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I f i
Am Anthracite An t liracite Section S ctiorr oil Yf V VclgP clgP rg <
of ol Disruption Dislut Disi upi oIi
For the First Time Tin Speaker Flays
Public Officials aad ai Federal
Judges I
6 I
3XDIAXAPOL INDIAN iDIA POIIS POI JS t S Jan 17 171n In life lilan li L an tn j
uul address addr ss to the Mine 1ine Workers Yorker s
convention o yenIon read here lere President President John I
Mitchell says there has been no In
crease cr > as in the th membership in the organ
ization 1zatiol1f for rthe the first time in ten years ears
and an anti < declares d ded < tItr tres 5 that the th anXhraeite ah ai thracite 1ra ite section
of o1 the organization is on the t tw w verse erge of
disruption isru tlon
Furthermore FU1therm re for the th f first rst time in any
of his public utterances Mitchell flays I
public officials offlc1a1 from Federal judges judaesin in
the East to t Governor oyerncr Peabody Peabod In the I
West Ycs Cs t and ndask asks < for or a lobby 1flbb to get get legis i ieg eg is ¬ I
lation through Congress Congre s
t He accuses aCC l S local unions of disloyalty disloy disloalt 1t I
to the national organization Orgel 11iZ3tiOn by b keeping
back funds ttIqs and sounds s unds a general note I Iback
of o t tala alarm ala i im m t to the tf tf1e 1e organization O orgax b r u uiiZ iiZ iizatio ation which hiC h he
says is approaching a crisis in its af ¬ I
fairs as In another aJ 10ther year the anthracite
strike award a wardends ends and nd the bituminous bitum irous I
contract expires expI cs also
Ko l o Groxyth Gro wth in in Membership I
Alter fixte extexdIng tHiding ridlng to the delegatesucor delegates d a cor ¬
dial welcome < lcome to the sixteenth sixteenthalm si teenta annual iial
convention of the Jline lnneT lnneorlters i Ine Workers T orlters 31 Mr Ir r
Mitchell Mitchelisaid said in part
ibrcept R Eaceptfor < c cptfor f or the year o of f the anthra ¬
cite c ite strike this thiSiS is the th tho the e first time tirpe that t 1at 1
1 have hay > been b n unable un ble to o report any an r ma
tcruil tr LI llbt growth 1OV owthin th in in the memb membership erSh iPOi of ot the thecr
organizatlonl cr anizatlon Our average a erage members memoership hip l
for the year ear ending December 31 1904 19011
shews shc san an n 1ncre increase se of less than tp 1n 400i >
over ov r the preceding ycar car while the he
membership for the month mo nth of December
2SK 13 l3b based b f dtipon d upon the tax t r received r reeci ce ed for
that t Iha hat mfrhtflT m rnhntaa ht lshOWs shows l ow a ad t decrease cr ase of about a bout
2nSCO CW members J ii jbers The greatest grea est loss lci sp i ¬
rained rain raine4r1s ris 1s in i the Eastern Eaternbi bituminous uminous and a nd
r anthracite anth c te fields
In considering this portion of ray m re ¬
port it t would 1 ould be well to tokee keD > in in mind
the 11 industrial d stial conditions which prevail pre prer r aIl ¬
ed during durin duringthe the year 1901 19HAt At no time since 5 1nCe
1SS7 1 7 has ha haswork gwor1 work been so irregular irregu1arand and the
coal trade tgdo so demora d demoralized mora1 lized zed
Need of Organization
After t r expressing the fear that the th an ¬
thracite mine inineworkers workers w orkers will be unable to
secure stcur further ur her concessions or maintain
their theitpr present g ht swn standard ard unless they take
immediate immcdiatesteps steps to perfect their theirorgani organi ¬
sation and a d praising the district officers
and loyal members memb rs of the union for
doing a all ll in n their power pow r to toaro arouse se the
negligent ncgHgent1 a ir fri r Mitchell expresses the
hope I oie that thatl1e tha lie may ma spend part of ofllis his tima tiin tim
in the anthracite anthrl ite districts distri tanq tS and be help hel ¬
ful in jn n preparing members membe1S0 of theorsani tile orga organi lI
zation zt tion to tomeCt meet the crisis that 11m may arise aIJs
uporf vp11 u4 th ti ixoiritjon iiH10l of o the awiuSloLthft ilvnrdoLt aafd of t 1i it
Jinthrac An AnthiiciteCOar throcit ite Coal Strike 42oxnnilssi6h mmi5sioh
On strides str e he says saya
lis luno no other > t ryear year since the formation formation
of o t the United Mine Wor Yorlrs kcrs or Amer ¬
lea have therebcn there been so many man men con c m ¬
tinuously oil oastrike strike and tnd at 1t no previous uevhus
time in in the history histor of the organization oraniation
with the exception pxc eption of 1902 9Q1 have we
been compelled com elIed to expend eXl > cn so much
monev in the the support and maintenance
of 0 those tliose involved as in the year y etr ar just ju t
closed c11 c
Strike in Colorado
He says that when the mine workers wor kers
convention comen coment t n met to settle the str strike ike In
Co CoThrado lorado delegates rind miners in ingcn gen
erol were wer so incensed at the unwar ¬
ranted and ant uncalled for action of the
governor that instead inst ad of calmly calmlrcon con ¬
sider ing the status s tus of the strike and de ¬
claring it itoir off as nsthe they undoubtedly undoubttdlywould would
have done had the troops not been there
they theydeci decided cd that while the civil chUl1ws laws
had hadbe been n suspended a resumption of
work would be regarded not as a recog ¬
nition of their defeat by the coal com ¬
panies > s but us a cowardly surrender to
Peabody l > eabod who was then suspected of be ¬
lag ir and who has since demonstrated
himself lnni ll to have been simply the tool of
the mining corporations cor > orafIons of Colorado
The action of the th convention in de ¬
ciding cidin g to continue the strike junder mdel the
circumstances circum tln cs then existing had receiv reedy ¬
ed my m full and unqualified indorse ¬
ment nen t
Concerning In junctions
On the th thiciniudction Injunction subject Mr rIitchelI Mitchell
says In n part 1
It is difficult to speak In measured
tones or in moderate language upon
thIs subpect It Is apparent to every ¬
one orewho who is acquainted with the facts
that many of these injunction judges
and especially Judge Jackson Jacksonare are total ¬
ly unfit to perform the functions of their
sacred Stlcro d offices Jn numerous instances
p members of our union when brought be ¬
fore these the e judges have h ye been treated
with indignity and have had such
abuse abu > heaped b aped u ur uon > on them as should be
countenanced by no man of impartial
mind or o of judicial temperament
Mitchell openly oJ > cmly charges that the
Western > stE > rn Federation of Miners Is at
tempting to disrupt this organization
He says the Western Y > stern Federation of
Miners persists in pursuing this hostile
policy pollc
If the organization continues in its
antagonism to the United Mine Work ¬
ers of America we shall be justified In
extending our jurisdiction and opening openln
our doors to the metalliferous miners
Deputy Coroner Glazebrook performed
an autopsy au toPS on the body bod of Dr Henry
E Woodbury Yoodbur T oodbur the physician who died die died d
at his home 2325 i L Street northwest
lote yesterday afternoon and reporte d
this morning that death was the result
of an attack of acute bronchitis and
several veral complications To further satis ¬
fy Dr Turner a nephew of the de
cased Dr Glazebrook Glazebrookextractc extracted the
stomach and the contents of it will be
examined by chemists within the th next
week Arrangements have been made
I to have the body cremated tonight
Dr DrVoodbuI Woodbury died on Sunday morn
Ing after writing rfting his own obituary Dr
Turner Turners9the so the police say sa intimated that
Dr AVoodbury had been poisoned b b7
persons who would profit financially financiaJI by b
his death For that reason Coroner
Nevltt Investigated the case and had ha
the autopsy performed last evening
Edward Ray of North Carolina total ¬
ly blind and very poor making heroic
efforts to secure a amasters masters d degree gree from
Harvard University niv < rslty After completing
a fouryear course In the University ot
i Ncrtlr Carolina outstripping all his
classmates he spent a year as tutor
It is with the money earned In this way
that he is endeavoring to win his way
at Harvard His chief difficult difficulty is the
use of the textbooks prescribed Jo for or his
courses He has not enough money to
have these transcribed Into the raised
alphabet so o he has to hire a student
to read to him
Boosting Boostin2Districts oosting g District Game I
When VvhenWatchdog Watchdogs s Away 4 way r
But uL Representative Burkett Arrives Arr tvesin in in Time
to Confuse Con Co riuse use Plotters PlottersVirginia PloltersVi Virginia rg I n Voters Pass
Up Judge Mann Prohibitionist
When Representative Burlietr of o Xe ¬
braska brtslare1urn returned dto to this city clt last week
from his home and walked v lc id < into the
room of the House Hous Committee on onA Ap 1i ¬
propriations propriati ns his appearance aPl lrmce caused cause d em ¬
barrassment and the confusion confusonfound found
its way Wl into the thcgreUng greeting accented him
Two of the District DistrlcC Commissioners mmhsl acrs
with the th subcommittee s snbcoainx ittce in charge of the
District appropria apP appropration opria tion bill were sitting
around a table in one of the inner
rooms rooms and were engaged busily busHyscrut scruti ¬
nizing the items to be include 1iciu c d dln in the
jneasure measure etsure
Wj yU lli Burkett said Representative HC
Benton Bentongriml grimly 1 dont suppose suppo < t the
Commissioners Corom ssionc are areyery very glad to t see you yo
Vr Vre Ve e had thought you were in n Nebraska Nbrl ka
All this was V lt in reference to the t 1 reputa ¬
tion w which hich Mr MI Burkett B rkett bears of o never
spending Uncle Sams Sam a money a Grcj unneces unn ces ¬
sarily ana an and of o keeping the District ap ¬
propriations down to a low notch
In reply he protested that hat he gave
the District OS much as llt lt t wanted
National Guard to Join I
Amateur Athletic Union Ull ion
Makes MakesForr Formal aI Application to South Atlantic
Division as Result R sult ofA ofAgitation of Agitation in in The 1 he
1 tmes mesOpei Opens Wide Field of Aclivity I
As a result of the the theca campaign ca npaiJ1i which hlch
The The Times has been carrying oh on in an I IThe
eKdeavcr to straighten out the present
I Imatcurathl I amateur amacurathlOtic matcurathl athletic tic tangle ta gle in this city the
INationaI I I National Guard Athletic thletIc Association
heretofore heretof O re an outlaw organizat organizaticn j icn has
decided to afliliate itself with Uh the
I Amateur Athletic Union
Capt E C Edwards a member ol
I the board of directors In th the Miliua
Association made a trip to Baltimore
I last Saturday evening and at a special
I meeting meetln m et1n of the Amateur Athletic Union
f foffi I Iofficials officials offi ials in that city he explained fully full
I the lie situation as regards athletics athlet In the
I IWashington Washington militia miUtiaand and formally made
application a PPli ca Hon for membership > In the gov go ¬
I erning ernin body bod >
i Welcomed by Authorities
I The Baltimore Ba Umore au thorities tIlo dtiesseemed seemed only onl
I toe tocwHInf willing to add the Nationa l Guard
jt to > the membership roUsof rolls of theAA the A U
i but the application cannot be 11nall finally
j acted upon until the regular monthly II onthly
I meeting which will be held this week
I CaptaIn Edwards S w was as however assure assured d
that the matter as It stands staitdsat at present
I iwas was was mutually nmtt311 satisfactory atisract r and that
1 there was every reason to believe that
1 in 1 b application would be acted upon
I favorably
Not only onhwill will the Rational National rationalGuud Guard enter
the A A it A U but the local soldier ath ¬
letes will also als also O affiliate themselves with
I the South Atlantic division of the union
and will therefore be entitled to a arep rep ¬
resentative resentativeon o on the board and will be
j f fallowed allowed to compete as members in all
meets and games held under the th auspices
of this th isdiv division iSion No N 0 other O ther local 10C a I organiza > ¬
I tion is a member of C the South Atlantic
division and the militia have the field
all ill to themselves and Trill be the Only onl
i Washington association associa tion to to11 toliave fhave ive a voice i e
in the meeting of the general union
Under a Han dicap
Ever since the organization of the
Nat ional Guard Athletic Association
fight years rearsago ago the basketball games
and field and track meets held under
I Its i tjspiccs have been unsanctloned un mctfoned
and any an athletes ath tes playing pla lng or competing
I endangered their status st1tusand and made them ¬
selves liable to disqualification from
I further participation partido in amateur ath utl ¬
I I letics 1 The result has been that the
Mr Vaughn Also Favors It in Speech
at Calvary Baptist
Overwhelming sentiment In favor of
the whipping post developed last night
at at a debate in the theSunday Sunday school house
Of the Calvary Calva y Baptist Ba ptist Church
An imposing facsimile whipping post
stood on the platform behind the speak ¬
I ers with a keen sinuous whip lying
across its top
I The subject o of the debate was
Resolved That a whippingpost shall
I be established eB e 2blished In the District of Colum ¬
I On the side si de of o t the affirmative were
W Y Yo o C Franklin James H Price and
I Powell Rogers and on the negative side
were I C Foster John H Thomas
and A G Flowers The presiding of ¬
ficer was W Y r S Caldwell chairman of
the entertainment committee
After the speeches had been made th the <
audience was called upon to decide de < lde
which was the winning side This they
did and those in favor of the whipping
post received 9S votes to 58 for those
against it
After Aft r the debate all present who
wished to express views on the subject
were permitted to do so Mr Ir Vaughn
instructor and founder of the Vaughn
I class in i a little speech S said he thought
the w whipping post p st would do a great
amount of good and an would maybe tend
to keep husbands addicted to drink from
beating and otherwise maltreating their
wives wfr es after having Imbibed of too much
lire tlreWlt water tar
The evening evenin closed with a social dur ¬
ing which refreshments were served In
the lower hall
I IWor Wor k is Easy
when you eat
the fascinatin
B Brain Br > rain ain Food
And trial 10 days proves prOV 5
fhe Commissioners merely looked con I j
fused d
Bown D c n in Virginia Interest intcrcstiS is awakened wal ene
I started starte in the gubernatorial gubern3 torialcmpaigl1 campaign just 1 1in
It is a threecornered fight fi ht now with
Representative Peprcs < nt tye Swanson admittedly admitte lv in I I
the lead l ad over Judge Jud e Mann Iann and nd Lieuten LIe ten ¬
ant Governor Villard
Judge Mann Is running on onl a prohibi prohibI ¬
tion lou ticket In illustration illustntionof of his h I
chances for the governorship of the Old t
Dominion a member of f the Congres Congr ¬
sional delegation of f that State tells tell > the th
i allowing story > tory
An oid trieml of o mine told me the lie
other day a that he cctild CClldnot not vote r ote for
JuBgc J dfC Mann ann
HeV Hcpcculiar peculiar said my friend Wby Y hy 11 I
I couldnt go to hs house and take a j
drink Ive never been to a house hom e that u j I
drink wasnt w1sn offered to me even if the j
ho 1 beat W5 < t was so So q racer ticcr cc r as not 110 t to wish to I
drink but in this thi case C > e 1 would would1mc have
to togo so out to a hotel or a barroom to get et I
a toddy 3rwouldnt Uo 10 you ou know leno I i
cuuld cuul not vote for j Mnnn
< National r cu Guard ard basketball teams have 1
been compelled to to play between them ¬
selves elv except occasionally when some S ome
outside team teamcould could be found which whchas was I
willing wiIlin to take takea a chance In
against men who were wer outlawed o tlawcd by the
A A A t U
The Theannual annual field and track games
held hcldin in the Armory ArmoIJ have been simply
closed closedatr affairs irsus as itwould it would be peimpossible impossible
to get any anyathleie athlete who was not a mem ¬
ber of the militia to compete without
injuring his stamllng stai tari itllng 11
Not Limited l Kow ow ow
2Ibw No w the situation sI uatlon has been changed
completely and the local athletes may go
forward and meet whatever teams they
please The rheannual annual indoor Ind 001 meet meetm may ay
t become be > mean an open op n affair attracting the
same me athletes a 1 let s as aSdoes does the big George Geo rge ¬
I town carnival or the management U1anag ment may
I decide to add special features in the way
of relays or or other races as added attrac ¬
tions tion
The basketball teams instead of be ¬
ing confined to the National Guard
League LC 1leareno are now 1 prepared to play 1JlayCar Car ¬
roll Institute Y M 1C C A A any of tht th
Baltimore teams teamsl l or In fact any an of
the regularly r registered lstcrel teams t ms that visit jsit
this city 1t < Besldes esiCec the entry of local
militia athle athletes tes will be accepted at all
r meets and the Guard Gu ar can send a regu ¬
lIar tar delegation to compete for points at
the big bigmeet meet of the South Atlantic Di ¬
vision to be held In the spring
Below Is s a Simple Test That Will VI1
Show You Absolutely Sure if
I You Havs HaveTobaccO TTobacco Heart
Thousands Die From Fr Jm < Tobacco Heart
Every Year
A simple sure test will tell von if Ityo you
have tobacco heart Count your pulse In the
morning before you have used tobacco In Any 1n
form then take taken si a chew che or light a cigar cha r
chew che vigorously igorousl or smoke the cigar steally st 11
for ten minutes count the pulse again The
I l lclse > iilse will nih be 10 0 or 15 beats more vcr minute
If falling you have tobacco heart This test Is un
Tobacco Injures the heart numbs the
nerves and brain stagnates the blood dims dim <
the eyes ee destroys the complexion ulcerates
th stomach and weakens the kidneys caus ¬
ing In many man cases fluttering palpitation
shortness of breath numbness or mln > In the
left side In the arm or under the shoulder shoul tr
blade tainting spells dizziness cJl = lness hungry hun or
weak spells spots before the eyes ecR uddn 8udd 1
starting in sleep choking chokln sensation In throat
oppressed feeling in chest cold hands hand > and
l feet jain > when lying on left side sld dropsy drop y
swelling of the feet and ankles
Why Vh continue to use this dangerous wecl
when it Is so easy eag to quit A new discovery r
I lias been made by bJ a celebrated Cincinnati
chemist that Is odorless and tasteless La
I Idies i dies can give it safely saf ly In tea coffee milk or r
i I any an kind of food and aulckly quick cure the a
tient without his knowledge Send your nane J1a ne
I and address for a free trial package sent by II y
mall In plain wrapper together with hun ¬
dreds of testimonials from grateful people
who have been cured This new discovery dl coI
I cures ures tobacco habit In every form Write to ¬
day to Rogers Drug and Chemical Co 1i iui >
Fifth and Race sts Cincinnati Ohio anj
they will gladly send thi th hi free package by e
turn mall
3 81111M mmmmm PM 11
i Credit for for Everyone JIm
I Complete
i Homefurnishers
Special Bargains =
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II Crockery E
II Department
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I When in doubt doubtbuy buy of
II fi
B B7th 7th I Eye yeStsNW 5ts N NW it II
Reduced prices on prunes raisins
dates date9malta malta vita Ita milk breakfast
Great reatAtIanticand Atlantic and Pacific Pacificlea Tea 3 j
paIn nhln lalii Stare StoreCor Cor 7th anJ an aiiii d i
m 1n 1nr 1np r p ri
Grovrnment Acce Ate Accpts pts ts Su Sag
srestionsofStpaiiibqarMcMi Mpn
Language anguage of Regulations Will Be
Amcsded So as Hot riotto to Be Se
troactive in Meaiiiup I ideaning eaing
It was announced officially officinlI at t the De ¬
partment of o f Commerce and Labor 113or to ¬
day that a number mnb r of changes as sug ¬
gested by tln til tile i various steamboat ste imbott and
steamship company representatives r pres mtntives at
the hearing before Secretary Secre iar Ietcalf 1
would be made in the new rules s for the
government of water traffic As s the
rules stand it was shown that the thecQm com ¬
panics would be put to an au expense of
man many millions o of dollars unreasonably
At the hearing last night briefs brlef to
the number cf several hundred hundr d were
submitted submitt d to Secretary Metcalf and
these will be taken up at t the meeting
of the board of ofupen ofupensIng supervising r sIng Inspectors
of the Steamboat Inspection Service Serv ce
which will meet tomorrow mornin morning in
the office ofIiceot of Inspector General Uhler
Changes in the Rules
The wording of all of the rules will
be changed so as not to be retroactive retroac tlve
and vessels are to be divided into a
greater number of classes so that the
rules can ln be classified to relate
ot v i tc to i dis dis ¬
tinctive lines of traffic
It Is the lie purpose purp se of the department
to throw new safeguards around the
traveling public and andpropcrty property with the
least possible hards hardship hip to the owners
of vessels
A Dumber numb number rof of the steamboat men are
still In Washington interviewing intervi wlngSena Semi ¬
tors and nd
Representatives and a num ¬
ber of others whc Wh avliotheught thought that the
hearings would be continued several
days arrived from long distances this
morning only to find themselves too
Eight Pieces of Washington and andMadi Math ¬
son Ware Loaned by Mrs
James Bradley Bra dley
Eight pieces of the Washington Washingtonand and
Madison ware were ere added this morning
to the handsome collection in the china
cabinets that stand stand in the East Room
of f the White House They ThcwEre were loaned
by b Mrs lrs James Bradley Bmdle of New York
city cit who lsprominent is prominent in D DA A K R cir ¬
The Washington T ashington ware consists of an
old rose Canton ware pickle 1 1ickledi iIckledishtifl ickledi dish hnl an old
rose English cut c t glass il d dntr r de t1 ganter ntr ntrt Va t c e cut
glass preserve dish and an a Sheffield plate
fishlenife fish knife
In the Madison collection are two
handsome han 30me candelabra a I a gravy gray dish
and a beautifully beautiful > decorated decorntedcup cup and
saucer of French china
This co collection llection is considered especially
valuable and will prove of much inter
cst to the Daughters of the American
Revolution who visit the White House
Edith M Wilmarth T llmarth llmarthsecretar secretary secretar of th the
Washington branch of the Collei Collen
Alumnae Association ssoc latlon bas written Rep
resentative Ba Babcock hcock chairman of th the
House Committee on the District of Co
lumbla lumi that her association heartily hear tib in ¬
l dorses doncsthe the proposed compulsory educa ¬
tion law for the District
Boar d o f Trade Trad Initiates InitiatesNovemen Movemen MovemerlStock Stock StockCompany Compan y
Way ay 8 Be e Form e d Committee Con Jmittee o f f1nvestgat Inve Investigation 1nvestgat tg on Is
i Named NmedO Other her Matters Disposed Dl PQ e > Df < iVM 0 r
I Thc Board of oCTrade Trade took too Initial Ini ll steps
last night toward the erection of a hall
I Ifor for the use of conventions COnY nti ns inaugural
balls and andot1er other large gatherings iathcrlugs
I As s the result of a discussion at the lie
ne meeting ting at the New Yillard Villardit it is < said
that active work will begin for the
formation of a stock stoc stock stoccomptn k company to toerec erect
such a building buil ing
A committee of offivC five fivemembers members ne mblrs of the th
board t will be appointed by President Presi ent
William V Cox to Investigate m cstIsatethe the mat
Thomas P Morgan of f the committee commit ec
on conventions presented a report on
the lie subject urging urgin Influential Infiucati l citizens
i with the necessary nec means means to to take t ke the
1 I initiative
Where City Is is L Lacking cking
The report stated t fed that during durin the th last
year ear a greater number of organizations
had met here than in In any other QthercU city r rin in
I the country eountQThe The city clt offers offcrstttractions attractions
conveniences hotel accommodations and
I transportation facilities The committee c nm1ttee
thought th ght the citys great reat lack was a a
large modern hall
The report said in part
During themeetfngs the lie meetings last winter of
the Republican Republi < an Nationa atonu l l Committee and
the Democratic Demo ra tlc National Committee a
I number of their members expressed
I themselves as to how lowmuch much trouble and
worrv would be bespare spared them were It
I agreed and settled that the quadrennial
conventions conyen Uons of these thes < bodied > be held al ¬
ways in inWashington Washington The rh geographical
situation of Washington was not con ¬
sidered sidercdan an objection to such an ar ¬
rangement but we cannot ca l1ot hope for this
to be brought about without a suitable
building to house the conventions
Congress Might Aid
It was sugg sugge suggsted e sted that this might be
a propitious time to approach Congress
with a request for SKOOO to Help In the
project proic 9t in view of the announced de de ¬
termination of Congress to refuse Te e the
i Building again for
use us of the Pension
the inaugural inau ral ball
John H H Magrudcr l1a udcl grew indignant at
this proposition ire said the thec1ty city ought Ug 1t
to have more public p ublic spirit and ought
to be able to erect such snclla a building with ¬
out outside aid
He reminded the board that four years ears
ago ag a promise was was made that a public
I buil building ding would be erected for the inau ¬
I L gural ral ball and that this promise had
not been kept He ie offered to subscribe
the first 500 500 in in stock and calculated
that if 5W men would do the same the
hall could be built
Chief of Police Commended
The committees comreitt s report was was adopted
The report of the committee on public
order or er was adopted commending the
work of Major Sylvester and approving
his request for more men
I I111S Walter C Clephane presented the re re ¬
port of the committee on oncharities charities and
I corrections and secured the adoption of
lXEsolutlons resolutions indorsing the juvenile court
and the municipal hospital for tubercu ¬
losis patients pa tients
The committee also Lls is is in favor favo r of the
curfew law disapproved by the District
Commissioners The board went on rec ¬
ord in favor f or of the bill by b p adopting the
Library Open Sunday
The report of the committee on the
public library 1ibru r presente d by b William A
I Melby lIelo urging among other things that
the he library be opened on Sundays Sunda r s was
i adopted as was a resolution by b C S
Bundy asking the th managers of the
library to consider consid r the lie advisability of
opening on weeks days at S30 a a m in ¬
stead of 10 oclock
Frank Hume chairman of the bridge
committee urged ur ed the construction of
the Memorial Bridge The report was
Archibald lr hibaJ Greenlecs A A P Fardon W
r Van an Wickle lckh James T Du Bos and
H T Newcomb were named as dele d 1e ¬
gates to the national board b ard of trade i
Announcement has lately l been een > cn male
of the resignation res ignaton of L L W M Mittfrn ttern of
Technical J3igli lIi h School Mr Mattera
i gives giYcsas as the theren50 reason n for his retirement vi tireme t
i that thatbe be has too too much mu h work an and n d that ha h
Incompletely i3 I omple completely felY run down 3Jr 3 MattN attfrr sz <
the faculty fa ultjo adviser of the the Tech r C h AUi
letTc Association and it will tvllIbe be a great rot
blow blowror for that thatbo body y to receive receivehis his resig r l ¬
nation lIe has < lone more for high hlg
school choo I athletics in the past two or three
I y yars < ars than any an ether man connected < or r
interested ntere > d therein He Herus has always bet beti n
13 a hearty hfart supporter of football and base ¬
ball and has been b 1 a strong sron i advocate i ocatQ at
I Iclem clean healthy sport r
tl tlv v 1 IV I l I VV fltl 1
Thousan ds o f f Men an d Women Have Kid =
ney Trouble Trou ble an d Never Suspect It
To ToP ToProve Prove rove What Whatthe vha ttheGreat the Great Kidney KidneyRem Remedy RemedySwamp edy 9 9S Swamp S amp
Root Rootiilill Will Do for YOU Every EveryReade Reader of The
Times May Have a Sample Bottle Sent
Absolutely Free By Mail
I It it used to be considered that only onI urinary and
bladder blad < r troubles troubleswere were to be traced trace traced traceto d to the kid ¬
I Ineys neys but now modern science proves that nearly
I all a il diseases have their beginning beginI nb In the disorder
or thec mot moat important organs
Therefore wlien nlieu your ourkidne kidneys s arc weak or
out ut of order you oucan can understand IIQW how quickly
your our entire body bod is affected eJand and how every ever or
san seems to fail to do Its duty
If you are sick or h hfeel feel badly begin tLtLl taking
the tli great kidney kidne remedy Dr Kilmers Swamp
Root Root because h heas eas as soon saonas as your kidneys beg bcith begin in to
get belter they the will help all the other organs rgusto to
health heal A trial tlia1will will conm convince anyone
I Ic c deerfuU heerfully recommend recommendand and Indorse indo e the Great e
Ileinerty Dr Kilmers Swaraplloot Swa = ploot for rurkir kidney lney
troul tro trouble ble > le and tTi l bad liver I Iiave used it and der tenTed ived i etl
great Tjeuefitfroinlt benefit from rom It it I believe It bas lia cured me me
entirely of kidney Jdln y and andJher liver trouble from which SWAMPROT
I suffered su buffered ffered terribly U
Most gratefully ly yours KidasyLJvcrBIaddsr
A E llJZrS ItEYNOiDS t1 = OLDS Chief of o Police CURE
ColuUlbnsG Columbus Gt DIHECTHJXS
MLYTcetoGrtiere s act two or three
n ls tt fcre cr ter
Weak and unhealthy 1n unheal henlthy hi kidneys k dievs are responsible rcspcis hI e
for fotmany many kinds of diseases and If permitted CHUaa lensccorfinff ta 15
May ccsimeste ntta > P
to continue co tinue much muchsuffeing suffering and fatal results does isdlcenase taQdcse
are sure to follow fo l low ow Iidn Kidney j trouble irritates the or ucsxtenqclre more Its ess ircc w ld
nerves makes you dizzy restless restlesssleepless sleepless 2nd nd d
This rtst fl
irritable Makes you pass Water nter often during
the day and obliges you to get up many times i Ac id trcublta r < SSsatzi
during the night Unhealthy Unhealtl Unhealtly y kidneys cause caUse hof theuu
rheumatism gravel catarrh of the bladder
pain or r dull dul ache In the back Joints and
muscles male your head ache and back backach ac ache he
cause indigestion stomach stomachandllver stomach and liver trouble you cyy s
get a 3 sallow 119 yellow elIow complexion make you yo reel eel DR K I ITSTTTg rz ff C0
as though you had heart trouble you may have EDTGHAilTOS XT
plenty ot ambition but no strength get weak
and waste away a l Sold i iy > y all Druggists
The cure for these troubles is Dr Kilmers
SwampRoot the worldfamous kidney ki ney I remedy
I In taking Swam Swamg SwamRoot g Root Y9U you atrord natural help
to Nature for SwampRoot Is the th most perfect
I healer and gentle aid to the kidneys that Is
I IkDown known to medical medicalscience science i
I s Win ding Up
> This Great Fire Sa S1e le o f Furniture and Home furms hings
j by o ffering the remaining firedamaged goods goo ds at almost
c giveaway prices prices The bau brjains rgadns offered for tomorrow
w vill ill go in a jiffy so get in ear ly Sa le ends Saturday Saturdaynight night
f e I
5piece Parlor P ar I or Suite S Ulte upholstered
4 In Gobelin Tapestry slightly fire
damaged 1 to go ffi3fl 5STI
19 21 50
I for 8 > cL BoUqJ a
I Quartered Quarter d Oak China Closet
I V slightly liredam tf gO 3 QSJ 9 1
l aged to go for BOo a D 3O 0
C Fine Solid Oak China Closet
C slightly firedam ram 5S G R CSS3
5 9 98 8
aged red to go for v Qv II J Ja a SQ
Solid So lid Oak Sideboard only slight
I I V VIy S X ly fire firedamaged damaged O 9 7 7F 7 K F
N to go for T I T a S C V
Fine Quartered Oak Princess
O Dresser slightly
e firedamaged to go 5 79
v for II
3piece Parlor Suite covered In
O fine damask slightly firedam
tb aged to go fin 2
for V JI
Lot of slightly f lIgtl damaged daIT1a ed I
Pillows to close out at 3 9 C
Bargains argains In Wardro War drobes bes I
Fine Oak Double Door Solid Oak Single Door Ward ard ¬ I
I Wardrobe slightly firedam ¬ robe slightly
aged to go SSR Q fire damaged JT 3 Q JT
5 95 3 95 1
I for Jsi II 5w to go for > i O a w > >
I ISlicrhtly Slicrhtly FiredamtgecL
Velour Couches for for475 475
I Velour Couches for for for775 775 775
I Velour elour Couches for for825 825
I Dropleaf Oak O ak Breakfast Tables
I II slightly firedamag j CS 9
cd cdtogofor to go for or x S B yO 0
I Leatherette Ll3hH tte Morris Chnlrs1iht Choir slisht
ly h l firedamaged to ivs t T < r r
7 9
go go for z 9
Side Chair upholstered sllght
firedamaged fin > damae to go o S d Q ya gj
I for B Ba I a < 49 H1
One Platform Rocker upholster ¬
ed e slightly g Ughth r lire dam < J It d g 8 S
I aged to go for 0im i 5syO
How tlO to Find Out
If there thereis is any doubt ubt in year Y ur mind mfudas asto as to your y r 1
condition take from your urine on rising about
four our ounces place it In a glass or Or bottle bottl and
let It stand twentyfour twent four hours If on examina ¬
tion ion it is milky or cloudy if there thO ± e Is a brick
dust settling or If small particles float fioaabout about I
In it It your your kidneys are in need of oJimme Immediate li1te < at ¬
SwampRoot is pleasant to take ta1 and Is used I
in the leading leadin g hospitals recommenOed recornmen e1 by phy
I sicIans in their pri private ate practl practice e ind is taken taje
by doctors themselves who have nave kidney ail ¬
I Iments ments because be use they recognize in it 1tthe the great ¬
est and most successful remedy for kdney liver
t tand and bladder troubles
EDITORIAL EDl ORIAL 2COTE NOT NOTESo So successful Is SwampRoot fa npromptly promptly curing even
the most distressing cases of kidney k dney liver or or bladder troubles that to prove pro e
Its wonderful merits you a oumay ou may have baa e a sample bottle and a book of valuable v ln ble in us ¬
formation both sent absolutely tree by mall The book contains many of the
thousands upon thousands of testimonial letters received from fr om men n and women womeh
cured ured The value and success of SwampRoot is so well known lmoiv that our readers
are are advised to send for a sample bottle In sending your address to Dr Kilmer
I f c Co Binghamton N Y be sure to say you ou read this generous g nerous offer in The
Washington W Daily Times The Th proprietors of this paper guarantee the genuine ¬
ness of this offer
I Slightly F Pireciamaged reGn ecL
Leather Couches for S813 875
Leather Couches for 125 1250 >
Ii Leather Couches for 1595
Slightly JMredamaffed
Extension Tables Tab es for for345 5345 345
Ii Extension Tables for for550 SS50 550
i One Platform Rocker upholster
I Ied ed slightly firedam ST8 i O I
2 48
aged to go for f r uu Z < Sa a > > O
Ii I
Lot of Oil Stoves I
Ii slightly firedamaged fire a111aged to 4 Ia JSf C L
It go aofor 0 for fisy C I II I
I xSwamaRoot wamtJR COL is Pleasant PIe asa n 1 toTaks to Ta Takal k
f If If you are ire alr already dyconvInccd convinced
that SwampRoot Is lswhat what you
i i need need yo o i can purchase the
l regular 50cent and 211 d I 1 size SlZ e hot bo t ¬
I Itles tles at the drug stores every boo o ¬
where Dont make any mis ¬
take but butr remember the thename name
S wa w a m pR 0 0 1 t Dr Kilmers K er3
SwampRoot and the address
Binghamton 1 N Y 3T on every e y
l bottle
Damask DamaskCoered Covered Roman Chair
slightly fire dam j r f t
aged to go for or N p 2 S 3 29
Inlay Mahoganyfinish Parlor it
Chair slightly fir fire
5 2 9
damaged to go fors for forn n a
Fine Oak Morris Chair only
slightly slightly y fire dam am 5 f CI CIslightly
aged ag to go for foruuuu uuuu j 3 49
Two Enameled d Iron Cribs slight I
ly firedamaged to < Saa 9 7 y p SI
go o for each uuu io I w V I
One Weathered Oak Arm rm Chair ta
slightly sli htI firedamaged ° < E5
3 98
worth 56 G 5 To go at atu u > S53 a 5yO
i Mahoganyfinish I hoganyfinishCorner Corner Chair
I Islightl slightly tire dam G Sj3 if 6Q O
aged ageatogoror to go for uu SaWW I 0
i J
Ix Lot t of Bed Springs slightly ta
I at firedamaged to go 149 49 I
I I Large arge 4piece Parlor 1llor Suite Su lte dam ¬
I ask slightly fire fire J 49
damaged to go for fori 1
I The HubFurniturc inI Furnitur COillDany COillDany7t 7t h hOu Ou D Dn n ts 1

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