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Showers Sho ers tonight and an d to ¬ = I > THE RECOG RECOGNIZED
morrow Not so warm I Cfn r ti fitng ton a o cmtm e 1 WANT ANT AD MEDIUM M 1
i < 21 Tim Times mes s sWant Want Ads Br BrRECOG Bring Results 1S
Long LongAwaited Awaited Letter of
Explanation Reac Reaches hes
State Department
Presidents Pres dellts Trip Tr ip Also Will Wi II
Continue Co ltinue Without Refer ¬
ence of f Question to Him H inl
Minister Bowens longawaited re ¬
port ortfrom from Caracas telling of President
Castros defiant refusal to accede to
the demand of the United States that
the questions at issue between the two
Governments Goycrnmentsbe be submitted to arbitra ¬
tion reached the State Department to ¬
day Officials Ofiihla Officials ls mainta maintain in the strictest
secrecy as to its contents
The report lellsin tells in deta detail il what hap ¬
pened ened when Minister Bowen visited the
Presidential palace and delivered to to
Castro the note in which this Govern ¬
ment protested against the manner in
i which American Arn rican cla claims ims were treated d
in Venezuela and demanded d that Cas ¬
tor agree to arbitrate them
Castro Emphatic
Minister Bowen relates that Castros
refusal was couched in in most emphatic
terms tennsBeyond Beyond this nothing Is given
out out at the department
t On excellent authority however It
can be stated statedthat that Mr Bowens report
will willnot not result in any an immediate trou ¬
ble bleln in Venezuela President Roosevelts
vacation plans jlanswlUnot will not be disturbed He
will not be be Informed of the report un ¬
til he heflnis finishes hcs his h s three threednJs days hunt In
Oklahoma and returns to the head ¬
quarters where Secretary Secr ta Loeb is sta ¬
No Immediate Instructions It t Is said
w will ill be issued to t Bowen He will be
reta retaIned ined at Caracas unless Castro him ¬ =
self s elf should present him his passports
The The X entire matter It is understood 4
will l beheld be > e held in abeyance until President
Roosevelt returns At that time it It will I
be considered cons idered at a Cabinetmee Cabinet meeting tlng
This Government will then decide wheth ¬
er drastic action is to be taken to tooring brin bring 4
Castro to time
XfpttpBe 1 Not i t tOBe Be Recalled Recall Reca lled Q r r
Sbrne Some S me pressure is being brought to I I I
bear for the removal of Bowen by diplo 1
malic matlcagntso agents of Venezuela in this coun ¬
try There is no present Indication he h e
1 I
Trill be recalled
The demand of Minister Bowen for ar arr
bitratlon was presented to President l > resld n t
Castro three three weeks ago At that time tiro e
only on ly a a brief te telegraphic report told to ld of I
its reception and of Castros CastrosrefusaI refusal
The Administration did not take any an r
action acti n despite the fact actthat that It was said sat
to have about about reached the end of th the he e
rope In In Venezuela
Pen > enljing en < ng President Roosevelts West ¬
ern trip tr it decided
was to postpone ac a l ¬
tion until Minister Bowen should have hay e
made a complete report by mail This Thi s
has just arrived
In the case case of Fannie R Morgan n 1
against Charles R Morgan in an opinion n
announced by b by Chief Chic Justice Shepard Shepa rd d de ¬
I nied her h r petition asking that her hus ltu S ¬
band be compelled compe led to pay to her suf su r ¬
ficient money to prosecute prosecute an appe appeal L j
from a decree of divorce granted by b the th e
Supreme upreme Court of the DIstilct Dlsu let
Without lthout deciding the question questl of the t he
right of the thec6urt court court in the exercise of
sound discretion to torequire require a husband husba n d j
who is appelle in a a adivorce divorce suit to pay pa Y y
the appellantmoncyto appellant money to prosecute an a n n
appeal the theappelate appelate court held It had h d
no Jurisdiction to toexerclsc5uch exercise such s uch power power ha a in
the case presented by b Mrs Morgans Morgan s g
In conclusion the court says to grant i t
the petition it would be compel compeled led to a act ct
without the knowledge of the facts to
be obtained from the transcript of
record which hlch is necessary necessar to the exer exe r ¬
case of reasonable discretion
4 The western disturbance of Monday Month S
morning has advanced to the upper Oh Ohio to
valley alle It has been attended by b goner general al
rains r ains over the Ohio river watershed the ti e
lower lake region the middle and lower low er
Mississippi valleys allen Tennessee New No w
England and the middle Atlantic States Stat es s
An area of high pressure Covers the ti
middle Rocky Rock mountain region reglonand and a d j
there are three depressions west of the t he ie
Mississippi 118slsslppione one in n Arizona and two t w c fo o I
north of Montana and the Dakotas
Snow continues In Wyoming and Colo Col o ¬
rado and there has been rain In Ari Ai l ¬
zona and New Mexico
It Is much muchcolder much colder in in the lake region regi on n
Ii the Mississippi valley vnUC and the middle mid die IG
Rocky mountain and plateau regions
Rain is Indicated for tonight in t the he ie
upper Ohio valley aJle the lower low r lake re t > ¬
gion and the the middle Atlantic States Stat ca a I
and showers and thunderstorms will wlli w 111 li
prevail tonight and Wednesday In the t he ie
cast nst Gulf and a nd south Atlantic States
It tWill will bo colder In the middle Atlan Atl an n ¬
tic States and lower Mississippi valley nail ey jy
and ind east Gulf GultStates States
9 a m 67
12 4 noon o H 81 l
1 p m 81 l
Fun Un sets todayV todl todny 633 6 33 I
Sun rises tomorrow 529 5 29 J
High tide today l 1225 p pm m n
Low tide today 715 j io p pm m
High tide tomorrow tomcrr tomcrrow1251 ow1251 1251 nm119 am 313 19 p pm m
Low tide tomorrow tomorrow716 716 am 811 pm p in n
Wardell Warde ll Saw the Soldier
Running From Scene
of Shootin g
The Revolver Iden Identified tified by
Sergeant Keefe Kee fe Argu
I merit nlt t Over Evid Ev Evidence idence ence
The second day of the trial of o f Samuel
R Young for for manslaughter was devoted
to the thee the th examination e xamination o of f fwitnesses witnesses
That the clothing of Policeman Smith
was not disturbed nor the bullet hole
through t through lrough the waistband wa istband of his trousers
torn or enlarged while the garments
lay on the floor floor of the emergency room room
oC o the Georgetown Georg etown University Unlverslt y Hospital
over the night of July 4 was the testi
mcny of Sister Edward who had charge I
of the ward at that time
James W Y Wardell Who keeps seeps a a sa ¬
loon at 3603 N street facing the Aque ¬
duct bridge when w hen he took the witness
stand declared that he he saw a soldier
running runnlngava ru nning avay from the end en d of the
bridge b ridge at about 9 oclock on the night
ot July 4 3 and after seeing that Police ¬
man Smith Smithwas was hurt Mr IrWardell Ir Wardell pur pur
sued s ed the soldier as far as as the Re Key d
The witness could not Identify the the de ¬
fendant Young as the soldier who was
running away awn
Joseph A C Fought motorman and
Isaac Is aac B Talbot conductor c on on the Capi ¬
tal Traction Companys Pennsylvania
avenue avenue wenu lin line e testified successively each F
declaring that a soldier without hat or
coat boarded d their car at Washington
circle on the night of July Jul 4 The con ¬
ductor said he noticed the man sitting 1
Or the rear of his car carr r with his head In
his hands and an at the corner corner of Four ¬
teenth street and Pennsylvania avenue
Fought F ought attracted the theattenUon attention of n 1
policeman and the soldier was arrested
Tells TeIJsof Tells of Arrest
Policdraan Folio Man 1an Mellen Me rellen llen of the First pre ¬
cinct toi to told d about ma making king the the arrest t
In ra rapid pid order William Moore a
colored colored employe of she the Sewer Depart 1
ment ment testified to ifii llridl1g iding a a 38crliper 38ctjU er i
army revolver r in the sewer Irup a at the
corner of Twentyfifth Jwent fiCth and L streets
northwes crthwest t tand and turning it over to his
foreman Joseph Fitzpatrick tzpatrfc i Mr fir 1tz Fitz 1
ptttrtefctol zrbuntgityrttlie r ifctn bvu l g1 lt1gt1ie pon pn 0 I J
Lieutenant Boyle of the Third precinct
and the latter testified to giving the
pistol to to Lieutenant Jordan of the J c
Seventh precinct
Sergeant Edward J Keefe of the
Seventh precinct police identified a a 35 1
caliber empty empt revolver Shell which he 1
foun found d don on the the canal bawls bawlsnear bank near the old
Key K ey mansion mans ion
Much argument was occasioned over
the question of admlssabli admissabliltJot ity of certain cer tain
evidence offered d by Sergeant t Henry Henr
Schneider another officer of the theSev Sev
enth precinct First the jury was ex ex
eluded from the courtroom and Assist
ant District Attorney Attorne Turner brought
out by questions that the witness saw s aw
Policeman Smith about fifteen minutes
after the shooting occurred and that
Smith was convinced he would die Th The e 1 I
defense objected but Justice Wright T rlght t
sustained su s stained the prosecution and an d dwhen when the th e
Jury jur returned to the room the queries
were repeated r > eated
He told me m he had some trouble with
some some soldiers on the Aqueduct bridge bridge
particularly with three soldiers Ser
geant Schneider said repeating th the e
statement of Policeman Smith Smithas as the th 1
latter lay on a cot in the Georgetown
University Hospital
Smith said he ordered the soldiers
to move on but returned a momen moment t
later to find them still in the same
place place pla ice Smith told toldme me he ordered them the m
to move on again and took one of the th e
soldiers by the arm when another o of f
the par ty b drew his revolver and bega began n
shooting shootin g
How far away was Young fro from m
Smith when the shooting occurred
ayked a aQ lted Assistant District Attorney ttorney Tur
Smith told me the first shot wa was s
fired from a distance of six feet and an I
another with the muzzle of the weapon
against his body replied Sergeant i
Then there were two shots
Yes Smith declared that the second secon d
shot was the one that did the bust
Lieutenant on Stand
Sergeant Schneider was followed by b y y
Lieutenant Jordan who ho repeated a con
versatloa which he had with Young at a t
the First precinct police station on the th e
morning of July 5 in which Young d de e
clared that he had no recollection o of c f
shooting anyone the night before
He seemed like a man recoverin recovering g s
from a prolonged spree said the lieu
tenant but he said he had an indistinct indlstin ct t
recollection of being In some sort o of
trouble the night before but he coal could d c
remember no actual events
When he was told that he hadsh had sh sho shot ot t
n n man Young admitted having broug brought ht
his revolver fro mthe fort continued continue ed
the witness although he declared that thr at
he loaded loadf > d only with blank cartridges S 5
He could not remember what had be b e 1 ¬
come comeo oC o1 the revolver but expressed expressert the h e
hope that It t would be found declarl declaring n g I
that the authorities would find t the h e
weapon loaded only with blank cart car t ¬
ridges d gcR o
Lieutenant Jordan then gave a de d e s
scription of a series of test shots fired fir ed d
with v blank blan cartridges from Youngs re r e i ¬
volver and their effect at various dl dis s 5 ¬
tances upon cloth similar to that tha t In n I
Policeman Smiths clothes
For coughs colds throat and lung affec atte c I
I tlons Pleas Cure la most effective etrecU etrecUeAdv O eAdv Adv
JQ Reports R p eports of Officers and Pres ¬
idents Address
A Afternoon Session Taken Ta ken Up With
Records The The of Meeting the Affiliated Tonight Socie So Soc C Ce ieties e ties A Maltese Cross Man
Leads LeadsExciting Exciting Excit ng Chase
The first business session of the fifth
tr triennial meeting of the National l Coun ¬
cl cil o of f Women Women of the United States was was
h held he < ld this morning in the thePythian Pythian Tem ¬
pie ple > l Ninth NIi1thstreet NIrth street near L street and After Af Aft er Making M k tng g Six Si Marks Ma Mar ksEn En Route Pou te He Hides s
was w was devoted d to lOhearin hear hearing in g the reports of o f
prclimlnarjarrangements preJlJJ1na prclfminatyara oj n officers officers1Ind and trang trangments to t ngementalor making m aking ments Jfor the thenece or the nece necessary e tr tranjs tT ssary sary Money M9n Money yNJ Near ar Peace eace M Monument Mo onument onumentj f1u ment Which j hich is I in n ¬
actl61r ictr 6f ofthe Cfhe tne business of othe the council
At the session scsslbn this this afternoon the the genious Searchers Soon Discover
pre president p sident Mrs Mary lIar Wood Vood Swift of
San Francisco will x 111 deliver her address
The platform on which sat the of ¬ t
s I
ficers and special guests of the council eounc l
this morning was decorated with palms LUCKY L UCK Y FINDERS OF THE MALTESE CROSS
a and roses the roses being a aklft a gift from
Colonel Bromwell
Among those present were Mrs Kate
AValler W j j aller Barrett Alexandria Va Mrs
Flo J Miller Wilmington Ill Mrs f
Frances E Burns St Louis oUch Mrs
Isabelle Quinlan Galesburg Ill and
Mrs M rs Lillian Hollister Detroit Mich
a and many officers of local societies
Report on Credentials
After the th meeting was called to or
der the committee on credentials asked
for more time to make its report as
few credentials had been handed In
Although A there was no way way wa of deter
mining the exact number of delegates
present p rcsentandln and in the city It was W s seen
that fifty women were present at the
meeting today toda
Among the > organizations represented
are are a re the Universal Peace Union National
Womans omans Relief R Relief Uef Society SocIet National
Christian League for the Promotion of
Social S ocial Purity PUrft National Council of Jew I
Ish Women VomeIl Young Ladles Mutual Im um
provement Society Supreme Hive
Ladles of the Maccabees of the World
National Womans Relief Corps Na
tional Association of Loyal Women of
America National Na tional Association of Col ¬ I
ored o red Women omen American Federation of E
Nurses Great Hive of the Modern Mac b
cabecs National Association of Busl =
T ness Women omen National
Catholic Benevo B IH O a
lent Association National Florence d
Crittenton Mission 11Isslonr 11Isslonomans Womans r omans Centenary I
Association < Ladles of the G A 1 R
Rathbone Sisters of the World orld Na
tional Free Baptist Missionary Society f
and State Council Con neil Rhode Island
Report of Treasurer
Mrs Lillian M 11 Hollister of Detroit
Mich treasurer of the council read her f
report showing that during the three
years of her duties she had received
1897 and disbursed 763 leaving the
council with a balance of 1135 f
She also submitted a detailed report of
the financial standing of the societies
and associations affiliated with the coun
cil showing that two new associations
have affiliated since the the last triennial
Mrs Frances E Burns of St Louis
Mich recording secretary read the
minutes of the executive session of last t
evening which with a few minor cor f
sections were adopted
Mis Flo Jamison Miller of Wilming
ton Ill 111 corresponding secretar s secretary made
her report for the th past thr three < e years d
Twelve official communications she said t I
had been sent to each of the assocla
Continued on Third Page
The Pennsylvania Railroad c
Atlantic City Clt Special makes its first trip trl P
from Washington April lath 110 p m
and returning leaves Atlantic City April
17th at 215 p m to run daily daB except t
Sunday Vestibuled train of high hl h class visa s 1
conches and Pullman Pul Pull Pulm Pula l m a n parlor cars Buf j r rj j
fet through without change In bot both h
directions via Ia the Bridge Route UouteAdv Adv
p Clarksburg Claihsbnl Night Watch
mans s House Destroyed pestro r ed
D Distressing Catastrophe Brings Death
to Sons and Daughters of George
F Four children childr en of George Maull were
bi burned to death here this morning
Maull Is a night watchman employed emplo ed
ai at the Pinnlnnick mines and was on
di duty last night His wife was sleeping
w with her baby on the first floor of their
V home and was awakened uW awa l kened at 6 oclock by
suffocating smoke and flames She
5V grabbed the baby and barely barel escaped
from fl om the th house but was wu s badly burned
Four children three boys and a girl
n ranging ra nging from five to fourteen years of
ai age were sleeping in the upper rooms
a and an it is supposed were were suffocated be ¬
fore < awakening The house was entirely
destroyed ° and the charred remains of
the four children were found after the th
jj fire had spent itself
The fire is supposed to have originated
fi from escaping natural gas
To present his letters of recall Senor
r Don Emilio Ojeda the Spanish minis
ttr r who has been envoy In Washington
for < venal L veral years ear5 called at the State
I Department today toda
He will sail from New York In a few
days Minister Ojeda is to be relieved relle d
temporarily te by Senor Pastor who comes s i
from rom Mexico to act as charge chan e dnftalr daffaires es
until the new minister Senor Jaclntha a
who now holds a post at Morocco Mor cco can ca n
r reach Washington
Senor S nor Ojeda becomes under secretary
of foreign affairs in the Spanish govern
Gods Plan to Bless the World
Through Christ will be clearly d
by b y Mr Frank Draper of otthe tho Watc h l i
Tower Bible and Tract Society at alAmerl Amen ¬
can Home Hall 5th and G Gsta sts nw
Wednesday 730 30p p m mo o All welcome
ALBERT OGLE a a plumber living livIngat1647 at 1647 Crescent street northwest
20 on Pennsylvania Pen ns Y ivania avenue between Eighteenth an and andNinteenth d Ninteen Ninteenth th streets
WILLIE WILLlEKEEFE KEEFE of 58 Myrtle street northeast 10 10 n near ar the Peace Peace
Monument Monumentat at lootof loot of Capitol
Ra R RV W BOWMAN BO BOWi IAN of 243 24 243 iLK K street northeast 10 near near the Peace
Monument at foot of Capitol
MISS MISSF F F O ROVE o 011300 of 1300 Rhode Island avenue avenue 10 near near the
Peace Peacellonument Monument at foot foot of Capitol
As he passed down that part of oea o f a lettered street fn the northwest section
which is one of the principal streets of the city and andwl1ose andwhose whose name name is the las last t
part of an expression commonly applied to a man who would bet on Marvin
Hart against Jim Jeffries Je trrles which hich lies Between I etween a street whose name is a
number used in the sale of small articles but when used by b a baker is is one
more more than usual and a street whose name name is the number of the wonders o or
the world w orld
On the carriage traveled trav ele d into the northeast section until it stopped be ¬
fore a house in that par part t of a street whose name name r is the Initial letter of
I the hereafter hereaftergood herea ftergood good or badwhlch bad which lies between a a street on onwhich which is Is a Gov ¬
ernment ern er nment ment office employing emplo ing hundreds h of union men and andastreetwhose a a street whose name is is
a number which when written In Rom Roman an figures s is the popular name name of a
bank note less than ten
It s stoo tood d don on a street the extension of which hlch is an avenue and which
runs runs near near an Institution for the old somewhere some where between a street named
for fora a famous general of the civil war war and another named in honor of the
oldest college In the theCntted United States
One Maltese Ma ltese Cross Is hidden somewhere near nearthe the Peace Monument at at th the e
foot of the Capitol I I
Issuing from The Times office at 445 b
oclock c yesterday afternoon with a red 1
Maltese Cross pinned on each arm the
man 1 In dark clothes marke d a a big bl p
white cross on the lamppost lamp o t In front of
The T he Times building and a nd th the great hunt
for J the four envelopes marked with the
Maltese Cross was on with witha a rush J
The hunt this time was unusually unu unusua ually lly ex ex exU ¬ U
4 citing and an d dwas was participated In in by byn more more or 0
persons J than on any an > previous occasion
Hun Hundreds dreds of men women boys and 0
girls followed d the man In dar dark kclothes k clothes
from The Times office down D street
to Ninth street up Ninth Inth to toF F street street
thence through that thoroughfare to t
Fifteenth street from there to Penn ¬
sylvania I sylv ania avenue avenue and then down town
to the Peace PeaceMonument Monument In the proxim proxJme ¬ e
ity i ty of which the envelopes were hidden
As the th crowd marched along It ga gath th s
ei ed numbers just as the snowball iri
creases as it it is rolled along In I the soft
snow The sidewalks were lined w with ith 3
people all along the route who ho watched
the journey of the Maltese Cross Crosshllnt hunt ¬ c
ers ors with the greatest Interest
The Maltese Cross was n the lips of
hundreds of people Strangers who had
not read the story stor > in The Times asked nske d
those next to them What does this
crowd I mean
Why Vhy tha thats ts the Maltese Cross hunt
the reply repl would come come If fjou you want to
know what It Is read about It in The
Times Imes
+ And so the crowd crow d went t along watched
by thousands th Usandg of laughing people At t
Twelfth T welfth and F streets the man made his s
second SI Maltese Cross marking markln it on the the he e
A Fist Fight En Route
Close to Four Fourteenth teenth street two boys bo ys s
James F OHagan eighteen years of o f f
ape e and Harry Harr Lucas seventeen years ye ors rs S
old Incrca Increased ed the excitement by b a lively U llv sly ly l t
fist fight The two boys were among the th ths he
most enthusiastic hunters huntersandendeav and endeav ender ¬
ored to keep as a s close to the guide as us J
possible poss p possibl ible
The boys were extremely extreme ly jealous and nd l
were were fussing all th the time Finally Ftna fly ly
C OHagan punched Lo Lucas cus in the side with w th I
a piece of iron thinking that Lucas Luc as as s
would lay la the blame on some other boy b oy oy
behind b him but Harry was not deceiv deco i v ¬
ed and andgaye gave his opponent a jolt in the he e
jaw ja w More fisticuffs followed followedand followed and a a big lg
ring rllgquickly ri ng quickly formed but two police policemen m en e
soon soon put a stop to the sport by b arrestin arresting arrest in ns 2 2soon
both b boys They The were stint s mt to the First Ft ra st t t
precinct p station in a a aoa natrol oa froI wagon wagon to o
answer the charge of disorderly disorder con c n n
dtict m the Police Court this morning mornin S
After the fight the crowd quickly aiu ct jlv r
caught up up with the faithful who clung cl mg n nR
to 11 the Maltese Cross Crossman man man and the guide gu Ids dA e
turned into Fifteenth street and down do wn h Ii
toward the Avenue
Only Three More Hooray I
Only Onl three more Hooray Hoora Only Onl three th see ee e
more Il morer more
These were the vociferous yells of the he e
crowd c when the man with lth the chalk ch ilk k
bent b down and hastily drew a a Halt Maltese ose se e
Continued on Third Page
I Believed to Be German
Supply Vessels Vess Vessels elsChar Char ¬
tered by Russia
Battleships Battle sHIps Off Banka B rikaMay May
Be B the Dutch DutchSquad Squad
r ron
I j LONDON April n 11A 12 A prir private pri te to tele
j gram r received < eelvd he here herefrom lrem from Slegape Singapore says yo
J Jfour four large larg steamers apparently comers colliersr
passetL pa passed Singapore Singapore Ing pore this thi this s morning gojn go going ing
eastward ea stward
It J t is believed the vessels are the ad ¬
vance vanceguaril guard guardo o of f the sixteen c e nGerm German n
vessels chartered by Russia as supply
s ships to to the Baltic squadrOn
It is supposed su pposed that Admiral Admirnl R Eogest gest
yen vensky sky Is Is Isawa awa awa iting l he he ar arrival rival of f this
fleet before trying trying to cross the China
sea s ea
Warships Off Oft Banka Bank
Russian warships are reported d off
Banka They Thejare are supposed to be some
of o Admiral AdmiralPogestelskys Pogestven Rogestvenskys skys battleships
w which hich came through the theSunda Sunda Straits
to atta attack ck the Japanese In the rear rear i if
th < 4 latter opposed oppose d the passage passage ja5sageof o of f Ad d ¬
mini m j rat l Enquists squadron from romSiI1ga Singa ¬
The a latter latter was coaling Sunday among among
the th Anamba Islands 150 miles m iles northeast
of Singapore f ngaI > re
There is doubt doubtln in in some qua quarters rters
whether the Russian fleet Is in one or
two squadrons but It it seems most mostdlkelY likely
that it has been divided into two tw divi
The The Tokyo correspondent of o f the Tele ¬
graph says that Japanese JapaneSewarshipsact warships act
Ing as scouts were werethe the first to sight the
Russian warships which according to
the Japanese ministry of foreign fore ign affairs a ffairs
anchored twenty mIles northeast of o f
Manki at 1 1 a a am m April 10
Rogestrensky RogestYe i3ky Sighted
WELTVREPEN Island Islan d dof of Java Java s
April 1L LIt It Is iss s reporte I porte d that four ur Rus
slat s1a battleships and n an armored d cruiser c e
suppOs e ed d 1t to be the ina i rnafn frf Tn IViSIoi aiv lslon of o f Ad Ad 1 ¬
miral mial Rogestvensky Rog stens 1lys is fleet lleet fleet Tvas wassIghtect wass sighted
off Muntok Muntokat at dawn yesterday morning mo mo mmg
bound for Batavia
The Dutch D tch naval nav l offi officers cers here believe
that the Dutch squadron composed of o
two battleships and three thr e cruisers cruISers
which whlchls is steaming in the Java sea Se8a sea was was
mistaken for f r the Russian ships
A telegram from Batavia to toth1spolnt this point
says the ships which went through thI ugh the
Straits of Sunda S nda were probably robablYthe the
Dutch war war vessels yessels l but > ut It may mayprove prove to
be the fact that thatRogestvens Rpgestvenskys s fleet
has come come thr through ough with the intention of
joining the remainder of the squadron
at Natuna island at which point tae th
were reported yesterday morning mornin g
Enquis Enqu ist in to Command
The jteamship Radnorshire Radn Radnors tshlte hire saw saw the
fleet at all4lJ 140 p m on Sunday five miles
from Dammar is island 151 land d stean steaming steari Jgin g in in the
direction of o f Manki
Rear Admiral Enquist second in com ¬
mand to Admiral Rogestvensky RogeSh togestven n Sky Skywas was was
in command comma nd of the the Russian fleet that thai tha
passed Singapore on Saturday
Battle Is IsAnticipat Anticipated d
Off the Pescadores
PARIS April 11The U 1lTheSt The St Petersburg
correspondent of the Petit Parisien says
the Russian a admimltyhas admiralty has received two
long dispatches from Admiral l Rogest ¬
vensky vensh
A dispatch to the Matin from St St
Petersburg Petersburgsays Peters burg says the opinion prevails
strongly stron b In the admiralty admirnltythat that an anactlon an action
will be b fought off the Pescadores Pesca ores Islands
where it is stated the Japanese have
established establl hed a a naval base
The Pescadores Islands which which Japan
acquired aCqulr ed with the island ISI nd of Of Formosa For m Osa as as
part of the spoils sp oils of her war with China China
lie in the Strait of Formosa between
the island of that name and the coast coast
of China They The are 2000 miles northeast
of the point where the Russian fleet now
1 =
Guarding the Philippines
to Enforce Neutrality
oIA MANILA ILA April AprilllTheAmerican Apri111The 11 The American vice
consul at af Singapore Slugap ore reports that a anus Rus
sian fleet consisting of s six ix battleships
tsix six cruisers c ulsers six ix converted cruisers
eight torpedo boat destroyers destro > ers one hos
pital pItalship s ship hip one repair s ship hip and andsixteen sixteen
colliers has passed Singapore headed
this way wa
The American cruiser Raleigh the tor
pedo boat destroyers Barry and Chaun
ce coy > and nd the supply ship General Alvado
have hactieen been dispatched d sputched to patrol the west
I coast of f Palawan Island to enforce neu
trality trail Three other destroyers are pre
paring to sail
Rear Admiral Train commanding comman ding the
Asiatic AslaUcsquadron squadron has reported to the
Navy Department that he has sent the
I cruiser Raleigh and a number of tor ¬
I Ipedo pedo boats and destroyers to Palawan Pala n
the southernmost Islan Island d of th the Philip
pines to be there in case the t e Japanese
eandRusslan andRusslan and Russian fleets come together near
Iithe the Philippines
Iii case there is is a a battle and an a vessels
of either sIde Ide find refuge in an Amen meri ¬
I can port the international rules rule of war
will im be observed American Americ merican an warships
will see to it iL
Warships of either belligerent fleet
may ma stay within wlthinaneutral a neutral port if not
disabled for twentyfour hours They
are also allowed a reasonable urns time ume to
make slight repairs
If the vessels are totally unable to
Famous War Picture u uThe The Spirit o f 76 in Co lors Given
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