"? ery r- uy an i ui:nr
pasf'd sdvHii:a- f B ot its sec" 'n e cor vr.t
subjet tn to ''i"' u ion in its c il.iiu- s
" ht- ve- v tart- and const :tt-t a.t rf'.'ii j pat
ron ige it ha 'rom ihe bortt m rcti wlr ,;
''i.Mut js pe p"e, o tue bc-t narv.iee ot " I h
MiBen" .s.i- a lvtrt-tiinst u.1 d rsm,
Th J "O'lowmi? -e -t e-i'tor R.iht. M. Fur
mar, E litur; vVub. M. Hr(:y, as ciateEdit
THE A' ' ONI AN, a Conservative Demo
cr ti . rid , Journal, published in Polk
tun, N. C. 'ituat -d in a (trowing place, and
surrounded by a g.ud rrmin rountiy it offers
superior dvhtg-:s s an :0 veiti-ing media xx
Hein the Griner s Organ of the sect on where
it If pnriinh;id, many u-!-crihf rs to the an
oiilii.ii" reid no other piper. Advertising
rau-s liberal. H ..bscriwtiiin price fl.OJ per
Address H. WI.ET GALE,
Editors, Poikten, N. 0.
Newwpir .acUhel i-'tltoD, N. 5. by
Manning iii o hei h, and tdit d by H. E. T. &
V. T Mao:iinj, will be s''t.out postage paid,
erert SAi'IRDAV and WfcLNE.-lAY, for
twelve i..orih for f4 00.
If paid in advance thsRoAMOKK NEWS
will be enr, postatre prepa'd, ta'ance of the
jetfi'irOM Oiil.UK.
A "h d medinru or advertis'nff. Bufine5"
ri-f w;ll mnls a n-itc ;f t tn T'sh1"'.! to ad
verfinein an ErTn Taper.
MANNING Br01.,,e'dc1.K..fi.
N. B. I apers generally wi 1 p'.6tpe iae Usi
notice and we will icturn the favor.
Kcirnart UOtn. 1620. The oldest rP-" in
.-.o id Carolina. Has a large circulation espec
a ly in tho counties of Orange, Alamance,
PciKOiiand Caswell, and is tha recognized
rediatn ot advertising for those seeking the
business of those counties. Is Oonservati ve in
poil tcs. and ia a go Hi family newspaper.
ahfcripJoTis and advertlsinents always ac
ceptable, and the patronage ot the public re
spectfully solicited.
Subscription. $a.M a year, in advance. For
sixmonths $1 .00
Ed1' or and Propretor.
lished by Springs A Burton, Mt. Airy, N.
O. A white man's paer, Democtatio in poli
tics. Subscription rates: IS months, $1 50, six
months 7f cents.
THB -XFo.il LBADER, alivTemocrati
Wrekiv puMifhed every Tuesday, by .blow
fe Britt, v. Ox oid. Granville county, N. Ot
- Persons wishing to secure the rrede of one of
the ric est sections of North Carolina will do
well to advertise in tbe Leader.
It is the ore an ot the Conservative Democratic
Party lEth eonrty.
Kate as low as possible. AUdzeasJiSlow of
Brttt, Oxford, N. C.J
of all. It is one of those styk a tUat is sure to
material, and requires lesa gaod-t tj make tlwa
any other suit of eqnal beauty. It ia one of tlie
leading eostatnes of onr city. Tho stout ladv
wui nnd It possesses just the secret charm that
CSS? o
improves ncr nfjare, wane tne tliut or perie t
form may feel they were never so advantaceou&ly
atthd. The waist Is the regular tablicr f,ha',e
theoverskirt isdrancd to form & wii!i mffli.i!
rie.;t tor- i-j m
Usly Y
dranpd to form & wii!i mffln
side of the sash, which may be of the
same,oriuoixn. iiequireaio yards or S7
inch goods for entire euiL No. of waist.
o i aj ; pattern, wim c ioiu moael, ct s.
No. of overskirt, 8734; pattern, with
cloth model, 25 cts. No. of nnrterskirt.
S72?i? Tiftttpr.i. with rloth moll vi
SmitEC Il nstratei" rata 122
Sample Conv. It, t,;
e Copy . 2f, Cents
srrem:um. K,-nt&ta:U
One dolla, s wor
suVscriber Itce as
W f wi!! eivp ' C
COIN lit
I I Ii I It . I i H I l -
Sl 0 i ai l . 1 1 fi it 3)
Af to!1wv; To th- f.tt
: vV or Ml ,KTg
t. !ut
V1 ! at g f-f ' !uh.
3d ! srtf!.i t'l h.
tl- 1 arg st t;.r b
fib lATrvt ( !.b.
fith 1.8rgett t int..
7'h I. -iu f-t V, i,l..
t-th La- ; C nh.
9'h .- rg. ht hi'.
Wb t arL. .-t (" ut-.,
1 t'j L-m;eri "'il-..
and so r n to tLe I33J
-; w. mien t m .
... I'll O) r C.n.i r- i-
1 6 " 'ti Giikl Vin
... 110 0ft r ,o!.l Cuin'.
... 75 in in r.oM rin
- (On. t.'oKl Coir'.
... r, 0 Mr. CmU oin.
... 1 (n) in r.c.H oir
... 2:. n ,! uo ) Cuin'
... 2S OifGuidCon"
itM Vl'.-O
AND "ery nCTili-t gfsa,,rfi-
wj:v if T r-n ? v ur or ri t-a- iri r,i. v. o tiili.i , i tlII1
f,,,cu y -;ir . j... , -ij,.,., .(-..r . 'f in,.
- 01 Pr.
miumr. wnu n v c n nimw, an nr on e te:ni,
' get icg mliiicri-
Nw York City
;""-" -"-iWfiEr.rSTf-RX!iKr nm
P HO I'l'Nt:
"Onlv G(
mi at piirablt
r-XfRAOT .t
l l t.AI tl v
1 -j .
t.i tit. Lr. i:e. r
I t llh.KH Ik:
rhuir!"i!.4 U.Lih
y enc Bitif.1 in :i
. i . . . . .
Or ITill li, rtii- Uili
ijv luii'i M till:.
...!!. .."- '1,1
Worcestershire SnnP
Qrtl l .V . . an - . .
(;rfM,ri.-.f.Ta T IT i m- Btru O 1 a rr.
' V , I o ! .1 a - .-I 1 . A I I .
- kuuvii rsu 1 1 m n 1 1 i i shm ' ' m i vi v t;,.iB ra -i
orilly hroiighout thi, worl i
Ask for Lea. & Berrins' Hi
a o n .1 .- l ltl.Lt II m
i-nra tae mat exquisite reti?h aad see: to rfit
I nl.l II . .. . . ,, .
im flii. ru i, r t-n ijn iiea itintT.Jc
At thr IIC!E I AISI.K, In Si uf, wt!
fu, riot .1 finrs. (Jm . kdJ.)'; ail iir'irr. it
,:ve? a delightitil lliror.
r HI.I.N It 1? de. med indii-in-rjcMP fcj
those familiar nui its est:mal:l quniii'S.
Fr,rm New Ytrk Times.
xnero in no ro:isn in tue woria wbu-d u -o
uuiTcrsauy nns'i as Ld ae t emns' Tit.f.a
Worcestershire Sauce.
xne t;nariGttc uoserver
1 He on' v m(,rnlncT d-ii'v n-Jiir nnt. I-ln-1 in
.ha W ..... . ... - -. .-4 TLB . 1 . . I. . . I. ... l' 1 1
TxlIXll? LO J . TTlri Hf'a.l-&l ln,lii(-mA.ilHtn -iiwtr
TiM-rs. it cironiatirt kit mi 11-t f -t!r.iri)
ri4ire neeri i'irfiv tnrpa.i,i .inmi. f'ir' riw
nst tart, and it how raac!ie- tn tst 01 i h-i Jltr
tion tit "efln 1 he: MrphntHnf Wilmirit'iDai-d
tlie pole of Western Norlli laroma.
Uarv a ro rpr nnam
Weekly 2 in " "
ay A'tre'-t'-'T-g frv lov
Published ererv Wed ue- lay at
ft.v-f trn n.;il T.. i -... U tf tt. II TH 1 II
..it hf r - n.-f . w.' . r,.. nr 1-1 i-lltl' J Tilt
.-unvrs 1 iHTtters an men Yi i:.
tr t ctanicr oj ni targe a.nu i,.w
(sal circ'ili;fir.
.1 .. d . . ....... ...... I I .... ,,i,1l.;lii.n
w f rii.- ciniec ro r. wuii rum" iu m
' 'i- i'p, :i 1ITTC. I VM,i.n 1 niu. 1 '11 t't
.0 cue uuoersine.i. at, w soen'-'orij.
Eiltiran l Pr?"r ?tur
Thii Fiedinont; Pre
Is the on'v jifrer pTibUnhed in Cot"'''
nnt-'y, and h'ts "t .,j!teiiMve ctrcul-ili-'n -r;" H
Vrrc) a ts. Vi rr, and ail c!it''' ' 0
leKSjnei. tn th--." te Th 1'B
l-l-sfk Deiii era-ic paixr, si ii tx"J."' T
V-le rnrd:uta 'or Tertising in SVe it - lf n
: terms a'tow. in yrn
vtrttpm nU. r-iition 2 in a-r
"ditors an'i Vrojirictwrl
mrnh .94-9
J. 0. DU3LUP & CQ.
3 ffiPrif Sreit,'. Bad more-
A?i-1 CRATtS
Movei to) a r i.
1 dwtn
AJy' KVMIT Uinm "': ' " -! h
ver at lowrst prices to buyer" o .
nrn.VIT TV
!-ct. and a-1 orders filled at tho ru iag l,rl
he l.iy f ry are rocelved. thiis g-'"1',, 1.
t r t?n.ii"t v-. ii- in v-t w . . -
ttge they would have If present.
SuioM B'C3:i In HMs. aii i- V
Mfss Pork, Water Ground Meal, Fih, scker-
el, Mullets, Herring, c.
Mo!asees of li kinds,
Flour o a'l Qualities.
And ever five hatred article- of tne
CUorordsr from n ' V'

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