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-. .:, . . .vT. :-'...
CfA v.;
' - -Jar,
.'A JV fA.?"" -jar'. -t
The .Richmond -correspondent of ...the Peters-
fkom;our cobresfootents M0m
i i
burg Eiprel; speaking 6f the United States Ag
. I
riciiltCirai xhiition to conore off in that city, says :
:yt.1e4olitRte,' by authority direct
oniequarters; that Iiord Nanier." the Britisli
Hie Weather -MUitaru AeademvCjtim'iMh
WEmESpAgiNG,0CybBER7, 1858.
l.'-?Jldr'ihewhite. baiiiis meekly'now.
A gerously: hurt- Tlte . North Crt(
;,2jf3't4her heart sdCcold and stiyi,
Teich our hearts to nieeklv bowv
ltishopyAtkinson-Revtvalf .ete.'ti
HAlsboro. COctBoSl
De&r Progress .'The cry is rain raihand'yet
: n
? v
eiitated in orSlerk;
iriister,; will be here during the Fair, unless de
valued by itne unforeseen occurrence, jtion Ca-
Byron, on o!ue Occasion, wanted a hero', and de-
.Savincr. Father, 'tis thv will! J
--fii 0 ' :
that Hee te BeniciaHP
W hnnv satisfied with his.late defeatav cMK ;
homihatedhi wisiie; elt that time " an uncom
hi&t.Chshing, it is stated, will deliver the annual
"-JPnt- away the shining hair :
aduress.' 1 he prospects are that .we shall have a
gj&td mqny lifns, as wll as a fine show, of dornes
ticatanmials. Strangers are daily arriving, and
busiiissT appears quite active." , J ' "
mon want." ii WhWvr read the first canto of
there is no rain," the weather bjhjgnbery;
pleasant with not much prospect f even a sho wen-
; legged lori-isSto fightgSS
his Don JuaUijMsuJ f sympathizing with the
gifted Writer ttjny.; - But those' who are
- Where it resteth vondrous fair,
i Like a wreath of glory now.
No mom weary, stifling care, ..' .-
-Treading o'er Life'sroitter way' i
: ; But the songs of glorjtHere,
roles of the Englisa prize nug, iwf 1
upwards, and the champiQPfAhau
or-six months from the fixdepo5fce'
Captain Tew, dtisouth : Carolina; -is now. here
&nversantwijhfr8tory. of that individual
making arraiigemerits for. foundings aIilitry
Academy; which, will be quite an improvement to
f ; ' dFrum the Knickerbocker Maazimj.
ki3''tnt'miitedd' edit a newspa
per dOn'tlTejnerlb
way to prerent this fight Is therwJtCar
'.rlV , . X
- - r -
Those Vcwpcr XScI I.
dull Hillsboro'. :'r Ac--
" '" - In the realms jpf endless day
Last Monday evening. Mr, Jackson, was danger-
-rttiaVvi .una it i& thaueht- fatUi';W:y;taf
. 1.
wy -- ; ., jm
.it . . ::-v A:Mm
.isb ; jr-w sr- rest the evil TVV e tnlUKtneres, uu-siiHs-j y- - i? o uaivp, i wuigui, rcign-v:?,? '
$kL$kft literal
ij; tandjnLj;lier&i ransomed one, .... tU'&fk
1. fe'
'-S istand he.i6h grewh th
SL; Awv Aripaii .who--enffai;inV8tth-4i-i3rutaLn-.
iti'V'iniflrirain .who
. counter desrraaes- mmseitmmoji
and innworthMto 'U;anilmCTnHiEiie;
: SIfu.t - rt;,ftfe sovfeisilty-of thee
J If.
ereatwavs towards mHlangtiusreuca
f!!itW.?iL Oofrhrhon?&heahe
law should. be.
lfbo .m auare even omtoom a mr v4$ri J
tnat tne uireci icsm ' """.ro.; Vi . -...v
... ,.vWaaTid affravsatnis winierA'
save New York the disgi-ajjueiu.
and society the moral pollution hBily,
lioUri P.Thihitionsbf oeast-
UOWS irUIll SUUl uuicuo'-w- -v- 'T
liness and depravity.
THE RlCHMONDGRAYg.It llffoi8smch:
pleasure to read of the p'foserity o;aeogir)f
, -whlbh we were long a member. Vj&cjiphfol
lowing extract from the " iichmo;4orrep6n-
deiice of the Petersburg5 Express, CWave we:
Soldiered sidfe by side with Me- authpiand Jome
; ' of the happiest moments of our life vhavV beu
spiAn his compauy, when we werboth Graysv
Long may he be spared to note ,threrity
the company to which he is so dotedltached5:
" The Grays, Capt. Elliott in couiihand . paraded
in full uniform on Friday night,? and attracted
much attention;,. They.ijiimteredxtfixe.tae'
Their drill -and diseiplinj w; adnairble; afld
"teir 1aif0TOi niputously': :.;;newgJ.iarchi'ng,
- - thev carried: ij&:iiaLjJLeU
t;niir miinv i-omwiiTiiesl tail .-inost-' wofuUy alid
Steivpedi with the prelfcP1
' ; " lira v s are wottoy 01 pppttj-r''
have strugglecLthrbttgh fh mau
fully against a tide of dcwraenieand novv;
n thpir wfiiTVamed;4auieIs the-ackirowl-
i W. 1" nf Richmond' militarv.v; To First
Lieut. Louis J. Bossieux beipngs'i large share oX
the credit of this happy result, yeaxiias
lavished time and money upon jus
and the regard which the Grays cherishfor Mm
as An officer and a man: is well deseCvi
Superior Court.? The I Craven SttpnorCouti
- in session this weeit, iii8ffluutwiJru
The bar is fully audi ably ; regnt
following eentlemen : SolicitorG6oi;S;Steyen-
sonilon. Wm. H. Washington, Duncaji Itv Ic-
Bryan, J N. Washington, J. .I.? Haughton, and
Alex. Justice, .sqs.
SS under thstian of tjMf
vfc TfiesamepapeY addOham3g
- C W little additioariegislat toWSl
.4 stosuct disgraceful SftSPf
Vveen4Wsey- and rHeenM.
ftiiHht YYi l.bo a wiioie.
Mae, Geo. Green, U. 1 boara, : cs. jatnxore, v.
C. Clark H: - tJonesTCwqTis;:
xt tr.l thArR i Ahontiltvfn'eCcaiussvift' husband in the one case, an. father in the
-,3? v :. - t liVilij'
Hiw;HTiNOTi47? ':A'rf ;
The charge of his nonor to inovwraiiu,; u ury
think they "would be likely to Be Wvtted'hyW;
consequently evil doers may.expect meet the,
-'fate they justly demerit. M0:$:f$f
" The Dockets are very fullbut- from
niS XXOUOx tooii. uuiu oi nwui, vii Mxuiijxijf.,fiijiti-.
- tng,-weaie persuaueuwjaii axex? WSHi - u-
smaUer before he is -: 'nelwithtthenipM
Docket is" to occupy th& - attentiofc
United States CoL'RTrr-ij
Jjtdge Biggs-presidin
,.in Newbem, on Monday
Hon.;wm.'. IL, Washingtraeprj
resented," the
District Attorney, andjesleyvdslh
was present;
John L; Gar4nejr; Esq., of.
was amirbVed Au)y SIiH
Crier , ad tbalP J aiues'JU .
.j be
REiJGious.-Xheri protracted inefengattae
Methodist chureliyin'this' place; fiatheJEnrille''.
Transcript, closed several days-, agovy gaer:
stand that the result wasJt abotrt ttvyeritfive con-
versions, l wenty-one
church last Sunday.
Revi-Ji L. Fisher, well kimwT$hereV;is
ister in charge of theaxiyiireHit
- EdjtorS Can - YiTMr (Barbrti:
e " itor of 'the Express Edeton; Stled: iheedi
to looif,but ,we have 'seenhien -VingQ'buf'ini
, Newbern, -that didn't Jobk anyhtte$hau :thel
editor of the EdentontExpress;did byeterday.
BorrjbMrtP. was nii:Si'v?V'fS
was very pointed and positiveandtiWtie a'
ner mwhich they seemed to receive itSyshbuldi
gi-ment&&&& at last equaijn importance
'nibrmiia)tbckW Hiuauu.iice-ueius oi ,xoitu
pointed,, ClerkT vice Benjamin"Brwp decased
Mr. Card nerive the rebuiredbSlMM
jilace; -ffigfi?
personsumtea jwtn-xne
pondeuts of the Richtoond aodil
pers speak'hlghly ofir. F and cts?m'alnnf
condtictihg "revival mngA,PiM$Mi
pixy r leaves ii piac v. op.cwof.. , ,
'Sii modest -floweratliat love; the della. '
i0The"ipirit of thepur awaKea, , .
I Tolniurvof thought and Jimtli;
ihVva na .h Wfttefs 6f tllOSO lak8
B0?:9$rW)i ere" spirits drink, immortal youth ;
je TitomHsic of the'vesper bells. .
:Tliriri1 thR blls fit mornincr hour.
awoke", v
rclt as,g)tftlifait redeeminffiuorn,
faiSnMiaoa bfbke, "
S ; Iv " Piociatmiug the Redeejier bo.ni.
i A WiTCUAS D A WlZAip. Agtef Miracles not
Xfverlii is not rare that we read of miracles . in
the Columns of the Gatholic journals of France,
hut "the v are srenerallv too weals an invention to
firoerit? attention. Jhe one which' follows however,
iomehat extraordijuary A vision, it is said, baa
ra(HIIIH? Ue VO 11U a uuuui, J,u wro uiennj n tn wi
recehtlyj orsjutdfs 0 w airl ot ,J a yfears
which ushc a spring. :Mms! place "-iJerjpaUette
asserts she saw the Virgin M?y, who comthanded"
that a church. should be built on the place where
he appeared," and hi order that no doubt should he
lett inline uunas ot tne increauious as rner ao
. . .1 , .1 ' ;i' 1
tuai annearanee at tne piace, tne springr was maae
to appear tit mark the sixt. It is further asserted
that the waters or this spring possess the power
of -curing all diseases and all pains, and 111 this
qualitv an . immense trad 3 has grown .up in the
sale and transportation of the water, while the
trilsrf image of the faithful to the snot ' rivals that
to Miicea. 00 mucu lor the witch ; now tor the
wizard. .
5 Mr. K- ,of th? citv New York? a year since had
a dream which left the impression upon his mind of
reality, that there was a numeral spring near Alton,
or Altona, in Illinois, that would cure him of. his
disease, with which he hail been most painfully
afflicted lor a period ot over hve years, and which
the best medical aid he could procure had faileu
to afford relief. His despondency was such that he
had, at this period, given tip all hope of recovery
and thought onlv that he -must die. In his dream
there appeared to him theijguro of a man who toltH
him 'ot the spring above mentioned, and that- it
would cure him, and remarked that, he had totd hiar
wife the same thinsr. Inlhemorninsr after, Air: K---
says:thA0ie:fQUJid troubled at; iiot
recoTTectiug 80"metlniig'';that she dreamed; that
would cure him, and all that she could remember
was that it was something in which the name of
Alton was connected. Mr. K says that pre
vious to this he knew nothing of Alton, and had
riot in his mind that such Vplace was in existence.
t Under these circumstances such a spring was ac-
tualty iound,JVlr. Jv. went to it, and became a well
man. . - - : ;'.
.... The Canapians get Snubbed for Desiring
$o ske the Queen. Qaeen Victoria has refused,
lor the present says the LondonTelegraph, to vis
it the potash-factories and hickory-oieaiings of
-Canada, althouerb an invitation has cnmn.tn
Jl5uckiiigham Palace from the flourishing and am
bitious city or 1 orohto. lhepedple who, across
the Atlantic, represent the second youth of our
nation, will no doubt be disappointed but there
is; noood reason why their self-love should be
embittered by" the bland apologies of Sir Bulwer
Lyttou.' It was not to be expected that the Sov
ereign should undertake to open the Canadian
Crystal PalacB ; that the Prince of Wales should
go over with his governor; or that H. RH. him-
himself of so' excellent an on-
i.WHiuiy; tu jmuuis sea iejrs ana oecome a sauor.
"D ioii m miy-jjarnnuB . wona is tne es
tablish aient of a daiigerouprece ' Not , but
dariei;" "wofi leHiyscfe, even afeid the' vi
cissiftides of the ocean navigation, or that it would
fiot have been delightful to see A.merican Repub
licanism pouring over the St.' Lawrence to' asser
tain what manner of thing Monarchy may be ;
biit that if the prayer of Canada were gratified,
mrTer dependencies would put forward; similar
claims, which; if set aside, would provfckeinvidi
ous comparison, and, if conceded, wbufd keep bur
jonrt perpetually on the move. Public "opinion
hi "Toronto is;aware.-we uresume. that the Queen
Caribbe absent vsshle tae Legislature is in ses-
siojj:; less, thajd halt the year, consequently, is at
heridispdsal ; but what if Australia were to imitate
Canada, and suggest that her gold-mines and kan-
Comejmust be done by proxy.
OREGOXiTERRiTORY. A correspondent of the
Eugene City, PcificJournal, thus describes Ore-
? The great bulk of the settlement in OregpWir
in what is known as the WilliametteValley,
which is about 150 miles in length, and 30 to 50
mites broad ; and the Williamette river," a navi
gable streatii most of: the distance, runs through
its entire lengths The principal town in the 3er-
v f prouviadinvpy had
ftarrftory-is Portland, about fifteen milelsabovo the
are'Oregon, City, ISalem, Corvallis. Euffenei Cityil times"t WhW;;iithat
Rbseburgand Jacksonville, raiiirino' from S00 to
00 inhabitants each. - There are eleven newspa
pers in the Territory, five at Portland, and one at
each ot the other towns! have named 'Salem has
an extensive woolen manufactory, ' while .'most
other kinds of machinery are in operation through
out the Territory, .developing her , resources.-
schools receive a large sharet-oi public attention,
and are mostly placed on a secure foundation.
. He then proceeds to give a more minute de
scriutioh of -Eugene City, which, though only
three or four years old, is a flourishing town, with
t population of 500 to 6001 Prices are as follows :
Land claims, including improvements, sell from
$3 to i0 per acre American horses from $U50
to $350.. Indian horses from $40 Jo $100. Wheat
from - 75 cents to J$2 50 per bushel. Potatoes
about $1 per bushel. Bacon from42 to 50 cents
per. pound. Sugar and' coffee about 20 cents
.uaoprers &u w 4 per uay. Klerks and
teachers $7p to .jplUO per month. -1ms, town is
also centrally -located, and some look upon it as
iue iuiure capital oi yregon.
tharoten flthM- hevwaC highly favored
w!ftfi.f thoepp'sdme tBink that .'"eyen the
gods smyed-t&n.hif'But in editing he failed in
pieasiuiiJi apative pUDHC .JXO OOUDt DUt
he often' fldpraifhero,: while ho occu-;
p the chairJ4jr1alI Wiio hasnot 1 - oif not
in want of he0ii need of what is worsea
subjeciriaherd of Don iu au , cared -"Irat
8 of his 'frieiida.
tuners tien of hiinenitea fnrniahp.fl rilm "
a- wider arid better ; field forr sarcasm, and r he.
availed himself f his good fortune, threw -lirii'seTf
" fc."1 'fif..- ti f V -
mvy tula loruneu ii ana tt.ia,aenance
to thosdisposedto; gibe at hr VByrbp was a
great naribntM5fell short in" the"' newspaper
business .r.SartWm-was his Tforte. Others, just
as great have faiRds and even mour own coun
try where libedfi the press is gu ara n teed ,,an d
an.editor:'per'tintramelledt we find them
giving wayshttin up for waut of patronage,
an evidence, nbt;vthat they are not appreciated.
butihat feyferVap sustain themselves on their
literary jajeriU ph0. But most men ; are con
vihceTi of thifacTher is no need, then, for us
r liuc e83er . ligji isj rftqiyr ympatny.;?;aHw33;
think a charitaUtrgiving public should extend
it to theu. . It ixteediugly mortifying for a
fledgeling's fayoritfj producfions to'be received
with ridicule, derided almost in his presence, and
we hope we shall hear 110 more of it while '' strut
ting our brief hour," at least from those who,
in all probability, could do no better thanw
have done. Let us hear no more of it, friends,
or we shall find a hero and attempt to fortify our-
self on the battle-field once occupied by .the sage
of tMissolonghi.
.Craven Superior Court ---This5hohorable
body is still in session, but we presume will not
remain so long, as we learned from the Clerk,
y esterday evening, that the Statadocket, although
the largest Jjy considerable that he had ey&Khad
the honor of spreading "upon the record, was fully
disposed of, and,that the Ciyil docket would be
taken up thisjbrning.? There was but one case
that seemed to elicit much interest, aud that was
aniin4ictniinf some six or seveit gentle
TOeii forltSaK entry vintocon of
Mr. &Mjt0i tlie purjiose of
making search for stolen goods, &C5., and for cojn
mitting an assault upon the person, of one of his
negro men. This case occupied most of the fore
noon on yesterday, and -thefinvestigation waT
very thorough, jhoth on the part of the court, and
the Counsel, and we suppose, will be much more
so on the part of the Jury, inasmuch as they
had not decided it when we left the Court House,
late in the evening, for the purpose of reviewing
our notes. We "heard" his Houor tell the Sheriff,
on leaving the bench, that the Jury must be kept
confined until' they decided the case, if it took
them all the week, and in case they should be
unableto come o a decision, during the week,
that the court wuld be left open until they did.
The United States Court Pamvlicp Dis
trict Met yesterday . morning pursuant to ad
journment, and iieut transacting any business
of importance' jaiBed to meet in Newbern, on
the 3d MondaV ittVAtoril. 1859
fey her husband jiud nmn of her children, Victo
ria lately visited "the town of Leeds, on the way
to Scotland, with : Ihetiexpress purpose of opening
a magnificent" Tbwn Hall. which the Leeds peo
ple- have lately bttlt. - The Glasgow Examiner
says : . . .-i,:. '
Among the erinbsitves of royal life it may be
worth while to state that, though the mayor of
Leeds gave np ig-mahsion tor the Queen, aud
pent 10,000 lbntertairiing her, his lady was
iioti aiiyvvcu tu. mn Willi uer or eveu bcb uci.
The1 mayor , himself had Tcommenced. his dinner
with, a iieighboiv-when he was; commanded to.
aine wiin me uueu, out. tiie lauy was iiw, au-
mitted to her tfvm bouse to sit at her own table.
If this be a truifc bill, and it is precisely what
we know to ha. occurred repeatedly, at other
places visited -'j v iecii, ii w uuo ntuv..vu
of cool impertinence. The Mayor, Mr. airrairn,
" received the nywor jvnigninooa. anu w uun
called Sir Petp-Tttt thisis a scanty equiva
lent for the: emnt: :he ad paid her Majesty
at a vast. exneni 'Another newspaper states that
TvSSrireceived a bracelet from the
.v!WraWieatiitn of the above an-
Vjueeii, lrA;tlio.add.-tht.-.with Arnn
iveness-would bet yerV
State- etiaitelitd compel; Queen Victoria-
really a very" good-natured little woman to do
pniuna . uB!jiMiwiiy;.. imugs. . ; vne wouia
have though tv hijre instance of one of her own
sex, the wife oi rfer; generous and devoted host,
she would ha"4 act0d differently. rPhtl. Pn ss.
- The GREiTf "Eastern. The London Daily
News of Sepinirsays that a " new company is
to be formed 6 be-, called ' The Great Steamship
company (limited)' with a capital of 330,000,
in shares of:tl eaeh. v The sum, it is calculated,
is sufficient, to fit the vessel for sea, and it is pro
posed that t present she should beemployed in
voyages bweenthis country and America. It-
is presueu S'lM the vesely when hnisnea, win
be enablop make eight voyages within., the
year to Portland Tor . New York, and that, accord
ing to gtatistifsorBxisthig traffic, the earnings of
the'ship. vtfer . deducting insurance; ; wear and
tear, ajt$eyPsible. contingency, nvilTleave a
balance from which a dividend can be declared of
t .
1 per cea1
; The coaches ot--tneyrJN-ortir uarjoiina- Jtcajurqau-
now "travel past UteraUy jai&inied with iheir H.viag
freight, which is Ta pretty good srghaliihem
road is cramming its pockets with that valuable
1 'a - 12... -Tl-J .
article or commerce caiieu vnm.. svi'tS-;-;-.' nh-
On Thursday and Friday nightsilat we-iltad1
the pleasure of listening to Bishop tkihson:
preach. The Bishop preached: !h his Jsua in-i
ning style, to large and attentive -;ajeiks0gM
1 here is a-large revival gotng. ofl; at the Metho4
dist church here, , which is also very weU "artf hded,'
t.V ill! ,1o
,'.;... Written for the" Dauy oe&s
Scraps From Grace ITIill wood's oitfolio
Who loves not Violets? emblems ,fmsty
fit emblems too, as they hide themselves :rndati'
ur,;failing Autumn leaves, ., or . the!t63fcecpiJig;
branches of a larger plants. Violets,l3eaUti
olet8, 1 love. ye, with your little: blue ahdsh
leaves. I visited a friend wlibj had a feick chiid;
a little' boy, as I entered the romnthe sweta
grance of Violets seemed to be flowing upon the
bering sweetly,. b;iibdiu3u
never loosenod. 'I smiledas! sawgitueffavo
rites so near him, and from thatioment the little
boy became dear to me . Again, ; I wandered in-
'to. a-forest, aud the sound of Childish voices broke
updidrmy ear; as I strayed onward, abautiful sight
met my enraptured gaze: A group fehildren
seated on a yelvet lawn,--in Jheir midst was one.'a
fair haired child, with eyes beautifully bluend on
her head was placed n wmath ot Violejs
I asl
ied them why they made such JaMisl&iiBi
said, " Loula is so,nipdeswenlr'
, , V- k" '-'-.v trt fe .--j.
Our Queen, and crowned hef"wra chapiet:ipf
Violets." Little Loula, how like; an -Angethb:
looked, lith her crown of Violets,4ind hergBlden
curls floating upon the evenihg breeze ; and' soon
...... . m. . .t-' " JSa'Iith j
sne was an anei. xoo jairxor xihitu, vjto.u: iook.
" - ... -
ht;r away
j yen. icv tc ojluc oi . .buiiui .- stiiiercji u
I saw her when she '.was". jourjlngJiaferSfhe island is actual! v necessai-v4 to se-
homeward, and her crown of Violets ' werefcaMisare lalpgr peace between the two Countries.
her. They were faded, but still retained vtlieir
sweet fragrance; and wlren I kissed heriitti:orovyi4
whic-h w.!iiii- fa .ix-?o4fi rfitu'ipsn'e wnrs-.
pered, " give ine my Violets?" Andbc?rprsit!
took its flight; and as. the bright angels (bbrher:
gently away, she clasped tightly vtiieViplets iif
her little hands. So I love Violets the;Vproud
Rose is beautiful, and I love the pit re pale iiilly ,
but better far the Violets, Loula and CalroHso
loved. ' .'''y-'--A-ifS--'
Violet, lovely Violet, :'AAAA-
With" leaves so brightly blue,; V?
As I stop to inhale "thy fragrance,
Ye tell of one that's true. , ' '5
Yef he has long since passed awayj.....;
His heart was true and brave, f; fep; '
His eyes were like the Violets, Mue'Ah.
But now he's in his grave. -rv.V; -vir
Ah ! Charlie, dearest Charlie, : A
ThourHt left me sad 'and loxu ';
No more I join the happy, Vfj?V-' ; -.; '. . -With
gay and merry tone. : ' , -,. .'i.v'
" . . . J-T
For oh ! my heart must, go' witbjhee;
. lo the glorious spirits land, -And
soon I hope to break away,-
And join thy happy band;.;' 'Z-A:-
r-AX know::'tho;.ilyKaVidee
-IThou'whoT'died 'to WeiV'Sf
n And tAowaidst love the VioleSi;
mi. Tn.i.i. i i i. Ai.. 1.1 : v .. : ... .'..i',-. '.'-nZ
And thine eyes with a meltifig tenderhessV-i
jrossessea tne same Drignt uus.
And I too love the Violets,
VThey whisi.er ot him away, r
vx rxiiii m. win juiu iu me spiiib
On a bright and happy'dayt-f
Wickeynickerackwob yaUey.'-':'?:f5
Slave Trading , iFPicTis'bjJjKK;
can Coast. Cape lown papers pt'AUgust pti,
give accounts ot :, some , riotous ej''trations
.Against the,. Englis.h consULthexfe4 . '--i-PSg
Considerable feeling was:'', aroused at afal and
tion of the British cutter Harriet? hif birJatra;
Portugese, on the charge tff being engaged r in a
contraoana traue. he English v denyj thatlthe
Portugese have junsdictibltiver the river, Vand a
uciuau win oe maae ior compensation lor vessel
and' cargo. . .' ., ..' : : 'i'-MScisSM
The r.Brish ' Cohsul: 'a.. zahiaentoW'
upthe matter, was grossly insulted, ihbVwindoWs
withstanding a Portneresa pliard wan in tl. ' i
rad anjglish ? ma
VOiistsuutsiii'ij-i wiiuutcw-.jroi;iiie'piaee.- v.-.v
tied at t be i re4eebf tisjjteade the re
gions : ' whence . the slaves are bb'tainedwlThe
English charge that the slave trade is,iiOTied"iin
with impunity on the east coast of Airica.- :.The
English steamer Lyra, which was sent to,, look J
into toe matter oi me tmrer narnev, capmftni,tuvjt
burned a Port ugese cutter which had., slayespn
borj-d. " . " . .,V-.-'' ; .'" "' :r.?:4'
Exemplars Business Men.- A few - days
since a paragraph appearedln the Ne wt TprlcXhm
rier and Enquirer, saying that there t were seVen
men in that office whose united ';tei'Qtvaervice'
with General. Webb amounted to ovet.jt&nr
dred years. The Harpers can beat this, a', long
way. There are now in their employment eleven
men, the. united term of' whose service "..is, three
hundred and eight years ; eleven moretwn'htin:
dred and twenty -six years ; a tinro. eleven; two. I -
nunureu ana jwenty years ; ana a iourtn eieyenfe
op.e hundred and seventv-foup yoairsmakihgra toy
tal a grand total it 'might j he'- tiy;'(tiedy
nine hundred and twenty-eight yarsf-Seryice:
arnon? iguny-iuur .men. vrneoi tese'cu ocun
.. . j-k -"at- SilL-
j with them thijty-seven years.
- Mourn, not unto those w ho v3ie,
- rsthe same great uty jret5Cs ;
I' Veremember her no more,' ; -vj -..
Bnt'the trial safelv o'er. ' - - "'
V ' jtAJidj'the swelling tide-passeid through. :,
Pr osrROTS; if More FrGHTiNG. -Atj Tor.
OcJer $3fJ 858; Myself and friends "not bling-
iuitisfied witB2niv defeat bv iTobn Morrissev on
Vednesday last, through sickness, which laia riie
onmv.bed for six days previous to the. dasof -
fighting, and -I only met him on 4ha1; day to. pre- - -
vent animadversions from himself or his parti- -
sians'.i jiTtotallv unfit for the straggle ; -arid to'A
shov th wished to fight' .ii nder all disadvan
tages L waived my right to claim' a turf-sodded
ringiaccording to the 1st Artof the new:Xondon "
xtuies. a nere oy cnanange nim xo ngiii . me ior
$5,000aside or upward, and -the Chamtiionship of . ,
America;' iii four or six months from the-first de
posit, w'. : JOHN C. HEENAN.
There" is nim0r4hat Tom Hyer has challeng
ed Morrisgc. v,t fight for $10,000 aside, and that
arrahgemehfaifora: match 'are in progress. It " "
seems xie ii l-aiias oi ivxorrissey uku joiiiiiuawuix -,
at " Butt-Allen's," when iHy er, w ho. wasr ja heavyi
Vmclter of HeenanJ aooearod amoiur theni" in'no .
:-- - ' - .j-it' .-V-J-'.'rf.. . m "-m-Mtrf ? ".it'll-
x'.orresponaentot-the JNew lorK limes says ma-,
Mr.' Buchailau's policy in endeavoring to pur-
1. Tosgsatisfy the bishop and clergy of Spain
that the' Catholic church would, not wane, and.be ."
forced to a secondary position on the, island in
the vent of its transfer to the United ates.
.fTo satisfy Christiana thafher thirty millions
of private property on the island would not be
ubiectJ"fSs the nrinwpf.es of 'agrarianism, but
wonldiffonhled in value bV the transfer.
v - ' - 3TbJ - satisfy the agriculturalist that his, market
wouldot b injured, but improved, by having
not only the ports of Cuba, but the whole coun
try free-to his produce. - v . .
- 4. To satisfy the commercial interests that free
trade' would be accorded to them here, whilethey
could deriih!inate . at home according to their
- wir
Ana last v. to satistv tne government mat a
howto M4KE Newspapers (fAFKB-We $
find the fouowingyreznarku in an eatciawg". Vyt -
comifiend them to the attention of ofxristant sub
3 i. 1 x. .1 u i a
scriSera : "We should like to have all sincle :
packets doubled, trebled, quadrupled, or more., if
ihore inight Tbe. .It is troublesomeo sendn -ithese
single pack'iges very troublesome, in "pro- "
portion to the. gains. We can put up two or three '
papers for - maihearly ' as soon as we can one.
Besidese -always realize a feeling of anxiety in i
regard i,these little . " packets, in. sending one
paper awby itself so far. WeTeel for them in 9'
rtieir lonely and uncertain journey. As to the1
larg-epackages, their very bulk will command
sbme respect fox them from post office clerks. But
jheselitary little fellows, in their seeming in- t
significence, may, probably be kicked into some
corner, r imiss their way, andhe lost 'among' the
hills and hollows. It is a pity to have one paper s
take such long journeys as some of thein do,
' solitaiy and alone.' ?Giye them companyi?:and
they-i-will travel more swiftly, and reach their
destination more surely." - . '
TFkmale Heroism. Our exchanges frequently
contaii sketches of trying and courageous feats
perirmedvby; the gentlervsex, but for intrepid,
daring 'and.-' wonderful accomplishment, the fol- :
inwi'nn ai'iit&x&ihent recounted to ua bv a friend
of.. TiTH&pcctirf eneo took Vlacb-in .fSasw ell coun ty, -;
of that conhty';:name(Lf Butler, was absent from
' rhome on one- occasion, leaving only, his wife, her -
iitiecuiiu auu.a negro woman, u ?uf3 premises
Diinng'the day, the' child feltrintb a well some
sixty 'feet deep. "The negro woman "took .fright
and ran off, arid the mother was left alone to res
cue hertias:. best she could. She seized hold
iyf the ifojfeJattached to the water bucket j went to
the: bottom 'ofthe well, tok the child in her aims
and then ascended the rope, bringing the child
tilbrig with-her an unparalleled' feat, i Many'.&n
One"oT the.sterner'sex even, would despair of car
rying' his own .weight alone up a rope sixty feet.
We cah Vblich'.for the accuraey56f this statement,
however incredible it may appear!
Danville" Register.
SCIENCE of- KiSSiNG.-The ancients counted
rhreB1dtfds"of kissing Basiir,ttssx between two
friends 'and relatives Oscula, the kiss bf venelra
tion ; Saavifi, -the kiss . proper that . between
lovers. j l wa -also divided into fifteerif distinct
separate orders! -1. ; The decorus or modest kiss.
$Q!.ha diplomatic or kiss of policy. 3. The spy-4nJris4'o-
ascertain 1 if a woman had, drunken
.wihe.vTThe" slave kiss 5. The kiss infamous
tho church penaee. - 6. Tlieslipper: kiss practiced
towards tyrants. 7. The" "i lidieial kiss. .-, 8. "The
fjfejiS'4irlcfss';, kissing the
crbgs. Q;'vTh ' acadehiicaTi kiss- ' on ioininff it ;
,1 1" t t k ss. v. 1 3- -The ' metlical : j I ssr-rrfor, 'purpose ... '. v.'-
; h t fe. J5-' Th e.kis of love- bo nXreal
ttimbhiAH' aSe?l
men an, lawtui
nounce this morning with regret the death of E '
PNash, Esq., one of our most prominent mer-
cliants, and. an estimable citizen. The nielanchb- ' f
y even incurred yesterday afternoon, at the late
resideiice of deceased on Union street. Mr. Nash
had been n declining health for a year or more, ''
and during several days past, his dissolution: has
been hourly . anticipated. :Hewas extensively-,
n engaged in the book trade,and widely known in
Virginia and iNortn uaroiina. . le died of con
sumption, and. his is the third death that had 00 4
Jciiired in the book trade of thiscity during 'the
past luicc ui ioui jcus. -m. t. z,j,rre$sj- mtvl VUSl
It is proposea'to establish an institution for the
Hjucauuu uvyoiuig' lauies, ih wnicn tne SUDlime
Sciences of feweaveology; spinology, and cookology
wrill be taught. ' Aftet obtaining these compUsh-4-
1 T ments ther xnay receive the honorary degr&ft. jcf
KVVEit For 'Wore - '
- ' ; '
" 1
'. 3
purpose - .. ;'" ; II
f eti-.X"---,,: Jrl ! I ;
" itr.
V I .
.""TV .j:
.... 5.-
i ' ---v.v" -..-.A:r'i' -

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