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xxv gibing nh ?nr jtnb;
(Testimony From the liatUp-Fiolds,
War Kecord of Xorth Carolina.
fcubicriplien Price, ;: Year, $2.00
xzwzsnx, jr. c.
To the Successful County,
To t:at Coiritv of tli--? S;af wHc i shall tfuniiidi
iirt to-Urcst s ils-r:ptioji liet, in nroror. ion o
p in'il.;t:oii. fun' b fs t!iin. one ncirc'). ONF
HUN;H;Kl) D LI.AKs. to be a!n!h-d aa t: o m'--tt.-i'bv
nny hor-e. The awrd to W made en
1st of Oetoivr. avd all hiv h ; tioi'.5 r"f irta. in
any n; inner. t; be ereJitc-d to th-; county
To 35t iuoi ial AsMociati nis, $"()
To i'-nt Moannal Ass cioiu:i whte'-. :it sm
v. the Kr.ctt i i. ? than fift-;) H
DO! LA IIS. to t.j a.;';) ied Ly t'.io AriHcUdon as
ja.ij dsui ' et.
To Young Ladies l!5.
To the T'ani l.ly who wn?i us f "r f !.ut!
To Little Girls, .$15.
To tbat little r;irl. not p.xceeding fou'teen vfar?
ft z. wlio pl.ali B-nd u ( tho la!"i-t list i.oi Itf
Jinn fifiten), FiFTF.EN DLLAKrf.
To Little Hoys, 10.
To tl.at lit le bov wlo flial' fe:nl mh the lajvjftsj
lift (of less thnn rtn). TEN DOLLAiiiS.
For General Competition, $50.
To that person, lady or gentleman. nl r.r loy,
-who pha.ll fui'l u C Urgost nibs; ription list.
inot lei than flj y) br' re i.ic lat day of Aujubt
unit, fifty ihjLL
X that noii-commiiionod ofgeer cr priyafo of a
North Carolina command, vUq ma furnish Ihd
lzti dncrip ion of any bnttla in which h was en
framed upon tbc soil of Jiortb Carolina, or of anv
other State.
TWFNTT-FIVE DOLLAPS, will be giyen for
th be. t War Poens, not lef8 than no hundred
lines, written by a Nrth Carolina lady or gentleman.
alWEFTY-FIVE DOLLARS, will be giren for
. th best Memorial of officwrs or inn who fell
ghting in Jefeuca of Ji'orfh Carolina p? at the
call of her oonstUted auttoritvtB.
fpWETY-FIVE DOLLARS, willhegiTn to the
JL author of the bei-t account of the rribon at
jHalit-bury. the trtatrx:,cnt of prisoners there, with
.ether matters of interest pertaining to the juieral
reatmmt of Federal pritcnori who weie cap
ered during the war.
fmEXTY-FlVE D0LLAE5. will he iren to ti e
J. author of tha bet accoui.t oi the trfatrrifnt of
eonfr.erate pnon.er in any Nortl-yem priayu cu
ring the war. '
I7IFTY rOLJ.AR, will ht inrn to M aut.hnr
of the b-8t SERIAL fcTOF.Y or tf AVAIL Tlx
tory to he founded upon ii c dfntw which actnallr
.occiiiTfd. and he xceiie4 to bf laid in North Care
Jma or irgui. Tli prominent actors, liero and
heroine, to he North jC.ir a!in ajap.
th "'r'1 thftae r4em;r.n!n are ji H, it i Loped
e Wii' exc'tctbo proprr compft tion, and ) r.vx
lattQ,I)y WpH written an interest vu tec u-tr of
nhJi ' IDDiontil of ofnret-H end men: vocrriH ;
J of T'ri80n 1if Southern and Norther
IInV?8; ancl Uric it tho wnr. i.11 artxlee
Irtj Jj "'JmI'fcto f,'f thtee prizs to be the pro-
. pur IYISQ AD OUJt jyEXD.
t2T Tu this cclumn we desire to publish
such poetry as is corameraorative of events
which occurred during the war, cr of the
sentiments and feelings of those who par
ticipated in it, and memorial sketches iD
rerse of gallant officers and men who fell
irk battle, or signally distinguished them
selves. Our snppby of poetry on hand is
j less than any other material, and we re
spectfully ak those who have such as is
uited to the purpose for which we de?
sign this column, to add to our small
stock. Noith Carolina can boast of seve
ral (ladies and gentlemen) who have poet
ical talents of high order, and from
them we should bo pleased to hear at all
by FATiiEr. r.r AN.
givt, me tho land
Where tho ruins are spread,
,i:d the living tread light
On tho hearts of the dead ;
Yes, give mo the land
That is blest by the dust,
And bright with the deed i
OX the down-trodden juat.
Yes, give me tho lanl
Wnere the battle's red blast
Has Hashed on the future
The form of the past ,
Yea, give mc the laiid
That hath legends at:d lays,
TLat W.ll of tho memories
Oi' Lr.ig vanished d jys.
Yes, give me the land
TLat Lath story and song,
To tell of the fctr.fe
Of the right with the wrong ;
Ye., Rive me the hind
ATitii a grave in each spot.
And nau.cri in the graves
Ta: bhall not he forgo l.
Y.f. give m.i the, land
Of tie v. r ck and tho tomb ;
ThereV grandeur in graven
Yiieru't? glory in gloom:
For out of the gloom
Future brightness is barn;
Atf, after the night,
Loo.4 the Buuriiic of morn.
A:.d the grave s of the dead.
With the grass overgrown
Hay jvt f'jrm the foteiool
Of Liberty's throne :
And cadi tlnile wreck
In the way-path of might,
Shall yet be a rock
In the tempi: of L:g t.
Oh ! glorious rebel s-laiu !
What tho' thy battled cause proved vain,-
Art thou to u h?s! dear ?
Shall ye grant thee one tribute lesr",
Because thou coulJet not live u:d bices
The land ve fctill rever3 ?
"The chivalry" will anvex "No;"
13ut lie who was thy secret foe,
While living, hates thee dead,
And lilts his voica to cry us down,
jGecause re decorate the mound
Above each buried liea.d.
We .uio the "anger alphabet,'
And mourufully we write with it
"Thy mouldering dust we love."
We know this cannot all one beam
To th' immortal halo that doth gleai
Thy eacrifice above.
We know thou dost not feci the need
Of this, our own heart-prompted deed,
In thy cold and narrow bed ;
Still, there's a solace to be found,
A pleasure sad, in gathering 'round
With garlands for our dead.
We wish not to renew the strife,
That cort thee each a precious life,
4s a poison tongue hath said ;
But we w ould keep the memory,
Bright in our hearts eierually?
Of all the "rebel dead."
The laurel and the cypres 8 bloom,
Together, o'er the common tomb,
Of those who died ia vain;
And many a wreath with tears we lave
As we lay it on tho hallowed grave
Of kindred "rebel" blain.
We continue the publicaUon this week
of extracts from the Adjutant General'3
Books. These Records are official, and
though they go overground partly occu
pied, they still will b,a read Yith ruch in
terest by the readers of Our Living and,
Ouk Dead. We shall continue them till
the entire record of that office is complete:
Adjutant General's Office,
" Apiil 26th 1801.
Col. The Qovernoi has determined not
to let the Artillery harness go to Vyilni ng
tou, N.C. You aie directe.4 keep the
same as at first intended.
Very respectfully,
Your obt. servant,
Signed . J. F. Hoke,
Asst. Adit. General.
Col. D. II. Hill, commanding camp of Tu
struction, near Kaleigh, . C.
Head Qrs. Ai'jt. QenRs Office,
Raleigh, N. C, April 25tb, 18U1.
Capt. Lincoln Guards:
You are ordered to repair to Rileigh
with you company as soon as practicable
and report yourself to Col. Hill at the
camp of Instruction nar Rvdeigb. Your
uniforms can follow you.
You will report to this office by messen
ger the day you expect to arrive.
ly order of the Governor:
J. F. Hoke,
Adjutant General.
He pleased to advise this office per spec
ial messenger of the day orj which you ex
pect to, arrive at this city.
By o.rder of the Governor:
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
To the Captain of the Independent Light
Infautry, Fayetteyille, 2f. p.
A letter, of the dame tenor and date was
addressed to each of' the following officers:
To the Captain bf the Lafayette Light In
fantry, Fuyetteville, N. C. and Capt. John
Freelaud, Orange Grays. ' '
Adjutant General's Office.
Raleigh, April 27th, 1831.
Sir: Your tender of service of a cavalry
company has been received.
There is at present no want of mounted
troops. You had better form an infantrv
company of the material you have. It
should nuinder Ci nien. Your company
haa been entered.
I am very respectfully,
Your obt. servant
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
Capt. J. B. Robinson, Tinevilie, Mecklen
burg Co., N. C.
cea shall serve during the pleasure of tho f Mount LUht Infantrr t j march for Wil
Governor, m or out uf the State, and that min-Lm hv the evvnin-t rain
II:a7,r5 to ordl ? 7 r'V . order of th, GouTr :
when needed unless sooner disbauJcl bv
law. - - j
'the b utle of North Caro'.ina will be
fought iu Virginia and the volunteer furcos
of North Carolina will be noeded t j aid
Virginia to resi.t the invasion of the South
by the North. The S.nith will be easily
victimized if each shall refuse to aid the
other. " '
Adjutant General'.! Office.
' Raleisli, April 27th, 1SG1.
Sir: Be pleased to forward to this p!ac
per special messenger with all practicable
dispatch the following;
40 kegs rifle powder.
4 barrels council powder.
By order of the Qjvernor:
L F. H-jke, Adj. General.
Col. C. C. Tew, cemmaudiug at Fort Ma
cou, Beaufort, N. C.
Head Qrs. Adjt, Genl's Office,
Raleigh, April 23sh, 1881. I Adjutant Ganend's Offi-e.
Qeneral: Tho following dispatch has Raleigh, April 27tii, 1861.
been received from tho Secretary of War, 1 Sir: Ybuflrt) heiebv commissioned to
I v
! proceeil to C iarleton, S C. and
"Am much obliged for the muskets and
request that you seud theiu to Richmond, J
Va., tu my suhlress as secretary of War of
the Ciuifederate States. The troops to be
supplied by N. C. will rendezvous at Rich
muu.i. Trauspqvtiou provided by this
Govm liintut. Let me know when they
will be ready.
Signed L. 1 Walker,
Secretary (;f W'ht.'
You will 1g pleased to forward 5,0)0
muskets of thoe pa.iu t!iniig!i Wii
mingti n to Richmond a Idresid to Secre
tary Walker as per the aDove. dispatch.
You will haVt' three huutlfc-d s-ddiers'
tents made in Wdin ing'tm, with dispatoh.
Unless Major Whiting observes mditaiy
etiquette mmh eoiiliues lu.ii-elt to the L
tun a to sphere, of his duties J:igi nee ring
and devising th. defences of the eo tst" he
will report himself to Secretary Walker
for c-uty.
The following dispatch has ber received
from M'Tdiiomerv datt d April 2.jlh, and
re.cciyeil to-day, viz: Major Whiting writes
t i
iiarieuoii, o u., and pur
chase, on account of the State, surgical
instruments nuhicient for four Regiments
and to uitiko arrangements for procuring
more, should they be required.
By order of the Governor:
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
Dr. James A. McR ie, Present.
Adjutant General's OfHc,
Raleigh, April 27, lSul.
To all whom these presents may come:
Ei. P. Jcnes is athorized and empowered
on behalf or the State, to purchase provis
ions ot any description for the use of the
troops of the State.
Siich provisions will be paid for by the
State w hen delivered at such places on the
radroad stations as may be designated.
By order of the Go'.m-uor,
J. F. lloke, Ad'jt. Gea.
from Wilmington that he needs' oii;j thou
sand (1,000) muskets and accoutrements,
and one hundred (100) rounds of ammu
nition trom l ayetteviiie Arseiril,
jj. r. y 'liiei
I enclose herew: tlj a letter received tin's
day'liom Col. C. C. Tew, commanding at
Fort Macon.
By order of the Governor:
J. F. IIo'uQ,
Adjutant General.
Biig. Gen. T. IT. Holmes, eommuudiug
at Wilmington, N. C.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, April 2Gt.i, 1831.
Colonel C. C. Tew, comruaudieg Fort Ma
con and Beaufort Ilui'hqr:
Gen. Holmes lias been appointed to the
command of the whole seobo.trd defences.
You will look to him for instructions.
By order of the Governor:
J. F. Hoke,
Adjutant General.
No subscriber from this date can be sup
plied with back numbers prior to the 8th.
In that number our account of battles be
gan, and with that number subsequent sub
scriptions will commence. We trust cur
agents will make a note of this. II our fu- j State of North C troliin, on the best terms
turo circulation shall justify it, we will re-' VPlf', to he p ud for on delivery at
, i . . , ' , " 1 sueh points as may be hereafter desiua
publish, toaietime during the year, the I t.t J A ua
first seven numbers, and then we will fur-1 You will be pleased to deposit such as
nish them to those who wish them,
Adjutant General's Office,
Rdeigh, April 23! h, 18G1.
To Captain of Gistou Co. Volunteers; "
You will march at once with your e- m
pany to this place, provided .your com
mand reaches the le.quisite number, i-ixty
four men, and report to Col. Hiil.Camp of
Instruction near this city. Y"ou will march
without your unilorms, ami can either
have them, folio youy or have them made
By order of the Governor:
J. F. Hoke,
Adjutant General.
A letter of the amo tenor and date was
addressed to the, Ciiptaiu of the Greene
Comity Volunteers, to the Captain of the
Davie Uounty Voiuuteers and to the Cap
tain of the Catawba Volunteers.
Adjutant, General's Oce,
Raleigh, April 25th. 18.31.
.Colonel: You will 'proceed' to Norfolk.
Va., and euquire for a quantity of powder
floored at that place for shipment to Wil
mington, N. C.
If you find it have it forwarded at once
to Goldsbpro, N. C.
Yriu will rdso assist Mr. Rodman iu pro
Ajurii:g the heavy guns, ammunition, gun
carnages, &c. . in compliance with his in
striictions of the 25th iust.
Yrou are-authorized to communicate with
the proper authorities to concert of actioi;
for mutual defence.
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
To Colonel Richard H. Ruidick, AstAdj.
Gen. N, C. Forces. -
Adjutant General Office,
Raleigh, April 23tb,' 1861.
Sir:-You are hereby authorized to pro
cure provisions for tho serviee nf th.-
An active, entcrirismg yung iuau to act as
Agent for Oua Lavio a:d Ocb Dead in every
town and county in North Carolina. Cannot our
friendd give yss ths l.araes of huci?
The seeift ol Ann Fliza's iroublp with j
Biipl.ani is out. B?ohaiu don't, like
mi.th i-:n law. Ann Eiiza's mother felK
sick, ami L'righam winded hf rsent, away.
'From that moment,'" mivs Ann Eliza, "I
hat( d him ."
you may proeure at b.ihsbury, N. C, and
report tiie quantity at your earliest con
venience, wneti y ju will receive instruc
tions as to their further disposition.
By order of the Governor:
J. F. Hoke, A lj. General.
To Hester.
L'he same commission to W. J. Haw
kins to be delivered at Raleigh and to W.
F. Askew to be delivered at Greensboro.
Adjutant General's QSce,
Rdi.gh, April 27th, 1851.
Sir: If your company numbers 61 men
you will proceed as early as possible to
t.ns place and report to Col. D. H. Hill at
Adjutant, General's Oilice.
Raleigh, April 27, 18oX
General Orders No. (j.
It is ordered by the Governor that Sher
iffs of counties and telegraph operators
wdl not be. accented in the corps of volun
teer forces In-reafter to be formed. The
public service requires that su-eh sliouid
bfc the case, and officers are enjoined to
take particular if;tis of this order.
1 ' J. F. Hoke, Ad'jt. Gen.
Adjutant General's Office;
Rdeigh, April 23, I SGI.
Sir: You are commmde l Uj proceed to
th arsenal at Newbern ami superintend
tho shipment and transportation by rail
of all the accoutrements, etc , necessary
to tho equipment of men iu the field, con
tained iu the same and bring them to Ral
eigb. Enquire also concerning a shipment of
gi:n caps made from Wilmington, by De
Rossett & Brown, addressed to Fort. Ma
con some clays s nee, and search for the
same, notifying Col. Tew if found.
By order of the Governor,
J. F. Hoke, Ad'jt. Gen.
Lieut. Cant well, Raleigh.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, April 23, 1861.
Capt. Yon are ordered t the arsenal
at Fayettevflle to superintend the load
;ug and forwarding, 15,000 stand of arms
deposited there, together with all swords
and pistols, and also knapsacks and accou
trements for guns and everything else that
is ther deposited for ii' ting men for the
field. The shipmeut will be, through Wil-
J mington and you will send a trusty person
in cuarge oi the articles niiu guns ship
ped. On your arrival at Fayette villc you
will report to Goveruor Wmslow.
By order of the Governor,
J. F. lloke, Ad 'it- Gen.
Capt. W. II. High, Llaleig-h. ?
Adjutant General's Oaie.
Raleigh, April 20, 18G1.
Sir: It is the wish of the Governor that
you will have made with all possible
dispatch, bayonet scabbards and belts,
cartridge bexea and belts, and knapsacks,
the latter to be made without having wood
about them.
You are also desired to detail a sufficient
guard for the arsenal.
By order of the Governor,
J. F. iloke, Ad'jt. Geu.
Gov. Wiuslcw, Fayetteville N. C.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, April 20, 1801.
General; You are hereby authorized to
eulist men for the regular service of the
Confederate States Army agreeabiv to the
instruction- established by the War Je-
fartment of the same. Y'ou are hereby at
iberty to attach the recruits to any of tho
companies iu the service of the State for
drill, instrtictiou and Kubsisteuc?. Au ac
count of the rations issued to them, with
the cost, must be kept sS that the same
can be refunded cr not, as may be hereaf
ter defermiued.
By order of the Governor,
J. F. Hoke, Ad'jt. Gen.
Brig. Geu. T. H. Holmes, Wilmington, N.
Subscribe to Ouk Lima and Oca Dead, i the Oamp of Instruction.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, April 20, 18G1.
To Capt. R. R. Ihrie:
In reply to the questions propounded by toon as practicable.
The State of Virginia nobly sustained
.North Carolina in our Uevolutiouarv strug
gle and w.e will defend her njw in this the
last effjrt for Independence.
This is tho construction of the law.
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleiiih. April GO. 1SJ1.
To whom these presents may come :
W., L. Davidson is commisiioued to pro
ceed to Baltimore to purchase on tho cred
it of the State of North Carolina, rive hun
dred tents, or matciial for the same ;
also, have made five thousand knapsacks
and cartridge boze3 and belts, to the
amount of five thousand dollars each, and
to superintend their transportation t j thb
By order cf the Governor.
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, April 30, 1801.
Sir Your3 of the 20th is to hand. Y'ou
will please place all the force you can com
mand to making cartridge boxes, belts and
tents, and forward at once.
Yours, &c, J. F. Hoke.
Gqy. Winslow, Fayctteville, N. C.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, April 20th, 1801.
Sir Y'ou will be pleased to retain all
the corn you cau at Gaston, subject to fu
ture purchase by the State at lie market
By order of the Governor :
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
Thos. Goode Tucker, Gaston, Northamp
ton, Co., N. 0.
Adjutant General's Office?,
Raleigh, April 30th, 1S01.
Sir Y'ou will report for duty with vour
company to the commanding officer at Foit
Macon provided you have sixty fo.ir men
to relieve the "Eim City R.hW
By order of the Governor.
J. F. Iloke, Adjt. General.
To Capt. Geo. F. Wniifield, Mosely Hall
N. C.
Adjutant General's offie-1.
Raleigh, April 3.Lh. 13JI.
General: I am directed Ly the Gov
ernment to refer to you the enclosed re
port of Mr. Ellwood Morris a:i jarje.it
who was sometimes since authorized to
make the rccowioisance alluded to, ami
to say7 that Mr. Morris has long been in
the employment in the State as eivil en
gineer, is a very intelligent gentleman,
and that his suggestions are well worthy
Y'ou will be pleased to give tlie report a
cr-fnl reyiec s;nd such points as may
meet your approbation you will makt. the
subject of a communication to this o.licv,
with such comments as may occur to
Your report of the 20lh iust. with it
enclosure has been received and uill be
replied to at th earliest p a3ti:ab e mo
ment. I am iir, lespccttulty,
Your obedient s want,
J. F. lloke, Ad t General.
To Brig. Gen. T. II. Holme.", Wi rniugton,
N. C.
N. B.--The Governor directs that you
discharge the "Elm City Rifles" now at
Fort M icon.
The North Carolina Guards will bo oi
dpied to relieve them. J. F. Hoke,
Adjutant General.
Adjutant General's Offic?,
Raleigh, April L0, 1SG1. J
Col. G. C. Tew,
Your communication has been received
' and referred to Gen. Holmes, at Wilming
ton, N. C.
The Governor orders that no Northern
vessels are to leave our poit3.
Vessels loaded with provisions are to be
requested not to take the same from the
State. In no event alloA- a Northern ves
sel to leave, or any vessel with provisions
for Northern ports until you hear from
Gen. Holmes.
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
Executive Department, r
Raleigh, April 30, ltxJl. )
Captain of Warren Volunteers :
Yon are ordered to proceed with your
company to Weldon and after your anival
at that place report, the same to this office ;
and in the event of other companies join
ing you at that point, the otfcur iolJiiig
the oldest Commission will take the com
mand and where there have been no Com
missions issued, the oliicer who was first
elected will be the ranking officer.
By order of the Gjvernor.
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
Adjutant General's Office,
April 30, l8ol.
ir A communication dated the lf0'.h
instant, signed by yourself and olhew, ami
addressed to iiis'Excelleucy the Governor,
has been referred to this office ' for reply.
It is not in;ended to issue arms to any
company until its arrival at the pltce of
rendezvous designated in its ciders.
I cm fcir, resvcctfullv, vr. obt. svt.
d. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
K. G. Hilton, Eq., Bath, N. C.
Adjutant General's Of?.c?,
ILileigh, April 30, lbCl.
Sir Capt. Wm. B. Pope, 2d Lkut. D.
J. McGuire, and 3d Lieut. J. M. Grizzard
of the Halifax Light Infantry having re
signed their positions, vcu will be pkuetd
! to order au election to till tho vacancies as
your Committee L have to sav,
1st. That no troops are needed at Ral
eigh except such a.3 ara willing to inarch
to aid Virginia.
2d. The military law does ntt require
that a soldier shall remain in service for
ten years and that he can be transferred to
the Southern Army.
3d. It requires that the volunteer for-
I am resnectfullv, vour obt. svt.,
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
To Col. D. II. Hill, commanding the Caxap
of Instruction.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, Mav 1, 1SG1.
Colonel You will order the Edgecoml: j
Guards, Captain Bridg- ri, and thd Roci'
J. V. lloke. Adi. fienrb
To Col. D. H. Hill, commanding Caaiu of
Mftyl, imi.
Telegram to Gen: Holmes, WilmingUm :
The Governor directs the rillea to bi
sent forward and retain 1,000 muskets of
Capt. High's cargo. If they hate pwsd,
te'e-r.ph. Semi tho ride bv a Special
Agent. If 1,00) musket ars not Bufficient
to arm your men detain more -ear twclro
or lifteea hundred.
J. F. IIAe, Adj. General.
Adjutant General's Offico,
Raleigh. May 3, 18S1.
Gjaoiiil The .1.000 markets ordered
be detained at Wilmington, were for tho
use of tim Governor of Virginia and hxa
been forwarded fr m thi pinc. The 2,000
ritl-?s drained by yon the Governor wihe
sent to this phice, us your command havo
recoivel fair prep utious already. He tli
reots that yoi detain l.tKiQ nuukets that
may cojne d wn th river, and if thretj lot
of gu:w have p used WiliAiuaton you will
have them sent to you from this place. If
1,000 is not sullieient you will notify mo.
Yourtdt. svt. '
J. F. Hok?, Adj. General.
Gen. Holmes.
Letter trout Geu. Trimble totlac Fa
ther or Lieut. Col. I tiltou. 21at..
('. Hegiineut, ho wat Killed nt
the Sceoiiil Itallle of MitiiHivM. -
Fiiont Royal, Va., Sept. 30lh, 18C2.
Siwuttl Fulton, States County, X. C
Dear Sir Tho names of thoso who n.o
bly die iu their country's cuiso, should ev
er live in a people's gmtcful memories.
Ho who thus falls in battle, from ihq
highest to the lowest in rank, inscribes LU
name upon the records of his country
glory, in characters which can never per
ish while freedom lives.
Such a man was Lieut. Col. Fulton, of
Stokes county, N. C.
At an early period he entered tho Con
federate Army, and joined the 21st N. C.
Regt , C;)l. Kirkland, in which, by regu
lar promotion he h a I attained the rank of
Lieutenant Colo; eel, and was in oornmatn
of tho 21st regim-ut at the second baltiool
Manassas ami h. ie, let me say, that thin
regiment vr.u coitr.nau.lcd for two years,
by Col. Kirkland, au oiaeer of greit gene
ral merit, who had brought it to a utago of
discipline and efficiency surpassed by few
in the army.
This regiment was one of the four com
posing the biigade to tho command of
which I was ass'gued ui Centrevillo iu
18G1, and which took pait in every action
of Jackson's e mmind in Nonherr. Vir
ginia, from tho battle of Winchester ou
the 25th of May, 18G2, to that of second
Manassas ou the 2$th day of August, 18C2,
including tl battles of Cross Keys, tho
seven days' lights n round Richmond, tho
battle of Slaughter Mountain, of Haze)
river, fought only by my brigade, in which
Lieut. Col. Fulton's gallantry was roost
conspicuous, by leading a chargo with tho
colors in his hand. This engagement
which resulted in the capture at night, on.
the 20th of August, 1S02, by the 21st North
Carolina and 21st Georgia regiments (after
a march of thirty miles in one day) a forco
of f00 rjen, by which two batteries of four
pieces each, taime fifteen hundred prison
ers, and the entire amount of tho enemy 'a
stores, piOisions, etc., at that point.
This fsicces was reported by Gea. Jack
son to the Adjutant General's office "as
one of the most brilliaut cf the war," and
et!eb!ed the army of Northern Virginia,
then without .a single ration, to fight tho
sectMd buttle of Mana is. In this en
gagement Lieut. C !. Fulton was killed
just at dusk, on the urst day, while lead
ing a charge against Uk" enemy, as uusl,
carrying his own Hag. He expired tho
next day with tho name flag waving over
him which he had so oftn borne in tri
umph against tho foe.
I, therefore, who knevr hira so well, can
speak from personal knowledge of his
merits, and I 1 iy this tributu to his re
mains before you, as 3ome slight mitigation
of the sad be r vetnent you will feci, when
learning of his death.' XioJ, I'ultoa tum
bled in a happy nnd remarkable manner
Uindncvs, mo le.-ty an I civility, with dis
cipline aud military duties. He was tho
favorite of every soldier. His merits were
exhibited without pretension, and his
courage1, the chie fest elemect of his char:
ncter, shone without bravado, and al
ways surpasidug the expectation rf Lis
I have felt constrained, deirsir, though
now suffering from a brokeu leg, to offer
this fairt tribute of respect to tho virtues
and gallantly of your sou, whom Icoof-id-ered
one of the most vIuablo oftjeera of
ray brigade, and whoso brave, Loaorablo
and gentlemanly deporimo&i aicel lay
warmest respect and e'teem.
Accept sir, my sincere and .deep sympa
thy in the distress you and your family
must feel for the lot-s of scch a son, may
this testimony l lis cents and the man
ner of Lis death, assuage, in some degree,
tbe pang of thco who kaew and loved
h tc well. His State Khonld be prond of
lr's name and ever cheris1! h meaioryf
and her rons (hoold now and hereafl&r
emulate hi virtuen and his patriotism.
I am, dear air, respectfully,
Your ou't Ferv't.
Isjjlc R. TeesT-A

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