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0 ic 0 d i >
w t r
i H
j Partly Parflyc1oudytoni clqiidy l ddOniibtto tonig ht tth to I Bf Tht i fi J Hi W fl tft < fl a trne GET r rliE THE liE Bj BEST T
niorrow rt wt wtiia f aira iia 1d hd co c 811er lder I r a tti ftftgtou gt outmej rHEStfV 4 TIJ fES
As As tfepbrted V S r r rted It Carries arr arries ies 3023518 v o235 o235I8 f I8 Less
Tha ThariC Than riGornm Commiss mm iss ss ToHers nersEstimates Estimates and an d Is
764 7 764856 4856B S Be Below low lQwEx Ex Exected pected p tt d Revenues R Rven ven 1e
P Per rliga tfIDJ DietiSstem 1Yt stetri l 1 Abolished Abo ish d Btic a hd c lfalaries taI Salaries ries on
Lower 40WerS Scale ale Fey F w Liberal LiberalBfQTisi Li beral Piiovisions Pr visions ps
p N1tf1kiptllJ3qilc Munici pal Buildin g H Hit it t Bard t tHard f r d
1 k
Total Totalappr appropriation priation 9i394938 93 9394938whichlz 94938whichis3Q2351 which is 3Q2351865 G5 less than what
w was saskE asked t
For E r Iceeplng keepI ig thePu the Public bl1c Libr liibrary ryo open p pp p on onSl Sundays nda ys and legal boll
aays dayi7oo YS itod
For the public pn 1i night n ghtscho schools J 10 1OOOO 10000 OOO an increase incr o of 2000 OOO
For thesewagEMlisposalB the sewagedisposal system em pumping station statl n9t 97000 oOO
Per p idiem Jfiiem Gn m inen Jn Jnnput inn nput put on ontlE tfcei theanutial annUal Dt IaF salary 5a aqr roll iI with less I s pay for
S most moSt9t mostof p them 4e
tlimit L iarnitpr lt of OfCOstOf cost o of the the new Jl w Anacos An Anacostia acostia tla Bridga rIdga increased in r tlfr from m 250000 0
I to 37o 37OO3 HO p06 On Ont t >
i Fbrr 9lPI play P1Y9ds yp rounda d at atthC thg t public p bl c schools sch < 1500 15
S For FoIofJi official lal postage 7000 7OOQan an I increase 1ncras lc r raseof aseof of 2001 2OOQ
Ins In Insurance nj urance e on nb buildings ldln
Property Pr EPe rt yard and d buildings
Wharfv Wh T barf rt First FItStStre < Street t ari4 arid Georgia Ayenue Ayen ue
Surveyors office ren rent t >
Stable Stablfor forniorgue irforgue s r >
Testing nmteriais for fireproof buildings i j
ooktypewrite iorRcordero11eeaV
J t Surveying jgW r burial 1rialgr ground Un fo jf for or indigent i Ilqigeilt dead de
Ki 5 KiW Kiq P W o J fographic q raphi0 phJC copies opiesofstreetsof of Streets of Washln WashIn Washington onv on < iibd1vIsions bdi ll 9p f
Paying vingxoads roads un under der permit system 1
ImP Improving t vin gBun Bunker er Hill Hill Road crossing crQss lng VJ >
Plats Fia of f subdivisions bdiv sion s soutsideot outside outsideot ot W Washington shin iton J j f
pare Care of bridges St > jll IlV >
Sixteenth Street bridge across Piney Branch r j
Arizona Avenue sewer g
X Labor abor fuel etc for sewage sew ige pumping purnplngstation station r 5
Surveys for harbor front gi = itJI 3 0
Bathing Beach improvements f H
Public comfort stations and their pare i j U
Pu Public blic playgrounds > f
Inves In rnvestlgation ves tigation of ofmeta1Iic metallic construction conditions conditio ns < v
Extending Extendingfirealarm firealarm system j
Replacing magnetotelephone switchboards
Storehouse Storehouseat at Gr Great atFalls Falls for Washington aqueduct aqueduct t
Surveys for additional conduit from rom Great Great Falls F s <
Filtration Fi1t rntIon plant x 1 J
Evening venlng lectures le tures in schools v Di v iiiLt y ysSf sSf I
Tacation Ya tion schools t
Higfepressure Hig ipre s re fireservice system 9
Additional pound wago wagon tX D > i
Site for pound f H r jlk i v
Erection of pound d si
Stable Stabl for smallpox ho hospital pital > > Ji Si
Additions dditions to Reform School U
Repairs Municipal and Hospital additions additionsto a to C Columbia iumbla iumblaH H Hospital OSPI f f I j
Central Dispensary and Emergency Hospital = > 5
Eastern stern Dispensary
The The Womens Clinic Y rs I
Washington Home H me for Incurables
Representative McCleary reported rep rtedto to
tHe t1 House Ho se this afternoon ternoon the District
appropriations approprla lons bill qm
It Itappr appropriates prlates for the District cx ¬
penses penesdullcs daring the fiscal fis cal year 1956 59394 9394 9394
92S 9 ivhlch 1s 1s3023 3O2351 3023ol5GI lSC i less than the
amount am unta unLaskt4 aske4 kltor or by the Districf Com C m
inlsisoncrs in their estimates est1mat trans ¬
mitted m1t cd lest October to the Secretary
pf p the theTrcasur TreasUry and later sent by by him
to the House Committee on A ApproprJa ppropria ¬
tions lonsw1th with the recommendation that they
be reduced r d cedb by about one and a half mil mu ¬
lions of o dollars
How Knife 1 e Was Ap Applied pIica
In the general generllknI knifing ng to towh1ch which the
Comm omm ornrn issioners estimates were subjected s 1 jected
by thecommltt the committee e the salaries of no
IHstriet mitrictofflclaJswere DistrlctofUclals officials were increased incxeasedthe the re ¬
quest t fpr pr a i total of 57COEW 7OS6 roSW for the gov ¬
ernments ernmt > nts contingent and miscellaneous
expenses e e c was asri1ct met by the grant oranto399 of 309
210 the S OQO OQOap 000 appropriation roprlat1on asked ked for
the maintenance and equipment of orpub pub ¬
lic 11cp l1 e p laygrounds fag rounds was disallowed dis 110cd only
Z3IQO 23600 was wa given lven to the Washington
Aqueduct A < u d dct ct while w ne 144000 144000 was desired for
It the J2114593 2 21145 1145 J requested for the public
schools was wa cut to to 171 171583 S3 the 750000
f tor r a hjghpressure hJghpre sure nreservlce system sstcm
was denied dcnledand and the JS36015 S56015 015etlmated estimated for
the Police Department was cut to
S82S175 8281
The complete completecontr control l of the Reform
School SchooltorBos for Boys is given to the De ¬
partment artrncntot artment of Justice and similar control
ot Freedmiins Fr dm na Hospital Is turned tu l11 cd over
to t the De partment of the Interior
Hospitals Cut Down
The bill omits pm1tsthe the specific specltlcappronrla appronrla
lions of f315fIJO 515COO 15OOO and n < 2000 2000 for the Central
Dispensary D13pensa rYand and Emergency Hospital and
tbe t pc EaslernI1spenSary Eastern Dispensary respectively
and andpro proposes probses bslsirisleadan instead an appropriation of
SloQQO li iouq > OOQ to enable the Board of Charities
to tQPtovjQ provJde provj i rpr fprernergency 9rcm mersrency encnrR care and treat
menX 2nen n cf and an l tOT or dispensary service to
indigent Indlgcntpatentsundercontracts patients under contracts or
agreements agre n znent ents TIth wlthhospitals hospitals and dispen ¬
saries no n9 part of said sum however howc er
loiWused t Uaec1 to establish or maintain any
i hospital or dIspensary not now existin
in the DIstrlctot District of Columbia
The proposed change unifies the
system of medical charities in the DIs
trict in that it brings them all
the contract system
All per diem employes c npl YEs under the loca
government Iv rnmntarc arc put on annual salaries
the change resulting In almost over er
instance in a reduction of pay to th
employes pmpl cI concerned
For Opening Library
Among the few Items allowed is
appropriation of 1700 1700 for keeping
Washington Public Library Llbrnr open on iiol
idays and Sundays
Also for the night schools of the DF
I i trict trIctSlOOOOiS 810000 10000 is appropriated while Wh He onl
I II 58000 is allowed for the present presen t year
Acting on the strong
of the Board of Education the commit
tee has ms set et aside a > lde SlroO 1500 for
certain public school playgrounds to b
used by the children of the respectiv
i communities c during vacation yncatlontlme time
In lieu of the thcappr appropriations prJatlons
fore made of 51200 1200 for a
and 3500 500 for Improvement and protec
tion of the harbor and river front fro n t th
bill proposes an appropriation of
I for expenses of the harbor patrol in
eluding c1udn an additional lieutenant of
lice to be harbormaster and an flIl add
dional sergeant of police together wit
four employes required to to operate tli
harbor h rbor police boat bc > at
For Sewer Extension
Comparative liberal provision is mad
i for the sewer extension system In tli
i northwest nort wcRt part of the city c1t t and 9iOOO 97000 j
Sallowed allowed for the sewagedisposal
ing station
The amount of expenditure allowed
the contract work on the new fleS
Building Is however hard hit Th
Commissioners Ccmmls loncrs asked for SCOOOOO to b
used us d during the fiscal year ear 1906 and
I committee allowed only onl 3 JOOOO 000
j In the matter of appropriations
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Try PIsos Cure for asthma It often r
lleves at once 25 2Scentsdv cents cent8AdV Adr
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fr frr r
T TTT TT I 4 2 I I
t 7 q L
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I I tu
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4 I I Ii i i IIl Ii I JJ 1
I 5 1tTft WI M RR BftYAN YA
I l >
Exchange o ofP1esant f Pleasant Greet ¬
ings Between J3etweenTheln Them
Thinks Important Public Questions
Should S Should 1o UIdi Be Be Decided Independent
S of f Political Political Bearings B Bearings
I i William 1I1 = Jennings jennl gs Bryan cal1 called d on
Pr President esident Roosevelt ROosdvt Cl sev ± lt lt this morning t to <
pay pa y his h sresp respects ects and incidentally tolc told
him himthat hixrithathe that he Indorsed i rdorsed his pcsition pt1sitlon sitIon on sev se ¬
eral ralquest1ons ral questions pf Qtlegislation legislation now pend
I ing ng
The meeting of the twicedefeated
candidate candidate of the Democratic Democraticpart party an and <
the President was interesting Air
Bryan had an engagement with Senator
Jones of Arkansas Arlmnsasformer former chairman o of
the Democratic national committee t to <
see the President w wIth ith him
ilr Bryan arrived at the White House <
before Senator Jones who came later
and joined him in the Iabinet ablnetroom room rOom
where the President was talking to i a
large number numbero of visitors Saturday be
ing n ng reception day
Cordial to o Bryan
Mr r Bryan was cordlally received by b
both Republicans and Democrats who
happened ha pened at the White House In fact
he received what might be termed ar an
l ovation The first Senator Mr Bryan met a at
the doorstep doorst ep of the Executive Office
was Senator Cullom Their greeting
was hearty heart Both Mr Bryan and Sen
i I ator Cullom were reared in the same
neighborhood and have for a long tlm time
been personal pcr onal friends
I You arc looking well Mr Ir Bryan
I Isaid said Senator S < nator Cullom
Yes replie replied d Mr Bryan I am ir In
exceedingly good health 11t altlJ but 1 am grow gl W ¬
ing a little stout
Yes said Senator Cullom you OU ar arc < <
growlrg larger in more ways than one
1 am am hoping for you and and in tlm time <
I trust you will get around to the right
1 side sfd alien you will be beaU all right
Amon gthc Senators who greeted Mr
Bryan were re SenatorS Proctor Stewart
and Clapp A large number numb r of Ropre
Continued Continu d on Second Page
The depression that thatWus was over eaatcri ea tCrI
Nebraska N ebrusJa Friday morning has moved mov d t tt <
C the he southern portion OttJon > of the lake lal rojjioi 1 < glor
without increased development It 1 t ha
I caused eausc < d general gcner l though light snows I ix
I the lake region and ana upper Mississpij lH sisspl
e S I valley and there were also light snow I10W
i in the Northwest
0 j I Temperatures > have fallen consklerabl cOflsiderabl1
I In New England and in scattered place
in the West and Northwest They Th y hav
t L risen oer the greater portion of th thi
1 country countr and do o not differ much from th tho
e o
i seasonal average
1 There is another storm on the nortl
Pacific l const and rains have > been b on gen
erul In California
e e There Th rc will be snow tonight and Sun
e B day In the lower Ihke ipi ke region r gion and rail
or snow this thlsattcrnoon afternoon or tonight i II
S the northern portion of o the middle At
I Ilautlc I lantic states In the Ohio valley valle and th
South the weather will be b fa ir
r Jt will be colder cold r in the Ohio valle
II i and lower lo er lake region and a 1d colder c < ldEr Sui i
e I day daIn in the middle Atlantic States
e I Sunsets Sun sets today 50
Sun rises rl ls tomorrow 71 j
Ir r I j
Low tide today toda y 224 p m
I High tide today S21 p m
x Low tide tomorrow 201 a m 314 p m
High tide tomorrow 850 a m 310 9109 1O p m
Mf ii17AiT STATUE l MUE rlV U > t QF F INGMJS IN G ftLL 11 I C
S c > t >
C t m mcinIes n es irlS irlSenate in Senate enate and h dH Hous tis Senator
2 Lon g gSpeaksfor Speaks for Kansas in in Eulogy plogyof plogy of
Dead Oea d Statesman Statesm n Poet and Author
0 Master l ster of human destinies desti 1i am amI I v O
Fame Fame love and fortune on my footsteps s wait vait v i
Cities and fields I walk I penetrate
Deserts Des Desrtsand rtsand and seas seas remote and passing pa si 1g by b g
Hovel ovel and mart and palace soon or late f l
I knock unbidden once at every gate
If sleeping wake wakei if feasting rise rise before i 1
I turn away It is the hour of fate 7 >
And d they 5 5S S who ho f follow 110W ms nl2 reach every ever e erv state A J
Mortals desire and conquer every es er foe v I
Save death but those who doubt or hesitate
Conaemned to failure penury nenur and an fiwoe woe
i Seek eek me in vain and andu3elessly uselessly implore V 0
S I answer not and I return no more
1 Services St v1ces in inconnection connection with 1th the recep ¬
tion by bCongress Congress from the State of
I Kansas of the statue of John James In
Senator from that State
I galls late a
I I Iwere were held in the Senate at 1230 oclock
I and afternoon began In th the House at 3 oclock this
Mrs Ingalls with her three daughters
and a son was here to take part in n the
ceremonies Of the Senators who were
members of that body at the same time
with Mr tr Ingalls there are only eighteen
now left Senator Long representing
the the State from which Mr Ingalls Ingallscame came
was the first speaker and offered ap ¬
propriate pr priat resolutions
The party part of relatives and near friends frl t1 s
consisted of Mrs Irs Ingalls her son Shef
fted Ingalls In lls her soninlaw < Robert
Porter Spick of Philadelphia Philad < lphia whose
wife May Ingalls died several > years ears
ago a 01Irs Mrs E G Blair of Kansas City
W v T B Nelson editor of the Kansas u
City Star Stilru u Mrs rs Nelson and Miss Iss Nel ¬
son Thomas Ryan Assltant Secretary
of the Interior Joseph L rBistow and
Mrs Bristow Brsto eGorge R Peck Mrs 1r5
Chester I L Long wife of Senator Long
Mrs trs Grecr widow WldO of the former Semi ¬
I tor tram Iowa Iow pnd md who is s entertaining
Mrs Irs Ingalls and the wives of Kansas
members of the House
Program in the House
1 In the House Representative feeder
of Kansas Kausasoccupled occupied the Speakers chaii
1 I during the proceedings and the be order
I of exercises provided for addresses by b
IRepresentatives Representatives Curtis Kansas Clark
Missouri Gibson Tennessee T nnessce Bower
I seek Kansas AViley Vt Hey Alabama Hamil ¬
ton Michigan I1chi an and xiti d Scott Campbell Mil ¬
I ler Calderluad and Murdock of the
Kansas delegation <
The statue which hlch is already alread in position
I in statuary hall is of marble and nd is
a striking likeness It represents the
late lat Senator standing erect < rect with his long
frock ro = lc < coat oa t buttoned closely closel his still
I longer lon er overcoat open openhl his r rrl right rl bt hand
L holding gloves and thrust partly within wiuu in
his coat while the left hand extended
slightly behind < 1him him lingers the leaves > of
a book resting on a nstand stand
Long L ng Eulogizes Ingalls
Senator S nator Long In his speech to the Sen ¬
I ate at spokft of the eighteen years of serv ¬
ice that Ingaljs had passed In that body
from 1871 to 1 lE91 31 of his high a appreciation ppreciatlor
of the great dignity of thcofUce the ofllce and of
Ills disappointment l when whenthi the ti vicissitudes yIc lssitude
of Kansas Kansaspolltic politics brought big hl term to
a close
It was wluit w at he did here said Sen ¬
ator Long Lo which fixed fix d his place Inhi5 in his
tory and caused C61 s ed the peopl people e of Kansas t V
proceed within three years elIS of his death
to select him as the States tates rtrst contri
button to statuary hall
He Je was wa the greatest gr atestorator orator our Stat
has pro produced < u J While he lived he wa
our most famous citizen In literatur
he has no peer ucer1n in the State and bu
few in the country c urry
His lIisPoem Poem Opportunity t u
Had Iad he never made a speech or writ
ttn tt another line during his entire lift
time tfnieSenatorLong Senator Long said s ld Ingalls In gaUs poe
on Opportunity would give > Ivc him fam
as long as the English Eng L h tongue i I
spoken Continuing Mr lr Long said
In the discussion of questions qu Uons grow
ins lag out O ut of othe the Rebellion R war a and nd in th
1 Ipersonal personal debates he was always al s hear
with pleasure by b the Senate and lIsten
I I ing galleries ll1erles to the great delight of hi 11
I Iconstlttientsandtdendsat Iconstituents constlttientsandtdendsat constituents rtv > crrlrtrfMt2 and nr l friends ffoTii at nt home > irtTni 1Hr Thos e
j who served with him know kno his power power
I I of Invective an 8 n d his skill kUl in debate
1 1 In the zenith of his fame he nev nee <
j waiueti wante i for iin tn audience either on th thl
i ifloor floor or In the galleries The House e eJ J <
t Representatives Hcprcs nt tles wits often ften left vithoi
a quorum and this chamber Chn mber was ttlk till
I to overflowing by y its members wh
1 wished to hear what he had to sa a
They rhe vAire rc never disappointed for 1 b
was a s always interesting iuterestin g and entertainin
I in public and private speech
Death of Statesman
I As the political poli cal end d had come j s
L at last lastc came cain nethe the end of life lIfe For sc
Ir tral ral tl years his t s health be 1It 1 had been failin
and under un uxuer er the advise of his hi physician ph siclur
I he le It1t ft uis it t is i home in Kansas and wei w r
to the mcm mcuritains ni ns of New Mexico hnptr Oplll
I there to llndTellef tind Jcllcf from the fatal di
ease It wiLSiict w nlt so O to De ala on x
gUst 1C JG IKK 1P with fnly nly his faithful wi
by b his bedside he breathed his last 1lstaI1 ar
wont to the urdiscovered jr n liscovere l country
And today tod3 aKnsans will be gratith gr iUtI
to know that while the voice of John
Ingalls In aUs will wql be heard no more yet j
I cold marble but in striking and perfe
likeness he has ascended his pedestal j
the old hall of the House of Represe
titives there to remain for all tutu
time as a worthy and fitting contribi
tion to that historic h t01lc assemblage
Addresses were also i lso delivered by b Se
ators ator < Allison lIIsonCockrell Cockrell Platt ot Co
nectleut Gorman Spooner and Dani <
who served servedln in the tJeSenatcwith Senate with Mr I IJ
j 3i 5 to Baltimore and Return xi I
I Icnnsylvenii Railroad Rar oad Saturday sa turd ay a ax I
Sunday SUUd lY tickets good on all trains truin e
l eept cpt Conrre Congressional sional Limited and soc
I for return until Sunday night nlghtAd Adv
WorJin Wofkin Wthgmen gmen g 1T 1Ten en Select Bodyguard of 400 to
Protect Nicholas If He HeWill Will Confer
With Them About Troubles
crisis J risis Comes Tomorrow To morrow When W iehPetitiol1 Petition
S c Mlill Will ill Be Bef Presented PresentedThe > t s 1ted The T Socialists G Hsts
v h > 14 A V
t J fF j Urge 1 1r r g ge Rev Revolution luti t1 fe < 4
u 1
The he police of St StPetersburg Petersburg are carrying carryingo put utthep the prefects ec t procla
i jnatlonprbhibitingthe matlon prohibiting theho1d the holdings I1g5ofmassmee of mass mee jirigs tings ± in and 18ve have put their
ban on all gatherings arranged by the strikers fars for today at the Peoples
Palace a1ace and Vassili Ostruf
Violent VIolent socialist proclamations are arebeng being circulated circl1la circulatedtoday ted todayca1iing today calling
for fora a general I uprising As As1 116 iO plans are proposed pro po sed the proc pr proclamations oClamatio lamations n
are having absolutely absolute1YIlO no effect e ffectonthe on the strikers
A regiment of UhIands were today drafted into the Winter WinterPa1aee Palace
for the th further i rther protection of th the Czar Several SeveraIgUns Severalguns guns are l being beingprepared prep prepared red
for mounting in the palace courtyards
Hundreds of students are today todayj joining ining the ranks ranksof of the strikers
At Ata a number of o meetings yesterday even evening ing these students in com c9Di ¬
pany with a large largenumber number of the strikers raised the cry fuiof of Weiv3Jit We want
no more war What Is Manchuria t to us usr r
ST STPETERSBtJRG PETERSBURG Jan Jan21 Jan212 21 2P 2 PM R Mne MT1 Tbe opinion opinion is rapidly pjy
growin g that th tthe the government vfllbe viIlbeto compelled nipeIIed to concede con cede the thed de d ¬
mands ri m mds of ofthe f the strikers
The Th strikers stryc c hayeioiiSed y yot notiij i th the government ove nmtei1ttha that fhthey fil1eYl1ayeselecte4 ihey Jiaye baveselecte4 selected
a co corpjof rp Qf 400 piW piener ie Jyffi Who v m ct as asabo4guffrd 4l JY < 4 t toxn 4 Czar za 7 IA
me ffl event v tof Is igfeemg ing1o io confFiffi m f vitIrt1leTrlea
The Thert Thertemb hc members emb rsof of this bodyguard have ltlCesWbzntQsacr sworn to sacrifice ifi eifie their r lives iive
for the Czar in fulfillin fulillliflgthis g this guarantee guar ntee of his safety Should he con ¬
sent to a Conference onference they will surround hun him completely an in d prevent
any anYQfanihilisticframe ou ofanihillstic nihilistic frame frameofmind of fmind muid getting anywhere an ywhere near Ms smajesrys majesr majestys s
Demonstration emo str at ion Spreads Sprea ds
Strikers Are Yet Calm Ca lm 1 1SrTzkers
ST PETERSBURG Jan 21 2110 10 a a
m mTtie The Th strike movement continues
to spread in all directions and it itjs itis is es s ¬
timated that fully 50QOOO workmen
have now quit work in St Petersburg
and the various towns
Delegates from roin the workingmen of
Moscow loscowand and Libau arrived Arriedln in St St Pe ¬
tersburg this morning on the mission
of securing the cooperation of Father
Gapon in calling out the employes of
I I those towns
Str Strikers ikers Are Calm
The strikers assembled in lathe the streets
early this morning and continue to
show a complete lack of truculence
They are marching about quietly dele del
gallons visiting the various factories acto es j
persuading the employes etnplo es to cease
1 Secret police have been assigned t5lgn oo to I
I Ifollow follow the strikers trikers and keep the authori ¬
ties in touch with everything t tha that is i
done don Thus far these officers have shown
t no Inclination to interfere in any way
with the peaceful propaganda which the
strikers arc ar carrying out out
May Be Forced Into Service
Considerable anxiety anx1et is felt regarding
I Ithe the att attitude ftude tude of the therailn railway and tele tele
e j graph gmphcmplOYcs employes whose adhesion to the
strike would disorganize the whole
country It is understood if they join
the strike the government would call
C them to t o join the colors as reservists
and = then th n order them to return to work
under underarm army regulations If they refuse
to comply with this demand they will
e be treated trcate as deserters from the army arm
S None of the printers who ho verO vere cri yes
terday persuaded to quit work have iave lVe re re ¬
r turned tUrl ed to their pests p ts and as result
5 I St Petersburg is today tOcla without a news n w
i I paper Socialists ci cillsts llsts are urging a general up ¬
I rising Students have joined lit the
o 1 demonstration The police prevent
me m meistinas Hin tlns of strikers strik > rs in conformity with
c theproclamation th the proclamation of the prefect of police
n Socialist Sccia list Manifestos
The manifestoes m mlfcstocs Issued by b the tl social ¬
IsiS ist read
c Ve have suffered enough
Comrades let us U > join the St St Poters eters ters
resolved rcsrhcdas as on one
I bur burg workmen who have
man to stand ftrnsly 1rr > y for their jus just
i iman
I rights
I o oW W want ant elective legislative asse assem in
5 biles ies
VDown + o Down with autocracy
d e i j I Down with the war
U Long live the Russian socialist
Resting in Afternoon
There was some somerIotbg rioting this thiS afternoon teinoon
A number of strikers forced orced an entrance
to several of r the factories where work
had fuldbeen been continue The strikers smash ¬
ed eu the mac machinery hinery and maltreated the
This ThIsman1testation manifestation of disorder has
caused tUBed < considerable anxiety an det as in i some
quarters it is feared it presages the
abandonment ab donm t of the peaceful propa propa ¬
ganda and ncl the t e restoring to violent
means m
It Itls is reported the government has has
arranged a rmged for or soldiers to occupy all the th
bridges brld es over the river to prevent
strikers from rom crossing cro g Into the aristo axisto ¬
cratic craticpart part of o the city in the event eentof o of
the strikers showing a disposition to
carry carr their parading to totha that district
Rumors of Conflict
All kinds of rumors were were current this
afternoon but butriiost most of them have
proven unfounded un founded One report had it 1
thatrloting that rioting bad occurred at the Pu Put t
r rlotI loft Iron Works orks ana and that the th manager
load been assassinated Another had it
1 that the Warsaw and Baltic Balt c railways
had been sopped soppedolng owing to the defection de ection
of med eJ eJh the h employes Both repors are lr de d
Tne committee of the strikers s lkcrs union
have issue instructions tha t everything every iing
be done donet quietly uietl as possible p ss ible and tnatno tn at no
I violence oe otrere3 ottere the police
Tttiffic Trw c in the streets nas hardly hardhbeen been
I Iintertered interfered With by the strikers but
the public is growing nervous and ex e
cited Icaring that this quiet propa ¬
ganda gan ll cannot last
Guarding GIar ding Gopan
The strikers have received a a report
that the government goenlmentlntends Intends to toaTeSt arrest
I Father Gapon their tl1 r leader A body
guaru guam 1ru of forty stalwart men me1has has been
I appointed to accompany the priest
everywhere and protect him from jr xn of ¬
ficial fi < ial interference
A deputation de putation of three strikers went
I to Tsarkoselo 3 yesterday esterdn evening in an
I endeavor to delivertheworkIn deliver the workmens ns pe pc ¬
t tition to the Czar so his ma jesty jestymlght might
have a full day da to consider considerit it before the
demonstration on Sunday It has not
transpired whether the deputation saw
the Czar The report of their visit will
oe kept keptse secret et until it is i3presented presented to
the meeting of the strikers strikerspIanned planned for
this afternoon
u d
i Crisis Comes Tomorrow
In Riot Demonstration
ST PETE PETERSBURG SBURG Jan 21 1GO 21Govern Govern rn ¬
ment officials nrofess ofess no alarm regard
Ing tomorrows proposed > demonstration
s t before bt > or the th winter palace Despite these
1 Q < J i professions of security securlt It can be said
S d d j with authority that everywhere the oc
I currence is awaited with abated breath
There is not the th slightest question that
I Ithedemonstr1tion Ithe the thedemonstr1tion demonstration may ma prove the end
lor I of the th Industrial Industiatcrisis crisis or equally as
I readily th the beginning of a revolution
I IreadllY I which will shake Russia to her founda ¬
t tions
t Should the demands of the strikers or or
their theirpetitton petition which they the purpose inUid luin

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