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.-nrMiY devoted to the Mteeest of the home oieole.:
Vol. XVI,
Raleigh, N". O. Saturday February 4, 1865.
Sflcctcil for the -Spirit of the A?;e. J
Arnor. Uo curly settlers of Kfntncky
trrii a m..n by the name 'of Jiiiiic-s Kellv,
who, with his family, conaintitfe of his ife
cm two small children, removed thither
from We.stmorclan.l, PeiVnayU-anni. Short
ly after his arrival--in Ids "new home, where
h h'1 been -Ida dv.;i. iu.r;IIi1u.'i. the
uiunder of his days, tlie iricmsiou? of the
Indians kecamo- fearfully alarming. Al
most daily the new'adVt'.arers T.-ere rstart
Icd with. the intclli-cuce tlut a hunter had
been killed, u fami y butchered, a dwelling
burned, ur a . star ion had been assailed by
the bold and mcreilc: cnemv: and what
moment their own doom might bo scaled,
of coune they could not know, and, . m a
conscfiucnct', remained in a' Btate of con
stant apprehension.
News of this terrible utate of affaira hav
ing reached the. father of Mr. Kelly, in
Westmoreland, he became greatly alarmed
for the safety of his sbn, to persuade him
to rtturn to the paternal home.
William. Kelly, in quest.., of his brother
James, set out ibr the wiTdcrnesa in the
Spring of the year;-and, descending the
Ohio in a hu ge canoe, reached Maysville,
Kentucky, in safe ty, and soon af. or had
the pleasure of communicating with those
ho sought, Doth the husband and wife
were rejoiced at seeing their relative, and
nt once consented to return with him.
Preparations for quitt'ng the dangerous
vicinity if not forover, at lenr-t till more
jt,?aceatdc times were accordingly" made;
ant in less than a. week, the whole -party
embarked at Maysvi'.le for the upward voy
age ; and also, with the parly in auc tion,
two men, viho wen desirous of returning to
the oldtr settlements, and who were' to as-
hiat in navigating the boat an cqp.ivalent
for their passage.
Tkough continuaily epprchonslve, .".r.J on
the alert for danger, no i 'ng serious oc
curred to -our voyagi-rg for the first two
or three-d .y.; I n:: .'.hen ?
Sjk li i v I .... i ...."-,' -
cmbaika'iun, r.ntl vd'.tlc
niong ne i- j 1 1 i ' jrn.n. '
auddenlv Hied i. n v u
i -
of I
who were enjte-.v.U-d bca;.',u ?.ome tices on
the bank of t!:e i Ivor.
William Kelly, who hapr.cned at that
rnouient to bje standing up in rhe- but, was
shot through the breast, an 1 reeled; and
his brother, with u ory of aavm fJuried' up
and caught him in his 4irms. Cut that act
was his last ; for the uext hr tant another
tolley, aceompained with teriSh; yells, was
poured in by the ?a'aged, and tr.e spirits of
the brothers parsed the portals of eUrnity
almost togcthf r.
Oh, God ! ha ve mercy on us !' shrieked
the poor wife and mother, ash- frantically
clasped htr little children to hsr breast
and sunk tack, faint in - body and sick at
The two men, though almost paralyzed
by tho calamity that. had so suddeply come
upon them, now rbnsc.d themselves to ac
tion, and, seizing, the oars, rowed-swiftly
for the opposite shore, every muscle and'
laculty being exerted tnrougu tne incen
tives of hope and fear.
The Indians soon renewed their .fire : but
distance had been gained .meantinio by the
escaping party, and none of" their shots
took "effect. In a few minutes, through the
almost bupcrhuman exertions of the two
men, tbe boat touched the Ohio bank ; and
then one of the two, who had been almost
frightened out of hW senses, leaped wildly
upon the bank, and darted away into the
thick wocd. To the calls of:his surprised
companion he returned no answer, but sped
away like a madman, as perhaps lie wa3,and,
was never heard of more.
4 Well,' muttered the other, as for a few
brief moments he stood looking at the spot
.where his companion had disappeared,
life i valuable to every one, and it becomes
us to take all reasonable care of it ; but a
man who deserts a friend in time of need,
is a selfish coward, and not fit to live V
i Oh, sir! Mr. Darker!' cried Mrs. Kel
ly, starting'up wildly, as she comprehend
ed that one of the two men, who should j
hav remained to protect her and her hope
less little ones, had ignominio'usly fled to
saie himself ; you will not desert me . and
my poor children, and leave us to perish
in this awful wilderness?'
If I tlo, madam, may God desert me '
(was the assuring and emphatic rejoinder.
'No, no, poor wo oian ! have no fear that
harm shall come to you ere it docs to me.
But wo have no time to waste here! We
Blunt fly, on foot through the forest, and
endeavor to reach Gall'polM by daylight
td-morrow'morning, and the distance is a
good thirty miles Tne Indians will douht
less swim thn rivrr. ind ?nt unon our trail
ere . night, and then nothing but flight,
Ithrou-h the. darkness can s tye r us. -
VToh lot ua tly tuen. crc iv uo iou
N iininf unon the bank as
f.l spoke, ;vith one child in. her armsand
the other, a little boy of fiye, clinging wild
ly to her (Jrcss.
Mr. Darker caught upthe little fellow,
and led the way, af a hurried pace, through'
the thick, tangled bushes that lined the
shoreleaving the dead bodies of the two
Kcllyi whore thev had fallen, and even for
getting in his haste to take with, him either
la -.v:u- wirov; piw Un, on he .werj-H
tearing madly, through the thicket to the
more open wood ; and close behind" him
pressed tbe poor widowed mother, half
smothering her little, infant, to keep its
cries' from drawing down . swdtt destruction
upon the vrhole party. .
When some three or four miles had thus
been gained, Mr. Darker, fearing the In
dians were already on -their trail, thought it
advisable to pass down the bed of a small
-creek, even at the Sacrifice of much valua-
oic time, jn tins way tne trail was so
broken as to give any pursuing party much
trouble and perplexity, and increase the
f chances of "escape ,for the fugitives by
more tnan double the time they had lost.
Soon after leaving the creek, however,
and while passing' thrcunh a patch of
swampy ground, within sight of the Ohio
Mrs Kelly who was a few feet in the rear
of her companion, suddenly Uttered a sh-nrp
cry" of pain ; and on turning to herT Mr.
Barker was greatly surprised to see her
standing still, her eyes fixed glaringly on
the ground before her, and hfu features
perfectly ghastly Wuth horror, .' "
4 Speak ! vdiat is it?' die hurriedly and
an::idusly exclaimed, but in a low, xautious
' Gh !' cried the poor woman, clamping
lier hands '.oyer her-infant ; I dm lost ! 1
I am lost ! Gh, save and protect ray -dear
children, Mr. Dai ker, and God will bless
you V -
In heaven's name, Mrs. Kelly, what -do
you mean i demanded the other, stepping
quickly to her s'do, but looking eagerly
a!;oi;t hhn. the while, in search of a hidden
3 r;,
wom:m, slowly smiling down upon tne
ground; 'tarn bitten on the foot by a
eoppeihead 1'
4 Ah 1 cried Darker, turninc nale with
aiarm; c are rou sure V .
Aias ! too sure 1 groaned the other; 4 for
the instant I felt his fangs, I looked down
and saw him darting away. Oh !what'wili
become of my dear little children, vrhen
their poor mother is dead and gone V
Gh, mamma, mamma, you musn't die !
oh, dear, dear mamma, you musn't die 1'
cried, the little boy, with a will burst oT
grict, as he threw his little arms about his
motirer's neck, and kissed her fervently
again and again.
4 Oh, my jioor little James ! what will
become of you and your dear little sjster V
sobbed the agonized mother. 4 Your father
dead, your mother dying, and you so help
less in this great wilderness, surrounded by
perils I Oh, God help you ! God in heav
en be merciful te you ! Ah, Mr. Darker,'
she added, turning to him, as, with tearful
eyes, he stood motionless as a statue,. look
ing down upon the heart-rendering scene,
4 you will surely try and save my chil-
arcn i
I will try and save you all lie replied,
rousing himself to sudden action. 4 You
yourself must not die, and shall not
through any fault hf mine.'
' Oh, think not of me ' but fly with my
little ones, ere it be too late, and leave me
here to perish, as perish I must, sooner or
later V
4IsTo, no, no, mamma !' cried little James,
clinging as wildly around that fond moth
er's neck as if he expected to be rudely and
ruthlessly torn away ; no, no, no, mamma!
I'll not leave you, if . everybody else.
does :
" The wound is not necessarily mortal,
though exceedingly painful and trouble
some r said Mr Darker. 4 1 have heard of
several bting bitten, who survived and are
hung yet.
L I Vt- J L - .
. yjii, speuu not tne precious time in
building up for me a false hope 1 but take
mv children and fly, before the pursuing
savage are upon us all !' cried the almost
distracted mother. 4 1 cannot escape, wheth
er you remain or not. Already I am suf
fering great pain, and the poisoned limb is
even now swelling so that I cannot use
it . : -
Dut I caniict believe the wound will
prove lata., returned the other : -and theJ
idea of deserting you. is so repugnant to
my nature, that I cannot entertain it for
moment. Oh, would to heaven that I had
had tho foresight to provide ourselves with
the boat 1 1 misht
then have ventured to secrete and leave
you long enough to go for help IV ;
And why not do so now ?' rejoined the
suiTering mother. If the bit of the rep
tile does not kill me, I shall not starve to
J death under four or fiye days ; and if
can be successfully concealed; from the
murderous savage, may I not fope that ere
tnen you wm return witn assistance and
rescue tne L Oh, then,.act upon that hope,
Mr Darker, and, with my little ones under
your care, make yonr escape as speedily as
poisiMe!' . .-f" i - ..
- ,i
-After smb further discussion of the nat
ter in which the little boy failed '.not to
take the part of Mr. Darker because of
his deep and pure affection for his mother,
and hi& natural dread of- being separated
from the only being whose love would give
her life for his in this great cold world it
was decided that Mrs, Kelly and her two
children- should be secreted in a dense paw
paw thicket not far from the Ohioand with
in sight of where the party then was, and
there remain trusting themselves . solely to
the care of Providence, while Mr. Darker
should push. forward to" Gallipolis and ob
tain succor in the shortest possible time.
As Mrs. Kelly was by thb time unable
to walk the poisoned limb having - swollen
rapidly, turned a, coppery, hue and become
intensely painful Mr. Darker lifted her
in his arms and bore her to the 5 spot agreed
upon ;Nand then, with many a kindly and
hopeful word spoken, a quivering lip and
tearful eye, he bade her farewell, and has
tened awr.y upon his own p rllous journey.
With the thoughfulness.of an experienced
woodsman, which he wTas not and the dar
ing of a brave and noble' man, which in
truth he' was Mr Darker, believing the In
dians to be already m pursuit, hastened
baclr to the creek; and thence to the .point
where the trial of himself and companions
had been broken by the watr. Here he
jcincdjthe original trail; ran-up the creek a
icw paces anu oacK again, as , it uncertain
what course to take'and then crossing the
as his limbs could carry him.
This whole proceeding, however was a
ruse, and arcse from calculation ahdhot
ndecision. Should the savages follow, o.n
to wnere tne trail ws DroKen. air.. liar icer
rgufd that they would continue the search
V) nvA down the creek till it should be found.
md then the capture of Mrs. Kelfv would
be certain ;. but by showing indecision at
that point, and permitting his own trail to
again lead off boldly, he reasoned that the
Indians hoping to overtake him speedily,
would follow on regardless of tho others,
and thus he would draw the enemy ; away
irom those it was his hope to save,
Ihe result proved that Mr. Barker rea
soned correctly, for within ian hour of
his quitting tho creek the second time, a
party of a dozen armed and hideous savages
stood upon the spot and made i hurried ex-
mination ; and then, with a short, sharp,
exultant whoop, they bel eyed them to be
a most within. their & aip
- 1 hat same day, mst as the shade of
evening were stealing over the great gloomy
forest the foremost Indian caught a glimpse
of the fugitivepancl imprudently for his own
purpose announced the fact to his compan
ions by a whoop and a disharge of his mus
ket. Darker thus warned of his great dan
ger, immediately aartea away wixntne
tleetness which fear lent to desire and was
slaved from his pursuers by the. darkness,
which soonconcealed both him and his trail.
He travelled all night regardless of any
thing except to put distance between himself
and his toes; and in the morning much
to his horror, discovered he had lost his
way, and that his' chances of .evading his
enemies preserving himseli-4Wm starvation,
and reaching Gallipolis were bo few as to
scarcely to keep alive hope.
He did not, permit himself to despair,
however, but struggled forward with even
greater energy, trusting all to Providence,-
lie was aoomea io many pammi iriais, dui
survived tnem an ana on tne tounn aay
. -
reached the settlement ot Vjallipohs in an
almost famished condition. Here he -at
once related his thrilling story, and urged
a -party to set off for the rescue of Mis.
Kelly and her children, if hap they might
yet be living. Volunteers in ithe cause ol
humanity were never wanting among early
settlers and m less .than two; hours from
Barker's arrival at Gallipolis, he was leav
ing it m a keel -boat in company witn tmr
nrm'Arl and 'determined men.
"Rnt." oh ? the sufferings -of that poor
mother meantime what pen of language can
portray ? - Wounded almost unto d?ath by
I " -5, - ,
the bite of a venomous serpet ; the limb so
nll tn ufipta- and nroducinC the
O 11 U"- 1
excruciating physical pam ;;lef t unnrotecUd-
, , . r r r .i ri .
and chained to the earth in the great
gloomy forest with wild savage beasts prow
ling around and equally wild and savagl
murderoui human beiugs .upon her track
1 1 her husband "and -his brother wo ghastly
' Nay, J dare not trust myself with your 4 iog or playin-in innocent glee unconscious
lldren under the circumstaies, replied of danr with oil rtu Bn.,i
ance of reaching Galhpohs would bo much tortures of an innn?;tiAi.nf - W
; aruon mv-frettin? there ouicklv nsir hf u?mn,...t: . c
enos mainly . your o.vn none or bemir
bloody corpse behind her; her two little chil-1
dren nestling tu her bosomthe one sobbing
withnef and fear and hunger and yet ever
and anon, with, his little hands clasped to
gether and his - eyes upturned to heaven
praying God to save dear mama, Jenny
anu nimselr anri t.hA nthAr lprMTnr'nnM
can even faintly shadow forth the terrible
misery then and there endured by thU af
flicted woman ?
Still, while there was life there was hone.
Mr, Darker, might return with help or a 1
passing boat .might give them succor . Each !
mornings after a lone terrible night of ago
ny, was greeted by Mrs. Kelly as a day of
deliverance. Every day the little boy was
sent to the river's bank, to hail the passing
boats i and when, weat with hunger and
aispiritea tor want ot success, he would re
turn to his mother and report that '.another
ooat nad gone by, the crew of which m an
swer to his feeble prayers, had reviled him
as an '.Indian decoy that mother would
still speak words-of encouragement anil hope
and declare, with a sinking sickened heart,
tnat the very next crew would come
to their aid.
Thus passed three horrible nights, and
four horrible days ; and when ghastly famine
had nearly accomplished its fatal work, . the
goodGod moved the heai ts ot a suspicious
cfew to venture to the shore and learn the
painful truth. Then they, were -all take n
on board, treated kindly, and glven food,
and two hours later tht rescuing keehboat
appeared in sight, took them from their
first deliverers, and bore them to a place of
satety. All survived their terrible trials ;
and from the Hp3of the children, in later
years, were gathered the .thrilling incidents
we haAC so briefly chronicled.
JAB. A.. U09S. '
General AuctLpn and Coin.. Merchants,
Having regularly cororaenced bu?n'?M- ? i.M'cHj ccn
iiinments. They will otteu'l pr6tn?.'t!y t tho par
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Raleigh, Sept- 17, 1864. . 5 tf.
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neas at t'aelr old stand as heretofore in all its yariou
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Sept, 1Y, 1864. ' - . v 5
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.A .n,la,Schobl paper. Rev. A W Mangum
t.r" will publish about teDruary im,
W ursed to m'ake up clubs of subscribers and tu
fbrm 1 fund to send it to the soldiers and the poor.
" uu m title. Parents ana-wacnera r
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All letters , contributions, remittances, &c, win w
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addressed to. , Ufa v. a.
Salisbury, NC.
A Tast concentration of Talent, turpassing any
coiaoinatioa erer before V.ainei:n the history
Europe or America I
" The Southern i?ield and Fireside,
" The Illustrated Mercury,"
OF KALEN3II, N. C., :' . "
combined and continued under tli eld popu
lar title, of . .
Tht entire Editorial and Contrlbutorial Corp
The. Proprietors of th " Mercury'1 harina, puj.
chased the 44 Southern Field and Fireside"' aaa find-
ng it impossible to make arrangements which wouM
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tor the iielu and r iresiue at Augusta, G , th
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Journals. Th Mercury is therefore merged into
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The Proprietors confidently assert tLui tha yjELD
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COTTON YARN roR WOOL, upon th fol-
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One hunch of Yarn for 3 lbs. of Wished WooL
" m 4 " 4 " Unwashsd "
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Oxford, Tarhoro',
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I hope the people will patriotically respond tt
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October lr 1864, 7
A Family Journal
Devoted to the interests of tht ITom$ CircU
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A jjn'the first day, and the fifteenth day, of erexy
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$2,000 N. C. Kail Koad Uoupons
24 Shares of North Carolina Rail Road Stock.
- Raleigh, SepUmUr 17ih, 1864. r
cVgeryfou field akd HOSPITAL. I Alt von
1J j enured to Sap;'1? n,T work on S ir;erj to iUecribr
and otacrs who may wir-h t. purchase it, - .
Oat itTeint of FIVEDOLL AIiS. thlonlt will
by null ptataje pa!d. D W AUD WARREJf. M. p..
died Mr-
i :
ii wtr -

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