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1 FEB 27 19C5
Rain this afternoon fol C
t Tomorrow lowed by clear fair ing tonight WaIungton U 2tme I
KOrir Kondratovitch tQvitch ite K Is Killed on the Streets in in
Y >
t th Midst idst dst of f < a Lar ge Crowd Crowdat at Bay m t
br break akAssassins Assassins Esca Escape pe
< J i
t ii
Immense Im Ilense Quantities of Ha y Grain and an
Stores StQresDestro Destro yed yedMartial Martial Law atBakt1 at Baku
Situation Grave in Southern Russia
ST PETERSBURG PE PE1ERSBURG ERSBURG Feb F b 25 25Three Three strikers at daylight dayllghtthls this mornin morning a
k assassinated llss ssinnt dIon Ivpndratoyitch dra ov1tc llthechief the chief of police of Baku
A Alarge large 1arg crowd surpunded sur unded Kondratovitch as he hewas was passing through throughthe the
f I street tr eetThechi The chief of PfpOlic police a moment later fell dead de d In a poo pool of blood
The assassins a fassinescapedby escaped by a as side Ide street where a vehicle veh1clemurwaiUngto was wivaitIngto waiting to
convey them to toa a place of safety
Revolutionists today set fire to the military magazine at Kieff
Immense Imm nsequantities quantities of fgrain grain hay and stores were destroyed
LONDON Feb 25 25TheSt 25The The St Petersburg corespondent of the th Exchange E change
Telegraph T eIegr Ph Company reports sthat that martial law laWhas has ben de declared laredat at Baku
Russian Caucassia Ca cassia the scene 9f 9fserlous serious street fights between Armenians
1 and Mo Mohammedans ammedans
The TheBeuter Jleuter Telegram Company reports that the prefect of police at Ba
toom Russia nu sah has Sbeen been assassinated assassin ted
WARSAW T pJ W Feb 35 25rrhere There is no sign of a letup inthe In the crisis arising
from the strike of the railway r ilwayemployes employee
Disorders on n a asma small lI scale continue continueatdifferentpolnts continueat at atdifferentpolnts different points < j
The Theonlys only serious ri us trouble this morning ocurred curr d at tMar t Markiwhere where strikers
wrecked tSe t g railway station
Peas Peasants ants Join Jo in in Riots
I nmjzfa SfJlJthern ihern = Russia Russ > a
C 1 1L L < c
LONDON Feb 25 The situation in
southern Russia R1I 51 a is fast fast t takh jak1tig klq klqo jert on o Jl a
more more serious eri s complexIon cOinpl xt n Fha t thajt ff Rit < it had had
even rivcm durjng diJrngth dur lng the recent i nt revolutionar revolutionary y
movement movem ntthere there
Jj rh ihc Che agitatfon agltfi lJOI is rapidly spreading and
the outlook o tlook is is s most serious The move
rnent ment has how no taken t 1ten hold among among the
peasants who are burning stores of corn
and an other oth provisions provis Ions belonging to the
landed proprietors Several thousand thQJ1s md
sheep 5he have been killed and quantities quan tities
of hay h y and nd straw strawdestroY destroyed d
The seriousness s riousnessoJ of the tle situation can
not be overestimated It It is 1 generally
agreed H ee that unless the peasantry join
the ranks of the insurrectionists any at ¬
tempts at revolution must be doomed to
Heretofore the peasants have remained
stolidly stolidl toiid1v r rlndifferentto indifferent lndifferentto to the revolutionary
agitation This fact was was the chief rea ¬
son Of the failure of the strikers to force for ce
a farreaching political change
A A dispatch from the Russian capital
says MS the th statement has been made by
a member of the diplomatic corps that
the imperial council or ministers has
r received > ivcd information that the he situation sl uaUon
in both oth southern and western Russia is
rairvidly hecpming be pmingsoserious so serious that repres ¬
sive measures will be necessary in the
noar future
Agitators A ffitorsare are said sa f1 to be bedlstrlbuting distributing
throughout the country districts circu ¬
it sf in in which the peasants are are urged
to tmakc 1 make a general gcn ral demonstration on
iLirch 3 the anniversary of the libera ¬
tion ti n oi the serfs crfs
Japan Offers Peace Terms
Through United States
It is now learned conclusively that
Japans move for peace reported last
Thursday was made through the United
The north Atlantic disturbance dlsturbnncchas has
seemingly made little progress progr sg north ¬
eastward and stormy conditions still
prevail over oert the e Nova Scotia coast < and
off to sea to the eastward The Missis ¬
sippi valley depression has advanced to
the upper Ohio valley and increased in
intensity while an area of high pressure
has moved southeastward over the mid
tIe Rocky mountain region and now
stretches from the north Pacific coast to t
Oklahoma O OilN ilN Light l n rain n has fallen In the Ohio and
middle Mississippi valleys v lIeys and light
snow in the upper lal lake < e region Else ¬
where fair f ir weather has prevailed with
unimportant temperature changes
Rain Is indicated for tonight in the
northern portion of the middle Atlantic
States and snow or rain in the lower
lake rec region kon Snow flurries will prob ¬
ably continue c ntinue along the lower lakes
Sunday but elsewhere clsewh re fair weather is
Indicated in infl It fl will U d dbe be be somewhat warmer tonight in
northeastern n rtbeastern districts Slightly colder
weather is Indicated for the Ohio valley yall
and the theeatGuJf east Gulf States
3 9nm a m > >
12 4 4o lnoon noon o > j 3
1 lpm p nu > >
Rcgist < Registered ared < Xfficcks AttleckaSt Standard ndard Thermometer
II Jam a m > vi IC
12 noon r 1 4 41
1 1pm p m > 5 51
Sun sets l ets today todaYH H 54 54S
Sun rises tomprrow > 63 63S
High tide today 1545 p m
Low tide today to ay 730 p m
High tide tomorrow tomorrowllla lll a in m143 143 pm p m
Low tide tomorrow to rr nv 746 46 a a m S33 p m
States Government an and andth iL that t11 t 1h the subject s bje l
was wasjiroached broached roacI a to JPriesidentJRposevelt I1r rsdentR e > J entg90sevelt os velt b
Minister rUnlstertTaka1 jTakahira ra himself hlmse1Lln Jn tn a call
the White hite House
Surprised at the moderate demands de mands
Japan apan and iindhoping hoping that this would
possible a satisfactory ending of th
war warPrcsidentRoosevelf President Roosevelt Rooseveltat at once lla
Secretary Hay communicate communI atewUh with
ambassador at St StPeters Petersburg burg
the subject was taken up in an
way y at the court
Russia Made M de No Response
Ambassador McCormicks representa
tions tionson oh the subject it is now
definitely gave rise to the peace jea eace e
that then began to circu circulate late ate Thesere These re
ports were erroneous in so far tarns as Rus
sia was concerned since Court Lams
dorif dorffmade made no Itomovaor move for peace peace
After mentioning the fact to
Lamsdorff that thatthlacountry this country had
informally inf rmallY told of the general terms
which whi h Japan is ready to open peace ne
gotiations Ambassador McCormick McCormlckwaE
told to drop it unless it were
up again by Russia as his message
not demand a a formal reply Russia
not signified her willingness to
Japans proposals
Japans Demands
The he chief points of f Japans
arer are
Insistence on the complete and parma
neat nenteva evacuation atfon of Manchuria by Rus
sia and some someform form of an Internationa Intern UonaJ
guarantee guarant e that it would remain an inte
gral part of China
International management to to be pro
vided for the line of railroad
from Harbin to Port Arthur and an Niu
Repognition of Japans Japan s influence
Korea KoreaaR as supreme
Port Arthur Ar thur to be retained by b Japan T pan
but but to he opened to toa11 all nations on
equal footing
j Indemnity was not asked for
Mob Rule Triumphs
In City of Warsav
LONDON LO DON Feb 25 25Reports Reports from Co
penhagen and nndels elsew elsewhere w here hereconfirm confirm th thl
news that Warsaw is cut off ofttrom from com
munlcation in all directions There ar arl <
no means even of sending provisions t <
the town
Soldiers Sol diers are guarding the railway sta
tion Telegraph Tel grnph and telephone wire
have been he en cut by strikers
tI I The he police of the city cityare are threatening
t Ito to go goon on strike for higher wages Thi Th
men In the traffic trafilcdepartment department of thi
1 Warsaw section of oftha the St Petersburi
railway have struck The employes 0
the gas works threaten to go on strike
I and the works have haV been occupied oc upled b
Police Extortion
The wages w ages ges of o the police are approxl
I mately J6 60 6 a month Their officers an a r4
I paid 16 Hence both officers and men
I In order tp live resort to extortion The
will submit their demands to the thechle chie
of otpol1ca police today
I Crowds surrounded the Vienna rail
I way station from early morning Tin
police pol1ceattcmpted attempted to disperse them an anI <
arrested arcsteda a student who offered resist
ance anceA A mob tried to rescue him II
the struggle str1Sglea a policeman poUcemandrew drew a saber
J Continued on Third Page
Morgan P Postpones tponesNak Mak ¬
ing ingSpee Speech ch on
Chairman Ch in nan Bsyer iidge idg Does
Not Expect Action Actiol1at at the
Present Pr nt Session
The Statehood bill was w llssent sent toco to con c i
ference by the MSel1ate Senate this thi s sm morn m morning rn ing in g w w it lth th h
no noothcrco other comment mment than a brief briefsJat state
ment m cnt by Mr M Morgan Morgan of Alabamn Alaba 1 that
he did not wish to interfere w wl w1h ith h
appointment appointm nt of > f fconferees conferees
The Chatr Chair thereupon named n amed asc as con m
ferees Chairman Beveridse and Mr Ir
Nelson Republicans an and ti Mr lr Bate Bat S
Democrat De mocrat Both the two firstnamed
Senators Senators opposed oppos d the bill bllias as it passed
the Senate The conferees will hold
their t r first meeting meetin g gon on Monday MOilI1u MOfii hLY
Mr Morgans s Par t t
The Senate met at 950 9500dock oclock toda
with wIththe the understanding thatllcSy that the Swaync 11
proceedings proc qedings would be resumed resumEda at t
oclock oclo clt This tenmln tenminute te fntcfv interval l
sufflcieit S11ffici t for orthe the introduction < of Oso some t tc c
routine routlnl business busIncss and wid the naming namlnlof of the
Statehood Stateh od conferees c nr < rees
As As Assoon soon as the theChalannounced Chair announced a
still stUipe pending nding the tlemoUon motion of > Mr Ir Bc Bever vcr
idge that conferees be named Mr Met Qr
gan 1nwas was recognized as entitled to
floor lQorln in virtue of having held 1H 1 it at a d
journment j last lnstevenillg evening
It was was wasnotlce as noticed th that ta a change chan gc had
place pI1cefnthe in the Alabama Senators Sen tQrs
attitude attit ude Speaking so t 9 low that his
could CQl d hardly hn rdly be heard by b anyone an yone
s said rUd there were several points in
bill which he wished to discuss dIscuss for r fit
teen t een minutes or more more apiece He
I not in 1I1fend tend to do so at rt that thntmomep moment h
commented but he made no nopromlses promises
I to what he intended to do when the re ra
port porLof of ofthe the conferees is returned retu rned tQ to th
Se t3 tjenate riate ate
c j i if1 IMay f1 yTtll Talk Out Time j
While Senators Bailey Te Teller jleiv
j o t1rd thez b Democrats bm li hae been I1 deslrupsq s
gettingtlJebJU getting the bili through in I partial p rt1nt form oom
giving itvlngStat Statehood ho dafone alone to t o Oklah Oklahoma m iia
Indian nTe Territory nItQry and leav leaving ing New MS
ico and Arizona out altogether su
change hangeor of view among some of oihls his col
leagues will m not prevent Mr Ir ii
talking out Qutthe the time if lie hesQ so determines
His Hisyielc1ln yielding today was merely to
the Senate S nate in better position in refer
ence to the stand taken by the House
Such matters of official ofilc1alprocedure procedure
the appointment of conferees c nferees on oIla a re
guest uest preferred by the other ther house hou e
I considered nsldere d matters calling 1l1n g for fO I the exer
else Ise of all proper courtesy courtes between
houses Some Senators knowing
temper emper of the House leaders t
That further delay in naming conferees
implying disregard for the wishes wlshe of
House might lead to to the House Hou5edec1fn declin
ing to come to ohy ny > agreement
at the last moment
Interest In Conferees
All interest in er8t turns now to the work
l the conferees The House is deter
t mined tGsUlnd to stand by its its bill for two
out of the four Territories thus setthin
s the Statehood question altogether
Is also the view of Chairman
land I and Mr Nelson but under their thelrap ap
pointment P ointm nt as conferees they will W m o
I course feel bound to represent
wishes of the Senate so far and so Ion
I as there thercseeh16 seems any chance OfSUCCC5S of success
I As the House is not notdlsposed disposed to yield
a compromise on the part of the bit
affecting only OI Oklahoma lah ma and
Territory TerrItor a disagreement jl agrcementf of the con
ferees is of course expecte expected d ihl
l would then be reported r ported back to th
Senate and House which would be
signal for Mr Morgan Moru Moran an to submit
observations which he K Kewlthheld liSritIihcid withheld today
It Is admitted that it would take takeMr
t Morgan and Mr Teller a long time t
conclude if they determined to
their views in full or oronly only partially so
even ven Mr Bard B rdof of California is read
L to do his utmost to prevent the
of the bill with any joint Statehood
New Mexico l1exl ound and Arizona but some
the other Senators who opposed oppo ed the
are nrenot not go osurc sure any longer in
Chairman Beveridge expects no
on the bill at this session No Noone one
ever predict however what
may come about In the Senate when j
r compromise Is presented With
sides declaring themselves thcms rves unable to
the finish the recommendation of th
conferees is not expected to be bCBuch such a
S I to clear the atmosphere
1 11o Some Are More Hopeful
In spite splteQf of f Chairman Beveridges vie
that there will be no Statehood legisla
tion at this session some Senators 8 nat r
l opposition do not hesitate to predic
that the House will not dare daretorefus to refus
Statehood to Oklahoma a aand and Indian
t If the conferees should bring in n
S report favorable fa yorable to that part of th
t bill these Senators declare de lare both house
I would find it necessary to accept suci
a report
Chairman Beveridge is decidedly dccl op
posed to splitting up the bill In th tht
way preferring to insist upon hit
inal contention for two two joint j < States b o
else etschnvc have no legislation at all Thos
who have opposed him in the Senat
r would regard an agreement in Okla 0km
horna and Indian Territory as a grea
Victory for themselves thcm elv a
S With Vlth such s1Jchopposlng opposing influences at wor
i the report of the conferees is awatte
with Interest by Senators of o1nll all shade
of opinion
125 to Baltimore and Return II2 i2
1 l Pennsylvania cnnsylvan ia Railroad Saturday
t Sunday tic kets good on all trains ex
cept Congressional Limited and goo
for return until Sunday night nf pIghtth htAd Adv
1111 lt s S sv
7ip 7iplt + i
flu I s sj j 2 t
t t i 1 <
2 I
ii ii1 r
s <
s r t C
4 L
1 Nominate NominatedToaa dToaa Today y yb yy b by y the ePrfs President ident to Be Judge of f the United States Circuit
1 C COurt urt in Wisconsin
SencttQuarles Senati91f Senator Quarles W Will ll
Be ea a District Judge
WQlv Wolverine rine Statesman t ttesmanWhoFaHed atesman tesmanWhoFaHed Who Failed of Reelec Reeie < >
tiqnby lion by Rispn Reason JJIlOf of the La fQII Follette tte Victory
Nom NQtpin Nominated Milfeci f by the thePresiden1 President Today To ay
Senti Sentit Sentior Senator t or Joseph J Josejihi s jh vgti V c quanles r1 of tYvJ Wiscon Qn
I sin BiBi who fqn faiie failed rf d Qt ieelecLion l Cmtht to tho Jo
I S Senate nnt Do becauseof oi the h La FohIcto liw1JY wave
O1vlctorJ o f vlctorywhlc c cJ J Wb1 dh dhBVY ih BVY BVYf f ave overtlte itI itIec ec Wol olven e r
Inc c sf 5tatiast f e fii II wriC will r TorrtpOutt Qf0e 6 tb
public pu b lclif life when whcnnls his term emL end Pc Lo on gMarG March 1
Through T rough grace of President Roosevelt 1toos veH
he will become United fttteg SUtcs District
judge In his home State
This nomination nam lnaHon was rec eciod Tv > d by the
Senate shortly after hftcrconvcmlrfat950 convening at S5Q
OclocK today Provision waa Wh made for
Senator Queries by the the1 promotion > ron1o on of
Judge William Vl1lla n H Seaxnat of Wisconsin
I from district judge to succeed Jztmes G
t Jenkins J nkins resigned resJgn d as clrcvt clrcglt lt i judge In the th
Gassenheime Gassen heime rl Files
Motion M iiQn for New Trial
Eight Counts Enu Enumerated me rated in Application
Tending to Call in Question Validity
of Indictment
j I Applications for an arrest of judgment
I and for a 5 t new ne trial were filed In Crimi I
i nal Court No No1 1 of the theSuprem Supreme Court
or of the th District this jh1 morning in theca the case I
5 of o Samuel Gas GascnhcImcr > senheimer the hotel
keeper l cpcr who was y S convicted of dealing l
in stolen Baltimore and Ohio railroad
tickets The papers were welepxcscnted presented b bJ >
the defend defendants nts attorneys Henry Hem E
Davis and nd D W T Baker
In the application for the arrest of
r judgment judgrnentthere there are eight counts co nts It is
alleged al1 ged that the Indictment does oes not
show the tIckets fcl < tn were w re embezzled in Inilny any
i imanner manner described under the laws of olthe the
District of Columbia that the tl1clnqlct indict
mGi mont t does dcsnJt not show thai the tickets
came intr the possession poss slon of the con
j ductor f luct r Barnes who Is said to have I
i sold them to Gasseuhelmer in the theDls Dls
i trict of oColumbla Columbia that the Indictment
j does do s not n ot show Hm that t the tickets were W le of o r
i any value valll that hat tbe l le e indictment is un
nedou Redoubled lcd precautions will be taken
to protect American Interests in Santo
e Domingo since the attempt made madey yes s l
terday tErcJa to assassinate President Morales i
i a at n santO Doming J City Clt report of Qfh which cl1
e was made to the State Department
n Minister Mlnl3t r Dawson said that Morales 1 rales
I was not injured but that he had a a nar
I row row escape Five of the theassaHanls assailants were
s Sarrested arrested rre5tc
ThG United m ite States will wlI1nptbe not be able ble
t ci actively ac flveb to support President Mor
e ales because the Dominican treaty
has not been he n ratified but bu the hc movement
t of of naval a i vessels today lnd indicated cated that
our warships in that vicinity will be
k made use of for protection
d The cruiser Newark today toda reached
s Santo Domingo City The gunboat Po ¬
I tomac tomncraied sailed from San Juan Juanlor for Monte
I Christi and the cruiser Detroit and
gunboat S unooat Castlne c astlne are still S Un cr Cf guard gu ard at
> Puerto Plata Iata and Santo Domingo DIYTIlngoC1ty City I
j 1nspcctiely respectively
I risos Cure la an n effectual erce elTectuaLremeeiy ual remedy r meaY for rorCOII cold 1
on the lungs AH druggists 33o > 3Adv Adv Ad
Seventh j judicial J udicial d cialCicUI circuit Mr 11 Queries Qu res
J taking aciigtixttnp 1i J3e0man3 j mqn former fotm form rpl place pltc ce An adk ad
dltlona i circuit 1rcuIt juflgeslfip jUdgeshlPWtisrecant1 judgeship was recently receatl
c L1i hSevthcIrdtUtruid X Jt1i u < 41 dtn tliL i
wHT wfflbi le peassIgncd asigned a siffndd to llltoofs n1ino 5
Other Oth < rnommatlonsrccelvedby nominations received by th the
Senate Sen te today were wer word
William W mam F FTbbetts Tobbetts of f Alabama Ala lmatQ to
b be collector of customs for the district
of Mo Mobile bile Alabama
Thomas B lUowerrs r owerrs to be bepost postmaster 1ter
at Flushing N Y
Navy promotions
To F be rear admiral a miral Capt CaptAmert Albert S
Snow inow to be bou a lieutenant commander
I JleutCharles Lieut > Ieut Charles H Hayes to be lieuten ¬
ants Lieuts junior grafle gra e Chauncey Chai1nc y
Shackfors and Ralph E Pope to ba b a
chief boatswain Boatswain Hugli
certain and dos Cts not charge any anoftense offense
against ngalnstthe the defendant that it does oes not
charge embezzlement in the District of
Columbia and that Barnes did not com ¬
mit n it the alleged theft theftln in the District
In the application for a fie t trial It Is Is
stated that the verdict Is Iscontrary contrary to the
evidence that thatJusticC Justice Wright rIght commit
ed eda a number of errors by excluding evi ¬
dunce dcn < e Jri jn modifying instructions in rul ¬
ing upon prayers for Instructions of
fcred reredb by the th United states tateI and defend ¬
ant because of errors in his charge to
the jUrY1ec jury because uscof of errors err rs committed
in response tQ the jurys request for in
structions after it had retired and llndbe be ¬
cause of his refusal to allow counsel for
the defense to tostat state in the th presence of
jury t tJ1e jie grounds groun s for objections and ex ¬
ceptions to the justices instructions to
the jury
It is expected e pected that Justice Wright will
act upon the petition next Friday
As AI the case now nowstands stands Gassenheimer
is convicted of a crime Involving only
one ticket worth probably proba ly 2 for which
he can be sentenced to ten years ycarsim im ¬
prisonment and fined 1QOO lh0
Representatives of the Department of
Justice in American ports on the Gulf
of of Mexico have been instructed to
guard g gtmrd tmrd against the clearance cle arance of any fill ¬
bustering bm te r1nt expeditions against u ainst Guate ¬
I This was done at t the request of the
Guatemalan government
It was reported that fifty men ap ap ¬
I parently P arenuynrr laborers would wou ld leave Mobile
Ala with arms and munitions of war
This has been b e en guarded guard ed against n gain st and nda a
I close watch is being kept for any simi
lsw ar movement 111 New Orleans
ROME Feb Feb25Twenty 25 25Twenty Twenty thousand per ¬
sons ons are homeless and whole families
have disappeared in a flood which has
inundated the city of Bar Italy
The r11 authorities worked all a lI last night
I bv tcrchllffnt tryir to rescue some of
those caught aJg by b the flood
1W Man r Y y Suildis Buildin lj dillg gs Bum to the GtQlmdHe GroundHet t
So od Im Intense te mse That th the e Fire Firmen tn i1 1 Are re U11
it able ble t tQ to Q tJ Co pe WitHi With FJt Fire
< l c
FJf 1 > e i i
uests s in in Small Hotels B Believed l eved to to Have lav
i Pt Ptr Perished > r shedTwentyfiye Twentyfive Are Reported Re ported
Dea DeadPropertyLoss DeadPro d Pro per perty Loss 2000000 1
HOT HOT sPRmG SPBIHG r S Ask IkFe Feb 2 25 25The Tb The > 1 mOst n6staprjalliiig stappanlT appalling g
fire fir inilie in the history historyof of Hot Spr Springssta Springs ings started t d at i t t4QcIQc 4 4 oclock o clock ktris tli this is
inorningandd inorninganddstrQy mormngy and destroyed strQy d over pver a l1Jlu hpindredb hundred lredJ business US less hQuses nouses houses
and a1 dtW two wo Ohu liun hundied n dred lre d Homes
L i Many 1fanyare are tho thou thought Jlght t tp t to hay have aye il perished perishedin per r is s 1e c intllec0 in the c conflagra 11fla grA
tio tioll o
The T eragingfirewassdI raging raging fire was SQ iriteiise tens J lioweygr l1qW l1qWV however V tFth > that t tc c firemen IDen
and andcitizens c citizens itizens itize 1 were w re unable unable un Un unti til iln l nearly early np6n n noon onto to m rnale g c aPl any
searc sarc h hamong among th the ruins ruins i
It It is is estimated that the loss oflifeis of life is is > 25 2j C
Property loss is isest is estimated atediat2 at 2p0p00p 2000000 QO gQOij > Jf
Business y houses hOllS S des de destroye troye troy V d dl l 100 > < t j
Homes IIoIl1esd destroye stroyed200 d 200 3t 3ts s t r v G
I people pg ple homeless 500 gS i J f i
1J1at Tlrtt the loss ot life will reach a l large rge I many m more re bo boa es will occupy py the
number is certain accOrding acc rdlng to Sheriff morgue before th the 3 day Is oevr evr
Williams lV mams He says 1 ma m rnt4iY 1l jy sm smahlhqtels mtl lf iiotels hoteta All 1l the t leading Icd 1g hotels here have thrown
which V hich were destroyed were wer filled with wi Ii open their heir doors to the t e fire suffererff
guestsj It is impossible impaslJ > le at this hour to The streetcar service e has been been crip ¬
estimate the loss 105 = pled and the electric TIght plant has been f
I J From fom 9 9the the jinpe upper V stories tor1es tord of or hotels h tels and a1d a1drCl1dered rendered iiseless u5eI s
bo boarding fdIn F t tUsc houscat Usc men en > and om oinn k kt t j
1 1 d 1 l lo o = Jetr dJ e6 A t per Picturesnue MicIWinter >
sons could beseeq rus h1ng lIP a d down
the th streets 5treefswrjn wringing i i1gt 1gt their lr hands d and bcl tn in n > Resort for the Invalid Inv aJ d
iiuIr guin1pgif U 1rtnIf in Jf their kin are among the th tl < eJlY Hv
inv iJ1g L JI r Nestling Ne t iI1g between bltwe ntwohi two high hrldges ridges Hot
Fled Pie to tomotlntams ointarns
Springs sometimes f oII1ctlUes known knowJ1as as the Baden
Sd S 55 intense ntensewa was the heat that most mostof of Badeno Bden t deh of America America is a picturesque t ture qu m n1 id d
the th homeless hornelessescaped escaped to the West moun winter nter resort in ineentn1l central Arkansas w where here
thin The The fire was wasr raging i1ng at 10 l o CcIock clock Oevr 3pO 1 springs sprl n bubble bubblefoDl from tjie le earth eah
in the south end of the residence dis d1 h
possess pOsseslnggr pessessing ing great reat curative powers for r
trlc chronic diseases dlseas s
There Is a strong S gtl gale Ie blowing from Qf o recenty recent years eanJ the thespe speculative ulative ele ele
the south Many IaI1Y business houses houses in ment has made Hot H tSpdngs springs its Itsrel ren
Central avenue had t to be dynamited r rmonthg
dezvous in the cold winter months and
by byt the he firemen in order to o s saye save vethe the north
tn then whenthesenson when the season Is at its height
end ena of the city where the Hotels East horse racing rac1ngaIidall and ali forms tormsof Qf garnb gambling bUng ing
man Arlington ArHng pn and Park and nndthe the Gov ma ni niy y be in rfuged in
crnment reservation resetVationare are situated
Among Among the buildings which have been be n Mpnte Nont Carlo Carlo Of America America
destroyed d dIU are IU Grand GrandCentral Central Hotel Lee Hot Springs is today the Monte Carlo
House HouseMocly Moody House Ho sec courthouse 1rthouse county Of the th country wheregamesot where games of chance
I Ijail i jail First Methodist Church Columbia run wide open ope n nand and unrestricted It la
Hotel and the House IIouseo of Israel L > taid aid the speculative specula ive mania is so so strong
The fire re started i from some some unknown that when wearied wearI d of play playing ing tbe the
cause Cltlseint in the hCGl1 Grand dC Central entraIblOCk l block The TheUsualga usual Usualga games < mcs the thega gamblers m bIerS will stand Stan l on
fire department was unable to cope with the piazza of many hotels and nd wager on
the theeonfingrnUon conflagration and within a few mm mlnthe mm I the color of the next horse that passes
utes the First Methodist Church caught Hot Springs is the training ground of
fire Then rh n the blaze spread to the real res 1 many pugilists and baseball teams for
dence district on the west in Irthe the balmy climate and healthfulness
of ° waters fine physical condition w can
Prisoners D Led to Safety afe
ri s n e rs 0
q quickly Ickly b be obtaIned
The Th high wind carried brands to the
Streets ct = o Are A A ivr Narrow
ee S e arrow
court house and jail Deputies Deputiesh hurried rrled
the fifty prisoners prIsoners In the Bastile and The streets of the town are narrow
marched them to the new jail Shortly ShortI and the houses which are re chiefly Chieflyrune frame
after all a ll the prisoners prsonerswerar were removed < movedthe the are qre low and squat quite characteristic
two public buildings bu 1 dlngs were were a seething Of f Southern climes The towe numbers nu bers
m mass ss of a f flames nearly 100CO 10 inhabitants and am while wl l1e it
Government troops and an d police have derives its chief income ncome from its tq vis
been cordoned about the devastated deva stated dis itors there are many ma y manufacturers
trict o ooll of oil stones much mGchftne fine oil stone being
The fire was not under undercontroluntil control until U found near near here her f
oclock There was then no more danger The Ih Government has established an an
of the lames spreading army arnyand and navy navygenera1hOspltal general hospital here here
Firemen assisted 3 lstc1 by h volunteers have and it is one of the chief features of in ¬
formed themselves into searching par terest
tins and andtl1c the men are going about the The springs are all warm varying va rying in
ru ruins ins in quest of charred bodies bo ies temperature from 100 lOQto to 14Sf i4 degrees
Alt Altondy widy the th bodies of oftwQpersons two persons who whoFahrenheit Fahrenheit and the waters hold car
have l h been > Vn burned beyond bC O rid recognition r cognftlonarl arc bollc acid and nndsevernl several carbonates in so
at undertakers rooms It is thought that lutlon
New Braunafeld Children Rehears ing
Eong bng ot1gTheyWish They Wish Him to Hear
on His Trip
16 More Investigations I ve Gati 01 1 were received r efved by l
President Roosevelt this morning to pay
visits to towns while on his Southern
trip Major W H H Llewellyn LleveIl n of of the
Rough Riders called to ask the Presi ¬
dent to stop at Las Crusris New Mex ¬
ico and Representative He Slayden of
Texas extended extend d an Invitation from a
German community < > mmunltat at New israunsfeld
Texas T xas
At New Braunsfeld whic which h is I between
San Antonio and Austin 1000 German
children chli rtm are rehearsing a patriotic song
which the they wish to sing for t the he pn Presi > si ¬
dents benefit if he will stop by and hear
them The rre President Presldentdlrccted directed Secretary Secr t1r Loeb
to put New Ne Brau Braunsfeld nSfC ldon on the thllst list and an
if iCpossible possible to arrange for a stop there
as a he wis w was s anxious to accept the Invita ¬
tion of the Germans
i iTugboats Tugboats Tied Up at Seventh Street
i No Current to Carry Away
Floes F1e
Harbormaster Sutton and his fleet o of
I Icebrea icebreaking kIng tug boats are still tied up
at the wharf waiting for the channel chann I
I to open While 1 T hne they are waiting valtln g the
ice seems se ms to be getting g ttlngthicker thicker and
I shows no signs of thawing Last night
Mr lrSutton Sutton said s lll it was so cold col on the th
river front tha that t ta a half an Inch of Ice Ice
was made
Of course the Ice Is thawing consider ¬
ably but as a s yet it has not had theef the ef ¬
feet of opening up the channel so SQ that
the Ice may float down stream As spoil oojl
as a channel Is formed Harbormaster
Sutton Su tonsays says the work of forcing for Jngthe the ice
down stream str 1m will be begun
It nIs is quite likely that work will wilt wil be b
I started Monday Monda morning as it is cat
culated e Ula te Cl that another ano ther day like Ilk e yesterday
I and today tods y ywill will melt the thcIco Ice suffielentlv sufficIently
to clear the c hannel
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