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ffie bJa5ftington attic q o n 1Ltmc5 U < < tt ea
Published Pt tblfshed Evening Evcnln and S Sun Sunday dY
Daily one year 30 300
ounday one year 25 so l
The Th H Times Is Is served In in tho th9 city c ty of of i
Washington and District Dtstnctot of f Columbia by b by
newsboys who deliver and andcollect collect for f r
t the paper on their thcirowrvnccoimt own owtvaccount > account at the
rate rateo of C cents centsa a week f for farahe or the Evening E nlng
find 5 cents 3 a copy for the Sunday edi ¬
Jud Judge 9 a SwaJnes S Sxa waynes ne s Case
Concerning Concern ing 1 the impeachment iInpeachmentpr pro pro ¬ l
ceedings directed against Judge J dge
Swayne comment touching the the merit
of o the ease case would cou ld he beinproper improper The T le
presumption resu nptioIiis is that the prosecution
is inspired by no unworthy unw orthy motive
that the purpose of of ofJ > J the th defense is is
eQually high highand and n dat at this tbi point the
con connnehtato commentator nnt torpropedYlapses properly lapses into int
silence silence and be becomes comes merely merelyaV merely a a vietvel viewer t wer
of the spectacle
This T s common feeling makes mald the
aCC of Judge Pardee of New i Orleans
seem seem in particularly P articalarI Y bad tas taste taste te Judge
Pardee Pardee wrote a a letter to a a member p 01 o
Congress Gon gr ess t the > manifest malif t object 0 bJ C t bolo being be in g
to influence the fhe verdict as as to Judge 1
Swayne SwaJre Su Suck ch a a a course course was most
reprehensible It was teas a a direct directcx ex ¬
pression ression of contempt for the Congres ¬
s tonal body hot ly ac acting ting as nsa a tribunal tribunaLHa tr ibunal Had
an moutsider an outsider dared dar d to address Judge
Pardee in s similar terms in relation
tc tCa a a matter pending in hip hi own own court
the offender o o nder dor in all p probability robabilit Y tv would ouli
11ave nave h ve been e nsliIlmQned summoned intd int4 loft the th judicial judic ia
r presence resence and severely s vetelrre rebuked rebuked uked > poss pOs pi i ¬
lily bly blysent sent sent to prison or or fined ned
To saT say sa that a vote along political
linen lines in in deciding so so soserious serious a matter
as impeachment impeac llment would wo uld be an an inade ¬
quate qua te expression x I je5sion manifestly a a sub ¬
1ersion version v rsionof o of f justice to partisan preju ¬
dice dIc dice is is who wholly lly permiss permissible ible Either
Judge Swayne Swa Iie deserves deserv es impe impeachment h Il Jlt
or lie fte pesnotallQif goes does not and if political p01lt cal l bias ilia
is is to be be b the determining factor a the the the
ti1hole whole vh l pro proceeding tocceding ceedin resOlVes resolves itself into into
a 4 farce Prcc Proclamations Proclama lamatioris tions are are frequent requen
that there is no no relation re lation atioJi between betweenpoli po poli ll ¬
tics and and the judiciary judicWxrand udicar and if if justice +
Is is to be wrought wro wroug Jght b ht by the tl1eman the man man on on the the
bench b ben nchor ch or or in his behalf beha lf this procla ¬
mation must mus mU5t t t te > e acc accepted epted as as solemnly aole rolemul nft1y
binding Iidfug
Ne eiv v Judicial J dici l Scheme
Mabel Spang the daughter a o of
wealthy veal thy parents recently was was com
mitted matte d to a a sanatorium sanato rium through hrou gh om one
qt Qthose those sudden uddenprocesses processes that take
the principal princ ipal pal by surprise s rpriseSteps Steps wer wete wen
ta take faJ ltie gi for fo Fj Fjel eja a release el e onthe on the hegrqUI grpun i d
that b bey We5 as ane ne and therefOre
wrongfully wrongfully confined con fine d
The judge judgewhoaccn who aecvl accorded gedahear ded a a hear
ing promptly ruled rul d that the girl wa wa was
not and noses never never ha had hadbeeh d been insane insane insa ne tha that
her commitment was was void but tha that
he wou would ld keep her in the sana sanatoriun sana torium
because she was was disobedient an and d un un
filial filial holding her byU bydelegatedpa By by U delegated delegatedpa d pa ¬
rental authority something there ther i i is
reason reason to helieve believe be1i Yethat that that in In any sue such sac
condition is is wholly who whoIlqne 1 1y y ne new
Here Here is a domestic domestic problem solved
If If a a girl Is naughty do not reason re aso
with her spank sp nk her her ner or or send her t to <
bed Dont thin think on on any any extrem
measure measure for making Makin her m mind ind i
she is is very VeL naughty eau g htr indeed do A jno c
sen send d her to K 2reormatoryJust reformatory Just Justhav hat
her snatched snatc he hed d as a as a a lunatic l natjc pla placed tlac ed d ii i
e enice a nice sanatorium sanatorium on on Jle the ground o c
being crazy and depend upon a a
judge to keep her th there r Once s sh
is is locked up the pretense of o f insanit
can r ar be abandoned conscience appro appr pv ot 1
ing it as a means means justifying nobl
Battle of Experts E p tl rts s i
Mention l1cntionhas has been ma made J of f th
Tucker murder trial at Cambridge a ribridge
fo foiIassas Mass iIassas as as a battle of experts It ha h
s su s Uftain stained tw ined d this character up to th
present pr ent point p i 7
A young woman wo man had lia been be en kille
with a knife A young man wa
arrested upon what ground has no
yet been made clear to toy ah the casuz
reader Much Muc i19uc h hof of the th issue Ss issue u depende d pende
upon the identific identification ation of of a a
scrap of writing as as his
Forward came the first set of ej e
perts proving by indubitable ev
dence that the writing vrritingwas was the pri
oners > They dissected dissected It ItComparcl compare
the fragments and swore swore hearti h he arth rtil
that they th yc cou could u ld d not be mistaken mi m iatalten talen
ward then the second set et of expert
with another mass o of f the indubitab I
brand br bran ndo d dot of evidence that t at the writirj wr itir
was was was thatdfihe youag youngwoman youa woman tz rtiman hersel
They made madeihe the demonstrationas r cop con
plete as the th first had been beent een f t and sivol
as c cheerfully to tho impossibility c
error error in their conclusions
A different variety of pcxpert expert mad
oath that certain ccrtlinminute minute stains o
the the clothing of the prisoner
human blood He testified th <
human numan blood had no secrets from
and that his findings were free froi
any chance chan ce ceof of mistake More
These Thes declared de lared that while the
might might be blood bl Od they were as as ltkel
to to be the blood of a aho horse Se a a a
or a rataslr rat as from pm the th0 veins Cf apeISO
Minor experts e p lerts rts attested attested tteS ted t that t iat t tven even even ven
there there were specks of blood b10odon on tl
pr prisoners isoners clothes clothe and knife Jlie tl
Jjnife ire could couldno no t t possibly POSS ibiy l have Have lvo caUSE <
the fatal fat l VTP xyound wounds un ds is as s 1h these In csp so did n > <
conform conf rm to the shape of o th th the Made
Tqc The jury h hs s a a fc3d prop nrqppsi siii 1c
before it It dust I11 t determine fl t rmim w yi r
expects cXP cxhe tts > ts are are re correct ncct and and which Lut uj
gl l
St Sty y yr
us and even even then be clouded c loude d by by an an
tmosphere of doubt Perhaps a
econd trial with experts exper experts tS tSeliminated eliminated
n nd d proceedings marked by the in
roduction of real rea l evidence evidence would be
lest for the interest of jus justice tice
Thresh It Out
Mu Much ch has been said about a bout the row TOW I
n l i which w hich Bishop Talbott of Pennsyl l
ania and the the Rev Dr I 1 N W Ir 1 1
rInea ine adeposed a deposed priest once once under his hISI I
urisdiction are are central figures An j
iffgrt sffort was was made made to have thematte tie matter rl
adjudicated id by canonical tribunal but j
his failed The controversy now i I
joes Des to the c civil ivil courts courts and the pub ¬ I
ic will be glad of it it I
Ministers are lna in in a sense sense public
men l There is isarlg a a right rig ht that th t those I
W vho hOh have ave a concern conc ern and a nd a arespec arespectfor respect t for
the he ministry know the r recipients of
these tributes to be worthy w rtbyCertain Certain
lywhentwo y when two men engaged in a a tholy holy
jailing become becomede deadly dly enemies and
ndulge in so so O noisy a a war war of words wor ds t
hat the clamor of o f fvitupera vitupera vituperation tion as
ails the friendly ear ear even e en outside
he fold fold time has come for for the truth
to o be heralded hera lded No bishop openly ope lY ac acI
used of flagrant fla nt wrong wron b g a and and nd abuse abus a bu se seof of l
Luthority can afford to remain silent s ilent
unfrocked unfr un frocked c dpdest priest who annoys the
senses lenses by iteration iterati n of epithet should
be > 1e e permitted to to conti continue le this indefi
If the charges against the bishop
are ire baseless he hehaa has before him the
easy task of achieving ac1 evingacompl a a complete t vin
lication and of ofeffectivel effec effectively effectivel tively rebuking
the he traducer And if Dr Irvine Irl T ine is in
lulging in slander and libel U1 > el no no clearr clearI clear
e jr duty co could uld appear appear than that of j
coercing him into silence i I
Their Own Medicine M edicine
Colorado is isnot not having a pleasant
time The necessity for sen sending d dngmany ngmany man many 1
if its political poUticalsharks sharks sharks to jail is only
less ess saddening than the fact that
ther there are not jails enough to accom ¬
modate all that that ought to be be sent
The r rh he people of Colorado are taking
a a large dose of f their own medicine medicine Il dicine
The State has ever ever ver s since ince its admission a dmission
to o the Union been politically corrupt
although it has all the time had somE some
prominent men men concerning whose ro ¬
bust ust honesty there could co uld arise jio nc o
question >
There was ho hope pe that th the granting
of f the franchise to women wome women zi ziw would w would oultih have ve
a ar t reformatory effect but it failed
Many of the the better be tter class of o f women women
declined 3edined to vote after the thenovcltyhad novelty had
worn off and those who remain ¬
ed active activ were wer were no whit better than
their male associates
The truth seems to tp be that that thatno no nobody nb bod dy
t knows news who was elected electedgovern electedgovernor governor pr The
Ipnly Only on ly way to ascertain er 2i l9 would would > l be tc tq tr
find findout Out which which side side did the themotecheat more cheat ¬
ing ingTo To a do this this is isn next xt to toi1I1possi impossi ¬
ble The issue issue rests largely with th the <
courts and and nobody no ody but the ultimate
victors will ever ever everb be be satisfied satis d with the t h
decision deci ion
Colorado Cploradoought Colorado jbught ou g ht to learn leans the virtue vl to a
of honesty hones honesty tY It cannot be wicked
gracefully Its methods are P perhaps erha p
no worse n orsethan than in vogue elsewhere bin
their crudeness crudeness would wouldmake would make a Penn ¬
sylvania patriot blush
Points Poin s in Paragraphs Para a P hs
For a set of square gamblers gam hlers those those
New fork York fellows have been bunkoin bun koing
the police in a a surprisIng surpr ising way wa
L Old OI Oldatan < lm man n Platt Platt of 0fXe I New ew w 2orl orkf1sn nrlisnt Isnt tget get
t 1 1ng 1n n ng any sympathy i and a i isn sn t likelg I k ly t to
get any any money money Neither eithcr does he see seem
to be deriv deriving hiE much joy from fro m hlsliti his liU lit
gat 1 a
Senator Stone of Slissouri does no not no
wear any gumshoes on his his organ ort n o of
Pity the estimates for the Distr Distric District ic
wore not notma made ile larger so so that Congr Congress es
could have hw e Nld had more fait fun pruning pruning
i Thc hc American Chamber of o f Co Commerce mmerc
in in Berlin has been asked to change it its
name name tut not Its character An And Andwhats d dwhat what whats
in a name nam name
ExSenator Zlilson Wilson T Ilsan of the Statp Stat o of
Washington wants to come come back t to
l wear tv car the the toga There Irmo Js 1S = i no io danger dan ger ye yet
In the the interests of harmony hat Qny it would tt ould b bc
t well to c chloroform Wilson at the be
l ginning of each Senatorial campaign
out there
1 A recent series of magazine article
has driven dr iven one man man to attempt suicide
and a bunch more more into a mood to com
= 1 mit homicide
I In I n the Denver D nverele election Hon according acco lding 1 t <
the testimony tcstlmon 0 of f fone one on one man man he he
forty times at a dollar doll a a vote However
I a jury would hesitate to believe L elicre such
man as that t1m t
Mrs JIrsChad Chadwick lck Is im a n nable able woman woman Sh
e I is even cven ev n able to be unable to appear a
g court until she wants to be there
Georgia boys havebeen h have a eb been cen bur burning nin cott cotto o
1 not so so o much for the economical cotto e ffec
e as to Illustrate the potency of example o
If A Mormon bishop says he has know
I men to be shot for breaking their ei en
e dowment house j oaths Perhaps an ant
n i Mormon prejudice might might be traced t t
e 1 this style of shooting
t J C ti W Bec Becliham than and J C S Blacl
I burn are engaged enga engag g ed in n a wordy row I
the themattcr mnt n ttcr > < cr o of f letters they are equal
I matched h
I 1 Lord ard Minto says sa saysthe slhC the United Stat
i wants to take ta L tkc c in Canada He can
1 1 prove It >
1 Neednt tell tell us us us111e the the hotels ltotds of 1Yic AYIchit hit
If refused rCfuse to t fib fibreceive receive Booker AVashingtor
That town tCwn has many welltodo 9 t lltodo
Ie citlztns dtlxr n vhcse ihos homos homes would would be so ope
to liooker Washington SVashir giol i Hutt that t i t he woul won
d have hay no need of ofh hotel hotel tcl accommodation
C LstHy L L grJly they thc called U < h me
To r n s 51C tve the cotton plant
I I And now they th y vrrnttoltuttt wsmt vwmtto tolHt burnJt lU at says
ant l ttt t
i Tb The Guatemalan
1 I 1 Chfcaso SrhlCa hJcn hJcnc c o Tribune
w y yr
c z r = c
fiieial ICi1l Dlllllelt0 Dinner to Dl Diplomatic IOIIli1 G1
Cos Corps s Tonight Tolu b ht
f uy ay Y World W Wur rld ld Lively and Hostesses Vie
in Efforts EffQrtl to t Entertain Gener ¬
ously ouslyOther Other Matters
President Prezi ident entand and Mrs dirs Roosevelt Roosevelt will en em
rtain at their annual official dinner
an might m ight ght in in compliment to the Diplomatic
or orps 1S es
Senora Calderon wife of the Bolivian oli iar
oinisterand s linister and her debutante daughter
enorita Elena Cuidoron CUIderon G ron entertained entertahl d at ai
Jrtcheon today tod M1E Miss WalkerMartinez VilkerM rtlnez
n aughter ghter of the h Chilean hUan minister mlnist r Miss
haw ha w Miss Taylor Miss Perie A A w An
erson er snn Miss Mercer Miss 11S5 Conrad 1SLs Miss
I Feald aldMiss Miss Needham and Miss Stereos Stevens
Miss Florence Conrad entertained
nirteen of orher her girl friends at luncheon
Miss Morris daughter of ofJuSUce Justice Mor
Is entertained entert inedalargc a large luncheon party part
esterday 5tcrdn at her fathers home Dine 1214 131
Hassachlli lassaehuaetts etts Avenue
Pos Postmaster tmaster hriasterGenera General f fand and Mrs lr Wynne Tynni
nterUlinedt ntertained a dinner dinne in er r rparty party last lastnight night
which included Secretary of o War ar and ant
Irs rs Taft Taft the Secretary of the Navy va v
lnd nd Mrs 1Ir 31rs Morton the Chinese minister
SIr iir LiangCheng ag the th e Japanese minister
Mr Jr TakahIra Representative R and1 andjIrs Mrs
ann Mme Imc Perez and nd Mile deAzpiroz de Azpiroz
laughters s of of the Mexican ambassador
lies May Adamsand Adams and Captain Wynne
Lleyt Gen and Mrs Adna R Ghaffee
ntertained at dinner dinn r last night for th the
Drench nrttba ambassador ssador and an l Mme Dim MmcJusse c Jusse
rand and Others with them were Attorney Attorne
General Moody Secretarjof Secre Sec retar ar yof of the Interior Interi r
and nd Mrs Hitchcock Justice JusUceand Justice and Mrs lii lii1olmes
HolmeS Mrs MrsC Cawjes tiJ < s Colonel and Mrs tin
Nelson of Kansas n CIty Mo lloColon Colonel l
m rid dMrs Air Mrs Browne f nods nod Jmdj > j Mr 1fr s ir ard u Mrs Ir
Jdson Bz Bradley dley
Senator Cullom a Hos Host t
Senator Senatorand an and d Mrs Cullom were were host
at it t a dinner last last night when w hen their guest
were ffere sere the Russian Rus ian ambassador ambaS ndor Coun
Casslni assini the British Br itish a ambassador ant and
Lady C Durand the Vice Presidentelec
and Mrs Fairbanks Senator and and1Irs Mrs his
3pooner Senator and Mrs Burrow
S Senator n torimd and Mrs WetmQre Senator anc 1n
Mrs firs Alger Al er Senator Sen Senator or Perkins Mrs 1rs Shaw <
of f California and nd Miss Fisher the th sis si ¬
terof ter er of Mrs Cullom
Mrs lrs Butler of New York who I Is 1
spe spending lng the wintef In Washington a at a
the i ie he e Rochambeau had ha d damong among others a a at
dlnn 1 Inner l last night Justice and Mrs trs
Brown Mrs rs Scott the sister lsteroftrs of Mrs his
Brown the Rev Re Roland Cotton amid Smith
Mrs Smith Smi h Miss > l1ss McKibbie DiCI ibbie and Willian
Hasckland Hays Ackland
I enat9r Senator Sena to r and and I d Mrs Dryden D den had loa d a a as
I Iguests guests nests at dinner last night n ight General an an nd
M firs Glllesple Gillesp ie w tistce ce and lfrWltlb rrSW11te
Justice and Mrs Brewer rewer reNCr benator benator erta ° ior un an aOO
airs Gallinger exSenator ex Se ator Kean Mis 9
Kean esn Representative and Mrs lrs Richar
Vayne i ayne Parker Mr Ir and Mrs John W fi V
Foster ester Assistant Secretary of th the th
TrC Treasury rc sury and Mrs Robert B Arm rm
strong and Colonel and Mrs Kuser Kus r
For F or rItalian Italian Ambassador
M L des Posies Port de la kz Fosse counselor
of of t the French e embass and and Mme > de d S
Portes Portes ones jrave gave a dinnner last l tst night for th the
Italian ambassador and Baroness May ¬
or Ir Others to dine with them wen wer ere
Senator Sen tQr Proctor Proct Mr Ir and Mrs Joh John
ODpnnell Donnell M Tank FunkBrenUirib = Brent Brentan lrio o ot r
FiTiuce F1l ranee lce Mrs Nicholas Fish Miss Berry Ber
Mrs 1frsSlate Slater and Captain Fournier c o at
the he French embassy staff
t Mrs lrs W V > H H Southerland was teas host
ess ess ass at tt a dinner partly last evening fs fp for
her herdaughters to daughters the Misses 1fsses Southerland
when she entertained Miss Pauline lion
I ton on Miss Le Bourgeois the Misse
Southerland Miss M 5de de hover Koven Senor Seno ra
WalkerMartinez i iT T Talker3fartinez Jkliss Hss Margerj y Coltor Colton
John ° fHeber iebert Vllt Ypltgr r TJIck Tuckerm np nt
Lieut 1eut IT S Grant third Mr li I Bingham
Signor Centaro of the th Italian IL < than embassy
Senor Alvercz Calderon of the Peru Pe ru
vlan wan I n legation and Lieut Andrews an
Lieut out Earle Cook of the United State
Navy N Vary a
Mrs Sirs rrs George T Male was was hostess a r I
a t ti very ery beau beautiful tiful luncheon yesterday he hex
guests nests numbering twelve This is one t o 01
a i series serflo of luncheons Mrs 1 lrs Mayre wi wi
give five during the season season
The Young Mens Social Social So ial Club of o f th thl tl
First Irst Presbytc Presbytej an Church held tits its sec se
and ondannhersarj anniversary annive rsary celebration in the the par
iors ors of the church last lastcvcnlng evening
most Ho st enjoyable literary and music
program troaram was vaS1cp rendered 1cretl < by b the member
of tf the club and an orchestra of si sis
teen eon pieces from the Marine DL trine Band
The club club hi history tory from its organiza
liOn idn January 13 1903 to the preset pres en
date s was as read in a a humorous vein eln b t
Guy uy Butler the current Issue of tJi tl
club journal by Wilson Miller 2 UJ r a parod
on to Shakespeares Seven Ages 1 of Man
entitled The Seven Ages of Jt > L Membc
of ri the Y M S C was read r ad by Egbei
Corwin orwin and an original poem was rea <
by ty H Gordon Clay To the Abser
Members A riqtable notubl feature of th th
program grogram was a play pl in one one act by a a a1
the he members of the club One of Ov
Initiations Later in the evening r r rc <
freshments were served with the the your
men pen as as waiters
The officers of the club for the er en
suing wing year r P tr are are Roy Ro E ECorwln Corwin Cot tvtn pres prey
dent William lIIlam Power Pow r vice president
Louis T ouls Babendrier secretary secretary H Gordo
Clay Cia l ry treasurer treasurer William Rbcltwoo Rockwooi
I editor ditor Clarence Kec histor historian ian
Sitting in a a telephone booth in Wasl
ington ngton last night ni ht Representative Greet
delivered an extended address addre sto to tl tl1
I Boston Pa Paper er Trade Association socfatlon Re
resentatlve Powers Mr Greenes Gr encs cc co
league was tt a at the associations bunqm
1 The address which was in happy happ ai
pleasing vein eln was distinctly dlsUnctlyhear heard I lJ
the banqueters In Boston as as they the s
around the t table iu in the th > dlnln dining hall
1 A petition teas was presented to Cpmml
stoner Macfarland today to ay by b Lloyd J
1 Wight VIght signed by b 150 residents ai
o property givners owners of Georgetown G orgetawn f
d transmission to Congr Congress ess urging tl t
I construction of a bridge over Roy
Creek C at Q Street e
ft The 1 hearlns hcartn I on this subject whi <
was to have ItH O C been held tomorrow mor mol
Ing has been postponed until T Tucsds Tl esdt
at JOM 10 r a m There r will be a 11 Uearii ll arh
at 10 1030 IIJ30a a in tomorrow before the Di
tract Commissioners on the extensli
of otPr ProspQct Prusp sp ctStre et Street t
d lll ll l I
c d
0 a u i
a M Fr
r G
w y c
7 c
8 n r
n S
a C i iN N i Y h 1 Y wMg V 4 r 3 W 5
a s + r t4A 4 Y Y tF C1 u io 4 nr
Y y iw i ii i r 4a ac O
9 9y 9t t w I x > yC yCz z c s
r x
° J 4 > < YH Af t 5 YY r fA4 + w wi i nt ntwY wY wYA A o J
N NO O s rt 2 f rd Y d 6h re red d a t z N Nr r
r t y S Sny ny nytic tic K7k k kr r s Go i + r ry y v + r > +
j x
G j s rY r f
hllllll l ul u u + utL 111Uti
Daughter of fJrTarleton Dr Tarleton H H Bean Who Wh Is One n of the Most Eminent Icthyolo
gists in This This s Country Coul1t
risscaroUneYln Miss fiss Caroline Tan nn H j jcan Sean can the talented daughter d ughter of Dr Tar Tarleton ieton H H Bean Bean
one of of the the mos mos most t temInent eminent e ic ictnyologists th o logists of this c countrj ountry has h has s just j just7eturned st returned from St
Louis to Za Washington shlnton
She will remain remain rcmalnonly only a few days when she will go to New ew York to resume resume
her art studies st dles with Chase Chase during tit th > winter after which whic h she will go abroad
for three years to to complete completeher her work woikBesides Besides being be ing an artist Miss fIss Bean Is a
linguist speaking French German G rman and Spanish fluently
Miss Bean writes rites frequently for the foreign foreIgnpapers papers in n these languages il ¬
lustrating the articles with her own ink s scetches ketches
Mrs l Irs Alger Jer will will willhave 1 have with w ith her in inre re re ¬
ceiving 1hIs this afternoon her house guest
Mrs Garret G ret A 1 Hobart
Mrs Aldrich wilt will wfllhaye have t9assist to assist as sist in in inrc re re ¬
ceiving elvinglit at the Ar Mlington r lington this this afternoon aft rnoon
Mrs Elisha Elisha Dyer who Is is IsstayInlVvlth staying with
her and Miss llssJones Jones
Mrs rrsDepewwllbeatli Depetq pepewwiir wilI be beat at lio librae me today for
the first firsttimethis time this season s nwhen when she will t
receive rec lve from from 3 until 6 oclock
Mrs airs lrs William A A Clark wife Ue of Sen ¬
ator Cl Clar Clark r1c k of Montana 1 will not be be a it t
home today
Mrs Platt Platt of Connecticut will ill be un ¬
able to receive rc eeive ehte on on Thursdays this sea se t ¬
son but will be oe glad to see see S her friends
JJnelI uf11LtllCt1t c licH Ci1JFat l
j Mrs Y rs Fulton Ful > i wife wife of Senator Sen1t r Fulton F ltori
who is at the the Portland will not be be at
home today
Mrs SirsFred Fred T Dubois Dubois2OlO 2010 R R Street Street
will receive recei e from Zto to 6 this afternoon
Mrs frs Cleland ClelandN d Nelson 1soIime OSey Offle yand y and Mrs lrs
William Wallace wlH r 111beat beat home 3123 U
Street t today for the mst time this sea
I airs Mrs William R RtV < Vance ccwI1l will v t1l be at home hom
Wednesdays Vedn da5 February Februar 1 and 15 J at the
Cumberland Cumb r1and
Mrs rs Let Levi i Anken y wife Wjf of the junior
Senator Senatorirom from Z Washington v ashingion will not be at a1
home today tod1
Mrs rs Gamble vIfe sfeo lfe of orthe f the Senator Senator frolr from
North DakotawllLreceive Dakota DaltotawHl wjll receive today at the
Cbchra Cochran ri from 3 to 6 6pm p m m as also will wil
Mrs James Jam B McCreary wife of the
Senator from fr m Kentucky
Mrs Overman Ov Ovet man man wife of the Senator Senat r
frOm rOm North NO irort rthC > z Carolina G iroltna rolln will m receive rece1 h hceive ceive e toony 10d y
from 3 to 6 i p m J Jat at tho Coc Cochran ran I
Mrs frs GoodloeI11 Goodloe will be at home this thi I
afternoon at 1103 Sixteenth Street
I Mrs lrsM M Goldsmith and an d Mrs C Gold ¬ I I
smith will w111 be at home Fridays Fr1da s 1910 Cin ¬
I cinnati cfnn a tl Street the tho balance balanve of the sea sca ¬ I
Mrs T C Platt will not receive to
day owing to absence in New Aevrlork York
Mrs a Irs Clarendon Smith S 1ihand and Miss Smit Smith
will vlllnot not receive today todnybut but will be at a at
home the tll second ano ana > fourth Thursday
In February
Mrs Irs Charles Kaufman will a Ill not no t be a t
home hom tomorrow but will be at horn home
the rest of the Fridays Frlda sduring during the win
ter f
l GUEST r I 01 5 A AI I R i
I o
Reception and ana aIi Dance to the President
l General at Rauschers Last
Night Night
r 1
The reception and dance given las last
1 night at Rauschers Raus Pausche hcrs rs r by the Society o of
the Sons of tha American Revolution o of
I the District was in honor of Judg Judge
James Denton D en ton Hancock president gen gen
1 eral of the nation national natio nal society saciet soc iety
It was a aladfcs ladies night and about 4C 400
relatives re ttives and friends of members of th the
society participated partic ipated in the occasion Af A
ter t r the reception rec sect < ntioa > Uon which ended at S 82 82C
oclock a brief business session es don va was a
held opened with prayer by the Rev
Thomas S Chllds
I An excellent program program of musical mu sical an ant <
vocal selections was va s given Refresh
menu > were s sorvcd r ed The r rheentertainmen1 entertainmen
t ended en ed with a dance in which nearly al a
present took part
Among those thos w who ho contributed co ntributed to t a th thE
musical part of the the entertainment wer t er
Dr Frank A Swartwout Jacob Scharl
James G Traylor AVilliam A Domes
Eugene Eugen < IS Stevens St Stvens vens George S Cooper
George Scharf Frank livers M rs Charle
W T Moore and andC C K IL Berryman gay
an interesting chalk < ihllc ta talk lk
Besides President General Hancoc
1 1there there tt were ere present as specially Invite
guests F P B I Sands president of ofth ih h
I District of Columbia Society SocW1yot Soch y of Sons o
1 the Revolution Col C Robert W W 1Guthrir GuthrIe
i excommander c commal1 1er < of the national 1 societ
k < of the tbeSons Sons pf p the American RGtiolutlo R volutlor oluUo n t
and air Berryman Mrs 1rs Charles A 14 V
h i I Fairbanks president pre sident general of the na na
tional society soc1 soct t > of Uw the Dau Daughters Daughtersot t hters of tn
y 1 1Amerlan American Revolution Ifeolu tion and AMIIiam I
r jJonos Jones president P r sw en to of the th the e Pennsylvani Penn 5YIyanll
S society soclet of Q the Sons Sonso of the America
i Revolution had been in invited inlte vited but wen wer
tunable unable to be present rescnt
The marriage of f Miss SIJssMirlam miss Miriam Bangs
nd tiVa Valter Va1t ltlr r E Hilton which took place
t the home of c f the tb brides r desgrandparents grandparents
ir and nd Mrs George F Dearing last
even in g gwas was one t > f the most attrac
tive ly arranged affairs a fairswitnessed witnessed in
ttr A f astifngton in a a long l ng time
The drawing rooms where tt here the small
party of relatives rea tivesand and a a few personal er5an l
friends met to witness the thCcere ceremony ony
a and afterward artery ard a la large lat ge number numb efmet met to
congratulate con gratulate the y young young oung couple were were
beautifully utiullY decorated d mted with palms ferns
and royal poinsetta plants In blossom
The mantel Jiefore efare which the bride and
bridegroom stood for forthe the ceremony was waS
banked high with plants and flowers to
form an altar
The bride was attended by Mrs firs John
Elfreth Watklns jr as as matron of
honor und hr sister s sister Miss fiss Fannie May fay
Bangs Ba pgs as as maid of honor The latter la tter led l d
the procession pr esslonmeetfng meeting the bridegroom bridegr oom l
and his best stmar man man B BFSauL F Saul at the
altar The bride br ide entered on the arm of of
her grandfather who gave gave her Sn in mar ¬
riage The maid of nonor wore wore a gown gown own
of pink flowered tulle and carried a
bunch of maidenhair ferns and delicate ¬
ly tinted orchids The matron of honor
was attired In yellow mousseline de sole
and carried carrIcdAmerIcan American Beauty roses roses
The bride who is an extremely pretty pret
ana graceful girlF girlrith girl with F brown ha hair r and
bright complexion was In a gown go n of
white satin satlnmessal1ne mescaline a a tulle veil fall = ¬
ing to the bottom of her skirt all
around The veil veflwas was held he ld In place with
natural orange o ane blossomsand blossoms and she car car ¬
ried a shower bouquet of lilies of the
vane valley alle r Supper wa served in the dining
room rQomwherethe where the decorations dtci > ratlons were were all of
red and gre green reen a ahuge huge centerpiece of
polrisette ornamenting the table and
red shades capping the candles
Mr Ir and Mrs Hilton left on ona a late
train for the South and will spe spend nd two
weeks at PInehurst N G C They The will
be at home afterw afterward ard in the IIkleyl30 Ilkley Ilkle 1320
U Street where an apartment apartmenthas has been
handsomely hnndsomelJrfitted fitted up for them
The marr marriage iae of Miss Anita La Tour =
ette Collins C lItns and Lieut LleuLX N M li L Cartmell
Tenth Cavalry Ca atr1 Is another another an ther interesten Interesting
nuptial nuptfalccnt event of the day but will be
Quietly quletl celebrated on an account of the
death of the th brides grandmother which
occurred recently
Contributions Received R eceived Run Into Much Jthl h1oney Mone Money Y an and d Many 11 an X
Things T h inns Wide Interest Interest Shown Sho vn by b Y Washington a
Business Houses
Prospects Prosp cts for the Hebrew fair whit
Is soon to be given lven in Washington r ashIngt n Indl ln al d
cate that the e event vent will be a dlstinc
st standpoint tndpoint
success from every <
A large number of of influential person
are ar re interested in the bazaar ba ar and andeffort effort
are being ma de on every eer side to insur
venture Agee A KTCS ca
the success successOr of of the
many donations have already alread alreadl l l been r re re
ceived cen ed
Among Amon mong them tb m are tires
Washington Ga31111 Gas Light Company 50 5
Cater d Co Baltimore B e 1 la
50 U Commercial National gat fon al alB alBank Bank 50 0 1 F
50 ir 0 0j 0t Alec t H Hecht h t 50 gf Bei
C t Stev atevens ns Ii > j hCo 1 l i
Althelmer St Louis Lou is 2o S Col Co I J 1
Greenhut Gr nhut New York i 25 5 > A A Hennat
Sa 25 Frank lrnnkGeers Geiers Sons 55 25 > Parke
Bridget Br Bridget idget dget Co 25 S 11rs G Scisel Se igel Ne Cu
York r 20 > 0 Gen Louis Seasongood
cinnati Ohio 20 Knox Knox Exprei
Gor Gordon don Ba
Comi Compan my 20 11 Jacob
timore Md 510 10 William 1 1lUam Sti
St Louis Mo tie 10 Carl Schoenho
Brookline Mass la8 10 Samuel Samu l Gra
folder Louisville Ky 5l5 5 M 1L L
Low Levy L Sons Baltimore e elid Md SI Sll
fe E C l Flecher Flecherf FlecherlO f 510 lO Fred T 1 ScUneide
10 C Callman New York 10 10 Ran
Williams 15 t James A Dempf o 5
Erhlich 5 a Dr J J Richardson
G Rosneau Frederick Frede rick Md 1d 3 Dr
3 S Charles H Freema
Zl W V Bovee
New York 55 S cash S5 Lowenste
Bros New York Yo York rk 5 Ivursheedt Iutslteedtflan Mani
New York ork or > Sa No o
facturing Martin Sati ti tin n
Compan a 5 l
elty elt Veiling Ve 1 etltn iling
Mark Cincinnati Ohio So E A1U
Hurris A 5 cash n nVt Vt c 5 v fTi Coleman T i n Brez KTV2 y i
Kronzlmm IironzeIm IironzeImi i n Oliver Compan Phllade PitiL t d
nhii phia Pa 3 E Rosenheim s won Son or
New York si 3 Mrs H Levy Le 5 5 Thorn
Hea Heany ny 5 3 Mathilde lathnde Goldschmid Bal
morel more l Mdl Md 5V Oscar a ahn Blanckloff hns s n Io Xe C Q
Vnrir York 5 5 3 G J Johnson hn < <
Ne I Cew ew Y Yark rk S3 5 James M 1 1 Gree
1 Weiss I New ew I York ork 5
S5 5 i 11 Y Monroe
Wallerstein YallEIstelno o
Frank Ilunie 5 Gus o
champagne A DIceareinont Co Cot
pany one one case cordials cordia ls A Burnste l i
iold rolrl old watcli I L Bleat handsome ha
west ruest g tpf of Honor anor With kithi Mss i hss
J O OPa Pauldmg Pa Pauld uldmgas n g as Hos Hostess tess te ss
admiral Chester Rapidly Recovering Recoverin g
From rom a a Recent e ent Attac Attack k ko o of f Illness
To T En Eater tertain taia Ysaye
t An n attractive attra ± th tive party at the theColqmbl Columbia t
last evening e y ening n1n with with Miss Anna Depew
Pauldingr auldfng as as hostess ho tess had hadllI3sEoose Miss AIi3s Rouse
sell 1t for I i the guest gu t of honor ho and d d3s 3s as e
isual l she was was the observed observedat d do o at f fall all all in
he theater thei er She wore the 1heartIstIc artistic blue bl e
jown otvn made Ipad tnar Ie with a a a sleeveless sle vel s bodice bodice
fiver > ver a lace lace blouse with full tulllace lace lace sleeves
vhlch s llc h called called for so 59 mupft II1I l admiration at
he WTilte White Vhtte House New Year Year Day and a nd a a <
lat flf of the same color Her jnanner JIl31IDer manner Is
pleasant antand and natural and she grows gro
nore nose 3r artistic stlc in appearance appearance ap rance as s she he e
growso1der jrows rows older r She is now now a a typical tnJl
roung u g Amer me icafn woman woman of o t tha finest 1in t
t ype pe c Others Othersn In the party jart were
Mrs Depew Depe Mr and Mrs Irs Hugh Le
rare are 1 Miss IIS8 de Smirnoff Miss Alice
Lan Lanshorne giujr1 Miss ff f Hasner lIagn Ha gner r Miss Mi s Coudert Couderta Cot ert ertl a
Miss Josephine Boardman Miss DaIsy daisy
rJerson Plerson Colonel Colonel Edwar Edwards Edwards ds Captain
Langhorne Marshall Langhorne Ered Fre 1 d
erick rick May 1trn t William F Sands Lieuten
mt Fa Fprtescue < eacue Fleming lewbold fewbold Cap Cap j
taln airi Iri Lasslter and nd Van an Ness Philip
After cAfter1he the play lay Miss Pauldlrig Pauldlngenter enter ¬
tained her friends f fends ends at supper at the the New
N N TTelbz Y ZeIoz lOz Goiticoa Golticoa secretary secretaryothe oP of the
Bureau ureau of f American Republic nas bas suc
c eeded ded JQn Don Augusto Au to F Pulido at a =
charge daffaires daffaresot ot the legation of
Venezuela maintained In In Washington i
Colonel and Mrs firs Goodloe Have with w ith j
hem as a a visitor Miss Marian MarlanJo 3lar ian Johnson Jo hnson son
of tf if Frederick Fr ederick Md ldandintroduced and introduced her her at
an to in H Hat at home S yesterday ester L1Y <
3liss Miss M SsSarg Sargent mto of of Brookline Sloss Mass
dill ill arrive here Saturday for a a visit
kith Ith Major and nd Miss Ferguson F rguson
3L fMunro tL Munro Munro Ferguson who was was a a
gU usst t of oLlhe thePresIdent the PresI President n while hHe in Washins Wa bln
ton oa sailed yesterday for Europe
ExGov Ez Gov Jo John hn N N Irwin of o L Keolsu Ke oltu k
Iowa own former minister m n inLster r to Portugal and at d
Mrs rs IrwIn Zr in are are visiting Washington for for
a a t few days day staying with Mrs Irwlns
sistvr i r Mrs M rs Jackson H Ralston Ra Iston at atl 1730 30 I IsI5W
P P Street northwest <
Admiral Chester Recovering Recove ring
Mrs Chester who went to for r ra a a visit
to to New York Yorkas was recalled recaU a a a few days
ago on account of the illness qf of Ad Ad
rural Chester who sho is however now
rapidly recovering
Mrs Irs Juli Julian n T Davis jr of New ew York York Fo rk
Is s visiting her aunt + Mrs WiHIaia 33
Rochester Mrs Archibald ArehlbaldThatcher Thatcher o I
New York wIll arrive arri Saturday for fora a
vlsit yIsit Pisit to firs Mrs ry Rochester Roehester ster
The The alc Alexandria andria German German n Club Glubwillgive will will willgive give
thr three more germans ge rmans this teason season season as as fO io1 fol ¬
lows low lows s January 20 February F 24 i and 1 1lows
April Apra 2S
Miss M Crsder Cn der has nas invited init d guests ests from rom I
9 1 oclock Saturday evening Jannarv Ja nuary 21
at 1924 N Street to to meet Mr r and Mrs
Eugene Tsave
Among the Washlngtonlans who Zse went > t
to Baltimore to attend the concert cc ncert > g given iven
by thePheonix the Ph onix Club Club QI1 on Monday Monda night
were Mr aid Ir and an d Mrs Simon itnotd Kann lliI ll Mr
and Mrs Samuel Bensinger Bens Ineer Mrs Isaac Is aac i
Behrend Dr and andlrs Mrs Harry M M Kauf ¬ i
man man Dr Edwin Behrend Misses Ella I
and Esther Behrend ehrend and James R R Ren Ren I
thai tha l
Mrs rsHarol Harold Harold 3 J Pack Pa ch of the Cumber ¬
land has as asheI her guest Miss Oelia Gr illo
Hirsch of Philadelphia
Inti Invitations itations are are issued for the mar
riaee on Februar Februan ebru > 1 of SlvariK Sylvan IL Kroh roit n
heim formerly of this tit city ciLJti t t j Miss
MIndeTl MlndellEUch Erllch of Bainbridge Ga 11
Mrs irs Norman arntan Luchs is In n Baltimore Ba ltimore
the guest of Mrs M Pels 1509 Madison 3iadison
i Scnutz tz two twoladies ladies suits Kuppenhelmei KUPP nlle lm er
Jk 4 Co Chicago IlL raincoat P Grogan
1 Co C one hallrack and an one one rocker
Central Art Studio photograph anc and any
frame Parker Parker Bridget d Co fur collar
I Ij l j Schmidt one case whisky whls1 Chris
I Xanden tnderi wIne The Hub VernlMartit tierni3iar h
table Electrical Supply Suppl Company two
s I auto lamps lamps IV R S Miller carving set
> Kdcconston one A Y terse i ase SC Bryan S Co on one on <
raincoat l W S Jenks Jenl s gas range An
RioAmerican glo merlcan Manufacturing Company
New York raincoat ra1ncoatKImon KImon Nicolaldes icoIaides
Japanese screen screen Sa SaKS Sail ks Co ec handsome
lbuntrt lounging robe Loew Loewenberg enberg S Cohn
New e York smoking Jacket Mrs Dar
T t V Frank llandpainted Iiai idpainted pla plate te Mrs dir = r
E Evans hat A Behrend Behrend organ O ln
i i1Volf AVolf Bros 8 ca Cincinnati Ohio Ohlor r fOUl
pairs of shoes Castleberg Jewlery J wl IJCom Com
pony pan two silver tea sets James Greens
elder 8 Sons Baltimore Md fifteen
Y yards of taffeta silk William WUllamZeh Zeh 1 i
Co one ton coal and onehalf cord a o 01
wood Friendship F Friends de nds hip p Circle Cir clem marbtcs a rbT pedesta J aest n
S I and statue Mrs lrs rs Harry Har King hand
somely dressed doll Louis Bush one on
r half 11x1 iiiii vitia cas cash cashOf s sor j ui or tchts7 wbisk uoiv 1T 1nger 1 i T ii nger nger feci Bras j > iu Ne ie et <
i York Yorkcut cut glass bowl Charles Nelson elsor
Nashville ashville Tenn whisky Emil mil Berliner
I prrampphone and records Fleischinan oleIsc man l
Co Baltimore Md four cases c ases c a
y whisky witisl y Fuend S Ballauf bathroom fix
lures Mrs Irs L Snks New York satchel
George Georget L Lu t u Strom Stro C Co C o New ew York Y 7ior1Q or 10 100 <
r i cigars S D Sucher Now N W York orr s se se
j s ladies underwear Freund Fr nd Poise Cora
York table linen Wolf Vol
t ti panySNew pany Kew i
Co New Ne eiv York set underwear und tWe1r Wash
Irgton Irgtonu Gas u as Light Company two ga
t stoves stoves ito s S Bensinger one onebu buggy Roser
n baum Adler dler New err York Yorkdlamon1 diamon
i locket Isaac I ac Heidelberg New esr Yorl
I sm smoking oking jacket W 11 B Mose C Son
YerniMartin t erns3L utln cabinet William Galt
s Bro Br gold watch W V H McKne
I lounging robe Smoot Carter fi M lrc <
w tv Calley Calle feather boa and muff Clark
Davenport Smyrna rug George M
i t Epier Epiersihcr silver sih cr tea caddie Schoob Ne
5 5 York I orh watch and pin IouIs l ouis Abraham
l ie e eti ti after tter dinner r rcpoans spoons Ln Lnubheim ubadm Bros
i r New i ety York Yn k diamond and pearl brood btoo l
n i t l Leon U Lkon on Saks New cw York ring sin M L Fhilll P hUJlI
t ti sborn shor born n Companj CompAtty ompLl1j handsome 11tn Otne ladies la ics suit
rand Lodge a n e Deer Degree b ee Con ¬
felTed a Upon p 4 Them n m
rand Master I aster McNiel Pepafs Bepor R Reports eports ts Tiicreas 1nceaa
in ilembership M mbership mbersJ p of 7 = < Jr
Order I
s J Ai
Grand Ledge Le dge X L O O F convened con ened 1 lt fib
tgular semiannual seIIianJlualsesEionla session last tI night Iht
t Odd Fellows Hall
The The report of f Grand Grand Master Master W H g r
eNlel lelshowed I showed increase la tithe the rceIIt mem m
lershi ers hipoithe p of the orders arde t
iegtslatloa I Lek bPfs islatioa tttfon teas was enacted far the 50 goT
rnmen cnment o of subordinate subordlnatelo subordlnateloC8 su bordinate Ioti Iotia lodges a D ta C8
Degrees De g + ees Conferre Conferrei Con ferred i d
The following retlr retiring lngr noble noble sends r ref
eive elved the Grand Grani dLoa Lodge ge degree rle de ee Pri Pric4 P Pr r
Haller Harmon Harmony YL YLe1o JodseNb e1o 3 + Sam Sanl c
el f G Taylor Columbia o umb1a Tndg Lods Ao o 10 0 1 j
jf Cunningham Cunningham Cu nlng m J Beacon BeaconLodge Lodge Xok N Ba
5 i 3iA M M J D > JtuUMetropoUs Mull Iu U 3feiropo iTetropolis ys Lodge Lodget Lod t lu N o
5 i Arvfl S Swan Swank k ky y ExcelsicriQdg Exce1s1cr LQdge 2X
7 i and nd J S SM 3few Mewshaw wshaw wshawFhoenbcLo sha J Phoenfc FhoenbcLo Ph Denis X Xi Io i oflga
Jo i o 928 22 r I
The e officers of o f the th Grand GrandIAdge Xodga Lodgeare1 are argil
TV WE V Vt t H McNiel Ic ie3 gr grand id d faster er j J E J m VL
depu deputy de uty ty grand grand paasterj Ma ster Phil PhiUft
Valker ir a1ker grand nd warden W William I11larit P PAl Al
an tn grand g ranii secretary secretaryJ J T1 A B Es Ecpey a peya ey
treasurer F A SUe Site and and nq John JQ M
BrQwn grand representatives 2L E H H He e
2aaterllng Easte rling grand grandJIlarsbal mar marshali shah R R A A Jror xordc ord ordr r r
ran and d dconductor conductor J D > D Lore gran grand grand d
ZVilltam William E Clapp b gr > ji
guardIan W Y L LMQ Mothershead ershea llraisr sran
Lodge Lo g Committees ConI1 ttees
Grand Grand lJl4Lodge Zodge Lodge committees coIIimItteeswerann zeea were an +
Dance d das as as follows
Credentials CredtntfalsJ lsJ J B B Ward James G G
Durfey and d A A B R Vermniion
SupervisIon Super Su rvlSionW vision W W W Millan 3lilIart Joha ToI > n > 1a u
and James HCrewi H Cre Crett
Returns EeturrsN eturn W Wl P Betts Joseph JosephL Josiph I x Par Porgy
ter er er and J T Allison
PrintitigJ Printing gJ J H HNaIIey Nalley a lIey 3 7 T Chin Cois
iolm and J K Davidson Davidsgn
UnaiiceJ Finance J T Pe Pelty lty ± ty TV T w W FowleS
and Enoch Edmonston
State of the order orderPhllip Philip Walk Walker aBer r t <
D 0 J Bradfield radfieId and 3ndJW J W Brewer Br Vi r
Appeals Appea1sEdw Edwii > < B BHay Hay i K R H H5orre11 Sorrett arrel2
md nd TW W E Graves
Bylaws By1awsTheodore Theodore Mead Mead Joseph R Iw
ague and and John Joh J J Cherry
Rebekati lodges JodgesJ J EL Wood E Ji E E
Eisterllng and Thomas 1a5 eJ Gates
The representatives rep1ef1 nt tiyes to the tlie grand lodge t
are re i
Central C ntral Lodge LodgtAbel Lod ° eAbel Abel Bennett E E H H
Ea SasterllngTEIwyn a aterling terlingElw Elacn n Green Gre ML B Hnnd
ley ey W P G Phillips and John B Ward
Washington Lo LodgeJ g T AJlisan 113soA 113soAf p
ames Hughes and andW W T T Gallttier G lliher
Eastern Lodge LodgeJohn John Z I LBr Brown wn wnt t J Z J14 A
B 3 1 Espey E EA A Knorr Frank FrnnkA ALoeff A LOeff Lee
Nottingham and ld J Thomas Tho Thomas mas
ler er J R R R
Pett Ifcmnony etty Harmony Lodge LodgeWilliam WflliamP i liam P Allan 4llit11J n t J
Ed Ed
A Crawford to
Thomas Coon George
L Dunn Thomas J Gates Witliam C c
Hamburgb Herman Kahler Iia hler k W w
MUlan illan George GeorgeS S Stewart John Jo W
Thompson ttompsonand jomps n and Otis Ot1s s W W Wyatt tt
Columbia CoIus nbla LodgeD Ledge = D T SatsQI1C Satse > C A 4
cannon annbn George GeorgeZCollso Z J Calisgn Thomas W
Fowler owler George Qerberlch Ed Edc M G X Grum Grttr GrttrY nnrr n
ley ey John H x Hogan D David v1d W Kec K Kr Y r
D > D Lore H H J 7 Redfield Andrew
Turnb irnbulU trnbt ill ll A a R R YermlllidifJatidiR VermllJ L ermilhdif and R E
f qrr T
WInes Vines U iTnion ian Lodg LodgeRi111am WllllamF m F Brown Wil Vit
liam lain B Hartley 1 H H Nalley T W
WebbJ ebb J T t
Scott lcbtt PhIlip Walker C E
Vebst Febster r an and d James Wooo
Fritnaship LodgeT Lodge T F Brawn Bro Thea Th nd o
doe ore lead Edward T Pelt P tteng1lI dill 1 a and
H i C c Traphasen
Covenant Lodge LQdgeW w S + BeattIe HJ I
w V Brewer BrrR er CW G W Chamberlain J EUls H H
Chamberlain 3 J J Cnerry W
Joseph L I +
C1a la R B Humphre
IrwlD rtt rttp rttp rwin p n Harris Krlck J H McChesney J05
John oho M ptuet Leo S S Schoe Schoerital tal
h Sommers and HenrY Je eber er
p Bradford radio W L
Beacon Lodg LodgeE J W B
Burkhart Joseph R Fao Fague e s S A A Foos Fosse
Edwin dwin B Hay J and Fred A Stier SU r
Metropolis Io LodgeJ H H Ann nand auud
P Betts Jefferson D Bradfieja Bra lfi < Ja F R B
COJUJc Donor F E E Dodson Dodson Ebene Ebenezer zer Ellis
C W Mothersead and R TPUmuhreY Prmnhr ec
Excelsiar LOdgeR Lodge R H H G Bouis a
EdII1orston and J H 1L Eglin
Federal City LodgeJ T
Chisholm D C c Cool Cook W F F pemen D en >
W C H McNiel Mc ieI E E Eo Rankin H W
J H HWood Wood tCoo
Weber reber and tCooeJose
h Bttr
Golden Rule LodgeJosephBur Lodg eJose P
roughs 3H J R Crete C1 Da Qavidson jP
S H G Gtvynne nne J H H Hollyday HollydayW B
Irrl rein I L S Kannand Kann end Jp Joseph ephI I Port Porter K r
LodgeJ B Bowie
Salem and TSr W H H
Dlvidson avldson J S lLEngland AL England
rash N
rdon Lail don Lods Lodge er G Durfey Durfe William
Mothersead and F F E E Rapp
F A 4
amity LodCeSamuel L Howison HowisanT T
Newman ewman R R H H Sorren A A sWebste S ebste
in KG L G W Filson ilson and andC C M M Woolf
Phoenix LodgeWilliam Lodge UD B Eo Graves Grsves
and and C J Fritz
Ho House loose s Finally F inaIl inal1Y y Ado Adopted 1 te d Impeachment pea en1
Articles by a a Close Party P ariY v
Vote > a < > t <
Charles Swayrie s arrie Sme oudge Jixdgeotth of the United
States fates district t tcotu cotu court court t for tlleIlortbern the northern ito iberl
distritt llst idt of Florida Flaridawill will be b Impeached im imp pei peied c ed at
I the he bar bar of the Senate nate of theoffense the ogense ftense
charged in every article articlerepo reported rt by b the the
special committee
H House Dose o r
Bj a narrow narrow
Representatives Represen 1ties so voted oted yesterday eSterdaY y af ¬
ternoon ternoon
had come =
In two days a difference
The letter of
over n er the the proceedings
Ju dge Pardee Pa rdee declaring 1 a Republican Re ub1fcan
House H tious l si should riot impeach Judge
Swayrier Swa w aytte e with Representative Repr esentaUveGro esentative XSros
tenors impassioned speech S ech and an d Repre ¬ t
sentative se11aUeCockrans Cockrans more impassioned d
answer had ha d dsorted served to divide the House
largely largel on on party lines
The su uggestion esiion made by Judge Pardee
na rci a repea repealed rcpeatedmore repeated led more more or le J less 3 s openly In the
lobbies of the House itself self
That enough Pepnbli Republicans ns were e = C finally
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Democrats D ocnlts voting nyc aye
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