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A J = spring sprin J model mOd elin in plum cloth trimmed trimm ed simply Simpl y with small silk buttons bUtto ps and
stitc stitching hing The French redingote is tight fitting in front the same as back
tucks uclts and a nd pleats holding it snugly to the form The skirt is the popular pop ixlar pleated I I
one I
Afternoon and Evening Eveiiri j Gowns I
Made in in i Dainty Adaptation Ada ptation I
Fichus Fichllsand Fich s and an d Berthas on All Evening Qqwns GQvnst1igh High
Necked NeckedDinl1erQovns Dinner Gowns Gorrect Cerr ct <
At this thispar particular Heular time of the thesc1Son season
the indoor rlamelte tbillette absorbs nil atten att n ¬
tion with the single exception of such
costumes as are being prepared for the
Lenten sojourn at the fashionable
Southern Sout1 ern resorts It is evident that the
vogue for adaptions of a 3 past century c nt r
is by y no means abating rather is it
gaining by artistic artiSUCinCorporauon incorporation with I Ith
our present l resent > ideal Who would have I
thought a year ear ago that firmly fitted
linings would support closely cloelydrapc drape d dan and
even perfectly smooth corsage effects or I Ieyen
that cr crinolettc iiiolette and an d haircloth would ox
tend our skirts to almost 1SGO dimen di en ¬
sions And nI back Gck with the rest of othe the
revivals r vivals comes co mes the legofmutton sleeve sl sleeve eve
but in new and undreamed of lines lin s of
grace wbile w hile deep featherboned featlebon dg girdles rdles
berthas rthas and fichus small waists and
higher bust lines complete a wonderful w n erful
The difference in the thcgown go goWns > yns worn by b
hostess hote s and guests at receptions rece ptions or cere ¬
monial dinners is slight neither is as
d decollstte > colhtte as the ball gown and a nd may be
quite Iehigh c high at the throat and with elbow
sleeves if it so please the wearer But
the upper part Iart of f the bodice must be
sheer and the thecntire entire effect efl ctplcture5Que picturesque I Isheer
though not bizarre The round skirt
not very long opening over petticoats of
lace l 1ce or dainty < laInt effects Iffec ts of transparencies tran sparen cies
is at present a favorite mode With this I
skirt the very pointed closely fitted cor ¬
sage is en regie this be it high h gh or low
is finished with a bertha or fichu ficbuof of
lace or other Qth r sheer hecr material
The Latest Sleeve
The sleeves are at present on the leg
ofmutton order though for evening J
dress they < are ar cut t off above the elbow
to be finished by b all kinds of pretty do
signs in the shape sha pc of cuffs and inevita
bly frills of lace or oremhroidcred embroidered gauze
falling ar around ound the elbows with very
long gloves wrinkling all up the the arm
from the hand There is a rumor rU11Jor runt anent
sleeves leeves that the close clo se upper sleeve sle eve will
presently supplant c puffs which fre ¬
quently are exaggerated by b means of the
interior featherbone feathcrboneasin as In Paris the
new toilette Revolution n is finding ex ¬
pression by such suhle leaders ders In n mode as
Mile me Sorel This has a perfectly plain
fitted sleevp s1eev to the elbow with gradu ¬
ated atedruffle ruffle or the sleeve is carried like
a t nittenoverthe mitten over the hand which it hides
with a lace frill The skirt Is full and
round fitted to the hips with corded
gathers and the girdle is rounder or
the fitted sUghtly draped drapedcorsagc corsage runs rung
to a rounder To nder point in front The fichu
Of some sheer soft material is a dis
tinctly feature of this costume soft
changeable taffetas being favored for
the making
A long JongBlec sleeve + e fulled on to the close
fitting lining in length but very ver little in
width quite to the shou lder is one of
the new s leeves this being often finish r
ed d by a shQrtcape short cape sleeve in bell or half
handkerchief form
Soft Softtfaterials Materials Popular
It will be seen how perfectly the popu ¬
Jar soft materials adapt themselves to
the present pres ntmodes modes chiffon velvet v lvct and an
velveteen rt rtcrepe crepe de chine chIffon taf ¬
feta satin messaline and the many de ¬
lightful lightfulH s ilks and wool materials soft sof
ae g crepe and sheer as voll you all are quite
exquisite in quality and color coloring ing and
light In weight this latter rn 4n fl absolutely ab ol1Jtely
recessary quality quaJItin in this day rla of full
skirts skirt
An Al1elegl elegint robe de ceremony has the
bodice and t train traino aln of chiffon c velveteen
over an underskirt of satin aUn messaline
beautifully ornamented with pearls and
B fjpanSle j > anffles The color scheme is a dis ¬
tinct exprjHSion X NtlSlcn of the best taste a
harmony of bright but soft coloring
the skirt a dullplnk dull ulnk while the hue of
4 velveteen la s JL a lustrous wine red There
Is something exceedingly one mig might 1t
almost say excessively excesrivel decorative jecoratl alput al alti n
the th combination com lnatlon costume of this order oruer
It has the air of dignity dl nlty that becomes
Did the Man With the Camera
catch you If he did there t11 rc is money mone for or
ou Ol1 gee tomorrows Sunday > Times
the grande gran c dame but is never ncycr for fo a
moment to be considered by the mere mQr
youthful fashion and frivolous friVOIOUSd devotees eYOtees of I
The Open Skirt Effect
The popular open openskirt skirt skirtefCect effect is 1scharm charm ¬
ingly gl illustrated in i in n another anolherpattern pattern
a costume of o f fcrc crepe crc ie lie d tie chine chin al ¬
most seamlsss falling away frem a sim ¬
ulated petticoat of white taffeta done
in cut work w ri or English eyelets with
Valenciennes lace laceincrt inserts The he skirt s kirt is
edged all around vUh lth bouiilonne of the
ciepe crp HPC Tho Th deeply d2eIJI pointed bodice fastens
In front with vHlla a close set row rowot of opal
buttons carrying carr IJJg out the theopal opalescent scent
scheme of blended blendedcolorrh colors The Th wide
yoke lke of chiffon is shirred In double
rows of tiny tucks over which whi h is set seta a
small om all yoke and choker of the cut wort
with wideshaped bands of the same ame out ¬
lining the yoke back and 11l front The
full sleeve puff is held ht ldoul out by b tiny feath ¬
erbone cords cO Tds in the thellning lining and the th
rufileedged wide draped cuffs hold the
puff above ihe ih elbow a deep frill ot
white Alencou lace falling around aroun the
arm This costume so elegant and fin ¬
ished in appearance appe r nee is rsally rlli not so
difficult In In achievement provided tho
main point perfect lit is gven given ren due du
Taffetas Very Popular
Taffetas are re out in full force for our
spring array hundreds of charming
frocks are in process of evolution at
all the principal princlp l coutjrieres coutJ rieres and dress ¬
makers in Paris and among the novel ¬
ties arc the most delicious changeable chang able
or shot effects as the Englanders call
them Narrow Italian ribbons ribbonsthat that is
a single t faced very light make of satin l
is i much used as trimming These rib ¬
bons very many man yards being used on
one dress dres Cordings Cord l gs and shirrings self sel
tucks and tucks laid on triple and over
skirts all these thes and many more fancies
combine to make the taffeta costumes
irresistibly pretty and smart
Mohair Serviceable
For real useful knockabout wear there
is no material to tocompare compare with mohair
and it is not only useful but beautiful
in the extreme in the exquisite new
forms in which it is now shown Our
grandmothers randmothers would not know Im w their
muchprivod ml1chprl friend In the lovely lo ely shades
and combinations of color it now ap ¬
pears in We Ve have seen seensomethlng something of
mohair molLlirln in the past two tIoyears years In plain
suits uits and dust coats but this year the
material is idealized and will cr 111 find its
place in the smartest afternoon toilettes
At the warm winter resorts on the
Continent one me ne sees charming costumes
prophetic of the spring modes mOQ s and it is
to be noted that severity is conspicuous cons lcuou
by its absence even socalled tailor u
made showing considerable consl 1erahle elabora ¬
tion The long fitted coat of otsQme some of
the newest ncv st suits is cut away awa In rounded
skirts opening over an elaborate vest ves
and jabot with frills to match turning
back on the sleeves sleev s But the dressy lit ¬
tle coats and wonderfully constructed
little capes evidently are the favorites
and one can hardly do justice to the
multitude of charming ideas evolved in
these smartest of garments
Ne IR > Summer Materia Mate1 4 ia l
Wise women are even now engaged
upon their summer attire and that or
the their ir families
It is sensible to get about it thus
early In the first place the choice of
the thcumm summer r goods Is to be had at this I
I Itime time o of year ear As a a rule the t1i loveliest
I Icolors colors and patterns are picked up as
fast as they t are shown n Many 1 Iany a
woman returns to a store to buy only to
find that lh at the entire piece upon which
I she had at last decided has ha been sold
As A for 01 style a safe way is to consider
the latest ideas from Paris and cast a
I reflective eye over what seemed best
adapted a to ones one style st le and needs last
I Isummer summer Add to this any particularly
pleasing piquancy of the winters modes modc I
and pne one is certain to hit upon something
as becoming as It Is out of the ordinary I
Net that one on la Isdepcnd dependent nt upon this
met method od time > good stores show many new
and pleasing pleasingdresaes dresses and suits in linen
lawn organdie and other materials mat < rIa13 i
To i o Have II e Tiowers in wooden
Boxes Bulbs Should Sl10ulclBe Be bePlarited Planted
vlay Be Put Into nto Ground to Bloom Bl < t WeR r Ygen Frost
Leaves Vflri Variety ty Desirable
Xow K ow is the time to plant bulbs buthsii ill the
mt ut of door window boxes for fo r spring sp Il1g
All the florists have haye 011 0111141 hand ntI suitable su ita 1IC
ulbs > which if put in now will begin to
> loom after the frost has ms left the
p jrbund lound und And not until that thatHme time will I Ilound
he sensitive S bulbs put forth forththeir their roots
This being so there is no danger < of
lantlng them even while the snow is
till with us u s
Unless one a ne has m had I ld some ome experience ex p > r cnce in
lower culture it is well to put the work
> > f filling fillingwlndaw window boxes into the hands
if f a reliable florist
The r woman who is fond o of plants and
vho has little time to attend to their
are will find the small srnaIladdiUollal additional cost
if f employing a florist is s sure to pay
ler in the end This is equally equal1yftue true of
1 ler r who having time lacks the neces
mr ary experience Plants of ofanyl any l iind ind nd
ire ail 1 expensive luxury l xury unless one o le is
repared to tend them faithfully > It
They require almost as much care ca eat r as
i hildren and are unable to withstand
ontinued neglect = t
T i
Bloom in Turn
Several varieties of bulbs bulbsmry mayi rnay be
planted at the same time tifu in as asm1m ni many ny
layers ayers These will bloom in turnj tur timrnQnC riqne pne
kin d after neranothcr another if j properly set se t
The experienced experilmcedfloriculturist floriculturist knows
in n handling handlingtJlebulbs the bulbs which are dead e d
ind which whicharerIpc are ripe to bloom bloo n and t d thus t 1us
he disappointment t of their possible pos sible
allure to t grow is in his case avo a avptcid p ided ged
rhat hat is why it is bettcror better lor tor the business
oman who is away during most mos of the
Ja lay and who wishes to have an attrac
live lot lot of blooms to greet her on her
eturn to her apartment or room room to in
est estseveral several seyeraldollars dollars in the J fitting up of
1 L window box than to try to save sayemQneY money
tn > y v doin it herse herself lf One dollar to one
i Lbllar tohlar l1ar and a half per foot is asked by
Lhe he florists flor ists as payment for this work wor wore
This coat C ORt includes the th bulbs bul s to be plant
i d in several layers and the proper
luality of earth in which to plant
hem Plants which are already alread flower
ing ng mav ma may be bought boughtnow now in charming
Variet rariety The always attractiv azalea
in n its pre tty shad shades s from white through
pink lin mink k to scarlet is seen in fu ll blossom bl ssom
The jonquil and hyacinth are also in
lower in the hothouses and begonias ot
some ome varieties are in bloom
The dwarfed Japanese trees are In great
lemand at present They may be had in
tiny jardinieres and are an m attractive
lecoration in any room Tu Tulips lips hya
laths and jonquils are also to be had In
bulb mlbs nlb Ferns of course may be bought
at it all seasons and while they the are most
de leelrable irable so far as appearance appear nce is con
efned they the are areaIso also difficult to raise
There are more plants in the home
tilled by b injudicious watering than by
any inv other error of treatment declares
anautholity iri fl authority In Inmost most instances the
rror is on the s ide of mistaken kindness
ing n giving lng small supplies of water too
Judgment inVTatering in inl l Watering
The possessor of some som handsome house
plan ilants ts asks skf > the question How often
hould I water my plants pla nts expecting epe ting
to obe be told once or or twice a day or at
allevertts til i ll events som some stated interval BUt B t
the he only answer one can give is As
of iften en as necessary necessaryn n In other words words
this his means give water so as s to keep
he pots wet It is not practicable to
lay ay av down a rule that all the plants
should be siT given en water at one and the
sane arne time each single specimen must
have lave its own cwnt purtlculac > artlcular wants attended
tosO o < o much n1uchdependlng depending upon the situa
ton OR and the th general gener l temperature of the
apartment inartment in which it is growing
A A flower pot is very porous 1 rous and there
fore ore the condition of its surface is the
be e e5t t guide guiq as to the state of the ball
The Best Remedies Are Acts of
Prevention Preve ntion
it is a L a fact that some textures of o skin
chap more mor ri rieas easily eas easilythan ythan than others o thers but no one
is wholly exempt from this bothersome
ailment a t the present season of the
The rh most important act of prevention
is to t dry the hands thoroughly They
cannot cam ot be bedried dried thoroughly unless they
are aredrled dried slowly and an d this Is where the
trouble trou ble is met People who whoa take all
the timr tinm < necessary for washing the
hands will often hurry hurr thr tn though ough the dry ¬
ing This means that the pores retain
the moisture and the cold stiffens > it
into the skin sit In The hands should be
pressed gently with the towel not care ¬
lessly rubbed r and dryed evenly all over
the surface
Another precaution precauti Js Is to see that the
hands are entirely gloved before going goln
out of doors A minutes exposure if
the hands are sensitive will Wlllresult result In
chapping yet many people habitually h bituallY
wait until they aro outdoors before
drawing on their gloves
If gloves are worn at all they should
be worn every day during the winter
It is very veryeasy easy on a warmer day to
catch up a mut and thrust the hands
into it ungloved but they are bound to
be withdrawn an d the chapped skin fol ¬
lows low their exposure
Extremes of hot and cold water should
be avoided in washing tho hands The
quality of the soap has something to
i do with it too t o and the rinsing should
i irernoc remove every trace of soap from the
I I skin In the matter of lotions thure are
any a n number of selection selec tion If one O ne has
I nothing clpe lie vaseline may always be
I used Glycerine mingled mln led with rose water
to alleviate smarting Is san s an established
I remedy rem dy Various bottles are offered at
the druggists and are more or less effi
of earth and an d roots inside if tIme pot be
I Imoist moist on the hc outside the contents will
I he wet enough cD mgh In rooms where fur
I Inacc pace heilt he hmeOtla t is used the theditficulty difficulty of main ¬
taming talnin this condition is si slm1etimes > r rietimes con CO i il isi l ¬
I siderable si 1crab1 < E but close attention and judg ¬
ment will overcome th6 th problem and
keep ke p the plant p lantin in a flourishing condi c on 1I < ¬
I tion When plant is m ina a pot the roots
i are chiefly to be found at the bottom
land and touching to tIChi g the sides they t are a rcnot not to
any extent found near the surface soil
i This ThisbelJJg being the case caselt it will be seen very ver
easily that merely giving a dribble of
water atvtluv at at th the top does no good goodnay = nay na in ¬
deed harm hU 1l may ensue by the subsequent
baking of the so il Which whlchis is followed
again by b surface damping for fo some
time with the ultimate result of sour ¬
big ingo of the soil S1i or moss may laYbe be develop ¬
ed on it leading to the impression Impresstonofa of a
l general gener 1 moist m oist state S tate which Vh ch is certainly
true of r f the surface layer but of that
The Th golden rule in Inwatering watering Is Give
water only when the theplan plan t fneeds needs it but
then water thoroughly
How to give gi the water is as Important
a point as when People who have no nQt
a regular plant room room where water can
bo b applied with perfect freedom and
some allowed allow d to splash over without fear
of damaging anything should place
plants Ire Int tubs 1Js or 9rans pans with a quantity
of water iter sufficient suffiei nt to mount up to with ¬
in an inc Inch h or less of the rimo rim of the
I pot allow the plant vla nt to stand there e for
seme time so that the water can soak Boa k
through the pt and nd rise ri e up through
I the ball b all of roots and ea earth r tl1 thus mak ¬
ing sure that a thorough thcroughsoaking soaking is
given for when iVhe n the water W ater has soaked so nked
through it itwfll will be seen inside the pot
This treatment may in cases of dry
I heated rooms be necessary every everyday day
I Require Washing
I IAllvlants All Allvlants plants are not the same in their
I IIklng lking for perpetual heavy moisture or
saturation satur tIon of the soil A A palm or a
fern for instance 4 f once allowed to
become dry at the roots will never
recover its pristint vigor and there in ¬
i deed lies the whole whol secret of their th ir
successful succ CS S fUI culture c lllture Some So n1e other plants p lants
with 1thvery very succulent leaves are not by
I any means so liable to injury ijury through
absence of water ater but such plants are
not 0 01 decorative value Then again
I there are the other therplants plants which demand
a perpetual p rpetual l apparent excess ce3 of water
All A 11 these toesepoI points 1ts the th e florist attends to
I in the potting up by making a suitable
mixture m xture of soils soilssome so some to hold water a
long time others to let it pass through
quickly quic kly
All plants which are grown for their
foliage effect and an which are therefore
to be kept for any nnyconslderable considerable time in
the home must receive attention at the
tops as we well ll as s at the roots In the
cleanest of houses dust will accumu accumulate late
and this settling f upon the theleaes leaves blocks
I lip the breathing brc lthing < pores of the plant The
only remedy is removal of the dust to
which end a sponging of clean water
say at least once a week should be
All plants even great trees are areSU3 sus ¬
ceptible o f draught if you Ou would pre ¬
serve yours therefore see that they are
not placed in a draughty window for or
nothing Will wIlIso ill so quickly cause their
If that is the only place vlacewhlch which you ou
have for them see that it Is weather
stripped and use pieces of heavy heav cloth
between the th plant > rack oiv o orwlndobox windoyt jt box
land and the crevices through which Uu thIS U1lold thISold Scold s old
air is liable to blow
Another evil to avoid is opening the
window directly on the plants during
cold windy weather After Afterthc they have
been een housed in In a steamheated apart ¬
meat to su subject bject them to such a a risk is
fatal They Thc should be I moved noved away
from the window if it must be opened
This rule applies of course only to
flowering plants Bulbs may ma be planted
out of doors and left to flower in their
own good time They will not see k the
draught of othe the ir own uccor d but
wait patiently until better weather be ¬
caclous with different persons per ons A thIn
ncneylike liquid 1iq ld solution of
cream is extremely delightful and in
unfailing remedy remtd
With Vith all lotions it is not the quantity
applied but the thoroughness wit
which it Is rubbed into the skin Old
gloves are sometimes worn upon thi
hands at night but sufficient massagi mas =
with the liquid will willremoe remove any an rea
necessity ncces lty for them
Seventeen Seventeenth h Cenlur Century Ba a ll
At a costume ball soon to be given Ii
New ew York the arrangements will be Ii
accord with the spirit of the occasion
which is to reflect as nearly nea rly as possl
ble the court life of the th s venteentl ent
century cenlur in France
All of the guests will be expected t <
attend att nd in the costumes of that period
A noted French actress who is to ap
pear before the dancing will be broUght
Into the room in a sedan chair
by four bewlgg bewlggd d lackeys lackc s The host
In full court costume co > tume is to be seated ii
an armchair in the center of the stage
which will be raised several feet Whet
the sedan chair reaches the stage he is
to descend and welcome the actress
As they walk up the steps to the stage
unseen lackeys will draw the curtain
the actress will disappear behind them
the host will take his place in the au
dience and the th play will begin
For t Ba ° ld ldSpots Spots
Try brushing the spots three time
daily with a soft brush wet with thi
lotion for five minutes letting it dry <
In One otnce tincture of cantharIdes
two pints rectified spirits one ounce sub
limed sulphur and eight ounces glycer gl cer ¬
in At night IJh bt wash with warm
and dry Do not rub with towel
masFage very 113 < gently with finger tips
When youns tUn hair begins to grow substi ¬
tute for the he first application
ounce oil of mace and one pint de ¬
odorized alcohol
Young Lady Drawn From the Brink of th
Grave and Made Strong and Well by
Father Johns Medicine
It is with a heart full of gratitude
that I tell what whntFather Father Johns John s Medi ¬
cine has done for me I had a terrible
cough and was so weak that the ram nra ¬
ily physician gave mo up giving me
but three days tp to live It was was then
that I began to take Father Johns
Medicine Any person who saw me
then would hardly know mq now I
am so well and the credit belongs to
Father Johns Medicine My little
brother dr drln in ks the medicine like wa ¬
ter and thrives upon it Signed
Mary 1VIl A A E Reynolds 2410 117th 117t115t St
Chicago ChictlSolll 111 IlL j
Remember R member Father Johns Medicin
is not a patent medicine but the pre
scription of the eminent specialist win
prescribed it for the late Rev Re Fathe
John OBrien by whom it was rec
ommended and from whom It derlve <
its name It is free from opium mor
I Iphillc phine or any of the poisonous nerve
deadening deadcnin 1 drugs dr ugs or weakening stimu
I lants upon which tho majority of pat
eat medicines socalled cough syrup
I ana ar balsams depend for e their tempor
I Iarl ary effect cffe t an d which are dangerous
Iyou you are warned against then F1ft <
iyears years in use Guaranteed
N C q 1
ift s >
I I L < i < 1
F Ftf tf t 3i i < i
+ i Ji C s 1
This 1hisfmart smart picture hat hat Is made of black velvet and trimmed with exquisite
pink silk and velvet roses A hat of this sort is just the thing for matinees matine 5
afternoon receptions rec ptior8 pr or even nm for the f heater thcatfr in tnccvening the evening
I 1
Womans Youth and Beauty
I Depend on Care of ofH o Health alth
I Here are some of the thesecrets secrets of th the ht
Toman toman beautiful Th The The reason reason why on o I
woman looks young at forty fo rt rtand and an
other looks old at twentyfive can be a at
last explained
The Ihevom woman woman n who regards her face a as ru
hor fortune knows s that to catch a coli cod
r neans eans to add disagreeable lines am and
that fever f V l and other oth r petty tty ailment
make her muscles mnsclessore sore and stiff Thus
I good looks and grace are destroyed Tin The
woman who knows this and think
enough of her good looks to trke c car f
of c herself charms men and women with wi wit with t tl
lior er r fair face years years after her carelesi carel ss
sister has become a 3 wallflower
Many Ianhardsicknesses hard sicknesses resu r result lt from
colds The cold itself Is one of beauty
Ienemiest I enemies A cold brings headaches headacl1esswol swol
l len eyes red noses chapped and feverisl
lips Up s withMhe wit litl1e accompanying acco mpan Ying blemishes b IC m is h es
These lhescannoyances annoyances bring more lines tr to
I the face Uian Llman most women think thInkpossI possi
ble The woman that looks old an and am <
dragged out ma may y be merely the woman
who wir is a victim ictlmto to colds
The woman wOJn tn < who values her beauty
Ji prevents revents the colds To avoid cjlds sh she <
remembers r three parts of the body b yt1e thi
feet the bowels the head A little car care <
here not only preserves but aids j Is to i a
womans charms
Beautys eaut s feet are always waIIll warm am and
dry When damp they are bathed in ho hot
water rubbed briskly and dressed ii in
dry shoes and andstocklngs stockings The foot bath
is never neglected The pores of the fee feet
are large and carry carr off offmauy o1 many of the th im
purities of the body bod It means a drain
on beauty to allow these pores to become
clogged ahd hold holdthesc these impurities fron
leaving the system
Th The power of resistance must be kep kept
up UI to normal if a woman is to t keep
from catching cold TIle body is never
at its bes best t when the digestion is i faulty
Women who regard beauty bCaut as one o of
lifes greatest blessings and who would w ult
sacriflece even happiness because of this
great gift often fail all simply because
they the forget the impor tance of keeping
the digestive apparatus in Inperlector perfect or
To accomplish this requires careful
eating the leaving alone of all food
that prove to disagree the eating regu re ¬
larly lar and slowly slowl The woman who i l
beautiful never makes a pig pJgo of herself
The woman beautiful sleeps Whei T
she misses it she shemnkes makes it up She rise
for breakfast br akfast at the the regular hour bu
goes again to bed at the theflrst first oppor
I tunity tunit She he sleeps with plenty plent o
covers all lightweighted lIghtwelghtedbutwlth but with J m
window open Of course otrseshe she does pesnot nol
lie U iixj iixjU ina U draft d
i I Neft Neres r es s dt t have much to do with th the
health of the bowels Women Yom en have ever
conquered co 1qucred their nerves when they con ¬
vince vinced d tfcemselyes t1 msehes that nerves anc and
beauty beaut cannot live together
As an aid to digestion nothing is bet
ter than grape juice ju ice and the juices o
fresh fruits The fruit of an orange sip ¬
ped leisurely before retiring acts as s a
gen tle laxative with no unpleasantef
fects Grape juice taken two hour h6 r
I after eating will wiUgivea give a woman a cleai
skin and a brilliant color
Thehead l is kept cool This will not b hi <
hard to do d if the rooms are not allowec
A rare
hot chop
a well done
I bottle
make a a banquet or
I supreme de light these ttm4S
i wintry daya day and zrri r i ijlfiMs 1J < > ts
Is noted for the z mst < < st and
completeness completeI s with which
It rounds rO1nd off a a meal
The Best Chop Houses
Hotels Cafes and Restau ¬
Citizens of the Northeast
Are invited ft cl and inaoect our
new coal co handling plant The most
modern moderrlln In the th city At AtJ211 3211 First l jl3t
Street StreetN N E
Incorporate d
21st I N W 1206 II N W i
1602 14th N T VI V H2 3 9th N W V
loll oi 7th S W 1211 1l let ls N Ii i
Telephone Tele phone Main 4270
Private Branch Exchange I
nniaSmecd lln1ZSm cd
t i r > At Special Prices This Week
j Great Atlantic and Pacific PacifieTea Tea T a Go C
I Haiti flab Store Cor 7th ant ane B
to become overheated and if the feet
and bowels are looked after
A beautiful woman never allows her ¬
self to go out without being warmly
clad She S Sh wears a veil to keep her skin
soft she sh wears wear wraps wrapsto to keep her body bod
from a chill A A chill puckers Up the
face and draws down the shoulders She
carries a amutfor muff or wears wearswarm warm mittens
Beauty knows not a hand that is chap ¬
pe d dor or nails nal1 that are made brittle hrittl or
joints that are stiffened sHffenedby by the e extreme
cold She never sits with damp skirts skIrt
01 with damp boots She loosens her
wraps when she he is indoors indoorsr removing moving
them thf m In church churchi if the room is too
hot thus avoiding avoi lnga a chill chHlwhen when she goes
out All Alithis this is to keep up the power
of oresist resistance nce and avoid ailments
If by chance she gets a a cold she be e ¬
gins gns at once to doctor doct r it away In the th
doctoring she sheavoids avoids aYo s the use of drugs
it nossible
When hen the woman woman beautiful feels the
c01dcoming cold coming on she resorts to the hot
bath b th drinks a glass of hot lemonade
and goes to bed for along a long sleep Som Some
times a gen gentle tle laxative is resorted r1 orted to t
in inthe the beginning This may m ay consist of f
hot hotorang orange juice When sleeping off offa a
cold the window Is lsMtfll still open Some ¬
times before the bath she sh takes a a
brisk bris k walk In the fresh air Ir She fol ¬
lows the bath with a quick rubbing
down v
Beauty means rneanscare care to insure avoidance
of colds and ands s ickness and quick quieksimple simple
action in case case of the Jh e slightest slight s derange ¬
I ment m mc f n nt t
UptoDate Suggestion for Decoration
and Furnishing Furnish ng
Ruffled scrim curtains with a bonne
femme emma to match are among the very
newest ncw oflne new In tho winduwdres
ingVorld in worldThes These are made of soft
1 drapy rn p scrim with Cluny antique ma
crame Rennaissance and other laces
that are both showy and graceful as
decorative motifs
Austrian Art Furniture
Austrian art furniture is attracting a
great greatdeal greatv deal cnl of attention from from decorators decorat rs
at < present p s ntanc1 and tilde 1t vogue vogucamang among fash ¬
ionable i nable folk is predicted for it when It t
becomes more widely known
An AnExpensive Expensive Bedroom Suite
A bedroom suite of orrurnUuro furniture was re ¬
cently constructed constructedn in London for the
palace Jlalaeeqf of a an anIndiaa rf Indian Indian prince It weighs
over four tons and its value is about
ifi5OOO 75000
Charming CharmingEffects Effects in Mauve
Until UntIlthls this season color tones of mauve
lwereaLmost were almost impossible to get In n drap dra ¬
er 0 cries nes ies of an tt attractive at tractiVC kind Itin d The most
unusual tones tolieso of this color in charm
ins effects effectsmny may now now fee me e had
Cretonne in Favor
Cretonne will be more popular popularthan than
ever this summer for furniture cover ¬
ings cushions and for drapery The h6
latest Jatestones ones inc lude very dainty stripes
natural natur al flower fl9werqesigns designs verdure v rdur effects
Louis XV Louis XVI and lart non
veau with grounds in moire and Jasper jn r
with cafe cafeau au lait given special prowl prom ¬
nence nenceas as being vpry v ry new
The Quaint Note
Quain Austr ian prints quite unlike
anything anythingbefore before offered for summer summe up UP ¬
holstering hOlst rIng are on view These come in
curtains couch covers and table covers cover
to match
An ElaboratelyColored Novelty
An elaboratelycolored elaborately colored cashmere shawl
effect the pattern patt rn accentuated by me mel mxier
cerized c rized threads is a novelty noted
among the new summer drapery stufEa
For the Mission Miss ion Room
English Enll hcaseptent casement fla flax makes very vcry ap ap ¬
propriate prop riate window dressing dressingfora for a mission
Broderie Anglaise An 1aise
Bureau and table tablesearfs scarfs in broderle
I anglaise al1gla al1glais is e are ar e the latest fancy in decora
tive household hous househo hold ld linen
I Iiozgeolls Qozgeous Bit o of f Hea dgear
I For the t e d dashing dashing motorist moto rist there t lere is the
calfskin calfsk ncap cap quite a a gorgeous bit blto tIt of
I headgear in cheery brown and white
It has the ear flaps so desirable these
lIt bitter days Also for formotorlrig motoring wear
l are big loose boots boots of pony skin tkin fur
trimmed and fleece ft ece lined
Peter r Grogan Credit Creditfor for All Was hington
Furniture Furnit ure
Prices Pri ces I 13fJ f
Re duced duce d J
It makes no difference whether you pay cash or buy
on oncredit credit you will find our prices lowest
Iron IrmBedsteads Bedsteads su substantially stantiaUy made and not bought for a a a sale l53 153
cash 5175 175 on credit cr edit Others at all prices up to 535 S Exceptionally
good values from 5 to 520 20
Brass Bedstea ds dsnot not the cheap light department store kind but the
heavy substantial guaranteed qualities all prices up to toi5 S75 Th
I One lot cf t f Oak Maple and Mahogany Ma hogany Bedsteads worth from S10 10
to 20 Ocholce choice for 5650 650
I Woven Wire Springs SprIngsl35 135 cash ca l
I 150 150 on credit
I Woven oven Wire ire Springs made madeespe espe
I daIly l U for us Ji Jistron strong stron and a nd durable dura ble J 10 11107 D Dl Ill ISCOnnt 1 Pnilm UUl
A 3V
I 450 450 cash 5 a on credit credItequal equal to the T O
I best springs sold elsewhere at 750 750
Sideboards in solid oak beautiful for Cash with order
I Iy 1 mirrored and an polished all prices or w within ithin 30 n H HTrc days Trc 7t 7 74 + +
I from 1150 1150 to sioo
I Diningroom DInlngro m Chairs of sold oak Per Cent Centif if paid with
irom from Jlw 100 to lbv 1600 U
I china closets at all prices up to in ou 60 days d ays and an d 5 Per P r
I 5 ExceptionallYhandsome Exceptionally handsome pat Cent if paid within
te terims from o 20 to 5 50
I I teW Warm W r Comforts o o s from rom 150 to 8 9 90 da days VS
I Fivepiece Parlor Suites strong
I frames framesSI750 1750 to S150 154J Exceptionally
I good values at prices ranging from 35 35 toloo3piece to 100 3piece suites at all
I prices up to 100
I Couches at all prices from 5 5 to 70 iORemarkablygood Remarkably good values at
I 1250 1250 to 25
I 100pIece ece Dinner Sets 675 cash 750 50 on credit Better quali ¬
ties at all prices up to S5
817819821823 817 8198218237thSt 7th St Bet H Hand and 11 I Sts
> a A
Jn Inth the South dealing in China C hins anl an I t
Glassware GbsswareKltch Kitchen n Utensils E etc I t STINWAY s T EIN W A Y
3Lowest prices for the best goods sods 4 I
no28tf = L I PIANOS
f For Fo Sale saeRenlor SaleRent Rent 1 or Exchange
i I 1
THE T NABE I I IE E E 1 F Washington P Droop Agents Sons Oo 1 +
PIANO P 114 NO 925 Pa Ave NW N W t
E J + Lelt idIf t
In tone quality the peer I
a tonequahty 0 to 0 0 I 0 C 0
ot any an piano on the mar
ket t
When you youbuy OU buy bu on merit
you ou buy bu Knabes I GET GE GAT IT AT A
astasaFTRrar Evans Drug Store
Phosphate pound Boxes of Soda So de Paro PuroI PuroII PuroIA 1 I 15C A 13 f re C
= Phosphate of Soda Effer ffer YC C
vescent 1lb bottles 5OC 5 3 U
FREE THIS WEEK T Tv v EK Phosphate Phosphateof of Soda SOdaffer Sffsr One
Painloes Paln1e Extraction xtract on When vescent hlb 4 41b Ib bottles b ottle 2 > U Oc
i i Teeth eeth Are re OrdersS Order Vichy and Kissengen Salts at tho
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I Crowns Moderate Bridgework 3500 5007aC Prices 70C ana at killings ilUng 1000 f3T Evans E vans Jfl5 Drug Drugstore D ruao Store St StCrowns te
910 9l0F P Street Streettr ST T 1J
Sundays 102 Xeltf

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