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f Pint messaline messaIine was used to build ulld this simple simile but effective e ec flvedance dance frock
which has a lull fullclzcular circular skirt laid in tiny tucks tuck s sover over the hips and across the
back and five flyedccptucksaround deep tucks around thebottCm the bottom Same material also makes the
deep girdle on decollete bodice the th top part and short puff sleeve sleeveemplo employ ¬
ing ng dotted ottedmcssaIineln messaline in same shade shadebor bordered pered top and bottom by tiny ruffles
S of omessaline messaline Two white hlte lace butterflies give a pretty fin ish and are set seloa on
just a trifle trifl to the left le left ft where a closing Is made
Witfy TiJ1itlza w a Chinese Coo k
The Chinese Chltlesecook cook stuck the end of an
Ivory chopstick Into a small brown bis
vult ult
Taste sir sir he heS said id
The biscuit was was warm crisp crisprich rich It
was light well eU salted a1ted nutritious nutritIousa a bis ¬
cuit in a aw word c crlo rlo o of f tapecuUar a apecuUar peculiar excellence
This biscuit sir is mad made of the flour
of 01 lentils said the Chinaman You
Itnow lentils Little BittIegrecn green pellets I
slightly flattened d like split peas pcasLcn Len ¬ 1
tils sir are considered the mos t tnutrl nutri ¬
tious of all the foods of the earth earihThis This
one lentil ten lentil tll biscuit b bsc sc lt sir is equal in Innour nour ¬
ishing iShlngpower power to a pound and a halt of
roast beef
He took from a tin a a little cake
Again taste tast he l1esai said
The little cake ake was aseryrlch Very ery rich and
good V to
It is Iso lszn o inade zt1 d de s s sr ir r de of Ihe ti th flOuraC fl ur f al itl
nionds mon dss said 3Id the the he cook cQ i Fresh F sh sweet eet
almonds ground into a white powder
between two millstones Such a flour is
a finer thing than your flour flo ut of wheat
eh I
Then lbenhe he lifted a great greatUd lid and revealed d I
seme thirty thlrt or forty compartments one
Slled with witha with a pink flour flouran another ther with a
yellow el1ow one a third with a brown one
a fourth with a awhlte white a fifth with a
pale green a sixth with p blue and
s on
All these are Chinese flours he said
Ol OlIn In China sir we make mate over fifty
kinds Idn s of flours f1 UfS We make flour out of
rice rJ e out of of peahuts p anuts out of beans out
of potatoes out of sweet potatoes fJ tatoes out
of peas out of cocoanuts cocoan ts out of mil ¬
let l t out of pulse out of oats out outoC of
bananas bananasthe the fact factIs 7 Is sir we C make flours
in China Chlraout out of everything but wheat
For in China sir we eat no bread breadand breadandtherefore and
therefore the thacoarse coarse dry tasteless flour i
of wheat is useless to us
Fzo gge d Shirt Wa ist Suit
Theres a narrow chasm chasm between the
coat suit and shirt s hirt waist walstsultwhCh suit which it
Is Isoften often desirable esIrabl to bridge
The very thing for this purpose p rpose is isa a
shirt waist suit in handsome mohair It
is isexactlj exactly the thing for coming into
town on any save the hottest of morn ¬
ings and It It itwould would be desirable for short
journeys too oo Indeed one could find
any an num number ber of of occasions when such a
simple little rig would be admirable
It Is is isall all In the triple boxplaited ef ¬
fect Such Suc h ha a plait dominates the skirt
both back and an d front
Likewise the waist
And at the front frontthis this waist is s fasten ¬
ed edby by means of oCfrog5 frogs done oneiI in braid
This takes off the undress look of a
shirt waist walstandtransforms and transforms an otherwise otherr lse
ordinary shirt waist suit into int quite an
other o thc r class It Is rS7110re more like a ablous blouse
coat suit Yet it Is not fobbed robbe1of of the
v valuable shirt shlrtwalsts waist sUlt Jt quality to an
appreciable degree
Simple Menu lh lhel1 el1 for a Day
Oranges Hominy and Milk
Codfish Cakes Fried Bacon
Corn Bread Coffee
Corn Ci > rnSoup Soup
Curryof urryof Chicken with Rice
Spinach Parsnips
Cold Slaw
Rice Rl e Pudding Nuts
Black Coffee
Hominy Homln Croquettes Sardines on Toast
Watercress Salad Sal d
Gingerbread with vithWhlppedCream Whipped Cream
Must Be Done Systematically and the
Fewer FewermenFolks Men Folks Around the Better
There Theres f fs s only onl one way in which to do
your our spring cleaning properly p roperl said a
little woman wom n whose house feels like
home to everybody and that is to
irake a business b sIness of it It Some women let
It dribble along over two or three
weeks and meanwhile the whole family
c Vrags ragso ags out t a miseraolo ml3eraDleexistenc existence In nthe the
end nla11 nd all the dirt gotten out ot one apart ¬
ment is dusted into the thnext next an and d dyou you
are r no nearer riearer cleanliness and a great
deal furtherrom further irom rom godliness odllness than you I
were before
Send Hubby HubbyAay Away
Every E ry year when I feel the spring sprln
cleaning cIem1lugfeverstirring fever stirring in my my blood I I IcIem1lugfeverstirring
shut my house up 1 tell tellmJ my husband
that a little l1ttletwo two or three day trip to I
Atlantic City would do him good an d
that it would help cure that tlr tired l feel ¬ I
ing that my spring springc1eanln cleaning seems to
give him The first spring we were ere
married he h didnt toke the hint but
that one on expedience exp le1ce made madehlni him a wiser
if a sadder saddCrman man and now he chafes to to
be lJ i out outoC of the house hou se from themomc1t the moment
he sees scestheplctures tfie pictures being taken down
I dont knov lmo > w where here h hrehe rehe he goes gocsbut but almost JI 1ost I
anywhere nnYWherewo would ldbe be Letter than home tome I
Refuse to See Callers
U lpolnt I point blank bla 9k refuse rdusem myself sclf to t si nil ll
csllcrs In fact fa ct I dont dontcyengive even give them th m
a chance to feel snubbed for I bar the
front door and nobody but the trades ¬
men who whd whdcome come around to the kitchen kltch h
can get in Of course I hire n a man to
help the maid and myself msc If Ifmoc move the
heavy furniture to hang pictur picturis es s lay
carpets and s such hhingS Things Then TMn 1 send sen d
all my carpets and nd rugs to the clean ¬
ers and all my curtains to a Bprofes profes ¬
sional son lcurtaln curtain cleaner leLl1er Vhen carpets
can be cleaned for 3 i cents a yard rd and
curtains for or Si 1 a pair It is a mortal
sin to risk riskour your health and andour your prop ¬
erty tr trying tc tado t do them yourself I hire
a professional JwIndew window washer for my m
windows wln < 10w5 and turn the greater gT a er part of Q1
the house over oy er to carpenters carp en te rs plumbers Plum be ts
painters plntersand and paperhangers I Idqnt dont dSnt film blr 1
one ne man for twenty twentydas days I hir hire e twenty
men if necessary necessaryfor for one on day It is
no nomoro more expensive and ten tC I ItImes times moro
Bring B ngHimBack Him Back to a S Swell ell Dinner
The moment the house itself is in
repair T palrhnd and perfectly clean I begin begtnpoIlh polish ¬ 1
ing and repairing the furniture When
that is quite finished my curtains and
carpets carp ts are ready to be brought in the th
picture frames have been regilded and
returned and the window boxes have hav
been bccnpaint painted put in place filled and
planted N Next t the beds are made madeup up
the silver is shined shinednnd and the winter w me
clothing clothin s packed pack daway away in camphor in
my nice n nIc fc clean attic
After H that my dear I order the nicest n Icest
dinner Innerof of thesclson the season send for some
icwers 1 cwerB to put around the house arid on
the dining I ta table ble go down town and have
hTur a Turkish klsh bath ba th thcome come home and put on
my m prettiest prettip st frock and longdistance
John that I expect him home to dinner
That dinner dinner Is the the very Cf nicest of the
w whole hole year and our honeymoon hone moon begins
all IDlov over r again after each spring clean ¬
Tfye Hea Headac dac he Ha bit
Half Hal Halfthe the people In Washington said
the postgraduate medical student
have the Sunday Sundaymornlnglteadache morning headache
habit habit A good many manyof of them belong longto to
the perfectly respectable element eler mt 6J 6 the
community too tooThey They dont stay btayout out
late on Saturday night neither do they
indulge in iulge < In a Quiet little spree in the
pr privacy ivacy of their own rooms rooms They Thcysfm sim ¬
ply pl have the headache habit hablt1fostpeo 7 Most Iost pee ¬
pIe who have It attribute their Sabbati ¬
cal indisposition to late rising and thfc th
consequent postponement of their morn
Ing cup of coffee beyond the usual hour
In some 50rn cases that may be the cause
but as a rule the headache is a habit
It is a habit that is very easily con ¬ 1
tracted tr acted One Sunday sun a y the victim really r i
does get up with an accidental head head1
ache The T he following fOIIO W InS S Saturday atur aYnlght night
when he goes to bed he wonders if he I Iwhen
will have It next day The result of
thinking so much about it Is another m othcr
headache If he has it on the third I Iheadache
i and fourth morning the habit is well weIles es ¬
i tablished and tn l lunlessthe unless unlessthe the sufferer makes
I Ipretty pretty strong drafts on his will power I
he Is likely to be in for Sunday head headI ¬
I aches for the rest of his life I
1 Lrn n m nD of 500 each to be given o
N NnD llE S
0 U Un Uo o
U U i rn the theSchoo School chool Children of America
School Sch ol Childrens Competitive Advertis Adv rti rtis s ing ingContest Con Contesi test No 5112 51 12 I
i k cvur
f fo o
cit c ar J < I
I j cz L
f k 1 1 k
7 4Qir 4Qirt j t z d72 i4c
If tfL
r I f
I This sketch sk tch was as ma mafie e by b Gaines
I X LIpscomb i aged twelve 0 seventh
grade Denison Ienfson r School Washington
D n
We give gi e a a cash prize of > 300 00 for
any drawing of this character which v
we accept and use All school chil ¬
dren can compete Full Instructions p
will be found on inside Insldeot of each pack j I Iw111
age of EggQSee telling what to do
to get the priez and how to make mal e
the drawings
To make Eg ErYgO EgOSee gO OSee See the thehlg1tcstgrade highest grade I I
of cereal food foo food fooIn tocinthe d In inthe the world the kernels I
of the choicest white wheat are first
cleansed cJc nsed by bybrushes brushes then thoroughly
stoamcooked then flaked and crisped
to toa a maple tint tintanddeUcately and delicately sweeten ¬
ed with natural fruit juice and pure I i iJ
grain grainsuJar Stifrar J
In these delicious deJcio s flakes lies the themlrhtJ mighty
ptrengthghing power of the whole
wheat heat grain that evenly nourishes nourishcsc ev ¬ 3
cry part of the body and gives physical I
and mental energy 4 energfthat nergy 1 that means splendid
health and d dg dsilendeavor successful silendeavor endeavor J
Sold by grocers g at fJ
If your youxgrocer grocer does not keep it send sen d dus us his name and 10
cents and we will send you a package prepaid
Address 4dd ess all communications to to EggQSee Quincy Ill
r F
A Little Danc in g gFroc Froc k
A AlittIet13ncing little dancing dress of o shadow silk
pink blossoms with trailing traiIln pale green
stems s iems upon a skyblue background is
made up quite simply with a fcebc waist lst
The skirt is quite full and has no orna ¬
mentation beyond the plain hem and a
few hip darts covered by fine tucks
Even the pointed girdle is < covered oeredw1th with
the th same samoshadowsilkaml shadow silk am aM i not treated
with w ith piping buckle or anhdornment any anytadornm tadornm adornment nt
The corsage is cut out around the
throat thr at and on flounceo flounce 0t German q rman Valen ¬
ciennes Is turned back from the dec
oletage oletageall all around
A Anccidace necklace of white coral coralflushe flushed with
tender ttn er rose Is worn around the thr throat at
There is no sign of silk ribbon or velvet
In the piece or in ribbons of any un of the
usut usut t M forms of decoration decC raUOn ation ii about bput this
I gown It Is simply what hi It Itappearsa appears appearsa a
Itttle 1fttledanclngfrockot dancing frock of shadow silk
I We Have Done D one a Wonderful Wonde dU1 Business B uSinessih in Silks ilks This Season
Because We WeveOffered ve veOfeed Offered Values Like This
1 100 I Qo Polka Dot Dot Jacquard Ja quatd
Peau de Sole SO e 590 5Q V
Navy blue grounds ground5witb with neat jacquard figures and an d polka
dots dots23i 23 inches wide
This is an ideal summer Silk imported r by New Yorks Y rks l leading ing
V silk ii n importer iiii ywi i ivj The i IUA i Iie w wiivt offer is 10 tempting LUlli puil i g CliUU enoughto enough gllylU t 1 1to to warrant Witildlll the UiC t use USC Ul ot > the U1C °
largest largestadjectives adjectives Undoubtedly it is the best silk news of o t the season
We vVehave V ¼ e have dressed one of our ur large s sHow windows with them We think
you youll 7 71l 1l agree with us the showing is isa a creditable one
J 21c Ic o
For Silk Remnants Remnan th thof of ofWhlte White
Habutai Habu tai Colored Taffeta Col ¬ j jHabu
ored Satins Coore Colored Jap Silks
Figured Foulards
Lengths 2 to to 7 yards
I I I IValues Values J
I 49c 49cto59c to 59c 59 1
V oyc FT
For Silk Remnants of Fancy
Taitetas Louisines Fancy Fa y
Stripe Silks SHksPongee Pongee Black Blad
Taffeta Waterproof Habutai
Figured Foulards etc
Lengths Lengths3 3J 3 fc to 7 71h 71 yards
r rVal TValues Values Val ues 9
J J69c 1 169cto89c 69c 69cto89c to89 to 89c
O Ox x
< cc i i
Petticoats at
Of excellent excellentQua1t quality Madras in dainty lInty
stripes of light blue pink green arid an d
brown brownFullui Full uiiibrella ibre iIa style finished
with deep double flounce edged with
small ru ruffle tIt e Gored at the top on a
French Frenchote yoke with withdraw draw string Length
4043 Worth 100 iO
Wtapper3at Wrapper3 rs at
I 69c
Made lrad of splendid quality percale In
navy blue red gray also black and
white in stripes and figures Full
front with yoke fancy capes over
shoulder neatly trimmed with wash
br braid ld new ncvisleeye sleeve turnover collar 4
excellent width skirt finished with
full d deep ep flounce Sizes 314L Worth
39c 39
I F For r Al Allsilk sUk Figured Pongee in
polka dots andscroUdeslgns and scroll designs
grounds of naV naVy r seda brown
r I castor th myrtle Yrtle b blac lac k and W white hite
Makes up Into handsome
dresses for or street or evening
wear wear
I 59c Value Yard Yard 1 I
T 49c
c For Remnants or Novelty
Silks in checks plain and f fancy nc3
Some dress lengths
t I ValUes
1 1 t to 1 150 50 1
weshowman We show many i
new styles 1n I
this latest mod
cl of the fa
mous 3nousRO n no o G
make T They h C 9
give thedeStred the desired
Tapering shape t i
liness to the
walstd waist demanded manded
b by the spring
Prices I t
1 to to3 3
rH 1 fr r
All B G Corsets whatever the
price are guaranteed to give satls
faction in every deail
Remnants of SOc and and75c 75c 25c 25
Colored Dress Goods yard
j About 300 Remnants RemnantsDress Dress Goods comprising such fabrics as
Voiles Panama Nuns Veilin g Batiste Plaids Checks Albatross etc
All good lengths and desirable colors all of them themsome some cream in the
lot Theres There 7 7s s not a yard in this remnant collection collectionthat that sold from froI1tthe the
piece for less than 50c Sacsome some as high as as 75a 5c The entire lot to be
sacrificed at per yard yard25c 25c
LightWeight Underwear
Womens Ribbed Combination
Suits high neck ne k with long or
short sleeves ankle or knee
length spring weight p fc j
row 68c value l Tomor ¬ 5 OC
Bleached Cotton
BLEACHED COTTON COTlONregular regular 8C
price lOc o For one day
Bleached Sheets
SHEETS the largest and best
Sheet on the market fr
regular price 80 cents 70 70C 1 5 C
For one day each V
Unbleached Sheets
lar price 55 cents For one 4 49c A 9c
day da r each
Another AnotherChat1ce Chance to Get
Novelty Braids and
Persian Bands
Worth 15c 1 5c to 39c for
6c c
They are the new and
choice patterns for f o r
The colors c lorsaroreseda are reseda hello hellocardlnal cardinal
turquoise rose pink old blue cham ¬
pagne pagnewhlte pagne white cream and black An
immense assortment of combination
colors and Persian Bands combined
with gilt Not a yard ard worth less than
15c and from that up to 39c All to go
at at6c Gc a yard ard
Cotton Dress Fabrics
25c Plain and FigiiredifGrepede Figured Crepede de Chine 1 1 g j r
25c Pla Plain Eolienne E enne L t 5 C cy y V fl d d25c
29c Plain Chiffon Voile oIJe at 9
These are 28 inches wide of fine Mercerized yarn
20e Linen Suiting 15c
Brown Linen Suitin g every thread pure linen for waists aists and andsu suits ts
lOc Batiste Lawn 5c
In light and dark colors 28 inches wide
Peter Grogati Credit for All Was hington
Mattings Qo = = Carts 9 Carriages Ca rriages
We l lti ti Veare ye are complete furnishers from kitchen to parlor pa t1o and we
are rea ready dy to supply your needs at lowest cash prices and on eas easy y
weekly or monthly payments Parlor Suites at all prices from
1250 to 3150 150 Extraordinary vaK val J <
ues uestt at prices ranging from 35 to y C
65 Oak O k Bedroom Suites Su S ites1350 ites 1350 35O
cash 15 5 on credit Other suites at
all prices up to 150 A handsome ha idsome
line of odd Dressers and Chiffoniers
1 at unusually low 10wprices prices AVe iVe handle h an dIe
1 the best b est grades of Chine Chinese se and Japa J apa ¬
nese Mattings Mattin gs and we W tack them
down free of cost GoCarts and
BabyCarriages Baby Carriages in the newest and
handsomest patterns at all llprices prices
We Ve allow a discount of 10 per cent c nt
for cas cash h with order or O if bill is paid in full within viithi 13Q 30 da days ys 7 7 per
cent discount if paid in 60 days and nd 5 per cent if ifpaidVithin paid within 90
517819821823 A A7ihSt 7th 7ihSt St Bet H Hand and I I Sts
Every woman has a beautiful bea1i ltI11 figure tlg re U Ushe she says saysH saysbatmost H but batmost mostcf
them distort and disfigure disflgureltt ittiirnugh It ir1ugh Ignorance IgnoranceotbowtbeJr of bow their Cors orsPts ets
Should sbq i1d be adjusted
At the behest of thousands of o f women of this city
she will be b at t the
Masonic Temple TetnpleBuilding Building
Cor 9th and F E Streets Northwest
April pri1 13 14 4 and 15
Morning Afternoon and Evening EveniI1gand and will preside presideatthe a t fthe the
Her famous Corset Demonstration Demons tr tlont on > n living models odels will be
held EVERY EVENING EVN1NOat at 8 p m
nl fliss flisWbite White it has b8Sselecfuiforh selectel selecfuiforh for her r demonstrations demon5trati nsthe the b
c > b8SC C selecfuiforhB B
Which as an authority authorityon on the tbesubject subject she pronounces as meeting me ting
every requirement of the human figure from the standpoint of
Health of tCotnfortan o f Com Comfort f fort ort and an d d do of o f Style Styl
Jlorning session opens each day at atlQocIock 10 oclock Afternoon
session opens each day at 130 I 30 oclock Evening session opens
each day d y at at8 8 oclock
Keeps the Teeth eeth Pearly WMto
Price 25 2Sc c
ATCTSTSOSTS 11th and G Sts Stslf IT W
I Goodsize Go OdSIZ eroomsb rooms roomsbest best est fa a ¬
I duties modern methods methods
I IGo Prices range from 5250 250 I
vited per mo up Inspection in ¬
Wasbin Was Washington hington ton Safe Deposit Co 1
916 916Pa Pa Ave Ave918 918
The Right Right50rt Sort of
Piano 1
5xJ You can depend on any an r
c cta ta piano we sell you ou to be b
cj right
1 A number of otused used
I It t Pianos going at genuine
Bargain prices now
S oJa220 FJzQr 5 5s s
r t f o oI I cLTEETH iV I T E E TH
I j ap p r Modern Dentistry
By s killed operators ope tora In each enchdeplrtmcntls department is s
what we offer you ou at almost halt you oupa pay
in private DENTAL OFFICES Call uat at our
Dental Parlors so that we may explain u our
improved Impro tl methods and PAINLESS OPERA ¬
TIONS Teeth Extracted Absolutely With ¬
out ou f Pain with or without gas 50 cents
Office hours 830 nm to C pm Sundays
from 10 to to 2 2Femllle Female attendants
NE NECor Cor 7th and nndE E Sta StsNW NW TV over Atlantlo
and Pacific Tea Cos Store
e It C e c to 0 0 e
A 35g large i ige ge BROOMS BROOMS20L 4tIe y E Er Broom r 20c 20ci 20L J i
this week regularly
sells for 35c at TEl
Hudsons t Variety VarieiyStore Store
416 Seventh St
t I t e t 0 + C Q 0 c
Bond Typewriter Paper
Letter l LetterandLegalSize ttsrandLegal and Legal Size
R P Andrews Papal Paperco Go
627829 27 9 La JaAvs Ave 628639 D S St
TgwRSl5T5MfaTMTl1r TKlARSE5T5MfOT rJflllfrtIC r L
cl p
When Wh n Teeth Are re Ordered
Set of O f Teeth S 00
Gold oldCrowns Crowns K 5 a
BrldgeworkJ Bridgework
Until UntllAprIl15th April 15th 10 per cent discount o oa
all work contracted contractedior for Terms to tosult suit
Now is is the t time ne you o can have your our
work finished at your yeu our own o convenience
i Pattons Union Dental Parlors
910 S Street Streetlf ZT W
Beef B e ef WIno wIn 0 and a n d Iron pts pI 25c 2 5 C
A good spring tonic Regular 1 1A
price prlc roc Oc
ODonnells Drug DrugStores Stores
904 F st st3d 3d st stcand and Pa Pa a ave av se s
32dand 32d and M
In the th e South SOu th dealing dea Ilng In China c blD anS an I
I Glassware Kitchen Kitch Utensils eta
XZTL mLowest Lowest i Oweat prices for the best goods
S Prevents Rough ¬
ness of Skin 25c
1 All Dru Drug Storas

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