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t i I
Mystery Conceniing Concerl ng Life Life of
S SL L Bariett
Two Affirm They W Wt W Were t Wives wi S of I
President f o of f f fan an Electric Elect c
CINCINNATI CINCI NATIEeh20While EebL 20 20While While some of
the mystery a about bout the life and love
affairs atf Jrs o of S I L Bariett noted nCitedtnveptor inventor
and prerldent prerldentof of o the Bariett Barlett Barl tt Electr Electr1cnl Electrc ic al I
Company COp1pan who died d at tD Dayton ton Ohio is
be belngclpared being ing cleared away nwa it Is deepen deepening ing In
other ther directions
Two Tio women each aCh claiming li 1l1ng to be his
divorced dlvorcedwlCe wife are a re expected e xpec ted to wage in
Cin Cincinnati Cinc cinnati a legal battle batU w with ith Mcs Lena na
Behrens B hrensDnrietts Bar 3arletts letts business us ness backer over over vcr
Barletts Barle Etr1ett tis S llf 1ife e insurance iIl insurance > utapce an ana ni aqilie othej Ui i e fCect3 ttc l
Mrs ifattie IatUe Bar Bj Barlett ie tt tC of J Brpokty rool4n o9 rri ii i < r 1
arrived arriv d in nqlncI Cihclhnati l1a t tJ A t1Jl this thisinorning niprning io rning 1rrs Mrs Irs
Georgie Bariett of New York the t e other Qt er
woman woman who claims Barlett was vas her 11us nus
bar band lnrrlv arrived d l last st n ight She claims to
be b the t h only Olll wife it e of Sariett 8 li ett a an and nd d said she Sh
would claim his remains S
Each Inch uch of these the e wo women im J1as as fvcjl as Mrs n 1
Behrens claims < to have invested hun ¬
dreds of dollars in Barietta schemes
Mrs M1sBeltrens Behrens admits admitsth that f she sl e has put
into them sums sumsrunllng running into the thou
sands u
Each EachWill Will Vili1ight Fight
According 5 5to to their thclro own declarations
neither neLth raf of tlie New N w York women intends
to relinquish r velinqtiishier l1r Q ish ishi her i ier lclalm c claim otc Qt1aa on Bae Iiaeltts d iettts tt >
es estnte tate without with ut a struggle stt ggle while whlleJr Mrs
Behrens 3ehrensde declares lares that his business businesso obli ll ¬
gations including Includingthe the the money s shchas she he has
invested nve tcd with him must be paid before b forc
the theMC1sdamls Mcsdames Bariett Briri B rigtt ttcan can get anything an anything th ng
This afternoon afterno n the attorneys for forMrs Mrs I
Mamie Barlett produced a acerUfied certified
CGp copy of a adecr decree eof of divorce granted to
Georgia Bariett against Samuel Lawson
Bariett Vy b the thesupreme supreme court in New
York March 3 159s l S
S lf thore is such a ndecree decree said At ¬
torney torne William Wl 1huD DIcksnre Dickson representing res nt1ng
Mrs MntGeorgla Georgia Bariett BaxIettu BaxIettshehasnevcr u she shehasnevcr has never
heard h ardof of it and I am sincere in the be ¬
liettht1ta11 lief that all these th 5iyears years she has believed bellev d
herself hers lf an uhdivorced woman
GonUnuc oofitnuernFtI1T dFrQm i t Eas l
Colonel Stone at nt this thtspoirzt point > int started to
thank th nk the committee and withdraw w
when Senator Foster oster of Louisiana said
he h had some questions qu st1onsto to ask He want ¬
ed dto to know how legislation le islatIon of a limited
sort s rtwould would be b disastrous to the Tall
S Witness Vitlcss thought th the danger was in
the tieuncertalnty uncertainty In what the rates would
be nndthls and this in Itself itself would cast a
shadow sh aov on the stocks stocltsand and bonds of thesi thes
corporations He Jie thought the remedy remed
would pe be IneffectVve i effeci e In the working of or
a a acourt court of transportation He would not
cw want nt to have rates ratesrevis revised dbY by a cpm
ralssion I not formed forine of trained tralnedraflrciad Taflroad T nr ad
Jnen menorevet nen or even lawyers
M Jf S you cut down ratesthis rates this bill does <
riot Dotmcan inean to increase lncTe Sc them themOperatfng operatfng
expenses = would have lobe to be reduced and
wages cf cfemployes f employes cut said sal witness
yhe ihe service might mightalso also be impaired
Ip I1 brief I think we had better let well
Enough o ghalone alone
Legalized Pooling
Mr Dolliver Quote quoted d the thea action tlon of the
Pennsylvania railroad to to revise the t e rates
in connection with legalizing pooling
That would W uld seem seem to raise a question
between that th tro road dand and yours said the
Senator Senat r
Witness admitted d as much muc saying sa lng
President Smith Snuior PC the Louisville LOWsvilleaml and
Nashville shvllle did not see the thene necessity erssJty fpr pr
pooling S
Mr 2oIrCarmackinquiredahoutthe Carmack inquired about the sharp sh hni U l
competltipn cOinpetitiQnat at certain competitive c1 cities fes
in consequence of which railroads carried
Irelght at a loss He asked whether
thisdid not operate to the disadvantage
of smaller now competitive points
Witness claimed he did not know and
finally llnaliadedd adedd that t1at1t > it might be so
Warts No No o Action
Mr Newland then inquired particular ¬
ly 1 as to witness wItn ssposltion position on present
ra railroad ilroad legislation l
If there were anycying any crying necessity JiecessIt
for making maklngchanges changes said witness
there ought to be besomethft something dote dO But
I do no think thinkthat that state of affairs
exists ex1s
Then jypu you ou think nothing should be
done Inquired iiquiredth thft Nevada Senator enator
I think inot ot 1 u thirilc thlii1 the the thelet Iet letal al6rie ne
policy IS 1stheu thebesf theb sft it was the thei 5 answer riswer nsr
Chairman Elkins took tookup up the portion
of the EschTownsend bill relating to
compiainte made by shippers and
whether they he would not have to pay all
the expenses of proceedings without
having ha VIqg any an chance chan to get back the
mnny expended
Witness Stone said he did not so o un ¬
Billions in Rates
L 1 A Dean of Rome Ga Ga chairman
of o the executive ex cut1e committee of o the North
Georgia Fruit Growers told of the
peachgrowing industry Industr of ofG Georgia orgla an
infant ln lnlustry ust ry h he sald l1h lha Georma
p people ople httdbcen lutd been ir trying Ing t tiI bUIi1 1Ja ip p a
big trade h htt a dObl cl r d butn but1d 1li 1etwfth tfth
obstacles in the way of hlgiPriites hl hr1iU8 eta
Quoting statistics he said certain c rU ln rail
rondo b hud d cleared 2000001000 i000 0000 above boe
what could be aonsdered a reasonable
earning on In their tIwapitji capital stock
If the th thee e efi figures ures are correct correctand and I do
not believe they can be disputed dlslut dlsputdthey < dthey they
show that the people ople of this country
have pal < l into the coffers of the th rail ¬
road companies 2000000 2OOOOOOt 2OOOOOO11O < > P that at they
should have in their ova hands In
ten or twenty years these arnlnKS wlii
pile up so that they will own the Gov ¬
Witness then went into the details of
the peach industry industry1n in Georgia and said
the freight charges were ve ere re 18950 on a
carload of peaches from Rome Ga to
S New York The carload at home was
worth 1550 55O In New York Y rkthe the value lue was
variable v rIa le 2ometImes s ometimea not more more than the
freight charges 2
At this 1 point point 0ia C1gJrinan Thbman jrman Elkins or ¬
dered ail a 5 > exeptiti exerf1tv xect e session and Mr
Dean was given glvrtpermission permission to amplify
his statements In l the committee record
BO as as to resept res tnthI5 his s case e farly faJrl
BAKU Feb Fe b 20 2Aa An explosion 01 on
board n fl naphrha nap tfthabarge barge set fire to sev
eral eralo inI other ther barges and a landing stage
It la lareported reported that twenty people per ¬
Withstood Wttbitoo Other Treatment TreBtmentEut But
Quickly Cred By Chamber
Iains b 1a1 Cough E 3emed Zsmedy smc fly
Last winter Tiint rI I caught cau nta a very severe s vere
coW o1d which lIngere d for torw weeks eks says saysJ J
TJrquhart ri art oC t Zepbyi ze y fOntarlo Ontario My
cough was very verydlyandharsh ver dry and harsh > ThQ
local locald dealer aer recommended re pmr ended Chamber ¬
lains Cough J JWmellr emedy and guaranteed
it 1 t 1 so O I Ign gave V6 it a trial Ore small S 1 l1 Dottl6
Or 0 1tcuted It cuted me I beU heIie ove Chamber
suns all118 Cough Reme Remed Remedy dy to 10 oe the beat I
have hay ever everu used e This remedy rem < dy is for
aale ale e by all druggists
5 S
fOlUl rn g Men Monopolize
Piniii p Plum rum in Legisla L gislat ture lc I
Old ld Men Think They Should Shou ld Hare Have I
Opportunity to Earn Five
S Dollars DOliOC Occasionally OO IY
AUGCSTA Me Feb 20 20The The super 1
sinnuated rnnuatedand and itinerant ministers of ce ce cefi h
tral Maine including in luding the three cities lti S
of Augusta HallowoH Ha 1t ctl and Gardiner OUr lncr arc
much exercised over the attempt of the
younger rn jnisteriui 1J1jnis crl 1 e el elrl lement rl 111 to kmohopo O Imo jflO10PO mohopo hopo
ilre the prayer business in the Maine
Legislature S
In Inotherword other words they tHe say mYc certain < rtuinrl minis inIS ¬ 1
tens t rs belonging bclon jngto to a cHune ciqUChuV cl1tu have dellbr
isrvtely formed n prayer pra er trust ust and n i l all
the old ministers that Jiow nu nu wiiUd und r then
used to Invoke blessings arc a h complPtey c PplH y
frozen out S 5
In years ears gone by it has been b en custom Gus om ¬
ary upon pon the the opening openlngu of u f f the Legis LcgIsh la ¬
ture tur for tIle presiding pt sfdl1 g oiUCors oUl > r tQ to ma muk make ke
out a a list of the pastors iii i l the the three
c Ities as asth they yfoutld found them in Ir l ihe h he direc dlr c ¬
tor tory but this thisvintcr winter intcl after the passage
of the Uieordcr order limiting Urrit1tlgthtr the prayer pr ycr making m king i
to only dnly those pastors having settled settl d
parIshes paris hes a list was vas ma de out fey y the
Ministerial Association composed nf
twelve pastors living in thoif the difterent r nt
clUes and andsubmiUedtothoIegisla submitted to the Legisla
turc turens as the only qualified J list sttq 5 to draw w
from and to have the theseand seqond prder 9td qrderJfl r in I ¬
creasing the price prlcopel per prayer pric praye rrr i froYri fr Oi i
to 5 5 follow 50 closely upon up n vthe v the hdels p9es
of t t the th first or der has espec cspc lall ially ln Incena iniCd 5 dd d
thc the frozenout pastors
The Association
The Ministerial Assoc Assoc Association iation ation is an ex ¬
elusive clusivereU religious ious club clubomposedof composed of the
Revs George F Degen DegE n Norman Mc
I Kinnon nnon Charles Cha rles A Hayden Benjamin
P Hope Henry E Dunnack Charles
G Mosher W r F Livingston all pi of
A Augusta gust the Revs Rc C CA A Wright Hal
10wdlJ lowell J Langdon Quim Qulmb by L LR H Clark
Olaf Lindberg L11db Lthdberg rg and R N Jocellyn Jocellynof ol of
The Th superannuates sUpcranruatcssay say this star ar ham ¬
ber clique o of f fpastors pastors Is hotl hpthing nothing n m more re
or less than thana a ministerial pbUticat o1itki nI lqriI qrg Org Sn n
lzat1on Isatjon There are a great many pastors
In in the three cities who do not belong to tc
the th association SSOCIJi iol1 The num nu nutner trttier ber is limited
to twelve S
The IheRev Rev Francis mncis Grosvenor a retired
Methodist 1I thodlst pastor says lie thinks it Is is
un unfair fair legislation He said today toda
We Ye01der older ministers who are now ir in
the sunset of lIf life like a little extra
money no now and then as well as other other
ministers nnd we wcthlqk think 55 5 would jingle
in our pockets just as aswellls well as in th the <
pockets of the younger ministers The
younger younger ministers seem to forget that
we old fellows really bore the brunt brunto ol of
the early battles battl s and paved the thewaytor way f for pi
toe tneounger younger ministers of oftoday today Besides
we need ne dt the e market price pri c ot of a n prayer
even vcn more than the regular ministers ndr1ster >
because they t ey have a aregulars a regular salary salar lar
Smacks inacks of ofPOl Politics Po1iti ti
I The Rev Re J JR R Herr Herrlck Herrlckf lck f a retired
I Baptist pastor in n1IfiIlowell Hallowell says hf u f
thinks the whole w hole proceedings procecd il ils s ipojcs lRo lpots like Ute
a mercenary piece of business busInesgavor1ng savoring sa odng
top t Qstrongly strongly of politics He H Ht1i thinks t1i t1in n ks th the the <
Ministerial Association if it is guilty
of inciting inc iJl g the legislation could well be b <
engaged in better business S
u ulhe The idea of pastors getting together
and deliberately planning how to divide
th the the e loaves and fishes said Mr Herrick
It ltcer certainly tainly does not no look loo becoming heco m 1g
In these people of the cloth to t9 to1 to1thus thus thus
reach out for sordid gainv gaIn 4 >
S The Rev RevG GiW G W Colbj COI Colb also ulsoretif reti xet1Fed t c
says he regards re ds the legisldtipn l legislAtiOn gisIM1P as as i1ifp Jitfi
reasonable reaSon ble S
Tbe Rev R Rv v H E Dunnack Methodist Methodist
and prasldent pr dent of o r the j Ministerial Associa
tion says there the re are misconceptions ir In
TegBrf to to this prayer pra er business buslnesslt It was
not the purpose of the order fp cause <
enmity or Illfeeling among the minis
ters but simply to to1regulate regulate the selec
tion of those who should officiate so sOaB aj as
to uphold the dignity of the clerical pro
fessionand fession and keep out the irresponslbl
and unqualified persons
Some of the superannuates call atten
tion to the fact that the Rev Mr Dun
nack is or the special committee c mmittee fo for
the relief of the superannuated for the
Maine conference
PITTSBURG Feb Feb20Irs 20 20Mrs Mrs Mary B
Friday of this city and Eugene J
Tighe Tighe Tigheof of Washington D C weremai were mar
ned riedat at 7 oclock this morning in th thE
Church of the Sacred Heart
A nuptial mass m ss wa t tcelebrated celebrated by th tia
Rev Re Father Kearns pastor of oft1E tu 1
churc Ohurch h rc h At the conclusion of the mas
Mr and Mrs Tlghe left Pittsburg httsburgfOl fo foi
Washington where they will make thel
i iMr Mr Tighe is one of the best best know
newspaper n wspaper m men n in Washington arid fo 0
the t e past nine years yenr has been be n connect
jwlth wIth the staff of ofThe The WashingtOn VashiI gt n Times
i Both he and his bride are natives o
Charleston S C Previous to comini
i t to Washington T Tas as ngton Mr Tighe was proml
nently identified with politics in hi
hom lome State S te and for a time was prporie pr pprlc
tor orofapolltical of a political paper there H Hels 1ls r
graduate wadlJate of the University of Soutl
Carolina and for several seyeralears years prac prac rac
tieed lav Ja In inC Charleston arleston
NASHVILLE Feb 20 20Agents Agents actIng ctlnl
for Mother Catherine Drexel founde
of the Order of the Blessed Sacrament
have bought Mile End the home of S
J Keith in this city for f25OO 2500 25OOO < > for us
1 1as as a school for negro girls
I INeitl1erKeith Neither Neitl1erKeith Keith nor the public kne Ime1
Mother Drexel of the Catholic CathoUcChurcl Churc
I In the transaction the agents ngeh s withhold
ing the name of the purchaser until thl th
deed dee passed
I When the purpose of the purchase be
came known there was great indigna
tion among the faShIonable neighbors d
I Mr Keith and open threats were mad
that the property should never be s 51
used S
Mr Keith also was indignant H
wrote Bishop Byrne of this diocese
and Mother Drexel begging to be al
lowed to take the property back ani
pay agents commissions He also of
fered to contribute 2500 to the churc
if it would use the home for other thaI
schooling negroes
ROME RO IE Feb 20 DThe The Austrian Car
dinal Andrea Stelnhuber Is in a critics
State tate and it Is not thought he w will ill n r re <
cover c ver He is eighty years of age
Laxative Lan tlvenromo Eromo Quinine the thewo world r IdWId wide ec Co Col 01
and Grip remedy removes the cause Call f to
the full tullnamo name and look for signature at E
W Grove 25c 25c
Captain C pta n Broome Declares
He Will Wi1iShooton Shoot on Sight
Wrath Wr th Stirred Aga Against inst lnstCharles Charles Byr Byrarn Yr rru m s Who
5 is Reported to Be About AbQl1tto to Nfed Wed
S His HtsDivQrce ITIis Divorced Wife
LOS L s AJSrw AN 4LLES BLESFb y F bOCaP EO 0Capt P georgc Ceorge ea rlic
Cockran Coc kran Broomc j farmer fQr fprmcrl xly of 9f otthc the h XJnitect t1J1it 4
Stat States s army tm has announced nnm uncetl i that thuthe he hewilt wilt vm
shootChn shoot Charles Cht I les 8 Byrnm a weu wea wealthy lthy Chlc qhlCigO io
man on sight slghtrntqer rather f than m permit p prm rm h him
to t 1 marry mlllT the former Mrs Broome who
o btained btained d a tl divo divorce rce from om her husband Usunn
o on n November Noemb r 13 lILl i tact t
I will miun run un Byiim ClO ClOS < down S Wn and nndshoQ shoot j
him on si sight siihtH siihtsIUdCt1P ht H said sIUdCt1P Cixptain n nBfoIn Bfpon Boom ie as n j
he loft his hi hotel here cre armed wlthu with a re r ¬
volver ile fO shall shallnev never rtna1TYhel marry her 1 1
Capta C ptn in Broome Bl om Vf wt1ltut went st at ones e to the I
Raymond HptciS flotc f w where here her IJyrum Iyr mIHlJ has been en
s saying su ing for several s vQral wee weeks ks past ana ana
found thn that tl1 he had h d gone bone W to San SanDhgo Diego
S S Wife WifcIev TTever NevotTold t tl l Told Him fm S
They fh hey have hnyeIc loi lcpt > t me entirely < tir ly in ignor ¬
S ance 1nc b bof of the fact Uiat t1mtthereas tHatther01Va5zlflotheI therewasanother noth 1
man In the th case casesl1lCnJ said Captain lJn Bropine Broom
angrily scan ty I came umo fe fiere c to consult co b stllt with 1th
my wife wlfet wlfetegardiig regarding gardiitg her futurephins future plans but
s he and andhar her fr iends t nds did didnot not breathe bi binth nth a
word of of tOo ttIonttenUops attentions that Uyram Brum wag wn
showering show rhlj oh on lltCt her I now find out that
iir Mr ir Byr l3yrAffl dtn titnhusbeCIl has been a aco constant sta stantcaller ntcaller caller
on Mrs Broome at the Jtedondo RC Ecddo ot lO Hotel
and that th t he even Vm calls her up on onthe the
telephone tele1l on every evcryda day I Ib have have vebccn been told t ld
that she he said that thatsle she wus was going to
marry mlrr the man But she shcwont wont I will
kill him first
The arrival of f Captain Broome at the
Redondo Hotel was sensational As soon
as he registered restst rod thecler the leIJiglallced k jr glanced ianued at atthe the
name and turned while u Then pame cam qtneu e a ii
ringing rJuingQr Q f bells eUsand andtle and tiemnuager h nJiina nnp ger r r rjf jf the t1 1
hotel lteJrutJ1d ruSJWd rtthd from ll his hisofflce l office om e JUJd and s hout
xd d to the Lptain l JJtnin
Dont Don I It t atiempt at attempt t mpt to go so up p thus those cs S stairs ilrs
If 11 you do two arme arn1 arnid arnidmen ff men men will s hoot hoOfYOU you
Called C l1ed on ott Business
Captain Cripililh Broome Br oome ome said safdhe he had hadn no inten ¬
tion of o ragalIi asrain trying to kidnap kl nup his child hUd
as lip lo did elidlast LJust Jast year arn and d < that lip lJ3 had ac1
m mci merely ereW el3 6Sffi cpYf Oa yie EfJOs EfJOse Jtf to see e his W1 wlf wlfJ ifObtt r o J o Ii business bus hl ass I
Whe Thefmtftbr Lhen qia tff Tr Treonou6ivll te i1 a eonaultatlbnwilu consultatI nv1lit hi his wife
the affair rested l se quietly q l tlyunUl until he h made
his discovery regarding regn1 < 1Ing Jyram yrAm
When WhenlIrs j Mrs > Irs Broome was Uld tJ dof td of her
husbands huspuu s threat she was wn stunned
It is AH outrage OUH lgf she said Mr 11
B Byram ramnnl1 ana 1 are ttru400rCly lr mErc merely o Itd ld friends
and there line l1 < s never been a thought t of
marriage bdtwe between < m t 1s s Captain C pltlln Broome
has not the slightest reuJon for us u ing
such Iu l lfthguttge isui5g0 against him
S Divorced Last La t Fall
Just whntrl what right htcall Captain ain Brooine e has hn 9
to interfere In his his former wifes wffesntlnlrs affairs 1
Js s not known rrH The couple CQl1 ple were divorced divorC d
last Instfal fall Mt3 Ir9 Broome Broonieobta Broori je obta ining the >
decfio 1ccr Slnc Since th than n she bus bo beniliflg n nHvlng living
at the ttedorido lcdoJl tcdoiido Io < Hotel with h her r child
S ByVum I ic 2ca2n co3n E tU to t Past IaSatlena aun ylena from fromChl Ch Chi
cnso eagoncverat ngo ycveral icverlIwCe wee ks ksng VeP itgdto to recover from
the th effects cectso pf > f fihocjc ho cjt following f Qllowingthe lIowing the killing
of hi his sister who Ti Q wfcs vts shot s hot by the aeeiv acei inlet
dental disc discharge harg o 01 ofn > n i rifle His mother
and nd s ister accompanied him The By
rams are old oHlr1 friends nds of Mrs Broome EJr OII1 ana ang
her hcttlQthcr mother Mrs J JF F Barbpur
The story f toryof of th the Broomcs Broom s reads r ads like lil
n 11 melodrama Mrs Broome was w s former
ly y May IuyBarbourn Barbour anfl rip was one of the th
prettiest prctt eBtandmos and most popular of Washing ¬
ton soc iety iet girls Her llc r stepfather was
immensely wealthy and rd she shehtLd s had in her
own right rIght70OCO 7GOC0 Shi ShiJmcl Sh met Broome J3r me aiid
after a n short sh ri rt arid nJ ardent courtship they thc <
i were married
Sensational Kidnaping
I I4HW After theblrfhof the birth of Jpsephlne Jps phln their
only child things went ent from bad to
I Jworse worse and ndfInail finally thi ily Mrs Broome oorne left l her
husband whH while they were in Porto Rico n co
I Captain Broome followed her to Was h ¬
ington in gtonand and kidnaped the child but tho
mother throJgh thro the aldol aid of a faithful
maid traced tracc them to Hamptqn Roads
and nd recovered rec vEr d her child just as a Broome
was wasab about ut to sail to Porto Rico RlcolIr Mrs
Brome then thl1plac theppacedtheClii1d placed dthechi1din the child in a con ¬
vent and cai ca came ni heHo toLo to Los Ans Angeles l s
Continued Contin ed From FrO Fist FI r rrDg Page JX
body approaches the bier and kisses the
brow hand and mon
Despite Desplteth the awful Wfulclfc circumstances mstancesal1 an
attempt attem pt was made mad tp observe the cus ¬
tom but it was a painful mockery
Within Vithin the open coffin was a 3 bundle of
fragments wrapped In Inwhltc white cloth so as
to present presen some semblance of ottheform the form
of a man man of offull f full ull height eight but so o com ¬ 1
plete was the dispersal dispersalo of the body I
that the grewsome parcel barely meas ¬
ured four feet I
Body Badly Mutilated Mu tilatecl
Where the face should have been is a
holy image covering coverlnguslmpeless a shapeless bundle
lying lyIngon on a npiUowBelw pillow Below appeared a a
military uniform uniformr r with w ith 1i ric rich < h gold epavv p pu u
letsand1euvy lets and heavy a afgun iguilets s ih the un un unifOrm iform f6r n of or
th the KieK Ki rr Regiment Where the hands
should shouidha have vectossc crossed dtl there ele was wasagaln again a i t
little bundle of something soft sottto to sup s p ¬
port p rt an Ikon of St StNlcholas t Nicholas
At the conclusion con lnslon of a magnificent
choral service senicesun sung by one of the finest
choirs in the world the grand duchess
was the thefirst first to rjse rJseandsalute and salute the
dead Bending over the coffin she kiss ¬
ed the ikon and silver cross Then
followed Grand Duke Duk Pauls little chil ¬
I dma drenandGrand and Grand Duke puteCo Constantine 1s mHne who w ho
afterward led tie widow away Sub ¬
sequently all present gave the tradi ¬
tional salute
S Cross of Lilies
The most touching of of all 11 thC th arrange
fments fments in honor of the th dead d d were w te a sim
jpie p pIe e littl3 cross of lilies i of f the valley va ley
resting res ting upon the pall pallhnda tind nd a d ainty nty
length le gthi Cf L Brussels lace the shape and
quality of which show unmistakably
that it was meant originally orlginal1yto to cover
a rich a cherlHi cliezaLfl > = lsu t r a4g l 5 but which is now
used by the same feminine instinct to
S hide the grim evidence of the awful
S tragedy No woman woman present missed
I that home touch and there were many
moistened eyes among arnongthe the men
Czar in Ignorance
LONDON Feb 20 20The The St Peters ¬
burg correspondent corr JPondentotthe of the Telegraph
ascribes to an anEyewitnes8 eyewitness the following
description descriptloncfthe of the scene sc ne when amid the
brilliant court at TsarskoeSelo while
the Czar was bidIng farewell tar w llto to Prince prll1cQ
S r ILeopold of Prussia General qen eral flee J ji
brought the news of oCthe the assassinfatiori
of Grand Duke Sergius Sergi us
As soon as his majesty realized what
had happened the effect was withering
The blood fled from his cheeks and he
bowed his head toward his breast For
some moments he said nothing Then
he remarked But how can that be
Everything Eve hing Is so quiet The strikes are
ceasing and the excitement subsiding
Whatever do they want
The correspondent says that Grand
Duke Vladimir has been terribly terrlblyaiYect affect ¬
5 ed His health which was far from
satisfactory before has been shattered
by the shock He is now nowconfine confined to his
1 sufficiently re ¬
room When he has
i icovered covered he will go abroad to recuperate
His condition tondlt Ion is described descrlb dasserlous as serious
though P PUgh Ugh not dangerous 5
Troops TOOpS Stop Demonstration Dem stra iCJ
I Over OverSergius Sergius Death
1 1
ODESSA Feb re 20 20Whctever Whatever w i iiatever iatever may maybe b be <
the feelings teelln 8 of individuals nocl no class ssof o of
society here has given expression t tv to v
sorrow or reprobation for fortheassassi the assassi ¬
nation of Grand Duke Sergius Th The
workmen wo r km ert and nnd students S tu d ents O openly P en IY rejoice rejOi ce
I The newspapers of southern RussU
r rmake make no n J comment on the crime
l I The Th theaters hndother and other public places
were surrounded by troops last night
to prevent a repetition rep UUonof of the scenes 01 of
S the previous night when 11 n upon emerg
ing the audiences hurrahed hurra1 Urlie d excitedly
The assassination assasslnatons seems sdem em to hay have
awakened the unrest in southern outhel Jlus tus us
sia S
Newspapers Suppressed
By Edict of Authorities Authorit es
ST PETERSBURG Feb Feb20The 20 20The The Lib ¬
eral papers Nashl Dni and Nashl Zhlzhr Zhlz hn
e have haveheen been suspended 5usIJcndedfor for three months
LONDON LO D N Feb 20 20The The St Petersburg
I correspondent of the Standard regard regardf
the suspension of the Nashl Dni and th the
ri Nashl N sht Zhizhn Russian liberal Uberalnews news
S Si i that the govern hrrt
papers as an indication thegov ¬
ment has decided dec ided to torepl reply to assassina ¬
tion by b reaction
The order o rder for the suspension wa
i issued by M Bouliguine B uUgu nc minister 1 4of of th thE
l interior It mentions articles on varied
subjects subjectsappenrlng appearing in the papers befpr
the thenS8U8slnatipnof assassination of Grand Duke Duk Serglu sershls
which however were 5 werq vere no bolder thin
i1 i1usual usual It is believed that the rea reaJ of
I tense was tl1eomlsslon the omission by b the papers paperstJ v U
r rl l I publish articles on th the e Jr murder urd cr which I
they could not have discussed without
s showIng the true ruc cause cau e and an d the true
rel11c remedy y it is > not believed beU dthaL that the th policy
Of reaction will last long
The Nashi N shiDn Dni will probably try tr to
resume publication pl11Jlic tlon In three weeks under l111d =
the name nnmerth of the Synbtechcstoa S nQtcchcsto which llh c
the same editors tdltorsstarted started immediately
after the ze zer ihstvos ii tvos conference and
Which was suspended immediately This lhi
suspension hits nearly I1carl expired The
Nash Dni was VtHI largely patronized l by
workmen and l aindlt nd it was read aloud lately
at their th Ir meetings meetin gs
St StPeters Petersburg urgEmployers Employers
Reject Str Strikers ikers f Demands
manufacture rs of St t Peters Petersburg bursr bur after
holding confete cortf conferencesf erencesA ceat have su subililtted bSritted b 1ittcd to p
I il r KokovtsefP minister mInIster of ofllnance finance a re ¬
port that they ihe are arcuuabe una unable ble to meet the
demands d niands o of f their elr wcrkmen w rI nen They add
that even if they did n meet ieet them order
iwould would not be b completely restored be ¬
cause the general condition pf ofatralrs of affairs In
Russia Influences Influen esthc the labor question qUCstIonThe The
I Imen men have be been en carried c away aa y by b the
i surrounding excitement e xcitement
Moreover RUBslanindustry RuEsian 1 industry cannot be
burdened with further demands It It
cannot concurrently c work at ntaloss ata a loss and
exert benevolence The industrial de ¬
cline was inevitable o QVlng owlngtothe ying to the gen geri ¬
eral cralpovenySatistacUon poverty Satisfaction for the wor work k ¬
men cannot be Attained by concession
from the employers but by wide pollti
cal reforms reforms
Polish Strikers Observe
Good Order They Say
WARSAW Y ARSnV ARSnVt t Feb 20 2QForelgn Foreign news
papers especially Austrian and Ger
man man journals have been bC Em printing stories 1
of violence throughout Poland durin during
the past week Including wholesale mill
tary executions in Warsaw From per ¬
sonal observation H Hr here r e eand and at Lodz an and
from fr m constant constant telephonic communlca
tion with other centers Iiters these theereports reports
can be declared to have been utterly
untrue S
5 Not a single shot has been fired h in
any strike sirlk center since v February 9
jEverything EvcrythlIigherels Everything here is normal except ex ept thi the
presence of an aneJtra extra lar large ge number o of
troops The ThestrllcG strike continues cohtInue stubborn
ly but the thestrlRers strikers mitt 1 if orderly Wher her ¬
ever the men men have resumed r umedworlt work
have obtained better conditions
i Intelligent Poles regret r gret the publica
tion of false reports reportso of violence lest H
I hinder the thea amelioration of their ppsl pod
1 tion which they hope will arise in th
present prcscn tclrcu circumstances mstances
BONESTEEL S 8DFeb20As D Feb 20 20As As
result of the strife claim jumping jum ping
and general lawlessness that have pre
vailed among settlers settierson on the
Indian Agency gency lands recently
I open to settlement a house house was <
up put on bobsleds and hauled severa
miles across the prairie last night
the owner thereof Hans Olson Ol50nand and hi
Jamn family were were asleep
The house movers intended to appro
prlate the building to their own use
S They thoug thought ht it was unoccupied
when they theyopened opened the door this morn in
S they found Mr Olsen and apd his hl family a
home and andtaldng taking fright frightat at the th thodlscOv discov dlsc v
ery they drove drovehqrriedlY hurriedly away
Not a member of the family 5
awakened by the moving of the house
which was a alittle little onestory frame
and they were were greatly surprised
awakening this morning to find wha
had been going on in the th night
lAorcis 1
Caint c n t T Tell elJ
HowWoli HoAI Jle 1 I
You k kr ka1 r a1 JRe Feel el I
10 days after quitting
Coffee e
and andusln using
c e O S c s S S C
ALEXANDRIA AL XANDnIA Va Va Feb 20 20r 20Thc r Thc
Carlyle Cit1lyle Club Citil lU D Dwhich which is being belngorganiz organized d
by b a number numhclof of leading citizens is now
an assured nssur ds1 success sthl es s Tire entrance fee feq cE1
is iSl1X IsfixOd tlxed d at lCp io and the dues at t 25O 50 per
month Some Somesixtyfive Sqme sixtyfive merchants
lawyers 1n 1asyyers crsan and dotht other > 2 business men huve
signed sigu < l the rplU rCIHand roil and the number is in ¬
creasing c idsing the J 1 promoters have under un der
cbhsia c cbtisdciatl0ii hsmcrnt < ratori 1 thp th r r enting i1thl of f one of r two
houses hous s for the clu club b rooms one o e the
old QId < LewisDangerfleld house e ent at tile
Corner corner t7ier t7ieror of or Washington ashlqtonatd and Cameron
S3tfceesj 1 stide teJiiandth and the other thi1 the Halloweil
iBroders Brodershouse shouse house in Washington between
Cameron iI 1 1ron ron giHi Prii Queen Qu e 1 streets s he ts It It is ex eJcJ x ¬
pected Pfct d tjife tJ the club 11b will be organized early ea rly
ir the th spring
No one Ol1chftS has yet appeared who has has
been Been able to ld identify ntHythc the remains of the
negro man found at ntBurgandY Burgundj Station
in Fairfax county last Saturday Saturdnynight night
The remains are still y in charge of ln ¬
dertaker dert lccr Wheatley In this city
Next Wednesday Wedn da February F bru ry 22 lh thete t
will Wmho bo n flCI parade pq ade as has h s been bc n fhpctci tho cue
tom tomj tomjbut > but die the day will wilibe be cciebrateid c lcpmte d by y
JI a number of bnntiucts bnlJq e s In n the nftqf ft tttq t ±
noon the George Washington Birthday Blt dy
Association will feast tcastlnt feasrin in the Elks hall
at ut730ocloclc at 7 7Z0 0 oclock the Friendship FrIendsh p lire Fire
Company Will assemble around the
board at the Borhaus Cafe later iterln in the
nisht fl ght Fitzgerald Council Knights Knlghtspf of Co
iumbuii will be at the same cafe and
the Masons will hold forth at n their tem ¬
pie pl hi Cameron Camero 1 street str > eL At all the ban ¬
quets spea speakcrs kers of pfpr prominence mincTccw1JI wilt de e ¬
liver addresses a drcssEs
James X L Jones Jonesa a much esteemed
Alexandrian Ah xandrian died dl d at his hial home hthn oIn 623 2South South
Patrick street last n night ight Mr MrJones Jones
was a widower and was w sflftynineYears fiftynine years
of age No arrangements arrangcm nts have havens 03 yet
neenJriade bc n pi for his funeral Uner3 S 3 i
The Th fnncml tuner L of othe the late lnteJ lntenHs Ii to James J nHs 3S E 1 r t iti It j j i
ards Jr rmls < ii took to tooksphace k place ph c from hIs home iiiCkln iI Ciq
erpn c lonstrct street yes yesterday terday afternoon aat aft and f vyiis was >
largely attended att ndedlhc The Rev Mr 11 Scull
pastor oi the Free Methodist Church
officiated oficlatedax at the services and the inter ¬
ment was made in Bethel Cemetery
The funeral of the the late Walker Won
don took place from his homein home in upper
Prince prin ce street jle yesterday ster duafternoori afternoon Thp TIl
Rev HeyJ J A Jeffers pastor of Trinity
Methodist Church read the funeral funeralwr ser ¬
vice and the interment was made inad in in the
Methodist Protestant Ceme Cemetery tery
The funeral of the late John A Nugent
will take place from St Marys lIarysCathoUc Catholic
Church tomorrow when a mass of o re ¬
quiem will be said for the repose r repose pose of his
soul ou1 The interment will be made madeInSt in inSh SU
Marys Cemetery mcter
The Th snowfall has seriously seriousl inter interfer interfered fered < 1 1
with the th running of ofelectrlc electric trains tralnsbe be ¬
tween lw en this city and andr andashington Was Washington r hington but
the Washington Alexan Alexandria narla dria and a rid 5It H
Vernon road has had single cars carsr run n ¬
ning all day not exactly exactlyons on schedule hcd41e
time hoWever
Arthur Jones Robert Campbell and
Robert Carroll all negroes negro s werebefpre el before
Justice Caton this morning on onthe the
charge of having robbed th the Hotel If i iRam Ram
i inch After hearing the evidence In In the th
case c casey se y the Justice sent all of the he mdn nXo to
Jail jaUfol for sixty days rif i ii i S
A number of amateurs of this city ell ellwnl wil will
tonight present at the Opera House the
play of Ten Nights In a Bar Room
The performance is given for the thebeneflt benefit
of Wayne Byers who ho1ius has bee been n nan an in ¬
valid for some time t1m Mr Byers is well
known in Washington where he hefQrmerly formerly
was employed as a a compositor in a num ¬
bet of printing offices
Next xt Thursday Tl rsdaynight night the Westminster
League L ague of the th Presbyterian Presb t riun Church Churchwill wil will
give a social at atthe the lecture room of thi the
church Among those who willtak will t t ke <
part will be Misses MlssesPierpont Pierpont tuc Lucy
Graves Mary L LMoore Moore Miss Scoot
Mrs Peter Lawrence Mrs William
Campbell and Mrs Mander
The committee on public property pi of
the city council will on Saturday rent al at
public auction the Alexandria fish
Wharf which has under the corpora ¬
tion law a monopoly for landing landIngo of fish
DENTIIAM DE DENJIAMOn IIAMOn On Sunday February 19 1803 19 < ai at
his home 619 Whitney avenue at 1235 a a
Balling F and Lena V Denham
Funeral will be held at at9 3 a n m m Tuesday esda
February 21 1905 > It
BOLTOX BOLTONOn On Saturday February IS I90a f9 IsOf 5
at 555 p pm m CHARLES W Vi V the son of th the <
late Rev Re Armstead T and Maria Bolton
Funeral Tuesday Tuesda February Februa rY 21 1905 at I1t2 2
oclock from the Metropolitan Baptist Church
R Rstreet street be between tween Twelfth and Thirteenth
streets northwest Relatives and friends
Invited It
FELL FELLOn FELLOn On Saturday February Pebrua iy IS 8 1905 EL ¬
VIRA VIn ANN AN wife of Dr Vickers Fell al at
their thelrbome home 714 A street northeast
Funeral on Monday at 3 p m It
GOTTHARDT GOTTHARDTOn On Saturday February 13
1905 at 8 oclock p pm m JOHN F GOTT
UARDTi llARDTaged HARD aged seventythree years enra and
months It t
ICENNON KEN ICENNOXOn OXon On Sunday February 19 1905 1903
MARIA R widow of A J Kennon at th <
home of her daughter Mrs Irs Thomas J 1 Par
ker 100 U ti street northwest north est it
KOIILHASE KOIlLIIASEThe EOI1LIASEThe The funeral services serle s of Dr
Otto Kohthase US U S N will take
fro from in n the chapel at Arlington Cemetery a t
p m ilL Monday Mon
LLOYD LLOYDOnSaturdl1Y LLOYDOn On Saturday February IS 19 1003
at at7 7 p pm m MAURICE D LLOYD agei
L I fortynine years yearo and two months it
PARTRIDGE PARTRIDGEOn On Sunday Sunda February 19 It
L 1905 9Q5 at 145 a in ANNIE NNIE PARTRIDGE
I sister of the thelate late Mrs Susie Thompson it
ISMITHQn SMITH SMITHOn On Sunday Sundn February 19 1905 a
310 a in SARAH ARAH E wife of William S S
Smith It
WILLNEUOn WILLNEH n Saturday February FebruaryIS IS 1 190j
at his residence 1334 Seventh street north
west at 7 oclock a Rm m ERNST WILLNER
in the theshctyseenth sixtyseventh year ear of his hi age It
Boyd no d Benjamin W V 40 yrs 823 3d St sts sv
Bowdln BowdlnC Carrie rrlc 1 17 yrs Freedmans Hosp >
Bruchannan Daniel 27 yrs WashAs Wash Asy Ho
Conn Connors ors John 68 yra rs 1220 12202thst 24th st mv
Bay Da Caroline C NUne 68 yrs 18 923 3d st nw
1 Dorsey Annie nnle J 161 Gl yrs rs HIS II If st nw n
S SI I George Holen M 9 mos 1252 1252311 3d st se
t tGardner Gardner George A 41 yrs TS 335 Va ave sv I
Green Margaret 4U 4Jyrs yrs 513 51321st 21st st nw
I Kittron Earl 11 1 yr r SOO D st sts sv sw
Lester Wllliajn CG yrs TS Casualty Hosp
Lucas Vermaase Yer asse 1 yr yr7H 71t lain st ne
Marbury MarbUr John S2 yrs 3307 U st mv n
Roberts I laura aura 16 yrs 1105 23d st nw
Shllllngburtj ShIlUngbmgJoanna Joanna 16 yrs 215 9th st sw S 5
Strong Cent Com 35 yrs 15 57 Fenton pi nw
Taylor ln lor Elizabeth 2 yrs 1301 Chicken ct Ct
Turner Rose E5 yrs rs 4 G Gstsw 1 st swv SW
Wic Wlekwllre kware Augusta Au ustIlC C 83 yrs rs 1313 K st n
Williams Mary Iar 8 inos mos 1017 Factory FacI lr Hill
Wannerll AVm VOl F 47 yrs 78 GS Myrtle st n
Tai TalPlnt Tapp > p Inf of Harry II and Clam 5 5day
309 R st nw S
Of every description descllptlonmodcrately moderately
1214 4 F Street Northwest Phone MV 201
222 2 Penn Ave N XV V Washington Washin ton D
oc > c c c
I and nd later In tlr in In1hCSaasoh the season the thClandIngr landing of
I melons etc
I Fifty lilft years Ycarsngo ngo tLc wharf f rented ent l for
I 1000 but it rose in 1 1value value a and rid in 1857
rented tcd for oOOO 900 in jn18SS J85S 3 i5 75 1859
2VS00 EdO 12200 2250rlS61r2ri l 6t n1 fe h hie The ie fnter Tntcri i
i ruption occrtsibnied by bXthe the civil war wa r put
i a stop to the flsjherles fish ri snn and l titter nter the w war
a portion 1IUln of the fish wharf WJscutoIT was cut off
and n 1Jcicd < JeffSctl buSed to tplh th6 American AncrIc inConlCOm Coal Com ¬
pany pmyJhe Jho remainius portion portlonaftior after that
pcriotl r < rlQ sjtiidom chl m rented for aa tr much iucti as s
S jlOCO J and nd orio one year the thercntalwcllt rental went we iu
dowj to O4 54DO 1t0 5
S It is lsnot not known fol for how much tho
wharf wIn rent this year car but it 1s is gen ¬
erally supposed suppos d about boJt750 750
Agrees With With Barclay B BarclayAllardice rc flYAliardice Allardice in a
S Scheme Sc eme to to Defeat Dcfeat Aims ims of
Peerage crag Lawyers La ers
> r
I XOKDON L JbbiJ Feb e l 20 20To oT To h hhIs his Il ls many h1gny
claims i to to < cjistinction g distinction Cunnlhghame
I Gr Grsbam liam ht r iie the Jfambus famous f fin in inus us authqr a autliqr pl q ad advertUr d yen e i iTir Tir lr
er and d socialist socla pst bas added dddd th the uriififie uriIJ e
one of ofrefusirig ref refusing usin g to to become a a belted earl axl
unless the the dign ity is forc forced d upon him
He He has had hadan an interview intervi w with Barclay
Allardice JJi thfe th rival c ialmant laim iilt to to the
I IScotch Scotch earldom carldomo of Mpnteithand MntelthrandqaS Monteith agd has
jstruc struck k a bargain b arga InwJth with him which will
I deprive peerage lawyers lawyersOf of the rich rl h
I IJIicklngs pickings pic kings they had anticipated from tl a a
fight between the theValr pair
Mr Ir BarclayAUardlce Barclay Allardlc who whois is the
mayor ma or o Of f a little little Cornish town to wIilsex is ex ¬
ceedingly cEe lnglyan anxious iQAs to become becomeapcer a peer
Otherwise he is doomed to to lifelong
Obscur4t2 09 lrit C Cnnin GHn CinnlngharneGraham nnin nl ghameGraham S does
not care a pln pins pins shead head for a a cordjiet cor l t
Why Wh anyone any xi should sl1 uldwishto wish to be a per I er
nowadays passes jny II1ycomprel1enslqll 5 comprehensiPn
he hes says ys He infinitely irtfinltclypre1ers prefers the ex ex ¬
citement o ot travel and exploration ia fi
the wild regions of th the earth to the re ¬
pose of the house PC lords lor ds
There is s another an bliIer earldom earldommlxed e rldom mixed up
I IwlthJhe with wlthJhe the dormant dormantIQnteUl dormantIQnteUlpethatOf Monteith one onethat pethatOf tha t of
iAhth Air th a subsequent creation creation If I you
will restrict restrI tYO1r your claim to the tUeA1xtb Airth
earldom he said to Barclay BarclayAlIardice Bar layAUard r AlIardice e
I sha ll lL not nQtoppo oppose e you I I dont d nt want
a n title but I have enough enol1ghpr pride f in my mr
lineage e to t maintain min aIitmtrfgnt my rig right ht fp be re r ¬
garded gar i icd cd as as the male ma le representative repres ntative of
the ln lnep lIne ut of Monteith opte tf
S t 4Cft4hgJJBarclajf lj9 1iq Jhl jhi B as rcla clayAllardice Alat3ice who whQdoes does
nGtcara n P0tCP ot eaT much muaIi muaIiw w what h tpce peerage peerage ge he gets as
lp lijju long hg i afe it ItJsa Js a apeerage peerage rageh has sagxeed agreed <
But ButIf B t it itteznaiits Remains t il1ahl to begeen be b seen whether r the
house houseot of lords lor ds will co consent nsent to todealwlth deal with
the giedr dignities l1i ties separately S 5
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interest inter St
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722 12th Street
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White Enameled En ameled
Iron Beds t 19
The greatest bargain ever offer ¬
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rigid White Enameled Iron Beds
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Hub Furniture Co
S SECor E Car 7th and D Sts
Good Coffee
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905 905F F STREET
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per per pair
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Geo GeoW W King
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Is Cured By Homeopathy
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730 Eleventh St t H W
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