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C agrees.
Tbo Coafedeiate CBgro. -; cfnypn.d in
Richaiend on Monday, th 1Kb ir.st:
In the Senate that day vuiibus portions of
the ?re detent's Message wcie relerred to ap
propi iul temmittees.
In the Ileuso resolutions wsro adopted
chmgi' -g the n les r ar, to provide that it
rtmll net lie ia order ior the 1 louse tox resolve
itself into secret session, cxnt by a rote f
a nnjority of the members present. The res
clotions were passoi by a et of fifty-si::
to fourteen. .
lathe Senato August .0, Mr. Brown ia
trodueed a resolution diretir. tha cssauiittee
cn wli'ary aflsira to squire and report what 1
leis-vuen, n ary, is nectary to prevent
abnzti; in tha natter f receiving institutes
in the army. He specified Fetn of th a'u
.. j ..4 .-wi .n.i
fees r.rn ..uiniui u f.siRK oi ins uonscrip-
. r 1 1 . .
tion law. iue icsoiuuea was then
f"4cl cxmoiURg ill, ?.ctn cf tVe -v-etnmfcBtapto
tkc preset tiwie, for the ic
ieisi;i et tb outrages committed cn-our
people. Other measles now in progress
wnl be submitted hereafter. '
In iayitir.g your attention to the legislation
which theneccssitiesof our condition require
those connected with th prsceution oft hi
war command almost undivided attention .
ih aetr, passed at roar last session inUn
edte secure tho public defence by ZauojA
earcllrafMt, aad to render uniform the ruto
governing troops in the service, have lei to
unexptctai criticism that is isueh to k re
The efneier.cy of tho law las beea thtm
spwewhat impaired, though it is not believed
tnat m any of the States th popular saiad
has Withheld ita sanction fir. ..iik tl.
- - v . v - . .at.m VIU. Tt Lll V
Villi ! v vi ui vtm ijiM3.Lief!
t 1 ... ! I . .
j w-.iv narmoaicus as weii
1 . .o
6 zealous as-
at and a3hcr,th.eco3tri;ction and ui
it f Rrmtd-Ttitib; At hf:ne and abr&sd.
In ths Horse r Testluticn of
tf j J,on l;at a gOYenmsntas seir aa i2rftshcrd
mjo exi5,ce on tka rtry eve ef a reat war,
asd nr.nrvid4d with tha rriatctial Refs$iry
far conducting hctilitiea en so Tsst a saala,
tan fail its cuties. Upon you, who are
fully informed ftheac.s ad 'purposes of
th g'Tcrn;nnt, and thorsuglily irabued
wit'a t'ic letlinijs ad sentirasRts f tho peo
pls, must rsliasca h placed to secure 'this
vat (jat. ' lou ca Watdeviio th
!j4 TVi r
for cttiMishin that entir co'-opcration of
the State and Coaffdaratc Government whieh
is cs?,uatial t t'se woll-bei both at all
'r k. y a i. ...
iimtt, out wnica is new muispeniaua to
thair vry existence.
Anq if snj legislation shall sen to ji
approxr te for a
fijiistinj; difliren?ts ot opm-
uca?,ure us vil?3 duty to
CaloEel Morgan and cemmsi.t! fr dhtinsuuV
cd Sf-rif :o- rtridfrcd was tdepted. Aresniu
tien to kholish th cflicc of ecrcUry cf tbo
Nkvv, ani also on declaring the brute Bnt- I
ler un enemy to the human jj.ee v:re sue
niittcd nd refered to an appropriate con-
Sreral other important hf U have been in
troduced but no final action ha been taken.
To the Senate au2. Home Itfprtt.entativfs
of the Confederate Slattt. : '
It is; aain our fortune tamrct far devising
measures sectary to tho pusli welfare
whilst vr country is involved in a dsola
tinij war. .The sufferings .endured fey ?ntc
X riiwi? of thr people excite tha dc?p slici
tuda of the tTrnment; f.ud the sympathy
thiiR eeolred has lecn heightened by the pa
triotic icvetioa with whie'i thts seffcrinjs
have been Heme.
Ths gallantry and jeod endaot of ur
troop., always claiming lis -rititwci ot th , that Wrtr
euUrr, have liec further iilastratei o
haH-fo"urht field., marked h r c.ihieitions ef
inSividul'priwe:4 wliith c fled but few credit is felly jugtifted' by- the eoaparatively
pa: allcU in ancient or oern iiries. j sais.ll amount cf arenrnuisted det, notwith-
Our army has net faltered ia any of ike i sttadiag tka rusltude of ear sailitary oper
Taiieua trials tQ whicU it ha bc5rvuLjtctd, tions.
and tho great body ef the people has esntis- j The legislation ef the last sscien provided
tied to manifest a zeal and unanimity wkiek ; fer tha purchase ef supplies with la a bond
.4- stVf b hftl.r.i a-il ca fiiar list i r -r-.,.- . uf 1. .', ,-?
rive insurance to tee . uienr.s oi censiuu- the ec?d3 Isr Treasury notes ha ucen so
tionul hherly et ur triumpu ia me wsrkefl that le:i?latiD
un, i: will ka rs
ce-prate 'in t.uy measure tltatway he de
vital for reecneiling s, jnst cars tor the pub
lic etent-8 with proper defer en a ler tue mos;
serupuleus guccaptibilitiaa ef the SUte au
thorities. The rport of the Secretary of the Trea
sury will exhi'eit in detail tke oprtios of
It wiil be s 6 c "a witVs Etis.
faction tkat the trtdit ef ths Government se
curities remains nnimprdred, and .th?.t this
is rec;r.enned to
authoiir. tx inereasa in ths issue of Trasrry
notes, which tk iiufelie service scca t ra-
pen.'iastrui-j!e against tle.-petic usurps
Tlse vait array whieb tnrttiia tn capi
tal of the Confederacy has bren defeated ajid ! quire.
dritfn from the lines ef lavtivtrceat, an, the Xe grs,ve iaconvenience used ha appre
enemy, repeatedly foil4 in kis efforts for its jhenied lrct this increased issu, as theprf
vapturc, is row seeking to ra'o v armies Tisiea ot lrvr ky whiah those notes are cea
n a scale tuch as modern history doss net J vertibie i-te eight per cent ktneU, forisag aa
reeerd, to effect tkat tubjugatitn ef the f?eata ; efficient r :d perrnanefit safegasrd against any
po pften proelaiwtd as en t'-i evo of accom- j serious p;ciation of the curreviey.
plishment. Ycsr r.ttontion h alse invited t tho nirtns
'The perfidy whieh di?rc;:irdd rights te- proposed ky the Secretary fer facilitating the
cured by cempiet, the Vusdr.fi r-kiei traae-1 preparatifcn of these cotes, and fer mtrins
pled on obliyationa made ttcred by cvry . tkeea agtinst fegery. It is due to rr pceple
cor-ftideration ef honour, have bcn intensi- j to sUte, that the rnanufaeture cf .counterfeit
f ed by the rhsliqjnity cwjsiadtred by dfiat. , notes de aot exist witfeia ear limits, and that
The:- paswcis hs.vo chinjed the character i tkey are ' all imported from tha Northera
of the hostilities waged by our rntwief, wio j SeaUiS.
r btcnW- LvW Urn Travc?f".l fn the us-1 Th re'sjtvt of tk rc ietarj rf Xr:. ?hicli
r.s Bunaersai s-crefAieas
ti of th.is bitnch f.t.e publie service, bfth
the manufacture of frt?anc, and ordaanee
stares, and the' cstaklisihaeht' vf worksheps.
and the devlopmcat o pur ijesourees ot eoa;
and iron. Sciae l-;islatioa seesas essential tor
sesuring crews for vesitj. ' -- -
T'ao eJiflieuitifs bow ;xperitncei , on this
point arc fully stated in iVe Secretary's report.
an L lavito year atim;o:i te provietm a
rctisetlT. '
The rspert ef the Post Master General dis
closes tus-embarfavsieent wtnth resulted ill
the postal service ffeei th occupation ky the
enemy ef the Mis3isi-i jiver, xnd pertioas
ef t'so territory of th difTerent States. The
measures taken by the is.epart.ment for reliev
ing tttssa eaafeirrasimeuis a ir as pract e
kle, are detailed in tk report:' It is svbject
of congratulation that rin the ten moutks
thatesidsd en ths third ?farcVla?t, the ox r en
sea of tka DeaartmeRtl 'were Urtcelv decrexs--ed,
whilst its rcveni was augmented, as
eeumared witk a cerrisjendin; perieU, end
ing on the thirtieth JTue, eigktesn hundred
aad sixty, when the plUl service was cn
elucted under the authiiitv delegated "te the
United States.
Sufficieat time has not yet elaspei t d&ter
Kiine'whethsr the sieaiuves herotofere divis
ed ky Congress will accomplish the end of
brinjin the exenditursof the Departnirit
within the limits of itsf-rn revenues by tha
Erst f March r.ext, asrf laired by the Consti
tutin. : '
I am happv t inforc. r-su ih in ppit
both of blandishments '''.'! threats, usud in
profusion by the agent'e:" th gevernmeut of
tk3 United States, the Indian i.etions vithm
tha Confederacy h.ave rsined firm in their
loyalty, and steadfast p the observance ef
their treaty engajesaests witn this jovern
msat. Norka3 their fioeiity been shaken by
the fact that, owing to the- vcnia in seme
of the C'ftlees ef the agents and ssuperintend-
( ants, delay has occuredm the payments f the
annuitits and allowances to which they are
entitlsd. I now advis some previien author
izing payments to Vie Eais by ether oflksrs
in the aksenes ef thoss specially charged by
law with tkis duty.
"We ha never ceasKiJ eanso to be grateful
for the favour with whik Gd has prsteted
our- infant Cenfderacyt . and . it becomes us
revtrentlr te rctura :' ihanks'and humbly
to ask ef his bsuntc 'isne."s . tiiat wi'soei
wkieh is needful fjr t,l oj perfiirrnaace ef tke
high trusts with whiclvvr-e are eharccd.
After the reading c) ;-Ois mesaj;e, tha ac-
Tliii J?. i JLjJ. i 1 111. t
VxWAVaosp: An ;ut . 22. A- skirmish -
purred aear ilaccon Fori?, o . tk Rai.idao,
last Yfednesdiv, between ur cava. ry.an4 tiic
en'emv'si rear euarU. 'Aoeut thirty lanseea
were hilled ar.d seventy captured.
Pope has re i eated to Brandy Station, about
nx mues Dsiow uipcppci wvi. ".--. ,i
His' position, at last accounts, was about
midway between Culpcpcr Court. ilotue and
the Rappahannock river, and the imfresiion
prevailed that he would mike a ' stasd near
that stream, while ethers think hs willten
tinue his retreat te Manassas." V - '
oiiiLK, Aug. f!2. A special 'dispatch t
the Advertiser and Tve;hter, dated Jackeon
21t, tays tie enemy have taken Haynes
Slug, on tke Yjkoo liver, which sires them"
ceitrol of the mouth and furnishing good
base for operation against Tichiburg. -
CnAELisrox, Aug. 21. A force of 100
South Caroiiniins surprised the eney at
dayligkt thh moining, on fit. Helena Island,
near Prt Koval. Siverai yanVees, inducing
the Lieutenant commsndinf, were killed and
20 taken prisoners. Our. loss-is 6 i?lii.htly .
and 2 saortah'y w anted.
It la pa!il;il to kve t rsauri tk flrnh "it orr t '
teeeilar.4 excellent Lroiher, Wu.i,,;,
tats Ufm on th- Uik July, lj.fi-, j, U)Z 5iia Xi ?
ixtkyear. 3Le wii i ptize ! j Kid. Stfn ixio
mere m hvi. UoT. end m r -aii.j -n CTz
i iMb hi, nulla tt
- " ru.il, I! llTtf
but we eonrewe i:.t as those wh kaT nc fe ,l
as Jesus died end row a-ain, erratUein 1b i, i
ele in Jeans will Goa t, in Vi,; v. . n .?, Mftl
n I hnlakoma, Marshall cmvr, iUs n 'i.'t At
ef July, ISO. -Jr?. Marr 5. t;ruu;; t 'l (tT
eota chnrch. South. S . Hrtd the lifc ,r li'SVtl .
" v" nv
rrti-nauon, end doabtir ee welcomed a ctaBS eo i n.
VJ tor tier. af7
Froi Kishmfiid.
There is no lengcr roos fer e-eubt that
MeClelhn has ehanjed his "base" from the
Junes river to the Ksppakannk. A dis
patch to Governor Ltciier from Dublin says
wa have rellihle inteilieue that the enemy
kas hit ?aek:a Frry, Ueadow Bluil'and 71at
Ton; it is the imnression they are erasus-
trag Tfcstcm irjiaia.
i tha A'
will a? -
nrj i cf eivilue. war anei the urates oi un- JS submitted, eeatai
nrhate r.rer.erty, war upon nen-cwba.tai.ti, - to add t the
orser iri::i the A'iit. tienerai
pear to-mnrre-.r directing general efaeers
co u ins ad in Calcdarats trips t ' ascertain
wkethar pett-jiile eitinn.s have been put
to death in Arisnsaaby Gen. Fitch, upon tko
ground that ena f th invading artsy ks
beta shet by an unknown person, and upon
Wcing eertiiia.1 theresf shall forthwith set
apart, by ltt, frum aio:i j s.nypriioncrs! frew
the sirmy tsndtr the eommani cf Gen. Fitch,
a number of oElesrs nu:d in. number tkt
per en put to daath as aforesaid, ts plac
t::s?i m ,iOie f-onrinernsnt tjr executiea at
rush time & itty be oreered by the Presi
TlirBUTIS 07 r.E?PtCT,
At a jneetia- of the Warden of Wake coon'r m
ceiMwunication tbe fsllowinjreeolatiMs were naUid
WliBi!Af, It has pltasea Almi-htr in th
wise disncnfation of ma rroTuita-.
4J1.1 uiir
aai-t oar estceatf d f.-iend aaJ hritK.- v., ..
K. FlcmiBj ; I ts aith of our lam.-s'ted co"1)
tb public hr.s enstanW a cor.sideral io l0'tC i
'""iui tii vno ii ni.LiiUuaiC BUaDaUd ti
afoadaiiddtiiifati..-r; ia thort, those tv
and shll rsjard Yitej, if cepturad, &
furtker ordeis.
hiaa ia cua5nmnt lis. til
CrLPBPxu Covxt-Huss, tc. North ra eateu
of th lit and ISth ktv bcn received. Th
Yankee accounts of the battle nt Culpeer
urt-&ue states tnat about 10,000 mtn
Ainnnn ar me eecinrne . t n a Sier,fi n? ,itfi,J&'
War 3nd th Kavv. wc.rt.'call-d for and r0d .T1 is, were attackee! by over
Some interesting cerjfg tond eneo between
General II. X. Lee, and '.General 'ilalleck, f
the Federal . army, wfj.-.ths:i read. -7 re
gret that -our sptso vi "11 i.ot southerns tk
publieatiea in txtenfo r.t iaterestr? cor-
-r.r) r
content our.ssiYes
with stating that Geusl Ilalleck, cn the
part cf his goverumiiiit: disclaims having re
ceived any fnciai inf. ;)ation cf th haug
iag ef liumfoid at Net. "SUim, or of Oweas
i3atri,' and eproeli in';- tha inten tioa ef
his government to got:
strictly according to
i!io rsEent war
iu,uuu repais. jfepa wsa netprestat. xaey-aekaow-edjea
less of from two to tkreetkeH
eaad. Aaor;g them were Generals Ai?.jr
and Geary woandc-J, aad Gin. I'riHce si?s
h?g. Alio three eelonsls, three lieut. clo
Melij, fo'r satjors, and a largo Kumber ofcoaa
?ay officers wounded and killed. They say
their force retired from the field when over
powered by naaibers ; their if&try wera
badly out up, and that Culpcper is ac vast
hespital. '
? Gen. Geary'j brii,3iG8, 2,000 stren,.es
1.J00 in .charsrina: a Confederate batterv.
desmcd desirable, iu order
tfSeiency ef the ssrvkf .
i f - U.Jn4V..tii in KTiinral T ! 1L f 11. ; .1 , .
raUrtiCr OI Capil, i i mviia jui iauiuic tKiismtuiiUNii p-
the death fan invading seliiery by the I ciallyte these recommeadatioas which are in
slaugkter of usarmed citi-scneordcrsef kaa-1 teaded to secure the propir execution of tho
ishment aj'inst peaceful fantiliefl engaged in j eenscript law, and the consolidation of om
the cultivation of the roil, are sosac of the j psiay battalions and regiments, when fo
means used by er ruthless invaders to ea- j reduced ia strGagth as to impair that uai
force tho iubis3ion of a free people t fer- j fortuity of organization whieh is accessary
oign sway. Confiscation bills, of a charae- JR the areiy, while an undue burthen is hot
ter so fttrtcious as t enure, if execute1, pQled on the treasury. The necessity fer
the uttur ruin of ike entire population of ; semelegishtiea for eentrolling military trans
tkese States, are passerl by their Congress j pertation n tha railroads, and improving
and approved by tkeir Executive. j their present defective condition, forces itself
The Moneyed obligations of the Confeder-i upon the attention ef the gevernmtnt, aud I
ate (Jvrr.mcat ar forged by citizens of th trust yu will be able t devise satisfactory
United States, aad publiely advertised for j measures for Rttainiag this purpoie.
Fale in their cities, with a notoriety which j Tke legislation a the subject ofjenoral
t ufTiciently attests the knowledge of their Sheers involves the serviee in some difScul
gevernwer.t; and its cecapiicity in the crime j ties which are pointed out by the Secretary,
is further evinced by the fact that the sol- : aT,d f0r wkith the remedy suggested by hira
ir t, the invadirc: arsaias are fouai. sup- j seems appropriate.
plied with large qumtities ef tkese ferged ; In ceanection with this sabjset, I am of
Gs?n;rai TJee was aiso-rea, ia
former General states that cfertar. enquiries
mada by tha latter ars insulting to the Uni
ted states GGvcrnment. aad rctnruiag Gen
eral Loo's cemnmnif a-ica. Riclvwnd JIU
nott s rs a meaas oi uipoiung, wc ; opinion liiat piuuuw uii6tiia viv ;mr
peopl'c by fraud out of such portions of tkeir j $itn fr the increase of the army in the event
?iTrer1v as armed violence uay fail to reach. I ef esserjrsneies not now anticipr.ted. The
Two at leust, rthe Ueurais 01 mo tJnueu , very larije increase oi iorcss resnuy esuea
States, are er.gd, unchecktdby their jov-; jnt tka field by . the President cf .the United
erinurt, in exciting strvil insurrsctioa, and j State?., may render it necessary hereafter t
till llEliillr.; SlAisn ti iiui v givnu IMC HiUiuini; ui twiuiviii t"
The Killing or Gsxe-tal McCooe The
JCaoxville Register seys that IheYaakee ver
sion f the killing of General MeCok is fals.
Aa Alabima partisan wko participated in the
attack, says that his (MeCook's) guard were
gome distance ahead of his brigab, nbeut
4,000 strong, moving from IluaUvillc via
New Market, Ala., and Salem, Tena., to
Winchester Tenn. When ileCeek ws absut
six miles Nerth f New Market, eUtechraents
froai tkrc partisan companies, eijhty men ia
all, raised in Madison tsd J.ckson counties,
Ala., radving dowa a rotid at rigkt angles t
the oae travailed by HeCeok, attacked the
centre of the celunen oi his"guar, and they
i iT.,n..r--t-.-i Taa i)tli Ohio- was aaarlr annikilaUd. Tee-
"."n-u.-.vr2; "..r ri Z,i r . i.v .,.,
The receptioa of tka news in New York
caused stocks te go down and old t up.
The Chicago Triiae says that Jaukssa
evidently ont-;caeraltfd and defeated Pop?.
Tha Memphis eri esoond ;at of the Chisiiro
Triasjtc has Uesn arrcrted fdr disloyalty.
Gen. .Curtis is reported te have landed a.
Urge pertien of his army on thi sids of the
siBi best kaTe cause te tare and riipct Lis Eismorr
naost. . "
Keaolved 1st, That tv ara admrtniJ v.'.v,
usoral ot our friend aid brother Jno. U FleVia of -
countable being to Almighty Ood, to make that
eeda praparatioa for our removal.
ia, XMit wm!e.WS!eelTf!enlorenrln v. V,-
wirh k'liahle n t tt win 4 ii.l; .
SJ, ikatwe deeply sympathize with the lvavr.i
fanulj, and pray tkat Gd may be to hl widow a 1 u-" :
bau.L, and t kid cliildrca a father. - . c '
4t!i, 1 hat these r&!KtioEs be aprecd upon tLs re
cords of onr Court, aud that a eopy of the sum he.
seat t the Spirit of the Ajra for ptiblictticn vith v
reejitit tkat trie Cify papars co)T the eania
T. J. Vi-IIITAKKR, Ort. .
At a rr-nl.tr mectfei-r of .Teraealera Ixd Is,..W.
heii their JIaU ia Aloolcertou, this tha .9:3a dar
Ar.-ut. IMS, the foUowia prcmhle asd reselaiiiiS .
wtr.? rtiopiei:
Wiitr.jsxs. It ha? pleased Almfghty Ged to rr-mnr,.
our esteemed asd wrthy brother, William.:. Frizzh,
tharefare he it -
llziulvci, lit, That whil-j ve bovr with hiuabla
eubraision to this dipensati!i cf Diviue Pnwiflr,ce,
we rerd it as justly daa idt raemury ta expn-s eur
lore aii reprct for hiim wliile living. Kvr true to
the sacred teneta of our tinia-honored Fraternity, l. i
men io;icii! airu. rererta.
2d, That in thn doat:i f lirothar Przla thi
. Led-s lus saataincd gieat lorf. $ciety .. wortiir
1 raesabcr, an; kia fritn4s aad relatissa au axioeaali;
and rr.rrous assoeiate.
Zi, That we syaipathiz with the rclal!ve of tha
dfctaied in th-ir i afilictio : that we wsar th.;
ujnal b'd.,'e ef eeoarniu thirty dave, aa 1 that a co'v
ef tlie.e re?clutiou be ent to therJr.tivea of tha di
c?;d, and tleo to the Spirit, of th; A? fir jvibl ''?.-
J. M. TaTiUCX, 7. H.
TL. F. Gr.Axrerr:, Sec.
At a latrctraj f tkt liichmDd Teraperanr; ad Lit
erary Seoiety, held Ar 3,1;5, the fl!o',vir.g ohitu-'n-,
reaaeh:t and rr aolatioas wero atty. d and jrdri
for puhlieotiem :
D:;, i'A defeats ef his csnatry, n th Tnttte-Hiti
hifor rtichmoiid oat'te evenia-T of the iTih of J:r
l8i'.J, D. VT. Whnton, Upt.-of the Uivut;1:w Haanh,
Co. K,5trJUr'tAla. TOiiiatccrs. Vvt.Jol.i:fn nr.
native ef iiicamwud Conntr, X. J.. n raiuited
with honor at te State Uuiv?r.i'r in Ik.-.;. Hai'
prfVKKisi atuiJied law, in lr:;j hn" ;oc:d himeifa.
Haynosvilla, Ala , aai emaeeuse4 the practice of k.
At the very cwuiinci"ner.t of t?i pr3et t?nb!e
'he velcnteereet for the iefcac Vm JjiMth, innl re
mained in aerviee until iae-ith. .it! hii hl Kfoamt
health bcou t pared, wo aid n isawt havebo.-a l'.vjmj in
f4--l-.l - l .
ii, iac ;inte mi iu war. as u s !';! a v.-as hi.-v.
uatLiar ancompIainiE audcherful, alwars Phai-!-t
tks toiia and privations of thosa i.udar'his com
xiH'ad. WherRi: Ithaapleaff.? tha Almlrhty U reaiv
onr brother Daniel Whit J--imton f -o-i'i t'me to eter
sitr. v. c t.. embera oftke liit;!: T-!aper::ica
ad Literary Society d
Itaolv, fit.' Tkat tha Southern ' a?o baa lost in
hLni atlm adkereit ar4 a valiant K-idu r.
2d. That the cercrtnmiitv in whili l. V.veA lr;f I,-
river ajaim.
fled in both directions. A
took place as tbepartism's pursued, in which
the Register's informant thinks ateoat forty
oi the enemy fell, tuifc-non et oar men.
A special dwateh t th Advertiser and
Register, dated Kaoxviila, August lGtfe, sr.ys
that informatitn frem Cwmiberlaad Gap states
that tke Yaake Mergan waa retreating with
ki forces, leaving only so tory Teaassasea
regiment th?ro.
teaerai c Geek's beiy arrived at Leuis
ville en tke sevesth. Many Guerrillas hid
been knag by McCook's fercss, nnd many
keus burnt asd the coantry laid wast
areund Salexc, wher JlcCook was killed.
puis wa idC by the ;t.its c; K r..uii.
cnld not fail to exert a ealutary ilufnc j on tlio.w
with whwia ke Eiinicd.
d. That edncatioa, science ar.d lit?ratr.ro liav h r t,
an able adr:)ate.
4t'a. Ts.twe, hiafellew Tjaiber i 1V.:4 societT,
the friend of hie lykood a nd a ori 1 1 rripryetr-,
do sorrwmcsit of all at '.' uMimc'.y de;vtfc.
5th. Th t we a Meat nsartii fym,uthix! with hi 4
1ereaved father, wrethere aad aistr? ;r Shi-? in 7 mi
bereaveaiente, nd earne.-tiy ht-pa that t'n- sjdrt; 1'
j(acre may treod upon their hearts aad heal thr-ir r.vvvf
Cth. Thit. a copy of tbeaboTf? eentta Hi? r.iyett
ville Obeerver, aad Spirit of tha Ac, witn a re"pet
to publish.
A LL srtie? who hve keen purrlvi M;
iV tne Confe
in rrnnri
nTiinst .htir masters, citizens ef the Contetl- j cn to embrace persons between ta ages et
cracy. Anrther hs ben fun?, of instincts j thirty-five and forty-five years. The vigor
so brutal, as to iavite tke vielsnc of his sol-i aadeffieisncy of our present feree, their coa
di;y ygaint the wemcn of a captured city, j ditiea, aad tke skill and ability which dia
Yet, the rebuke of civilized raen has failed i tin juisb their leaders, inspire tke belief that
to e'veko from th autkoritiss of the Unite! tto further jerollraeat wiil benaeesiary. But
States, ae mark of disapprobation f his i a wist foresight requires thatif a necessity
nets; nor is there any reasa t suppose i should b. suddenly developed during the re
that the eoaduct fEeejimin F. Butler ha4jvlg f Conjress requiring increased forces
failed t stcurc from hi Government the for ur d'kace, means should exist for call
r.n notion aad applause with which it is known I iBj gfech forces int tke field without await
to hte beun greeted by the paklis raeetiajs j ing the reassembling of the Legislative De
nni pertioas 'of the press f the Uaited J partment of the Goveraaaent.
State. T inquiries imie of the Comman j In the eleetion and appeintment of officers
der-it-Chief of the arrviss f the United forth provisional array, it was to be antici
pate", whether the atrocious corniest fsom j pated that mistakes would be made, and in
of tbtir military commanders aeet the sane- j competent officers of all grades introduced
tion of that Gorernmeat, p.nswer has beta j into the service. In the absence of experi
evaded on the pretext that tke inquiry was j ence, and with no reliable guide for selections,
insulting; and no method remains for the ; Executive appointments, as well as elections,
suppression cf these enormities but such ret- : kave been sometimes unfortunate. Tke good
ributWe justice as it uiy be found possible 0f the service, the interests of our country
to exeeat. ' require that some menns be devised for with-
Httliatin in kind, fer many ef them, is j drawing the commissions f officers who are
imi rartieable, for I kavj had oecamn to re- incompetent for the duties required bv their
raark ia aierraer uiomi ""V , position. Ana 1 trust vou will and means
of such officers by
pt and less wounding
ity than tko judgment of a
cess of prevecaticn could cur nobls-h?artd j for relieving the army",
offenders be driven to wrcai vengeance n j SOme mode laorc prom
unarned wen, on wemcn, r on ehiluras. j t0 tia8jr sensibility than
Cut stern and exemplary pumsuruentca and i co,irt mSkVtiai.
must be meted at to the murderers aad tel. ; Yfithia a reecat period we have cMseti
es, wb.o, disgraciag t,i profcssioa of arms, tha oVject so loag desired, of an arrangemeut
sosk to tuswc j.uui . v-aiWii ior an excuansc of prisoners whi-h
Heroic Itcidentinllciv Orlsans.
"Tfc are indebted to hirk authority for the
Two partisans pursue! AtcooK, wn was lacts ot the fellowmg ccurfcnco in New Or
riding in a carriage stolen fro?s sonic citizens ( leans, intelligeac of which reach a.d tke eitv
ei Ilutsvilie, and not an amouiance , and TCsterdar : Mrs. 2!. U. llranas. wif of tke.
ssparatea Irom lata command. UvertaU-
iag him, thiy twics ordarnl a hilt, and not
beinjheedei they ftrsu 01 and mortally
weuncd him. Tkey recognised th ur.ifo.rra
a general, bat did not kserr his mame, un
til it rae disclsss i by the iserthera pipsrs.
McCook's Aid, Captain Breoks, and ftv or
six other prisoners wef taken.
Our partisans, on the approach of aid to tke
enemy frm tk rest of their brigade, scatter
ed in the woods r.nd mae off.
The en era y afterwards burnt tke dwelling
f a Baptist minister, Parsan Crutcher, Dr.
Petty, Elias Sergiai and another whose
aameianot recollected, all citizens ef Madi
son county. The seaior Captain of parti
sans sent Captain Bracks to tell the enemy
to desist, or ha wouiu nang every pnsenr
in his hands and tike no more prisoners,
aad parsled Brooks, and teld .his if he did
not return he would htag tke prisoners.
Tke buraing then ceased and Capt. Brooks
returned, well illustrating tke eScacy of the
rctaliatery policy.
MesfAS asaix atWssk. Morgan turned
ut at Gallatia,Tnnc$sie, 50 sailes from Nask.
villr, lately. He captured tk place aai three
hciidred prisoners, tore up tke railroad tun
nel, destroyed three trains 'aad an harasnse
amsuat of eaimis'iry steres. U sent a
dispatch to ilsjr Smith, at Nashville, say
iajthat hs would ci'd on h;m shertly, as he
h&d sot seea him sisee Ssaitii ;ot keat fer
feflce in the Confederst array. Morgan
eimnii next niktiii Hantsville.
Lieutenaat Governor of the State, passed oa
the street a xumoer of inkee efnesrs sittisp
in a door wty aa she went, hy. Osa of them
arose and feliawei her a few step?, and, ar-
resting her progress by placing kin?elf in
front f hr, told ker that he had omitted to
bow in passing. Shs atteaaped t avoid the
ruf5an, when he repeated hia rtiaark, aael
askei her if had act read Gen Eatler's
" Order No. HS with refsrence to tke treat
ment of Unin ofueers and seldiers with re-,
snect. Endeavoring to pass the telle w, ko
threw his arsa arormd the lady's waist, and
pressed hi foul lips upon her face. As the
villaia released her from his esabrace, th
Southern ky cesil3r drew a pistol ani shot
him through the hotly, s tkat he fell Uaii at
her feet hi insclent fiusb cf his cowardly
triumph over th iasulted virtue of a feable
aad unprotected wotnxa.
Another f tke officers imaaediately arse,
and approaching tha nekle and ceurajeons
lady teek her by the irm arul told kcr, s
tkat tke otktr Federals ceald bear, tkat she
j must accenpanjf hiai before Gea. Bctlcr.
! H iiamfhitlv tdaecd her in a cab aad
dreve away but net te tka boast's quarters.
II directed tk cab out ef tk ity and thro'
the line ef soatriss, and further on still, un
till beyoai the reach f tke tyrant's oat
pasts. The aet ef te heroine kas nsde a
ker of the witness. Jle teld hsr that ho
considered ker act justifiable and aoble, and
that in a moment he had dstermined tht
she. should not be sacrificed to Sutlers Tmn-
t -1 .1. t .i- i.r"
exnee, aaa anepieuia expcuist y wuin
'S Cnn for
rat rates nr atitno-.tv irom ..
YV. ft. Ashe, vriil oeaa tkir purcha; on aaaafter
1st SepteiiLbei wext, anfl, a aoen i pafib!e thereaf
ter, will eswd rheir aecuaits to the nnt.f r'ficd at
Wilaaington, N. C.
Ail arai in tii ; r pos-;ea wu i tioxea anH u-
rected to me at this pl.nea- aetifrin; m of t.!:
went an eencmj K. K. K-ce-.jit lor he e.ii'.ie laxsnj
cares to put their i-iiars ui the eat v'.e f the box.
All ereers on Iriaj. Ash or i;irie!f Mt;t be pro! n
te: far payment. L. II. Dnilf SSi:T
Ord. A'r. C. S. A.
AuHst2M, ISA.
1606ACiES'" OF LAND "
JL IIAiM.AItSKoLi). will -11 ut y-MU: m.-ry.
at t'as resident' of tke l-i (". V. f!ainr.virkoh!. s-v-cn
inik;9 irom Llncol'itox, oh t'i.; l'.t;iu Ford iiint,
tke follewin: vah:abie"L::ud :
One tract (OKtainiajr r-ii: hundr-il ard irity fiar
(684) acre3, known as tin: Honait Tr u or iiri:,-.'IIill.
This tract is highly improved, cuo! d-rf :!ii:-r Imnso.
alraet rscr, with extensive. Jt.n-j,-, .M-cijii.'- 1.i'vm
a!d every oat-lmildir! uf deu l'.r an cl'.-nci 'irai.
Much of the land is well et in t hmv. iniati-m
i3 very desirable for ; idn' as licalt.'iy us any
part oi' the Suite, and one k.i;d a half mile f.-oia Iron
ton Itatiwu on tha Wiliaiiajften, Charlotte ar.dZr.th
erford Hail Itoad.
One tract adjoiain; the last nimo.l trart. irno-vn as
th Lick Itan farm, contaiuinc; l'.)S acrt o:" v ry pro
ductive land.'
Another tract adjo:ninthe-l.st. r.own :!ti ftani-
raarekold Mill tract, cvrtUiiiiiii; 117 news on v nioli ia
a first class Flouring r.iill and t or: nvj. Til n-pi:ta-tien
of Iianaraarsk!d' l'lour is too wellk-iown ii re
qnir eoiament. butTtce it. 10 say, t'wjit i niits lfl
ttr in Western North Carelina.
One tract ajjoinins tii lioaio traet, ca'.It l ti.a
Haynes' tract, c:j:itainin; 153 acre-.
Another tract a,joi:.iiir thw t rarnod, and iron:;
diately on th V. c. A, Ji. J. it., witltin !- il.an
qnarter of a mile of IroiJ'.ou Btati m, couinv..t.sa.S
And another tract en the oppoi;o M? of j-aM 3
Jt., contaiain H ) acr.i.
And one other saaall tr-ct of Sor lilacrf.s aojoinui
Home tract:
With all other land and rl cstat of the sal
C. J. rTammarikoid.
Bal to take place ori llonday the 2'.u k of Sspter.
er ext, unlese previo'i:y sold at private f.ii.
.Se dasirahle a hodv If Land is rareiv offered.
i t-rnis made known at the fale. For othT informs
tioa apely to lion. Wm. Laudi r, v. at : -ainond
to tJoj. ilamaarskold out lis pn-tu !-.. iirii. Ili'.k
or to the suliscrihcr at Li?noir. ("al.i-ll -oa;t v.
II. C. HAMlLTtN, Triift
of C. J. Ua naiar-k.!d.
-ifn?tl, lSf. i3t
122 lialeigh Standard eopy semi-weekly till a.)
and send bill to this ofdee.
.t, r..iaifrc;tatis,n5 civa us little hone cxn ke t tv -rL fr, k- . . '.'
vi o - , v.. , iivui uiu.i, uj ma lortuaes 01 war
avoided. ' 1 they have keen, fjr a time, separated. Th-
The exasperatiea of failure has aroused j details ef the arrangement will fee comuni
tb wersl passions of our enemies ; a large c5trl to von ia a spesial rev-- k-a Vunher
portion cf their people, eren of their clergy-! I progress has been mad in their e-c-v"'a
men, now engage ia uigmj an exciting pop-j of the particulars coacernin- tlx oVe-a-ulx
e t the extrcrae of ferocity, and nothing ; tions of tke War department, vou will U in
rtimsias ut to vindicate our rights aaei to ' fbra.ed bv the Seeretarv ia Vis rencrt nd
ttiaiataia our existence by employing against tha aeoapaaviag deutsents 1 ' "
ur loe fcvwy energy ami every resource at
our disposal.
lUr arrival from Nashville, it an-atar ke had rese-ied her. He continued to estort
that Neil "Srowa clims to be true to the her on 'er journey through the ceuntrr an-
Sutb, aai waats to e pat right ea tk roc- til tkey arrived in the Southern linns at Cess?
or(j ' Il ore, when he delivered h:ms'f up t the
' Confederate authorities, to be dsalt with aa
1 3e rejtort
embraces the
ct the secretary of tho Navy
operation? and present condi-
A special dispatch to the Advertiser and
star of Mfue, ctLa Jacxson 1 Jtti inst.,
s.svs thtt a naTal ceert martial cemaaenccs
there en tomorrow.
It is reported that the Fderals have landed
forcss at th mouth cf the Yazo river. They
have captured the Confederate traniports
L-'air Piar with two taousanu l-mtield lt.Ue",
and a lrue amount of ammunition inten led
for General Ilindma.'i. .
a prisoner or otherwise. .
Se enis this heroic and dramatic iaeident
of tke war. Urs. Ilyams has set a lofty ex
ample for Southern women, and the gr.ant
gentleman who delivered br has shamed it1;
army and the wh!e North. W trust -fe-e
has reneunsed forever the sirviie f the op-
1 . V
pressers, an 1 that a rank e-vr.vaiea - u m
desert.-; may reward him in irs.
A JUHaUv: Futility jftpibtr,
Aril a crran of the
l r-- ;'-i at
Any fe.i07i sending Twcxw Dou.ai:s f
rulte-riptUn is tUUd U oyj withf:
eh.fi.rgs for nc yemr.
Aii'-jurt lr.ih, ISiT-J. -o-It;

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