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The Clarion.
UI L LIA >1 A I K S>,
9afp" The latest nows from France
indicates that the Infidels and Level
lers have destroyed the Louvre, the
great re lository of art for years, and
the Tuillcries, the grand palace of
Kings and Emperors. These two
noble and grand edifices, the pride of
the Parisians and France, and the ad
miration of the world, have been
burnt by the demons of exasperated
fury. Great God, where will they
stop ?
JC6T* By the recent census taken of
the State of Maryland for the year
1870, it appears that Frederick, liar
ford, Washington and Allegany coun
ties lose each one member of the
House of Delegates. Next winter
Frederick county will only be entitled
to Jive members of the House of Dele
gates, instead of six as heretofore.
Gee outside for Creagorstpwn
jT-yp The number of voters in I’red
eriek-Town and county in ITvO was
2810, but not one-half of them hard
lv ever, at that period, attended tin
polls, as there was only one polling
precinct—at the Court House in Fred
E-Both political parties in Penn
rvlvania are going to make tremend
ous efforts to carry that Bta(e this lull.
The Republi-’ans and Democrats are
pretty evei.h i at >nci 1.
&.'r Ben. Wade stands a pretty
good pr meet of being the Republican
Candida to for Governor of Ohio at the
the next t led ion.
C-y- Wo are informed that several
capitalist-! from the H-H imen I visit
ing our town next wee!; with a view
i.f examining the mineral deposits of
thi' section of country.
F\-l bivi-ruor Willard Warner, of
Alabama, has been appointed Gover
nor of Lew Ah \i--o.
jfegr President Grant is about to re
lire to Long Hram-li. New .lersey, for
a spell. He will b-ave Wadiiiigi-m
citv f. r the watering place next We l
le- lay.
f'v The Colv.mLu.-: i'Ga.) fici en
thnsia-iii-ally t-.xpn s.--s its tumultii-'in
j.v that Robert T s has "un-i--r
id;en the holy t.;d; of catting afresh
with lii- meat, I ebisel, mallet an-;
ur-'i, ■■■ ana en tie- b--.-rC --f the S it.,
era j- • ■■!.-, -Right • .-hall be r -> ■ u.-dj
and j ll lice bo done.’ "
• A letter wrili-r r- marks, mv., fa
Gelt sbttrg i Pa.) < -.a., hr. lb it Col
Ab-viiider K. Met 'liire. f.-m-rly .1 ;
itor of tie* Giia'iib- rd.iirg •db-po-i
tor\." but new a1 v. v.-r ol Pbil.eb !
pbia, i- one of if. - cli-arc H h- .••!■ 1
politi--in.ii.-! in the Sum ol IVnnsylv-i 1
nia. are 1 that lie a.y- "lobe sin---.- 11l
the Democracy mii-H male- their - 1 1 • ■ i<• ■ ;
f. ir the ITo id--:ic v I n-t -.vn-n (1- -v. (b a
j-v and < iov. Walker, ~f \’.--..rin in ,
Ah'-x. is sometimes lA-.-F'ii- afi.-r din
ner. and at all tine- an in** rrigibb
wag. lie is a great trier-l ~,| Geary s.
although he says he w niKln’t believ c
Lii.i on oath.
Snriors ('oNri .vur.ATio.N in Dm.
TlMer.r. -A tire occurred on sharp
street. Baltimore, on M. 1.-iy in- ruing,
about 3 o’clock, which destroyed
proportv to the value of tjWiO. ('(Hi,
g. covered bv iusiirancc. Din
ing tin-progress of tin- o->nll.-iirrali- >:i.
a steam (Ire engine exploded, and a
11. ing i,oil struck Mr. 1. Harry \\V:i
v r, a member of tin- 1 'ity < Wuiieil, in
the f. ire bead, causing bis death in lev
than an hour.
JSGJ“ The Point of Rocks Railroad
fin that place to Washington eilyl
will be in running order bv the 1.-t of
S ptciuber.
Tin; Dnot’Tir.— If the invocation-!
and pravers of our farming friend -|
could ei fee I anything, tin- parched j
earth would assuredly be visited .vitli!
refreshing showers. The want of rain \
is seriously felt, as (he grass, ~„rn and;
oats crops are much retarded by the
dry weather. Seme lariners say the
ground F be:;, , . d the young corn
cannot come up. Have a little pa
tience and faith, and perhaps the
showers will descend in due time.—
But rain is badly wanting.
Ratification or the Treaty.—
The Senate of the I idled States, on
last Wednesday, the, 2-lih last., by a
vote of ;V against 12. ratified the
Treaty of Washington, for the settle
ment of all claims growing out of tie
late war and the depredation- of Hu
Alabama, between the Failed Stab s
and Great Britain.
Immediately thereafter. Earl do
Grev, Fir Stafford Nh-rtlieote and Gen,
D -heni’k, our Minister to Great Britain,
sailed for Europe in the, Cuba.
Gen. All.-u E, Burnside, Governor
nf Rhode Island, lias been elected
Grand •’ emnaub r of the Grand
Army of the Republic.
V, ry curious Indian reli-s haver--
ers.itlv b- '-’i fons.d on lie-farm of John
1 nil, i, r- i- ling on tin- Fairlii-id road,
Hi.-I f we id; . A-ho-. - wr.iv,
nl.irlv .-rd-iin.-d or v.-le, in the Fni
<r -J Af., ■ ,
I H&iT” Primary elections were held in
■ Baltimore City last Monday by the
Democratic Conservative parly to
choose Delegates to the City Conven
tion to elect Delegates to the State
- Convention to nominate candidates
• for Governor and Attorney General,
j The friends of Win. Pinkney Whyte
3 for Governor seem to have had it all
"i their own way. They carried every
3 ! ward in (he city and polled 11,283
I votes to dUI) ojiposilion. Baltimore
I I citv therefore declares for W in. Pink
> ney Whyte for Governor by a tre
• mendous majority.
i Status of (lie Next General Assembly.
Below we give the status of Hie
j General Assembly next alter the pub
lication of the census ol 1870. We
F suv next, because the Governor cuu
" i not issue his proclamation, under the
■ Constitution, until the census returns
are published by the Washington au-
MhonUcs. It will be seen by the list
’ given below that no county in the
Slate, with the exception ■•( Somerset,,
■ gains -it having a gain ol one dele
gate while live others, viz: Allegany,
j Cecil. Frederick, Harford and Wash-;
1 ingtbii counties, will each lose <-m
‘! The delegation from the Eastern
; Shore will be the same as unde.- the
! Couclilulioii ol' ISO 1 ..), having gaim-1
nim in Somerset to make up for the
■’ one lost in (Veil. Daltiinoiv i-ity will
, remain as imw. .-m it i; out it led to Hie
isame number from each district that
■tie- largest county may have, which is
mv, (see Da!timore county.) The
i Western .Shore counties los<* from, viz;
■ Allegany, Frederick, Harford and
' Washington, one each.
i ia ■ u ■
COUNTIES. g | T~ ?• =7
Allegany ii MS,.':’,:; •( ”
i Anne Arundel I! 21. la? ;;
Haltiniere City is giir.iisc is
■ Baltimore County tl (!n,ii,V) (j
■ Calvert 1} ttstj.v g 1
Caroline l',M(i| g
• ClUTiill -I gS.lil!) .(
i Veil t .'.y .n
Cliarli-s le.HIS I
Durehester t! I'.l.l'iS
Ere 1.-rlek (! -17.A Pc 5
llaiTunl ■! X'.',iitt.'i
II i\\ aril 2 1-1,1(10 •?
Kent C 1 ,‘.lo> v!
.Meulg-oinerv I! , ju,.‘ii,:! :j
Prince ili -uyi I! I, i :;s ;;
Apn-rii Anne a le,e:;:i g
-.-I. Marv’s 2 11.'.-ll
s-.i-iMvl 2 is.iiio ;;
Tablet 2 lO.lur 2
'.v i -. a r,
Win.age.. 2 IT'S -J
, Worn su-r 2 I■>.ll -• 2
Mi 7 ; i,;.:;
I f Dari V.- vo ■ I tlm in li 'nati .n
I and ■xe -rati--n ol tln- v.li-wor!-i i
their |’i nti.- ■ ! ■ ii it ! .
- fren/v is lh ■d. iu-F-n i f tii gr.-.mi l
■ : in a- f the PI ice \V ! me This
i m:.: nil! i • monument of iim gl- r, e-fi
lh- ■ V,a • efe li-l to eomnieuu-r-t.
: : ■■ \ -toi ies of the gn at Xa] >1 n
! ■ [J u'ol from ihe Du ■-m-i- ami Pru
1 -i.ii,■■-. re i• ist i'it i it-- mould. It i
■! we. a grand, a wond. rliil. a iaa"iii!l
--i e--e.i work ,-f,art, an 1 with its a-- -,-i.i i
' lion- .-li Olid 1 ive be,-a f revel - the,
, pride and He- p! .-isure of El', in hliieli.
!l wi - thrown di.iwu by ord-r if tie-'
, Commune a few days a„-,. and He
men who have 1.e.-n proud. 4 <-f ii
. proportions and ne -t be-a Hul of its |
! nn-mori--•• were He- !;rs‘ {-, c\iill over
Ait-, min and 1■ , r imhgai; i.-s to tin- (
| S’i hi/ nj /, ■ ■■,,'//?.
H Hr,i;M-rzi. An kmj-t at Si mu e.
;A la terrible and distressing at
j tempt ai l!'-de-tri|rtion was made
near Droad Itun, in tb.is county, on
■ Thnr-idav evening 1 1 t, tlie particulars
of v. bi -h ei.- sub-gent Ally a- folk.\vs ■
Mi-- 'i’i,iinl;ins. who r*-!id*- with Mr.
| f>. 1! nli'.-r, a farmi-r in tin- \ ii-inii v of
D.romi Dun, cut ln-r iliroat in a ni'-.-l
j dioi-kiag manner, in three diifevent
|p 1. making the i .---t frightful
| gash.;-!, and by the merest accident j
■ barely missing the windpipe.
| / ’i-' r/r.-ir/: lifjinllican. j
Western M akvi.and Extension, j
—This comjmny will organize in a
' few davs. savs the Baltimore A inert - •
an*l Hn-re are strong evidences t
| Hint the road will be pul nnu.-r eon-1
I tract at no distant day by the N'ewj
, I York capitalists, Aspinwall, 11,-itch, j
i Winslow and others, who, under the
. name ot tint Consolidated (Vni ( ont
panv, own such an immense extent ol
. valuable coal property near Cumber-
Hand. <)ii the opening ot the book's,:
,'tiiev promptly subscribed loifl.SUU,-j
(intj of (lie stock. These gentlemen j
, have evidently had the country from'
Williamsport again explored, and
have found a route with easier grades!
iypi much less tunnelling Ilian the
| proposed T'avior survey. It is one,
;F t ,ri . which possesses many advantages
! |over tin- Taylor route, and will insure
'j i 1111:• •1 > larger amount ol 1 • 1 trav.-I.
! file unusual develop..u-nt which the
; Marv’.iiid coal I rade ha : taken since
i the strike in Pi-misydv.iuia. arid the
, Iverv r.-mniierative j-rolit wlii'di exp.e-
I ri< i as ,i. iwn tin t c d ! . msporta
j lion Mil -. ile, v ill doii'ol!-insure (be
I ,-ompleti- n of thi- Do ad.
.j Littb Rock. Ark.-’U a-, la - n p-'-pr.-
IF "-n -f 12,00 P,
t j For the ('atocii)i Clarion.
* Rocky Riduk, May 25, 1871.
>j Mtt. Editor; —This place is tituatod
■ about one and a half miles M ost "1
; Monocayv, and is a most beautiful
’ and healthy place; and no doubt, in
• time will become a business place. —
* Even at this present time wo have two
I stores and one ehmvh, and another
one under contemplation ; also a pri
-1 mary school house, very largo and
’ comfortable, and several dwelling;
houses, amongst them a large brick
■, hotel. There is a large warehouse, 1
| owned by Senator Biggs, which has j
been built very substantially, and Mr.
Higgs has sold a large amount of for
, tilizers of dilibrent kinds, having no!
. less than eight different kinds; also
i dealing in salt very heavily, and grain j
. and almost every thing that is generally [
, kept in a well-stocked house. Mr.
. Win. Boss White shipped from this
.| pbme to Baltimore on the 2"d inst.,
seventeen fat eat. le, waughing upward.
.of twenty thousand pounds. Mr.!
/White reside-; in Adams county, I’a.. 1
. and experts (o s!ii[> to ;.ml from this:
' place the coming season,.very heavily.
Mr. Hanson Kcker ha /Tpidu-d and
1 shipped to the city v. ithin the la. i two
1 months over one hundred tons of hay,
and is .-till pa- king I the hay npp< r
, to come in from all iinarti rs. (lay
worth ai lid place from eight (•> ten
. dollars ]m r ton. .Mr. A. 1 1 in -a c. I’.
Miller are about toi mamcnia but. her
ing operations. Ho you will dis'-owi
that our little village !-■ not abo ■■■tin r
b.'iie Ah the no!h-e of the more Hour- (
ishin;: towns and villages in I ] H . county,'
having a shoemaker, carpenter, phy.-.i
eiaii, si me ,aa -n and Iri -ic layer:
also a regular barb.-r. in person of.
John Whitmore, established on the
square of Baltimore and bn d. ri. k
,Blreefs, whose motto is, although he
i-.innoi sing < r llv ns high a- an ! .a!e.
"never rough, but always naAs. I
will now el.-a 1 mv remarks (or Ibis
| time, but yon shall hear from this
nlae ■ ag tin short!'.',
A CiTim. r.
<! HA i '/‘HI AM IT/iV-i
M \ v 22, IT!.
I Kerr.ir Ci \ iuom ■ The si vere fros 1
.■!' h, -i w *ek did i" v-.d.-s ibie injure t
beans and and jotn!■ but the fruit
nan d’n unbanned.
!'!■ ■ |a'. .•• ’lit dry an i■..l w- ;■ r i
highly faverable t lie rr wing; gr in.
wlii h i i evs ■.iT:n finely, . ! ii
a ;j- 1•■ v. w sh i liar tie
T! ■;.>!. tin mi Ist of -
• avy ■ th . I I
and Jaeob Mart in' are 1 dim u, . I
i him J’ev, d. S Jiiiekeinderier and
1 vi in Sviiod el I i;da i'di'l.m.
1 ■ ; of Jiev Mr. N, uat
Nw d i'k, v. a 1 1 I!vi red v.itli line
} Mr Wm. < V..nmr wa.•• thivwn m
‘ his wa run a b w d iys ago, bruised i
■ ! arils . bur nod.in ■ .ai ms i • ' -
head a 1 „„ de fall.
I Tim Messrs. ITu >ver & Visit r n
; tinue ("doe lb iitr: !d:m is :m-s with
limit’ mid o.i < >'.v im/s ere. k. They
‘ sliip a laiv- a;n<>;i;,; of tmur to Belt
more, 1 e ides suppl dug tin In■
: trmi a
I! • r-.e I ’r uise i- preparing '• mak
hri.’k f r hi., m-w I.miking in n.
Mr. 1. ha 8!o tvr let.- e .nimciie .
putting up a lemi; ediliee i n tlm .-!d
i ground where the lire consumed hi
; h g ten •: mat.
Next Mon-lav evening iln* indie of
this plaee give a Straw berrv and 1".
1 dram i b.. nival.
Our village is healthy, and the
d country all around looks bright and ’
. beamiit!. d'nna,.
tt-.-y Next W>’due- lay. Mist in nant,
at 2 o'cl.i dc. I’. M.. the exen i- ■- e i,..
nCcted with the laying of the t'onier■
Stone of dm Mary land Institute f.
(lie Deaf and Mumh, will take plma
in tin ( iiy of I’rederick. Hr. bullet,
lof Baltimore, will deliver a suitable
j address on I be occasion.
This will he a very imposing eere-j
j mony. The (tovernor of the Slate, I
Oden Bowie, together with Mayor
i Banks, of Baltimore, and members of,
| the. City Commil will ho present.—
! Hon. dolm 11. B. batrohe. of Bulli
-1 more, brand Master of the Masonic!
, Brotherhood of the Stuta will hu the
cone r stone, assisted by the Masonic
Brethren,civie societies and the publie
I generally. This Insdlution as tlm
; pride and glory of the Stale should,
be liberally endowed and fostered as a S
: noble dedication to unfortunate hu
manity. 1
| Kf ‘' Ibe weatlmr is too warm to
! work or dream," said a gentleman to;
’ a young lady to-day. ‘•’JTteii go to!
Marble Hall to-night,’’said (heMat
’: ter. To elmer the mind and give Cum
and invigorate the system, there is
• nothing like a s!v flirtation whit a
dish id Hwool stfawlierrk.i smothered,
in cream.
Mr. b. 8. Biley, aide writ-",
late of Baltimore, has (.do n i ilili.ri.il
ei.nirol of the Baltimore ('.mntv H r
nj /. published at Towsrmtuwn, bud. r
hi- guiditliec the Herald will soon be
■ eonm one ol tie fir I j a per.' in tb• ■
Jlmmitsbnr;; Hems.
r J’ho fencing around the Curncn of
Tin; Incarnation has been completed.
Viewed in certain directions, things
about there present a neat appear
ance, but tlm accumulation of old
boards, piles of stones hero and there,
1 old iron pipes, &c,, are not by any
means suitable adornments around a
church edifice. The yard in front
begins to look green ; there will, how
! ever, he a groat contest as to whether
the sown grass seed or the rising weeds
; will prevail; the hitter should have a
j 1 ift. It would delight a Botanist to 1
view the exquisite specimens of Peek
j with (heir lanceolate leaves that bend
so gracefully in their undulate course,
and ima,r by them that other sort with;
j the broad leaves, dark green in color,
and which expand widely and lie
uearlv li.d to tin* earth; then comes
I the ..Viei/o, (catmint, catnepl, with
! its heart-shaped leaves, serrate, and
, tii.it stand off from tie- main stem, the
| whole beautiful in color and rich in
l IV igrance. I la* joy of jolly eats : as well
a- (he two /,I'vniu i t all considerate
nurses, and not only that, but also
■ wind iie’.i ei |i ar -the soft mallov.' ■:
and there are the mulleins, highly
luxuriant in ; rowth, with t Imir dccur
n at 1.-av. - ■ i sofi, velvet like on both
sides, nb c> o and beneath —how meek
(he,- .-.'l'm, in tlmir ] dm given color- ■
me: nor would we turn aside from
ilmplant'iins. with their broad, smool h,.
• leliei’lulv shaded leaves, whose cool
ing elibels you have no doubt often
If.-!; in the rapid relief they alibi'd
■ t'rom tlm poison of a bee's sling or the
like. • 111 •i vi li. i. •• -i". I at ford such de
light fil f "I to canary birds. Time
doe-; not permit a particular notice of
tlm Iru'r/iuni. I clover.j I he* V.diit".
th • l/T ■ ’ tlm Immy Ive : the red,
ihefima. r's hope. I conclude wall
the I\Cr ■ < .•ifruinoi’it• m ‘ the thorn
h) >km ’ tvm d . f the nauseating •; •• nt,
I.i.t w h ■ 1 1 1 e.', er win n seen, lit em
blem .•; v j H's-ivv ! ■ makes us Wolidei
how much beauty of l -rm ran l.'idom;
to fab'ehi."■ ; ' Tins last is not yt
euii-pieu. ■■■■'. r• at ;il t !n; rest can
ri'. ldv b, s, ■), with others not men-'
ii red, ii' :r tlm front walls and around
■bo entrance st.'j s od is is in the
1,.f 1 Il e-vn.
•Mlft of I'd lit tv, ’:■he n•• rdy sop
~f el :m - -ad h- i' 1 end trim j
mine ii d all the m -t of a mil
km !••■ .' .ab 1i - iU a al-' UeL/cdv boa"
N ill lb : / ', i i.ktvid 1 " her,
ft sc I if :* will sell at
M.ll. ■ m the 1 ,;: ' c.in r ad on •' it
e; i;,v. the 1 i;li i f dune, at I i.'doek.
!’. M.. tv. ■ Her."*c, i B -'kawry
I; i a.:'- . i i laisiml - eft '. ii'U ami a lot
■ f ; r ; I -i somil properly.
I e,i .(I'l I't ■ are Very (lusly, ale! C'Ul'
nier c have to keep I heir sior
■l dag "I pcH of the day to j•.••(*■
v-nt j 'wd' fed r.-d i .11 h tr. m
ilurati.e.e their w bite her chiefs and
id," Board f 1 hroet rs of the!
I't'aneli Bali A ■•' are grailnuily t ; o
i• I ;nil*:' th" Kim-ill ol Wav tor th’ on
t 'rpi'i, / A- ■ m a■ 1h -y can regu-l
Go\o Mari'! I: ITmem.M :,d.
The m, .11 <! rant, who kiile ill. Ili vi-s i
I’.dlaid in Itii'lii:; ml. Virginia, is still
in the 11 ■. ro 1 da-tia 1 bii:di.es-, under
lim mime of J. li. Buss-11.
Banana-' fried with fresii pork is an
ini li■ "i;i'jii of .-•mi-barbarbm in St..
Louis. j
John f be inn, a"' 1 115 years, ro-!
ceo'ly died in the Washington county
! t I’ll ) J'.ior house.
The friends of Judge lliehnrd By
1 Carmieliael, of Queen Anne’s county, I
for Hovei'ii ir, are rallying in force on
the bustern biioxv, and uii the Western
Delaware announces the introduc
tion there of three pairs of English:
Sparrows, which are expected to do
great things.
The editor of the New York Trt- :
ihunr. Horace Greclv, savs: “We do
j not think the time has eonm for nom
inating the next President."
I NipT.-sr. -Coroner Win. Beam had j
Injury summoned last week I ■ enquire'
| into the. cause of tlm death of a child j
! which was found lasi week in Bruner’s '
Mill race, and their verdict was that
1 lie infant came to its death from some I
cause unknown to (he .1 urv.
|/>,"fi/'M l/niou.
f/ y ■ The nomination of the Hon.
Jem , It. Be; , ; , v. of Baltiiiu re, as
Minister to Bre.-.ii, has heen I,'onlirmed
bv the Senate iif th ■ bnited Stales, 1
li Tin; iiio.-i. delightful' thing in
tlm world is a dish of sweet Strawber
ries mat lion 1 in ci . sn. I >o to tha
■ Vivadl’e ;; d.
' Gii.vmd Festival I—The Ladies of the
• M. E. Church, of this place, commenced a
1 Grand Festival at MARBLE HALL, hist
evening for the benefit of the finances of
the AL K. Church. The Hall, one door
west of George H. Johnson’s store, is hand-:
Homely fitted up for the occasion. Straw
berries and lee (.'ream and Confections an
on hand and served up with politeness and
taste. The rush last evening filled the
Hall, and wu hope THIS EVENING, to
see a large crowd in the Hall, and partake
of those nice delicacies of the season. '1 he ,
ladies wear their sweetest smiles and can
not fail to please all who may attend. Ad
mittance FREE!
Tint M utKKT.—The market this week
has been quite brisk and fair in the lum
ber trade, groceries and feed stuff. Dry
goods are retailing at small profits. Cooper
stuff and fence rails come in steadily—and
many farmers arc now hauling rails to im-
prove their fences. Fanning implements \
for the harvest season are selling readily.
AVmsteiln Alahyland Rviliioad. —AN e
are happy to state that the mountain sec-,
lion of lids Road known as Mrs. Conway s,
is gnuU* lup to O wings’ creek crossing.
Stone cutters and masons are busy at work,
and we expect to see the Iron Horse run-i
ning to Sahiliasvillc by the 4tli of July.
The tracklayers arc busy performing their
portion of lalior. AVc must say that mueb
merit s’nould be accorded to Mrs. Conway
for tin. manner in which her business lias
been conducted on section 111. Indeed this
hub, who lias proven herself so energetic,
deserves tile meed of praise for her felicity
and perseverance. Many Fiuk.vds.
Tho Wta.nl•* of tho Tow n.
AVha* M<-ehnnicstovvii most stands in
r.r- t of rh the present time, is
A Hank—
A large I Intel—
A Female Seminary —
A Building Association
A company of enterprising capitalists—
workers in brass, iron and copper—to de
velop the mineral wealth of the mountain
section,and put manufactories in motion. ■
A Railroad, pure air, good water and a
In sit h r and delightful location we already
A lisle more capital and enterprise anil
•be tow u and country around will llonrish
’ like a Green Bay Tree in the month of
.1 ,jii*. Mow fora pull, a strong pull, a long
pull and i null altogether, and we will rank
she rllllu. '
I A;" I.'sr.t Sunday wa,s the warmest day
of l! - sea mi.
Joiui McCauley, toll-gate keeper at M;.si
te rev. on tin’ Gettysburg and Waynes; r-f
; iir.ij.il.i, tiled suddenly of crump elioisc o;i
::-.iiorniug of the 17th hist.
Tie- girl l have laid away hoops and si: -
1., ys haw taken them up.
Te-nimr >w will lie Whit Sunday.
Aiwa s buy of Jh<'c who advertise lib
err.ily -M;y sell ‘lie -hvapest.
Tlie woodj have joined the Fenians.—
f! • ■;, an- "wearing of the green.''
Vlie "i iio it) trees are banging very full of
(b;r i.crii'sfmeni*r loom up- v -ry eu
e. ;:v.!,iii".ly this week.
Fishing for trout in the limpid streams old
i'i- m un'-Aln I# lieconiing quite an I give
■•.l !' -p. '.'t and pastime. A party from Hal
p.aa full up High lin.i.
Is is thought there ar>- li^iiis.roots, p’auss
nn-t berries enough in out beautiful moun
t-sin. if properly compounded, So euro all
the it beasts incident to ihiselimaie
Mr. i rael Dield, the great Orient d trav
eller and Shaksperian readei, in cmnpany
ivi;b i,i- ne.wly married bride. Mrs. A.mie
T, t’.-.-iil'-ll lliat was, are regaling the peo
; ■■ of Adams county, l'u.. with lectures
an i re itath-uis.
It it. unjust to liluiuc a won (vb-) doc.-u'i
lulvi r! ’. because his prices arc high. He
make them high because Ida sales•
:;n .-.mill.
1 Hi' The last phase of newspaper enter-:
I ;-sc is said to tie describing weddings:
: -,vbk do not take place, but which ought
to i;SV 111 ( 11.
He .ale who visit Mi-clianicstown once
nr-- d- lighted with the “situation,'' ainll'ec-l
I'd.- dig again.
A iu 'ge party of good follows from Union
Hri'L;.- are preparing to come up to Me
. haiii'-.iiown during the week of tie- “Esi- ■
, hi- , ; .--livid." Let them come; the mon
-.Hr nn-rrier. There will be entertainment
Ft vi r:d Seuoritas from the City of Mexi
co a : vnl in our town a few days since by
the AV. Al. 11. R. train from Baltimore.—
They s-iy this section of country resembles
si.Vr.lit-y of Ansdinae.
Aay body who supposes that locking a
; il l ia a back room will prevent her from.
j kv.-wing what love minus, might as well
j try to ki !*p straw berries from blushing in
; June. iiy wliispcring in her ears about the
.-now we bad hist winter.
| Father Gomlolfo's vineyard in Kmiuits
| burg is looking elegantly,
i The voice of tho whip-poor-will is beard
, at dewy eve.
Nothing sensational appears to be appie
i.-iali-d in Graeeliain. The people there are
| all 100 sober sided to be tickled w itli novel
' ties.
Rochdale woollen factory, near Enunits- '
burg, is in full operation. ,1. W. Peoples
, proprietor.
Th- eonmieneenient exercises at Ml. St.
; Alary's ( ullege, this year, will take place on ;
the last Wednesday of June; and al St. '
Joseph's Academy on the Thursday follow
ing. Preparations for the exercises are ah
i ready commencing, and it is supposed a
very large crowd w ill be present. ;,
i Tin- public schools of this county closed .-
last Tuesday for the summer vacation.
I’redietei! — a cool summer,
dm- can't marry a-miss if he marries a
A man with whom we can put up with
i— a good I iolel Keeper.
Imudiitant.— Tho Host Office Depart
ment has given orders to Postmasters ti nt
no two persons disconnected in business or,
family relations, can receive their mall mat
Si r tioin the same box.
! The AV. M. R. R. get Hie most of their
Oak !.umber from Sir. Zcnts’ sawmill.— ;
Henry E. Aioser, Sawyer.
(lo to Marble Hal! t- night if - m .
•vs-nt i Li -u. ' .
New PiiSTMAsrints. —Air. J. B. Kunkel
lias been appoint! d Postmaster at Cat octin
; Furnace, vice Mrs. Isabella Oil, resigned.
Jesse F. Lamport lias been appointed
Postmaster at Double Pipeercek, vice John
M. Cover, resigned.
Look at Tins,— AVe are informed by
one of onr enterprising fellow-citizens, that
two passengers lefl tliis place lasi Tuesday
1 morning by the W. Al. it. R. for Bremen,
j Now look out for the speedy arrival at this
point of the German and French colony
from the "Faderland” and River Rhine.
Good Sam-:.—David Loin- recently pur
chased of Samuel Welly,near Waynesboro’,
|>a., twenty acres of limbered land, for tho
sum of SI 70 perucre.— (!itty*l>nrrj Cmn.
! Leo Broken. A severe accident at,
Grayson’s saw-milt, in Liberty township,
on Tuesday last. Whilst Simon P. Stover
land Paxton Reilly were placing a saw log
mi the mill carriage, the log slipped off, and
' striking Air. Stovi r on Hie leg, broke it bc
iow the knee. Dr. R. Annan, of Eminits
iairg, reduced the fracture. —77,
\V\nM.—Last Sunday was pretty warm.
, hut Thursday, the Mil'll instant, day and
night, was a good deal warmer.
I Sunday Ti. i.r.i iita m. This excellent,
: weekly continues to increase in interest
with the publication of each number. Its
literary matter is of the highest order of
; merit.* Col. John R. Johnson continues
to furnish Ids interesting ( phonic of Euro
pean travel and description of foreign
eomitrhs. As a Home Journal of news,
facts and limeies, literature and art, it is far
i superior to Hut Sunday papers, ot the Hub
cities. AH true Marylanders should li-e! a
pride in su.-taining it. Jesse Cloud Mortis,
the Editor, is a relative of Dr. J. NV. Mil
h-r and Anion T. Norris, of Hie Rocky
Ridge and Monoeiiey region, tmd lut.-t
large iiumher of friends an 1 relatives in
Frederick ami Carroll counti< s.
Dk.i ohaTion Dav. Tlien; v. ill Ik- no
; general observance of Decoraiu'ii Day, in.
tlds pl-acc, on Tuesday, the JOtli insti-.nt.—
Those who have sincere re; peel Cor the
\ niemorv of the 1 niun dead, who fell in oi
1 fence- of Use flag of their country that the
: nation might live, will quietly go to ll,e;e
silent resting place, strew tie-gravis with
Agarlands and (lowers, their orisi na oliered
: up to Heaven, and drop a tear sacred to
1 iheir historicr^-ror-l.
Tur. CnntcuMs.—La.-t Sai i ai'u ‘.’lst i;i
---t-.nt. Rev. N. E. Gihis. of He la-formed
Church, preached at Saliill;; vilie, in the
morning and at t'-.e Stone < hiireb, near
Fountain I hde, in tin- even'll,
father .1 1 din MeCloski ecu-''rated mr.sa
r.t the C ithofr Ciiur.ii in I .... iownhe.'.
Sunday morning. \ e -pel's I<■ -. in toe a
t- r loon.
R. -.. J. Summers prea< I--I in ti-e ' -
Hu rm < Imreh, of this pi ee, !a 1 Sun lay
mi .Tiling, from tin- 1 1 I ; '.'..1.: IV sha I
' !■)• no it ti-r.-." l.'i.vi i.vt ehsii, ■;
• !u- it- v. 15. Avin tl. of H. I'll)'., -ia:.;.
ii.. at ti I-J o'eloel-. Ti.eti-.i: "I or I w:-’
n .-tore health unto tie e, and i will heal
. line of H y wounds. !i li.e '.< r-i." Jt::i-
MI Ml tit (I it ;-:(( ter. I iHi \ • r
11 is ennin-hition was i !•• ;r .•;• • 1 >.it:n- '
The Asi --i.si-.ti of the S:,-. im i ■•. ■ tl e se
ii- at part of Ids diseotns at. on w! Vh ho
i-1 lit ib. dw.-11.
Aecmi'N i . —Mr. tie l-ge i ■ <a’. iVr-id
;ng I i-iw-ce:; Hi:-, plaie an ' l.r • ..Ilia Oil
, tie- 01-l Cliri-thiM i!; r! au; b i'.-ri-i, on tear
in ■; . T Hie c I 1 roof of Id- u to put a
iif-u one - ii. on Monday. lln '-'.‘u ia-.taat, to
the rt'o- re.-- -a. be ec.-i-lei.t: IT lip; id an-1
■ I loki-ii. lie i’oi.iphiiu; 1-f a pain ill hi.-.
1 ! n a- 1 1 -dm- and in I ;■>!we'., lie -, • -. ai ■
--f ! Ir. c- .. .fill i. a :• i alii di V,
and ilia ia m d.l he w ill v■■■'. i r.
It i said tl at all the sp; . ; ■
side, .-dread;, e,, - 1 lb; ;! i 1; at a-. •
111-ant- e\erel-i -.
Tu,. I.a lints Ft- tiv \i. t '■ u-n i'ri.-
Lows' Hall. — We tail al > r.F- v :■ ■ the
"eai-.l" of the I.adies of la- I a-- fur •
Festival V< i be held Hi ( Mil Id ilow -' Hall,
Min AI nda\, the ulh of.lui.e ;.i i-iiilbitc
ti-e I asih ,of our m.uii.i.ii,: ;■,n.■ -e I- - n
very bus- for . dr.e weed : ■ 'pi'-'par : ;
ari'a-les liu this I-esliv-.1, aid, Fat ; i-a. -
--; m-inultielm'ed a lot of Cai. . Ht-. 1i... e
I .jui.-ii >lv hcau.MiV.l it wi'd 1 1- . 1 nup in
the most i-'-e' etc!. • style -if a-'-n a- meu.
The strawberries w ill be. of a- -m rb ip; ui
ly. an 1 the lee t ream and * '■•' I'i : d •
w ill he a v )'i v ini ■-le.dina . ; viui ■ 111 -■ a 1
ing lo.d tlier" the young f<ul s. ami f om all
that wecaii gather about ii it -a io
be we well patnmizi i by Hie ini. ; taut- of
(he town and viehuty.
I';/" Otw felliiw-citi/.i-n. Mr. Dtivid f.
jfijtTis'M, formerly of Turn's eii-ek vailev,
but Mi w of AN asiiington citj. i aid our town
a visit 1.- st weik. lie appi ars h- In injo?-
iag robust In -tMh. Air. .'I. let - i n a
ecssfiil businc.-s man, and talk-, of making
someinvi-ttm-nls in our vieuuiy.
i Com vi onion Suuvur. ll- re will Is)
eonmu.mii in service of the Lutheran church.
Rev. ,). Summers ofiieiiiling, at ( uea. to
morrow (NVliit•Sunday), in the lorciiooim
imdpit Creagerslown, on Sitnd.ay. tin; lllio-.
Tie- Rev. Air, Smith, of Pa. of the Uni
ted Brethren Church, will p;- • ;h m tins
place on WhU-Suudav, the V 'iU im-tant, at
; 10 o'clock, A. M.
Next Sundae. -Jed; in-tr-in, Ih v. John
K. Nelson, of this place, w ill hold < oininu*
nion Service at Baker’s Valiev at 10 o -
clock, A.M.; will preach at Keiup Hall, iu
Frederick, e.l 1! o’clock, I’. At., same day;
and at Roekv Springs at night, fhe mem
bers of the United Brethren eburch are in
vited to attend.
Lot Sold.—Chew A Si u-ksdah- leiva
sold to John 11. Spurrier, ot' I'nion Bridge,
one of Hie ehcap LOTS in Afeehani- slowii.
Air. Spurrier intends building soon, i'liey
have a few more lefl.
£d;" Rev. Jolni Campbel!. a native of tits
Creagerslown District, we learn is new Pre
sident of Hie LiiHe-ran Synod of Virginia,
residing near Woodstock, Shenandoah ee-.,
in that State.
AN Asm so Al.vcniNE.—AVe understand
that the Rev. John IC. Nelson, of this place,
in ;...ent(‘(l an ingenious Washing Ms
chine, which saves Imlku- and washes out.
line linen shirts and cambrics and bed
clothes without soiling the articles in tho
1 slightest degiee. Ii works by water power
upon a new principle. It is at Ibe service
of ids fellow -eili/eiis and washerwomen for
SruAwrr.Kt-Hi w; 1,. v-m c-f tliis
delightful W-m , grown mi the Aulmrn
. houieslt-iul. wit 1 1 j-ure Avmuiido leo
, ( 'ream to mal-'li/ ■■■ill i I :0 M 'lMo
. Hall Tills rvi.: i! -}.

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