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HEre tt1e fte llafungtcm tones <
Published Evening EV nlng and Sunday Sun Sund 3Y
Paily one year 3303 300
sunday J one year 2 50
The Times Is served in th city of
Washington Wlshlngt n and District of Columbia by
newsboys who deliver delivernnd and collect for
the paper on their own account at the
rate of 6 cents cenlsn a week for the Evening
and G cents a copy for the Sunday edi
A Reassuring Promise
Everyone I in n nwashing washing Washington ton Will Villread read
with pleasure the text of the letter I Iwith
sent to Chairman Gallinger of the
Senate District Committee by b Presi ¬
dent de nt Dunlop of the Capital Traction j
Company Mr Dunlopsays Dunlop says briefly
Dear Sir In connection with Senate I
bill 7122 which was W lS introduced into the
Senate yesterday csterda I beg to advise that
tnis company is now engaged In vestibul
InS Its cars and will have them all
equipped before next n t season
Therefore I Ires res reectful1y pectfully ectfully request that
no action be takeit with respect to this
The Times Tim S thinks th inlm the th e whole Wh ole city
will accept this assurance as com ¬ I Iwill
plete In another instance w when len
Congress considered the establish esta pliSh 1
ment of an allnight car service by 1
law lawa a pledge of this same character
was given and it has always been j
kept by Mr Dunlop and his company j
For several hundred motormen then
the end of their suffering is in sight j
But The Times does not think this
assurance by letter obviates the need
for the law which Senator Gallinger j
proposes There are many other
cars ars in Washington V than those operat i
ed by the Capital C pital Traction Company J
and not all are equipped with Vesti J
bules As S no pledge has come from i
the operators of those other oth cars a J I Ithe
law may be necessary necessary to obta obtain in ves vestibules j
tibules for those other cars f
The he ilusinessMens z Business Mens Association j t
gives sign sign of ofits its new spirit by b taking
lip 1p this th s question qu stion of vestibules in ri i
earnest Its president Has given ghr en sup SUpI ¬ I
port to t the movement from the first
and yesterday its boar board d o of f directors
adopted resolutions favoring the in ¬
stallation stallat on of vestibules and directed i j
the secretary so to notify not fy the th e two i
street streetcar car companies There is now no
doubt where the Business Mens As ¬
sociation sociationstands stands Bjit what of the
Board of Trade
Levies LiesNo Not Gifts I
Certain clerks ina in a Treasury bureau I
Were ere invited seve several days ag ago to sU sUb4 sub b4 ¬
scribe for forflowers flowers as a token of sym sy ¬
pathy p thy for a bereaved berea ve d workmate On 1
Investigation jn stigation it developed d de velopelthat eloped that the he
bereaved berca ed one had lost a grea grea greataunt t taunt nt
That was all That was the only
connec connection tio n between those thOS e other oth erClerIS clerks
all aiim in need of all they earn earnand and the 1 1all
funeral for which they were to
provide flowers Yet the inevitable
subscription went its r ro ronds unds nds and the
cost of a pair of stockings here h re a
good luncheon there th re a good book
somewhere ei3 were vcreaJs a5 sot r dovn dov
All through the th aepsrimc npatmepL p t c bLs l Hhjs tl1is hi
mistaken mi6tak n giving goes goeson on p Flowers Flowers for
every death although rarely for great at
aunts and greatuncles gre atuncles to be sure surej
gifts fts to every retiring official sub ¬
scriptions scri Uons for numerous and persist IJE > rsist ¬
ent poor families familiesthere there is isapparent1y apparently
no natural limit liD1it to it I
Not long ago subscriptions fur a
testimonial to the head of a 1 bureau I Itestimonial
a h he I1zad e ad who retired witaout overmuch
gi gOlY oiy were solicited solici ted d by b the chief clerk
of Hie bureau The enterprise had all I
the force of a levy None of ofthe the clerks
dared lag behind in i ii the giving al ¬
though many of o them protested with I
Plight and main When the levies lei f fI I
Were collected and the gift was I
bought the chief Clli f clerk made a speech I
and the retiring bureau chief mide a
speech and you youwouJd would have thought I Ispeech
to read those two speeches sP eeh s that Wash ¬ I
ington was leaving his men at Valley Yalle
Forge or Leonidas was saying fare ¬ I IForge
well to his men at Thermopylae The I
thing would have havebecn been a burlesque I
if ifi it t had not been too serious to
laugh at at I
No one on onein in the departments or out I
of if c them themhas has the slightest objection I
to flowers for the dead and gifts to
the living if they are the honest and
willing expression of sympathy symp < thy or 0 I
esteem e teem For such uses it would woul suffice
if the money were dropped into a box
without any record of the giver But I Iwithout
a subscription subscriptionwith with names set down d wn
and the amount of the gift set oppo j
s site t the nameJoses name loses all character as
a voluntary testimonial I Ia
And incidentally the collection of
for gifts to
money retiring officials I
is forbidden by statute and the col ¬ I
lection of money for flowers is for ¬ i
bidden by the regulations of nearly
every bureau in every department j I
A Working Basis I
No claim to perfection is made mad for I j
the EschTownsend bill in regulation J
of railroad rates It is in a sense
experimental but it affords a working
basis That it passed the House with
only seventeen negative votes record ¬
ed against it shores sh Ws that whatever
the outcome the principle of the
measure neasur has the indorsement of the I
public and advocacy of O f it tended to I
the tbeeffacing effacing of party lines I II
The main feature of the bill is the
granting to the Interstate Commerce I
Commission the right to name a rea ¬ I
sonable freight tariff and to make the
rate operative The other features of
the bill billwhile while important in themselves
are all supplemental to this purpose
An increase from five to seven I
members is made in the commission
and salaries are to be flOOOO 10000 Thus
to the thebod thebody body may be drawn dravmmen men of re ¬
pu pute te in the law or the field of traffic
That it will be an organization marked I
by dignity acumen and andhighminded highminded
ness is to be taken for granted j
There is to be a court of transporta ¬
tion composed of five circuit judges I
If adverse criticism were to be made
it would touch upon this phase of the
subject as an appeal from the com ¬ I
mission to the Court of Transporta Transportation ¬
tion and thence to the Supreme Court I
must involve inyolvedelayHowever delay However as J
the theruUng ruling of the commission is to to be
in force until set aside by a reviewing revie wing
tribunal the temptation temptation to cause de ¬
lay will be less lessacute acute than usual
The country believing the measure
nec necessary arJ and as good a plan as a has
been devised would be glad to see
it on the statute books The ral
roads have not opposed it markedly
and railroad rail toad managers it is conceded
in fairness seem inclined to lend
themselves to a trial of the scheme
on its merits and aildwithoutanydesign without any design 1
to make its operation odious
The Lads Foot i
Not long ago agcaprize a prize was offered i
to the lady having the H Hsma smallest sma l est and
prettiest foot It was won by a per ¬ i
son so constituted constitu ted as to have to wear
a childs size of shoe That is to say
that a foot abnormal in type out ¬
classed the shapely and natural mem ¬
The size of the foot should be in
proportion to the size of the whole
body It either is this or it is to
some extent a deformity Thus a
small foot might as easily be a ablem blem ¬
ish as an adornment
There is much nonsense about a bout the I
liking for a little foot The woman
who is well developed physically phYSiCallYj j
125 12 and
weighing perhaps pounds ponndsmd
from that to fifty pound more would
not only find the little foot of scant
service but that the possession of o it
would detract from her good looks
As to shapeliness 5 the small foot is no
more apt to be perfect than the one one I Im0re
which takes a healthy healthYWOm womans ans size sze
of shoe j
Cinderella had a tiny foot footb but utshe she
also had a pumpkin for a carriage I
The Chinese lady has a particularly
tiny foot and that t at she is proud of it
is a measure of her intelligence The
foot that matches the rest of the
frame is free from contortion inno ¬
cent of corn bunion or orot11er other defect
sets on a heel of moderate height and
reaches the ground g oundserres serves every pur ¬
pose not excepting exce pting that of beauty
Points in Paragraphs
The new Assistant Secretary of the
Treasury is isa a newspaper n wspapel man and 1 a
politician There is some speculation as
to which qualification won him the
It is said ald that Kuropatkin is suffering
from a malady that causes loss of will 111
power Sounds more like Stoessel
Vardaman cannot overcome the yearn earn ¬
ing to paint himself hlmse r Tell re1anU v and climb a
Ca liforn ians ian intend to erect rct a astatuc statue to
some prominent prominentcitlzcnJhere citizen ftIzen There rher has been
mention n nof of Stanford Stanfordin in this this thisconnection connection
Better guess again
Women in Kansas will have full cit ¬ j
izenship after this It is a certainty
that tho t they thc will not be more foolish with I Itho
it than the men
The world is still curious to know now how hO I
many wore killed in the St Petersburg Petersbur l
massacre and there th re is no way of finding
An Iowa man received flOOM 10001 1OOO as balm
for the alienation of his wifes affec ¬
tions Now she sues him for divorce and
names this sum as particularly adapted
to purposes of alimony nllmon The ladys ll l s love
may be Q erratic but her busine busines business husln s ss s head
seems I3Cl > ms to be on straight
Somebody ought tc tco > exact from Santo
Domingo a bond to keep the peace
The legislators who favor admitting
Arizona as lL a piece of a State bearing j
another name would not find Arizona
desirable de Irtble as a alienith health resort
It Hs s only onl fair for a murderer to con ¬
fess as soon as he Hnds ho h has nothing
to gain by not doing so
A A boxing instructor who just died in
New York Yor at the age of eightyseven
had used tobacco ever since his tenth
year and drank whisky whlsk all his hi life
H However However i owever these facts do not serve a
moral purpose and will not be mQntjon mQntjonW mentiond W
In tho funeral sermon
In a a Pennsylvania mill milla a girl got
caught in a cog wheel Another girl
instantly Instantl threw off offa a belt and saved the
first A number of girls who witnessed
the whole episode merely m reJy s quealcdl and
fainted We Ve would like to know kflo which
sort ort was as truly trul feminine
Gaynor aynOr and Greene do not seem to
want to come home This is their own
their riative il tive land lan too
A Wisconsin T iseonsln legislator wants wants wantsa a law
taxing bachelors He is one one of these un ¬
fortunates himself but naturally naturull is sus su ¬
pected of Inten ding to beat his own tax ta
scheme by reforming
Although the t h lie navy is In need of f offi ¬
cers ccr the way midshipmen are dropped roppei
when they are not up to the standard
proves that quality is not riot to be b sacrillcod
to quantity
There are several cities iUes htle where no 1 no iov < is
tibulcs are required rt Illredon on the lIe street str Qt et cars nrs
but they all seem ecm to be getting ashamed
of ofit it It
A woman belonged b longed to a corps
And sought iQlIgl t tu tulH be placed in the chair
When defeated she Ih must have been bec sorp > orps
For she said she < would never nen com come
And nd added adl1o < iTonre mean mean things g So
cc = = = = 7 =
Dinners Luncheons Teas Te s
Order of the Day
I Mrs rs Reesifle Gives Musical Tea in
I Honor of Her Mother and
i Sister S L
Prss President ldent and Mrs Roosevelt RoossveltWill will
give a dinner < at the White 1 1T T hite House to ¬
night and the British embassy ernbas sywillbe will be
I the t C scene secnCbfa secnCbfanother Of another nother when the Ambas Am ba s ¬
sador sadorand and Lady Ltd > Durand will entertain
their the Ir friends rlcn ds
The Secretary SecretaryOf of War and Mrs Taft
will ill be hosts b tn jat at 1 a L dinner party part tonight
Miss Cannon will receive several hun ¬
fired drcdpeop people e at a tea at nther her fathers
home in Vermont r ermoflt avenue this after aftere
Mrs Richard Butler was hostess hostessata < at atn a
luncheon in her apartments apartmel1tsl1t at t the tht
Rochambeau today toda entertaining Mrs Mf1 1rs
Chaff ChafBe e Mrs Gillespie Mrs John P
Story Stor Mrs McRea and Mrs Pitcher
wife of Colonel Pitcher of the Yellow ¬
stone Park post
Mrs Reesidc daughter r rof of the late
Representative Harmer of Pennsylvania Penns lvana
will sill be hostess at a large musical muslcaltfl1 tea t a
this tii S afternoon to meet her mother Mrs
Harmer and andm Miss Clara Harmer both
of Pennsylvania m
Assisting Mrs Reeside Reesidcwilbe will be Mme
Rivero and Miss Rivero Mrs MrsTorre Torres
Mrs Conner Mrs Jenkins Mrs frs Mills Mill Illls
Miss Dulaaey Dulane Mfes 11 s Moore Miss 1n5SShont8 Shouts
i arid rn Mrs Theodore Shonts A dinner ant 8nl an
dance ance will II follow the tea
Dress Ball for Children
Mrs Flora C Dyer Dye r rwill will g give ive a com ¬
i plimentary fancy dress ball ba n foe Qi chil ¬
dren Tuesday afternoon a ftc rn oon February 14 at
I 330 p m at her academy 1517 R street
Owing to tho sudden sudd n death of A areia a rcia
I tive Mrs lr8 Henry I enQ Wells WeB of 2013 3 It street
Is obliged to cancel CancelnllJ1 all her r social soclnlen en ¬
l gagements g gements for the season
I II Mrs W V M 11 l Dove Do e on 9naccount account of ofsic sick sic k ¬
I ness is not able to ina in make ke kectiII3and calls and bus Jm
I been blo cn compelled to tocnncelall cancel all engage ¬
I meats
I Mrs Mr Elkins rwin wife f fc c of fSenatorS Senator Sen or S B B El
kins has cards but for fort a dance on Tues
I day da r even evening ing the guests being from the
I debutante circle of this year of which
I their her daughter Miss Katharine Kathe rine fne Elklns
is IS a member
I Lieutenant Kent in Town
I Lieut Lieut William A Kent of ofth the lSignal < Signal
I Corps and Mrs lrs Kent I ent are stopping at
G25 East Capitol C aPItOI street Lieutenant Kent
1 was formerly a member of the th First
I District of Columbia Volunteers
I Mrs Ml > Curtis wife of Capt ptL L A AClr Cur ¬
tis tisTwentysec Twentysecond md Infantry Infal1tr lnfa iitry and antisister sister
or Lieutenant LleutenantIent Kent is is also at the same
address Captain Curtis is how oh on duty 1 li fv
with his regiment in Mindanao
Miss 1I Mare Louise Nasa has returned return d
from a six weeKs visit with friends in
Boston Mass and al1 will be pleased to
flee seeher her friends at her home OnCUIJitol on Capitol
Mrs L I G Norton president presl cHt of the
Exchange National Bank of Kenesaw JCen saw
Neb Is a guest at the home of W V E
Andrews Auditor for the Treasurer
I Mrs tion Norton will remain for inougura
Mrs Charles R Shepard has canceled
all her engagements ow ing lngto to the sud ¬
den death d Uh of her brother I 1 Predric Pl drfc dri
Assistant Secretary and Mrs In Charles ChUI > s
II Darling are now occupying the house
1825 825 25 Q street lreH Mrs Darling will III be b at
home on February 24 and March 3
Mrs Henry Sherman Boutell will be
at home this afternoon Mrs Folsom Fo ls lsm m
of Boston her house guest Mrs George
Pelton I 1 Lawrence awrence wren ce Mrs Barrie Miss
Yerkes anU Miss Boutell will receive rece e
I with her
r Mrs Mr = Rich Hlclurd vrdBartholdt BarthJldt wife lle of f Rel ¬
resentative Te entatin Burtho ldt yv ydll v ili ihl be at home
1746 M vI I street northwest this afternoon
I from l 1 to C t oclock
Mrs lr Madison Ballinger Balling er aasistnd a Si tprl by
I her house guest Mrs Josephine Corey
of New York will be at home on Mon ¬
days during urlng February from u to C 1 oclock
Mrs irs Michoncr and Mrs 1n Barry BarryUohun Mohun
will be at home hom this a fternoon and mlon ml on
the remaining Saturday afternoons in
February 1
Mrs John T Granger will be at home
at th the Highlands this afternoon aft lnoon for the
last time this season
i Mrs Charles H RIdenour Rldcn mr and nnd1tis Miss J
j RidenouIwHI Ridenour wiii not receive today but
i will vill be at home the following Saturdays Satur an
in February FebrHar
t Mrs 11 E EV W M Mc Mirtln c irtln wife of Represen RCPI sCl1 ¬
tative tatlv < Martin of South Dakota will be
sit J t homo hom < nt J t th t the < Drlscoll on Monday lo oIlday
February 18 from rom 3 to 6
Mrs Calvin Nelson Xcli on 40 41 Twelfth street treet
northeast will 1111l be at home Monday MontlayFeb N fliliy Feb ¬
ruary run r 13 fru fr111 rni in 3 to o 5
Mrs S W r Steinmetr 1M6 1 H6 Konesaw
avenue will 1 i11 be J at home Fridays F1 ldayg in
I March IRrch
I Mrs 1 1s Koorper and 1 the Misses ICoerpor
will be at home ho hof horhluisdnx f r1e Thursday Thur ay February 30 liL
I A pleasant hirthd1 birthday party was gien
by b Mr an1 Mrs r William Burke at
their home lON Sixth street streo southwest
last lastcvcninc even evcnin In Mrs Burke recclMns quite qu qiil
a number of handsome presents prc ents A pleas NI as ¬
lug musical program W WJ J 9 rendered jend r 5
George Fox cornot corne t BOO accompanied acconpanl u
by MJ Miss s Moll Smith on the piano solo s oo o
by Willhtm WT T l1l1am Donaldson Donrddson11 Messrs iS lfInailY Bailey
and Lucket mandolin mandolnnd and gu hdtar itar selec SCI re ¬
tions and solo olo by h John ODonald
Among 1non those present pre > ent were Mr fr and
Mrs Mr W Burke BurJ Mr and Mrs ilr Emmet El1mcl
Donaldson Mr and Mrs 111 strS Itiohurd 33 i31Jl ill
Mr lfta1 nncl a1 t Mrs Harry 0 j 1 horn lhlI tra rs Btu BI B
Isaac Mr and Mrs Watson atsoIi Mrs 1h V W
Newman Mrs Lfttie TInton Mrs C
1fcrber 11L rlJ Mrs MrsT J Holccr Miss I1 > 8 Molliii
Smith Miss Mis Lizzie Liz c Pagett Miss Weeks
I Charles Bailey BaiJ y VudcLucltt v T tde de Luekett Fran Fraph
i I Kojris and Vuliam llIom Siieakcr SeaJc < r
1 ii J er ii L 1
Wife of Representative tative De Armond of Missouri and One of the Most Gracious
Entertainers of Congress Circle
Mortons Are le Hosts in n Their
Beautiful 13eauti ul Home
Mr and > Mrs Gaff G ff Give Cotillon at a t
I Which Miss Dovrdritc ti Is
I Guest of Honor
Secretary Secreta Jof of the Navy a vy and Mrs I rs Mor for ¬
ton entertained C Jt ttalnedat at it dinner d inn rJast Jast night
I Having Savingits Us s gUests Thomas Nelson Pag Page
and Mrs Page J ag e Mr 1Irnnd and Mrs lt SGe George o rgc
I Howard the former the son of the Brit ¬
ish minister to The Hague Mr 1Irnn and Mrs
Ward Thoron Thor > Mips l i is s Wetmore Miss Du ¬
rand daughter of the British Atnbassa Am bassa
dor Miss Le Bourgofse MIss M ss de Smirn ¬
off Capt Archibald Butt Baron
BusscheHaddenhausen of the German
embassy Mr Martin SIgnor Centaroof Ccntaro f
the Italian embassy Mr Dering of the
British embassy and Commander CommanderGi Gib Ci ¬
bons b rs
Justice Brown of OfUIO the Supreme Court
an allq < Mrs Brown Br wn gave a dinner party
last l tst night nightImtertaining entertaining c Justice J Rtice and Mrs Irs
Harlan I Iarlnn arlnn Iioutcnnnt U < utenant General Gcn lir rtI and Mrs
ChalIce Mrs lrs Brewer BrW 1 General Gener Wood
hull Miss WoodhuII Mr and Mrs 11 rs Ar ¬
nold Hague Mr and Mrs John Crop ¬
per Admiral and md Mrs Reypen Re > en Miss
I IGreeley Greeley Jefferson M l1 Levy of ofT Virginia T irginhL
and New Ne York and Mr Ir Tansen first
i secretary secretar of the Russian embassy
Senator and Mrs Depews Depcw guests uests at
dinner were Vice Presidentelect and
Mrs lrs Fairbanks Senator and Mrs Spoon
cr Senator and Mrs Dryden Senator
and < Mrs Elkins Senator and Mrs Bur ¬
rows Senator and Mrs Gallinger Sen ¬
ator t tor and Mrs lrs Scott Senator DillIngham
Senator and an Mrs Thomas jhom ls C Platt Sen ¬
ator Kittrcdge Mrs Foraker Miss For
aker Senator and Mrs A G Foster
and Miss Snow daughter of Mrs ilr5Platt Plait
In the De Koven Home
Aiose L lose dining with Mr and Mrs Beg ¬
irald de d Koven last l st night and invited
to meet Miss fiS8 Louise Crulcc of Philadel ¬
phia were Miss Harriet Southbriand South rland
Miss Coudert Miss Morgan Hill Miss 1Iis >
Alexander Miss Cobb Count Sale Cap ¬
tain Taylor Representative Butler
Ames Arthur Peter Marshall 1lar haULang Lang
l horne and Reginald Huidekoper V A the ¬
ater party and dance followed the din
nc nor
lhe former Ambassador to Italy Jtal and
Mrs 11S William F Draper gave a dinner dlnn r
1 last night In honor of Mr and Mrs
I George Draper of Boston Invited to
meet them were Secretary of War r rar ar and
I Mrs dis r Ta ft t Speaker Cannon and Miss Mi s
Cannon Justice and Mrs lrs McKenna
Justice and Mrs Irs White hlte Senator Wnr Vnr
roil Senator and an Mrs Lodge Mr and
Mrs lis Heniy St St George Tucker the Rev
Roland Cotton Smith Mrs Smith Mr
and Mrs Thornton Slclties Sc lc and an Mrs
TmimoriH s
Mr and Mrs Thomas Gaff were hosts
at II i cotillon last night for Miss Dow
drkch r1teh who Is the guest of Assistant
Secretory of War Vm and Miss Oliver Cap
VUn Butt and Mrs lrs Westcott e8tcott led tn tlw
coti eotal KoJi H most of the guests being select ¬
ed 1 from the young married people of
society iiiss l tiss ss Roosevelt lt the rsethcr Nether ethier
lands ds AVinsstor M nister and Mine van Swinderen
the tim naval attache of the British Britl h em
basay has IY and Mrs de le Chair Mr 1li and anclMri Mrs tis >
Oliver Oh l Cromwell Colonel and Mrb 111 >
BromwellMiss HromweJl 1l1 Miss s Oliver Miss May Miss
Durand Captain Gilmprc Signer igiior Borgh
otti < Hi of the Italian omba mbas mbatsy Vsy Lieutenant
Lay Lieutenant Liciltena a t Butler Lieutenant
I Bristol liiist l Lieutenant Gibbon Lieutenant nt
I Andrews drews Count Zichy Viscount de
I Chambrun an d others thr s wore wer among the th
Delightful Debutante Tea
One ol of the mofct delightful debutante
tfiig tw tea of the th season M lson was tl1f that yesterday yestcrd Y
afternoon from froml 4 4 to G sU t tlhe the home homeor of
Mrs H Clay Browning Br owning in Princeton Prin eton
treat when she IntroducJd introduc d her young
daughter Miss Blanche Browning to
several hundred of her friends
The debutante c < who is an accomplished
Washington ash1ngtun girl was Wh surrounded by the
Howeru 110 er gtnerouslv glner JnsJ < sent by her h el admirers
and a1 l friends frl < l1ds and llc i till music room and
1 clniwing room were decorated clec luted with pink
rotes and palnjs palml1nd and ferns
In the dining room where tea tN and
I 1 1punch punch upcn were served American Beauty Beaut
I ross SPS and ana palms paims were the ine decorations aocoraiions
Mrs Browning was as assisted by byl1rs Mrs
George GeorgeV W Evans and Miss Alice Boyd
who presided at the tea urn and Mrs
Guy and Miss Francis FranclsVl1iting Whiting served
Mrs Browning wore in receiving r ceiVinga a
handsome 1 andsom gown of white lace with
pearl ornaments and violets Miss
I Browning wore a typical debutante cos ¬
tume of white wh t > > organdy and andlnce lace and
carried a bouquet or sweet peas and val
Icy lilie lilies
A sprightly little l ttle danre was given last
evening at the Lalse Phillips School in
Connecticut avenue the girl students be
Ing Ingplrmitted permitted to invite a number of
their friends There was excellent
music and am the girls met a number of
interesting young people in in5choo1 school life
hero her > I
Mrs N B n Baslltilgton Washington T and her
daughter Miss nsVashlngton Washington entertained
a large and distinguished c1i 1i tinguishld company com pan last
evening at their home 2131 I N street
They were assisted by Mrs Harrison
Miss Iiss Snyder Miss c Berry Berr r rand and Miss
Stephenson The hospitality hospltt lity of the din
ins in lag room was wtsdispensed dispensed in true Virginia
Mrs Irs A B Cinaga C tnaa < was the hostess at
I a pretty prett tea Thursday afternoon when
she sh welcomed W eleo m e d a large la rge company compan com P an of friends frien s
I to her home on S street between hetw en 4 and
7 oclock The Th hostess h stess was VIas ass Qssist Qss as5istCd isted ist d by
Mrs Lillian LiIlianC C B McAlister llcAlisterof of New
i iYork York Miss MissCarr Carr ofOhio1lrs of Ohio Mrs BarrClI
Mrs Slnard and Mrs Roberts
j I i
7 7N
U A Missing Solution
When Col Sir Thomas Hungerford
Holdieh 1C KClL C M G K C TJ3 L I EC E C B
j R B was superintendent super1ntendento of the the he survey survey
o of India he was approached oneday one day by
a native who had recently graduate d
from the local college I
Excuse me sir said the latter bu but t
my province is tho pursuit of all knowl ¬
edge edgeandl nnd 1 exceedingly eedngly like to know the
meaning rreanngof meaning of all those letters lsee I see on the
report after your name I know what
31 L P means but not K C M f G 1C I C
So c all knowledge is your ou1 province
smiled the colonel Well those thoseietters Ietters
are quite a problem
Ah a aJroblem a problem I see interposed
the native nativequiekb quickly I have haestudied studied the
mathematlc the algebra and I will gO
seek for zu a solution
The colonel is s still waiting to hear the
More About Russia
TIle White Wh Vhfter Terror rror and the l Ii c Re d a
new novel of o t inner Russia which Al A
Cahan has Jwmengaged been engaged upon for a alofig long
time time Is to be published by A A K S Barnes
Co this month Mr Cahan has kept
closely in ntouch touch with internal conditions
in Russia since he was forced for ed aa a
member of the revolutionary party partyto to
fly from the country and his dramatic
romance romunccls is said aid to give given a picture of or ac nc ¬
tual Russia Rus8i which has not been equaled
It is lrit interestIig testing in connection with this
I approaching g publication toreca to icalt lt W V D
J Howells comment upon 11r 4ahan aJmn
I I His sense of character Is as a broad as
his sense of human nature Is subtle and
deep I cannot help thinking that we
have in him a a writer of foreign birth
who will do honor to American i
Helen Kellers Wonderful Book
That remarkable little boolc bqolc b Ol fi t r
lirolsm 1imismthellfe tlrnisrnthe the life creed of its ItssV at
remarkable writer Helen Kel
tinues to excite comment both r
I country cuntr and in England Its pu pu ir r ri
Thomas Y Crowell Co state >
sales were larger In 1904 than iX
the year it first appeared
I Optim Optimism ism is the inspiration of a
poem by Richard Watson Gilder In the
January Century apropos of a copy of
the book sent s2nthlm him by Joseph Jefferson
How Illustrations Illustra tions Are Made
Authors often complain that illus ¬
trators do not catch their idea of of char ¬
acters acterslIeredfih Meredith Nicholson however how ver
whose new story Zelda Dameron is
now being studied by the critics has
Stray Bits Bits o f fTalk Ta lk
H Rpeakingabout Speaking about child wonders wondersI ondei I
But sut why cSpe speak k about them them
I What is horse sense anyhow j
h hIts Its that tha i iwhich which makes a a fallen horse
get up before some idiot has twisted his
tail ta il
Do you youb believe Ueye that Kuropatkin Is
losing lostnghlstfilnd his hiarnind rcind
U UI I might rrig 1texc except pt that the Japanese
dont need ft St
Yes sir The punishment ought to fit
the crime crIn
Hop about that i fellow who married
and murdered a Jot ot of women
Well er f4well well Id hang him and risk
a misfit
JARI P ARJr j 11 HIn In the chamber or o f
deputies i c t government oerriment has made the
declaration declar lti1 < tliat that the separation of church
and state sti1 Vas inevitable The declara de clara ¬
I tion was w s rpproved b by a majority m1jor ty of 255
no reason to feel feelaggr aggrieved aggr cv don on that
score It was his own ownidea idea to have por ¬
trait sketches of the different dlfferentmen men an d
women In the book made by John Cecil
Clay his personal friend
Mr Nicholson Nicholsonwent went to t New ew York an d
discussed the matter with Mr Clay
who had all the models on his list call
for Mr Nicholsons Inspection
Is her he hair hl r righf rightl is this thi lila a good
man for SoandSo SoandSosuch such were the
questions put to the th author by h the ar ¬
tist 1St They walked the streets together 1
by the hour looking for types
Why Artists Fa il to Exploit New York
Every little w while hile a newspaper dis ¬
cussion arises as to w why hy American paint
i ers ersseemingly era seemingly neglect the cities dU s of their
I own country and lndcl1oose choose subjects jectsor or
scenes In foreign lands Charles Char es Henry Hent
White the etcher throws light on this
matter in the course of a n paper paplnln in the
February Harpers
After Afterall all the artist must live he
writes andwhen and when he finds that a pot
boiler r Uerof of an old chateau will not only
please better but sell twice as rapidly
as a amastervieceif masterpiece if he were capable of I
doln doingoneof dolng one oneof of the corner saloon saloonor or the
peanut stand he will quietly draw an ¬
other chateau when the rent comes due
and apologize to his friends
Literary Notes
Word comes from Ohio hlo that the Uni Un ¬
versity of Cincinnati Cincinn U has adopted ado pted B M ill
Johnstons Johnstons Napoleon u recently pub
ilished lishedby by A S Barnes Co for use
i in the course pourse in European IJ history
Poultney Pou tney Bigelow journalist jo umal t globe
trotter trotterand and author of ofi ofTheChl1drenot i The TheChl1drenot Children ot
tb t thc Nations has hasjust r just returned to
s iiieriCrt i514 Ut tt r a oust i1ii v j gH th i
e otir tn tnJ J r i
t nItC ne C
I 1 if i flt t t
tT rIt epl iJ 4l5c5 l i
t 31 4l1 Q that eCaJn the
i y Io f t ui EiJ qjy i 4 H Vt41 r t
ig h
dozen oze magazines m magazines giin giins s and ria read d the th the e pic tC
f I tures y and apd that thatAmericJ1Ilperlo Ameriqaoi periodicals 1ica1s
especially eSPeciallydeJightcd delighted him As A3there there are
onlyabout 3000 people in Persia Pers 1 1t 1 who can
read and writeS write S his amazement at the
number of magazines Is not surprising
and his delight over o er the number opic of pie ¬
tures was very great The art ot Il ¬
lustration Is probably developed to toa a
greater extent In America than In any
other country and the character c aracter of < if
magazine illustration is reaching a
very cryhlgh high average
At Atthc the he White House this morning Sen ¬
ator Dick of Ohio introduced to the
President Presl ent Colonel Robert bert Fountain of
the Fourth Cavalry Cavalr U S A and asked
that Colonel Fountain be promoted to
the rank of brigadier general and retired
The xecordborne record borne by Colonel Fountain
is an unusual one He entered the army
at the age of sixteen going to the front
with ith the 140th Ohio in the civil war At
the close of f the war he h was appointed
a a cadet to West T est Point from which tichhe he
was yasgradua graduated ed an in 1S70 lSs O He hcs bz been een in
active service many times since and was
in Cuba and the Philippines Colonel
Fountain is a native of West Virginia
but moved to Ohio when a small boy
Be 15 the only armyofflcer army officer of his grad grade
or time of service who is not a brigadier =
general g neral
After Senator Dick Ick had 1adexp1aine explained 1 the
situation the President Presidentpromlsed promised to give
Colonel Fountains case consideration
Waiter Wait Waiter I can cant t tell by the taste
whether whetherthis this is chicken or veal
Which Vhlcl 1 do 4 < you ou prefer sir ir2
I never eat veal
Then its chicken sir sirH sirflouston Houston uston
Book Boo kTaught Taught Bt 13ilk Bthins lkins ns Learns to Skate
F5 v
f 0 I =
CJ i
0 0
The bCok book says Be sure the ice ce is perfectly Here I go I keep my balance beautifullj
I safe StrIke Str ike out outwith with the theleftfoot left foot first Oh I can skatea little
u i iGER I GER 1 ft I
J 1
I 9
2 J 1
ltn going straight for that danger ho le and 111 grab the sig sign n I cantdrown cnt drown while I
I cant stop Avoiddangefholes have hold of that
I a
I LJ 2
¼ L
I When will I ever stop swinging Voun round this Vcll If I didnt cut a hole large enou gh t
denied stick GreatScott bu hut t Im dizzy grown a house I Help
> c

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