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FEB2Q19G5 FEB 20 193
j I I j I I r Fair Fa r Warmer Warmeft0111OrrOW toda todayan y and tomorrow tomorrow I i I t s f Llttn + I t on E tmt tmtFIV + FIV F1VESECTIONS i > G I > S j
BIO la05 i c
trv V l r >
I NUMBER 3 0I5 v ouiss 1 1JoI WASH1NG ASJLLNGn 1 1i 1b 1O j i b ON O SUif S1flUAY AT FEBIU1ARY 19 905 FORUXIWO PAGES f tm tmey ey i PRICE PRICEF1V FIVE i CENTS I
IitithtbV Tulrnr EBi f TERROR Tr
RUSSIAS SlSCflTAL U Uooiip ooiip nAniTii CAPITAL
City Is Is Filled With
Wild WildRull1Q Rumors fs of
District Prefect of Igdyr
Assas Assassinated tnatedby by Two
4 Armenians I
S Double Do bleRc Reign iguOfTerror at Terror has begun begun b egun
The city ltyfs Is fuUothe full of ofthewIftiest the wnuest rumors
S both of wholesa Wllolc ho1esaIe sale le arrests rr sts and nd summary
punishment pun shIl1mtof of men men known to b be affiliat ¬
ed with r revolutionary societies sQcie socidies tIesandon and on
the th Qier other < hand all 11 manner mI mInner nner of reports are
in circulation about plots plo 3 directed
against members of the imperial family
No o confirmation onfirm tfon can be o btained QbtainEd of the
story that thatthe the Empress Dowager D wager has hasre re ¬
ceived eived a letter threatening thrcaten1n g her life iif
Two Twooutrl outrages e have haYeah already iwy been beenco com I1l ¬
mitted lnitteuc c within the th past 1 1as as twentyf twntyfoux our ur
hours whJeli vhJchcem seem ecm to hearout b r < out the wors WOrst t
fears fears
S PIstr D Dttct str l lcf t tIefect Prefect Iefect Assassinated
District ThstrI4 J trtfeGl Prefect Gnoutnoff GIloutnoffpfI if fIgdyr Igdyr d r
Trahsi Tl Tnst < ns aticftsia tuC aw a there ere the mobs seem s em
to toI have avec complete cpirwee m pJete 4ontrpl ntrpl of theltua the situa itua ¬
tion was wasas assassinated assinat d Saturday Sa atirday trir d3y after ¬
noon noOnby by two Armenians Ar lap
At Kishene Ksll Iishenetthe PEktbe the prefect of police was was
attacked lt ckeflbYrt by n Than ma whose identity has
itbt fl yet 1 been q l established ta JIhedrind and received
painful xpun wounds pmdsIIiassalant ds His IThsassaffant assailant who was was
arrested 4rrcst d beat b t the tll tJ prefect fect with a l1e heavy vy
club S
There is every e er r vindication jYi4i 1 that the
S Strike situation Is s rapidly r pullygrowing growing
worse Whatever h htey tey f steps t pS the the leaders
sbould undertake would be e with the full
realization roaUza ontha that t ta organization a rganiza tion Is i indis I
pensable e sab imd Id d3C accordingly lPingly the tlleworkot work of
bringing brin1i1fgabott abotjt a general gen ra1strIkc strike is being
carried f fo on o niIJ in a a systematic manner 1Dann r
Railway RajlwayS Strike rik Ordered
On Saturday atutday lheqn the tjnion fon of of railwa railwaXlten railway y men
issued l sued a proclama pr clama tion fJoncalijn iJon calling upon upan all al
its > m q1Q r t gQ 1 trnf < Jr bP1ry
20 It if su sfflcient t ieh t f funds Il Iff ni1 ire not QF on J Jd lifuul d
tl1cpr the lamationtatesio tV a tt1tt1t It5 ife fe
c to Ws 0 strik strikonthatIfite r k on Qnt1mt tlia tacifite J UiQ tfiosq tfosefuiids fund ftmdV > must I Init nit
be procured before bef re March 3 onwhlch on whlqh
flay d y the strike strike is 1 to general i
It t ia Y very Vrymlch rYm jiiueh h1eared feared in wellinform well lnforII1 ¬
ed ddr circ irCle 1es ies here 1ier that tha the tli proclamation proc u naqon
will l be effective uffe tiy as the thedissatlsfactin dissatis dissatisfaction faction
among ll afttori l ug the railway raiiw lw y meq men has been grow gro w ¬
lag inSteadH steadily A genera general generalsuspension l J JSUSP suspension SUSP J1StOll of f
traffic to and from fro m the principal mahu ma 1U
fuiruHpg f at1flTg tucln6 and farming centers would In
the th flatr nature n tlJn or OC things close lose down Innumr
ernblc erabl factories and cause the greatest
damage d ma e to farm f xm prdu products Ui
The opinion prevails that th the govern gpyern ¬
inept mentwUl will be b found willing to to secure Slcure
great concessions ror or the railway rui1 11Yl men n
whose power powerls is feared fcilred11ore in more ore thati thantl1at that
of the them members mbe rsQfany of any other craft c ra 9 9a a in in ¬
volved in the ther recent cent lro troubles bles
Widow Prays at atB Bier er
Of Grand Duke Sergius
MOscOw IQ COV > Feb Fe c b lL IS WS iSaturday Saturday turday after ¬
noon noonmemorfalc in mernorialservices jrnorial services s vice took place over
the body of jGrand rand Duke Sergius Ser glus who wh
was assassitiateabh asst assaedmtted ipate OhFIidaY oh Friday morning IIlon lng
Shortly S 11artl Y before be 0 re the cfreri1O cere ceremony iony DyI1 began gan th the c
body was removed from the chapel of
the Ghudoff Chudof monastery mo nasterY where it had
lain l in in state all night to the Alexlent
Church hurch which is also attached atta ped to tQthe the
A long procession of ofausslan Russian nobles nQbl s
filed into the church chuiCh chuiChWhlch r > whlch but utor for
the crescent cresccntot of topers p raaiound eround tound the head
of the coffin and the altar candles was
S shrouded in semidarkness sem1if rtness
The Thewldow widow attended by several grand
dukes and nd grand duchesses walked to
the high tier and knelt tneltonthe on the steps
in silent DUC 1t prayer for fully half an anhor hour
Then she arose and was vas condpcted to
a pew where she remained throughout
the th ceremony
High Bier of Silver
The coffin of light oaken color and
only partly covered by black blackdraper dra draper per fes
bearing beari g the th crest of ofth the grand duke in
go golden lden embroidery rested on a high bier
of silver s Uver Both at the head he d and foot oQtof of
it rose rosel1ugesHver huge silver eagles perched d don on
tall supports and over the wings wln of each
hung large orge wreaths Palms had been
placed In great grcntprofUsion profusion around the th
hen hea d of the bier bIer but there was a not ¬
able ab1 absence of flowers
The ceremonies ocupied several hours
Throughout Thl ughoit the thepraera prayers and chants the
mourners mourne with Jth the exception of the
widow and the grand duchesses duchels s remain ¬
ed Banding
A guard of honor composed of a de ¬
tachmentof tachment of the famous Preobrashenski
Guards which arrived here late lateSatur Satur ¬
day da from St Petersburg remained in
the th church all nh night together with ten
monks who ho prayed prayedin incessantly essant1y
Reported Assassination
o of f American Ameri anProf Professor essor
PARIS P RIS Feb Feb19A 15 19AspeclJ A special dispatch
from St at Petersburg P tersburg published in one
of the morning papers here states that
Prof o McLane lfcLaneot of the Moscow Univer ¬
S sity an American l has teen eeu assassinat ¬
ed by b a student
The murder m1 1rder was wascomhtJUed cominitted Saturday
The murderer vhosa who name is not
stated committed suicide
Legislative Business
Held Up in Finland
LONDON Feb Feb8Reilable IS 8ReJlabl Rejlable advices re ¬
celved from toJn Helsirigfors the Finnish lnnish h
capital show how that something Hke Hker liken r a leg l g ¬
islative 1si1Uved deajMocl adJo ejcists dsts in the political p plitlcal < Utfcal
Hltiiation 1tl1atlon11 lttiat1onthe there
It X i iW was W ah aptr antlcii5aied Ti0aea l ptJled ptJledJ i J that t when Wh l1 the diet df t
reassembled r > ass mbIe tlie th gov gOvCrnor go ernor general g genera nerAt would
communicate c the answeroftheEm answer of the Em
peror5rand peror peror mn rnd Duke Duk to the th petition p Ut1on unanlr
> 1
5 0 S a I w
S 1
I L The photographs snow show two important points on the Kremlin KrcmIini Kremljnboth > r bpth bpthor of which figured in n tll this th as asssinatlon ssination of the C7 Gears lrs uncle
11 The he grand gra n daUk duke e had hadl left eft Little Lit tIe Nicholas NiC hOlas Palace Pala < e to join the theGta Grand pd Duchess Dl Chess Elizabeth mlfzabethl1e1iadpas He had fr passed Sf3d the th cathedral and a nd had just JUS t driven dr Ven to the St Nicholas NICh Ola S gate ate W when hentbe hen the bomb
was W S Shrowii QWl beneath his carriage S > S
1 I IThe The Kremlin Kremllnlssitlf is situated sittated te in in the center centetof of Moscow S on 00Ia a hill forty fort yards rar above abovethe the level of Q the the theJlylOs tMoscow Moscow JlylOs 9wxiv river river r dominates Moscow and is isa is a sacred sacredspo spot to t the Russians RusSians A Russian
prove provrb procrbsays jrb says ays 5 V S S
VAbove Above Above Moscow there is is only only the Kremlin Kr mlinand and a above bov Jhe the Kr Kremlin mUnther mUntheri mUntherp there as i p only IYliea Heau 1 thel < < l i S S 5 5
t lsa Is a sort of fortr fortrqss ss in lfl the formpf form of an irr irregular egular triangle and is is an an immeie m n S SasseIn asseIn assemblt bllge ige p of r utcllesalacesand UI cles palaces and nationalmoriume national monuments lt surrounded JyacreneUa by a cTenellated ed brick riclt wall
tw t entv t yards ards high and having t twenty entr entronetowers onetowers one towers The KreI Kremlin l1i is s sente ente enterd d ly fi fi e 1 gates tes A Among zJ9I1 g tJie he notable buIldings in the l Krem Kremlin Jin is sthe the QonventgF QonventgFhC Convent of the hC Ascension sce I I 1 1c founded > gd in in
1389 te Nicholas p Palace lace Where it is is un understood erstod the Grand qranc1 Duke Sergius had b been nJ r jfsjding sjdi glher Ther4 is is s the theqo Convent Coiven f1v n tofthe of the i Jr Jrlira Miracles lira bles clesnear near the Nicholas Ni t1Jas Pala Palace if founded l1n edin in 1365 1l6 c ihe the Im Im 5 ¬
perial palace alacebefore before the Ivan Cathedral Cathe aral and nd th the cathedral itself With the famous fam HeltDr belfry The rrhC cathedral c t 1i dral was wasnot cot completed cOInpl ted until untIl 1600 and was las t t tretor r retor 0 0r tp r Sa r qi d In in = 1813 J813 > Th Jh The Cathedral Cathedral
of the Ahsumptibn A sumption built in 14 142 2 is another < fine finebuildingas building as is the theCathelralqfthe GathMral of the Ar Archangel r li1Jg togel l f
Th Grand Palace P I ce of th the Kremlin Kr mHn is is an imposing im 1 2sIng 2sIngmonumentof monument monumentof o of compaTative coriparathely iy lymQ mpaiir molern rn Jonstru0tipn j jonstrllcUbnlu construction onstrllcUbnlu hav ha1ng yrig i g been een built uilt b Qe between ween een the years yea s 1 1838 38a and ng J89 at t a c cost qst9f of 6 000 0OOO 000
Th name Kremlin is is of uncertain uncerttiinorIgiIl uncerta n origin but is is s generally eneranyused used to tQdesignate designate tJi the citadel citadel ltad rb1aRu ota < oa Russ Russi Russan ss i tan an city city t Besides Besidestl1 that t of i1foscowthose Moscow those df ofNQvgor Novgorod dal and n d dJtosto Rostoy v arefamous are famoas i
Every visitor vis visi i tor to Moscow Mos ow describes the theKreni1In Kremlin in the th most ncsta appreciative terms S > S 5 5 5 S S
A Another bthet Beroon V bn G XSdntaining Containin QtaiPil1g QtaiPil1gH QtaiPil1gytldr g c Jr limdrecls H ytldr i W Wc Wb c b of J V
Nm s As1in g Con gress to Enact La
J Jst st ia d
Some further hundiids 1undr jls friends fMendso of the rnotormauhave inotor rnotorman w wn n haveatt have attSlted atttechllr te g ij p r 1
S sympathy f mpathy for the he hardships 1Iar 111ps he endures during the Bever severity ity of w wMer VjF VjFl1er Mer t l1er it r in In
the performance of o his Duties luties utfes > V x
S These TA se humanitafian humanit i n1 n1haveappenE have haveappenE appended en < their nam5fs nmy ftI zcttnfir io < ther petition JetItioI1
appealing through The Times l es to toCongre Congrea to tOJ tofCL = f flegislJi leglSlationta legIslation tIon to the end
that thatall all street streetc cars rn in in theDistrict the District of Coluij fCounJ211a Coluija Cornp2ia J211a a ia sl1anbeYestibuledtoa shall hall be vestibuled to af
ford ord the motorman adegu ad adeciute qU te protectiop protectjorflgainst rotectio p gain sainst t biting bitin g win winds yinds1ln ds and freezing freez Bi
i I temperatures tempera t tres res f f r rJ J v
I Signers of thejpresent the present ieti oii o included in ludedmany many of the most mosfprpm prpm prominen1 inent
merchants tsin in the th tho o e city cltyn namo nif fhat ih ihat hat at are areweHkIlOWIl well rell known to tpxeveryi tpxeveryiciUzen o ve d < citiz ciUzen e ri S
The he petition and thenafies the the na naiaes es of o those who have h ve signed Signet it follow fjlIr v
I II We Ve the undersigned Cd heartily h earmYindor indorse se t
I toe efforts of The Thelimes Times and hde that
a law lawmay may be passed by Congres in in acr ac
cordance co rdance vith Senator S natar GalUngos bill
authorizing all a ll cars C1rn1o to be pro pro provzled ofed cd with
vestibules not later than Dejvthber 1905 11 lO
N D Brecht 509 60 22d 22dst 2d at D ny 1
M V Channs Cha ms03 f3 Eye hyestine sthe st ne
Mrs Irs E S Wes W Westott sCQtt bott Cleveland Cle 1 land Park
Alfred Mayer 316 Jth th st nw
Lansburgh Eros Bros42 420 tf tt 426 7th st nw n
Mrs A A Kafka afka 1913 191 Kfli nih51 st nw
Hecht Co Co513o 5131517 513o 15177th 7th st nw
Fred red Kl Kielil irt h 1913 14th st nw
D Krauskopf Kr uskopf 1115 lli516 5ti Bt nw
F W V VY McLean The Ife Soto Soto13th 33th and
Mass IIa < s ave 0 VC nw 11 n
Wm H Harrison 606 f st nw
John JohnJ J Kleiner Coj CO4617 Co 617 F st nw
S G M Bond 617 F at stnv nv
A Lbiner llth and Gats G l ts I
M f Cassidy 2012 2012M M st vw w
IV S Y M Breduston 11th aid md G sts nw i
A L LRoIUe Rome 3214 1214CstS C st ST s
A Fred Fre Heller H ller 1113 lfl 6th 6thi s i L nw
F M E Lieb 516 Rhode Island Is d ave u iie I
W YE E Snyder 65 New ew Yost Yo > ave avenw n uw
Miss 13 Meyerburg Takoha Park
B 13 Webster 742 New N w Jers Jers1yavc Jersy ly ave nw
William R RoHale1013 Hale Haler r 1013 H si si nw
William H Sylvester 32 S st nw
R ft C Cassell College Par Paic Md
Sylvester SylvesterCaseli Cassell 64 64Q Q st nw
J A A Cox 215 21 212w Quincy s ne n
H F Drake S05 SIX New NewTe Jeisey sey ave nw 5
E M MBUIpy Bufiey 1525 10th st nw
W V CJoodchild 3432 3432P P st inr
J JT RAustln Austin 507 H Hstn st nr
Frederick Fre erick Muller luller 305 D si s ne
W T TBradY Brady 1018 N Caplfel st st
PIspey J 929 S Westminster
J M IlL Dearing earing 100S Mass lIa gve ve nw
C A A ITmabiy 1017 Cth thst st ae Je
V7 J Jf f Bean BeanJ J 3604 Ohio ave nw
John Young 3257 32570 O st nw
Mrs Young 3257 0 st st nw
V O Lath Lathem em 1223 G st n nd ni < 5
Miss E Wilkinson 3415 34150 O k i nw
Miss E Lockhead 3414 0 s st1 B tnw nw
Charles E VermiUion 3414 Ost nw
1 Mrs frst A Stansbury 3412 O Ol stpw st > tJW w
J W V Stansbury StansbulYS412 S412 0 st stn nw
Mrs E Hilleary Fowlers Hillnw Hili Hfl nw
Charles Hilleary Fowlers Hfllnw
Mrs Charles Kemp Fowlers a H Hjl H1 l nw
Charles Kemp Fowlers Hill n n4
Mrs I C Day 3617 17 Prospect are 3c
Miss E Hurdle 3617 Prospect Prosp e t f qi IF J
George Narrlngton4238th Narrlngton 4i 8th at st 7
S John F Birch 3401 O st nw
Harry Streater 924 22d 22dst st nw
Mrs 1IrsL L L Streater Strc ter924 S24 22d st Tf
S Mrs T Tr WillIam r ilIIam F Allen Rivetaale R Bivei tiaIe Md
Mrs G N Carozzi 934 TJ Ie 3 fl t nw
Mrs Scholes ScholesUF 11 F 8t ne De
Mrs L Hayes 736 ROth st s sq l
Miss O De Armond 815 C ft t ne
E L IL Trice 214 I 1 gt t se
Mrs B P McClellaniE i74tJ iHIrtIst st nw
Mrs P J Maguire 1736 U UJJt t nw
Mrs M D Sabotka 1734 11 t st t
Miss Flake 1732 U st st nw
Charles W Bohnet 1725 172 U st t nw
Mr MciLaurine 1724 U st st Inw nw
G B Sheetz Sh etz 1720 U st nw
D Strauss 1718 171BU U st sf nw s
A A Harmon Harmonl71G 1710 U st > nw
Catharine ca tha rin Claffy Kensington K enSing t Md
E M Kearney Kearnwl716 1716 U st mfe n
F G 5 CiapplTlS Clapp 119 U St at nw > <
M t E Bulger Bulg t 1716 1716U TI 3L it t nw
R RE E Reagen 1716 1716Ul3t II st nw V
I W V E R von Eydorf 1712 TT TIst El st V
W V L Thompson 1837 Cal i 4ve tv he nw
I J 1 Broadas 1752 17 2 IJst U t nw I I
i I Dolly Jackson rack on n 617 i7 L st nw I
I J Lena Lpn Wells VeIl 1752 U st nw t the I
Lewis L wis S Wells Jrl ir 1752 U st inw w
S C 5 V 5 Hazel Hnz el 3160 0 st st nw I
1 Rosc Roscoe be Lamont i J
H M 1 Hudelson iludc 4lson j
i 1 j
L I 1 I P Linda f
C M Mbffett M ffett ffettH S
Mary Ma1 Y E Max Maxim im r
Francis M Hilton J
Rena B Moulton i i
Mrs Mri F 1J J Prott 9U3d c Uw nv
Mollie jlo loIIe lie Murphy lli02d3Y i3 2d aw
M A Semmelhaur1J309thnw Semnielhaur 1030 Sth nw
Mrs M E Myers J232C J232 Columbia lumblar read cad
Mrs H HI T r Nichols N Nh chol 206 Oi C Cst st nw my
Miss lHssEUzublth Elizabeth Crooko Cr okc53211th 532 llth st se
Miss Delia Dillon 25 K Kst st ne
Miss P Kiernan 447 4t7Pst P st nw
CharlesF < Shattuck k 4C5 HT Ifnw H nw
33 E P P Gwynn 319 C nw
Clara C Case e 715 7J59th 115 9th nw OW I
M Mlhorntoll Thornton 1337 G se
1 George G arge Pierce IClt gth Hi th nw
T J Brooke 900 l 1st l fiw ilW
William Vnlia m A Lusby LU SbY 1521 51 Gales ne n
I S T J May MaylG03 1G03 North Capitol Capi o1
W V 71 Ho o Kineaster K nea < tcr2907 2907 14th SI nw
S R I 1 J Sanderson 722 22 11th at l se
George Gear Cc er i Noble NObICl410p 1410 14i0Pa Pa a11e ave nw
M at 11 Brown K R Rst st nw
I Thomas A Garner O5 I 1st 1 st
William Moran 1519 135 5th th st nw
J K Hayes HayesOOJ 909 I st st hW
I J C Tayler 203 2rolf 2O3 1st st i st < t ne
T M l1Dove Dove 723 4th st se
Leon C Dick The TllaKimmmn Kinerman
Samuel B Loveless 1514 5th st at hw nw
C G Horenthal Horcnthal9th 9th and Pa Paave ave I iw
Charles C Parry P rryjr jr 202 2U Ind ave vc nw
Jno W Poloni 1029 4th 4thst sti st nw
Edward W V Gosneli 516 G st se
Ih D C Holland Ho hind 5SO Sewurd cward equate qua se
K T i S STanc5 Jones 90S 15th st nw
W S VT T Walker T ulkor 701 701Qst Q st nw
T E Edmondston 612 G Gst st ne
Brice Bowie RIverdale RiverdaleMd Md
G Fleister lii ister Riverdale Rlv crdale Md ld
5 J JH H Harban 1335 1335T T st nw riw
J L A Becker BeckcrWS 208 2O H st nw
William M Becker 1135 10th st nw
George R R I Stiefel 505 505L L st stnw nw in
W t V T Fox Beltsville BeltsvillcId Md
T M Camalier 112U 5th ltli st a
W V v J 1 Truitt The Th Ro Rocklngham kl gham
Agnes gneS EiinSs Eitnls > S
Eva Parneil S
Maude Bentley
Florence Bentley
Maggie Cashe N
John Cooper V r
Robert S Nichols i V s
W H Lucie i 5fe il S
J Ji 5 1 i W V Tavenner r > iW
a Clifton IIflon Coats Coa1 4 ji jir 1 r K v i > f S
W S S Moses N WimK
Frank J rank Wilson lIson WWW 0 i > F 1
Mrs Lipbie Wrigha Wright fS V
John J Noonan Wi Sti 5
A 1 k H Noonan i vr A S S
Alice M Noonani NOOnLU J n
Louise H Noonaji w > > > r
ti Harry Conway Av A r
Herman i lorrnnn Samuels ia muds j ji i t yi V > i
Mr and Mrs lIrsW W V jQcl T Gciaine Ct Iding i1 S
Mrs eartwright r f fi C i r5K8i8s S
JTrnncis Leonard i Wilson GoldingV Goldini t g SlSfffS t SBiSy ff V =
John Schmidt p gffiii i i
i G W D Campbell eIl m V
Mary T If Noonnn jiv i ipl r i S
A WJett JL tt v 4S V
Anna L Brink > i F ssa 7 v A
Florence Jones Af 3 yM
Martha la rtha Sanford Sn riforci ti S
Laura Col Coitson tson i >
Mftmie t1 Regan v I aJ aJv i i v
Elizftfteth Kramer r rv S V
Lizzie Llzzh Bowen l r
Mrs Murphy turpILl Vv >
C G Sandus fr > S
MV iI A Ai i Coolterl S
Arthur Aitliu t Ifuil Hpldmnn nrU n < > in v
David PiJv d Heath ne th c
Continued on in n TWVd rii t FO I Tte ae rfc >
55 S o c 5 <
nm bA lift ift
tl JM icl FDJ FRYES IliA ES HANDS I AN ANTll Tll u 1
Nainjg n of fOJe One eQJi Confpct X 18
5 o r Iyicic1e tyi D Dcide cide Issiz ll J
t t i
With WithBeverl Beveriage geVlill Will Have Hav I Bower p pFr Fr to t 1
Decide D S jde Just JustWhe 5 When Sen Senate enateMllst ate Must j
Recede Reced or Le Let t Bill i ili Fa F Fail il I
The Statehood bill will be the thebone bone of o f
Boniention 1fonten contention tfon In 5 in the the Senate SelJatet0rt19 tomprow tomurow roWat af
ternpon t rnoJ1 immediately Jmm ediately aiutelyt1fter after the tlWCQJi coriclu lu
slon sf ioii 011 ot t11er the rciutln l inQ y uosiiness judiT1 s5an and c all llin in int t
dfcations c Uons ppirtt poitt9 to n a 1 decidedly de idedly intereal intaro
Insr in ses session l n cef liefoi efr ore the bill is sect to
Apart S from from the theoca great t S divergence in
the views held by Senators which WhrCOWOild wru wold ld I
cause cau some debate deb te on any subject su bject 1
there the theie ie is the theadd added d realization realizaUonon on this I
questlon qUlsUonthat 1estiOflthiLt that the theiateot fate of the th bill may
rest rest upon the thenamingof naming of conferees by
the Chair Hence there is Isn a calm cllm dc J
tewRlna termination r tioh on o the part putortlh1ie of those who WhHI I
oppose any yielding to the House OUlC two twoI I
State Sill te plan to thresh the thematte matter out in
open Senate without taking takII1 any i
chances about ilboutwhat what may m ybedone be done when
the th conferees oncres Let c t together t < t
i To ra Name Dillingham i
President P Preddentp reddentp prd l tern m Frye will name nnm as
conferees cO1fcr s Beye iy B y rtdge Diflingham and nn ara
Bate according to to reliable informutJon I nfnrraL on m
Hoth B th the Tftapublicans publican named n opposed oppo d
the bill Hllh in the shape it passed the San
ate te and ands so sot t is ii > thought tliaey would lie
sure 1l to stimc J i together tog theragaln against > t anything
Bate ml mltil mLit ht approve apprQ This is what is
troubling trouh1ln i 1iaft roriker oraker ker and his friends and
they theyd do d not Jntend Intend to have llav the thebl11 bill go
to tosonrcren conference e until they have J fishausX hnjgt
cd their opportunities for norCectinK ncrfecl
their th r position t
There l1 hcr has been hccJl a suggestion in some 3Qma S
nUartsSrs g art rs that Bard of oCatlfornia California would
h he be se e namedimsJead named instead of DilUngliam but b t
this th thIs i will iII hardly be beconsidered considered consfd rel1111der under an >
Circ circumstances m tancc5 The only reason r ason why
1t t would receive consideration would wout
bo in n thecventthnl the cventJhat such Ich a < concession c onces1l1011
would WOll 1 become ccOnlf necessary in order r er to o stop t < P
debate cbite Conferee 01ferees crnferees5 are arelooled looked upon upon to
up UI hold the thecontentlantcpr contention represented sentcd by a
pill lull il as it passed D1Sscd their th lr house ha < e and en dthls this
Bard Bald11dBate and Bate would WQuldbcGlali be 5 5glad glad to do
I while while hiI Chairman CI tIlIrm an Beveridga and a 11d pilling > iIlin i
1 l ham la a in wou would ld do so only from a sense sense of
ttfficUi mc l i duty dut r
I But Dutis ns President pro tern Frye will II
I riot riotb be going outside the usual u ual rule rulebl hi
I sippoinUiiEf the U1 Senators Sonato > first named
theynrc they hey arc the ones the Senate is l likely ikely to
hen lear I named n mcd tomprrov to tomorrow prrovi
Senators Sc at rs Wrought Up U
Nothing othlnBwhi which hl has ascome come up In in Con
Kress grcf izrcsi this session has so stirred sUrre d the
I Senate S n ritcas as the Statehood bill b1JlWhile While
there thcr has haflccn ha Ijccn comparatively lIttle5ur little siir
I ft face c Indication 11tdi < tlonofthe of the feeling aroused
11n S in h consequence cOt1seQu nce of the way a Senators Senator Rhny2 A haLve
lined l1Cd up ui on the bill there has bpeii boNia a
I Itruinenileus tronlcndoIS tromendouE amount o t it nurtured l1 rturcd in the
1 JJi hrstS breasts astsor of some qf those who have been b en
I p8if ta taking gins an anMtlV active part in the tlght light
1 e 3QntlusIve On l U S J evidence e VId enco of 0 r tills was Vi l given g 1 v en
1 pii olth on the tia > floor qor of the Senate Seat yesterday
afternoon a ternoollwhen ftcrii Con when Chairman Beveridges
motion to t send the bill to conference
ind and nifllPPlint appoint conferees cQnfereeson on the part of
thV the fc Senate was wasdcb debated t t d to a standstill
X When Then hen the Senate by unanimous consent c qnsent
n agreed red to have toe mater m tergQoveruntt go over until
Monday Icjidi 5 3 5 5
iprpmlnent l romlnLit In 111 the debate 5 were iyere crcBove Beve
irifijj rf riilge igc Allison ixdge odge dg and untlNelon Nelson foi
aenfling < JtSJ the c bill to qpnferonce imme ¬
dia ihttely tely ai ntl and ia on the other Qtherside side lde were ar
Continu ContlnuwlcinSecond Continued i on Second S ond Page Page
k SS 5 o S c
5 5
p pr FOriner r 1 SeG Secretar t tQfY y Of 1 the FntenQr r fIlrri Hurries s
Here Frorn Geor gia ticI 1
f r i i
f 5 1 S 5
S in g gi i Reply iy to secretary Hiehcock
C =
S But ButwhenS when Secretary cr ta tary ry Hitchcock said that < the original riginallea C lease i fwasr was sl1oth noth ¬
in g 9short short of ora a 1J public ics scandal l1tful he h uttered utt rer1acharge a charge for fo r which Whi ll > he h was w as en ¬ I
tirely without wIthQ t excuse excu se X I
He placed himself in the th class Of common commonsla slanderers lderers
> He bore false witness against againslapredecEssor a predecessor in iI10ffic office i llngwing knowing QW1 at t the
Lti tirn Utherc n there was no truth in ihis his baseless base1esscharge charge J r
S With With these thes blisterlfiis bUst bh1sthit rlnkworps words Hoke
Smith who was Secretary or the In ¬
terior under Grover CleVeIanfla n nt i iwt < wt
last niisht in a a statement given to tOi tfa =
Rress the truth of the allegation of tb the
present p reaent Secretary see etu ry of Otthe the Interior Ethan
Alien Hitchcock Bitco ock that Mr Smith had mid
done d O ne wrong in giving gt Vin g certain certa in rights to
the t e Indian Territory Illuminating Oil
6ompany company In lnt the e oil lands of the Osage
Reservation and Intuan Territory
Mr Smith was wasinAtJ in Atlanta nta Ga Ga Fri Fri ¬
da daymarnlng day y morning when he saw pres press dEs ¬ I
patches to the effect that Mr I Hitch itch
cock accused a < cused him of having created a
jjublic f3ca scandal ndalin in allowing alIO Win gtheOIt the theoil oil com ¬
pany the privileges privjJe es mentioned He im ¬ I Ipany
mediately took the th train for this city
Arriving AtTly1 g in Washington yesterday I
morning at 8 oclock he inspected Insp ected the
records of the Interior Department and I
on 0 n these t hes e his h Isnn answers 8 ers to t O Secretary SC er e tnry Hltch
cocks cocksCQarge charge is based ba d
The full uUanswe answer rt to the pe charges is as 1
i follows S
I Smiths sFJll1Apswer Full Answen 1
I I IThe The statement furnished furl hed the nres pres i
by bySecretuy Secretary ifitchcoc intc hcock k inJttcn in T i cn he
criticises the administrMan admlnlslruWJ of the In
terior for or apn apnr anmmghn pnro r ing n an oil and gas gai
l 1t I1ase ase s iin < made dcb by > the Osage Indians in in
1196Ismislctldlng 196Ismislctldlng i9G isi is misleading and deceptive I
When W en the lease was approved no oil
I had been found in Texas Texltsand and tnd not no a
great eatdeal deal In Kansas < apsas There jvas vis 3f scant j
hope to encourage encourag encour ge the expense cXpen e of ofbor bor
I ng n S Swens wells in the Osage country Even E el1 el1l l
I lit 1 oil onc01l1dbe could be discovered d the t cpr problem oblo
of transportation was then most mostserl seri son ¬ I I
f bus ous 1
u uA A A lease was applied aIJplleilfor for to prospect I
and bore for arail oil an ana gas by E B Fos ¬
ter The property pr perty belonged to the thetrlbc tribe
The TheQsagenaU3nal Osage national council co undlpass passed d an
act directing the lease The lease IEase wa W wat
carefully guarded with provisions and
r I forfeitures unless unlcsstlle the work of prow
peeling P ctin and a nd mining was prosecuted prosec utcd with wlt h
I diligence dUtzcp e
The lease required payment of am
Census Bureau Now Authorized to
I Collect C lleCtCompile Compile and Publish S
J the Data
I i S ThePres The mePresident Pres ident ldenthasslgncd has signed thi th thehIll bill iB pro
VIding m for thooolletlo the collection oCdivprce sta tn ¬
tistics tlstlcsin in the United States and i1U it is i
now law S
l The Dlre Director t o or r of o t the thcCensus Census can pro
I ceed eed with the work o of i cjompillng ornpih1flgthe the fig
ures me which it Is said will greatly en ¬
lighten the country and an show tbat hl tdl di ¬
vorced Yorcc vor ed i1 people are Uren on the increase InCraseIt1 Lust t
week the HPUSO a and rid Senate passed asscd the th
I bill bil and now no the President rre 1 entIta has affixed affix d
1 1 hill hhiiian name to it It I
C > > < SS < > o < cc <
pie i royalties e to the Indians in case oil I
or o gas gasV was as found f au n d The T heleas lease e was w as rec
Omeed fr Qded 61 by Colonel C lonel Freeman of the
un f ted e States Armvactlng nd ndhn n j
agent nu ule agetnlJe 5
Lease Consider Considered Carefully
The Thetecor recordSL recordsof i s of the Indian In tiianoffice office show
how carefully the lease le se was was 111ereco there con n ¬
sidered It finally fiha l went to the Secre ¬
tarys office o rnce with withthereco the recommendation mxnen datlon Qf
the th Indian IIldfanCommiss Commiss Commissioner ioner ion r that tl1atit it be ap ¬
proved The lett letter recommending t ommend ng ap 1 ip P ¬
proval Is initialed by l byMtLarraboe MV MVv MVLarra r v Ltlrrabee Larra bee the
present pre ent Assistant < sslstant Commissioner omm si ner of In ¬
dian dbUl Affairs AOC irstberehy thereby carrying his ap ¬
proval The T e records show showpc the approval
in iptheofflcc the office of thpSecretar the Secretary of ofihe o the In ¬
tenor was made by byAssistaJltSecretap Assistant Secretary
Reynolds as 5aq acting ing Secretary who Q has
been recently recentlyelectcd elected to to Congress from
Pennsylvania Pet lh5lvm1a ia S 5
During the month pf July 1983 the tli
lease was brought to my attention by a
letter l tter from exSenator Blair BlaircriUcisIng criticising
the lease This Thislttr letter was sent ent to toC Colonel loncl
Freeman through the e Indian office mcefqr for a
Colonel C lnel Freeman Fre man reported
uaInst interfering Intert ring w with ith th the lease
l J Wjjiia1ord yJthJJ Yh YhJ Yht J t > 1uocord > cord In ii his office Qf ce Sere S cre
t tte l Futchcock i tehcock
teclared the tllelcase lease was Willl y
approved by the Secretary of Mrm nir ra
tenor Mr Hoke Smith and he 11 uses 1
this further laiisuas dngu ane original I
lease is an unheard of ofmonoJoly monopoly and i
nothing short of a public scandal
Mind Overstra Overstrained ined
The rh mind of th the Stcretary S retary must have payo
been bee 1ovlm overstraine > tralna when wllcnJ1e he tie discovered di dIcovered eoi ered
a monopoly monopolof of oil oiltqtheOsage on the Osage reserva rese lva
tion in I lEW 1L1h 9t > before a ayeI1 veil ehl ha had been bore borefi d
a pipe layed or a Railroad t ilro ildbufltvithin built within
many man manptl1es r ptl1es miles To l tlsopfnion lis > Is opinion on this this
subject subj < t r am indifferent
But when Secretary Hitch Hitchcbck cock o < ksaid said
that the he original originallaaSe lease was wLIs nothing nothhigshort short llnt
of o 01 a public scandal scanl l he uttered uttereda a charge c1i rge
for which he was was entirely without ex e ¬
cuse c Use He placed himself in the theclass class of
common s shtnderers inderers s Heibore He bor fals false wit vlt ¬
ness nessa against gain < t a a predecessor in fl office
knowing at the time there was no truth
I In l his baseless charge
i Mr Smith has not yet decided decid d when
he will w ill return nturnto to his home h me in Atlanta
She Is Greatly Cheered However by
the Prospecfe pro3P toftii of fa > a Ear EarlY ly i
S Retria Re frial l t
NEW NEW YdRI YORK i ORIC < Feb llCThe I kr e To P
physician Ph s anwa waa called i1 n dto to attend at t1ql1 Nan n
tjreon vlfQ v Q a ic S suif 8 u1fer1n lfJrlnsf1omi < jring It fForii Jiaa r
Qf tonsilltjs t9n3 tonsilitis Hi ls TIerfaUte IfTerfathurwho Her ffithur who t ii iihas has lc
HI at tt home h me JtW in yasbingttfn hll1i oI I can can am ie
NoW X r Yprlc jrk ork t oclay tll1ilY nnt iJ14 iJ14vt iP 4vsItcd vis vt = ited l tc l her Q
But fur 9f her r a ilninnt hlmnrtthe the he irL tkwould would be
lR lRiclcn i In ax iclcn ee1lont c jlont t shape s Up c SJig hhdIS l is l greatiyiehcsr greatl greatlcheer c heer
xi t ed dc < i ov ever er r the fact tiCttiIltalatehflSeefl t fis 1tt1pt ft Sate hasr J1tl s seen een
B 8p spfcifically clfically set I et for her hierti1al trial an undtlmt and d that it
will begin en cnMarchG March ii S
= = > c
The he Complete Com plete Statement
Filed F l d Wnh WiihSecretary Secretary ecretary
IVlef Metcalt aft <
Railroads Accused AC AccusedofMks used oft ik
ing Prohibitive > rohibitivejit Rts s
on Cru de OiL il
Representative RpreJi rttaUveC Campbell m pbeI x jf > f Kansas Kans S
filed fil d with 1th S Secretary cre 1rf Metcalf t thtlf lr9f of the De De ¬
partment partmeDtafCon of Commerce nierc andiLabor and Labor yes ye ¬
terday charges arid u id specifications sRe iftcatloIlS iflcatlons
against againstAgainstt1e against the tl Standard OflCpm Oil Cpm C m
pany > preferred prcfcrldby by the h Kansas ran5 oil Qilpro pro ¬
ducers S
Efforts to secure secure a mono monop monOply poly lythrpugh through
illegal and oppressive opprc slvemea means ns blacklists bldc klist I
in fngconsp11lcy leg s conspiracy w wIth fth th the railroads t to
produce R RpanIcJIld a panIcJIld panic and tim t 9 exercise exercs vt o t un mi
due and improper influe In11 In11enc InfiCenee enc nce with wlthsec Secre ecre r ¬
tary of the Inter Intcxior ior Hitchcock Hit hcOck are
ambnff am among Qng the charges charg made ni de
The rh statement s sfut fut mentjs is signed sigtledbyR hy R C Raw
Img Ilnga and ld William wmfa E Connelly C nneUy members
of the hc advisory advisorycc committee cthnltteeof fnlI lttee > of the Kari Ka ¬
sas Oil produ Producers Is Association ssa < Ia tJon It It is
as sfoJlows follows
Charges gcsof of Conspiracy Conspira ty
S The Kansas Ka sas oil producers charge harg the
Standard Oil Oil Company Cornparty y with Is discrimina rimJna ¬
tins in n violation of the laws 01 of the
United n it edS States fatesr regulating e gu 1aUng Interstate cOII1 com ¬ 7
merce m ce and artd andi51ecif spec specifY i51ecif ify herein bereina a few in
stances stanc ihances s of ofsuc oi such suc h hviola hviolation violation viola tion j I
We Weqh8 charge ige that the theSfa Standard uI r d ty 1
Cpm Comnan gany has endeavored ende vared to tSlacurla secure sceur a
monopoly mon QpolY of the oil business of thIs this
State StateIrom from the he beginning of its itSde de 1e1o IClOP elbp p S
ment that It has prevented prev pt d otfegpicDm ot COI1
panies from rQm entering this thIsfleJi fiej fleh1 i to com
pete jJet for the Kansas oil trade Also < that
there thet exists exis ts a conspiracy conspiracyetWeen on pIracy pIracyetweEmtQe Between > etweEmtQe etWeen the
StandardQJI Standard Oil Company s fd d1h d the AtcJii <
son Topeka and a rid Santa 7 70 RaIlroad ilaUlo d to
prevent other othe parties iTtfI X Xm corn m handling pit oil
or purchasing oilJn oil In ransil > a SaSi ae lIt In sup S Sp p
pprt pprtof port of theseqharg these charg we w suBmit ubniItthe the
following fQllQwJn gtacti fa facto ts ana and swfts gpres shown hoJVnbyr by
c the h bcktofJ 4 > ot Lc N KjPP > Jh frl In > hl his iirt1fflC office
at Cfianute Jan ican
5 Lir fft jpp V17 iVir wh trie hi te1iCgatfiivr
dupto ductlono luOtiOfl iof of f oil tJI1JnC in in Chan CharitO tan tan1telJ 1telJ itO bought Ught a nuni pu
beiri be rot df tan ta tank k cars C s in inft InvrhI vrhI ft ich f to o ship s ship IlpJ his
oil oilf td c Kansas JafisasCity City j 71d d other o erlUl1ts points toi to
be used u5 d for fQr fuel fu el f for or ° r the e man1f tnanufao
ture of fg gas The f far tars ar ars f are r of tthe the cc a
pnCity ofi500 of 7500 gahlo llo 6 5 When eIlIr Mr knapp
began b n the shlnme shInmet hInmeto to t of his oil tb 1l the e rate 1at
was wa s 4S 4S per percarfrJn car fr fr4n 4n 3 Chanute 11 nut to Kansas
City This rate ratewas was wa a b based se on Qn the qa ca T
reckoned at 10 cents
err 1 r
pacity of the c er
counting OUl1t iJg a gallon allonpf oC
per per1 loo it r pounds
oil at six and andjurtentbs ollrtenths jurtentbs rtenths pounds The
same rate rate was wasar bhnrJ charged ar to o Emporla P0 and n nd
other athe t Kansas ansas Joints joints ints the same distanc dlsta c
from Chanute Chanut 5
tRa ite tc to Outrageous OutIa eous S
Thiis This rIiisratc rate was wasoutri outrageous g us for t the fl
rate te on a a car carof of stock stoc i cattle or hogs
was cis 2550 and on 3 a c car r ofs of strawberries tidwberries
a very perishable product productwlS was but but3 30
In IpJune June 1904 notice notl ewas was given Mr
Knapp thi that on August 15 1904 the rate
on crude cntd oil n would wo ld be b raised rni < 17 cents
per er 100 pounds In carload lots from
Chanute Ch nute nute to Kansas City Cftyat11ncreaseot Cityan art increase of
70 0 per cent ceIt And the Standards pipe
line t to Kansas City was wiscomplctedabout completed about
August Au gust 15 i 1901J loot please pl aserememb remember rtbat that
The Increase made m de it Rcost cost 5SL5Q LQ 30 to ship > hlp
a carload of oil from Chanute to Em
poria or Kansas Kansas City Ci
The rates on carload p1entloned mentioned above
were wereincreasd increased by the th Santa Fe in
counting coun Ung the the we we ight of a gallon gallonot of oil
seven and an d fourtenth pounds > thereby hereby
c raising 1 11sing 1sing the the4S 4S rate rateto to 5550 5550 and the
SSLSO t1i1CEo t1i1CEorate ll5O rate t to 9135 9435 These rates are
prohibitive pr h bltive and were made to prevent prev nt
the shipment s shipment hlninen C CQf of crude oil out of the
Kansua Kan Kans s jpil OUfielt15 oil fields and to t force the pro pro ¬
ducers to ten tC sell their th lr oil to the Standard
TCfrTm pr pr jce lce it mI might ht see ee fit to pay
These a lr rrtt aSrtr l Vi by y the books b oks of
Mtv Mr Knapp OSliey hey establisrh es estabifine fu lISbti1e the fact of
the existence eJ slence i pfa of > f a leagu leaguebetween 1ea ieag s1 hbe ebetween b lween ween the
Santa Fe F and i iie De tie ie Staridara Standardto i to crush crush the
oil oilp producers fO fOducersor ducersor of Kansas Jans s
S Blacklisting B1a cldisting Kansas
We charge l tl je 1 je Standard Stan ard Oil com c m ¬
pany is now blacklisting Kansas oil for fo f °
the the thepurpo3e purpose of of1 preventing > n entlng the Legisla Legislit ¬
ture of KUl1sas Kansas from romo passing such sitchmeas meas ¬
ares ure as Xs will will si ti reth Ve re the producers pr q Jlcers relief relie
an d alfow lrowhm hpnet hoaet fcDmpetitI xcompetition competition nhl In tl1eoil the oil 0
business husine of Kaniasi Ka ICanas as and submit su mlt tile illafol fol ¬
lowing facts f
On or abgut ubUt Feb < C fH 1905 th
Kansas housfcM hiou < r 4J T ifi ls made
the said mf tn v ft s pr ir for
February IF > < ii fassed msed
the seiiat < v 5 S try ry S
the Stand f V = n pp
tier tottfcK55 tO V L r no
more tiS fii rs r S tier
was Lnfr J i Mftp It S > V V0i 0i
W f > S
ftuc I go o oc c KPlK 5 l
> Jii c
5 5
S 2 5
g S S S

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