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Tomorrow Tonorrovti Partly Partl Y cloudy Ud partly R t artlY r tonight toni l g cloudy cloud ht dY Y I I I ft 6 J ft jjfl 1 tan ag t Bti Gfte G > e the people p eo Pl Plr p le what w hat r th they ey 3 J =
an and d warmer armer 6R R tUg g r O U m mBti want t an a d dc gfte c e it to t + a them e at
I f t
i 1 I fJ 1 fJ fJthe V the 1fght n ng htrrce hi price prrce rrce t t t fo a 1
It was vas as by a strange s an gefreak freak of fate fat the theboi1er boiler that S scattered ca tt ttred red death to scores scores hurtled burt led across cr s the street cariying car1Y J1 off O ff the th C roof rcqf r c f of f the t e en ¬ I It IfWa was locate d ain ainsmaUhouse in in a smaUhouse small house an in man an angle a ngle O of f the t eLshap Lshaped d factory Nothing N othingeOne concerning rn rng g the theca the cause s of 9 the the explosion xp 1081 0 0on on is is known known It
gtnee gineers s home It smashed through the building buildmgas as though it were an egg and came within with ii a few felt feet fe t of killing kilI1ngthe the dead deadengmeers engineers engineers sent thegtant the gia giant nt mass of iron Iron through an upper room diagonally diagonalIythrOugh diagona lly through the th the north end end of of building b and andhighlu an d hi8hinh high in themr the air ai yards away
vr wife ife and c children I
Leaves Caracas Without
f Answering A1 s ring Bowen
r ry ry y y
5 Naval De Demonstration and Seizure of
Customs Houses H uses Would W ould Follow
Danger for Venezuela
1 s
t 1
No reply has been received from 1
President 1reldent Castro in answer to Minister J JC C
IJowens D wens note in which the United 1 1
i S Sf Sates ates tes Government Govern mentinsists ment insists that the
questions < uestions at Issue between the two
countries be submitted to arbitration E
It Is stated that Castro has again left
Caracas In this manner he will again
block blockanyc1ort any effort to bring the negotia 1
dons to a definite point 1
Several Severalmonths months ago when the issues
between betw cn the United States and Vene
zuela first firstcam came to an acute phase e Cas t
tro adopted the policy of leaving Car
f faeas aces for the he mountains It is thought th ught
that he is now trying to postpone mat
1 J Jters ters ters by b adopting adoptl 1 the thesame same plan
May Sever Relations
The next step In int IntheVenezue the 1eYenezuelan Venezuelan lan affair
sho should uld President Castro refuse to sub
f mit mlt mltpendi pending pendi pending ng questions between his gov r
ernr ernment c + nmtnt nent and the United States to arbi
trttionv will probably be the the severance
of diplomatic diIJ omaUc relations 1
Ill 4dministrationhopes Administration Administration hopes that Castro
willnot will w Iil not force the United States to take
such action cUon with its possible conse
cfiienr l juences enrt fs > s sof of of a naval demonstration and 1
the 111 bo seizure of one or more Ve Venezuelan ezuelan
custom houses
It is difficult to see how a naval C
demonstration or the seizure Of f custom
houses would be of much muchavalJ avail Castro
would in that event Yent proba bly issuea issue h sue a 4
decree cl crce abolishing aboUshingcustoms customs duties at such uch
l ports 1
7t Jt Is he held ld however that Castro can ill
y afford at this time to break with the 1
United nited States when France Italy and j
the Netherlands stand ready to pounce
upon the country to any extent permit
ted by the Monroe Doctrine 4
The demands of oithe the United States can ¬
1 7 not be considered d otherwise otherwise than rea 1
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The weather will continue partly I
cloudy tonight and Thursday In the 1
East and South with higher tempera ¬
j Lures Thursday T Thursday There will be show ¬ I 1
ers tonight In the southern southernportionot portion of
the South Atlantic States and local
rains tonight and Thursday in the
lower lake Jalt region
9 a m ji 40 40 1
12 4 12 < Noon P 43 i
I 1 p m m 44
Registered Re 15tercd Afflecks Standard StandaraThcrmometcr Thermometer I IJ J
9 a m 45
12 Noon 52
l 1 p m m 53
Sun sets today toda 513 J
Sun rises rIsestomorrowtiOa tomorrow tomorrow S00 00
LowtfcH Lore r tic < < 331 pm J
HIgh lr txic r i k ki i i = 924 pm J
I Low LOwefk w tM t rh fj n ii J 4 am Lm 424 pm I
r Hlgj HI Hij4E fj61tiirTOw1 s + t7i tr > rrow34g sum m 1014 pm I II
= A =
= I
APe Alleged < CJ gg 1 Ifregunjtes Irre CJ gu l v ritte 7 c Repozted Rejmrl Bg t JitegI d Involving Ihvolvin
Prominent ProJ1 lip JJltM Men n in it Eight Ei ght t > States t tes and ndOne One <
Territor Territor Territory y o of off the t Fat West We t
11 ii
Land frauds which throw into the
shade all the widely heralded investiga ¬
tions tins in Oregon where numerous Indict ¬
inents have been returned are now re ¬
jj ported from the same section of the
Jcountry country but butcoverlng covering ten times the area area
heretofore h retofor un under der suspicion uBPlcionof of gross gIOBsirreg irreg ¬
ularities In fact the latest allegations
c cover car er r the entire Pacific Paciflccoast coast and all the
g great Northwest west of Colorado and i
J Montana
Eight States and a Territory are
r named name in the allegations put in circu ¬
lation in the theVest West We st These are Utah
c Colorado Nevada Montana Idaho
Washington Oregon and California and
the Territory of New Newlfexico Mexico Members
0 of Congress are accused of being mixed
v up in th the disposition of millions of acres
0 of Government land and the Rockefeller
and Gould ould Interests are charged with
i having held up Intended Investigations
which would have uncovered it is as ¬
s serted their participation in question ¬
a able deals
Government Lost Millions
Machinations of plotters have caused
j the loss of millions of dollars to the
National Government Government if the charges
J now made are true The charges relate e
t to two classes of mineral land landthe lan dthe the coal
lands In the States named control of
i which whic h is sought by the Rockefeller
Gould Interests and the gilsonite lands
in Utah The latter is a substance Bubstancefoun found foun d
only in that State and is used use d In the
i manufacture of varnish h Insu ins lating ma ma ¬
1 terial and such suchthings things An attempt Is
being made to control the supply and an
fix trust prices on the commodity and
i in this connection is mentioned the name
of Adolphus Ado lphus Busch Bus h the St S1 Louis brew ¬
er and politician pollUciapas as chief promoter
It is Is plainly declared d clared that the methods
by which Immense tracts of land have
been so obtained by promoters will no not t
bear Investigation and that knowing knowin
this the trust interests concerned have hav e
exerted themselves to prevent any In ¬
v vestigation tfgatlon by the Interior Department
Further It Is declared that prospective
witnesses have been started off on ex ¬
tended vacations as asa a part o of a general
plan to cover up upevidenco evidence and preven prevent t
the facts from beco becoming ming known
Prominent Men Named
Among the prominent t men men whose who
names have been connected with some som e
phase or other of the case are Senator r
Reed Smoot of Utah who is a partner r
in the ownership of gllsonito land the th e
title of which which hich was In controversy before e
Wie General Ge General neral Land Office after which It i t
was sold old to t o the corporation backed by b bwas
IBusch Busch
Senator SellatorGeorge George Sutherland Su therland of Utah
political poll tI caJ servitor of Smoot whose law
firm has h35for for some time been attorneys s
for the RockefellerGould corporation
in Utah the Rio Grande Western Han trail
road Company which through a subsid ¬
iary corporation tho Utah Fuel Com ¬
pany pan pan has been working to secure a a
monopoly of coal co al deposits in the West
Representative Binger Hermann of Ore ¬
gon now now under indictment In connection n
with land la nd frauds raudsln in that State to who whom m
frauds frauds were reported while w hile he was Com ¬
missioner missicn r of the General Land Office but b t
who failed failed tot2k to to take any action thus af ¬
fording fordIn unusual facilities to the Rocke ¬
fellerGould feJIerGouldagelJts agents to secure patents or
the the coal oll lands desired B B Odell form ¬
er governor gover nor of nf1Cw New + ew York one ne of the or
Bimizers f of tho Florence Mining Coin CpmJ C m 4
pany panywhic which h has obtained special prFti prlvif I
leges f fcr for r thesecuring the thes securing curin of valuable min mlh I II t J
eral lands land shi in VIntat Indian reservation reserva reservation tl n
soon to he opened ned Representative James 1
S Sherman of Utica chairman ehalrmano of the
House Hou e Indian Committee interested 1
with Odell Joseph Leiter of Chicago I
backer ba ker of the Haven Mining Company CompanyC C
and also possessed of valuable mineral
rights on the reservation
Cannot Canno t Tell Extent I
This it is hI wild said s < Cl Is cnly a partial list I
The rumiflcatiqn0 reach other ther men monhl high h
in public life Ndbody at prese nt knows
how many man may be bi J Involved vclved cved if a thor j
ough investigation is Is made Government t I
officials officials in Utah Utah are treading on eggs
because the word has been passed
around a round that anybody an bo who betrays any
unwonted activity or who admits that
crookedness exists ex ists or or is likely stands
an excellent J cellent chance of losing his h s head
Strenuous efforts are being made ma e to
secure the removal remoaof of United States Dis ¬
trict Attorney Joseph Liypman who
was so officious as to seek s eek evidence wdenc
a ap to whether Smoot secured his gil gil ¬
sonite rights after his election as Sea I
nine Lippman Lippmanauddeny sudden ly became quics
cent and the Inference drawn in Utah
is that he was as given sudden light from
Washington and andtold told to mind his own Own wn
bu business siness iness which w l h is a good Mormon
When asked ask d whether he Intended inten ed to
take any action in the coal land frauds
he replied cautiously This is a mat
ter In which T I must mustbe be guided ulded wholly whoJ1
by instructions from Washington
Gross Frauds Alleged
Investigation niade by persons not
connected Cl ClwIth with the the Government service
has show shown n that not less than 320000
acres acreso of coal lands are Involved If the
Government had ha d dreceived received pay for this
at the legal price of 520 20 an acre it
would have been the richer by SC 6400000 500000
The property is worth many times tfm s that
amount But only a part par t of this was
taken as coal land Ar Various arious kinds of
advantages a advantagesof yantage s of the law have ha ve been taken
by agents of Rocitsfeller Ro ct feller and Goulds I
Utah Fuel Company
The enabling ena blng act ma ma king Utah a j
State provided that Uata a certain amount of I
Government land 11I1 within the confines of I
the State shoul should I be set apart for the
State educational Institutions and an simi ¬
lar purposes purposes By the workings of this
law the State land board has the right
to select such lands as it desires al tl ¬
ways providing that the lands contain no nO
mineral The land landb board ardmakes makes these
selections at the request of prospective
purchasers secures title from the Gov ¬
ernment and sells at an 11 advance of
fl50 1 l50 O an acre
How Game Was Worked
The favorite practice ha h1 had hadbeen j been to take
up coal land as agricultural land and
buy it through the State land board at
5150 an acre whereas the Government
price is 20 an acre Instances are on
record where land has been returned by b
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Councils Co 111 cils Name Com Comm Committe mitte ittee e
> to bet et ctWith With CitiZ Citizens 1
> f 3r >
Grand gran d Cortege Contemplated Con template d to March Marc h
to Cemeteries CemeteriesAU All Business Bu siness
Will Be Suspended
BROCKTON BRCCRTON Mas s March 22 22At At a v
s spec ial al joint jo int Jtlm meeting t1ng of o f the citygov city gov
ornmcnt last night called by Mayor r
J Keith Keith who presided the the following joint join t
i resolution was passed pa ssed
1Whereas Whereas a agreat great calamity hass has fallen i
upon our our ourpeope people arid the the people of ou our r
sister towns In the sudden destruction n t I
t of the R B Grover d C6 < 6 factory with i I
scores of human lives lost under con cons ¬
ditions s the most most heartrending heartren ding and ter ¬
rible ri c crus crushed hed out by falling of the th e
floors and walls or swallowed by pits pitl ¬
less and andrelentles relentless flames flames t
Resolved u That In in the shadow Sha dqw o t thf tills s 3
great catastrophe which w Ichfall falls falls fallsa athwart a thn a rt t
every heart and darkens d rkens so many man y r r
mourning homes w we we tender the be 1
reaved b b1Jrdeepest our 1Jrdeepest deepest sympathy in thl this s
hour of amlctions ia affliction s haring as we may ma
1 their sorrow and bowed with them in i n 1
one common grief and it is
Councils Name Committee
Ordered That a comm committee ittee consist con cons s sst ist st ¬
ing of his honor the mayor three thre S
members of the board of aldermen with wit h I 1
such as the common council may join
be appointed to take such sucha action a ction tlon in this thi s 5
sad e exigency as they shall deem proper r r
and nndtoict to act in conjunction con junction with any an r
comm committee comm ltte or or committees comm com mittees ittees which whichmayb maybe e
appointed for such purpose on the part par t
4 of our citizens or or of ofany any an organization orga nization
The meeting voted oted to close the city elt
departments dcpartme ts city hall and the schools s
Thursday and to require all places of o f
business to be closed at least Burin during s b >
tho hours of o r the funeral servic services 8 rvleeR es
The special committee held a a ameetin meeting meetin g
ai the close clo se of the joint services ser ices and ant d g i
formulated a plan for the formation of o P
the funeral cortege which promises be ¬
cause of the large number of organiza ¬
bens desiring e lrinS to join it to be a a tre i ¬
mendous affair
The committee will take up later th the e S
citys share in forming the relief fund
Fu Funeral neral Services Tomorrow
Public funeral services for the victims Victims s
will be held tomorrow tomorrowaftemoohalld afternoon an and d I
Mayor Keith has suggeste d dthat that the un
Identified bodies be buried in the city elt v y r
cemetery c mltcrrat at afMelrose Melrose Ielrosc
Altogether A1tl3 thcr fiftyfive bodies have been bee n I
recovered recovcrl and the police report that the t
there arc still thirtyfive employes miss
lug 1IJ
Just how ho many of these perished in it n 1
addition to to those whose bodies have been n 1
found Is purely a matter of conjecture s
but It is believed that many of them did ld I
their I bodies b 1le5 < being completely consumed 1
Medical Ic ical l Examiner Payne says
From what I have seen of the ruins r uin s 5
I am convinced that nothing but ache is j
r nmuin < main of many man of the operatives who ho 1t o >
were caught in oho factory and whose when e
bodies were incinerated in the terrific c
heat So undoubtedly many man never will wll II 1 i
be accounted for since all physical evi ¬
dence < of their fate will be obliterated
OnlY sixteen of the charred bodies bodi G
have been Identified and the under ¬
takers moved mo d the unidentified to a tem i
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w ijtnrUR a A h MT i V r H R H
New Officers Elec ted and
i Experts E e eats Acquired c qWred tared v
I te
1500000 5000 Voted Mated for for Immediate Use
Road Roa d to Be Double Do uble backed d From
Washington to toAlexancLia Alexandia Alexandr r ia ia
All the facts facts iebllng relating to the re
organization of ofthe theWashinirton the Washington Ale Alex
andrla rndrlaard and rid Mt lL Vernon Hallway HaUwa3 Com
Cornpant p pany panywerf any were were made ma de j public im ublic bUe today by the
dfflcers ifflc officers rs
There 6here here has been mean in inreaUty reality realitywhat what might
be called caned a dou double ble reorganization reorg nizat on A 1
president and secretarytreasurer r have
been elected for the simple purpose of o f
signing the new issue of fbonds bonds bondswhich which a
the the company put out to ma make ke a number r
> f large Improvements
These latter latterotllcers officers have aveheen been re re r e ¬
tired and some some omc of the th best known and and 1
practical pra practic 9tlcal al electric elec rIc railroad men men in in the th
Un United ited States s have been be n chosen to nil
their places pla cs
New Officers Chosen
The nenotlleera new o officers as announced toda y
are Clarence Claren P King president Hcnr Henry
H Pearson jr vice jC president Fran Frank k I
K IC Ripple secretary John W 7 Pittoc Pittpck k
treas tieasurer tI eaaurer urer and Horace A Swartz as
sistant treasurer
President King is a wellknown wellkncwnofficer officer r
of the Pennsylvania railroad system
and was pas at at the head of the the Washington
1 Alexandria exrndria and ana Mt Vernon rai1wa railway
s iome ome time tlm Vice Pres Pre sident ident Pearson h has
been Identified with some of the thelarge largest t
trolley trollp systems in the th country for a L
number of years years ears
The officers who were were elected for the th
purpose of signing the bonds b ndf and the th e
papers recently recentl tiled 1 with the clerks of o f
the th courts courtso of Alexandra and Fairfax I
counties U nt les are 3 re S Synne Wynne r ynne Ffoulkes Ffoulk cs who i is
connected with a Philadelphia Philad lphia trust 1
company and H S Vuux a a clerk in h r I
the ihec c sane same company They lh3 were of o f
course co cot irse rse retired retir d when the bonds bon hud he d i i
been signed I Ii Ibeen
Board of Directors I I
The new board of directors consists s I
of John Cassels Washington D C S
= j I I Wynne Ffoulkes Philadelphia Pa Pa
Howard S Graham Philadelphia Pa
Frank Fr nk K 1C Hippie Philadelphia Pa
Clarence P King Philadelphia Pa
Frederick l rederlck Mertens Washington IX D C
and Henry H Pearson jr Phila Philadelphia l > delphia
The Washington directors are both t 1
prominent men menlr Mr Cassels Is a adirec direc ¬
tor tor in the Pennsylvania Railroad Com
I I puny l an Mr Mertens Is at the head o of f
the Marshall Marshall Hall Steamboat Company I
I I Under the plan of reorganization the th e
I II I railroad company company has retired all its it s 5 I
I former bonded debt and has executed a t
I I I Imortgag mortgage for x 2500000 5oo000 of which the di 1
I recto rectors rs have ha have V e voted 1500000 for immedi
ate use US use In making improvements 1
The remaining 1000000 Is reserved i In 1
the treasury for future purchases and an
other expenditures These bonds ar are e
payable in gi go > ld and pay interest at nt5 5 pe per r r 1
cent redeemable redeem able at SllO 110 and accrued in
terest at three months notice
Double Track Road
iIt It is stated officially that thataIl all of the th e
2500000 500000 is to go Into Improvements m l
in Washington ashlngton Alexandria and be
tween this city elt3and and Mt Vernon Th The e
first of o these thesd < improvements Is s to be t tC > e I
Continued on On nSecond Second Page I age I
Rg etreat is g ontin WJlHeS ues Northward yy yyarg arg i g e
i quarters qJ att r pa 1 pp Is fe Pite pjtGhedat fied allSuntzul Guntzul ntz >
< 1n irig 106 Miles Above owe Tie y ie Pass ass <
J Japanese flpanese Pursuit 1 Slow ow Firin g gear Heard Heardon ear oij on
Right Ri ght Flank FlankFresh Fresh FreshSoldiers Soldiers Relie Relieve ve
Rear Guard at Sipin 1in gha a
al al Kuropatkin Kuropatkinarrived arrived arrit ed here today todayfrom from Har H Harbin r bin where where he W went nt on on Sunday Sund Sunda y F
He He Hewas was r received eived d dwith With with a a great ovation o ationaIld and made a speech expressing j J l
the hope that the army army would soon soon i b3 3 able to retrieve its its reverses
It I is too early yet S et to determine what effect e the change changen chang a e in the supreme
com command mand of the the army will have The soldiers have a great gre greatde tdeal deal al of confi ¬
dence denc deu ce cein in in the venerable enera ble Gene General ml Lrnevitch LiIievitch whosetask whose task is isa monumental a monumental
o one i
Headquarters will be maintained mainta ineB here for the present l resent
The reorganization of the forces for forced e3 effected at Tieling Tielingaft after r the retreat retr eat
from Mukden undou undoubtedlr undoubtedly btedly marks arlis the th second stage of the Tvar w svar f
Guntsuling Gunt ruling 106 miles north of Tielmg TleIin g gr gh gasa t i has h asa a large railway r V ilwat J station statl 1
and is an important Red Cross center ce nter an and is supplied s PJlied with withmiI military tary facili
ties of every eyerysort sort It has now no now w become a great gre t camp overflowing O ov2r1lowin rfiowing a g in all di
rections recti otis
Troops are arriving daily Th3 Th Russian Russian R ssian a advance lvancedivisions divisions are arecon con con
tinning tinui zi zig g the march marc h to t to the northward northw ard while whuIe fresh troops troopSfroI oops from l Euro1a European ra
Russia are going going south to I Ielieve relieve the wornontrear wornout rear rear guard
The booming of big guns gunson on on the right 1
flank has been audible throughout to > i
tion day da indicating fighting in that direc 1
Persistent Persistent f reports re Ports have hav e circulated that
a massacre of the wounded and of the
Red Cross staff occurred at Mukden af a I 1
ter the Russians had evacuated the
place and before the Japan Japanese ese occupied j 1
lit it altliugh rlth ugh a 1 Tartar artar general undertook j I
to protect nncombatants during that j
Rear Guar d at Sipingha
The Russian riar r ar guard yesterday oc
cupied Sipingha seventy seYent miles north of J
Tiding The enemy continues to fol
low us but the th pursuit is slow The
main Japanese J panese army apparently is re ¬
maining nmlnin at Tieling
The flJur four days rest at Tiding gave
the army army arma a a charceto harce to reform and to tore re ¬
cover from the recent hardships Since
thav tha time the march has been conducted
in 5 i orcleriy orteri fashion fa hion but so rapidly
ibat Many t m horses and cattle have died
A exhaustion 1
The columns of o the Russian army
have been moving mOYi S like endless serpents
along lIon half a dozen 1 1oze nroadS roads which vh leh parallel pa Ialltl
1 the railway rnihya On the first days march marc1t jt
covered c thirty miles Kaiyuan was left leit
1 behind on March Iarch 16 and the thcrca rear rea rguard r guard
evacuated < eya ua ted Chantafu eighteen eiglltcenm miles il es far Ut >
ther t northon north on March 19 19
ST PETERSBURG March 22 22A A did
patch 1 from General Llnevltch says that
a body hod of rJapane Japanese e cavalry accom ¬
panied pan led by b a force of infantry has ap ap ¬
peared in front of the Russian outposts
at I Maehentay
LONDON March 22 22A A dispatch to
Reuter J Telegram Company says sa sthat that the tht
Russian army has reached a place of
safety saCet but that the irregulars iXTegularsand and
stragglers were cut off by b the Japanese
The haven of the Russians Is not given gh Em
Linevitchs 8 Army
In Grave Danger
LONDON March arch 2LThere 22 There Is conic ¬
erable diversity in the reports receive rec iYe4 e +
here regarding the situation in Man ¬
churia I
The Tokyo correspondent of the Sta Stan ¬
dard believes that the Japanese oceu oce
h i I x sag aps Its t Your Turn at the t h he e Maltese M Ma lteseCross ltese Cross Money Next ext Sun Sunday day t f

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