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VVll SATlVlfi HIB. , j /
XT J. w. xaxxia.
Our Native Land—Our Native Land-
Land dear to aver, has, tf
Tbe, breathe free sir. the, proudly Mend,
Tl bo tut of thea have p.rt)
Tie net bro d plal a, er ekl> a ao elesv.
Or mountains high en I grane; v -n
Tie liberty tha me ee-o dear, <
Our own bltt t Native Land. nj -
0 land baloaau—whose Washington
Tolled noM, for its peace, •
Who-a pat!lots bled till life waa done,
That t,f*- n, might cease,
*Twas F<*edom's shrine tha, (ought '* rear;
By tha' wa i ear slued;
*1 is Llbi rt, that neakta ao dear
Our o* n blast v ativa Land.
D>ar Native Land—tha World'swppaaeaad
Turn longingly to th.se; 3 ,
Not for thy wee Ih, thy might confessed,
Tb, nobl, Unit,.
Not lor tb, wide, em'racing S; here,
Ti , sous that we t:ng (tarn 1 ;
Tie Libert, tr at makes eo dear, *
Our own blest Native Land.
tear Native land—dear Father Lam )
Mv p.- a a within the# dwell:
Ma, bounteous life, fn m God's gcod handy
Car alt tfc, vsl eys swell!
Ma, Bight >nd Troth have seurtt to fae,
While htaven and earth shall standi
Tis Libert, that make so deer,
Our own bleat Native Land.
or tii
W th People of the United States In order to
form aaiore peifect Urien, establiah Jaetioe, In*
•Dre doneetio Tranquility, provide for tbe eon
moo defence, promote the general Welfare, and
secure tbe Bleaainfr* of Liberty to ourselves and
our Posterity,*4o ordain and eatablirh thia-Coi
•TiTUTioa for the UniUd Statei of America.
Rictiow. 1. All legislative Powera herein gran,
trd shall be vetted in a Congress of tb* Uuited
States. which ah<ll oonaiat of a Senate and tiouaa
of Rrpreeentatieee.
Rao. 1. The Uiinae < f Representatives abtll be
eompoaed i f Mt-anbera eboieo every second Tear
by the People of the several Stalea, and tbe Eleo
tora in each State ahall bare tbe Qualifications
riqulalte for Electors of tbe most numerous Braaoh
ef tbe State L'gialature.
No Peraon aball be a Rapresr utatlva who ahall not
hare attained to the Age i f twenty flee T ear a, anp
been aeren Veare a Citizen of the United Slatea,
and who ahall wot. arben dieted, be an Inhabitant
of that State in which he aball be cboeee. *
Representatives and direet Tax a ahall be ap
portioned amnng the aereral States which may be
Included within tbia Uaiun, according to their re
spective Nurabera, which shall he determined by
addii g th tbe whole Number of-free Peraona,,in
cluding thote bound to bervioe for a Term of
Teait, and rzclndlng Indiana not taxed, three
tPlba of alt other Persona. Tbe actual Enumera
tion ahall be made within three Trare after the
Drat Meeting of the Congreea of tbt United Stater,
and within every tab* quern Term if tan Yean,
lo inch Mannar aa they aiiail by Law direct. The
Number of Itepreeentatleee aball not ea-eeed one
for ererl thirty Ihueind, hat each State iha||
hare at I/east one K-prraenatire ; and until anch
enumeration ahall b' made, the Statu of New
Hampshire ahall be entitled to chute hree, Masaa'
ohueetteeight, Rhode I land and Prnridenee Plan
tations one, C rnneetiaut five, New-York ex, New
Jersey (our, Peine? ivania eigh', Delaware cne.
Maryland a x, Virginia teo, North Carolina ilea,
South Carolina bee, and Georgia three.
When racanoiea happen in the Repruaentatisn
front any State, the Executive Authority thereof
•ball iaiue Write of Election to (111 aaoh Vacancies.
Tb House of Repreaentatirea ahall chuae their
Speaker and other Officers; and ahall bare the lule
Power of Impeachment.
Sae. S. The Senate cf tbe United Statea ahalj
be cotnpo ed t f two Senatora from each State, oho.
aen by the Legislature thereof, for a<x Yeare; and
each Seoatur ahall hare one Vote.
Immediately after they ahall be aaattnbled in
Conai qutnee of the first Election, they ahall be
diridtd as t qually aa may be into three Cleaaea.—
Tbe Seat • f tbe Seoatore ol the Br t Claaa aball
ba racated at tbe Expiration of the eecond Year,
of the aeoond Olasa at tbe Expiration of tbe fourth
Year, tDd of the third Cleat at the Expiration of
tbe rx'-b Yea , to that one (bird may be choacn
every eecond Year j and f Vacancies happen by
Resignation, or otherwise, during the Reoeaa of
tbe Legislature of any State, tbe Executing thertof
m*j make temporary At>polntanenta until the ncf.
Meeting of tbe 1 egialature, which ahall than fill
puch Vacancies.
No Petion aball be a Senator who aball not hare
attained to the Age of thirty Years, and baan nina
Years n Citiien of tbe United Stntee,nnd who shall
not, when electt d, be aa Inhabitant of that State
for which be shall be chosen.
The Vice President of tbe United Statea ahall
ba Pretident of tbe Senate, Jhqt aball hare no Vote,
anless they ba < qually dirided,.
Tbe Senate aball chase their other Officers, end
also a President pro tempore, la tbe Absence ef
the Vice Pretident, or when he ehell cx-roiie tbe
.Office of President of the United Statea.
The Senates thill hive the lule I'ower to try tl|
Impeacbmsnts. Whin alttl> g for that Purpnte,
they shall be on Oath or Alfii mation. When the
President of tbe United States la tried, the Chief
.Justice shr 11 prende : And no Person shall be
c-'nticteu without the Concurrence of two thirds
of the Members present.
Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shell not
estei.d further tban to re moral from OlEce, and
JDnqualitloation to hold end enjoy any Office of
honour, Trust or Proflt under tbe,United States:
hut the Party conricted shall nevertheless be lia
ble and sutj ct to Indictment, Trial, Judgment
and Punishment, according to Lew.
Sic 4. Tbe Times, Plaoee and Manner of hold
ing Elections for Senators and Representatives,
shall be prescribed in each State by tbe Lagisla
tore thereof j but theOoigress may at any time
by Law make or alter sucb K< gulations, except as
to tbe plaoes of chasing Sen > t rs.
The Congress shall assemble at least once in ey
ary Year, and euoh Meeting shall be on he drat
Monday in December, unless tbej shall by Law
appoint a different Day.
Sio. {. Each House shall be th< Judge of the
Eleotions, Returns and QualiQcatlons of its own
Members, and a Majority of each shall constitute
s tj'inrqm to in Bus'rrss; but a smaller Somber
mt J from day to div, and my be author
ised tosnmpel the Attendame of abarnt Member,,
in iuoh'MtDDer, and under iuch Petal iea aa eacb
UOUK tin provide.
Each House ma, determine the Raloiofita Pro
eccdioga, punish it, M-mbrs for duorderly Be
haviour, and, with tbe Concurrenoa if twotbirde,
expel a Member.
Each Home ahail keep a Journal of ita Proceed
-1&K1' °d from time to time publiab the tame, ea
eapting aucb parte aa ma, in their Judgemtnt re
quire Secrecy; and tbe Yea, and Naysof tbe
Member, of either House oo an , quesli- ■ rbt If, at
tbe Daeire of one ii:tb of tbuta Present, be entered
on tbe Journal.
Neither Hoaae, during the Senion of Congreaa,
•ball, without tbe Conaent of tbe other, adjourn
for more than ibree da,a, nor to an, other Piaoe
than that in which tbe two Hotjte ahail be aitiir g.
Bxo. f. The Senatora and ftepreientativee-ebstl
receive a Compensation for their Bervicea, M be
aacertained b, Law, and paid out of the Treat*-
r, of the Cnited States. The, ahail in all Caere,
except Treason, Felon, and Breach of tbe Peace,
be privileged from Arraat during their Attendance
at tbe Seation i f their reaptctire tiuusea, and in
going t# and returning from the aame ; and for
an, Spaeth or Debate in either Heuae, tbe, ahail
not be questioned in an, other Plaoe.
No Senator or Representative ahali, during the
Time for whicb he wet elected, be appointed to
an, oivil Office under the Authorit, of tbe lioited
States, which ahail have been oreated, or tbe
Emolument, whereof shall bare bteo eucreaaed
during such time ; and no Peraon holding an, Of
Bee under the UuiUd States, shall be a Member
of either House during his Continuance in Office.
Sao. 7. All Bills for raisirg Revenue ahail orig
inate In the House ot Representatives ; but the
Senate ma, propose or ooncur with Amendments
as on other Sills.
Ever, Bill which shall hare passed tbe House
of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it
become a Law, be presented to tbe President of the
United States ; if be approve be shall sign it, but
if net he shall return it, with his Objections to that
House uf which it shall have originated, who (ball
enter the Oljectionaat large on ibeir Journal,
an d proceed to reconsider it, If alter sucb Rre- n
eideration two tbiida if the fl.mae shall agree to
pass the Bill, it shall be soot, together with the
o'jectiooa, to tbe other House, b, which it shall
likewise be reconsidered, and if approved b, two
thirds of that House, it sbsll become a Law. But
in all snob Cases tbe Votes of both Houses shall he
determined b, jeas and Najs, and tbj Names ol
the Persons voting for and agtinat the Bill ahail
be entered on the Journal or each Home rerpeo
tivel,. If an, Bill ahail not be returned b, the
President within ten Dare (Sundays excepted)
after it aball hsvabean presented to him, the Sams
shall be a law, in like Manner as if he hsd signed
it, nnleas tba Congress b, their Adjournment pre*
vent its Return, in which Case it sbsll net bee
Every Order, Resolution, or Vntt to which tbe
Concurrence of the Senate end House of ltepre
aentatiTea may be necessary (izeept n a question
of Adjournment) shall be prtflented to the Presi
dent of tbe United States ; and before the Same
aball take Effect, shall be approved by hitn, or be
irg disapproved by b'tn. shall be repassed by two
thirds of the Senate and House or Representatives,
according to the Rules and Limitations prescribed
in the Case of a Bill.
Sic. 8. Tbe Congress shall have Power
To lay and collect Trxrs, Duties. Itnpos's and
Excises, to pay tbe Debit and prov.de for tbe com
mon* Defence and general Welfare of the United
.States; but alt Duties, Imposts and Excises ahall
be uniform throughout tfce United States;
To borrow Money on the credit if the United
To regulate Commerce with fore'gn Nations,
and among tbe several States, and with tbe Indian
T r'bea ;
To establish an uniform Rule if Naturalization
and uniform Laws on the suhj ct of Bankruptcies
throughout the United States ;
To coin Money, ngulate the Vuiue thereof, and
of foreign Cuio, and fix the Standard of We ghts
and Measures ;
To provide for the Punishment of cnuotetfeit'ng
tbe Securities and current Cum of the United
To establish Poat Offices and post Roads;
To promote tba progress of Science and uaeful
Aria, byaieuring lor limited Tunaa to Autho a
and Inventors tba • xolnaive Right to their reapec
tive Writings and D sCoveriaa ;
To constitute Tribunals interior to the supreme
To define and punitb Piracies and Feloniea com
mitted on the high Saas, and Off.-noee against ihe
Law of Nations ;
To daclare War, grant Letters of Marque and
Repriaal, and make Kulct cuncerning Captures
on Land and Water s
To raise and support armies, but no Appropria
tlou of Money to tbat Use (ball ba lor a longer
Term tbao tiro Tears j
To proride rnd maiotaii a Nary ;
Tumako Rules for the Oorernmeat and Regu
lation of tbe land and naval Forces ;
To proride for calling forth tbe Militia to exe
oute tba Laws < f tbe Union, suppress Insurrections
and repel Invasions J
To provide for organising, arming, and dieoip.
lining, tbe Mil ilia, and for governing such Fart of
them as may be employed in the Service of tbe
United States, raeorving to the States respectively,
the Appolotm ent of tbe Olbcers, and tbe Authori
ty of training the Militia according to tbe Diecip
line prescribed by Congress j
To (Zeroise ezclusive Legislation in all Can •
whatsoever, over each District (not rzceeding
ten Miles square) as may, b.y Cession of particular
Statei, and the Acceptance <f Congress, become
the Seat of the Onvernment of the United Stales,
and to exercise like Authority over all Places pur
chased by tbe Consent of tbe Legislature of tbe
Stete in which the Stme sbail be, for the Erection
of Forts, Msgsxines, Arsenals, Dock-Yards, and
other needful Hail lings j—And
To meko all Dews which shall he naoepsary and
proper for carrying into Execution tbe foregoing
Powers, and all other Powers vested by tbts Con
stitution In tbe Government of tbe Un tod States,
or in any Dopartmant or OtHoer thereof.
Sac. 9. Toe Migration or Importation of snch
Persona as any of the States now existing shall
think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by
the Congress prior to the Year one tboU'ind eight
hundred and eight, bat a Tax or Dnty may be im
posed on each Importation, not exceeding ten dol"
lrs ftsr each ferson.
The Privilege of tbe Writ of Habega Corpus
ahali not bueuspeiided, unless when in Ueses of He*
bqHion or Invasion ths public Safety 'require
lt / .* J V
No Bi|l ,ef Attainder or ex pott (adto Law shall
be passed. A ,—. -'
No Capitation, or ntherdlrnct, Ti x ahail belaid,
unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration
herein b fore directed to be taken.
No Ttx ir Duty shall be laid on Articles expor
ted from an, State.
No Preference shell be given b, an. Regulation
of Comma ee or Revenue to tbe porta of one Siata
over those of another : nor aball Vei-iels bound te,
or from, one State, be obliged to enter, clear, or
pav Duti-a in another.
"No Mone, shell be drawn from the Treasury, bnt
in Consequence of Appropriations made by Lew ;
and a regular Statement and Accunot of the Re*
Oeipts and Expenditures of all publio Money (hall
he published from time to time.
No Title of Nubility shall be granted b, tha
United States : And no Person holding euy Office
of Projit or Trust under tbem, shall, without the
Coment of tfie Congress, accept of an, present'
Emolument, Office, or Title, ot ao, kind whateyer,
from an, King, Prince, or foreign State.
Sao. 10. No State shell enter into an, Treaty,
Alliance, or Cat federation; grant Letters ol
Maique and Reprisal; coin Money ; emit Bills tf
Credit; make an, Thing but gold and silver Coin
X Tender in Payment of Debts; pass an, Bill of
Attainder, < xpost facto Law, or Law impairing
tbe Obligation ol Contracte, or grant an, Title of
No State eball, without the consent of tbe Con
gress, la, an, Impuuta or Duties on Imports or
Exports, rxcept what ma, be abeolutel, necessary
fur ixeouling it's insptoiion Lews i and tbe let
Produce of all Duties and Imposts, laid b, any
State on Import! or Exports, shall be for tbe Ue
of tbe T'rea.ur, of the United States ; and all
aucb Laws shall be subject to the Revision and
Controul of the Congress.
No State eball, wiLbout tbe Cobsentof Congress,
I y any Dur, of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships
of War in time of Peace, enter info an, Agreement
or Compact with another State, or with a foreign
Power, or engage m Wer, unlets actually inva*
did, or in aucb imminent Danger as will not admit
of pelay.
Sxo. I. Tbe executive Power aball be rested
iu a Prosid-nt of tbe United States of America.—
He shell bold bis Office during the Term of f,.ur
Years, end, together with tbe V*ice President,cbo
a.-n for the seme Term, be elected, a* follows
Eacb State shall appoiut, In such Manner as the
Legislature thereof ma, direct, a NumOer of
Electora, iqual to the whole Number of Senator!
and Rtpreaantativasto which tbe State ma, beeu
ticl d iu tl a Congress : but no Seoator or Repra
seotative, or Person holding an Office t f Trust or
Profit under tbe United States, shall be appointed
au Elector.
The Congroßi piny determine tbe Time of cbu
aing tbe Electors, and the Day oa wh ; ch they eha!|
give their Viper; which Day aball be tbe same
throughout tbe Doited Stat->s.
N i Person except a natural born Citiien, or a
Citizen if the Uuited Statea, at tbe time of the
Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to
tbe Office < f President ; neither shall any Person
be ejigible <o that Office who shall not have at
tained to the Age <f thirty five Years, and been
fourteen Yiars a Resident witbia tbe United
In Cast of tba Removal of President; from Of
flee, or of hie Death, Resignation, or Inability to
dircharge tbe Powers and Duties of the said Office,
the same shall devolve on the Vice Pres dent, and
tbe Congress may by Law provide for 'be Case of
Remuval, Death, Resignation, or inabilitg, both
of tbe President arid Yioe President, declaring
what Officer shall then act as President, and such
Officer (ball act aocordir gly, until the Disability
be remov-d, of a President ahall be elected.
The President shail, at stated Times, receive for
his Services, a < ompensatioD, which shall neither
be encreased no diminished duriDg the Period
fir which he -hall bare been elected, and he shall
nut receive within that Period auy other Etnolu
m- nt from the United Statea, or any of them.
Before be en'er on tbe Execution of his Office'
fie Shall take the following Oath or Affirmation t
" I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will
" faithfully ■ x icute tbe Office of President of the
" United Slates, and will to tbe best fmy Ability
" preserve, protect and defend tbe Constitution o'
."the United States. '
Sac. 2. Tbe President shall be Commander in
Chief of ihe Army and Navy of the United States,
and of the Militia of (be several Statea, when
called into tbe actual Service of tbe United States;
hu may require the Opinion, in writing, of the
principal Officer in each of the executive Depart
ments, upoa any Subject relating to tbe Duties of
their respective Offices, and he shall have P wer
to grant Re.>rievea and Pardona for Offences
against tbe Uiii t.d Statea, except in Uaetx of Im
He shall have Power, by and witb tba Advice
and Consent of tbe Peseta, to make Treaties, pro
vided two thirds of tbe Senators present concur |
and he shall nominate, and by and with tbe Ad
vice tnd Consent of the (Senate, shall appoint Am
bssiadori. other public Ministers and Consuls,
Ju gunf tbe snpri me Court, and all other Oiflcera
of tbe United States, whose Appointments are tot
herein otherwise provided for, and whiob shall be
established by L*w ; but the Congress may by Law
yest tbe Appointment of such inferior Olficere, si
they think proper, ip the President alone, in tbe
Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departinet t .
The President shall have Power to (ill up all Ta
cancies tbat may happen during tbe Recess of tl e
Senate, by grantirg Commissions which ahull ix
pirc at the E.,d ifibtir next Session,
Sec. 3. He shall from time to time give to the
Congress Information of the State of the Union,
• id recommend to their Consideration such Mees-
U'CS sa he shall judge di cesser i and expedient; he
may, on i ztraordinary Occasions, convene both
H <asee,or either of them, and in Case of Disagree
m-nt between them, with Respect to the Time of
A< j urnment, he may adjourn them to sncb Time
asheiball think proper ; be th-11 receive Ambas
sadors and other pnbllc Ministers ; be shall take
Care that the Laws he faithfully ti-outed, and
ahall Commission all'tba oSicsra of tbe United
Bsc. A. The President, Vice President and all
oivil Officers of tbe United Hiatus, shall bs removed
from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction
of, Treason, Bribery, or qther high Crimes and
Seo. 1. The Judicial Power of the United
States, shall be vqated in oneiuprame Ceprt, and
in such inf. rtor X?onrt§ as tbe may from
time to time Ordain and establish. The Judges,
both of tbe pbpreme and inferior Cottris, aball bold
their Offices during good Behavior, and shall, at
stated Times, receive for their Services, a Com
pensation, which shall not be dimiaithed during
their Continuance >n Offioe.
Sxo. 3 The judicial Power shxll extend to all
Caere io Law and Equily, arising under ibis Cod
sttuteur, the Laws o the Uuitud Stales, and Trta
ties made, or which aball be made, under their
Authorii, ;—to all Cases affecting Ambassadors,
other publio MiDiaters, and Commie ; to all Ca,ea
of aumiraly and atari imr Juried o'.ioa ; —to
Controversies to which tbe Uoited Shall be a Part,;
to Coptroveraies between two or more States; ba -
twain a State and Cit teus of soother State;—be
tween Citizens of diff.reni States,— between Citi
izms of tbe same Stale claiming Lands under
Grants of different States, and between a State, or
the Citigant thereof, and foreign Statei, Citisena
or Sut jecta.
Io all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public
Ministers a: d Consuls, .ud those in which a S ate
aba 1 be P rty, the supreme Court (ball haveorig.
iual Jurisdiction. In all tbe other Cases before
mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate
Jurisdiction, both at to Ltw and f*ct, with each
Exceptions, and undar such Regulations aa the
Congresa shall make.
Tbe Trial of ail Crimea, exeept in Caaea of im
peachmenr, shall be by Jury ; aud such Trial aball
ba beld io tbe State wbeta tbe said Crimes shall,
have bien committed; bnt when not committed
within any State, tbe Trial aball ba at such Plice
or Places at tha Congress ma, b, Law have direc
SKC. 3. Treason against (he United States,
ahall consist only in leading Waragainst them, or
in adbearing to their Eoemitt, giving them Aid
and Comfort. No Person ahall be cunvilted ol
Trcaaoo unless on the Testimony of two W tneaaii
to the aame overt Act, or on Cunraaaion in open
The Congress aball have rower to declare the
Punishment ol Treaaon, but no Attaiodcr of Trea
aon aball work Corruption of lilood, or Forfeiture
except during the Lite of the Perron attainted.
Sao. 1. Full Faith and Credit ahall be given in
each State to the public Acta, Keonrds, and judi
oial Proceedings of every other State. And the
Congress may by general Lawa preacribe the Man
ner in which each Acta, Hecorda and Proceedings
ahall be proved, and the Effect then of.
Sac. 1. The Citicena of each State ahall be en
titled to all Privileges and Itntnnoiliea of Citixana
in the several States.
A Person ebargtd in any State with Treasoa,
Pel-my, or other Crimp, who shell Bee from Jus
lice and be found in another State, ahall on Ue
ma& of Iba aseeseloe-XuehheW* ~f the Statu from
which be Bed, be delivered up, to be removed to
the Statu baring Jurisdiction of tba Crtma.
bio Peiaon held to Sereioe or Labour in one
State, under the Lava thereof, escaping into
another, aball, in Conaeqcet cn of any Law or Rt g.'
ulatioo therein, be discharged from aucb Service
or Labour, but aball be delivered up oo Claim of
the Party to whom aucb Service or Labour may
be due.
Sao. 3. New States may ba admitted by the
Congress into tbie Union ; but no new State ahall
be formed or erected within tbe Jurisdiction of
any other State, nor any State be formed by tbe
Junction of two or more Stater: or Parte of Statea,
without the Consent of tbe Legislature* of the
States concerned a* well as of the Congress.
The Congress shell have Power to dispose of
and make all needful Rules and Regulations res
pecting the Territory or other Properly belonging
to tbe United States; and nothing in thji Consti"
tution aball be eo construed as to Prejudice ary
Claims of the United States, or of any particular
Sbo. A. The United States shall gaarantee to
•very State in thisUnisna R, publican Form of
Government, and aball protect each of them
against invasion, and on Application of the Leg
islature, or of the Executive (When the Legisla
ture cannot be convened) against domestic Vio.
The Congress, whenever two thirds of both
Houses shall deem it necessarj, shall propose
Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Ap.
plication of the Legislatures or two thirds of the
several States, sbali call a Convention for propo
sing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall In
valid to all lotents and Purposes, as Part of tbi*
| Constitution, when ratified by the Logisla'itres ot
three fourth of tne several Slates, or by CooVen
lions in three fourths tbsreofastbe one or the oth
er Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the
Congress; Provided that no Amendment which
may be made prior to the Tear one thuusand eight
hundred and eight •hall in any Manner effect the
first sA fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the
first Article ; end tbet no State, without its Con
sent, shall be deprired ol its equal Suffrage in the
All Debts contracted and Engagements entered
Jnto, before the Adoption of this Constitution, '
shall be si valid against the United States nnder j
this Constitution, as under the Confederation.
This Const tution, and the Ltws of the United |
States which shall be made io Pursuance thereof; I
tod all Treaties made, or which shall b' |
made under the authority of tba United
States, shall be tbe supreme Law of the
Land; and the Judges in every State shall be
bonnd tberebv, any Tbing in the Constitution or
Laws of any State to tbs Contrary notwithstan
The Senators and Representatirea before men
tioned, and the Members of the several State Leg" j
Matures, aod all executive and judicial Officers'
both of the United Statee aod -of tbe several ,
States, shall be bound by Gath or Affirmation fo
support tbis Constitution ; but no Religious Teat
sbtll ever be required as a Qualification to any
Office or public Trust under ibe United Statee.
Tbe Ratification ot tba Conventions of nine
States, aball be sufficient for the Es ablisbmeut of
this Constitution bstwesn tbe States so ratifying
the Same.
Dong in Conrention by the Unanimous Consent
of the Sates present tbe Hereoteelb Day of
September in the Tear of oar Loid one thou
sand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of
tbe Independence of the United States of
America t'le Tw Ifib.
Additions sa<l ( mendm-nt* io ths Consti
tution of Ut* lnlt.it ttates of America.
Prnpoeed h. Congress, and ra ifl-d by tbe Lgia
I,tores of tbe several Stats', pursuaut to tha
fl:tb article of tbe original Con.tllulion.
Congress shall make no law respecting aa ee
,tabl shtnent ot religion, or prohibiting the free
gm-rciee thereof; OR ABRIDQINO THE FREE
the right of tbe peopln peaceably to assemble,
and to petition the Q.vctnmext for a redress of
gri. ranees.
A well regulated Militia, beiDg neeesear, to
the eecarit, of a free State, THE RIGHT OF
No Soldier shall, in time of paaca be quartered
io an, house, without the oonsent of tha owner,
□or in time of war, but in a manner to be pre
scribed b, law.
No per,op shall be beld te answer for a capital,
or otherwise infamous crime, unless ou a present
meet or iodiclmeDt ot a Orand Jury, exc.pt iu
caara arising in tha laud or naral forces, of in tbe
Militia, when in actual service in time uf War or
public danger; nor ahail an, person ba antjeet
for the came nflence to be twiee put in kraardy
of life or limb; nor shall be any
Criminal Caae to baa witneat against bimtrll,
La W ; nor shall private properly be taken fur
pubiio use, aitbout just compensation.
In all criminal prosecutions, the aechted shall
et j >, the right to a tpe'tfy and public (riot, b, ao
impartial jurv of the State aud district wherein
the crime shall have been committed, wLicb dts
tr.ct eball have been previously ascertained by
law, unci I a be iiformeu of the nalura ai.U cauie of
the accusation ; to be can fronted vith the teitneent
againet him; to have Compulsory jroo'eaa lor
obtaining Witaeaaea Io hia favor, and to have the
attiatanee of Counsel for bit defence.
In Suits at common law, wbnre the value in
controversy shall exesod twenty dollars, tba
right of trial by jury ah all ba preserved, and no
fact tried by a Jury shall be otherwise reexamined
in anv Court of the Uuitad Statpk, than acceid
ing to tbe rolca of the common law.
Excessivo bail aball not be r< quired, nor ex
cessive fiees imposed, nor aruol aud unusual pun
ishment! ii.Siaud.
The enumeration in the Constitution, of cer
tain righta, shall nut ba constraad to deny Or dis
parage others retained by the people.
Tba pnwars net delegated ta tbe United States
by tba Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the
Slates, are reserved to the Statai respectively, or
to the people.
Tbe Judicial power of the United Statea shall
not be construed to extend to any suit iu law or
! equity, commenced or prosecuted against one
of the United States by Cit XT>ns of another
State, or by Citiicna or Subjects of aoy Foreign
The Elrotora shall meet in their revpeclive
States, and vote by ballot for President aud Vice
President, one of whom, at I.aat, shall not be so
inhabitant of the aame State with tbema lvesj
they shall name in their ballots tbe peraon voted
for at President, and in distinct ballots the par
son voted for as Vioe President, and they shall
make distinct list* of all persona Toted for AS
President, and of all peraons voted for as Vice-
President, and of tbe number of rates for each,
which lilt they shall sign and eertifv, and tra s
rait sealed to the seat of tbe government of the
United Htato, directed to the President ol the 1
Senate;— The President of the Senate shall, in j
presence of the Senate and Hogis of Representa
tive!, open all tba certificates and tba vote# aball
then ba counted The pebion having iha great
est number of Votes for Provident, ahall be Ibe
President, if aucb number be a mejmity of the
whole number af Electors appointed ; and If n
peraon have auch majority, then from the parsons
having the highest numbers not exceeding thret
on the list of tboas voted for as President, the
House of Rcprescn'ativea shall ohoose iinuttdt
ptely. by ballot, tbe President. Bat in ehoostag
the President, the votes shell be taken by States, j
the representation from each State having on 1
vote; a quorum for this purpose shall oomlst of a !
member or members from two-thirds of t|'
Stales, Sod a m*j>rity of all the States ahall be I
necessary to a choice. And if the Hoove of Rep
rssentatives shall not choose a President when j
svar tbe right of ohoice shall derolva upon them, i
before tba fourth day of March next following, '
then tbe Vioe-Pre|!dent ahall sot as President, as
in the oast of tba death or other constitutional 1
disability of the President. Tba peraon having j
the greatest number of votat as Viea President, !
•ball ba the Vioe-Freiideot, if iuob number be a '
majority of the whole number of Kieotora ap
pointed, and if no parson have a majority, th n j
from tba two highest numberi on the list, tbe •
Senate shall ohoose tbe Vice President; a quo '
rum for tbe pnrpose shall eonsist of two tnird? i
of the whole number of Senators, and a majority ;
of the whole nutnbsr shall be necesiaty to
ohoice. lint no peraon eenatitntinnally ineligible '
to the office of Presidont shall be eligible to that I
of Vice-President of the United Statea.
EtiToes Draftkd —Among those drifted in
Queen Anne's county we observe the names < f
jubn T. Hand, editor of tbe Maryland Cltijen,
end John H. Tbotnpion, editor of tbe CeotreTilie
Timor. These gentlemen will now be in e faiors
ble position to determine tbtt oft debated ques
lion, "wbidh is or tbe sword?
Ctcil Demoarat. ,
Hon. Edwtrd Everett declines to be ■ cendidnte
fee rongrets.
The Kngleh PMI on TLW Pwetiti nt'a Wmil
rlpation Proclamation and Mr Uladatone'e
The steamer Kangaroo arrived at New Torh
on Thereday right, ri m Liverpool on lie Bth
iaeteot end Queenetown on the 9,b. The Knglieh
p T-u enntaiua the d ecuieioa of Mr. LINO* L*'e
Emancipation ProolauiAlloa.
Tbe London Horning Slur aeye ''U will he
interacting to eretob tbe rffjctof President LIB--
OOLN'B Emancipation Proclamation in eotl-elaviry
Eaglnd, wbere during Ibe pelt year, tbe eleve
buldcra have acquired ao many unexpected elllee
wbote aval bee far outran diacrotior
Tbe etetement made by Mr. ULAoerosa, In #
eperob et Newcutle, thet Jy Deri* bed made
tbe Sontb e Na ioD, end tbet he oiraeidared tbe
Reparation of the North end Sontb ee certain,
attract! greet attention end censee e lieenese In
tbe cotton ipatkvt.
Tbe London Timet remarke, that It can herd!/
be alleged tbet Mr. OLA ntroei bee GOME beyond
tbe bonbdt of i fficial rereree in the eteteinen*
that Jtrr L) A vie bee made a nation of tb Month.
If any community eker did carp the name oti na,
lion, tbe Southern Confederacy bete. It ia tbe
bare fact. It need baeo nothing to do with tbe
politico of the qm at'on. It it vrloly independent
oof morel cone deretione. Mr. GLAPSTONB COU
olutjee very reaeonably that tbe ft bri'r who ere
a nation, w II retaaiu en. end that thciy.DßUqneii
ty will out be abeorbed bo.ck ioto tbe JJniofl.
The London Uailg Sew eaya it doea not find
fault with Mr. GLADaioxB lor raoogniging tbe
progrete which tbe South hat made io eetabliab •
ing Ite ii d pendence | but eince be epoke ot toe
Ilritirb counsel at a poeeible element in the linel
aettlement, could he not bare aaid one wotd In
feror of earing from tbe oeree of iHtrery tha
reel countriee which fall to one or other of the
combatant*, but wboee deellny ieet preaent un
•decided T
Tbe London Herald tayt Mr. GLAoeroee'a word#
ere of course cot the mere bep.bi aard ,expreg
tion of individual opinion. Tbey wll be Uki-p
ae the deliberate enaction of tbe _Cabinet, of
which he lea member. ■lt willnow be undretood
throughout Europe and America both t£at tbe
Eogliab Government ere courinccd the tijne b#
come to rtcogn tr the lndcprnder ce of theSootb.
Tbe London Quit aeye it bee no authority to
announce the day or bopr the r. pognit on Will be
given on the part ef thie couutry, but it ie cleae
it cennot be deferred long, end io ery other case
tnere ie no doubt it would be giren sooner. Tbe
•igenre repugnance to countenance or encourage,
by any pi cincture act, tbe formation of fb inde.
P'.ndent elare power, can elect account fur tbe
delay in thie inetenee. '
Tbe London Hhiyping Gau't* can hardly ehp
poet tbet Mr. GLaneTUN* expressed eent.mcnte et
variance with thoae of bie oolleagnce. Poeaibly
be baa been premature in tbe anaonj#mant of
bit triewe. At Menchceter, reoently, be publicly
expressed conS tepee in the tucceit ot the Soplbr
era Cause. He ie at all areata, jrliberat*
onaemeut. kA. - r :_:—u. i-tteianec
to ere not ibered by hie doileegnee, It ie difb.qlt
to underktand bob Be la to continue in hit preach!
eerociation to adyite the Crown,
TbeLondou Burning Pe.rcommcnU upon tt
proclimetioa ee follows
But the truth ie, bet the Praaident and ell hi#
adrieere are at their pita' end. They haVt list
all control urer tbe courte of pnblic affaire ; alt
tbey can do ie to draw long bille ppon the future,
and lay out linet of policy go be followed when
tbe preaent crista it peat. Hence It it, that, in,
atead of at onee routing the whole North to oon
centrete ite powere • n the one preernt preeaing
laakof driving every Coufedsrate toldier out of
tbe neighborhood pl'the Maryland frontier, which
ie the inetamiy urgent atop, he ie proclaiming
; what bit Government will dq in January next, Ie ,
; the matter of alerery.
We do net blame him fb'r tryirg to put a goo}
ftco on, ami to t , p up eppetrancee to the leet,
but tbie proclamation ia pa t a j ka. It it the
laughing stock of Earope. The bara idea of a
Government, ia tbe last state of incapability,
proclaiming a coup d'etat, to take (fleet three
taootbe hence, ie more then ridiculous—it i> pitie*
hie. Before the let of January tbe N"rtbara
Sialea may be revolution xsd, or even conquered.
Of the jattcr there ia pei/iape DO great proba?
bility, but the former it terirualy threatening,
[rr n> tbe London Times.)
Ae a proof of what the leadara of tbe North, , .
in Iheir passion and their deaptir, would do if tbey
could, tbia ia a very tad decuman*. Aa a proofo
| the bopeletaneu and rrckleeancsj which prompt
| their actiona, it ia a vary instructive docatneni.-r
But it ia not a formidable document. We gather
f m it that Mr. Ltso it* baa loat all hope of pre
| eerving tbe Uolon, end is now willing to let any
quack try bit nostrum- Aa an act of policy It ia,
it poenble, mo-a contemptible th tn it ia wlck d,
it may poeaibly prodtsoe aome partial rlaicgs, for
'at any artnid power publish an exborda'sioa to tbe
laboring class uf any oommanity to plunder and
murder, and there wjll be aome reaponae. It might
happen in London, or Paris, or New Tork.
That Mr. Line ts'a emancipation decrees will
have any general effect bearing npon the iaeue of
tbe war, we do Dot, however, believe. The ne
groes have already abnndamly dlacorersd that tbe
tender mercies o: tbe Northerner! ere oroeltlee.—
Tbe freedom whioh ia eaaociated with labor in tbe
trrochee, military discipline, end Iraytk avowal#
of peraonal abhorrence, momentarily repeated,
doea ant eommrnd itaelf to tbt negro n tare.—
General UUILIE could, if be plrued, tell atrange
atoriea of tbe ill euceeaa of hia tamperioga with the
ncgroca about Now 0> leant. We do not thitik
that even now, when Mr. Ltxo t* playa hia last
card, it will prove to be a trump.
[From the London Heta'd.J
Aa we predicted, Preaident LINCOLN bti thrown
bimaelf into tbe ansa of the AbolitionUta. I'ullt
ioelly, bit Emancipation Proclamation ia woraa
ghan void, 'ill l " K bsl," Statea are beyond the
juiiadiolion of the Preeidant, txoaptia the few
plaoea where a Federal garriaoa occepiea lome
Southern town, or a Federal army, eooamped oq
S utbern anil, tramblea fur ita awn aafety, and ax
ercitea DO powar whatever beyond the range o,
iu guna. BOTLIR, DO doubt, may daprgya tbe O}l
iseoa of New Grleana of their #laye(, a# well ge 0 f .>
tfieir other property; and if tbera wera any hope
that tho iJavaa would be better treatud by their
deliverer* than by their mtatere, aye might over
lock *ha legal wrong in eooaideratloa of the iub
aten ial ju.-tloa done.
Boileta can liner and wbillls, bag thej are
tot pleaeant mualclan#.
The men mleabiercat liaVa are '.ieveabf k%e=
Ju tha vsfg. eat t'stb.

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