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T ±
annul the said Foster Lease LC sC In n whole
which the Secretary of the th Interior has
declared in public publicstat statement ment was wasorl origi f ¬
nally obtained by fraud
Resolved further That rhatcople copies of this
memorial be telegraphed by the presi ¬
dent of the State Statosennteandthc senate and the speak ¬
er of oJ the house h use to the th thePrIdontof President p rdcI1Lof of the
United States the Secretit Secr Ul1Y fy of the In
terior the President of the Senate the th
Speaker of the House House the Hon Chester
I 1 Long and the Hon P I P P Campbell
and a nd that Senator Long and Representa
tive tlveCampbeUglye Campbell give it it as wide publicity pubH ity
nSZlQssible as possible
Resolved further especially address ¬
ing the Kansas delegation in Congress
That TlIatthls this is a a contest ontest of the honest in
dustry of the land against insolent
gteedand greed and commercial commerelalo putlawry tlwry and
it is the thedut duty of all men nWIt rt who hold of
flee by the suffrage s of f the people peo ple of
Kansas JCansasto to help in ina a war which their th Ir
State has first firstdeclared declared by legislative
The telegrams t were weresIgnM signed byU byDJ by J
t Hanna lieutenant Ueu enant governor and andT an d WR V T ft R
Stubbs speaker of ot the htfuse ho se of r repre pJe pre
sentatives t I
Punching Standard Oil
With rilanySh Many Sharp rpSticks Sticks
MADISON 1tADISON Wis WI Feb 21 2lFoUowing Follow ing
the example of o1 the Kansas K nsnsLegls1ature Legislature j
the th e Wisconsin T i5C O ns1n Legislature L Legisitt e i s tur re e will WiI soon
take Company up the subject subj ct of o the theStanGtlrQ Stan dard Oil 1 1take
Two measures will be pressed one a a a J
joint oIzit resolution r for an i investigation westignU nof of
the methods of f that corporation C rporatio l In I
Wisconsin Visconslnand and the th other a abill bill remod re JI1od ¬ 1
eled eledas as a substitute sUl > stitute for the th measure i
Senator McGIIliveray has Introduced
Tvhlch 1 hIch will be stringent str1ugenturititrust antitrust legis ¬ I
lation I
The Osage OskgeLeases Leases a I
TOPEKA Kan Feb 21 21Botli Both I
branc branches hes of the Legislature Legislaturehas has passed passe d I
a resolution ca calling lling upon up i the Presi > resi ¬
dent the th Secretary Secr tary of the h Juteriorand In IpterIor terior and I
Congress to annul leaser leaseSmade made to the l
Standard StandardOil Oil Cpihpany CO panj eight years arsa ago gO I
by the Osage nidltn Indian tribe fdhe on OQOQO i
acres Rerespf of land in inthe the richest ri ll stoll oil region l
of the West
The Th reOlution recites that the i
Standard Oil onCompan Company has lSb been en de d ¬
dared by public pu > lic opinion opinonfobe 6 be an evil yil
and by b its jtsty tyrannical lnicalpffictice practices and an aun d Tin
fair fa ir competition cQm etitioI1 U1 the enemy o qf of f com
irerce The Th resolution i olutiqnct cites that that the the
lease was secured s cur dby by fraqfL frauUY iIa by a man nian
named DamedFosterw Foster who WM WMwas Q was was tl the 11 agent gelltof o of f
the Standard Sta1datd d Oil OiICotI1paI1 Company
The Th Kansas Oil Producers J r9ducarsAsso Association lation
today announced nn nounCE l that tll 3 ext exAtt extAttorney Attorney rney Gen
eral era i Monett Mom tt o of f Ohio 9 io will be inct1ar in charge e
of its its fight before Commissioner Garfield Gnlth ld
and nd his assistants asslstmitslfr Mr J1one Monett onett t will willpr ar
rive Iiv here tOmorrowI tomorrow He fought the
Standard Standa rd in Ohio and then th n the Stand ¬
ards grAP9Uticallnfiuen political influence e defeated de f tedl1im him for
a renorainaticn n
Does Bryan Own Shares Sha res
A man who has just returned from
Washington is ISluthorit authority for frthe the state s te ¬
ment that the t Foster oil leases in the
Osage ng nation na ion are partly Pn rtl pwrie pvxi w1if lbYW f by W J 3
Bi Bryan nQf of Lincoln Lin coln if Neb el p W W J Stone St2
TJnlted enlt d States Senator from r I11 Missouri MIss rn j
Thomas lOm ns T Tnart f1ggart ggart Tndt Indiana n nj j cha ch chairztianf irman rmnl1o xrt
the 3 ernpcratie JemocraUG > National Natlo 1alC9fllmltte Committee and n
Boles Penrose United States St t tesse tes Senator 1ator
from Pennsylvania
The T emnn mail man who whoflutlJQr authorized z d the statement state nent
has a been in Washington WaJ T ashjngton > uington on business for
th thE the oil oilprQducers producers > association
He t says that lie ne had access cess to t < i the
lease while whilein in Washington Washlngt n and that he
saw Saw the tht11la names mes of the thedlstin distinguished Ished
politicians attached attaohdand and that he knows
what he heisc heisctaUdng is 5 talking about t
The lheFo Fo Foster oter terleas leases sa are re supposed to be
controlled controfl ffby by yt tTie Standard S rddo andardQilCompan Oil j l Company
To Fi bt Staisure t j 1arL
VPKiMi KjAh > H L r3 Ati A AaeffortIs effort effortIs Is
Tri IfrU o < > < > sH 1dStates d States
r l Cvmp ii lte be S Stiln n
i d i Mi Ii ii uny nli u ia illi isertmton r anton tU tOn and ndfor force e
down the he prices jiic there The te pipe line
companys line line passes passesjQst just jnstnorth jnprth of ot this
city and there is atnpping atnppingarid a tapping thppin and pumping
station and lIidstOIdg storage tanks at Parsons I arsons
When these were erected the Standard
Oils price forker for kerOsene sene here was 13
cents c < nt now it iLls is 7
The Thtpipe pine lin line e company desires de irestopur to pur ¬
chase the Malony 21 lon Oil Companys oil
plant In Scranton but Is meeting with
opposition and is i now ready to erect a
station for Its own own use Se and aInlpipe pipe the oil
there from fr from Parsons
4s As Common CommonCarrles i Carriers
KANSAS CITY Feb Feb2 2U 21L Re Repfeserita Jteserit ese ta
live tiv Lyons of Kansas Ia sas City has ha agreed a gieedto to
introduce Intloiu E in the Missouri Legislature L gIslaturc
two of the Kansas antiStandard antIStarl dard Oil
measures declari declaring gpipe pipe lines common co mmOn
carriers and fixIng a maximum rate of
The Th Standards pipe UnetoYri line to CVnlting h1t1ng tfng
Ind crosses MissourLThe passage of a
maximum rate bill would permit p rmit the dls ¬
tribution of fuel oil In Missouri and pre ¬
vent Y nt the exorbitant exorbitantchar charge of of carrying
oil O l a short distance df tance between betw e1 the end endot of
Kansas pipe pip lines ImesandKanEasClty and Kansas City In ¬
fluential Kansas City men men Will 1ll lobby for
the bU
Representative Rt Lyons left for Jefferson
City last J night with the oil bills Sen ¬
ator Clark will introduce thebills the bills in the
Senate Sem t
Continuea Continueaprom From First Page page
pealed for aid to promote the the revolution
ot OL f the thejeasantry peasantry On Only y slight references
were weremade c ere niade to Grand Gran d Duke Sergius
Two professors proess rs shared in the meeting
and assented to the thesp speeches ech s one the
eminent mlre t sociologist M lI Tar Tarly ly i ipresIding presiding
Presently eight students w withdrew
protesting yrotes ng against the tone of the speak ¬
ers 1s They joined a counter counterdemonstra cQunter demonstra ¬
tion elsewhere elsew here This added ad e I Ito to the ex
c lteirient 1el Denunc IienupcIatIQ W Wcla cla iations 19lJL p the th m Jfn4s zits
sacre sacreo of Januaryg22 JanuR werefolIo were folle1v foilowf W dbyth d b by tno th
singing of revolutfonary re Olutf r Bongs B ftgsA igiA A black blac li
banner was w sd18 displayed > layed bearing r the in ¬
scription Death D th to the Executioners Ex Ecutoners cuHoners 6i O
Janu January ry 2 ± J n f
There TheNW was S a lifesize Ufe sIze jqrtralt n of the th
Czar CZ ir < on the wall One ne of ofthe rthcstudent the student
dramatically dr lmjttlcally struck It bri tin h the face
Other followed and in a a few moments
the portrait Jor rait was wasstripped stripped from its fr frame me
torn1nto torn into shreds anil andtrampled trampled upon amid
uproarious a applause
Resolution Adopted
Subsequently a alont long resolution was
adopted declaring that absolutism was
nearing nearJng1ts Its inevitable doom do om denouncing denoun ng
the autocracy 1u1ocrl Y and all alllts Its works demand
log the election of a legislative assemblj assembl
and the amnesty of political offenders
The Thereso resolution ijtiQn further furtherdeclar declared dthat jthsttbs tbf
students studentstefuf refused 4 to toresum resum resumf1ieIr1ssdIOs jllieir ti elrs sfftdles J1dt J1dtli li
before J C tore September It alsft ala alsarnrii1 afflrpiea t ir the t th
necessity nece lty fortormlng for forming a pa ptmpleJ people peoples bple 1 s hiintia iUtht
in which all citizens c1tIzenscould could light to tQpr topre pre ¬
vent Uwsovernment the government f tr from r qnr ontihHer > interferIng rlng
wIth th their lrqemands demands and to insure the
realization of f their aspirappns aspiraU ns
A A strong force torc of policfe poll was pOsted p st d
near the university jbuttl1er but there the was wasnt rl <
interference with the meeflhg m e ng
Martial 1 farUn law has been b en de de declared clared ln ed In thE th <
town and an district di8tr ct of TsarskoeSelo lst skocSelo Ir
consequence of the great number 01
threatening letters received reeeivedat at tht
palace pala e where the Czar Is residing
The police are areentorcing enforcing the mosi
stringent B friJgentprecaut1Qns precautions They are ar convinc ¬
ed en that further assassinations assassInaU aesasslnatlcinawllI nawm TVllI be at
WAjaSAW Feb 21 21lhepupJa 21The The pupjls in t tb thc t
upper classes of 1 several ot the tMhlgl1 hlgJ
schools 5c110QIs have been beencndeavolng endeavoring to Indue
the children chUdrenot of the Iowerciasses lower classes to toab ab
sent ont themselves and havebeen Jay 1aye be beep en llrre arrest jt
ed for so doing
Ta T Take jjc e Laxative Bromo 13rPmoQu1nlne Quinine Tablets Tablets Al
druggl drtlgiss a refund the money 1t1ttalls lt It falls tocur to cire
E W Graves GrrVeBlll slgnatura 1atUT i Is on each bo poxi ax1
atz Us
Wants Scalp of Insuratice nsura ice
COIIull Commissioner ss oller
Drake However Ma intsins intQinsHis intQinsHiso inta fis His < Pos o si i ¬
tion and Denies DeniesAlleg niesAlle Allegation g U ibf of f I
s Secretary < retaxy Pennington
The Royal Ro al BenefitSoclcy Benefit Society charges
Thomas E Drake rak District Insurance Insur nce j
tommi3ioner ommlsio er with withp persecu p perse rec uttng Ung lng the so ¬
ciety c tynnd and circulating reports meant to i
injure its business I
In a letter to the District Gommlssion 1
I ers rs D I F Penningtqn PCllningtonsecrefurY9fth secretary of the l
society SOc1ct announces the intention of pre ¬
ferring iclrlu charges chnrgCSllg3lrist against the Insurance
Com Commissioner m ISSIonc l with til an 111 eye ee to 1liS his re ¬
moval from rom office Qffi e No o action 3ctioJIhas has been
taken by the Commissioners CQlUmi 3sIoMrs owing owi g to
Commissioner Macfarlands acfarlalld absence
from from romthecit the city clt the Im insurance > uran e department
being under his supervisidn s Pclv sI n
The he specific spcc Hcch charges rgc against Mr Drake
arc tr that he 1i has htsdhuiat circulated d 1 reports ports that f at
he has refused the tllecJ1Ianyn company a license l1c ns
while wh i the company has not notappl applied d for for
one that he is Icri Icrilgel engaged lgel in WEitinglet writing let ¬
ters to various varJousins insurance i ince nce deparUn deparittnents mt in
an anatteniPt attempt to get them to interfere With
the company business bU lhi 1ncs Oor or to r refuse i1se tl the
company a i license and findthat that 111 In other QtJi rl
ways was he has been beenactlng acting in violation l of I
the law
The Ihe complaint eomp i t says H 1 Ito jsehdeaor is endeavor ¬
jnrpyallmeans log by all means he can can to gratify his
j personal animosity by b spitefully using
us contrary to all principles of equity
and justice
Aga Against inst Precipitate I Icc pitateAc Action tion
The Commissioners Cpmmisslonersarerequc2tcd are requested not
to fa take take ke any precipitate action affect
log Ingthesociety the society at therequestof the request of the Sur Su
perlntendent perintendentuntl1 until the officials of the
company Qm I Iall all have hav completed an investiga ¬
tion ti n through whic h they the hope to toretnoyo remove
Mr fr Drake fromo from office fflce The complaint com plaJn
c closes ses
Any Ai ny suggestions you ou may have to
make with reference to tothepresentatIoH the presentation
Of o f the charges lathe in the request for his re ¬
moval will be cheerfully cheerfullycomplieA complied with
Not hearing l1earin from you you we ye shall proceed
upon such lines Un s as we think agreeable to
J your board boardcnd and will present testimonIn testimony In
such legal l gal way wa r as to be positive proof roo
Superintendent Drake Stands Pat
Superintendent Drake main rnalntaIn nintaInS tains his s
pos pos ition ti n in the themaft the matter r He R EI denies d nies th the
statement that the society did lid not ap ¬
ply for a license and says he h has proof
of o f the th application applica tl Jl in his hisOfflce office The re ie ¬
ftsal of his hisdepartmellt department to issue the
license had the tl eeffectofprohlbitlrtg effect of prohibiting the
company f fromeontractlng from ron i contracting new business
in he District Distr ict though thoughi it va was yas still stmal al ¬
lowed 10w d to protect > its former forcereontra contracts ts
The application a pplication an a nd d drejectIon rejection took
place In January according to Mr
Drake The Th application appllcationhe he says was
refused r usedfor for violation of the District in ¬
surance Jaw laws s the Royal Benefit Society
having been organized as a a fraternal
bencnt benc rltso society C1ety and hayIng continue d In
business as an industrial Industdalassessment assessment so ¬
Sharp ShatpLetter Letter to Drake
The officials of the company cQmpanyhave have
framed a letter l tter which vhi h they hiv have sub
jnitted mitted to to the theComrriissioners Comm Comthlssioners issioners with w ith the
announcement annolln ement Ihatacop that a copy of it will be
sent ent personally mohally to tQSuperintendent Superintendent
Drake to who whom m It it is addressed a ddressecl at thQ the
time the companys companysannual annual report is
submitted The letter lett r says in part
You will note notethat thatvre that w we have hayeotatedin stated in
this thisreportthat reporfthat the thereaspn reason we wear are com m ¬
pelled to Q furnish it In this manner Is is
because beca se vou In utter uU9rnegiectof neglect of your
dutlesas duties as required by the code have re ¬
fused iuseq to furnish us blanks You have
assumed to refuse us blanks on on whic which h
1omak to make our annual annllalreprtbe report because ause you
claim that we are ar outlawed ot1t1awedand and with ¬
out outanyrIg1 any rights ts to do dobusiness business because
of your refusal r fusal to furQIsh furnish us Uf a license
for f rwhIch which we never applied and which whi h
we would not accept from you unless
forced to do so by bya a court of highest
resort kcS rtYeent1r We entirely ly repudiate your
right to request us to apply for a li ¬
cense We assert that th t you illegally re ¬
quested q ested thi this society In De December < ember 1902
to apply for a license lice se and that because
the society socl ty under a previous preylousmanage manage ¬
ment made a clerical error in filling up
the blank as amatterptfQrm a a matter of form In no
way a made legal your Illegal acL
I Accusation Accu sationofSpitework of Spitework
i iFurthermore Furthermore we accuse you of hav
ring spitefully and mdwith with manifest inten ¬
tion of injuring our business wrIt written eri
your letter Ietterot of January 5 1905 refus refusing ing
us usn a license for which we have not notap apr up
plied pUc d dand and would not accept from you you
and that you ou have done this for the ex x
press purpose of circulating damaging
reports In In the newspapers as a basis
for fo communication to other depart ¬
ments seeking s < cking to have them refuse us s
a license thus destroying our position
In said communities as well as de ¬
stroying the society and Its business
Kindly address all of your future
correspondence to the Royal Roy Benefit So ¬
ciety and not to any of its several
counsel We Ve will refer the correspon
dence to our counsel COllnsel of our own voli
lion We Ve furthermore call your atten
tion to the fact that your nonaccept nonacc pt ¬
ance o of f this report or return of the
same shall give us good grounds for
the Institution of a personal ersonal suit
against salnstyou you We Veare are resolved that If
we are to be ruined by you we will wlllw go
down fighting instead inst ul of taking takln any nnyof of
ycur future actions in InamHd a mild manner
Superintendent Supe rintendent Dra Drake ke Puts
In Reply to the Charge
i Superintendent Drake of the insur insui ¬
ance Department t today replied to th tht <
charges chargesmade t made against him by the Royal
Benefit BenefitSQIet Society T
In a letter to the District Commis mmis ¬
sioners Mr rr Drake refers to the charg
that lt he has been acting spitefully spllc fuUy a as
h hH It it is the intention of r the thesocIet society
to convey the th idea that my m y action li In
refusing r fusinglt fuslng It a license was vas not notfiusfulned sustaine <
ty by the Commiss Commissioners ioners it is on Only ly yn iieces ces
Cary hary to say say a that the society was was care are
fully fuH and nd scientifically ricntHlcallyoxanHned examined in 1002
< When Jten it was found to be operating Ir
i violation dOlndonot of the law
The case was finally referred rcferr d t tc
I Hon A AB B Duvall Corporation Coun
selorQplnion sel for opinion and Henry 33 Davis
attorney for the thesoclcty society was grantee
> hearings before Mr Duvall and he an ane auc <
i the department submitted briefs briefstoMr to Mr
Duvall DuvalIwho who finally In a written opth
ion sustained the position of the thedQ de d
partment and said opinion oph on has been up
proved by the full board boaroof of Commis
In regard to tOnl tOnlr my r action ctlonHi in Tiotifylni
the Insurance Commissioners otcertaii of certail
States Stntfl of iri my y refusal of license Ucensetot11If to tlih
t society I have also to state slatethat that I an
3 advised by Assistant As lsta ntCorporatfon Corporation Coun
sel se 1 Stevens t tevens ev ns that th at I I not notQn only acted a ctCd withir w ithir
my y duty in 1n0 so tho o advising them th m but that i 11
was > msmy my posiiire posiiVeduty duty to tod do so
Replying to that thatfeatureofthc feature of the so
clet cletvs ys letter denying den jng that they thoyevm eve
I applie d for a Ii license to do business buslne > S Ij i
the District Dlst Ict of Columbia COlllJ bIa I send n yoi yo
5 herewith herewItherbatim verbatim copies covieeo of T wtOS1ct wto to sugl
I INegr Negro Collector Clle t rBa Barred Barre ed d j
From Visit fflSlttrr iff to Warship F lrShlp I 1
Commander ommanderof of German Gunboat Gunboallnquires inquires i 1
for f r Chief Official OfficialofPorlQf of Port of Savannah I
Soaal So Cial Custom Not No1Un Understood d dr r st p3d
SAVANNAH Feb 21 21Just Just aft after r the
arrival rrival of the German Gcrmallcrulsei cruiser Bremen Br rncn
here her yesterday ye stcI ayM Mayor or1 M Myerp ers and others th e rs
went W ntto to vis yislt it the ship Captain Jloch Hqc
seemed to t miss it itiss iss some som one o ne He I finanr anail final1y
asked whYJlifC91Jectot why vhy the eoljector o f tlucpprt the cpprt port ivas > a as
not notC iwllh wltb lU1the the party part that th1t greeted rcete d him
Mayor Myers s tried bl d to tell t U Him JiJn
The collector is a nmulatt mulatto iIl latto ana an t lstllU is thus thu
cut on Off frolI from social affa nf affairs a irs < >
This has been the th case cas for alfoijtti about UbO L pijWt
years rears and Captain GnptnInHoq1rIs Hoch is t11 th t1 lfi I1r first f
foreign forei foreignJvIs1tor n Visitor VIsitor1 to T aslc aslcUlreetly s1c dir flirectly CJly fOr f ri tie iie
collector B He i d SWnt lIdnt nt un u urstjuia nderstand rstan d hpp appar ro
ently cnt1 what t ttb the tb Teal 1ctro trqlable trotibht UbJ was ns s
Loiter rntcr in the day t1 t1ema tlimay tbflUtY4r ema 9i r ajidchBtfr J1d hir
man maJlot of the city cH council c oul 1iilt1d had Q bsen n nWait wait
ing so s9 long ng for the arrival of ofthGer2 the Ger
man officers omcc > r Stl1atth that they y yc c gave taeU up p hope 110p hopeof eOf of
their tl elrq Corning 1Ingan and tl l Igft n the th cty cJtyp hall l
I There rhE Was was only m1ya a s se secret4r farstar nf r y to receive re receive xe
the < he guests gue ts wll WI hin n l ijhey rthe they ycalne fiame > rile tl
1 jchampagrne c 1l1m P lgJ1e had h a d bcerft b beci CC n s snt sOnt nt nfc o a atlY yay l Y to s go 6 r
upon up ontheofc thr the ice Ice aga again in lri and rid tid the t hecls c cigara igars rs had 1ia dL
been bc < n packed aclte f upwh up > v3iett ii 41 the lwcPfriugE carriage lrriUge of
I tl the e v VISitO isitors 5w Tiheeled rlieOledhreund l Ihf fllrDutid fl d thlr t h corner
There was a great grentdeal flea l lor or telephoning te1cpho lmg j
lan and tlispRtchinspf dJ dispatching patchlnp of fme mesaengCirboys emr9r Qoyand flnd
l1in llnaliy lllY themnypr the mayor and n loJtlers others madr made d be J
led h d arrival arrh l VToday r d Y the tl t mayoi m ayoz yoX will Bl en n 1
I terlaln th the om pfflcer ers and one onfo of tji9 Uwprh port
cIpaffelltures elpar ipar features of the tll SehertainmBnt nt rtain p1 p1nt nt will i
be 1 besllectIous e selections sclectiortabY by a negro n gr Quartet qJlnrtetThlsJS t This ThlsJS is
1 lat at the suggestiOn bt fthe the G Cerniitn Cerniitni Cerniitncon flltl con on I
sul l who said Sa i that tUH t JhOOf1Icers the officers would YPttld woulden i en n I
I joy JQY such a novelty i
AGAlNJ3t AGA1NtSTki HIS U UE3G881 E3G881 Os
k ka kaborera LabrerfldCapjta1jst a Qr r < an d dc dc dC d c C Capitalist p t l istQJ istQJQSing Oppos QSing ing 9 Candi Candidates ndj dates l tesJPr fo fpr Mayor M y > r of f l
Rutlan Rutland Ru c tlan d Vermc Vcrll1QlittElechon ii fl flr flEleetion r Eleetion NextVeek Next Wee Week k
RIJTIi RTIrrA RUTLAND A D Vt Feb Feb21At 21 21At At lbemU the mu ¬
nicipal niclpaleJ e election tlon next Tvefck 1Vcclcth the head of
one on 9 of tthela the largest r reitrnl1bleworking marbleworkinir con ¬
cerns Ccr n sIn in InT yermont T ermo emOnt n tWIll w will ill run aga aS agalnat aln inst rt one on G Gof
of his eroi emiiyes m oyes yes for forUle the office of mayor
of Rutland
The hec1indIdatesareJForrestManrt candidates are J Forrest Mann ¬
log lnpr presIdent RId nt of the thEGOIU th Columbian Coluib1ag mb i1 n > Marble
Quarrying Qutrryin Company C mpnny andilayor nndJIayor Jack Ja kS S
Carder a V stonecutter ston ct1 ter elected lectcdla last lastsprIng tsprng spring
on onnp an independent labor tick ticket tand1JQV and now
seeking r reelection Mayor Carders Gardels
plurality In in19ij 3904 was wnstwentyeight twentyeight in a
threecornered fight
The two twocan candidates ldalcs nave 113ycbouf have about even
chances l unless nlcssatl11rd a third man isnomlnat is nom nominat inat ¬
ed iKir lIIrM Mx Manning nning was nominated at t a a
Republican cauc caucus us but J it is il expected
that because 1EcallseQf of hIs his wide widebuslnessac business ac ¬
quaintance gllllfnta c many many Democrats De mocrats w Vlllalso will ill also
support supporthlm him
I This ThIsp peculiar u Hal political contest conte8tIthe is the
culmination of o f a long struggle strllsgle between between
capital and labor In this City The trou
Eugene EugeneTHu T Huyett yett Dr Drive iver l for Baker Ba y
Wilt Probably Prv ably Recover Reco e rFrom From Self S lf
In Inficted nic dicted ed Wound N Nound ound
Motives which Whlch Eug Eugene neT T Huyett Hu tt4 a
driver forC for Corbys r ys bakery refuses to
divulge diyulgeprompted prompted him himtOiire to fire a a bullet
from froma R a 32caliber 32 cal ber revolver r eyOh er into i his left I IflOll
breast breastat at tth his s place of employment late
yesterday yester dayacrncon afternoon
At At Preedmans Hospital where W fNhe he was j
J ta taken ken It was said today that although I IJ Itaken
the Injury was serious It would not
prove fatal Ernest A iL Huyett a
broth brother r of the wouldbe suicide and
w who ho is employed mploye l in the Bureau of En
graving and Printing called calle cl clat at the thehos hos ¬
pital today but butfan failed d toeUcit to elicit from his
brother the th reason for forhisrnsh forhisrnshdeed forhis his rash d deed
Why Wlr did you do thIsasked this asked the theyls vis ¬
iting brother brotherot of the patient
Its all i right Ernest Ernestreplled replied the
I wounded wou nded man ma n H lcQeen Ive been inten intending ding t to to
end my life for forseveral several months and
just got my n1 nerveup nerve up yesterday esterd Y
This was all thewouldbe the wouldbe suicide
I would say on the subject
Eugene is thirtytwo years old He
lives at 0 Tennessee Tc nesse avenue with wlthh1i3 his
I IrelatIvea relatives Yesterday Y sterd y he < went into the
office of the tl1cfAkeryandlnformed bakery and Informed one of
the thEcr cl chrics < fits sthat that he wished to resign As
he was a hard and earnest worker a
reason was asked for his quitting He
replied Oh Im tired living and will vm
end It right hereV here ere So saying sa ing he drew
a revolver from his hip pocket Hold ¬
ing It about a foot from his heart hcarthe he
discharged the weapon The bullet bulleten en ¬
tered tereda a little above abovehlsheartandpene his heart and pene ¬
trated the left lung
For Jor a third time time this winter the open
Ing of ottheproylncJal the provincial legislature was was j
postponed pcstpQn d today on account of olthe the In j
ability abI Jtot of members to tor reach ch Charlotte
The ThcPrnce Prince Edward Island Railroad
Is blocked at several points pointeby by snow
Banket Edward 61 1700 C st 51 ne e
Burnett B urnctt infant tot of Geprgle G fp rgl e S sun and d Simon SImonc C
l 1 day da 1346 27th st
Chambers ChnmbcrsLel1lrd Lenard 64 1207 Wy WyltT ier si 8t no n
CHento Ralph V 1 805 S5North North Capitol o at t
I Currte Cun1eGcorge Jnje George F 34 Emergency EmergencYI Hospital spltal
Curttss Matthew > atthew W H U S Soldiers Home
Denham Felix R 1 L 619 WhItney aye ave nw
Endres Mary 1 A 60 1229 New Jersey Jc1eyavenw ave ntv
FleldlngFell PleldlngFellElvlraA Elvira A 78 787HA 714 A st ne
Forrest alary Iar Z4 Washington W hlrigton Asylum Hop
Goldberg Dorethy12 Dorethy 12 days 1108 7th 7t118t at t nw
Gotthardt GjtthardtJolm John 73 744 Sheridan Sherl an st nw
Harbin Sarah 1 82 724 7th 7th8t8e at se
Hill Gertrude Gertru e 27 Columbia Hospital Hos ltal
HInke Emma IX D 21 1403 New NewJersey Jersey ave avenw nw
i Jackson Jnclcs n Rosa 38 1006 Kings court nw
Konnon JJlpria Ifrla R R72 72 7 100 U st stnw nw
tlndfeuist LlndgulstJohn John 55 IT S Soldiers Home
tloyd Maurice D D4J 43 1322 E Est st ne
Martin Ralph E 37 days ays 2S Jefferson st
Morton Henry 50 Washington WashlntQnAsYlum Asylum Hosp
McElhlnney Infant of Charles A and anc Iva 5
hours 17 17hBates ½ Bates at nw
Partridge PartrJdgeAnnle Annie 60 56 L L6 st f nw
r Pulley Nancy 91 Was hn As ylum rlumU05pltal ium Hospital
Reilly Jane E En 71 733 7335th 5th st as e
ScbHver S rIYerrobn John H IL 3 iruos mos 523 5th at t ne
Smith Ada 16 Freedmana Hospital
Smith Alfred H 59 17 US S Si i Soldiers SOl ler Home
Smith Sarah E 56 EOS 608Dtl1 Oth at se
Trusty Charles CbarJt84 4 44 1547 4th st nvr
WHliame lUau H Harvey rieyB 8 months 3 Ballwln Ballwi row
Wllner Ernest Erne t 68 13317th 1334 7th 8t nv nw
Wilson Mary 2 months Kenllworth D C
c on Brains Repaired I
Ten TenAY Days > k S owsr
t ti
ble dates back backtot to the spring sprhWQfWO of f 1302
I when the labor Inborele element rnent ordered o td tcd str strIkes ikes
at a t the plantapf plAnts C or of three tJl i ie e o ot of f the e largest large sJ t
I manufacturing > concerns conce ms in this thi city cit
Successful su c essful on n ly In n part P a rt in inth their ir Strikes
I the Union men entered entercdpoHtIc politics and last Ias
March IDrc4elect elected d their mayor because 1l cause the the th
third candidate candidateIn in the th Jield divided the
Republican vote
In the big 1 marble strike in Vermont yermol1t
last summer Mayor lIuv r Carder arderquit quit work I Ilast
with the the strikers Having gained noth ¬
1n ing g b by bl the th e strike strJkr e tn tho this > s labor men deter d eter t t1n
mined to get even w wlt with ith 1 Manning at any
cost costmd and the th announcement announcement o Of othIs his can j j
didacy for mayor caused a hasty reor reor ¬
ganization ga nlzatiO nOf of the labor r party 1rt and the t h Cln in ¬
ducement of of11aot Mayor + Carder t9 to try for I
reelection re lecton
The administration of the past year
with labor labo men filling all ll the important
city c1t offices has online 011 onthe the whole been satis ¬
I factory and the the city fty Jias ias lived within
its Income
P President esldcntlfrtnning Manning and Mayor Carder
I are on onexcgn ot excellent nt termspersonal1 terms personally and
thl their Ir relation reIa tIonOe of employer and a ndemPlo employe e
will Continue ontinueno no matter which one Is
elected mayor mayor 1
To o Show ShOwCl Cause lse Why Whr WhrH He H 7 7S S Stioi f h ili Ic1 Not I
Be Removed Rem 9 9ed ed v o is4 as as2r I
Trustee Trus t te e I
Judge ad Anderson In EquIty E J Court t 2Co o 1 j
2 this thisniorl1I morning g granted ranted an anorde order direct 1
lrt log Thomas S Waggaman Waggamanto to show I
cause on February Febnmry23 23 why hYbe he should
not be remoy removed qas as trustee of the es es 1
tales of ofJohnPandSte John P and Stephen pheri P PFran Fran Prank k ks s i j
tIn and andano another her trustee appointed in
his place pla e
The petition was filed fiJ cl last December
It Itsnys says that thntWaggaIl1an Waggaman tooRcharg took charge
and disposed of ofCCrt certain lrl property proper with
out outwJlrnnt warrant of law and arid continues
That he is an unsafe unfit and Im
proper person to continue cOnttn uetp to n adminis dmlnIs
ter t r the trust Imposed 1 by the t e last will
and testament tes ament of f the late John P
Fran klin
Jt was said at the office of the United
States Marshal Ma rshal today that Waggaman
has gone to toCalifornia California C for his health ea1th
rrHADwrG rrHADwrGt t1llIA1IYIUK t Agt A8EUM w wea1th
Will Look Into IntoAIlegedSmuggUn Alleged Smuggling Smuggli i of
Woman VomanNowUI Now Under der Arrest
in n Cleveland
Secretary of the Treasury Shaw has
taken up the matter matt r of oCthe the alleged
smuggling by MraCassie L Chadwick
and the reported concealment con conceals cealm nt nt of a a large
portion of her assets
Collector of Customs Charles F
Leach of Cleveland 7 7had had a a lengthy len th con contcrence ¬
ference with the Secretar Seer Secrptary taryof y of the Treas ¬
ury U r > J Jc Comptroller c omptr oller of t the l lie ie e Currency C urren Ridge R ljge
ly cYiiev c hief 1Ief of Special Agents Parker and
Chief Chlefri yi tneInsolvent the Insolv nt Division Oldham
of the Comptrollers Comptrollcrst ComptrollcrsOIDce t Ofilce
Particulars of of the th Conference c nt r nce were not
given out but ut late la e last 1ntnlght night Mr
Leach Leach in company with Mr IrOldham Qldham
started for or New Ne York Qrk supposedly iUPP5edl In
quest of the alleged smuggled smusgl d gems and
secreted dollars
The House desk of the late Morton P
Otis of Yonkers 2 1 N Y YWho Y who Who died die d dAt at
his home yesterday morning was draped
in mourning today tOQa
A heavy black bla k cloth lothc covered vcred the en ¬
tire tfrcd desk sk and on the top of the desk d 3k
rested a a large bouquet boiJquetotlllles of lilies and andotl oth ¬
er flowers Chaplain Coudens prayer pra er
this morning was wl wls s that those bereaved
by Mr Otis Otl3death death might becomtorted be comforted
ItchinG Blind Bleeding or orProtrudlng Faotrudinff PlIes
Your druggist will refund money it PAZd
OINTMENT OINlzm Nl falls to euro you 011 In 6 to 14 da days > I
EO cents
CHESTER CHESTERn On Monday lIonLla3Fe Fe February bruary bruary20 20 1905
at 5 oclock p I m at her 1terresldence residence 1027 North
Capitol Ca pit91 street northeast MARGARET CHES ¬
TER beloved tvlfe wlfeot of Dennis pennlljChester Cheater it
KRAPT ICRAFTOn On OnMnda Monday February Fe bru ary 50 1003 at
1230 p m JOHN KRAFT son of Annie and
the late John Kraf K111tt
Funeral Funraltromhls from his late residence l < sldenc820 820 Tenth
street northeast Thursday February IqbruarY23 23 at
9 a m thence to toHQI Holy Name am Church It 1
Of Oteyery every deacriptlon descliptonIderate1yprlced descriptionmoderately raoderately priced
1214 1214F P Street Northw Northwest st Phone M 009 9 9u i9
332 penn > enn Av6 Av N W Washington D DC c
OF 01 ponro RICANS
Land I iaiid of ofManallaTJies ofMaiiana Manana Tries Rapid RaI > I
Transit t
At First Chopped ijf Ddn Poles and Cut Cut
t t i
WireCahled c It the Devil e
SAN SA JUAN JUANj j i is 1 P s n Feb 21SanJuart 21 2LSan San Juan
has an electric l ctrIC road which looping
through HU 9Uht th the city iiy ty by bYW way way Y bf f f the t r reprln eprln principal i pal
plaza f rlin runs rtinsatvayllnt axVa Lwoylntp into kh6 th thO gQuntryafong country along
the side lde of f the he grand e military road to
Rio PledraS PIedrna m sn small r iall lllsuburlrt suburb suburbten ten ll miles
to lhosr the s oitti tnV ni Since Slnce1ts iui Its bu liding ililing this
road has hadan dan eyentful ev ntful career
After the t thttArnerlcan A Anterlcanopcupatipn eriqnO opcup p puP uP ticni 9n it t was
converted cQn rtEl from 1a 1annrrpw a e riarrpw nirpw gauge steam
raiiroad rtiHro railroad itainto into it B Bst a standar st standnrh standnrhgauge n dar d gauge gall geelectr1c electric
line There Th r was as fiercit fj rce Opposition O p i o n from
the natives who WhoCQoPPc chopped down poles
and unstrung wires but the American Am e ri Gan
contractor contraiJtoIw went en t grimly g rl mI ahead nh ead and andwon won
out 0 Ut
Held Helda a Fiesta
jine 1 t n to e first filr E t car run r u n through th rou gll tl1 the city Ci ty was wasmade
made the th tl occasion cc lsion of a fiesta and cu ¬
rlous mobsfpllowed mObil tlloW followed d It for a amBe mile or two
During DU rIng the th tho flrSt firs first t feW few years yearsthere C arst therp 1cr c was asso so
much knoc knocking o king down of fares faresth that t the
crews ma made de more money than the com c m ¬
pany The line l1ncvns was run Illn on a a lazy
schedule in this t I land of manana or to ¬
morrow morr w but now noweverythInghasb everything has been been n
changed chang d
Natives Nat1v now Instead insteadofbelngarraid of being afraid
to travel in the thedevl1 devil cars r s will v1Uspend spend
their Weir last ast nickel JcJtcl for fOra a ride The motor
soon and andc6nductors c cOnductors ard ar dandlbg dandfe in
white hlte uni lpif uniforrris fornis < uI1s with visors of tortoise
shell sh n on their caps They They do not rob 1O
the company co mp < an because b C c a Us e they th ey are a re mostly m st13
family men and proud of the fact that
they are as well pa id as as the kha ki clad i
dandles of the tn Insular in SU lOI police a and ndb better ctte r
paid than Uncle Sams SaIJ S young men menin In
blue who form th the provisional provIsionalregirUm regiment
of oJPort 01 Porto sgticp f Ztcp lc
0n O SchedulaTime Schedule Time
The rh cars are run on d a clisse cl se schedule chedule
now now An tl amusement in1usemen tarl park in > a a large arge
grove of o f cocoanut co anut palms pams has ha just just been b en
Opened i encdwith with a a dancing pavilion moon mo ll ¬
light 1 1concerts concerts surf
bathing bathlngapd and vaude ¬
vIlla entertainments The natives flock
to the theclil11cef3 dino dances s but have hav abandoned their
stately st tely but Qutsensuous sensuous native jaranga jarnngaf for r
the he m merrier errier American Am erfcan twostep and an d
Most lostof of this Change ange wrought wrQ1 ht slowly
in five yc < years ye years < rs has been be n brought broughtabout about
by byCharl Charles 5E B Warner of oPitt Pittsj Pittsjburgv burgv but
who ho gathered around him an anexeutiv executive
staff of of young YQungAmi2rICans Americans to put some
ginger Into intoJ the ewOlliIn working ofthetoad of the road
Native frac tra trackme ckme kmeft n nused used t to wa want nt to t light
the inevitable nevI 1 l clrarette cimllettee every eve vc rY rYminute minute or
so Then they wanted a dr dr drn ink n kof of coco
deagua the thcmllk milk or water Tfl e in the th cocoa
nut or jthey hey would would recline in the t e shade
when not shamv hJil hart h 1v looked after
In a country where vegctatIonseein8 egetatlon egetatlonp etUo l le p seems e I1
to spr spring ing up In Ina a night it i is hard Work work
to keep k p the track traek clear l itr from grasses gIi ssesal1d and
weeds we edS These T hCSc by b Y covering CoYer Qg the tbetfesltecp ties th s Keep
them moist which Is bad for the wood
The track gangs now have hare to hustle
briskly to keep k ep the the ten mIJ miles s of track
with turnouts branches bran hcs and andswlt switches l1es
Master theCurreht the Current
At first the native l t1v motormon were wer
afraid of thQ thqcurre current taf1d and were liable to
lose their heads under the least le s excite ¬
ment N Now w they the have overcome overco m me e th their ir
As a to tou tourist uh ist t road it has few fo few equals
Running for r miles right rightn19 n19 along lg the h
southern southclnslde southclnsldeof side of the themllitar military road or o
carretern it presents every phase of ofI ofIa of na tin a ¬
tive life
As the trolley trolleyrumbles rumbles past the patient atIerit
bullocks In the Quaint lumbering IumberIrgcarts carts
roll thelreycb their eyes as they strain str hi to the
yoke The strange little trotting trottll1gponies ponies
with panniers and rider on back shy no
longer at the mechanical rival Bare Bnr ¬
footed laundresses and naked children
yell at t the passengers pa8Sen rs while a battalion
of bluejackets with the band from the
warship In the bay may hike swinging
ly past as they go in light marching
order on a practice march
So disinclined are alcthe the poorer natives
to work that every second one is Iso a
EV Eva lS
Ale 1e
TS S RICH in inall all the th essentials
I Is I Ithat I that go to make a health he 1th i
giving gi vingsa satisfying tisfyingnerve nerve
making beverage beveragean an ideal i
drink for ever ybody ybod y all ll the
All Dealers Clubs Hotels Restaurants and
Oyster Houses
Wonder Wonderwhiat On derwhalI what Mertz rtz will WillsaY say today Od a Y7 1
Store Eltore closes eloses6 6 pm 8 pm Saturdays
Store Closes at at1 1 p I m Tom row r ow
1 r O OQ Q
1 1
rA A
Ir 1
Suit M to tor toM M Measure ure I
in Mertzs best be st manner of I
fine black and nd snappy fancy I
fabrics fabricsworth worth up to 20 Iii
9 95O 0 50
Pall Dress Suits SuitsfQr fov Innagft
Ball tth1 to order 9I75O 175O up
I Mertz and Mertz C Cl f
f 906 906F F Street
peddler peddIeroI or vender of pVcesQ sweets Qf or fruits
and their thelJ7rnusfC Tnuslcl l or rsome sometimes frnes lI1cord discord ¬
ant antcrleSC3IibEUHllrd cries can a bf bOlisard htard even above aboethe boe the
buzzing buzzIngofth of the m0tprs m t rs
S i r Euna un uno uns o s Special p l par8 Cars
wi V1e S thq thqbi i br bi bie e itiW twnt1 t > dI1YlQUr5team day tour eteam
ersC9m era rsvcp come i6jfft ftfWlt fit wtihlt I ii t1i their Htflr lrladSopl loadsr of pleasure fiUle
soekers soekersthe th eo C cAhyfuns fftpaftjr tt1p f1ytunssptclal puns special cars
wIth a guide to t point llointout out theplAcc1 the placeS > r of O
interest andt1 and t then i ijfen jfen en the natives na ttvs try to
reap Teapnharv a harvest Stsem selling g Panama Pumunahats hats
canes of ofcQff coffee wood quceriy Carvad
pornfc Qriii handmade lacesphiJtosrapbi laces photographs
and Hndc every ry imaginable thing they th ybclleve believe
the t he visitors S will buy
Perhaps the conservation conIH rYAtino1 of the hc native natlY
In n contrast ontrastwith with the push of the tbeAmeri AmerJ Amen
can could oul lnot hot he better Q tJ11 illustrated 1llustratedthan thatt
whett W he4th the flying flylngtron6YCarra trolley car carrattles rattles tles1 > past a3t
the great slow ox carts artson on the military
road and nd the double span df Oxen xen do dOltOt not
even raise ra1c1ethelr their Jieiids In In wonder wo der
Air Allther the repairing alrlngjncidenl incidental l to the wear
and andte1t tearon on the thCf tlofrollingstock Toliihff stock Is done by
natives na UVesunder under underAinenloan Ainerlcan Amerlcangtlhlance guidance As
carpenters they tJi Y JU afe very VEryexpert expert But Butso so
far th the Spanish language has nO not been j
able to supply a word for thesystem the system
and It ItIs is known to all the Spanish speak ¬
i ing I g natives by the American term el
HA HAVANA VANA Y A Feb Febr r 21 ZLS L Stevedores t evedpres y lgS who ho
werememperpf were members of the un unlonth union ion that twas was vas I
disrupted dI r pt d bylast by last years year year strike s riIe have haV Q
started st r t dannttemp an attempt to strike s rjk because
the t employers em plOy rsat are Yl v vitila iolating la t ting iig their thcIrpro prom m ¬
isesrEfusing ises refusing to tp employ mploymehwho men w who ho were wer
mernbers of bfthe the union mI n The steamers
are nre h handicapped ndic pp d by the smallness sn lh easot of
thefIworllr their working gcroWI3 crews
What has he learned 1carneclnt 1carneclntco at college co llege
Why WhyhesecIJls he seems > to have l 1Jede devoted oted him ¬
self to the study tudYof of modem modernlnng languages ges
Ive he heard rdhlm him talk fulkbascbaU baseball fpolbaU f football o ptball
golf goit tennis tenI1 s horse polo olo and po pokerln poker ker in
the course of half an nnhourNew hour hourNew New York orJt
Worn Out O It
Run 1 n RunDown l11111 Down 1 0Wn
I Iw Iwill w will ill gla gladly dly give you a a fti full llj ll
dollars worth worthof of ofmy my
reme r dy tQ to t tes test t
I Nothing Nothi1tgtdepos to Sepos depott itL it1i9th1ng jKrpthlxig to oprom prom
I ISO S S e The he dollar bpttlQ bOt bottle tIe is f S fre t frea r e Y ZOTOX 0 U r
Druggist i on my J1orderwill1uulIlyou order will hand you a a
full dollars WlJrthlUid wo worth ± t1t an n send sen4met1ie en mo o tiie the 1 bm ili
WllYt10workand Why do work arid mrryand worry and excess ex essa anfl pd
strain and anaocr overindulgence lnd1Jlgepc break bre kd da down wn n con
sjUutIoR3 sUtutlo snndmJke and mate men 1Tena and and dwom women nw worn rn
put out and andrurt run down d in < and d restless res ea awl a ridslee sleepless pless
and discouraged AIdmors end inprpse Because 13ecaU5 they bey
weaken the tlnyten tln tintender tender fetnetes nerves nerveS on which life
Itself Heltdepends depends
Not the thenery nerves nerves s you yo ordlnarjfy Jhin1 think about
nqt the nerves nerv that govern verp your oulIriD movements ment
and > your y urthOughts thoughts
But the automatic nerves nerVesthatunguld that unguided d
and a unknown night nlshtand and day keep your
heart h artln in niotlonrcontrol mot1onontrolthe the digestive dlfestlveappar appar ¬
atus atusre anizrogulate regulate guJnte your our H1er liver liverap < pperat p rat rais your yourkld kid ¬
These Tbeseareilienerve an are flies the nerves nerves that thatW9JTy worry W wears arSout out
and work breaks Jjreaksdown down
It Itdocs does no nogorid good ttrentthaaUingorgan to treat the ailing organ
the Irregular heart heartthc the disordered sord zcl Jiver liverthe th the
rebellious re lUot1s stomach stomachr stoI1a stomachthU h 7 r the Deranged terangedkfncys kidneys
They are not to blame But Blltgo go back backt to
th the nerves that control CQnt ltben them J There e you
will wlUilndtlteseatot find the seat of the troubled trouble
It does no gOO < to take takcsthnulant stimulants and nor nir
cotIcs for theirs at t best Js bat b ta a temper
ary a at y effect etr Ct which Whlchmereiy merely postpones P stponcsUe the final
day of Rreckoralng reckontnjrr
CTiictfe Te e Is nothing not lngneWabQutthlsnothlng ne new > about this thisnothing nothhig
any physician hyslclanvoulddlspu would dispute eBtit But It rc
maSnod malnt it9rDr < for or Dr Shoop Shoop to t apply lWPly this thlt knowl ¬
edge edgeto to put It to practical i ractl al use lliI lrv Dr Shoops
Restorative is the theresult result or a quarter ceo ¬
tury t of endeavor along this very very line It
does doe > not dose ose the organ or deaden the pain
but ut it it does go at once onceto to the nervethe nerve the in in ¬
side nerve nervethe the power nerve nerveJl1d nerveand and builds it itup up
and strengthens str ngtheng It and an makes J ii well That hat
is hstheeI14QtaU the end oj ofall all vital ltal troubles That hrthe la the
end of sleepless nights and andrestlessdas restless days
That is the end of nervousness the end of
brain fag and fatigue
If Ifyo you are e yorp worp out t run down and havd hay
never liever tried In jny reniSt remtidy iy merely write and
ask sk 1 will w1lIsend send you an an order ordEr on your drug dru ¬
gist which he hewIUaccePt will accept as asgladly gladly as he
would vouJdacc accept pta a dollar dollar He will J 1l1hand hand you
from liEs h sslielVea shelves a standard staniIardsizedbottl sized bottle of
my prescription < mandh and hie will wHlsend iil send the bill to
me merhis This offer Is 1smad made only to 5trangersto strangers to
my remedy re1nedThose Those who have orice once used the
Restorative do not need this evidence ldence There
are arc no conditions condIUlnlJnorequjrements conditionsno no requirements It Is
open opepand and frank and fair It Is Ist1e the supreme Upren e
test ol my limitless belief All that I Insk ask
you outodo to do Is to write wrlt wrItewrite write today tOOa
For a free order or er Book 1 on on Dyspepsia
for a atull full dollar hot Book 2 on opthe on the Heart
tie you must address Book 3 on nth the Kidneys
Dr Shoop BoxG763 Book Bookl 4 for Women
Bacine WIs State tate Book 5 for Men
which book bookyou you want an1 BOok 0 on Rheumatism
Mild Mlldcascsare cases are often ottencure cured by bya a single bQt bpU bat
tie For sale saleat at forty thousand drug drugstores stores
Dr r SlIonpS
Rcst Rcstorativc 0 rativc
is the man inan who who ho gets ahead in
the th world
If Ifvou you youwan wan aIl l Uo t to s start tart tafta a anewac new ac ¬
count COuIJ f fJ fvh J why whynot vh not no t start ta t it it wihtle wih the
stron strongest gest financial f institution in In
the South where it will receive receive
interest and may be checks check
against agiinstat at will Small Smallaccounts accounts
Capital an and d surplus
1fnt 1rnerican rican SeduriW urityanf and
Criisompany r r ompanv
14056 i405 G STREET
p paragon aragon S Sugar Corn Sin 5 + e Can
I 948 4S La Ave Ave6 ve 6 other oth r stores
w71A 421 1 VJlL VL L w
VVI VVIt WHT1S t t f fi i XIr THERE
TN iNLT 11 ri3
S Sotts Qtfs QttsElnuIiIl Emuls ion i isa ia a care ¬
f ful ui lblea blen b1endof de 1 1Qfthe of Qfthe the purest co o d
liver o 011 il li hypophos ypoplios phites o f f
lin1 lime an U1 n d ds soda s Qd4f da gly g glycer eerrae ednG hic an pda da d a
dash dashof of flavor rin in g TEIixi Thecom com rn ¬
bination bina tiol1 of these th sf 1 valua valt1able ble
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Adjoining AdjolnlnsBoardwalkfull Boardwalk full ocean view Open
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Business College
Corner 11th and F FstreetsNW streets N W Best
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Typewriter at home frea Sltuatioa Si IaUon
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Sanders Stayinan Co
i327 F St
Send for Kings Xing Draft and Stirrup st p
Spring Weight one ounce Price J 50o 5O
per pair
Ulnstratod mustrat d Circular
Geo W WK King lg
1692 31st St WashIngton Va 1ngton D O
Is Cured By Homeopathy
We offer you the services of a epo spe
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latest scientific apparatus paratus tree rr eof of any a117
charge e
Medicines 25c and 50c 50
730 Eleventh EIeven St StN ST VT W
Always the Sam Sarna 3
Berkeley Rye
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