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Clfte lusflingtun I33afiintnnLtrne hnes
Published Evening Ecnlri and Sunday
Daily one year 300
Sunday one o year 250
The rim Times is served ere in th city cit of
Washington and District of Columbia by
newsboys who deliver and H 1 1tollect collect for fo
the paper on their own 4couut ccoursi lOU at the
rate of 6 cents a a week weekiot for the Kvening < vening
and 5 dents tnts nts a copy cop for forme the Sunday edi
lion ion
The Stutter Findings
The judgment of the theDistrict District on the
decision of the Commissioners in the
case of Warner Stutler El willhardly hardIY be
favorable to the Commissioners The
essential findings fin ings were these
That the charges > of o1 dishonest collu ¬
sion brought by Royal Robinson against
Witrner Wr Vun arnel r Sutler St utler Superintendent of o tlvj th
Street Cleaning Department were not
susta u ta ined in > d but 1 apart from all the
charges h argt > the evidence Vi itne < e and especially e sIec iallv
tht tt < testimony tfstimollyof of Warner Stutler dis
closes the fact that the best interests
of the District wil wUbe be subscrib sub snbscrvcd ervcd ed by a
change hll1 c in the office of Su perintendent
Of J r Street Cleaning
Therefore ordered or iered < that the resigna ¬
tion of the said sai d Warner Stutler Stu tIer is be h here re r e
i by b > y requested
Thus the Commissioners have aced a ed
on the assumption that the accused is
unfit U nfit for his office om ce This is smanife manifest st st1y
ly no vindication for Mr Stutler
Neither does it carry conviction that
the interests of the pu public blic have not ot
been sacrificed to a technicality the
pleading ple ding being that the unfitness es
tablshecT was not included in the
charges The decision is therefore
indefinite and indeterminate
It would have been better for th the
community much m ch better for Mr Stut ¬
ler particularly had the theCommission Commission ¬
ers announced clearly d the ground for
their conclusion that the best inter ¬
ests of the District will willbesubserred be subserved
by a change in the office of Superin ¬
tendent tendentof of Street Cleaning I
No one profits by the thestippr suppression ssion L
of public information so important mportantas as
this The District ought to be as ¬
sured that thatnone none of its itsjnterests interests in the
case have been neglected and Mr
Stutler ought surely to have th the right I
to make mal e answer answer publicly to conclu ¬
sions slonsso S OIlS so serious serious that the he Commission Commissi n ¬
ers decline to continue con tinue him in the th I
District services
On the specific sp c tfic question qu stion of Mr jr r Stut
lers retirement there will wiIlprobably 111 probably be bE i
110 difference of 9f opinion By his own 1
statements he maintained relations
with v itli the contractors co ntiacto rwhose hose work he hE I i
supervised which utterly tterly precluded I
the exercise of clear and honest dis
I cretion It was Mr Stutler himself f
who disclosed the information that tha I
be had been approached several times time
with iith improper proposals Jrop saJs had ha Cl never llever r
reported repo ra rorted rted those thos proposals prop proposalsto sals > to o his h 5Up supe ¬
riors and had permitted his hissupe hi supe ¬
riors to treat with those contractors
as a though they had done nothing nothin
This is abundant abund nt ground grOu ria for forhis his dis ¬
missal If the Commissioners based base I t
their decision upon these facts it is i S
plentifully p1entifullysustained sustained But it is still 1
due the pu public blic and the accused that tha t i
they should state s t te the misconduct upon upo a i
which they have acted
N NonCreative on Creative Democrats
Averment is made that the Demo ¬
crate rats in Congress make few over ¬
tures of the creative cr ativekind kind kiadfew few if any an
initiative propositions
Apparently this is intend intended d as a
reproach A little light ought in fair f ir
ness to be cast upon the situation
With such suc a ma majorIty jority as the Repub ¬
licans have an overture cf the crea L ¬
tive ve kind coming c < ming from the other side sid e j
would be much like the waving of a 1
red rag in a bull corral The Demo E ¬
crat rat with the purpose of springing an a n
initiative proposition would batter r r
refrain unless he desires to create a a
turmoil out of which hich his proposition fl a
would emerge a battered wreck
To abuse the Democratic minority minorit y ir
for a policy of objecting is taking an a n j
unfair advantage of people who al a ¬
ready know sorrow To object is the Ui e
only privilege they have left If Li f
111 there ere is isany any proposed legislation prop
erly excitative of protest it is the U ie e
duty of the Democratic contingent to I o
give free rein to its it3l12tural it natural and a nd prop
ei C 1 emotion cmoU n If the objection is ill ii 1
founded > it will be ignored and an if f
there is something in it the majority majoril y tr
may consider and be wise
When the Democrat is cut cutoff off from fr om In n
the privilege of objecting he might migi it 1
as well pack his grip arid andg go s home
Who vho vhoII ho Will II iil1 ill 153 B Crushed C u shed
The report Tenor reportcomes comes from St Peters s ¬
burg that the Czar acting under ti
advice of the grand dukes has re r ¬
solved to crush the reform move mov
ment by y coercion cocn on This is a de d e
pressing > report It gives gives theBe the tl e lie I e to
hopeful rumor rumor rum r that th t the Czar h
shaken off the he incubus that burde
him like an Old Man l1anof of the Sea tb
IIP had reached rca < hGd the stage of beii
ready to t declare himself a man an a
a r ruler llerand and that within him ll m the
had been aroused a desire to relic r
the people of their oppression
The strength of tIle Czar will be p
to the test now His assortment
grand dukes will have to show t
potency potencytherc there may be in them T
coercion coel qIon on of ofa a nation 1Jatip hot 11 qt under u Qder a ascii s
of cruelty and wrong isnc is no easy sy task If
It l is made ma difficult in in the the1r present < eIJt in in I ii i
stance by t the fact that tbatthe the intelligent int intelligc mgcnt lit it
i Russian R ussian has none o of the patriotism
that t hat expresses itself in loyal support
of 0 1 the throne The The serf ignorant
brutalized bruta b ized incapable of thought has
for f or the theVhite White Father a supcrstiti
ous o us reverence that in itself is a sign sign
of o f his low mental status As fast as
the t he Russian R ssia1 becomes educated he is is
1 stirred s with the spirit of rebellion It
is i i s not the stupid lout that agitates
I Ibut but b ut it is the citizen who by cultiva
j i tion t ion contact and Icnqwlefige of let
ters t ers has become aware of better
I things t in which he might under a dif
I Iferent ferent f erent regime become a participant
I The Czarsresolution Czars resolution to crush the
reform r movement may have been
I Ibased based b ased upon a too hopeful view of his
ability abiIit a bility The movement shows signs
of 0 1 resisting the process It Itma may eyen even
adopt a dopt with reasonable l anticipation of
success su s cess the role of crusher and th the
Czar C zar instead 61 61meeting of meeting meet ng it i with a
ukase u kase will be engaged e ngaged in an effort to
get g et out of the way
I Russia as now constituted cannot
endure e Its continuance is an animpos impos ¬
i isibility sibility s < Each effort to keep it at its
I pr 1 present p resent plane hastens an inevitable inevi table
I II end e < nd Somebody or something is to
be b e crushed The Czar seems to elect
to t o be the victim
I Colorados Golo ados Predicament
I Colorado CGIp do from a political stand
point Po p Oint in t is in iIian an unenviable Ie position
I Any A ny Commonwealth must naturally
be b e desirous of knowing its own poli ¬
I tics t ics and Colorado h has s no way of as ¬
certaining c whether it elected a Demo ¬
cratic c or a Republican governor The
fact f act has been brought to light that th t
while the Democrat seemed to be
elected e many of the thevote votes cast for
him hi n nwere were fraudulent There has I
been b een no showing s1Iowing that there were wer
nough e of this character to determine dete rm rmne ne i
the result but the defeated Republi
cans are taking advantage ad vantag of the
chance to retain their governor in inpo po
sition s In consequence there may be bt i
two t wo State Stategqvernments governments neither one i
of them respected r or efficient efficient and am I
confusion that may last for years
A scheme declaring that there had hac 1
j I been no gubernatorial election electi and am I
I Ithrowing throwing the matter back into int the th I
hands of the people would be an ex
cellent c elI nt thing There is no profit in ii 1
letting the Legislature decide the mat
ter for the decision would not be b in ii 1
accordance with justice justiceorcolored or colored b
aught but intense partisanship
Colorado is young vigorous Yigorousand and ani f I
progressive peopled peopl d for the most par
by citizens of high grade These hay
permitted perm tted their offices to be seize
I and directed by a set of rogues an
rounders and now they are are disgraced I
A few of the offenders have bee
sent to jail but a vast majority ar
still at large Colorado can neve
hope for forgo good d repute until its decor
elements have made a declaration o
Holding HoIdin Up a Railroad
Towns and cities citi s in the country county y r
west and north of the Ohio River de dt <
pend upon the he railroads in i a a sens
Washington Vashingtoncould could hardly understand
Away from the rivers in many many cases cases 3
astraddle asttad lea a single line of track an
connected with the rest of the conti
neat n entOIllYb only by y train and telegraph t thet
I In very the railroad existence lies in the hands t i
The officials of the railroads whi
often farsighted and public spirited 1
have inot itt ot hesitated at times to exerci
their power for a squeeze squ eze Ever 3 1
State beyond the thel1ississippI Mississippi an
I every territory in the Dominion co l
cite telltale instances of the sudde
death of thriving villages villag es whic
i isought sought to deal with the railroads
I Ifree free agents smd nd the equally sudth
1 rise nearby of other towns which rn
j Itbe tbe railroads more more than half way
j How many brave fights against over ove r
whelming theI vb lzning ± iing odds these deserted settle setti C
i Tbents 1Il nts might tell only the milroa
and the them men men n of the new country er
i know But it is reassuring to read
the news of the day that at least Oi
i town does not lack for weapons
I fight with ith The following disl dispatE >
I tells its own story without furbelows s
Leamiristont Ont Dec 24 14Four Four Pc
I Marqtictte ltrtlctt freight fteiht engines el1gn were cci a
pelted to lay Jt up here her today to a owing to t cj
re nu fusal or 0 the village to furnish
the usual u ual supply of water w r Pass passjrlJ ghg ng i
tmirs train were not interfered interfe d with withT
j i t tuwn wn authorities charge tint the th thorz rzil n 4 4authorities
1 road has ha 1 caused a local coal famiisc raml j l
i ineglecting neglecting the freight train seryi seryic SCIy se ± v c c p
i j It may be that the town brLeam oiJ OfLear eam a l
ington ingtona a good Englishnam English namcM namLis is s
in the wrong Its < coal famine faminem e m
have ule been beyond the reach tff iff t
1 railroad But it is a certainty certainty th
the general officers of the Pere P < r Mar Ma r
1 quette Railroad Railroadwill will listen to any rep re U
rpsentations they may receive in ti
I future from frqn the citizens of at ba
one town on their main line
j I Babs BabgExpe Experiments imen s
A citizen of Duluth was W S taken
task for allowing his hiseighteen eighteen mouths moat is s
baby to sleep out in the snow I L
replied that this treatment had result rosa 1 c
i cd in perfect health for the little one oi IC e
j I In New York there is a amotber arnotherw
j gives her baby 1mb a cold bath lasti
Ibal i half an hour daily Then she tal
the child out for four hours regardlc
I of the th weather Because the ire
i youngster has h s survived the mother otber i
i proud of the method
e j Countless children childrcnbt of the Ylelto
are forced to go with their bare bar It i u
blue with ccld cCldj th the theory thcOfYhlng being th
this is is toughening to g he niIig and the hc truth ti tr uth ih be b 1 e
I lug that tbatlt it Is isa a silly ar an and id cruel fad ft it 1
The child living through it is tough tou h
surely s but was bcrn that way and
I 1
1 lived li ved despite the treatment
The occasion for experimenting expE dmentiug at 1 i
the t he pslc rls of the lives of ofchilinm children does do oes s
5 not n ot make atdtself itself ci clear a Proper lines of
1 1 treatment t have beon be l arrived arrivedaq ati at f
t through tnrough t experience The necessity necessityfo for d j i
1 1cleanliness i cleanliness c < fresh air and wholesome i I
i food f ood does not need further deilloaI demon
I j stration s Probably there are nr excep I I
j i tional t babes able to withstand har hard < l
ships s hips that would vou l be fatal to totlleavel totheaver the aver l
j I age a ge but that that anything is to be e et t t I
j I igained gained g ained by subjecting them to the thCj
j I
j fhardships Ih 3 hardships h has yet to be explained j I I
i An A n infant sleeping in ina a crib outdoors j I
at a t a temperature tempC ltl1re of 10 below with a i
1 1 hot h Ot t water bag at its toes proves by j i
j i not n ot being killed that it has lived
i i through t treatment tr atment that by all allordi ordi
j 1 1nar i nary nar n ary rule should have killed IdiIe it it The I
t I I
i i evil C < vii arises a ises from the suggestion suggest ± on that an I
j j I I example e < ample so pernicious be followed fonow d by I I
i theParentS the parents of babes not constituted I I
l for f or defying nature j I
i iLall Lally Lall and His Dignitu
I Much comment has been bee occasioned
I I by the resignation of Mr Lally of
I I ISan
1 1San San Francisco Fra nCiSC Of from rom a position po s itiO nha haying Ylng
j I la I a 520000 20000 salary He resigned rather rath r 1 I
i I It than t han register regist r on a patent clock clockatthe at the
office the 11purs hours of his arr arrival val and lI id 1 I
I IOffiee
departure I
Some commentators have
accused I
j i 1 1t the t be gentleman of having a sw swelled lle d l
I head but the term strikes us sas as being beingt
as unjust as crude cru cruae c The 1hemanwho man who has ha t I
f arisen arisen to the th e em m management na5ep IOf ofa great l
I commercial com comn n erCial concern and andbaa has proved prov d l
I by bs this Ut and by the theszeof theszeoflS size size of his lS P Py pay y that I
I he is of value to bis hisenmlojTers his employers has
a right to the maintenance of a cer f i
tain tam selfrespect which may may ihay even even take
the form of an actual dignity I Ithe
There is necessity for requiring a
watchman watch an to register so that he e may I
I not neglect his duties It is a con i
I Ivenience venience to have minor operatives
I register regisleras as they come and go for thus t
I is kept automatically a record of
I their time The superintendent superint ndentof of a
I road is not b by any means t1f t1fhighest t highest
official cial and yet a part of his duty i is
to exact faithful service from subor ¬
I dinates The very fact that he Is su ¬
perintendent argues that he will wiIlgive give
I Iand and has given g vett faithful service serv service ce him himself
self elf The worth of his own work I
i does not have any relation to t the
I lumber of hours hours TIP he csnondci spends at at his I
I desk He may be able to accomplish 1
more mor by being beingawajo away If he is not the
proper person to judge as to this he I
is not the proper person to be su suI I
perintendent perIntend nt
Doubtless DoubtIesslIr Mr Lally felt thus thusa about out
his own case The requirement requircm nt that
I he h e regI register ster along with his stenograph 1 i
ers and theoffice the f foffice office boys was wasarefiec a reflec
I Ilion lion upon his probity and his devo j I 1 I
I tiom tion Heresented it In the only effec I
tiva tiv ive way ay The sacrifice was expen en enI i
sive site but Clear clearly ly was a sacrifice sa rifice for I j I
i principle princi le j
i 1
Points in in Paragraphs Para graphs I
Several people cekbrated cel brated Christmas in Er j
i Kew ew York by starving st lring to de1 death h I
r I
J Announcement is njadeljy ma eb an I ofllcihl oIf bUt i
I of the United Stales Stnt S Steel Corponition Cf on tion 1
f that the th concern will w1llnot not deiy def the th law lm
Very kind of it truly lrul
H Members of the House are Cooking for fo r j
a shakeup vhic wh which Ich i ii i is more satisfactoo satisOictor 7 1
than a shakedown anyhow = i
Senator Foster FOf > UrOf of Washington is a big bl bb j
Ilu lumber ber man and m i ought to tql1avc have not m IO 1 l i 1
difficulty in getting get tfng material m atf > rial for or the th re I j
I rair of fenCt
Messrs Mitchell and Hennarn He nnarn of O Ore Ore re
gon both affirm that it isnt i > ot so and each 4
has oilier great rea greatrespect l respect for the theojilnion opinion of the Ui
j The T he denial of IciiP f Mr ir Sraoit SInO t that she Is I
1 plural strikes some > ome of the opposition op osition I Ij
as singular j
I I j People responsible for fo fof fome f the destruction 1es < iruction ri l
of the General Slocum object ob t to being 1
i iplaced placed on trial The trial t J1tl would ciuse ClU iC < ci 1
i 1 1them them nothing nothin but a moderate csi cItJs EWnS > ense C
j I for lawyers and perhaps a t temporary tempc ry y 1
detention dewntionfrom from business For the priv P t
jilege liege of killing ki linc a thousand women and an ii j
I 1hildlen children hllt lren then ought to be IH a willingness j
i ito to ma make e this trifling c concession netsslon to form i I
I Possibly POSsiblthe the train serv service en ice ic between ii
I Washington vu > ldngton and md Annapolis might mi ht be 1 C I
I worse Ko inventive genius however hOw vcr
has yet rcl thought out uutLhe the method
I To be entirely nHr > y frank ftnka a bout it Wash Vast I j
ington did di l nut pine for a i blizzard 1
j A BelgnM ElJI j lrt paper aer suggess Susg suggensthst Uiat thtt fT he H j
Irnurderers murderers or King Alexander an and rL2IEIQUCC l Queen U I i
Draga be e executed e tcd A As AsP P th5 thf thfsnoujdleay ToaJd H leave r e j
fthe fthe Servian Seii vian throne vacant it ha has not ut bt 1
Ueeri Ii Iic c well received and th2 th editor 1itor is s J
I l taking kl g a va Vitcatou icutfol itfon i
t 1
j j The newly ncw y olected dec et 1 lieutenant Ucu en2 tgeor governor overra ur
lODcI3wur jof lDcIawuir Delawar is a railway conductor uctor He 11 ii
I i fill ill have to look out for f r Addicks Addic spot
t rs s I
i Rockefeller Focic e lu l lte i Instructed i3s i iuet uet dhi hi hue suJwrili UhOrJ I
j i nates to shut hu t tt uP isp i > if 1ttt 1tttCtrYto they CtrYto tryto obey obe
aom < of them will ill explode expo ei > j
Bears B ars are t in invsidlniy uutdl > dl n Siberian Si e n 1 t townft to ownft w ii
I Well W Wi 1 bear hc meat ire U isnt ln lv t wadV yud dJ
j The Th Pute PUIja Pulijannt janes seem tn tI bonttie bO t tie Apches 5PCiE l Ch iS s
I of th Phmp Phuippsne3 Jfn 3 I
I IEithEr Either West Vfrt VISti1 Vrgtiht h Hta IQt b 1 v of r I in I
correspondents corr sp on1ts or murder mrdf rde Over x xthe there the re is I
i getting to he a l mere incident T
General Nogi is revolted eoited to J h2 h > e in th t I
nogpital hoS ital with n 1 shattered le I h liit > ut t to a J
identicman tel1tman who has Ijeou hccnkHled killed once oi1 oiiee e or i i
I twice this experience wit wilt iil l seem S seem em eaini cotnllar > ar i v 1 1j
ati5rcly at70 mild i j
I Too p o Much 1 lYU 1Ykc h for f or = It I
Safd Sa d the weather ltl r clerl
TSierell by a Iii5
I t Vithsrovviindwla4to4ayj VJlh i Ith srn rQv md ndwDd w ad tpd1
ln And everyone veT ne wN knows znows his bz
i wm get in iniaors oors and m Ay tiy
f Bnt the WJzeJtrd W zzn P Ps1ti s1ti sh041 HHl l
j I As As it nesLoi ne Qillhp etl the town to11 >
S i And AndSl siw wU th tl j SleOJ streetsof tJjeo of Wash W h
f Remarkinif Remarkin I will w ill not come cou pe down
i 1 In slush like that by gosh osh
n Lt Ltt t
r 4 Z Zi5i4f i5i4f 1
q i ii i
iP z e r
I1 tt
iti kf < iv j jb b rril
I t
f I W a
¼ j
S econd ond Se Secretary cr efm of the Peruvian Legation Active in Corne Cornell ll Glee Club
Concert Plans
I S u rij Vi Ii ART p j c SET r L I tM111 ILL Y I
Cornell C Colors Colol jn In I L Ev Evdepet de c
at t NvwW Nsi Willaid llard o
Ii Hrs i rsMcCol11ck McCormick Guest G Ge e t of Mrs NrsPat Pat ¬
terson ter son o on Buppnt DU itCirceMrs Circle Circ 1 eMrs JTS
Cromwell Crom il ll Iii l
c r
Sxiety will be bewell well retwwseiUed reIJt ntedaltite at the
concert C given hi tke2few Uie New Wiilard Vin d to
nijrht ni n ight 1t by the Cornell students the
patronssres patron p es embracing about a bout all the
prominent p rominent < women women 1t n the social world
The f lie large ball room will be used for
Ithe It the t he purpose an and CoMiel1 colors will 00
tain t am in the decorations decora ons of the room
The T IW great r Cdte event eventthe vent ofthe tllC afternoon ater QOn is the
reception r prion < and tea teaa te at the 5hl th Russian em ¬
bassy bass b assy when Count Cass ta c diii fni ni the siinbsis
Isa sador sa x ado io < will receive coagnttMlations cm 1Ritlons upon
his h is fifty years service in the corps
There 1 T hoewil here will be a dinner d tner at the embassy
tonight t
Mrs Jrs McCormfck llcCormickT T wife Sf J f rthe the ambassa amba ssa ¬
dor do d or r to Russia RuSia is the guest of fher fher her sister
irsRob Mrs tm rsRob Robert rt Patterson Patter son at the latters
home me on un Dupont DupontCircle Circle
Mrs Oliver Cromwell CroD1w l rig b confined e ntined to
the house with witI1an an attack R ttackJt1 ji l toast tonsHius Jitls
She S he expects w leave JeuCV Wiisfcington s iington jaa Jaa
f uun uu U Ur3 I 9 for fort fora a visit visItofawek 1S it of a l week C k in New V
Yorlx Yor1k
Senor Sc ltorBerfhctti Berglietti of the tn Italian italian em
jbassy bSSSu JSn ig nQ nQY flO pwable = Y able to to be b b out o t after an tii
Itttt attack tttt a t ack ck of jjrir griP ri T
Ex ExSecretary SeCretary y anfl Mrs 3 IrSJ irs Jdhn hn G Car Ca ¬
lisle Iislca l isleareat are re at Lakewood NJ
Mr Ir and flI Mrs lrs Robert Lincoln Liiooln Olirien
ar alc liYi living t at it 1592 HStret thavng having de <
cEded cide not to cpe cpen their hcuse teiise in Nlne
tjfcfcitih tnh atreet > tret this winter
j Robert Robc Robcr r P Porter pm ieor Mrs l1nJ J Robert Ro rt
Anderson nd rson and Elcis Eloise And AndtrOn rOn on cf Par
kvrsburg > W li r Va a are si seidiag pendi endinfr the
t Ch Christmas slOias holidays b lidays as the guests gue s of Dr
and ana Mrs Donald C MacLeod l
Dinner at t the Mortens Mortc
I Secroiary Scr y and AJrs oM rs Morton titertairi
cd a small party IJ tJart it tdi t dinner last night
jThey The l hy have h Ye out hn invitations invi it tiOns for ci it muel mue
larger dinner lnn < r party arty January 0 1
After the thedineer dinner was served at the
Vhlte House HouseIcnday Iouse Mcnday eveiiing Miss Ii >
j Rcosevcft aiwl aJM Theodore Th oe TioasevcJt Roo6e Roo6et t Jr jr4
invited a i party dr of f their tie li young young > trle friends to u
an au U1 Informal dance u w > the numoer num ur of ol
about twrentyftYe A large c concert
l 1 j grand piano plan furnished 1lUn l the music awl tiuI
j I ithe the yours reoplo pi danced > in the Easi Ea
i I i EK EIirrescr EnJcpreseatuxive < presertaii tLthCLrd > a ind d Mrs s Winam
tH t H o i ij dwdcn j wden or AlleMown P Pa are ar in ii
I I Washington W lshington ilS sis the theg guests E1ts of thi thclrson their dr son
= IniaTv and djiu augbter phter Mr and Mrs Mr
James I > Pugh jr who hart a 8 pJensaust PetSH t
home on Mount MountHerusantStre irSens aatStreeit ntSJtre t ut PetSHf j f
i Mr ir an and < l Mrs James Robert Tindle of o
Plttsburg have ha t joined job d Senator and Mrs Mr
Knox at tz their th h home at Valley Forge
jnntl i and will wiltifliend spend the rest est of Qit the Christ
I EUIS m hoiidays lI Ways with them
I j jJlUiJor aiajor IaJ i General taeialitndMrs e aI ami itndMrs Mrs Heywood are ar
at the thed theEb1itt EbWtt bUitt House N ust for forthe the hoLIdays h3Uda a
t Representative Hcresentat I errcsLnta e 11 SMfnl r3uril ld Cassell Ck 1J t ol T r
Mar Manett1 Ida ietta e ru i ij ia j a t hi has is ei ftktget1 ajjosl ipon roo i ocrs s at a t
I th the h 3jorehiii a re lI1t fot h his 1 is Simiy larul thewI1 i hc cwil ri
Jofn > E oih t him h hr hma r ma matt after tt ttr r the he hoHdars t1
i I Brashest Br BashcnrDcazeP s rDcll DcnreE = elY
I C CHBra JL Brssheitr hrlie h u r < one eor of the th t widest 1 t ensr e em
lpl I ployes plo < t s1 a Ja the t tht e restrict Eit EPie Eig2eev ccr B tenzt iis
me mont t in m point of serrlc rv vrass vaiu s attarricrt rttt t r
to Mrs Mrsl Ivatie je DojraclJjri D uiie1v
yesterday tie s sy y pR p o
I 1 Ytcclc Psc t c Cr Citel ei > Church cliii < bUt eb < h parish pitr pitri r J th h bY the t1 t 1 ie i iev T Re < ev e
Dr Biiek Bu < k
I The Theb1de I he bride bid Is a t diniglMer IDU1gbterof of Dr D Anjlil i
j jJFiId 1 JFiId fI tdld White te a aweHlNH weHknoyii lt Ws VVashiBgtOB iatgtfn
i in hun lL Th e couple c coup e b htX htXt v vT vlen T t len 1 f t tows townfQI fir to
JHew J New YorS Y city cit and ardW1nb srtH M1 bs sit Lt home to ti o
the lrOteJJ fttafltitutiUteltr 5i l1t 1cft eXt l ntth n t t
z4 r 1r birLti tl m twa rth t
7 j
Miss MS5J t h5 KHda = Hd Loii Lo Leis Js pf i of Bal LaLuuior Imol Iasore iirJiI al I >
4ia fJ lrt j b hf tueri > > en waiting lting ii er < r sister t illt3 lrs r Jg 14
urarfi wre Itdhner rner kft ¼ i it town totlay ocbyi odir i SJte speis d l
I the thr rc reat t of ott t the the1to hoaaays ltoitda Ut ys S ip 1n4tldilt Atiaatiif Atiami
C c pfn t3r in ccmyaJiy ccmptl vrlih W a th iMr l r sisjw sis t l aitd MID
lirattscr lJr > t1 er Mrun lr and < l Irs irs LVrastto B 1t < of o r f kii MI
lrnndc o
The Junior Ji nicr Katfet Knt ltnt t ti totqJ i lfouf otqJ Wliist Wl List st Clul Cluls C ub > r I s
rcersanteed re rganf7Nct for the thVwnt winter i and Ia bbrl1 btc r a 154
tirst t nveti mtetltlg in eig gr yesterday Ytc rln afternoenV a atsrrzoon i jtt at
1irs Mrs Sal Minsters Hr t afc t t tb the > i Wmcfeestec mhest > p
jo J T > l Dmnor > 8Tmior IIlnon qf < f New w york Yor Is s sprnafn ndln
the holidnys li Iiduty with his parents areaLr on Iuur l 011
ttenh Street
iSfess Miiss ss Margaret Maroaret MaigaietWanei Wanner Wa M oner Wife Wi fe
of Captain Naylor
Men Resplendent in Un Unifo U iform iformMeisel Meisel
Newman Marriage nla MarriageEngage rnag Engage ¬
meat mentAnnounced Announces
p A wedding weddh last Ia < t night at which General I
Chaffee and the entire staff of t the earm armi
were present with a number of other
society societypeop1e people wa wa that of Miss 113s i < Mar ¬
I I garet Howard T Wagner Vagnerdaushte daughter of o
Cot and Mrs Arthur Tockvppd T kwop Wag Vag
HCr K Ier to C Ca Cait i t t William Keith Kaylor
cr Tj S lufantrv lltfaptry son of Mr and Mrs
A W V Naylor r of Evanston III The Th i
ceremorv ceremory took place at 730 list evening n in
at the home of Co lonel Wagner ta Q
Street Chaplain Chaji lain Pierce of the army arm
oniciatin olliciating
The bride bii had ha as maid of honor her
Pledges Pled es Ma de to Boers t
Have Not Been Fulfilled
Appeal to Be Made to taKing King Edward to Grant
Demands of People PeopleGovernment Government Edu ¬
cational System S stem Denounced D nounced
JOHANNESBURG TO NESBURG Dec 2S 2SThedele 25The The dele ¬
gates tes to tOn n the representative congress of
Boers o oC Orange River Colony Colon sitting
at Brandfort BrmdortbItterIy bitterly attacked atta eked the gov go i
I ernsient em ent regarding the payment of coxnj com
pensatlon alleging a breach of faith un ¬
I der the peace terms
The only proclamation carried out was
declared to be that regarding r garding the an ¬
nexation of the colony colon
The consensus of opinioir oj2inf lTwas xr was that a
deputation should be sent to the King
but some of the delegates deleg eS eSsaid said they they
ought not to go cap In hand for what
had been voted oted
After two days discussion resolu ¬
tions were passed which practically
amount to an ultimatum for the Imme ¬
I diate payment of or officers receipts In
sister Miss Mi s Gertrude Wagner and as i
ribbol bearers Mildred Wagner a
younger oungeJ sister and Elizabeth Stewart j 1
of Pittsburg CapL B P Micklim or
the Ninth Infantry Infant was was the best bestman man I Ithe
the father of the birde who gaeher gave her I
away aa and the groom groom and his best man
all wearing full dress ress uniforms I IalI
The bay window where the bridal I
party stood was draped < in American
flags the same gay coloring COIOringbein being g car ¬
ried out all over the house ouse while I
American Beauty roses and other red
fiowers l wers mingled with green gr en foliage gave
a brilliant setting for or the dainty brfde b de
and her attendants
The Brides B des Gown
The brides wedding gown was of chif ¬
I fon on cloth made over a foundation of
I silk and plaited chiffon and w ith It was
worn the lace used upon her hermothers mothers
wedding weddingsown gown A tulle veil and lilies
of the Valley used in her bouquet com com ¬
pleted plete i the toilet Miss Wagner the
maid of honor further carried out the
Idea of a red wedding by wearing a
gown of bright red and carrying Amer ¬
can Beauty roses The two ribbon bear ¬ I I
ers rs were dressed ressed in white with red
sashes about their waists and carried
red ribbons ribbo ns to mark a k the aisle for f r the
bridal bridaVparty party
Emmett Naylor p of Evanston T H
I Howard U Uof of f Pittsburg PittSburg 3Ir and Sirs A A
I W WNaIQr Naylor of Evanston lliss Miss McMillan MC IllaI
I I Iof of ClLea Chicago < o vere ere among the house I i
j guests suest3wh9 who came on to Washington for or j
I the weddins wed ing j
I Only the house guests and members
of the family witnessed witnessedthe the ceremony f
I but among the several hundred guests
I I who attended the reception recep re etioa tio w were e General
and Mrs Chaffee General and Mrs Gil l
I lespie Ge Geaeral neral eraI and Mrs Wilson Gener
ial I al and Mrs lrs Greely General and Mrs J
Dodgt General McKenzie General Cro Cra
J zier Colonel and Mrs Pond PO ndCo Colonel Ione I and
j Mrs Irs Miller lI ill er General and Miss Iiss Bliss I IIrs
I General and Mrs Schwan Schwa Colonel ana an and i
Mrs frs Dickins Major and 31ri Ir Beach I
Major and Mrs Gallagher GallagherSenator Senator and
I Mann Mrs > Cullom Representative Re and Mr U airs I I
I IMeiselNewman MeiselNewinan MeiselNewman I I
I Mrs Caroline V V Newman formerly I
Caroline Zollikoffer Zo 1I kofer of Baltimore Baltimore and an d I
Albert J L Meisel of ° f Rencro Ren rD iPa Pa were
I married irrIed at St Patricks PatricksChurci Church at 1030
oclock Monday ondry morning mornin the tll Rev ReFath fath Fath ¬
er e McGuigan officiating officlat offi latlng g v
I The brides brl ies < gown was of white crepe
de chine over white silk and an she sh carried
I a large bunch of violets She was wasat at ¬
I I tended by Miss Caroline Lochboehler
fulIWhfch full which was promised by Chamber ¬
ITnlefs Lnle the government complied with
the demand emandit It was stated s 1ted the Boerx
would be unable to cooperate of their
own ow wn free will Wiih with the administration of J
Thelieutenant govern br SirH Sir H H Goold
Adams will be asked to forward the
resolutions to the King
Equally EquaU strong were the denunciations
of the government education system i
The speakers referred malevolently to
Lord LO Mllner as having ha ng earned Dutch Dutc 4
for the w purpose Vu4uoi of crushIn crushing Ar kander j jfor j
Discontent was also expresses eq ressed wit3 rcltli
the methods ofthe repatriation boald1 board I
and a demand was made for the publl pub
cation of orth the accounts in English an d d
Dutch General Gen ral De Wet joined in th the < a
clamor about the nonfulfillment of o the +
peace terms
who wore wor a a gown of white whitenet net andt 31 d d car c
lied carnations f
Mr and Mrs Meisel left letater after aft iho th
ceremony for a trip North North after wh1 whicl = 1
the they livill m make their home ltRenor OJi
Pa Pa
Engagement AnnoirnceiL j
Mrs M Iauph Laupheimert lmertot1cxand ofJUcxandriaj of4lcxandria
Va Yaannounces announces the th engagement engag ment of he W
daughter ughter Belle to Samuel levy Lev pf 9 1 J 4
Washington D C At home at herres
Idence i nce 122 ai North Royal StreetAlexar Str Street tA1e Alexans xw P
dna driaSunda Sunday 6
Another diplomatic debutante engaged engage d
the attention a tention of society societyyeSterday yesterday aT ar1
terrioon when Senorita Elba EfuaWaIker1 Walker aik
Martinez daughter of o the Chilean mln mIn1
ister and Senora WalkerlIartne2 WalkerMartlne was wa
formerly fonnerI introduced introduc ed to society
She is one of the three thre girls from the
corps introduced intioducedthls int ± oduced this winter and Is oC
an attractive type pe of otSouth South American
Mme des Pores d dela de Ia aFo Posse e wife of f
the c qpunSelor ounselor of the French Fren 1 embassy
and Senora S mQia Quesada Q Qesa esa d dwife wife of the Cuban
minister ni nisterwere were in the tea room while
with with the thedeb deb debutante tante were Senorita enorita de
Azpifbz Azpifbzf Azpir LOz f daughter of The Mexican am ¬
bassador bass dor Senorita Calderdn CalderoIlr r daughter
of the Bolivian minister min ster MUe des
Portes daughter of the counselor of
the French embassy the Misses Sands ands
Miss Taylor p Miss Mary Southerland
Miss Alice Miller and Miss ss Florence
Senora Wa lkerMartinez wore a gown
of black lace Ia while her pretty prett daughter
wore a dress of filmy white stuff stuff and
completely comple e Y surrounded by iIowti floats owers and
admirers during the tea tea
A dinner was given following the tea t
when wheDr r In in addition to t the assistants of
Senora Se ora and Senorita WalkerMartinez
the guests were ere Alfredo de M Gomes
Ferreira charge e daffaires Rinaldo de
Urea e Silva Sum second secretary secreta of the thet th t
Brazilian le legation tion Me Montagna and
Mr Borghetti of the Italian embassy
staff staff Mr 4 tx ZavaliaandMr Zn ya1Bnn vundMrBdes Ur S g les es of o the th
Argentine Arg nt ne legation SeriorlCimseco SenOI C nseco of
the Mexican Mexicanlegatlon edcan I legation ton Mr 1r Calderon of
the Peruvian legation Senor SenorOs Osvaldo do
Ramirez P 1nirez of of the Chilean legation and
Mr Sands San qs
Wasnt Ten Te der derarte Hearte d Equivoca l r Twas Ever Thus ThusH
s H I
j 1 I
I I r I 1 1V
V 1q i
z7 z77L 7L E t4 1 I I
1rainpcrMadim would yoti let ti
attitring nztn iit sonic or the snow in I
yr fralit YarLi I What hat kind of a chap is Blank
MaudeYes air Spenders a father dIed dIedHes
Mrs I Ightlisto s5r I want uII th Hes as honest as the days arc long 1on
left him cool mullioa
iii rd t a fertilize air I ustn Xi i 4t the ire gtttin al
n a iii orttr
HazelIll 1iazi ll El bet hcn he II hac 2 hot time um
I neat sirUun t nderstutnd sur cow yen know with it
ci C c
s i < 0 0i Sna Shaiy ky Business A 1 ± CJ c la kEng ing Person ierson
tJh r
1 Ti
1 8 V
I I I G J I t i7 I I 1 ff i s J I I
J i bJf
r jn y ii > t
iIl I
< =
7 I L a rr r
0 t 4
Lry L ry ryt i L j
The Parson ParsonMy M boy oYwhat wlait would Y9 your Ir 1 k °
au tluei r do if hicaughl he entigiut you U fi fishing > hiug on i 1
tS SLtv ndw
1 Thclldlle d harry mc me iim tide
Q L Lt Tif c i HO7 T11
j REalisic RE thSfC j
1 fr
I I i 4f1 4f1ri ri Iin = un
t rif i
i F t
< R rpJ
i 1 I A 1 t tf 1 I I
I 1 13 1t
1 i = t FZ
I f J
1 I
L wi ic 1 l ji b r f i iTi Ti t I I
1 t c 1l 1 Ji < i p I i
i t 4
if i L Sl i t1 I I H
I q ftk J P c t 1 I i It = Ii = E E 1 = = = m = 2
y5 1r W 1 J i 1 yL L I Wi wifer r sittr ff has lbe1u a bE5IU d SlS feet
I w i DsrWhat ha d dO Vycz O > e mnn nnre hy hr son savias y ycr ycrl l <
go J ln Ui circus tiirotgi OU 1 th the e Ct t
j Gro C I l ws 7hnt h i a t vvJd 10 tlar stlle t Ii t roe a ii f t L l 3tS t s d n I sister Iste
ightAh mall field hut it it l1asQ
I can almcst smell mcll the smokc tic et seller I Il1US l1US beatL without itho t cnc end

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