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1 an temperature Cold COldWavemi dmuch d much muchcolder wave Wavemi colder about ton min 6 ° n ight imum i in n fa u aIr n ir I M fit az S ftftgtou nt + ng I tou Dt El ime m t 4 f I TIMES TIMw T BRING 1 WANT RESUL RESULTS A T ADS l S DSt S J 1 I I 1
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k Commonwealth sAttorn s Attorne y Macke y o 61 l lAlex Alex ¬
f andria a dria County Accuses Attorne y yBrent Brent
1i vofBein of Bein g gOne One of the Crowd
l t
PEisoriers P i t tStVho Who Were Taken in in the Round
BpVNow tl N Nw w Denounced Deli D nound o un ced > as s Prearran ged
T Ti 5 i All 1 Il Gave Bail Ba latAl at Alexandria xan dria
The The whole whole thing was a fake not
only onl expected exp cted but planned plannedbY by b Hill and
his asspciales With 1villi these words Com ¬
monwealths monw alths AttorneyMackey Attorncyt fackoy this morn
ing fugdenouiced denounced the raid ra id made j yesterday
on o the theSt St St Asaph poolroom by b the
Alexandria exmdrla police olice
Continuing Contlnu ng Mr MrMacKeydeclared Mackey declared that
c the thcraidmade raid made without withouteyen even consulting
the he mayor of Alexan Alexandria dria was waS actually
delayed U Until un untI1 ntil tli Mr Hill who wh had been
detained deta nedbyan by an accident i1cdd nt on n the tr l1ej
line U 1it 1itt t arrived at attheSt the St Asaph Asaphresott resort
Hill or some someo ose e In n ills l i9 employ Mr Ir
Mackey Macitt > yclaimswhendetainedby claims when detained by the he
accident went to a telephone telephone telephoneand and andcaU called d
up the police headquarters at Alexan Al CaIi ¬
dria dria Through ThJ ugh some misunderstanding
of his requeSt ait the telephone telepl1 I1 ex
change and unknown un knQnto to Hill he liS
connected con ncctca with the tl1eAlexandria Alexandria court ourt
house instead
The The call aU says s ys Mr MrMa dr Mackey key was an
swered 8we e dby by Cleric Clerkofth of the Court Rucker
who wh received r cehed the following message
Mr Hill is detained by a n trolley acci
dent dent Do not notdoan dp anything thing until he
there The Themlstake mistake was was then th neyident evident
ly discovered and the party ary tC hung up
receiver receer A few moments later Mr
S Mac JIUcltey key says S that wts9me some one called
Alexandria Alexan ria police poll e headquarters l1eadquart rs and de
livered Ictedthe the same same message message
I I Accuses AccusesAttorneyBrent Attorney Brent
How Ho 4r did d d1r4 3Ir M Brent the b Common
Wealthfe attorney att rney of Alexandria
whose instance the the warrants war an tswere were Is 1
sued suedknov know that there the re were wer hl tytl1ree
employes eIDPJOY on connected hccted rwlth rItii 1th St StAsaph Asaph
safd7f 5af said l1Ir lrr 1t Mickey I ckCJ Ii Iisaye saye ebe beenworfe been n work
lag on this th > case cascoi4over1 cas for bver a year yCf yeafhnd and
> have 1ave only been b e able abl to discover dsco discov r r
names pf f nineteen of them To my
t mind there th re is only > nly one way in which
he could obtain such bpormationand information and
that is by being beingone one of the crowd
The Th object of the the raid r Id is apparent
They The 1Iopellrst hope first lot f r an ana anacquittal acquittal < quittl In in
trial tri l before for Attorney Brent to tobo bo
as a 1 prelude to the moving of
gambling gnm Ung resort to Alexandria Sec
ond ondthey they hcpe for either an
or oraconvicUonwh a conviction which ch the they y will use se
the thepur purpose os of pleading a afonner former ac
t quittal or or conviction conic tion in any an
trials w which hich may ma arise in the county count
The Thet third ird and andmost most probable object
the St Asaph AS pl1 faction actloh in arranging
raid on themselves thensel es is to have a convic co nlc
tion and take t the tl1ecase case to the court
appeals appealsup upon na a pretended test case
which Which however wjlnot will not embody embodan
of the th practices really existing at St
Asaph For example they will
to have the record on whic which h they go
+ the court of appeals show that
business st St S1 Asaph is done by
bona fide telegraph company whi lI
acts aC fs as a common commoncarrir carrier
Itnows that this is not so
Second they the will attempt to
the records show that they the only onl trans
mit by b wire mere offers offersto to bet an
that ho n > actual betting bettln Is done This is i
also false They will also try tn to make
the records shew that betting at St St
Asaph is done on the lands of a gen ¬
4 tlemens tlemc llsdrhing driving par park k which is absurd
Another plea pea which w hich will be brought br U ht
up is that hat no nobe bets are accepted in n Vir ¬
ginia and also that the Old Dominion D > mlnloIJ
Telegraph Company merely mrel acts as an
agent to transmit money mone out of the
State This as well as the claim that
they the transmit bets to an athletic asso ¬
elatIon clat on which in turn transmits them
to ether cth r points as claimed In their bill
of exceptions CJCc exeenons t1ons is absolutely untrue
Profits P = ofits Arc Large
Mr Mackey has In his possession a
statement by b a sheet writer at Nelsons
poolrocm pocl poc lrocin OCrl In J Jackson ckscn City According te
this lhissttement statement on January 2 2 1305 1SO J700C 7on
High pressure > covers the entire coun co n ¬
try except the extreme Southwest with
the crest over the upper Missjssipoi l1issI5s 1Qi
valley Yallt and the most severe ser cold wave
of the season now prevails over overtht tlit tl > >
central Ct11tl al valty all Y upper up cr lake r region < ion and
t the he > X Noth Northvtist orth i vosc s The storm noteu ivionuay JVJI Ol1a >
morning as > approaching the he southern
California coast has mc moved ved to southern
Arizona with a further increase in In ¬
tensity ten5 and rains rIinsand and snows > no s havo Ia hae been
general over the th Southwest and central
west XVestI Vest Thcrc were also a1J O snows 10S in the t le
central valleys lcy lake tcgija and ilia the
Eatt and rairs in the South except
along the coast
The high h gb area In the Northwest will
canJnue cpi lnue to move mo eastward causing uslng a
cold cl wave W e tonight tonl ht and iJtulVdmgday Wednesday in l
the th lower lake lakeregton region middle Atlantic
States and JlndNcw New England and much
colder weather in the south outh Atlantic
States Stat s
Snow will mcontlnue continue In the u upper > per lake
region rq lon and the > mountain districts or
Pennsylvania Maryland M rJand and West T Te e < t Vir ¬
f ginia and andraln rain or snow in the South
There TherewlII will bs b snow Wednesday Vednesda r In the
Ohio valley r
9 9am a m n2
12 121100fl noon o 37
ri rio
1 p m 3
2 2pxn p m uu 4J
Registered Afflecks Standard Thermometer i
9 9n 9nm n m vJ
12 1 non 47
1 lprn p m 43
J j
2 p pm m 4C
Sun sets to today < 4M 5fl
Sun rises rIsc tomorrow u 713
Low Lo tide tid toa today u 000 pm
High tidetoda tide today i 1137 pm
Low tide tomorrow tomorrow620 620 am 645 pm
High igb tide tomorrow tamorrowA tamorrow121S A 1213 pm pni
was wris cleared ele red by the thehouse house St Asaphs
it Is said made twice as as muc much h This it
is said said was waSonll only an average a erag day
sheet writer estimated that money
wagered at t the two poolrooms at
rate of i 40000 ooo a day da or 12000000 a year
I About A b out half of ofilils this ISUSUnll is usually yv won on hy brth
gambling concerns
I know said Mr Mackey Mack6 that
Attorney Attorn e YBrent Brent has h 8s no noe evidence idence on O n
I IAttorn which he Jan aii convict the accused and
I unless tml ss I IamVermuchmlstaken ana very much mistaken what
evidence Is brought out by him at the
trial will have been furnished him by li
the gamblers themselves
Those ThoseUndet Under Arrest esL
As the result of the raid on St StAsaph Asaph
pool ool room the followlngi persons were were
arrested c J M L Hill Prank Snooks
I Lewis Bargen George GeorgeCampbellT Campbell T A
McCauley McCaule Joseph ioseph Lee LeeP P T Pumphrey
George Lescallett Fred Prelmer B B
Fauth A k Kohlbausen Kohlha usen J Sturges
Lewis J L Sherman B D Bentley Ben tley
George Bradley Bradle P H H Early Ear Zora Hill
George Lee William i Duncan > uncan T B
Johnston Charles Hall H ll W C John
ston George Krafft all wh w white hft and Ed ¬
ward Julius and andreorge George Hamilton Haml ton ne ¬
groes The arrest rr6 rr6L ztrr > st L and andraldwas raid was made m de
I by byChfc Chief tit rpolice Police Webster of this city
with Policemen Police men Young Henderson
Lyles and andp special cIalpoliceman policeman Hall s
I The Therald raid was w s carried cLrricdon on so quietly
I that with 1ththecxceptlon the exception of Common
wealth wehlths Attorney AttorneyBrent Attorne Brent and the police
men Who w o made the raid no n one in n
I Alexandria AlexandrIavas was aware of it until aft
it had taken place pla < > Even Evenrr Mayor or
I was v aS entirely In lulgnorance ignorance of the th aftair > fh r
TO a Times T im s reporter re p rter this morni
1 j Mayor Ma or Paff said v
The3arltpg rn thettp oie affair a1 affdirasczirrid irWRCarrlCd was = carried onwith
out mylcoowledge myv ld Wl dg or cpnsent ommt lthnk 1 think
I that Alexandria Alexan rIal1asenougi has nas enough to do to
look after what goes f goe es on within v tlIin her boy ¬
ders without going Into Alexandria
county count We had never been asked to
I assist the th county in suppressing s ppressin St St
Asaph Asaphrthd < and the county authorities were we
i satisfied with the progress J1rogr S they were
malting and I Iem can see no reason why wh
Alexandria should shouJd have 1aC interfered I
cannot understand the motive of those
who made The he raid I lundtrtandthat understand that
v ommpriw ommi ommiwealths wealths jalths Attorney Attorn Brent swore
out the warrants
Authority of Police
The Alexandria police force has juris ¬
diction over territory within a radius r
I Iof of one mile of that city The question h
I Ihas j has arisen whether wl1etherSt St SL Asaph Is or is
I Inot not within v ithin this limit Mayor Pat Paf thinks
1 the pool room is not no t but butis Is not prepared
to ttdetlnltel definitely say so
George G < orgeLSimpson L Simpson during his hi admin
istration ltrat n as mayor m yorhadthe had the distance
measured In a rough way wa and it Is said
I that the poolroom came within within the
limit but there is still some discussion
1 on the subject
Mayor lIa or Paff stated that when he gave
Chief c hlefWCbster Webster the thecontr control 01 of the thePOHce police
I fcrce he did not mean that he could
L go outside the city elt without his the
I mayors maorsknowledgc knowledge This affair was
j I Inostextraordinary nostextraordinary most extraordinary extraordinary the mayor thought
and he intimated that at the next ses
I mon of the police commission he would
nave have something to say on the subject
I After hir being ing taken to Alexandria Alexandrl1r ir om
I j J Jnlbilscs nibuscx yesterday e5ter a afternoon tlte th vri prison on
1 I ers were arral arrain arrairpted ned < d before Justice J usoice Jaton aton
J 1 twho who held a special session of the
I court for the purpose UrIos
i I Attorney Attorne Brent represented rEpr nted the thecIty city
I I iA Atttrneys A ttcrne3 F L Smith and EOmund
l Burke Burkeappearpd appeared for the St S1 Asaph peo
jple pIe Justice Jus tice > Cat Caton on released all l II the rwji
j I dents of Alexandria in bord of 100 100 each
j 1md and those tho of the nonresidents he xe
at 500 500each 5 each Theodore Ballenger
I accepted as security cur1ty in all the ca cases e es
The Th < cases c ses will conic up for io cons cO1 de
before b for Justice Caton next
I morning
i iLewi Lewis Murdock Murdockr r who was w s convicted
lsellfnJ selling liquor at St Asaph denies 1 11lCS
jhe i he offered to serve time In jeupf Hen of
I IOOO 52000 OOO fine imposed upon him
i J MAFllJii AXff UM
Cou Court n Imposes Impos 1 5 in Twelve Cases
20 in ill Five and andtoo na 100 in
I One Case
I For t the C first time since s incc the smoke sm ke law la W
of o the District became becamcoperaU operative c t
I maximum penalty of 5103 1J 1G fine fin < was im ¬
posed upon pon LIndley Lln dl YE E Sinclair of the
1 Potomac potom ac Electric El ctrIC Power po Vcr Company In i
the > Police Court Nineteen cases were
consolidated and tried by b Judge Scott
I In the District branch of the court
General Harries representing the Po
j I tomac Company and Judge C C
j made statements Judge Scott than im
I posed fines of 515 15 In twelve cases 520 20 In
live cases f50 50 In one case and 5100 100 In
j Ianother another case case an anasgregate aggregate of 430 430
No action has been be n taken by b the State
Department lit in the complaint against M
des Portes for fast automobile driving
The matter was reported on last Fri l < ri ¬
day by the District Commissioners Sec ¬
retary Hay is not in Washington at
present Until he returns the speeding
of the th f fautomobile automobile automa bU e belonging to
French Frencn Frencnembassy embassy attache will nnt h hA in n ¬
p 4 5
r r
S t n r
r r
I j
I + 2 I
I r
I F1
I r
I r 1
I t
I r r i
Copyright 1905 byRc1utrdBarry by Itlcliard Barry
Garrison Garr ison of a a Japanese Field Hospit ospital 1 After an Assault Upon Port Arthur
Believed to Be g in iIiYIciiIity Vicinity
of Mauritius
British B Bti Sh Cruiser ruiser Believes Wireless s Mes Me s
sages Are in the Code Cod of
the c Mikado
I LO LODO O 1Q DQ DQv DQafa v afa JIni li h L i l iThe The Ehe JPor Por Bort i t jtou i 3ouis u S s
csrxespondent pcndEm of the thelt theDaily DaiIy DnilyMaIr MalI S says say
that Ui tthc the Britis h cruiser cr tser Forte or t whI which h is
at that tnatpo port tt intercepted int rceptcd a number llu mber ot
cipher ci perwiretcssmessag wireless messages es from frOffiitI3nge strange
warships wars hips
The Thena nationality tfonal1ty using the cipher has
not been fully decided yet et but the
messages essag s are believed to be in a Japan ¬
ese code
There rhtre have ha veQcen been reports f from rprn the
eastwarci twari that Japanese cruisers are ap ¬
Nothing Nothinmor more has been seen or heard
of the tli Baltic Balti fleet and It Is believed bel1e
that it Is Jssee1ring seeking shelter somewhere
off the l coast ast of Madagascar or or among
the Comoro Islands
A large Russian warship was seen oft
Mayotte one of the Comoro ComoroIslands Islands a
few C days ago
ST PETERSBURG Jan 10 10The The Em ¬
peror has accepted the resignation of
Prince SviatopolkMlrsky Svlatopolk Irsky who succeed ¬
ed edthe the murdered Plehve Plehycas as minister of
the Interior
I Mr de Witte will take his place and
assume the direction dlrcctionof of the Internal
policy poHc of the empire while still retain ¬
ing his office as president of the minis ¬
tonal councll
Mr ir de e Vtte Vttev Vttewho v who had been classed as
a a Liberal was recently recentl restored to the
I favor fa or of the Czar by b his stand on the
petition of the zemstvos for a repre ¬
sentative government OvernmentAt At a a conference
of thE ministers ml lsters he supported the bu ¬
renucrac reaucracy ron ucracy
When the KIshenef I > henef massacres ma sacrcs occurred
Mr de Witte had the courage to de
ifounce the instiga instIgators tors and condoners cf
the outrage He declared for more lib ¬
I I Ieral eral treatment of oftbe the Jews and warned
I I Ithose thos those in h power jow n that the race raceq1stlon question in
Russia would never be so u lved das as long as
I relisrious persecution per5ccuUonag was permitted
Prince rince Mirsky has been a pronounced
Liberal He gave gs open countenance to
the th meetings of the zemstvos and their
agitation egi tation for administrative reform
I BERLIN Jan J nl0Ka 10 lOKit Ka iser V7illIam has
I Iconftrred conferred the order of the Pour Le Mo Ic
I Irite rite usuaiy usu given lv n to members of 0 1 1roy roy ¬
I alty aIt only onl on Generals Nogl and Stos
i i i3cl srI the besieger and defender d > fencfer or Port
The order ord r was conferred confelT d after the
Kaiser had obtained permission to do
so from the Emperors of Russia and
PARIS Jan 10 10The The International
I commission Investigating the Dogger
Bunk affair resumed its deliberations
1 this morning at the foreign office
j I The question of procedure has not
yet been settled
After a short session the commission
adjourned until tomorrow afternoon
L LONDON NDON Jan 10 10The The Rome corre ¬
spondent of t the he Exchange Exc hange Telegraph
Company hears h ars from Nluchwanir Niuchwan that
15000 of Nogis men menhae have left Port Ar ¬
thur and have gone to reenforce Field
Marshal Oyama Oyn nta at the Shahke River
I A AitmeI timely use o or f Plaos P1s0 Cure often prevent
I cneucnonla neumonlaAdv Adv J Jd d v
Over OV l lt la t a Hundred HundJ t ed Must An Ai ¬
swer werLa Land ndFrand Fraud FrawiC1iarge Charge Char e
Statesmans Title to toFttteenT11ousand fifteen ifteea Thousand
Acres May M yB Be Involvedin Involved nv pl l in Pend
ing igPce PJr qceedlEngs eedi eedigs dings gs
o OnenKt Oneht3Ir ft dr di3jE P < nI lt L i was
announcSd at the Depa Department epartment ent of tthoJIn theTn
tenor today to ay must now stand sta 1d tflal tr d in
Montana r for frauds tn iqswhich whic whIch h may ma mayseriously jseriously seriously
involve the title of Senator WA W A Clark
to thousands pf ofacres acres of otlandnovln ofland land now In his
The persons accused were Indicted n 1ict d two
years ago but butsostlf so stiff has been the
light that they were enabled to put ut uc u
r here that It was only OI I last night that
the he United States courts in Montana
vacated all rroeeedingsand proceedings and ordered the
defendants to face facea a a jury
The trials promise tp make the ho pro pro ¬
ceedings ceedin now going on in Oregon look
Prominent ProminentPeISOns Persons Implicated
Implicated in the th alleged frauds are
a number of the most prominent men
and ilnd nd women in the State and in Idaho
Most or the accused have been indicted d
for perjury and forger in connection
with the purchase of land In the west ¬
ern parts of o1fontana Montana and In Idaho
At the Department of the Interior
this morning it was announced in an
official statement that Judge Hunt at
Helena had overruled overruledall all demurrers
and that the defendants having ex ¬
hausted dilatory diJatorpleas pleas would now U w have
to face their fate
According to announcements made at
the same department the conspiracy
was led by R R M Cobham and J B
ctu Catlin 5V Jn In speaking of the methods
adopted a dopte d by Cobhcm CObh 2 m to get accomplices acc ompllces
to swear falsely falsel as to their purposes
l says the statement issued at the department
I I It was necessary neccssar for the applicant
when he made his application to take
an oath that the land was not for spec ¬
I ulative ulatiopurposes purposes and that he wanted it
for his own use and that no one else
was Interested directly or Indirectly in
the purchase Cobham and his associ ¬
I Iates 1 1ates ates prepared all these affidavits and
I paid all expenses exp nses and 250 50 an acre for
I I this land landbe besides ldes paying these persons
I from 103 to 150 for false swearing sw aring and
I Ic Ientry entry c
There ere were 102 persons personsmen men and
women womenIndicted Indicted and Dnda a number of in ¬
dictments dictm < nts were m filed d These indictments h
I were for perjury and andfargeo forgery AH of
these lands l ln nds d amounting to some 15000
acres were sold by y Cobham to United
States Senator William A A Clark JDe
rnurrersr IDulTcrshayc have been filed to these In ¬
dictments from time totirne to time untilnow until now
Secretary Hitchcock declined ue lIned to say
anything an thing more than Is contained in the
statement It was hinted however that
some sensations are coming c min
Oregon OegonLandFraud Land Fraud Inqu Inquiry Iy
The grand gran d jury is in session again to ¬
day at Portland and amljt it Is isexpccte expected d dthat that
there ther are going to be several severa more in ¬
I Idictmenrts dictments ictmentsreturned returned before the body ad d
I journa JO JOh James h J s II r Booth BootTiand and Joseph T
Bridges register and receiver of the
land onice otfl c at Roseburg Ore have been
suspended by the theorder order ordcrofthe of the President
Representative Bartholdt B rtholdt of Missouri
called on President Roosevelt today to uy and
told him that the selection of Mr Nied I d
ringhaus as Senator vas as popular pOUhlrIn In his
Mr Bartholdt said that the Republi ¬
cans were able to curry carr the Legislature
on n account ac eo U nt of their superb party p lrt organ or gan ¬
I isation St S1 Louis said Mr Bartholdt Barthol 1t < came
out of the fair ftlr with flying colors
I She did d not go broke like Chicago
but on the contrary contnl fy thousands or dol do ¬
lars poured In and we are prosperous
now n w like we weaiways always are
I BJ2RL1N Jan JanI0Dr 10 lODr Dr Alonso H Sil ¬
vester vestcr Emperor Williams r 1Ulams famous
American Amer itmerlcandentizt an dentist committed suicide this till
morning lie 1 e shot Iothlm hlmgeJf > f through th tine <
head Death was aii 1 uost UlJ insturtanopuss instant unoous
Dr Sylvester nai natl l the title t1tl of imperial
court councilor He was a close per ¬
sonal onal friend of the Emperor
Body Meets Me Meetsat tsat at Beading ReadiD and
S Begins Investigation
Ministers Secretive SecretiveDedining Declining t to Dis ¬
cuss the Case Cas CaseLacks Lacks L ik3 Quo
romat xuinatStart Start
REAIJl RE DJ1tq < Jta Tan j ir irT 19 T Tne commlftee niIll o f
InquirjintP inquiry int intO o the l1e c Sarses l gesab against a4 a4r r ainst nst Bishop Bishop
Ethelbcrt Ethe Ethelb lbert rt Talbbr T lb lbot t of oLihe ofthe the central Penn P nn ¬
sylvania diocese dIoceseo of the Episcopal
Church met m < t at the Mansion House in
this city It this morning
No quorum of the committee committeeappearEd appeared
but notwithstanding notwithstandingthsactthe this fact the com ¬
mittee went into session s ession
The The notices to themembers the members of the
committee regarding the place of meet ¬
ing had stated that the meeting m eUng would
be held in the th parish house o of f Christ
Episcopal Church the larg largest t congre
gatipn g tion of the denomination in Reading
The he evident dislike d sllk of the tli Beading mem
berfs ber however moat mo st of whom sympa ¬
thize with Bishop Talbot Talbot against the th
committee meeting In any of ftbe the local
church buildings decided the chairman
Dr Bodine to hold oId the meeting at the
Mansion ansion House where the members of
the committee are stopping
The meeting m cUng convened in parlor Xo S 8
The men me menberx robi ibers > rs refused to talk regarding
the probable action of f the committee on
the presentment or the question q tIon of o the
legality of the body under the canons
of I f the church
Rules of Procedure
Dr Rogers Israel of Scranton stated
that the committee members could not
follow folIo their own desires in the matter
but would wal d be governed by the following
The presiding bishop or next in se se ¬
niority niori as the case may be immediate ¬
ly I after thus selecting by b lot the board
of inquiry shall give notice thereof to
each member of said board and direct
him l II1 to attend at t a a time and place
designated by b hjjn 11m and organize orsani c the th
board T and It shall be the duty dut of each
member so to atteno The place plac must
be within the diocese of the accused
The presiding presidingbishop bishop shall at the same
time send a copy of the charges to the
senior presbyter presbyterot of those thus selected
b lot from the four dioceses
On assembling the board shall or
I gqnize ranize nlze by b c choosing from among them
I selves es a president and secretary 5ecretar and
s shall hall also appoint a church advocate
who must be a lay la communicant of this
church c urch and an of the profession of the laws
and who thenceforward then ceforward shall in all
stages of the proceedings if a trial be
ordered represent the church ch rchand and be the
party on the one hand while the ac ¬
cused Is the party on the other
Behind Closed Doors
The sittings Sittings Sittingsof of the the board shall be
1 private p priate riate the church churchado advocate 1te shall not
t attend as prosecuting counsel but shall
be at it tt all times times at hand and In readiness
to give his hlsadvi advice e In all questions sub ¬
mitted mitted to him b by the board
I In In n conducting the investigation the
board shall hear he r the accusations and
such proof as the th accusers may ma pro ¬
duce ducean and shall determine whether
upon matters of law and of fact as pre pre ¬ I
sented to them there is sufficient ground round
to the accused bishop upon his trial I
and in such investigation as well as in I
all cases of trial by an ecclesiastical
court now authorized or hereafter to bfe b l
authorized authorlzedb by r the constitution or can ¬
ons of the genera general l convention the laws
of the State in which such Investiga ¬
tion or trial Is had so far as they the re
1 Ilat late to the law of evidence shall be
adopted and taken as the rules by
which the said board or court shall be
governed oerned
If a majority of the board present
on such investigation shall be cf the
opinion that there are i uHcient > grounds
to put the accused bishop on trial they
shall direct the church churchaevocate uctvocate to t pre ¬
pare pare a presentment against him which
shall be signed by b all the members and
for this purpose pmposeshall shall put In his hands I
all committe charges and evidence secured by b the
i S
Attem pt to Blow Up Statue of Frederick
the Great GratFuse Fuse Nearly early Burnt u nt When
s Ne gro Seized Packa ge r u
Oldson Knocked KtlOck d to the Earth and Windows
in theM theMssHal1 the Mess ssHal1 Hall and an i Other q her Buildin Bllild ngs gs
at atthe the Post Po st Are Shattere d
Bold In its conception and an cldaring daring In
its execution an attempt was made > at
noon today to wreck the statue of Fred ¬
erick erIck the Great Gr t which was recently un ¬
veiled In the Washington Washlngtq Barracks at a
the theroat foot of Fourandaha lf Street south sou th ¬
The identity of the men who placed place d
a package containing more than a a pound
of dynamite d mlte with a burning fuse at ¬
tached tac hed on the fence about the stations
and which would have undoubtedly
blown the monument to atoms had it
exploded where it was w s intended Intend d Is at
present Unknown
Captain Boardman n Who was informed
by officers at the Barracks has detailed
a number of f defectives def cU s oh on the th case case and
every effort efortwill will be made mal e to locate the
The ThedetecUyes detectives have Been detailed to
the th depots steamboat wharves and
other means of egress egreSs from the city
The men went we nt to the Barracks ln In a a
carriage believed to be = Pennsylvania
RaIlroad cab aban < and C the thepoll polico pol1edhieve uelleve they
can canieto came ieto to Washington fran fra m ms mbm some s bm bme e other other
dry for the express purpose purriO se of demol demol de thol ¬
laming the sta statue e
Just after the thewor theworkmen workmen km q wbxrare who c at wor wor k
on the War College Collegeat iat attheWas the Washiristpn 1 I1gton <
Barricks Barrlcks had gone gon goxiator jfo f 7anoh tinohtwo ih tw Iwo c ibito hito tc j
men mcncame came Into the thrnast 1OsL < qst in inn a buggy b j
driven by a negro > j
wI1 When I they got close ctOSft clbehtdntiisent to nf i Sji j finpnurnent mo n ent
ono onoo of the white w1 t JTICS rnnragat S c C out OFtm eutnd and with
out being noticed noti 1 hung hungirg th u e JJackage P3 j kaSe
on the thobaM base o f the iha 11on Tnohunrfenti n Shiartly l1 rtlY
afterward a a1egsq Iabo iaborenOIdr 041
son noticed ll ticcdthe the package tars r sn smoiung iol
and went to t Investigate in tigah
Seeing S ng the burning fise 1SehehurIed he hurled the
package away twenty twent fest e Just tustas1t as It
struck the th ground 1ound it exploded 1oded Oldson ldson
was knocked to the ground windows wind ws
in the themcss mess hall and other oth e ebUndlngs buildings bUndlngs at
the post pos were broken w 1Vh11e while hile the rock toc1cr
on the spot where the thep3ckage package landed ed
was shattered
As soon as the seriousness senousnessot of the theal af a
fair ialrwas was understood understood the guard house
was notified to to allow nojaia no J1i ane to leave leav
the grounds 0
A detail of engineers englneersInade nada niad a search
o of the tl1 post postX Kt > one was w S Sound CounA im who who
could c uld be connected with the affair
The matter is isnoW now In the h 1I hands a of °
local detectives de tectl s and aIldthe the Secret Service SerVICe
men who have ha e no clue Clue 7
War Department Statement
The Theollow1ngstatement following statement was WaSissuedat issued at
the War Department Departnlent at 2 2 oclpckt clo k
The Military Secretary SecretnY was advised
at noon today that thatanatteIn an attempt bad been been
made to blow blo w wIIp up the Frederick Fr PedericktheGreat erlck1h theXSreat Gzeat
He received rec lve d the following follo wing telephone te1hou eP11on
message m ssage front fr om WashingtOn Was hington Barracks B cks
Anattempt An attempt was was made mad just justa after ter12 < 12 2
pclock oclock clock noon today tc iday to blow op Up the
statu statueot statue of Frederick Freder Ick the eGreat Great by one one or
two civilians not identified A Charge
of o explos explOsfv explosives ives es with lighted l1g h edfpSa fuse W was sat at ¬
tached to to the fence ence surrounding dlng 1 the
statute but bU batwas twas was removed removed1ifaclvtiran tiy acctvffiari
employe ernployebefore b before ri rire re it exploded e oded Ko c damage g
was w done dojm to tothe the statue or erq to toJltO prppettrjrer
persons ns as s prompt promptmea measures rneasureans S8 as = jjefi pe
sibl sible were ereftakenW ereftakenW4e taken to 4e detatha t pazties es
be behrleft r5th rJeft th p st ld >
th thq Wli1ugtonBar i h n i
racKsd racks declined clJn d TO discu dlsCu1is discbhe s the affair Ucir and un
referredall r ref f iTe tred a1l4 ll questioners sticm rs to t ttthg th the War Dee D Do
partment p tment
Wynne Makes MakesRefusai Refusal
Of a Handsome fffer
Declines to Represent a New York Corpora ¬
tion Here at Big Salary SalaryPracticallY Practically Set ¬
tied That He Will Succeed Evans
Postmaster General Wynne today todayde de ¬
clined a a handsome offer from a well
known corporation having havlngofilces offices In New Xe
York Chicago and Washington t which
was wastenderedhlm tendered him when he was in New
York last week The proposition made
to Mr yTynne was that he should be be
com come e president of ofth this sconcern concern upon his
retiremcnt retlr cnt from the Cabinet on oh1I Marc rcb h
4 next and represent its Interests In
Washington The compensation offered
amounted moult d it Is understood to 530000 30000 or
more a year for a aperfO period l lof of eight years
The The firm which made this offer has h
large interests before the Government G
and desired that the retiring Postmaster
General look after them here It was
principally on account of this that Mr
Wynne declined the offer He did not
fee feel l that he hecoud could with full justice to
himself retire from the Government
service and then represent a n firm whose
interests would require him as its pres ¬
ident 1dentto to bring into play the influence his
high gh character and signal signalabllity ability ave nave
won w n for Mm him with officials 1s in every ev r
branch of the Government
Wfll W nSucceed Succeed Evans
Moreover it is practically settled that
3Ir W Wynne Vvy nne will take th the place of R
Clay Evans Eais Eaisas as consul general at London
after March 1 4 L The President bas nat
formally formalhtenaere tendered this post to the Post ¬
master General Gene m but it Is believed that
he h will do so at an early date d3xe It has
been known for some time tini that a a hand ¬
some position in the consular c nsuIar service
would be given Mr Wynne the general
belief being that he would be sent to
one o af f three places J iaces London Liverpool
or Paris and it is now understood that
the President PrciId nt will send the th retiring
Postmaster General to London
The rhesalan salary of a consul general g ra1 is 55 5
000 but the fees of 9f f the London consulate
bring the compensation cOInp 9 nsation of the consul
general at the English Ensll hcapita1 capital up to j
much muc higher sum varying varyingbetween between 20 0
000 tie and 530000 30000 a year
Mrs Gelshenen Geishen n Doesnt
Want to Marry Mr MrMQr Morse e
CHERBOURG Jan 10 10Irs Mrs W H
Gelshenen of New York whose W hose name nam e ehas
hair been prominently mentioned in con ¬ l
nection with the the1IorseD MorseDplge ge divorce
tangle in that city clt has arrived rrlved here
on the steamer Kaiser Wilhelm der
Her name however did not appear on
the passenger D3S enber list
She landed with her son Walter and
was met by lJ a courier The party stayed sta ed
at a ahotel hotel here overnight prior to going I
to Naples where her It is said si d Mrs Gel ¬
shenen will Join her hcrdaugbters daughters She did
not appear at the table during duringthe the voy oy ¬
age from New York being confined contl cd to
her room by b seasickness
Mrs Gelshenens Statement
She was dressed dress ed edcompletely completely In black
when seen se < n shortly shortl after her arrival
and looked ill and worried She said
I arii in no way wa implicated in the
DodgeMorse tangle The assertion that
I furnished furni hed Dodge money mone with which to
fight his extradition extradi trndi tJon from Texas is ab ¬
solutely solutcl untrue and ridiculous I do not
even know Dodge Dodgeb by sight
My trip to Europe was arranged
months ago The revelations in the
Dodge case did not cause It Itln in the slight ¬
My I relations with Mr r Morse orse are j
purely pure those of a business friend He 1
was as my husbands business friend and
How could I desire to marry Mr r
Morse when he h has a it wife wite1lready already The
charge is too absurd absu absu I do not wish to
marry Mr Morse or anYbody else The
report that I endeavored to aid d in the
annulment of the Morse marriage marra in
order to marry Mr Morse Is a black He
I had no hand In the matter matteru u
When Yhenasked asked what she sh would w ud do in in
case District Attorney ttorney Jerome secured
an indictmPnt against her Mrs rsGelshen Gelshen ¬
en replied
u uIt It is impossible that ire ne can c9Ildo do so be be ¬
cause I lhaye have no connection with the
tangle Should ShouldIrJerome Mr Jerome as you sag ug ¬
gest bring trin my m name further into the
matter or orshold should the judiciary desire
my nypre presence nce I will immediately cancel C Ilce
my m arrangements to spend the winter in
Cairo C Iro and return to t New York
J 1 wish it to be bedl3t1nctli bedl3t1nctliunderstood distinctly understood
that I have h1en not t the slightest sl1l = htf5 interest In
or connection with It the t Morses Mors s domestic
Jerome Surprised S p sea
NEW YORK YO Jan 10 lOThe The substance
of this tl s dispatch was read to District istrict At t ¬
torney turn y Jerome and appeared Sppearedto to surprise
He asked that the part about Mn
Oelshenens willingness < to give up he
trip to Cairo bfc read over to him
Then according to his habit he pos 10
tively tiel refused refu ed to discuss any phase hase o 0 I
the DodgeMorse Do geMarse case
The will of Christopher Homer Hornerdat date
November U 1903 1 has been offered fey ft cJ
probate H He leaves hIs estate to
wife Emma Horner who Is Islu1med named t < L
ecutr eciitrix

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