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tiiom Harpers Weekly.
UA I Li. j
: . i
f ."If' I vrcro'cnly n mahV
Kate Barclay Veyeailashcd with
rTiCudiu resolve, a line blaze cl eour-
f If von were- would von not do ins
tlio eame - as now sit still and wish
If onicthinir" else?.' -:':!;
"Why do von judgo mo so unkindly.
Iho Vim bejran to pout nowr a little
temper tojUlenditlt'tliicd&rae ?. W
i flr ftrna . , - ,' !
"Because ybn do not
jean, even how. If yon were .np rayl
Vnn fn7T Rnrnoso! I should not speak
't3 yon 6o plainly. -' As "it is, it
'r.io when x near yon wismog, monung
l near von wisnin
-Boon and night, to bef andw;thoim-j
possible, and yet never trying to think!
if tbera is no better use for the mdrieyj
you 'sre'wasting so carelessly in sating
and laces i Mow niucu was juaaame
JTcrrara's billj lastquarter
0 . rl'Honey.cwon't i light, and r govern
ment pays the soldiers better, I heard
government gives, ! thinlr yotPcoma
hire some'eno, who would not jq oth
erwise, to fight for you," g "r '
' "itnaiiLwh'dnifa little more5; money
would induce I A man who would go
for money, and would not gowithout
it f Why, such a cowardly soul would
get drammed-: on f of the ranks after
: the JustbattlaJTfrryr ...;,Ht j f
'ilajdf'llomiledlicalm, meS,, ing
smile such as always provoked his
cousin, for it seemed to her Kke an "as
, certionxbf supeHdrii -nj-i ? .
d "You1 just Tocaone side of
question, Kate, and then juinp at.ypJir;
conclnsipnj, I.know a man ,,whostt9Jd
ina'yesterdaj.thathe jValdgollaar;
ii hqf cojild-aftord; tit ;,ait man?who!K is
neitherlcold nor xwardly.r. jHerhas a
sister, a -girl of fifteen;- Theyare5 r-
phans,? and lii$ mother laying; breath
gave i her to his; eareJV' 'Tleyiwe
yorhj but th ey' had fallen in ip p:o verty ,
'and he resolved tliat Jiis rsister -i should
have the.edncation, of, a ja(y.; .Shei Js
at school now, Vlf he bad vthefnieans
tq jaye her provtdejfplr' J-?y.Qhld! eur
lift ; j but ,?hat if ff he shouldi i die, and
that poor, pretty, undisciplined i child
should Jbjj left alonerinrthe wide world,
wiih.no lueans, of support, no protec
tor) no fnend ? rCouldhe answer it to
his mother when"1iemet " her country
which souU people ljmr: '
iwKate had listened rWithj breathless
interest; ,i-t't.-m'mo .o aa;.-8.. tjtixx
, Would. ho fight well sho: asked,
inusinglyrijiiqLriiiLti t-!;?! fn.
No mau better. Tliere is .not ; a
drop coward blood in his veins. He
is the very one I; would clioose to stand
bc3ide"me in the front, of -ther fray
JOUXLhe were sure his sister- would-be
provided for in: the event tsi his death
yon think he,wonld go t', j:,,1.7 i
I know' it.' His whole "heart is in
the fight now. If her were iiire-rthat
she could be secured from? future pri
vation, or friendlessness, his name
would be enrolled to-morrow."
Kaea; face :glowed r-Witlt'Cager-i re-
"He sAau be sure. I cannot give
to shrink om givlneverythin else.
That girl is ah orphari like-tfni'e.;.i;8he
shall1 be'mJlsteh'-U-wn
the expense while her brother is away.
andii he1 dies, she, shall share "dollar
bejnnnlnff , to i see below the ; happy,
ctreless :snrface of her nature. 13ut he
niado no comment on her resolve.1;
Walt here," he fsimply saidy "I will
bringyou y imr?soldier.,V ;; "XAr? 1 V ':
I la jhalf anil' hour : he returned. . He
brought with' him a inan' tall, athletic,
strongs with a face brave and
ful rather thah handsome.' : '
'A'Hiss Barclay,' this is JTr.
Ilichard 2eene.M s 'ra-W;
B6.! m n ch of introduction oein per-brraed-
Major Ross went out and; lef
Kale to inako lier . bargain.
J Ir. Keene ? Was f ' thoroughly ' : well
bredi In the peculiar circumstances
in -which hfe was placed--sorelv'lrviric?
you gay, soyesterday, than any army?
fa paid in Europe." ru ; : ; i I
'Yet, by giving a : - little ltiorerth'an
lor doilar wttli me all that 1 possess.",
lla or Hossf looked at' his y ou'iijg cou
sin almost Oreverently.H 'lie was "just
theywonld have been to most :( meiw
he was able to steer clearbf 'anyjfalso
" ' pride dr embarrassment. vIi a ;
' J6I &$ Barclay,", he said, bowing, X
am told-that by ftway ' ot d6ing; yonr
M;ri iuvikrUi mo wtr uu wi4u w -aire
mo as a substitute,' to fight: your bat?
tl cs for. a you. ."' t My , terms .: areXcftsilji
stateui All 1 as ims. a . teeunty , tha
iny!sterseaucatioa suau oe carnea
on, as I hay e" commenced lty u$tilf she
is ablo;to"feupBorrherseIf by teaching."
41 shi ready to provido for allf her1
t -e.Tpepscs, an to, .cuarge myseu .;wwi
the care of licrfuture, shbuld thero be
s-sed of my Tprotectioiai.'i
o-mncli as thatis; not : necessary;
While; ! liyo I eould not allbw"ty6utQ
iir$ertake;U farTTas
. my!:pay as a soldiercan gcit uust
fee spplifid for her upportsn ijor; Jthe
sect t dceeot'yojf the EpiHtin which
it u maae. x wui jemcuiuer you wuun
I light, and"heaven; helpipg me, you
lnot-bo- ashamed of your -substi-
Kt-teV eyes grew misty,
'He . was so
caira i
in his reeolro to dare danger tnd
d catlirseem ed to consider- himself eo
lttirf. She Idnged to?5 beg:1 him,' iiff a
sisrer migni nave aons nw io - oo-ioo
but not io" court unnecceksarfperi!,
rcitramed her - bhe
r .r.!;cd
iVhcn will you take rac togeeyour
e infrodnccd
to her by you.' Siie will" feel niore that
sire belong to mewhert yptf haye coii
fidediherlo my protection,. r. y,x.i
i UiY0u are: rights u I c williyakb ypu
now; if yon pleaseu I wish to march
with tlie 2Sth to-morrow, andrtbqre is
no time to lose. Poor " Emilv; it will
be hard, on her. , f r,-- , Pf , f f
" Iii five minutes more "Miss Barclay
f ith her soldier by . lieride.i EbeoetoU
a look now and-then"- -at his face. ,t It
was"caf iU an firmno' marks ;there a of
weakness or irresolntion. Shs .begad
to begproud of ;him3pbjithey aje iij
Miss I)upohts front parlor waiting for
Emily- Aasuexiameihrough,the3por
herrotlier met her and drew her with
him-Tnto thh iatjk VodW.-He-lrad said
to MissBarcl tWat it .wasaletter he!
should speak to Her first quite alone.
-Waiting tliereVaheara Wro sound
of, earnest, ; manlyuitalkjf then? fewj
words, ina voiced lull ot -:tearsi then.
again the low manly tones, and 'then
MrJ Keene led hisister iri ' "3 i
"MS3 fclayVsaidfhUeus
yonr protege, ibhe quite, understands
yourj position aa.f egaridslieiv; ana.'-1!
hope she wiil exact J lttle, and not make
you muchitrbubie."fai '' !i v,-mmi
Kate s warm - heart' overflowed' in
stantly. She put her arm around "fthc
sny tremDimg-girTranaTirew nerto
her side. She whispered:
Bfaavo nfnhW1rlindn6'8is
tor. I shall need you as much as you
will need'me. Let us love one another."-:-
;,-iT.J,v ; - ,v -
Mr. Keene dioTtibTlfear the whisper,
but he saw the quick flash of pleasure
flush his sister's cheek, and the confid
ing gestgrjs Ltjwhjcjijherrhand stole
into heV hew friendTs,"and hewas sat
isfied. -" :-f '
"We need not detain Miss Barclay
aongej2ihe saidepllys r will
walk home with her now. This after
noon I shall be busy, but I will come
to you again this evening."
There were fewofdssf6kri7dsuri3g
the short walk, but when they were
parting Miss Barclay's door step, she
gave her hand toUichard Keene, and
said earnestly :
1 'Uo not doubt that aII I can-do Jbr
your sister will be a labor of love.
There has been a vacant place in my
heart, a lenely ponging forj some one
to care for, and she will fill it. If "-
ier eyes filled with tears "if anything
should happen, sjuj shall be as near to
me as she would have been to you."
Richard Keene pressed the hand he
helcui i tsii t a f ow
l believe von," lie said, "L.inuy is
a good child. You will not find in
Jier, coldness or fngratitude."
I 'That evening Kate Barclay sat alone,
Jiving over in .thought the;; parting
which she knew' Was takihgplace,fant
ying how these two, who were all the
vorld to ;eachx otherii would r sayngood
y a good by which might, all too
possibly be forever. ;,. She almpstrr
pented of her owh 'doing not quite
lor she knew her 6oldier 8 heart wasn
W Wot kndeittfia if h'e had
een her own brother she could have
Sent him forth 4s cheerfully. She was
dealing to another sucn measure as
4he7wopld4i9.t have bo.rpo'to,.haye, dealt
with Herself. " ,
i"It! wai a little" pat'nihe b'clbcFwhen
the bell rang, and the .cservant nau
Lnounced Mr. Keene. She had not ex
pected after their" bargain' tO' seo0 him
again j; she. was glad; atter, all vthat i he
should have reckoned her among the
rium'ber'of those towhoitt -It beeahie
hi m , to say farewell.; ;U: fie .came in , as
calm and self-possessed as ever. f
I "I have been bidding Emily good
by," he said as he ;sat down Jiad
to leave her at 9 oclock, and I thought
X might venture to come to you.
After all it is by .your means that I go,
and' that 'makes "a 'sort bf 0 tie bciweeh
lis; a bond ,hichtit uwonldbe-pre-sumption
to call, friendship, and yet
which will make1 me think of you
when: J am gone.'? iiut si xi''fji A
1 Hate had not the courage to tell mm
that his Voung sister's thoughts would
scarcely follow him wi th a more con
stant-ifiteresthah Ler own. bhe
asked him insteaaKowlSmlyliaal
onejthA-partiDg 'din& 'i fA
I " Bravely," he answered, : ;f " Ho
knew Ui-';bnitdVekH,tiadDenval-
uiost broken, but she- had ."iepti-back
tauon, wiiose memory;mighr nave un
nerved him when" ''the" bourd&me tcl
test his conrafre.
lljen s ereJjW-Bp'en.ce. between
them lor a few moroents,.and he was
the nrstrto break mmizthru 4 j
1 'I tell you honestlyTwhT came
liere to-nightj' Miss Barcleyl"''! Tha'd
ueeu luiu&iu now possiuie n was mat
Is might -nwer';febme;i)'acTr,Wdf.fKa
happened J, foar you might retrret that
you s'ehline away,Kt vrantedtp guard
U net ,r,,J : If t4.Yi
su ch neelees : 6brryii3t 5 jjcasutKs one
couia nave eneciea.it, any, other wav.
I! jEhpnld. f hay e , dan a h so a long i ago.
3Jomo-wnae mayx" snair never te;spr
tf. I hafctbiit onalifojd reis
hpthi n else l. would like so wall to do
with itas'togiyci'irtotnt bnritrV
iuu irust xumiiv tovou wiicout lear.
and she was aE i had to keep me back;
In anyr eyentI.Jsvant you Ehbuld be
thankful, aslshall be, that -jo lie hied
trie to go" ......v.iawt ,.;
-1 IJates "tears; werelclibkih
How i manly JiewasJJibw 'unselfiihi
trying 'event in this last'.hOar,1 to e shield
juer-wuom-iie--searceiy Kne w rom a
ppiiiblo parig "lj'Slio cppld not: spal;;
but she put out her hand.
it tenderly.
kI am going now'.he said, his.ej'es
resting ou her as'if belonged to soothe
away h'e'r tears as he might have done
his sisters.;.r:f-; i$ . -,. . .j j
'Goxl:keep yon,?lIisSfBarclay, and
give' me strength rb fight Valiantly in
the'eause ferJwhich ; youlhave sent me
forth todftl)attle'r lo ? i I
r-rBefore -sher-cptild" spealr't"he""Gbd
bless vnil wlitf'htremWfifl on her
Tiria.t'hei-,wi'Mihel - Wmild' . Rha':i:ever
she him again her soldier ! ; '.fl
Thotnext - Sunday (the principle of
estabb'shment? at "frrniriernv i rsark Was
summoned tor an2 interview with .Miss
Barclayl;: ;; " uim
i he latter ladybneny explained the
rclatidnrlf Drotectrees in ' whichTshe
stoo4 ilissj Emily Keene";.;;and:!er-
pressed the desired that-thereafter her
ward should " ipehd all her: vacations
anoienndavs at Her House. ln& DOor,
to go homo- with her ; and this was the
DeginnmgtOijar true, sisieny- iove oe -
tween?those two. ; ? .
As the" months passed pn'they grew;
nearer ttnd dearer to each other; until
Kate's life bad ;been solitary'-hitherto
since her' narents; died. Mhe'-Vouns:
girl ifiUedlnp a jvoid :in it, and? made
her botHtter and happieri yH
ueyr.au ;.warr,new8 logeiuur, fiuu
traced mimaps theroutes of the armies,
Emily iherkelf was pcarceV -mdro ex-
citoiidf erf: the! Pews of a battle tliah
cea8elesar'attxlety'?nd -? dallj" (pre'r!
sent to the 4ielde&For a l.ongf time he
seemed foriuhe's soldier alspiOPDehad
baen n6Hced for Ms valorV -and'i pro-
uie iate .ot, me .soiuier wuv)iu,jbMa .iuw.
moted :from?the:jauks .: ; but'.-he-" madl
nasseff a thfori all nerils unharmed;
O'fteaMIs! arclayrrecajreCtheir fit-st
interVie'wrrUawtaffain. as for Ihe first
tlmePthe-tali- athletic figurethe fresoH
lute, masterfuVface the clear j honest
eye; periiaps she liked Emilyi all the
better that those same honest ray eyes'
shown iwmtnldecvhe ' thoughiforiej
head. iitiik-v ;i v u:
A31 thef time when danger seemed
not ttonch'jEiehard Keeueshehad
a oreseritimeii t thab his-'hour Of :,do6m
him cheerfully !Hi3 letters cam epof ten
written m ta.sooda spirit s, addressed
some c
,ys to hissjsterbut nevef-without
cprdialj Reverent, almost (ender
nention of iiher . who sent him forth i to
ht the great fighljn her stead. ; Still
he subtle sense .which foretells, com-j 1
Ing danger; haunted Miss rBarclaysiike
apnaOlom:f wone Could not lUll It.
i A fraf'canie at last when she obenedl
there that Hichard Keene was dead
The federals hadr ibeen repulsed,' leavH
tog their dead of whom.he was-one,
fo? the en0b:b-
i She read! tlie' tidinsrs, calml v..; ;She
ily could; have scarcely ;toiu which f mrciay compreqenaea; au, now,- anu
Nearer; the;: brother far away, pr was herseit again, ready, wita courte-
newr sister she: had fonnd at bomev oiistgreetinr; for 'him who came down
knew he had-I&ednas He would i have ISvords did, but he' bent tenderly to hear
wished J' for he recalled his oartinri the answer : ri..i;ji'r?;;r
wurus, .tier soiuier wh? tgouo uf
stake Su the ;warlH.erA'ope
cessteemedi toJhare ;died with hfm.
Shedidiror feel"likeeepingrshe
scarcely knew;thatshoieltatall ; only
. 1 1.1. Ill 1 1 1 1 " I
her hand aiht to her heart reminded
herCShe said to 1 herself, still calmly 1
1 must go tpfEmily, and tell h er that
I seht her brother. to his death rv ; . ,,-!
i 01 ..i i. " it: - i -1
one put ou err uhijjj;, auu wuimer-
the front
lor at school, where
they f hadniet hrst came in f joyful 1
with S welcome, but started i bac& x ab-;
palled by" the whfte, still face she met
Mjarclaywi.'tip' to'her d saidJ
dreanly.n.j s hi u js k i r-ri s ; t;': j it. a a sis .q;?.:
t' " Emilvsilf am alU
xie is gouei .v., ?i:toj r -tfr- ei,An;.jg.rTft j
ihe girl to whom the ill news came
whhnokfellsuTdden a
passion, of . grief y and. thpm trying to
uxutuii. "er, eft
e -tears were
k.Emily home
me coia, anu acne tuat maae ner ciaspjiouna. silence ot , these L vast caverns
ed vaguely, that 'she 'did ."not "weep as be moreilsileut--noii solitude - more aayugnirirom. ,ine.!time ;they enter- the
she saw hery owir stilly -composed face aVful. I stood apart from the guides mnes. In the course of a few weeks
in the glas3.yiV;ij?a:& L ( n and lamp-bearers in ur separate vault, th.eT )os
r Emilyr-came to herrin ihe- same at the distanceof-a few -hundred feet.1 grows oyer the eyes from; what.cause
. the iront par
ftom henceforth, bhe might go bacfclhaoimers jprbduced rasingalarr 'effect
to school another 'year, perhapsat
Kaf A xirsna I
haunted forever, as he' had feared she
would be, by the idea that she -had
sent hirii to his death'; Ahd hot even
the memory of his own. assurances,
those generous last words of bis,' could
give her comfort. -
rpi,- , . - .
e ummer rameiue summer oi)
bringinbird-songs and blossom,
avoW ftfllfnAnfoH eon
ti 1 , I
Barclay seemed vto -catch : scent and
?2nn.a. - Itarpused lier to wish to tread
vTw .vv- Few ucr tare-
yss footsteps in .the Khite sands' of the
beach. ; - r fS afeldiLia'is -
? 1 .f? ?6 pleasant, quiet nook;
winch as; yet1 not, eopugh people had
ufvu w P. ?i uiere tne
3 began to come. lowlv back to
Mis Barclay's. cheek, and thelfch't to
ucirau 10 come, iiiowiir, nans tn
preseui xney uau neea:oi eacn other, gnomes, supposed, to j inhabit 'gloomy because of' the recent Wder of one of our
a !f?f FOnthswere which pits; werepueily: Generals In the .West,-5 excluding; the 'JeWs
followed I lJEmflyWas the first to learn bplicalart3.?ia e :.;vi,;i. as such' from his lines. - In this country
resignation- for , the: loss of her deadi j I We came suddenly upon one otoud such Wact would seem entirely contra'rv to
uvji ; DU1 iui iuuoi t
.rJ!,-. ".!aWr .growcneenni jseniea the internal character of thell Y 7 J , - v: , n;c,, 'u",!u"'
atram in time, she thonwlsf if VmW fiAlr-lon r v,a . ru tea by an order issued no donht thonsh
foncy would ceale to picture trae aArfnHo
Icene-aattle fie!dw.here-tho
tin sunsearched-with red beatns for
.inoy: .wi.h cloir. honest iyes, and
D i d . t he v r wt iu n d h i 111' -in u til ate h i m
after he" was dead ? She had heard
such things-she wished she-could for-
et'therii "',-ri'i ';':-vlii,:;M
Walking fllnno ' one dav. she Iieard
on the path behind her voices Emi
Iv's and another;5 She tnrned sudden
ly WiereheK.senses dazzled? ';;Did
h a rlrpami Do the dead walk? She
saw a face over which a Southern tur
must, have grown. long ; ago. 'unless i
bleached white long ago, unburied, on
the ghast!y ' battle fields; Sight and
I senses failed her. ' or the urst time
in her life she fainted,? When she
; covered she sawf only Emily ;e
child spoKe eageriy;; s.,ii--.Us ,
.It. was? my brother, alive, hi
HeWas wtyunded, not deadfley took
hiin; prisoner and astweek hewas ext
changed W hen lie came to iN enr xprK
ne iounu we were iicre, aiiu ivnywcu
- She had poured the words into Kate's
iear wnu iuui,iinu uiaiu, ycut,uu uitt
I !n4ber?understand;;the;txuth, lestjshe
might;;iaintt again;d3Ut such bwooiis
do hot happen twice inbne day 'Miss
tih path-the; retuheUi'warridr : vjth
the scar seaming .his, broad brow, 'and
showing how hear ; he had :comthe
fate slie :.hacl 'feare:d:y ' AiV'-h-
mAAv u.. iuuuuu wgv3ncu
said; and then he; was gpinbaek. rf:
. Of course ?hie stayed with tbem there
at Sea iew .for a while, and of course
euauu uu,cuuu i,a,vvciss"i.
out pi her raanherf' Ohedhe aid
to heft d "" w&iiiU:t&s
" You are too kind, to.me." . ...
.4" X do JJ0.trfeel m ill. jconld,heieho
1 answered, " whenI- remember that
you have' s"ufferedrIund ' who sent you
f or th to the fight.";- - '
!He;-did ; notc speak ragain for a tnbT
ment,' and then be asked 1a' strange
qustion fi;J fr
1 '" Miss8 BaVclayl "what do yourtliiuk
of wan,' jan jhbnest mah,i who loved a
womanodearlyv and :i felt rinf his; very
soul that he was her-peer, but did not
ask her to' marry bim-because she was
very rich and, fie; was poor, and lie
1 pourage
could sway in: the most sacred matters
of his heart and his life J and if he be-
j heved the lady would ever, remember
pnwhich" side "the; fortune was i o:i
should wonder, at bim for thinking Jier
I worthy; of . his love:'i ; i v ; v1-
: ff-"18 eyes laosw xiuuest, earnest eyes
-looked :at ; Tier with ; somethinff in
' Kate, you know Hove you. When
I fight again howilipfay for ; nie at
eS ospfspldier shallT UV I
I chmk her. look told him before her
,TIie Polish Salt Mine i 's L,lfo.
7I;was 'greatly ; imbressed,by the pro?
r '! i - ' "
When we Rtnnd still . tho nttp.r ahsonnAl
of sound -was aTmallihf?.'' The1 falling
of a pin ; Would haVe been ;a ; reli
Not even the faintest vibration of the
i - ht i . i i
air, was perceptiDie. oxo aeserc coma
in Afr? fffif T rriiVhf fnllx nnnri!ato I
this profound inertioh, land it really
seemed as if the world "wem no more. I
hFrom;isome 5 of r these tunnels 1 We
emerged into iopeil' caverns, where? a
tew -workmen were emnloved'at their
drearyl labors.! liiwas surprised that
there Were not moreto "be seenbut
(was: 'informed 'ih'at? they; are'ecattered
in small parties' threueh miles of earth.
sqlthat the number is not
through the vast solitudes that is the
wnrVmon . nnrlpp ci innlvmvl I
who: were occupied in detaching ,ma.'
jses of ' crystalized salt from1 a cleft-irt
which they 6rked?Tltey were1 naked
to , the middle, shaver nothing-on' but
coarse trowsers and boots, and wronsht
witlf their; crowbars; arid;picks by tlie
.i 1 . .,.; .. ' - ir.y M:.vJC
iignt 101. ;a lew; greascrlajnos held bvl
my little boy$ wiflt
Eiii - i - lL c;-:
. , Ui ujii V"i U1 "ieiri
backs pnnphing awyjwithlremehdous
toilat the rngged mases,oC gall oyer-
.ueau, tueir ueaa, iaces ana oooies gJiW
terinir -with 'the wWersbf salt5 grit
that aH nnnh fl.otn nh;ia r(J
up to their arm-piti in dark holes, deh
ingjnto.,the Jow
possible they were h nman beings, these
benrdf1. elm
Istere f "Rnrlv !fn-'iimfkL
rMr1rf cJ.orrrrxr .m.l.t; rtf
lltfut "af'VXM
marked - bj5?dark currents of sweat !
No. wonder 1 stared atUhem vvjth
som ethi ng akin ' ; to 'distrhst.,.:?-. Th ey
mi "lit be monsters in reality, and take
of their infernal pits by way of pas
suauen noiiou to Jiuri mu iuiw yuc
tion.,would,be-that here; there .was
8Utu au:BUUllua,ICBU1
.n:apunaance oi sau, mere v um
difficultyabout the preservation
be no
of my; rbmain . ' ; ;:; . ; tU"'
in the condition of these poor wretches
i-shut but from ; the glorious light of
day, immurea in oarK: oeep pire, nuu
areas, orv jeec. unaer gronnu j jrootiu,
as it were, for life, in the bowels pf the
informed bv the fruide that these wbrk
ntomedito this kind
men are bo atvua wuicu w imo v
The working gang, is not permitted .o
remaihupder gronud more than eight
hbnrarltVfs then::irelieVed..; "Jne ;curT
rent belief .that some of,, themlive ; in
the mines is not susJainjed byxtfae; facts,
Ini former times it is1 quite - probable
sucli was Kthe !!case At present:the
administration' of ;afiiirs' is rnorebh
man. than it was at an.; early perjod fin
the history of -the mines. i The opera-
tives are free Ito quit -whenever they
please; as in any private establishment.';
Plenty bfother
toVft 4 thA,'r . kT-' ; TlV a' riav . is oodc
averagmg irom thirty - ikreutzerSi
mae two or ;inree punureu jsorum a
amaicramT of rhard.iearth, it is cut into
cylindricaU' blocks and exported ! in
that form to Russia.3 The " finer1 Iquali-
ties are crusnea ana pacisca .in, parreis
tor . exportation . to . various , parts -ot
Prussia and :AustriaJ; .v : Kiaai
How little do we 'reflect upon -the
tremendeus aggregaterof-toil by-which
he- com mo nest: article j of:tQodi ts.proi
1 hus, as -we silat our pleasant
oreaKiasi iapie--ine sunsnine-sneaoing
its cheerful glory vthrbWghthePUrtains
upou the J social; circle; jthe white clothV
breakfast table--the sunshine sheddiriir
spnnKie it upon our ; eggs . andj jbutter
now merrily we cbat over;the. tonics Ot
the-timesl? To be ; sure," there is no
good reason Why we Ishbuldmake burr
selves mfseriable.' because what' we rel-
sh so highlyjcost , labor;" buiawpUd;it
rjOt be - instructive to dwell a.tooraent,
even upon a pinch bf Salt Not -tO SO
intA' n MtArir nf tkn.tWi vk;
r:"" V ; , ".,
have served to' earnish our table :"the
iron mines, which have Furnished . us
knives . and forks ; or i the coal iminesr
wjPATaiFoTd us f uel: with which to cook
ou l ; food what'a World t)f salt' seaS1 and
brine springs and crystaTcaverns what
an aggregate o.i .numanou, commerce
and enterprise? that- prnchuOf saltisus:
gests ? a Yet ;so common 1 is the uSe of
this? mineral that; like the aifwe breathet
we are scarcely conscious , 01 . its exist
h i We next visited the stables in which
"e horses ate kept for hauling the salt
on the subterranean railway s.' Many!
of these :horses it is 'f said, never see
not ascertain. It mav be the
e"s ol the . saJt-or clongi continued
oaritness though it' "does-not -anoear
thatthe'miners suffer any inconvenience
!n P's respect jrremember ; reading of
89me "s" ; without any "eyes at all: found
" 5 ll?e Mammoth Cave' in Kentucky.
x, na7nff du mtie use tor sight,
?neors.es.!0K''w leliczka" go blind. 'from
fa.: natural ;dispositibh''' to accommodate
the - SDirit and
genius cf bur Constitution.
Xt said.that
i that it is simply, a .military pre
?aatiot, intended to prevent the conveyance
of intelhsrence and 'the forrnatTrtn f
tracts Of J a fraudulent -charaeter" and this
103 e Ai?"t'-6iPI7 and sinr
SlStt? here any, doubt, that some
8neculatini?.ortrsitnrrni .Tra
...1 ..l-I l i 7: . ""1-".uaB
Isaccesstul - military ? operations. But-is- it
niy ews-who' liave'pfflfl thiVa. vvi
k not. - Tliere are tlroiiannrT ' WD
speuiaiors ana traitors daily in com man 1-
catibnlwith the eneinf: ;ThSS
latbrs arid tra!fni'?ai1ir 5n j..'L.,. t
army office icertain cavalry Colonek; who
nave oeen suspected, very. stTOhly of hold-
tbose communications Hrtth rth eDeniy
fbrwhich thnie ; i
M'fPWtomtyut is it righio
rf : v :inaiviauais 1 ,1 hose ;jvho;
ltl,em and know bow Rrcat an act of inius-
uww,o uvw Aiesi. leeimost conHdence in
'ty in the nineteenth, century,. wUl, we can,
with, infinite; toili and smmgled Hvitli science 3They,have for ages been thejS
bittesweailUrS, rP? f ortandffi
:. Yes; stranVe'as Jt may, seem. I .was P heir researches farther hi
year. ;The:salt is gotten out in various Europe; as ?is asserted of them, they have'
forms;0 according to thp;deptU Of the awinirecr'the habit bf ;thii.king, it right W
strafunVrV Where itt,is Tmixed.with,lan retaliate by fraud "ikainst. oppressife Dower 1
belled. eggs, so' invitingly spread before -Arrival tf Befugea from' th Eebel Capital
us With that -charminguricp'nscious- I H 'A!'. Pniol
ness of labor we dip up a little salt,' and i .iMi7,K,i,U ;, ,:4;
; -Great- inditmaf inn J.o
I . O mw VVU VOO(.U
and success than
people en earth, u Thev hn H vf
19n an.l a "
ment, Jews have, ever
Men tWu..V an
- lST f srM?',ln aeot
erntrient On the bant .I v'3
ernment. Gn the banks' of VEw? g
Trnnlratf:iflnfr the jor? - 1 he le,
leadens of the Wisdom of antiqaitr '
onT rase ot nure Ibeisfs. a I, me
they united the Greek and Oriental
phies. It was Jew that guided th 1
- ot jsioaammea. - was
- W :Viect they
of l?uc,,.e tnan any otn.r people.
. . - , " "oiunr
was the first on earth, aft.
lawl cognized: their perfect polhS
social eaualitv:,r The MJnit &t)z,
;ag0srt!,i ' ontv'f conntrv nr;-tfci- n.
globe where;, they, have never experienced
politicar oppression It is . to hA i.ni
j shall. not begin now 's : Vi 8
J-.If a Jew doeswrohg,' punish his om
bot not his raceunless we; are prepared to1
Punjsb;aU. Christiaiia for the faults of each'
and auyhemXt imay: be quite proper
f5f5l all. ..traders from certain lines, lot
iCletl tnrfew,bejrved. aUke, , Or, it
I P.ra' A,uBU: onence 1
named0 But "a distinguished statesman has
remarked1, that . he i" never saw the Inn,?
tionsun so unchristian ' a manner that
lut in this country, in Ifprbportion as ther
have ( been conqeded. equal rights, tbej be.
come increasingly reliable. , There are some
i yL -""tJ-i-irtFFHhr
conscientious, ana patriotic men amene
thehi; to bo; found : any where. '. . Some of tha
Wealthiest 'j families of the are the Boost!
energetic,,' ''and have i'threeXand.jfo'ur sons"
engag'eJ;in our army, entrusted cwith tLe
; ...Jt!s,: Jt . fT
ihur v - i:."'. ,
; f'.vT." - J. ' .-- r
weye8tmg;-?frQm. Bichmond.
timae & Failure Position: of 'Gen. leii
Army-What the EebeU expect from Gov.'
I i'':' '.
f ' Ir
I J.."6 1 Vrived this motninff from
"H.SSVftiEK l$Z2fc S .
arid four Children, and John .Killdafff refoetei ;
ffnxEijhmorid.jhere thej hadbooii'at Workk
Tledeg Jl00 Works; Cojle and Rileyjrt
I trdmTroy. W. Y. "They left Richmond, on SSUa-
daji the i I2fh,-inat JtbamtwsMSR'g1 and th
woman and. children ridinjr' io a ; woo, which
wag driven bj a contraband, and cataa by way
of the MecanicsTihe Piko. eassintr - Ilodorer
-j -Court House, wHere . they observed that the reb
els cad a, picket, to near fort Kojal.. where they
dossed.'and' precceedeil on -their way to the Po- .
lomnc, and1 bailed one of our gunboat and gotoa r
board; from which they were -transferred to' the '
Kingr Philip. -On": the! way frow Richmond they
did . not eo any: rebel soldiers other thaa ibe '
picketat Hanoyer Court Houaeoj'j'i.V' ! ' '
1 Th week previona to their .departure, there
waa great excitement in? Richmond owinjr to a ;
report that a large Union force, numbering eighty ?
thousand, was op the way to Weldon N. C. aud ,
that a larcre fleet of -gunboats Were io the waters
of North CarolinsJ . y ;'5 ' - ' . ...
t - About the same time General Anderson's im-''
sion of General Jackson's army, numbering abent ,'
fifteen thousand men, passed through Richmond '
and went south, which fact : added much to the
excitement, vq :z zlteb'-tyw-'! ' 1 :i
The floating; battery, Merrimae is "a perfect
failure, being top heavy,, and she is lyini
Eockett'a with a scow on each aide to ieep her
afloat. " Several times she lias been taken out
iuto the stream with the scows alongside; bat
whenever it was attempted to remove the scowi
she careened at such a irate that tbejr were obliff
ed to replace, them and bring her back to ker
mooringai For upwards of three weeks she was
tried in this niaoner, but at last, tired out wilh
attempts to make her set right in the water, they
have given her up and acknowledge her failure.
I At the Tredegar Works they have six hundred 0
men at work, mainlj pn shot and guns, but the
latter dre mostly unserviceable, the metal which
they are working being ef inferior quality, and ;
none other to be &ad.r Lately several guns bars -been
condemned on this, account and , the are
now tAndlrig them with, wrought h on. - ;, ,..
; jOn Friday' before thej jeft. about one hundred .
and fifty Union prisoners wsra marched from the .:.
prison to tbe .VVorks; and arrangements made to
tuenv ana me following Monday mey aii
went to work.i Fiftv v,5nnl taken the .1-
osth to the cocfederaev. -f " -!i" 5 .
-.The -city is well fortified at every point, nj ';
the fortifications ifnrrUnne.A whh but a small
number of men.' ; They have over vno hundred .
in Position around the city.- ' - ; ' ' '".
- The main bodr Dm rohpl armv ta Maid to he
about -midway bet ween ; Fredericksburg aud;;
Richmond;on the railroad 5v. v' ';'";,'
I here is said to be considerable' Union seati-
ment yet in tUe citvr even (?r.ftli iit becoming .
sick of the ; war ' They,- however; Relieve ' that ;;
tbe are- Io be succr ssfnl. hd claim tht the pro-'
clamation of President Tmenln will rnns many ;..
of the Union soldiers to lay down their arms." . ,
4 ney aay mat eeymottr i will not allow any ;
more troops to leave New York, and that ptber
consert&Uve Oovtrnors ' will: follow; the same '.'
Provision 4w i4(itrM In '-'thU' frifV! and r
there is iauch snfferin nmonc the noorer classes. '
Fim forty to fifty flollars per month is charged ;
for common board. ' Flour is sellincr at from ' $22
j to $25 per barrel ; meal at $4 50 per bushel; aad
eggs at 1 25 per dozen TJ
.i T
1 jl-r.
; iTrtB Affair at FKEOERiCKSncaa Burntide't -Jdgmtt4JorrecL,
We learned immediately after
the engagement of-Saturday at Fredericksburg,1,
that the rebels bad so far exhausted their supplies
f artillery ammunition as ttf be cots ne lied to fire;
bars of. iron from tlieir cannon- -These state
ments are now not only confirmed, bnt i Js cer
tain they also fired stones aud such other unusual
missiles as catae to hand most casily Tiers'
seems to remain scarcely a doubt that their ord
nance would have been nearly useless on Sunday?
and it becomes more and more plain that Genera
Durnsids'g judgment was correct in the whole,.,
DroCfeedit3r. nnH tliat Kfa hipf mr wax in saboP- ,
dioapng' tis own convictions to those of hisoffie '.
ers. f llad the battle been renewed on Sundsj ,
success would most hke.y have erowneu
efforts, and the Army of. the Pofornac would
Lave secur&J,- lor the urst time, those suosiam
fruits of victory of which Ihcy have boea
j oftca Jeprivcd by cutious fwtuufl. , f, ? . "
lniroaaceu uie Ansioienan philosdphY'
Spain, 'and thus, into Europe, VevivJ.1
l ya a. mm . - urn
w "Mi

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