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branch of the soldier's art - and that all his clothing had all been sent
a way in small pieces as iropnies.
To Baltimore by Railroad and there,
that noble old city, where a Southern
JL-nllv in that
iJnwoa engineering, this was the spot
that I could learn, few places are
tf defence, if the corn-
snut t"'"-'AV' '
rtom '
1.1 - 11 1 v vn1i7.rt that in a de
render cm. .......
Jlsive war against tremendous odds, the
ilftt-hioried wpade is a more valuable
JLpment of war, than "Dahlgreus"
Armrong' or "ramus. ju
tj tter qualified t - speak, saj whether it
j&d been called int . adequate requisition
for one I will pay that if the time lavish
l on winter quarters bad been devoted
J, earthworks, and a soldier placed in
Jnromand even of the forces there, if he
Ld not held it indefinitely he would
Lobably have made Purnside's victory
J, expensive to him in men as was
jus later overwhelming defeat. The re
i.orV i mad in no disparagement of the
trioti-m and well meaning efforts of the
General in command. These were un
Jmestioned and unquestionable, but every
J1H is not. a soldier bom, and it were as
unreasonable to expect the brilliant era
Vr, the caustic epigramatist aud unsur
Wsed conversationalist to excel in field
fortifications, strategy and military dis
cipline, as it would be to require the sol
,,lier whoe diction consists in monosyla-
1,V to electrify a Senate. ,m.st ue-
j.msing to neithei class myseii, bckhoi
edin my utter deficiencies in the oma-
d the ruder cues
of war I nevertheless claim that it is no
presumption for men of inferior m-ntal
calibre to criticise the conduct rf the
"vm!ers of either, and no impossibility to
criticise justly, and in consonance to ruies
of reason if not of lhetoric.
In conclusion s:r. if you will pardon the
digression, if there's one thing which add-
poignancy to bithrness of ubjngatiou
and denationalization, wh:ch all good
men feel, it is that by our own blunders
(synonyms for crimes !) it wus brought
iibou :
r of all tho s d words of io;v:n- or pen,
Tb paddct are thw. It niigl.t hav been."
On half a d z-n fi Ids, the. unparalleled
heroism r,f r.ur seddiery nrliv d ur in-
tlpppudrnre; an 1 y-f we fir ui-umi ""
: ti-t: of slave; arc, th l:vos of skives.
I ,w heart of hearts I pity the man or
' in n wh when the rri'l-' bo.in was
within th'-:r rmch rv.'.ed to erra-p if.
a 4 'it
iU nn emttv title couple. I with
? l',c!t"r a
have been th-
Ik. beat the Iit
soldier ever found friends, numbers of la
dies and gentlemen thronged the streets,
anxious to see and talk to vis, but they
were uot allowed to approach us. Occa-
bienally some daring one would rush to us
with tobacco, water or some other little
gift or luxury, but always at the risk of
At 9 o'clock p. no., strongly guarueu,
be don't Buffei from cota where there is
plenty of fire, and no need oi clothing.
Many of us worked cheerfully for a long
time in toting lumber half a mile and
building a church and hospital for the use
of prisoners. I say cheerfully, because we
were promised pay for it, aud thought that
we or some other poor rebs might be ben
efitted by the buildings. But we never
got a cent of pay ; no pr'soner ever enter
ed the church, and few, if any, the hos
pital. Such as had money could buy anything
(for onr captors evidently feared the B;;l- they ,vuted a. the su lrrs, bu v-r, lr;
Lornm.) . nucluri to Fort Me- quen.ly. soon, bought say a U fc p
He,y, where, aiter three days of speeeb of soap, v,a of .b.. . b , .1 pa.uUU
i ei ) searcu wumu u iu.w ...v.
makiuir. promises, threats aud persuasion
we were formed into line and the "oath of
allegiance" rffored to us. Two men out
of twelve hundred aud fifty stepped for
ward and took it. Only two! aud they
were uot Americans.
Immediate! afterwards we were march
ed on board a steamer which conveyed us
to Fort Delaware.
Tnis Fort, or Prison, is situated on a
mud shoal (said to have been formed long
ago by the sinking there, of a vessel load
ed with reus ; hence the name of pea-putch
island, iu the centre of Delaware Bay,
two and u half miles from the mainland en
eitlu r side.
Tint inland contains 93 acres ;a brlow
low water mark, and only protected from
overllow by a levee.
Muddy, filthy dvkes or canals, without
outlet, traverse the island, aud for a long,
long time supplied the only water allowed
the prisoners for uuy purpose.
So filthy and poisonous had these ditch
es bee mio that even a slight wound wash
ed in tlu-ir waters would niu.rn and mor
tif and then amputation or death. or
both was tiit; consequence.
For weeks and months we had to use
this water or none, except when we could
manage to catch rain water. After a while
Hi,-Tv wus n. little iuiorovem r.t in this r.-
awav, to be sold again.
One day when the tide was unusually
high and'the wind and waves boisterous,
analarrn was raised that the levee was
breaking : "Hike out ! hike out, you
his name I have forgotten who baring
been captured was accused of being a de
serter from the Federal army. Hundreds
there were who knew him, were ready to
swear that he was a native Southerner and
had never been in the U. S. service, but
after a mock trial he was condemned to
die. He was tied to a stake, and the offi
cer told him that he had only a few seconds
to live ; that he had better improve his
time by confessing himself to be a traitor,
etc., and ordered the file of yankee soldiers
to advance and make ready to fire. Then
spoke that heroic man : "I am your pris
oner, kill me if you will ; I'd rather die
than suffer as I do ! But, so help me
God ! I am neither traitor nor deserter, I
am a Confederate States soldier. Jeff.
Davis, and Lee, and Jackson, and Beaure
erard and Johnston yet live and my death
wi 1 be avenged." -So quaibng there ! and j -
Ills uouiu ueitimj; iwu n .v. v, .
arohtut Sonruals. ix
Store & Uzzell. Proprietor.
Uamuel T. Wi.hams. ToUtical LJitor.
A pocu a mfaVlent cvrat r of but cribtr U
THE UALEIlill DAILY SFdVS, ! obtained, I .LaU publkh
Published diily at eeven dollars a year.
The Weekly Neva is puuliLed on WedneaJt j
at two dollars a vear.
i:e westers expositor.
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rubliebed Tburbdays at two dollars par ytar.
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Dailv Observer fix dollars per annum.
Inclsdlrg Letter froia Judge (Iasto, Dcnirmai.
M islt and Ex-Ocr. Swai5,
Uy Steplieii F. Miller.
The 'T.ecollectioni'" will roale a peat rolaxnecf
alx'.it one hundred ra?"- printed,
and batidscmely and v.ttar.tia'ly bound. Th
will pive acme idea of tke Tariety of topia treat
ed of :
Merchant: Lawrers: ThTPicians: School acl
Tcaohoi: Churchea and Minisfers: Pwman CatLc-
rer annum
Weeklv Observer, two dollara per annum.
dd rebel sous of bs, or you wiil all be j x;a persecutors, for he was returned to
prison and finally released ! l nope lie is
tiiisi hotl'ib
t'; H:'.i d tiiro h tt r t
thi hfiri'df pntifnm!tirss
, i. t
drowned. Run, run I" And when k uuu
run, or waded through ice, snow and mud,
many of us shoeless and nearly naked, we
found that there was no danger only to a
pile of wood and some sutler's stores which
were likely to get wet ; and we were ioiceu
to work several hours, freezing and starv
ing, to remove them.
One favorite species of 'tormenting us,
was to tell us that the great and glorious
leaders of the South, Davis, Lee, Jack
sou and many others were killed, or cap
tured or had deserted our c iusc. That
women and children were starving through
out the South, or where not actually star
ving were only kept from death by selling
themselves, body and soul, to yankees and
C1 i;f .and the moat active
OlHUllCk" n.ju.-.uv ,
iu this and other works of cowardice, in
humanity and malignity was, I regret to
pay, a renegade Missisippian who called
himself Campbell. Taken prisoner, he
soon became a yankee Lieutenant, and like
all rascally renegades was noted for his
mrailesa cmcltv to all who had ca'led him
n tk,,,. xvr nnrihVr wri fixed friend. "Hike" louna in mm u &
up. and a tank kept tilled with purified and pliant tool ; and we found in him a
rain water, to which we had acsess but un- vile scamp, vihom same of us would like
uer constant supervision of a sentinel who to see again, that we might give him tok
had orders to about down any man who at- , ens of onr recollections of him and his
,ted to carrv any away, or who spilled j deeds ! Doubtless he s a Dngnc ng.n
somewhere. As an ev. deuce ot nis cnarac
ter, two prisoners, a Tennesseau and a
larvlander, bribed Irini to allow them to
any on the ground.
As to eatiug : during tho cold and piti
less blasts of winter as tliey swept over tho
. ... - , i r 1 ! 1 ..-..4-.l rill.l 1
Tov on,l nh fi our teen e lvalues ; cnruiir escape, a nuu umu v.n
the fccorchir.g summer and autumn months j dollars being the price paid, and after they
allowed us from j were smuggled aboard a steamer nc was
whp.n no m tection vas
sil.i' n l.i , . .,,-..1 (iwi il.--f: :!'r'il. 1A 111 OTT m ' ri I llif Aiimii I
pud rrveille at . poonvit'.'K a'.idni , . . .1a . ,..r.r ! ! UvM.n- fl.on buck haml-cufTed nnd hi rnttv liberal his release was sure
m.dHt si)hre dr: hiJ el'ttr fr, man in. , , ,,,.1 h-.vll.-.l at tb:'iu ! Tho rvtir.nlara of mv escane.
, I t . a aav lormeti in a Jin-, v"'" ..vivw .. i " .
.MblntmiMster. g v. rnu-, i.-ism, r h door to a, plat of ground, known by the But, notwithstanding tho vigilant watch j tie adventures attending it, ending
-fu-rar. uho bv hs own n-nun-Ms in ' (m tDevil 3 hf-acre'-where all kept over us, guards all the time being j lM0;5pe to "Dixie's Land," a mouth
t!ir wis- nnT'.imu-d io -..r i. . , f tdn ' .,f nlonT tb8 levee with orders to ' n, .:1;i ,Uv of Atroomattox would
, 1 , t '! I remain i un;ii iw; iti u.-." -1 i oi..v.'- - x i
rcrtinnt to the a; v r :):!. i -r m ; i. .i - ...,,.,....1 n.w mMifrjillv ! idw.f n.w no ntfpmotinrr to escape, a S ri!v TfPnd this narrative. C.
y-,u littler -r.v a- the .rnu ' ' ,,.r)i ,j abo:U four h urs uid the piece p;ood many did get away, though many . Lilcville, N. C, Jan. 12, 18G1.
wr.!l,l skv. Mv body P'.m-v;oiT. "i-'d.-r.. - . , I :.,.VJ, ! ' :t..i : f,f
alive yet, for such fearless and true men
are few.
And so the long weary months wore on ;
aufi even m our iiiuxuni, v.ivi.". (
we sometimes heard a rumor that cheered I
uV or caught a word from some of our en- j
emies that caused a gleam of sunshine and
Few of tho many prisoners "gave way"
(and to this I attribute the fact that the
mortality was not greater, shocking though
the number of death were), but generally
tried to make the lingering hours pass
lightly. "We had a debating club and the
atrical performances, nil improvised and
cotton up by ourselves !
Every bone, horn, braes tack, bit of tin, j
wire or copper were appropriated to some
purpose. Bushels of rings, pins, buttons,
chains, charms and puzzles were'patiently
wrought out of such crude material ; and j
many of such articles would have reflected
credit upon the most skillful artisan or
jewe lcr, in a shop supplied with all requi
site tools and materials for such work. A
fan was made by a prisoner which sold for
forty dollar?, and when not stolen from us
("Uiked'?) we could always find ready sale
among the garrison for these things.
Ah l ust the day of my deliverence came ;
a little money that I had made, some trin
kets, etc., bought me out money would
bring anybody out if properly invested.
That is, while all were "in the market," it
was useless to bribe a private or subordin
ate officer ; one must go up to the high of
ficials with his offering, and then if it was
to follow.
with all
in my
r R.
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lars per year.
rjy ii e r e 5 i n e i c-corniER,
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Published every Saturday st two dollars per
Tri-Weekly Observer, three dollars and a bair Vcil. j0nK Quarr: Towu OfSce rs: Members of
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Persons of Cilor: Yankee Intlre-iee: Xewrapera;
IVxik Store-: Planters liesidine in Town; Old Cit
izens; Tasking Remarks; Conclusion.
Tbcre are about aoOof tbe citizens of N'ewbern
at the period embraced in the "Itecollectiona,
referred to. ''Many cf these are noticed more or
less at length, a- position ad qualttien etuedto
TLe writer t ill be romeialered by aarsral of
our cider citizens, und his reputation asau auth
or ban been lon established.
From Appletou's C'vtlopodia wo maka th fob
lowing extract :
'Miller. STrnics Franks, an American aa
thor and Uwver. lwrn in North .'nruhia. Not.
22nd, 1S0". In early youth he removed ta Geor
gia, where lie was admitted to t!ie bar in hit
twentv second yc:ir. soon nftcr ln h the legisla
ture elected him Solicitor General of thSoutherm
Circuit. When his term of office exiirel, he be
came a citizen f Alabama, where be continued
the practice of hi profession until a severe, bron
chial affection compelled him to engage in other
pursuits: and fretn 14 to 1S47 he edited th
Monitor." a wl.in Journal published ntTu"rloo
sa. In lH and 14') ho resided in New Orleans,
whore he wus associated iu tho mauAKcment of
r? P, w's Keview" and the "Pailv ('mimercial
Jill E 31 I L T O X CilHO X I V L E ,
Evans & Smith, Editors & Proprietors.
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cents per annum.
II E C O X V O R i s r X
Chas. F. Harris, Editor & Proprietor.
Published Saturdays at two dollars and a half a j Times." His health f.iilinp. he removed to Ople-
J1"" I 1 n ...1 Wv 1I..1
l.VO: "Wilkins Wvlder, or tho Successful Mau"
(lsnrn; nnd of a "Memoir of the late Geutittl Da
vid P.lackshcar.'
HTJlHEHF0r.I)TON, s. c,
I x- ontor' Editors.
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aK mi Lsnoito m:c)Hii:it.
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cenis a year.
Cl;rirm:ic;.( :t resnt assistant b-.r keep
er to the Senat-, a:i l tl.an wtiom in my
i ? ...
re. 'ire s(r.e:;on i"i
the snrreu'ler
li-tu-om nous.
IVirnsiile, K-r Fstpr. Ktvcti.n ""'1
(Hilirt 111 in: u ' - i . .
t , 1 ... J;;Ul. 1:1 UUil t- ut.'i.
f i)ini-!i no man was
S-iutlirru success,) sifter
ovf-rhoar-l . conrriN.it ion
thick, a piece cf bacon or beef about 1 inch
square an.l a cup of ilecoction of logwood
.,,,,1 hoins calleil coffee for breakfast ; and"
th" sauv3 for dinner, substituting F.o-c:ilk'd J
soup f:r the coffee, afforded but poor so
lace for three hours of suffering which all
ndvis ihU movi . Tbe q'
wlicther they slmnM move on Norf l'; or
Tewbem. Vnriotn opinion' 'crn ad
vanced by the alvocas of each, but it
was finally settled in Ttvor of tho hist on
the frround tliiit Eisttri) Noilh Cirolia
was the great aource of the 1-reid anl
meat supply of thf! Ci-nfederacy. Thi"
invaluable infornisition lu- imparted to th-
Coramandinpf General at Nortolk on arri
val there. Surely it was of sufficient im
portance to have been communicated to
Mr. Benjamin. Was it done ? Whether
it was or wa not, I am not aware, but o
one thins am certain that the threaten 1,
ivr the inevitable point of attack was not
reinforced to the extent that the warniuj?
demanded. Whether Gtn. linger or the
Secretary of War ia responsible for thin
siu of omission, I am not prepared o an
swer. It lay between them.
I am fdr. respectfutlv, vonr obd't serv't.
Baltimore, Md... January V)tt, 1374.
lit re I ought to mention that, once u
Two Yours at Eort lclavnrc.
OA. . . D. Pool :
I wh a member of cornpativ C, 1st regi
ment State Troops, a native and resident
of New Hanover county, and was captured
with manv other North Carolini ins at Get
tysbnrg. Soon after, beintr turned over to the ten
der mercies of Kilp-itriek's command, we
had a alight foretaste, of wb.tt was in store i
for ui,
A band plojvd Yinke T)oodlf ; some
" thonsrhtless prisoner whistled and called
for Dixie ; the fftiaid rushed down upon
n, and when no one would het.ny rhe of
fenders, tliree inroceur men were sej-d,
at random, tied nn by th thumbs fr
tliree liours, tAimted, reviled nnd abused,
and only at last relent 1 in tirn - t( srvh
their lives.
Pacini? thronnrli Frederick C ty -.ve aa-v
a Confederate flrtcr at a window, exhibited
month Inspection" or Health" Commis
sioner. visited the prison ; but the officers
in charge always knew when they were
coming, and had things cleaned up, beans
and meat put in our soup, and a general
appearance of good treatment made, so
that a fair report could be made and pub
lish', d.
And as I write of I here, things a name
oocms never to be forgotten by a Dela
ware prisoner. "Old Hike" we cnlled him
his real nam i was Adam or Adams, a
Vermont y.mk who was first fent to the
prison as a convict--his crime being that
he vns the (irst man to reach Washington
Citv after thy bull Hun battle. But by
his shrewdness ami meanness he had been
promoted and now held some rank in the
service ; was a sort of supervisor over ev
erything and devil's agent in general a
our prison.
No meant r or more utterly despicable
being ever cursed the earth with his pres
ence. "Hike out ! li ke out ! you d d
rebel sons of b !" was his command on
all occasions. Ouce a week lie would
'hike us to search our persons, bunks and
clo:'iing for contraband articles, and
whack ! would come his heavy stick on
the persoii of some poor sick prisoner who
was not able to move promptly. From 400
to 900 North Carolinians were confined (to
themselves as were the prisoners from
otmr States) iu a room 19 x GO feet, with
bunks, three tiers, on either side, heads to
the wall, feet to centre, with a pa-i.-ae, of
course lmivow, between.
Only one blanket was allowed to each
prisoner S. ap, knives, forks, bottles, an
extra stick of wood or lump of coal any-thin-,
everything was "hiked" from us
All sorts f swindles, cheats and tricks
perished in the attempt
Expert swimmers, by taking advantage
of the tide at certain hours could reach the i
mainland ; but. unless tho. tide wus just
right, those who undertook it, if escaping
the sentinels, would be borne out to sea
and drowned, as nvny wer:
Once I was selected to aw through n
wall c rnpo-. d of i x 0 timbers, which I
succeeded iu doing by mean of a jwwel-
ler'n saw, iu 22 feet of a sentry's post, One
hundred and thirty of us had provided
ourselves with two canteenr. each, aii-tiht.
by means of cork and wax, and all escaped
(one only being drowned) except myself.
Being the last to leave, I found that some
one h id appropriated my canteen life pre
servers. So I s .rrowi'ul'y crpt b ack to
: my bunk, but listening at a crack I could
, heir shouts of recognition and encourage
ment away out, on the bay, and to my sur
prise I learned that while we were working
for our escape a number of ofTWrs con
fined in a separate put of the prison, and
with whom we had held no communication,
had been doing the same thing, and they
with many of their men were out together
on the water.
Then I was into a Rch-rae to build a
boat, which we accomplished by means of
knife-saws and screws ; but just as we had
got it finished (and at best it could not
have carrie 1 moiv than eight men) in came
old Hike with a guard, tore up the floor,
found and destroyed our boat.
A 'coffin detail" was made every morn
ing, twenty-live rough boxes being th
day's task, and more frequently it happen
ed that more coffins were lacking than
corjyse.i. Over on the Jersey shore was
the burial ground, and theie, in the rude
holes we dug for them, reposes the body
of manv a crallaut Southern man, uhoe
( , t
Wm. A. TTearnc. Editor.
Wm. M. Urown, Manager. ..
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(ion. I. II. Hill,
At the meeting of the Executive Com
mittee of Atlantic Council, Patrons of
Husbandry, held in this city on the 13th
inst., the Secretary was instructed to in
vite Gen. D. H. Hill to deliver the address
at the quarterly session of the Council, to
he held in Greenville on the 19th of
Zv sreh. Tdr. Nash informs us that lie has
jvceived a reply from Gen. Hill accepting
the invitation. A stirring speech may be
Cost of Forage.
An abundant supply of good hay or
other forage is the base or foundation of
all profitable farming. High feeding
makes rich manures, and consequently
large crops. How to produce a large snp
pl of good forage with a small outlay of
labor or money is therefore one of the
most important questions to the intelli
gent farmer.
The followingestimate showing the cost
of several kinds of foiage best adapted to
.North Carolina, will be of profit and in
terest: It costs to pull, cure and stack, (not
including cultivation) ten tons corn
fodder... .' $100
' It csts for seed, plowing and cutting
five acres oats, producing ten tonn
sheaf oats or b .y
It costs f r seed, plon iug, sowing and
cutting five acres of clay or black
pea-, (which can Mieceed the oat
crop,) aud which will produce ten
tons, vines and peas cut before the
peas ripen ;
It costs for plowing, manuring, har
rowing and cutting n crop of grass
on ten acres producing twenty tons
It will thus be neen that fifteen acres,
with an outlay of $100, (the cost of ten
tons of foddi r.) wilj produce forty tons of
rpiIC BATTLE 15 0 11 0 ADVANCE
James A. Williams, Editor.
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That tha P.eeolltotion" will prove exceeding
ly interest ing tc the resident of Nt'wbern and to
tho descendant of Nt wbcruian now iu other
localities, we entertain no doubt. That other
apree with us, the fubj -lined cert ideate, furuUhed
by gentlemen, to whom we KubmitWid the author'
manuscript, will attest :
NrwiiKuv. N. C.Sept. lflth. 1S73.
We have had tb pleannre of examining the m:in
uscript of th little woi!;, entitled 'Recollection
of Newberu Titty Yearn Ago, ' by Stephen F. Mil
ler, of Georgia ;" and. without committing our
selves to the opinion of person and character,
which are rouietinies expressed, we state that the
narrative is graeefnll written, nnd in fall of n
tcrcst to thone. who w;h to be familiarized witu
the social andbuiwf r oot.dition of Newberu, l
the period referred to.
In our opinion, it is woll worthy of publication,
and we commend it to the public.
GEO. ALLKN. ( 11 s. . C'LAItK.
Tnpnper cover.', : : : s : .75
In handsome cl 'to, : : : : ; 1.00
Subscriptions rvct fully Hoiieited. Lint caa
be found at the tstuie of Geo. Allen A Co., st tha
National Bark, at too BjjI; Store, at th efflcee
of Clark A Bo'jertH, r ud Henry B. Bryt?. Eq.,
t theGawton. and Bateainn llonne.. at the Amer
ican Hotel and at tho Printing Oftlef h. Th n jb--ciiler
wid cell upou our cit:zend gonrally.
. J). Pool.
Xewbern, N. C, Sept. 2oth, 1873.
R. W. Singletary, Editor.
PubliHTied Friday at one dollar and fifty cents';
W. J. Yatew, Editor and Proprietor.
Published Tuesdays at two dollars and fifty
cents a year.
Engelhard A SanJn, Edf. A Publi.-iieis.
The Dailv Journal in publifhod every morning
(MondiVB excep ed) for eight dollars per annum.
Tii WekIy Journal is publisncd on Friday at
two t'o'lai-s per yesr
forage, of better quality than fodder, aud
noble hear, once throbbed only for truth at one fourth the cost per ton, and your
and honor and liberty and love and home ; i corn crop will be increased in weight by
whose unrecorded gre;itnt'Ks and valor will ! leaving th? blades ou the stalk.
It costs h as to raise food for yonr stock,
than it does to keep your fences in repair.
It is therefore much cheaper to pen und
feed your stck, (and sava the manures,)
for a moment onlv, as we learned by wMs- ate pie.v uni-orm u. v
Once he c;n-eiJ uiiout nvv nutmrea m
unrs hr n noble Wntuan to cheer the poor, i
dispirited "rebs" whom she It new would ' to trip. sayirg he would furnish ns
Pbpm her honso that dav pr-s ners. j with new clothes ; but as soon as wo had
Prudence sujr-oted c-t and tlinCh I hike 1 out" of all clothing except our
no iioinv demonstration was made, many a! shirts, riidit face, forward, double quick,
ttdlatl heart, swelled, rmny snn-brownl march ! and back thiough the cold mud
rhM-k was ret bv n tear as we were inarch-! ami wat r to our cheerless barracks wh
ed by th-it hanii ; and yet. wh-rever any ' went (where one stove and one barrow load
.of that .dd band of prisoner lives, !ie re- '; of co;d per day wan nit allowtd to us) to
iii-tnoers tl.M emotions of hat moment. : g.-t mere clotlies s l est we could. This
O.mI bWs fhnt woman ! ! was one of "old Hike's" villainous tricks
Jnst havo-id the l.mu saw a man ' on us, aud in keeping w th his many acts
hsnring drnd on a i rsimmon treeJie of cruelly and torture. Everj christian
wa? naked, and onr miard infarmel m he should pray that Hike" has long since
had been hung sometime hefore, as a any, i bocu "hiked" by the devil to clime where
only be known at the grc.t final day when
the graves f-hall give up their dead and
jitMicr at last be meted out to nil.
Once, during my prison life, a copy of
the Philadelphia Emptier fell into my ; than to let it ruu at large. From Timely
wi re practised upon ns by 'Hike," ev.-u , hands, containing the experience of some ; Topics, by Geo. Allen & Co.
to tho rolling u of on occasional yankee I yankee otlicr wtio nail scapeo irom an-
dersonville prison. Ot course everything
was exaggerated and made to look as black
aiitl bad as possible, and a groat parade
was mule over the "cruel, barbarous
t'-eatment" of Union soldiers in Southern
IKEA T FA 7I II. V .11 El I CI X EM !
Dr. (Sroon's Fit Cure.
Fitn, SpaFins. rnnvnlsionw nn nervous Wakeful.
iuff, art prwinptiy, often arretnig tho Kit from
tho tirwt day'i e', cve; where they have eiiatvd
for years
(;niipotmd Ev. C'oryilalin !
S-rofula, Secondary Synhalin, Pruption on th
SLin, a!id all di-ea"eH Rriwing from jmpar Illood.
McMlicrttod Honey !
k Fover;gn JJilm for ruiiqhs. Co!dn, Ilrou
chitifl. Aithtua, and all JuHaewif th air-r"-
gea and LungH. liy its tjme'y use inanr euj tK!
eas.eK ot l.oiiMinijitmn are pruinrtiy reiltvta ID1
the Lunge reit'. red to health.
Nru raisin Specific.
A prompt, positive nnd permanor.t rMief fr th
exvruciatii.g pains of Neuralgia, ULcumatirm and
For sale by Druggist Opncrnlly.
prepared only by
CllAKlA)TTV.t N. C.
Hon. Josi ah Turner, ) rAUrr
T. 13. Kiabury, aitcr
The Pailr Sentinel, eighr dollar rcmnnnr.
The Semi-Weedy S ntinel. five dollars per an
num. . .
The weeklv Sertinel, three dollar per annum.
jjick. t. in- piiir of punty, no matter how ob
tain-'d, by specious promises of Coufeder-
A rreaclior took up a collection on Snu
dav and fonud, when his hat was returned ! Weeklvfive dollar per annum
LocrBCso, N. C.
G. S. Biker. Editor and Proprietor.
Published Fridays at two dollar? per y-ar.
AdvertiMing done at Liberal Hates.
31. J. McSweeu, Editor and I'rcprkior.
I read it over cirefnlly, as did many
others ; showed it to onr jailors, officers
aud privates, compared the statements
with actual facts before our eyes, and all
were forced to admit that, taking every
thing there said as true, prisoners at Fort
Delaware were faring worse, suffering
more, and bearing grealer indignit'es,
hardships and privations than those of An
devsonville. And still Delaware was held
up as the modd prison !
that there wjisn't a penny in it. "I thank
my God," said he, turning the hat upside
down, and tapping the crown of it with
his hand, "that I have got my hat back
from this congregation.'
Weekly, three dollarsperjaui.xni.
I remember now one gallant fellow ! fined.
A youth, hungry, foot fore nnd weary,
representing himself as the second son of
the 2 irl of Durham, England, npplied at
tho city jail of Petersburg on Wedneeday
for lodging. He ran away from home iu
a spirit of adventure, which seems to be
A Praying Band is conducting a revival
in Westfield, Mass., and the riotous young
men of the village crowd the church and
ioin unroariouslv in the sinking. Several
of the disturbers have been arrested and
cHAELorrr, c.
H. Hill, Editor and Proprietor. .
r'a'dhhed Mondays at two dollars and half per
Ih a thoroughly American etitcrfme, illustrated
by the leading artiste, aud teeming with the bt
eitortrt of the most able uriUrn of our country. It
iu a paper that, once introdueM m th family
circle, in cure to te enirerly matched for aud car
fully preserved. The rhujce of
3 oTlIir Mot rteanl ITnl C'lirotnon
ever issued given to eah fnberiber, viz; "JcT
so Ilion" and "Lim.E Sr'?i'," two N antifol
Child Picture", by Mrn. Am.krhux. and 4Axox(
the hawDKow." a taiitifal iandCHp hi watr
color by the ceklcuted l'.IUkKT IVkikb.
All our nuenti b:iv coj-ie of esu'h, and gre pre
pared to deinerthcmt. gitlitr with a Sulci:iiiu
('ertirKa'.c fipned by the pid'liuher''. at th t-m
the moiey imid. Agent wniitt-1 iTeywhere,
ami l.ber' indacnientf rffefd. Sfu.nl ou-.ta
tnd full particularH and decriru vi Uil Curo-
mo, hent c n receipt of kix cent
Only two Initial and a lli'f a Year,
To. Day Irititlns A IuHhltifC Co.
733 Sansoci St., rh:lnd-lpliia. :
712 Dread ay, New Vurk. S thi I Ht.,p ton,
113, 115 A 117 V.. Mdion Jt., t'Litat'o.
Chas K. Jones, Editor 4 rroprictor.
rublwhed Saturdays at two dollars per year.
Frank SrnforJ, Djitor end Propnctnr.
PijbliaLti Saturday at t-r 13'- rr tumas.
COP.K for eale in larrje or sroall ;aotitieft t tb
Fa Tk and shlri-o ov th Hailrcad ugocd
oon l.tlon. ,7
b-.-i-d ikii orders to ,
jan 14- ina .

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