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Jim ", - j
c.i. a 1
- .o - J
-43 A
. a yv m
a!a O.T.ce,
r be regular army will, a
S 0.ceT ilvc f ahk-n-e to accej t
J;!Tf volaer rc-nts, but i
( a enteral
t the rank
... rfi'M Pfnr. tint Tint. Iiiwt-r
-l.inmiisned i .c-ers and privates
jLtf ,e'nfnijlisiT'a will not be administered
,TlL,Thc Tithis WIwi;ij it must in all
. . P?f0 r--Yact n hia parUJTor will any
'M CODor b'3 receive. 1. But
-mottl"'? T?d paroles given, to avoid arrest,
!2ths tat"' flonWnt. or expulsion, are voluu
!ion '"" and cannot be reardd as c?m
rf'S ?ty Pf violatinjr suchttaths
ZJ'?JLZi the United -States and the gen.
7jj, Tbe"'v -nthuris. in certaia ; cass, the
J lsf Version of priyate property for the
,iiar . r.nrtation. ana eiuer wes i me
3Wf j KSsfwtinished from pillage ;
U-WSJ iropirty forpttiftYr purpose, is
4 tha iaklD fL t5 conversion to private uses.
different wm uken from the enemyor
IB pr yrty 'a ' f , enemy' country, intant
fruin "SSerty. and must be used and
Lbeaomet Pt" PT-52d Article of Wat
Qtited for f" 1t 0f death for pillage or plan
,nihoriaes the pen' l- authorize severe pntissli
darSae,Bd otlierarti l(lier wh0 gfeall sell, errt-
macts laBy, ,-waste military stores,. r who
baite,B'PP''' a t. Bnisapplicatioa of apy audi
ihaHparm't The penalty ia the eanie whether
:,ra or ia "
lV- L?mieP must be inventoried and duly ac
tittni property taketf be fclaimed as
"L.V n-t ba elven to each claimant.
ot bUVfor pretty b? P r by theif
orU end it mlaW returnei for, the ame as
XlnTnV uther stores, the commanding t)facer if
K oartr will be held accountable for ther ecnSact
it i hi" Teommand, and will makd trae; report of U
fYL N officer" soldier iriU, withont.aatboritY
, bia colors r ranks, to take priyat propertyi
' . .' nrivtis houae for that immose All
'eh acta are punishable with death.'ana an officer
"ho permit them is equally as jrnilty aa the actual
r ii Wmmanrf nnfiiMri 'flf iinnie and cotdi
will be beld-Teaeonsiblft aoT theexecution of tneae
d!ssa;tbeir reep-tive Mmmapds.r
lit cuaunanu ot ainjo jrnrai muer, r ... sJ
: - Gtncral-in-Chicfvf the Army t
.c-u-Y1 V""":' ' t ' Er-iX TOWNSEND; ji' ;
;'Autant Adjutant UtHeraii
..- if
rj vu Ifead-Qaartersi
J j! d y a icpariui- ill. ui uim
th Carolina, V
v2&,18(2 is.):
I i j vy xl is-5 w ueroe ot,
, ffPEf!TATjiflRDEIi Sft. 103. '
Jim Meana i hereby ,Tipointed Super-
. ...nt f nil the Blacks in this Depart ment.; The
cbif of tha different Departments having blacks
BDfler their coarse win lejwri jlu mm ; im m ui
to accordance wilh the above Order;.. all those
who employ uiacHwiiwyooin' iervres m niw
Departmenrwill report to memonthly, their namea.
emBloyment.iiainber pf dayrwock;:witli dates, and
Office MetCAtfstreee. corner of New street.
JAMES MEANS, uperintende t it Jilacltg;
' 1 ) . t Newberne, Dec. 10, 18b2. $ i
An'export duty of five per cent, on all cotton .and
hides, aod on all naval stores; and oti all wood and
lumber, shipped from any port: la. this- Department
will be charged from this date. . : ? f .:i ; s
Musters of vessels carrying; any :of the articles
above named, must exhibit their, freight list to the
several Chief Quarter-Mate'.a, at these ports, be
fore they can obtain a clearance. : . '; '-'1
Th amounts due for the duty:, will bo paid to said
Oaarter-Masters, or in their absence. to the Provost
Juarahal, ueUI further orders.
Ah orders heretofore issued in re;
", '.;-'. Li".. f
ilatiou. to export
laj; Gen. Foster
dutit; are annulled; by order of Maj
.Bt order of (i over nor Stanly
On and after this date all persona are forbid bring.
icg to thu city for sale, any. Tar; Pitch.. Ko in, Tur.
pvDtine.'Cotton. Shintrles or Wood, without a writ
ten oermit Irom the owners thereof! which permit
must be countersigned by the' Provost Marshal, who j
Will ascertain before countersigning whether .the
ownera of said articles are loyal. 'And all traders
are hereby enioined not to Durehaso or sell any ot
th ft hnva RHi.la in violnt inn of thia Order, i ' .!
-By command of G"v, Edward. Stanly frr 4,
i-- i- 1 ProVost Marshal.
, . Department of North Carolina
- t.t e . ,in taiM
After the I5th dy of September only 2 clerks in
eaoh of the Denailment1 Offices ' will be allowed to
rnmmnt thalr fdtumi at 75 "cents per day.'
All nth detailed men will, after that date, either
draw their rations or commute theirr at, the cost of
the ration at this post.
Each -mess of 6 detailed menwill be ' allowed one
cont raband as cook, whose pay will be eight dol
lars per month, '?;! -' : r. 'r.-i.-ll ''.'J.
, Dv comtaand of Mai. Gen. J. G. Foster t , ; --
Assistant Adj uUnt jGeneral.
r-- t'f--. He ad-Quarters, v
' ' :: . . Department of North Carolina,
r ; -.-.v i;u ewBerne November 21 1862.
Hereafter no negroes will be allowed to cut Wood
within the limits of "this Department., 'without: ft
written nermiasion .from Hia Excellency. Edward j
Wanly -Military Governor, or from the owners of
the land iin whifth snch wood is cut; except such
negroes are employed by the Quarter Masters De
partment to cat wood for the yuo of tbo Troops in
this Command., . i ... wS p- .
' By couiuiand of Mai. Gen. J. G. Foster.
i-,U .-oil t'.-;.ii.--"- ; . AbbI. Adjt. GeneraL;
r! f,.ja 'I- .- .' Hkad Quartirs,
IRS, i y-
28, 1862. r,
.J , f,T- OHPARTlttK'r or NORTH
'New Berne,, November .28
Special notice dated Nov: 18thTretieving" Captain
Daniel Messinger; from, duty, as Inspector of titles!
to Tar. Turpentine, voixou, anauiiier aierouauwo,
hereby Veveked-'-'Captaia Messinger, will Continue
to perform the datiea connected with that office as
'Byxjouimandof Md Gen. J.CFofter, .i4. ..
- .-.---f v; - Aiaistant Adjutant General.
:..i L.t:.u-ic.ur. ' : ;l ' (i "ri:i
ILii hu-, X3sr astw bst' of North Carolina, .V
..... r. .. . Nrwttorne. Nov. 17. 1862.. v
PhUVp PiVkin.-o this townj is hereby appointed
All person"are forbiddento sell any Tar or; Tur-
pentiae, M-ithout haA ing each, bairel, inspected tby
liiinV, V??;-..-'1 V 21m.Xi
w - i -". i-M s ?f EDWSTANIii,
;Mililary Gorereor of Nerth Carolina.
v-v ,
:Jtw Uerne, Sept. 23d, 1862.
special orders;: NO 53. ,!
Cpt: Daniel Mesinger, Ai Q. M.; is here
pomtU v W -j investigate titles o property
iWinned from this port, and will be obeyed a
M.', is hereby ap-
r to be
toned from this port, autt wiu o osejcuau re-
.P.ct.d ff0i Maj.GenosTVR; :: .
vain t-u kouthard HorrMAif,' Assti Adj. Gen.
:' 1 1 E A D O LA H T E RS. V
Military Governor of N. Carolina
7 ,;,-rri-V!l .A ew lseroe. J ane a. joo.
D . J. G. Ti will from the date of th w order aa
sume charge of all vacant and abandoned build
ingin Newbern; with power to assign, to lease, and
rent the same. 1
By command of-" "
. . . GOV, STASLT.
JLVhax VakBcres, Military Secretary. -
iartmei.t North Carolina, V -w
lierne, Oct. I, ISGi, 1
1 5
All person, prisoner of war tothe United Mates,
,.i,. ; !,;,. r'tf.nnrtiiipiit.. dcSiroUS Ot ltfV-
inir Mm' i;nAa r th;' ir. N- forces will report their
names nt these ilesdmartoVs immediately. '
By cocimand of MV (i-n. J. G. FosTfit, 1
Aiiistsct Adjutict Geacral'
jj0 obeyed ftna rept-Jteu iu. an inaucxo vvuucvicu i. -v'-:-;-. TftTii af.
with the negroeffinwnnq. .-.,, , i ii-l Dep
Br ecmmanu oi m&i. uou. . u-. rtnim, . , ,. , ... . ,-. ; .- ,
.f ;-.. .-s.i a;Assktant Adiutant General ' I :- Vi-r-:- bvECIAL
- w - . a
t r
lnarptfr nt 'i'rnnrt "urnflnuiie. ttiiu ia w umwutu- 1 h. 1 :niel wunerniuie.ii - ,-.y - .. ..- a
- ,.' 1 :.. ... 1... I
dks such. ! ' -V'- ' ; - ' . ' v VI . wh;ut verv faeihtv wil be afforded to persons 1 ed men of ths Army and
He is authorized to charge ten -cents per barrel eB2.liecd n legitimate business ia this city,4 and at- I ing. Any violation of this
' .
:. volume 5:
; " i . 5 Department 2Torth C
Carolina, ;
,4? J
i i , , ,k fewbern, Oct. 15
All oflicera. men and citizens- are strictlv forbil.
den to go on board of aay f the eteamera arriving
at this port by, means of. boats r.otbenrbe, until
the vessel i properly secured to the wharfJf
l lie i'royost J larsfcal will; ae, that this order, "I
implicitly obe ed and that no one excent txsreona
connected with these Ueadquartera and with the
omce ot .uoptr- isiagnt. A.-t.,al.. wjll be allowea to
go on board under aor pretext whatever.
lij comtaacd or-Alai. Uen.Fo , -
i-'.jj i . ' , Assistant Adjutant General. '
' Circular, Ordes.
t ,'' j , - . 'Headquarters.
J, ' . ' Department North Carolin
ohna, f ! r
- f, -t ewberne. i. O.i bett it'b
The pre at and unnecessary waste of gas in the
quarters occnpied.by the officers and men of thit
TThe-expense of m&kiig (ras, 'is, of course, large;
and paid, mainly, by tha Government. - -,
.Soldkr m .quarters, are 'subject tof,he same
rules as to lights, as if in camp, and Company Com-;
manders'wilt see that they.are strictly carried but.
I J Olboxs are ecioineo to see that an uttle waste as
poasiblo takes place, in their respective juartera.w
.By- order of Msj, Gen. J; G." Foster.-' I
: f 4 fiOTJTIIARD "U OFFMAN, AssL Ad j. Gen, V,
t ; Department of
f North C .rolina,
; Sept. 24, 186)4.
.New Bern
1 Oatitain DanieF Messinireri A. Q. SI .. is hereby
Ordered to investigate and . examine into the ship.
menta froin this point of cotton, Ate, since; the oc
.Cupoiionor jXew lierne oy our forces. ; i . .
' iU.& will endeavor to discoveT who have shipped,
and li6w,.cotUm seized by the U. S. tarovernment,
and sent away without proper authority. !frrT .HT
, ! All officers of the army will afiord CapC Me8sin-
ger any iaciuiy in iub uiHcuorge ui hub uuiy. --4
- j - : By command of MaVGen. J. G: Fifer, K'j C
JUeut, and Acting" Asa't Adj t General. ..1
artmenfc of North Carolina
WoarRai-n Sunt :!(!' t-Sfi?. ',
ORDERS No. 3?. '
' I'rna nnnff oi cannon or inu.ss.etry oi wu iui i
pracuc ZfY'Tl
oruv. iw "o.mv.... u , - ;. j i i j
11 nnmmjtnrl f u; . jcn H'natMrt , l
; & ' f " nf.W.T? At. fiRDEES No. 8 ; ;
Ati Vuinie fnrhldden to teave any port in this
Department and take any persou of color who did
nnt. rriv inn the vessel, or. who haa not a pasa from
the Generator other officer commanding, or .from
1 All vessels or every aesenpuon-viuianu iw vi-;
der will be liable to confiscation ana ner m&sier wm
;No vessel ehall nave any port in mis vewmwi'i.
until the master alnill take an, oath that be has not
any such person on board and will not allow any
8U,h perso to com or remain on board '; ' -
.It hV the 4nty:4t the Harbor master or other per
An (hnntn nnointed to read a eopy of this order
to every master of a v ssel after she ehall be ready J
0-AJtT KRS, -
of North uarouna, ?,
, Aug yuru f
been: taken; rr; r t T r r ' y p rr rp:,T? j All persona are forbid firing guna, pistols. 01? can
It shall be tha-duty of the masterbf every4 vessel jnon.-in any of the streets, r lanes, alleys, or, lots
oO-n-BnsrhAttni otttit above meuuoneu uo i
m.irA m. written reptjrt dunne every voyage 01
board soid vessel du-1
:. '.o- ..TMn. anliAra in service, and to I
rannrt till called forby the Provost
r i.i i, Affir Autlioriid to receive it.v 'I
i TTnanf Af Oeneral J G. Foster .rfl
(jlXiiXixU xiui riuai',
' J' -: , ., Ass't Adj't Gem
. '" T-'; ( - j-,
M Heado.uab.teb,'
' TlATifLrtment OI u:s. t-
' - . . r,,-.
tI -r'y "trti i.'i.i..lv unnninted CitvInsDCC-
.... f . . r- . ,f new uhiius. uuc .
tor of New Berne' with power to assess . and collect
rents ana gas
ed accortlmg!
'' J. LYMAN VAN BUREN, Military Secretarj;
I : - Dhpartmkst byNoRTH CaroUXA,
' " Newbern. Sept. 26. 1862,
! KTntore tn CotnnaHies 6uarter$ xn town,?
1 vi, n iru mnst be turned off from all burners in
t. t.h r.roner hour for tne ex
tinguishnient of lights,- and but one-light
will be
usea in tne nan aunng tuo uaa-"-
camedout and that all diligence U used in econo-
m,,t ffJ . f v
O fnmmm nffif.r.1 Will 860 inat IUIS UIUCI in
3" Officers ouarterea iq town wiu uu. ubo u
more burners nor - continue iigu o.
iute necessary, in their own quarters. ,r
ily ttoinmana oi awi .v.vro., -
JAS. C. SLAGHT, Capt. and A. Q. M i
Impertaal Order-
HkADOUARTKBS.'Li fr- . h
Department of Nortli Carolina,
New Berne, April
. . - . ::. - !iv
w hfc this Department is under Martial
Law and treason expressed or impUedwiU meet K : Fk Kttn7
Z?Z'-JLut. ntfishment.' vA 5 t- tl. I ... T., . -.18th Army Corps
!ti. n.. dti-int execution of this order.' withia the
nrk. aviti.4-n.s-tf Jiivftriifir'Ui - a3W ajqi ua 10 aj. 1
DOunun ,110 .
' PnovosT Mak?i
1 Newbern, Jank 12, 186i..
I Hereafter po citizen will be allowed to purchase
spiriffis Hqors, without a permit Irom the Pro-
twittlkal'-fc'-? ' 1 -"s---H u
Nuthin? can 00 snipper vm iu.. x. v
SOhiuk ,ou ' . .
tenioU 1
00?, will dej irive tle offs
aell. ; Any trader , refusing
United States Treasury Not
articles aa may, pe r.ewt"
to the comfort of. the
ander, of his. license , to
to accept in payment
es wui be reportaa to
. aii Mr,M hinff filth or rubbish, of any kind
. i f-.-j i... at tnrA Hpnnait the same
US ilieir jaiu( w wu, --r- - ,
I in a oarrei or doa m t"5 -, -j
u"'u- ... . - ct ...V.,ie.i - i;Tt
Owners and ioceupanrs oi "'J tiw
be held strictly i-espqnsible for the rOnditioo.. 01 J-he
art? ACVSklksl in front of their, buildings, and mnst.Wao
Gutters, which must be kept free, to prevent the
as.a (hat nA rtirL Of mODllll M uc IMtpiLCU u. my
cc uui ulation ot waterm ine sweets. -
v.. , v Provost Marshal -,
vr" X riw-H 11' A MARKET? -rl f ,f
Has been esUbliabed at the foot of Pollock street
e lanHi'rxr of Rll kinds of Produce that lb
bronght into this City Tor sale ; acd in ord-r to pre-
vent monopoly, no perwu wtu m
stall any of su-h prodnee or provisions. l.very
tn .n..r(l ij, ftlian? e a fair and . reasonable
price, under the supervision of the CouneU efAd
ministration of thi Corps d'Armee. No boats Will
i... -m.. a t. iunl fit riv of her place in this CHV.Ior
th sale of produce or provisions.-' Any violation of
this order will subject the boat and contenta to con.
fixation for the benefit of the Hospital. This older
will go into effect ou Monday next, the thirtieth day
-.' . , - provost Marshal.
liOClttiUV a fresh
BUI'S- - . -
atEcrtBsett at DIB
i. iiycommanaoi aiajoF jreuii . -
f:;r4.i: , , , p;wis bichmond, f--
' i?- C",;V: - -, : Asa't Adj'tGeteraL,
. - ,i psnvMT Marshal's Offics.? .
. , PkovostIIarshal's Om.).".!i
5" " Newbern", Jaa. 12, loG3 J - :
Tlie duties of the sentinels, in addition to the1
duties laid down in the Army Beeulations. will be
to preserve order withia the limits of their beats.
to see that co property is inmred.no houses entered
without proper authority, no citizen abused or In.
salted ; that no noldier passe bis post without a
pasa from the Colonel of his regiment; that no eau
lor passes his post without a pass from the captain
of his ship, and that, alter dark, neither soldier
nor sailor be allowed to pass. ' ' -
, xsvery soldier or sailor found m tne streets arier
daik, will be arrested, the! Sergeant of tha jpuard
called: and the offender handed over to him, to be
conducted to the Guard House.4 All disorderly per
sons at any time, will be arretted and banded over
to the Sergeant of the Guards '' " ,
In case of any disorderly or riotous persons re
fusing to obey the orders of the sentinel, the senti
nel shall use his arms, if the offender cannot bej se
cured in any'other way. To refift or assault a sen
tinel. is one of th gravest of military offences, and
will subject the offender to severe punishment. - ;
I CoTOm'wBjoTiedOCicers do not require apasa.feut'
no one will be-reeogniaed as an ofiicer. without his
uniform, and the shoulder straps, which indicate bis
rank. Gold lace oh the sleevo of a naval officer Is
an evidence of rank as an officer.' i-4-t
;No officer of the Guard or Sentinel baa authority
to release from arrest ' any Prisoner of thoProvosv
Guard... The noa-com missioned Ofiicer or, Bentinel
in charge of Prisoners twill be lield responsible for
any escapes ; i-vii:j- '' ' ' " '1 '
,N pasa for a soldier or aai!or la good;except it be
countersigned by the commanding-officer of hia
regiment or vesseL Any.soldier or sailor without
a pass properly countersigned will be arrested and
ponfincd in the Guard -'House. l ' ;-' ' ' 1 iJ
I No person is allowed to seH spirituous liquors to
soldiers, sailors or negroes, upon, any pretext what
ever - .An attempt to evade this order will be treat
ed with the, same; severity as an opea violation of
it, ' Any person selling- to a Commissioned Officer,
upon an order purporting to come from him, will be
bt.ld responsible for the genuineness of .the order- ; ;
i All Sutlers are prohibited from soiling Liquors by
the glass to any Commissioned,' non-commissioned
ofii(r ' or Trivat; anldien i.i!fir or' citizen. " AnV
violation of this order will subject the party offend'
ing to a heavy fine as well as forfeiture of his privi
lese to keen a Store in the city of Newbera.v'-j ?
: No parcel can be sent by. Express . except ! hjy a
special pennu irom ine x rovoai jo.a.rauui. : -
No person shall water a horse or mule within
fifty feet ot a,' purap.1? "ii
- No person shall wash at -a . pump,-or clean, fish,
or deposit filth of ,any kind, at or nar a pump
citizens wui do auowea to pass anq repass .in me
. t -t -i.i:d r
After nine o'clock: no pass is good eieept special
onft frmlh Prnvnitt Mftntha l Am from Uead Onar
- - . ,.- f
The Provost Marshal, is instructed to allow no
one from without our lines to land in this city; unless
tney come-here to trade and all such persons must
be . made ttT land at some civen point, and no where
else.. A truard of several men mnet be placed there,
and those oeoole be allowed no communication with
the cittzena of Newbern except in the presence of
one of the guard ; -and they must not b allowed to
go about the city, if tney want to traae. at ine
stores, a party of them can go. at a time, under
charge of a guard.,; These orders, must be strictly
carried out. "1.""' ;'."-"""".
All persons arriving in tms eity to trade will Immediately-
report themselves at the office of tha Pro
vost Marshal; and no boats are allowed to land at
anv wharf or dock, except those- at tne toot ot f oi
lock street. . All strangers found in the city, who
have not reported as above ordered will be arrested
and dealt with summarily. nC ,t .. 1 ,
AH persons are forbid hitobitfg Horsea to anylof
the Trees in the Cllv. and all the Sentitels are in
8ti acted to seize all animals that are found, in
violation ot uii oraen: r - .
within this city. No firework will be burnt, or
fired unless bv a special oermitof the Provost Mar
aitnu . j f . t .... u ; - ; --:
I Whereas : man v : non-commissioned roffieers hnd
nrivatea who are- noon . detached . sei vice, clerks.
tnisters and orderlies, are ... in the habit of
I leaving oil meir proper unuoiuis acaiiiij iu
J officers undress, or citizen's apparel.' very much to
j the prejudice of good order and i discipline of the
rrif n itia herebv ORDIKEO. ;-;. ; : "c . . ;! .-:
I '"'T - . ..-!
That all sucu persona, at once -appear iu iuvu
proper uniforms, or they, will be wetted and P"";
All negroes are forbidden to wear tno button 01
the Army end ail mcers ara nereoy enjoneu w
see that their servant comply with this reguhtt ion,
flArpftftpr no fences, or narfs of fences., in this
town, shall be removed without the written order of
Capt. Daniel Messinger. DivQr. Master. ' 14
iast driving oy omcers or meo) m bwiou , piw
liihited within the limits of the city. SeKtriea will
arrest all violating, this order. t i. r ?
nArAft(r lead horses must be taken by the Keg
iment, Battery. to which they belong, at least
one mile from town and at once buried the grave
to be nut less than six tet aeep. ; 1 -s ;v, t-.- '
Regiments, Uattenes, &C. win ac once tase rue
nu.tra Ktnnn to tiurv sue n oetva norseB us ue-
lodged totheirrespective commands, and at present
hying u abutted. , ; ' 1- . .."
a . AicAA.ii -wi i aaa tA thA in Rnn
will see to
prompt carrying out of tbi order. f r , 3
r , . n , t a. vrCTT?TJ
IS y order ot in a j . . v. ... . ..
... -: : Com. 18th Army Corps
.. iTovoat Alarsuai. . suu3 .'t rif;.--;.:
J ! - Department of North Carolina,
fjtS 4 Jjewliertie, &ept. louz.
; 1? GENERAL ORDERS, NO 44.- j - '
No vehicles whatever : will be allowed to pass
i ti. ir it linn rA wit no nt a naai i;uin lueee
Headquarters. theProyorsba,
1 , .. - - .. - - ' .t . t . f
'.CS'lriZZ'&tw Berne, Jan.21.18G3.
v.n.r.nn nnunt nffif.ars and men of the Army
and Navy of the United States being entitled, by
the Regulations, to wear the uniform or buttons of
either service, it ia hereby prohibited -fo any per
son,utler or otherwise, to wear any portion of the
unitorm of any branch of the United States service
in this Department, except by special permit, from
these Headquarters, '.'." ' .
v No person is allowed to buy iforms, or parts of
unitornnvblankeUot equipments froia,Boldieraor
g.uws. ?. . - j: . -,-4 -. . . , ;, ; -
I . t. .it-,. -;t r l.i.luBP' to enlist
Navy, except aaaerejoin-
order 'wui oe 'severely
.-m-t --.ttivq't
i- The Provost Marshal is charged : with ; the strict
enforcement of thia order. :.v-.-- : :.-!. -r
By command of llaiGen. J. w. foster,
3 V- - ; - . S. HOFFMAN, '
i:v's "si-f r'if l-.-'l.-'-:'.- iff Asst." Ad.it. Gen.
17., 8. Ttlll-IXAUir R ILUO AO.
i i
On and aJtir Deo. 1st trains will leave, aa follows j
..t w .n ifca-jl
,? T; I M E ;; : tT; A B L E. 'Ml. imi
; Leave Newbern....-. ,i-.fc-9 A. M.
Havelock... . H
,f Newport..-..'.-...
Newport liarracKS
3 1 ' ; Carolina City?
i Arrive Morehead....
f . 'f, : -,. GOISG WORTH.
' Leave 3Ioreh ead.. . . ........
r . nnrtilinaCitv..-....
..1.(30 p. M.
r i; " Newport Barracks....-..--1.40 .
-Havelock. ........... 2.151
, i Croatan. -.4-. .2.5
Newbern 3.15
Sinn tn Bi.T-nn.I . 1
5 AH fre passes on this Road will be void after
: Sej'teraber 1st.- '.''. " . , a ..
t Montily Passes will be Issued on and af.er that
date, to Ml
tion. to he
will be allowed to travel on the Road itht a pas
! or ticket. This rule win i.e wncny t
JAM liS t;. stiAuui, vi't w
persons euuneu v m.,,,--obtained
only at this O Gee, and of the
pr.master at Moreueaa. iso itks".i
' One' step, and then another.
And this longest walk is ended c -
r Odo stitch, and then auother, .
... " . And the the largest rent is mended.
One brick npon another,' -
"if, And the highest wall is mads ; '
' One fiake npon another, ,
-.1; And the'deepest snow is laid. it ,
. - So tha little coral-workers,' " '.'
.cllave bnilt those prettj islands - tt ,
In the distant, dark bine ocean 1
'5;And the.nobleat undertakings I' ' . K
H? ' Man' wisdom ihatli concciredj ' ' " - '
I j By ofV repeated efforts ' .
j V.; Have been patiently achieved. . . .
.f'v-v.5I i''iV.-"V..-:.;-i-v-J?f' c." ' ' "
j L tThen do not look .disheartened U
! - O'er the wotM you have to do, ' t ' ' '
i And say that "such a mighty task J ! " ': '
! : ' You never can get throngh ; :. 5
I '.' Bat just endeavor day by day, i-.. ....
J, And, soon the monritai'n "which you feared ,
1 Will prove to be a plain. ' ' ? . .
'Eonie was .not build ed in a day, t
! The ancient proverb teaches? j .
"1 u
And nature by her trees and flowers,
The same sweet sermon preaches. --
H Think not i oriar off duties,'' .
t Bai of duties which are near ; J
I hf Awd having, once .Kegua the work, , ;r
1 l "Rt-Bolva to nersavere.
.: . . i - - a . . r T - . ,. !. ...
3i i nK IV1URDER AT JjiAST OASUII icti. . iixi, aia,u
Ti Wright of Eaist Sandwich,' was shot dead by
eoriie unknown person on paturuav eveuuig
' . ' w . , ... ; . ; m . . .1 .
last,' while oh hi3 way norae from the residence
of his brother, where' he had; spent the even
ing, , A few moments after he left hia brother's
house, a report OI a pistol or, gun was uearvi,
by the inmates, 'who immediately went ; put to
ascertain" the cause, but.-it being quite darki
discovered nothing;, and returned to the house.
A few moments after. the wite Ot tne murqerea
man called at the house, and Inquired alter. tDe
whereaboutsVof her husband, aying she had
hpard the renort of a gun i upon which, getting
somewhat aiarmea, a searca was maue, wuicu
resulted in the finding of Mr. Y right mortally
wounded, within a few rod3 ot his.own aoor.
On coming up 'to him; he i exclaimed,! My
God!" and also made some other exclamation
which was not understood.' The ball entered
the lower rartion of the body and passed up
ward, grazing the' heart, and must have been
fired bv aorne one reclining on the ground.
The whole affair is shrouded in' mystery, and
no clue has as yet been discovered as to the
perpetrator of ahfr deed; The murder was not
committed for money as Mr. Wright's pocket
hook and cold Watch was Undisturbed. - Coro
ner Chapman held an' inquest on the body iiun.;
day. but riothipg. new was eiicitea. ine ae
ceased Was about 45: years of age, and is said
to have been a' very quiet inoffensive " rnar.
The excitement inEast banuwica ana neigo
boriner ' viUasres on Sunday was most intense,
and was scarcely ever .'paraUeleiJSir7wfaJZ?
ralrxOW, '-.-jr 'f.-:4 .K?'-.rjnkvr s;?J
jFouR TjXvs Without Food. Eli Ps Sheets,
confined in the Beaver jail. Pa.", under sentence
of death, for the murder of John Ansley, ceased
eating on Saturday, the 20th, at noon and up to
noon on Christmas day he had tasted nothing.
The jailor became apprehensive that Sheet's ob
ject was to starve himself to death,' but this he
denied, alleging that he could not eat o A variety
of food was set before- him. but he persistently
refused everything excepting' a mere taate of roast
apple . , He, was; falling very; rapid lyo and; on
Cbrietmas morning a physician: was called in to
see him. The doctor gave it as his opiwion that
death would efasUe in forty eight hours, u ne
continued to reftisA nnnrishment. '
About noon on Christmas he was prevailed
noon to take a little pruel. the physicians - pro
hibitihg' him from' taking anything but Very
weak diet; and that in the smallest quantity at a
time., If f : be continues to eat he will soon regain
his health, but if he should take another notion
anA nhatairt fnr . a favm .Invu Ion cer. he ' will-' not
receive the offices of an executioner. . His death
warrant had not been received, but it was signed
bv tha 0-overnment several days since. He
appears -very despondent and gloomy, and spends
mnch of his time inTeadin? bis Bible.: 'He denies
that he murdered Ansley. but has intimated that
he knew who committed the-deed. XH refases
tri tll whA thn cniltT ipartvs is. andf hence bis
rfoniel nf irn'lf. maliM little or no impre66ion.i: Hia
execution is fixed for the JPtb, of April next.
: ncki 17ftificntioM at Port IlBda.
A' Baton Kouge Correspondent - of th0 Boston
Traveller aay'a f "V . ( v , ..it,;,..rvirs.r irf -.,, -
Information has beon received, that the farmers
in this vicinity", at Clinton and ther places be
..on am. Pnrt TTndson; are building fortifi
cations of all kinds around their plantations and
nnca the roads, and many or tnenf nave loop
tn, in ihAir himuw and barns ta aid Ir
uvi ------ . T T ,
KlHnr anv Attemnt to advance neon Fort UUd
r ; . . .
vtiinb ; twrrntv. turn miles from here.' .Ane
rebel force at ine latter place is yarwuoij
01 from fiitrht tn fiftftn- thousand, find SOVRO Ot
fihtJno- tnaterUl i concentrated there.
The earthworks erected by the planters and their
slaves are suppuea ua ugu " , :
is leportcd that for two miles around Port Hud'
-nn tha Marts M ntlliranel HliU DUWU buu
tnrno, . Tii a nhflli helieve this place.Gke a!
i - i,... ntn'nrl to . be impregnable,
either from river or land attack, ana luey .piace
great reliance on It strength' irf preventing our
S flt morlnv on Vickaburff. Tbey have one
immense gun mounted on one oi mew oiMsrim. i
which has never been urea, ana
toi ifire least 'iti should ki plode. J -This monster
they prefer to keep; muzzled till our -.fleet: ap
proaches. r.t';4 - .W't'iA ' WY-'ts J
The secessionist who fied from Baton oog
opon the news of our approach, are s work .with
the inhabitants of Clinton and Jackson, building
earthworks. - On tha river the rebels have batter
ies five miles long, to defend Port Hudson. All
accounts seem t wairant the general belief that
a desperate battle will be fongbt at this point.
The hilly situation ottb country around Port
Hudson gives to it unrivalled advantage in the
shape of natural fortifications.: Notwithstanding
all this, though ! dislike to prognosticate upon
such uncertain events, yet I feel convinced, from
the nature and extent of the preparation Jtbat
are cow being made, that a Union defeat hero is
impossible. It may be dear bought victory,
but it cannot, under the guidance of such tried
and4 skilful leaders, result ia anything at
victory. - ' ' - - ' . , . I
Man and wife are like pair of scissors, so
long as tbey ft together, but they'become dag
gers 3 soou as they are disunited. -
Facts from History. We are indebted to Bto
; KUiIBER97.
Blercaatile Cavilnres ia the xjaltd 8taUr.
uoiaunc i laiiures ior toe year past, cub
tshed by th llercactlla Ajrency cf Measi-a. II. iV
Dun' & Co Kew York, ero received.: iThe num
ber of failures in .llsssachusetta. exdnsive tt
Boston, wa III ; liabilities $I,C42,800. " In Bos
ton, 120i liabilities 2,013,000. i Whole number
of failures in 1862. exclusive- f British North
American. Proyineeay 1G32; liabilities $23,049,30 j
wcole number, in British i'roviaces 2S8. with
labilities of$3983.-T U r; It; 'I --r 'i?
Tbe.Corcular presents the number- of failures.
with amount of liabilities in each year including
1857 to present date, t It appears that the liabili
ties of failed concerns in JBoston for years 1858,
Itio'J ana ioou ranged in amount from 4,373,yyo
"58 to 4.l6,76t in last named year, bnt m
857 in consequence of the monetary, crisis Jthey
were $41,010,000, ' And again in 1851. increased
by the rebellion, they rose to 18,317.161, and
have fallen during the past vear under influence
of low rate ol interest.' nd rising market for
merchandize to $2,013,000. v . ; .:.;;vl
! Perhaps the most interesting fact exhibited bv
these tables at the present lime is that the failures
ia the lritish iTrovinces - correspond in relative
amount ot uarjiiinea very pearly. to those, of. our
country in each year being upwards 3,000,000
ia 1857, a little over 4,000,000 only, in ' each of
the three following years; but in 1861 8o00.000
(about) and the past year a little more Uhain
$3,000,000. No better iUuatratiou could be afford--ed
of the intimate business relations ot her
Majesty's neighboring coloniealwith thi United
Sutes. Boston Daily A4crtiser y --A
Astronomical DiscovrEiEs 4nr 186IL Five
planets and four comets , have' been 'discovered
during the 'past year.,' MK Safford,:of ,Cam,
bridge, Mass.j first ' recognized aa ' planet
croniAthougli ;rt.had been 5 seen! in 1860.
April 8thr-Mr.'.Tnttler Cambridge 'discoyered j
Clytie,, The third planet, not yet named, was !
discovered c-ri the 22d of September bv Dr.
eters of' Hamilton College Obsertatory. On
the 25th," Mrj Parker of ;New York discovered
the fourth, which is not, yet- named. ., On the
22cL'of October Dr.. D'Arrest of Copenhagen
discovered Freya. 1, Four of the five, were dis:
covered in this country.' : - ' "'
The i nrst comet . was 'discovered A by M-
Schmidt, of Athens .Greece, on. the 2d of July,
The second, comet. was discovered July 18tb,
Dy Mr. AUtue. ur. uruhns.oLLeipsic discov
ered one comet bns the last" day ;of November
and another-' oni the5?flrst,c'day of Deceniberl
air, x utile i lia?, maue . eleven; aicoTenes,
greater number than, has -been made by any
living observer or sby any man except Messier,,
the French astrehemer. Mr. Tuttie is. now
serving in the ; i-ahks of a Massachusetts regi
ment in North Carolina. ": He is said to be as
expert : with a rifle as with a telescope.il We
gather the "t above facts from a communication
ia the. Bostoa'. Courier , . . ' -..i .
yf : i Irs . ; I. . t
j Martial Law, in Mobile. From .the way.
the Mobile TJan, talks of the operations of
Gen? Bragg's martial Maw in that city, it docs
not appear tbat it is deeply in love with Ihenv
Tr Rnva --J - ' ' ' - ; ' J'""-.
X luo. sanctity ,or a private ..room, we are
told, is not secure from invasion, so that the
order of the "Treat Bragg shall be rigidly , en-
- --j --r i i 1 " - . .L :r t.-1i
lorcea.: ; ue, aeiermines . wnai me ciuxsh suau
drink; when . be shall drink, , and . who shall
give him driuk.' HV 'should go further and
say what he shall eat, where heshall eat, and
WOO snail sell II tu Willi. nil un.) aiuu ui iuiug
makes martial law' a humbug and a nuisance.
' All ibrough this war we have been parsed
with.' petty tyranny. Odioiis customs have
been -thrustiiDon us. and their non-observance
made criminal or penal," thus making ,'us, feel
still tnorb the realities ' and hardships of war.
! We are weary of -these- little tyrannies "at
Is full time that tbey should have an end, and
we trust that tne ena is not, wr4 on. .aiuuary
despotism extended to the mere citizen" is the
most odious ot, despotisms, and some ot tne
despots should; remember that there are men
who will follow them lor years witq tne uererx
mination and vengeance , of a .Nemesis, lor
WaniOu encroacuuivuka uu juaiicuauis hquia
'A Wlow arrived at St. John, N. B.. a few days
ago. in a vessel on wbicfThe had sought passage
trom xjosiou miuig j
When the vessel had proceeded some distance to
-.'oaiaA'fiimMlf as 'a deserter from the
Federal army: He said that he first enlisted in
Portland, (where his lamuy resiaes, atw
v; Knnntv. socceeded in having Jus name
placed on the hospital list, add afterwards escsp-
ed to tioston. wnere ue
a bounty of $235, and-vanubed. He imme
diately hired on board an English steamer ;and
made a trip to England and returned, when be
Eft the vessel- and i tried his fortune at another
enlistment, received another bounty, and made
his. exit by this vessel, bound to St. John.., r
" The' craft was obliged to enter. Portland, when
he left bei to visit his wife and thildren; but rej
A nrinr to her departure And f arrived with
at St. John; He said that his family,
tid and were receiving
- - .1 . 4A1l..t'MI.
from the State during tas abseffce. and in case of
the snspension-B I' . . T , . , ,
-nd reside in bis.new-iouna
i Tt. mir were so interested mbuex-
: wtrn jintprin? Britbsti waters, he was
Tlrr-Ak with and iron: booni aU of
whieb be boTO with admirable. ng frtnd, and
seemed not ill pleased with the ceremonies which
welcomed his transition rrom iuo waaujru. ---ierted
and robbedp w
so basely deserted and robbed
J.-.j , - 1 - ' ". - .
- ' .
1 A Winchester Vs, eorrespondeiit cf the rhils
Jf iMkviHr writes t !k-'
- Winaiester is bott used Pj!i5U.e'7 j5'
,: .! -tr.,nr to eat in this God forsaken
towB . Here I, V graveyard which deserve, s.
rw5l- -!J? Tt i. boiit-ixty or seven'.y
?T"Au.r;rr Th. rave are in row.,aboAi
frrr.Tr't'.nart. extending the whole
euzh. There are some twelve or fifteen hun
drerVares.aacl with , litUe board at tbe-bead
bearing the name of him who sleeps heneath.--A
long trench, two feet wiae and about four feet
""-.a l rrrined-rc his blanket is
bis'own length, and raisea cpt u -v
leveroflheground.ss graves -re. ,W??V".
laid with his bead at the feet of the "
on till th treneh is filled
and filled , iu Uke :TtSJitySit
these tienebes-t Each one SSaoarf tbe
or thirty n'hajri.g
t ...
ldir w, i'Z7?i
baltle.and now sleep their last sleep,
, f r - -
t! T v - D TELLtfiEST
L' .i, T-t with Gen. Backs' army a
oZ'aslon of the rfroccapation of Baton Kooje,
.ncountcred a group of darkies in the suburb;
He says he nbked oca-of tLeco if there were any
aboliiionjsts in Baton liotsg.' '
No miis' r, de rebels touks uem .1 eH.
i "Indeed I what do they do with the nil" ' ;
n. .Uni m . stun. niasr.' -i '.
. S o i sat nose- Yoa know what aa abolition-
ijiti, don't youT- ,m '-,-.
"Yes roaa'r,- what de sojers cad catnJses.
JLa; suillecdi -: - " ' . -
ur:.:i, Uic.i c-. r;
lonlar 1i6i;J4 tici-(
; : From a copy cf tha Richrron l (Va.,) T l
uirtr, Uili December 13th, it appears tLit
.wtiiiuverrj ess i;crr p:r-cr ijr ro; j t.
between that journal nd the Rileih tUt C.)
Standird, another rcW-j'iurr. u. The Enru'.r.r(
copies an editorial hich aVptarc! in tbe t; .fri !- ,
ard. of the 12th, - which contain? accusaitors f
gainst the Jcfll 5 lavU .vmaly, srd nr i ,
confessions in regard. to the Veil Coven. "
ment,; 'meaning j the Federal Union, wJi:;h a
every honest' Secessionist' should rr.nor ta
seriously. The Standard pufeUshed ftt the)
capital of North-Carolina, declares that th
CJuion was .brokefi. up by tha Jc Davis f.-.3 .
liob, r before good cause was given, because
they ; saw "that 4b ey vers- about ' to lce tha
spoils of oJSce.'vjhich they ,bkdli.cr joyed av
"yycars- .i liere is the. article j rcjd.srii
preserve, it .;7'S!ir - a 3lr!nA.
'TDB. IClhfOXB.jitTxitEn. - , ,
I The Hidimond Eilrer Vbas recently t!cvo-,
tei , two Jong article? Ito us, in) which it -ha
done us, great injusUceujV,Wre. do riot, propose-.
to-day to reply At any length to the. Enquirer.,,
1 '4ur.sPa?e. occupied by subjects-which,
require more immediate attention. v . ,x
j The Enquirer Jabors through 'two cblum:
in ply ttt our articla oq the 2Sth November,
but it b 'no. means nieeU. the points we made
in that article;4 It"aamitsl.botbly ita silenca .
in regard to our statements on the subject, and
its unoWdeHar'g:that-';th.e'nserTatim of
this State aref solely Influenced by the love of
office, the fact that the administration of llr. "
Davis; is strictly: partisan' in itaf character'and
thit be is' wielding for ;ji factibrj a great govern-?
. . . . - .
V. - r i. : . i. . . .v. i .
the people forth-Carolina "are influenced by
their regard for the. spoils', is, alike stale 'aiTJ
ioappropriatei' but it amounts to the admi
sion that the Enquirer" and" its faction, are In
possession of the 'beef, which hey intend to
retain cat all h'aiards.;irtAr labored to break
down the old Government beeaust they saw they
viefe aoovt fo loss the berft" and theyvouil
tDrech:the new onetjhej'ore tkey voutd partieithmt
the cmreoM upon , tr hick the pylturea futte Mm t
tied: 'Their motto was, diideand 4e$trvy ,vj
and their - mollo now is, onsolide,te, and rule
or ruin. Hence they are JJeitructives, and
those" who opposo' them, and who; would gaya
the n'eW'Gbvemment,
the old, ix9 Conservatives, ,, ,;77V
' We tell the' Enquirer-that 'we still walk the ...
soil and breathe. the air. of freedom ; and thai
we are not to be' influenced 'iptbur course tp
thq sligktestlexte'nt by the blaa dements hi tho
fro?nsofpow!rH., 3 -t-va nno
-1 We bear a great leal on thia subject abouf,
thd importance of avoiding a conflict 'With tho-r
Confederate Government. ff Tbis comes for tho-I
most part from gentlemen who 'were not at all ,
scrupulous about;J bringing about ' i:; conflict Sit
with the. old Goyerrfuientjf and tearing it govt
bejort goo&causes were given fordqing $o. , .
? Ane ivicumenu jcmquirer rnaa.es a uouduef
Ing but most, unsuccessful effyrt, to refute theses m
facts. The testimony is overwhelming .that,, fa
the Southern leaders rebelled not because the
people Iwere jicroriged,7but; because; they had-1
been defeated in jtair., constitutional, election,-
and they could "hot brook the thought " that ',
cotton : aristocrats Should obey v tne ; great -ue i
mbcracy of the United States. Mr. Cobb saitl -fc
that Southern gentlemen would not lite under .
a 'Frmdejip who had come vf 'from the ranis,
oj tiUecyUa Abe-Lincoln, had done." 0U
nb ; they would soonei plunge the nation-in k
horrible war, nd slaughter-the white citizens
of thef) South byTthftUsandSKlhat. they migfcr ;
organize another Government.,. Will the veopUt
of the South be led any longer by these heart. .
less-Aspirants for bffica and ower,' when a lead
ing rebel journal tells thens tha rtheseaspiranti
incited a rebellion without good reason ? Arb
they ro' blindlydevoted to JefJU Davis'andt
Gov Harris .that they will,8acriflce:i life .Wu
liberty," and enslave thsir children, to . gtv'o 8
those corrupt demagogues fat bfJScfest Suppose"
the Southern Confederacy: could be4 established ri
aa it r never icanwhat Jthert tHow slong' b
wbuid it bajbeforeiSome defeatcd candiiata. foruK'
the Presidency would gather an array and. raisoj
another rebellion, and another civil war T 1 Will '
the people be made .mere puppets, forever, and,
allow themselves io be used as the 'playthings
of Judah Benjamin arid John C. Breckinridge ?
Are we to have a rebellion, at every elcctionvw
as they do in' Mexico?, Must one hundred
thousand industrious non-slaveholders . leave
their homes, sleep on the cold ground, half-
elad all 1 winter j live on scanty food, and bana
slaughtered like .sheep because aome Don on: ui
acouon planUtion, who owns two or tbrco: ;
huudred negroes, has.beeribealen for tho ,
PresidencyrUnless the South returns to the
Union, there is" ' nothing iti iho future for hcr ?
but secession,' rebellion and civil war. "-. :
Fori Sumter Bstl to 'be Iron-riatctl.
The New York SundayJ Hercury: rjabliihca I
a letter, purporting ta-Jiatiibeen wnttcn vj
an 'officerot. the revenue cutter- F.ibbf givirtx
an account oi a secret reconnoittripg, expedi-
tiOrt in ; unarieston uaroor,, .ucu iuuvm .
UieW&efy that -the febels Lave pUUd Ucr '
oiitside of Fort Sumter wit !s heavy bars of -
railroad iron. The storywhetner true or noi,
ti riotis.,.Tfce writer savs: n.M
u Viv nccastonal
as 1 bad s-uspected at first, tho wlc'a fjrt ir.uf .
encased in a suit of iron arocr. Purahel tars ,
!iM.i' irhn traversed thia iron Ciaim,
LWonirtt'naAy from the UaSO
to the uppwr
Iine." fTbe port-holes were proteaeJ by ucaa- "
roenr wbicn 'ought ta be admihistercu", py,ana ,Z
forthe 'people.; Tne beef Patrick Henry5;1
incident' which,ilhe; Eitthtiret1 introduces for."
o 1 now ran the boat right under ins s..a ijt u
of the fort,' peeping juit .far cnou- l away to.
avoid ''beirisek dashed against It. 1 now cou.d "
- . v i
. Cashes cf the lacterntLat,-' a
siTt projections of the same nuKw. p.i. u. , t
ing acute angles atevcryfi Tnia armor.
would offer a very serious rei:iance. to ,t.id
90.pbondefiC -even' when." tb a uiany- u. gics -presented
did not ciase tUalto .vu-s, f r"
send them spinning ofl in enothtr direction
lika, so many peas., The-clever ) ciurr .rJ. ,.t
bevidtly notb.cn iJre a
ttf tVfi-nr.rf: and it ii to hsax tu- 'C0.
thU 'forinidablia' arranei
ci led l.2irai.x are io
reat extent and depth, tspfcciaHy one 't t;.ci
i.,fr.K c-iLi .vt - rsa rnnSiihotnatldi' hit.
40 miles from .the sea. vTUrs u pr z c:
ordinary lake in that country, 7! ; ; , 1 c.
Rtorm is said to rsako a fn : .i..i r--..
r.,-if m.tv be lizard a!dL. j ts a
uwiso : , , . , 1
miles. And we are aUo touit; a i c- .1
lV, Wi.-, r
bottoui ana are ievcr- seen i--
we may add a rctaarkabla- iprir-s I
which Jetr'uie3 wood, or rati.cr
with a ctiseof stone; but t'.n t ' t
Lib!e circumstance is, that in f u.r.v.wr 1
up watercnough to turn sgvcsJ 1.1. V.
wbivr is pcrJccUy dry.
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caim'riueii ins "( ' - -: v - .. a
stormy. It is, therefore, .prouA.e t.t t.ey ;
have a subterranean coinju.iic-toa ' Rit.i v
ocean; and this seems to t confirmed by t-o
ncea of slilr J they throw i ? tc--: a.:2Cit-
tain called Ftrvar.caiJ aDo tr-cniy-; j.:r ...
from Comby, that Ebsarbs r.oi w' 1. L:t
tha li"htest bydTcs thrown hits if, r:'-i r.i
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