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Ity of Cochin China says sa s two Japanese
cruisers were there purchasing supplies
on last Thursday rhursda
It 3jems sl ems certain certa In that the Japanese
cruiser division and torpedo boats medi ¬
tate an attack without delay on the tl o
Russian RussiansquadrQn squadrqn with the view loubt
less of ofcuttl cutting cuttit 1 out some of Rogest
venskys ships and weakening the
squadron effectively before Admiral
Togo attacks
Japanese Advancing
Steadily Toward Kirin
ST PETERSBURG April 13 13A A dis ¬
patch from Guntsullng says SBsa a recon
nolssance has developed the fact that tlt t 1
the Japanese have occu occupied pied Ts s iulluchun
northwest of Sc S huanm huanmiao iaodzy z Manchu 1Iancl11 ¬
Toward To ard the thecat east the theJ Japanese lpane e line 1 ex x ¬
tends from Minhuamai to Sa S3 SaIsyne dsylnc 1s ne
Bejter weather prevails after the re ¬
cent storms and the roads are becoming
good once oncernore mre mbre A renewal ren ar of f the thefighl fight ¬
lag is expected exp expet f dshoith d shortly
Private telegrams from KuntuLirig K ntuLl g
report slight slights s kirmishes kir mishes under caver of
which the Japanese arc steadily moving moyng
on onKlrIn Kirin
According to the NOVOQ N 000 Vremya Vrem a the
Russians have taken thcfullest the fullest precau ¬
tions hgalrist ngal ngainstasurprisd st a surprise irf i Mongolia
Russia May Borrow
Another War Loan
ST PETERSBURG G GApl April Apr 1l il 13 l iaReports Reports
are p published acre that the Qt government gov ernp mt I
intends int nds shortly to negotiate another
war loan lo b n of o 250000000 rubles 125000000
According rcordlngtothesa to the same m e reports the first firs t I
Internal loan 10atontra4 contrary to the statement
previously prpvIOtlypublished published has not yet been
fully iu 11 y subscribed su b5crlb d
On the other ther hand it is announced an 10tmced
that the members of the Old Faith have
expressed thafr willingness to subscribe bscrlbe
a war loan of 1OOOoo 1000000000 OQOru rubbles H bJes in
gratitude for thl1grnntof the grant gran t tot of fr freedom edom of o I
Rogestvensky Rdgestven kytoBe to Be Mute i
Until UntUaattle Battle Is Fought i
LONDON LONPON April 13 13Adtspritc 13A A dispatc h r from
St St Petersburg to the Central News sex ex ¬
plains the fact there is no news from
Admiral Rogestvensky Rogestv nsk
When he started on the last stage of
his Isvo voyage arre Rogestvcnsky Rogest nsk sent word he
would w uldnotcable not cable until un til therewas ther was a bat
A dispatch to the Daily Dall Moil fromVic
tcria Island of LabuaI1t LabUan six miles north ¬
west W2stof w st of Borneo says S83 = 5 t the American Am rJean
cruiser Raleigh RaI ighiS1t is L p at ± Victoria awaiting awaU awa fting g
events BritIshcruir2 British cruisars cruis rsaTe areaexpected apect e pectelto jto to
Arrive arr1v soon sc < m
Seats for the Minstrel Show how Go GQWitli With With
wo Eidden 6ft tas
T r Monday i <
Two Tw Maltese Maltese Grosses Cr Crossestwo sseS two money
orders on The Times TJmegstiU still lie hidden
about the streets of f Washington
Who will w1l1pl pick k them up
These are the theplaces thc places where they are are
One on Seventh street northwest be ¬
tween Sheridan and Harvard streets stree 1 3
One on onH H street northeast between
Fifth and North Capitol Capitolstreets streets
Undaunted by previous lack lackotsuc of sue ¬
cess the hunters were wer out outea early l this
morning covering the ground caref e r fully lly
In each of these districts Nearly all
now S go ° armed with sticks or wires wlt with
which to poke Into everjrhole and xxeat creu rec
ice j 1c ce tharcould that ha c9J111 oukl conceaT on iUVea1ftoax 1thoJuhaUes iliQ maUesi iiaUesLkInd
of ota a Jualtese Cross
While the streets where money is ishJd hid ¬
den attract crowds crowdsditrtn during g the ihed day they
are re fined with an army ann after night has
Settled down It IS then that the Den nen
who have been at work all day take taken n
turn at looking for the money Those
ethers are there who have not over l er ¬
come their shyness sufficiently to join
the hunt in broad daylight These
searchers of the night continue to
tmtll a late hour
At Brightwood the money has been
hidden for eleven days No one so far
has been able to fin find d it Yet it Ills is not
concealed so a searcher with sharp eyes
may not come upon It it
All four envelopes hidden near the
Peace Monument at the foot pt o of the
Capitol where w ere the afaltcse 11tcse Cross jro ss man an
made his hlslast last mys tic mafkiMo inark hUfkoja ona haay af a ¬
ternoon have Jav been found
The Th Prifurose PTlrllr sc West 1YestMfhstrelsare Jlfhstre is are
still here The promise pt oCThe The Times
holds good to give to thefinders the flnders find rs Of the
Maltese Crosses hidden hldc1enlast last Monday 1Ionda
morning mornln seats for any performance they
may wIsh wi h To the next man to bring
In one cf f these envelopes will be given
in inaddltlon addition to the th money mone four seats in
the orchestra and to the next two
seats eats
Rosa RoanE E King has been awarded a ndl dl
vorclro vorce from n Francis A King Pi oli Btatu st tu
tory tor grounds The decree de rees sig signed ig fhed d by b
Justice Stafford also a awards Mrs
20 a month as as a aHm alimony n Charles CharlesJ1Iur J Mur
jihy ph appeared ap cared as counsel for the com
J11alnan piainant apr r
Robert J Mullen 26 and
Siunter unter 19
Carroll Beale 23 and JIabel MabelWl1son Wilson
U t
William A A Bowfe Bo wfe 36 and Carrie L
Latnoy Latn 25
Paul iJ 1 Herndqn Herndon 40 4 11 Tampa Tam a Fla Fla
and Anna L J Jo o HerndonSO Herndon 30
Augustus E Craddock 37 7 Petersburg Pe Cr abu rg
Va and Iva L Shaaf 21 21 Richmond
Charles R Loucks 38 Lander Pa
and andAHccJones Alice Jones 33 Wilderness Va
I Louis ouis D DWllson Wilson 27 and Josephine JI 1f
Peterson cterson 28
Brown George 57 no 7 o 516 i 516fliclcets 16PICkctsct Rickets ct nw
Beuchert Agnes bne3 M 5C COG E at 8 ne nee e
Cantwell Mary Mar D 17 724 7th 7L st n sw
CarrrJl Peter S2 lo 1WO O 20th st nw
Fagan Patrick 70 Home for Agedi rg
Hart William J 1 31 31 Providence Hospital
Hughes Winter WlnterJ J J 28 Emergency Hospital
Jeseupj essup Charles A 1 734 lid et IL nv 11
Kinsey Boyd B 2 months 44 E st nw nw
Luce ilarj Mar A 76 215 2d st lit sc
MarUey lorl ey Patrick H Hr r CO providence Hospital
Moore r foor Elizabeth F 27 r 342 2 S st nw
Bowbray ilcdora 3 cdoraL dora L C2 5 107 M Bt lit nw
Quander Qunn lr Lucy Lu < 43 745 74 7th ot nw n
Scott Amanda C3 c Frcedrnans Hospital
Somerville Violet Ioltt 53 1141 8th sL t L nw
Eproston Spro ton Emily Eml V V C7 1735 lT3 Q st t nw
Sweeney Sw ency Michael J 21 2332 332 BrlRhtwood ave
Thomas Amelia SC Waahn Asy AsyHospltnl Hospital
Ward Hugh H 32 202 20 K st stne ne
Foul Breath reah
t 1 CatarrhHeatlache Oatarrh IIatache
Ara Ar banished by Dr Agncws Agn ws Ca
trrhalPowdor t trrhal Powder ItRel It Rei eVcsIn ecs in 10
Minutes Minu iea
F A Bottom druggIst Cookehlre 1
Que says says For 20 years 1 1 sunTerea suffered
from Catarrh My Breath was very r of ¬
fensive even to myself I tried every
thing which promised me a cure I1 In 01
most all Instances I I had to proclaim
them no good oodat at all 1 was injiucod t to
try Dr Agnewa Catarrhal Powder I
cot relief instantly after first applic
Uon tIO It cured me and 1 am m free r Q fro from
ftll U the ihc effects erc t3ot of it E
Dr Agnews Ointment Olntmeritrel relieves vcscczc ccze
In Ingnedy3c one day 3Sc J
bid old by MODERN DRUG co
414 7th St XT W
Must Be Located d in Georgetown an a1 1 d for the Benefi B Blt Benefit lt efit t o of f
Women W onlen of That Place by Terms Terrnsfl of Mrs rs Eddes Will
Margaret Edes by her will dated
I IMarch March 15 last filed today for probate
leaves leavesn a large lnrgeporUon portion of her h r estate
for the purpose purp se of founding foundIi an institu ins tIt ¬
tion to be known as the Ede Ed s Home
If for or aged and indigent indigentwldows widows of o George ¬
town She stipulates that the home shall
be located in Georgetown
Thomas Hyde J Hubley Ashtbn Ashtonand and
Henry H Flather are named as ex ¬
ecutors under nder the will
Mrs Mrs Edesdlrects Eden directs thefollowingdis the following dis ¬
tribution to be made of her estate c
To her daughter daughterMrs1Vl Mrs William WillIam llam r
Donoho and the dead womans mother
Mrs Francis D Fry Is leftctcluslv left exclusive
of her Jewelry jewel all her wearing apparel appir l
To the executors of her will 4000 the
income from which whic n is to be paid semU eml
annually annnall to Mrs Irs Donoho for iife ifa fe and at
her death to her mother motherMr Mrs s Fry Fryand and
if the later is Is not living to t ft her children
The income of f 3000 3000 Is left lettto to Mrs Fry Fr
and at atherdoath her herdozth doath the benefit is s to torev to revert rev crt
to her children c hildren
To Mrs George Ge rge W McGill rr Glli is left a a
silver tea se se t t and SltoOO s SLOOP JOO
Certain silverware Is also nlsoleft left to tordar Mar
garet gar et Ellen fle n Mereti Meredith h and an d Alice Alice Jane
Justice and in addition 2000 2000to to t o oeach each
of them the m
To Paul Pajl E Johnson is left cftsom some silver ¬
ware and 2000 SfOOO
The Th > income of f 9000 is Isleflin left in equal
sharesio shares to Mr Mrs Elizabeth ElIz b th H Smull Smulland and
Sarah S rah Smu SmUll ll and Ellen Ell ri Smull of Balti ¬
To the Northfield d Seminary Setnin r for forgrrlsis forlrIs girls is
left left2ooo S2000
To ToJ J Hubley Ashton goes a npainting painting
of the u lmmacUla Immaculate Conception Conc pUori
Mrs MrsEde EdesTalso Ede also makes a abequestof bequest of
iOO 300 oo to a domestic d m stlc Charlotte Buchanan Bu h nan
and itd directs 1lr < cts tha that 1500 be e used in the con ¬
struction of f a vault ault in Oak Hill Hll1Ceme Ceme ¬
The rcmalnder of her estate is left
for the thee establishment tabUshm cnt of the Edcs Home
in Georgetown qeorg fOW 1
He Was Taken rakenln Into oPoIice Police Court on Charge of o f Violating
Health e lth Ordinances Ordinancesrand and nd Held Resp Responsible IisibJe f for r
Condition Con dition of Drain Pipes Pi es
Seven cases C cisei asesofalleged of alleged violations iO l ticin S of the
health ordinances were tried simulta ¬ I
neously neous l in n the District branch bran h of the th
Police Court this morning out of which
two of the defendants def ndants were released rele ased on
their thelrpers personal > nal bonds bondsftv five were w wr r Kf1 fined iedl 1
each E 2ch and pae W1eHerbert oae Herbeit A Davis Da vlslivlng living
at 200 Fourandahalf Fouran dahal street st re t southwest s su u ihw st
and the owner of five houses was was fined
2O3ndgi 20 and given V n fortyeight fort ight hours in which
to abate the nuisance complained of
Upon Uporrheaflng hearing his fire he declared the
punishment p nish I mt was a atravestyon travesty on Justice
and nd that he had received the heaviest
fine merely me ly because he hehadthc had the money
The charges cha gcs all preferred preferr dby by Inspector
Bee were against Peter Chess and Jose Jose
Jianerlstop Jian eristop both of o340 340 Armory Arinons s treet
southwest s uthwC5t Dominick Domin ick Vetti of 320 2O Ar r
iory l ory street strcetM1chaelRos Michael Rose Ro of fS6 356 6 Ar ¬
mory mor street all Italians working Wor king atthe nt he
new depot depotr5ursa Lou Liutsa fsa Blackburn and nd1lag Mag ¬
giQ Mormon orrnon colored and axjd living at ot34S 34S 4S
and 350 Armory Armorygtteet street and Herbert erberf A
Davis the owner of the houses occupied
by the Italians
Inspector InspectorBoc Boe testified that all the
houses were in ail an Tinsanitarjr unsanlta iy condition
but that thatth the two two cplor cplorj1Wom jl1Yoi1 div bmen a seemed
to be doing all they the could to keep ke p their the r
respective dwelling places placesclenn clean From Frqm
the evidence it appeared there was wasnoJ no
water supply supply supplycon connected con e cite d w wlthariyot with ith any of
the houses a condition according accor lng to
the witnesses wltnessesduetoaneel due to an eel in the pipes
Continued From First Page
how the Texas rancher was was always
around when the Indian Indlanhupter hunter had
nothing to say say Comanche Joe had in ¬
vited nobodv to go anywhere but
somehow Roosevelt knew
TM1 Tills time it was was straight to the the50uth south
from Panther Springs camp The Jaded
whites In the tents Idoked on with open
curiosity but away to the overhanging
ledge over over Deep Red the flap of every
Indian tepee was visible for the Great
White Father was away awa to kill bear
Comanche Joe had said so and it must
be true but ma may r th the buIletHie turned
from the breast of the th thuibear b ear ar wherein
dwells the spirit of a brave
Joe the locoed Indian led to the south
and away from fromwater water Some suggestion
had been made madeofhon of hounds s but he frown ¬
ed edfor for only onl the w whites hites have use for
dogs It was a pace he set did J Jt < g
and he never looked back to see If the
President lagged No need for the
heavy rifle was a feather and Roose ¬
velts soft shoes led to a pair of le legs is
good for time and distance
Nobody knows except Joe what trail
I he followed Maybe 1 aybe he snuffed the
cent or photographed ill In i pis his serene
retina the signs Anyway the close
brush along Deep Red Re d began to give
way to big timber before the Comanche
halted haltedltnd and fell back to the th Presidents
heels That meant something and
Roosevelt asked no questions but led in
the trot in the same direction as he
had it in mind
That Th t Bear Still There
It wasnt a a clearing clearingonly only nly a few up ¬
turned pines twisted by b a great wind
long ago Borrowing for early roots
and andgrub grubs a hungry hungnbear bear was surprised
by the visitors and stood straight u p
against a blown down tree He was
neither cinnamon nor grizzly nor black
just plain bear and a much surprised
one on at that
The President drew a fine sight right
at the half hawonl worn bare spot under the
left arm which had been rubbed from Cr m
the ragged raggedpelt ra edj j > pelt elt while Ursus Major was
trying tr ing to nil hl his stomach after at r throe th e
months of hibernating under the stump
of the same tree He was hungry but
didnt d dnt need any an President Presl ntju just t then
The r he bald spot was as plain as the
bullseye bullseyeo of a aCreedmQor Creedmoor target and
all that was needed was is a breath on
the trigger
The President lowered his heavy
caliber and turned to Joe and mayhap ma hop
fo f the theflrst first time Umeon on earth that locoed
Indian made something that might mlghth3ve have
been a smile
The bear kept on grubbing
MOORE KOREQn On Tuesday Tueadl April II 1905 EJ EJIZ IZ
and daughter dlugh er ol Dr Frank J ana Eliza E1Io ¬
beth Foster 1 It
lIOHCOE iORCOEon On Wednesday Wdnc aAprll April priI 12 1905
after a lingering Unsern Illness EDWARD K n MOP fOr
COE eldest son ot the lato William sal
Teresa Morcoe It
MULQUIN MUIQUINQn On Tuesday April 11 1303 at
Funeral from her late residence 2 24 < I I atrcet
northwest norhwelitFrldaj Friday April AprilH 14 at at9 3 a a m thence
to 8t Aloyelus Church whero a requiem
mass m zs will bo said for the repose of other her soul
PAYNE PAYNEDepartecl Departed this this life on on Tuest1I1 Tuesday
April 11 1905 at Providence Hospital HAT
TIE MAY PAYNE nee Bates Dllte > beloved
I of Harry Harr T Payne It l
RUB neBOn On Wednesday WcdnI c1j April 12 12 1903 100 at
Georgetown G orgetown University lnlv tslty Hospital Mrs MIN ¬
NIE RUB beloved b loved wife of August Rub It
SPROSTAN SPROSTANQnTue SPROSTtNOn On Tuesday day April 11 1303 100 at
her residence resltnce 1733 17 Q Qstreet street Mrs M EMIkY Y V
Widow of George S Sprostan It
Of o j even 1 description dC3ClpU01moderatel moderately priceA
EE EE4vStreet j HF 4vStreet F Ptrcct Northwest Pth w t phnnp Phon M t 9S3 9
E22Penn fS 22 Penn Ave AveN N W V Washington D C
Telephone Main M In 13S5 13Si i38
and according to Davis Da vis due to fothe the
mashing of the pipes by heavy wagons
and the th fault of the District Louisa
Blackburn and Maggie Mormon Monnon were
released rel asec10it oh on their personal bonds The
Italians declared they the could no un
derstan V but through the medium of
Sergeant SergeantLombnrd Lombardy who was called to
act as an interpreter were given to un n
derstan rI that they were wereUned lined 1 each
i on condition that they would clean out
the back ba < k yard ard of their theirreapectlve respective houses
When Davis went on On nth the stand to tes ¬
tify in his own behalf behmfhedeclare he declared it
was not his duty dut to repair the water
pipe The District did it Itsald said he
and I dont see how you can hold me
responsible He declared however he
was willing to do his part I own less
than half these the e houses and I wont
pay pa for It air said he
Youll pay a fine of 20 laconically
remarked remarkedJudge Judge Xlmbal and youll
have these pipesrepaired pipes repaisd inside of for ¬
tyeight hours or be bebrought brought back ack here
And they call this justice safd Da ¬
via 18 disgusted 4 4as as he hllcft hi left the stand
Keep quiet ordered the theco court rt
Well ellresponded responded Davis you let the
others off and make me mepa pay the whole
thing Why Wh dont you bring brin the other
owners into court Q r and fine them too
It isnt fair
For the last time timev v said Judge Kim
ball leaning forward f rward I warn you to
keep quiet Another remark and youll
pay paanothcr another tIne I
Oh Ive got the money all right all
right said saldDals Davis as he reached In his hi i
pocket I I cuess thats the reason reasonvou you I
jump on me
Will Not N t Reveal ReyellObject Reyeal Object of f His Call
Shy on 9fl n Governor
Folk F 1k
Thomas K Niedringhaus Nie dringhausR Republican pub1ican
State chairman of Missouri and andb but t re ¬
cently centI the center of the t eflghtover fight over Sen ¬
ator Cockrells seat in tHe United UnitcdStatea States
Senate is in the th city today todn This
morning ho called upon upon Secretary Shaw Sha w
but would not state the object of his
visit saying he merejy dropped in to
pay his respects re pects
In speaking of o the political outlook In
Missouri Mr Niedr Nieddnghaus inghaus said
The Republicans will certainly c rtalnly hold
Missouri The Legislature has made a
good record and outside of the Sena ¬
tonal torialtIght fight the He Republicans pabllcans have stood
firmly together We ye expect to hold the
Congressional districts which we won in
the last campaign and we have hopes
of adding riddln one or two more from the
Democratic column
I I Mr NJedrlnghaus refused re fused to tQdlHcuss discuss
the work of o Governor Folk FOlkstatfng stating that
he was not u t the proper man to tOp1SS pass an
I opinion upon theprescnt the present chief chl clue execu c ¬
tive of Missouri
I I fought Mr Folk the hardest llrdcst I knew
J how and andjou you know when we fight a
man real hard we come to believe he is
not the proper man for the place
Baltimore and Return 125
Via Pennsylvania Railroad every Sat ¬
urday and Sunday All trains tralutlexcept except
Congressional Limited
A Follower of Grip
Many persons pe rsons11nd find themselves affected I
wIth a persistent perslltt nt cough after an attack
of the grip As this cough can be
promptly cured by the use of Chamber ¬
lains Cough Remedy it should not be
allowed to run on until It becomes
troublesome For sale by all druggists
Wonier Wonderwliat what whatl Mertz > ter will say today tOl1a
Store closes G pm 1 9 pm Saturdays
Spring Opening
Suit Specials
Choice of an elegant line of
sviell s eU new styles in Spring Suit ¬
ings worth to 20 20tailored tailored to
order i in the thee
13 5 5
Mertzvay Mertzw ay for < I 12
Mertz and Mertz Co
906 F Street
In Inthe the death of Peter Carroll Wtjsh 1V Wish sh
Ington has lost one one of its oldest citizens
Mr Carroll CarrolldiedTuesdayevcnh died Tuesday evening gnt at
his residence reslae c 1030 1030 Twentieth street str t
northwest northw st eighty eightythree three thre years of 0 1 1a age a aGO
The Thein funeral neral tp6k tQ k place at 83Q 830 oclock
this morning at his house houseR Requ Requiem Riquiem quiem iem
mass massw was celebrated at St Stephe St ihe ns s
at ta a later hour
Mr Carr Carroll llcame came to this country in
3S12 then thcnabout about twenty years earso of age Mr
Carroll wag W Et s a contractor c I1tr ctor and ar d builder
was in Inbusin business ss for many manyyear years here
He was a a member of Old ld Citizens CIti ns As ¬
sociation soci ton of the District Districto of Columbia
and was was a friend of three Presidents
Lincoln Grant and Garfield
He is survived by lour children Miss
Mary MaryA A Carroll Mrs Mr James Ev E Clar Cl r k
James N NCafr Carroll Cil iQllaIidG ll arid Charles CharlcsE arle E Carroll Carr91t
BELLEFQNTAINE E Ohio April Apr il il
Train No 43 3b between ttVCen Cleveland and andSt St
Lou Lpulsone Louis is one Qf of the fastest train tr trains iIUi on on n th the i
Big Four railway r nt yi was as wrecked wr ck ckc1fi c1fi linrp j
last 1astnight night Seven persons Dcrsons tferu ler sriifue cljr s i
ly hurt A A Aman man believed Qeli ed to be a ftSMJs SncKs
of Plttsburg 1 was wasprObab1 probably fatollv iaia1 in ¬
jured j r d i
is thi thin bloo d It causes pa le
fac faces s white lips wea k k1erves nerves
an l d lack la k of ofv v ita lity A bloo d dj j
en ehr ehrc etir ric ic c hin hing g g fat pro pr ducin duc n g food
medic ine is nee ded de d Scotts
Emuls Etthi ls ion ion goes to the root of
the trou ble stren gthens an d
enr e n rIthe ic hes 5 tb the bloo hIO O d da dan an a Id d bu ilds
tip u p the entire s ystem For I
anaemic anani h eniic ic gir girls ls thin boys an d
enfeeble d dmothers mothers it is the
stan t hdar dar d dreme reme dy It bu ilds
ti l p g in AI1d d strengthens str en gthens the entire
system s sttri e n w Wit ith ithwon iWOhde wonder won der rf rfu fu u l lra ra
I pic pldlty lity L
Well W ll sen d dyouasIl11pJe you a sam sam ple free fr e
Scott 5co tDovne Bowne J 409 4 9 Tear l l St New eJV Yor York k
+ 1 i e e +
e asne u j iie +
Th The Washin gton Times Time5adveifisi1g Tinie a advertising re representative in Atlantic City
is John C Benson B nsongeneral general manager of OftheResor flhe the > Resor R sorlAdvertising t Advertising Company
Bar Bartlett tlett buildings North Carolina C Carohpa rolipa and a 4Atlarttic Atlktttie avenues v I1ues All All advertise ¬
ments men s will H1 be beacc accpted ptedat at the same a ame ne rates r te 33 s at tJhe F the home ome office of f The
Washington Times Tirt1 s v
STIUU1 0Jl4VJiAOlJJ SILVERSIDE0SCarolIna RSmE STIVE i Ocean ave Capacity end endS S Caro Carolina 200 Iiua
Steam heat etc i 1 7 per week up up
o oap13 ap330t ap13 30t A H HURFF
Virginia Ylrgl Ii IiaYe ave and Beach Capacity 300
Rooms eh en suite with bath elevator to street
level l ycli steam 5teamheati heat sun parlor parlorcte etc Always
open Coach Coachmeetl meets train Booklet
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MILLER formerly o oHotcl of Hotel Mt 1t Vernon
Bell phone IC08 apC30t
Adjshlns AdjCnlngPo1rdwalk Boardxralk t full ul ocean view vlcwOpen Open
all year 3eat1ong Long uiniance phones in rooms
Iresh ani and nd l sea ea water in baths Fur Purtate Pure water wate
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heat sun parlor baths eic e Special s > l rates
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mhla mh1500t SOt
Ocean end Maryland ave Unexcelled Jofe lota
tUrn New eW with every everynpolntmenti appointment cope up
ribr table Capacity CapacltyOO 200 Special pecral spring sprln
terms J10 10 up weekly Booket FRANK FRAKA A
riUlCl HOTEL HflTFI RR BnAUUUUlV BRADDOCK FSnnfiSf New Beach ri York o First ave I clause I an sect s il
family famll house hoea modem improvements Excel ¬
lent table and service J10 10 up Ui > weekly W L I j
New eYork York ave overlook o ovcrlooklhg rlooldns Ins ocean o ean pier
Fireproof metal ceilings r rand and asbestollth
floors throughout RUnningwater RUnntner n nntl1wnter water In rooms
exchange open to tOtecond second floor strictly hl high h
Class cuisine Spring terms 11 11 up weekly eekh
Bills of fare and booklet mailed
cpl aPli9ttCxMo SQtr 39tcxMo CxMo J 1 PAUL KILPATBICJC
NHRW NEW flTATTON CLARION LAIO LAIOKentucky Kentucky et c Ave j
lH j W UJjAJtAUXX and n the Beach h
Sun parlor 9 up p weekly S S 1C Ie BONIFACE EOl IFACE
WE HAVE an unusually beautiful
Steinway Stelnwa grand piano recently re entl uold into
one on o of Washingtons most musical fam ¬
ilies and andexchantcd exchanged by b us yesterOay for
a larger size > which we offer at a re ¬
duction in price rather than carry it
during the spring season Original Orlgmalyalue value
1100 Present price 5500 300 Time pay ¬
ments accepted E F DROOP SONS
CO 925 > Pennsylvania Penns lvanla ave riw up32t
WASHINGTON MARCH ARCH 25 251900 1903 I90 We
the subscrlbors have entered into a
limited partnership P rtnerShlP under underClia Chap Chap41 p 4 4sec Sec
1498 ct sea D C code of law the name
of partnership partner p Is The District of Co co ¬
lumbia lumblnFlro Firo Patrol Co the general gene genetit tl t
nature of the business busln 5 is the protection
of houses and other property from fire
burglars etc by establishing a system
of patrols the general gcn < ral partners are S
Canby Jenks and Jules F Diehl rest ¬
dents cf the city clt of Baltimore Md d and
the special partner p rtncr is Francis M ct IChl Ghl
olm a resident of oBaltimore Baltimore county
Md Mc the capital which the special part ¬
ner has contributed to the partnership
Is fWO COO the partnership is to commence
March 25 2 1 It05 1tO 05 and terminate March 24
npl4C81113151820222527 np14681113l 18W222527
dent of one neatd and threequarter per cent
1 H of the preferred pref < rrcd Treasury stock of
the Royal Glue Company has been de ¬
clared payable to stockholders of record
April 30 11X3 l O > apll3t
MR REUBEN MAZER has sold his hlsgr gro ¬
cery cer Btore ctoi to Mr Ji J Cohen 500 E Est st
nw n a npll3t J
LEAVE your V om Times Tmes1T Want 1T ant Ads at S
Kann KannSons Sons Co CoP Regular ular ottlce otficera otficerat ra rates tes t tes s
Llttlenbld Alvord Co have removed
their olfices to their plant sq boun ded
by b 2Clh st t 27th 27thst st > D st to o and ant I E Est st nw
with branch brarcliomcoRoom office omcoRoom Room Room 727 27 Colorado
Building np510t
Skirts Sun Plaited 200
SInifo ad Accoraion Accor lon 3laitin plaiting
2c yard up
Work Called for to and Delivered
Opjjenhemiers OPlJenhe i ners ier ieri iers i s Hew lT ew Home
204 10TH ST X X W
1120 2D St st S E
A nrstclnss Paint at 3173 lj l7 we ve will sell
for two weeks at
145 Per Gallon
Come quick and get something
A No i Floor VarnisL VamistStain Stain 450
Always the Same
8erkeRey erkey Ry ye
8i2 F St St N W WJ J Plione Main M1 n II4 1141
I Special J Je e ial Private Priv Pr ivate e Deliver peli e ry y
AH AIimod modern mod rn appointments ap tolntmcnts Elevator l f it to B Bt street t t
Isveh I itvel l Unobstr Unobstructed cted ocean cean view l W 2 to 250 2
dally dnIlYlOto no 10 to 15 weekly
IfCV qe cV York ave I1v aye ayeand and Boardwalk BOlrdwalk
I Now ew throughout ihr ughout open surroundings rooms
en enlIulte suite wltfr wltprhatc itlv private baths Electric lights
tteam ttelml1ent heat elevator and all modern Imi Im
jjtDvemontjt ptDcm nt Convenient to piers and amuse ¬
ments Special spring rates rateso ot 52SO 250 fiO up dally
Aiwa A A2ways V Vs s sop open op open ni niVlrglnllL Virginia ave a e Qt ntBelchMod Beach Mod ¬
ern enz in appointments np Olntml ts Capacity 3M roFlrn First
class cuis cUisine ine and service Special sprlns spr1n
rates Booklet S S E STVEEXEY EEoEl
Maryland MarylandB are B e and Beach Be 1eh near n ar Steel Ste el Pier
Atlantic nntlc Citys Clt s Best Moderate Priced Hotel j
I New Xewand arid elegant Offers special spring spnn rat rats
51h 119 19 J12GQ 1 IJ per weekr we rctk k n 2 200 J3 3pcr a per day Bv E
I Ierythlng erythlns first tlrs class clf1S Elevator steam heat
bath sun parlor Broach oach meets all trains
A rilVTl1 1 Kentucky ave a i iand and Beach
± Ui1
Souu rai a Thoroul
r Thoroughly Modern
Special Moderate Rates U
tpl20t tt lrot Mrs G Vf STODDARD
An Anelegnnt elegant tnooern modern hotel offerjngr verfs5e very spe ¬
I cial lalsprlriC spring rate nl te 8 S up weekly Week Large Lar ge sunny sunn
Breamheated 8 Ilm l1eateCI rooms Excellent table tab ee ele dc le
rater litor private baths 4000 feet sun parlors Ulora j
i Booklet j p PCOPE COPE
I IIqc
Iqc h DceanEn 1 f
Thi Pennhurst
Ii H e rennuUfil t nchl n AnI
Atlantic CIt City N J Booms JIooms en ens suite lte with Ith
hatlit bath long distance telephones In rooms cle dc
vatorto ntor to street level Booklet mailed
Europeanand EuropemandAm Am Plan Ocean front rooms
Hot Hltand and cold sea and fresh water bathr bath
Special spring snn rates Orchestra CIl CHMTERS MYERS
Ave A Capac Capacity ity 300 Highclass and modern
Elevator Sun Parlor Private Baths iLlS r
updally updallspecial up daily special weekly weell rates rt tes Booklet
HOTEL H O T Tu EL ATGLEN A TGLEN TGLENMlchlan S Mlchlan Near Bcach ae f
PIrstclass Flrstel ss family house all conveniences
and excellent table Special is S to 10 weekly
mh3120t J E EREFD REED
ir i I Ocean End
niijjj W V U U Jli So Carolina r Ave
Modern highclass high class house 10 weekly eekly
Furs Stored I
and end Insured
In the dry cold stora ge rooms in
our fireproof t r proof warehouse wareh puse
Coats per season t5o
Long Coats C ats per season 200
Stoles Boas Boas5Oc SOc < to si50 150
Muffs 5oc
Insurance Insur nce against moth theft
and fire
SI Siper per 100
I Storage Department
Htnerican tlm rican ScUritY S cUritY ana nci
Imi USfflompany llst Company ompaiy
1 140 t4bFifteenth Fifteenth Street
Ah this t W week k in n Fancy n Cy Groceries Gro Ce rles
II Unusually Low Prices
I Great real Atlantic At anHc and nd Pacific Tea Co
tide Stcrs Stc = Cor Co O 7ti tl anJ E
01 0 I 0 0 I 0 t + 0
+ S ev CO N I
Scuveriir Cuff Buttons Bt1tt 13 t
25C 25 25Cpair pair
t A Ac c MBntSTLER T
I 533501 Pa a Avo
4 Under National NatlonalHote1 Hotel +
0 4C4 eo ie C4 + 4 e 4eOo I 0 0
e eJiness Jiness CUege
Cdnur C Ijr 11th Aiul ctct lIdl l F I streets tre ts X WB W V li
Iiiatructlon > n day ll and an night nigl t i5tto5t B ol free
Typewriter l Ty j1e wrlter 1iter tit home free SituatIon
guiiaiteed u ii ecd T J t rms moderate Begiu now
Write call or phouo for cataJogue cata uo
e1U 1ti
Main M alll
8 810816 1 081 6
7th St
3Iimg alntt alnttI i a k I
7 V tIIi4
H HGreen Green Ticket U Sale means means bargains Every item you see here
I on Friday riday marked m rked with a Green Ticket is a value of imDortanrp importance
Sometimesthe Sometimes the IotSar lots are smalltheyr smal1theyrremnants bremnants but just as often
theyre speci special purchases of goods we can sell at remnant prices pri es
ReadytoWear Ready = to = Wear and Untrimmed
Hats 95c 95cand395 and 395
Worth 150 to 600
An elegant lot or HandMade Straw Hats in large r1reand flare and sailor shap shapein ltL
fact 20 different differ en t8tYlCS styles in all al allIn lIna In all llcolors colors and black and white Wh te Splendidly SPlendldlYmade Splendidlymade
made Hats Hatshandmade handmade wire
on frames Also Black Chiffon Hats with braid
crowns and tucked chiffon brims in turbars and large largeshapcs shapes and Chiffon
Hatlwith Hate with braidcrQwn braid crowns In black del and navy blu biue and also Readyt Wear
Hats In chiffon and braid > rnidJn in many many smart effective styl styles In Jlacl placing placingthe
the vaueson values on these hats at from L50j L5 to L00 00 were wero more than con 9 95c 5c
servathe Therell be a rushtorth rush for them m tomorrow at
This 395 395 trimmed Hat of ours reaches the ideal of value vaIueand and style We
hlJ1feve believe iie e I we sell en more hats at at th this js one price prlc than any other establishment etablishmentin In
ii iir r
Washington ashington will 111 sell at an any > other otheionl one figure And Its all on the theraerlt merit of the
hats Many lila nY of the most expensive Imported impo edcreatlons creations find their dpulicates JU1ULe3 in m
our line of hats at at391 39o > Thats how it is that you see so many
unusuaU unusually choice effects ettcctsln in the collection In actual value of c O rv f
fabric Green Ticket these 1 1t 1h 1f t h hats price f c will 1 compare wIth the best at 500 and 300 3 5
I C Childrens h lldren5T Tuscan Usca n Flats with stiff s titt
and soft brims and bell 1Af
crowns c o wris All sizes Worth Tec Vf 9 9C C
Green Ticket price J
Childrens Trimmed Sa Sa ilors in pret ¬
ty tj mixed straws with rolling brim and J
trimmed tri mmedWIth with ribbon In i nblue blue 4 fC
brown and red Worth 75c 4 Lw 9 C
Green Ticket price f
Odd lot of o t Straw Braids in all col o ¬
ors except black Including includln g r
l many flne silk braids Green 1C I w
I Ticket price
I I II Dress Dressft1aterials Materials
Woolen Dress DressGoods Goods r In the theseasons seasons
I latest creations in light weights for
I summer wear The lot includes White
Cashmere with Light Blue Red R d and
I Black Polka P Olk a Dots D ots i 40 Inches inch es g rr
wide Vorth35c Worth 35c yard Green 19 19c 1 1 v c
I Ticket T price >
it S
Light t Weight English Suiting in all
the new spring effects r g j 1 f C
I Re Regular Tar EJOcYalue ro value Green 21
Ticket TIC etPr price 1c 2
We have about 200 yards left out of
5000 yards ards of that 35inch 3 illCh Taffeta atreta we 1
I had on sale the other day da AS v l c
and row will at i ill ll close l It out tomor rJ lJ 46 4 L 2 < fy Z
Fine F Jlte Wh White 1teDressGOo Dress Goods Goodsthe the th ebig biggest ge 5t
I bargain yet offered
500 yards j ard5 of White bite India Linon Per ¬
sian Lawn Batiste and Or
snndle 1n short lengths 1 L3
I to 39c 39cQuaUties qualities Will close out 6 6C 6to C
the remnants at atuuuu uuuu 4
I i WhlteMadras White Madras In figured andjrtriped hatrlped triped
I effects etrectsa a choice ehoiceselection selection of r patterns tterps
in lengths from 3 to 23 f < r
I ti yards Worth 25c Green J I l ITT c
Ticket i ip price p 2
White 1 ST T hite lte French Organdies Organd ies 40 40inc inches hes
I wide an ideal fabric for j 3 g I 1 1 r C
summer dresses Worth 12
29c Green Ticket price 2 229C
Organdies Orga dle5 Lawns and Madras Madrasy 1 at
I aprice a price Friday cheaper than you youordi ordi ¬
I narily buy Calico Only a a small lot
lor Of them In short lengths in
qualities QuaIitlesranglng ranging from L 12t4e to 33C
1 23ft yard aTd Green Ticket TlcketprJce price < 4
I PlttI Plnlxf fiain uoio CoI Colored red Lawns in aU g 1 C
I colors Very fine quality l 9 V 7
I Worth loc Green Ticket price pri e
I Outing Flannel Fla nnel a pretty prett as a > < ¬ 3C 3
I Isortment sortment of patterns Worth 5
11t1c lOc yard ard GreenXTicket Gr en icket price prl e 4
I Fine Duck Dress Goods lnRed in Red
Blue Brown Bro wn White T hite and 1
I Black The usual usual1 12t Lc c qual 1 9 c
ity Green Ticket price S 2 2ity
Muslin Underw Underwear ear ar
Odds and ends of Drawers Drawersma made mai le eof of
j cambric In umbrella style with jjfwn wn
ruffles and trimmed with wIthde reide lace la e and nd
hemstitched hems tItChed tucks and a ndd deep ep r f Vir
embroidery embroider ruffles ruffi s Worth saC 9t V
Green Ticket Price f C tS
An odd lot made up of Muslin MusUnGowns Gowns
Corset Covers CoersShort Short Skirts and Draw ¬
ers made mnd m d of fine quality Muslin Muslluand and
Cambric and trimmed with j fr C
pretty prett laces and embroideries 19 19C fill
Worth Wort SOc Green Ticket Price S
Fine Gowns high and low oek ck
Drawers Drawersla lace e and nd embroidery embroiderytrlrn trim
med Skirts with deep flounce of lace la e
insertion and hemstitched tucks Cor ¬ J
set Covers C oersaarlet a variety of pretty pret 4 i f t r
styles Garments worth up to q LVl 9 9t 4
HOO nOOGreen 100 Green Ticket Price
Odds and ends left from the Sample
Line of Skirts Drawers Corset Coy Co ¬
ers ersChemiseaU Chemise Chemiseall all handsomely handsomehtrimmed trimmed
with fine laces lac e S and embroid embro Id S f r c
eries Worth up to 200 Green f 6 Uc gc
Ticket Price P lcc V 7
50 dozen Cambric Corset
Covers with Cambric CambricHem Hem 4 f 1 1C r r c 1
stitched ruffles Green Tic Tick k 12 121C I 2 TT
et Price P t1CQ i
Lot of Muslin Drawers with deep I
unibrella flounce trimmed with tj
lace Ticket TIcl et Price Worth r orth 25c Green 1 16C 6C 6Clace
Neckwear and Veiling
One length len th Silk Crepe Lisle and
Buster Brown Neck and Sleeve Ruche
in Pink Blue Iris Green Red r > r
I Black price fc and White r l Green i Ticket r X 8 8c J c
I C pieces Fine Assorted Neck Ruche
in a box all different dlfCe rent styles at les n p r
in plaited and rose quille qllill l 6 2 5 5c 5in c
pieces v oes in box for
Kid Gloves Glovesand and Handkerchiefs liandkerch efs
New Spring YeiHngln Veiling In fine Mesh
Fancy Plain Hairline and an Spotted Spot ed
in inB Black lack White Navy Na and an Q tr
Brown Ticket price IS Inches wide n Green O 9c 9cBrown
Another lot of Mended Gloves Gloves1n In all
the new spring shades In Gray Gra Tan
Light and Dark Brown Ox
1hlLC White and Black 3Iac Regular Rt > gular A fr C
100 and 5150 1 150 Kid Gloves loyes AM 4fl
Green Ticket TC et price Tr >
Ladies r fdles Soft SoftShccr Sheer Handkerchiefs
with Uh hemstitched borders b orde rs j S 7 7C f C
Regularly price 5c Green Ticket 1 17C t O 8 g o
Embroideries and Laces
Swiss Nainsook and fine India lndlaLlnen Linen
Embroidery flouncing in deep French
open work wheel blind and ou
Irish Point t effects eIcts6 G to 11 t C
Inches price yard wide Green Ticket 17 17C a j I
Swiss and Nainsook Embroidery
Band Insertings Headings Beadingsantl and Edg ¬
ings in Inprett pretty summer summer shirt waist walstpat pat ¬
terns eros in Buttonhole Applique AP Pllq uC j C
and Irish Point des designs igns Spe 12 12C I i
clal Green Ticket price yard
Choice assortment assortmentof of fine Swissand Swlssc and
Nainsook Embroider Embrolde In Beading In ¬
sorting Edgings Ed bing match mat C h sets ets fr
till nUdf desirable irable widths Green il gC
Ticket price yard
LInen Crochet Lace LlccB BanCta nJ < in Vcn
ice Cluny Clun Repousse Ten Teneriffe rlffo pat ¬
terns terns2 2 to 5 inches wide wi e In A7C 7
cream crea white hltcand and ecru Grqen 4 iT = r rv v C
Ticket price prlc yard nrd TO 8 8Ticket
Brsn Branch h
FLOWERS FLOWERSA A special specialilne line of Flow
ers rs Including Crysanthemums Pop
pies ies American Beauties Lilacs Li 2cs Fruits
large arge sprays of Roses etc in natural j
colors and various other thershades ± shades In i
SIngle pieces bunches and > ps j
long ong sprays Worth Worth75c 73c AS 4 45C 5C i
and 1 L Green Ticket price A K i
Straw Braids Braidsw w w ith fancy and plain i
edges In brown black bfuc bluette bluet e zed red
Light and n nd dn navy aVYblue blue and tan f f
Worth v 15c Green Gre nTIcket Ticket 8C 8CWorth X
price rice r V
Ladies S12 Suits 750
The line includes suits made of r fine iln
Venetian in brown brown blue and andblack black
full blouse front effects neatlypiped neatly piped
in silk and trimmed in buttons The
jackets have fulllegomutton full legomutton sleeves
and are arefinlshe finished with cuffs cutlsaIldneatly and neatly
satin lined Skirts in full kilted kilted full ull
flare effects AIL sizes r f f
from Ticket 32 Priceu Price to u 42 42 Green 4 1 5 V O Ofrom 1
Ladies 1 S17 17 Suits 1050
Suits In Cheviot Venetian and plain
cloths in coat effects blouse effects
and an Etons Some with full tucked
back backAnd and silk front and andrever5finish revers reverafinish finish ¬ J
ed nath braid and deep shirred cuff
Another style with yose KE finisned with
large tucks tuckBfr9m from yoke to belt beItorm form
fngblottle lag blouse front fr Dt and back Full tti tuck k ¬
ed edsleeve sleeve Another sty style in strapped d
seam tailored effect effect with braid trim ¬
mings The skirts are ar tucked and I
braid trimmed trlmmedor or with closely stitched j
tucks forming full Jciltj kilt colors are tan
brown blue black bfuCk and novelty noV ltyA1l All
sizes from 22 to 42 IL <
g P
Worth J1700 1 I700 OO Green 10 111 5 Si V 0 0Worth I
Ticket TIcketPrice Price V Vv v
Ladies Ladi 20 Suits SuitsSI350 S 1350
Suits In Broadcloth Broadcloth Brilliantine j
Cheviot Granite Cloth and andNovelty Novelty
six slxstles styles In all One style full blouse j
back and front front finis finished hed with withsillr silk
braid and buttons with withfull full shirred
sleeve and skirts skidshandsomeIy handsomely trimmed j
In silk Another style strapped with j
selfmaterial and andwlth with Persian vest j
front fron t an ana 3 dskirt skirt strapped strnpp strappedto d to knee knee form
1r lrigTjilflare gJ11JIar Another A Aiipthetsty1aiiittcfek 9thet S tylg 1P QlEtuek 1rt tt
ed to neck to waist form formIng ing blouse
with deep full tullcut cuff finished with braid
pd and buttonsandfull buttons and full tucked skirt skirt An ¬
other style yoke back and nd front with
lugetuck large tucks from yoke oke to belt belt finished
with postillion pos lUon back Skirts have large
tucks forming panel Colors tan
brown and novelty blue All black sizes 1 5 0 0and
Green Ticket Price PrI e
SILK W WAISTS AISTSA A superb collection
of Silk Waists in lightweight Taffetas
Peau Peaude de Soles and Peau de Cygnes
latest and most attractive spring spring
styles str les Some waists with large tucks
others small tucks others s hirred oth ¬
ers ers trimmed In lace and medallions
and also boxpleated waists waists
In silk with vest front and
waists in the latest yoke effects The Th
new st shades Including
the pastels Regular Regula5 5 cj ft Sr
and 6 values alues Green vp 2 f 6 6and H
Ticket Price > S V
quality taffetas in the most moststy11sh stylish
and effective e trectlve spring effects Some Som plain
sllksothers others changeable In brown
blueblack black shepherd plaid and nd two ¬
tone toneetectsThe effects The waists walstshae have large
down front and back backfun full legoj lego
sleeve and tucked cuff Some
self trimmed trimmedothers others piped In plain
and others in vest front style
prettiest t blouse effects are Includ ¬
Skirts are tucked to the knee and
orm full flare Not to be duplicated
less than J15 15 Cj fl V A
SIS 1S 8 Green Ticket 1 1 1 O V 8 i 0 VV II O Oil1d I
Jap Silk Waists trimmed with Va t t
> r Medallions edalllonsor or with large tucks tuc
flown the front and back backor or r with pin
full legomutton sleeve and
lace trimmed or full tuck tu ck jr
ed Green cuffs Ticket Regular Price 3alue 3 value 1 S 9 5 5ed
We struck It rich when we landed a a
makers line of Ladies Fine Craven Cra en
ette Rain Coats We paid very much
less than the regular wnolesale price
for them and are offering them to you ou
at a fraction the usual selling price
There are six sbcdiITere different ritt styles les In lthe the lot
and all are excellent t quality q ua 1tfUIl full crav c ra
ennette Coats There is one boxpleat ¬ I
ed style tyle some are tucked some shlr ¬
red redsome some plain full backs and there
Is another style finished with small
tucks at the waist Shown with and an and I
without collars full legomutto
sleeves loose and tightfitting tacks ba baci cks
and all are belted Choice of light and an a
dark tans oxfords grays olives oHvesand and
reversible plaids laids Just 100 coats in l
the lot Worth 1000 m s rv F
Sl200 1200 and 1500 Green 4 > nk CgH 9 5 5Sl200
Ticket Price U UTIcket V 7 J
JACKETS JACKETSlInde Made Iade of fine quality qua IItJ Cov Co Coi v ¬
ert ert strictly tailormade tallormadesome some with
straps In corset style st leothers others with
stitched seams and velvet collars and
cuffs cuffsand and others in Norfolk effect effeeL
with tailored straps and stitched colV col
lars Also black bla ck Cheviot Coats satin K
Hoed tailor stitched all Q > i P
sizes sizesfrom from 32 to 44 750 50 spL L 5 S 0 0sizes l
values Gr Green en Ticket Price V vr
Qne lot lotcontuning containing 60 Covert CoertCloUi Cloth
Jackets Jlcketsthe the Genuine English Verombp
Covert Co CovertlIned rtUned lined in taffeta silk or satin
in notch collar and collarless effect
Strictly Strlct1 tailormade and strapped With
full legomutton leg omutton sleeve sleecsome some of them
pleated from elbow elbo to wrist wrIstwIth with or
without cuff All size sizes In
the t eotrom lot from 32 to 41 4 i10 10
1250 12 > 0 and 10 15 values a1 ues 5 1 5
Green Ticket Tlc < et Price
cloth cheviot brllliantlne and novelty noeIt
in blue brown tan black black and mix ¬
tures A wide variety at styles in ¬
cluding cludin full tucked tuckedslffio slcrfts + s strapped
seam skirts panel effect skirts and
skirts sklr s with large tucks tucksforming forming
flounce Strictly Strlct1 tailormade full flare
all a 11 regular and extra ext ra < S f t f
sizes 5 5 and Q 6 values To 3 45 45sizes A K
morrows morrow price V S TT
1 dozen White hlte Spool pool Cotton 2 dozen
Pearl Pea d Buttons nil sizes slzes5c 5ci 5c 1 pack ¬
age ns best make mal e Needles Ic i 1 piece
Linencovered Ironing Wax Ya Ic 1
Box Black Pins Ic 1 Spool M r K
Darning Cotton Ic 1 dozen Best
Safety Sa1et Pins sizes 1 and 2 for Ic
1 t package Dressmakers Dressm lters Pins PInspaper paper paper Sc

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