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Not Enough Money in Sous House
Last Night
Substitute Substit tefor for Kid Lackey Quit Col Cold
in the Fourth F Fourth ourth Round R xia in i ji Match t
With Miller
For For the first time tim < since the revival
of interest t in boxing in this vicinity a
fight which was scheduled was called
off at the last minute at t a clubhouse c ubhotise 01 on
the Bladensburg road last night
Bert Clarke of this city and Jack
Pierce Of f Baltimore h had dbeen been matchcc d
to go fifteen rounds toa to a decision bu but
when the visiting boxer looked look d dover over th the
crowd crcwdhe he refused to go on onsaing saying there
was not enough money in the house
Pierce Obdurate
From S oclock to t nearly 9SO 930 i1 nine local loca
sports spor s who had not gone to Baltimore
tp 1 see e the BroadSullivan fight stood tood
around Jroun while Clarke and nd his hl second
fried to persua lersuade de Pierce to fight Th The <
SalUmor Baltlmorean n positively refused am and
finally it was decided to start the pre
iimlnary between Louis Miller of th the <
Navy Yard and Kid KidLackeot Lackey of Balti
jnore nore
Noses were W counted but Lac Lackey key wa was
not to to be found and Kid KfdVilgon Wilson a
member of the he Pierce camp campvas was must
ered In to go against Miller
Even though those who had made th the <
aisagreable trip to t see a good go dmain mail main
bout were disappointed their disappoint ¬
ment was capped when these two boy boys
stepped into the ring and gave g ve One one oi of
the > poorest poorestexhlbitionsseen exhibitions seen f for or man many
Wilson i Wilson False Alarm
Wilson was distinctly a a false fals alarm
and an lias as soon as as Miller MJ1Ierhithimhe hit him he showe showed <
fc yellow y 1Jow streak about abo ut as broad broad as a n barn
The boys fiddled through the i h flrst first
round without either doing much dam
sge ge l but in the second Miller Ii11erwent went li In
to warm warm things up and rapped WIlson
every time he could get hear near him himTlfe The
visitor visUorclalmed claimed that 1hatthe the sailor had hi hit
him in in the groin gTQ1n butRef butReferee eree plarie Clarke
nor no one else in the arenasaw aren arena saw saw itT It t ant fid
the fight went on In the third rount round
Miller continued to chase Wilson giving
him a whack every once in a while
In the fourth round Wilson quit cold
W With thhls his his arms hugging his stomach h 11e <
stood In the corner with his secon seconds ds ds
throwing cold water on him In the hope
that he would show some evidence o of
Kameness gamcnesswhlle while the referee gave him the the
fatal ten
It was the first appearance of oiMi11er Miller
the Pride of the Navy Na1tyand and ho showed
considerable promise although lie is stil still
crude Had Wilson been willing to figh fight
a better line could have been gotten
on Millers ability but the whole affia affair i
was i as more of o a running match than i a
Lea Leaders ders in National Guard League Lan
Another Game GameRice Rice Was Win ¬
ners Star StarLineUp LineHp
The Corcoran Cadet quint q nt last l st
again demonstrated its superiority E perIorlty
all the other teams in l the
Guard Basketball League by defeatln
the Ordway OrdwayRlfIes Rifles by a score of 34 ti
33JS 1
For the th winners Rice was the
star while England and Barker did th
best wx work ork > rk for the losers
The score
Corcorans Positions positl ns Ordways Or wa s
Handiboe EIandlb e R F Barke
RIckenbacker Rliken ItickenbackerLi cker IXF F
Rice Center
Draeger Draeg r R R G Englani
Chism I I G Scroggin
Goals GoalsHandlboe Handiboe 2 Rickenbacker r 4
Rice 9 Barker 3 and nd England 2
3duls I 1 iouIs uls called on Corcorans Corcorans19 19 Ordways OrdwaY5
R Referee RefereeOr Or lando Ross
Hixzard and Bonavler Scorer ScorerM M P E
Made His Debut in Ring R Ilg by Knockin
Out Canadian Heavyweight
at Buffalo Bu ffalo
BUFFALO N Y Feb 11 Fran
Gotch the catehascatchcan champion champion
stopped Samuel Williams illlams a big Cana ana
dian heavyweight in the fifth round o
what was to tu have been a tenround try
out for fo Gotch at at the Buffalo
here yesterday yet rday afternoon
Gotch was W 1S boxing ra rtherroughly ri ther roughly i
the fifth round when he hooked Will
jams a heavy punch Williams
knocked d down When he fell fe ll his
arm twisted under him his
was sprained and the bout ended
Gotch and Williams illlams were pretty even
ly matched The t the he two were wer to have pu
on the gloves before beforcGotchs Gotchg match
Jenkins but the latter did not want t <
take chances chanc < s of injuring his hands
The fifth round was a a hummer Gate
had h d Williams tripping over his own
He never let up He drove lights i ights
lefts to the body that took all the
out of his man The two tWo men wer
breaking away when Gojch Go ch hooked hi
right to the head toppling William
over and causing caus nJr the injury which
the contest After the bout Gotch Jotch sal
he lu was as sorry he had hurt Williams r illlams
NEW YORK Feb 11 11BIll Bill MarIe
Columbias football coach leaves toda
for his home in Datll New Mexico
Morley will be absent until neiit ne t spring
when he h will return for a few f week
to watch the th spring practice prac tico of f
squad of the 1905 team Morley wi wll
again againcoah coach tha light blue and
next fall by invitation of the
Did the Man With the Camera
catch you If IC he did there is money mone fo
you vou See tomorrows tom rrow s Sunday Times
f f f ° f f
Sullivan Decisively
Defeated Kid Broa Broad d
Stopped 5toppedHin1 Him in Ten Rounds by byConstant Constant
Left Jabs to Face FaceBoth Both Lacked Hit
j tingPowerMcGovern ting Power PowerMcGovern McGovern Present
Hid Sullivan of Washington added to
i jhis his string of victories in the ring last
fnight 1j1ight Eiight when he stopped Kid Xiq Broad in in ten ym
rounds before the Eureka Athletic u Club
in Baltimore
It was a a cleancut victory and andwas was a a
Credit to the Washingtonian Through ¬
out the engagement he outfought his
opponent and when Terry TerryMcGovern McGovern
who was in Broads corner threw a a
towel into the ring in the tenth round ro und
as a signal of defeat he did a wise
things fOr Iorto to have continued the scrap
would have hav been sheer cruelty c ruelty
Improved Foot Work
Sullivan showed better footwork than
jhe he ever had b before foze and in comparison
with his hispr previous vious fights moved iUoved around
quite nimbly He was wa on the go so much
that Broad cou ld ldnot not keep track of him
and was constantly getting into tight
places just when w en he thought he had
Sullivan SUll Sullivan van stalled stal1 d awa > This Thl Improvement improyem nt
in handling his pins was a great comfort
to the friends of the Washington boy bo
who had begun to t believe that he never nev er
would be able to get out of the way of f
a wagon load 10 d of pig Iron in a a sandbed
Sullivan was also fast In handling his
fists but his blows were woefully lack
insr In force He used his left hand
more than he has ever done before and
used his right as if it had been injured
His iis left jabs to the face were what vhatput put
l Broad Broad put out of business and an d before the af ¬
fair had gone five rounds he had the
I Clevelander bleeding from mouth and
nose nOse Broad is no noa not a pretty boy and
when his face began to swell from the
j jabs ja bs he was wasabaut about the homeliest pug
that ever entered a ring Hitting in in
clinches clinchesWaS was permissible and there was
muchsurprise much muchurpriSOat sur prise at the failure of Sullivan
to follow folI w that hat line of attack His heavy
body blows have always been his best
L trick and an d they would have havegono gone well
I last night for Broad has been beaten so
often around the body that it is hard
for him to stand the gaff nowadays but
Sullivan did di l not thump him 11 im in in ihe rib
in Inflghti inftghtLlg ig a dozen times
Broad seemed to be in The Thea a a trance tr at1c H He
could not hit hard enough eh tigI11to tih1 to khoe k 10c l
down a n blind man with r itii a ri clulf chitful cI lJ aiic ul u
his efforts to t o oput put Sullivan away a awr W Y were vera
but little IltUemore more dangerous dttng rous than playful
advances of a friendly kitten Th The
Clevelander rnever never was famous for hi
punch and what evidences he dM l1 once
have of being able to administer a lusts lust
clout were missing last night Bufht But he
must he Driven credit for sameness H Hi i
took the grueling like a little man an and
was angry with his seconds for callin calling
a halt In the proceedings
In the semiw serniwindnp indtip Kid I id Ej Egan an o or
Washington Vashing m was pitted pitt d against Kid At
tell for three rounds and lost the de ¬
cision Attell had ten or twelve pounds
at least over Egan but despite tha that <
handicap hardie har1 dicip p the Washington product of L D
street hammered away right manfully
an d dnade nade a brave show how ing ingagab against t th the
odds He had ha a good punch and ndvas wa was
last a t and andwoul1 would undoubtedly have woi won
had he had ha the hc weight I
HcGovern t cGovern Had a Cold
Terry Mc3overn 1Ic 3ovErn was called upon for fo r
a speech especially by the 300 oij oI400 or 4QC
Washington people present who wanted
to see what he had Im to say sa about meet ¬
jug Sullivan but the speech s > ch was wa not n ot
fortheonlng for the simple reason that
Terry had such sucha a bad ecold that he hould could
not calk aik His part in his histlhpw nhow wa W ivc s
taken last night by bhis his hI > brother Uugh Hughey c
Terry whispered that he would ould be 1J iIi
Washington with the show in in April and a d
would probably make arrangements arrangementshei arra ngement iheii the
to take on Sullivan for a bout shortly
after the theatrical season ends
Tommy Lowe of Washington Vashin ton was
among those th se present and was Intro ¬
duced as anxious to meet the winner
after which he went on active acUveduty duty as
a second to t Broad
There were enough Washington sports
to fill a train at Camden Station a an in itf g it
was a happy happ crowd on the t11eway way back
The fight was begun at 930 so they
could get the 1140 1l 0 p m train but
there thcr was time enough to get the 1110 11 O
and most of them came back lm k at that
time tim e the th Baltimore and Ohio putting utllngol1 on
special cars for f r the benefit b netlt of the light
Personal Comment on Men and
Things in the Field of Sports
Hard luck is following the Tannehiil
brothers Hardly had Lee begun to im ¬
r prove from his attack of pneumonia
following his bath In the Ohio river
when Jesse the Boston pitcher fell on
the sidewalk in Cincinnati and severely
Injured his right arm Two bad
The fight promoters at Chester Pa
have e given ven up the ghost and closed up
shop Too many fakes have lave put the
scrappers out in eastern Pennsylvania
r It was a pretty big underta undertaking king for
Central l High School to build an a t indoor In oor
I track and the school deserves e5erve5 great
1 credit for furnishing suitable accomo
datlons for her indoor athletes
t r That apology of Virginia to George ¬
r town OWfl was witS complete and no one could ask
for more m re That the Blue and Gray Gra r
t tshould should take seriously serl usly an article intended Inten ed
t ke unfortunate but such
for a jo joke was
jokes shouldnt be perpetrated Now
that the Southerners have done the right
1 thing the future looks encouraging
i Clarke Griffith the New York man ¬
recommended e Walter Clark
t i ager has recommen
a son to West Vest Point for coach for the
OJ spring and the chances are that the
s former Harvard captain will land lan the
i ijob job
Detroits new mayorelect Cudd was
formerly the star pitcher at theTJniver
sity of Michigan
Jack Townsend who will be one o of
Washingtons star pitchers > this season
has driven most of the rabbits and par ¬
tridges out of Delaware with his gun un
I and dog dogNew dogNewYork New York Globe
Now that Charley Moran the former
3 Washington player has decided to play pIa
w ith some flom independent team probably
Penn Park Pa St Louis r ouls will try to
S break 1 rcak pne Qn of the utility players in as a a
third JasemandurinS baseman during the coming South ¬
ern ei r trip t Ill
Coach Stagg of the Un iversity of Chi ¬
t cago has returned from Mt Clemens
I land and utter a short stay stayatChicag at Chicago will
< O
comt East to attend the meeting meetin g gof of th the
football rules committee
If Jack OConnor of the St StLoul Loui
team plays ball next year yearhe he will hav havE
to be MsQed istl d with a cut of 1700 1700n In hi hli
salary i jm last years figure Prosiden
Hedges He ges says Jack will either have t tc
submit or get out of the game
H T Kirby one of the most famou
athletes of the West will enter Hol
I Cross College at Worcester this weeli week
Kirby Elrb won his reptation on the cinde
path at Notre Dame Dam University an ant <
I IwJith wjith the First Regiment Athletic Clu Clul
of o Chicago During the three years h
took part in college athletics athleti s he brokE
several s veral State records r cords In his last yea
at Notre Dame Kirby was captain o 01
fne the track team and the leading hurdle
m In the institution He Ic was also a cracl <
440yard runner and an shotputter
Jerry Nops the old Baltimore pitcher
has signed with the Providence clu b j fo Lot
next season
After indulging in a large m idwinte
bluff Charles Pittinger has signed t 1
pitch p tch for Philadelphia says the Pitts
burg b rg Dispatch
Capt CapLWalter Walter Randall Ran all of the Ilarvan
varsity baseball team has appoiritet
Thomas F F Murphy 01 as the fh flel dClt <
cach of the nine this spring subjcc
to the approval of the athletic com
mittee Sir Murphy is now a firstyea
man in the law school with a good rec
j ord or as an interscholastic bait baitplayer player
He earned earn d his PI 1 by playing pla ing in th
Pennsylvania game in his freshmai fre hmar
year although Fincke played in the late
I Iimportant important games ga gai Jles Because BecaU he playe
ball the
summer following summe
he was debarred from playing by th
I athletic committee but showed howe in n ex
cellent spirit by Vorking with the see
ond team thus aiding in the develop
ment of the varsity He will hold hol hi
position po sition of field coach under the super
vision of Dr E H Nichols advisor
coach and moreover will have the as
sistance from time to time of Barret
Wendell Jr R P Kerran ant an O OG G
c <
Apology o f Virginia I
Pleases PleasesGeorgetown Georgetown
Students Believe Athletic Relations 1 Will Be
Resumed in Near iJearFutOreIIITimed ear Future FutureI1ITimed 111Timed Jest
Caused FourYear Breach
The long hoped for but belated bela tcd apology
from Virginia to Georgetown has ar ¬
rived rlve
I Five months ago The Times predicted I
I that unless some some unforeseen ui obstacle
presented itself the athletic at hletic feud which
has existed between e ween the two leading
Southern universities for four years
would end and a am meeting ccting of the thefOO football tball
teams would probably pr bably b arranged
The expected ex pected move upon which Wh Ch hingc hinged
I the whole matter of the resumption was
not made and until a short time ago the
whole affair was at a standstill
Joke Caused Breach
aCt Ct Cter of 1901 I
Just a fter er the famous game
when hen Georgetown won wo n by scoring in Jl1e the he I
lust fortyfive seconds aecQndsof of play playCollege College I
Topics the Virginia publication made m ade I
light of the religious tenets of George ¬
town men in connection with the game I
I To this article the Blue and Gray
i strenuously objected and after waiting titiug l
some som time for a retraction the George
town tovnexecutlve executive ecutlve committee with the
sanction of the th advisory board sent
notice n tlce to Virginia that all athletic rela ¬
tions between the institutions had been
I severed At the beginning of the present pres nt schol sCh ¬
astic year eir a adetcrmlnetIcffort determined effort was as made m ade
to end n the quarrel but nothing o ollclal fficial
was done by the association of either
university uniersit In InSeptclJbera September a Virginia irginla
alumnus with a a Georgetown Gco rg tpwn graduate g aduat
who was was acting uno fficially visited
Charlottesville Cl1arlottesvi1Ie and there was consider ¬ j
able talk of a resumption but as no
one was empowered to act the matter I
was left le t to hang ng fire 1
1 I
Alumni i Bring Peace
The l 1eaflair affair aff lrr remained r emaine niainecl d in this unsettled
condition until a week ago when Mur ¬
ray A Russell Georgetown GeorgetQwnl993 1903 a form ¬
er crew captain wrote to Murray M I Mc
Guire a former Virginia baseball basebaUstar star
and at present pre enta a member of the heVlrginIa Virginia
athletic committee calling attention to
the objectionable article which appeared
in 1901
Mr McGuire referred the letter to the
Virginia board which held a special
meeting ani authorized the following
statement st tement which appears nppc rs in the current
num number ber of College Topics T J Ics
The Apology Apolo gy
A recent letter from M A Russell
to M M McGuire an alumnat alumn t i member
of the executive committee of the Un i ¬
vers ity of Virginia Athletic AhleUcAs Association oclatHm
has brought to the attention of that
committee committ < a paragraph which appeared
in College Topics of November 1901 90l
This paragraph is as follows
We Ve r 0 cuii ChHlOt not have everything yet
we all know l lJowhow how hard it was last
Saturday not to have h vead added 1ed < George ¬
1 towns tar a s scalp ca1p to our ouralrea already Y full ru n colle g
tion Ucn5i50meoncsald1t ticut s sj j iieome a some one on said It is i dangerous dang rous
to fx idol fbl with a team that has been
I spr inkled with holy water wat r
At the direction of the executive com ¬
mittee we take pleasure in making the th
following apology and explanation Al ¬
though this paragraph appeared in the
news columns of College Topics Topi which
paper is the official organ of the General
Athletic A thletic Association of tle University
of Virginia yet it was published pubfish d with ¬
out coming in any way wa to the attention
of the executive committee of the t1 e asso ¬
elation or of the th faculty faclllt athletic com
I I m ittee or of any other body hod represent
ling Ing the athletics of this thbuniverslty th1 university The Th
paper jiaper at a that time was conducted by
the undergraduates who although
nominally responsible to the executive i
committee in reality were seldom in
touch with it and not infrequently at
variance with it
The article in which the paragraph
appeared was written by one on of the as ¬
sociate editors and was not seen 5 en by the
athletic authorities es until un < 11 published
It was r received ceived here as it was in ¬
tended to be received as a joke That
its author intended an insult to the re ¬
I ligious feelings of the faculty and stu ¬
dents of Georgetown we feel sure is
not true and we state positively that
our athletic association did id not look
upon it as such
That the publication was illtimed
and thoughtless we cannot but admit
and all whatever may may be the athletic rela ¬
tions in the future between the two In ¬
stitutions we do not hesitate to mak make
1 1an an apology which we feel sure will
I I meet with the approval of the students
of the univers ity
Need Football Games
To those who have followed the ath ¬
letics between the universities it is be
lieved that Virginias manly apology
removes the last obstacle which has
kept the universities apart for four
years cars and the indications are that even
though a field and track meet and
baseball game Is not arranged at a t once
a football game will surely be arranged
for next fall
This is what both univers ities want
and need Since the beginning of the
breach there has not been the same
spirit in athletics at either institution
as the football game was the big event
on the athletic calendar The contest
attracted thousands of spectators and
when wh n the game was played at George ¬
town Field practically the whole stu ¬
dent ent body from Virginia would woui travel
to Washington to cheer its favorites
The game was also a big financial
success and an both associations suffered
severely sever < ly during the breach
Eligibility Code
In view of the fact that following the th
anaual games there existed at both uni ¬
versities considerable bad blood because beca1 e
of alleged ineligibility It Is hardly likely lUcci
that a pact will be signed unless m lIess there
is an eligibility code signed This is
the way all other rivals in n intercollegiate
athletics athlctic are wont to settle questions
of the status of players and un it is the
only way In which a continuance con tlnuence of
relations can be assured What the
gist of this thl code will be cannot be de d ¬
termine tt rmine d until the representatives r of
the institutions come together tog lher but it
is likely that it will be practically the
same as those in effect between other
universities tin Iversitle s t throughout the country
Besides the objectionable objectlonablcartlcle article in Col ¬
lege fge Topics another big factor in inbril1g bring ¬
ing about the present feud were the
cl ciarges urges and counter COlnt r charges of ring ¬
lag which were hurled back and forth
after the memorable contest of 1DP1
Given and Hart two of Georgetowns Georget wns
stars were accused accuse of ineliglbillty Ineliglbliitythe the
former It was claimed was brought
from Texas to help defeat Virginia
while it was alleged that Hart was wa an
old member of a professional prof ssionnl team In
Pittsbursr Neither elther of these charges was
sustained by y investigation investiga tlon Like charges
Were made against ilulnst Virginia players but
nothing was ever proved pro d on either sIde
vheti thj th College Topics ended the dis ¬
cussion by oy the reflections against
Georgetowns religious belief
It has been hc n only during the past four
t tmonths months or so that the th Virginia faculty
has exercise exer exerlise4 > iseq any ny supervision over Col C ol l
lose lc e Tonics Tojt ics and for that reason the
i I
apology was longer forthcoming than th n it
would woul have iiav been had the article received I
official sanction The article to which
Georgetown objected was written by bya a
Virginia undergraduate and associate I
editor of the paper nper who wh is not ot at present
a student at the university
Throughout the controversy when whenYlr Vir ¬
ginia and Georgetown Georg town m men n met it was
genera lly understood that the state ¬
ments did lit not represent the sentiment of
Virgin 1 irglnia ia men in general and the whole
matter tutat ICr was vaii regretted on on both sides
The rhebrlllglng bringing about of the peaceful set ¬
tlement is due almost entirely to the
good offices omesof of the tb Virginia and George ¬
town alumni and a nd it is likely ihit the
question quc tlon of ot actually getting gettlngtogelher together
will siii be handled entirely by alumni
Commissioners rs 1st 2d d 3d l
Barr 1ST 18 193 lisd 1 9
Akers 201 183 1SS
Parker 185 188 208
Smith 190 243 184
Meyers lIe cr 105 172 183
Totals 061 l 979 979 9 D10
Treas Treasury ury ry 1st 2d Sd 3d
Noble 83 146 349
De Yp 127 211 I1 163 68
B ElIeycrs Meyers 172 193 17S 17
Carlson 168 172 199
Carroll 186 195 19 191
Totals T9 t JS 736 918 918 SiS
Jolly Jol1 Fat Men 1st 2d 3d
Brandt 173 1 3 192 16f 16
Ludwig I i 162 204 236
Waters 190 19 173 2
Rodric Rodrick k 167 r 27 < J7 2 206
Harlow 214 191 l 171 3
Totals IJo 906 91 iF o 987 iF 1019 1 019
Saenger Saengerhund burid 1st 2d 3d
Allison 150 181 215
Burdine 202 178 219
Eckstein 191 ins 221
Crist 184 18 1 190 19 ISO
Miller 15S 171 1S3
Totals 885 S78 10 102
Assessors 1st st 2d d 3d
Yates 182 201 if 196
Curtiss 125 1a 143 li 132
Ingham m 161 163 184
w 19 1
W V S mBo Bpuscaren Bo i a 183 199 172
Hunt 179 177 1 7 173
Totals 840 SS3 81857 SI 837
Surveyors 1st 2d d 3d
L I G Bouscaren Bouscaren119 119 15S 167
Fernald Fcrn ld 96 161 142
Hale 142 189 89 172 1
Boyd 158 139 13 167
Hazen 166 111 12S 12
Totals 631 75S 776 7 6
TNorthern Northern Is 1st Rolloff 2d 3d
Nussbaum T 174 S 98 119
Triplett 162 20 2 15S 58 114 1 1TriJlett
Poole 166 8 167 251 157
White 136 13620 20 116 156 1501 I
Speer Sp er 145 5 8 148 106 i0 I
Totals I tals 7S3 61 687 646
Roadway Roadwa 1st Rolloff 2d 3d 1 1Roadwa
Staub 176 IS 174 186
Herbert 173 18 159 155
OConnell 170 17 0 27 1 140 149 I
Niedfelt 121 20 170 j 172 <
Nea ll 143 9 132 16C
Totals 7S3 92 775 822 82
Y M 11 C A
Roeschs 1st 2d 3d
Tracy Trac n 135 191 170
Perham 127 125 139
Crane Cr ane 168 166 154
Roesch 203 2 S 191 175
Totals CSS b76 63 638
Whitfords iPt l t 2d 3d
Harter 149 156 IT 172
Simms 109 142 1 I 129
Jones 137 li 146 1 164
Whitford hitford 126 1 156 56 149
Totals 521 COO 614
Boston 1st 2d 2 1 Zd d
Pinnegan 87 113 131 31
Chamberlain 125 112 13 138
Weston 126 123 12 121 21
Benker 148 195 15 159
Conroy IS 187 157 236
Totals 075 700 00 7S 753 S5
Philadelphia 1st 2d 2 1 3d 11
Heinold 127 157 16 163
L J A Framboise Frambolse161 161 115 Hi 115
Roak 90 96 S 89
Deakin 125 115 in no
Hoiby 131 1 177 1i2
Totals T tals 651 661 64 649
loledo 1st 2d 3d
Voigt F igt 210 196 96 17 17i 74
Oliver liver 145 112
Durand 00 11 138
Schmidt W 0 178 169 69 15 159
De Yo 149 187 171
ODonnell 169 185 18322i 22il
Totals So 51 l i 879 8SO
Y M l C A 1st 2d 3d hd
Gould 177 169 69 150 50
Morris < 148 155 1 G 170 Ii 0
I I Hilton 144 1 189 159 59
lifnison 147 178 174
Beekort Be krt lit 162 153
Totals Tota 790 854 SOG
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his knowledge Send vour your nam nauiiu > and ad ¬
dress to Dr J 1 W Halne i 3534 3 4 Glenn Build
lng S Cincinnati Ohio and he will mail a
trial package of If Golden Specific free to
show how easily It Is to cure drunkards drunkllrdswlth with
thi thlrcmedy remedy
Won Lost Lost Pet
Bureau e 44 19 698
Interior 39 l3 21 S50 6P
Commissioners 40 23 635
Navy Yard 37 26 587
Agriculture 34 29 540
Postoffice ° stofflce 30 S0 3Z r 401
G P 0 I
r 28 32 400
Treasury 2 28 367
C L 21 39 350
War r n 46 193
Won Lost PcL
Saengerbuld 36 366 5 878
Acme 32 13 j 711 I
Fat Men Ien 25 17 595
Market House HouSe20 20 25 s 441
North Capitol 12 24 3 l2 J
Florists i 5 40 ill
Won Lost st Pct P L
Fisher v 41 9 820 820
Columbia Colu mbia 40 10 800 8 J
rawyer Lawyers 22 20 431 431 1
District H 21 SO o All 411
Assessors u u 20 31 392
Surveyors 3 42 1 176 l 6
Won Lost Pet
Orie Oriental nta I 16 8 666
Kismet 16 j 11 615 I IKismet
Natf9nal National 14 13 1 3 51s I
District 11 13 486
C Capital pltal 12 12500 12 500
Ouray 6 18 333
Won Von Lost L stPcI Pet
Delivery y 22 8 733
rt t yB f
Statiion B 22 S 7I 73
Re Registry gistrY 20 0 0 13 G06
MaLUrg anIg 16 17 485
M1 M1I Mioeaneous I e ancous D 18 333
Stavtiu G 5 5 28 28152 152
Won Lost Pet
Philadelphia 25 5 833 S J
New York 14 13 51S <
Chicago 13 11 481 45
St Louis 14 16 4 407
Boston 12 13 400
Washington 9 21 300 i J
Won Lost Pet
RTeclinnical 2f 26 r > 7 I 7S7 781
Eastern 20 0 7 741 41
Ro Poadc Roadway 25 3 11 tiJ4 H
Columbia Co hIlnhla 18 12 2 600 6s
Gen Office 1 10 9 424 42 24
Southern 13 l 21 A17 417
Lightin Light rg g gCom Company Comnan riany 14 2 z Zag
Northeastern 7 23 233
Northern 5 22 1S 189
There were were great doings doings in the District
League Lcaguelast last night when the Saenger
bunds and Fat Men In ran up a total of
21 2047 in the last game of their set
The adipose bowlers could have made
it it three straight had everyone ever one attend attended d
strictly to business and watched what
they were doing
The Commissioners took three straight
from rorn the Treasury Treas rj crowd in the Depart ¬
mental ment l League J eague Doc Smith did good
war worn in the series and an 1will < will probably re
pain painhis his old position at the head of the
fjidividual bowlers in the Departmental
When hEn th the time for the beginning of
the sot in the Arcanum League rolled
around the th District team was absent
and ud National took three games by de ¬
Iii l i the > opening pe nlng game in the Railway
League eigue Northern and Roadway Roadta teams
rolled a tie
The Assessors had hida a clean sheet in the
Real Estate League in the set setwlth with the
Surveyors winning all three threcgameJ games eas
Tonights Ton i io ihts o hts schedule SCh scheduieDephrtmental e UlcD Departmental partme n ta 1 In ¬
terior and Commerce and Labor Plate
frlnters Printers Ciucago CUC gO and Philadelphia
Will yon YO youujicase jjlease ujicase
e send end me a bdttle ttle of
P pe pLL I I LLS LL your b butternut Butternut our utternut Pineapple llncappletmd PilU Pill byrd by and an re d
turn mail If they
give as Rood ood results result3aa as
your S Sa Smiths TI TIh h Bachu g
Lithia a Pills bare v with
SICK KIDNEYS me r I shall be very
I much pleased 1 Ih have vo
Rhenhpji hpji taken more t tliaui a n one n
The Bladder Rhen oa fd
dozen o boxes a for o or ob r b bind
matlsm inatiimuiuidtbeBiood and tbe Blood der ncr trouble and andnot not
all these dlscasc
only 1 bave h they ti 1 bel h I P cd ut
at and are I i1e
yield once aI S Siur
t h I1t a atri t tri rou btJ c cuut uut it iur cr
quickly qui k I y a and full fully y troubles TDcumatsm i f fucumatIsin
cured uiria Price rce only ony 2
cents ccuua a box ox Wg Wgilo 1101 ncrvouencs ilo o om 6
When e j commenced mmc m t to 1
take the pills I was
I A CURE mm CJR at t the t feeling llng very rr Poorly l IT
but now feel like i an an
PpopIes ppnnlo Dpna lee V Dr Price lpp ldn otherperson other person in Inall all re re
I rilSe
TSUplB I UJlu FIIIiC apectg i have recom
mended them to quit quite
xr My MyKidneyboocand r KIdney tru y yi Vookn t book t and j J a few w of mr friends
aSample n t Packsjto I ackaga i sent ent
and an d they they have bad aa
ilree ieo to any ny addre8 iresa good ood resu rCnltt5 lts from fro from EQ theta
W WFSMITH I F SMITU r ft aslhave e
WrWlJTH ri CO 3iBsJIHOWAEI MRS k l le li1 1 i1 L OWARD > f
125 Summer Sam mer St Boston Green Harbor Mass
To Tocuro cure Constipation Sick Headache tIoaulaehoandnillou and Bllioa
scis in one night uio S mItits t1 Ilneapple l e on and
W 1l
l 3 fg
BUttcrnutl1118 8 Oulyss cents at a dealers
I The TheRegent Regent
8250 250 I
943 Pa Ave N W
I iTt U Jtb < illj every v ve X jm 2I1J jJJ1fe < je make make to order
l i 14 HlS SlS t22 12 1 1
f Tailors ailors f j
1 t 613 Pennsylvania Ave T
I NEWARK f S25G Men Shoe for 11 I
I 913 pa PaAvenueNWS Avenue M W I
dc31S9t I
Govt Horsa W
g I
I I S09il S49li
ifi N t V
50c VALUE L uE
I Distributers Home Club Rye
Ii f 204 24Seventh Seventh St S W
1 e fe4tf fe4
i N
Proven ts Rougji g1 g1i i
1 ness oi o Skin IJn 25c
I l All DrufJStom Drug iJtore
i a r
Chr Heurich Brewing Co I
t Purity and und Excellence j
+ +
I Maerzen I
i Senate Lager I
i These beverages are brewed of the best malt
f and hops and of proper age The greatest care
t and skill are employed to make these beverages bevera ges f
the healthiest the purest and most wholesome i
I Phone West 34 for a Case i
It i
u ee u 4
im mum Ever Everv y mother fee ls a
h great drea do d o f the pa in
II I dbj b g M IDe nn d dan ger atten dant u pon
the e most s critical iti period i
I av o f her h life if Becom ing
ft mother should be source of jo y to all but the su ffer ffe ing ringan an d
danger inc in inci dent to the tbeordca or ordea dea l ma kes its antic ipation pation one o f m miser iser isery y
Mothers r s Friend is the only onlyreme reme dy dyw w hich hichre re lieves women o f the great
pain ptln an d danger o f fmatern matern ity this hour w hic h his is is dreade d JlIs us womans
severest tr tria ia l is is not only onlyma ma de pa pain in less but a ll the danger is is avo asoided ided
by its use Those w ho use this reme dy are no lon ger des pon dent or
gloomy gloomynervousness nervousness nausea and other distress in g con ditions are T
overcome the s ystem is ma m nde de ready rea dy for the com ing event and the
ser se ious accidents so common to the critical
hour are o bviate d by the use o f Mothers W
Friend It is worth its we yeght ight in go ld M 01 herS herSFriend
says many who have use used d it zoo per <
bottle at drug stores Book Bookconta conta in ing
valuable in formation o f fin interest terest to all women wo men w will ill O d
be cent to any address free upon application to fr t ten en f I
The y yact act like Exercise
j J
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