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Attorney for Thurmont Bank
At Thurmont Every Thursday.
OH • n'Sibdd rt lildin?, Emmitsburg, Md
and with Judge Motter, Court St.,
Frederick, Md.
Phone-E-miitsburg 17-3
Mr. Waters will be in Thurmont
Will give prompt attention to all Law,
Equity and Testamentary business placed
n our hands.
Telephone call 143.
Office with Emory L. Ceblentz,
The Peoples Fire Insurance Building,
Frederick, Maryland.
At Thurmont Every Night and
Saturday afternoons.
aug 3 ly
Local Items.
Methodist F.piscopal Cluireli—Rev. S.
E. Rose, Pastor.
Sunday, July 23d:
9.15 a. in., Sunday School.
7 p. m , Epworlh League.
8 p. rn., Evening service. The eleventh
number in the aeries of evening sermons
on “The Man Who Succeeds,” will be
preached, the topic being “The Man
Who Ventures.”
St. John’s Lutheran Church —Rev. M .
C. Waltemyer, Pastor.
9.30 a. m., Sunday School.
10.30 a. m , Public worship. Sermon
by Rev C. F. Sanders. D, D., Professor
of Philosophy at Gettysburg College.
8 p.m., Public worship. Sermon by
the pastor.
Paramount Pictures at Town Hall.
The Famous Players Film Co. adds an
other brilliant star to its notable constel
lation of stage lights, in adding Henrietta
Grosman to its gallery of famous players.
This distinguished dramatic artiste ap
pears in “The Unwelcome Mrs. Hatch,”
the Famous Players current release.
“The Unwelcome Mrs. Hatch,” the
famous emotional drama by Mrs. Burton
Harrison, analyzes and criticizes the
little mistakes and misunderstandings
that so often arise between husband and
wife, and that eventually result in a
widened and unbridgeable gap that only
too often divides the trail forever.
The production does not alone establish
a common fault, but contrary to the con
struction of most problem plays also in
dicates a remedy, and illustrates in the
particular case treated in the play that
generosity and tolerance next to mother
love and sacrifice, are the two greatest
human traits.
The production is mounted with the
utmost care, and the settings, details and
suggestions of emotion and dramatic in
tensity are wrought with a timely and
appropriate attention that further ex
tends the interest in the central charac
ters and those who assist their develop
Henrietta Grosman in “The Unwel
come Mrs. Hatch” is bound to impress
and thrill motion picture audiences
throughout the world.
After her supreme triumphs in “Monna
Vanna” and “The Kreutzer Sonata,”
much is expected of the noted actress,
Mme. Bertha Kalich, in the film produc
tion of ‘‘Marta of the Lowlands,” and
much is forthcoming. Strong as are the
previous vehichles for the display of her
wonderful abilities, it is doubtful if they ,
gave her such opportunities as are afford- |
ed her in the role of Marta. So earnest, I
so sincere is Mme. Kalich in its presenta
tion that one can readily understand the
conditions that exist in the land of mas
ter and man depicted in the play, where
body and soul are the property of the
owner of the lands.
Marta, the waif, brought to ruin by
the master who loves her with all the
passion and brutality of his type, and
who latter forces her to marry a simple,
untutored shepherd that he himself may
wed a rich woman, whose money is need
ed to save his lands, is a character that
calls for the most intense variations of
human emotions.
Mme. Kalich knows well the powersof
the face, and each passing emotion is
pictured there before her action gives
life to her thoughts, Hjr eyes, always
one of the distinctive charms of this ar
tiste, suggest every passing phase of the
character. She sways her audiance with
little tenderness and sudden, terrific dis
plays grief or rage or fear that arouse
one to a realization that one is witness
ing something real and terrible —for what
is more terrible than the destruction of
the most sacred thing in life?
She tells the story of her life and Rs
tragedy mercilessly and with tremendous
feeling, and she exposes the nerves and
quivering tissues until we see life with
her tear-stained eyes and understand with
her burdened heart.
Taking Big Chances.
It is a great risk to travel without a
bottle of Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy, as this prepara
tion cannot be obtained on the trains or
Steamships. Attacks of bowel complaint
are often sudden and very severe, and
everyone should go prepared for them.
Obtainable everywhere.
Tour A Great Success.
Trip Void of Accident And
Enjoyed By Many Pilgrims.
Many novel and interesting schemes
have been used by the church people of
Thurmont to raise money, but the “Tour
of the World’’ offered by the young la
dies of St. John’s Lutheran church Tues
day evening, perhaps surpassed all others
thus far used.
Included in this tour was the city of
Boston, our own seaport, the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lohr, where tourists
were greeted by “Uncle Sam’’ and lis
tened to children singing patriotic airs
while partaking of a good dish of Boston
baked beans and a sandwich before em
barking for foreign countries. Eating
at your leisure was not the rule, lest the
boat leave without you. With the taste
of the last bean lingering and a tiny flag
in your hand, hair or coat, the tourist
hasten aboard and the boat leaves for the
far distant Japan. We land; our voyage
being pleasant. At the door of the great
tea house, the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
W. T. Weller, we are welcomed by Prince
Knarf Rellew arrayed in oriental costume
who examines our passport and admits us
to the tea room provided with cushions
on all sides. Here we are given a cup of
delicious ice tea and rice cakes. A few
minutes is left to examine the magnifi
cent interior decorations of this mansion,
the lunch being easy to put away. Each per-1
son is given a souvenir sack of rice.
Hut we didn’t come to stay and haste
to our boat once more. Honk, konk, and
we are off, Ireland, the beautiful home
of Mrs. 11. C. Foreman, being our objec.
tive point. We get there, land safely on
the green lawn and are ushered into a
green lunch room, entrance however be
ing permitted after kissing the renowned
Blarney Stone and having our passport
examined by Patrick Howdy O’DeMuth.
Much shamrock was hung about the room
and sweet voices of pretty Irish maidens
singing “My father and mother were
Irish’’ were heard, while the tourists
feasted on potato salad and quenched
their thirst with a glass of cold butter
milk. This Irish home was not without
its pig, his eminence having a place on
the front porch. He did the grunting
for those who did not care to alarm their
Here some of the tourists were in
formed the boat had lost time and a
hasty departure for Germany, the home
of the Misses Powell and the little Ger
man band, was made. Whether the boat
was late or whether the captain was
anxious to get to Germany we know not,
but after arriving we found this home
amply supplied with cheese (not hmbur
ger) sandwiches and black coffee as a
stimulant, the Rev. Herr Samuel Powell
acting as inspector.
One more country, Iceland, the home
of the Misses Wisotzkey, to be visited
before starting on the homeward journey.
The harbor being icy it was with difficulty
our boat was anchored. Safely across
the gang plank, we rush for a lunch room
and on entering hear the great popular
song “Brighten the Corner’’ and see the
native ladies arrayed in frosted gowns.
“Freeze each Corner” would have been
a more suitable song at this resort, ice
cream, cake and ice water being served.
Mr. Russell Unger had charge of this
resort. With a delightful chilly feeling
we depart from this cold country for our
own native land, arrive safely at home,
retire and dream sweet dreams.
To make this tour fourteen automo
biles were used, each being loaded be
yond capacity, and required to make
about five round trips. The church was
made the starting point and a grand
rush was made for cars as they came in.
Almost an hour was required to make
the trip, the distance being about three
and one-half miles, and more than three
hours consumed hauling the tourists.
The homes representing the various
countries and the ladies serving were
decorated and gowned in colors appropri
ate to each.
The committee in charge is well
pleased with the success of the entire
Social Item.
That which would have been one the
most congenial and successful social
functions held in the Town Hall for a
long time, was slightly marred on last
Thursday evening by the Creagerstown
orchestra not appearing, the cause for
which has not yet been explained.
However, in spite of down pouring
rain the 75 guests present, of the 90 ex
pected, report having a most enjoyable
time, due to the kindness of the young
lady musicians and four members of our
own town orchestra who all “in time of
need proved friends indeed.” A victrola
also added to the musicale program.
Dancing, of course, was the principle
attraction of the evening; cards, too,
were in evidence. Seasonable refresh
ments in abundance were served, the
favors being especially enjoyed by all.
As the orchestra engaged did not fur
nish the music there was a surplus of
($10.00) ten dollars, which was presented
to Mr. Chas. D. Shaffer to use as he see’s
best, for the interests of the home tow
orchestra—engaging said orceestra for
another dance to be given in the hotest
week of July one year hence. The cake
that was not used was purchased by Mr.
Paul Beard for his boys in camp. Had
the weather been ideal this treat for the
boys would not have been their pleasure.
Many thank you’s are extehded to all
who so willingly contributed to the suc
cess and pleasures of the evening.
Chamberlain's Cope, Cholera and Diarr
hoea Remedy.
Every family without exception should
keep this preparation on hand during the
hot weather of the summer months.
Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera and Dirr
hoea Remedy is worth many times its
cost when needed and is always certain
to be needed before nhe summer is over.
It has no superior for the purposes it is
intended. Buy it now. Obtainable every
Some Heavy Rains.
Great Damage Done at Various
The week ending July 13th was gen
erally fair, the temperature being high.
Much discomfort was caused to peopb in
large cities, but few deaths were report
ed from the heat.
In this immediate locality relief came
last Thursday evening when a series of
violent thunder storms passed over the
county. About 7.30 o’clock a violent
1 storm broke over this place, lightning
flashes being severe and destructive. A
telephone pole standing in the driveway
to Mr. Charles Gall’s residence, north of
town, was struck, the current following
the wire into the house and burning the
wire into. Mrs. Gall was severely shocked.
Another bolt struck the telephone line
to the west of town and put Mackley
Bros. ’ phone out of use, and another bolt
struck a large locust tree standing to
the rear of Mr. Joseph Liday’s residence
on Walnut street. Neither rain nor
wind was heavy at this time.
Heavy clouds traveling from the south
prevailed until Tuesday of this week and
very heavy rains occurred in various
localities from Thursday until Monday.
Saturday afternoon the water in Hunt
ing creek rose several feet, indicating
that there had been a downpour on the
mountains in the vicinity of Foxville.
Saturday morning a heavy rain fell in
Thurmont. Sunday evening a heavy rain
fell at Pen-Mar, but none at this place.
Last Thursday afternoon during
storm, the Lutheran parsonage in Way
nesboro, Pa., was struck by lightning,
Rev. H. D. Potts and family were se
verely shocked. Little damage was done
the building. To the north of Waynes
boro the storm was heavy, corn being
blown flat and cut by hail.
Destructive floods are reported occur
ring Sunday in North Carolina, Tennes
see and Virginia. Reports from Ashe
ville, N. C., state “five known dead and
property damage estimated at $10,000,-
000 re-'u I ted from a cloudburst and flood
over Western North Carolina.” The
flood waters invaded the Vanderbilt es
tate, Biltmore, and it was at this place
persons lost their lives.
Bristol, Va.-Tenn., July 16.—Storms
sweeping over the Blue Ridge last night
and today let loose floods of water that
put streams and rivers on the rampage
as they had not been in 30 years. Eliza
beth ton, Tenn., and other towns and
villages were threatened, while various
railroads have sustained washouts and
slides, completely blocking traffic.
East Radford, Va., July 16.—Swollen
by the heavy rains of the past few days,
New River rose 36 feet at this place to- j
day, and tonight this city is in total I
Thursday evening last considerable
damage was done in Carroll county dur
ing the passing of a thunder storm. A
large barn on the farm of Mr. Edward
Steele, four miles from Union Bridge,
was burned; a barn near Sherman’s
Church was struck and burned; the resi
dence of Harry Oilman, Westminster,
was struck, and a barn at “Montrose” j
Shame On Frederick.
“Frederick staged a prize fight on the j
evening of the Fourth of July and The j
Frederick News gave liberal space and
big headlines to the event. It must have
been the genuine article for The News
says it was a corking fight for blood and
it seems to have been, for it speaks of
one of the pugilists bleeding from the
nose and mouth, his eyes bunged up, his
face cut and his body sore, the other
with his eye cut pelting his opponent un
mercifully. In one of the preliminary
bouts it says one of the fighters wont at
his opponent like a whirlwind, jabbing
him in the stomach, and in the third
round with some stiff jabs knocked him
out. The News says it set the crowd
wild, with yells for knockouts, and they
nearly took the roof off the Armory with
their enthusiastic applause of approval
of the brutal degrading performance.
At the conclusion the promoter an
nounced it was likely there would be an
other bout in the Armory in a short time.
For Highlandtown, Jack Flood, the
Gaiety Theatre, and like places to be al.
lowed to hold these debasing exhibitions
is quite bad enough, but for Frederick,
a city of churches and Christian citizens,
rich and proud of her history, the rest
ing place of the author of our great na
tional anthem, to permit on our great
National holiday, the Fourth of July in
an Armory built by the State’s money,
for more glorious and noble purposes, a
brutal, blighting, degrading, demoraliz
ing affair such as The News describes, is
enough to make the old town with her
“clustered spires” blush with shame.
Surely the good people of Frederick will
protest against more of these affairs and
if they have no ordinance against prize
fights should insist on one and also ap
peal to the State authorities, to prohibit
the use of the Armory for exhibitions of
this character.” —Westminster Times.
Loys Letter.
Mrs. Hankey, of Gettysburg, is visit
ing her daughters, Mrs. Ella Hoffman
and Mrs. Ethel Hoffman.
Miss Edith Tressler, of Lewistown,
spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs.
Samuel Martin.
A birthday party was held at the home
of Mr. Jesse Fox on Wednesday evening
last in honor of his 49th year. Those
present were Mrs. John Hoffman and
child, Mrs. George Hoffman and children,
Mrs. Annie Martin and daughter and son,
Mrs. Catherine Martin and daughter,
Mrs. Hankey, Miss Kump, Messrs Chas.
Hoffman and Harvey Pittenger.
New Advertisements.
i Sugar.
The Gem.
, W. M. Railway.
Albert Frank & Co.
Order Nisi on Sales.
Notice To Contractors.
Dew Drop Inn.
Dew Drop Inn on Saturday evening,
July 22nd, at the sign of the Japanese
lantern, between the Community Club
room and Long’s store, where ice cream,
cake, home-made candy and orangeade
will be attractively served.
Biliousness and Stomach Trouble.
“Two years ago I suffered from fre
quent attacks of stomach trouble and bil
iousness, ” writes Miss Emma Verbryke,
Lima, Ohio. "I could eat very little food
that agreed with me and I became so dizzy
and sick at my stomach at times that I
had to take hold of something to keep
from falling. Seeing Chamberlain's Ta
blets advertised I decided to try them. I
i improved rapidly.” Obtainable every
jjeu Jdicrlintmenls.
Notice To Contractors.
The Water Company has prepared a
set o r specifications for the extension of
its mains from East Main Street up Sum
mit Avenue to the new development
“Hill Crest” and anyone desiring to bid
on this work can secure a copy by apply
ing to the setrctary, Lester S. Birely.
All bids must, be in by July 25 , and work
on Iht extension will start immediately
after that date.
c A C!3ri ' ts
Hound Trip
Thursday, July 27th.
Special train leaves Thurmont 9.23 A. M.
Returning leaves Pen-Mar 7 29 P. M.
Western Maryland Railway.
Consult ticket agent.
Spend a Day in the Mountains,
jul 20 It
Order on Sales.
No. 9495 Equity.
In the Circuit Court, for Frederick Coun
ty sitting in Equity.
July Term, 1910.
In the Matter of the Report of Sales
filed the 19lh day of July, 1916.
George L. Cramer, Fredk. W. Cramer,
William L. Cramer, assignees of mort
gage of Lucy A. Grosh.m, and James A.
Groshon her husband.
ORDERED, That on the 11th day of
August, 1916, the Court will proceed to
act upon the Report ot Sales of Real
Estate, reported to said Court by George
L. Cramer, Fred’k L. Cramer and Wm.
L. Cramer, assignees in the above cause,
and filed therein as aforesaid, to finally
ratify and confirm the same, unless cause
to the contrary thereof be shown before
said day; provided a copy of this order
be inserted in some newspaper published
in Frederick County for three successive
weeks prior to aaid day.
The report states the amount of sales
to be $335.00.
Dated this 19th day of July, 1916.
Clerk of the Circuit Court for Frederick
True Copy Test:
Frederick W. Cramer, Solicitor.
Notice to Patrons.
Owing to the rush of business on Sat
urday evenings, we have decided that on
and after August 5, 1916, the price for
Hair Cutting will be 25 Cents on Satur
days after 1 P. M.
R. 0. EYLER,
jul 13 4t*
<tt- 25
* Hound Trip
and S-A-IL
—TO -
Tolchester Beach
Sunday, July 23rd.
Boating - Bathing - Crabbing
Brand Time For Everyone.
Special train leaves Thurmont 7.34 A. M.
See Flyers. Consult Ticket Agent,
jul 13 2t
Meat! Meat!
I wish to announce that I have opened
a meat market and am ready to serve
the public with
Everything You Want.
C. W. Schuetze,
Water Street, Thurmont, Md.
apr 20 3moa*
Bank, at Thurmont, in the State
of Maryland, at the clobb
JUNE 30, 1916.
Loans and Discounts $171,862 10
Overdrafts, secured and unse
cured.... 63108
Stocks, bonds, securities, etc. 259,490 96
Banking house, furniture and
fixtures, 13,000 00
Mortgages and Judgments of
record, 100,519 76
Due from National, State and
Private Banks and Bankers
and Trust Companies, other
than reserve 5,962 86
Checks and other cash items, 852 99
Due from approved Reserve
agents 20,269 25
Lawful Money Reserve in
Bank, viz., 6,27162
LI. S. Currency and Na
tional Bank notes. 4,814 00
Gold Coin 552.50
Silver Coin 775.70
Nickles and Cents 129.42
Total $578,850 62
Capital Stock paid in,. $ 25,000 00
Surplus fund 24,000 00
Undivided profits, less ex
penses and taxes paid,... 522 27
Contingent Interest, 8 688 55
Due to National, State and
Private Banks and Bankers
and Trust Companies other
than reserve 532 92
Dividends Unpaid 750 00
Subject to check... 67,118 46
Certified checks.... 17 38
Cashier’s checks out
standing 250 67,138 34
Savings and Special, 442,218 54
Bills payable, including Certifi
cates of Deposit for money
borrowed 10,000 00
Total, $578,850 62
State of Maryland, County of Fred
erick, m;
I, Jno. G. Jones, Cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
llth day of July, 1916.
Earl T. Kelbaugh,
Notary Public.
Correct —Attest:
Morris A. Birki.v, i Directors
M. L. CREAGKR. ) w,recwrß
- & P. Phpne—Thurmont 24-W
deport of the Condition of the
m S\Vl\hS BANK
of Thurmont, Maryland, at the
close of Business .lime iU), 191(1,
Loans and Discounts $180,413 87
Overdrafts secured and unse
cured 114 20
Stocks Bonds, securities, etc. 48,675 00
Banking house, furniture and
fixtures 5,100 00
Other real estate owned 1,500 00
Mortgages and Judgments of
Record 200,458 59
Due from Approved Reserve
Agents . 15.547 86
Lawful Money Reserve in
Bank, viz: 3,106 92
U. S. Currency and Na
tional Bank Notes.. 1,988 00
Gold Coin 558 50
Silver Coin 523 80
Nickels and Cents... 36 62
Total, $454,916 44
Weekly Deposits $ 25,000 00
Surplus Fund 28,000 00
U mli vided profits, less expenses
interest taxes paid 1,000 00
Contingent Interest 7,361 83
Dividends unpaid 1,004 30
Subject to check 42,447 47
Savings and Special.. 336,102 84
Bills Payable including cer
tificates of deposits for money
borrowed 15,000 00
Total, $454,916 44
State of Maryland, I „„
County of Frederick, (
I, Stanley R. Damuth, Cashier of the
above named institution, do solemnly
swear that the above statement is true to
the best of my knowledge and belief.
Subscribed and Sworn to before me
this llth day of July, 1916.
Frank R. Martin,
Notary Public.
Correct —Attest:
John P. T. Mathias, )
Charles M. Mackley, > Directors.
M. J. Albaugh. 1
Eggs Wanted.
Am Paying Highest Cash Price for
Fresh Eggs. Bring your eggs to me.
E. Main Street. THURMONT, MD.
jun 15 4t Phone 38 J
i'i| I'tiftVi W* iiiii] til: 8
The installation of our Electric Fans makes
“The Gem” one of the Coolest and most up-to
date parlors in the State.
the Triangle Film Corporation will present one of their latest
and greatest releases,
featuring the great stage and screen favorite, Orrin Johnson,
supported hy Gladys Brock well, Vera Lewis and Miss Ait ken*
Also the roaring Triangle-Keystone Comedy
featuring Mabel Normand and the great Roscoe Arbnckle.
the Metro Film Corporation will present Lional Barrymore with
All Star Metro Cast in the wonderful live act Western Drama
Also the Metro-Drcw Comedy, “SYMPHONY IN COAL.”
Featuring Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew.
Come spend a cool, pleasant evening with us.
—The Management.
Dealer In
Hardware, Groceries,
Cement, Plaster,
Wall Finish,
Galvanized Iron and
Felt Roofings,
Feed, Seeds, Phosphate, 1
Wire Fencing,and Gates.
Prompt Attention Given
All Orders.
oct 1 14
for children! tale, tare. No opiate•
Country Produce In Exchange.
Church Street, Thurmout, M<l.
M They knowfoi that N
■ delicious Feed oF H
8 R
jr Makes strong and sturdy chicks. Keeps off chick
Mm diseases. Gets the chicks started right. Grows
Km big birds, good breeders, big egg producers, real U
HT money makers. A very economical food, too. Vn
mm Come in and get a package. Price 25c to SI.OO. 1A
All Work Executed With Tools
Driven By Compressed Air.
Cutting? Decidedly Better Than Those
I'sed liy Band.
We gently remind our friends and pa
trons that we have in stock a desirable
Lot of Monuments, Crave Stones
Etc., that we are selling at as low a price
as any reliable dealer in the State, and
on Liberal Terms. You will receive fair
and courteous treatment.
OUR REFERENCE;—Those with whom
we have been dealing for the past 37 year*
Peter N. Hammaker.
0x ftcocOa\MwftvoGsow
aWaqjawUoxv, MonaeMCT.m
v&\U\)e\iVea*e& Xo otylamfttm
Xomow left qeXajcxouu*le&.

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