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I I tures clear clearIng Rain ing to moderate n19d riight dightt01110rrOV rat tomorrow tempera ¬ i I f d Jht r 4Da fi ILtugton tu gt OU r t tme + m 1 t THROUGH THE UG 1 2 ISREACHED IS 3BEAT F REA A1fBtJYIN BUYING THE THETIM CH E DD TIMES DAILY PUB AIL Y S 1 1 1I 1tures J
I IE titJNQ 11 Wn OAN AN
Bro Br oRe Ken l1 Axe Plunges
Cars Over v i iari an an Em
Ban Bankrilent kment
Re Reiief1lWiiiS lief Mitis t a ans ns Rus H lLto tto ta the th
Sane rie With With Surgeons
Aboar d
1 PATERSON PAl > RS NN Ni N J Feb Fe > 20 20The The The
Middletow Middlet FriW FriW3P ri way 3P train trai 10ntheBcrgen on the Bergen
county short hart cut ut div division lsion of oftheEr1 the theErie Erie
railroad rn l ro juniped Ju ix PEdth the t1 tra track ck a sh sho shor or rtdi tdis t dis ¬
tance tan tan0 beyond Warren Point Station
this morning I11or mor nJpg and an df6ur four cars of the the
train rolled down a twelve twelvefooi twe1vefoot foot em ¬
bankment One person personMiss Miss Grace race
Matthews 1iatt cws nineteen years of age agea a
stenographer at lIographer of o Suffern N Y was
killed and fortyfour others were
more or less seriously serio s l in injured jured Among
the injured was a atoman vjpman omanwhose whose skull
It is feared was was fractured fr etured She will
probabl die ii
The train trninwhich which was composed of an
engine a tender and four cars runs
as an accommodation from Middletown
to Suffcrn Su tcrnandas and as an n express from that
joint to Jersey J r re e City Most fosto of the in ¬
jured boarded the irain at1 at Suffern
The tra train in was due tP arrive in Jersey
City CityntS25 at S25 oclock this morning morn ing and and
tlie di passengers plSSengers were wcre for a large part
persons personsresidingnlongthe residing along the line and en ¬
gaged In business In New STork york city clt
Brea Bieaing ing of ofAx1 Axle
At S0tt 01 oclock when the train was was
within 500 feet f et of Barren r rr Point Po int st 1 ¬
tion tlonandbowUngaIong and bowling along alongat atagood at a agood good rate rat
an anaJ axle e lindernea undern eath th the tender sudden ¬
ly 13 broke and nd the the broken piece caught ca ugnt
in the frog of o t a switc switch h The car Im ¬
mediately fo following llowing the tender bumped
against the t th 1eprQke broken axle jumped jump d the
track track arid an JqlloWcd followed fo llowed by the other bt othertbrce crtbrce three
cars cars rolled over the embankment eI11 eI11anlt anlt e1t
which Whi h at this thi point Is is about twelve
feet eefc high g Wfafe The engine atiditend and tende Te re
li litl tllli lli r iJ
mained n fa on tl the 3 tracc c2sf vf 5 5 > s
The passengers pass ngers had h p no > cknce fitthce to
realize what had happened until un lI the he
train lay partially partt l1yhrok broken nanilwlthall and with all
tIle windows smashed at the foot of
the embankment That Thntmore more r were ere not
killed kiUediS is little short cf a miracle
Luckily for the tllehl1prlsonedpass imprisoned passengers assongers nGers
the thett11n Xrnin did not catch lire lir nor were
thl the cars iar < > so badly smashed as to prevent
many Jn ny of the injured making their own
way oat
These Theeuassengcrsat passengers at once joined wit with
those who had hadcollect collected d at the scene
and the work wo rlt of rescue proceeded iroce de
quickly One of ofJhe the first firstlpersons persons taken ta ken
out was Miss Ilas Grace Matthews of Suf Su
fern f < rn who had In all probability r been >
instantly in tantl killed
Word of the wreck wr ck was was at atenee cnce tele ¬
graphed grnph < d to tJersev t Jersey City Paterson and
t Suffern and andrehter relief re l f was hastened to the
scene scen A special train was made up at
Jersty City and andnnothcr another at Suffern and
on these th < se were placed all the doctor =
available Other physicians physlc ms were pick ¬
ed uy alone lre the t line p
Care of the theWounde Wounded lI
W When hen the relief trains reached r chpd the th
spot temporary tenIPoraryhosplta hospitals is were fixed up
and the best est possible attention giver give
the in1urcdsmo iIl1nrCd InQ t of whom suffered from rom
bruises nnd nn d deuts > cuts about the head and an tflcl 1
body Eleven c nfti1e of f the more seriouly hurt
were hurrifi hUh d dto to Paterson hospitals and
sevfn others were sent cnt to their homes
in n Suffern Suffe Suffern rn The others had their in ¬
juries juri s attended to on the ihespot spot and nd either
returned returnel to their homes or continued continuedor or
their wiiy WU wny to t New York Yor k
One ol 011 th the Injured who suffered from ro
a badly badl i lncerated nc rnt ear reached r ached Paterson
on a trolley cir c r He describes descrlhesthe the ac
cideiit cIde t ts 1 toHovs t UcwS
Wf rt f viffo nr 9 9goIng goIng along at a good rate
w when hn tlip thpaccldvt tJp accident occurred occurr dA A terrible
jotr jot r Vv Ws as the tt < first Intimation IntinI Uon we had
that anything was wrong wron and thrn
before Sve ye had full fully realized that an
le accidciit j n had recurred rccur d the whole wh hl1e train
exccfting eXc 1tin the engine and tender tenderw weif w ent
down tie ti > tnibanKincnt The first car
turnt turmd d completely lomplett > ly over overand1ay and Jay up side
down dOW11nt at the bottom of the dtch Three
other cars Clr turned over on their sides sIdes
The tra jsi was well filled and the bm Ou
thing tl that rit tsurpr surprises ses me most is that a
great iiiiimbor n Th4n0er mber were not killed kUle
The Thenrci Tbearc ajeat of hgh pressure > that has
occupied the llccnt central a valleys and eastern
districts dSt tsnn sinee sinee I Vflday riday has passed off to
sea oveJfihe o l11 li njdale iddle Atlantic coast
Thrae T r e deprr deprnsIons < pms s > ions apPNlrthis appear this morning m rnin
one on < over sputheiu ztaith 01the1l1 n AJebania ore north nort i
of Lalc Superior Suoer or while the third is lsa ad
varcnj viring arcn eastward north of Montana
The spOthirn sOIlUt otlthrii ru depression has caused cluse
lain throughout hrjugho t the Gulf and u 1 south At
l lnte > ntft nt Sta States t 1 Virginia Vrg lia Tennessee and
the t1 lower Ohio Yall valley and snow in the
District of Columbia Maryland and
eastern Pennsplvaiiln Rain has also
fallen f I1el1 on oM the e Pa Paic iflc coast from central
Calif Calirorn California orn ka north Tort rorthwn wa w1rd rd
It 1 t is s warmer rmer in almost nlffio t all parts arts > cf ci the
country ountrrand and temperatures are above th the
fcuoial a aioal olal average a era e except exc pt in Texas Okla Ohm ¬
homa Arkansas J rkansas and Mississippi
Rain Is s indicated indIca ted for cr tonight and Tups
day oa aay in practically all portions of the
Washington Vaslngt n forecast district <
MVtUralcr temperatures will prevail in
all districts and the he indications indicationSJoint nolnt
to several 1En ral days daRof of icmperatues tmpc ratues above
the freezing point in the day da time from
the Ohio valley eastward to New Eng ¬
11 land n
l 22 I 9nm ron o 31
IP lpm m >
cne RegXcr stcr Atll Afilks kJiS Standarii ndard TJte Thermornler rmornct er
9ajn v 20
12 4 neon c ii 26
i iprn P m r 27
Sun sets setstQday today e 542 54
Sun rises rls < stomprrDW tomorrow V > > C44 6 1
h how Low ow tide Udetod today 1y u 249 24 pm p m
High Igh tide today todaYi i 854 4 p m
m mw Low L w tide tidetomorrQw29 tomorrow 32 a m 350 p m
HJsrb Zh tide tomorrow tomorrowIBa 919 a m 9U p in
Billfor Bill for or Regulating Pipe
Lines L nes Is Is IsFavored FaVf Favored d by I
All Classes
In In theJ11eanvhiIethe the Meanw Me n hile the Sun un ¬
flower fl w ei iState State Is I Ablaze With
DALLAS Tex Feb 20 20Tbeo1liSS1 20The The oU issue e
is is becoming b c ominc acute acutein in the thlTexas Texas TexasLegisla Legisla ¬
ture ti c The independent indepe dentcom companies anleshave have
been clamoring for for l legislation 10 to protect
them against the th tixtortion cxtor extortion iton which thpy they
say the Standard Oil Company Co panY in tneon con ¬
trol of the pipe lines in Texas practices
and they are very irate
I There There is lspending pending in the th Legislature
now what Is known as the Decker Dpckgrpipe pipe
line line bill This measure measure has been under
I dISCU discussion sS Ion several days It proposes P ro POS S to
regula regulate te the pipe line ra rates tes and traffic in
the interest of all oil producers inTcxns in Texas
The St Standard nd rd Oil representatives are re op ¬
posing the passage of the th bill b bill ll llacicordIng according
to to Senator Decker and others
It 1 thas has hasbeen been agreed that Jf lithe the Decker
bill or some measure m as1re approximating approxima ting its
provisions prov isions Is not passed P S cd its itSfriends friends will
use their efforts to pass a ab111 bill providing
for the building building of ii a State refinery and i
pipe pp line facilities the theproVi provisions 1 ns of orthe the l
bill to be similar to those of the new pew
law l w of Kansas just ju rt rtsigne signed signe d by by Governor G vern or
Hock i
Muchs Much sympathy mp3tlu is man manifested ifested ifes edfor for the i
Decker De Ck el bill b I 1 and ands some om e indorsement ind orsement given
to the State refinery and pipe line 1 1n n idea
Sunflower State Ablaze
With Oil War Enthusiasm Enthus asm
TOPEKA Jan 20 2OGoernor Governor Hoch Is
I holdIng h a conference onier nc with wUhthe the adminis n minis ¬ i
tration X advisers and andthe c the pr pr1 incipal cIpal sup supi ¬ i
porters porrersoftheoilrefinery pj o fth T the oil refinery act actt ts lttvise l Yi e
i Ways gys and t tme meajis me means pstQ to Cf < aid td Id i the Gpyernment Go < wpment
ril1n nsftttigSt Hg1tf gSt t drnd 01hnethods
It iss is suggestei3 ggeste that thc thcfLeg8 Legi Leg is lature
Icreat I create a commission to tolJe be appdlnlcd a IJ iii dby by
the tl1egoverror gpverri governor Or for this t is purpose with a
ifoeral appropriation h for expenses
I W V A A West Wc Vet t president of the Kansas
Oil Producers Prod cers Association says that the
ox executive ecutive committee will turn over to
I Iox Mr Gartield Gartieldand and ndhis his associates the thee1 evi ¬
I dence it has been accumulating n against
the Standard for a year and will go to
1 work at once to dig up fiesh evidence ide1ce
Mr tr West Vest says his association has
abundant ab U 11I1an t proof of a conspiracy eon5P IraC between b tw cn
l lab the Standard and the railroads railroadsto to tq beat
i down the price of crude oil in l lai1 Kjahaas lansns ai1 as
I Iand and to enable the Standard Stand d to obtain btan
control of the Held
County and city cltyofficIn1g officials in theoil the c oil belt
are re ref rendy dy y to give information tj t the
Government authorities and local lucalcom com ¬
mercial clubs are prepared prepa = d to help The he
oil belt Is ablaze with enthusiasm A
Topeka 1 opeka Sunday s u naa paper has Ila S dispatches SIR tches
from twenty towns telling that the
1 people believe bclie the Standard Is whipped
and that the movement started startedn In Han an ¬
I sas will VIIln not ot stop st oP until the entire coun ¬
t ttry try is lsfree free from the oppression of the
Standard and its itsussoclatcs associates
Ministers Return Thanks
In several of the the churches here hf > re the
f ministers yester yesterday day da y returned than thanks Its for fO
the advantage gained by the people over
the trust tru tmd and asked ask d for Divine lvinc help
I during the remander of the fight
Secretary Walsh of the Democratic D mocraUc
national committee came here from
Gttumwa Iowa and held a protracted
I conference with President West and
other officials of the Kansas Oil OUPro Pro ¬
I 1ors < ducers Asso Association da en Neither ohor Mr Walsh
I nor Mr Il West would cuW discuss their con ¬
I ference f r orence nce When W hC nn asked Sk edf if It It was asthe the per
pose of his visit to get pointers to aid
I Ithe the Democrats In the Iowa Legislature Lcgisla urc
in securing 5 curing the passage P of laws 3cWS against
the Standard Oil On Company slinlllar to
the Kansas statutes Mr Walsh said
My 1 Iy mission I Ison son is s confidential con fidentla I I have
received XPC I I 1 some very valuable informa ¬
tion from Mr West Vest
It is believed by the men who lead the
I 1 1ht tight ht in i this hISSlutc State tnat t hat Iowa Iowa1isSOurl Missouri
Arkansas 1mn < t and nd Texas will surely Jon lor lori i
Kansas < ansvs in 111 tte tt e war ar on the Standard
enacting ona ctln r s sml i fmlir Iowa 1 1 W
j Senator litznatrick 1 itzn iLZTairick 1trlck < denied > nNlthe the state
iront nrntrode rnide ma de by Mr Ir Iro o OBrien of the t e Stand ¬
ard Oil Company C < ffipanr that the agitation
against a ail1st the company C r1plnJ was worked up
by atnck boomers bool1 s
H Not ot one man connected cunnect > d with the oil
lobby is a stock stoc boomer said Senator
Fllspatnok 1 Every Everyone one of them Is a
j legitimate leiUmn te oil producer
I President Will Confer
I IVJith With Commissioner OOP1miss oner Garfield Gar1 eld
1 Standard Stan a10n Oil Ollandt and n nd d its tl practices pn ctlcos in
I I Kansas ns Ji will occupy the attention of
1 the President Pn dent agan agaIn this afternoon
1 He will hold a conference with Com ¬
missioner mlssi ner Grrfield en < n the subject of
r r5e the 5e TnvtStIgatlon nvtStIgatlon In nstgtltlo n to be b e conducted C cnduct d by
I Ithe the Bureau T of Corporations
j When V VT T hen Judge Scott Scottinthe In the Police Court
j Itoday today dismissed a c bane of destroying d troYlnt
I Iprhnte private property against James Smith
a negro the prisoner prsoncr was held on a
charge h rgeof of contempt of court court
Some Som time ago Smiths Smiih wife wIfe wIfewa was wa grant ¬
ed a adivorccdccNC divorce decree by b l Judge Anderson
Smith was a ordered to pay alimony
Complaint that Smith had hadnotcompU not complied l
with Hh the courts order was made and
on Saturday an order calling upon the
marshal to hale Smith Smthlfu lute court for
contempt was made by < Judge Anderson
Or Saturday while the marshals as ¬
sistants iwere looking for Smith Smlthat at his
home he 11 was at the th residence of his
mothorInlaw His wife was there th refind and
he wished to see her The motherin
law looked ID ked the door doorngaf11st against him and
I i he heklCkcQ kicked it in Policeman Sontag Sonta was was
l lum111oted I summoned and took Smith Into mo custody
< 0 c
1 J
1 r s si i l 4 i t
r i
1 LJ I t i
Servi Services es Were Conducte d Here Her Yesterday Yest r ayWithAll With WithAll All the Solemn SolcmnPorn Pom p poi pofthe of the Orthodox O odoxGnekRit Greek Rite
Let Well Wellmnotlgll EnoTi Enough gli Alone
Says L M NAttorney Attorney
Declares eclat s That Great Obstacles Ob tic1es Have
Been 1J nP1t Put in Way of ofInd In Industry us strr rir
T by > y High gf gftes Rates tes
The Tb c XSenatev i Senai 4 a Committee cm nWt t e onInterstate On 1 lnterstate n iers tn t 1
Commerce toda today d y heard Col Ce Henry Hen S
Store Storec coUnsel cO olu nsel ls l je of the he Louisville Lomsvl l le e and nlL
Nashville J Jtailrcad flai1r aUr id dCompany Company and a 1d I L Ll L A l t
Dean t representing represent presen i g the th fruit growers of
northern Georgia r
The former opposed oPPos < d all legislation
looking to t reg regulating laUng railroad railro r llroad d rates
saying Sa ng he believed be Ii e vedil1 iin in letting l ttlng well v e11
enough alone Senators Dolliver N iew few w
lands Carmack ur nod d Foster of Louisi ¬
ana did not entirely en tirelyagre agree with the
witness sweeping s weepiD statement and plied t twitness
him with questions which brought out
Interesting replies At One point Colonel
I Stone Stoncstitrted started to withdraw withdraW but he was
detained detaln a few fe wmlnutes minutes longer to answer an wer
further furthercuesUol1s questions
Opposed House Bill
Colonel Stone S tone argued that the Ssc Esch h
Townsend bill If enforced meant an
end to to toco competition co rrip t lj All places said s aid
he want wal1t not only onl s imilar rates rate > but
they tbevwantall want all railroads to tohavc have the
same sa u ue e rate rat e to the same ame point joh t He
thought thoug ht this would not be good for
He HecQuldnot could not see why rates fixed by
the Government could not be evaded evaded
just as readily as rates made by the
I The Louisville Lo isvUle and Nashville railroad
has never broken the th elaW law 1 declared
I Colonel ColonclStone Stone Stpnef with tho o emphasis and
President President t Smith S Smith mith f has authorized authoriz ed me to
say sa ythat that nothing a along Ion g these thes cuncs lines can
1 be made too severe evere looking to the en ¬
forcement forcc neit of the law Our booko arc
always open to the Government
ITe Tlhen then gave a abography biography of orPr Presi sl ¬
I Ilent dent Snlih telling of his great expe ¬
rience in n railroad raHroadmnnagcmcnt management The
Louisville and Nashvilles stock of
5tOCOOOyO worth 25 cents on the dollar
when Smith took hold is now worth
4140COOQOO witness mid
Colonel ColcJ < i Stone Stonedoctar dcclared deciar d that Smiths Smlt1
views were Vere therefore thcrefo rcen entitled tltled to greater
eonsltleration O trleration than the views of theor ¬
l I Senator SenittatDoWver DolHver took up the maximum
rato atf at question gUesti n and said Western mu manu hu
I utui h tiiieis lJ1rs < rs thought thou ht they ought to have
e Ni11 < jnal rates rat s to the Southern markets
Witness T Itl1lHS said s ld the reason rcns on was water t lte
I competition comp Ution between Boston Uo ton and At ¬ I Icomp
lanta I firt a but this t hlS did not convince convin ce the th e Iowa 10V < 1
Senator St > ator that It was right
We Ve would like somebody > omebod to inquire 1
Into nto the reasoiiablcncys is of this situa ¬
tion Commented Mr MI Dolliver i
Railroad Commissions
I Senator Newlanrts Inquired about the
I State Stateraflroad railroad commissions In the vari van ¬
ous States
Witness VHnc > s declared rates ratc fixed by the
commission commIssl l n in some ome States Stn tc were not
enough to tfP pay o perating expenses cxp n 3cs ns in
Illinois llUnQ for rtJrinRtmce Instjnce
ijlil you object J bj < ct in that caso C N asked nsl e
Air fr Nowliincls N > Il s
No wo w did < not n tn1mtted admItted witness
Mr lr lrr r Newlands erntihued a sharp c ex ¬
amination and asked witness whether
the purpose O of combinations natiOns is not to
W Wn
elirnmato n l lj lO j competition ri e eWS WS
Witness Vtn Vifn ltness is denied den deni i ed this and explained It
in infllength a lengthy manner snyln saying ri It was for
the interest of the people as well weHas as
for tile railroad rallroadst9ckholders stockholders Tire
Senator St natcr said he could cj uldeaslly > easily under ¬
stand tho last part of the answer But
he thought Congress ought to legis ¬
late HO as to protect the people at
National Incorporation
Mr Newlands guided his Inquiries
tcward his national nationalincorp incorporation ratlon bill
and asked the hQ witness whether that
would not help in the t le solution of f the
I think th I n 1 t thats tha ts wholly w I lOl1Y impracticable imvr n ctlcab Ie
saidColonel sai colone Stone
QHJVby A 2i ABeinhrie Because HO i the roads could c ouldnotbc not be
compelled to enter Jlter Into an anlnorpora Incorpora ¬
tion tloncm on business within a State
Q QDont Dont you ou think it would be a wise
provis ion
A ANot Not unless the Government guar ¬
antees ante s the dividends divldendsto to stockholders
Continued on OnSeccrd Sccord Page
esimptioiL Refnufipt on of Relations
Witli Virginia Vir inia Shortly
> >
Martag Manager rGraham Graham Instructed ns truc e4 to Invite
Orange Ora ge undBlue and Blue Men M Me e en to t toSat Sat Sl1t ¬
urdays urd y Indoor Meet I 1eet
At a spjfcial spe iai tn mfie te ftair fr frof of oGqQr Georgetown g tPwn
advisory ndVisor board horirdy yesterday steld y it was de ¬
cided to accept the apology ap logy which was
sent out from the University Unlversityot of Vir T ir ¬ I Isent
ginia during the week weekand arid Manager Man ger
Graham was instructed nstruct d to Invite Vir ¬
ginia to send as large a delegation as l
possible to the Georgetown GeorgetOWllndoor indoor meet meetat
at Convention Hall next Saturday even ¬ l
ing In = I
This move of the Blue B ueandGray and Gray is I
considered the most important action
taken by the advisory advlsor board since four
years ago when the board approved
the executive committees action in sev ¬
erlng all athletics with Virginia because
of an objectionable obJ cUonable article whic which h ap ¬
peared in the university publication
making light of the religious tenets terietsof otj of
Georgetown men
The advisory board Is the th highest
tribunal in Georgetown Georg town athletics and iti it
Is isbe believed llevedtbat that its It latest action willj will
bring about nboutan an early settlement of the
breach with w1ththe the Old Dominion Dom nion which
hi i ii i existed for four fouryears years years
Only Matter Discussed Discuss d
The Virginia matter was the theonl only af a f ¬
fair that was brought pp ij 1 > for discussion
and when a 3 3v vote v te was finally firtI1UY called ca lIe for
the board was unanimous for accepting
the apology and extending extendin gan an invitation
to renew relations
Yesterdays action was th the first official j
net w which hich Georgetown has taken In re j
gard to a resumption Four I our years have
elapsed e apsecl since the Blue and Gray Gra and
Orange and Blue played the memorable men > rable
footba f Olba ll game in the fall of 1JW1 whic which h
resulted r mltcd in a victory victor for fo the local uni ¬
versity by a ascore score of 17 to 16 the win m ¬
ning touchdown being made mad in the thelnst lust
15 to seconds of play IJla
Hurdiy had ha the contest contCtendedand ended endedand and the
undergraduates undergra uates roturntd nlurn d to their re ¬
spective ycctlvetn5ti institutions ltUon w when hen rumors r umo of 0 f a
severance S rHnce of relations were set afloat
Malcontents on both sides suid there
were men on the two teams who were
played without regard to tocp1cge college ethics
istme of the charges was y ever prove proved d
and the matter matt r rested rest d for some time
College Papers Comment
Following the account of the football
game une In College Topics t the Virgin VIrginia ia
student publication pu UcaUon there appeared uppenrJda a
paragraph in which it was w wits s said the th
Georgetown players p113 < crl resorted to certain
religious re Hglus practices during the Intermis ¬
aba Including the sprinkling of holy lOi
wuter This light allusion engendered engendc red
an il feeling and after waiting waUngsome some
time the Georgetown advisory advIsor board bQ rd met me
and mddecided decided to sever relations with Vir Vir ¬
ginia giri ta
Virginia did not retract the state ¬
agent m nt that appeared In College Topic
stating statin unofficially that tIS as the paper p
was W as not under r university U n1er it supervision
they thc did d d not feel called upon to bear
responsibility rc ponsbmty for the story
Although numerous efforts have been
made ma e to get the two Sout Southern lleru rivals to ¬
gether It was wH not until the past week
that anything amtlthgd definite fil1itc was wnsc wnscone done l one In a a
letter to a member of the Virginia ath ¬
idle board Murray Mur ray Russell 1903 cap ¬
tan tam of the ticGeor Georgetown cetown crew for tve faq
years C1rs called attention ttent n to the objection objccti n ¬
able article and the board at a meet mee
Ing explained ex lairCd thoroughly thor 011 hb the th C situation
and ended enc1edby by an apology
This lhisuppearcd appeared In n the last number > r Of o
College Coic > Topics and Hl1d tie theuclion action of the
Georgetown advisory board boar of ye yester ter t u
day ay will be br published pubU hed in full in the next
number of the Georgetown GC91get wn College Colc
Journal 1
Virg Virginias Ylr inias nnt answer > wcr to Manager Gra Gm ¬
hams Invitation hw1taUonto to send eendll men > n to the In
door moet Is being lJelngunxioufh anxiouslv awaited a valted
BUFFALO Ftjb Ircb20Thf 20 2OThc Tho special po ¬
lice force f 0 rce of of the th New e W York Yo rIcC Central e utr al i Rail ¬
road Company ompai1 has presented their chief
William A Humphreys a ag9Idpol1cc gold police
badge set it with wlthdilmond diamond valued at
c > 0 L
Two Tw Murderers i s Executed at
Sing Sing
Rintie Klniieri Also Al Goes to His Death
Caln Cal tt9 iiy and d 4 With With Self
V Control C ntx l L f
< QSSIG SI mG NX NY Fc ieb b 2O 20The e grim
electric chair in the the dingy stone st nedeath death
house in Sing Sing prison claimed cl med two
more victims this morning Frank Ri l
mien who whos shot otnn and d killed k1l1 d Jack Pinto
a fellowItalian junk dealer in Brook ¬
lyn IJ October 1 11903 1S03 and Adolph KoenIg
a young German Germ n who strangled his mis ¬
tress Mrs Emma Kaufman Kaufmanin in their
apartments 319 West Fortieth street
New York on on1Iay3 May Z last laslIhlyng paying the j
death Eath penalty for their crimes
The two twoei electrocutions > were carried
out within about flfteen minutes minutcsofench of each
other and were w re entirely successful succ sful
Absolutely Absq u tely Indifferent
Both men went to their death quietly
and with with perfect per ctselfcontrol selfcontrol but Koe j
nig gave one on J e eot 6 oY the most remarkable
exhibitions CX h IbltIons 6f b absolute ab 50lute indifference in over O vcr 1
his fate that lhatthe the prison officials have
ever ever witnessed witness d here He talked pleas ¬
antly with the death chamber watch
walked unaided and at some little UttJedis dis ¬
tance anee from the tii u attendants attendants and stepped
quickly to the electric chair As un
concerned conc rned as though at the breakfast
table he hes seated ea ied himself comfortably
and coolly looked l okcd about the chamber
seemingly entertained en tertained as he was strap
pad in Without With ut a moving of ofth the lips
or a a suggestion of 0Ca a prayer he went went to
I his death
Koenlg KoenJgeamc came to this country romjSor f
many eight years ago While hUe driving
a milk wagon he became ccquainted
i with with Mrs JKaufman Kaufman who was the
iroot mother h her er of four f rchUdren children The Thepair pair be ¬
came infatuated and w went ent to live to ¬
I gether
On May 3 lOOt they the had been drink ¬
I ing ingand and Mrs MrsKaufman Kaufman Kl1u man started starte 1out < out half h lf
I dressed to get ctsome some more liquor Koe ¬
I nlgremonstrated trig remonstrated with her then caught
I her by the throat end ncl threw her on
the Vied He left the room and on
I returning found hehacl he he had strangled str ngled his
mistress Istrss wo who heddled ha had d die died d almost instant ¬
ly He attempted attcIr ptecl suicide with a butcher
llmlf knife lcnifOc c but was v iasdiscovered discovered before b fre death eath
I ensued
Quarreled Quarc edOver Over Bottles I
I Himieri and nml Pinto lived within wlthina a ie few
doors 4 oo oog ois g of eac cal ii other in Broold Brooklyn l Sev ¬
eral days be before > ore the murder the the men
I quarreled arIclecl pyer o oversme yex same s > me old bottles in the th
course of Wl1 which ch Pinto struck Rlmierl
wourteling wO l dlng him
I The Tite rim la latter tier Vowed vengeance vengll1ceanc1 and on
l lOw the evening evenn of o the crime while Pinto
was vrls crossing cr08sin f t the lles street with wit 11 his wife
and nnddaughter daughter Rimleri Rim crl flrbd at him hlmkUl kill ¬
I ing him instantly
Lansdowne Repeats Repe ts His HiSP Proposal for a a aChristi
Christian Christi Chn isLin n Governor General Gcneral l
France Fra nce Dissents
MANCHESTER England EnglanclFeb Feb 20 0
I The Guardian learns learns that Italy has l1aspr prO
posed to Great Britain Brlt in that the latter
1 should suggest Sigg < st some new proposals propo S nls to
thn th < powers with reference to the theob ob ¬
I taining of reforms in Macedonia In
reply to this suggestion Lord Lans L l1S
downe the British foreign minister re ¬
peated his old proposal proposalfcrr for f ra a Christian
governor 0erl1 Or general ce ri r al of Macedonia Mlce doni a and a
scheme of financial finan cial autonomy
Thlc scheme says the Guardian
France refused to accept a ccpt though she
I formerly favored the British view
Russia Rt ss1a and idA Austria strIa when the British
I I plan wa was handed to them replied with
II another Iinlnclall3chemc financial scheme the details of
I which fire nr rd not made public
YJ < c >
Secret Se ret Agents Search for
Strike Str ike Leader in
Govern Governmen men t Seizes Bombs Bom bs
on the Polish P l sh
consistory consistorytoday today officially announced nnol1n d
that thatFatherGaponthepriest Father Father Capon the priest w who ho led
the thestdkers strikers In their thelrrec recent 1tntteniptsto attempts to
obtain concessions oncesslon8romthe from the authori ¬
ties tie s sai1d an and d w whose hoso so Whereabo whereabouts ts are at t
present unknown has been unfrocked untr ck d
The Tneforce force of Russian Russansccret secret agents age ts
in Italy has hasbeen been tugmented augmented d Jpr for orthe the
purpose Pl1rpPfmo of f searchingor searching for Father Gapon
the str strlke strike ike leader who is expected to
reach Rome today with a batch of
Russian students
Inquiry Into Grievances Gr vances
Schidloysky ScbIdlovsky pres ident ident9fth of the com
missl mission < m appointed to inquire into the
grievances s of Russian workmen workmenaiJd and
make make proposals for the betterment 9 of f
the theworkmahs workmans condition n has com on ¬
pleted pl ted his arrangements arrangen elts
L He has 1msrequested requested the th owners of te tll
various ar ous works w rkstoap to appoint lntfi fifteen t nd dele del i ¬
gates The workmen have also been j
invited t to tochgo choose setrp from Ineyery every factory fa to ri
w with ith over Y rlOOexnployes 100 employee and and less than tha
500 one on one representative r I Iresentatlyeand resentatlyeand and from facr faq
tories t rle s with over over 1000 employes e Iiployesione one
representative repr aent t1ve for every P 500 00 men men
These Theser representatives r will w ill meet mee t on
March 3 and elect from their thelrnl number mber
forty t rtyd delegates legates to the pQm commission mlssion o No
foreman toremannoapprentice no apprentice or foreigner is
eligible e I lble
Government Go eri1ment Se Seizes izes Bombs
LONDOj LQN O0N ON S Feb feb20Adispatch 2 21LA < L A dispatch to t the
Qentral G GQ Q ptl t News ewsfr from m Eydtkuynen p on the
Polsh POWih fronUersays frontier says the Russian Rlls lan authp autho uthq
r1tJ rit ritiOs ies sha have y BtQPped SQPP dlar large te quantities < of of
bombs wliic which h wer were beingr b lng aunigglfd s4mgg1 4
across cr o Bthetf Bthetfnt1erapp the frontier nt1erapp apparently 1tlyfo for or vahar an an r
The Copen Cop Cp hagen correspondent QrIesp ndentof of the he
Exchange Exch nge Telegraph Telegrap11 Company Gomp Conh h fly wires
that thathe the third Russian Rus slanBa Ba Baltie ltic squadron
la ftp i1 lo riJ et tiamiftg anring tng n no northward o rthward through the the
Grat Gr t Be B Belt C1 C1t it t escorted S artedb by YDanlsh Danish tor torpedo P7 P7d d 0
boats While passing through thr ughth the Bal r j
tic sea German c ironclads ir ncladscseorted escorted the I
fleet leaving the Russ ians when Danish
waters had been reached
Four iT Ur Russian ironclads three tl1reeeruis orals ¬
ers and five transports transportspresumablya presumably a
portion of the Russian third Baltic
squadron si uadron which left Libau last week
anchored Utfch < ored under Langeland this morning m rnlng
Japs Construct COI t UCt Railroad
r TOKYO KYO Feb SO SOT SOThe T The Russian force
to the south of Mukden Iukden has construct construct ¬
ed light Ughtrailways railways front Fushun Fushun to to Yen i
Ling and from Fushun Fuhunto F shun to the uppe upp l i j
Shahke Shahkerher river i
This move is thought to presage an a n
attempt on the part of General Kurp
patkin to turn General Kurokis urokis right Ight
All Solemn Pomp
At AtChur Church h Services
MOSCOW Feb Feb20Throughout 201 bttThroughout Throughout yes yes ¬
terday services s vices were conducted with
all aUthesolemn the solemn pomp pomp of the Orthodox
Greek Gree k Rite in the thenn ancient an Olent ientchurch church of
the Tchondov Monastery Monaster Y Ywhet where the thecof cot ¬
fined fragments ra groents of the body of Grand
Duke S Liurgius rglus lie
The Thecata catafalque fa que occupied oc uplcd the center of
the square building midwa midway between
two huge lustres bearing bearinga a thousand tllousapd
candles while at the head and foot foot
were huge hugesllvercapdelabra silver candelabra
Pr Priests iests Rend Service
At a desk at the head o of the coffin
priests pri sts read the serv service ice for the dead or
the gospels uninterruptedly unInt rruptedly day dnyand and
night t1111 Military taryguardswere guards were standing
round the thecat catafalque talquennd and the remaind ¬
er e it of the area was wa s filled with an array
of f variously uniformed unlformedofifcials officials crape
bedimming their gold lace laceepaulets epaulets and
Many court ladles attired In the deep ¬
est mourning were present prescntadding adding a
touch Of of somberness to t the scene scene
which even apart from the officers
uniforms would wou ld have been almost bril brilr r
liant from the silvergilt miters
cloth clotho of gold old vestments vestmen ts of the bishops
and priests and the gorgeous decora ¬
tions tionsof of the thec c church
In Deep Mourning Mo rning
At the service the widowed grand
duchess attended she she knelt throughout t
She was dressed dressed in the thedecpest deepest mourn ¬
lag ingand and wore w re the red ribbon of the
Order of St Anne By her side were the th
twochUdren two children of Grand ran d Duke Paul Paulof of
whom Grand Duke DukeSerglus Serglus was rms guar guar ¬
Those Th s who are accustomed nceust mecl to o seeing
the grand hra I I d duchess dlleh ess could C OUId barely b ale13ircC0g recognize niZ e
the majestic beauty P after the the ravages
I caused ca used by byovcrwhelming overwhelming grief Several
persons who had seen her h r within the
past pastweek week were were heard to whisper in awe
stricken stricltentones tones Is that really reallythQ the th
grand duchess
Many l1an court ladies were seen weeping w cping
bitterly all feeling that even the terri tern ¬
bin bl thing hidden under the cloth of the
silver pall could hardly hardl strike so sod deep cp
a chord of sorrow as that one glimpse
of the beautiful face which for more
than a dozen years has been een to all
classes cla ses in Moscow the symbol of ofeer every ¬
thing t1in gracious rlelus and ndqucenly queenly
Body in inF Full ll Uniform
Imperial Irnp rialfu funeral n neral eral customs C require requireth that at
the body be dressed In Inun full uniform un iform and
I be displayed in an open coffin with the
hands clasped on the breast so as to
suppodan support an ikon of the deceaseds
I favorite saiiiU After Afterthre the t11QservIce service every
l Continued on ollSeccnd Second Page
h < =
Expressed Lofty Princi Pr inci ¬
pIes in Letter to
Afferwa Afterwards rd He Took r dk tAU All
Money Jvone MoneyComingIhc1uding y Coming Iil Inc lud luding ng
Sum Su m Once Returne d
It transpired transp re datthJs at this mornings niornln mornitr li lis jsmeotIng s miBotlnir Q ii
of the House HouseCommltte Committee on on Interstate Int tate
and > Foreign Jr reign Commerces Commer e that C Ewald
Grunaky QrunslQar a member of the Isthmian Isthmf n
Cnitl catmlCommissfol1 Commiss Conunisslon ion ana an a1nt in that tc capac eapac1ty puc ity
of the tl1ePPard board jpf o dlrectorsrof rectoof th the cJ7anama JPanam it
Railroad Company o mpan y ha had d iuft suffered su reda red a i
change of heart ileartas as to the acceptance acCcP tance by
him of otfees fees for forh his sseIVlc services Sas as direc cllree
The te1thn testimony ny of E EAPI A Drake k vice v vIce Ice c
pres presidentat pmsident ident Jot of the e road oad1Jlaced placed Mr lrGrun Gruasr
ky in exactly exac ly the thesame annie box boxi15 as the theother other
members memlJers of o t tJiecommlss1 the comm commissiOn lssibn 1nTbeco The cpih Ili i
mittee was wnsgreatly greatly surpr surprised surinls ised d and a ar nd id Just
a litt little eshoclc shocked d
Grunskys Grun skys Letter to Hepburn lIepb
On Saturday Cha Chairman irman Hepburn He pburn re re
ceived a letter letterfrom from Mr Gru G Grunsky risky I lY which >
was was read re d to the thecommitiee committee It Jtlncloed inclbged
Without itho lthokt 1 t comment Co Comenta menta a copy of a ai letter tt ttr r
written writtent to Mr MrDrake Drake on September u 13
1904 1904 1904reJJ1rni1g returning the fee fe pa paid id him him h for f1k at at ¬
tendance tend Iice uppii the thecUrectorSml directors meeting > tllilo of
July J ly 6 This ThIs letter to Mr MrpJ Drake kecon con ¬
tamed talI ed the thef fdlowing lo Wng statement
u uIhe The Presidents letter I ttert makes ke our ourser J3 f fr < er r
vices on the board boitrdof board pi dlJec directprs directors IS a part pn t 0
of four our official officialdutles duties for Wl1Ic whic hIeh h We Te are
otherwise otherwi e compensated co npensat d I cannct cann tcon con
strue the attendance fee Ie other than
compensation arid there therefore fore r must niust de
c clln dine iine to accept any such s uch fee ree for at ¬
tendance at meetings
Mr Grunsky did not intimate that fh his bi
views iews on the mntter had been encl1ange4 changed changed >
other otherthan than by y quoting quoth g the ther resolution SoluUon of
the commissioners olIJzhisson rse embpdylnjrthe embodyingtIre m yln ittlte PrOs pr S
Idents Idt = ntsaPlfoyal ts approval approval of of the e policy 1 lfc of oac accept p ¬
lug ng fees There wa w was tiSnotfggestipn no suggestion that
f1rGr f1rGrns1ty iiii tti Grunstsya ns1ty own own a v vieWS views iew3 Ii ha hag hagc jL c ch hangre n e d
dint iml i the theTrtetn thtittemb themernbera r Trtetn bers rsof of the committee ommltt e were
highly highlyedIfied edified bYthesent1ine by the sentiments fitg of lofty
principle thE the letter expressed expr ssed The sen ¬
timents timentswere were In In perfect t accord a cOrdwlth With
those held by themselves
Came as as Cold Shock
Testimony of Mr Ir Drake this hs morning
came as a aco cold dsho shock k Inaccordanee In accordance
with wlthtbe the committees request he submit sU mlt ¬
ted a statement of the amount of 4Ir dime c ¬
tors fees fe spaid paid the canal cana l lcommi commissioners commi sioners
from which it appeared that Mr Ir Grun ¬
sky skyh had dnotonly not only been b en accepting fees
steadily steadUyslneeq since his s letter to Mr Drake e
but lJu t had accepted acc Dted even the fee he hai had l
originally origtnaUYPj put aside aSid
Well 1 1T T eU didi didir did ito Mr r Grunsky Gruns Icaep k ep this
money moneY asked d Representative ToWn lo n
send S 1
So far as we wkn wknW know knowwas b W was vas the re re ¬
sponse He never handed band l it back to o
us r
Mr Drakes Statement
Mr Drakes D taJ s statement showed that
Admiral Walker W ilker < Mr Grtinsfey GnmskJand and Mr
Ha Harrod rrod had been paid JJaid2 230 each h for at ¬
tendance upon ten meetings m eUugs of othe the
board Mr lr Harrod 125oJ 125 for attendance
upon u pon five meetings meetingsan an and d d41 Miy Mr Parsons
who is isa a member of the th executive com ¬
mittee 395 5 for attendance upon upon seven
board meetings and ten tencommtttee committee meet
Pacific Mail Serv SeIvicca ices
Mr Drake Dr ke argued strongly against the
discontinuance dis ntinua1 e of the exclusive ex 1uslYe contract contrl
with the Pacific acttlc Mail f1J Steamship t inship Com ¬
pany ll any which he said was wIsn a absolutely b olutely es ¬
sential to the continued continuedprosperity prosperity of f
the Panama Railroad Company Vari ¬
oils 0lIsatt attempts mpt5had had been made he said to
substitute snbstitutcothcr other services for that of the
Pacific Mail 1aland and Inlrinbl Invariably with disas ¬
trous results =
A Aregular regular efficient itns f1tl l satisfactory
service is absolutely absolnt ly necessary neccs st1 he said aId
Byron J Price Named Deputy Audi
to tooftl1e of the Navy Department
by b y yth the th President
Byron J 3 Price of Wisconsin was to to ¬
day da p pno nomina no nominatcd mina ted by b the President to be b
Deputy Auditor of the Navy
The rheSelJ Senate te this afternoon aftef aftefoon oon received
from the President the following nomi
War WarPromotion Promotions in the Corps < orps of TSi r
gineers To be colonel Lieut Col
Thomas M r Handbury Hand ury to be lieutenant
colonel Major M jor Dan C Kingmarr to be
major Capt Francis R Shun S Shunkf un k 7 to be
captain First Lieut Horton W o Stickle
to to be first lieutenant H utenant Second SecondLletit Lieut
Richard C Moore roore
Postofflce PostofficeTo To be postmasters iostrnastere t YIr Vim ¬
ginia Howard P I DOdge Manassas Mana sas
West r rest est VirgInia J Jesse se J Flanigan Sa
lem Massachusetts Massa husc tt Horace I Pink
ham Haver Haverhill hlil
Three officers officersof of the Midvale Steel st el
Company accompanied accompnnfedby by Representa ¬
tive Morrell of Pennsylvania Penns lvnnix called at
the he White House this morning morn l1g to make ako
complaint to the President VresqentottheawaI1i of the award
of the contract for or the armor plate plat for
the battleship New Hampshire and the bo
cruisers crui > ers Montana and North NorthCarpl Carolina na
which th the Navy Department Departmentgav gave to the
Bethlehem Bethleh m Stee StellCompanyreqently l Company recently
The Midvale officers here are are C TV T
Harrah president James F Sullivan Sl1lUV n
vice president and Axel Petre Petre

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