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I and Fair tomorrow and colder co lder Cold tonight m fi It ftiu f THE tl tlNJ3S NJ3S NEWS
I tonight wave I t a S fttUg gi to on U fItm iffi V S I > AkJ LTH JJLtU AND R boI R j
Intimates He May Ma Make ke
Some Startlin g Dis ¬
closures S
Believed BeIf ved That I hatHarrison Harr ison Stid Sti d
man Will Succeed
Him TJ
The District Commissioners have re re ¬
quested the resignation of Warner Stut
ler Superintendent of Street Cleaning
but butlt it Is said saidongood a1d on good authority that he
will not resign
At 4 40clockyeslerday oclock yesterday afternoon aftemo n the
Commissioners finally reached an n agree
ment ment and announced that they had
found Stutler not guilty of the charges
of o maladministration and blackmail bla ckn cknail ail
brought against him by oy Royal Ro alRo Robinson binson
At theEaIIle the same time they the requested quested his
resignation within fbrtyelsht f forts rteJzhthours eight hours for
the best interests of the District
ICo o resignation was w sforthcoming forthcoming from from
Mr Ir Stutler Stutlertoda today and If it is not no t filed
by 4 oclock tomorrow afternoon he
will HI be berem remove removed v d by order of the Com
missioners mJssion rs rs
Will Seek S SekVin4iCation ekVin4iCation Vindication
IrStutJer Mr Stutjjer will not resign because
he intends to tocon to continue t tnue nue his fight for com
plete Vindlc vindication tion which he hedots docs not be be
lieve l1e e was wasaecorde accorded d by yesterdays s ver
diet He He refuses refuSes as yet ye t to t make any an
statement for publication but promises promises
to do so in a a short sho rt tIme He predicts pre dicts a
sensational denouement denouement and says the
leaders in theconspirnc the conspiracy conc pIrac which whlchhe he
claims claimshaf has been working hgain against aInst sthlm him
will wil suffer
This Thi morning he called on Cbmmis
sioner West West whom he charges chirg s with
r d belng ein the th thchief c chief hief actor ctpr in the prosecution rosecuUon
Later 1I1rStutI Mr Stutler rh had d a conference
with With Senators enato is Scott S Qtt and n d Elldns of ofr ofest West r est
TJrginlaHecwent Virginia He went ent t to them for fora adv dice ice
and as asto to the ii iic c best bestcour course > e of action ctlonin In
the future and before meeting meetingthem them
lie intimated that they would woulddlScuss discuss
the retaliation which whichhec he contemplates o te I1pl te
towar 11 1 ard d Commissioner West W s t and i dothers others
instrumentiil lnttrprrien thl In his downfall d < rntall
Hq 1l Hi believe b beUe lth es 5 that thatWere were vere heto hetol hetoTisslgn he he t trign l Tisslgn i Slgn
thlsaqUQR this jjctiph would appear like an ad
mission missioIOf of guilt and would handicap his i
future movements mpvent m 2ven1tz ts
Make Short Statement
Beyond a short statement of the find
1lgs ings 1ng of the th board nothing was given out
by the Commissioners at the th conclu con Clu ¬
sion sionn of their lorip 11i1 conference yesterday
Nevertheless It is supposed that Com
missioner Mscfarland save Caved d Stutler
from romabrupt abrupt dismissal
Commissiioner West at first urged a
verdict crdictot of guilty and Immediate re rc ¬
moval mo mov al l Engineer Commissioner Biddle
stood with West as to Stutlers guilt
but was willing to give the Superinten ¬
dent a chance to resigfi
Commissioner Macfarland held out for
a more moderateverdietand moderate verdict and succeeded
in persuading his hi colleagues to find
Stutler not guilty gulItyas as charged but 1 t to
request his resignation on the ground
that he is an unfit person to hold public
office Colonel Biddle is believed to
have voted with Commissioner Macfar f cfar
land on this proposition
Points Against Him
The two points in the testimony which
the Commissioners believed were strong
enough to warrant his withdrawal from
office were both brought broug ht out in Stut
4 leafs own testimony and had nothing to
do with the original charges
The first was Stutlers own admission
that be had dealt dea t heavily in stocks and
had borrowed money mone to protect his mar
gins gin The Superintendent while on the
stand admitted that such transactions
were not prudent in his position and
said he had discontinued the practice
several years aero a o
The second matter which weighed
against him in the minds of the Com
missioners was his testimony that Royal
Robinson n had offered him bribes on three
different occasions which he had re ¬
fused but failed to report to the Com ¬
missioners until the trial when he
brought forward these charges In answer
to c charges of blackmail preferred by b
Robinson The latter denied the counter ¬
charges of Cattempted attempted bribery
Explains His Conduct
The Superintendent explained his fail
ure to report rep rt the alleged offers by bsa say
lng they had been made by the con
tractor in private and he had no proof
to substantiate his charges
Superintendent Stutler was at his of
fice early this morning and visited a a
number of officials throughout the th
building to dl discuss cUS5 the verdict He Th
everywhere hinted at cdumercharges 3
which would injure District officials In ft I
high places and other persons In Wash
Ington whose financial Interests lIe had I
antagonized In his capacity capacft as Super
During the last five fiveelrs years by b my m r
recommendations I have saved the DIs
trlct trictof of Columbia 104000 by b hand clean
Ing at a lower rate than we were able
to secure under machine contracts
was1fr was Air Stutlers statement today J
His Probable Successor
The question of who wl i io o wljl succeed War ¬ I
ner Stutler as Superintendent of Street t I
Cleaning Cleanlnghas has been practically decided 1 I i
but the nume of the successful applI 1
ant wis w L5 < not announced today toda
It Is Isbt believed > llccd at the District Building
however that Harrison Hurr on > Stldman will bti hi C
appointed tiiJOifltC Mr Stidman comes from fr Iron Cm I
New ew York but Is closely closci Identified with witl
Washington P hfngton Interests He graduate d I
from Cornell University In 1S91 in the tb S
course of civil engineering enginet > ring
George G Botejer of Georgetown Gergetoynwas was wa S
at one time mentioned for the place pla pJnc e
SODcpers come persons ntthonght thought that Assistant A Asistaii > Slstal1t t
SuperInlendent Tooweymiht Toowey might spcceed succeei
Air lr Stutler but he will only remain
in I li L charge of the office until a successor r J
to tfthe the Superintendent is appointed I
Watch for the Great Offer
On the Want Pages In Tomorrows S
Thursdays Times
Three T hree Hundred Em plo yes to Be Place d
Under Civil Service Law by Order 9r er
of the President Pre sid thdent nt
Unless Un U nless tess President Roosevelt s should de ¬
cide cideto aid e to change his opinions In the mat ¬
ter in the next few days more than 300
Inspectors Inspeetorsnnd Ins pectors and other employes emplo es of the
Bureau Bu reau of of Immigration of the Depart ¬
ment mne nt of Commerce Commer eand and Labor now un ¬
classified cla ssified will soon be placed under the
civil civ il service law
The T he President can do this by issuing
an order orderand and from authoritative sources
this thi s morning it was learned he had ex ¬
pressed pr essed his willingness to take the ac ¬
lion Lio n necessary
Others May MayJ3enefit Benefit j
A i movement Is on foot a also lso so to take
sc some me action to classify between 600 and
700 < laborers in the other departments
w wtiohave wh tio o have been beendoi doing g bighclasscl nighclass clerical rical
Vf work wo rk for years at a salary of 50 50 a
m month onth the pay of a real reillaborer laborer It was
said sa id today that the condition of these
ei employes em ployes is receiving the attention of
the th e Cabinet the matter having
Ci called ca lled to the attention of the President
by Postmaster PostmasterGeneral General Wynne and Sec ¬
r retary rC tary Hitchcock Hltchc ckat at the time tlm Secretary Secretar
Metcalf M etcalf presented the plan for classify ¬
in ing g the Bureau ot Immigration em ¬
ployes pl oyes
None I one of these officers of the Govern ¬
m ment ent will discuss the proposition From
01 other ot her sources however it was learned
there th ere are hundreds of deserving highly bighl
e educated ed ucated and intelligent clerks among
tl the th e laborers who have hav been serving
the th e Government for years e rs doing doingexactIy exactly
y the th e same sort of work for which other
e exployes ex ployes are receiving 11200 1200 and 51400 n 1400 oo
a year Some of these laborers
messengers r and assistant messen ¬
gers ze ta have been in the Government ser ¬
vice vi Ce eight and nine nlneears years None one eon ¬
s sidered si i der d as ellcrtble el1 ble to transfer to the
cJ civil vil service list have been b en appointe d
within w ithin less than three years ears
A number of attempts have been
made m ade by Cabinet officers to help this
Delay D2laylri i I ii in Patterson Case
Will Be Brief
Q One O ne of the Jurors Says That Longer Long r
Session Would Have Hav Resulted
in an Acquittal
NEW YORK Dec 28 28Mr Sir Levy of
c counsel counse1for for Nan Patterson called at
t the he district distr district ict attorneys office to sea Mr
J Jerome J erome and Mr Rand and to urge a
s speedy retrial He scorned to think
that t hat there was a possibility that the
d district d attorney would abandon the
c case ase and move to dismiss the indict ¬
ment m ent for murder Said he
If Mr Jerome J crome insists on another trial
I wish to know at once so that I can
I begin b egin my m preparation We have new
t vidence e and will gladly enter another
t trial trlalo rial of the tI1ccase case Case
It was said at the district attorneys
c office O ffice that the delay would be as brief
z as as a s possible
The show girl has been so annoyed by
1 letters sent her In the Tombs that her
i lawyers la awyers T rs have directed the officials of
t the t he jail to give to her none that has
i not n ot first been read by them
One letter which did not reach rea hher her ac ¬
c cording c to her lawyers was in an en ¬
velope v elope on which was a pen drawing of 01
a an a n electric chair besides the address
Nan Patterson EI6cfrlc El ctrIc Chair Sing
Sing S ing by b way of the Tombs T
On the back of the envelope it is said
Continued on Second Page Pag >
The storm central Tuesday Tues a morning
in i n northern Illinois moved slightly
northward n during that day da and as ¬
sumed s < the proportions of a hurricane I
over o < ver Lake Michigan The barometer r
J fell f ell to 2886 86 inches at Milwaukee and am
southwesterly soutbwesterljgales s gales with snow pre pre ¬
vailed aBed over the lower end of the lake
The storm this morning has diminished I
I in I n energy but fresh westerly wester gales con ¬
tinue t over o er Lake Erie and high north ¬
westerly winds over merLakes Lakes Michigan a
and Huron
An offshoot of the main depression is I S
also central this morning over New C
England It has been attended by heavy helv I
rains but as yet strong winds have not nO t
i developed
The weather weatb r is fair and cold In the th e
South and West In the lake region an and d a 1
the Ohio Valley light snow continues
The weather will clear in New Eng ¬
1 land l and tonight with much lower tempera ¬
tures Snow will w ill continue in the lake Ink i
region and the upper Ohio Valley to ¬
night and Thursday Thursda with somewhat L
Jower J ower temperatures
It 1 will be colder tonight in the Middle e
and South Atlantic States and Florida L
Somewhat Some whit lower temperatures temper tures will pre pr
vail Thursday in Atlantic coast districts lstrlct
S Sam a m 41 Ii
g J
12 noon iS s o
1 lpm p m mu u 56 m6 o
Registered Afflecks Standard Thermometer
da m 50 0
U 1 noon 42 12
1 lpm pm 44 14 4
Sun sets today 445 15 5
Sun rises tomorrow 718 18 8
Low tide today 700 pm ri
High tide tomorrow1246 am 122 pm j
Low tide tomorrow tomorrow7z 725 am 801 pm pn 1
I I class clays1 lor of employes emplo es In several se ral cases c aS aSs s
they have havesucc succeeded eded notably when
Hoke Smith was was the Secretary of the
At that time nearly nea rIY a hundred hundredof of the
laborers were t transferred nserred If It it Is
possible Secretary Secre alj Hitchcock EitchcockwlU will also
have a a number numb numbrof rof of transfers made and
his action ac tion will probably probabl be followed in
the other departments
It was said saldb by a competant authority authorit 1
this morning that the opposition to
action Is coming from tile Civil Ch 1l Service
Commission which on On general principles I ICommission
does not want the President to toetend extend
the law to an any more employes who nave j I
not passed a civil service examination 1
To this contention an officer of one of j
I Ithe
the departments said sal today that tne
laborers were more than willing to un j
dergo 0 examinations examin tiOns if it would 0 Uld do them
any good ood 1
Why Vh continued this officer som some
of the best Clerks we have here these j
socalled laborers Some of our employes i I I
drawing 5 5 a month have been clerKs in I
the taking klngofthe of the th census are good g od ala staI j I Ithe
tistlcians tfsticlansand and expert stenographers and a d j
typewriters t3p writers In some cases we have men
and women who have been doing their I
work and giving satisfaction for seven
and eight years years I
Old Appointees
Inman In many cases these people peoplewEre were ap a1 > ¬ I
pointed prior to the civil service la laws ws
enactment en ctment or or extension We Te have haYe ap I1 ¬
po pointed inted none In inthreeears three years Those who WllOI J
are Ie in the service were w were reput put to wor wOrk k
because be because cause the th clerical forces could not
handle the work
Every Everyone Eve one to whom I have spokeii
thinks that action should be taken
In the Patent Office alone there are
seventyfive employes of this class I Iseventfive
Cfliclals say saythelc there is not reason why j
something should not n t be done for them
The office offi ecan can well pay the Increase I crease as
it is a selfsustaining self sust aining Institution with
a a balance 0 fnearly Jf000000 lOOOOOO to its credit
in the Treasury Tr sur
i l I J I
I Odahas d h iSF Frame in i a P Petition tition to
Mr Leupp
I They T hey Desire to KnoW How One Official 1
Acquired Great Wealth So
ASHLAND ASHLA D WIs Dec 28 2SIndians Indians of 0 t
the t he Bad River
Reservation R ervatlor J after a I
council c at Odana Odanahayc have decided by unani ¬
mous vote to petition the new Indian 2
commissioner c F FE E Leupp uPp for fora a grand gmn I
jury j ury Investigation InvestfgaUonof of the theconduct conduct of res ¬ I
ervation enationatrairs e affairs by D Indian Agent S W Y Yo o i
Campbell C
Resolutions authorizing and nd Instruct ¬
ing I ng the chiefs to prepare a petition > n and an
appointing a a committee of Indians to ti
carry c the thepetltfon petition to Washington and an
present p resent it to the commissioner when
he h e takes l l < es lIs his olllce January 1 Jwere 1 were adopt ¬
ed e d
A petition etition was prepared and signed by b
the t he chiefs asking for a a grand jury jur in ¬
vestigation vesugat v Ion of the t he financial relations re lations ex ¬
I isting I between b > tween some of the he officials in ii a
the t he Indian office here and an the manager r
and principal stockholder toc kholde r of the Stearns Steam S
Lumber Company which has the con ¬ I
tract t ract for cutting the pine on the Indian India
I lands l ands an investigation invest1 atfon of the 520000C 2000C frC r
loan l oan of their money mone made to the Stearns Steam S
Company by b Agent Campbell and all aJ Ii
the t1te charges of o f fcorruption corruption and au grafting graftin
of which the Indians have complained
j during the last ten years
How He Got Wealth
One of the significant things of peti I ¬
tion is the Quest r > that inquiry be made mad
as to how Indian Farmer Roger Patter ¬
son acquired his wealth
Patterson Is said to have bavebcen been a poor poc r
man when he accepted the position tjon of C
Indian farmer ten years ears ago His sal sa I ¬
ary has been only 60 a a month m nth yet he 3 IC j
Is now said to be worth anywhere from mi n
zioooo 30000 OOO to SiOOOO tOOOO Patterson has COO acres aert S
of the th best land on the reservation
vhioh Is I on the tax roll at the assessed nssessc
value tije of 511000 11
He admits having 10000 10000stock stock in the ti IC
York Lumber Company Compan at Grafton W V 1
Va of which L W V Baker manager of f
the Stearns Lumber
Company is presi pros 1 ¬
dent tle nt <
UTICA Dec 28 28A A new 56foot trol trc
ley baggage car equipped equ ipped with four foi
Westinghouse sthnighous S5 motors purchased by b 1
the Utica and Mohawk Valley VaIle Railroad Railror
Company at a cost of 10000 10000 mnde a
trial trip between he tween Rome and IHpn yes ye es S
terda terdlat > at an average rate ratcoC of a mile a
Manager Allen said he expected the ti
car to reach seventy miles an an hour ns
soon as a it limbers up The wheels are a me
thirtysix Inches in diameter The car c tm
weighs thlrtyii thlrtyiilne thlrty lne tons and has a cu a a
paclty pstcit for or carrying 40000 pounds of ofe ex e x
press fires freight t
W r S Shallenberger Second Assistant Aesista nt
Postmaster General received receivednoUfica notlflca a
ton this morning of the death of M r IL FL
Macdonald at Parlcersburg W Y Yo o Vn
Mr 1 1r Macdonald was aB an assistant su a
perintendent of the Railway RniIwn Mall Ser St
vice Ice and was one of the veteran em em a
ployes of the Postofflce Department
Steamer Ashore on Fire
Island Beach Beacl1inGrave Beachin in in Grave
Danger Dang Daner r
LifeSaveis LifeSa vers Impatient I to
A Aid AidDestruction i d Destruction De tr ction
Threatens Thfe tens
PATCHQGUE p ATCHGUE C I L I Dec 2S 28The The sit ¬
uation of the British steamer st mer Drumei
zier zier ashore lshoreonFireIslandbea on Fire Island beac beach h is ex ¬
tremely critical this this thismorning morning
Unless wind and sea settle before night
her destruction with herc her cmpta1n pta1n and
crew of thirtytwo men seems almost
certain c rtaln
This morning at 8 oclpck the members
of o the Fire Island lifesaving Uf mving crew who
had maintained an aneager ait eager though fruit ¬
less l e5 vigil all night discovered disc ered the
steamer on the bar pounding heavily
Signals Sign ls of distress were displayed displayedbut but
owing to the thehigh high surf no io attempt to t
launch a lifeboat I1t boatwas was made
Boiler Boller Loose
Twenty minutes later she signaled s
that her herboflerhad boilerhAd boiler had been b n twisted from its
foundations and a nd ndas was as swaying from f om side
to side and threatening to rend the
ship asunder
At t 10 oclock this morning the sea
by a a rising wind was causing
the vessel to pound more heavily heaVll The
high tide is carrying her farther upon
he beach beachtoward toward the bar
The Themember members of oftheOak the Oak Beach and
Fire Island litesaving stations have
carried their apparatus down upon the th
beach Owing to the dangerous surf
which forbids launching laun hing a a boat boat and the
distance di stance intervening to the wreck which
prevents pr events shooting a line the lifesav ¬ i
ers er rs a are piteously piteous impotent to offer ofteras as ¬
sistance si stance j
No Tugs to Help
No sight sightof of the tugs is reported since
Monday lIondaynlght M onday night Whether Whetherthey they have
returned re tumnd to the city c1t citt C Cor or run run to sea can n ¬
not no t he heasc ascertained iscerta1n erta In ed C The Th lifesavers
however now ho terer er express r ssce certain rtain belief that
even even e en th their irpresence presence could c uld avail naught
to rescue resc ue theLJniricpUed heJI 1IiaJt dcrew crew so high 1Sh
Sr r STKg S8SSr sdh S Sf f
Should hould the thcgea sea subside sufficiently to
allow al lotr th the launching of a a lifeboat I1feboatan an at ¬
tempt te mpt a t trescue rescue In j this direction may ma
take ta ke place In view of the threatened
weather weathprcondiUons w eather conditions however such a a
possibility possibiUtylsremote po ssibility is remote
The cargo o of the steamer is va1 valied ped
at atSfiOOOOO 600000 and she was bound from Xew ew
York Y ork for Havre when she ran ashore
Monday M onday morning
Boats Stand By
At noon noon the stranded steamer was h ly ¬
inS la g broadside onto ontoth ontothsea the sea and laboring
hard ha rd The sea breaks over over the ship
i frequently fr equently and at such times covers her
from fr om stem stemto to stern
A wrecking tug Is lying a mile mfleawa away
deep water but cannot approach
nearer ne arer because of the th heavy sea sea
This afternoon a revenue cutter hove h 8 ve
in sight and signaled the Drumelzier
king if help was wanted
The Drumelzier sent up the answering
slcnal sI gnal naI Yes Yesr r
ife Victorious ViC to ousOverHead Over Head of Univer universal ¬
sal Love Lov Cult Spir Spirit it Fruit I
Farm Fannn n
LISBON Ohio Dec 2S 2STemporar Temporary
of 50 50 payable pa able by bJanuqr January 11
has h as been ueen allowed to the plaintiff here In
e divorce iyorce of Iouima Beilhart against
acob Beilhart known as Holy Jacob
the t he hea head d dof of the Universal Love Love Cult
BeHhart Is s now in Chicago recruiting recruitin
rts for his Spirit Fruit Farm arm
e was wassEned served with the summons In the
suit before he left here I
Two r wo Western estern bad men shot up the Oma ¬
ha h a passenger passeng r train and for more than
an a n hour terrorized the score or more mor
of o f men and women In the car
Shortly ShortJ after leaving Sioux Falls the th
wo men who had been drinking drew drew r
and began firing into the floor
and a nd ceiling A stampede took place S
among a th the passengers but was halted halte I
by b y the desperadoes announcing that the thi S
first i passenger attempting to leave t the th he a
car c ar would be shot
The news agent was forced to dance dane
Jig in the aisle and the brakemen and am
conductor c were made prisoners
The two men left the train here and am 1
ave ye not yet been arrested
EASTPORT L I Dec 28 2SCharles Charles S
had a novel escape from possible a I
eath because of o the bulletproof proper
ies of a heavy helv canvas hunting > coat coa t
he wore He was hunting hU nUng ducks dUCk
the river when another sportsman
his decoys and supposing
hem to be ducks discharged dlschar ed both bar ¬
of f his gun among them tht > m
Albin who was w850n on the opposite side ski
concealed in the grass received the lb
e In the breast Believing he had ha d
fatally shot he took off of his coat con t
was surprised to find that the shot she t
not penetrated the canvas
Watch for the th Great Offer
On the Want Wi Win n t Pages in Tomorrows 5
Thursdays Times
Russ Ru ssian ian Ambassador in Washington Celebrates Today His s Fiftie Fiftieth th Ye Year ir in the
Service of the Czar
Celebrates C elebrates Today Half H 1f of
Century In Harness
R Russian ussian Ambassador Has Been in ii i
This Country COll tIy Over Seven Sev n
Count Cassini the Russian Rlssianambassa ambassa ¬
dor d or Is celebrating c his golden jubilee to to
day da y The date dat marks the completion
of O fifty ft years In the diplomatic service
of his hscou country Couat ntry ± y This afternoon a fternoon meat m m
bersof b he rs of t the embassy e bas w wlUfipf willptent lU pre e1 e1t gent t the 1
amDassador am a 6wro 6 6a a do dou dolth or mtl wi u lth tn a handsome handsomesol gold trb tr1
bute b ute o There Th re will be a areceptlon reception this
afternoon af ternoon and this will be b followed by
a dinner at which will be present all the
members m embers of the embassy and a few close
friends fr iends
Count Cassini Is only sixtyeight years
of age He therefore enteredel the
diplomatic dlplomaticserylceat di plomitte service at the age ageo of eight
een e en After fter the th usual preliminary service 1
in St Petersburg w which hich all Russian dip
lomats lo mats are required to serve he cram
assigned a to Hamburg and Dresden and am L
then t to the Impe imperial ial court of China
serving s ten years in that court where i
diplomacy d meets its highest require ¬
ments m eCts Seven years ago he was trans ¬
ferred fe rred to Washington Vashi gton
Final F inal Step in the Trial Tr ial for Conspiracy
to Defraud the National i
Government I
The final step in the case of o the th e
United U nited States against Machen the th e
GroIT G roti brothers br thers Diller B and Samuel A
nd George E Lorenz Indicted jointly Jointl F
for f or conspiracy to defraud dtfra d the United ii i
States S tates In the sale of letter box bo fasten ¬ i
ers e rs to tothe the Lnlted States St tCs Postofllce De ¬
partment p artmnent will be taken before the Su S ¬ i
preme p reme Court on onmotton motion of certiorari
January J anuary 16 16 two wo weeks after the first firs S
meeting meetin m eeting g gof of the court since the Christ ¬ I
mas m holidays Notice will be served s srvtd rvtd on onthe o a
the t he other side however next week j
The judgment of the trial court was an
that t hat Mache nd his alleged conspJra consp ra I I
tors t ors were wer e to serve erve a term of two years year ears
in I n the penitentiary and pay pa a fine fineo of c
noooo t 10000 each It was carried by the de ¬ I
fendants f to the Court of orpeaIs Appeals mpeals which whic
confirmed c the decision of the lower lowe
court c ourt r
RICHMOND Va Dec 2S SIf If the th e I
statements s contained in an anonymous S
1 letter are true J Samuel McCue former forme Ormcl
mayor ma > r of Charlottesville is not guilty guilt I
Of o < f the murder of his wife for which cvhic
crime c rime he Is to hang January fanuar 20 I IcrIme
The writer riter a Richmond man telL > f >
Judge J udge Morris who presided at the triai triaiI trir L I
of McCue t that hat the latter is innocent
and a nd that if he is not released the thewriter writer write ir
will c come forward and confess conie < s January Januar y
5 and take the place of McCue lcCuC
GLACE BAY N S Dec 2S 2STh The 10
twomasted t British Britishschooner schooner Bebs Cap Ca p ¬
tain t alC Bond from Halifax to North Syd Sy I ¬
anchored too near the shore of i
Quarry Point and touching bottom botto
the tide receded pounded to pieces piece
The The crew of eight ight men landed with wit ii ¬
difficulty dlmcuIt and nd reached here lJere
NEPAUG Conn Dec 2S 2SA A New Ne isv v
Central engineering corps is here he me e
to survey sune a proposed doubletrack line lI ie
for that road roat between Brewsters N N Y i
Springfield Mass lra s
The original survey sure of the theold old Con Co n I
Western estern road will be followed followe d
Is understood
I General G eneral Smlhioff Smilno f ffAlso Also Re
I ported ii jared
V i
s3ic ra < =
JJfrne iinc N mne If Na Naval aval aiOl Officers cersaJ ana < t SixtyFive
r Men M Killed XiIIcdonS on Special ec iaI
TOKYO Dec 28 sXews News received here i
from fr om Port Arthur reports that General I
Stoessel S toessel in in command of the forces force s
there th ere re has been ts tse
ninjured injured by his horse lio hors e S
falling I afflng upon uponhixn hlm
zlJiloff zlJiloffe zlJiloffA1so e AIso i 1f 1ff f C
I It is j also reported that General ScniK Stall
noff n off has beenwounded been wounded
The authorities this morning publish pUbl h i
a a list l st TQt of thirtythree officers killed and an I
fiftysix fi wounded wo Unded
No NolocaUties localities are given i ien en but it is pre pre ¬
sumed m mmcd the casualties occurred occurr d at Port Per t
Arthur A rthur hu
Special Duty
The Th naval l1a al authorities also publish a I
list li st of nine
officers and sixtyfive men mci 1
killed k illed on special duty
The nature nat 1re < of the duty is not ex ¬
plained p lalCe but It is S surmised Urml Sed another anot her cruis ¬
er e m has been sunk or damaged and these thea C
officers offi o s and men lost their lives in this thi S I
reannel x
MOSCOW Dec 2S sThe = The zemstvo con ¬
gress g ress of the Moscow government in I it
session session s since snce Monday last adjourned d
sine s ine die today after passing a resolu ¬
don t ion which declared it was Impossible e
to t o conduct business with the necessary necessar I
quiet qufetowing q uiet owing to the government gmern ment com c m ¬
munique on the subject of ofzemsL zemstvos zeinst ± os o S
Ths communication published several severs ii
days ago relegated the zemstvos to the th e
background in the settling of affairs of o c p
local l ocal or national natfonalImport import
ST PETERSBURG Dec Dee 2S 2SIt It is i is
putting It mildly to say sa that the Context contes t
of the imperial manifesto issued yester ¬
day ilia morning has aroused aro us cd sentiments of c f
extreme disappointment
Ideas of broad broadnational national reforms that tIn Lt
had been built up are answered bv b 3
vague lgue promises of peasantry reforms
There Th > re is consequently a renewal of f
extreme activity acthit among those whom whoi
the manifesto stigmatizes as enemies of
the country countr
PARIS Dec 2S 28A A message from St st S I 1
Petersburg states that Kuropatkin has ha 5
asked for as many man reenforcements as a Is I
it is possible to send him i
He has = also asked that the thecapaeit capacity capacit 1
of the TransSiberian Railway Railwa bo b raised raise a L
to twelve or eighteen trains daily 1
ROME Dec Dee 2S SA A dispatch to the U 1
Corrio del La Zra from Fusan says sa s
the Japanese troops Celebrated celebra ted Christ t ¬
mas in ix honor of the foreigners with wil h I Imas
the army i ithe
General Oyama ama entertained entcrtalnedat at a ban bai 5 ¬ I
wet sill the foreign for lgll officers and the ti le e
newspaper newt > ap > correspondents the festivi I ¬
ties lasting lastin all night with artillery ac a C ¬
COAL LAND LAf D FOR 1000000 1 00000 0
GREENSBURG Pa Pa Dec 2S sThe 2ST The h e
purchase by b the H H C Frick Coke Com Cot a ¬
pany of 1000 acres of Connellsvllle cok co It ¬ I
lag ingcoal coal land just completed takes ink Os s
what is said to have been be en the last piece plee pie Co e
of coal land held by individuals in t the he he c
Connellsville region re ion
The Thepropcrtj property lies in North and South Sou thi h
Union townships near Uniontcwn and an te rid d
the price paid is said to be beS1OOOOOO 1000000
Watch for fc = the Great Offer
On the Want Pages Pa es in Tomorrows Tomorror s
Thursdays Times
1I orr iii nr
Hard Coal Underneath
Stoking and Consum
ere ersCitedas ersCited Cited as Remedies
Opin ions and Demonstra
tions tionsby by Those Who VhoCom Com ¬
ply Vith Law
The complete prevention of smoke is
a practical r cticaI thing according 2ccordin g gto to asser ¬
Lions tiQnsmade made today to a Times reporter by
several individuals
This position P is directly opposed to
the assertions made yesterday by va ¬
rious engineers eng1n rs of Washington and pub pub ¬
lished ishedin In yesterdays terdays Times
To Prevent Smoke
According A ccording to what w liat liatWxs was said sai today
smoke sm oke can be prevented
By the use of anthracite instead of
bituminous bit uminous coal
By using a furnace turnaceinto into which coal
is fed from the bottom instead of oon ori
top tO p
By means of a certain c C > rtain kind of smoke
consumer co nsumer
Chief Engineer 6Donnell ODonnell of the Post
office offi ce Building is the highest authority
for fo r the claim cla lni that tha t It is practicable 1 and
sensible se nsible to comply with the District
smoke sm oke law by using usin anthrac anthracite ite lteot or hard hatd
coal co al in the th furnaces furn1cesnother Another well
known kn own enj engineer taeit gave it 1S as his opinion
thai th at the trme time would soon come when
all the business houses hot1 and Government
buildings bu ildings would nave haveto have to use anthracite
coal coaIen co al entirely tirely
Stoked Stq StqedFrom edFrom From Bottom
At the Portner Flats Fifteenth and
U Streefs Stree Streetsnorthweat s orthwest rtbwest a building which
requires r re quires the bUrning of about five 1 e tons t ns
of soft ot coal dally a a furnace is use USed < l
which w hich Is automatically stoked from the
bottom bo ttom In this Tray the fresh freshcoa coal
burns bu rns at the bottom and nfl whatever
smoke sm oke escapes s apesfrom < from the thefirst thefirstcombUstion first combustion
is S consumed entirely n tire1Y by passing pass n upward u ni
through throu th rough gh the hibed hibedo bed of o t whft whfte whiteheq hot coals in fn
r the th e furnace ilr acellef T beforerekchir fQr reSchirfsLtfr r d hi tJJ the smoKes srnjert ker
stack st ack
For more than t hail it a year y r past the time tim t
that th at this furnace has been u used ed at at the h1
Portner P ortner no no smoke has been seen een to is is ¬
sue su n from the chimneys and an d no Rpm
pla paints p Inints lnts have been made of smoke smokefrorn front
that th at structure although it is situated situate d
In a apureIy purely residential reSde tlal section The Th
managers IIl m anagers of the building testify that
the th e furnace referred to is economical
both hothin b oth in labor and the theamount amount of fuel ueI
consumed co nsumed 0
Smoke SmokeConsum Consumed
At t a business house hOUethis this morning It
was tv b s asserted by the person pe on In charge
that th at a smoke consumer used there act ct ¬
ually u ally consumed all the smoke from the
furnaces f urnaces and economized d on the use
of o f fuel
For the enlightenment of the reporter
the t he furnaces were allowed to operate ope te
some s ome minutes without the use 1l5 of the
smoke s moke Consumer This resulted in the
smokestack s emitting large volumes of
dense d ense black smoke
Putting the consumer consumer to work again
stopped s the appearance app ance of the smoke oke In
about a bout one minute
Using Hard CoaL
Engineer OT ODonnell > onnell of the Postoffiea
Building B uildIng persuaded the Postoffice au u ¬
thorities th orities last fall to ask this Congress
for f or an additional
appropriation to o
change c his furnaces so as to allow off
the t he use use of anthracite instead of ofsoft soft
coal c oal in them
IE making his hisreDo report reDo Mr OTDonnell ll
estimated e that It would cost the Govern ¬
ment m eat 6000 to change the th furnace and
58COO 8c0o additional each year for anthra ¬
cite c ite coal which is S116 16a f16 a ton more than
soft s oft coaL The Th building uses 4000 4000tom ions
a year ear
Postmaster General Wynn a aceording orillng
ly 1 asked for SUOOQ additional adiliti nal this year
for f or heating etc The bill passed the
House H ouse and will probably pass the Sen
ate a tO and receive the Presidents Sjjna sj I1a
tare tlr t te
Engineer En Ileer ODonnells Views
Engineer ODonnell ODonnellsaid said id today
When I start to change the fur ¬
naces r aces I will work on six at at t a time
keeping k eeping three for
use and three in re re ¬
serve s erve in case of ofemergency emergency It It will take
at a t least three months to make the
change c
As far as I have hnY been able to observe observe
there t will not be a bleat difference In
the t he amount of coal used
I believe I can produce as much steam
with W IUT a ton or anthracite coal as bitum ¬
inous m ona coal and vice Ice versa versa
Therefore in making IWtk lg my m estimates
for f or coal I merel merely calculated the diRer
ence e nce in the cost cosC
Last year ear we used about 4000 tons
f coal in the thePostomce Postofilce Department
There T here Is a a difference d of ofa a little ov onr r Z 3
per p er ton in the cost of anthracite coal 021 I
sked for SSOOO to cover this and I
think it will wllsuffice suffice
u uIn In my opinion the use of anthracite
coal c oal is absolutely absolutel essential for a strict
compliance c with the law nlere is no
smoke condenser which will do away
all the smoke produced in a a e bi big
furnace f urnace
A Good Smoke Consumer
At t Schneiders bakery id 4 I Street
where a smoke consumer is
used an employe ernplo e said it was the only on y
thing t that prevented the companys com anrg g
belnjj I 1ig often fined in the Police Court
said it was IS absolutely serviceable
Several engineers today todacommended commended
he action of District Commissioner Commisson r
in advocating that the authori autho mm
take steps to allow th the theenisston mission missi ro Qf
for a reasonable length of time
The argued a that it is almost impos
slole to keep from emitting smoke from
stacks altogether
At the Portner flats tlat however the
said smoke was never seen se > En
c ning from the chimney of his build ¬
in He is he says sa s the only one who
the furnaces that are stoked from fror
bottom Soft coal is used in his

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