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A smart princess skirt of bluette cloth trimmed in hen heavy silk b braid aidolle one
shade darker than the cloth The skirt closes behind under a band of br braid d
which runs to the bottom of the hem This model is also aso pleasing when made up
in v velvet let
A Chance QhW to toErad Eradicate Cate the the Monoton Monotony y of of rthe r the
f llplerienv f fcne Kitc v cne heir 11 Given t edb b by the t B Restricticcris estti stf ictionsr n
Placed ed on n Diet ie t
I rim am glad Lent Is close at hand
observed the young youngperson person who sat s t just
behind me Jn the car
Indeed said her companion are
you rou going into the sackcloth and ashes
business more deeply d eply than usual usua l this
H HI I may wear sackcloth rejoined the
Y P but if I do it will be in the
shape of ofacooking a cooking apron long and
Trlde and full and
Q I see remarked the companion
You are going to do the charmingly
domestic dQmesticact act It will be lovely for your
mother And nd shall you discharge the
faithful Phyllis Phymsant18e and serye serve e up to your yo r
waiting and expectant famnyth family the fruita
of your arduous and indIvidual l labors
By this time I 1 too was waiting and
expectant I wanted to see what these
sweetly girlish amen ities would finally 1Inail
lead Ie d up to
No nothing nothingof of the kind Idndsomewhat somewhat
stiffly Uffl ansvered the Y P I mean to
try t a fewcuUnaI few culinary experiments with 1th a
view to originating something new new In
the way of refreshments for parties
Well of all things exclaimed her
i astonished listener where in the world
did you get the idea
Why Yhyat at the teas and luncheons and
receptions which you and 1 have been be n
attending all this t1l s season and last
rejoined the Y YP P I seaslni am sick s i ick ckand and tired
of the same old layout wherev wherever r we
go It Is oyster cocktails and bouillon
and bouillon and oyster cocktails it is
patties and croquettes and croquettes
and patties until you ou cant rest Here
and there we get a little different
flavor of seasqnnig as for instance
some of the croquettes have onion onLo in
their makeup and some have not not
while about the only variation in the
patties Is the proportion of chicken
and veal which enters Into the compo
sition of o the dish It is pretty much
the same thing any way you fix lt it I
cant stand it much longer I am get ¬
ting so that I feel an Insane desire
either to laugh or scream scrclmwhonever whenever I
catch sight of the familiar objects objectuap ap ¬
proaching me I never was so glad of
anything In lnmy my life as I was to see
that chicken salad miserable m iserable fussy
abomination that it was had been
dropped from the list of oft oftrecurrfng recurring
favorites 1avorlteaat at these theset spreads > It was
high time it took its departure and I
hope It will never reappear upon the th
social stage
I quite agree agr e with you said the
other dropping her sarcastic tone and
speaking in a really rca11 friendly manner
and while you are about 4 < jt Just get
enough sackcloth for an apron for
me will you and woill w l make a l lcom com >
pany arrangement arr angement of the experiment ex eximent
Thats exactly what we well 11 do ex ¬
claimed the Y P and if next fall
does riot see se sed the Introduction of sev ¬
oral new n w dishes in our spread cuisine
I Women W men
who have the care careofchUdrenand of children and
household duties find the drain upon
their vitality so great that they theyver very
often become nervous wrecks wre < s This loss
cf vitality causes auBe headache backache
F sleeplessness Irritability anxiety etc
r anfl frequently results In various forms
of female weakness
When you feel tired and worn out take
Dr Miles Mil e s
Restorative Re toratiVe Nervine N ervine
which acts directly upon the nerves re
fr freshing < shing and strengthening them 1t fa
a nerve food and tonic which soothes
and relieves the tenafon tcnaonof of the tired
nerves and brings rest resr and refreshing
f sleep it
Your remedies saver saved i my life They
are all you ou claim them to be I am now
In very good health for a woman 72
years old thanks to your remedies
When I feel nervous or dont feel well
I take a few doses of Dr Miles me8 Nervism
and It sets me right
The first bottle will benefit If not the
< r rugJfst Sirist will wll1return return your yourmQney money
I why wh ww we weare are ax axi i e not the resourceful girls
that we think we are
Here was was a new Idea crisp and nd crack
ling or to make use of another figure
of speech one with the price tag still
on It I wish these th se young oung ladles all suc
cess In their undertaking The rhesack sack
I cloth plan I thought a good ono I
like adopting it myself and doing a lit
tie Ueexperhne experimenting tfng on onJ my OWI1 own account
with a a view to the th discovery of
dishes l hes for suppers lun luncheons heons card par
ties etc for orthore there is an
sameness about this class of oeatables eatables
have talked with older people in inlegard regard
to this thing r and ant have asked a
many questions as to what used to be
the thefavorfte favorite means for sustaining tired
and hungry nature under the strain
prolonged social duties dutiesbut but I have
been able to gather any information
a decided decidedcharneter character Beyond a
vague allusions to cheese cakes potted
ham oysters blanc mange pound cake
lobster etc the facts gleaned have been
of the most meager description
persons interviewed always wander
into reminiscent bypaths wherein it ap
pears the refreshments cut but a a slim
figure It Is usually something like this
What did we have Why Vhya a trifle
chicken I think YES I lam am almost cer
tain talr it was chicken Or was wap It
or oyster Let me see It t was w sriis s
winter you ou know kno when General A
yor yo O must have heard of him attended
j lour our bulls Jla1ls and dances and really rea1l
I I I dear d Or r etc We T r often o etc t n had cold tongue and
I think we had collared beef occasion
I I Iallys ally allys somewhat mewhnt doubtfully admitted
I I second lady whom I consulted It is
long time ago you know and by
I way etc
No help h lp from that quarter I reflected
I had unwIttingly stumbled upon
period whori women women thought It
I and illbred to confess to a healthy ap
petite No wonder wonderI I found out so little
Clearly Clearl this matter must be one of ex
periment of experiment and modifica
I tion When Vhen a modiste wishes to eo
a new and fetching sleeve or a
that shall be b a thing of beauty and
joy for one season she simply takes
old model and works it it over
of this thlsltind kind we we shall have to do
our culinary cullna fashions fnshi nB
In casting about aboutfor for now dainties
the purpose mentioned there are severa
things to be considered It is
that dishes be e provided that are reason r ason
ably a1 > ly certain to be enjoyed by everyone
The popular mode of serving servlngmalres makes thi
Imperative The time iJUehas has long gone b
when no matter mattcrhat what the l1e character chara ter
the entertainment cntertaimn nt the guests were mar ¬
s haled to the dining room to seats at an
elaborately spread table and were
According to preference of the large
choice before b rorc them themrhere There is after all
much to be said Eaidin in favOr of the present
day cuisine In that the dishes composing
It hre usually liked by most people
Is a a great convenience convenl nce to hostesses wh
are enabled to make ma e exact calculations
ooth as to choice and quantity The new ne
order therefore therefore must resemble the old
in this particular though
changes are made madewHl will apply more to the
substantial part of the spread than
the th Ices cakes etc In n the selection selc tion pi
which considerable latitude has
I been allowed
It Jt itis is not unllkcl unlikely that we may see fit
to adapt some of the chafing chaflngdish dish ideas i
to our purpose An unparliamentary
Is the chafing dish but capable of yield yi ld ¬
ing In the hands hanclsof of an expert
of a most satisfactory kind We Ve shall
have complications but we expect them
We shall be able to endure them hoW
over If out of the chaos are evolved on
a large larg scale some of the delicacies that
are now nowconcOtcd concocted for parties of six
eight If we give our minds to the
hems who knows but that it may lead
like Mme du IU Barrys Bar s famous supper to
the institution of the Order of the Cor ¬
don Bleu for accomplished accomplishcdcUisiniers culsiniers
Mr Mrs S R D DYou You can make a
salad RaIa of your whole canned tomatoes
Drain and andeut cut In thick slices and dr
again keeping them quite cold Arrange
upon a bed of lettuce and ri nd garnish with
Masquerading as Popular P pular 1V With J Jh h the
Little Folks as the qiQwn GrownUps Ups
If f 1 lug folks enjoy masquerading nia 11 11ra ra hig
what is is It to the little ones Children qhndr
are in the their relem element nt when whenpIa playing ingiJ at
bIng somebfidy someb6d somehod else and nd the quaint
grownup groWnupidef gro tip Ideas Ide s snbwnqo now nbwnqo adopted adopted pedfor for their thel he
costume co stume parties partiesmak make ttite hiscQlIn CQunt countdl < r
feiting ev edn < fn n more delightful d lIght iittle Jltp Xiittle
Red Riding Hoods and Jack Ja kHorh Homers d
and Little Boy Eo Bo Blues n ues meset are set aside for fo r
stately longskirted lorg skirted ladies and an d boot boot
ed and spurred sp rredgailants gallants Grand dames
of f the courts co1irtsof of the Louis o Isa appear 1pear here
too tooandtheUttIc1Ione and the little iiontespa Montespang pting ris and 3nd An An
tolnettes tome tea are ar mated wlth Vltlco courtier tUer cos qs ¬
tumes whlchmake which make the small sma ll boys bo squU s qu quitd ite
as ii splendid sple rtdid i
One Onedres dress for dra a girl of f six ix Tepro repl9qu reproduced uced cd
exactly eX ecmctl ctl the t hc 1 ie liopped hoppe d and stately tat H lfttl little
infanta of f Velasquez Another cos
tume tumefp for forthe rf the tl > same same agte a g gre represented re present d a 1
little lady lad of f the court comtof cour of Louis Lo is XV
This love 10v ly little gown go 1 Is like what whati i
Madame de Pompadour Pompadourherscltmight herself might
have worn at this age for this famous
mingling minglingothis of this ladys ladYSdeUc lndy a delicate ntecolo colors rB
are here seen seen The pale pink satin
skirt ii liirt irt which isstretchedovefa is stretched over a a vast mst I
hoop has a t raised r isedembroidery embroidery embroider of pink l
roses and leaves
The jacket jtf ket of plain plainsatlnhas satin has sleeve 1
flounces of deep lace an d opens over a ri t
soft vest of olflfashioned ollfashic ried striped s t IIJed silk in
pea green reen A Asman small tricorne trl orne hat latot of
white whit m hi te velvet ehet feathers Is l set setja jauntily t1Uly at t tl l
one Side of the curled arid a dPQwdered powdered
head and an d da a 1 tiny painted palntcdfaI fan and andcan cane
are carried I
Such Suc a adlli1tydeity t dainty deity of powder you YQ ou u
are to told id should be matched by a
Louis XV beau also with ith a apow powdered < ered
wig tide w with ith a black bow His coat
should be of ofgreensatln green satin embroidered In
an elaborate design of pink roses and
h hp > should wear wear pink pinksatln satin knee breeches
lace sleeve ruffles and buckle shoes A
gold eyeglass and enameled snuffbox
complete the getup of this tl1Ischarming charming
gallant t
A barnyard masquerade is Isa a frolic
children chi dren much delight In and the best
part of the scheme Is that the thecos cos ¬
tumes tumescan can be made of paper The up ¬
per perpnrt part of the body alone aJon imitates Imikltes the
feathered one u c doze lose cap with a bird
nose covering co erini the head IlMdand hea d and face Where y Where here
stiffness is isrequhed required the paper is dou doubled bled
several times wIth wIt an occasional l quill
introduced for realty Colored tissue in
a heavy quality is required In rich reds
blues greens gre ms grays and black To
make the wings which are as Impor Im por ¬
tant a feature as the head a atrameis frame is
first constructed of wired muslin to tov v fit
over oyer the arms w which hich are held with withel el ¬
bows bent
These are arearterwaid afterward trimmed with
paper p per cut in quill form and nd sewed on in
lapping rows A barnyard party part can be
made a most funny funn affair
slices of hard boi boiled led eggs Use a creamy
mayonnaise ma onnaise demising dI 1jsing and serve a plat plate
of cheese straws with the salad Or r a
pretty prettyindlvldual Individual indhId al salad may be made by
draining the tomatoes cutting a slice
on off the top then adding addingsimply simply a small
I spoonful of f good dressing drps lng an and a little
whipped cream
Mrs J XX UYour Your letter asking for
recipe for bread cake caker received You do i io
not mentlonwhether mention whether you wish to make
a a cake rich with Fith fruit or afsimpleTaI a simple raised > cd
cake so soIgiv 1 I give gne directions for both For
the richer cake use one pound of raisins
stoned 5t tOn < m d and cut in two tyoonc one pound of
currants well washed and dried half a
pound of citron cut in narrow narrow strips
onequarter pound each of orange peel
and blanched almonds cut cutinstrips cutin In strips All
these the e are to bewe be well nWarm warmed ed before betoreadd add ¬
ing to the ca cake cak ke To a quart of Q f light
I bread sponge adC half a pound of soft
cned ned butter three beaten eggs two cups
of sugar the grated grat d rind of a lemon
half a a teaspoon of cinnamon Work
these well into the sponge spongead add the fruit
which must m st be floured then stir in flour
to make a stiff batter Let it rise rI e mold
with witrl1our flour to a a soft dough dougbplace place in but ¬
tered t edpans pans and bake when light The
nlalner cake is simply a pint of sponge
TO c which arc added two beaten b atcn eggs bgi
half a cup of butter one cup cupotsugar of sugar
one ne cup of floured currants a le level l
teaspoon c innamon and flour to make a it
stiff batter This may inty be e placed at once once
inthe baking pans and baked when light
or or you ou may ma add a a heaping teaspoon te spoon o
Jaa baking king powder mixed with a little flour
and bake bqce immediately imm diately
Mrs Irs M I B R BOnly Only nly the breast of roast
duck is used for a salmi Cut the meat
Into neut ne t fillets place In Inn a saucepan
which contains a sprinkling of salt cay
enne enner r and an allspice A few grains of
mace mitce also are ar < generally aded Lay Laythc the
meat In the saucepan saucepan and cover to halt hm
Its ltsdepth depth with lemon and orange juice
Add a few small pieces of butter warm
all together slowly shaking once or twice
and serve at t once
> Hiss nss M R IX DTo To prepare sweet ¬
breads breadsterrapln terrapin style proceed proc das as tol ¬
lows Parboil two sweetbreads and re ¬
move the fibrous portion cut In half
inch nchcubes cubes Into the chafing dIsh or
saucepan put a large cup of any any good
white stock a bay leaf a few grains of
mace m ce a it little salt and pepper p pppr and a
heaping teaspbonful e sp onful of butter Heat
slowly then add one one cup of cream and
the th scveetbreads and cook ten minutes
Thicken Thlck n with butter and flour or milk
and flour add a wineglassful of olsher slier ¬
ry and ndservcatonceon serve at once on buttered toast
airs Mr 8 B S SA A new way wa to serve ham ham
and nn eggs Is as follows Line patty
pans or gem pans with good crust
pricking In several places J with a fork
and bake Chop ChopcoJd cold boiled 1 on d ham and
mix with two parts fine bread crumbs
seasoned with salt pepper mustard
and andC chopped 1OPI > d parsley Moisten with
cream and fill the cases They must
I be b warmed thoroughly horoughl Have some eggs
poached nicely place 1 1 ce one on the top
of each crust a add dd a piece of butter and
serve at once A good dish for the
luncheon table
Mrs V YS S RFrults R Fruits are we know kno
useful In relieving diseased conditions
of the body but all fruits are laxative haxativ
In their effects Among those which w hleh are
may ma be mentioned mentton doranges oranges figs prunes
tamarinds tamarlndsdatesnectarines dates nectarines plums
and mulberries mulbcrfles Strictly speaking speakitglem lees ¬
ons limes and andapplesare apples are stomach Bed ¬
atives ativesCranberrIes Cranberries blackberries
quinces c 1uinces raspberries pears pearsand and cher ¬
ries nesare ties are astringents
i Man Who Chan ge d dHisMind His Mine J
The proverbial goodby > Y act a t was erls
outdone ou done one day last wee k in a local lo cal
i trolley troUeycar car by bYiwo two women women and the little
I scene gave a few minutes minutesot of amusement
to the passengers At Atone one one of the cor corI ¬
ners in the shopping district two well we ll
dressed comfortable looKing women of
matronly appearance got aboard aboardanaa and a
I man In the center of the car rose and a l
offered Ills seat You take It dear dearJ J
said sqid the tl e taller allerWomlm woman ° Oh iny dear dearI I
cduiant c coul ul ln n t let you stand was the reply r ply plyYou
You take it ° No N no you you must mu t Bit
down u uIndced Indeed I wont wo t you know kno that th t
you are tired and ought to have ha e that
seat For fully fuUytwo two minutes the thecofi con cor ¬
versation vcr atil went on like this neither
woman making a move to take th the seat
The man meanwhile had been hanging
on a strap and seeing his attempt at
I gallantry gaII ntryso so poorly rewarded he gave
a disguested look at the two women w mcn and nd
then plumped back b ck Into Into intotlin the seat Just ut as
one said If I must mustlhe The lookerson lo kerson
smiled and the women got s tOft off Qffat at the
next corner landing In Ina a nice big snow ¬
bank The man kept his seat curing the
rest of his trip
I OAS CA S TORIAFGrlnf TO T 0 R I IA Afa 1 Firthfaitsanti Inftntaand l rnlCba i CfcHdrK ChIdr BOiSth Bersth ° d 9
Ito Tbaiid iid Kind You Have HavsAiwjs Aiwais Bought f
JZ ii i I t It
f f ff f 1 I 1
I Ic c c
< 1 z t
J k
1 7
f I
Russian s suits uits of some type or other retain their Vogue and de deserve e it it
for the they y yarc arc simple s practical childish and whencorreet1ymade when corrctly made are rewhat what we
call smart This littlerock little frock f is oneof one of the 0 the the many Pussian Itusslan mOdels3ridisof models and i of
darkr dark darkrI rI d che cheviot Jot with trimmings of narroW1 narrow black > laclc br braid aid
Gay G y Tar T Ta Tartan a rt tan n Plaids for f r Childrens Ch Chidren 1dr ens s frocks Frocks for for
Traveling TravelingHandmadeH Handmade Homespun Oll1espunand and
Paris Coverts Most Popular
A sheer veiling in shepherd plaid checks
of tangerene tangereneand arid white was among last
summers summersoffe offerings r rngs ngs arid it appears again
In the new stuffs at the light Jight end endo of the th
gamut of white and brown checks and
conjureB conju res up a a vision of cJ cJan an exceedingly exce excee dinglY
smart sm rt summer shirt waist frock ur af a ¬ i
ternoon frock It would for instance 1 i
enter nt effectively into a frock troc kdi distinctly Unct1y i
chic and easily copied co ied with a full skirt
around which runs two broa broad J bands of
lace bordered by b velvet ribbon shirred
at both edges The Thcbodl bodice e blouses slight ¬
ly and opens al alJthewuyd9w all the way down nctJe the front front
to show sll w soft ja jabots bots of lace la c tt1cfrQnts tlie the fronts
being finlsh finished d by velvet v vlveibbou tve yibbon bbon set on in I
scrolls i
The model might be effectively and
easily carried out in any pretty prettY1olle voile
crepe or eolinne e eand and would be surely
modish throughout the summer
A General Utility Gown GownI I
For the general utility u tility gown there
are a number n U m ber of materials m tLterlals which while I Iare
lot iot the newest can claim a place among
i ithese these things which the modish woman I
looks ICO ks upon W with ith a kindly kin dly eye e e For FO r in ¬
I stance there are the plain colored 1
cheviots and serges and there arc hop
sack and homespun suitings while the
worsted suitings are staple laple although
far from new For Fo traveling there are
two materials which are liked like d these are
the handmade homespuns referred to
and the Paris coverts which are rain
proofed and craveneted till they can caii
stand any an amount of o t bad weather
Of cotton too there are etamines
figured In little dots sprigs sprigs etc of the
same or contrasting color and these
embroidered embroideredttainines etamines etaminesas as they the are called j i
are especially good in string color and
Similar tints tln sand and in white
Cotton Etamines
There are cotton etamines with em
i broidered bordersr bordersa a coarsely coarselwoven woven
deep cream or ecru ecruetamlne etamlne having a abor bor ¬
der In which was a cpnventronal clmvent ff ffnal nal design
of dull red and blue raised embro embroidery idery
having particularly good possibilities
The openwork and drawnwork
weaves shown in thin woolens last sea em ¬
son are out in cottons now nowand and most
effective e ffecUvecotlons cottons too lovely In color an anA ani ft A
mesh me sh and looking IQok1l1Co for all the world like
wool These are in plain color in one
color and a nd white or In several colors so
blended blende d as as to give a a a changeable effect effe ct to
the t11 material
One piece for example ex n ple was In a ins ¬
cious shade of orUsht light t tangerene ngcr ne so inter ¬ 1
woven with white tha tJ1at that t It took on a sort
of white bloom and beneath this was vas a
deeper shad shads < of tpngerene almost solid
on the wrong aide Ide of the fabric but
fhpwlng only In certain gleams and
glimpses on the right side and giving a
< Changeable coloring coloringor or shading sh dlng all in
one color The same snub Idea was wascarri carried d
out in a u soft dull blue dull rose and an au
almond green grEcn
Lightweight Cotton With Silk Finish
The tartan plaids in a lightweight
cotton material m terial of silky finish are very
gay and pretty and are being bought up
briskly brisklYfor for childrens frocks although
they by no means meansbclong belong of necessity to
the th childrens chu il lrens province There are cot ¬
tons in all the grenadine weaves eaves coarse
and fine figured and pla plaini in some of the
coarse coarse mesh cotton grena dines with silk
finish and printed flower designs being
remarkably effective
Pique plain and nd figured and softer In
quality than han the old pique plqpeUnen linen of all
kiI1 kinds ds ginghams gl nghamSCheYlotsall cheviots ehieviotsall all of the old
favorites are with us in new beauty lIauty I IfavorItes I
The Timcorgandies organdies are exquisite in design n
U Use se Mando M111 1 to
IPJ ctzY II 1
j Remove
i Superfluous Hair 1
This preparation has been standard for
years years Will absolutely destroy de > roy hair and
leave leave theskln the s akin kin fair an and andsmooth d smooth It 1 neither
burns nor scars The most mo > t dependable
article known Accept ho no substitute
Send for free booklet
Price 100 100samples samples lOc o t 4
Bold by b A A HJSNERr
7 t
land an there Is a particularly attractive
line llneof of printed dimities Certain ptaided
white cottons barred off of In sheer and
heavy lines and with withdaint dainty little flower
sprigs sprigS sprinkled over the latticed sur ¬
face faceare are new effective and heavy
enough for service The flowered per perj j
cales cal s too which had such a run in
Paris last summer are here this season
In charming guise
In sheer plain white stuffs there Is
nothing really new French batiste real
Indian linen Uncnandlheflne and the fine lawns are the
favorites favor It es and n dVhile while there ther are arenew new de d e ¬
signs in the th Swiss and batiste embroi ¬ I
deries and in laces there Is so far no
startling novelty
> Valenciennes lace promises to be b the
favorite as it was last las summer and the he I Ifavorite
fine firtplmltatio imitation n nalenciennes Valenciennes Is lovelier
than eyer ever There are some new coarte coaz
crocheted crochet d laces lace too that will be popular I Icrochet
for linen frocks and the heavier cottons
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Mattlngs Linoleums and Oilcloths Ql1cIcthsin in reliable qualities
Woven Wire Vire Springs made especially > for forJlS us strong and durable dura le 5150 450
cash 5 on credit eredltequalto creditequal equal to to the best spring sold elsewhere at 750 1
817819821823 11819S2J8257th 7th St St StB B Bet B tad H H and I Sts
Fancy Panc FSala Fis h lzSala Sala d
Cut a a slice from the th large end of six
hardboiled hardboUedeggsso hard boiled eggs so they theyw1l1stand will stand up ¬
right then cut the eggs eg gS Into in into to quarters quarters
lengthwise stopping just before the
slices sUcesare are cut through throughentlrely entirely dip the
cut end into melted aspic or gelatine
and arrange on a aflat flat dish in lnacfrc1e a c ircle
Put P t on the lee Ice let the th eggs eggsbecome Become become firm
and then Inplde this sort of offenqeor fence or
border of eggs line with the crisp heart
leaves of lettuce in a mound Inside
the lettuce ettu leaves and egg eggborder border ar ¬
range some some cold cooked < ookedpotatoeg potatoes cut in ¬
to cubes of small s ize and any cold
fish that is at hand such su h as sal ¬
mon monhalibuthaddock halibut haddock Or r anypreferr any preferr ¬
ed fish flaking flakingthis this daintily befQrehand
and removing rem ing any bones and a nd skin that
may maybe be mixed with it The fish flshand and po ¬
tatoes ta es should be lightly Bossed ossed together
axid 1 dmoistened moistened wlthmayonnaise with mayonnaise before
arranging a ranginKinside inside the border Add one
tablespoonful of whipped whilW dcream cream creitra to toeac each
tablespoonful table3poonfulofordlnarymayonnaise of ordinary mayonnaise
used and mask with this Stick the
small curly heart hearto of the th head of let ¬
tue into the center of the mound mp ndand and
arrange a circle of chopped olives
around aro nd it
Uses for Croc fyet Wor k
Women have b e gone in for t tor or tucking and
faggoting faggotingfrJ1Hng frplings and stitches and all a ll
the rest restor of it and now the thelndustrius industrious
woman has the chance of turn turPing ing her h r
winter work to the advantage of her
spring s ning and summer wardrobe Croc het et
belts crochet lace edgings crochet i
yokes Ok e s and a n d crochet c ro Che t collars s wil W ill all pome come ome
In useful 1lscf l if only a good pattern be
chosen bearing Qe InS well in mind that they 1
Should lmoulq lmoulqreserni 1ouldresembi resembl lace as much as possi
file de i
ILans La s huh an d Bro s T L Lans JLans ans burgh b rgh and cm Bro
Business Hours Hours8 8 A Al M to6 to 6 P M
Five Hn Hulldrcd lldf Cd S Silk lk Suits
Go on Sale Tomorrow
These Prices Are Lower Than Like Suits Have
Sold in This or Any Other City
I IVeCaII We Call Special Attention io Style Workmanship Fit and
I B Quality of Material Used
Shirt Waist Suit of Chiffon Taffeta in black navy blue brown green
black lack and white pin stripes black and navy with dashes dasl1es of white and gun
il ilmetal metal Waist made with broad box plait down front and two 1inch tucks
on cither side of box plaits three medallions on plait new
legomutton sleeve with tucks on sleeve I Ie eYe above cuff C ufC Skirt 4 f ff
full 7gore with tucks to match waist Actual 1850 value 2 100 I f I 111 0 0full
All sizes Special lVJ Vvr
A Suit S it of Chiffon Taffeta Ta TaffetaInblaek ffeta in h black navy na blue brown green and change
ables waist made with deep deepshirred shirred yoke front and bac back k giving long shoul ¬
der effect C ffec new n ew leiromutton sleeve Skirt has shirred yoke n
> rfk tCl
around hips hlpsvith with two t o folds at bottom to form tucks Ac 2 > 1 1 i 0 B vX 98 98around I
tual tun 1500 value alue Special lv l > y5
j A very pretty Shirt Waist Suit of Taffeta in black navy nav brown and
green Waist aist made with deep yoke > oke in front and full fuUshirrlng shirring at bottom bottom of
yoke > oke tucked back b nck Full sleeve with shirring at at top and at Q g r > f
cuff New full skirt with eight rows of shirring at top of P 13 I 5 S B 0 i
each flounce Actual J1750 l 1750 50 value Special J7
Suit of Allsilk Chiffon Taffeta Taffet in navy n Yy black brown and green Waist
I made with fancy yoke and clusters of 4 tucks each on either side of front
also three rows of tucks 4 tucks tucksin in the cluster down back < J I ff
Sleeve shirred at top with deep cuff to elbow Skirt 9gore M > 1 1r I r J 4 I 00 00Sleeve II I
with 1inch tuck down each seam Actual Actual1950 < ctualS1950value 1950 value Special 41 W
Shirt Waist W Wai aist t Suit of a good quality qualit r Taffeta in all UI the theleading leading shades Waist d aist
made with two 1 lMr lMrinch inch box plaits down front and back six rows of fancy
shirring f forming yoke olce front and buck New legomutton sleeve with deep
shirring shirr in at tt bottom and turnback cuffs Skirt two box plaits Clt C
down front to match waist with seven rows of shirring v > 16 a 5 IS 0 0down
around arou nd hips Actual 20CO value Special Sp cI111 u aV V
Silk Shirt Waist Suit of all the leading colors tucked waist waist1 with wfthsurpUce surplice
front very uer full sleeve with deep tucked tuckrdcuff cuff to elbow ruching around aroundneclt neck
Skirt very full with small tucks running to knee knceand and two GJjY
1inch tucks tuclc around bottom with space betwec between I1tucks tucks Ac v p 19 J 5 18 0 0Iinch
tual S2350 value alue Special JV
Suit of good quality Taffeta in navy nav brown brow n ngreen green and navy blue sur ¬
plice waist with four fO ur double box plaits on either side of front three thre bunches b unc hes
of cluster tucks on back full legornutton sleeve with fancy cuffs Skirt
with two tw two 0 box plaits down front with Withfonr four small tucks be Qjff p g
tween tweena a 2inch flounce at bottom of double box plaits to < 4 2 15 O Otweena
match o waist Actual 2500 value Spct Spcdal Jal V
Suit of good heavy heavyTaffetainblack Taffeta in black navy naY blue brown green and leath
eir colors Waist with five 1inch box plaits on either side of broad broa box plait
down f fr frcat roit nt very full sleeve with cuff cuffaad and collar made of folds of silk and
faggoting faggotingand and fancy color silk underneath full boxplaited C > f f f
value skirt all al alk k Special round i t plaits stitched J Ji i down don ll below hips Actual l 37 2750 O > P 22 4 e 50 + SI J
Shirt Waist VaistSuit Suit of o f good quality quaut taffeta in in brown brownnav navy nt blue black gun
metal leather and all the leading colors and stripes Fancy shirred waist
with tucked yoke back with four bunches of three thr esmal1 small tucks each ea h very
full f ul1 skirt with ith six rows rov of shirring around hip twentyinch fi r p ff
flounce with four rows rOws of shirring finished with beading at 3 > 2 S 5 l i 0 II 0 0Jlounce
top of flounce Actual 3000 OOO value Special W b V77
lLans Lans burgh 6 JDFO Bro fr frm m j > s
420 to 426 7th St 417 to 425 8th St
> C C
We lV eare are offering offerin I
8Q dozen
Thin Th i Blown B 1 01 n GI lass S S8
For Fo 30 each
35c dozen
As this is an anexc exceptional ptlonal oppor ¬
tunity we would advise the ear ¬
liest possible selection
Dulin Martin artn 00
Successors to toM M r W > Bevflridge
Pottery Porcelain China Glass Glasst t
Silver etc
S25 F FSt SI 1 and12f418 and 21418 G St
MakIng even greater sac ¬
I rific riders s than usual in order
a to dear out all the pianos
that have been taken in i J
< ie exchange or have come
In from rent And theyre
going like Uk the proverbial
1 hot cakes t =
u pj j
o ok k z 11 p
Teeth Extracted 5xea rea
htsi by bYou our Painless alnIes athlesz sMe Xletli ctim th
od odwhenothe raHea ottie other = workh work la
tiJULu done
For F or a short time we will make a set s t of rue
Best Teeth tOO oo
SK Gold Crowns Cio = s 1300 300 and a nd dt l 300 oo
Gold GOdtllJIrigs fllllHES 100 up upotherfi1Un1So upother other filUasa TSo 15
and 100 Painless Pa rnleSs ExtractIng SQc tOe
Office hours 830 a am m to to 6 Ii p ni r ni Sun Sunday ar < i
from 10 to 2 2 Female attendants
JfE N Cor 7th 7than ane an and E Sts JTW cOWovet over Atlantis tIUlt1
and Pacific Tea Cos Store
aue4d riTKDiih
d p D
iUJiifz n ral 4f
4 a + 11 4eooe4ees 0 C 0 0 c
f fThe The Ceciliao eCili eciiian n
PlnO ino
t tcombines combines c6m bines the selfplaying features f3tur es
7 of Oi theCecllian the Ceclllan Piano Player with
of an ordinary ¬
the advantage up
t tright right t
JE l lEFDroop EFDroop E F F Droop Sons Go
I Steinway and Other Of he Pianos
+ 925 Pennsylvania Ave ve
I a + 41 I o co a + 0 + e
When Teeth Are Ordered
Set o of f Teeth l IE i O On n
Gold Go1dCr9wns Crowns r
I Bridgevorkj af
Until March Mar h 20th 10i 10 discount on all aI
work contracted for
Now is the time you can arm hav have liaveyour > > b your 01iI
work finished at your own qonvenlence
Pattons Patton 1 1s s Union Dental Parlors J 1
910 r 1 Street 2T 2fW Ia VT
Torpid Liver LivcrColds Colds Chills and Fever
and all Malarial Diseases are quickly
and permanently permanon U cured by b
Have Ha1 ve You a Ba Bby by
7fh 7fhand and I LSIs Sts N Fi W CCyele Cyole Repair

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