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Cc r r n = C V 7 p
4 o M c
Governor Signs Bill to End
I Popular Rule
Municipal Change Grows Out of S Suc uc uc ¬ I
cess of Similar Plan m iIGa in Galves ives 1
ton tonT Taxpayers xp xpayers y rs Rejoice I
J NEW ORLEANS RLr A NS lI j Jfarch i rch22The rch 22 Z2The The soy go v ¬ I I
ernor of o Texas has h ssig signed ncda a bill which
places Houston in the hands of a com ¬ J
mission legislating legislatingoutof 1egis1atingout out of office all il i the
officials utUcfalsivho who were fleeted lecied t tit it the last
general election ectionalu and giving all the mu ¬
nicipal power to a a i commission co of five
men The head of this tht commission lIa has S
full power of appoint appointing appointing ting ing and remov ¬
ing all officials and the city govern ¬
ment is to be operated like like a bank or
other private corporation
The success of the thecomm comm ission appoint ¬
ed to govern overn Galveston after the great
storm which nearly destroyed that town
l Jive rears ago has been so complete
that its neighbor Houston has hasbeen been
seeking similar imll government
Opposition Fades Away
It has hasonl only been in the last few f w weeks
that the subsidence s bside nce of the t te popular op ¬
position to a surrender of all control
of the government has rendered ren dered th the thcpas pas ¬
sage of the law possib possible e The action was
= filially taken because of the large bond b nd ¬
eddebt ed debt of Houston The Jack ci of suffi ¬
cient cj nt revenues reven es rendered theadministra the administra ¬
t tion n of the municipality munlci alit on a aderriDera democra ¬
tic and popular basis unsatisfactory if
not impossible
The Th Thchange change c ange of the gove government govern n ment thent to a
commission had the support feenearly fn tiie dlrlY
all the taxpayers and busiiiess busiriessinterests interests
as opposed Plos d to the th political elcment el II nt
Warner Y rner Miller IiUer former formerSerrator Senator Senatoxfrom x irom
Ney N York is credited c epitedwith with theJnten
tionof erecting an rnOffice Office building Z cost st ¬
ing inga a million dollars dolJ rs somewhere so mewhere in the
j i vicinity vicinltof of Fourteenth str street el etbetween between
G Ggtreet street and New Tew York avenue He has
been heenherc here recently rec ntiy looking over over vcr the
ground groundatid and the matter is likely to come
to a point within the next fortyeight fort elght
hours Slater Bro Co with offices
in It the Colorado building are Mr Millers
agents in the pending negotiations n goU tions
Mrs 11 03 Lucy Luc r Page Whitehead has bought i
1 i through th1OUghF Fred red May in conjunction with ith j
i THbmtfi Tlibir1 Thhn1dfTFither fif J Fisher I i1her Co the residence I
t at at the tbanol1tllVesi vnorth west corner of Sixteenth
S 3 1 1and and I s treets st rect S northwest the home hom of
1 I Ithe the late Justice Gray for 47500 47500
I t 4153 53 Corconlri street northwest northwcstJoseph Joseph
if W WKRob KRob lv Roberts rtsandJohn and John Raum executors
4 to Lucy LuC E Shepherd lot l t 69 square 208
f 1 14000 000
r > E street streetllorthwcst northwest between Twelfth
ahdrhlJt ahdrhlJtllth and hd Thir Thiteii teenth llth th streets strcetsBernard Bernard Schlos
berg bergetux et ux to Hank Schlosberg cast
half lot 2 2square Z square 290 10
Buena Vi8taA Vista r lctaA A M Green et etmr thC ux to M S
Effie Wood lot 1 1 block 8 100
Chillum Castle Manor 1lanorEastern Eastern Star
Home of District of Columbia to L
Galpeli CaJ > eH Williamson Wmlams n nan and an Watson 1Ya on J J New ¬ S
I ton trustees part 10 10
76 K street northeast nodheastDennlsA northeastDennis Dennis A Mc lc S
Namara lj1Pam etaisiio etu Jo Robert 0 Bdmonsjton Edmo Edmonton ton
c jTr jr ji lot 277 i7squareG74 2T square square674 CT4 10 10 10t < t n
625 o L street northeast n rtheastAmerican American Secu ¬
r rity ity and a nd Trust Company to Lucy York
lot 176 square 856 10
929 Westminster street northwest
Margaret targaretR R Andrews to Emma Emma Levy Lev
lot 204 square 3G2 362 55W 5500
Burrville B rrIlleVirglnla Virginia T Landstreet to te
Wilson Brewer lot = 18 block 6 section 3 1
no 10
D Dstreet Dstreetsoutheast street southeast between Four ¬
teenth and an Fifteenth Fli eenth streets streetsH H Laiane
Lewis tp toWUliam William D Humphries lots 47 4 f
I and nd 49 square 1061 100110 10
Meridian Hill HillVl1Uam William C Lewis ot ux ux
to William AV V RIley Rlle lots 40 to 47
block lock 10 510 l 10
Sixth street northwest t between G Gand and an I
H streets stre streetsCecehia tsCecelia Cecelia Merino et vir Frank
to Joseph Coslmano half interest in ir 1
part lot 24 square 454 t5410 10
S fi2 12 Eleventh Ble nth street northeast north4astNational National I
< Safe Saf Deposit D slt Savings and Trust Com
t pany pan trustee cto to William T Belt lot 101 t
41 square 960 c 2950
Sevenlh street f3tr etJoadHenr road oadHenry Henry l Rup
pert et ettiX ux to tOe e i Gregdr GregorJ Gr gOr J Ruppert one u oiie e
r third interest in intract tract on said road 510 10
Same to Bernard P Ruppert onethird I
Interest In same property prop rty 10
r Columbia Heights Helgh HeightsJames James ames T Gibbs et ci
al altrustees trustees to t Baltimore BaltimoreYearly Yearly Meet
ing Ingof of Friends part lot 1 block 36
S8000 OOO
Mocro m rl and Barbours second addition
David D yId Moore et ux uxto to William L
Browning lots 52 to 55 5 11 block ock 8 ld 10
S Sarah Srira h M Tt Davidson DaYIds n to same lots 51 to b
t 4 57 block 7 7S10 510 Sb
Hanover Hano r place northwest near North
J Capitol street trcctEdwar Edward A Newman to t
1 Helen M 1 Conradis lot 82 square G17 Gl
EVERY DAY from 1Inrch Marchiuntil 1 until
I 1 Nay lny 1 15 COOlllEtratcs colonist rates to all prine prm
cipal points In that state from
Chicago 3300
I StLuss3000 StLouis St Louis 3000
Tour ist ist Sleeping Slecp n gCars Cars a Specialty
i it t J
p Inquirejp
287 Broadway Broadw ay New NewYorkNY YorkNY
L Ltav Leave tav Washington V shington 11 a m and 530 p m fl L
daily dall connecting with trains of th
t Northwestern N orth trn Union Pacific lines
Boar Bo ar d Notyet Not Yet Ready Rea dy i
To Act on the Question
Will Wait for Petitions Pttitionsfor for and Against Re
S iigious ligiousTrainirlgin Ii Training in Pu Public blic Schools SchoolsViews Views
of Two TW Clergymen fgm n Presented d
Moral Moraltra tra train ining ing in the tliep pu public blic schools 1
of o f the theDi pistrict tric t ton on a adistinotlyre distinctly religious ligious 1
basis b sism will Jiardiy hardly be beconsldered considered by the J
Board Boar i Of of Education at its meeting to ¬ J
night nig l
None of the petitio petItii being beingcifculated circulated
at the instance in st nccof of the le ministers n fnrs ters con con ¬
ference fere1cehave have r reached ached Secretary S Se dretary reti retiryBrod ryBrod Brod
rick Those h se intere interested sted in in the thepe petitions Uons
put out ou t by the Seventh Day Adventis ts
said toda today that the result res ult of oftbefr their ef ¬
forts fortsvould would not be laid before the thehoard board I
tonight L
And Ands so the the matter stands tp 1ds S
It is believed beli ved that at the next meet ¬
ing in So of f fthe the board boardto to be be lie l cfd fd one wee we week k
from tonight both sides of the question
will 111 be represen r pr sen ted t d by numerously
signed si led petitions p titions and that then the tl1
board will have some some de definite finite basis t to
proceed upon if it t is not thought that
any members will take the in ftiative in
the matter and it seems to be generally
understood that th t any action by the
board will be based upon petitions
which may be presented to it
Two r views on the much discussed
topic are are presented by b r The TlieTimes Times to ¬
day widely different but both pothcoming coming
from frompasorsof pastors o of f prominent churches
Why WhyDrU Dr DrU U G Gk B Pierce
Voted Vo FedAga Against st Report O
The Rev Ulysses UlyssesG G B Pierce PI rceD D D ii
pastor p pstor stor J1 11 Souls Unitarian UnitarlanGh UnitarlanGhrch Church rch
I 1 was present at the recent recen t meeting
that adopted a opted the report of the commit ¬
tee teof of fifteen an and d voted v oted against there the re ¬
port p L
6f Or course I Thad had hot hotsceri seen the report
and had I1 d no no idea of its llsnature nature until the
printed printedcople copies s swere wererdlstributed were distributed lstributedatthe at the
meeting me t ng I Imustcon I must mustcon confess f ss t that at I was as ut ¬
terly terlysurprised surprised to see such weighty
names attached to a document that
seems s cms tp me so weak and andhasty hasty
There is iscven even an element of humor in
the theJ3 thestitement statement tlLtement that the committee have
spent spe nt j jthree three full afternoons fterno ons in confer ¬
once enceOnecan One can believe that th t
S SIt It is Ise i evidently an emergency meas ¬
ure It looks as if some onp on > were
scared scar < d <
I I3hould should ho ld thiilk that six months would
be b a ayerbrief aret very brief time in w which hich toprep to prepare l e
suc such h a a report If it is to be prepared at
all If lCthe the matteris matter is as asseriousassomQ serious as some
consider It more time should have ha haebeert ebeert beerf
devotedto devoted to its consideration consl eratio1J
Work Elsewhere
There Th r should sl1ouldalso also have hayebeen been some
data collected from other otherciUes cities For or in ¬
stance the report speaks of a lectionery
for for schools and of textbooks tcctbooksot of morals I Ifor
One Qne would think that nothing of the i 4
kind had l ad ever been thought of before
Why t here hereon on my desk deslare des1tarcthree v are three books
of ofthls or this character and I dare da resa say there
are ar c ca a score more more but nothing Is said
about them them neither has the comm committe ittee ltte
reported r ported as to what wh t success succcssattended attended S
their use use But of course not every ¬
thing can be done even in three tht 1e < full af ¬ S
ternoons s
f Moreover it was a a serious misfortun6
that the report re reporthad po r t had to be b e voted ot ed11on upon a l s
a whole One had to vote either eitheTor for jpr pr S
against the thereport o report There Therewas was no mid ¬ S I
dIe ground groun If he voted against a ia1neLit 1nstit it it it 5
was interpreted by some as indicating 1
either e1th r lndiff Indifference rence or hostility h sttlity to the th
welfare of the children in ih the schools
Why He Opposed Report Rep rt
I have no objections to stating why S j
I voted against the report r port S j
In the first place the report is an au l 1
insult to our teachers Under its smooth L 1
fphrn phrases phrn es there is a lur king kfn criticism crlti ism that
stings and bites It Itremindsone reminds one of the
classic bon mot Tell the the gentleman that
he 1c is Isn a fool fool but mind that you do not
hurt urthis his feelings
The Thepreamble preamble says says We bear witness >
to lh the efficiency and faithfulness faitl fulness of the th 5
grat body of our public school teachers
etc If that is true the report tallow f 1ow ¬
ing Is not necessary necessar if it is not true
but it Is true
What do you think of the plan of o E
making the 1heTen Ten Commandments the
basis of religious t llgioJIs teaching te chillg Here again t i
the report is i > vague I 1d doubt ubt whether wI1 t1 er
the Commandments were read re d by the
committee If so they would probably
have stated which version of the Deca De a
logue l ogue they thc meant
I cannot think that thatedu educated nted nvnv m n
would wot ldhave have their children chiIdrentaught taught that th t
the Lord made the world in 1 six days dlJ
and rested on the seventh I doubt i
whether any ny member of the thecommitte committee
believes that Certainly our schools
teach otherw otherwise ise To teach th these se things
as lUe literally rnllytrue true is either to stultify the
mind of the thechUd child or to make him a
Confus onfus ion i n in Decalogue
Of Of course ourse the instance cited above is
a minor matter and perhaps it was in
ten tended ded to omit that clause But the th
very words that begin the Decalogue
will wlIlbrlng bring confusion to the child The
statement God spake all allihese these words
is Isboundto bound to provoke questionings which
it is not the province of the public
school to settle
The fact is that people are not made
religious by b reciting creeds and com ¬
mandments mandmentsJudas Judas knew all these
things Children cannot be reformed In
three full aft afternoons rnoons The atmosphere
of our sc schools hools is is religious religlo s and moral
The highest tybe tneof of moral teaching runs ru ns
through all the textbooks from the
childs BTimer to the books of the high
school s hool S
Playing studying working together
are themselves things that equalize and
civilize They learn fair play Above
all the example and influence lnfluenc of ofihe the
teacher are an abiding incentive to toan all
that is pure and uplifting S
What we need is ISnot not the introduction
of formal teaching of morals but a
more intelligent and hearty appreciation
of the teachers in our schools Some ¬ S
times the classes are too large for the th
teacher to give such attention attenUonasshe as she
feels to be needed Oftentimes the
teacher Is forced to torsign resign just when
her influence is beginning to be felt be ¬
cause of the Inadequate salary offered
These are things that we all realize and
in Indue due time will be remedied But even
these th se cannot be done in three full af ¬ S
Rev Re Dr Radcliffee
Would Use Lectionary S
The Rev RevWallacc Wallace Radcliffe D D D pas 1 j
tor of O f New York YOIkAyenu Avenue e Presbyterian pre Sbyterlan L j I IChurch j
Church S II I
Ofiburse Ofcour tie I IindOise indorse illd rse the action of o f fthe the tli u j
X 5 recentcbnfOrenc recent ent conference pnf teIi t On qn the the subject of ofT re l 1
If Ifligionana5 ligionana5 lg dJm morality < ral ralityin t in the th tho e public P Ub Ic f choqis ct oos j
jlwas t t s > member memberoC of the siibcpmmit subCO subconimitt nllttCt ee of 01 t S j
three which prepiiedthe prepu 4 o the report te ror The j I r
District DIstri t is to o be cong congratulated fatulated Tiporv ponthel on the th i
present relent status of Jhat that > question c j jeqqon eqqon in l1r reja t
tlori to the theschooIS schools Tn 111 contrast 9ntrast vtith Iii itJ1n be r
general generalusllc usage we J haye n the reading ot i1 l
Ithe the Bible and daily ally use usco of of r tiieL tile Lords 1i < or < fs f 5
i Prayer P Pray ray er and that tl1 t most tn tnostadmira ostadmira admirable lc ru rul ld
16 which enjoins upon the teacher t cher the the th >
inculcation of c certain rt in ethical duties
The present pr sent movement mOm nt only onlyseeks seeks to t
systematize sstema ze and direct this teaching It It I
asks for an approved lectionary made
up of selections from the Old and New Ne
Testaments T st 1ents so 1 that tbnt1he the > daily readings S
may may not r be left ntirely e to the careless
ness lCS S Sor or niIlf willfulness hes s sof of thti the Individual i 1
teacher teac teatb r i Thl Th S i f secures ecures an an attractive va va
rietyV rietyPthl t in < ualsoa also tcs iole S
tie j J ana anticipates nticipa POSS possible op o
4act1on ction ctioni ctionSon tfol1 Son on the part of some parents
Such Such1 ljch leciionaries l i tiqnarl i narIes have already been be ri pre pre
I Iptlred I pared and used harmoniously by Protes
Itants I tants Roman RomanCath Catholics lics and Hebrews
And the regulation ttgulat on suggested Is 15ad addl l
tionally conservative in that its use is i >
to be optlona1 option with the teacher t lcher ihi This s
action ctfon further rec recommends bmmerids only a sys
ttfmatlC t matic methoQ for securing sec ring the pur
j poses of rule 16 It It would put Into the th
teachers hands hm san ah an elementary book on ou
ethics which would enable her to teach
in simple logical and interesting inttrestingform form
the duties she sh has already been en ¬
joined to teach namely truthfulness c
selfcontrol l temperance tt < lperancE < frugality in
dustry obe obedkw dience e to parents and obe
Idlcnce I dience to t tlK tli laws lc ws of God Such S lch qje re
mentary m en ta ry books b OI k have h V a lready r db been I pre P e ¬
1 pared par p and an lut3ed < used which I should tfrink tblnl c
I cOme every cry teac teacl1ft her and an parent would wel
> Ethics Eth cannot be bcsuec successfully > sfuJ taught t
without a theistic basis The host bQstefort effort elfOr t
on any l inyother nyotherbasjs other basis is Confucianism un d j 3 l
the moral m01 mot llife l life of o 5 5f f China hina does not n t impress B j
us with its itssli superiority erlority
I The present movement does not go as a s I II
Great Task Ta k ko kfPr of o fPr ProYiding aingFlo Flowers fers and Foliage for Summer S Su Sm u m mer
Mon Months ths in the theGover Government m nt ReservationsSpring Reservations ReservationsSpr Spr ing
Plan Pa n ting hK Afyjut Abqutto to B Begin gin
I Over O l one 011 million fuHIJon I c plahts 5 w will ill i1g 5 go t S to 3
beautify lJ the thepublicg public pubhicgardens gardens aens a andspounda and lc1 grounda > ds I Ibeautify
of j f the District lstrI t of Columbia iliis hl yesir ye
and 11 a nd gar gardeners deners under Colonel Clonelj Cloneljom olOnel jiromweli Bromwll om wel I
Superintendent c S fofP of Public lIcBu Buildings Buildingsand dIngsand and r
Grounds < are preparing pr plring for the th s spring
planting I plan p ti g to begin in about ab t two weeks wee ts
Colonel Bromwell has hasu under de hiSSl his hissuper super per ¬
intendence over 400 acres acres of public
ground E g round the large parks the circles clr clrc c ces les es the
triangular t triangu lar sections sectlonsa along all t the hO princi Prln C I r I Itriangu
pal I p al avenues and odd plqts growing in
all C a ll sections of the c ity l y most of which I
will 11 munder under his h IS watchfureyeaniL watCh fU1cyean that tha th to of f
George Hay Brown thViandsCape thEJlinds thndsape apQ g gar r 1 1George
dener soon begIn to o blossom bl blbssomas s 1 as asthe the l 1
rose 1 r ose Every year ear this thfs thfsspr spring spr sprlr n5 plaitting jiianti lariUIig g
takes 1 t Jlaco vla place o on on 40 n u larger larer scale al o Jphree iThrce in e
new greenhouses g ge greeahousesha e ou esha have ycbe been n added addedt aIt d io tbthe the h
propagating 1 pronn ga gatInggardens tInggardens gardens in the the past past ps je jer iear ar r i
and an and antwo d two more are a eIn in course co rseo of o1 f fc construc c qn nstrbc tht ¬
tion 1 a
Every Eycryyear year the parkingbecomes parkInb parkinboth comesgreat great gre at ¬
er orand and the Jaborlncrease labor Increases i LThe iTheklng The parking pa rking
surrounding s the Sherman S e an r rstatue statue tnt l lS is br one I ie
of 4 the new plots of ground to tobc be at ¬
tended 1 to Allotlir AU AUc c otb otbr r rnibljp p1lbUPP parks flc ± ksex s scx ex
cepting that of the Bob11116 Botanic Ga Gavjlen lden en
and the t Agricultural t grounds o llndsiinl will pe
provided f9r for and taken care careo of ofwholly whollylor whollY pr r
in i n part by the force of the propagating prop agatl g
gardens J gur ns
S Many New NewVarie Varieties ties
Many 1Ian new and gay gayplantsnnd plants and flowers
will wmbeauUf beautify the theparksthisyear parks this year Colo Cob
helBromwe n nd r13r Bromwell mwe ii iiand and Mr Brown 13ro wnr rather t pe lean ea n
far as a S1 T believe it itShO should Uld go g c It it itres rests res ts
everything M rythlng upon the theistic idea For
that 1 th t reason it should shouldcommehd commend itself to
every very believer in ina a personal p rsonal God It
could very fairly base itself upon p n the th
recognition of the Christians God This
nation is not neutral or atheistic It
is Isa a Christian nation Its Itshistory history law
usages life are based upon the essen ¬
tial t1a fundamental truths truthso of Christianity
Its institutions should be held to its
original foundations This does not n ot at S
all involve Ihvolven a union of church ch rch and state stat
The church of which I am a minister has
memories and convictions which mnk make
us u bitter antagonists of such an a neITort effort
But it itdoe does involve the union of Chris
tianity tianit and an i the state sta just as it also I iri
jyolves I volves the union of Christianity Christlanlt and the
jbU5iness business and the society and the book
land and the home
There can be no question as jo the 1
jright right to introduce hitro uce these thes teachings irtt into
fthe the public school The rh school scholll is distinctx dLc distlnQt tI 1ct
lily lv l for thcpurpose the purpose of making m YJnggQoddit good fciti S
iZ zens ens That Is the theonW only reason rensor ifOr for Its If lt
ebcistence ist nce1 Good GoodclUiensh citizenship p is inot f fnQt not In I
Intellectual 1 attainment but character chart tOr A A
rman man rnart may m y be a good goodmathmatlCian mathematician or
geographer and yet a bad bildcIllzen citizen The Th t
state state is unfaithful un aIth ulwhichdoesnot which does not care
for the thechamcter character of at its p ieOple ebple ople Tlie
state s lte has a right to dp do what it deems
lbest best for its own protection protectiortevea even vn though t
somfe someqf of its itscltizens i 5 5ts ts citizens dissent di nt The Quak ¬
er is opposedtoW opposed to war cV but all the same sam
the stut stUtff vj junlzes > lin zes Its armies rmlesand and taxes taxes taxe
tne t e QyaK QIJ Quarers r < > > ior < frth their rr support supp rt
Secretary Secret r Hitchcock ha llas approved appr ved the
new It VC co c pyright p jght Ia law and it I is to to be b
promulgated promulg < tcdApril April 1 TL
ilt It has be been bvcndiscovered ridlsc ridlscvere discovered < vere dt thata rhatanumbei 1t nuniber
fijjf attorne 1ttornEVti attornenden irs nd agen agen Ts Tsla Tshavebeenend1 havebeensend b n n q
big IVgoutHtcl out litera flte1iTute ture turcassertingthat asserting tha that t q Uje r
new ne law will do doawuy away with withilU all of thfe th
protection tfforded under the old law
This Jh the tbi department says is untrue
and that the rea reason onfor for the activity activityis is h i
a all desire slre to t reap reapsoJid solid benefits Jn n mort mon
registration rgis mtiQnfe fees fe s >
INDIANAPOLIS March 22 2A A general genera j
strike Is threatened in the Indiana coal coa oa j S I
belt because of the discharge of ofmeh men mci 1 1 1
at Jackson Ja ckson Hill and an d a consequent con eque nt strike t t
The checkoff system is involved I It
District President Bayle says he is I s 5
willing Illins to have the th e controversy ontrovers y s S ettled ttle d 1
1J by the Joint executive tho boar board d but he in
slats > Istg tluit lh lt the three o 5 discharged men be b e j
jreInstatc reinstated L
The operators operators association assocl tion demands deman s 5 i
that the miners be b ordered back to work won k i j
pending > a settlement i
1i toward i tard rdtl1 tlio t ereat eat yaclety arl of qrPlan plants with 1 S
varicplored varicolor v ariL color 1 leaves lea es than flowering flo erlrig
plants Some of 0 the best b st flowering
plants are according to Mr Brown
least l astatlrnctive attractive after att r their bloom and a nd
the foliage plants of brilliant color C 0101 are a re
therefore preferable
The variegated scarlet sage is a afavor favor ¬
ite In the propagating gardens for the
reason that it combines the elements of
beauty of ornower flower and foliage f l1ageA A new
variety of this thisplant plant will appear In the
flower beds in many many parts of the city
There Thereare are seventyfive s Vel five varieties of cro
to tons ns with leaves ranging rangIn gfrom from a bright br Ig ht
yellow y llow to a deep red re I They too are j
a a favprlte f yprlte in the propagatirig garden
and 91 < l qjie qil Qi4gxe Jgiteenhplise g e J1hotis jis fr fs devoted qevot votd d exclu
jgively 1h 1vely lytQ to tnem h tn J
13eslijesc 13eslijesclhese Besl es tliese are aretoJ atetqbe tqj be planted the
Ciner3 Ciij Cin riiril f rlaS1nca la CYhlcas Tineas Iternaritheras IfernantherasAca Aca
lyplias Iypn s andFuchsia ani i1 fFuchsia Puchsbtn d V all of brllHaht
leaf e f
Flowers Flow e sNot No No1 t Neglected N glecteil
There is rip np1ntentlon up intention to toneglect neglect the
flowering tl we iIng plants however Thirty thous ¬
andpansieS hndanies and pansles were planted pl nt dlast last autumn
an md d wHlsoonbe will soon be s showhugthelr iiowing their heads
alL over the city Soon the th hyacinth hya lnth
tulip tullmcrocusand crocus and narcissus will be
blopm blopming l p r ing jngabou abou t tus us s every Yeryvthere Chere where an and d the
gerahlum gern ± ilum > andi a rid r9se r9 roe will w 1ll follow
The hospitals hORpltnlsof of the theelty city Jt willbe wi1beamply amply
provided povId rovIded d for this year out of a sur
plus stock
The plans pnns for the gardens have not
yet et been made but will be beannolnced announced
soon u uYon You have no idea said aidlr Mr
Brown Br wn w ivhat v hat t a agrelt great task this is and
v crjbjng r ing t njttbd 1JJwt t tjtoughly roughly consider
led d be before fore e the final fi l d dc decisions c Ions are made
x xe le
Addresses Addressesori on How Sunday Schools Sc ools May
S Be Enlar ged and Work Workut lOut Out
Better Results
The Sunday Sttn ri School Superintendents
AssOciation held h ld its sixth annual ann ua fban ban ¬
quet 11let l list stnight night at t the Foundry FoundryiIetho Metho ¬
dist istc Cluarc eithz ti tir r di h After After ftOr j pie the edlnner dinner had ha d been
ser sr ft dga ln num numbegof I1 ber > + o of set et speeches spee h s were I
IJnat1 TOade Jnat1 jflalju > Un I which which all the speakers spe spek ers rs en
deav0redto 1car ticavored < dto to show how the wor workof fc fcof of tne
Sunc Sunday lilr > schqois in nth n this scity city could olId be b
teIilar enlarged eIilar lf and nd oring orintgreater greater results
Dr Drv DrJames v JJmeEGnbert James Jam B Gilbert general secre ¬
larY 5 jor the American Society S ei tyof of Re ¬
lig liglo higios ious s Education Educatrozmade made the principal
apeech iipee peecbof th thof of the evening He Iiespoke spoke on
> the th character c1i acter of fthe the teachers arid rtdsam sa said id l
the srhools hOOI S we were r Judged tu db ed i Y 1y > y theabiJity the ability
and earnestness earnstnesSbt of t theinstP1ctors the instpictors l
Other speeches speceh st werG w rc ic n made hd 15y 15yupei uy Super upei ¬
inten intendent dent Harding of the Foundry Eoundr oundj Sun ¬
day < layschool schrk whose whJ top tbpfc was wasJ wasA J A Super
JntendentB n lenttI Put I tp an an Incompetent
Teacher 7 r rFollo Following Follo ing his hisa address dess other
talks werp w < r mafleby maii bj lyman LymanL 1 L > Pierce
IJlu1 John B Siema ri Mark E Er r Watson
CharLes H H Butlerv Butl Butler rJ John hn E Dawson and
others th thrs rs
S A A musical muIcaLprogrilmwas program was rendered d be I
rethC 4 inreraha inrerahaentire ne r t1hdW entire ee eien n
rng jing ing ng wits prcndu TItm prbnOuftcedA u ped e A great eat success j
SUit was wasiieiur wastle iieiur i Ja late t yestezday e Ste ro roqy qy afte 4 =
noon in l the SupremeCourt Suprem Court of the WeDis lbis Dis 1 1noon
trict by Felix von v n Briesen Brleseungainst against the
Congressional and Jlc JIc eican ican fcaniIlning Mining I
Company to or recover covcI 510503 10500
Of this thisamoun ansbunflt amount t1t it is sought to recover
interest interestonJ on on47500 J 7500 500 from March Ltrch 2 last and l
interest Inter st on 3000 OOO from March 9 last
Briesen alleges that on November 1
1204 the th2defcnda defendant tagreed agreed to sell him l
5000 shares sh ri sof of its capital stock for 2500 2500
the par value of which was nas 51 1 per share
under a Ilcontra contract t to repurchase It for
150 150 a ashar share
H < j nays 1 9 the defendantnow defendant endantnow how refuses to
redeem the th stock at the price pric men
Clarence R Wilson is counsel for the
r Children ren e love e
La dies icY en joy of Nips
rl rle MP1 Men C Jla TflP nee EiLv O vi d I
h S
< F S 5 S
Chew ew as r PL Wintergreen f > r
I long as LS S I Pepperm int
you youc c hoose hoos Licor rice ice Flavors Fl vors
At All Goo d Stores Vm Wrigley Jr Co Chicago C ica go
a Nic ke kel l Buys Bu ys 10 1 0 Manu facturers o f the Famous
JUICY FRUIT Chew ing Gum
L LPs Ps Je
American J Colony Protests I
4iBSt st Change
< l
Says Growth of United States Inter ¬
ests Is Striking Tribute to
His Fitness
SEOUL March 22 22Telegrams Telegrams receiv reedy
ed edh here announce ann unce > that the United States
Minister 1rnnist rH Horace Ira ra e N Allen has been
superseded 1 supersed d by bYIcc recent nt Presidential ap ¬
pointment po1ntmentGreat Great Gr at surprise is occasioned d
in j n diploma diplomatic tic c tlrcles ffcles where1Ir where Mr Allens
unquestione 1 un questio 1c d a ability ability J fty and an d long and faith ¬
ful j record ordfl first st > as assecreta secretary Jyand and after aifer
ward drd 8smin as minister ster are recognized by J
people 1 of air aU na natlonrilitt iionalitles Jionaiftf s
Mr Allens xeaiipolntment TeapPolntIIlentasm as minister iniste7
sva waptJ k presupposed uDPosed In view of the th recent
announcement nnnOl1lccmentma made detbat that Washingtons Vash ngtons
diplomatic appointments appoiritnif nts would wouldbe be gov ¬ 1
erned by previous previousex prtrio experience ex rlence and nd abil il
ity iiy S 1
Korean Xor an Ministers Min sters Views
Koreas min minister ister of foreign affairs
says say Mr Allens Allensrecall recall is greatly reat1y re ¬
gretted greW d by b the Emperor Emp rorand and the thegov gov ¬
ernment They Theyo often ftcIsought sought his hl disin ¬
terestedadvIceand terested advice and placed placedmuch much re
liaricie J llal1 on hi hiS nound Judgment His inti ¬
mate m mate 1cknJwledge knowledge of Oriental l diplomacy 1
peculiarly p cti arlyfitted fitted him hIrnioI for the post while
r the the remarkable growth ot of American
I Interests Inte sts in Koraa Kor during his his tenure of
office isa Is a striking tribute to his un un ¬
ceasing efforts Mr lr Allens official and
private prlv te record commands the respect
admiration and support of both com ¬
mercial and andmJsJionaI missionary elements
Among the th members of the American
colony cQlon in Korea Mr Allens recall raises
a storm of protest against the American
system gystemof of making diplomatic appoint ¬
ments which result in thus rewarding a
tried triedalld and faithful representative
Maw 1rawThat That young oung loafiey has been
comin to see ee our Mariar purty stiddy sUdd
since the cold weather set in
Paw PawYep Yep L notice so
Maw fawWhat What dye spose sposearehls are his inten ¬
Paw PawI T think his intentions are to keep
warm w rmof of nig 111ht8 hts at our expense for the
rest J of thewinterHouston the winter winterHouston Houston Chronicle
The Poor Stomachs Tale of Woe
Just ustNowMiona Now Miona Is Needed
At this season seasono of the theyeal year thousands
of peoplearealread people are already showing the ill
symptoms Symptoms that are sure to result from
the usual usualwiriter winter diet Indoor life lifemeat meat
eating hearty food lack of exercise
overwork and poor ventilation spell
sickness Slcknessand and poor health
If the stomach cannot do its work
properly 111 ill health is sure sure tfollow to follow
Miuna Ml na is the t eone one medic medicine ine that as ¬
sures sur esana a natural ri digestion dig st1on that th tstrength strength ¬
ens tb the stomach that soothes and heals
all irrItaUinc irritation congestion ngestlonand and inflamma Infu mma ¬
tion in the stomach or bowels It is
this thatrnakes that makes it a cer c r tain talnand and guar ¬
anteed cure rOrall for all stomach troubles
If Itl1ed the digestion Iges lon Js Is impaired i m pa II etI the blood bl od
Is impoverished inip 5verlshedanibecomes d and becomes filledjwith flUed fihledjth jtith
poisonous impurities derarigjng 1erangjnrtbe < the S
whole W h le system and a nd causinjgr causg causgstCknes Us 1 stckness Sand and
suffering sutferlngin Mionsr MIntctIng ni1tCtlng > a tlhg upon the 1 1sutferlngin
stomach and digestive organs cures
sleeplessness nervous erv9Us troubles troubleshead head ¬
Jlches aches bacEfacnes bacIfac nes and general weakness w aknes5 I
and andde de Sility
vI 7l Xou you you are weak and ailing the Ui chances
nrethat nie are that It Isdqe Is due to a diseased stom ¬
ach but you can can be cured by using
nona nonac c AskHenry Ask Bbnry Evans thereltable the reliable
druggist 522 S22 a and iVd 924 F Street northwest f
to show Yl1 th the e strong guara guarantee ntee und under r S
which Mlona Is sold Mlona costs I
but but50ca SOC a box If It itdoesnot does not help you ou
the theplce price is absolutely absolutel nothing
Thats T S
Why 1800 1O
I I Spring 5prin Serge g
I S Suit uit lt
Blue or Black
fk I Light Fora 1
> Spring i
J Overcoat
Made lade to fit j jr you r ou perfectly in our
I usual superior manner mannerbest best of
I materials and nd finest workmanship
t i All our coats are interlined with a t
1 French Canvas anti Haircloth Front
the collar hand handpa padded ded and all gar ¬
mcnts worked not pressed into
shapp sh1p shappand and an guaranteed to hold their
I form Call or write for samples
Open Saturday evenings
Newcorn Green
flerchant Tailors 1
I fo02F 002 F St N W 1 V
i =
Spring Issue
Will Goto Go to Press April I3 3
fa secure listin gs con
tracts should be made prior
I to that date
G P Telephone Co
I 722 12th Str Strt t I
I 407 R Stre Street t E
RSI on nr f nnrft
Ears LooKe das d as if They Would WoufdDrop Drop
Off OffBOdyEntfr i Bo 8 dy py i Entirely ptir J 1 Covere d dwith with
Humor Hum umorThree rT1iee Three f Doctors Gou Goulll M
Not No Cur Cure e chil Child Grew Gt Yi Worse
Mrs MrsGeorgeJSteeseo George J Steese o f f7ctCobura 701 Cobum
St Akron Akro l Ohio Ohiotellsi tells teUsih la the thefollowing f followiq ollow inj
letter ett r o f ianother another of oftliose those ose remar r markabta ka blt bi
cures c Ures Qf Qfi Qfto i tortor to rtiuing iri g disfigurin aj n g sM s akIn kia
humors h 5 uinor daily da ily made IIade by byCu CnticuraSoa ticura8oa p
ass assiSte iste d by Cuticnra pintmenfc Q lntmen t
after after physicians physic ians an d dall all els else had
failed fa iied T I feel it my duty to parents
of ofotherpoorsuff other poor suffering ring babiesto babiestote11 babiei to te ll
you w what h at Cuticura has done formy for my
little dau ghter She broke out aU n fl
over her body with w w ith a humor ahdwe an d d dwe we
used everything recommen ded but
without w ithout ithoutresults results I ca called lled in inthree three thre e doc
tors they theynfl all cla cliimed clsimedthey imed they couldhelp could help
her but butshe she continued to grow worse Worse
Her body bodywas was amass of ofsoresandher sores and andh her = T
little face was ea eaten ten away her ear ear8 ea ±
looke d das d as if they would drop off
Neighbors a dy dyisedme ised ise me to get Cuticara
Soap Soa p pand and Ointment Ointmentandefore an and d before 1h I ha d
use u use4 e d ha1f ha1fH ha1fojthe ha lfof lf of ojthe the ca cake ke of soa p an d
box of f o pnjn intment H the sores ha hada11 d dall all
hea hCaied led le d arid ttd d my my little iitt1 ones ones facer fac an and d
bo dy dywas was as clear d clearas earas as a new newborn borrt babes bab s
I I wou w Uld ld d not notbe be w Wit1i cvithoutitaga ithout it ta aga a in if it
costfiye dollars Jo llars instea insteado d ao o f fseventyfive seven tyfive
cents which w hich is all it cost us to cure
our ourbabyaft baby after r spending spendingmany spendingmanydoiinrs many dollars
on doctors and andmedicineswtiiout medicines me dicines iv wit1lout jtliout any
b ienefitw benefit enefit w hatever
Rest for Mothers S
Instant relie f fand and refres r freshing hing s leep
fo for skintor skintortureJibabies skintortured tured ba bies an and d rest rest ± st J for
tired fretted mothers in warm warm baths bath
w with ith Cu Cuticura ticura Soap So pand and gentleano gentle ano int ¬
in ins gs s w withCu ithCuticura ith Cu ticura ticur Ointment Oin Ointnientthegreat ent the t Jegreat great S
skin cure arid andpure an d purest t o f femo emo llients
Cattcnra g So Soup pi piOirtment Oirtment J nd n dKn dKnre tri Pi flg are re told thixro throjtitst I1 gtioct
thpTTorld t cE Potter Dru Drura iChem CheinC h Corp rp BostoniSolcrrop
i 11 S 55dijI1ow r i5j d l torXHoV t1lR Jb DJ1 DJ1re CnreUabj re ynuI nucicj 1 i
0 c a I
= =
i TheGood The Good A
1Q Q
j Business 1 I >
i it it Man I
1 Thoro Thoroughly ughly t
appreciates the I
i advanta advantage ge of a f
i S r l cheekin gaccount g account i
+ l J1M J1Mwhich w which H bh JI prOVl rQvides d es 1
L Ll l 0 < IJ for tl the 1e co conven lv n 1 1If If
T 1 t = 1enrpayl11entof iCflt ptyment of +
lh lhnL k nL I bills ti1 uluS the fh itiC 1 e i trans tr Lrans ans 1
mi mission ion of money QAi W
t points aiid ari d an exact jecprS Jecpr dof d or of if
expenditures i
I You Yo ought ught to enjoy this con ¬
venience whether you handle +
much or little money If you f
are not familiar familiarr with r ith the meth ¬ I
od odcomein come in and let us useqJlaiI expla in it T
i to you We Vepromise promise y you u our i
most m ost careful attention atten tion
j f S 7thandiviassave 7th 7thand and Mass Massave ve i I
I t Deposits more than a million 2 i i
t dollars i
t o I i
I Tpotato Potatoes iiT = <
I Fancy Stock tock
1 149c 49c Bushel 15c Peck
r Paragon SugarCorn6c Sugar can
Largest Cal Prunes Prun s 7c lb
Layer Raisins Raisinsnu 1 nu v 7c 4c c lb
Best Be st Tomatoes Gc can Can
Macarpni I HarQni HarQniu u u 5e c per perpkg pkg
Large Cal i Hrimcs R n s = 5c DC lb
Cleane d Currants TJSc lb
3 cans Mcnacacy Valley 3u Sugar
I Corn n s sc 2oc c
4 Crown Layer L er Pigs lgs Sc lb Xh
Seeded Raisinsl Raisins 7c c ft ll
Choice Choi e Apples 25c per per pk k
Mcnocacy Val Sifted Sift dPeas Peas 7 77ccan 7c c can
California Prunes Pruncs3Yc 3c lb
Fancy Fanc cluster Raisins Raisins12c 12c lb
Large Pickles SC S and 12t don doi
Monocacy VaL r rai ai L Lima LimaT3eansSc m BeanSSc lieans c can
5 SIbs lbs Gloss Starch 25c c
5 5saC1ts sacks tine Table Salt Saltl 10e c
Eagle Brand Milk J4c can
Salmon 7 ic tcan c can
S bottles Blue u 10c
Small Mackerel SOc 0c dos
948 Tja LaAvc6 Ave 6 Other Stores i
tSee NewO S C >
+ Suvenir Cuff Buttons 9
l 25c 25 25Cpair C pair pair
i A Aa a MiNSTER
3 439501 499501Ea Pa Ave
+ Under National lotel otcJ
4 4eOO 0 e + + 0 CGO 0 CI + 4b +
I Ceres Flour inziKc naKs s more bread malcei
J Avbiter bread makes better bread than
l any other othe Flour manufactured Beware Bewar
J of imitations of tho brand Ceres f

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