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ii I > 0 4 C
= C
sixtyeight sIxt clght years ears old and had been a
Storm Mormon on but had ha t ceased his hi connection connec onnectoa tion
with the church in 1S74 WI
Q QtBy By Mr Worthington WorthingtonlHow How did
your connection cease eas Did you retire
A AlTo ANo No I was fired
Witness itnes said he knew by b reputation reput Ion
how many people in his town townof500 of 3500 3e OO
are renow now living in polygamy pol gamy He Rethought thought
there were rive This is a decrease
since sln IS90 because some som of the older
members have died He did not know
of new polygamous marriages
Asked as to church influence intlu nce in poli ¬
tics witness witnesssad said the general reputa ¬
tion in our part art of the country Is that
President Joseph J seph F Smith takes no in in ¬
terest In polities Mormon Republicans
vote their tickets and Mormon Demo ¬
crats vote ot theirs
Hew Version V trsion of Oath
Witness said he went through the en n
dowment house in Salt La Lak Lake ke in 1SC2 1SG
when he h was twentyfive years ears old oI He
went there to be married marrIed d He had a
general eneral recollection recollectionbut but could not 10t give
details of the ceremony c remon One hundred
and fifty persons went through on the
same sam day
When Attorney Worthington 9Jthington read the
oath of Vengeance on this nation
witness said he had not heard just those
words but did recall recallaslmiiar a similar obliga
tion which invoked vengeance on fthls this
generation He felt f t his recollection r
as to this was correct because he had
looked up the question in in advance to
see S E whether there was wasanrthmb anything against
this nation
Witness belongs to the order of For ¬
esters and the Order of United Work ¬
men and had been one of the members
of the Loyal League an antiMormon
organization in Utah He served in the
Legislat Legislature re in 1S94 the only onlytlme time he had h hI ad add
been a candidate since he was expelled xpel I e d
from the church As a Repu blican he
bad defeated Roberts a Mormon anA am1a a
Democrat > although he ran Slightly be be ¬
hind hi d th the ticket
Opposed to Prosecutions
The amnesty procl11mationf proclamation of Presi ¬
dent de rtt Harrison was taken up upWitness Witness
remembered remem hered it itand and on crossexamina cross xamina ¬ 0
tion said saldhe he had not desired to see it t
enforced He knew Loren Harmer who
has has two wives n i es and 1iv lives 1i es s with w tha a third 0
woman woman In the same town town as a witness 0
This last named woman woman hs sisters by
the name of Anderson < and she herself 0
gets mail under the same name at the
postoffice over whic h witness presides
As Sked ked whether he had not signed a a L
petition ftitlon to pardon Hariner fanner after the lat 0
tcr tcrs 8 conviction nviction witness said he did not
recall it but If the petition p < titlon had been L
presented vr presentdl snte sntetI tI he hecertainl certainly would have
signed it it
Attprriev < ttornev Tayler wanted to know mow about
the endowment en o wme t house oaths
Witness itn ess said
1 was < there to be married and I did I
not notntic notice other things so o much I was wa wa
i iookIngout looking ookIngout out fpi f l iy pledge of disloyalty
and aI d I did 1dnot not find it iLrhe The ceremony
lasted asted from tolerably early earl e rly In the mom mo
lug until 4 or 5 oclock in the afternoon
Endowment Are Necessary
Chairman Burrows inquired particular ¬
ly yabout about the endowment house oa oaths ths
Witness s howed great reluctance in h 1
> commenting upon any part of the cere ere =
moriy mort and nn declined to reveal anything any thins
about b ut thcoalhs the oaths ta taken ken He had hadconsci conscien conscien n ¬
tious scruples scrupleS against aga inst telling t lling about ab t it
he ne iesa1d said 0
In order to T be > e married marricdin in tbeendow the endow ¬
0 ment mentho house ho s seit it ftis is necessary n ecessary c > p itake1he take the tin r
endowme endowments nts first witness said saj d but he hi S
declined cHned to to tell what they th y were
r Qre11 Q Tell who officiated there
0 A AHeber Heber KimbalL the next next man to V a
0 IJrigham riJam Young Y t1 0
0 Q QTelt Tell whO else took part
AI c JJdnt do jL it 1 cou1d couldnt t do it I t
even if i X i were Were willing mtng
0 Plural Marr n Ta mages iages ges
0 Marriages furr agescould conld J be > e performed any
rwhereand a arl rl where and by almost os t teezFbodY everybody 1 ba bni t
plural IUr l marriages marr1 g only ni in ijjeendawrat t eendowIeDt ei it t
noiise o Jsc = V 4 1
T v1tn Witnss itneKS s had h d left It eft > t the church thirty
years 37ear ago and is L < not now ow z l iionaori j
but had consc con consclentIon < ientions c entiOs scruples about
0 revealing eeal ng anything relating to o the
church He had kept his pledge for joror for ¬
ty ty years he said and andexpect expected to do o so
Mr 0 lr Worthington taking up the Ear
mer case C learned d that Harmer had been
expelled csp lledfrom from his office ofl of Mormon
bis bIshop hop when he hebad had been sent to
0 penitentiary penltentlarybut but had ha remained In the he
0 church until recently rec ntl 0 0
0 Regarding the endowment pnuowm nt house 0
0 oath witness said he felt the same sam bind bln
ing I 1Ii g effect 1Ied of the oaths in the thejOLher > other of or r 0
0 ganizailons to which he belonged
No Stock in inReve1atioIlS Eevelations
Alcnzo Arthur Noun sixtyeight years ears
old la of Provo was the next witness He
0 had lived there twentyfive years and
had ad known Smoot well wellsfn since e a aboy boy
Witness was wasa a a JKormon up to t 1870r 18Qbut but 0
Is not now H4S J2Isr His separation arationJrom from rota the
church chur h was y entirely enUls 1 tl voluntary vo oluntar f fntary ntary on the
0 ground gr grOun un of Q his il disbelief I beJief in modern reve ¬ 0
lations Since then his family fumlly has haS been 0
associated with th the Methodist church
first and then the Congregational
c church He has a large famliy and has h s 0
one wife fe
Since 1500 1b he has attended all the local 0
Republican conventions eonve tions He Is justice
of thp th peace in Provo and has been
since 1 J1rO K > except In 18SJ l l in the Bryan BrV IA
campaign cam paign a gn when 0 he said he was let
As to the practice of polygamy p01g my wit ¬
0 ness Irncw a few Mormon who were
credited cr ted with such practices PrlcUc Witness Y1Itn V1tnes < ss >
family is t composed compo d mostly of daughters
and nd he thought they the heard l1earrlpretty pretty weli e I
0 what w at othes thought about polygamy
His Ivew was that all the younger gen ¬
0 eration opposed It
Witness expressed the belief that t ktt if 1
President Pre ldEnt Smith were to Issue jin an n order
commanding polygamy pol gamy it would be dis ¬
regarded by b the Mormon peo people ple
Praise for Smoot
As to Smoot witness
termed him him a t
bright intelligent young m man qn in tin
estimation of the peonle of Provo Provoan and ant I
0 0 they were Ere not surprised that Smoot 0
went cnt Into politics even before he be
= came lme an aDostle a > ostle
Witness had taken Masonic deTees d rees
having become a Mason in South Africa A t trIc rIc a
He recalled recall recalledin dln in general the
of the endowment house and was sure r
nothing therein related to hostility hostlJlt t
this nation n Uon
At t this point Mr Worthington asked aske
0 for iorn a copy of the Bible At first on
could not be found but later on the com
mittee messenger mes engcr uncovered un overed two
in Ina a capacious bookcase at the end o O
theroOn1 the room It was suggested that
0 a 1
Mormon Bible would do as well sine
It was the same book
Mr Ir Worthington Worthin gton handed hancI d the Book t
a 11 Mormon witness to find the para
graphs to which reference referencewas was to ii 0 e
made He Ii then read the similar para
graphs about vengeance In the BiblE
and witness thought the oaths of t th h
endowment house were ver similar to it it I
The portions quoted were evelations
VI verses Y es 9 and 30 0
On Ohcrossexaminatfon crossexamination witness said sal
n there had been a llIecture it lecture in the en
0 dowment house but he did net recall
anything about about oaths of vengeance
Told of Bad Mormon Mo on
0 Witness told tOldof of S S SJones Jones a Mormon l
of Provo who had three wives but wa
not living with wJthany any of them IIg H dl
Braxton Eliza ElIZa 25 s 505 09 12th st nw
Destant Roosevelt Roose lt 1 C Bib thst st EL nw
Evans Herbert A A 3 117 4 4 fi4Z st st sw
Fountain Flilp 63 2UC C Cst st nw
CJant G nt Charles B R 59 9 77 Myrtle st st s ne
Holmca n tlmes < Christian CO fi O 921M 921 52il 2d st sts ew vr
0 Jihnspn Clam 9 mo mos 1KB 12tii 12t st nw
J Johnson Johnson 8 t l tjzzle e el l 24 i4 J Wash A Ayiin yji h iin H05 Hospital Ho pita Ital 1 i
SCldwell v Sarah A SO 342 N T s si en i iiw ii
ICIrif 1Jng1t1amle atamie Mami T 27 122C Xew Nc v Jersey Jersc ave ivc nw I l 0
iJnUlns lnkl ns Susan 73 73Govt Govt Hospital Insane i
0 I Ir Lucas Il a2 12 Ida 26 Government Hospital Insane t
0 jVyn inbe J 1 er er Jainus ramC 2 mos 709 Farragut ut niv nt
0 vfsMnsion i Infant n of Kallie and Carrie 1C
0 iiyg y a1n30QsLnw 1530 Q st nvr
Villlge YUUge Joseph ros h C 55 5 940 22d id si t nv nw
Young HearJttta tienrS > tt tic 70 Washington Ww > hlnston Asy Ail Eosp
JAt Ot
Continued Co Continuedfrom ntinued from First Flr t Page
the th e subcontractors that ought oug 1tlo to pass ls
an a n examination exam ination and who require th the
most most moststringent m ost stringent supervision
Mr MrHough Hough Favors It
George Gcc > rge A A A Hough H ugh secretary of the
Master M aster Builders Association is a de de ¬
termined te rmined advocate of the hill believing
it to be a boon to the contracting and
constructing c business rather than a
burden b urderL It is his opinion that opposi ¬
lion ti on to the measure is based entirely on
false fals f alse e grounds gr unds a wrong conception of
its it s purposes having become general
among a the smaller builders b lders of ot o the city ity
h hI I i have made an exhaustive study studyof of
the theblllf theblllfsaid ti le blilt oill said Mr Hough and so far
as a s I can c n see its opponents are are laboring l borlng
under u nder a false impression The bill was
never n ever intended to establish a 3 monopoly
on o n the building industry in Washington Vashin gton
Such S uch a thing not once once entered the minds
of o f the projectors It will wllim impose > osea a a hard ¬
ship s hip on on no one except the themen the men who
arent a rent competent to be builders b llders
Indeed it seems seemsrldiculous ridiculous to those
who w ho know the real realobjects objects ofthe of ftbe bill
to t o hear the statement that it will work
a hardship on onsmal1er smaller builders and at
the t he same time be of great advantage
and a nd profit to the th bigger contractors
There T here is positively nothing > o back up
such s uch an impression What is laa a benefit
to t o one will be a benefit to all
Where Shoe Pinches
The sentiment seems seOms to tl prevail pr vi1ilalso also
that t hat the examinations which would be
necessary n for a a builder to undergo be ¬
fore f ore re he could obtain a license would be
iheoreticai t and not a genuine test of a
mans m ans knowledge of ofbullding building What
grounds g are there for this belief It
Is i s purely a matter of f specu speculatIon lation and
in i n trying to predict something that tn t
might happen the antagonists of the
measure have taken the gloomy view of
things t
It is expressly stipulated in the bill
that t hat the board of examiners should be
composed c of architects and builders buIlderswho who
have h ave had practical experience in their
profession p rofession The heappoinment appoiriment of its 11 mem ¬
bers b ers would probably be left ttothe to the Dis ¬
trict t Commissioners and it surely can
be b e supposed that these theseofficlaIs officials would
discharge d their duty dufJowith with integrity
Again there Is nothing to Indicate
that t hat the examination would be theo ¬
retical r tlcal or technical Personally PersonaU I be be ¬
lieve li h ove ye a thorough knowledge of the build
Inge in i n g regulations would be sufficient to
pass p ass anybody And a buIlder who Isnt
conversant c with the regulations which
govern his work should not be given ven 11 a
license l to compete with thoroughly re r ¬
liable 1 iale and competent men
Stop No Competen t Man
In other words if a a man Is compe j
tent t ent to tobuUd build a house h use he should not be j
unwilling to subm subm it t to an anofficlal official test of I
bis knowledge Complaint seems to 0 j
j come principally from those who fear fe r j
they the t hey arent qualified to pass an examina
r tion But if a man has been in the
building 01 1 dlng ouslness aUSin ess for ro r seven S eve or ten years ears
as a great many claim they have havep p it
seems SE ms that th at it wouldnt o be asking aS kInstOO too
much of him to tell how a house is
I built J
As for There being a trust among anron
master builders of the city Cn the thestate state ¬
I ment is too absurd to be begien given serious
consideration I wish to go on record I I IcCnsideration
1 ag saying that the master builders have hav i
jiio no desire to down anybody anbod If the ex ¬
1 aminations would be of a theoretical
nature 23tu re they th tho eJOUld would be bCjUS just t as likely to t 0
kick as anybody else
The Sentiment sentiInentamong among master m ± ster builders
1 Is simply that the propos proposzl ed legislation 1
would raise o the standard o ot f f the profes
I 0
not know whether Jones had deserted
them or not DOt and Mr Ir Taylers Taylersques ques ¬
tions on this point elicited only that
Jones is regarded by everybody as a a
1 respectable citizen of the town t v 1
Witness said although he is a justice
of the peace he had never had prose ¬
cutions before him In polygamy cases es
No one had Instituted proceedings as
the people of Provo did not feel an in ¬
terest in jntaking taking action actlonusainst against their
neighbors cigb rn 0
G By B Mr lr Tal Ta TalerOne ler lerone One of the cardi ¬
nal doctrines of your OUr community Is
Mind your own business Is it not
A 4I I think It Is a good doctrine I
live up to it it as I have enough to at ¬
tend to outside
Declines to Answer
Chairman Burrows Inquired into the
endowment house penalties pena ties for reveal n veal ¬
tng ing the theoblIgations th obligations taken there but
witness declined to answer anSWt1 He H said he
felt f lr he ought riot reveal anything that
happened there
Mr 11 Worthington started to Inquire
whether these oaths were not of the
same sort as IS the Masonic and other or ¬
ganizations Mr Van Cott however
Interrupted his associate and after a
whispered conference Mr Worthington
withdrew his question
Witness Noon was LS then excused and
Witness Dnugall was recalled on re ¬
quest of Senator Knox nox to answer tl ZLnZi3W unver r a de
tailed question uest1on as to his having taken tak n
i any obligation which would Interfere
with wlthhL his duty dut to the State and nation
Witness answered in the negativeand
Witness Noon recalled also answered
Told Told Unim portant Parts
Chairman Burrows Continued his In ¬
quiries along this line
Witness Vitne H Noon had told some portions
of the endowment en dowm ent house ceremonies and
when asked ask d for further details deW Is de ¬
clined to toanswel answer He said he had told
some of the unimportant parts and
would ould not tell any anymore more He admitted
that the portious he had not told he re ¬
garded ard > d us IS more important than what
iit had hadcomII1ented commented on
Mr Foraker made a L statement s1ttementsum sum ¬
marizing witness statements statem nts from his
point of view and andsald said h 111 lid < S believed beUcedthe the
Answers were > sufficient
Mr Burrows vas ias not so satisfied s tsfied and
pot ot some further comments frdm wit
t ress m t ss but did not elicit anything shed ¬
ding nev light on the matter
An Indifferent Witness
William ll1inm Hatfield fiftyfive fift t1vc years ears old
of Salt Lake City engaged In mining
was the next witness He I Ie e Is a non
Mormon and an Republican
Q By Mr Worthington VorthlngtonVcre Were you OU L
I ever 4vera a Mormon
A AYeJl Well I suppose suppo se I was when I was
a akid kid
Q QThat That word kid is somewhat somewh t am ¬
A AVell Well until I was about twenty
two years ars old
Change Food When You Feel Out of o f
A great deal d < al d dnends nends upon vourself
l and the kind of food fo > d you youent eat the tb
wise old doctor said to a man who came
to him sick with stomach trouble and an I
sick headache once or twice a week we k and aw I
who had been taking pills and different t
medicines for three or four years
He was wusInduced induced to stop eating caU g any ani
sort of fried food or meat for breakfast
and was put on onGrapeNuts GrapeNuts arid cream
leaving off all U medicines
lit a few days he began to get better
and andnoV now he has entirely recovered and tiu n d i
writes that he is in InbcUer better health than
h lid < J has been een before in twenty years
This man is flftyelght nrtyelghtyears years old and an and ant d
says iys he feels like a new man all a ltbe the tb
time Name given by Postum Co
0 Battle Creek Mich llch
Read the little book The Road to 0
J V Vvellvillt ell elivllIe 111 < found in each ea h pkg
1 o
I slon z ion and preclude against the possi poss ¬
bility lUtyofCQmpeUtors of competitors C entering the 11 field eld
who were incompetent incomp etent Other trades
are compelled to undergo a a certain test t t
before befor becoming eligible to practice practIceln in
Washington Va > hington and there certainly is i no
i sound reason why whvthcsame the thesame same rule rUlehouId should
not apply to builders
0 Practice at t Present Prese nt t
Ul Under lder the present presentregu regu regulation lation aHcmJtlspos It Is pos ¬
sible sible for anybody an ybod to erect rect a balldlng btiild1n
here just so long as he heobtains obtains a 11
cense This Thl is easily accomplished as as
there Is nothing n fhingto to stand in 1 it 6 6the the way wayof wa t nf
licenses being granted to whomsoe whomsoever yer
may ask for them Surely this cannot
be fair to men who hO have spent the bes best t
portion por tion of their lives 1 ves in ln making a a a stu study
of building and who have reached a
degree of perfecUpn pertec tion that should shonldplac place
them above a person per sbn who has never had
any experience expe rience in building
Another source of complaint seems
to be the real estate est te men They Theybe believe ieve
that If the proposed law goes into intoe ef ¬
fect it will be necessary for them to t en ¬
gage asea a master builder whenever wbenev r it IS i
desired desire d to tomak make minor repairs repairs in some
building Such would not be the case c s
The bill doesnt docsntproyide provide carpenters must 0
have licenses as master builders in order
to make alterations to a building It is
arranged simply s1mpl to prevent important
work falling into Incompetent hands
h Inde Indeed d I have been doing jSBbing 0
work myself for real estate men and I 1
have no fear that I would be cut off
by b the enactment enactment of o the measure measure The
fear Is groundless as are all others that
the bill will work a hardship on any ¬
Mr Edwards Opin Opinion ion
James Edward of 802 Fourteenth I
Street Is another advocate of the bill
In a communication communi Uon to The Times he h I
expresses the thefol1owing following views as to the 1
advantage to be derived from the pass ¬
age ageof of the th bill
I have futv been reading the letters for
and andngainst against the examination eXaminationot of build ¬
ers and carpenters that have been pub ¬
lished by you I notice that thatJ J A Ai i Wyn
koop states stntesthat that he Is going to call a
mass meeting and that out of fifty real rca
estate men that he spoke to there was was
only one that knew that there was a
bill to examine carpenters The matter
liar been discussed in the papers for fox
some time and I did not think that our OUI oux
real estate men were lacking In Inter ¬
I be believe lieve the proposed legislation 1
would be a good thing for all builders
large and small the real estate men I
and the business men providing providngthe the ex ¬
amination Is such as pertains pertmnsto to his Ilix
business A builder should know the tin
breaking strength of joist Iron beams
etc et a as he may be called C4lll d in to tear tC4trout out on
a brick wall orpartlti or partition n to enlarge a I
store and Tie has to carry the wall
above but he would not have to pass a L
civil engineers examination
Lines of Examination
The Thecxaminatlon examination should be on a line lini
of the building regulation and not on o n
something 1they they would never encounter
In the their ir business Iusiness Questions of that
kind they ought to know I Let et them
try trto to pass the examination and n If they
fail let them try tr again asalnaiter after two or
three thr e months If they fail after the
second or third trial then it would be
time to talk about going out of 0 busi ¬
ness >
What wants to be betncked tacked on the bill
and the bill should not go through
without it Itis Is that the thearchltect architect should
be made to pass pass a civil civ engineers ex ¬
amination before the they could practice
for they are the ones that lay off 0 < the
work that tlt the carpenter CRrplnt r has to carry carrY
through t1rol h and if Ita a builder bul1dersnyS says this
1 should be so and so 0 he has a fight That 0
is the th first rst bill ill that should be passed
1 Continued from First Page
over the country he was locked up in t
a cell at city hall
Tie He Is apparently about forty years ears I
old old He Is Ista11 tall and Inclined to t tocorpu corpu co pu ¬
lency l ency with smooth face and red cheeks
He had on a dark suit somewhat it worn
I Iand and a a green necktie
I One of the th clerks In the bureau broke brok
the > electr electrIc ic wire In the Infernal machine
which was designed deslgn d to set off the charge
to guard nard against lgafnstan < any possible mishap In Ii I
opening It They found foun the clockwork
the Battery f atter the wires and the caps and ant
fuses fU t R all ready read for the dynamite There i
wer were ierc a adozenfu adozenfuses dozen fuses es and six lx of the caps
The clock Iock was wound by a key which i
was wa found In Rosseaiis pocket and andtor for
which whicha a hole had been cut cutln in the cov covOx r
of the machine Between the box arid mit I
the canvas cover was the Washington I
The prisoner refused to say where he Vt
had got the them machine a chine or what he intend
ed d to eo rlo with It but he did say that he hi i
I had not been south of Philadelphia fo
three years
I Hat Came From Denver Denv r
His hat had been made by a Philadel
phia lhamanufacturerand manufacturer and sold by
Brothers of Denver Col This leads tb
police to believe he may have been con
nected with the dynamiting there dur
ing the miners strike
The only other suspicious article
on him was a cap such as the funn I
papers usually put on burglars
A search of ofRosseaus Rosseaus room at th
lodging house reAjalcd nothing and th
proprietor proprItorknew knew nothing of the man ex
cept that he heha had hadarrived arrived there Thursda
night and had engaged a room fo
which he paid in the morning m rning when h
j departed
liosseau said he was not at all wor
ried about his arrest and that certai
men would come to his hl > relief at to
proper time
Description Fits
The J Washington police believe that I
a general way the descr iption given b
th g gdetectives detectives of this city tallies wit
th tin of the th stranger who placed a abom L
on the fence surrounding the gift C
the German Emperor The
nun wore a black skull cap A simlia
cap Cal was found In Rosseaus possession
A detective detecti from the Capital will vilI prob
ably i ly arrive here some time today
have a talk wiih wl1hthe the prisoner
j I CARTER CARTERDn On Friday January 12 131905 105 at
11 oclock a m at her residence rel ence 1723 Eig htl
Street northwest Mrs MARY JANE CAR
1 TER ajje ng aged I sixtynine ilxtnln years enrH
Funeral Monday Monda morning at 9 oclock
the Immaculate Conception Church It
GLASSIE GLASSIESuddenl Suddenly after a brief br et illness
on Friday Frida January 12 rica 19 DANIEL D aEL W V
I CLASSIE GL ASSIE in the sixtythird year of his hlsag age
Funeral from his late residence reedence20Z0 2020 1 >
Street t northwest h s Tuesday January 17 7 a
lt lr r i ioc 1 1n e rl
11 l oclock oc a m Interment n at t Arlington 1
GPOOMS G GROOMSOn OO ISOnThun1 On Thursday 1a January 12 1903 19 IIc a
flftyflve ftftflc years four months and iwentyr twentytm
das It
I IHATTO HATTOX HATTO BATTONOn On Friday FrldaJanca January Y 6 1905301 1903 a
I Vera Cruz Cru Ohio JAMES JA IES IIATTOX in 1 tb 1u
t fortieth year ear of his age Il e It 1
THOMAS THO THOMASOn ASn On Friday January 13 1905 1 0 r 31
1430 420 pm P m JAMES JA IES beloved husband of Sara
j E Thomas It
Of every description dcscripUonIDoderateyprlced dcscriptionmoderately moderately priced
1214 F Street Northwest Phone M SO sc
l2 Penn Ave N W y Washington ahiu tonD D C
Continued from First Irst Page
of TInkow Yir k ky y on onThOrsdal Thursday Tb Tbursda ursda retreated re retteated tteated in
disor disorder derIn rin In two directions dlr ctions
Part part of them made for the north to ¬
ward wa dTakaOkait Takaokart and another anot lierpr part t went e 1t
In the direction of o Nluchwang Niucl wan g
CThey hey left sixtytwo dead and six sL
wounded on the field It ItJs is believed
their casualties exceeded 200 00
Russians Again Repulsed d 0
Further fighting occurred near Niu Niuch h
wang wangyesterdaYin yesterday in Inwhlch which w hic h the the Russians Russ ans
were ere again defeated def ated
The general staff believes be1ieesth the object
of the Russian Ru sh n raid was was to inter Intercept ept
any an guns which might be enroute enroutefron frppi from
General Nogis Nogisarmp army at t Port Arthur hu lo to
the Shahke River River and further to up ¬
set Field Alarshal Oyamas transport
Attack of Wednesday
The force of of2OOORus 2000 Russian si ncavalr cavalry
with guns guns which attacked attaciedNiuchwang Niuchwarig
on Wednesday Wednesdayafternoori afternoon at first com com
polled pel1edt the 1e Japanese garrison garriso garr ison n to retire
The garrison returned to the tli attack
after being reenforced reenforcedand and repulsed the th
Russians 0
A detachment of 500 00 Russians threat ¬
ened N Niuc NiOchaton c haton hatonasuburbot a suburb o or Yinkpw nkow
the port portofNIuc of Nluchwang waDg and a d raided the
neighborhood neighborhood Japanese Japan ese volunteers are
patrolling patrolling the streets of TInkow
Cavalry Cavalryiulsed Bepnlsed R uIsed 0
On Wednesday m morning o rig rigaJapanese a aJapanese Japanese
cavalry detachment de achmentencounteredfour encountered four
squadrons of Russian RUssi n cava cav cavalry ao lry north of
Tangmasi southwest of f LiaoYang
and repulsed them themwith with heavy loss after
five hours of fighting
The Russians Russianswere were reenforced and ad ¬
vanced to Linertlpao
Dur During u r rng ing ng the night nghtorWednesda of Wednesday y Rus ¬ 0
sian cavalry caval damaged damagedthe the railway be ¬
tween ta een Ashantieii and Haichens l aichenand and be oe
tween YInkow and Taschichao Repairs
were soon made
Fighting on Thursday
A Russian force consisting of eight
squadrons squadroriof of cavalry with twelve guns
surrounded surrounded the Japanese commissariat
station statlonat at Nlushaton Thursday Thursdaya after a fter ¬
noon eamlngfrom Coming from the direction dire Ction tIonof of
Sankiatsz SankiatszThey They were repu repulsed lsed with a
loss of eig eighty hty men
The indicatfons are that they the formed
portion JJorUono of f theraUway the railway guards cpmmait o nm dl
ed by by General en ralM MIstchenko stchenko 4
It is 1Sreport reported d on on good authority authoritthat that
the Russians alongtheSha along the fibs River are
suffering from insufficiency 1nsufficienc of food and
clothinir clothin
The Asahi reports that a detach ¬
meat mentof of Russians on their way from
Sinouhulin to Mukden were attacked by
bandits Thirty men were killed or
Continued from FIrst Page Paged
harbor bound for Cocos island to
search for the gold ld
Oir board was wasa a man named Harned
Gray Grayln In charge harg of the party His pur ¬
pose in putting Into Punta Arenas It
was reported was to obtain concessions
for excavations exC4lvatio ris on the Island iziar
The Earl F II Fitzwllliam Fitzwllllam party say the
officers of the City Cft of ri Panama obtain ¬
ed eda a concession conce sfOrifr9m f fromthe rpm the government nt of
Costa Rica Ri t to search for the treasure
and like llkertlrlJ all > previous revi Ru seekers s ker B after the th
buried Klondike were Wer full of ofhope hope
and convinced that they tfi y had a getrich
quirk certainty ctltaln
Club St James London S W Mem fem ¬
ber of the Royal St St George Yacht
Club Kingston Ireland of which the
Prince of Waes Wa W Wr r aes es Is the commodore
From Lloyds Yacht Register
In the Yachtsman of London De ¬
cember ce111ber29undl 29 under r the caption List of
Movements of r British Yachts Jit rit For ¬
eign and Colonial Ports from Lloyds
the following fo loing report re ortis Is i found
Ros Marine steam yacht acht arrived at
Punta Arenas November 19 fron Pan ¬
ama and left for Isla 1sladel del Coco Co o
The R Ros s Marine Is a schooner schoo n nr r riggid
auxiliary yacht acht of iron built b i1t by Ra
mage f F Ferguson rgus t tat at Lelth L ith in in 1SSS 1SS She
was j jas vas as first firs t tnamed named the Gulmili G lmll thentho
Lynette next the Rainbow Ralnbowafter after that
the Gladiator and finally as now
called 0
She is H3 1191 < > feet between perpendicu ¬
lars lam 2012 feet f it b bam > am and 1169 U69feet feet deep
She has four bulkhea b bulkheads lkhea ds < and her regis ¬
tered tonnage tonn se Is gross 16427 net
11170 and by Thames measurement 214
Her engines are of tile Inverted type
with W Uh cylinders 9 inches inc1 eS15 15 Inches and
I 24 24l stroke Inches in diameter by IS inches
j ILloyds Lloyds Yacht Register gives Har
i old W S Gray as the owner of the
j Ros Marine and says that she belongs i
to the port portof of Southampton England
A t bill granting a pension of 30 20 a i L
month to all Union soldiers who served servet E
ninety lline nlnet lays or more and were honor
I ably discharged dlsclr disct hn irgCd rgd arid are seventy sevent years year
old has been Introduced introdu d in the House Hous e
by Representative Re resentaUve Pearre > carre of Maryland
Provision Is also made that no attor ¬
neys fees fQ S shall be allowed for obtain
in inr r a pension under the terms termso of the tiri
bi blL bIl
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets Table All 4
druggists d rug hIts refund the th c money if It falls to cure
E ET AV T Groves Grove signature tho la on each boa bOL i S
wounded and several prison prisoners ers ra were
One Side Sic1eOnly Only Told T l
LONDON L01lDONJan Jan 14 HAll All the news news newsof of
the Russian raid on the theJapanesecom Japanese cOrn com
municatlons mUl lcatIons cOnies from dm Japanese Japaneseand and
Chinese sources 0
Dispatches DIsprrtch S from fr m Tokyo T Tokyd Toky okyd okydscribe d dascribe ascribe scribe the
raid to ariintention an intention to cut c ut off General
Nogis N glsbig hie bi guns enroute nrou t to the Sha
River and othejwiseto oth IWlsetoupset upset the Jap ¬
anese transport arrangements Military
aiithorltiesprofess ll l OrItiesprofes to t see In it a re r ¬
n newal wa ot 6f o the theunexpeemble unexpectable
They ThcysaYl1nt say mat Field Marshal Oyama
has takenm taken measures lsure < to cut off the re ¬
treat Of the raiders who must move move
In the th sWlliestpossible swiftest possible manner if tl1e they
wish to avoid capture
Through ihronghNeutraJ Neutral Territory Tenit Terr itory ry
It Is believed that t iat the Cossacks Coss acks made rrlade
a wide detour det ur west of the Liao River Riv r
through neutral neutralterrit9ry territory
0 The Thed defenders feiiders at Niuchiatung Niucha ¬
ton lost slightly The TheItussIans Russians lost
eighty killed
It seems that the Russians Rt Rtssians ssians who it
Is IssuP supposed supposedare osed are commanded cd nmahd d by Gener ¬
al Mistohenko Included besides Cos ¬
sacks artillery a regiment of Infantry
and some railway guards 0
The Theengage1 engagement lcnt at Linertipao Lin rtpao ended
in in the repulse of the Russians Russi ns after a
fight fightthat that lasted all night
Russians Looted
According to Tientsin dispatches the
Russians had 1adconsiderab1e considerable success in
looting lootingdu dur rlng ing the raid They captured d
a provision proisiontrain train at Kaoparitze which
they thejsicptclean swept clean and they also seized
prov prov isions in stores on the outskirts of
Ylrigkow Ying kow
The Japanese are hurriedly sending
out outcavalI cavalry hopin hopingto to cut off o their theirre re ¬ 0
treat The he neutrality of the railway railw y is
i j ignore ored Both Bothbe1Ifgerents belligerents are arecJn con ¬
stantly ntly transporting supplies under flctI ¬
tious passes but the Russians who for
some time have been gathering forces forc
Jnear near SimmintIng increasingly dominate d mlIiate 0
I i the track beyond the great walL
0 LONDON Jan 14 14Gen 14General General ralNogi Nogi bar ¬
ing received many congratulations from
persons in England upon his hI v vIctOr ictory
asked the t e Standards Standar ds correspondent correspon dent at al
Port P POrtArthur rt Arthur Arthurlo to telegraph the following foUow fol1owin jng
to the friends of Japan invEnglandr in England
After spending so many months and I
sacrificing rific1ng so many man lives in taking Port
Arthur I 1 feel unworthy u1lyorthyofpra1se of otpraise praise but
knowing the sympathy s of Ae a people of 01
England not only myself m self hut my sol ¬
diers dlersheartIly dier heartily rejoice
As representing the army I desire t
to send heartfelt lt thanks
On the request reqtiestof of the District Com
missloners mission rs Representative Babcock Ba cock
chairman of the House District Com ¬
mittee today todlyintrod tOdayintrodOced Introduced ced in the House a 5
bill authorizing the local governnujtit t
to furnish Potomac water free of charge bargi
to all al1chari charitable ble institutions in the Dis ¬
trict tri t
Some SomelassCof classes of charity ch3rit establishments S
nqw now QW get free water atir The TPe new ne new v bill bl would I
make 1111ke the practice pr ctlce un universal val v al
Itching Blind BUn d Bleeding Ble eding or Protruding Piles
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dates malta vita milk breakfast
food fuo
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1 30c Each 1 j I I
I Carbon n Paper P a P e 60c
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t ti l is i
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ing this January Clearance A tailoring event
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i Nearly K Neaiijnil atIy 1 alt a ir the deta d tails L ils IS for the tlteannual annual
Southern So pUien Relief ball are complete the
affair taking 1 place at the New Willard 1 t tthe
the night of January Tanua rY21 24 Many y dinner dinn er
parties have ha already been be n so arranged
that tllatthe the guests > will 111 afterward l attend
the balL 0
Thete There are but few remainders of the
old South in the soclal11 social life e of CWaSh Wash ¬
ington lngtont t but the th annual ball for for the
benefit of f the widows and orphans orp 1cins of
Confederate Con ederate veterans ve erans brings them to ¬
gether and with them lhemthe the br brightest ightest and
best part of socley socie In general The list
of patronesses sJnclu includes es
Mrs Jefferson Davis D vis Mrs ia irs W H HF it F
Lee Miss lI ry Lee e ep theBaroness p the Baroness Spe Speck k
von St Sternburg rnburg Mrs Dewey Mrs frs
S Shley hle > 3rrs rrs vrWar War Varfleld Seld Mrs 3j Harlan Harlan
Mrs White W hite vr Mrs Shepard Mrs Bing
ham Mrs MrsDrap Draper Mrs tirs Irsfurrj Harry Ehrr Heth
Mrs Irs Fairbanks Mrs Irs Bates Mrs
Berry Mrs Elkins MrS M Blackburn
Mrs Irs Lindsay Lln ay Mrs McEnery Mrs MrsGIay Clay
Mrs Culberson Mrs John Jo ri Sharp Wit ¬
liams Mrs Thomas Nelson Page Sirs Irs
Marcus 1arcus Wright Mrs Edmund K KGOlds Golds
borough Mrs Frank Armstrong Mrs
Holmes Conrad Mrs Robert Hunter
Mrs Elliott Mrs Irs Cowles Mrs Irs Thomas
F Walsh Mrs Tallaferro Mrs Charles
Glover Mrs Irs Robert I 1 Fleming I m1ng Miss
KIbbey Misses Riggs Mrs W V W VFin Fin
icy l and Miss I s Dangerfield
We the president and a majority m jor1t of the
board of trustees of the G W V CIssel
Co of the District of Columbia do
hereby Ilcreb certify that the capital stock of
said company Is 100000 all of which
has been paid in and that there are no
debts of said company S SEWELL
CISSEL President Trustees S S SAM ¬ 0
PUSEY I Samul Sam l Pusey Secretary of
the G 0 W Cissel Co of o the District of
Columbia do hereby swear that the
facts stated In the above certificate are
true to the best of my knowledge and
belief be1i SAMUL PUSEY Secretary ry Sub ¬
scribed and sworn to before me this 12th
day of r January T TYI < YI TV A A A D n 190 I KK 7YrrryrFrv DLDLEY
D HASSON Notary Notar Public Pu lic It
SURANCE COMPANY COMP Y cf c the District
of Columbia Washington December Dec mber 31 3
190t ± 904 04T1re The annual meeting of the MU ¬
will be held on the THIRD MONDAY
In January the 16th at the tlle office ofll e I
of the company No 902 Pennsylvania L
Avenue northwest commencing at 9 I I
By the charter of the company the I
election of seven managers to con ¬
duct the thea1Ialrs affairs alrs of the company is re
quired q ired to to be held at the a above bove meet ¬
ing 0
By the sixth six th thartic1e article of the bylaws
of the company it Is provided At Al I
the annual ann a1 meeting mtetin of the company the i
first business in order orde i ishall shall be the theap ap ¬
pointment of otachairm a chairman n who shall shal t
conduct the meeting and election in ac ¬
cordance wRit the act of Incorporation
between the hours of o9 9 oclock a a m m
and 6 Gp p m
Amount Amounof of premium notes notes2GSG957 52686957 86 St t
Amount of cash on hand 1274139 127 12741 11 39 3t
Securities SecuriU S 23974300 239743 Of I
Real estate u 7950000 za500 Of
Office furniture and fix ¬
tures u 50000 0O Of I
Losses by 1 y fire adjusted
and paid 725504 7255 O
The annual statement wilL be ready
for distribution at the office of the lbs c
company about January 14 1905 905
By order of the Board of Managers 1
THE ANNUAL k UoL MEETING 3EETL G of the Stock Sto ck ¬
holders of ofthe the Northern Liberty Market
Association will be held at the theoffi office e
of orihe the Company Com ny Room 16 Hutchlns s
Building BUIldinS93 937 D St St N W on Tuesday
January 17 1S05 at 4 oclock oclockp p m for fo r
the purpose of electing Directors for the hs
ensuing ensuIngear year and transacting transa tlng such fic1 ch t
other business as may properly come corn S
before the meeting
jalO6t Secretary Seere
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am and address by Margaret Seeman at n
730 pm Teachers Bible Club Thursday 7
pm 1rn Church prayer meeting S pm En
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WASHTMGTOX W D C c can Jan an 13th th 1S03 1
We We W e the president sident and majority of stoc stock k ¬
holders h olders do hereby certify that the th
capital c stock of toe National Vac ¬
cine c ine Antitoxin Establishment Is
300000 3 fully paid up and that there
are a re no debits RALPH WALSH WALS Presi ¬
dent d ent E Eo P WATKINS District Of o
Columbia C towit I 1 E E P PWatkins W Watkins atkins
Secretary S ecretary of the National Vaccine
Antitoxin A ntitoxin Establishment EstabUshmentd do hereby
swear s wear that the Uu facts in the thetoregolIig foregomg
statement s are true to the best b t ot my
knowledge k nowledge and andbellef belle E P WATEWj5 WATEI1e r
Secretary S Cretary ecretat Subscribed and sworn to be be ¬
fore for f ore me this thls13th 23th day daYof of January Ja uary p A D D
1S6 1905JOHN JOHN E E MTECHEI MITCHEL4 i L Notary Pub Pub ¬
lic li en In and for the District ot o Columbia
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deal deaIwlth d eal with the manufacturers The Sins
er e r Company lspermanentand Is permanent and respowi respo
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for f or the tbered red S 1716 14th st st nw nwGlG 616 9th
st s1 s t nyr nw 223 3 Pennsylvania L Ave se
Was WashlIigt hhigton n D C CL C L
XKAtJGTraAi LUGL coicacrrzzrc CO
Room 309 Corcoran Enlisting BnI1d1nr1Sth 35tli St 5t N W
Ail parties desiring to furnish quarterS
to toVisltors t o visitors during the Inaugural period
are a re requested to call at atthlS this office officeor or or
send s end description of rooms stating the
number of of persons that can be besupplled supplied
WiilisleeplIig with sleeping accommodations acCommodations With Itli or
without meals terms terIIlSp etc etc
S M L WELLER ELLER Chairman ChaI ± n
de2030t Committee CommltteeoIi on on Public Comfort
THE ANNUAL A UALMEETING MEETING of ofthe the stock sto ck
holders of the American An erlcan Security Securltyand and
Trust Company will be beheld held at its office office
No 1403 to G G st 5t nw in the city of Wash ¬
ington i D B C Co on Monday January Jan nary 16
lGC5 lGC5o 1 SOot 905 o at 12 oclock m m CJ C J BELL BELL Presi ¬
dent JAMES JAMESF F HOOD Secretary S etary
526 Thirteenth birteenth StreetN Street St ± eet UV N W
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