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- ' V m I
JY M' rrjV
NO. 32
tontbmt Solar fWtvg.
Kefir In this onlnmo we desire to publish
such poetry as is commemorative of events
which occurred tlnring the war, or of the
sentiments and feelings of those who par
ticipated in it, nml memorial sketches in
terse of gallant officers ami men who fell
it. buttle, or signally distinguished them
selves. Our supply of poetry on hand is
less than any other material, and wo re
pectf all.v ask those who have such as is
united to the purpose for which we de
sign this column, to add to our small
stock. North Carolina can boast of seve
ral (ladies and gentlemen) who have poet
ical talents of high order, and from
them we should be pleased to hear at all
tiroes. i
Com, thou great Eternal .Spirit,
Teach ua a'.l to do Thy will ;
If w.tuffer, let nu bf.T it.
Tracing aul adorirg till.
To Thy threne wa corns cor fessiug
Gailt and aiii.ayai'aHt thy law ;
Yt by fa'th w claim thy bleating,
Iu our country's risrlitsous cauea.
CfiM our coviaselj. tiaab us mackaasa;
Kep us always in tho right ;
p nnr strength in all our weakness,
lud suetaiu u through ths flUt.
Lna-l our armios. never lot thm
Slr.ke a nol!is. cruel blow;
And when v-rgefu' f ea beset them,
Oat'ur lsadera ?k"ll b.htow.
Grant our loved cn-s Tl.y protection;
15: J Thy angelt guard noli life,
A::d with Ktri .'cat c:rc:;mtpe;tion,
Gai iathcm safely thi'uugU the Aght.
Let cur hanners unydhited.
Frfe fii-ra evr epot or 8tiu,
VTav in t 'inxph.'ir.di utec,
Ovpr all our jam doruain.
I.t T'iy p.wer and thy kino" er.a
Kaa.:h the heart f all our fi c,
S.a :!i-:r malice cur thoir Vh:idi:ona
A J t j ycaca their uunJ disixao.
Tut if ::ic:ey cannot wake thfm
Ti i-ni their Ureajua of war and hint;
H'.y Thy jufctice overtake them.
Let thm quickly Li: tiis ilu t.
We continue the publioalion this week
of extract from the Adjutant General's
Books. These Records are official, and
though they go overground partly occu pied,
they still will be read with much in
terest by tho readers of Oru Living and
Our Dead. We shall contiuue them till
the entire record of that office is complete:
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh. May 14. 1801.
I herewith enclose blank rolls for the
purpose of having the men mustered into
service as soon as possible.
You will proceed to muster them into
service for twelve months (unless sooner
di:charged) and return the polls to this
By order of the Governor:
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
Blig. Gen. T. H. H.dmes, commanding
Coast Defences, Wilmington, X. C.
Adjutant General' Office,
Rnleigh, May 14, 1371.
Sir: Yours of tho 13; h tendering the
service of the Cabarrus Ringer ha been
received. 1 enclose you a circular of the
outfit necesaury for a. compuny which
should be conformed to a far as possible.
S soon as jour company numbers 64 rauk
and file you will foiuard to this office a
rill of the officers and men, when commis
sions will bo issued and further instruc
tions given you. Anas cannot be issued
until the company is mustered into ser
vice. By order of the Guvoruor:
J. F. Iloke,
Adjutant Gtlieral.
Capt. Unfits B irringer, Cab.mus Raugars,
Concord, C.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, May 13, 180 1,
Sir: You will detail Maj. Ivan;; to Su
perintend the mustering ino the service
the following companies: Leasbnrg Greys,
Capt. liamb.iek, Milton Blues, Capt.
Mitchell, 0;'k C.ty Guards, Capt. G. II.
The companies have been ordered to be
in readiness at their quarters to-morrow
the loth lust. ;;t 11 o'clock.
Your A. servant,
J. F. Hoke,
Adjutant Ge'.HU a'.
Col. D. II, Hill, commanding C i:up of
Instruction, Raleigh, X. C,
Ou cur country's hry aUar,
:r.y It-arcs now ara buun l;
fiworueaic gl'ateuin voice fitr-
May as'jfher r:t:n !. found.
.V :'.'.v'f hif J-'it'hrr .'yni'i Lecture
' lh" S'Ai'fit r Mmtnrirafxnd 7Va
dUiung.' Aal fiha'l w f r6'ot theta, tho .true and tho
Who 1 f.r our cuntry iu i a tie:
Yih i died t!: l iLtt of our nweet la: d to are
'Jul the hii A u( war'a flald aad its r:tl.
The ntarn lot.k in silence nou the bare sod,
A.i d each twiiikle'n a tcur drop rf love ,
F r dear and braveapirit that hat r.asaad to
And w;,a; it I i hre abave.
T'..e tyrant may threaten, tke chiiiuH may be
we to dr.rk prisons consigned,
B.K will the lore of thoae door onu ia llaa-
Lika ths ivr, around n bs twinod.
Th4 lips may he ailent, no words may be spoken,
Tbs tongue b as quiet as the dying of day,
lir. D'll! to th9 heart will coma every token.
To roraiud us of th jsa who once woro ths Gray
T. i f ah of the noonday may shine- all around
The chvrknes? of night may lull via to elep,
Vet still ia our breast the maniory which bound
Will in light or in darkneaa, ita viyil e'er keep.
Tr i;h rartyr who calmly in death now repose,
WitU never a sii;n to mirk his last bed,
V:l! grow i:j ourhe:rt the sweeteHt of rotsos,
i tThot!e perfame shall ersr bo over his head.
Ad oft in our dreami, when fleih-life has van-inlicd-
And when mihtn of tho unreal hear us away,
Wc ciaxp to cur breast, the one who thought ban
ihhed And cling fo n!ly to him who left ua iu Gray.
. Ea-h strike of opprerfiou but bind us the near
er. To ho;-s which wore e'ea as the air which wo
Ard a they departed were dearer and dearer,
To each Southern heart that bo fondly believed.
Though their' footstep bavo ceased and their
'miles Lave departed ;
Tho hght of t'.;eir eyes faded ever from view,
fondly recall what the true and brave hearted.
For Liberty's Cause attempted to do.
Taeir bones make the shrino around which wo
Their blood is tho eil which like incenp.e is gircn
Around tLat dear shrine in ipirit we chaster.
And waft UU our pr; ra the offering to Heaven.
Adjutant General's Office,
Kak-igli, May lf, bStJI.
Col. D. II. Hill comiiian.liiig Cauip uf lu
Htruction, ItiUfigli, X. C ;
Sir: You will posjtone musteriug in
tlitj Fayetteville Independent Ij'giit Infan
try, Capt. Huske, until further order.
Very respectfully.
Your o'ot, srvan,
J, I', iloke. A lj. General.
Adjutant (Jenepil's Office,
Ibdeigli, M :y 15, lSol.
Capt. YvT. T. larsh, cjonimaiiiiiij.r Pamlico
Bilb s, S ui:i Creek, Beaufor:. Co, N". C,:
Sir: In reply to ywiir letti-r of the i:Uh
in..t. 3 e.re infoitned th:it you can have
four wsvords, frn tin? lot i;ierred to, for
the use of tne officers of your company,
and he remainder must be forwarded to
Very respect full j",
Your obt. servniit,
J. F. Hoke, Adj. Ganeral.
Adjutant General's Office,
Baleigh, May 15, ISol.
Cpt. K. D. Suend, Johitat'tu Volunteers,
Wmitldieid, X. C. :
Sir: In reply to your letter of the 13 h
you are informed that your company must
await orders until the Governor returns,
when co u missions will be issued.
Very respectfully,
Your obt, servant,
Signed J. F. Hoke,
Adjt. General.
Adjutant General's Office,
Kileigh, May 15, 1301.
Capt. L. L. Clements, Bulletin Volunteers.
Hamilton, N. C. :
Sir; In reply to your letter of the 12th
you are informed that arm have been
ent to tho care of Col. Morris, from Fay
etteville, lam respectfully yours,
J. F. Hoke, Adj. Gen.
01 ! no'er will be lost that dearost best treasure,
And every '-to-morrow" 'II be another to-day.
A wo ever look back with sorrowfnl pleasure
a the memory of all who o'er wre the Gray.
7e cloud may be daik acd in giocm may en
iiro4 UB
1 let still fair kove them there floats
Tjs one of the dreams that often times crowd us,
Tib the spirit $f Jum why d,i?d, i9 the Gray.
Adjutant General's Office,
May 15,' 1S61.
Sir: Your letter of the 13th int. was
received. You will not move your compa
ny until you receive orders.
The rut. on ia composed as follows, v.'z:
Three-fourths of a pound of porw or ba
con, or 'ne and a fourth pounds of frewh
or Rait beef; eighteen ovvnees of brejd or
Hour, or twelve ounces of hard loread, or
one and n ftnirtlis pounds corn u.ca!; and
the rate to one hundred rations of eiht
quarts of peas or beans, or iu lieu thereof,
ten pounds of rice; is pound colTee,
twelre pounds sugar; four quarts of vine
gar; one and a half pouuds of tallow, or
one and a fourth pounds adamantine, or
one pound spepu candleu; four pouuds of
soap jind two qu irtsof salt.
You will buy the Hour and have the
uh'-at brer.d b;iked at the. bakers.
You vull when ueciSMU-y employ a phy
siciau. Very iespeetfully,
Y'our obt, servant,
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
Capt. E. M. Ferris, Charlotte, N. C.
Adjutant General's Office,
llaleigh, May 15, 1SG1.
Col 1). II. Hill, commanding Camp of In
struction, Ualeigh, N, C:
Sir: Tho bullet mould referred to in
yours of yo.storday's date 4re being made
iu Fayetteville and are expected 3oou.
The bayonet scabbard. Uud eurtrj.vjge
. boxes are now being prepared. The Id
a bnelit ; ummnuitioii will be here to-duv or to.murr
I am respectfully,
Your obt. serrart,
J. J, Hoke, Adj. GenjraJ.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, May 15, 1861,
Ool. D, H. Hill, commanding camp of In
struction, Raleigh, N. C. :
Sio: Be pleased to furnish the Black
Mountain Boys from Yancey county with
quarters at the Camp under your com
mand. Very respectfully,
Your obt. servant,
R. H. Riddick, Asst. Adj. Gen.
Adjutant General's Office,
R deigh. May 10. 1861.
Capt. W. C. Brown, Brovrustou, Davidson
county. X. C. :
Sir: Yours of the 12th has been re
ceived; You will have the arras referred
to boxed up and Fen to Raleigh. Direct
them to the Adjutant. General's office.
By order of the Governor:
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh. May 15, 1801.
Col. D. H. Hill, commanding Camp of In
struction, Raleigh, N. C. :
Colanei: You will discharge, honora
bly. Privates John B. Grier and Zenas H.
McQuay of the Randalsburg Rifles, (Capt.
Their application, and the certificate of
thesurgeon being deomed sufilcieut cause
for a discharge.
By order of tho Governor
J. F. Hoke,
Adjutant General.
Camp of Instruction,
Onrysbnrg, X. C. May 16, 18'il.
General: -I have the honor to ttate
that in obedience to instructions from the
Governor, an election whs held by com
missioned officers here to-day for the elec
tion of Colonel, L eutenant Colonel and
Major, for a regiment composed of the foU
lowing companies;
Warrentou Guards, Granville Grays,
Halifax L'ghtlufantry.Cle.iveland Guards.
C.tuwba Rilles, Duplin Rifles, Nash Boys,
Warrentou Rifles, Towusviile Guards,
JjUtn barton Guard?, with the following re
sult: For Colonel Solomon Williams, 32.
F r Lieut. ColonelEd. Cautwell. 2?;
W. J. Grven, 9,
For Major A. W. Burton, 18; Paul
Fa l son, 12
The 2d yeginient will move very soon
aud the capg will have to answer both reg
iments. Very Respectfully,
Your ob'dt sert.,
J. F. Hoke, Ad'jt Gen. .
Adjutaut General's Office,
Raleigh, May 17, U01.
Capt. Ramsey;
You are commanded to have boxed the
Light Artillery awords and have them for
warded to this office by express. The
swords are needed for the service of the
troops in the Held, and os you were the
last in the command of the Light Artillery
company, you are tho proper person to
wijom tho o?der oiiht to be addressed.
By order of the. Governor,
J. F. Hoke, Ad'jt Gea.
W. D.
IVr-der, Lt. Col. Comdg.
Adjutant Gueral, Raleigh,
To 1. F.
X. C.
Officers commissioned as per above date.
Adjutant General'? OfiKV,
Rih igh, Mav 16 1SK1.
Col. Thos. Williams, Yadkinvilh: X. C:
Sir: In your reply of the 11th iut. you
are informed th.it comminution cannot Ikj
;s3tied for mil.t a oaiCv-rs uu;il thoae for
active aerviee uie attended to.
Your oht. serva t,
R, H. Ruhliek. Ast. Adj. Gen.
Head Qrs, Adjt. Genl's Office,
RaleighfiMav 1, 1SG1.
Cpt. J, W. Le, Ralrigh. X. C. :
Sir: You are heieby ordered to muster
into thy service tho following companies,
Cieaveiand Guard. Yancejville Grays,
Catawba Riflt-saud Blaek Mountain Boys.
Blanks f jf thitk purpose are herewith
By order of the Governor:
J. F, Hoke, Adj. Gcueral.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, May 16, 1861.
Special Orders, Colonel: .The Riuuals
Xo. 5. burg Rifles, Capt. Er
win, not having the number of men re
quired by law aie detached from the flrst
regiment and the Favetteville Indepen
dent Light Infantry, Capt. Huske, are or
dered to supply their place, and will take
the same position in the regiment occu
pied by that company.
M- j. Lane is detucned as mustering of.
ficer to muster into the service of the
State the Fayetteville Independent Light
The La Fayette Light Infantry, Capt.
Star; the Fayetteville Independent L'ght
Infantry, Cap.. Huske; and the Southern
Stais. Capt. Hoke, will leave for Rich
mond, Va., ou Siturdwy morning, and will J
have tvxo davs rations of meat ami bread
for each member of the corn pun v. The
remaining companies of the regiment will
move for the same point ou Monday or
Tuesday next and wdi have a like bupply
of provisions prepaied.
By order of tho Governor,
J. F. no ke.
Adjutant General,
Adjutant General's Office,
R dt igh, .May IU, 1861.
Viefoi C. Rarringer, Esq.:
You are authorized to appoint a suita
ble person to superintend tWe collection of
any und all the arms belouging to the
State of North Carolina (in your county)
aud have the same securely boxed ami for
wa d -d to the office of the Adjutant Gcjer
aU: this p ace.
By order of the Governor:
J. F. Iloke, Adj. General.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, May 16. 186J.
Capt. T. L. Skinner, Albemarle Guards,
Eden ton, X. C,
S;r: Yours of the 15th, with Roll of
vour company huj been received aud your
company accepted. Keep up your drill
aud awu;t further orders.
Very re&pectfnll v.
Your ob'dt sei'vt. ,
J. F. Hoke, Ad jt Gen.
Adjutaut General's Office,
Raleigh, May 17, 1861.
Ool. Solomon Williams, Com'dg 2d regN
meut volunteers, Raleigh, X. C.
You will cause an election to be had in
the company of your regiment known as
the Cieaveland Guards to till the vacaucy
of Captain, csed by the promotion of
Major A. W. Burton. Ycu will report the
renult to this office.
By order of the Governor,
J. F. Hoke, Ad'jt. Gen.
Raleigh, May 17, 18S1.
Gen. Hoko:
Issue orders for two companies fit Green
ville to proceed to Xewbern. Gen. Siu
gletary will give you particular informa
tion about them. John W. Ellis.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, May 17. 1861.
Col. Ij. O'B. Branch, Quartermaster Gen
eral, Raleigh, X. C.
Ou the 18lh Hint. I will move from the
J Camp of Instruction, near Raleigh, three
companies of the 1st regiment of volun
teers to Richmond, and will need trans
portation for ihem.
On Munday the 29th inst. seven compa
nies of the same regiment will leave the
Camp of Instruction for the same point
and will need transportation, which you
will please have iu readiness-.
I need to-day wagons to remove muni
tions of war and company accoutrements
from Raleigh to the Camp of Instruction,
which you will please furnish.
The Southern Stars are at new Baptist
chiuvh and nyUI move Saturday.
Very respectfully,
Your oh'dt sei'vt.,
J. F. Hoke, Ad'jt Gen.
Adjutant General's Office,
RileiIi, Muy 17, 1861.
Geu. Hoke:
Allow Captains of the 1st regiment
volunteers to have each a pitol.
John W, Ellis,
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, Mav 17, 1861.
Col. D. H. II II, Com'dg Camp of In
struction, Raleigh, X. C.
Sir: -1 heiewith send you one keg and
eight boxes, 13,6-10 musket ball cartridges:
oue box, 1,000 percussion cartridge miu:e
onus tor ritie muskets, one box, SJj.OOQ
percu iaiou caps.
Very respectfully,
Your ob'dt ser'vt.,
J. F. Soke, Adjt Geo.
Cd. Pen.Ur, Weldon, X. U.
Sir: In repiy to your letter of the 11th,
I have to state that, I have submitted your
requ. st to the Governor, ami he has in
structed me to say that lie wishes you to
remain iu command of the camp. If you
are relieved the cmp will have to be bro
ken up. The regiment will move to Vir
ginia in a few days abd the Colonel of the
regiment will have no authority over the
camp ar.d will be routined merely to the
organization of his own regiment.
The arms will be issued to you as soon
as 1 get the 1st regiment vif.
Very iespeetfully,
Your ob'dt sei'vt.,
J. F. Hoke. Ad'jt. Gen.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, May 17, 1861.
Mr, Tuomas Brem;
I wish you to sec if you can have a large
quantity of cartridge t oxes with cap box
attached, shoulder strap for tho cartridge
boxes and waist belts.
The cartridge boxes mut havo tin ap
paratus to hold 48 rounds. If this oan be
iloin at not exceeding Ave dollars and Hfty
cents, or as much smaller sum as can be
contracted for. and you can contract to de
liver iy large quantities in a short time, I
will ask you to make a coi i:a.ci f r live
thousand, on the credit of t.ie Stnto to be
paid for on delivery,
I am respectfully.
Your ohd't serv't.,
J. F. Hoke, Ad'jt Gen.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, Mav 17, 1861.
Capt. W. W. Kirkland, C. S. Infantry,
Rdeigh, X, C.
S r; You are assigned to take the com
mand of the Camp of Instruction, neur
Rdeigh, and will enter upon the duties
thereof as soon as Col. Lee shall leave for
Virginia. Yon will adso have embraced iu
the command the troops stationed in the
city of Raleigh.
By order of the Governor,
J. F. Hoke. Ad'jt Gen.
Adjutant General's Officp,
Ll deigh, May IS, 1861.
Capt. Geo, E- B. Smgletary, Greenville,
X. C.
Sir: You will proceed with the company
under your command to Xewbern, X. C,
aud report for duty to Brig, Gen. Holmes.
By order ol the Governor;
J. F. Hoke, Ad'jt Gen.
Adjutant Genrral's Office,
Rdeigh, May 17, 1861.
Capt. W. W. Movril, Greenviile, X. C.
Sir; Yoa will proceed with the com
pany under your command as no cm as
ready, to Xewbern, X. C, and report for
duty to Brig. Gen. Holmes.
By order of the Governor,
J. F. Hoke. Ad'jt Gen.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, Mav 18, 1861.
Lt. Col. C. C. Lee. Com'dg Camp of In
struction, Raleigh. , C.
Sir;-r-The muster rolls of the 1st regi
ment are required to make out the rolls
by which to pay the ujen the bounty due
then), and you will please forward those
not heretofore sent, viz:
Capt. McDowell, Buncombe Rifles.
Will ams, Jlomtes Xti Rifles.
Adjutant General's Office.
Raleigh, May 18, 1S6T.
General : The Governor directs me to
say that when it can be done without in
jury to the servioe, that you will permit
the Cabarrus companies to be quartered
near eaoh other, and that you direct your
Quartermaster if they are required to re
rrittiu on tbe beach "to so prepare their
quarters as to keep them well protected
from the inolement weather.
It is desirable also that you strictly en
J foroe the order requiring "all soldiers to
( remain at their posts. aid that but few
furloughs be given to pass from the forts
to the town of Wilmington, In a former
letter the Governor requested the informa
tion, what number of pistols were detained
at Wilmington from tha supply handed ev
er to Gen. Whiting from DeRossett L
I am respectfully, your obt. svt,,
J, F. Hoke, Adj. General.
Brig, Gon. T. II. Holmes, Wilmington,
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, May 18, 181.
Col. Solomon Williams,
Sir : You are hereby commanded to
proceed to Richmond from Garysburg on
next Thursday, 23rd instant, with the fol
lowing companies : Warrentou Guards,
Granville Greys, Halifax Light Infantry,
Xrash Doys, arrentou Rifles and Towns
vide Guards.
You will move also to Richmond on Fri
day, 2Rh instant, the Cieaveland Guards,
Catawba Rifles, Duplin Rifles and Lum
berton Guards.
By order of the Governor.
J. F. Hoke, Ad'jt. Geu.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, May 18, 1861. )
Colonel : I herewith transmit for the
consideration of His Excellency the Gov
ernor, the letter of Col. Elwood Morris.
I can also state that I am informed that
there are two pieces of line artillery at or
near Elizabeth City belonging to the Stale,
and that the same can bo appropriated for
the coast defences.
Very respectfully, yr. obt. svt.,
J. F. Iloke, Adj. General.
Col. Warren Winslow. President Military
Board, Raleigh, X. C.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh. May 18, 1861.
Col. Sol. Williams, Regt. X. C Volunteers,
Sir : The orders for the movement of
your regiment are sent per herewith, and
it will be necessary to have the full force
of your men to supply them with arms. I
think that some of your men at the Cnuip J
of Instruction are already armed, and ra
ly need a fow to complete tho compliment.
It will require an early requisition on mc
to get tho transportation in time for Wel
don. I am sir, respectfully, yr. obt. svt.
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
Adjutant General's Office,
Mav 19, 1861.
Col. L. O'B. Branch, Q. M, General, Ral
eigh, X. C.
Colonel : Transportation is required to
convey Hfty boxes muskets from the State
Arsenal, Raleigh, to Garysburg to-day.
Transportation is required for four hun
dred men from Garysburg, Northampton
county, to Richmond, Va., on Thursday,
23d of May. Transportation is required
for four hundred men from the Camp of
of Instruction, Raleigh, to Richmond, Va.,
on Friday, tho 21th day of May.
By order of the Governor.
J. F. Hoke, Adj. General.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, May 19, 161.
Special Order, )
No. Capt, W. W. Kirkland,
Confederate Stites Infantry, is assigned to
the command of the droops quartered with
in the limits of the city and of the Camp
of Instruction near thj city, with rink of
Lieut. Colonel. He will be obeyed and
respected accordingly. This order to take
effect from the 21st instant.
By order of the Governor :
J. F. Ilokr, Adj. General.
Adjutant General's Office,
Raleigh, May 20, 1861.
The commanding officer of the Towus
viile Guard will report with his company,
on Wednesday, the 22d instant, to the com
manding officer at Weldon, X. C.
The company will proceed to Richmond,
on Thursday, 23d instant.
By order of the Governor ;
J. F. noke, Ad'jt Gen.
Adjutant General's Offic?,
Raleigh, M?.y 20, 3861.
Dr. E. Burke Haywood,
You are assigned to the Camp of In
struction near Raleigh, as Chief Surgeon
with the assimilate rank of Major, and will
be respected and obeyed accordingly.
By order of the Governor :
J. F. Hoke, Adjt. General.
3i isci:i i.AXEors.
The Illinois Lecislature has passed a
eoropulory education law. The Legisla
ture of Iowa is considering a similar measure.
Ross, Char:otte Grejs,
Avery. Burke Rifles,
' Starr, Lafayette L. Infantry,
' Atdae, Orange L. Infantry.
If the originals are no; at the camp yon
will requiret he Captains toseud duplicates.
Very respectfully.
Your obd't serv't.,
J. F. Bok Ad'j Gen.
A rumor nas open maue current that the
Ashantee King wisher to accept the olive
branch of peace at the hands of the En
glish government.
An association is proposed in each
j Southern State for the purpose of pension
ing Confedaiate soldiers. The plan for
raising the money is by lottery-
"What would become of us if the brake
was to givo way ?" exclaimed a nervous
lady, as the car in which she was riding
was going down a hteep deoliue. Thct
would depend entirely upon bow yon have
lived iu this world," vua the consoling
answer of the conductor.
The San Francisco Bulletin aaya there
are two or three thousand outlaws in tho
mountains of California who live by rob
Lery and violence. They occasionally
make a raid on some villege and strip it of
valuables. They are quite secure from
arrest in their mountain fastnesses.
Georgia Grangers lirre organized a com
pany for the f hiiment of cotton to Liver-
! p: cl rithout th iatn?3tiC5 ci brokers .
t An Aeeonnt of the) Yovnse l'rnm
IlAttern to Mew York, Taken
From the Diary oTaa Ofllrer who
a Taken Prisoner at the (all
of Ikal Foat.
Coii tinned.
Monday, Sept. 2. 1SC1.- The voyage at
tea throughout was as delightful as could
be. There as but little swell on the
ocean the ship nas almott Motionless
no one wt sea sick, aud the temptratnra
was charming. Saving that we were pris
oners undeigoing a gilded slavery, we had
nothiug to complain of. A Hue band of
muaie assuubled ut sunset every afternoon
on the poop deck, ar.d performed fine
pieccr, even Dixie, as a special compli
ment to u. Early on Monday morning
we fonud ourselves off the Highlands cf
Xeversink. Breakfast over, we were all
ou deck, even to tLe men, ou the lookout.
It was a new sight to niapy, most of them,
who had never before beeu thirty mile
from home.
Passing through the Narrows, wehalt-d
off Fort La Fayette au4 learned that there
ms uo room to .receive us.
We ateamed majestically up tho beauti
Bay of New York, aud came to anchor off
the Battery near the entrano. ta the North
river. Our arrival had been announced iu
the city and steamboats passed ut crowded
with ecger, excited aud enthusiastic spec
tators, who made t'ie welkin ring with
thtir cheers. Hundred of row boats pas
sed around the vessel, the passengers ea
ger to catch a gli;upso of tho "secession
isti." One of the boats contained two of
my acquaintances and friends, with whom
I conversed over the taffrail, Thus. Telfair
aud Richard Dcmill.
As we passed the U. K. Sloop of war
Cumberland, the two ships saluted each
Once at anchor, w were iven to under.
stand that Commodore Striughtu had to
confer with the Administration ut Wash
ingtou as to what disposal kht.uld be made
of us, before we could leave the ship. We
wailed patiently all the afternoon, but ro
ceived no tiding. The Commodore went
to New York, aud did not return. It was
known that there wan soaie difficulty iu
Hndincr room for wo many, but that was
all. The day wore away, we becamo tired
of looking af. the city", the vit-ielg, tho
bo.ts and the ba, and slept the first liight
as we had htrttofoie, withiu the screea of
c.-uivuss o.i the gnu deck, without know
ing our fate.
During the day Cat. Clements received
a note from W. .V J. Bryee, of New York,
formerly Wm. Bryee &,'o. , asking for me,
and offering to serve us in any way. This
was comforting as we needed friends, and
wcroin want of almost everything.
Tuesday, Sept. 3. This day was spent
on shipboard again, in the buy of Xew
We heard all sorti of rumors as to where
wa were to be taken. Oue was that wo
were to be confined on u ship off the
Brooklyn Navy Yard, and that the ship's
carpenter had jrono to aid in fitting he r
up for our reception. Towards the after
noon, ono of the otliuers told t;s we were to
go to Bedloe's IfdaJid, whieh is 4 grsj,
shaded spot in the Bay, wwll fortified. Wo
therefore looked upon" this as our tuturu
We received th? New York papers to
day, filled with the rnot extravagant ac
counU of the capture of the Forts, and
greatly exaggerating its importance. These
accounts did not do us justice of course.
The Tribune contained a list of all tho offi
cers and men, obtained from the Commo
dore's secretary I suppose.
Mr. J. Bryee of th.. firm of W. J,
Bryee, came on board and asked (or Capt.
Clements, Lieut. Shaw, John Voiin, my
self and others, and offered to aid us in
any way. The sequel will show that we
availed ourselves of his proffered kindness.
Visitors wnre generally forbidden the diip,
and this was an exceptional cave. Other
friends sough. t admittance but were re
fused. The officers rigidly excluded all
reporters of the press, and Feeined to liavo
no me for them. The tid the rule
adopted refusing to admit visitors, was as
much for our protretion as for their own.
There wai, certainly, great auxiety to get
a sight at us. The'shore near the Castlo
Garden was bned with spectators, aud ev
ery steamboat that passed was crowded
with eiger gazer.
Wednesday, Sept. 4 We were notified
this morning to be in rwadine to embark
for iJedloft'e Island at o'c lock.
At that hour a steamer was a'ong side,
and took half the men to that place. An
other steamer received the residue of us,
including the officer.
Our parting with the officers of tho Min
nesola was polite, cordial and almost touch
ing. They had treated us with kindliest,
and we wee iu a situation to appreciate it.
I shall feel grateful to some of them
through life. They waived an adiu as w
We steamed towards Bdloe's Island,
and were met by boat (steamer) half
way, aud our direction changed to
Governors Inland. We were directed to
Bedlee'ri bv mistake it iri!, and an order
was tent thre t direct the others way.
ror.T touauii anij castle wilham, oov.
While at suchor in the lv, the privates
ar:d officers, in rnv hearing, mted to
Governor's Iland, with th r xpreM n f
a wish, that we might be i-:it to th s
beautiful spot. They did not autieipnt
at the tiir.e that their wishes were to b
realiz d.
We landed at th -fth&rfl etweea ten an
eleven o lock, and the mfii n formed
in companies in two ranks j,d marched tt
Castle Williams, a round wosk threa
storie high, near the wttr, on th 1:01th
wet of the 1-dand. a promiuant djeot in
the scenery around the Bay Jl lew Yott
but not a very prejosssi!ig one.
The officers were all marched up to the,
interior of Fort Columbus, which ia m
the ulterior of the Island. It i a Bastion,
built oigranilc, Muronn. d with a moat
fifty fet wide. Around and outtddo tho
moat is a couuteraearp or breastwork, and
outwatds from thi is a glacis, Leantifullr
turfed with blue grass.
In the interior of the works arc foa?

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