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iilmingtan Journal.
ouii!; (Jumsiiiitiilouerii.
The board met last tvenu g la reu
ti.a l'reei't : o. k. wagner,
. .. -XT '
a t . i nr:
iiiii I'ommwr.niueis yau
m rin
.nil Nixon.
Acer tho remitug ot tne
lillir .if iilH llltlillfCH
.'v fiea-iircr ti- wieti maae ins
oit for tbi inontb of March. H.
uud ordered bpread uu the
TiiJ -mlitiiig committee reported itt-
. :.,pti(in.s for the p.-it mouth, aud
the r I
,ort was ciisposca oi in uat
iii -- -
tVr.Dit "f co'uiimttee on poor-nou e
,,lP,t)itrfl hni work-hou . wns presented
ft, J inir.f .v. d.
"a., if-.cHti iu received from Gfo. H
AJhius "for .ieo use to ietaii liquor
'ij'il'i f Pt Dav s received and rt
i ... 1 Im.'-k for inform itiou.
rharles Ivng grunted peddle rV
j)Cn80 aft r winch t bord ad
juuruod tu'.j ct to c-.lof he cliair.
Tlie IteiuMriU of ilni uwif k.
meotiug of tJie Kxecuiive Com
Eiittftt: of the Diniocrtttie Conservative
party i f Brunswick county was held
at Sm tiiville on Monday, April 3d.
Dc'i gate were appointed to tie
Statu Convention as follow .: D. S.
Cowau, B. D. Applewhite, John D.
Taylor, A. V. Goodman, W. G Curtis,
Joseph Stannlaud, Franklin Golloway,
Tbos. Hickman, W. Scott Milliken.
Alternate: M. Y. H.lourn, G. H
Dock, John N. Bonnett, .Henry Du
nut, B -b.rt W. Voodsiden, Absalom
Ward, B. W. McKethau, I F. Gore,
Ji,.ne Wilson.
T Hie Congressional District Con
v.'it ;i: Samuel R. Chiuuis. Samuel
A. Kmg, Ruins Galloway, Jacob
Evat.s, M. C. Guthrie, Henry Addix,
WallaCPjStyrou, D. L Gore, John. H.
Mintz. rt. J. 8tnualand, Liewi.s Butler,
Lorenzo Sell sf.
Alternates: J. J. G ty, R. S. Love,
J. C. Grioies, William Watt era, Dr. Li.
I-nuK, XL A. Himaias. xn. a., x igwi,
W. A. Lancaster, J. W. Tharp, G. Jr.
IVi'iik, Asa K. Edwards, Z. D. Wil
liams. The time for the County Convention
was fixed for Saturday, J nly lntb, 187G.
W. G. Cuims,
Chairman Ex. Com.
Jons II. Mintz,
It ii rued to Deatb.
Mrs. Esht r A., wife of Daniel It.
Ilivenbark, living near South Wash
ington, IVnJer county, was burnt so
Fevtre.'y on Saturday, March 18th,
that she died on the 22d. While
pausing the fireplace her dress caught
tire, and 5n her fright she ran into the
yard, where- the high wind soon en
.reloped her in flames. Her sister, the
only person present, in her vain t-ffort
to extinguish the fire, had her hands
budiy burned. Hercries broughtothers
to her assistance, but too late. Mrs.
11. 'h clothes were entirely consumed,
antl her limbs, breast and neck -were
burned to acrisp.and almost all of the
surface was destroyed. Medical aid
wns summoned but tho case was pro
nounced hopeless. In that condition
cue lingered, suffering intensely (ex
cept when under the influence of some
powerful anodyne) with excruciating,
burning pain in the stomach and in
tense thirst, retaining her mental
powers clearly, fully realizing her con
dition, earnestly praying to be passed
into eternal rest, feeling confident of
e-icuping all future. punisbmenc.
.Moore'ii Creek Cvntcnnial.
Subscriptions for the publishing in
first class style a memorial pamphlet
of the late proceedings of the Centen
nial are going ahead finely. The com
mitted charged with waiting upon
oar citizens report very encouragingly.
Sjon enough will be subscribed. The
purpose is to sell the pamphlet aud
apply the proceeds to the construction
of a stone floor and bronzed railing
around the monument as a protection.
Iis also contemplated to have a graud
Itti of July celebration upon the
grounds on the next anniversary of
Amercan independence. Push for
ward the subscription list, gentlemen,
aud let it be published in the mem
orial pamphlet. Capt. Grainger,
President of the Bank of New Hanover,
will hold the money.
A Fine Specimen of .Tla.rl.
Mr. Fletcher II. Bell.of Cedar G ove,
in the c uuty of Pender, has sent us a
sample of niarl taken from a deposit
of shells which he has recently discov
ered on his lauds. The. marl is from
oyster shells of extraordinary s:z-,
seme ot which when first taken -up are
yet perfect in their shape, but after
exposnie to the. atmosphere soon de
Compose. We hear that Mr. Bell is
devoting the labor of his teams and
employes to hauling this valuable fer
tilizer out on his fields, and we predict
for him a rich harvest in return for
this little trouble.
We shall be delighted to chronicle
the tact that others of our Pender
county friends are following Capt. Bell's
example. It is upon such enterprises
that the prosperity of the county de
pends. Hie Uektcrii Ti. C. Hull road .
The Pioneer is informed by the
President of this road that the iron ne
cessity to lay the track between Old
Fort aud Asheville can be had on
twelve mouths' time, providing the
county commissioners will endorse the
notes given to secure payment. It is
stated that the railroad commissioners
in the meantime be able to liqui
date the debt from collections, even
phoulu ihe Legislature not provide for
its payment b appropriation.
The Petersburg Index-Appeal's
Raleigh correspondent, N. S.f says:
P. Douai;, for some time past
the ab'.e and cutting editor of the
Raleigh Sentinel, has severed his con
nection with that journal and goes to
fJauville, Virginia, to cast his lot with
tae Bordt r fLxpresn. Ho has many
warm friends here and we hate to lose
lum; he has the best wishes for his
success and prosperity of the entire
District Convention.
A convention of the Democratic
Conservative voters of the Fourth Con
gressional District will bo hold in the
city of Raleigh on Tuesday, the 13th
day of Jane next, for the purpose of
nominating the candidate for Congress
and a presidential elector, and select
ing two deh .rates to the St. Louis
l he Compreats Company.
The old President and Board of
Erectors of the Compress Company
rr,re-le2ted the meeting of the
ockholders bich was held yesterdav
wo"nng in the Chamber of Commerce.
Stout's Turnout is the name of a
Postoffice just established in Union
Central Q f the Carolina
TiUBtR bafts are arriving in large
a '.. e and e demand for milling
- oi Keep pace with the supply.
del& Co.'s Hammock
in case
J WW art & McCoy. N. Y., AgtmU) is
most portable and strongest article
Washington, April 3. Senate
Mo'ton introduced a bill to amend
cert tin sections of the act to enforce
the rights ot Citizens of the United
States to vote in the several Stutee,
etc. Referred to committee on tho
The chair laid before the Senate a
oonitnuuicatioa from the chief engin
eer corps in regard to trouble an I un
necessary delay of bOits pasiric
through the Louisvill and Portland
canal, and recommending certain leg
islation. Kefeired to the comtcittee
of commerce.
Many petitions ecrainst a ehance in
use tar'iii were presented.
llamliu gave notico fiat he would
on Wednesday call up he postage bili
lor tmra class matter.
m w . .
ftierrimon presentea a resolution
from the Wilmington (N. C.) chamber
oi commerce recommei.diog the or
ganizauon oi a signal service with a
eparate corp.
The committee on claims repotted
adversely ou the peti'.iou of the stock
holders of the. S aboaid aud Koanoke
railroad for compensation for the use
of their road by the United States dur
ing the war.
Morton introduced a bili amcudiccr
the second, fourth and fifth sections
of the enforcement act. Morton said
the object of the bill was to amend the
act to enforce the fifteenth amendment
so as to br.r.g it within the recent de
cision of the Supreme Court.
Several petitions were presented
asking liberal appropriations for the
signal service.
Thurmin s bill for a uniform system
of bankruptcy wa passed, Its fea
tures have bee"n already telegraphed.
lit explaining it Tnurman said that the
object of this lino was to put an end to
the discordant decisions which had
made ihe bankrupt law one thing in
O 'e uistrict aud another thing in an
other district.
house- a nnrauer or Dills were in
troduced for reference.
Blackburn offer d a resolution re
questing the President to inform the
House whether since March 4. 136y.
any executive offiees, acta or duties
(and if so what) have been performed
at a distance from the seat of govern
ment established by law. Adopted.
Lynde offered a resolution" calling
on the Secretary of the Treasury for
infotmation regarding the payment of
money to newspaper editors and cor
respondents outside of legal adver
tising. Adopted.
The impeachment articles were
adopted and the managers appointed
without debate, and the clerk ordered
to inform the Seuate. At tho request
of Wheeler he was excused and Lap
ham of New York substituted on the
board of mauagers.
The river and harbor bill was re
ported. It reduces the appropriations
8918,679. Ordered printed and re
committed. Hunter, from the committee on rev
olution pensions, reported a bill
amending the pension law for the war
of 1S12. It provides pensions of eight
dollars a mouth for all officers and en
listed and drafted men without regard
to color, includidg militia and volun
teers who served for tea days in the
military or naval service in the wi-r of
1812, and to their surviving widows
who have been mirried prior to 1850.
It also directs the restoration to the
pension rolls of pensioners struck from
the rolls on account of the rebellion.
This restoration is to date from May,
1865. In cases where pensioners have
died since their names were struck
from the rolls their widows are to
have the arrearages from the 1st of
May, 1865. An amendment striking J
out arrearages was aaoptea ana me
bill passed .
A motion to suspend the rnlos and
pass a resolution confining Kilbourn
to prison fa. was lost yeas 96, nays
59, not two-thirds, no quorum voting.
A call of the House was moved but
finally abandoned.
The President received visitors to
day. Marsh was before the grand jury to
day in the Belknap case.
Tue real estate pool Committee had
their powers increase-d to investigate
the misonduct of officers of the go -eminent
and members of the present
Congres- in any respect.
The Senate railroad committee
unanimously approved the bill appro
priating 815,000 for the survey, under
the auspices of the War Department,
of the Austin to the Palauampo Pacific
Gen. Meigs has resumed his duties
as Quartermaster General.
The State department has advices
that England will not surrender Wins
low except upon a guarantee t hat he
will only be tried for the offence set
forth in the exti edition papers.
The Navy Department have advices
that the insurgents under Proferio
Diaz took possession of Matamoras
with little opposition. Gen. La Barra,
with about thirty men, escaped to
Brownsville C;ipt Johnson, com
manding the steamer Kio Brava, can
see no prospect of the Mexican gov
ernment retaking Matamoras for soaio
time, as its trowps in that vicinity
have either surrendered or joined the
In the Emma mine investigation
Lyon said Stewart and Ptiik were
present when t ie question (about satis
fying the English stockholders) aroso
why no ore was taken out of the mines.
Stewart said they could represent that
the work couldu't je prosecuted dur
ing the winter aud there was money
enough to pay divid-nds for seven
months. Park intended to sell out on
the strength of that.
Certain parties have asked the
chairman of the committee on expendi
tures in the Judiciary Department to
investigate Marshal Pacard's offic?,
and have furnished i list of witnesses.
The committee h s taken no formal
action but probably will do so. It is
thought by some to be a device to get
Pacard out of tbe State during the
meeting of the .Republican State Con
vention. TLe committee on civil service are
examining Purman of Florida. It ap
pears that he was offered one thousand
dollars a year for a coHectorship but
demanded 83,000, and the arrange
ment fell through.
Lyon before the committee on for
eign affairs in the Schenck case has
great trouble with his dates.
The privilege and election commit
tee did nothing.
Gt neral Morgan has virtually closed
and the defense will btgin on Wed
nesday. .
A special to the Times says a renewed
effort will be raa.de by a combination of
democrats ai.d republicans to pasn
some kind of a currency bill. Chit
tecden and Willis of New York have
taken the matter in han.l and on Fri
day night gave a dinner at which the
subject was canvassed.
The river and harbor appropriatior
has been prepared. It appropriates
about one million dollars lessjhan last
Bright of Tennessee intends, if he
can be recognized to to day, to propose
a resolution committing the demo
cratic party to the Pennsylvania demo
crat platform on the finaucial question.
.Washington, April 4 Senate The
chair announced Bqutwell of Massas
obnsetts, Cameron of Wisconsin,
Oglesby of Illinois, Bay:rd of Dela
ware, and Mo Donald of Indiana, as
the committee to investigate the re
cent election in Mississippi.
Stevens introduced a bill concern
ing corporations engaged in the busi
ness of distilling, ltef errea to o m
mittee on fiiiance.
The committee on appropriations
have agreed to appropriate 8100,000
for light and fuel and $60,000 for wit
ness fees in the regular deficiency bill
which they expect to pasd thjfl week.
They will not report these items in a
special bill, so there u no immediate
relief for the government offices.
Sherman reported the Honse bill,
without amendment, authorizing the
Secretary of the Treasury to pay the
Alabama claims.
Housa This body passed a bill ex
tending the time in which iudictmants
may be found to three years. This is
intended to reach the safe-burglary
A message was received from the
Senate to tho effect that that body is
ready to receive the impeachment
Ihe committee oa military affairs
were directed to inquire and report
the United States officers travelling in
xoreign countries.
Ihe impeachment managers asked
leave to retire to present to the Senate
in due form and m dner the impeach
ment articles, wanted.
The correspondence regarding Con
sul General Seward, now minister to
China, was; referred to the committee
ou expenses of the State Department.
Schlugher, chairman of the Texas
frontier trouble committee, reported a
bill to provide for the 'protection of
the Texas frontier on the lower Rio
Graide. It authorizes and requires
the President to station and keep ou
the Rio Grande river from its month
to the northern boundary of the State
of Tamalifo, above Loreda, two regi
ments oi cavalry in addition to infan
try, for garrison duty, and to keep
each troop up to the full strength of
100 privates. It also authorizes the
President, in view of the inability of
tne Mexican government to-prevent
the inroads of lawless parties frem
Mexico into Texa, to order the troops
to cross the lio Grande and use such
means as may be found necessary to
recover the stolen propsrty and to
check the raid, guarding, against un
necessary injury to the peaceable in
habitants of Mexico. The bill was
made the special order for the 20th of
April, and from day to day until dis
posed of.
Ihe bill regarding the employment
of special counsel, requiring that the
judge certify to such necessity aud fix
tne lee, p tssed the night session.
Gossip: The details for the transfer
and removal of the accounts of t.,ie
navy from the Barrings toCiews & Go.
were arranged at a midnight meeiing
by Huutiugton, tho cashier of the
First National Bank, and Secretary
Bayard and McDonald will repre
sent the democrats ou the committee
to investigate Mississippi affiirs.
Maj. Met rill, while serving in South
Carolina, received 821,400 reward un
der Gov. Scott's proclamation for
ferreting out and convicting Ka KIux.
Gen. Castar charges Merrill with tak
ing a bribe from the accused before
court mar ha! in Texas, of which he
was judge advocate. This Merrill
denied teforo the committee. Merrill
is now ou duty at the Centennial.
. The military committe of the Senate
"greed to report the fortification bill
as passed by the House without amend
ment. Nominations Chas. MoMilJen of
New York for Consul General to Rome.
The total coinage for the month is
85.500,000. The Virginia consolidated
mining company produced three mil
lions iu March. The Treasury De
partment received two hundred thous
aud dollars in dimes and oue hundred
thousand dollars in quarters to day.
The Treasury circular issued Satur
day was v;ene.-al. It orders superin
teudants of all public building to stop
fi:el, light and water expenses and dia
charge all persons paid fr pi appro
priations for those purposes on receipt
of the drcu!ar. The matter was dis
cussed in Caoinet meeting to-day, but
no remedy was found. The circular
doea not apply to postoffices kept else
where than it public buildi.igs.
Gen. Custar was recalled by the War
Department committee and str.t d that
he did not give information of the
looseness in post tradersbips because
au army order dated March, 1873, for
bade it. Such things must go through
the regular channels and would have
been pigeonholed in the Secretary of
War's office. Gen. H.izeu tried it aud
was sent to Fort Bufort, where there is
no civilization but what an officer takes
with him. The peorle of Kansas are
agitat ng against mixed schools which
the last Legislature legalized. The law
is disregarded at Leavenworth.
Tiie Senate in ex'-cutivo session re
jected Dana as minister to England.
Washington, April 5 'Senate Ed
munds'uud Thurman were appointed
a committee to wait upon tho Chief
Justice of the Supremo Court and in
vite him to attend in the Senate at 1
o'clock to-day and administer the im
peachment oath to the Senators.
The bill authorizing payment of the
Alabama commission judgments was
passed aud now goes to the President.
'Ihe bill authorizing the sale of the
Pawnee Indian reservation was passed.
Chief Justice Waite administered
the impeachment o ith to thelSeuators.
The Senate organized itself into a
court of impeachment and a summons
was issued against Belkuap, return
able the 17th iust. The impeachment
court then adjourned to the 17th inst.
at half-past twelve.
Legislative business was resumed,
and the bill regulating third class
mail matter was taken up, on which
Hamlin made a long speech, and the
Senate a'djourned.
House The committee on bank.ng
and currency made their first report of
the season by a bill regulating nation
al bank receivers.
The Secretary of the Treasury was
directed to furnish an itemized ac
count of the 8300,01 10 appropriation
for ligtit and fuel for the year ending
une 30, 1876.
The bill to regulate the winding up
of national banks was passed. Cox
explained that the object of the bill
was to enable insolvent banks to
speedily close up accounts'in the in
terest of the public.
The House went into committee of
the whole on the bill transferring the
Indian bureau to the War Depart ment,
ou; without action the House took a
The committee on the War Depart
m nt had the cashier of the Park Bank
of Now York before them, who said
that Pendletou's account was closed
and all his checks, &o., sent to a Cin
cinnati hank.
Park was before the Emma mine
committee to-day. His testimony
shows the value of the mine when he
owned it. Hi four months it yielded
nearly one million dollars. He found
Euglish parties eager purchasers.
. They selected Silhman to examine the
mine. The testimony has not reached
Sebenck's connection yet.
The committee on privileges an I
elections had a secret .session regard
ing the ruli'jgs in the evidenco in the
Spencer case. The committee con
sidered the report of the ub commit
tee on L 'tnoiue vs. Farwell and will
decide Saturday. The snb committee
has decided in favor of Lpmoine. The
case is from Illinois. Farwell is the
sitting member and is a republican.
The committee on privileges and
elections ruled out letters submitted
by Gen. Morgan and written by Speu
cer to Barber and others. Tho defense
will open to-morrow.
The World special says Secretary
Cameron and. the President are too
strong for Bristow, and the Pittsburg
custom house frauds remain without
General Merrill denies Caster's
statement that he took a bribe while
acting as judge advocate in Texas.
The foreign committee, with prob
ably two exceptions, assert that
Schenck did reprehensible acts in be
coming a director and speculator in the
Emma mine, but be was not guilty of
inteutional dishonesty. Two memliers
are attempting to show that Schenck's
connection -with the mine was inten
tionally dishonest. ,
After a conference between Taft and
Sherman they visited the President;
previous to this Congressman Banning,
chairman of the House committee on
military affairs, had a conference with
Taft. The early transfer of tho mili
tary headquarters f rora St. . Louis to
Washington is certain.
Quartermaster General Meigs was
before the military committee and
stated that he thought there was no
I occasion for movingthe Quartermaster
General's office. Had b.3 been here he
would have objected. A heavy rx
pense was incurred and t tar advan
tage. He said General Jni-v.Us had
expressed mortification at th-- eximise,
which was much larger than he uutici
pated- Meigs will be examined ou the
tomb stone job to-morrow. The ap
propriations committee is stiil at
work on the deficiency bill,' sending
for information, fcc, which indicates
a further delay in furnishing light and
fuel for the public buildiugs.
Seth Meeker, the correspondent of
the Herald, refuses to give his author
ity for some statements damsgicg to
the"reputation of Page of California,
and will probably be brought before
the bar of the House.
Bristow has gone to Kentucky for
his health and will remain some time.
'Ihe twenty per cent, clerks in the
Treasurer office will be discharged
because of the short appropriation.
Taft refers applieaut for post trad
erships to the commandant of the posts
lor indorsement
The finance committee of the Senate
is discussing the silver bill. Strong
opposition to some points is manifest
ed. Its passage without amendment
is improbable.
Bribtow says he paid the editor of
the Commerc'al in St. Louis, who had
excellent opportunities to obtain infor
mation of whisky trauds and shortly
ly after appointed him a special agent.
He had received a good deal of valu
able information frim newspaper men
but had not paid them a loliar with
the above exception and uon had
&!-ked him for pay. If the newspaper
men had offered their services for pay
he would have paid them as much as
any body else, but none had so offered.
In the. War Department investiga
won Chandler corroborated the state-'
tnent recently telegraphed regarding
Bell. La Barnes told Chandler that
Bell had b ju in Babcock's servije.
Chandler g-ive Baocock, after his ac
quittal, a check for 51,000 to help cau-
col lus oxneio e. Chandler did tot
know that B W wont to St. Louis in
the service of Babcick or as a spy on
the district attorney. Lucky never
spoke to Chandler abont it. The At
torney General, Lucky, Bibcock and
Bradley will be h?urd to-morrow.
la the privileges aud f:'ect,ioas com
mittee Gen. Morgan mude a motion.to
have ruled out, as immaterial and ir-
revelanfr, the evi'locce entered upou
the record, which motion was rejected.
Oen. Morgan eskeok leave to summon
other witnesses,, which was not decided
when tho committee adjourned.
Senator Morton will deliver the ora
tion ou May 10' h, decor. itiou day, at
Wilmington, N. C.
Galveston, April 2. The News'
Brownsville special says Mr. Snsten -del,
an Ameiicau citizen, aged sixty
years, was placed on tlie top of tue
parapet wall at Mats moras. In cuse
of an attack he would have, beeu be
tween two fires. Consul Wilson de
manded Sustendel's release, and in
response to his not'neat:u the United
States gunboat Rio Bravo steamed
over and made fatt to the Mexican
bank. Steam launches are policing
the river. It is reported that Presi
dent Grant has directed that foreign
residents shall bo protected ngainst
the ex ictions and apprehensions of the
Mexican government.
Buownsville, April 3 N;;ht Diaz
captured 530 men, 17 pieces aitiilery
and 7l'2 stand- of arms. Hi.- lo.-s was
5 kil ed aud 16 wounded. Dihz says
ha will remain at Matamoras till his
ttoops enter the City of Mexico.
Cincinnati, April 4 Noon. Re
turns from 54 towns and cities iu Ohio
show a general republican majority in
22 and a democratic vajority iu 19; the
rest are evenly divided. Local ques
tions entered so largely in the election
that the result was no test of party
Later Complete returns show that
.he republicans have elected, the water
works trustees, police commissioner
and six out of
elevea members of the
City Council.
San F kan Cisco, March 5 Noon
Tne proprietors of the Antioeb distil -lery
have sued tho collector of internal
revenue for au injunction restraining
him from tho collection of. 125,000,
claimed due ou crooked whisky. The
complainant aliege3 that D. L. Phil
lips, special trea3uty agent, Hawley,
supervisor, aud Clark, special agent,
suborned false witnesses aud offered
to withdraw the proceedings for 1G,
0L)0, which complainant refused.
Hartford, April 5 Noon The
latest vote is 98,485, against 100,983
last yeiir. The result this year is:
Robinson 43,557, Ingersoir 51.071,
Smith 1,871, Atwater 1,986. The Seu
ate. stands 18 democrats aud 4 repub
licans, democratic gain of 1. The
rlouse stands 159 democrat., 85 repub
licans aud two independents, a demo
cratic gain of 22. The democratic
majority on joiut ballot is 87.
London, March 5 Noon Sir-Henry
Sta ford formally resigned the cap
taiucy of the British National Rilir
The Russian press severely criticise
Mr. Disraeli's re aarks in the House
of Commons on the 23d of March, dur
ing the debate o -. the royal title bill,
that Russia's conquest of Tartary is
well known throughout India and that
the Queen's assumption ot the title of
Empress of India would be received
as a sign of our determination to main
tain pur Iullian Empire.
Havana, March 2 Noon The cable
steamer Prof. Marsh, with President
Orion and party aboard, has arrived.
Paris, March 5 Noon Seven thous
and workmen of Belleville attended
the burial of Gen. Cremer in the
oemetery of Pero la Chaise. It was
the largest gathering of the genuine
working class sinca the tlays of the
London. March 5 Night A second
report of the dynamite explosion
states th:tt the three cases of furs
shipped at Halifax in the missing
steamer City of Boston by James
Chomas were uninsured.
The Times'says Wiuslow will not be
given up except upon a guarauta, and
adds: "Our extradition laws with the
Uuited States are very insufficient."
The trial of tho captain of the Fran
conia, which ran into the Strath
Clyde, for manslaughter is progress
ing. Liverpool., April 5 Night The
strike of the dock laboiers ended in
the men resuming work at the old
The steamers England, of
the National line, and Nevada, of the
Guion line, which were to sail to-day
sor ;New York, will be delayed until
Paris. April 5-Night A decree
was promulgated to-day fixing the 1st
of May, 1878, as the date for ppening
the universal exhibition. The gov
ernment has ordered prefects to per
mit the sale of all newspapers without
exception by the ordinary newsdealers
and in tne. streets.
The Mississippi colored convention
at Jackson declared Morton the choice
of th9 colore 1 voters of Mississippi.
At the Topeka (Kansas) city election
Tuesday the republicans elected the
mayor and probably all of the city
G O -Svi: 2C ERCIAL,
IA1L.K Ji)II.tVLFil(:K,
j-pirits x rntPENTiNE At the close of
our lat review was steady, and salo
were m.ide oh the 30th aad 31st uit. at
37 cents, since which time ther haa
been but a limited demcd, and in
making purchases preferc-nce has been
given to special lots. Ou the let iust,
f lio colna itqi-a nf 9C1 k : a 1 . - 1 -
"" -c.io ftvie u Uj -JOUOI Willi B Stlli
further decline on the 5th, when the
market opened at 35j cents and closed
steady at 35 cents wish sales at both
Rosin Has been during the. entire
week in active demand and with
prompt sales for strained and good
strained. Ua the SOth the quotations
for these grades were 8160 with an
advance on the 1st instant of 5 cents,
On the 3d mst. a similar advance was
had We quote the market firm at
81 70. There be-3n a fair demand for
pale, extra pale & window glass and
shipments of those grades will meet
with meet with ready sale.
x au in tnis article we nave no
change to report. The market has
ruled quiet and steady during the
entire week and sales have been made
from day to day at gl 60.
ejiiLjjis j. uiu'ejstine tjioseu at tne
duto of our last review steady at SI 60
hard. i$2 60 for yellow dip and 83 for
virgin. On the 3d there wa consider
able irregularity in ihe prices obtained
(?ee daily report) On the 5th and
6th instant the higher quotations were
paid. We quo e the-mKrke,t firm at
81 75 for hard, 82 75 for yellow dip
and 83 for virgin. The receipts during
the past' week show a large increase
over that of the week preceding.
Corn For the week under review
has been quoted steady and the re
ceipts have be'en sold at from 58J to
62 cents as in quality. We quote the
market steady at 58 J to 61 cents in
Cotton The receipts during the
past week Laye been larger than dur
ing the week previous. The general
tone of the market has been depressed
anil prices have declined. Sales, how
ever, have been mada at figures which
compare favorably with other market;
for details of which we refer to our
daily reports.
Peanuts Have ruled dull with sales
of about 5u0 bushels and receipts for
the week of 1,057 bushels. There has
been no change iu tho price of tho
lower grades but the better grades are
in smj.ll stock and are quoted higher.
For prices see wholesale price list.
Beep Cattle The receipts of beef
have beeu fair, and their conditiou,
wo are informed, has shown a marked
improvement over former seasons.
Trices range from S to 10 cents uu the
hoof, as per quality, ami. meet with
ready sale.
Fertilizers We desire to call at
tention to the reduction in th- prices
of the various fertilizers mentioned in
our price list v.nd advertising column.
TiiritsnAY, March :50.
taions quiet at o7 cents, dales of tO casks
selected at :7 cents. 10 casks selected at
7o oet
ts and S e'abks at o7 cents for south-
ern packages.
liOSl.N ffli(.'al quotations quiet and
steady at ?l C-'J Sales of o75 t'ls good
strained at $1 55, 32 hbls good strained at
$1 CO. 60 bbls extra E No. (2) at $1 05.
100 bbls 1 (good No. 1) i-X $2 50 and 50
bblsM (pale) al S4 25.
TAR Xo oflk'iul quotations. Sales of
491 bbis at$l GO..
CRUDE rUKI'EN'TIlN'E No official
quotations. Sales ot the days receipts at
SI 60 for Haul, $2 CO for Yellow Dip
and 00 f..r Virgin.
(JOHN Market steady. Sales of 2,731
bushels at S59j cents in bulk.
COTTON Xo official report. Xo
sales. The follow ing are the official quo
tations of the 24th ;
(iood Ordinary.
Low Middling.
(iood Middling
.. 9
. .
. . x2
Quotations conform to the classification
of ihe American Cotton Exchange.
Friday, ilarch 31.
tations dull at C7 cents. Sales of 80 casks
selected at 37 eeats.
KO-IN Official quotations steady at
$1 6!). Sales of 1,659 bbls good strained
at SI CO and 7 bbls N (extra pale) at S5.
Later Additional sales of 2,500 bbls
strained ax-i.1 yood strained at $1 05.
TAR Official quotations steady at SI 60.
Sales of 417 bbis at SI 00 and 300 bbls
in order at SI 02 i. Mai ket steady.
' ClffiUK TURPENTINE Official quo
tations SI CO and S2 60. Sales of rhe days'
receipts at. SI 00 for Hard, S2 00 for Yellow
Dip and S3 for Virgin. ' Mat ket steady.
CORN Market steady. Xo sales ana
no carcoes on market.
COTTON Official report dull. No sal. s
The following are the official quotations:
Ordinary ! cents.
(iood Ordinary 10J "
Low Middling 12 "
Middling ." 12 "
(iood Liddling 13 "
Quotations conform to the classification
of the American Cotton Exchange.
Saturday, Abril 1.
tations nominally unchanged. Sales of bO
casks at 304 cents, 25 casks city distilled at
16 and 25 casks city distilled at 37 cents.
ROSIN Official quotations lii in at St 05.
Sales of 505 bbls st-aineil and good strained
at $1 05, 500 bbls strained at SI 05,2,000
bbls stained at $1 70 and 13 bbl3 N (extra
pale) at S5-
TAR l;";cial quotations quiet at SI 00
Sales of the days receipts at the quotation.
tations quiet at SI CO, $2 00 and S3. Sales
of. the ilas receipts at SI 00 for Hard,
$2 00 for Yellow Dip and S3 for Virgin.
CORN. Market steady. No sales.
Several cargoes arrived too late to offer
COTTON No official report as to tone
Sales of 07 bales at, the following prices: S
hales at 10 cents, 3 bales at 1 1 cents, 1
bale at 12 cents, 5 bales at 121 cents and
50 bales at VJ. cents
I he following are
the official quotations
(iood Orduiary
Low Middling ...
(iood Middling
' -a
Quotations conform to the classification
of the" American Cotton Exchange.
Monday, April 3.
tations s?.fc:i Jy at 30 cents. Sales of 275 casks
at 3(5 J.
ROSIN Official quotations firm at.
SI 70. Sales of 1.400 bbls strained atSl 70
and 16 bbls E (No. 2) at $1 75.
. TAR Official quotations steady at $1 60.
Sales of the day's receipts at the quotations.
ta jons steady at SI 60, $2 60 and $3. Sales
of the day's receipts at $1 60 for Hard,
$2 CO for Yellow Dip and S3 for Virgin;
SI CO for Hard. $2 65 for Yellow Dip and
S3 for Vimin: $1 05 for Hard, $2 05 for
Yellow Din and S3 for Virgin; SI CO for
Hard. S' 75 for Yellow Dip and 43 for
Virein. Market irregular.
CORN Market steady. Sales of 2,000
bushels at 61 ceuts in bulk.
COTTON. Official report dull. No
sales. " The following are the official quo
Ordinary . . , 0
Good Ordinary 10
Low Midddling : 12
Middling 12f
(iood Middling 13
Quotations conform to the classification
of the American cotton rxcnange.
TlEPAY, Apiil 4.
tations doll at 304 cents, txiles of .jO casts
at 35 cents, sellers' option, April 15tb
toUMJc. Official quotations firm
SI 70. Sties fcO bbls strained a- $1 U5,
2,718 bbh strained and good strained at
$1 70, 5 bbls M (pale) at $1 50 aad 15 N
(extra pale) at $i(3,$5 25.
TAU Official Quotations steady at.
$1 GO. Sales of the day's recipts at the
quotations and 100 bbls in order at $1 65.
tations Steady SI 65, $2 70 and So. fcales
in excess of the dav's receipts at $1 7" for
Hard, $2 75 for Yellow Dip and $.1 00 for
Virgin. Several rafts arrived after the
Jay's receip's were posted..
tuii.. Market steady, bales of 15.-
600 bushels iu bulk at 5SS(a.62 cents, as per
OU 1 r X i o official report as to tone.
sales of ISo bales at the followiuff prices
6 bales at 9 cents. 21 bales at 10J cents, 10
bales at 11 cents, 29 bales at 111 cents, 105
bales ab.l2 cents, 2 bales at 12 cents, 12
bales at Pi cents. The following are the
6fficial quotations of the 3d:
Ordinary 9 cents,
(iood Ordinary 10 "
Low Middling 12 "
Middling 12f "
Good Middling 13
Wednesday, April 5.
quotations dnll and nominal. Sales of 100
casks at 354 cents and 123 casks at 35
cents, market closing steady at o5 cents.
rousi.N Otheia. quotations farm at SI 70.
Sales of 27 bbls stfain-d at $1 70, 90 bbls
I (good No. 1) at $2 40, 54 bbls M (pale)
at -,4 i.)aS5, 20 bbls M & X (pale and ex
tra pale) at S4 50a$5, 36 bbls N (extra
pale) at $5, aud 5 bbls N (extra nale) at
it. .n -
40 ZO.
TAR Official Quotations firm at SI CO.
faies ot the day's receipts at quotations.
rations tinn at si 7.. s 75 and S3. Sales
of the receipts were made yesterday and
this day at $1 75 for Hard, S2 73 for I el-
low Dip and $3 for Virgin.
CORN Market steady. No sales to-
COTTON Official re.iort steady. Sales
of 111 bales at the following prices: 3 bales
at 9J cents, 5 bales at. 10 cents, 34 hnh s at
ents, 50 bales at, 124 cents, 19 bales at
12f cents. The following are the official
Urdinarv 9 cents
Good Ordinary 10 "
Low Middling 12 "
Middling 12 i "
Good Middling 121
Thursday, April 6 Noon.
tations quiet and steady at 35 cents. Sales
of 120 casks at that price.
ROSIN Official quotations firm at $1 70.
onies oi uois iroou s'rameu at i u.
and 7o bbls at SI 70 (delivered).
TAR Official quotations unchanged.
Sales of 93 bbls at, $1 CO.
tations unchanged. S iles of 93 bbls at
$1 75 for bard, o2 75 for yellow dip and
"5 for virgin.
CORN Market steady. Sales of 1,S00
bushels at 62 cents iu bulk for North
COTTOV Official report steady. No
Silcs this morning. The following are the
official quotations:
Ordinary 9 cents
oo(l '-'-rdinarv 10 "
Liw Middling 12 "
Middling 124 "
(iood Middling 12 "
Quo'ations conform to the classification
of the American Cot.t,n Exchange.
lajl- ISeccipts.
1ST8. S-.iritJ
f--t". Co'ton 'fiirpt. Iosin T'
Mch 30 lil 112 738 491
" 31 286 118 1,294 417
Aj.t 1 549 103 1,205 1,319
3 '250 111 1,339 809
4 223 80 597 171
" 5 348 75 97S 518
" 6 220 25 309 93
T 'irpf
Is dull and in the absence of de-
irand tin steck continues to accumu
late. There are now about 100 refts
uu-old. For qnot .tions
our price list. Tho sales
have been:
we refer to
for the wek
8 rafts nt $5 00.
5 rafts 5 50.
2 rafts " 8 00.
1 raft " 9 00.
1 ' " 11 00.
1 " 13 00.
OI the Stool--, Receipts and Exports of Cot
ton and Naval Stores at and from the
Port of Wilmington, X. C, for the month
ending April 1st, 1876 and 1875.
In yard aud afloat at the Port nf Wilming
ton, X". C, 1st April. 1876, as taken
from tlie books of the Produce Exchange:
Cottou in vard 1,609 bales.
aflo-t 923 "
Total 2.592 "
Snuits Turpentine in yard. . . 1,057 casks.
auoat. . . 20 "
lotai i,",i
luisin iu yard 19,271
afloat 4.018
Total 23,880
Tar in yr.rd 4.955
afloat 3.205
Total 8,100
Crude Turpentine in yard. . . . 5,038
Ootf. Spirit'-. Ro-in. . Tar.
1,-55 719 8,795. 4,341
4 -
Cotton. Sit'ls Rosin. Tr.
b oreign . . -Coastwise
773 719
Total.. 773 719 7,074 555 25
RECEIPTS FOR MARCH, 1876 & 1875.
Co ton Spt'8 Ris 11 Tr Crude
M'cb, '70.4,14.-' 4.056 3(5,285 14,010 14,8ir9
" '75.0,909 7,542 47,310 12,070
(Jetton. S(i'r Kosin Tr Crude
(i"t Br't. .2,590, 1,077 21.253 6,933 .
Contin't.. 20,777
C'wise... .3,944 3.603 6,037 3.348
Total . . 6,534
5,340 48,007
!.:!! n
Ct Br't..
Contin't. .
U'wlse.... 9,051
2,581 30,786 3,774 2,019
Total. .9,051 6,459 40,857 3.S14 2,019
By Telegraph to the Journal.
New York, April 5NigJit Money
- 1 At I S1 1 "
easy ana ouerea at 4 per cent, ijroia
steady at llXiQUHJ. fcterling ex
change quiet at gl 87. Government
securities dull and a ltttie better new
5s 118.
New York, April 5 Night. Cot
ton dull, with sales of 639 bales at
13a(l13 9 16 ceuts; consolidated net
receipts 41,186 bales; exports to Great
Britain 36.528 bales; to France 4,968
bales; to the con iuent 7,734 bales.
Flour dull aud prices for low grades
rule i.i buyers' favor superfine west
ern aud State St 20460; southern flour
quiet aad heavy for common grades
common to fair extra o 105 75;
eood to choice extra So 80(&S9. Wheat
opened dull and in buyer's favor and
closed rather more steady, with a little
better export demand. Corn opened a
trifle better and closed quiet and firm
at 6868i cents for graded mixed, 68J
cents for new j ellow southern and 651
cents for white do. on track. Oats are
without decided change. Sugar quiet
and unchanged Molasses quiet and
unchanged. Lard closed firm prime
steam 814 15(&14 '25. latter choice.
Spirits turpentine heavy at 40j cents.
Rosin steady. Whisky firm at 1 12
1 12 J. Freights steady.
Baltimore, April 5 Oiti quiet and
steady. Rye steady and firm. Pro
visions quiet and firm. Pom mess
$23S23 14. Bnlk meats shouldrs 9
9J cents, clear rib sides 1212j
ceuts. Bacon shoulders 10J cents,
clear rib sides 13J cents. Lard steady
and firm. Coffee job lota 16i20
cents. Whisky quiet and firm at $1 13.
Sugar steady and firm.
Losdox, April 5 Noon Street
rate 2, which is below bank.
Paris, April 5 Noon Rentes 66f.
Livkbpool, April 5 Noon Cotton
market tending down middinr up
lands 6 7-16d.; middling Orleans 6
11-16 3.;. sales of 8,000 bales, of which
1,000 was for speculation and export;
receipts csy.ouu; American 32,000
Futures flat and id cheaper.
. Sales of middling uplands, of a low
middling clause, deliverable June and
July, 61d.
Sales of middling nplands, of a low
middling clause, shipped March and
April, per sail, 6 1-16J. -
Sales of middling nplands, of a low
miaanng clause, deliverable. April,
O O-llKl.
(By Telegraph.)
New Orleans, April 5 Quiet and
easy middling 12 cents; low mid
dling 11J cents; good ordinary 10
cents; net receipts 398; gross 6,013;
exports to Great Britain 9,112 ; to
France 2,040; to continent 65; sales
Baltimore, April 5 Dull and
nominal middling 13 cents; gross re
ceipts 116; exports coastwise 65: sales
215; to spinners 125
Mobile. April 5 Nominal mid
dling 121; cents; net receipts 273;
exports to continent 1,510; coastwise
139; sales 250.
Norfolk, April 5 Dull and de
clining middling 12 cents; net re
ceipts 1,221; exports coastwise 1,123;
sales loo.
Augusta, April 6 Dnll and lower
to sell middling 12f cents: net re
-eipts 76; sales 139.
BobTON, April 5 Dnll middling
131 cvuts; net receipts 60; gross 60:
exports to Great Britain 353.
Savannah, April 5 Dull mid
dling 1213-16 cents; net receipts -407;
exports coastwise 593; sales 3L
'Galveston, April 5 Quiet mid
dling 12$ cents; net receipts 5,212;
exports coastwise 512; sales 990.
Memphis, April 5 Weak middling
12 cents; net receipts 1,010; shipments
2,414; sales 1,000.
Charleston, April 5 Lower
middling 124 cents; net receipts
aw, sales auu.
Philadelphia. April 5 Dull
middling 131 cents; net receipts 224:
Steamship Benefactor, Jones. New York.
A D Cazaux.
Schr Ray, Dennis, New River, cotton
and naval stores to Alex Sprunt & Son &
Edwards & Hall.
Schr Minnie Ward, Moore, New River.
cotton and naval s-ores, Edwards & Hall.
Schr Katie Edwards, Moore, New River.
cotton aud naval stores to Edwards & Hall.
Schr Carrie, Elizabeth Citv. 2.000 bush
els corn, J E Lippitt.
Scbr Charles, Ireland. Elizabeth Citv.
1,700 bushels corn, B F Mitchell & Son.
Schr Ogeeche, Sabislon, Middleton. N C.
3,000 bushels corn, B F Mitchell & Son.
Schr Eita, Sabiston, Nebraska. N C
2,000 bushels and 100 bushels potatoes to
B r Mitchell & Son & J E LiDDitt.
ochr Lorenzo, Russell, New River, cotton
and naval stores, Andersou & Loeb,
ocnr Kenecea, iiarker, Middleton, N C,
1.800 busbel4 corn, DeRosset & Co & BF
Mitchell & sou.
Schr Hash,- Davis, Shallotte. rosin.
Anderson & Loeb.
Sloop Ellen V, xieniamin. Western Bar.
Br batk Onioa, 363 tons, McWilliams, 50
da; s, Liverpool, 2,600 sacks common salt,
700 sacks Marshall salt, Anderson & Loeb.
Schr William, Mason, AVysocking. N C.
1,010 bushels corn aud 40 bushels potatoes.
B F Mitchell & Son.
Schr Anna. Bloodgood, Swansboro, naval
stores to .Murray c (Jo. vessel to Jessie
Wilder. '
Schr M C Moseley, 199 tons. Higgius. 12
days New York, J H Chadbourn & Co.
Schr E (J Knight, 149 tons. PratU Rock
land, Me, 1,530 bbls lime, G G Barker &
Co. See memoranda.
Schr John M Richards," 359 tons. Mals-
bury, New York, irou for W C & A R B &
guano for Navassa Guano Co., vessel to
Brig Erie, 211 tons, Sparks, Boston. 24
days, J II Cnadbourn & Co.
Cer bark Victoria, 431 tons, Tesnow,
, Sweden, E Peschau & Westermann.
Steamship Pioneer, Wakely, New York,
mdze, A D Cazaux.
Schr Sarah Webb, , Little River,
S C, naval stores, W I Gore.
Scbr B M Tilton, Tilton, Woodville, N
C. 1,800 bushels corn, B F Mitchell & Son.
Ger bark Victoria, 431 teas, Tesnow,
Gottenburg, Sweden, 56 days, E Peschau
Westermann, previously reported with
out port of clearance.
Schr Siam, Beery, Cherry Ridge, N C,
IiarriiS & Howell.
Ger brig D Witte, Zephlien, Bristol,
England, Alex Sprunt & Son.
Steamship Benetactor, Jones, New York
A D. Cazaux.
Schr Ray, Dennis, New River, Edwards
& Hall.
Swd bark Andriette, Odman, Rotterdam,
G G Barker & Co.
Ger bark Lydia Peschau, Fechter, Liver
pool, Alex Sprunt & Son.
Schr Katie Edwards, Moore, New Kiver,
Edwards & Hall.
(1st) Schr Paragon Shute, Waldoboro,
Me, Northrop & Cummings.
Schr Anna, Bloodgood, Swansboro, N C,
Jessie Wilder.
Scbr William, Mason, Wysocking, N C,
B F Mitchell & Son.
Schr Carrie, Roberts, Elizabeth City, J E
Schr Charles, Ireland, Elizabeth City, B
F Mitchell & Son.
Schr Etta, Sabiston, Nebraska, J E Lip
pitt. Schr Flash, Davis, Shallotte, Anderson &
Schr Lorenzo, Russell, New River,
Anderson & Loeb.
Scbr Minnie Ward, Moore, New River,
Edwards & Hall.
Schr Ogeeche, Sabiston, Middleton, N C,
B F Mitchell & Son.
Scur Rebecca, Harker, Middleton, N C,
DeRosset & Co.
Sloop Elleit V, , Benjamin, Master.
Schr Vesta, Wentworth, New Bedford,
Mass, cargo by C 11 Robinson, vessel G G
Barker & Co.
Biu stol Ger brig Dr Witte 2,733 bbls
Rotterdam Swd bark Andriette
3,450 bbls rosin
Liverpool Ger bark Lydia Peschau
1,118 bales cotton, 700 bbls rosin.
New York Steamship Benefactor
735 bales cotton, 546 casks spirits turpen
tine, 326 bbls rosin, 25 bbls crude turpen
tine, 176 bbls tar, 100 bbls pitch, 630 bush
els peanuts, 252 bushels cow peas, 64 pack
ages paper, 10 packages mdze, 170 packages
shooks, 6 packages roots and herbs, 48
bales sheeting.
Waldoboro, Me Schr Paragon 125,
381 leet lu-aaber, 11 bbls wood oil.
Baltimore Steamship Re'oecca Clyde
54 bales cotton, 300 casks spirits turpen
tine, 1,013 bbls rosin, 182 bbls tar, 22 bbls
pitch, 1 pony, 45 ba'.es yarn, 79 bales
waste, 45 bales warp, 10 bales rags, 332
bushels peanuts, 430 lbs ores and metals,
14 packages mdze, 17 bdls paper, 7 bdls
leather, 41 empty kegs, 21 cases tar.
New Bedford, Mass. Schr Vesta
1,000 bbis tar.
List of Vessel In the Port of VF11
ningten, N. C, April , IMT6.
Pioneer, Wakely, ldg, A U Cazaux
Bertha, Ger, Schuett,
dis E Pescbau & Westermann
Clio, Ger, 275 tons, Schupp,
wtg E Peschau & Westermann
Frank, Nor, 349 tons, Pettersen,
wtg RE Heide
Israel, Swd, 307 tons, Tallin,
lde G G Barker fe Co
LNajaden, Nor, 230 tons, Ha.vorsen,
ldg W llliams & ALurcbison
Omoa, Br, 3G3 tons, McWilliams,
- dis Anderson & Loeb.
Primus. Nor 2C2 tons, Olsen,
ldg Alex Sprunt & Son
Rosa, Ger, 268 tons, Hoftschild,
ldg Anderson & Loeb
Victoria, Ger, 431 tons, Tesnow.
dis E Peschau & Weatennann
David, Br. 249 tons, Shelf ord,
dis Alex Sprunt &
Elgin, Br, 310 tons, Toms,
ldS Alex Sprunt Son
Erie, 211 tons, Sparks,
ldg J H Chsdbourn & Co
juecnanic, 197 tons, Hutchison,
Northrop & Gumming
B M Tilton, Tilton, dis, B F Mitchell &
aju uoiuns, v.tx tons, Mathews.
Harrisa & Howell
xu K, jsjugnt, 14 tons, Fratt,
dlS G a PUrfcef Mr rv
John M Richards, 359 tons, dis, Master
j-eine xreat, ivj tons, Beaver,
repe (lil RarVe Jk n
Jtt c Moseley, 199 tons. Higjrins.
OlS J IT ChiHtw-nni Jtr Hi
oaranwebb, , dis, W I Gore
tor WIlMi-ivtaM
C, from ForelcB Fmrxm
B M Width. Nor. Moller. TJahnn .m
march 5. '
" Biage,Swd,Gumev.Dubnn-ian.Onn1.
town, aid march 1.
Burgermeister Kirutein. (ir mnr;,-!.
uulwIUAUlf BIU X1H3U t,S-
Dragen. Nor. ThotnasAn. r.rni- tVv oa
t f - : w J
Fnunat, Sw. Ahlstedt. eld Lnndnn mpii i
ana ijrravesena men 4.
Hermann Helmnch. ilttr. ciean.
Gran ton. aid feb 17. Ar-rrion rK oo'
North Foreland mch 1. '
Langeen. Maftnnssen. Nor. PIvmnntK
.l,io ' 1 -
La Bella. Nor. Skare. Sremerh
w-u oa ' j .
Lyn, Nor, Wold. Hull, aid mch 10.
Mynheer, Ger, Sagert, Glasgow old Jan 2L
Sigurd J art. Nor. Tortemmn. Amti-
uau, siu ieo lOf xsxei men 19.
Albatros, Nor. Tostensen. Lrt.ntan. M
V.V. nj tr j a -v .
ox vii vcw-uu ana xeu men vu. .
Ellida, Nor, Klem. Lisbon, dd feb 28.
Floats, Nor, Andersen, London, dd feb
xv, -urravesena ieo 14, Lel leb 20.
R Von Benningsen, Koster, Rotterdam,
uxvjx .jo, mmwiuis apr xst.
Yreka, Moon, Havana, aid march 30.
vmi from WllmlBgtoBi
jtu. in w. vrrii-i trmrM
i&olns, Nor, Krough, Hamburg, dd feb
Amelie, Swd, Ghristenson, Rotterdam.
ddfeb23. '
Andriette, Swd, Odman, Rotterdam, dd
mch 31.
Chatham, Nor, Schirod, Rotterdam, dd
feb 11, ordered to Liverpool mch 6 arvd
r aimoutn juarcn 31.
Cito, Nor, Wathne, Stettin, dd feb 29.
Edmund Richardson, Br harkentine
is roaie, Liverpool, dd march 1.
Emilie, Ger.'Lange, Stettin, dd fob 29.
Fear Not, Ger, Kuhtz, IJverpool, dd
mch 22.
Frey, Nor, Halvorsen, London, 'dd
mch 18.
Haugereid, Nor, Messel, Antwerp, dd
march 4.
Heinrich Rodbertus, Kroeger, Rotter
dam, ou men z .
Helene, Ger, Fack, Hamburg, dd mch 9.
Junus, vxer, JrrencK, xiuritenhead, Eng,
sld march 14.
Lydia Peschau, Ger, Fechter, Liverpool
dd mch 31. .
Medusa, Ger barkantine, Siedeberg, Ant-
Tvtr, 7.
Nancy Holt, Br barkantine, Swan, Liver
pool, sld feb 25.
Ottilie, Ger, Totte, Liverpool, eld mch
Ruth Topping, Br barkantins, Ericksen,
Liverpool, dd march 9.
William, Ger, Schauer, Rotterdam, dd
mch 13.
Zephyr, Nor, barkantine, Jensen, Lon-
uon, ciu marcn 7.
Black Swan, Winslade, St Pierre, Mar- I
unique, sia ieo zy.
C O Van Hern, Br, Hooker, London, dd
ieo xv.
Clara, Ger, Dillwitz, Bristol, Eng, dd
march 21.
Die Peene, Ger Fehlh'iber, London, dd
ieo zo.
Dr Witte, Ger, Zephlen, Bristol, dd
men ou.
F W Fischer, Maatz, London, dd mch 11.
Fanchon, Ger, Voss, Liverpool, dd
mch 18.
Freude, Ger, Braun, Newcastle, ping, dd
ieo 10.
G A Coonan, Br, Adair, London, dd feb
11, Bermuda, march 16th, repairing.
Helene, Nor, Gundersen, Hamburg, dd
mch 23.
Lorena, Br, Jackson, New Castle, Eng
dd march 18.
Taritta, Nor, Kundsen, Rotterdam, dd
mch 23.
Ternen, Nor, Harvigsen, Cronstadt, dd
feb 5.
Vera, Nor, Moller, Belfast, Ireland, dd
feb 29, spoken mch 10th, lat 41.10, long
18. iu.
Vultur, Nor, Eilertsen, Antwerp, dd
feb 24. -
Ann Dole, Bonce, Hayti, dd march 7. -Anna
Sheppard, Terry, Pert da Paix,
Hayti, dd mch 17, passed lat 36 47, Ion
14 so, men Z9.
Lucy Holmes, Teel, Cape Haytien or a
market, eld. marcn o.
Arrived at Destination (Foreign
Porta) from YVllnalnrton, jg, c.
Arnevie, Nor, Arntsen, arrived London
m arch 6.
Brilliant Star, Br, barkantine, Nicholas,
arvd Gfeenock, mch 28.
Florence Margaret, Br, barkantine, Cor
ner, arv London march 6.
Hope, Br,-Fries, ar Liverpool mch 10.
Juno, Ger, Lindt, ar Liverpool, mch 14.
Otilia, Nor, Thorsen, Hamburg, arrived
march 4.
Reidulf, Nor, Knudsen, arvd Hamburg,
mch 27.
Shanghai, Ger, Nauschuetz, ar Liverpool
mch 9.
Staubo, Nor, Gundersen, Granton, arvd
feb 18.
Victor, Nor, Jacobsen, arvd Rotterdam,
mch 10.
Alice Ada, Br, Wilmott, arrived at
Trieste mch 13.
Anna, Nor, Jorgensen, ar London mch 10
Brisk, Br, Trefry, Granton, arvd feb 7.
Brothers, Br, Smith, Antwerp, ar jan 25.
Emma, Ger, Gerber, Liverpool, ar fen 16 .
Fido. Nor, Thorsen, ar Liverpool mch 3.
Framat, Swd,Eckman, ar Trieste mch 13
Fredriksteen, Nor, Larsen, arvd Belfast
march 3.
G C Michels, Ger, Dillwitz, arvd (Ham
burg march 13.
Johanne, Dan, Andersen, Liverpool, ar
feh 20.
N Stowers, S towers, arvd Grenada, men
6, leaking.
Noruen, Nor, Severtsen, arvd Hamburg
march 18.
Donna Anna, Whaley, arrvd Cardenas,
1 march 27
T TT, T,
L. F. Warren, Johnson, Port au Prince,
rr feb 7.
The Hovel of the Season I
"A Question of Honor, by Christian Be id, -t
praised by tho proa aa a work highly credits. bl
of American literature. Tho subjoined ex
tracts larefrom very favorable criticisms:
lYvm Utm PltiUuidpkim Pre:
"A new work of fiction by Christian Reld la
always acceptable . . : A Qaostion of Honor,
is a story of Southern society, with a well .con
structed and well- obtained plot, and with a
finish which wUl ba unanticipated by moat
Fro tke ITem Have Register
An admirably-told story, full of Incident
and plot, that are in bo respect overstrained,
and carrying intense interest as tho threads ot
the narratiTO are caught ap and Joined together-"
Tram the Louisville Cowrier-Joumet.
'The story i a cnarmlng on, and is tally
worthy of the author's reputation: indeed, It
has secured to as the bet and nobler! of all
that she haa yet written."
From tke Boston Globe.
"Kcqulaltely clear in style and elevated fa
tone, and ia worth more than one oarefal read
ing. From k UHc Btruld.
"The autlfor has wrought with ears, and
with wood ethical and artistic purpose, and
these ale the essential needs in the .building
np of an American literature."
From tke Bottom OaeetU.
"'As a contribution to American fllctkjn, 'A
auestkm of Honor, will more than maintain
e already enviable reoutationot its author.'
. From tke Bufal Cowrixr.
The author of "Va.erie Aylmer' a one ot
the moat eaeceaeful of those who have tried to
construct novels zvX of the erode material ot
American life."
1toL,Nb. Cloth. Ploe, S1.T8.
Mai lea to any address within the united
States, post-paid, on receipt of price.
oIaP PLETON A CO., Publisher,
aag SO datwlt 631 Bsmbwat, N. T.
wr-ar i iKTRir. PROTESTANT. Grsen-
X bon N.O., published ia the Hntereat of
the Methodist iroteetans usurrw fii sv x
J. Ih Mlchaoz, eoltor. 3-3-,
Wholesale Prices List.
corrected wjeeklt.
These a. UOtfttinn (J annl whnlA.
sale prices. In fillinpr smaller orders.
higher figures
(as a role) will be
April 6th, 1876. '
8 00 5 75
13 15
u a oo
n is
it 11V
14J IS
- HX9 13
8 9 .10
APPLES per barrel.
BAOON Nortk Carolina.
Shoulders, y ft
etacs, v n
Weetera Smoked,
U aUfl, ay IE........ ....
Bhonlden, hu
Dry Salted
Bides V B
Shoulders, lb
On tbe Hoof
BARRELS Spir's Turpentine
Second Hand, each.... ....
New York, eacn
New CltT. emeh
1 60
1 75
1 75
6 00
O 1 90
9 30
C4 T 00
OH 00
O 29
BRIUKS Wilmington, V M ..
Northern, vm......
BUTTER N. ClaroUna. lb
Northern. 4 its.
OAKDLE3 Sperm, y lb. ..Ill
S3 .
10 .
ataimunuu, W n... .
CHEESE Northern Ftc'f y lb
COPVEE, Java, V . 111'.
12 9
15 9
SI 9
0 9
""Of If ID-..-.. ............
LmiTr. H lb
CORN MEAL bushel
cotton ties w b
DOMESTICS Shoot gJ4-4 V y'd
Tarn. W bnnch
93 (4 1 00
m I
F la H Mackerel. Mo. 1. hhl in rri
No. 1 Mackerel, la u Shi
900 00
98 00
9 T 00
91 00
9 7 00
9 8 00
9 5 00
9 00
9 60
9 8 60
(A 0 00
Mackerel. No.S,) bbl ....
Ho-I.VX bbl...T
Mackerel, No.g, ? bbl....
M mixta XhKI
9 60
17 00
0 TO
11 00
3 60
4 60
6 10
Dry Cod, V lb"by "bib
FLOO ft Fine, V bbl. . . .111.1.
super x-toruiern, bbl....
Ex.ra do. V bbU...
Family y bbl.,-,
City Mills Snpr, V bbl.1T.
" Family bbl....
EzFamilv hhl
6 60
T JJ0 A 8 liO
8 00 C400 00
9 00
910 00
Peruvian Qnano.V 8.000 lbs 68 00
NaTaasa Guano.
900 00
(4.15 00
(435 00
969 00
993 00
96S 00
900 00
&9 00
9 10
60 00
1X Acid Poos, "
" Tobac Fert, '
Stono "
Whann's Phosphate "
Soluble Pacific "
Star PhosDhate
81 00
60 00
" 46 00
" - 46 00
" 46 00
" 49 00
uiiUK w n.
GRAIN Corn, in store, ) 56 lbs
X9 lX
60 9 75
1 00 (4 110
1 10 a us
80 & 1 0U
0 9 T
10 (4 00
so (4 i oe
vorn, cargo, y oe lbs
Oata, V bushel
Peas. Cow. W bushel
HAY Eastern i-er cwt
xIorth River
HIDES Green, y lb
OOP7 iloN-i" ton.".'..." "I."
6 00 910 00
HUUr ruLKS dressed, ner hnn. in aai nn
fUNIPKB BOLTS, V tl SIS 0090 00
ujlhu iMortnern v lb 1X9 1
Notth Carolina, ia m. . .... in a an
-9BOl 100
LUM B Kit City BteamSawed
nip ota it, renewed, V M ft 19 00
Rough Edge Plank, ) M ft 17 00
West India Cargoes, accord.
ing to quality, J M ft 14 00
Dressed Flooring, seasoned 20 00
Scantling and Boards, com
mon. V M ft 15 no
921 00
919 00
(420 00
925 00
900 00
9 86
9 40
9 83
9 89
9 80
9 4 15
9 19
9 1 95
9 00
9 13
9 1 00
(4$l 00
9 9 75
93 00
900 00
900 00
900 00
MOLA88BS Cnba,hhgs,vgal 84
-uud, ddis, o gal 36
Sagar Home, hhgs, 9 gal. . 90
" bbls, gal.. 23
Sttup. bbls. W eal 40
KAILS Ct. 41 to 20. Wketr.. 8 40
OILM Kerosene, VgaL. ...... 18
ijara, v (ri 1 20
Linseed. V gal 80
Rosin. e-al 14
PEANUTS bushel 1 10
POTATOES Sweet, & bushel 80
iiiBUinuruiQru, 9 uui i iu
PORK Northern Cltr Mesa.... 24 25
TRln, bbl 00 00
Prime, p bbl 20 00
Rump. W bbl 22 00
xtlUB Carolina, n
H9 T
90 9 1 00
3 9 s
15 16
75 9 1 00
00 (4 5
xtoaen. w Dusnei
RAQ--Oountry, ytb
City, tt.
8 ALT Aiam'V bushel".
Liverpool, W sack
American, tt sack 85 (4 90
STJO-AK Cuba, y tt 8(4 00
rorto x-uco lb 9 9
A Coffee, y tb 10X9 10V
B -lb 10j9 Mjtf
c " yrt o & ojJ
ExO" VS. 9U 9f
Crushed, v rt, 12 a U v
ouar xioruiern, fl( id D (4
III iK3 Ljrs& ,111 LI MU1, Dl . . mw
9 6 00
9 00
9 6 00
uommon, m z eo
Cypress aps, $M 600
pre s xiearts, w m voo
920 00
9 10
(412 60
9 8 SO
9 ? 50
99 00
9 5 00
9 8 60
9 98
9 40
8TAVBS W. O. Bbl.WM.... 15 00
B. O. Hhd., V M 10 00
T ALLOW- V lb 8
TIMBER Snipping, V M 11 CO
mill rnmc, m no
Mill Pair,-07M 6 60
Inferior t3 Ordinary. MM.. 3 00
WHISKEY Northerr, y gal.. 126
xNcrtn -uarouna, gai lis
WOOIi-Unwashed, 9 lb 16
wuoea, fcf id so
Vew Revised Edition.
Entirely rewritten by the ablest writers on
every suojecc. xrintea rrom new type, and
illustrated with Several Thousand JEngra- '
rings and Maps.
THE work originally published under the tl-
DIA was completed in 1864, since which time
the wide circulation which it has attained in all
parts of the United States, and the signal de
velopments which have taken place in every
branch of science, literature, and art, have in-
duoed the editors and publishers to submit it to
an exact and thorough revision, and to issue a
new edition entitle THE AMERICAN CY-
Withlx! the last ten years tbe proarees or die.
oovery in evry department of Knowledge hae
made a new wor a oi rererenco an lmpeiative
The movement of political affairs haa kept
pace with the discoveries or science, and their
fruitful application to tbe industrial and use
ful arte arid the convenience and refinement of
social life. Great wars and consequent revolu
tions have occurred, in wiving national changes
of peculiar moment Tbe civil war of our own
oouAtt-y, wuicn was at its neigut wnen tne last
volume of the old work appeared, has happily
been ended, and a new course or commercial
and industrial activity haa been commenced.
Large accessions to our geograpmcai nowi-
ledge have been made by the Indefatigable ex
plorers of Africa.
lae great pouucai re-ruiuiyiuue ui mo lmi uc
cade, with the natural result of the lapse of
time, have brought into public view a multi
tude of new men, whose names are in every
one's mouth, and of whose lives every one is
curious to know the particuiara. ureal Dattiee
have been fought and important sieges main
tained, of which the details are as yet preserved
onlymthe nowspapersor in tne transient puD-
lications of the day, but which ought now to
take their place in permanent and authentic
n preparxing ino present eaiugn ior .am
press, it has accordingly been the aim of the
editors to bring down the Information to the
latest possible dates, and to furnish an accu
rate account of the most recent discoveries in
science, of every fresh ptoductionin literature.
and of tho newest inventions in the practical
arts, aa well as to give a succlnt and origina-
re cord or tne progress oi political ana nistori
eal events.
Xhe work has been Degun arter long ana
careful preliminary labor, and with the most
ample resources for carrying it on to a success
ful termination.
None of the original stereotype plateJ have
been used, but every page has been printed on
new type, forming in fact a new Cyclopedia,
with the same plan and compass as its prede
cessor, but with a far greater pecuniary ex pen-,
diture, and with such improvement in its com
position aa have been suggested by longer ex
perience and enlarged lc nowledge.
Xhe illustrations which are introduced for the
first time in the present edition have been ad
ded not for the sake of pictorial effect, but to
give greater lucidity and force to the explana
tions in the text. They embrace all branches
if science and of natural history, and depict the
n oet famous and remarkable features of scene
y, architecture, and art, as well aa the various
jroceeaes ot mechanics and manufactures. Al
Jioogb Intended for instruction rather than
imbeLiahment. no pains have been spared to
usui 9 their artistlo excellence ; the cost of
heir execution is enormous, and it is believed
will find a welcome reception as an ad
jlrable feature of the Cyclopaedia, and worthy
f lta high character.
This work la eold to Subscribers onlf J .Ta
ble on delivery of each volume. It will be com
pleted in sixteen large octavo volcmee, each
eontaieing about 800 pages.fully Ulustraied with
several thousand Wood Engravings, and with
numerous colored Lithographic Maps.
Price and St"! of BlndlnK-
In extra cloth, per vol 05 00
In Library Leather, per vol 6 00
In Half Turkey Morocco, per vol. 7 00
In Half Russia, extra gilt, per vol. S 00
In Full Morocco, antique, gilt edges, per
TOI .-.-..... ..........1000
In Fall Kue-ne, per vol....
Volumes now reedy. Succeeding volumes,
until completion, will be issued once in two
mSBpeciraen pages of the f1MR.I?A
CYCLOPAEDIA, showing type, illustrations,
etc., will be ent gratia, on application.
Fxest-Clabs Canvassing Aojst
Address.the Publishers,
549 and 551 Broadway,.N. T.
Published By -
Raleigh, N. C.
BEV. a T. BAILEY, Editor.
BEY. J. D. HUFHAM, Associett i Mtor.
BEV. W. T. WALT KB, D. D.JArtonlt,ir-a
Organ of North Carolina Baptists
Every Baptist Should Take It.
As aa Advertising Medium Unsurpassed.
Raleigh, N.

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