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'Publlsbeiletenr Thursday at Thurmont,
>1.1., by I tie Clarion Publishing Cm
J am. H. FIKOK, iiuMines- Manager.
Board of Directors:
J. T. Wabsorb, Pres., S. B. Bf.nnktt,
C. M. Mackley, freas., J. K. Waters, j
Jas. H. Fikoh, Sec’y C. C. Waters, \
F. N. Hammakek.
TSRMS One Dollar per annum in advance. si.
months, sot. ‘trial subscriptions. Three months,
No paper will he discontinued until paid up.
Advertising Rates will be given on application
The publisher reserves the privilege of declining at
.ifleis fur space
Knteifil fit Ttmrmool I‘out office at* Second
Class Matter.
Mr. Ralph P. Rubles, of Queen Anno
county, Md., and Miss Marv C. Saylor,
daughter of M. F. Saylor of Mutter Sta
tion, Md , were married by the Rev. J.
W. Hammersley at the Methodist Epia
ropal parsonage, Thurmont, ’luesday
morning, Nov. 12. li>l2. The young
couple will reside on the Eastern Shore.
Mr. Rufus A. Roger, a resident of
Frederick, was paralyzed at his home
last Saturday evening, and is in a criti
cal condition. Mr. Rager is well known
throughout the county, he having been ,
county surveyor for many year-, and did i
much surveying in an unofficial capacity. |
Trinity Reformed Church
Sunday, Nov. 17.
Thurmont, 10.30 a. m. -Preaching.
Apples, 2.30 p. m.-Preaching.
Rocky Ridge, 10.30 a. m.-Preaching, j
Creagerstown. 2.30 p. in. Preaching.
An election for pastor will take place
at these appointments.
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Rev.
1.. H. Browne pastor.
On Sunday next, Nov. 17, at 7.30 p.
rn , the Rt Rev. John G. Murray, 1). D.,
Bishop of Maryland, will visit this church
and will preach. Everybody cordially in
Methodist Episcopal Church— -Rev. J.
>V. Hammersley, pastor.
1) a. tn. Sunday School.
030 p. rn. Epworth League.
7.30 j). m. - P.eaching service.
- • I
(The Equal Franchise League of Thi r
rnont assumes responsihil'ly lor fill stal i -
ments. facts and arguments edited in 1
this column.)
“Straws show which way the wind
Mows” is an apt saying and one that tits
well the present agitation of Woman’s
Suffrage. Not only do we see the cause
of Suffrage steadily strengthening in tie
women’s ranks, but the many Men s
Suffrage Leagues, which are daily organ
izing throughout the country, is conclus
ive evidence that it is a good work and a
sure thing.
The west is particularly zealous in com
ing out strongly in favor of suffrage.
Our own home locality has numerous
men who believe in equal suffrage, and
who say so. Surely they will he as chiv
alrous and fair as the men in our sister
states are showing themselves to he!
Even down-trodden China is away
ahead of us in progress towards one priv
This peculiar idea regarding the ballot
for women is nothing hut tradition prin
cipally prejudice. Many traditions have
been broken down, so can this one be.
Speaking of China, a recent article in
“The Woman’s Journal” says: “China
is far ahead of us, for in the Canton Par
liament of one-hundred and twenty mem
bers there are ten Chinese women. The
first three things considered by this Par
liament were foot-binding, the sale of
opium, and the sale of little girl slaves.”
California, Wyoming, Washington.
Colorado and Utah are on solid ground
on the suffrage question. Cannot Mary
land throw off its shackles and gel in the
front ranks of progress?
It's A Cure That's Sure
• ton-
\\„ |,aw lllivil Tllniisrunls Willi
Always m stock at
Licensed Real Estate Agent and Broker
Address. Box 149 Phone No. 27
Town House at a Bargain, near
Square- $1200.00.
Town House, W. Main street,
Another Bargain—s9oo.oo.
Something in Modern Cottages at
below cost. Ask about it.
Several renting propositions.
Desirable house on Water St. f or
rtnt. Immediate possession.
State your wants in Real Estate.
A number of small houses near
town at reasonable prices.
Agent for Oliver Typewriters.
Frederick R. Law, a New
balloonist, when 450 feet above the
surface of the Hudson river,' lasi Tues
day, blew tip his balloon with dyna-
I mite and then dropped snf> ly to the
i water with a parachute. 1 his is the
fust time such a thing- lias ever been
| done. With Ids lighted cigar he lit
the fuse attached to the dynamite, 1
and a second later he, clinging to the
parachute, shot downward at a ter
rific speed. When about 100 feet
above the water the parachute tin-j
folded, and he settled gradually into
the water, lie was picked up by a
tug boat.
Notice to Taxpayers.
I hereby give notice to the Taxpayers
of the Corporation of Thurmont, that on j
December 2 ami 3, 1912,
1 will call at the homes of each property
owner for I he purpose of collecting cor
poration taxes. Prompt payment will be !
greatly appreciated. Respectfully,
nov 7 4t* Collector.
OnliT Nisi on Sales.
No. HSTtI Equity.
In the Circuit Court for Frederick conn
ty, sitting in Equity.
September Term, 1912.
J. Howard Creuger and E. Mabel (
Creager, his wife,
Elfie D. Creager, widow, et. al. (
In the matter of the Report of Sales filed
the 4th day of November, 1912.
/ \RDEREI), That on the 29th day of No-
I V / vember. 1912, the Court will proceed
to act upon the Report of Sales of Real
Estate, reported to said Court by V lu
cent Sebold and J. Howard Creager
Trustees in the above esuse. and filed
therein as aforesaid, to finally ratify and
confirm the same, unless cause to the
Contrary thereof be shown before said
day; provided a copy of this order be in
i sorted in some newspaper published in
Frederick County for three successive
weeks prior to said day.
' The report states the amount of sales
to be $13,520.87.
; Dated this 4th day of November, P.u2.
Clerk of the Circuit Court for Fredrick
; County.
True Copy Test: Hakiiy W. Bow Kits,
nov 7 4t Vincent Sebold solicitor.
Storeroom and Dwelling combined,
i Property located in Gracehum, Maryland.
This house contains Nine living Rooms
I and Large Storeroom with all necessary
| fixtures. Suitable for almost any kind
lof business. Possession given April 1,
' 1913. Apply to
i aitg Btf Graceham. Md.
.’. Our .’.
Women’s $2.50 Shoes.
! i
WE intend that the Woman who cornea
here to invest just Two Fifty in a
1 pair of Shoes shall have the best Shoes
■ she ever bought for the price.
1 There’s more style, more durability,
and more good Shoetnaking put into our
Two Fifty Shoes than goes into most
Shoes costing a Dollar more.
Test Our §2.50 Shoos!
Button, Lace or Blucher Style.
Patent or Dull leathers. Tans, if
j you prefer.
Our Expert Service will always
insure you a perfect fit.
This Store of Better Shoes offers at
' : all times the best Shoe, for any stated
1 price, that it is possible for said price to
l> N. Market St.. Frederick
Where you get what you like
and like what you get.
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone wending a eketch nod description min’
quickly aseerfniii our opinion free whether an
Invention is prohaMy rommunlrn.
Mon* st rictly confidential. HANDBOOK on I Aleuts
sent free. Oldest m/ency for securing patent*.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
t -p trial notice, wit hout charge, la the
Scientific JLicricatt.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. largest dr
dilation of arty m lent tile Journal. Terms, f.I a
I year; four niunlhs, $L Hold by all newsdealer*.
MUNN &Co. 361BfMd *’ New York
I Branch Office, (N6 K 8t„ Wmtilugtou, U, C.
The following poems were selected by
Miss Ella V. Kiieg, primary supervisor
of the schools in Frederick county, for
use in schools during the month of No
Fat her in Heaven, We 3 hank Thee.
For flowers that bloom about our feel, j
For tender grass so fresh, so sweet,
For song of bird and hum of bee,
For all things fair we hear or see,
For blue of stream and blue of sky,
For pleasant shade of branches high, \
For fragrant air and cooling bre. ze,
For beauty of the blooming trees.
Father in heaven, we thank Thee.
For mother-love and father-care.
For brothers strong and sisters fair,
For lava at home and here each <1 y,
For guidance lest we go astray,
For t his new morning with it’s light,
For ret and shelter ot the night,
For health and food, for love and Mends,
For ev’ry tiling Thy goodness semi .
Father in heaven, we thank 3 be.
—R. W. LineiM.ll.
Thanksgiving Day.
Over the river and through the woods,
To grandfather’s house we go; .
The horse knows the way
To carry the sleigh
’Through the white and drifted snow.
Over the river and through the woods,
Oh! how the wind does blow!
It stings the toes
And bites the nose,
As over the ground we go.
Over the river and through the woods,
To have a first-rate play.
Hear the bells ring,
Hurrah for Thanksgiving Day!
Over the river and through the woods,
Trot fast, my dapple gray!
Spring over the ground,
Like a hunting hound,
For this is Thanksgiving Day.
Over the river and through the woods,
Now grandmother’s cap I spy!
Hurrah for the fun!
Is the pudding done?
Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!
Lydia Maria Child.
The Corn Song.
Heap high the farmers’ wintry hoard!
Heap high the golden corn!
No richer gift has autumn poured
From out her lavish horn.
Let other lands, exulting, glean
1 he apple from the pine,
The orange Horn its glossy green,
The cluster from the vine.
We better five the hardy gift
Our rugged vah >■ bestow.
To ch' i r us when the storms shall dri I
Our harvest tit Ids with snow.
Let earth withhold her goodly root,
Let mildew blight the rye,
Give to the worm the on-hand's fruit,
The wheat liaM to the fly.
But let the good old corn adorn
The hills our fathers trod,
Still let us, for his golden corn,
Send up our thanks to Cod.
J. G. Whi tier.'
r.-^—" 1
IWe Sell at Right Prices " ' ,r ' : “ , r, kt,,a '" *
I ■■"'■ Matter that *n are sure
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I. Fertilizers. '"• niter, if net
A| 11 \ die ] din <>f ‘‘Look
Hardware. ~ , , it ~n ii
in;: ItaeUwant at it, amt
j& & wt 1 will lie looking for-
Oemeiit. Lime. >"
for itiiees on Material lor
Wall Plaster, .. , , .. .
\ our Hu.ld; no Opel at n ms.
Corrugated Pooling
I i
Geo. W. Stocksdale,
Tli (ii'iiioii t, - - Maryland.
The Place f BENNETT’S I The Place
To Save I 123 N. Market St., jTo Get
j Money 1 rniiniiu. aim-yiaini, j Bargains
With September
Comes Wew Pall Sty les.
Our Line Is Ready
Our Prices Right
Our Styles the Latest
Our Goods Reliable
We invite you to look over tile best stock ol I)ry|
Goods and Ready-Made Wear in Frederick. I
This is a great opportunity for every housewife to So that every woman who enters this contest has fifty-three
test her skill as a soap maker and at ’the same time chances to win a cash prize, ranging from SI.OO to $15.00.
win a valuable cash prize. Every woman can enter Full directions for making soap are printed on every
this contest —it doesn’t cost one cent to try —the wrapper of Banner Lye—-every contestant Hasan eipral
conditions are as simple as A BC. chance of winning a prize. After you have made your
We want to prove to every housewife who reads this soap, cnt off a small piece, wrap it in the Banner Lye
paper, that with the aid of Danner Lye she can make wrapper, then in a piece of plain paper, on which write
all the soap she needs for her family use make bet- y ()ur full name and address and mail to 'Die Penn
ter soap than she can buy anywhere—make it cheaper, chemical Works, Philadelphia, Pa. All packages must
with very little labor and m a very short time. bTreceiredltT^TioiiaterthantlielaStdayoflldsinonth.
To the women who send In the best samples of homemade soap in • ...... . ,
which Banner Lye has been used we will award the following cash Every contestant Will be refunded 10c—the price Ot a
prizes this month : can of Danner Lye—whether they win a prize or not.
Ist Prize $15.00 2nd Prize SIO.OO
Knter this great soap-making contest now —it won t cost you any- I
3rd Prize $ 5.00 50 Prizes of $ 1.00 each thing — you get a can of lye fne — you stand to win a cash prize. I
I Vt7 d iilvi The Greatest
!.i J Eg ■I
Is the greatest soap maker on the market. It unites per- f \ ' -
freely, eats up dirt and grease and destroys germs.
Banner Lve soap makes hard water soft, saves labor I ffjM
- dbackaches - , , . C Kfite- II
If you are not quite ready to boil your fat pist now, re- | \\ JIV) \\ V >V "r" ’
member there will he three separate contests—onem ill I V\ d’ %r\'• \ M
temher. one in October and another in November. Same !]' [JV||l mQmfl 1
amount of gnze money will he given away (!?SO.(Hi) each 1
month. If you don't win in September, try in ()ctober;]f ;■fa
Vdii don’t win in the fust two contests, try in November. j| |jj
Enter the contest soon as possible-if your dealer QnuveniAv (, Mfk
cannot supply you with Banner Lye, tvrite us. •f’2a |II A
Philadelphia, Pa,
nn A ni7i the fall styles
llllilll 1 I AGE 5 TO 17.
Never before in the history of this Store, have we shown
such a large stock o? High Grade Stylish, Dependable BOYS
Isi<- Fellows. Little Lads and Medium Size Chaps all are splen lidly taken care of at this
store. Plenty of llandso Styles to seleet from in all Wool. Cashmere, Worsteds and Nn*ges.
made up in double breasted and Norfolk*. The Coats are made roomy and I ants are cut tnll
peg knickers,
Alt rnCI Being your boy in today, tomorrow, or any day and let ns convince
MU 1 ll yon that we can wive yon better values, better styles and better
wearing qualities than yon ever received before.
Prices $2.03 - $2.50 - $3.00 - $4.00 - $5.00
OUR MILLINERY OPENING will be Oct. 8,9,10,11 & 12.
Showing up-to-date and latest Styles, as all our good* are entirely new having
oulv carried over a lew shapes and these have been consigned to the ruhhish heap.
Mrs. Tyson will have ol* this Department where she will welcome her
friends and patrons.
I Gram Piano Prize Voting Contest. |
; Cut on) Ibis Coupon and bring il to •
I rout a. tvson & co. j[
I l! will count you 25 Voles.
How To Gel Vote Tickets.
With Every Yearly Subset I ti.ai to The Catoetin Clarion accompanied by SLOP in Cash,
•>OOO votes will be given: two years: 10.000 for three years. This applies to back
Subscriptions. Yuli can pay for as nmv vac I vane as yon desire. You ••at. get votes for Job Printing
I~r advertising—2oo votes for each ,!■ -r. The l.est way to get votes is to get Subscriptions for Hits paper. son
j will he surprised how easy it is to gvt id" is.
Civ. your money to the la - who at mutants for this Piano. They will deliver it to the
| Manager of the (Taimun, and he will giv. da m a Vot ■ Certificate and mail you a receipt for your money.
Thurmont, Md.

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