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proceed proceed they must be dismantled and
Interned until the and Jn of the thewar war
There is 5 no dock In the thePhlhpplnes Philippines big
enough to to handle any of the great reat Rus
Elan battleships ih It will not be feces ne es
saryr sar sary therefore for Or the State Depart ¬
ment ment10 to decide whether or not ot the Rus ¬
sian vessels can dock In our ports to
clean c1canthclr their bo ttoms
The naval records show that there is
a dry dock at a t Salgnon 49S 49S23 23 feet in
length which would accommodate the
Russian ships
Rogestvenskys Flagship
A Protected Cruiser
ST PETERSBURG April 11 nThe The
admiralty and the foreign office officedeclare declare
they the know nothing about Admiral l
Rogestvensky Roges hensky beyond the telegrams in
the newspapers
The Thehopesof hopes of the war partyare great ¬
ly l stimulated by the news from Singa ¬
pore It Jtls Is already l apparent apparen t that If Ad ¬
miral Rogestvensky scores the th slightest
success the chances of peace will
According to a a t report not confirmed
Rogestvensky has transferred transf rred his flag
to the protected cruiser Aurora
Slovo anxiously asks nsl sror for Info Information m ltlon
as to the whereabouts of the Knlaz
Souvaroff and the other ships of Ad ¬
miral Rogestvenskys fleet which are
not among those sighted off Singapore
Some priests of the Orthodox Church Ghurch
acting under un er the pressure pressure of public
opinion are now noadvoc nowadvocatlng advocating ing peace This
development Is considered c nsld red of great Im ¬
It is reported that when the Russian
consul at Singapore Singa pore 5 went out and spoke
1 the the he Russinnshlpsathey Russian ships aj as > they tlieywere were vere passing
that port on Saturday he communi ¬
cated cafedto cat d to Vice Admiral Enquist for the
information iriCorma tlon of Rogcstvensky Rogestv nsk the name
OL or a t place pl ceat at which whl h J a junction j could
be made with ships whlclf whiclj hici the Russian
government had purchase for his I1ls re
enforcement and sent by Tay lva ia of the
Japan in inSecrecy Secrecy
Prepares Pr pares for Battle B ttle
TOKYO April 11 lLTh The admiralty admira1t de
clines to t > give giv out any an + news p ws regarding
the the movements of f the Japanese Jap nese fleet
Press correspondents orrespondcntshle have been in ¬
formed that the three thr ee squadrons sC a cJror s which hich
are under the general g neral command of Ad ¬
I m n nralTogo n iral ralTogo Togo wUlnot will not be heard from in
all aHprobabl1ltr probability through Tokyo Tol o sources
until the report of a fight comes through
one rie of the rear admirals
The censorship e nsorship is as perfect prac
tically ticull as It was wa s in the tI1 first f few w months
of the war
The naval officers omcersin in the admiralty
bureau are areas as courteous as ever but
say ay it is impossible for them lhemto to de ¬
scribe the fleet movements They con ¬
firm the statement stiJ tement however that the
seGond seGondsquadron secon d squadron of the Russian R ssian navy
passed p fse Into the China Chinasca sea after dawn on
Saturday urda
May Know But Will Not Say
If Hthey they theyknov know where WhCI wherethe the remainder of
the th h Russ Russian usslan ian fleet is they do not con
sdI 5 it j wise wi e to ma ke kepu public blica announce m ounce ¬
meat rne nt of the fact
It t can be e said however however that the I
Vladivostok squadron comprising three
powerful pO r ful ships h P is not ot giying gl lngmUCh much anx a mt I IpO
iety to o the Japanese government gpYCrnm nt Just
vhy 5 5e e h by this Is so o cannot be explained but
there is i little doubt dOllbtHmt that these three
vessels e els are ar ar not regarded regardylas as factors to Q
be reckoned r k 1ed with lth inany inanyoftbe in pn an J v oftbe QC tli I Ua1n main
plane pl n formed form d for the sea a battle now not
many days y away ny1
An jntcr interesting tlng rJ1mqr rumor current since Incc
last Saturday Saturda that twp tw of the Russian
battleships in Port Arthur and undone one of M
the cruisers sa said id to tobe be the Bayan Ba nhave have
been ert raised and an are actually actu llr with Togos I
fleet cannot cannotQec l be > e confirmed flrmed but the newg n ness nessg w I
first came ca e frbmSaeebo rr from m S Sasebo s bo with wlthee every eer ap a p
pearance Icarlln ep of authority a ft th f ty t
Three teeNe Ney Ne Cruisers
Three Thr cruisers truisers of oilheprotected the protected class cltts
which hlChcre were building b ildlng when he n th the e war broke bro kc
Out ut have been launched since January 1
So secret Is i the Japanese Japan se government in I I
respect resp ct of ts fleet movement It it is Im
possible pos lblc to give gl givethe the th tonnage t nm iieoC of these
ships but generally s neralb It itIs Is Knqwn ic wn that
thtfr displaccmont tllsplnccm nt is iibout hout 5000 50I1 tons
They are of IJ the type oC the Hushidato
and Akitsushinn built in the Yokohsuka
navy na vard yard 1 h by > y Japan in 153 93
These two last l 1ill1lqri named d protected cruls ¬
ers crswere were in the t e battle with the he Vladivos ¬
tok ncet 11 et In thx Sea of Japan last la t sum um ¬
mer and < save ae a great account of them
selves The Th The T h he e new vessels will give Ja
pan In If all all fourteen C urteen of o these protected
cruisers which can take care of all the I
Russian fltet except the battleships
JajJan Japan Seeks S Se e ksBattle Battle
The Th1J18 Ihepasal riaval 1 officers l hare a e < not the slight ¬ I
est doubt Jiiat tl1ft that the protected prol ted cruiser cr I f di i
vision will wIiI be beab able to do this which WJilch tich
would give Admlr Adminll h Togo his battleship
squadron and an his nine armored cruis r
ers practically or battleship baLtieshiptypc type an
o opportInnytt pportunity to take care ot the heavy
ships in the th Russian fleet
The opinion Is semiofiiclally expressed
here that Admiral Togo T gO gOwill will force the
fighting if hecan h cm Thetactlciajjs say it
would not be bcgood good policy pQJl toilet the big
ships get Into Int Vladivostok Vhbdlv sfok sfokvi1ere iviitre ilre they
could be put into better fighting shape
and because b caule of o the three thre channels run
ning from the outer harbor be bablc able at
night to go north otf i south Olth In the Sea of
Japan in ina a t running runni gOght g fight
In all probability the thethree three Japanese
squadrons will attempt to pick the Rus
sians up between the Philippine Islands
and Formosa This guess may ma be much
out of the way wa as Japanese tactics
never can be discounted but the impres
sion Ion is i8slrong strong here among naval officers
that Admiral Togo will attempt to meet mee
the main R Russian sllan licet ll et at aUcast least half way
1 from Vladivostok Vladh stok
No Chance to Repair
The crippled Russian ships in that
event v > nt would wouldfil1 find no harbor in Ii which to
make mak repairs If defeated off Formosa
they would woul have to make Shanghai or
Manila and of course would be dig
muntlcd muntlcdi mUntl < I i practically becoming bccomlngprlzC3 prizes of
li would woul be preferable pref rabl to meet them
between i etwccn Formosa and am the maln Islands
of Japan it is pointed otit as there
would be constant c eonsant IH anJ danger ltn lger m a blockade hJocka c
of Vladivostok owing to increased incrcu ed In
geuulty in the handling of sea mines
A 4 blockade of the Russian fleet In
Vladivostok V adho5tok Is the last thins thh 1 that the
Japanase admiralty admlralt dcsircsl d slrcs
Jt would wouldb1 be a dangerous experiment
spy mJ in addition Admiral Togo would
have to tomalte make provision for or meeting the
third squadron now at MJibutll Jibuti and the
fourth which Is to depart Tr from zn the Bal ¬
tic sea next month For these reasons
it Is believed 11c he willsmash will smash the Russian
fleet 1 ct at the first opportunity opportunlhorat or orat at least
destroy dstro Its strength as much muchas as he can
jyitJi Ithi safety to his own ships
Carter Carter Anna 20 2 years ean Columbia Hospital
Carter Ca rter Moyd loyd R 18 1512 lI Erie li st t t tml nw
Chunn Emily 87 23 North orth court cou courtnw rt rtn nw n
Flood Philip 57 57j > j Goyi GOt1Jospltal Got t Hospital for Insane
Fountan Foun un Charlotte Ch rlotte Go J484 1 4 T st nw
Galloway West est 22 22freC1Jmnnft Freed Ere1mans man Hospital
Garard G rard jlar > lar Iargarf arpt rfs C 69 15W 1 taroline st nw
Gron Gronlnser lnger George 82 GoVt Hosp Insane
Hart Hartwillle9 Willie 0 413 O f st 5talle alley nw
HgnkfJ Jt nkfl Fannie M r l 27 1635 167 Marlon 8t 8 mv 0
Jil IiIssei gei e > Harriet E 15 1 403 4j 4 G st se
Jackson Mary dar Ir 10 months Childrens Hpsp
Johnson J hns n Elizabeth 79 67 X st nw
Johnson J hnson Harry lIatT 11 IL Childrens Hospital HO pltal
KlJIne Klllneri Morris 4 Providence hospital
iatriKflt lIar Mary ary A J S Sr ii r Hpnic Holt1 for or Incurables
Lynn Thomas 40 1212 Caroline alley al1e IIW w
Mason Iason Melissa A 77 1722 172 10th st at nw nn
Moran o 1ln Agnes M 1 17 days 101IV4 15ilS 8th st st nw n
Mullan Frank D jr 7 months jill J 23 L L st 5tn nw
MuHlhill M tlhlJl Catherine 13 Cedar Grove
Pflclfcer infant of olCarl Carl and Annie E Vi day
S 803 F Flit s at fiw S
Pulslfer William H 73 The HIghlands
K Reder ltder der Arthur rthur E 13 mos 417 17 W WpHhlngton fihlngton nt
Boer Bosery > Joseph 2S 82224 2224 Sth st nw
Schacfcr Sdaef S haefer r Jo John hn 63 6 21 Quincy st nw
Sujdan SuJd Ma ItJ B 31 1 ll 1247 124725th n 25th 25t fit t
Turlsy Chester H il 2 I 1 1343 134 S s lnw t an r
T t0 5 HooJt HookJ ioe3oh JoHn 1inW W 7J ilGltH9tb lC1613th st at nw
Li I Liii
Funeral FunerarArrangenleots F uneral Arrangements Await the Arrival of His Son
V3 JLincpln H HW Weldon WeldonMay eld n May Be NQiSgrvljces No Q Servic Jxt i > 3
i < Vin ip inlhisCity This Tbi City < r <
t No o arrangements arr ngeme ts have lu ive been made i
f j 4r r i the funeral service of Judge Law
r rence re nce Weldon w wh who ho died last night
a after af ter a brief illness resu resultingfrom itlngfrom an
iv attack atta at tak lc of pneumonia at the Hamilton Ha
Everything E erything Is being b lng held until the
a arrival ar rival of his son Lincoln Ltn coln H Weldon
o of I Bloomington Ill He will be here
It late la te this aflern afternoon on onc c
S It Is quite qultep proba roba ble that the body
T will w ill be taken immediately Imm Immedi di tel tely to Bloom
i Ington In gton without any services in in InWazh Wash ¬
i ington In gton at all
Was Born in inOhto in Ohio S
Justice Weldon 1Yelr n was was a native n na4i t1 of the
State St s ite of ofOhto Ohio having havlngbcen been bdrrrin bc bdrq ir 1lnlIiu In Mad i ¬
ison Ic on county co unty Ohio h16 h16nearly nearly E s scx seyentyslx cx yentyslx ntyslx
v years y > ears ago He Hewas was educated l in the
f Echools ze hools of that county unty and andarter after study ¬
Jl ing la g law in a law la office offi e was was admitted to
C Counselor I Cou selo of Italian Itali n Embassy Files
Report of Investigation Inves tigatiQnMade Made
f ft t Lorton Va
The counselor of the embassy embass Prof
A Antonio I A ntonIo Ravaloll who went w nt to Lorton
t to 1 make m makeInquirIes ae inquiries inquIries said so ldthIS this morning morn I n g that
i he li e had filed his report with Ambassador
d des t d i es s Planches Plunc hes
Prof Pro Ravaloll Ravai il Is of the opinion
t that th at the suicide theory in connection
with sy itli the death of Bllattlne Is impossible
Sllattlne SI1atth1 Si c lattine was shot hi hithe In the head the body bod
a and an nd in one hand It Is not no likely 1I1 < lr the
e embassy embass officials thlnk thlnktlal that all < these
wounds w ounds could have been s jlfinfiicted llnfilcte
When W hen he was wasn at t Lorton Prof Ravaiqli RavaloU
talked I m iRed with a a number of or Italians who
worked w orked on the railroad with the dea1
r man 1 m an
No N Attempt to Escape
They Thc told him that tha t Silaitlne SIJ1tt1n made no
a attempt a to get et away awa y ilrtcrhe after he had killed L
3 young y oun oung Malcolm the school teacher teacheranel and t
d deputy eputy sheriff who met his death while nhll
trying t tr ying to arrest Sllattlne The Italian
said s c ald IJd his cqutnrymen remained around round
a all a ll day until the posse pOJ 5C came after him h n
Xone N one of thorn th rn was ah eyewitness to the thi i
shooting s of Silattlne but were ere of one ont
p opinion o that he could not have killed kllle
h himself Im self
Baron Mayor Ma or des e5 Planches Pla ches the Italian I
a ambassa dor has ha asked the governor 01
1 Virginia V irginia to Investigate the shooting of ol E
J Joseph J Sllattlnc or Leanto lI a to to de
l ermine t whether Salattlnc committed
sulclue I sulcl s e or was shot by the themoh mob that tha
pursued p ursued him
The request was wl1smade made through the
Sfate c S fate Department The Theambasmdor ambassador has 3
made I m ade representations r to toth the State De ¬
1 partment I urtment on the subject suJc < t of 0 the shooting
1 Makes a Woman of 70 7 u One in 10000 0
The Th widow wl ow of one of Ohios most Its ¬
t tinguished 1 tln t ulshe d dnewspaper newspaper Editors edlt rs and anda a fam ¬
ous 4 o us leader in politics In his day says sa iy 5
she I s he Is seventy event years cans old oldnnd and a a stronger r
woman w oman than you ou will find In ten thou ¬
sand and and she credits cr dlts her fine physical
condition c to the use of GrapeNuts i
Many idan years ears ago I had a terrible fall fal
w which hich permanently Injured my m stomach
For fourteen years I lived on a prepara pre > ra ¬
tion 1 t lon of o corn starch and milk but it grew gree V
HO I s o repugnant reJ gnant to me that I had to toglC give ij I
up 1 u p Then r J tried one after another a
dozen I doz n different kinds Idnd of cereals cercr Is but the tb C
process of digestion save me great pain
It was not until I began to use Grape
Nuts food three hreeeari years ago that I found bun ri
relief r iIet It has proved with the dear den r
Lords i r blessing a tJgrCqi i great bPon pon to me Jt J
brought 1 me health and vigor such as I
never I new r expected to again enjoy e Joi and In F Ii
gratitude raUtude I never fall to t sound o Urid Its it
praises 1 Name given by b Postum PostumCo Co
Battle Creek Mich
Theres lhfrcsn a t reason
Io4k I k for It In the U1eIlHIQ jlttl IItUq < j book The Tb e
Road to Wellvllle Wellvllleto to be found ound1 In 1 every eV ever ry y
Pkff p
the bar of Ohio at the age ottent of twenty
I five Shortly after his admission he h
removed to Clinton DeWItt county Illi ¬
nois He e was as one oncor of the Lincoln elec dee
tors In l iSGO l6O G and became a member member of
the Illlnils 1IIIn JI Legislature LeSlslat rell inl 1 QI
President Lincoln attracted b l x > the i i
young oung mins ability offered him Sift 1 1oung
position po ltlor of United States attorney for
the Southern district dlstrietoC of Illinois in the I
latter part of J8C1 and a ncI he accepted the th
position T ltlOn ltlOnCt Ct serving SprYln g there th r until 1866 when he n I I
he retired re tlred to practice law in Bloom ¬
Ington Ill He H continued the actlvo nctIv I I
practice of law until 1883 when Presi ¬ I
dent Arthur Arthl1rl1pp nppjlntd > lnt d him to the Court L i
lor Of Claims
In 1854 Judge Welclpn ve tdOI was S married t to < >
Miss MI s Mary Mar < Jane Howard How rdShe 3hp he and nd r I I
two children survive him Lincoln Lln otn II
Weldon a practicing prn ticlng lawyer In Bloom ¬
ington and andA1rs Mrs lr5 H HC C Hanna of Peo
ria na 111
The regular regularmonthlymeetlngo monthly meeting ot tht th C j
District DlstrictofColumbla of 0 Columbia Library Llbrar Associa As se ocia oci t ¬
tion tIO will be hChCIdtO held tomorrow morrow evening cvenII nt a t I l
the Public Library
I It ha has been decided to hold this meet ¬
ing In the thechlhlrens childrens fiSoip r mt on the th main n1am mali a I
floor ft 00 r instead of in the lecture leCture11al1 hall
I As the childrens hildre hildrer s room Is not closed I I
to children < until mtI r 8 p m the meeting mCE meqtIo tlng i
cannot assemble until 815
HEXKEL HEKELOn tn Sunday Hunda April 9 91905 1905 at 4 I
a no m FANNIE F lE M 1beloec1 beloved wife nIfeot of Ed Edard Ward j 1 I
Funeral Ju neml from her late home h0n1e163j 1633 Marion MarIo 1 I
street ttre t northwest Wednesday April 12 l at 2
1 P > m aplO2t
DISXEYOn DISNEV On Monday lonl1o April 10 100 1003 at s
225 2 a a nj WILLIAM A beloved husband l
of Nannie Lynn L nn Disney Dlsne
Funeral services nlces Wednesday Wedn Yednesdaprl1 iiday April 12 2 at m I
1030 103 a in at at 5 his late residence re ldence 1242 12 Elm ¬
I enth Street northwest ttorthwest Interment Int nnent Baltimore Bltimoi m
Md ld 5 It t
EDES EDEBOn On Sunday Sunda April prll 9 1B05 iso at Hotel Hot I
BrlKhton Atlantic CIty X J Mlas U18SMAU MALI
Funeral services 8cnl es Wednesday Seine YednesdaAprll da April 12 1 at mt
St Johns 1 EplRcopal Church h Sixteenth t n and an l
t Ji Jih l
W Ws Wt Wr r r tI
H streets s r nocthwest n at 2 oclock c o p I m
BaltlmorcPhllqdelphla Baltimore Philadelphia and Jf Nv < W > v Yor YQrk k IC
papers please copy COI It
SWEENEY SWEEXEYQn On Monday lonc 1aYAIlrU April 10 J 1903 190 at ma t l
1010 10 J p hi at h hbmothira his > mothers mOth r residence 2 m 32
Brlghuvood are ni nw l1 MICHAEL UCHUI the be hi ¬
loved won sbn bnof of Annie and the late Michael Mlch t1 I
Sweeney Sween e in the twentysecond t went 8ccon J jcar t Car aror of his Li ls s
ap n age
Funeral from the above address addre at 830 5 15
n m thence to the Immaculate Conception Conce tlon m
I IChurch Church wher wheri requiem rfClul m mass w all ll be said for f fi r
I Ithe I the repose r10 c of p f his 1I BOU soul Friends and rclu reF
tins tiv fi invited 100It d to attend apll2t
O sli every description d scriptlonmoderately moderately prlcei tiice 1
1C14 IUF F Street Stree t Northwest NOr thwest Phone M BBS 969 Si
t3 v32 32 Penn Av A < Is W V Washington D I C I
Telephone T Teleph l ph n ne MyInI3 Main J3S5 3
204 04 10TH 1 IH ST STX N W V
1120 2D St 8L S B E
A firstclass Paint Palm at 175 15wc we will sell ai ell 1
for two twowCCk8 weeks at
5t 1 45 < 5 Per Gallon
Come Qu Qu ick and ge t tsomethln something
A No i Floor Varnish Varni Sta Stain in 45c Quart Quai rt
Skirts Sun Plaited 200
Knife and Accordion rialtinff
20 yard up
Work Called for and D Del1v ell v arc raa a
Oppenheimers Oppenheim r New Home
II I I I 111 4
tsee MfSMUHMHI New USCOI u uu us u s co N i
stuvenIrc uvenirCufL UfBUtton3 Buttons t
250 p lr +
49S 495Oi Ol 1 ve t
Under National Hotel 4 I I IUnder
1 S t 4 I I
District Stands Rat
On the Terminal Plans
Because of ofOpposition Opposition of Sixth Street Prop ¬
erty ert y Owners Ow ners Ninth NihtKStr Streets ets Friends F rie lJ ds Fail F if
to Secure Change They Th y Advocate Adv cat p
1f 1 1S S f the citizens of South Washington
had not presented themselves before
the District District Commissioners today like I like ke
unto untoa a house divided dlvlded aga ga inst Itself the
Commiss Ccmmi s ioners lonersmlght might have lia veal1noutlced announced
their willingness iHirig rie s to consent to a achnnge change
In the plans for orthe the elimination of rail ¬
read crossings on onl1ar Maryland land and Vir ¬
ginia avenue ayenuesouthwest southwest
I But there were w re two hostile camps
present at the hearing earIngwhlchbegan which began at
11 a nu m and lasted over an a p phour hour and and
as nea a result nothing was accomplished
by b those t4 sewho who ho came to argue against
the plan J lan already alread adopted for the ra rail il ¬
road roadt terminal rminal work in that section seeUonTht Th
South Washington Citizens Association
is father Co thEr of the proposed propos d new plan planan and d
a large number of the members were r
present to tt advance the their ir irviews views
The question < hinges on whether Ninth
street or Sixth street southwest s Sh shall hall H
he preserved pr scrvedas as an available avaUableUiorou thorough gh ¬
fare fnr The adopted plan practically pre ¬
eludes the use lI e of Ninth street street for forheavy heavy
hauling and n therefore herH ie the association
which was w grante gr granted nted d todays toc1a s hearing ad ¬
vocates ocate a substitute substItute plan Intended to
preserve pre erve Ninth Nint street at the cost of
o I
f t
Th This This jsRje < Removes pDi q yes Easton pi Pa Communication From Storey Store r
i Cdtt Cotton < Dn ij JaseInspect6rs se InspectorsTrying Trying Tr ying to Fathom Motive
S ot o f f the t Fake Fake Missive Mi sive
McD6ttell lIcD weIlGra Gray the Easton Paj Pa man
who whoda c el la timed n cd to have received a 0 letter
fronf Acting Assistant Postmaster Postm tstLr Gen ¬
oral era Hbwlpy Howlp d giving the Storey Store r Cotton
Company Compnnagood Compnn a t good name now no denies hav ¬
ing ngrecele received such a letter letter A thorough thor ugh
search fl1rchin in the he file files < of Ofthe f the PostofHce De t Q ¬
partment PlItmcntshows s shoWs hows conclusively that thatM MA lr
1 HbWley le never ne e1 wrote wrpt thl h letter lcitt I or any r au
Other thcr letter 1 Id MCDowelU lIi i Pow floelltGray lIGra Gray
Thfs rhf there therefore fore absolutely sbsolute li removes remo es Mr 1I
Howleys HoWle snnme name from the case cas
The Rev Rc Dr Wallace RadgUffe R Rad 1 iitfki rf bf
the t he New York A Avenue nue Pr Presbyterian b tc i n
Church thurCh C iiurch Vk WU when Micn r n asked to today 1n < In regard r regain fa d
1 to t o the stal tprj tprjT tprjthathe T thathe lhat he lidd li d r received eceived i a
Call ca C all li from fr m the Fourth Avenue e Church hurc
I lOt of o f Louisville Ky K to succeed Dr J
KInsey Klnse Smith said
I 1 have haVeh1dl1o had no word of this thi thincall call ca 11 It
is I s all news eWb to me 1 I am completely comp tel
taken t back by hi r this Information I
dont d ont < know hQvY that the call callhnsbeeni has been
made m ade I
When hcn asked If fhcwould he would acccpt the he
call if if it itercmad Ii Averejpadehepaid were made h hQsaitl ald l Xoul 1 would nnultl
not not1ike like to todls dlstJuss ss this questionatthls Qucstlon nt IL L thIs
time t ime or 1JruntU < until the calhhas cn call khflbren luuui been made ad
that t hat is If it is going goLn to to be doncJ don done
Justice Wright this ls morning continued
the t he investigation relative to the circum
stances stanc s tauueCs s JJnderwhlch under which Kpy RQ J Ferguson
committed committedperjur c ommltteti perjury atthe trial trlaIo of WJes
lmliIerHrd muilerHardy and and Tobin t bln blnc convicted c Of1vic ed o of t t
robbery and his plea of gu guilty ilty to the
Fergusons Ir ergusons testimony tesUmon was with a view
of proving an alibi for the defendants
Yesterday Yesterda when arraigned before Justice Ju trce
Wright he pleaded d guilty guilt and admitted
his testimony testimon was a fabrication and was
given with a a a view vl w of saving savitJ his brother broth r
from being connected with a a robbery
Justice Wright continued cbnth1U d the hearing
until Monday londa next n ext w when hen he h wiir till take
final action acton
Theres Ther s one onegood good thing about this
Idea id a of chloroforming chbr > Cormlng a man when he
sets ets to be sixty
lIrllike Irllike Id like to know what it is
Thcred be no no oldest inhabitant to tolell to tell
how he f could ould have bought the mite of
the thI c city ity for a pair palrot of earmuffs earmufCsII Hpus ms
ten t n Post lost
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Singer Is acknowledged the lightest run
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one and a ad be hi convinced couiv liceil Only at the
Singer stores 1710 1 1l 16 llth st nwit nw mv cia 9th 9th
st nw 30 3lft3 Yi > 3 M st nw 229 9 Pennsylvania 1ennryI nla
ave aveC se C e Washington D C 523 Kingst King st
Alexandria Ma a
Wonder Wondernhat what Mertz will wBlsay say today toda toz lay
Store closes C pm 9 pm Saturdays
fii1 0
L r 1
j J
has attended every stage st ge of f the
steady stead y growth of the Mertz ertz
tailorin tailoring g b blls business lls l e ss
4I SpringOp Spring Sprin g Opening n In g Special
Suits to ordeniv order rcfefin in the Mertz U I
way tr T ai qy m of plain and fancy suit ¬
in In InS gs S worth orth tofi to > I O XT S
Inf f
1 3 5
S20 S20for ofor for 4li 399 U
Mertz and Mertz Co
906 F Stre2 Streat t
Always the Same
Berkeley R Rye Ry y
8i2 F St St N W Phone P nc Main 11 IIp 41
5 Special Speci Private Delivery De iycry
Sixth street tr pt w wlulib hich would b bt btpracticaUy bg practically i
rendered useless us less for forteammg teaming by the
changes chan es
Sixth Sixth Street Owners Jubilant
Consequen Con5 CouisequiIascorecr q iicl tly a scor score or rm rmre more re of o f cltl itl S
zensresldiriB zens zensresIdlnt resld rt on Sixth street or having
interests intere fsih ts theTe re were were present 1r esent to answer r
the claims made by the Ninth street
contingent contlng nt At the conclusion of the
ct conference > Mercn e ftvas it was apparent the Commis ¬
s sioners w were re not not impressed with the thead ad
visablHty of o f ft the t h < proposed propo change cn fge anu imQ an I
the Sl lxth ih h street str et property owners oJtners de
parted arted jubilant ubllfirtt Any An change in the planM plan I
wd w woqld yld ldreult re requird quird action actIo n by Congress In any ao ny r
fevnnU fiVld flt The J he railroad com company pany has ex
ptessed pte8sed1s Us willingness to use either itheu
R1 RHnrr R Hairy Johnson Johnsonchairman chairman of thq tim
committee Qmmitt e9nstree on 9fl streets sabd and alleys lles of tho th
South Southiiaslmlhgton v AVashihgton Washihgt n Citizens Assocla ¬
lion led thedebate the debate for 0r his nlssl slda The TIu
officers offl ebf j jof b of theassociatlQn the association most ist of o
Tvnom whom were iere present prcsenLare are James F
Scaggs Scaggspr president f dclent W Y A H Church
vice Ice presideht presl 1ent < Frank 13 B Gilmore sec s c ¬
rotary retaryThCln Thomas nR P PStephcnson Stephenson treas ¬
urer Joseph J seph1VllUams41so Williams Also spoke
Dr Thompson spoke on onbehal behalf of o e
the th Sixth Six th street trc t partyas party as did Hr4 Dr
Mr MrWHnsatt Wimsatt and and1oIrChurc omit Mr Church t h hspokQ spokq spok
on nbehalf behalf of a number of oft teamster amst rs
said to favor Ninth XlntJistrcetasH street as U t thor th r ¬
oughfare instead of Sixth street stre it I
Gray r it is isunderstood understood claims to have hay S
rece reCe received ived a letter etterof of almost the same sam e
purport jJ rp rt Jr from m Assistant Postmaster r r
General G nernJ Goodwin Go odwin Goodwin 1sAssist is Assist ¬
ant 1A Attorney ttorn y General and did ldwrite write a I
Itl s i jiort tt letter to Gray on one occasion
The Postofnce Department inspec lu5pcctors tors tor C
are nbw trying tr ing to find out why wh Gniy Grim
pjyq glw put puttlte the alleged letter from Howley Hole
anU an If it is found that he forged the let ¬
ter te r ror or or gave mtvO it out for illegal purposes purposes
he may ina be prosecuted
Mr Ir Justice Brewer of the Unite d
States St S thtes 1esSuprcme Supreme Court will address the th a t
George G eorge W Vatehlngton shlngton Memorial Assocla S ¬
tion t fon and andXlts 1ts friends at the residence of c IL L
Mr lIrr r ijid < l1d nd Mrs George Westinghouse Vesl nghouse
Dupo Diipont nt Circle tomorrow afternoon at r tt t
4 oclock oclock oclocHe k lie will speak speakJn in the Interest I
of o f the project to erect as the thecerttral central centrt ti I
buildingiof b uhId1ngioithe Jhe the new George Washington a 1
University Unlv rslt a a memorial building to the thu Le
first 1 Irt Prsldel1t
At work near the Star laundry laundry1317 1317 i3 L 1
Fourteenth Pcurtcp 1th street northwest yesterday yester yestcrda a r
Winter Hughes lfu he colored twentyeight it t
years y e era ears ra old olfehl fell from a ladder and struck etruc Ic L
the gro ground n on his hl head receivIng in it I
jurlea jurl j url s swhlch which resulted In his death at the U I
Emergency Hospital about abo t 130 oclock o oclo clocl I
this t his m mornln morning qrnlnji
TJorpncr t 5 qUrpiir r pc Ncvltt gavet save a certificate of 1
ftccldonthl llccld i nthl death etthThe The mans relatives relativi 55 5
tire i tre said to live at 403 4o Twentyfirst Tent first street stre St <
northwest l1 and the police are looking lookimi g T
fdr them
Mare a re El1ihraeumAPpears Erythraeum Ei thraeum Appears l
Chocolate C ocola e Brown I Iown own j
Prof William William Pickering Pick qng Ascribes Asc zib s It
to Winter WinteIon on the theNdgh Neighbor 9r ¬
ing Orb
BOSTON BOST LT3OSTOm Mass m iass April UvThe an a ir l ¬
nouncement nouncemeritfrom from Prof Pro t Lowells Lowell s obser ¬
va morj a tory tor at Flagstaff FJ gsfift Ariz of ora a a change
in color oJor of Mare Erythraeum Er thraeutri on the
planet Mars Js is not regarded iiby by astrono strono ¬
mers mersat at Harvard as aSplrtiNiiarly particularly partiri iiarly signifi ¬
cant prof ro William WIlU cs 1111am In H Pickering p kerl g who who
Ibec because bec s of o his lon 10I1Ijcontinu continued d observa ¬
t tions Jonso of lh the e ruddy planet 1 plan 1 an t probably pr obably
I knows as a much muchcoricernlrig concerning conc rn1rig it as any
one says ths t renor reported change is in his I
I opinion merely climatic
Although called ca lledasea a sea the the region in < In
que qu question h nortls iorn is hE says says a vegetation cgetat1onarca Jrea area
and it itIs is no no more uncommon for forllar Mar ¬
tian gr grass ass t0 change tram tr am blue bluegr green een to tachocolate
chocolate brown In winter that it is for l
grass sras so on rithe the earth to undergo undergothe the same same 1
S In Southern Hemisphere
Erythraeum Er ti1raeum Is 1sin in the southern southemhemls hemis ¬
phere phereand and it is February there and the 1
region has not mot been turned toward tCward us us I
since Sh1C a month ago Hence this is the the I
first time the change has ha been observed
Prof Pro Plckerlos during the thecon conversa ersa ¬
lion observed that tho t on one occafeion he
noted n oted iL hslml1ar m similar change chan e of color lor in Ina a a L
Martian water ar a area a but he offered no I
explanation of this phenomenon
Mars larshelng being now In perigee perigeeastr astrono astr no ¬
mers mcr every cyeIvifiere wfierG are giving gfJnglt it attention
At the Harvard observatory ob5erator photographs I
are re constantly being taken The winter mvlnte
is apparently PPlrentla a mild one on I1 the planet
for the snow which annually appears I
both In the arctic and antarctic regions t
before b fore this has not been observed so far
this thJsy year ar
Fuddy JcuddyThis This is jsa a strange strangeworldnoth atr ngO world worhdnoth noth ¬
I lag seems to be what it ought to be
Buddy DuddyThats Thats so so1 For Instance instan e get
tingup time tlm comes when one ne feels the i
least l atSt like gettIng up
Fuddv FuddvAntl And time to go o to bed when I I
cre feels eels the most like sitting slttin up
I IBostQnTranscrh IBoston I
Boston BostQnTranscrh Transcriot > t
If you are ar a a slaretp drink what w hat would
you ou give to overcome the habit h blt What Wha t hat
would you J u give to have a aclearbrain clear brain
strong nerves nOrves and perfect perecl manhood
What ha t would you J 0 u give gI to save the them money xnone One
that thatJou you squander over the th bar
I The 4 4Lemple Temple Appeal the th official or
gaO of the temple trustees trusteesof of the W C
T U tells how this terrible habit or 0 r
disease as it truly is can be cured at a t
little litU cost Oi5t and with no publicity or 011055 loss los S
of time In Ina a recent reccntissUe Issue It says sa s Or
rinQ is a new neu cure for drunkenness A A
Washington Washingtonch chemist lst is Is the discov discoverer dIscover rer
Remarkable RemarknblechtJJ1 changes es have been wrought wro ght
for suffering mfferlJ1gdrlnklngmen drinking men by its itsuse itsuse use
Orrlhe No o t tcan can be given secretly 1
without the patients knowledge kbode ge No 2
is in pill form for voluntary treatment
Conquer the drink habit by this simple e
and scientific scienUficremedpriccl remedy price SI 1 per box
It is isabsolutclyharmless IS absolutely harmless Orrine is sold sohi ii
and recommepded in this city by
SIMMS 14th St ind amid ndNy JCYAve N T Ave Ave
l WILLIAMS 9th jand and F sts
WELLERS 755 Sth st S E Eo
DAYS 14th and P Sts
F FP P WELLER Aqeduct Bridge J Drug Dru > rus j
i t I
I t
The Washington Washin a gton Times e advertising Sl1 representative e in in Atlantic c City Cit y
isjohn is Dohn C Benson general nanager of the th Resort Advertising AdvertisingC9mpany Company r
i Bartlett B rt1ett building llilding North Carolina and Atlantic AU antic avenues Alladvertise All advertise ¬
ments will wi ll be accepted at the same sam rates r tes as at the home office of The Tb C
Washington Vashingt n Times
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all conveniences 2 5 to J250 2W O daily dail10 10 1 to 15 I
weekly ek I Booklet n OOkl e t S L MURPHY IURP H 1 New le 1ii York 0 rk ave and Boardwalk Ie
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Adjoining Boardwalk run ocean oceanUenOpen view Iew Open Ope THE T HE ALBEMARLE A ALBEMARLEirginiaa L BE BE1Vr i 1Vr 1VrA lu A RLE I 1 irginiaa I ln n I
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New X w York 1orknc nyc over oellookln overlooking pier
jookinB ocean Qc an
Fireproof l Ftrproofmacta metal macta ceilings an al1tl and l as bcstollth PierH HOTEL H OTELDE 5J 1 Liii DE JJL yi VILLE VILL tTTT V LJJLJ T li I gSS Ocean K End r 1
floors throughout water In Kentucky ntucy
Running water rooms
Ae Capacity ZOO
Highclass and modern moder
exchange extIl ttmgo of open > en n to me second e Cud floor roorttrlcl1 strictly btrlcti high Elevator n Sun Parlor
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and n ll llth the th e eneach Beach mll Jiouaes hoLMe
family modern Improvements Excel Exc ¬
Sun parlor Ilarlor9 9 weekly wcelI S K hLi BONIFACE lFACE
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5 S nUDDOCK lent table and n m1 service 10 lOUP up weelcly W 1 L
Michigan Ichlgnn ave and Beach Always lways open op n European Europennarid and Am Plan Ocean Oceanrrontro front rooms roost ms 13
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parlor etc 2 up daily datl 10 1 up weekly week peclalsprlnerates peclaLsprln mtes Orchestra CRMYERS C Cis MYELI E i
Bppulet npld t L 1C Ic KUKZ
S hft HOTEL Vi ni ata T ATGL ATC ATCx ATCLETT GLN GLNMichigan LETT EN ENJillchlan MJ Michigan Isah ave nv e
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J HALL inh3130t J E REED
i tJI t h i
We Wedont 1T don dont j t put Scotts Sc ottS Em iit ii il ile t e
s ion i on in the c lass of ofa advertise adv a rti rtie e d J
curea c urea Ils it doesnt belon g
there t We W Wj V j har dly like to use
the t he wor d dcure cure at a lbut l ll l but we ve 1
are a re boun d to sa y that thattcan it can C Cn n be 4
used u sed for a great greatman man y trou ble bl
w v i ith th great satis faction factionPTtl facti rl PTtl Its a
special s function func tion is t 6 6re rep re pa ir ir
the t he waste vasteof of the body w lien
the t he or ordinar dina dinary ry y food does do s not
nourish n ouris h han an d this means that
it i t is i usefu us efu l in man y cases
w v hic h hare are re in indicate dicate d by wast ¬
ing Ing i n g
Well We il scad s ma nd you YOtu yot asairiple te free
SCOTT s a BOWNE BOWNE BOWNE4o9 409 Pearl P StrcetN Street Knr V rifc
Located Loc ted at
224 14th St SL NW
Equipped E with a thoroughly modern
plant p ant with the latest Improved machin
ery c ry for the manufacture manuactureot ol plain and
fancy f ancy paper boxes under the supervision supervisl n
gl O f Mr lr p MSchultz M Schultz Millinery lIUlin en Candy C aiidy
Shelf S helf
Cake and Wedding Cake C Boxes a
s pe pecialty pialty ialt Boxes made any size slz to your j
O rderPromptness rder Promptness and lowest Possible Possibler r
DrlcfisWe p rIces We sollcityour solicit your trade
dent d ent of one and threequarter per percent cent j
1 of the preferred I
71 vi X Sr Treasury ticu l J auuts stock ot or J
the t he Royal Ro al Glue Company has ha been de de <
clared d ared payable pa able to stockholders of record
April Aprll30 A pril SO 1305 apll3t
the th t he subscribers have entered into a i
limited l partnership under Chap 47 Sec See
14SS 14iSet 14iSetseq 1 498 et etseq seq D C code cod of law Iawthenama the name
of otpartnership o f partnership is The District of Co
lumbia i Fire Patrol Co lhegeneral the general
nature n of the business is the protectIon
of o f housesando houses and other her property from fire fire
burglars b etc by bestabllshlngas by establishing a a system stem t t
of o f patrols the general partners are areS S i I
Canby C anby Jenks and nd Jules F Diehl Dl hi real ± Osi
dents d ents of othe the cityor city of Baltimore J3 Md and 1
the tbespe t he special lal partner is Francis rancls M loLChls Chis
olm o lin a resident resldentot of Baltimore county i
Md the thec capital pltal which the thespec1alpart special part ¬
ner n cr has hascontrlbuted contributed to the th partnership
is I s 544 500 the partnership Is to commence
3 I rc rch 25 lW5and 1905 and terminate march arch 24
1907 1 907 S CANBY JENKS JULES F t
apl4Sll1315lS20222527 apl4G8n1315lS J 20222527
MR M R REUBEN MAZER has hassoldhls sold his gro gro ¬
cery c ery store to o Mr B B J Cohen 500 E st s1
nw n w apU3t
LEAVE TOUT TmesWant Tunes Want Ads at ats S
Kann K Sons Gz Co Regular ofBce rates
charged rgod
Littlefield Alvord Co have removed
their t offices to their plant sq bounded bound d
by 26lh 6th st 27th th st st D st st and E st nw
with branch office offlc Room 77 mColorado Colorado
Building ap510t
From rentals load up our
stock You can buy sec
jndhand Pianos for very
little money
v Sanders S Sr SStapan r Stapan Co
1327 i327FSt F St j
The Char Character e cter
of Your YourBefi Bahk k
Is reflected in a arneasure measure on
you You should carefully
choose your your bank not only for
its strength but for f rits its standing
Many J little things ihingsaid aid men in in
forming formin judgment nfeach of each v
other Your ban bank k is one of
these thcs little things No Noone one r
knows the size ofYQurbank of your bank
S account for such information is
confidential but all may know
what bank b nkyour your account account is is with
4500000 4500 OO i p >
Capitaland Capital and Surplus
Hmerican Rm J ri anSecuritY Security and
Crust company ompany S
1 405 t4 5 G STREET
Small Sm ll accounts are welcomed as
well as large larg H
l 1
Go to Evans Drug Store and get
A Glass Glassof of
Dutch DutchCoco Coco t
with w ith ice cream cream 5c 5 < glass gla s It is s de ¬
licious li ciousvVe ciots We Ve will give give you a t beauti ¬
fu u l Fan Golf Girl Ping Pong ong etc
Htnry H enry Evans Druggist
922 = 24 24F F St N NW W
Business DoUeg oHeg
Corner C orner 11th anil i 1L I F I streets s C AV m V Bsac B s
Insiructlon in day and night Books frea Zre
Typewriter Trpe T wrIter at home hom nome free Situatloa Situatlo
guaranteed g Terms > inuceraie 1tIu deratO erat Begin now 1l W
Write call or phone 11110ncor for catalogue
f fdtf 12 < 2t tt f
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is s an expert On Swiss and English watches
also a lso export expe t In adjusting adju < Un American watches
Prices P rices most mostrensonablc reasonable All 11 work guaran JItan ¬
teed t l
T H r c CWatch Watch Crystals Cry ta Ida lOc < x
7 J 5 5c Main Springs Toe c 10 10c J AC c
A i KAHN KAHNf f 935 935 F SL St V

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