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TO r IT TT TT T V 1 I? OlR-I
RIDAY jBfi'ipERg
. Dar sifis. Though by no means InIfrabifs;
ir,rf i wnte. I mnst attempanAhswtd;:
the following paragraph which Inun:tia
isbury .Watchman, of to-day: p:M0K
Now, Mend Progress, we are mS&!WW&9Wi
mora wuroe in a legitimate w&y :Mtje
to tell the public who are to blame fo.fcthe deteri,:
tion of goods at Carolina City. There .are, gopds.
at that place, landed by.a-MaiyBninjahBia.;
weeks ago, for merchants in this place, Gold Hill
ra PlsftwhP.relin the West. Mr; Grant through
,whosa influence these goods -wereshippMp;:
TnrtfsLvnW- that he rC&nnbt" eret them .ipfiiWliy
''--liftfttiln''iVeurn are toihlahaefortheMe:
. r "r- 'tiVmft :.Re it rifrht or wrohsow
frt!lnthe estimation of our cdnfUiiin ity1tb1iT&
ingthir cause of complaint, andif 3 njustjyit
devolve&upon youoicome to ner eyw&gs&w
the other ' nana, it- mere : jprw9s""sy
fimbarrasslnff shipments through Carolina
Citv it marJiflbrd ou a b""autiful:spportunityii:ta
display the nerve and moral courage oJ.vWhich.vyon.
Now we would respectfullyinformheWatch-v
bexn, thatMr. Grantlhaddefconiplaintsfth
Ats freight 3 could not oe orougnt up, xne roao. as"
fast as he desired, and we made inquiries of, the
. - . - - - i TkX 1 :1 Jl ' .ti j 1 . - i .1.-.
- uompany sageni at e w oejrn reiaiivettt tim .map-t
ter,iwhed we were informehatfwl
to remove freight from that , station that S they
.sri-were immediately sent to him': This ,it"seemsstoi
i tis, is all that should be expected of, thegentat ;
gNewbern, and if the agent aCarolina;City :ddes
not know fiis duty, and is not capablejD
.ing 4tit is-clearly the iduty "of' thBixectoxsSbyv
whom he was
point some one whfiHouS ''capable.f ..Sjx
As to there being parties in Newbern who ''.em-
barrass shipments through Carolina, Ci ty,? otir. imr
pression is thaff whoever created suiJB lupression,
if it actually exists, is guilty of iie'ti6il'd'
wilful falsehood. True, ourjusinesimen7 are
jenergetic and active, buthe business smen of
Newbern are not so dead to a sense of pg;Kfand
moral obligation as to resort to anxfBlegitimate
means to build up their own town af Jthe.expense
fe of their neighbors. Let us be satisfied that there.
? are parties in Newbern, or parties in anywayl con-5,
nected with the road, from the Governor,who has
tlie appointing of , two-thirds of the Directors
down to the humblest brakeman, whQ.;.hino!e?
shipments from Carolina City, or any mother -; point
on the road, and; we will denounce them?
But the Watchman should hardly expect' that
the agent of two or three . little! packets? should
. govern the whole management of a'raproad nearly -...
a hundred miles? long. One thing we. do know
freight trains.have been sent to Carolina City to
remove-freight'at the request pf these, ;4 agents,"
and when they would arr? there there. was no
" frftio-ht -with which to loft;he'ftrfi'T "t
As the Watchman is so weilpogteiiei
tne management or I rungs down thereiand With
everything in any way connected'lwith those
places, possibly he can tell us w1mxtWi,0Q
sp;industriously labored, in New Yp,uBngJthe
past season, to create the lmpressionthatv.vessefs
coming from New York to Newbern must ctnuefaf
way of Carolina City. igif
But our only object in these -renWks was to
dejay that parties in Newbern were embarjrin
or had embarrassed shipments by wayouarpli
na City. We should b& unworthy tJSeosition
we occupy as a public journanstfidhworthy
the confidence and esteem o outjsincs'ctfih
munity, did we not- brand suchnasleSrQn as
false, and the .sconrce from wMjj'-.it!'emat
low, "mean and contemptible.
1 '
As to the officers vpf the Atlantic andof&CatOT
lina - Kailroad, they can, and :;iiras&klreif
themselves. We know,vhowever4haf t
ident'of the Road invites the. closest sctinyfand
strictest investigation relatiTe'bJjifficiaj!cn
duct, and we do not believe" that heoiits?a
serv4Se coniPany an hourj5nger thanvthe kpek-'
holders are, satisfied with fe;ervices. r$M$M
Were the whole managementof the Attantip
North Carolina Railroad trankfmftrl tSa kS;a-
venturer and fishjdealers; who hate ;lveilii:
1 , . vt - yv eW-i.Tr
w j,iu , urn, iiii,xc; m uomintr to.
have squatted in the vicmityiSf BeaforWlarbf
nceforward the management of .its afit wouid
mosfc exemplary and immaculateand'notMn'
more wouia De heard aout mbarrassirhfp
lleTliS-,, Tint. XV anrinr.aA4 ' ''
? " W w uujVOT
are a set of- ninnies, an4 -M netalr
iuxuu.o manage tne, w.orK, r-hm:Mik
afTd wat think youlKr
Watchman, of
our nerve
Western North Carolina Railroad iskejir.
' During the paLst week-.' we, 'SaSefaiS
favorable aspect. We were alwa- L oVinwx.
thatkitwas a great State, and . w uat - we have- re
cently sen serves but toi confirm 'us in thej opmi
ion. .W5f have returned to bnr i?tfasTOtified
and we trust a better- man gratified to ;see. our
tiauve totate in so. prosperous a condition ' grati
fied to notice so many hrovements tlac
culated to advance her interests andpTpmote.ner
prosperity ;' gratified to seeder sois andiiigh-
ters so comfortable andJhAppyandyDlt
cause we are determined to : lo ve ier mo and
endeaver to serve her more enctiveiIEiiaever
to forget to .thankkind Proyidencefpr: Raiting
awhile absent, we were kindly greeted by old
rxieuds, and we trust we made & 0 Amiressi6n'
oil neyf ; ones. From - railroad bcer hbter&
Ana. hrpthroti1f"!noro ' ' j' -
manyttentions ;and courtesiesfprW;
sincerely thank " them," and 'ofejr-e.
prove, ourselves ungjatefcdi W
- ? man tnai, never uaviug ueu nuuuit5u.jf v"0--
; . rreSerstheCAtlanticin
s .g" ; gad with any office' ofionor or emolumlip
'feernnder - no obtigationsTto ioph&tets'affaisw.
.' ' " JWe have heard.- reneatedlv JbeforCleaihrg New--
tsvajgeht oj the Company, at arpjih
4v. request to the principal officfe at?New bern forbears
to Part company atHillsboro' with our friend
j SuuujuKe uu. mena anor intend to tell
itpn- himveiorjs time " -we travel, with him.
Weight here further particularize but to do so
w" niIt'?ne snort space we are compelled to occu
py, would -be to act unjustly to some, perhaps
!au?tovhera-,All" treated us well,
aps better than we deserved. But we will
say; that should we live to be as old as Methuse-
we never can, and never wish to fore-et 1 the
dn8saiidhdspita)iiy-'of''V6ld Salisbury " and
glorious " young Statesville.". May Heaven s
richest and best blessings descend on Rowan and
Xredeii.: V ' v r-::-
- rThe Celebration at Statesville was a rand af-
01 Iredell
Iredell; Bluesy
how-to' make bmpanions-in-arms feel happy; and
athome. -They are the second oldest military or
ganisation in the State,'good looking, and exceed
ingly well drilled. "They learned their drill from
Haf die's Tactics their hospitality was acquired
from Somebody's Human Nature, and must jbeia
good book. . '
V The ladies of the west are pretty, and smart, and
would, in our opinion, make no matter, we
dph'Cintend to flatter them, but it is our duty to
give good advice, and fhey must nt be surprised
ereafter if tfiey see someof our good looking
young gents oyer tnat way trying to have a pri
yate conversation with their papas.
;vv9ur trip, on the whole, was the most pleasant
one w.ir ever had70ur-.eio.yment was almost un
pounded, in ractwe nave Dut one regret concern-1
v. ;. . .... " ."
ing i:. That-we were compelled to return home
so soon; We. should have liked tcbaVe staid to
the StateFair, and told our readersjin our im
perfect way, what we saw in the Capital, and" to
have attended the. military Convention held in
Raleigh yesterday, but our readers are .already
apprised otthe whys, and wheretores wecoulun t.
fE::-fhpe and'Taicnt .Cliaracter
G' We take the following particulars relative to
the operations of a " shape and talents " character
that has been recently operating in Augusta, Ga.,
from the Dispatch of that city. Hertainly
played his cards weft" but then, we suppose he
had had experience in foreign countries:
" A Gentkei. Swindler. -Our quiet city has
lately been the theatre of a series of somewhat
novel and certainly quite singular financial opera
tions ; comparing, in frsmall way, withHhe magnifi
cent swindles of the larger cities. A man named
Marchymade his appearance here last spring as
a teacherpf the French, Italian and Latin lan
guages,' and succeeded in forcing himself upon
-the acquaintance of many of our best citizens.
Of some he borrowed, and to others he loaned
hi on ey, and often had considerable sums at his
'credit in bank, and seemed quite willing to be
observed as a man that handled a liberal amount
of the "root of evil." He. was a regular attendant
at the drawings of Swan & Co's Lotteries, and
pretended to be a confidential agent for a 4 large
company " of our first citizens who would not
buy tickets themselves, but confided their money
to him. He has been seen with lanre bundles of
tickets, and talked fifeely about having drawn
prizes. '
: Two weeks ajro he advertised that he would
be connected for the fall term with several of our
schools, as Teacher of French, -&c, and also form
classes at his rooms. Soon after, he told his friends
that his physicians advised him to take his fami
ly to S one Mountain a tew days for their health,
and he solicited several persons to go to the Liv-
ery;.tarie ana use nis horse during: his absence.
A' number, to whom a ride of' an afternoon is a
luxury, not to be treated with contempt, went to
tne staoie ana were surprised to learn that he
had left special orders not to let anybody use his
horse and buprgy until he returned ! Davs nass
ed, and the little French gentleman was not heard
rrom. -ine scnoois opened, and he still did not
return This excited remark, and durincr the last
weak a number of disclosures have come to Jio-lit.
indicating that Prof. Marchy is an impostor one
grand humbug. Parties in the city assert that
they saw in his possession notes payable to the
order of three or four wealthy citizens and endorsed
by them, ambuntiug to several thousand dollars
and which these parties, so far as we have learn
ed pronounce, forgeries.
yv e have not learned whether he negotiated
any ot me notes, but he lett a number ot bills
unpaidjincluding a small account withsthis of-
fi t.' An., attachment was issued on. his horse and.
buggy ,hd,fthersould J have followed suty but;
the .partie of 'wliom she 'purchased, " smelled a
raf."v and as he had never paid the purchase
money, they " came in ". tor tne Daiance.
y Our French citizens assert that Mr. Marchy is
im Italian, and does not use the French language
Correctly. If he is not a great knave he is a con-
i - - . - l ? J
ceited and faithless simpleton, wnicu rcnueis
him PTitlrelv unAorthv of confidehei"and we
'wotlld nut-the public on the watch for: him. He
had- some bona nae notes on our citizens, oi
cash loaned, Whaciw we learn that he used but
hisv" iancy paper u "r- -"
hia'L wife And an interesting daughter. He is
Short, compactly built, with very black eyes, and
hair, and moustache. -'He dresses genteely, and
nbrts a small cane witn an ivory uauuie m ine
haibe-of a' horse's foot.
He speaks English very
Pass him round." . , . . .; ;-,
ANUISCe. We certainly are in favor of
he " diffusion of usetul knowledge," or we never
would have3 embarked in the newspaper businis.
That fact is universally known and very general
ly understood. But we are opposed to .uaiiroaa
passengers being annoyed by pedlers of "yaller
kivered " literature : We are disposed to regard
as a nuisance, the little chap who travels between
Paieigh .and Haw River; Stations, on the North
Carolina railfpad tothegreat annoyanice.,: if . not
piilniriie travelers
Ju3t as one gets into.a- comfortable ,doze, to. be
awakened by a dirty-faced urchin, wishing- to jseil
him " Yankee Notions," or some older' and' not
quite so good a book, is too-intolerable to be borne
with, and we sincerely hope the Directors of that
excellent and well appointed road, will prohibit
it hereafter.
"Good Bulling Stock; A well uniformed offi
cer of the North Carolina Railroad, who has re:
ccny returned from a flying trip over some of
the best railroads in the -union, informed us that
no where,-and on no road, has he seen : better"
rolling stock than that now employed on the North
linaxoad. With such stock: such kind and ob-
liging conductors, and such competent and liberal
managers; what" is to hinder .the road from being
a complete success, and fulfilling the-predictions of
its early rrjends and most ardent admirers. "
tair, a complete, success, and the people
may julyjproud ,oOt, .sThe"
seemed - to-u.gaerea-.i-hnii. hnnw
'S T.ATV'si Tl: W have received the J . Jjf VElGLEMEJSfT OP A YOCKO IjATJiINTQ AxlOUSB-
October and
an opportunity
cf ATaiiumns'.ine dook,
and we.
welcome it to our.deskti The numbers
before us are superb, and in qur opmion edhld not
be improved oh. . Reader, if you are Jiot already
a subscriber, send for it imnediatejy. We don't
i'ntfmd to lend , ours. ' Address L. A. Godey, 323
Chestnut street, PhiladpaPrice $3, or three
copies for J6,,ina advance , - , - ,,v.
Change. Mr. Win. ,B.' Cherry has purchased
the stock of g'oods, :andVtaken the stand formerly
occupied by Ji W. fanner where fs.has just re
ceived a lai'ge supply of nice goodsHe proposes
to do a.u extensive buiihessi.and to offer induce-;
mqiiteiQ?$ him; say
? ' -- ' " -
Thy mercies, Lord, Aow free, how vast! "
. Iinpartinlly they fall, .' .' 1 'V
The rich, the low, the poor outcast
Thy love extendi to Jill. V .
With wondrous fcurtyWatchful eye
1.4 quick Oun warita to know,
And BureihyJia'ndito yield supply,
And wisely to btow. . - . V
The8wolcn cloud ?ith plenteous shower,
Kevives the pwched fields, " , ..
And earth in turn, wltlT silent power,'
Its dewy homage yields ; "
So hatU thy love on us been-shed,
Fallen in sin and shame, ; V-'"
So let our hearts U thee be led, ' ;.
Tg praiseVt(iy- holy name. - ' '
'Tis thou whoII sajv'e na, gracious Lord,
If not from fhefJ we'll stray,
'Tis tliou who'll tejch us from thy word,
To shun the siniirr's way.
Thy mercy raised or us a home,
Tliy grace ls-aif our need,
yjn : Keep uumu
no more to roam.
Father, we lu
tbly plead.
Jesus, tny promises are sure.
liiy merciesfwiio may kuow!
The stripe, th
ctoss, tiiou uiu st endure.
yl to-snow.
Fttlfiir tjiy worl
with siivmff grace. j;.
fa venl V" dor ; '
pire our lieii
, on thee to place
Our laith, oi
pe. our love-
last week there navp Deeu receiveu t
22,150 bbls. flo'urXhe largest amount of flour re
ceived in any one'vWk this year,) 353,127 bush
els wheat, 282,962 lushels corn, 14,979 bushels
oats, and 13,260 bushels barley, making 775, J04
bushels of grain. ' "he totel receipts of the sea
son are now 394,584 bbls. flour, 8,583,856 bushels
of wheat, 8,073,512 xushels corn, 1,761,656 .bush
els oats, and prob bly 85 ,000 bushels barley,
making a total of tvenfy millions of -bushels of
gran, namely, 20,37 5,668 bushels. At this time
lastly ear the receir s were 194,544: bbls. flour
5,687 ,68J bushels ieat.902.069 bnsliels corn,
and 816,600 biwhwls ats, making 13,474,464 bush:
els of grain, and li wing,an increase in the re
ceipts of this year of 6,858,204 bushels.
The shipments clliring the last week have been
21,553 bbls. flour, 314,346- bushelsavheat, 399225
bushels corn, and 40,000 bushels barley, making
781,336 bushels orWrain. The total shipments
of the season are hoy 322,573 barrels flour 7,467,
546 bushels wheat 771T(,073 bushels corn, 1,412,
000 bushels oats, and 87000 bushels barley,
making .a total , 'pf nearly eighteen millions ot
grain, nahHely 17,41,582 bushels. At this , time
last year 'tite shipment had amounted to 104,123
barrles flour, 5,634,464 bushels wheat, 6,624,287
bushels corn, aud 275,714-bushels oats, making
13,127,456 bushels of grain, and showing an in
crease in the shipments OtVthis year ot 4,771,-.
364 bushels. ?' o
During the last week, a decline f 10 cents has
taken ph.ci? on wheat. Tho closing prices of
yesterday were, for, No. 1 white winter, 98 cents,
in store: No. 1 mV winter, 86 90 cents, in store ;
and 61 cents for No. 2 spring, on board. y.
The cattle and live hog market has been active,
but prices have sliphtly declined. Sales of cattle
arejnade at about $2 50 per hundred pounds; and
of live hogs', at febout $4 $425 per hundred
pounds, live weight, equal to $5 $5'' 31 uett.
" Chicago Times.
f- . t - I i ' r a i. 1.: ..
Helene, Duchess of oklea&s. i ne remark
able will of the late Duchess of Orleans, which
has just been published, shows no disposition to
relinquish tire claims of her family to the French
rw t
throne. Nor is it at all more improbable that
these claims may be established, than it was when
Leuis Napoleon ww also an exile in England,
that hevghouJd evferii Wield the sceptre of France.
3ut.it ishieflyt&l .beaulifulj expression jof -t. ttie J
bodied in' the foilosinir naraffraph," that will in
terest the hearts of jnepublican readers:
" In the name of the Father, and of the Son and
of the Holy Ghost,In dying, I commend my
soul to God, and itf the name of :Jesus Christ, I
implore His infiuk : mercy, praying llim to re
ceive me, in the eternal abode, there to re-unito.
me to those tor whom I have mourned upon this
earth. I leave my maternal blessings to my be
loved sons, and pray the Lord to guide', them
through this life to give them prosperous days,'
and to. grant tliem sternal felicity when they shall
nave noDiy iumiiea tneir aestmies nere below. s j.
bid them here a last adieu, whilst thanking them
for the happiness teey have contributed to my
existence. I entreAtjihe Queen to accept the last
expression of" my?, respectful gratitude. I bid
farewell to my niothf to whom I, owe so much ;
to my brothers and sisters, for whom I have ever
felt sincere affection if , to"niV mother's, family,
whose tender hospitality has lightened the bitter
ness of exile of toy sons and myself; to my .friends
and servants, whose, fidelity in the midst of mis
fortune, has inspife&meftvith grateful attachment ;
and finally, I bid'farewell to France, which I have
loved so much. Ana 'where the hanpiest davs of
my life havd' glidsaway. I recommend mv
sons never to fofgfcthai the '."fear of God -is the !
beginning ot ,aii wis om-; tnat.it is , a guide and f
to remain
political ifhMliy
their? cstancy-tff'ft
eir firnvnesa aiid ) df (otei .patriotism when the
course of events sKatt Istre thean to their country.'
My lasf words are iormy beloved sons a prayer
anil a VleCBiror -;'- . V"? V, -
, Western COPThe last fifteen or. twenty
days have been thssaSon of the corn crop at the
West, which was atafet; despaired of being worth
gathering a month" aiThe extremely favorable
fall has ripened minjfa field that the owner ex
pected only tornsetbifvfodder. - We have heard
irom many sources; says -an exchange, that the
quantity of corn at tke West this year,- will be far
superior to thaFJte-: - - - - " - .
TlieAqnantity.djtff.ton as I large in
bushels of ears i as; ?it as last year; but there is:
reason to belief ?Jthi there,' will be as many
bushels of realryoiirid -corn. '--This is -very en
couraging, sinc it is well known" that the oat
eropi almost a, to'tat failure r all oVer the prairie ,
States, and not worth bragging of anywire. ' ' ;
i ? . V . ? "- - - -' r- j l tilts Dustuu Alios ittuuiucc liiaiaica tu ivn.V)"S
. ItliAl beei a long time since we had ginrular ce the inveifflementofnTay,
in prosrriy r T)d a siay amiasi misiornjaief
rn&likiiX' "fftt:litzevi3e:tb-v?.
into a house of ill-fame, th6 particularsdfvliic
I ke young lady, most' respectably connected,
was ,on the street a pleasant afternoon 'unatterid-
eu, upon 4i snopping expeaiuon, wnen ;sne -was
accosted -by a w;ell-dressed Jadyf whostatett she
had been'seized by suddenillnessi alid
be assisted to her ltome,, whh' was bn"ta 4horlf
distance. Her air and manner were appafehtlyr
so sincere, that not-doubting but sherwfe r eiJdjferS
mg the woman a kindness, the young 4ady , at
once . acced ed to her req nest, and A accompanied,
her. to a house in' the vicinity of vMOTce'r street:
No sooner, however; bad - shented,th;e;ob.
than she., was seized, by two men;i ragged , her
wrists, bound, and taken up three flight. t.f5tairs
intn ft..rnnm-iiTTisiiit.lv''WeU-fitllSIiedi Sll&
the,.; afternoon ' ot .the .next dayv- orjahttiffixnore
than 24 hours. Without'going into' the details of
this imprisonment, sumce to say that every deviC
of force and persuasion was put in requisition to
induce her to accedie to the wisheftlll
who made iher prisoner, but , without .success?
Force was Jnade use of to make herjdriki'but
site stoutly resisted, inflicting some severer wound
wim ner neein upon ner innumaii auveiwiesif.
-zv i- - " . . - --s.f-. .-; i I -
which she indignantly spaced-..
1ui ixlL tuis iiuic ouc aiLucu lyi au umwj - :
tunitjr to escape. None, however, presented itself
until lae in the afternoon of the next day:j,wheri
-1 f:.'
sne,was ior.a, jew moineuis ieu ae;w(oagi
was supposed by her keepers, secUrelyifashedl
Reduced to desperation, she .auaygnwed in;
two the cord which bound her wrists', seized her
bonnet, and finding the door of the roptof unfastt
ened, rushed out of the house and made the best
of her way, more dead thanf alive, to hefe own-
home. On her way she metone of; theillian4
by whom she had been imprisoned but: in the
ojefen street he dared not molest her. - Hifriends
iamrmea at ner aD.sence, receivea ner-joyij4iiy,
and to them sheTelated her thrilling adventure,
at the same time stating she had tasted . nO". food
during the past 24 hours. .t -On administering
some nourishment to her she in a short time' bef
delirious, and in that condition re-enacted
. r .rV -i . t 1 . ,1 1 ill
her own part in the drama in whichhe-had?soi.
recent! v been an actor, ana out oi wiucu.,in;r .vn-
tue had come seai
is no country, on earth, in our opinion, says the
Union Democrat, which ofTqrs suchgolden pppor'
tunities' foT the pdor man to make himself a cbm-
tortaoije nome, in tne same space i or time, as , woes
California. With a climate unsiixpassed by any
country on the globe, and thousandsof;. acres- of
unoccupied land, the richest in1 thec world, both
foPagricultural and mining purposes,. bur State
seems indeed as especially des?gned.f0iyihe.-'-.asy
lum the home of the industrious laboring than.
Here, in our young and prosperous State, caii btf
seen but little ot that beggarly -wretchedness so
common in those of her sisters, on .the "Atlantic
side. The rich do not lord it over the laborinjf
classes, because nine-tenths of those now in wm-
parative affluence but a few short years ago.were;
accustomed to wield the picTc and shovel withT as
l - J il P il . ? ..V ii '.jnt v-
neari goou win as any oi txieir ieiiows, 'xne
employer could not, if he "wishedf tyrannize over
his workers, as do many in .'the older States, for
here the choice of "do as Icommand, or starve, j;
has no terrors for the working man. H'-cari
shoulder his pick and shovel, and bid defiaric6'tQ.
the man ot wealth ; old Mother li.arth is sure . to
befriend and reward him for his labors. .' -
Woman a Christianity Jiy Christianity
woman was raised from an abject state ; ..she- be
came admitted to all civil liberties ; ,her influenee
was Rxercised over srerieral manners ; she i took
lirr liir in the pjlneation of the familv. tand bc!
came the earthly providence of the, home, pbty;
magistracies of charity were entrusted to herhe
was invested with a personal dicrnity aud a jsbcial
rank unknown before. Since the Christian er&
women have had their share in all sodaiMdve
nients: man v. have suffered martyrdom for their
religion; the mother of ; Constantine i.(He1ib
raiiipH tho nmaa nvpr t.h rtlins of .Teriisaleniv
Clovis, at the battle of Tolbiac, invoked theGjS
of Clothilda. Women took part in many of, the
ecclesiastical oreranizations. Saint Liouiswas
trained and ruled by the wisdom of his ithjr,
Blanche. 1 he greatest ot minne singers, Vogeir
Weide, became in Germany the echo arid theex.l
pression of the initiating and puritying'- influence
of woman. Joan of Arcsaved-.-"France ;and
Petrarch was to appear on the horizon soon1 after
-r-v j. . j 1 . .1 ;j i !it'..f.
ianie ana continue . live, naiioweu jieai wim- uu
beloved and respected Laura. Life 'f;Dante,J
'. ' li ; ; ; -s "? ... . -. v
TAN UiliOQDENT JttiXTRACT. lienerationyarter;
generation, says a hno writer, - nave ieit.as we
now feel, and their .liv'ei.;jwere.rasiactiy&;J3fi:;
own: . They passebU.be
Wbrekthesanie aspect of re ; -
torVcmmaiidetl 'fief- te.-"The'1nve'-ishall-be
will have happened. - The thrbbbirig heart
be stifled, and we shall be at rest. -Our?fin n.."
wjttwind its way, and the ."prayers '. will'jfi.e id,
and then we shall ' be'left behind ; in silence and
darkness for the worm. And it may be fdrji short
"time we shall be spoken of, but th tliigs of
life will.creep in, and our . names wiilsoon-be for
gotten. Days will continue to move,on, . -
laughter and song will be heard Aih. 'th6 rpiv i -i
which we died ; and the eye that mOurped; to. us
will be dried, and ..glisten ; again'wit?3.tfy'i.;';atid
even ;pur children will ceage to th&Ks.-aiidv
will not remember, ta-lisplxiicr. nimegs0vtt
Richmond Agricultural infe-c -
pliance with an order 4 from vthe Secretagry c f 1
Navy Captain Rudd, the commapdjnt5s,t tl
Washington Navyilrard f has rurhishedia -I.
number of United States and foreiern flairs 1
used in the decoration of the grpuxidloccuj 1 i
bv the United States Atmeiiltural Societvtrir t -'.r
approaching. Pair lo be held at Richmond. .; : . t
is e.xpeted that ithllJFair! wilt be vattended by a
large uumuer wi vinurs iivjuu:.uiuua, pfiiui a i iii'j
linioni'.Se vera! dis
this,.J-.cityan.l . inembers " of l.tho - diplomatic. .
have also sigtiified their Jntinti6a'tbbe,preser
tWe" jTioticeiJby- ih&) pnblisied'UsrC6f-ibScer.
tlie f3k"'tliiHndw"ardXJijEsq:4
has::been!appointed' 'PrxyateebretarK'tdPreideu.t
Tilghmanl; W D. iWallah'Esq., i; ghairman
of: the committee on carriages: wasronlsL harness.
&c. ; and - John Savage, Esq., is a merifib'enof, the
.'ii i. irl ; a. ;i, i. 'j;.-ii. ji'
coniiiiiiiee un nuance. xnus it win ue seen -mas
the Washington press is well represented.; A ; ; ;
' ' r v"''r'? Washington Vnvmi'
' - ; V:. - "f y.'t. ix-inr
The Pacific Overland Routed The.' whble-
distance is 2,765 miles, which was traveled jih"'a
little less than twenty-five days. " 'Each staged has
ra conductor, who is changed, every two hundred J
miles. 1 he drivers are changed every one Iran?
dred miles.- On about six hundred rniles of the
route, . exposed to attacks from theliidiafis; the
stage is accompanied by an armed guard of twenty
men, and all the employees are armed.- ,The price
for through tickets is two hundred, dollars with
fortyipounds of baggage.. Station -house for 'pas
sengers .are beins? erected along the '.unsettled
portions of the route, and fodder depots are being
na'hricrht hvftr.nnr'crrave.8 asat.hev are-now "firound I
our paths. The world will have- the safaie attr- 0c fe river .has been in effectlssisrned to
tion, for our offspring yet unborn, that-sl;e Rica bv ?Ene-land. ih reward for her services
once for our children., let a littlewhiielai atinn tho impnrn Transit: Kicnmo-na
established,, Oix passengers came mroqga on tne ,
fiisttrip. - - ; . ,. ,;;;., y:;
mother ?
v "o;iJi iuc juvs we meet
V:;. WJten her loving shiile.no longer
greets the coming of our feet ?
HI The" days' are long, the nightsare jdjrj
V- .r And time roll slowly on , -r'"
yfAnd h ! how few, are childhood's pleasures,
When.her gentle care is ffohe.
J. hings w e prize are first to vanish,
Heartwa loVe. ta pass away ;
how soon, e'en m our childhood,
We behold her turning grey.
Pi-Her eyes grow dim, and step. is slows
Yyr petap learn to Jmow-her,
.?-"SS:"'i" V i ' ' '.v. : - vV-...3r.bWi'- .
Jtsnt a mother lost m childhood; ;r
V-0jrievf8thai' heart clay by dyv
ipdss her kind and willing hand.
i00e&6nd. and earn (Skt"r : ' -4'.
- '; ; ASnWi Va Jil. i' a ' i,, - -
.. vuvfc w. uuw uicilT la H I ti HTO 1111(1 US
amother there ?
3Kesponsible fob the 'Loss ntf
Souls. The editor of the Blue Ridge Kepubli-
.can, published at Culpepper Court .House, Va,, .;
adds another :to the long catalogue of sins; Ifbr "
which ladies' hoops are to be held, responsible.
He has beerf fire vented by this enormous fashion. '
Mrorhrringthe gospel expounded. The way,
Atiis rti.iccxi uiuujjus aDout, we preter. letting
the editor aforesaid, tell m : his. own War as fol-
- lows : v . ... ; ; ; . " - '
KOjio of three things must be done. Our
churches must be enlarged, the way to Heaven
made broader, or the ladies persuaded to rednca
the circumference of their hoops. We , repaired
to the X'resbyterian Church on Sunday lastand
after y ainly-erid ea voring to obtain a seat some
fiftgen oiweiity.eing in the same predicament ',
returaing -;bdme without hearing 'the -sermon.
... 1 . . - : " 1 1 I i. ..
vv.1v-. o BJUD
jnere wasno,possioiej;uance, iorthey wero pack.-
yfiWhatris home, without a i
igfV-hat areffi the joys w
the iaecTfeupiedTyJthe ladSSs. If theyorrath- V f
theirskirts, haj3 takf ti tip bhly their legltimatfe: -
spaeey irom iwp to tnree- more, we 'tainted could-n jf "
have - been accommodated jn each pewNow if
any poor sittneXwas prevented, thereby, from
jhearing spnibyiwhich might have awakened a
religious spmtinbis heart, and saved him from
a dow n wardcareer an opportunity which acci
dent, disease or death, may prevent him from
having again w bo or what, we would like to
know, will be responsible for the loss of his soul '
.Hoops,' of course. And as this thing has doubt
less happened elsewhere, and will happen here
.and elsevy Ijere again, we think we are not wrong
in Renominating these brass-ribbed balloons
" Heaven Preventers."
; Killed. A man named Carter, says the West' "
ern Democrat, was found dead near Harrisburg
Statidh-bh the N. C. Railroad on Friday morning
last. Both legs were mashed off. It is not known
whetherhaccident was caused by his jumping
off therath'o night previous or by his getting
drunk aiid?Iaying across the track. IHs proba
ble that th latter was the pjmsfi. as it i smrl thai.
fca uotues iouna n nis pocnet or near mm.
Since writing the above, a correspondent at Har-
risburg sent us the following:
" VVm C. (J&rter was killed on tne morning1 of
the 15ih near Harrisburg Station Cabarrus coun
ty by t-the Express train goings North. Tyro traina
passed over him without discovering him. lie
was taken up by the freight train 'and conveyed''
to Harrisburg, where an inquest was'held andra
.verdictsraenaerectjitnat ne came to nis aeatn Dy
iheing intoxicatedand laying down on the Rail
road tracks Carter leaves a wife and one child."
icOiThfbllowing is translated from a letter da
tedikiadrid, September 21st. It confirms tne re
ports that the Spanish cabinet are determined to
act ehetge tically against Mexico iA ,
In the early part of October, four ships of var,
belonging to the squadron of Gallicia, will depart
for tbe waters'iof Cuba, two of them being the
Petrohila arid the Isabella- Catolica. They, and
the5-, transports accompanying ", them, will carry
3,000 soldiers of all arms, with Considerable war
material destined for the Antilles.
It is designed to have at Havana a consid era-i
-ble squadron and a disposable force of l2,000 men
destined t compel satisfaction from the Mexican
republic. ' The trip of the Minister, of Marine to
Cadiz was principally with a viewto prepare mar-.
'itime reinforcements destined for the Gulf of Mex
ico.'' .-. ,
MorC Butrisii TJsuRPATiriN. Trhe last mtelli- .
gence4 from Ni caragtia assures us that the" English
r:nlrindeedlof her territory on both sides of
tlie Saii'Juaito; endow the servants of England.'
;It?;:acuvay :-pf observing the. Ciayton--Buyer
treat j and to be in perfect keeping with
the -rst lf " it: . ' ' " '
!Mr.'0-'--.-' '" -; ' : " ' '.
:tENTJlSBJIt . Js: reported that' obstructions
were placedon the track of the Western Road on
last htirsday night, (the 14thf but. were knocked
off! by; tl; plojv of the engine without doings any
daiiiage;l: -This -is ,an awful-' crime and those
v ho axe tenipte. by3be devil Uvconmit itirought
u 4tS1expfny thing less, for themselves, than'; ,
rmost Miserable arid speedy, death.
'J'i.jL'KUpapet gives 4 distressing account of
thingsinlowa, comparing its condition to that of ,
rue aoomeusf citv Jerusalem- lney navo
rPi-Phtliw man rtnanf a
inTsklawyer'everyt .man virtually: a'
I iperajalridihg
h. I lVidleness except the pbxeaiid conslables4?3i i
, mong, the- list of.
es to' act at tne unuca
Rtersorrpu: oinrerit Commit- "
tees -iNbrtli Carolina has fiinrpaonUfiTMa i .
South Caroiiu two or three.'. - ' ; ' "
- ... . i . "
: i:The Petersburg 'Ex press contains the part icu
ars of . another, murder committed near Murfrees
BMJro'Jr in this Stated om Satnrday"last. " A' man
named Wilkereon Revli:indrnnkftn 4VVlfft tnr!r
a loaded guhand shot bis wife through the body.
Killing-, ner instantly, xne murderer has been.
ibdKeainjanr-" ",:.r : . . , v ..
'r:: - , , ...... " ' : ,
f- IvTO Si A VPS nintlWl . Pfitffr J4n1 i CSonrtra KalnnVvii
ingtoipr I. C, Ballard, of . Gates connty, N. C.
were Bung on the . 1 3th ,of . September, in Charles
ton! cburitv. Ga.. for the murderof Mr. Henrv H. "
vrdriestf Gates cduntyN C. y w u:
11 Lrr-
op T Bank; Stock. OnTuesday,,135
sharofAtb6tbck of the '.Bank)f Wadesboro.
Ni ; O., were sold at an average of $65- 70 per
share. Tfie par.' --Taluft of the stock of this Bank
egiciUtdraFair in Richmbhaon the -25th:f Kn, i
we notice, the following names 'from North pTf '
:. ":'i H
--f.V v.-
:- -ft
fit itr ' -f.
: I?
- '-
I1 I
' 'T 1i
. , :- -
. -.1. i&ii.-st J Jfi:-, .

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