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r rW W J Y f r Z w c o FJ C d
Clark Skated Over Ice That
Was Too Thin
Other Accidents Acciden ts Occur in Attempts to
Pull PuUBoy Boy Out of f the Eastern East rn
Attempting Utempt1n to o skate across the thin
lee in the channel c annel of the Eastern
Branch John Clark fourteen years old
and living at 121S Eleventh street south ¬
east brolethrOug broke through h the Ice
Attempts to rescue him resulted in Ir
the plunging of four other otherbo boys s in the th
icy waters
For almost half an an hour Clark kept
his head a above bove the surface by holding ho1din
on to a acnke cake of ice which while hlle sup ¬
porting him himwas was not n pt strong enough io t
bear his we weight ight 0
Clark was wasfina1ly finally pulled out and taken
to the Providence Hospital
How it Happened
About 5 50 oclock clockyesterdaY yesterday afternoon afterno on
Clark started d across across the Eastern Branch
on his skates to Join some so ne companions
on the other side In spite of the warn ¬
ings of other skaters Clark kept on
making for the wharf of the gas works
near the th foot of Twelfth street south ¬
Near the shore at a t this point there is
a a strip of thin ice Clark was skating skatlr
fast when he struck this and was al ¬
most half way across a Cros when the ice be b ¬
gan to crack
Several friends had skated out to meet
him They hey shouted to him to go back ack
but the th boy refused to listen Taking Taklnga Taking a
short shorts stroke s troke he he a attempted ttempted to cross the th
remaining strip strl > with a dash but had ha
hardly started when the ice i e broke br qke
Clings to an Ice Floe
Clark plunged into intot the e freezing freezing water
and was lost to sight only to reappear
holding tightly to a piece of ice which w ich
was only strong enough to keep his
head out of the water Time and again
he attempted to crawl to safety on one
of the big ig cakes floating fioatingwithineas1 within easy
reach Each time they gave way be ¬
neath nea h his weight
The boy was soon surrounded by a o
crowd of skaters Among the first firstto t to
go to the boys aid was Harry Shep ¬
herd seventeen years Jearsoldand old and living at
1011 K KStreet Street southeast He started out
boldly boldl but buthimse himse lf bro ke through when
more than a dozen feet away from
Clark Luckily the solid ice was was wasonly only a a
few feet behind him and reaching it he
drew himself to safety
Albert i Luckett fourteen years ears old of 01
1207 G G street soitheast sOIth a8t and William
Flaherty fifteen years old of 1211 I 1
street streetsoutheast southeast tried to creep cautious ¬
ly over ovclthe the thin sheet of ice They hey had
almost almostreache reached the boy when whenth their ir com ¬
bined weight proved too great a t strain
on the ice j < e It bro broke ke and both were were
plunged into the water almost directly
save in front i nt of the boy they were wer tr tnt trying ying g to t
Brought F911g1 ugt a J1 aRope T Hope pe > t L u
Attracted Attrn ted by the cries cri S s for aIdT aida aidflarry Harry rr
Bailey BaIl k the tb keeper or a nearby n ear y boat b at
house walked out tJn on the ice ic e saw the
boys plight and hurried off in insearch search
of a piece of rope He returned with it
on the run and found several sev ralmeIi men eiri en
poyed in the gas house homleattell1pting attempting a
rescue by means of a plank which they
had secured
At Uevery every attempt to crawl out to the
halfdrowned boys the ice bent in ina a
threatening t reatening manner At length Luckett
and Flaherty were rescue rescued d and taken to
the gas house There they tl ey were werestripped stripped
rubbed and reelotheoL
Clark was still in the th frozen water
and was rapidly becoming exhausted
when John JohnPerslngsventeen Persing seventeen years old
and living at 1117N 117 N Street southeast
saw the crowd croWd and investigated He tied
a skate to the end of the rope furnished
by b r Bailey and nd made p1adeseveral several casts At
length he succeeded in landing it direct ¬
ly in front f nt of Clark
The latter however had both his hands
enjployed in keeping his head above the
water and could only take the skate be ¬
tween his teeth
This helped but little The boy was
to too p exhausted to aid in his own rescue
His lips almost immediately froze to the
skate which had been thrown him l rn
Goes After Clark
Persing then fastened the end e1dof of the
rope around his waist and started
toward the theboy boy Farther and farther
he walked until it seemed to the watch ¬
ing crowd that the thej ice e would not break
with him
Just as he reached the opening
caused by the previous falls however
lie dropped with a splash He came
up in a a moment and grabbing Clark by
the shoulders assisted him to a plank
which some one had shoved out in readi ¬
ness On the plank Clark Clarkwas vas seized
by l > ya a dozen waiting hands and was
pulled out just as the ambulance of the
Providence Hospital arrived
Cheer after cheer was sent up as Per ¬
sing Eingat at great ris risk k to his own life de ¬
liberately walked out on the thin ice
on his way to the rescue Clark safe
however he immediately departed d < parted for
his home where dry clothing was put
en and the incident apparently forgot ¬
In his rescue Persing was assisted by b
James Harbin nineteen years old and
living at 1328 Eleventh street southeast
Harbin ventured far out on the ice and
caught Clark as he h was lifted out of
the water by PersJng The ice strained
by b the double weight bent dangerously
and cracked in such a threatening mar ¬
ner that many spectators feared the
work of the two rescuers rescuers would go for
naught and that all three would be
plunged in the frozen stream
Boy Will Live
His hands an d feet frozen and uncon ¬
scious from exposure Clark was finally
brought to dry land Some one in the
crowd produced a flask and whisky was
poured down the unconscious boys
throat in an effort to revive him He
rallied but butsUghtly slightly and was hurried
to the hospital where for a time it was
feared he would die from the effects
of his long and terrible exposure
He yielded Ielded to treatment however and
was this morning reported greatly gren tly im ¬
proved The attending physician says sa s
Clark passed a quiet night and will
unless pneumonia should s hould develop develoPI I be
able to return to his home within a
reasonable time
The Washington Ur College of Law will
give its eighth annual banquet at
Rauschers Saturday evening cvenln next The
Hon TV Y Yo o B Heyburn Senator from
Idaho will be the guest of honor and
respond rel > pond to a toast
Arrangements for the banquet are In
the hands of the class of of1WQ 100 and its
president Mrs Gertrude Ballard Fow ¬
ler will act astoastmlstress The other
h 1 members of the class arc William W
Bon Durant Mrs 1lrsEl1i Ella D Gates Miss Ilss
Grace Garriott Miss F Mattlngly
Lewis MIss Mary E Lazenby and Miss
Edna EdnaJ J Spoftord
The dean lean of the college Mrs Ellen
S Mussey will preside It = Is expected
that tb t the alumnae of the college will also
be present
t <
A 4
S Si
t IWr
9 LI i ki
S s
Assisted Assis AssistedJohn fed John Persing Persingiil in Gallant LifeSav Ying ing Deed ced on the Eastern Branch
Treasury T easury Offic ial InformsPresident Informs In forms President of
S Intention to Retire Remeat at End E d of
Four Years Service
President Roosevelt has received and
accepted a cep ed with withregretth regret regretth the resignation of
Charles H Darling Darlin g gsIstrint Ass Assi Assstant sIstrint i stant Secretary
of the Navy
Mr Darlings fOJIryear term will ex
pIrenext pire next faU falland anti at the expiration or
this th term he will m be beappoin appointed ted collector col1 ctor
of the port of Burlington of the district
of Vermont 7 < c S
Mr Darlings Letter 1
The The following fo llo wing letters le lette letterrerE tte rwer were c exchangcc exchahgc7f exci fr
Navy DenartmenL
Washington February Februap1 1 1905 19O
To the President
I deem de m it best that that I jlhould 1 retire
from fr m the office of Assistant Secretary Secretar of
the Navy at the expiration of four years
service or as near that time as best
suits ults your convenience While the posi ¬
tion tionhas has been one of sacrifice its duties
Thrive l1avebeen been pleasant ple asant and Interesting
It has been a special privilege to
have Rve held this office under your admin ¬
istration Istratlonconsplcuous conspicuous for the great greatde de ¬
velopment velo pmentof of the navy Your Yo r personal persona
I leadership d rshIp has been beenan an Inspiration and
ah n incentive to ones best bestefforls efforts
o oJ J shall also 1i live happier because because of
the fr friendship ie dship of Secretaries Secr tariesLong Long
Moody and Morton under whom whom I have
served S
I greatly appreciate the personal
1tlnd kindness 1essandconsideration and consideration which you
have shown me and shall retire from
the office with deep regrets
I beg to toremain remain most respectfully
S Assistant Secretary
The Presidents Reply
White House Washington ashington
S Fe February ruan r 1 1905
My 1I ry Dear Mr Darling You have been b m
a particularly painstaking hardwork ¬
ing i g and efficient public servant in your your youi
position as Assistant Secretary Secretar of the th
Navy I am a nsorry sorry that you are to re r e ¬
tire from this pos position ition and I am un ¬
willing to have you sever your connec ¬
tion with the public service I know
that it Ii has been a sacrifice for you OU to o
come to Washington and it s s my pur ¬
pose when your resignation takes effect
to appoint you collector of the port of
Burlington of the district of Vermont
1 Sincerely yours ours
i Hon Charles H Darling Dar ling Assistant
i Secretary of the Navy Nav
Dr Bulls Couih Cou gh hSyrup Syrup receives
stronger testimonials than any other
similar remedy Every testimonial
published is absolutely genuine and
the proprietors challenge anyone any one to
prove the contrary The he original
letter l tter is on file in their office o ffice for in
epection and can be produced I 1o uoed in
I I every instance S
> >
L Tait Improvement in Be
J 5 5L 5 > Urg Urges
S halfOf Methodist ethodist University
Other District Bills
J r L Tait representing represen ting the Methodist t
University U iversfty and property owners along
the line of the he proposed extension of
Massachusetts avenue avenueappeared appeared today
before the House Committee on the Dis ¬
trict trlctof of Columbia and asked a favor ¬
able report on Representative RepresentatlvePearres Pearres Pearre
bill to extend the avenue from Wiscon Vise on ¬
sin sin to to Boundary avenue
The District said saidMr Mr Tait can
get gettheIand the thelund land necessary for the theexten eaten ¬
sion much cheaper now than would woul l be
possible possibleln in the future
The property owners owners are now nowreadY ready rOady
to dedicate 75 per percent cent of the land need ¬
ed ca l and the District would have to con ¬
demn 35 per percent cent of it This condemna ¬
tion the District Commissioners esti ¬
mate would cost 22000 but it might be
The improvement would S be bea a a great
he help lp to the university but ut there The
institution needs a direct means of
egress and ingress along Massachusetts
avenue aven e which was intended for the
great avenue of the city cft
It will take three years to complete
the extension extenslonand and we earnestly camestlydeslre desire
to begin at once OIice
The committee before the meeting was
over authorized favorable reports on
three thre local bills as follows
To T establish bUs a railroad r yard ard at Cana l
street streett tne t1 t1space space to be gotten from the
Philadelphia Baltimore and Washing ¬
ton Railroad Company permitting the
Washington Market Company to lay a
conduit across Seventh street west and
to close and open an alley in square SOG
Mr Cowherd was authorized to taaffei offer
on the floor of the House an amendment
to the bill favorably reported by the
committee to extend Nineteenth street
from Woodley road to Mintwood place
The amendment runs the extension as
far as Baltimore street several hundred
feet beyond b yond Mintwood place
The committee did not consider considerin in any
way the M street crosstown railway
bill m
Chief Engineer Belt of the Fire De ¬
partment has recommended that the age ag
limits for applicants for forpositfons positions on the
force be changed from twentythree and
thirtyfive years ears to twentyone and
thirtythree years ears
This will have the effect of reducing
the age limit which Chief Belt thinks tI nks
Is in the Interest of good service
Accept r No Su bstitute
Always ask for Dr Bulls
Syrup and have nothing else Do
not tako the substitute tar or white
pine mixture whic h a druggist dru ggist offers
you because beca se it pays him himbott better bott r Nee N ec
essarily essaril y it must be b e made of
ingredients and will not cure
PHILADELPHIA Feb Feb2Fireearly 2 2Fire Fire early
this morning m rning des dcstroyed troyed the chart room
at the Cramps shipyard shipr s d dand and dlddanagl did dlddan damage agl I I
estimated at about 525003 2O O J One fireman
was was inJured I
1 Th The ° building contained the working w woritin rltIng rldn I Iwas
plans for the nCw nOW battleships Idaho and i
Mississippi 1 is SlSSIPPj two twociYd Clyde CiYd e ellneSh ellneShIPS line 11 n eShIPS ships IPS rove ¬ i
nue cutter Galvcston nnd a Venezuelan T j I
1 government boat the theEspanza Espanza Those I
5 InJ J I 1 I I
Constant Reminder to Building In ¬ I
spector Ashford of ofJheDeath ofJhc Jhe 5 the Death
of Pet Project Proj c ct
Building B Ul d Ing Inspector Inspe I n spe tor Snowden Ashford
has h ha a s hung over verhisdesk his desk d es k in ln the t ne District DI sr Ict
1 bu ilding ild iiga iig a copy of the recent ec nt cartoon cart Qn in
The Times portraying the death of of his
pet petpr project pr Me M < C ct t the master builders cxam exam ¬
l ination bill bill in the glare glareofPUbl1city of publicity
Mr 1r Ashford has called the attention
of the Commissioners Commlssfon ers to defective defe ctiy
work T ork in the construction constr U ction oi o Trinity Tr 1ni ty
I Church Takoma Park and andargu argues es from ftO m
this the he h need ne d of such a bill as Is pro pro
P posed Church were were
PTne The chimneys of Trinity
condemned by bthe b the Building Inspector
who received eceiv d notice some time ago from
the Fire Department that the flue in
question q sllon st10 n was liable to cause C am3C fire flr In ¬
spection S pec ton 1 showe sho e d tha that it i t was W as su sup supported pported porte d
I IS on wooden ceiling Joints joIn s and on d not no t in i n nse se ¬
cure condition The chimneys werere we were ere re ¬ I
I moved at a t the th expense expe nse of O f the church ChU rCh
when under the bill the builder would 1
have been held responsible S
I Committee Commi tee Appointed to Canvass the
I City in the Interest of the Organi O ani
I zation za tion Meeting Yesterday Yes day d yo
A meeting was held yester yesterday day after ¬
noon in the Columbia Theater for the
purpose purpo e of dlscussingmeans discussing means by which
the Washington Was hingtonSymphonr Symphony Symphollr y Orchestra Orch stra
nayhe may be further maintained malntainedas as a feature fe tl tlre re
of ofthc Ofthcznusicul = the musical life in the CapitaL Capit a
T Tlerc There lerc were were about fort forty people present =
Discouragement Dis couragement was expressed by tho5 those
and us th the City ity shall not lose ose t11 the Sym i vrn
phony pl m y Orchestra The he heas assembly embly was
t gefiUlne genuinely ire hulnelv in inearnest earnest in Its effort ffortto to solve
tV the th V problem prob ti i iem em
During the afternoon Mr i de Koven
announced dlm he had the promise prom ise of two i
wealthy residents of f WiQhlntrton Washington that that
lf If the the people peo PIC would w wo Uld put Pu t u up p pa a certain c rtam
I I Ilf large la r geamou amount nt they ih Y would 0 Ud con Q1tribute c f1 xitributcthe tribute tri iu t e the t O
same sam e For o or lnst instance In st ncc ncc lf iftiie tHe P peopleo p5ople ople ol o
I Washington W was hington wIlJ wIlJraise will raise raise 10000 each eachs s of
those th se two persons will give a like
amount am
l A committee of citizens citiz s W was appointed aIpoln1ed
consisting of ten members mCp1bers A mee ting
of this committee wIll be held at 445
o oc oclock clock iock this afternoon in the Washing
ton College lege of Music in il1the the Knabe nilbe
building t tld ld
It is the purpose of those directly dir ctIy nv in
terestod in continuing the orchestra to
enlist others in the service servi serv i e of this com ¬
mittee and divide the latter into sub ¬
committees of about four members
Each subcommittee will be assigned to
a section of the city cit and will endeavor
to earn the real disposition of the peo pe o
pIE of Washlnton Washington concerning c ncernlng the r rden ten en
tioi tio of the orchestra The conclusions
of the committee will be further an ¬
nounced ced after the m meeting today
Plans of Battles Ba t tleshfPS hips
Destroyed r d by Flames i
rr T
Chart ChartRoomat Room Poomat at the Cramps C Cramps ramps Shipyard ShiRyardin in Phil Phil
adeiphia G Goes > e Up in Smoke Causing
1 Loss Estimated at 25000
2FireearlYof of the Colorado and Pennsylvania just I
finished and an j the Tennessee fe l1nC5sce now n OW being bein g 1 I
Icompleted completed compl tcd wore also aso hurnedi hurn h
The armored cruiser Pennsylvania Pen nsylvania lay I
directly in the tll path of the thellnmc name and
blazing cinders covered her deck until I Iwas
gstreams streams from fr m two fireboats washed them
overboard I
The rIlCt fire re is supposed t ohave Oha e qrlglnatfl 1rlgnat < > 1
jfrom from a burning cigar stump carelessly
dropped droP c in a toilet toflctroom room
Two miles s west of this tl city i this l even ¬ I
J df
Iing ing while returning l g from nn afternoon e I
of merr m merriment < rrIment iment a sleigh slelg l containing thir ¬ I
Iteen teen t en members of the Ladies L dies Aid So ¬ I
ciety det iety of the Universalist Church was
struck by a a train over the Pittsburg l
Shawmut Shaw mutand and Northern rnllroid railroad d
Six of 0 the occupants cccupantswre were killed in ¬
stantly stantlyfourdlcd four died in the hospital hosIJ ilallater later
and an d three are still in that institution
one of whom will probably die
Ther Thedr1ver driver of the sleigh slelghElijnh Elijah Quick
escaped e = ca ed with a few fewlnjurie 5 injuriex In juries
Nervousness N t4e ervousness e r v o ti s ii e s s
Bead Ee d Tny m y offer otr offera iafUU a full dollars worth W orthof of
iny my Ecmedy Ec cd free ree to tot try trywithout without
deposit do poslt or or risk or prom ¬
iso to pay v
Nervousness fretfulness restlessness sleep ¬
lessnes Irritability irritab1lityali > all are the outward
signs sifls Ig s bt f r inward Jn d nerve = dis dl turbance The Th I I
fault fa lt ii Is nQ not t wlthth with the C nerves W which hleh give you
ivarn wrt11ngnot irij > with the nerves Which hlchen en I I
Jib at able > ie Ie you > 0 Uto to feel to walk vo > alk to talk to think
to see But Butthc the INSIDE INID nerves nercsthc the auto ¬ I
responsiblentltic matic power nerves nervesthese these are the nerves that I I
work r wears w a azs oiita utth rfa idvorry ivprry ITY ITYto breaks b dbnn donn
l I have a not notrOornhere t room here to explain e eb l how v these these i
RESGUEI tender t nder tiny nerves hetves control and operate the I
stomach stpqmc the heart heartthe the kidneys the liver
How excesses e icesses S and i irid strains and nd ndv overindulgence v I C
i io iiih iih ndl ndi i t
destroy o their I delicate d fibers r How l o through a
bond of sympathy s weakness in in one center
Is conveyed to each of the other centers
How this same bond bondotsrmpathy of sympathy produces
the outward signs of nervousness which
should warn us of the trouble trou ble within wIthin I have
not room to tQ explain CX tlla In how these nerves nervesmsy may
be reached and strengthened and vitalized
ond mads well by a aremedy remedy X spent thirty
years ears In perfecting perfecUngn now w known by druggists
yoc1e17where t everywhere as Dr Shoops Sloops Restorative I
have ho e not room roo rp rpto to explain how this reme remedy dy d by
removing the cause puts pu 5 5ts ts a certain end to all
forms ormsot Ot nervousness nervbusn ss Inward and outward
Including fretfulness rretrulnessrct1essness r restlessness aleeplesa
ness irritability Irrltcb1l1t > All of these things are aTe
fully explained In the book I will wHlaend send ead you
when W n you write 1
In more r than a a million mllli n homes my remedy
Is known and relied upon Yet you ou may
not n t have h heard nrd of it So I I make this offer
to you 0 a stranger that t t every possible oss ex e ¬ I
tr iri ccf cf cfoss
cuse s fpr f 9r 9ra 9rd doubt d may y be removed r c Send no
moner moneymaie nake no promls promisetake etak norisk no risk She
pI ply > write and nd ask k If you have never tried
my remedy d I will send you u an order on your
d druggist l T kl for a full fu l ll re dollar I Ii i bottle bottlenot t I not t a sam
i pie f byt b t the regular regularstandarrj standard bottle b ttle he keeps
constantly consta ntlyonhls on his shelves Th T1l ThF dxuggI druggist t will
require re no conditions ns He c w il l accept eP my
l l s1 s1oU hl
noch ePJ J
order rel as l Jno cheerfully ch as though oU h your dollar ol
I I lay before him He will send the bill to me
J Will Vlll you OU accept this opportunity to learn
I a at MY fr EXPENSE N No1 o1 o1E o1a E ABSOLUTELY L LJ Lrv J how to i
I b be rfd forever r of all a forms of nervousness rv f fi
tp ben be rid p pnot not only OnlJotth of otth the trouble trou btE biit b bOtof i r rr of r the t te e
i very ve lJ lJcauewl cause cauewl Cause which lch produce produ iI d It VVVrlW > Writetoday Writ today diday I
< 1 I
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use pre
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S c <
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5 i
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brated remedy in their practice
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mother Prompt in relieving posi ¬ j I
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Bulls Cough Co Coiirr gh h Syrup yiijp at once com ¬ i
mends itse itself itself lf as the family remedy r medy
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sumption prevail Try a bottlo and
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dy to be had than the celebrated d
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Dr Bulls Cough Syrup Mrs M Iv A Linn
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S A Notable List of
S Left in the wake of the big selling sel1in that is constantly going goin gon on
in this storearc store are little lots broken lines and odd pieces of goods g ods
entireiy desirable in every way but which wise storekeeping
methods deman d that we close closeout put out each week weekvVe We mark markallsuch all such
goods at prices that bear no relation to toactual actual value valuean and d das as a acoi con
sequence se que nce Remnant Friday is the best appreciated and largest pa ¬
tronized event of the week S >
It doesnt take ta ke an actual need to l S tempt buying tomorrow
the ie low prices and qualities will v i1l do that
LADIES 9 SUITS S6 6 0 98 J
Worth 15 to 522 22
14 stylish Eton and Blouse Suit Suits consisting ofcheavy of heavy import t ¬
ed Panne Cheviots Broadcloths Mannish Suitings and Fancy Nov ¬
elty Mixtures S S
Handsome trimmed styles skir skirts ts trimmed to t to r match v lacb Jad ack
ets ets lined linedwith with best quality qualitytaffeta taffeta taff eta and panne satin Colors include in Iude
brown navy gray ox for ford d and green
Suits that sold at fifteen to twentvtwo twentytwo dollars offered tomor ¬
row at S698 698
1 Misses Gray
Checked Tourist Coat A
Suit size 16 yea years fs Re 50 50Suit
q qdu
duced du ecl from 139S to a
9 Ladies Walking Skirts of Nov ¬
elty Mixtures Mixturesmade made
with kilts and a nd tailored c1 c > rt f
stitc stitched hed tabs Were 5 4 > 2 il 9 X 8 8stitched
and and5 6 A lit 7 O
5 Ladies Dress D tes s Skirts S kirtsof of dark
blue blu and black Chev ¬
lots 10 ts and an l Panama aclo cloth th t d f f
Neatly trimmed Sold 1 I U 98 98Neatly X
at 5 5 and 5698 698 It vJ
2 Imported IBlack 3lackVelvet Velvet Blouses
one 5s collarless with silk stitched
vest the other ot r is trimmed with
Persian n lamb lambostrCh a strsch C > M F >
an Sizes 34 and 36 K 81 5 5aG
Reduced from io 5 to V 0 +
Remnants o of f In India dia L Linon r inon
5000 yards of crisp brand new India Linon Remnants Remnantsse se ¬
cured from the mill to sell at prices p ces less than wed ha have v to pay
for such Qualities in full pieces at wholesale
All are fine sheer quality soft finished goods 7 30 inches
wide ideand and will be appreciated by women w001en wh who wisely plan ahead
for spring
Regular 12ic 12 + c India
I yard Linon inonRemnanJs at Remnants 7 74c I a 4c I
I S Upho lsteries s feriesMaffings Matting 1 1
Be Bedwear dwear Etc
Remnants of o Tapestry Irish
Point Point dEsprit Bbbinet
furniture FU rniture Linen LI nen Tambour Ta m bour f fr C
and Swiss Muslin uslin Worth 19C I M
50c to 1 1 yard Yhr at
1000 Nottingham Lace Curtain
Ends which w hich are a re used 1iseda as manufac ma nufac ¬
turers samples These can be put
to various ar lousgood good uses such S U eh g fr c
as sash curtains etc Fri rl 19 19c j 1 y x 7
day each at
Three 9 by 12 foot genuine Ax
m minster i n ns s te r Rugs
slightly shophurt Sh op hurt C j j f p
Sold at ut35 435 33 Re H > 19 A iy3i S e 50 50SqJ4 v
duced duce d to
5 5 large Go Carts with automobile
wheels whe ls Sold Soldat at 1800 1800 Ojfv f
a and rid 12009 OOJ Reduced 4 > 99 U 0 y 0
BOYS l SUITS 9 198 l 1e e 98
Reduced From 300 350 50 400 and 450
Our entire remaining stock sto k of of boys twopiece Fancy Suits
which whichs sold ld from 300 to 450 will wilIbe be cleared out tomorrow at
< jl 198 98 I
In Norfolk Bloomer and Double Breasted styles Sizes 9to 9 to
15 years
Fancy patterned Chev iots Cassimeres and Worsteds j
Because of the greatly reduced price and an d our desire 4 4to to close
these Suits completely out they are sold with the understanding unde rstanding
that they will not be exchanged
Boys 25c 5c Gloves and Mitts 9c Wool oolIL Mixed ed Knee KnE Pants broken
sizes sizes Reduced R duc d from SOc pair to 25c
pair 3 and 4 Overcoats 1S9 Odds and end ends of of25c 25c Caps 12c 12
Knit Sweaters sizes 1 2 and 3 50c Flannelette Night Robes Robes25c 25c
25c s Covert Ma Mackintoshes sizes 8
vears years Military llilitaryOtercoats Overcoats sizes 2 21 i 3 10 11 12 1 and 14 years ears Reduced
4 and 5 years vears Reduced from 3 from 3 3 to 51S9 159
and andi 4 to 139
Dress Goods
Remnants of Doublewidth Fancy Fanc
Suitings Doublewidth Fancy Jac
quards liardS and a nd Wool Danish f 1 r C
Cloth in cream and black 9 M 2 T
Remnant price yard
Remnants of Allwool Dress
Goods including Albatross lbatross Batist
Fancy Sultincs Voile also
Mohair and Wool Cash f C
i mere Sold up to SOc yar 01 d 29 29C ZV
I at
I Remnants of highclass hl hc1nss Dress ress
I Goods including s > 4lnch Allwool
Fancy Suitings 46inch Allwool
I London Twine 50inch Sicilian 44
inch Allwool Crepe 45inch Cheviot
I Serge Ser e and 45inch Fancy A A ff C
I Mohair Values worth up ZJL 4 y 9 9C
to 89c a yard ard at
i White Goods Goo ds
WInch White T hIte Linen
R Remnnnt emnants imnamsj yi of w ni
I Swiss and Cotton Voile alsa ale o 3 32
inch Bourette Lawn and IMfin 11 In
India Linon in lengths from I C
1 to 6 yards Friday yard ard
at atR Remnants R of i Colored i Duck k kin in in
I black and ant i navy blue grounds with
white vhlt stripes aritt polka 83C fiXT fl 3C
dots Desirable lengths 4
Friday FrIda yard
Handkerc H and1 erc hie hiefs fs
Mens regular Sc and lOc Hand ¬
kerchiefs including Inclu ing plain white
hemstitched and fast f ast color Q3C aC
fancy bordered styles J 4
large larg size Fr Friday iday at at
Ladies Lace Edge Hemstitched
and Embroidered Edge
Handkerchiefs nice sheer A 3
I quality sit r worth Sc Friday AiC Z j fc
Ladies Regular lOc All Pure
Linen Lln n Handkerchiefs with w Uh fcQ 3C
L hemstitched s st si st t i t Il border Fri O 6 63C v 4
day at t v >
1 Illght light tan color Paddock Coat
handsomely han dSO melY lined with < j f g f Q
satin duchesse Size SI e36 36 41 5 VB 9 0
Reduced from 520 20 to V
1 dark brown Broadtail Velour
Coat lined with brown
satin duchesse Collar C ol1 r C W f f
less style st le Size 40 Re Cj > 1 UK 9 8 8less
duced from 20 to S Jf S
5 51o lo long g tan Coats made madeof of thefln the fin ¬
S est quality Covert and Broadcloth
in paletot paletotanlsc and semifit lfit ¬
ting s styles styl Sfzes Sses 34 f Ok O
25 36 25 o and 38 Were Wer 20 and Cp 9 J 0 VJ 9 X 8
1 Imported Navy Blue Velvet
Costume handsomely trimmed
blouse coat and < tt fd
Reduced kilted skirt skirt from Size Ua 45 33 to M > 17 i V 9 S H 8 8kflted J
Regular ReguIar15c iSc India
Linon Remnants 92c Qj 1 II
yard at 2C
Remnants Re nman tS tSoffin of offin fine quality QuaUtyJapa Jaoa I
nese n se cotton cot t OnWa warp rp Mattings rattIn gs in car C a r
pet patterns patt < rnsand and extra heavy seam ¬
less China ChfJaMattIngsold Matting sold < j ra 1 1 5 J C r
off the roll from 23c to 12 g Mr I
2 2lOc
40c a yard ard at i
Lot of Pictures Pi tures in gilt veneer
and marpelized frames JT tP
Slightly scratched s Reduced f4Jw 69C
from 150 150 and 2 to x7
Lot of real Japanese fourfold
Screens heavily work ¬
ed with gold gilt Re ff > Y fQ
duced from 36 6 32 S and T 3 Vrt 9 8
S10 10 lOtO to to V
Lot of heavy 10quarter l quarjer Gray
Wool WOol Blankets sold soldregu regu rt fC C
larly at i a pair offered offere d 29 29C f
tomorrow In single strips at
Mended Gloves
Were Yere100 100 and 125 a a Pair
The balance of our purchase pur < haseof of
Men ded dedGloves Gloves will be put on
sale tomorrow tomorrowat5Oc at 50c a apar pair These
are Gloves which have been re ¬
turned to the maker because beca s of
some such slight slightrault fault as s a ripped r pped
seam or ortfny tiny tear Having been
skillfully repaired they are even
stronger than before Of Kidskin
and Lambskin In black and rin 1nS as ¬
sorted colors In the fol ¬
lowing sizes 5 6 7 7U 7 P AT
and 1 Tomorrow pair l 50C la 4
at r I
Ladies and Childrens Black
Double Mitts l1tt8 which whlchsold sold reg ¬
ularly Ul a rlY at 19c 19ca a pair To be Q C i
closed out tomorrow instead Mfc O 8 8C
at V VO ii
Shoe Bargains
i l I Glens regular 2 and fl j p f
2 2dO 50 O Rubber Boots in v P 15 I 9 w
all sizes Reduced to 0
Glens M I ng n regular regul r 2 and an cl250 250 Welt
Shoes of calf kid and
patent leather Ie a ther in Qj S f
broken s sizes izes Friday 4 > 1 fi g 0 IJ v 69 W
pair at
Mens Men 5 regu re regular ulllr lar 1 1 and m a d 125 1 1S S 25 House
Sllppeis high and low cut C p r C t
All Sizes in the lot Fri p 85C
day da pair at
Mens regular 3 3 Storm Calfskin
ShOQS Sh GS hand sewed In C < r d A
broken sizes Friday Fri P 219 I V
pair at >
Boys and Girls Glrlsregular regular 125 ani an i
150 50 Solid Leather Ca lf
Kid and Patent P1t nt Leather L cather 0OC C
Shoes Broken sizes Fri 88 88C
Boys regular regu ar 3 3 Storm King
Rubber Boots best bes t q < f
grade manufactured 4 2 f 69 V
o fS
Friday at
All i sizes
= I

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