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J. L. PENNINGTON. Editor &, Pi dpHetor I-
Oc,ber 1 . 1858. : Newbe'rn. N. C?
The officers of the ewbem Light Infantry returned-from
Raleigh yesterdny-afternoon, as well
as most of the
visitors of the E&Mbition frSiii
this r section
We, believe if is almost theunaiu-;
mpus opinion that he State Fair is one grand.
humbug. .However, it had some few redeeming
qualities, Ibe most prominent of which was the
Address of the Hon. T,' L., Clingman , before the
North Carolina Agricultural Society; ttwj
epoKca oi in iiiu ligimsb terms, says our miof
iJie Military Uonvention met in the Uourt;
Housev oiijtWednesday' evening, and invited Maj
Gen.iAvery of Bui-k-5 to preside oyer th eir de
liyxXot Af&rbrgazingtbe CoiftXpn imt ,
ajpointing -a coumittee to prepare business," they,
adjourned tta meet on Thursday morningat 10
o'ciockfA I ' ' . . ;
At the appointed hour, the Convention met, and
was called to order by Gen;. Avery, resolutions
expressive of the wishes of the Convention -were
adopted, and the Chairman appointed Capts
Cook, Jones, Hall, Brice, Cariner, DarbyjflEiifd
Rdbards, a Gommittee to memoralize the ensuing
Legislature to amend the present military system
of North Carolina, and afford relief and encourage
ment to Volunteer companies
Each memberof the committee was requested
.to present hisr opinion of the reform needed, in
writing, atthe next meeting, in Raleigh, on the.
second Tuesday in December,
The Convention then accompanied the Govern
or and Orator .to the Fair Grounds, and on their
rptnrn 'adlonrnd sine die. ,
. - . The attendance at the Fair is said to have Jeen
very 0S thosW Who; come down 'rmia
The Rule of EalBanisiillapiig Away f
Baftimofe, a ciiy that has suered so much from
..-.rowdyism';"-the Sunlhinks, will eventuaUy- be re
deemed: ano:law and order will again become
triumphant; We are glad of this, and
ioTce to chronicle the intelligence that
shall, re-
uglies and other rufiian gangs of the Monumental
city have disbanded, ""and beat their swords into
lnvDoWnii And their snears into- nrumnff noons
uivi'"w A - , w
i he sun conciuues an mwuc vx
ino-s of Wednesday," the 13th inst.,
as follows v
"We are. in a common brotherhood of : citizen
ship, however violently men may be -estratfgM
for the time ; ahd.while the : redress of the evii
does not seem jWmediate, on the contrary remote;
and coiiagent,5 upon events w hich cannot . be
now foreseen,' yet it is as certain and reliable as
truth itself.' Jtieill come, and legitimately, .effec
tively, overwhelmingly, against all the monstrous
evil of the day, and all who are officially affiliated
with it. All good citizens deluded by it JwiUjitr
process of time, by its very floraity bedriveh
irom therph.fifa'--po4ti6to.I?i They already
shrink from the recognitiptfbf it. The low;, .'laws
less and .degraded imtiiiment&ibiwork; ts fia
. gitibus purposes will shrivel into shjaddering ob-
curity r hile
tined witn its paoiic ana ostentatious aispiay. wxu
ski -esterday afternoon, say there was-any
- lfiXki-l z?L3:.A. ttZM''.
sJTf.V-; edresed .hevawilrt'th'orouJjlyfetadicated
S -Andiwe have almost equal confidence in the der
'' claration that it wiU not be long before the law
and the outraged dignity of the people vwill.be
i peacefully, blooOlessly ana euectuany vmaicaieu.
, liut it win De asK.ea.
isked, what may;we not be exposed
ssiuQ of outragesfmay we not be re
lit to? before the; day Of retributrou
to, what success:
nuired to submit
comes t v To this we can answer nly inferentialfyJ
Crime,' lawlessness, ruffian violence, like every
iother thing, have their 'culminating period. ; Our
elections ' are 'now the incidents for the full,
orgariijseoT, Apolitical' development ofjHheir uses.
But good men will not long Jbe identified with
such things, their vile "uses, or" their nominal, tin-
lawful results. While hp man who has ant interest
a personal: livinar interest in the community, catal
sanction by voteji.influence or palliation the rule
of ruffianism but at the sacrifice of thajnte'rest
.n..T :a 1 . rnv. 1 i
YviiaiaucrQi 11, may yts. ;; ;iB ausoiUbt licwadii'jr
bearing heavily and resistlessly upon us vto re-
deemtne reputation 01 our city. ; ; Qur mercantile,
nianufacturinfr; mechanical ent at the
patise oftictibni under the reviving energies of the
time5 :arid ihey;.havV6 Just bee ja exposed to a. shock
vthic;Hvifl:befeiteely in the
Long f ernivns.
The. followin g extracts are from- the pen of wG.
Browrfowt the '. fighting parson.' We like his no
iut -lojig'serinoiis ; and farther, f we think
they shouid be prohibited by both civil and eccle-
8iaticiiUw. A,mi would preach long
.ermongliilQ, ea teyLQ so without a con
fr&g&iioii the trulj
etoquenVbVevity of Christ's serm on the mount.
Timew .whcnrpreachmgx, ftt many sections
feur (Cn.tWp or foift- weeks,
and thettndnfftlBerinbns ivere tolerated. Now.
f eaeliing-1 s within, the .Tea,eh bmost persons e v-
eryeao Daia.-auu even iwice in we same aay. ro
sit nownd b, iofcrf an Jiour and a half by
any nianijcr therdeli very: of? a single sermon, is
preposterous,' but to be thus bored by a man of
.maiyle'njfou'ghjto disgust good men,
and force.sinners..; to swear I When - a sermon
reaches beyond, 45 orvfjO' minutes, we regard, the
audience-ai:jttstifiable? in rising up and leaving
the houses thereby" expressing their opposition to
the length of the- sermon in a style so terse and
epigrammatic;asubl; tbe misunderstood.
v ; VVith'.t'kebiAii'has passed the' Rubicon,
jvhen' it exceeds.jory minutes, unless th preacher
remarkable: &rce:?ind beauty of i lang'uacfe prel
Witn iiiai. critical acumen liHtiuettcB, o.uu tnui
richness of dic"tfon that captivates an audience !
But our " one horse " preachers can't do this, and
they are in most -instancia, the men who preach
these long dogmatical, not to- say preposterous seix
mons. " The Engrlish language does not furnish
adjectives, sufficiently expressive, to describe our
abhorrencebf long sermons in this fast age of the
wo"rld !"
A'Mute Makriage Service. The New York
;Express givXthefblTowing clescription. of a mute
iharriage scrVicei'',. ;
It is seldom, we haveifwitnessed so beautiful a
cere moi:hjaniiage 'Miss Ellen T ,
of Bostorrnli't, of Philadelphia, son of
the welT-knon negotiatorf the Treaty of Guada-lupe-Hidalgo
Vhich-too - place on Tuesday
morniugtn the i "pretty panshhurch at New Bright-
r,-tateh.Zslarid. The bridal couple were both
mutes, deaf-and dumb irom lntancy. Wo sweet
soundfhad $ever enchanted the eternal silence of
theirniind fBut the: intelligence and esprit which
flashed from "the dark eyes ofn the lovely bride,
proved bat the intellect was as .bright within as
ajnonf iter Vnorrt favrtrvi ftjRtf rS- . 7
f4? ve ail Know xne exquisiie oeauiy oi tne njar-
graces : and force were lent it bj-.the symbolic
rendering"oftfieif:R.eY.w'Mr.;'Gallaiidet, who with
Rev. Pierre Iyying performed the ceremony. The
Rev. MT;f Irving very slowly and emphatically
read the service, which Mr. Gallaudet translated
by signs : With wonderful fidelity and rapidity,
the bride and groom repeating these signs as they
were indicated .by their clergyman. Several times
$he. sign-langUage lingered after the word-lan
guage liad.;ceased; and than tne silence winch
;reigned thel'church and the breathless interest
which ehcjthed every spectator was almost pain
ful. : Theolemu? vows being symboled before
the Throneof. Grace, the Lord's Prayer followed ;
and w'ho. can -'describe the mute eloquence of that
-mute -prayer so deYotipnally followed by the young
couple When the nupital benediction was silent
lypronounced" above the lowly-bowed heads of
tid flyieeling-pair there yas that which, spoke
louder than, words ih; the graceful sign-language
of the officiating, minister. A few letters a word
or two -then the hands upraised toward Heaven,
I to God, ; iwho haid:;' bo.und . together 'the tight
a , way: UP WArdagain." ai fe wwords the han"d
placed iu'y blessing upon their heads of the now
over4- No one ixibved. for souie moments ; we ajl
felt lia-uif glimpse of the spiril&andv
ana we ? longea 10 one more giauwi,iuj. bi
lent piritTWtriBut the groom Was leading
his beautiful, graceful bride to the churcb door ;
we haye; her ouiet happy smile put away in our
metnory Jto gladden some dark hour. - Ere we
cbultr"a;:ferent ' God bless you,' they had
quietly passed away alone with their mute hap-
"Trouble AdP Bio wn. University. For years
irbas been the custom of the Sophomore class of
BrowniU diversity to Asmoke out. J? resnmen ;
i ieat the conimeiicement pf each year to enter
PiL'J j.'L'. .-'?4?T&l''vn-ir A - f TAirtl.-n fill 4-VlO-r VkO
:iac-IWuiar.l;lJt'iCBUii(cu aim oixivvy vn j
Varae sick, brackribwledsred themselves sick of
1;he opraiMiThe custom Iw adhered to b
the present Sophomore class; " who did the work
upBwnWee4jSkye 'elapsed and nothing
was ? said , agamst 'th! course pursued. - Monday
af ternooh," ho wever, the Sopb.omores, one by one,
were called -upon to visit tbe President.: The fol
lowirig - questions were asked4 , Fir$" Was you
"enrared iu smoking out 1 'Second " Will you
sigh an agreement never to engage in anything of
thefkma agaiiij:" --Jny were enaoiea tosay
felj'-in, ;.-rreply:tb therst .question, but all de-
ciinetfto ;ans we to.the .second Each;
was-ln r nseqtlence,ldiliodissed iOnii college:
Th e-cias 1, imited in the determination 'not to be
- i f Si i by tne stririgehtrbgulatiohs necessjtiily:
ijx-.o " a'th'eiiji!-b
f,W&: see it stated in our late exchanges that the
aboye difficulty ,has been, adjusted, and that all
. '-; 4"-.' -.'"'. v-i.' . 'a; : j v i
:.s --'v- ;
j fp'f "
, , V .-
tne siuaeuis" wuu were uibuussbu uavu oeeu re
, AsriTtrAi. Meetings in Wilmington. The An
nual,: Meeting--bf the. Stockholders of the Wil
mihgfcohtahd Weldon Railroad, wjll take place in
town.nSTbursday, the 11th day of November
e!?Sr---i ----'- ,- '-:;'. ''- .
heffockholdera of the . Wilmington and Man
chester Road will hold their. Annual Meeting on
eTIutrSaytfQwg the 18th of November. .
a ne-;tocKnoiaers ; 01 tne commercial Jank,
1 hbd;tei iAnnual Meetingon Monday, the 1st of
- rabfi , ; Wv h-u? . h j: A
1 '-rtt-' it:B iivi oi.' t.i.-n7 .-,
iheATinuai;Meeting of the Stockholders of the
Ba&k-'of .Wilmington, takes place on Tuesday, the
-.:-.- -.'
jiecessity ior.ine .most sirenuous-exerwon 10 coun
f Takiug advance pr att
vegive! place to the folldwiali'rolli
The letter contains mueh truth, ian wSelievel
the sentiments contained are pulkr in4bis eom-
mumij ; x iicoompiimtsu b io iYr. jrerringijeniis
well timed, and we thjnk, richly esahiPlp
rv lar i6grti99 ?-I tttfproud tfseetihe ?inte
xest you have justly manifestelfbliaotopted,'
town, and cannot "but congratulatebbli the
very able Vand; spicj remarks or yowf - itbrial
-correspondents writing from Salisbuiyuudfer date
of October 19 1856ahd contained .in ur jissU.
of the' 22nd lnst. sthyitt they , are eltime.d
nd "fit. the case'exctiy;'''' ; " t't' '
I hope you wUncontinueoTxr course?' and suf
fer no opportunity to pas to hold up )their true
light the . would be great cities of the East, and
r properly set the claims jof our good cwnfe
tqf&tlie public. , ' 'C-tM '
v There ' has, I believe, for sbmetimeexisted a
jealousy on the part of some in that secioato wards
-Newbern, but I have alwavs been at ft los to con
jecture why it was so for had it not hare; been for
the citizens of Newbern and Craveabuntythe
charter for the road would not haxe.beeij secured,',
ana to lueui tucjr, iu-b giwi. iiicwvoui-sJA-yUujcu-
rreat measuijjOfc
tirelybwe the. building
ot , tne rpaoa4?pnse-i
iIiitl valllthe benefits the have olf verwill Ire
ceive from the same. As such I think it yerv Ufa
just and hn wise 'not to say ungrateful ihem
use" any effort to prevent Newbern frqhi receiving
a liberal share ot the benefits arising from the
road. - I think the prospect is fair for Newbern to
out-rival her eastern competitors, if I may be al
lowed rthe expression, withoujlJier condesending
tony thing illegitimate in the matter. Her po
sition beiri's: several miles nearer the interior of
the Statevand her wharves, ware houses, energetic?
business' men, together with her ship'pingfacilities,
evidently place her fa, ahead of those dreary
places, and leaves but" little doubt, tha the great
cities spoken of, sb touch, is now noicAcrc,and
probably wile howhere for years to comeX '
; Iam yburs5&o., ' A CAROLINIAN.
. State FAiR.--When we -stated in Saturday's
issue that it was " almosJLthe unanimou4opinion
that the StAjjFair is onegranoThumbug,! wdid
so on the "opinion of a number ofgBntlemen who
had attended it, and are still of opinion that it was
not so good as they had beeii 1ld ' to saopose it
would be. f. Since that publication vv-ajs madeY we
have conversed with others who, having attended
r.l-iUh tateJE'aH that has been.heMia JrtfeOaSP
lina,are of opinion, that the'exhili'tlijir'
is as good, if not better, thatt!any -previoy held.
That leaves the thing "about as broad as it is
long" and we therefore furdrato all we said, with
the assertion that fairs, in ainajority bf!-ca&es, are
humbugs, and that those who attend them gene
rally return disappointed. '
The papers by Saturday evening's mail brought
no news in relation to the doing's in Raleigh, and.
passengers, of whom there was a large number by
the last train, relate no incidents that would in
terest our readers, except that the exhibition had
closed and the crowd was fast leaving the'eity.
A Preacher turned Lawyer. A
two ago, Rev. S. S. Bryant, then a member of the
North Carolina Methodist Conference, was arrest
ed in Richmond, Va., on the charge of insanity.
At his examination before the Mayor, he attempt
ed to plead his own cause, but was stopped by
tha dignitary, who ) was of opinion vtat no man
who could use such eloquent langBSmd forci
ble argument could then be i ihsaneIrf Bryant
pose, ecoiuagfedvndbubt b.'ni-lssxirtW
occasion, regularly' in the hamessThe Danville
correspondent of the Petersburg Express says he
appeared as counsel for Hugh Rameya shooting
case, in the Hustings court of that fbwn on the
15th instant.
'' Ei4H Present- Friend Banks over the way,
yesterday shipped to Mr. Dunn, editor of the Ame
rican Advocate, one of the nicest and prettiest
cakes wj have seen for a long time.. It had inscribed
on it in letters composed of red ; cany Ameri
can Advocate,' Kinston, N. C." r It itiade our
mouth-water to look at it, and wajaimoat envy
our cotemporary. Six months ago Mr Bknks com
menced business in Newbern, a stranger, and
employed but one hand besides ninsellf a little
negro boy ; now he employ s six' hand abd mana
ges to keep no . very large aniountipf jwork'on
hand. Thesecret of 'Ussaccesr.tituwheii
he commenced business he 'begauf to' taflvertise,
and has kept it up ever since. dyertsing his
them. ancU&s the demand VihasfedUe. all pru-
n5eiitusihess"men shouldii
jHEWEATHEiu-1iiiai rain
for several weeks past I and tbeeaf Jtai been
remarkably fine and pleasant. fiCes jiad
become very dry and dusty; but o&Btet
I we had several very nice showers,.1
wiin jnunuer ana ugntmng, ana 6-3
J.1 O Jl ! . 1 ' '
morning the atmosphere was quite
1. If we
were an Almanac maker we would p;
ct heavy
frost and cold weather at an early day.
Hog Cholera; The Norfolk .correspondent of
the PeteVsburgEpjress,' saysthat: hftAbog chol
era is. prevailing in Gates and joining buutiea
in North Carolina, - He was.xnjfoTmed ty;a farmer
from . Gates a few days ago that he kad lost 150
Tiead from that br some other - fatseasi, and
' were still dying in every section of ti country. I
:. .. Dear Pr om Jr-Nowias I sit y preparatory ,to
writing you,-! hear in the, distance the roaring of
the enraged surf, "which sounds as, tnerhing pf
" a mighty wpid,'' and according tq the. opinions j
of thoseh nrofesso.knbw. betokens " the- an-1
"proach of an eastwardly gale ;' whether, or " not t
vueir propaecies-win oe venneu'; remains yei'w.joe
een i ; at anytate, the appearand weather
at present seems toJustify'iem'i'rtl4
On,TStfesday evening last, the I 9th inst one of
iir military companies, the Wilmington Ligt
Infantry' JDapt Hall; -was 'but on ; parade
heir ranksxprsented quite - a ! formidable appear?
tance, who after. having paraded oflrmost "-princi
pal streets, to the intense defightleunv
ber of boysjiand men who arevereerto fol
low the " musters" rbrought up infrblit of
.the r Carolina Hotel 'l and went through various
difecult manceuvers, with that ease and precision
that elicited general admiration, and that showed
they had attained to a high degree in the Tactics,
This company, never jVaa in a more thriving- con
ditibn than at present i the v have, prbcured a larsre
room in the basement of the new Town Hall
su osta 1 1 1 lawoaan ii er
pride of Wilmib.gton. . ? '
Mr. Marchant's Troupe continue to entertain
some of our citizens, but 1 do not think they are
as well patronize now, as at : first. " Our citizens
are tued of promises, and our -pagers, it will be
seen, have ceased to "puff." And I. begin to
think that we Are all " sucked in ; " those " Stars "
that were reported to havebeen engaged for the
season here, have failed to make their appearance.
Booth, tJurton, J una JJean Jblayue, nor the Ravell s
all of whom were advertised as "engaged n for
here, have not made their debut, neither will they.
They all are engaged, and "are now filling their
engagement, but not at Wilmington. The com;
pany that is here are performing old and "worn
but-pieees, such as Lady of Ljons, Othello, Hon
ey Moon, &c.,aiul freoucntlv by-er.;W request (?)
vre repcathjig even those. It is no more than jus
tice tliat 1 should say, that ? some 01 the. charac
ters are well sustained, but' as a general thing
they aie . not. Their plays, 8 I have ' said be
fore, having been performednver and'ove'r here,
and, therefore the cha nge of jtie acts are always
anticipated by the audience nd if they do not
equal or even excel their imagination, as a matter
of course, the, whole thfrrgfis considered a failure.
-W hen if t hey would, p ut onhing' new, on-the
jjiU theirr-rtattOrs'Sdn hfl ;riiTO nrnmar ,
d to; critieiser' -.-Itis our opinion 'thatth " fetarsv
now on our boards, are of about the three-third
magnitude, and some give evidence of this being
their Jirst appearance. -The non-appearance Of
the promised " Lights " ; have thrown a decided
damper on our theatre-going" public. Although
there has been considerable " blowing ." througb
the press., it is our opinion, that it was all done on
the strength of those promises ; for here within a
day or two past their notices have grown '.' small
by degrees, and beautifully less." ;
In my last, I informed you of the ill luck of
one of your craft, and now I will relate to you a
case where a whole office, with the exception of
two or three, were most especially sold. A gen2
tleman" having recentlyvpened a Refreshment Sa
loon, walked into one of our "printing offices,"
and with all the pomp and importance, that is
characteristic of such Lords', invited the ..whole
establishment down, to partake of a lunch ; and
as printers are very polite, fearing that, they
mightinsult the kind donor should they refuse,"
they all with one accord accepted the sanfe, and
that evening, after they had finished their days
toil, was set airt fOr;the visit; the topic" of .con
versation, the wnole day was "what withal jshalV
we be filled," some said coots, some Oysters, and
another rice birds, but one poor fellow, more anx
ious" than the .rest, bespoke a. nice ?' puff ' ' from
the 'Editor .-and 8aidttU'a4bedid'not feel'like eat-.
efJLf'' . -.vmnj ,. uuii cat -. no yujiu viurjr uouie 111
a-paper. The evening at length came, and they
all struck a bee line for the saloon, when thev
neared the door they all put on their best smiles.
M,vi wciiivuu in, ine nrsr man to greet them was
the noble proprietor, who after the usual" compli-
uiciils asiveu ine genpemenwnatthey would have
tu unnK .' anonever a time: mentioned a word
about the " substantials " that the " devil '.'informs
us ne got a squint at in an anti-room. ThU" anx
ious" one, above alluded to, belonging to an,or-
aeruiat prohibited the use of the ardent,", of
course could not partake, and he comfiirtpJl him.
'-self that the jrood thinsrs would come directlv
but in this he was mistaken, for after thos that
could ' sip had done? so, the eerwiM host. Ve-
tired, and the Typoe's also, fully convinced thafc
actions speak louder than words." The feelings
gtcL re mure-reauiiy lmaginea
than described. We shall be greatly surprised to
hear of their accepting another invitation soon.
And all that, you have to say todisj6fs& that
crowdkPrinters is "how about that luieh ?"
' Tours, , NEW BERNIAN.
; i ;Frouithe Memphis (Tev.) Bulletin, ,
The flag o?f. our country! how proudly it waves "i
O'er the Patriots iaad, o'er their green mos&y graves,
Our country $ uur country ! long uiay.it abidet
Our hope and our lory , our. boast and. our. pride.
.Still float hi the breeze o'er a glorious land ; ".jj ;
Our country; mr't!Ounwy"T,t.be hmi'ie of the brave, T;
Unfurled be thy flag--longIbng may it Wayei
-. i . " .i--..i i.l i ; -. i . --'
From the crystal ates of the frozen North c- - L
The stars ofour country are; gleaming forth,
Unfurled by the daring and noble Kane, r. . V
They sparklo and glance o'er the icy plain. .
The flag of our country is floating; on high,' -.
O'er the orange groves, neath a sunny sky T f
The song-birds' home, with its fairy-fike JbowertT
In wealth of melody, of fragrance anLflowers. ' ": '
Our Flag ! It is waving o'er freasures nntold v
Where streamlets are gliding o'er sands' of gold ; . -Where
the deep ravine and mountain side ;. '-
Betoken rich treasures th at in theirS Tiide. . ,
O'er the darksome forest and bright sunny vale
Theflajr ofour country still floats on the gale;
The stars and the stripes ! may they wave ever wae
O'er the Patriots', lando'er the home of the brave.
'' CHbB.TJ.: ' ' ; ' ; -
The American Flag !how proudly it waves!, ' ''-"..
O'er the patriots' lana.o'er thewgreen mossy graves,
Still floating in triumph wherever it- goes - .
The stars for its heroes, the stripes for its foes.
' Sh?H'were'' f tmd i'.t "
- tiny aslef ul lover; 'jof peii vj,, , -JS
X:. iii;t4r jure W v a -lUJ , u iuo,; . v s .
rshatfeMrnJay; be; yfoxtanes ere j .
laskfnofc lbYei61aim4miaKthe,: :
,a : . -'t'
OTnte;:flmver that cannot die.
f -rt-rTwrT ?r7---:r -ivni.-JT.-. vk, -rK.t 1.,
:lJnt it:vFiiijive ajnTUTwrauy-.;
MSrso:ntL; sa 'ag--tbe;thu'nc6:;bieOTe'?
areSSilwel tft
And forests "wave and plains extend-, '
And mountains m-:the sunlicht fflow : -' : ";-
The windAlprihes upon thy Tn-ow.; ; i
s;nbi.ltnev wind that breathes on mine ; . .
The stOT-beainhinimg on thee now, , '"
. AitQlLoi shine ; 1
.Butmehjfo!s CJ VJ'!' vi
CahsTthou;.ihe holy-past - A
. - The bitter gears' that thou and I ?fii;f -.. ;i.rv
. May'sheo whene'er by anguish' bowe
'-", :Exalted;th(uwhtide sky,, - A';'-v".'r'v v '' 1
?Mav?meetahd ininrIe"in the cloud; -
C ' Aifd thus,rmy;imu'ch loved friend though we
- FfirfpaMu and moyev 5 .
. Ourtpuls ;when' God- shall set them free, " '- ;
s. : "VtCarimiiiglein the world of love! . '1
? 7. Tbis were, ccsta ; vt"i ' -v. :
On a; beautitul . Spring; morning, as a yotjng"
mother"ompleted -Tierl toilet,'- and was abouf to
leave the- room, she turned, as was fcer woht. to
lOOK at two loveiy t
'"rii-;--""--." .
!?i;Mya-anigui-;areatris"re 'a4.ottlej - - - -:m
Xt;atu'rehenrjsilenee 6efM$y1&0i r
--xv-ijnowi.tm.fwaja WSW- 5v
:4Ihd'theTji;a;fancy fe i---.
rlTho i hast each Mtfghfcawtsl -1
e'frbMfli 7f ". '
vrew'eiltnv V?" w
:A3hvJiviTOembrvtiinHnv. hearlt di.i;-;..,- r-:
: .-fJrt Vlftws t; ,ne flowfcra's enn Juav filL 't .- '.-; -
J ilTn i Uj "u i'b ni j 1 m-n anoT oeamifigjoyy whicn ' . " v
cradle of : the yonfiges
the eldest, a littlb mbre than iwo years old, snd-
denly raised herself, andga2ing upward,iixed her ; -'
clear: blUeH eyesf .ofcejtriateli whilst her face " '
wore an expressiOir bfiovi jsucfi, I am sure?as 4n- ' 1
gejs bhly ' Wear she -exciaimed; ' Oh, ' they .are, ? ;;
gone, mamma they are gone " What are gone - ' -said
the-mbthet gentlyrfraid that the tones of
her ,voicebuia;brcak.the.'in "Oh. the 1
little babies AYith.- wings-o'm them and "r ' -the
boof ul ; beautif dl) - flowers I on,ail around- sq - 1 ' r
preuyv;rney,are gOT as ,ner;.??
motheVbntmii&tb 'ques tion, the an gel express tJ
sion fadedj Wd a llook of disappointment settled ---J'
ancej-ana xiispersea tne rauiance
that shoiie thbreia Jiiromeht before;
. . The.' child :liad bn told of the beauties of a
heavenlv rJibnie4- the iov ' that awaits 'the! re-
-deemed. v The":-bbeninff;-leaf swellinsr bud.
had been placed in those tinyhaiids, their beau- ; -;" .
ties pointed" outiyh she been, told and '. ' t
tausrht "to adniire7' theV-skill. "of; the firreat. Artist. r 5
place, ;ahd 'afwjghQiliiher infant hands int. ,
prayeriiihr pibh?yWas pressed bythat 7, 7
ghtll forjoi
fant-iklnmber; should ;be . sweet f that-; Visions ofA"
HeaHhioalif fo-" her 'viej??that "angel' '
forms should- thr'onsr her bed that5 flowers, such.
I .jblbbiiii only ;ihthe; paradise of : God. should be e '.
scaicereu .iiucKiy. arouna ner x v VJn.. wasii-rwajt,...
it "any;;Wpnder,vthat .;w glorious vision ''.A
vanhed jthiP pjedeltpression lasted "until her ;
-roi&OQa'nc;.thai iiir Mix sleep Christ, v ,
thSavibubfnners tbfr
theal;; her waking, she .'
wasl bhlWwith ?f niainmai that ' the flowers :. hadi
faded, that the invisible f - - .
May-E around .v . 4
her5phway;ayr re--i"'
8pondltftheSpiri?sjc "' .t
tgfnahe;jbe keptjunspotted ;froui;
torwpMso'that when?lTfexord is Jbbsed.'she
J?tay d weU;w;hefje4 116 wers. never "fadeniirt
school Tiadia littlerl
-..-"y-txf'jyi.ij iLTwuwiiore lustre.
gTO;dimiVc4oI7r& Evangelist. - r .
exceedinglyack herjlessbns-' heasV::- S
buttthbbplhatsey inUt'. During the ; 7
9chQors;tfg'i;a. sometimes "iuloyed as f ''.'
a reatibnahdbticin this girl haiiiaCvery? p -
clewee?ytaceiie 'fif,
'4,S?in2o'uth' ' and,, you maV
led:iii:tbexsiiifflnff::f;-K -W- i-; " '-' ' v-2 .- -
- She b3ighteneItpdt:frbnrlhaiti bet jntt4tS?f: a
seemed-'iiiore:? 1 'lIjF16sson.:-ew-atte'ndi; 4&C-: -;.4
y progress. . One day;
the teacher- aglibme,-lie ove
ana one ot ki & .ool-fellows. v -vk. , 'jk
Wl,ajDBaidhe.Tou:; areni
very weH at school ;;hoWis it thai yoojPaacA
Deiter now-tnart-youuia at tne oeguixig i ua t9.
half year:X&&! : '
" I do iibtnoW?wby it isf replied Janai -t ; R
I knohathe toW Wiethe otn
her companion w ,' . ;
" And what?w f . thaf I" asked the teacher. '
f Why-j, she said;she-'as encouraged.M -f 1 -i s - '
" Yes there washeecret-78he was encouraged : ; l
She felt she was" nbt'duil in everything she had
learned self-respect and thus h was encouraged; -,,'.'
to selfimnrvemeht$; tv-.-.!'""1' ' ' -
Take the " hint, dear- feirbw-teaeher. ant trv to
praise. . ; Give them'thcredit" whenever y duBaiu :
reacn tuei intellect througArthe.h)brt. i Emieavyr
to-'drawuMhej'!-lbrmt ultiea, of yof chik ie.
dren'bildie'erimintih'ff time t'
dnU-minded ;-cidil" has ; been adej'irretiievabW k f
stapidb-x'lj ungejaerb.ua '. vf S
sarcasmt And, cu the pther1 hand;-howofjen- haat
a; genial gmile or anpprbYingrteniarkiivejifidii a;
new. iiie
' tar'' .
?v:..i-!-.-. -
Vtu '-
. - V .
;:'' -ti?-;;?
- - .
r :"iU;;';:V
s-.v -k - -ifjr.t, mtttt m m

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