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Hitchcock H tclrcoek Ma y Become
Fii First st Assistant ASs s lt
s i
Brlstow B StO Wants an t s to Be a Senat Senator r
Madden 4ad dn n Has Trou TroublesElther bles Either
May Go GoOu Out
While Vh le the only official pfilclaistatement statement con
cernihg cerniiigth cerning the c changes s that will be be made I
i iin in inv inthe 1nhcott1cIa1s v the > o q > ftlcials claISo of f the thev v Postoflice P Posto ost o fli flice < e iDepurt
n inent mont nt on March 4 Is that George B Cor l
telyou tcl oUwl1l will succeed succeedRo1ertJ Robert J Wynne nn ii as
Postmaster Postina ter General it is is generally gener tili be ¬
Uev lieved l1ee d that t other Impo 1mpotanC rtant changes are t
likely likelto to occur t
II May Go to London
With theshaleuJ the shakeup > after the 4th of
March it is is not improbable that the J
office of consul general In in London Londonnow now nov
occupied by b H Clay C1a Evans former former
Corimsb Commissioner foner of o Q Pensions Pensionswill will become
Mr ir Evans was given the place placebY by b Mr lr
Roosevelt but It was wasa a heritage from
the th McKinley 4dministratlon Administration 1
President Presl Presklei h t McKinley lIcI inle promised the vet et
crans crans that th l Evans would be removed rem ved
from om the Pens Pension ion Office Offic He H had ha d been
an able commissioner co mmisslouerhowevcr however and Mr r
Hoosevelt Roose Boose velt eb felt that he should shou ld be suitably suitab1
The he London consular consu lar office is one one of
the thEimOHt th most lucrative as well as important
stations in the jue consular service Should
Mr 201rEvans Evans resign rsgn signafter after his several years ears
service there it seems likely lIkel his h1ssJcc sHCces s
1 e s sbr sorwill sor will be beappointed appointed from those who
have been close to the President Presi deflt
Mr llrW Wynne Ine is not averse to toiorelJm foreign
life Uf He H would rather have a consular
than a diplomatic diploma tic pos post t
It is believed that he will will be sent
either to London or oronc one on of ofU1 the e important importa
Continental l consul generalship
The position of First First Assistant Assis u1 Post
masttr General which has been vacant
since iinee ince Mr Wynnes 1 Vnncs nne s promotion to be Post ¬
master General must m st be be filled and the
name n me most mostfrequeul1y frequently mentioned nention din in this I
connection is that of if FrankHHJtchcock brank FranktL HHitChCOCk Hitchcock
formerly formerlyclliet forrrer1 chief c of oftl1edivision ot the division of offor foreign ign
markers mark ts of the Department of Agricul ¬
hire later at 1 chief cleric of the Department
of Commerce C mmerce and Labor 9 andrecently and recently
closely connected with Mr Cortelyou In
the work wor of the Republican National
Committee Mr fr Hitchcock Is now nowsec sec ¬
retary o f tthe the inaugural inaugurnlcommittee committee
A Business Businessppportunity Opportunity
1 The Thew work brk of Mr ir Hitchcock irithe ui ri the De DeI ¬ I
partment p rtmento of Commerce Commerce and Labor and l nd I
at atthe the committee com mittee headquarters hea lquartersattract attract ¬
ed e the attention not only onl of Mr ir Cortel
you but but also of prominent I Nc ew York
business men At Attheclos the close of the cam cam ¬
paign palgnhe he received receiv d a t flattering flatte r rng ng business
While Vl1H h le Mr Hitchcock hid h had 4 the offer
under consideration cons dera ion the man m an who whomade made
it mentioned mEnt on It to Mr Cortelou Co ftelyou rtelyotlThe The
chairman C hal r nan of orthe the national n at lonal committee com m t eesaid eesaidhpadmlred said
he hpadmlred h admired the judgmentofth judgment of the busi ¬
ness Il ssri1anbut man but that thatmen men like lIkeMr Mr Hitch Hlt h ¬
cock were exceedingly ceedly valuable to the
Ine5 present nt Administration and he thought
4 Mr lr Hitchcock would be provided for In
Washington 1nuhi gton It has h ssince since turned turne i but out
that Mr lr Hitchcock Hitehco k waspIckeilout was pickea out by
the President and his advisers for an
assistant sistantsccretaryship secretaryship of some some sort
f r Place K Not ot Decided On
C Wh Whthcr Whether thcr thcrhe he he will be ic First Fir st Assista Assistap Assistat AsSIs AsSIsta ta tapt p pt 3i1 t
Postmaster General GenernloI or will a ill be appointed appoint d
to a a t similar s snil nil iporttJ iporttJn position n in insome some of o the
t oter o er departments deparbn nts has not been decided
but in vfew of the fact that th t the berth
In the Postoflice Po totllce Department is vacant vac < nt
and considering c msi eri1g Mr Cortelyous opinion
of Mr lr Hitchcocks s ability abilit itJ i Ii is most mo t
likely 1iltt b that Mr Er Cortelyou Co rtelYOuwm will want Mr
Hitchcock Hitchco lt with withhm him
r The Tlieposrtion position next in in impdrtatVce imp rtt e is is i
that tl t of f Lee Fourth I our ourth Ass Assist s5istmt istant tnt Jt Mr lr r Brls rJs
tow the sleuth of the th Department has ha
Senatorial aspirations and when whe n th the <
right time timeC011C3 comes will go to Kansas tc t
open up u phil his hui csimpaign ClmpaignWhel1 When 1 hen that tli it will
be depends largely upon the result r sult ol of O
V the trouble in which Senator Sen tor Burton Is i Is
Inyolvfed It will m not be e later lnterthan than two tw
years ears from now at any an rate
It is not likely likel that Mr Ir Bristow wit will
be disturbed He will doubtless be lefi left I
in clnirge ehi < hairge irge of the work of his office fflcefor foi fo
a year yeuor or eighteen months longer
Third Assistant Postmaster Genera
Madden ha hts < had troubles now l1Qwand and again
with publishing firms over his decisions
in ii regard tose to sepond ondclassrnatteI class matter ant and
has not the strong hold on his position
that Mr J r Bristow has It is within tin tli
realms o of f the th possible thit another man
win get his place
Jthe If the Pennsylvania delegation stand
back of 6f11 Mr Shallonborjrer Shalh nbt > rgel the seconc second
assistant there is little likelihood lIkelihoodof of hi
At a meeting of the graduating clas
In diplomncj dipcm cy department of jurispru
denccand de hce nd diplomacy of the Georjji
Washingto Vr ashirigto Ynshfngton h University enhersit held last even
I ins the following officers were elected
Pafcu Pl < a Oberlin president A 3 J Helm
beck vice cc president Howard il Saxton
secretary Seeretnr and ndY AVS W S Caldwell treasurer
An examination eXlmlm iUon of the records of
university discloses dls = ose3 the interes interesting ting fac
that Mr tr Oberlin is the only onl member o
the class w wliie hoso 1o e entire course of
gtud study tudy has been conlined con lncd to the univer
sity sit s it he having hain matriculated in 1809 1 it
the first ti trenr year class of 0 the law school o
the Colombian Co lombl n University nherHlt now
George Washinston T ashnton University
The fact fa ct that the th > entire < class clill of f can ca
dictates dltesfor for the diplomatic degree I
composed wIth Ith one exception ccption of grad
q uates uat < of ofothcr other un univsItIes iversities rsIUesmd and col
leges lcgc is only anothc9f another of theI theI1an the many 1an in tn In
dications that Washington Is truly th
center of the high legal litemr literary an In <
scientific attainment
petition In bankruptcy b rilrlptcy has lmsbecn been file
aga fhst fntthe the Mndscr Print Works o
this c1t city which were wcr < placed p lced in th
I hands of f receivers rec > h > rsl1st last Irldiiy Frlilil
fhe last annual report r port showed sholdliabl1 Habll
b Vies leso o f S13i Sl J15 H5ith li with nominal nominalafsEtl assets > o
r tJ1iijI L17ocxi 177 < KK The > companys dSfficultie
j were attributed to unfortunate unfortu 1ttc bud
ness conditions and LD bad maricets marcett
Unless the architects nrch1ectsof of the th < new a
tional tio rial al Museum u uscum um have already dread absoibe nbsO
an idea of what its sHyline effect shoul
be from the temporary structure c 0
hoards erected on its site they thc neve
i iVUl will The Th strncture sthu trn ture has blown down
Jt Is said this thi object has been sub
j 1 served Jpledand and that tha Lb it t the architects Hrchitectsnre are ratls
fled fledTbe The grade of the bulldlngwHl building will b
raised > several feet higher than was a i
first Intended
The queer structure < that
to the wind win stood on the Mall Mallopp MalloppOsit oppOsIt opp slt
Center Center1l Market Ijrkt rk t The rh wind conquered i I
without any i great tlifllcwity dlmc Jty
Fifty Women Delegates I
< ife iizihe the Fo Forest rest Congress
dont t D n Hesitate He 51tate to to Speak Sp akOutin Out in in Meeting and 1
Griticise Crit cisePoor Poor Speechmaking SpeethmakingEfforts Efforts of
the theMenlnterested Men Interested in Work
One interesting feature fcitt e iit r ri in conntction CO J1nb tion
ith Ith th the Forest Congress Congressis is the number nu ber
r L women w9men delegates delegat s wlio wlioappcar appear on Ol the
oor 00 oor ever eVer y day du and d give gre e close lps attention
> the proceedings
Some SCorneof of the tlttmost hit most ardent advoCiites of
erpetuation of the th forests fore sts are lourid J und nd
mong the fair fairsCoCo sex in the past sight
r ten years cars the women have ha c done much
rork toward preserving pr prser vlng vl g the t11 great S1 t tim tilDe ¬
er tracts trac iS Of f th the Northwest to rthw eSt ni niand and indWest West
The women of the Forest l olest Congress
re especially speclaU interested in in the move ¬
ment ent to secure a great l lna na national natIon tlon ll U forest
c enervation ci ation in the Appalachian pahachian Moun 10un
aln range riI1ge ra e They point p ln tout out the fact
hat at the present time the Govern
nenthas neat has 63000000 tci oooo acres ac acres res of forest reserv reser
l tlOns in the Un1t United dStates States andevery andey mnd eer rj
iq quare are foot is west of the Mississippi
liver tiv r
Expected E ecte 1t to Vote Vot V tefor dorlt for IL It
When the resolution to the United 1Jnit 1
lutes Congress Congr s urging the th establish estrib isQ
nent of a a forest for streserve t treserve reserve In the East East is i
trcsented resented by b b3 the the committee on resolu
lions ions Friday it is Is is expected that hateery ever eery y
w vomah om ri will wUlrote vote ole for it It
The women w dmend do not allow Ilowthe the men to to
foan lo all the takin talking g in the the Forest Con
gress rress and neyer hesitate to speak out
In n meetings Tuesday Tuesda afternoon Mrs lrs
Lydia ydia Phillips Williams chairman of of
lhe he forest tor estcomm comm ittee ltte e of f Women Womens omen s S Clubs CIU b j
ma nade ea a very crY cr intcrestng five minu tes
speech in the impromptu discussion n non on i
the Lhe ls subject of the the effect e ffect of forests fores ts tson on
the he runoff streams
It I was was conceded by b all who have a at t ¬
tcnGedt tended the 1e various session sess iOriof of the Forest
Congress ongress that her speech was one one neof of the
best est so s far delivered She spoke with ¬
out ut notes and kept the delegates laugh
Ing most of o the time by her witty wit re reo
Some Som of f the th Women
Some other wom womn W n delegates who are
constantly ionstaitl onstanUYQrl ort 0 th the ftoor floor anl an l doing good
work are Miss Uss BL B JB Adams Adafl represent ¬
ingthe lag the General Land QfSee Miss riss Mini llir
L L Dock of Harrisburg Harri > burg Pa represen r represent pre5en t ¬
ing ng the State Forestry Commiss Commissi CommissIon Com mIssion i on Har ¬
riet E EFreeman Freeman Boston Mass fassre re repre pre pr ¬
senting the Massachusetts 1fassac husetts Forestry Forestr As ¬
sociation and the American Amerl nierlcan an Forestry Forestr
Association Forence Keen K enof of Philadel Phi1 lidel del ¬
j phia phi hia representing repres Ung the American Fores For s ¬
try ry Association s scIation cIation Martha A Maffet of f
Wilkesbarre Pa representing the
American Forestry Fore Foretri try Association of that
i c cltyjfrs city ity Mrs Horace See of New York
city of the same association Miss Mary Mar
i iLee Lee Ware of o Boston representing pre eilting the th
Massachusetts Forestry Assoclttioni Assoc AssocitttIonand ttfonand < and
i Mrs MrsL L P Williams of Mmneapolfs Mir neapdlfs
representing the State Stiitcof of Minnesota
There Thereaxe are about fifty women women alto ¬
gether In the th Congress ongress and almost the th
I sion entire entl re number nU numberare mberare are pres present nt at every e every nr ses ¬
I One o of the lamentable features of f the
Forest Congress Congressand and of which the fair
I Stop l SufferlfiO
I JvillgbdJygive I Ivi11 will gladly g1ad1givejou give you a full fuUdollar dollars 5
worth of my remedy to test
Nothing N No o thing tt 1 > depos sit it Nothing N thln to promise pro misc
The c dollar d lIa bnte Is fres Ire Yoyr Yo r Dru Druggist ggI t
on my myos ordsr rd will wlllhad had you a l lul uI U dollars
worth woth8td and stnil > re ie h r bill
1 1X No X one one else has has ever tried tr tried ied so hard liard to re ¬
i move r 1Oe every possible p = Ible excuse excuscor excuse for doubt
j jIn In In Ineight eighty eight th5usan t jusand < l eommunlUts QmnunltItsln In Hnos flo mon h
than a nllIlol1 million homes homeSm my remedy remtt is known
There ThercaJe arc those all around you youyour Ouour your friends
I and = 1 neighbors nel hborsperh perhaps perhapswhose pswhose whose suflerihjr it It II
has nasreIlecd h relieved There Is not a phys physlefan Jcfan any ¬
I where who dares tell you OU I am wrong wron ir
It1i tlie t1i the < new medical m leal principles which I I apply
I t And for forsu six solid yeais ytz EiaJ g i my III remedy has stood ztno
the severest test t st < a medicine m lclne was as ever put tc to t
jI I have said It lfitfaiis If It fails It Is r free freeani anl and il it i
i has never failed where there was a possible
i chance for It tji t succeed
1 put But thl thIs mountain of evidence eid ne o is of no avail
1 i to those who shut shutUclr their eyes and dose mvaj rttva
i In doubt For doubt Is harder to overcom
than disease I cannot cannoteure cure those who lacJ lae ac
j the th faith i iO to O tri
i So o now I have h made this offer I dlsresart
1 1thccidt the thccidt evidence > nce I lay aside the fact that min mm ¬
is I the largest medical me < leal practice In the world
1 1iJi and come omc onie to you ouas8 as a stranger stran er I ask you 01 t >
I believe not notone one word that 1 I say fa r till you ou hay ha
prbven pr prO n It for youiself ouu t I offer to give yoi
I Ioutright outright a n full dollars ollarg worth orth of my m renedy rned
I It Is L the utmost my unbounded
can cari suggest It lis s open and frank and fair
I It I is the supreme supreme test of ofm n m y limitless belle be lle
I In 1w Dr Shoops Shoop g Restorative
Only Onl one out of every 98 9 has l mi < perfect per recthealth health
Of 0 the 07 sick ones same are bedridden bcd rit1den
J s sOme Sme c are half nl sick and some e aro only l dul
l and = cll listless ll s Hut most C of f the sickness g k e com come o <
I froJr a zmmmmon jnmon nP1n cause The nerves are weak
j Not then l1i l1ines nes tss ix bes you you OU ordinarily OrdlnarlI think about
I not the nerve that govern onrn your our movement
and your our thoughts thouht
jBut But the nerves that tha thai unguided and un
l known night and z md daj do daJ that t keep k < 11 your our heart i il
motion motloneontrcl control l1trQI your our digestive apporatu3 nllP = tu3
regulate your her liveroperate operate rate your kidneys
J I These are ar are the nerves that wear out am
I break down
l j It does no no good to totJ treat at the alllnsr aU 1 oran
f fthe the Irregular heart hcartthe the disordered cHsor crec1 liver l1e llverth th
rebellious 1I stomach stomachthe o the deranged l kidney tl e
i j 1 11I r 3 lff ff ei1 i1
They are not n to blame But go back ac to tli
j nerves that control co ntrol them There T hcre you ou will fin
1 t the s mct < cst of the tl < trouble
i There Is nothing new about this thhnothn nothin
any an physician would dispute But It r re
mnlned for Dr Snoop to apply this kuowl
I edge edleto to put It Ii to practical nactlced use Dr Snoop SiJoo
1 Restorative Is I the result of a quarter ecu cc > n
turv tur of endeavor along > this very line 1
does not dose nose the organ or deaden eadcn the pain
t but It does go at once to the t e nerve nnctheln nervethe the In
side nerve nertthe the power nerve nernand and builds 1 I
up and strengthens 1 It and makes it well
Dont D Dont ont you ou see se tha t tTHIS THIS Is NEW in medl mCI H k
cine That this is IsXOT NOT the mere rn mnrt > re j Jlatcho > atchwor
Of a stlmulantthe stimulant the mere mere soothing soothln of a
code Dont you ou see ee that it goes oes right rl ht t
I the root of tue time trouble touberin and eradicates cruH tcM th
Cut I do i to not ask you ou to take n Lslnl a sing
Ftatemen it tatenient tement i of mine mlnel 1 do not wsk lk you OU to b <
I i Here a word I say until you lU have e tried m
j medicine In n your own home at a my expens
fJI d
absolutely I Could I offer tr you 11 a full dollar
worth free t If there were any an misrepresents mlrp
i ton tlonCoud Could I let Ietroulo you iou go to your our druggist
whom you OU know knowanl and nick out Tiny an bottle li It
f has on his shelves of niy medIcine > were I l
s hot riot UXIFOUMLY lXIFon ILY helpful Would Woull1 I do tbl
I 111 If I were not straightforward t In my 01 y ever
j claim Could 1 I AFFORD FFORD to to do this If
1 j were not not reasonably SURE S URE that my mcJ
cine will help you ou1 Write me today
I For a free fr order od rror for Book 1 on Dyspepsia
a full dollar boMe 1 1 Book k 2 on the Heart Hf > art
I you tou OU must address Dr Book nook3 3 on the Kidney
Shoop Shoop Box 7766 Ha Bo Boe1 < k 4 for Women omen
cine W8 State which ideate Bw > k 3 for Men 11 > 1
I Ibook book you OU w Wnt n nt Book 6 on RKeumatio
f fDr Dr Shoop
nes make vigorous vig rous complaint is i the
earth Of fgood good speeches Almost every
tiinff so Jar far has been een a awrltten written address
nd most of the papers read have been
slivered el ered in a halfhearted d manner
ome omeof of the readers could not be heard
i the rear reai7 of oCthc the hall
Love LoveDratory Oratory
There is no gre grerter ater ter lov lover er of oforatory oratory
han the women and nd many of the fair
elejrates have been heard to speak of
he lack of orators For this reason
l1e hey will turn out in full force to the
pecial meeting in the th National Theater
his afternoon terJ1 on when President Ro Roose bse
elt and one or or two other noted orators
nIl speak
The President Presh ent has a subject which
rill ill appeal very ery strongly to te the Forest
Congress ongre s delegates and particularly to I
he women The Th Forests In the Life
jf if f a m Nation Is the th theme of President Pr sldent
Roosevelts ooseveltsoration oration The women women look
brward orwardto to the the meeting with i a great
leal of genuine Interest and enthusiasm
Bill ill to toGovern Govern Interstate In terstate Trade Intro Intr ¬ j
duced duc d Into Senate by Sena
T tor EeybuTu
A Abill bill to create a national board of
corp corporations aUQns for the regulation regula tlonocor of cor ¬
pornH porations M engaged engaged in Interstate com ¬
merce or orpusIn business ssvith with the Territories TerrIto ries
insular possessions ossessioris and the District of
Columbia has btenintro been introduced uced in th
Senateb1 Senate by Mr Heyburn Heburn of Idaho Idah It
has been referred to the Committee on
Judiciary lUdictar
The proposed national board is In ¬
tended for the purpose of exercising
supervision and an control over corpora c rpora ¬
tions engaged ngaedm in doing business in m nny
State other oth r than the State In which the
corpora corporation tion has been created create The bill
proidesthat provides that no corporation shall en ¬
gage in any business businesswhateer whatever outside
the State in which it Is incorporated
without t first complying with the there re ¬
quirements of the act
The board Is to exist in connection onn c tion
with the Department > nrtment of Comnjerce Comru ree ana
Labor It t is to consist of four persons p rsons
nozpinated nominated by the t1 President of otthe the Unit Vnlte ¬
ed d States tp serve with the Secretary cretar
of the department under the chairman ¬
ship of the last 1ast named named official They hey
are to ser sere serve ve four ro r years at an annual
salary of 5000 5 OOca 000 each h and ar are to have ave
their offices in l1the the city of oCWqshlngton WashiRgtori H
The board is 15t9 tp have ha verull full power to
compel the production of such books
and documents dO U1nentsas as It may deeP neces neces ¬
san ar to the hehives investigation l tIon of oCanycorpora any cbniora
tion coming e min within the thescope scope s 9pe of the bill
NEW EW HAVEN Conn Jan an 5 5TlieosiI Theosi Tl eosil
Martchek twentyfour tw twenty l1tYfour four years ears e Ut old f J1 m
i iRussian Russian prisoned prI one in the th county jail here
committed jfuicide SUIcide Jclde today by b Ijanginj
hi11elfwlUi himself Itlnstellwith with a l pair aiI7 aiI7of of suspenders stlspendersHe H He
I wiis ¼ eis serving scningsJr ai six months for breach o ot
i ithe the peace
UN mm illS AY HUE
iller Says War Is Not Over OverJapans Japans 1J
Object Domination Do tnI tnIa a on of
Consul General Henry Hen B R Miller Millersta sIn
ioned In Xiuchwang XI cliwang China isexpccted is expected 11
n Washington Wa ihington in a nCewdas afew few days to make an
mpottant mpOIla ntreportai report at the State Depart
nent b
His HI location enabled him to get a ve1 very uer t
rlose s view Vir of the the hostilities and he will c
> e able to give the State Department all t
the facts available
Consul Con sul General Miller I ner is home on on r
leave eavc but it is said that he will HI proba
bl aly be given a n transfer transf rto to Kobe Japan
a Et i more mor e important post
Millers Opinions Opi ions
Consul Con ul General Miller In an interview
at his hl home in Oregon the other other day da
just after his return said sa id
U UThe The war is yet far from an end For
a i time it appeared as If f the end en d dot of the i
struggle was near u uat at hand but the
calling out of the Russian R silan Baltic fleet S
put an entirely new countenance cMmtenance erz to the
situation m Russia has no hopes of de de ¬
f feating ting the Japanese fleet but by b the
BaltlcsQuadronshe Baltic squadron she will harass and andr re ¬
tard the movements of lheUttle the little brown
men at sea and andesp especially ciallY hamper them the m
by b preventing the entrance of foreign
merchant marine marine vessels v u sseis Into Japanese
u ur I think the powers will eventually be
compelled to intervene I think the
only means of bringing the war to a
close is by such interference Without
it ltitwill it it will be bea a neverending neer r lngconfiict conflict Rus ¬
sin slahopes hopes to town wm w in out by b the might mightof jof her
great bulk bUlkandb and by y her greater ST Cater financial
Domination of China
The war is ISnt not fought by b Japan 1 pan mere ¬
ly 1 to secure Manchuria or Korea Kor but
for the domination domlnatlonoC of China And the
domination domInatlonoChiI1abeing of China being the question
at point necessarily makes the t lestrug the strug ¬
gle of keen interest to GermaIand Germany and
France either o of t which hich Is too ready
and andwll1ing willing to step Into into the theaffr affray ffray j
As a matter of fact the United
States Stat s would be but butllttle little b better tter off
with Japan d dominating dothinaUr mlnatirig China than with
Russia We would wouldr receive ce1ve better treat tr at ¬
ment and greater concessions concessfoI1sposslbly possibly
from Japan than thanirom from Russia but the
difference would not be great
But as as I said the end is yet eta a long
way off and the only possible solution
to t the badly ba lymixed mixed problem will be the
interference interfer ince of the powers the united
council of which would be able to arrive arrlv
at a solution j
I Arrangements for or the funeral funeral l of of Dis ¬
trict tIlctSuneyor Surveyor Henry B Looker who
died at his residence 3100 Newark KewarkStreet ewark Street
Cleveland Park Park last 1 5t Tuesday morning mornitm
at 320 330 Z 20 oclock ocloc o clock kia have c all be made He He
will be bebui1 buried d tomorrow toinorrowat at 3 30cpck oclpck
bilstcad instead or or today tfda nsvwas 1 hsw s w s before beroreintended lntended
I I The funeral services scryiceswilibe will be heW hetdfit ft fit
J Jhis his residence IeSld nc e in Cleve Cl e lan 1a 5 in rid d Par k and
J later the bod oodywIll > will be b interred in Oa Oak k
I IHill Hill Cemeterj Ccmet o The burial will w Hl be
strictly ftr lcUyprhate private pris ite On account of o r the he bad
1 weather ather no services s < nices will be held heldIn held In the
cemcterj ce met
The honorary honornrf honorn pallbearers p U tnrf > r5 will be Cot ¬
onel one113lddle Diddle Captain Cnptaln1lfonow Morrow Major
Edward Bum Colonel Colo Truesdelt Gen n ¬
Oral Hayes David Kittehhouse RObert R bert
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t1 tlie busiest lrqsiest sellmg eni ig per period iod d o four f t our ou r ren entire en tire careelw career c ieer 2 2w w ill
prove n O OT T e o f evemnore ev ven n more l1 re than usual usualinterest interest inter estt to all allP pru P dent
Shoe buyers bu eis Broken s sizes izes o f four our onr best sellers sellersmarked mar matked ked
way down d downwi wn w will ill ll be found on our Seventh Seve 1thStreetStore Street Store
Bargain Ba rgain Ta bles an nd ndcoln n d complete coln p1ete lines o f seasona ble
Winter Vi lter Footwear will be beoffeted offered at t Bar ga g gdn in Pr ices at
all our three stores
Broken ShoeSizes Complete ShoeLines
At Seventh St Store Only At All Three Thre Stores
Mens re r and Womc Womens f
2 JViens M Men en S SI Slippers lppers Bathroom Spuffs S uffs 1 3
I All Al1sizes sizes o of Tan and a rid Black Kid
I finest made Slippery but Q 95C 9 5C CC Womens stand 1 and 5125 125
narrow widths only on ly u J
Slippers 51 51Ip Ip > r
5250 52 2 SO > 0 to t4 0 4 Mens Me 1Y1 1 n s Shoes Sh oes pers p Dolges rs in s six 1 warmlined w vnrminedFem pretty rm Hned colors Felt t Slip also ¬
A ttbleful nf a lineal Imndmade llln mad Knit KnltVorsted Worsted Slippers SlipptrsFelt Felt AQC 6 9 AC
Patent Colt Calf and Kid double Juliets Julie tS tSand and Laced Shoes Ux U 7
nrd single soled sole d Cork sole
broken Lace LacedandGi1ters d and a idzes nd paite Gaiters Gaitersj rsr j 1 t lQ Q7 8 37 Womens Women om ns200 s 200 2 00 and 52 2 250 50
Evening Ev Qin Slippers S1ip ers
i 50c and a1dT5 75c 73 Womens A u dozen uptodate u styles of f
fJ I Suede Kid Kidand and Patent 1 1 7 7 I
I 1 Slippers Leather Slippers SUppe q lJ oJ
1 Broken szcs zcs of warm lined
I Slippers and Juliets UU ts with OQC 3 tOc 9 3 and S350 S3 350 O Wo nens nC1 s
I leather or 1 felt soles at 11 J 7 Boots
Seven popular popularstyles styles of Patent
I SI SL2 125 25 to 250 25 0 Womens s Kid Ki Surpass Kid and Velvet
Calf handwelt WIn S 0 0
Shoes C h isoes oes ter Boots at Z37 2 3 9
I A tableful of broken szes s z s of
AVomens Kid Calf and Patent Hens ens 3 3Watetp Waterproof roof Shoes Sho
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Ing Boots at J 3 Three styles stI s of tan andb1ack and black
Vlscolized Calf hand
welt lt Laced and Bluch S r 07
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sizes of some of f our finest Kid Kl
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I Calf PattntColt Patent atent Boots Colt a I t and Fine l 1 I 7 7 I 2 O 9 7 Clucher Shoes Shoesthe the kinds that are
soft and wont break i 1 A
I at n
1 Childs 75c and 103
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to Si 2 at J
The broken sizes of warm lined
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bled lles 1Ln send md Misses ln s < g and an Childrens SI 1 Shoes
Childs Child s Warm W arm Cloth Leg C17C 0 1 C
Sins Ins t 3 D 7 7C i Boys and Girls ICId i ld apd dCalr Calf
Laced L nee d and ttn d Button B ut t on Shoes sh shnee oes 7C
sizes ize to 2 O
Childs 150 Shoes
S50 J50 guaranteed gu rnteed Patent Kid Boys 250 Winter Shoes
Dres Laced and Button tOnShQez Shoes hQC5 Handsewed d welt elt waterproof
sizes 5 > to 11 l and blj big girls Calf calf heavy h av sole winter
I half r del Laced cd Shoes ef i f Shoes sizes 13 Z
Q 51 12 2 Blucher Q
SiZrS si tO 7 1 to o 5 Vs > u 1 1 69 U 6 9
WM w I HAHNCO H I A H N C 0 8 T 18141916 Corner CDrnerSeventhandKSts Seventh Penna and Av2 K neW Sts
ta tal l 3 Reliable Si1 Shoe Houses 233 Penna Avenue S o E
is Description of ofExpe Experiences ences Travel j
ing i inginLand nginLand In Land of oflhe the Czar CzarNecd Need r
for Reform efonn
The Council of Jewish J w1sh Women Yqmen met last I
for the first time this year in
lower hall of o the Washington
Congregation S Sna Synagogue na gue Her Her
ert Lawson accompanied by Paul Fish j
laugh and Mis Miss Minna Hendricks Hen dricks ac
ompanied by byF F P Mayo furnished
he musical program program for the evening
After the music Mrs M Joel Hlllman
resident It1ent of t the t council coun 1 Jn introduced Iodu e the
peaker peak rot r of theecnJngth the evening the theHon Hon Ho nFjancis Francis
Harrison Representative R from
Jew ew Yo York York Vk 7
The subject bJ cfiak tak taken n by ilr Harrison Hi HirIg rIg m
rag s The Passport P s tt in Russia Mr
laTTlson said s3Ida n a great greatmany many who had
lever me er been been In Russia RusgI thoughttil thought the oppres o Jple
Ivehes iYen S of fRussIan Russian laws as regards regaidsthe the
are greatly exaggerated but this
s not so He made a trip through Rus
ia about two years ago in order to in ¬
vestigate the th laws in question and
the reports in n no no way exaggerat
Street car traffic on FStr FStre FStret F Street e et Oas s lied 1 I
up for more than half an hour hour hourlat last la i < wn V t J
ingrby log by i by a peculiar accident whlcltcccc whlc frcrc
red 4it it t Ninth NlnthStr Street t As an ElevencU
Street car carwas was turning into Ninth Street
the switch chain was asknock knocked d from the th >
switchmans s w wtc1Imanshand tc1Imanshand hand by a passenger bump bump
Ingr against him m alighting from the th
car The plow plowof of the car struck on ontIte the I Icar
tongue tongueorthe of the switch swit h and wyj w ws broken
off remaining jammed in ii the > e slot
WHile the the break was was being belngrepaiEd repaired repa fred
traffic on the line was sus su susndeth ssnded ndedA A line I
of cars extending from 2CInt Nlnth n t Street to
Fourteenth was soon formeii form and re re ¬
mained inactive from 745 to 820 82 oclock
ed While in that country he was w2saware aware
of the fact that his every everYIDoement movement
was known to the officers a O they kept
him under constant surveillance
Mr 1r Harrison described the conditions
now existing in Russia saying that P m
person had to go to great pa paIns ins to get
a a passport as they the could ould not move
hand or foot without one He also said
the th tho theR e Russiah RUSS ssan Ian officials Offl Cials refused r 1J Sed to tore repg p g
nine o American Jews as as American c ti
z zens ns and would hot issue them phs pans
pcrts p rts it making makingno no difference bow hoiving > > ng
their ancestors may have been in this
Mr tr H Harrison a rrlson is strongly strongIIn in favor of O f
a a new treaty by which the American
Jew will cu ihl not only onlybe be treated the same
as s the Jews e s of other O ther countries count eOuntri esb SbUtjb but ULtb Jhe
I same as the born and bred Americans
under the tli treaty of 1832 l 1 i
< J
ultaa of Morocco Revokes the Aj AI
ppintment P9intmentof of Tarn as jSIin Ze Lnmster n ister i ter
ofForc of EbrCigif3fairs gn Main
TANGIER Jan 5 5The The appointment
of AbelelAm Tazzi Ta t t to < Lthepost jthe the post of o mln
ts istsr isterof o f foreign for Ign affairs has bazbeenredoked been heenrewked revelled
by the Sultan
His Hishadj hadjo El Torres has been b en o3
ciallv notified to continue holding the
portfolio poIUolioof of min minter er of foreign affair
at atTaO1er Tangier Tan gIer
The Th Debating Society of Georgetown
LaW School Sch l will hold its i first public
debate d bnte of the the year ear tomorrow nigh n1ghtat at
Gaston Hall Georgetown GeorgetownColleg2 College The
topic chosen for fOIdJ discussion c ioni5 is
Resolved d That the cause If < 1tpanla Jtpait 1
her present war waf with Russia is jus just =
Th The debaters wllibeMessrs will be Messrs Thomas
Jones M L J t Leah Lealu eahy John B B Fay and
Don Carlos CarlosElhis Ellis The board bo dotjudge of ojudges judge
will consist ofSenatpr of f 1 Senator Senatarlrallo MallprjVReprfr Mallory R jre pre
entative Cockran and Justice ustlceWrlgbt Wright
Facts Concerning the Saks OvercO Overcoat t
It Itis is fas hione hiQn d dan an d dso so ld l by us L
No No J fa briG w hic hichh hichhas h has as not not notbeen been persona lly sel selcj se lec cj aai d a dan lfs e ec fc2 d D b
us is lsemp10 is em employe ploye ye d in the ma kin king g g go o oS oSour f f four our Overcoats ij X i 1
The Sa ks Overcoat Oy rcoat is ma de in more styles an din d it1 it1a inagrea inagreat inagreaerariety > < a riiateF r t t rvariety variety V
o c
o f fa brics than any other ot herma ma ke i ic z V v
Itho It ho lds ldsitsoriglt1a1Shape its original ori gmal s hape lon ger ge than the averagev averagevOx aV Ea i Ox Oria > ercoa 6 tt
Wti IMs It is > th the the e c hea heapest pest Ov Overcoat r rt ro t o t on the market mar ket to to o od day d = 010 O
V v r itr i >
It i p possesses se sses c tharacter haracter an a nd ndst d dstyle style st le foun d don on ly inth in the Sa ks Overcoat O i t
It Iff is i guarantee gu r aPte d by us Jis to Q ho ld its s hape h pe an d dwe dwear wear rs satis tIs facton facto factorily nly iy
l Prices Prices l 1000 I 000 OO to 45 > t1 =
L LJ Sporting prtin Goods Sale of le Hens fltft Hatf Hats g
i J Specials J Soft and andSllff Stiff
Childrens Childr fls Sweaters SweatersaU all color Colors i Here are hats suitable for present pre nt and
3 to 12 years yearsvalues values up to 5150 150 7 7Q 9c g spring sp springwearat ng wear vearat at greatly reduced reducedp prices ces I
at c c v These hatare hats are ofthe of the latest te5blockin blockingi blockin gsboth both th
extreme and conservative In In shape sha pe
15 Mens Sweaters SweaterSall all col
ors or orsall all sizes1 size sizesvalues values v lLt up to oS3 S3 l 1 OO nn Soft Hats are In InO Ox for forilGItY d Gray Bro Brown yn
rtV rtVjm A At p Yr e Nutra T u and Pearl CoI0D Color ings S Stiff rnr TIats Hats i J 1 r I
i r jm 24 24r 24Men r Men 5 5i i Navy Nav y Blue lle Swejiter Swterxtra t r extra xtra xtraS in Il the 1 1a 1r popular r sbadesxppjcowji j jd jeri d eri and s > r85 u J1
tl1 iL iLlle lles 7xtra Regular e a prices prices 53 3 sO 3pO 85 J1I
heavy h heavyall all wool woolall a il sizes s go 3 0 7C 7 1 g S For Forthis this sale v n 1 J i I
Regular R gularprice pr price ice 5 At Y p
t te Saks Ra Razorimportedval orimp rted vaI
I i k e JrtiVj iatui i i v us t m 8 9 c
ue si5o i5o Special at at 40 u
Adens Men 7 7s s an and d Womens Sprin Sp n g
Skatessjjongly S t w pglybui1t built Regular Regular79c 7 79c 7fl Q Children Ch Idr nS Overcoats i
pncey nriceSl i 1 l At V 12 Chfldreris Child i rens Russian R USSlan Blouse BI ouse Overcoats O vercoaJ f
7 Saks Special Cameras me s sl l in Blue Brown Red Red and Tan an Colors ColorS ¬
which r hll hllh h hav h havbeen av avo dbeen b een selling se 11m 11mb for 4 4 tf jl 1 t
A velvet 1 t
15 neck neckvelvet
b P 1 1 doublebreasted d aoublebreastedbuttons ou bi e b reas t cu buttons b u t tons to t tO 0 TIcuve ve
At o HM collar co 11 arUl brass h hc c S buttons b bu tt ttonssizes Q sjzes5 Z 5 i 6 and Jnu arid A J 7
QriethirciorT 9 Oiie1hird ri J qff off P Pyr PyrgI1iphyGopas TOgfaphy gI1iphyGopas Goods r rJ J i J Jr years Years r only on y Regu Regular ian price P pric e tA 195 9 5 j
j 5345 > 4 Special at M > yy J 1
l llViens Mens Furnishings Furnis 1ifig5 S f I
Specials Boys Su Suits jts
I An odd d i lot lQtof of Mens Gray Wool Drawers Boys Kneetr Kneetrouser otlser Suit Suitsrr SuitsrrDoubfe Doubfe
ail nJJ a1 size sizes sizesa a wellmade wellmade wellmaderment r ellmade garment rment and the breas breasfed br breasted easted fed or No Nofolksin ffblks ifQ l in iriBlt glue e Blkck 131 Black ck bt ot t
regular r gulat price pr ice has been 150 SpeZE Spe 6 65t 65tFancy 5 t c Fancy Mixtures Mixtur Mixturesone one ne two voand and an d tbte three of Qt Qta o f a
cial at at t K i u v kin ki d only on only5iz y = sizes siz 3 to 15 1 years Ysa Regular Regu lar
Odds OQdsa and d ends o of f Mens Half Hose HoseaU Hoseallprices all prices prices S20 250 S3and 53 3 and 5350 30 1 fijl 1 75 7 5
fl sizes size sizeall sall all colors col rs Regularp Regular price ce 25c 17 41 j7r 7 c Reduced Reduc d to H 4I > 14 I V
Special Speclalat
I Mens Neckwear Neckwearfourinhandsman fourinhands man
I facture facturers rs rssurplu surplus s sstotk7aU stock stockrail rail colors and
com co TIb binations 1ations of o f fcol colors col rs Regular R gu ar ar25c 25c O t C f 1
price pnceOc 50c SpeCialat Special at y yv v I Youngf1en Young lien S Ult5 1 1pnceOc
Odds and nd ends of Mens Mocha Dog CIS 15 to 20 Years Vear s Old Old2d 2d dFIQQr Floor
I skin an and d Cape Leather Gloves val Young v 10 un g Mens It ns 7 Sin S Sii gle I e or 0 r Double O Doublebreasted 0 U bI e tireasted hr ease t d I
I ues u es SI 1 1 and SI SIm 15p 15 m O an in extra evtri special SpecialS S C A O C Suits d of Black Thibet Worsted Yorsted or Fanc Fancy y I <
1 at a t Mixture it IX tu re Cheviot Ch V10 t j w whtch hich h IC h have ha v e been be e n selling s eIIi ng 1 II I
I at at75Oto9OO S750 750 to 590O Sizes Sizes3lto 31 to t r 75
36 Reduced Reducedt9 to J p r
Winter Winter Caps f
f Childrens pildrens Stocking Stoc king Caps QtpsaU air wool woolaU ur all
colors col rs p pin plain in an n d combinations COrh i ations Reg 21c I I 1 Mens Men s House H O useCoa Goats ts 1 I
ular price pnc3c pr ice 35c ii Special at t 1 > I At Reduced Prices I
Mens Men sVinter Winter Caps Caps samples samples mples and small i
15 1 Mens Men len J 5 House Coals CoalsIZeS sizes 34 4 35 P7 and
lots fu full ll length lengtRhoods hoodsto liods to b protect ears and 7
36 of dou blefaced cloth c1ot wIth re ¬
I face faceof of ofv ofSilk f ft v t 1 Silk Plush Plus Ir Kersey K K rsey and Chin only onlyof I Iface
c side cuffs cu ifS pockets and collar of ot con
I verse ve
Ch iIiR e 1 r1fi S U Ii t toS2 2 S Spe pe r J
l 7 1 5 C trastm g patterns also some rne Blue lue a arid nd Gar 1r
cial iT iTt t net Trcotsre gular s
M < 1 ii lcot5regular price 245
5 FO Fo t hIS sale sue k ki i I
< <
Boys ShearlingGloves Shearling Gloves 1
For the tb benefit b Ilefit of those th e who v h have h v been b en Boys Knee Trousers
unable unafle to secure cur these gloves within x jhe h
I I last iten jell days days we beg to announce nn unc e the ar ar Boys Knee Trousers of fextra extra fme q qual al ¬
rival rivafpfanew T of ofa a new loL 16t They are Boys Shear Sh ar ¬ ity fab fa fabricsmade br ics CSmad made from small ends epds of p piece te
ling Gloveslon Qloves Gl veslon lon g gauntlet goods go dsin in a var va variety iety etv qf Qffancy fancy mixtures5 mixtur mixtures
shape shap shapehorse noise hide palms pahnse ex < tfjj 1 00 ff 4 I sizes ses 3 3to to 16 y vears yearsValues irs Avalues V l es Jscand 76c and 5 rfr OC
tra lined M > 1 1 VV 9c At t i H 3v
ni8 Seventh Sev n t b
Pennsylvania efi11SYlva aiu tt v IL1rnpaxq1 rt m ft ftU U
I Avenue tI P Pft t Street Str t
I e

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