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rEa F 10 1905
I i Partly pa rfYcIOud cloudy cloudytoday todaYan today an d I 1 ft > 1 I > ft ftjflgfl t i + ITHE THE T GREAT R REACHED A1BUYI BUYING N DAILY DAJL PUB UB ¬ I
I I I tomorrow I i to l t i t n g 0 U t jjjj m e I LIC THROUGH L 1 C IS THE TIMES
t t tSays Says Congress Wou ld
Not NotOthervvise Otherw Otherwise ise Have
Acted for Reform
I Debate Closed by Williams
for for Democrats benlQCratsan an d dH dHep Hep ep ¬
burn for Republicans
If It had not been for thePresl the Presi ¬
dent there would have been no such
legislation to be enacted by this House
It is the power vower of o the President
the influence influe nce of the thePresidenthls President Presidenthis his
firmness an and d his courage couragethat that have
brought br ught this thisques Question tton to the Imminence
of favorable favorn ble action ction by the Republican
major ity
Representative R pr sentaUve PC Armond Armondo of Mis ¬
souri made this statement state ment in the course
of a speech npee h on the railroad bill be ¬
fore for the House of Representatives this
In the Right Direction
Mr Dc Armond Armondi5aid said he did not fa a ¬
vor the amended EschTpwnsend EschTownsen d bill
in n nil nllparticuars particulars but would approve
it as an improvement upon uponexfsting existing
law and a m movement ovem ht along right lines
Mr De Armond paid tribute to the
patriotism and devotion to public duty
of President Roosevelt but said the
Presidents high highest st purpose would not
be beaccomplished accomplished until further legisla ¬
tion was enacted
He said the Townsend bill m did not
meet t11e the requirements IC < of the recom ¬
mendations of o1the the President In his mes ¬
sage sag toCOIl1ress to Congress
Interest In n Debate
Debate on the bill was resumed when whel
the t e House met at t 11 oclock today
This being the th last day of the debate
the members membeisl1lsplayedgreater displayed greater Intere Interest t
in the proceedings than throughout the
three threcprecedipg preceding days
Representative Repr sentttiveWlIliams Williams of Mississippi
the Democratic D mocra c floor leader and Rep ¬
resentative Kcphurn pf Iowa IowBchalrman chairman
of the Commerce Comme ce Committee gtpD1itteeclosed omrnIttee closed the
aebale deQ e fcsr fQtth the Dempcratsand Demjcrats ndR Republic pubU
Cans Cansres res respectively pectively p tiely
Democrats Dem crats to Vote Votefor i f for or Bill
Representative Pierce Penu Term
saId ahl he Would vote ote for or the EschTown
send bill the th Republican RepubUcanmeasure measure
Mr Thomas ThoJIlas Dem N C favoring
rate rat I legislation said that that unable to se ¬
cure the adoption of the Davey hill he
would vote yO to for the Repu REpub1i Republican blican anmeas meas ¬
ure lice
Mr Shull < Dem Pa Paopposedthe opposed the
special court feature of the Townsend TO Dsend
Mr Crumpacker Crump cker Rep Rep Ind declar ¬
ed that the power to regulate railroads
always alwaysexlst existed dand and that tnatthe the measure
before the House hou s s simply defined the pol ¬
icy Ic of regulating
MADRID Feb 9 9TIIe The Spanish consul
general at a t Mariila Ia i1a reports that about 150 1
Spanish soldiers Who were taken pr pris is
oners on ers before b ef or the American Am C rican occupation oc cu p a tion of
the Philippines PhlUppinesare are still stfllheld held by the
Tagala T gala tribe
This report was brought up before the
cabinet yesterday esterdaYand and an order was I
sent the Spanish minister at Washington atr r
to ask the American Government ovrnmcnt to toar ar ¬
range r nge for the ransom of these soldiers
as soon a5 as possible
The storm central Wednesday morn
Ing in in the lower Mississippi Valley has
moved northeastward and Is passing
off to sea this morn ing in the neighbor ¬
hood of Hatteras N C The northwest ¬
ern em depression has Increased in energy
and moved rapidly rapidl eastward to western
Ontario Both storms have been at ¬
tended ten < led by b general precipitation east of
the Mississippi and in the Missouri val ¬
ley In the southern districts the pre ¬
cipitation was in the form of ofr rain ina and rid
the sleet and snow of northern districts
changed to rain south of the lake re ¬
gion It is still snowing in the lake laJ e
region and the northern portion of the
Middle Atlantic States
It is decidedly warmer in the Ohio
Valley the lake lakeregiGn region and the Middle
Atlantic 4 tlantlc States and a cold wave w ve has
appeared In the extreme Northwest
Snow Sno will continue tonight and Fri
day In the Ohio Valley VaUe lower lake re ¬
gion and the northern portion of the
Middle Atlantic States The weather
elsewhere will be fair It will be colder
tonight In the western portion of the j
lake region and colder Friday In the
Ohio Valley Valle the ower lake region and
the Middle Atlantic AtlnntlcStates States j
8 Sa a am m 2S
12 noon i 32
l 1 Ipm p m 33
2 2pm p m 33 3
Registered Afflecks Standard Thermometer
9 9am a m 25
12 i 1 lpxn i p noon m i 31 30
2 2pm n m 32
Sun sets today 529
Sun rises tomorrow C5S
LOw tide today 604 pm
High tide today todayll4lJ 1140 pm
Low tide tomorrow uunorrow616 616 am 647 pm
High tide tomorrow tomorrow1206 1206 pm
A l ld LAST d r I FAREWELL i TLFjL a M V iL iLsr sr srL sri L i I es
Warden Harris Says That He Never Knew Knewal a
Man Who Was W s More Composed Upon
the Eve of His Execution
Augustus L Shaffer who will be exe e e ¬
cuted tomorrow for the murder of his
wife Catherine IveyShaffer Ivey Shaffer on Au ¬
gust 22 221900 1903 is bidding a last las t farewell fare well
to the members of his family this after ¬
noon His mother sister and brother
are ar with him at atthuDlstrlct tha District jail After
their departure dep arture he will bo alone with his
confessor and the death watch
Dr William E Shaffer Sha ffer brother bro ther of the
copdemned man spent the morning in
cell cenNo No 2 arranging the details of the
few remaining worldly worldlymlltters matters that re ¬
quire the prisoners attention He left
the jail about 10 oclock saying saylrrgthat that he
would return with the other members
of the family this afternoon
Shaffer is perfectly perfcctlqulet quiet saidWa said War ¬
den Harris to a a reporter for The Times
I never knew a man to be more com ¬
posed on the eve of his execution He
has accepted the refusal Tefusalof of the Presi ¬
dent to extend executive clemency with 1
the utmost composure He is isentlrel entirely
occupied QCcupiedln in the performance 1 erformanceof of his re re ¬
ligious duties and apparently faces
death with the thought of the hereafter
uppermost in his mind and to the exclu ¬
sion Ion of the manner of o his dying
Thanked Prison Authorities
In the name mmle of the unfortunate mans
family Dr Dr Shaffer Sha ffEr this morning thank ¬
ed the prison authorities lor igr the many
courtesies and attentions extended to
his brother
The meals served to him have been
prepared with the greatest care frc
the delicacies available for the th jail sick
list Fruit and specially cooked dihes
have been added to the customary rnwiU m u
The prisoner has been repeatedly urged
to suggest any an dish or extra that hi 111
fancy might dictate
He Heccepts accepts whatever is served with no
other comment than his thanks for the
kind thought of ohis his guards and says
that th t he has ha s no special fancy that has h as
not been gratified His appetite is mod mo
erately good and this morning he ate <
with apparent relish a breakfast brer fnstof of hot I
rolls coffee andstealt and steak and a small por ¬
tion tlonof of fruit He will continue conUnuein in the I
cell he now occupies until t tomorrow tbrnorrow mprrow I
morning when he will be removed tc i
the ceil just beside the gallows
Black Curtains at Windows
The north n rthwing wing of the jail Is being bei11
prepared for the execution Large black > 1
curtains are are draped over the window I
tc tcprevent > prevent those on the theoutsWe outside from I
looking through Black la k curtains art I
also hung at the Uie windows and door of I
Jie ne cell c lI lIwhich which Shaffer will Il1occUD occupy to i
nvirrow morning On the march marc frou f ron
his hibpresent present cell he will catch no no glimpse lImps I Ihibpresent
of the gallows His
first view of it will I
come tomorrow when he is led IcdfQrtl1tc forth tc I
Under the law Warden Harris Is is re re 1
quired qui red to have twelve twelvcwit witnesses esses at the tJi I
execution Representatives Represen nthes nthesof of the thelocnl thelocnli local i
newspapers H wspapes will be Included includedn In n this thisI I
number Dr D K Shute the jail phy ph ¬ I
siclan willb will be present and will have I
with him two or three additional addltionnlphsl physi ¬ i
cians 1ans The District Attorney and the I
attorney uttorne for the defense have been in ¬
vited to be present but It is unl1kI unlikely
that they the will attend In all it Is Jsesti esti ¬ I
mated that there will be about fifteen I
witnesses of the hanging The necessary
invitations were sent out this morning
To Read ReadDeath Death Warrant
The death warrant war rant will be read r dto to th the
con condemned demned man between l etVcell 10 and 11
oclock clock tomorrow morning
The hanging will occur si few minutes ml utes
after 12 oclock noon noonr Two guards guanlswlIl will
be stationed in the cell next the gallows
and at a given givenslgnaJ signal each ach will pull a
rope r pe connected with the gallows One Ja lie
attached to the trapdoor tra doortrigger trigger And
one is not
No Noone one knows which rope IsUi is the one
that drops the trap so that tl1ateachgu each guaifd td
is mercifully spared spared the certain knowl ¬
edge edg that he has taken life
Government to Start
Another Machen M achen Trial Tl ial
4 c
District D1 id Attorney Expects to Take Up Uplndict Indict ¬
ment Charging Conspiracy Conspir cy in Conne ¬
tion tionWith With Carriers Satchels
August W Machen now serving a
two twovears years sentence In the Moundsville
penitentiary y will probably be called on
by the Government before long to an ¬
swer wer another charge of conspiracy to
defraud cl frR d for forwhih which he stands indicted
District Attorney Beach said today he
will in the near future have set for trial
the case of Machen William G Craw ¬
ford George 23 Ix Lorenz > renz and his wife
Martha larthar J Lorenz who are Indicted
jointly for conspiracy to defraud the
For the purpose of this trial Mr Beach
said he will have Machen brought to
Washington r ashlngtonfrom ashington from the penitentiary
It is understood Crawford will be rep ¬
resented by former Secretary of the
Treasury TT casUry John G Carlisle and A S
Worthington and an d the other defendants
by the counsel which represented them
at a t the last trial
Carriers Satchels
The Indictment on which Machen
Crawford and the Lorenzes will 111 be
called to trial is based on circumstances
connected with the contract of the
Postal Lock and Device Company of I IPostal
New York to furnish the Postoffice De
Thinks 315000000 15000000 Invested in Two I
Battleships a Waste of Public j I
Representative Burton of Ohio will
make a vigorous vlgoro s fight on the naval
appropriation bill and especially on
that feature f < ature of It authorizing the expen ¬
diture of 15000000 for the construction
of two battleships
I have not yet decided whether I will
tight the bill or not said Mr Burton
today toda but everybody knows that he
will His manner Indicated that his po ¬
sition on the subject had not changed
Mr Burton contends that the life of a
battleship so far as its effectiveness is I
concerned Is not more than ten years ears
and that to construct them at the enor ¬
mous expense involved is a c clear lear waste
of tha peoples money
Mr rr Burton Is opposed to enormous
expenditures for the increr Incr Increrge rle e of the
navy He thinks this money could be
expended to more advantage In the Im ¬
provement of the rivers and harbors of
the country
125 to Baltimore ana Return 125
Pennsylvania Railroad Saturday and
Sunday Sund1ytickets tickets good on all trains train ex ¬
cept Congressional Limited and good
for return until Sunday night nightAdv Adv
partment with satchels for the use of
letter carriers
Mr Beach in indiscussingtheproqable discussing the probable
early trial of tills t iis case said saldheproba lie proba ¬
bly will not Insist upon Lorenz Iorenzbeing being
sent to ihe hp penittentlary to serve the
sentence which now hangs over him
Until after the hearing which may be
within the next month
It is probable that Machen and the
Groffs at thd th expiration of their two
years ears sentences which they are now
serving at Moundsville will plea plead d the
poor convict act of 1S72 1 2 If allowed to
do so Machen will receive a greater
benefit than his coconspirators
He after serving an extra thirty
days will be rid of the SlO 10OUO o line whic whien h
hangs over him
In Case of Groffs
In the case of the Groffs however
they cannot plead the poor convict act
for the full benefit of the fines because
the Government now has in hand part
of the money tnonev due on contracts for letter
box lJoxfastene fasteners rs over 15000
Besides Be ldes the indictment upon which
Maehen was as convicted there are thirteen
others standing against him All of
these charge conspiracy to defraud the
Government except three which charge
him with accepting bribes
Washington and Gettysburg Company
Gets Still Another Legal
Lease of Life
The District Commissioners today ap ¬
proved the bill extending the time of the
Washington ashlngton and Gettysburg Gett sburg Railway
Company which was granted its char ¬
ter on March lfai ch 3 1839 18 9
The line was to extend its tracks into
the District at the j poInt > oint where Four ¬
teenth street extended according to the
highway plan Intersected the District
boundary boun ary line The road was to bo
completed and cars running within two
Time has been twice extended but
again expires on March 1 The pending
bill proposes to extend its time to Feb ¬
ruary 1 1907 190 No track has boon laid
within the District but as the president
of the company has assured the Com ¬
missioners that it is the intention to
begin construction work at once they
have approved the extension of time
GAMBlER Ohio Feb 9 IThe The entire
student body lJod of Kenyon Military Acad ¬
emy numbering 100 men are on a strike
because throe of their class was sus ¬
pended for rioting Yesterday there thor was
no bugle call Instea Instead d the men de ¬
stroyed stro ed the bugle and the drum Every ¬
thing at the academy acadcm Is at a standstill
Injury I Results in the
Amputation ot His
Right Foot
Gran d Du ke ker keGoing r Going to Front
I Next Wee We I lc I to Supersede
I Kuropatkin
I BERTJiN BERTJ IN Feb 9 9The The Lokal An
I zelger learns carns from fromaRusslan a Russian official
source that tlMtt Grand Duke Nicholas
I Nicholaiyitch NicholaIv NicholaIvlt lt ltch ch inspector general generalo of
I the Russian cavalry will start for
I Manchuria Manc Manch h urIa next week to relieve Gen ¬
eral Kuropatldn of his command
I Durinr Jurugri rioting tfng at atWarsawyester Warsaw yester ¬
day da thegoyernor the governor general was dan ¬
I gerously ge rously injured l
I His right r ight foot has since been ampu ¬
Ita tate tateiL
I IG I Goyrnment G oyernment Conciliatory O one iI iIo latory o
Toward TowardStr Strikiiig trild ± g l Workmen prkmen
ST PETERSBURG PETERBURJFeb Feb Peb9It 9 It lsre is re
ported41ffcr ported differences eJhaear1s have arisen n between
Governor Qentralfi Gentrai 1entral Tr Triii fjpdff p tr T and anll1I M Yerm
oloff the tMm1nII minis tet ter of o ofzr trigrcuIture a zr gr iculture
GC General neral Ti r 1 poff P Off orde I d red fl d the 1hcmln minister is ter
j of agrreuUueu i1grrculh > to v Vts js 15 tt EtIhim him to toconfer confer
With hini hiirt regarding tegatdiT1gth9 the the1stit Institute 1stit te of
I Minin Mining iniug g and hd Forestry 1 restrywhich which is under
I Itl the sunetyjsipn ne pJJtonof Ji3IOn of the the ministry Inistry of Qfag f ag
L Lti ti iultue toltjire l1lt r
li i JsI M l 4 j T Tf f t rmoio im1off Q1 9 repeatedly refused to ac
km kl 1i > w iQ I 8 Ttepotr lpoff epbff as his superior
Whettjtiifon h reupon Tjeporf rtponcomplalnedto reporr complained to the
Czar l r
iJis his mt1j nVnjesty JY supported Yermoloff
The latter l l r thereupon seized seize this op
porturilty portut poituti ltytq lty to t e explain plaln to his hl5 majesty
I that tIm tTxepoEsregimewasmost Trep Trepots lEs regime was most unpopu ripop ¬
lar nnd nn i d decidedly de tdedlY dangerous to tb th the dyn d n
astyi1 tsty + V
Other Oth r p1i p1ip p1iistrrs ministers p istrrs suppo 5 suppoi UJ po ied d i + rniq ll IQ ibftTB fB
gtatsmehtsV t statemen l11 t V V li 1
Hg W V r ft > J z r w w x = <
jaofleratd Reforms Granted
I M r Witte v ittei the president of the council cqUnc I
of ofm m ministers inisters nisters it is learned learn dls Is now nQw push
ing moderate moderaterefoprts reforms energetically en rgetlc ll
The last meeting m meetth etlrtg of the council dis ¬
cussed religious reIlg1 us tolerance toward the
unorthodox unorthodox sects In Russia It was de ¬
cided cld d that t t to tolerance lerance should be shown
especially toward the sect known as the
Old Believers eJIcv T s
This Is a apeeIded decided step in the tI e opposite
I direction from j that Ul t previous pr previously viou8 tIl ly l y pursued
by bythegov the government nlment
Even the metropoHtanAnt metropolitan Antbnious nlous and
M L Sabler who Is the assistant of M
Pobledonotseff PolJie onotsefl procurator of the Holy
Synod supported this plan of tolerance
The question questionris as to the amount of tol ¬
erance toward other sects will be dis ¬
cussed at the next sitting of the coun ¬
Conciliating Conc iliating Workmen
The governments attitude toward tow rd the
workmen is daily af1y becoming beco ming more con ¬
Another meeting between the manu ¬
facturers and the minister of finance
was held today at which the manu ¬
facturers declared they the would reject the
workmens demands unconditionally lmcondit1onall
The minister of finance to their utter
surprise urged them to be reasonable
and make whatever concessions were
possible He announced that legisla ¬
tion would be enacted in favor of the
This change of the governments policy
has alarmed the employers emplo erg who have
decided to meet and discuss the possi ¬
bility blIit 01 of granting some of the conces ¬
sions s sons n s demanded
One hundred and ninetyeight engi ¬
neers em employed ployed at the factories here
have published a manifesto against the
employers emplo ers As a result the manufactur
erys decided to dismiss the signers of
the manifesto and employ emplo Germans in
their places
Reform Is Liberal
In Passport PasportRegulations Regulations
ST PETERSBURG Feb 9 9Nashidni Nashidni
announces that the department of po ¬
lice is about to bring out a new pass ¬
port regulation making a passport p s8port not
obligatory for Russians except for Jews
and persons disqualified by residing in
certain districts
The chief reforms In the matter will
be the removal of difficulties encoun ¬
tered by b peasants receiving passports
and the omission of the word peasant
on the passport
Persons 1E SOIlS of both sexes over seven ¬
teen yar Y ari > i of age will be eligible to
I receive passports The wives of the
holders bands are equally as free as the hus ¬
Secretary Taft Tafthas has decided not to In ¬
terfere in the recommendation of the
special spe ial board of army officers apnointed
by former Secretary Root that the sum
of 150000 be expended for the purchase
of additlpnal land adjacent to Fort Ni ¬
agara N Y
The army appropriation bill now pend ¬
ing in n Congress curries 150000 for the
purchase purcht < e of the tract of land next to
the present pre cnt Fort Niagara and Secretary
Taft will ii not ask asl that this be withdrawn
or diminished iminlsh < d
Foi FCI coughs and colds children take Pisos
Cure Cur without w Ithout objection 25 2 cents cenlsdv Adv
1 e
il 4f1
W1 7 fr
4 O j 5 ti o 4
f t < 4 4O C
i fl
i 4s w
L ii i
k f
i I
To Whose Initiative Is Due the Starting of the Movement for Vestibuled
Street StreetCars Cars in the District of Columbia
T8T y WJ1 S ij f
Woman Kille Killed d Fisher
Says SaysVerdict Verdict of o f Jury
Determined Det rmiped That Mrs Yates Y YtesMurdered t 2 rYIurden 1 d Bar r
5 1en te tender r c d dr JerAfter r After He H Threatened Tnreat n dt0beavel9 to Leave ieiT
SheThenCornmitted She SheTheri Then Committed Suicide
Seven minutes minut es was va s all the time neces ¬
sary for the members of a Coroners
jury to determine det rmine that Theodore Fisher
was murdered by Mrs Stella Yates on
last Friday night in her home 1018
Twelfth street eot southeast outheost after a quarrel
and his threat to leave her
It was as the consensus of opinion that
Mrs Yates killed herself after murder ¬
ing Fisher
Maggie Prue a negress and James
Filgate a bartender proved the star
witnesses I
Dr Carr on Stand
Dr W P Carr was the first witness
called by Cononer Nevitt He said Fish ¬
er had a wound in the left eye ey which
was open at the time the bullet struck
him hima hims himn as a s a part of the pupil was wa s destroy ¬
ed The wound looked as though the
weapon had been held not less than
fifteen or eighteen inches from the mans
head The physician illustrated with
the pistol how Impossible it would wou ld have
been for Fisher to shoot himself The
doctor was ns of the opinion that Fisher
would have been compelled to hold his
hand as far out as he could reach and
I then bend his wrist toward himself in
I order to inflict the wound He said it
would yould have ha ve been next to impossible for
the man to have inflicted the injury
Some Practice Shots
At this juncture Coroner Nevitt ex ¬
hibited to the jury three pieces of paper
which had been fired fire s sat at by the pistol
with which the shooting was done The
paper which was punctured bv the ball
when the revolver was held a foot an d
a half away looked like the face of the
dead man The piece which was shot
at when the weapon was heId he ld less
an Inch away a way bore resemblance to the
front of Mrs Yates white wais t which
she wore at the time of the shooting
Deputy Coroner Glazebrook told of
perform performing ing an autopsy on the body of
Fisher He said he found a shattered
22caliber bullet In Fishers brain
Wound of the Woman
The wound on the womans omans breast
Indicated that the weapon capon was not held
more than two tw inches from her
It seems almost impossible for me
to believe that the man could have
shot himself said Dr Glazbrok and
it is very unreasonable to believe that
a man would have shot himself in the
eye e e as the optic would have closed in ¬
voluntary I am convinced that Fisher
was shot He could not have moved
an inch or gasped more than once or
twice after receiving this mortal
I wound
One of the jurors asked in what po ¬
sition the bodies were found and Dr
Nevitt said the man lay on his back
with his right arm extended and his
left hand to his head The woman was
found lying on his right arm Her
right arm was on Fishers shoulder as
if she ho was hugging him and her ht r lower
left limb was thrown Over his two low ¬
er limbs They were facing one an ¬
other and her left cheek almost touch ¬
ed his face tue
Discovery of Revolver
The Coroner then told of findinrr the
pistol with threo empty shells In It It Ho II
I accounted d for two of the bullets which
were found in the bodies and said sa Id the
I third must have struck a cake dish lsl on
the end of the sideboard or buffet in the
dining room where the shooting was
I done Policeman J David > avid O Hayes was the
next witness whose testimony testImon was
I heard The shooting occurred on his beat
I Iandh i and andh ht learned of it from another po ¬
11ict liceman > man Tind he visited visltedthehouse the house about
i 1120 oclock on Tuesday Tuesda t morning
I lf found mnd two women womenlIrB Mrs Jackson
i and a aneIbbor neighbor ne1bbor in the house at the 1
I time I larivcd arrived
I Mrs Jackson Jackson JacksoHysterical n Hysterical
I Sergeant Serge cimt Wall of the Fifth Firth precinct I
I was i the Tie next nex t witness itDess who 110 told of ofthe the
i ifindmg finding of the bodies the theappeargnct appearance
I of the room and other facts connected
I Iwith with the tragedy
Mrs Jackson mother of the th woman
had moved the pistol several times timesQe be ¬
fore Wall Val arrived He said he feared
Mrs rs Jackson r a C so n might mig h thar harm m herself he rse If with Ith
the n weaponnnd weapon itnd he took it from her
She had to be renio renior removed r ed from the house
I by b force f ce as she he was hysterical and
I i brandished the revolver as though she
I intended using us ngit It or for the purpose of
showing with what weapon w apoll her 1f r daugh ¬
tern life had been snuffed out
Detective Baur Nest
Tetimony Tetimonywas was next heard from De
tecti teCtie e Baur Witness said he Inves
tigat d the case on Tuesday Tucsdayye yesterday terda
and today His testimony tended t nde to
show that the third bullet struck the I
cake cal > c di dish but he said he could not find
the bullet He told of finding the blood ¬
I stained napkin which looked ns is though
I it had been used to wipe blood from a aface
face Witness also told of interview ¬
ing the neighbor nelghb r who took the milk
Irqm Mrs Yates Yn tcs door on Saturday saturdaySunday
Sunday and Monday lIonda mornings She in ¬
formed the detective she LOOK the milk
for ior her own use u e every day that Mrs 1s
Yates had not removed it by b 10 oclock
in the morning Persons had m Informed
Baur that they the had seen the pistol in
Mrs l1 Yates Yate ate home for about a year A
new box > ox oif oi cartridges with seven sen l1 shells
taken out was found in her trunk For ¬
tythree cartridges artridg s were found In the
trunk The pistol pi ttl with which hic h the shoot iho 0 t ¬
ing was done was a seven shooter The
shells In the pistol appeared to be new new
like those In the box
i The Star Witness
Maggie Mng le Prue was next placed on the
I stand stan d and ari d proved pro ye to be the th star witness
fhe he is a l negro servant girl from Ana
I costia Witacss Vit ess knew Mrs l Irs Yates for pr
Iwhom whom she washed and Ironed clothes on
last Friday the th time the tragedy is
believed lo o ha ve occurred A j A visitor from
Alexandria tt an6 an Mrs Yates Yat Csatc ate dinner at tl t
3 oclock Afterward Maggie said
I Ah got a 1 bucket ucket of beer for dem and
after the vIsit visitor > r went away awa Ah got an ¬
other ti ther bucket for Mrs 1rs Yates Ah doan
know ln ow what time Mr S Ted T ed Fisher Fi 1 er got gOlto
to the house h lIse but soon after he came
I she sont me to the drug store at Elev Ele ¬
enth and K Kstrc streets tssouthNlst southeast and walt I
i e d from r G30 to t 9 oclock O at i t night ht Mr
J Jr ti1 i1 i1i g Ot h r I
Ted followed o me into i the t house O
I Where Vhcr have you YOU been witness I
said aid Mrs Yates inquired of Fisher
Ive bi ben en talking with some fellows
at the corner corn
No you OU havent you youb been en with some
redheaded woman oznan so Maggie said
Mrs frs Yates screamed sere med at Fisher
Is this iedaaired red mired woman better
than IT I asked Mrs Irs Yates
I dont know replied re ph plied d Fisher
Well veIl you QU ought to t tJ Know said the th
I woman
Well I 1 < lont said Fisher
Maggie lIarr g in said Fisher was as not the ag a ¬
gressor in the Quarrel Maggie lIag je said
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To Do So When Cars
Can Go Through
Washington WashingtonTractio Traction ri Is Is Buy ¬
ing Suc Such h for New N v
Capital Traction Company C mpany
As soon s 9n as we can get our cars
through the shops W we will put yes ¬
tibules tibu f fs s on them
Washingtqn W hingtqn Railway and an Elec ¬
I tric Company y
For For the last last two or threeveaJS three years
1 all a ll of our new equipment has been een
of the vestibule V estib ulekInd ulekIndz kind z and this willi will
I be our policy in the future I
This is theofficIalposltlono the official position of the two
electric car car companies In the District Dis trict of
Columbia olu bI on m the question of v vestibuled
cars c rs A representative of The Times
talked talk d with George T TDunlop Dunlop of the
Capital Traction Company this morn 1orn
In lnt i
I dont think it it is any business bu siness of
The Times what we do with w lth our ur cars
bu Twill I wIll state that as soon as a s we can can
gtourcarsthrough t our cars through the shops we wi
equip them J emwith with vestibuled ves lbuled fronts
George Qe orge H Harries Vice iicepresident president of 9i
the Washington Bail RaIlway way and Electric El ctrIc
Company could not be seen today but
other o ther officials officialsof of the the road stated that
ultimately ultimate ly they would wou dextend extend vestibuled vestibul d
ears ea a gt tq to all a1 of o t their lines At present pres mt
they Ui 1 operate o pe wte closed cars ori 15eyeral several
Alines li es
r Forilie For the last iasttworthPeeearsP two hy 6r r three thr e ec c years ears ono no
official orndalsaidwe said we have been purchasing pur 1asing
vestibuled yesilb led earS earSr ars r and our our policy po l cy will will be
to add add them th m as asw aS we buy buy new neequlI equipments > ment
Question of Old Cars
The officials did not state whether the
company c mpan would put vestibules v t bules on the
cars c ars now in operation and the they y would
not commit themselves on otithisPoInt this point
At the th present time the East Capitol
street line the Ninth street line and an d
the Anacpstia Anacostla line use open cars and andjt it t
would wQuldben1anyyears be many years before beforene new equip ¬
mont mentcould could be purchased for all these
systems sy tems
James F Oyster president of the Busi ¬
ness Mens Menssso Association Iatlon is heartily m I
accord with the movement started by oy
The Times for vestibuled ves tlbuled cars on all
lines in the District of Columbia In
speaking of Jhc the subject today toda to a a
Times reporter Mr Oyster said
Tomorrow afternoon aftemol1it at the meeting meeUn
of the theboardot board of directors of the Busi ¬
ness Mens Association I shall recom ¬
mend m I1d the appointment appoihtmcntof of a committee
to wait upon the two street railway com ¬
panies and urge that they tll > Y put vestibule >
on theIr cars In my opinion Qpin on if the mat ¬
ter Is put to toIr Mr Dunlop an and d General
Harries in fnthe the right light they will be
only too glad to to grant the wishes of o f
the people
A Splendid SElen iil Work
I think thln e The Times is lsdong doing a splendid
work in advocating this matter From Froma a
financial standpoint I think the car ca
companies should be only too tOQwilIing willing
to put vestibules upon all their thlircars cars
It would insure them a better class of
motormen and the men would be more more
regular In theJr tl1e r duties Just to think
of a man facing all of the terrible winds
i and storms we have had this winter
with no protection whatever whatever It Is but
natural m ural that many of the motormen
have shirked their duty dut at times An ¬
other thing which vestibule ves t tbuI buI curs would
do would be to make the inside of the
cars warmer and be more comfortable
for the passengers and 1 also believe
that lat vestibules wou ld preserve the th cars
I shall haU earnestly earnestl urge the appoint ¬
meat of ofa a strong committee to appear
before General Harries and President
Dunlop and place the matter before
them We c have h < ye the lO backiqg of almost
every man and woman who rides on
street cars and I believe that a forceful
presentation in this way will do doa a great
deal of poo good ood d
Would Hot Discuss Bill
The officials of ne ither the Capital l
Tracticn Company ompnn nor tha Washington
Railway ailway and Electric Company C mpuny would
discuss the new bill of Senator Gallin
Gallinger Approves
Work of The Times
I Ispc specially i ll1 < approve the position of The
Times s in this milttersn matter sa said id Senator Gal l
linger today toda in reference to the bill lIe
introduced in the Scnateesterda Senate yesterday to
require the local ra ilway companies cOI panlcfj to
equip all their cars cl rn with vestibules
I have always been bee l in favoi favoil of hav h3 ¬
ing vestibules on all li listreet street cars carsthey they
have them in my m town in New Hamp ¬
shire and in in most other towns I believe b lfev
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