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Quite a novelty is offered int In this llissmart smart matinee which follows the collar
le less St XhiO2L hi11 There is a yoke overthe over the shoulders with charmiIlglycutout charmingly cut out I
f lin lii 1lt 1lte e cutoff cut off points co corning lng either sIde of the center front l1d backand back and
Qil on either side ottl1e of the shoulder eamTo am To thIs yoke oke is shirred a a d deep epc collar lIar of
the silkcdged silk edged with a deep square meshed filet lace the jacket portion being
applied in the same seam The SIeeve sleeve is tbeloose th loose p pagoda agodastleand style 1 and the whole
iarment garment i3cdged is edged with tbedeep the deep lace whipped on by hand and ot fashionable
fullness fullness t
Cann Ca CanedQoods N M d Goods Maybe May be Used But ButWithDiscretion With Discretion
J Ir o penus M nusShould nus Should be Planned a
Day in Advance
l 1
T ts i Itffe 1ii weather e tner grows g gows ows warmer w rmeJ and c
many extr extrtasl extra tasks tasl devolve devo v upon uponhouse house
keeper k eper and an 11iai maid it Is well to have at j
ones finger tips lps one or two twomeals meals Whl which h i
are are quickly prepared and at the same
time are e as hearty as those customarily
served se rVed Where coal Is the th fuel used
such suc hdls dishes hes may be selected as need ne lit J
tie preparation Plep ratIon but a long cooking cookingoyer over
a a l lsIowlre slow sIowlre fire then th n with the initial prep f
aratlon attended ttended d to they the may be left
to tOSimm simmer erunttl until the point tOfP of perfection erfecuon
Is reached With Witha a t gas stove dishes l
Whlc which are more quickly qu ekh cooked must be beC C
planned for on account of the cost of 1
fuel fu fuelS Ialthough S although much may be done at l
very little coat by the use of ofasimmer ofa a simmer
Ins ipk burner burn er which gir gIves es a aheat heat at t a
m mthItnum ththllum fehijum of cjtCQst cost The improvements
i fpoK steam i cookers c Gkers kers In the th last few
yars i arhavJ have resulted Ig in their widespread 1 <
uee and anl1theyhaYeproved an they liaye proved themselves a i j
boon b k n to to many ma ny harassed haraSSedhousewiyes housewives
Where Yhere Lq1ic a qulcltiy li lirepared prepared meal mea1lsnec is nee j
essary canned foods are particularly J
valuable a uabl yet tneyshould the Bhould be bet used sed with wi h
discretion When athree llJo 1hree or orfourcourse r fourcourse
ineal Is desired canned eannedsQuppfa o nned soup pf f a good
make malt niakeprovides provides the Initial course cOlIrt e and at
Umes It it itmayal may mayal also cbe be necessary necessary to have
the be ne vegetable of f the Civnned mnet1 variety yar icty
with a a plentiful supply of green vege ¬
tables tablesthls this need is not EO so o apparent but
where necessary It is well to offset otrsetthe the
meal m alby by a green salad
It is to be presupposed that the house ¬
keeper ke per who has thought for the comfort
of h hr r household how > chold plans her menus menus as
well as work in advance of the day and
that when extra duties will occupy her 1
maids time to an unwonted extent exten she <
will flllhave have such dishes ish S cooked on the pre
viQus VIQUS viQJ day as WIll give her herlraterJal material for
at least Jcasta a n portion of her hurried d day y
dInner For Forinstancet instance It IK an n easy mat I <
tOg to tohaYe have more reUtaJ thai th < usualqUan usual quan J
tity tltYOf of potatoes Potatt es boiled thus thusglvlng giving a
dishful 1ijs ful which may be quickly reheated ai i I
of sufficient meat may be prepared to i 1
use as a the th e foundation t fcr f a shepherds shePher ds 1
pie JJIeot or a savory mince For or our two I
meals today however we draw on the I
cooked supplies to nogreat no greater r extent extentI i I
than one dish of cold old boiled potatoes
Aside 4 ide from this fresh ingredients ingr < dientsare are
Heeded need d and in neither case should it take
much more than forty minutes to pre ¬
pare the entire mdal m meala alasklJed a skilled cook could J
undoubtedly do It in less time i
Cream Cream of tomato soup sou p 1
r Loin 6in chops potatoes In jackets jackets c
Canned corn 1
Lettuce L ttuceand and cucumber salad
Junket with cream 1
Coffee J
1 I
Of Off f Oxtall soup canned
Ham Htznburg inburS lbursr steak Tomato sauce j
JJashgd a FI1i Sh d brown potatoes Beets Be ts 1
7 I42 t E Lettuce salad
r Sweet omelet
1 o ot t The First First Dinner
OPf Open Opithe lihe h can of com coroasearb as early in the
day ay as asprlctcab1e practicable and turn Its contents
Into a saucepan thus giving the corn 1
an a n nopportunity opportunity to air and lose the close
or tinny taste so frequently associ ¬
ated at d with canned goods Also open and j
turn out a can of condensed tomato J
scup Wipe and trim the th loin chops
Select small potatoes wash asli and scrub
thoroughly thor ug1ly For the junket allow a
quart of milk milkfourtablespoonfuls four tablespoonfuls of
sugar sugar a teaspoonful of o any ny preferred
flavoring and one junket tablet bet for or five
perslnsPl1t persons Put the sugar and a few y spoon ¬
fuls of the milk into a saucepan heat
A follower lollowerof of Grip
Many M it itI1 I1 persons find themselves themGelv s affected aft ct d
with wlthn a persistent pCI8ist ntcou cough h after an nnattnck attack
of o the thegrtp grip As this cough coughcap can cap be
promptly cured by the use of Chamber
Iains fains Cough Remedy it should not be
allowed to run ru on until It becomes
troublesome For sale by all tlrusrsists ruggis
quickly q and stir until the th sugar 3ugari5dis Is dis ¬ I
solved s add the remainder of the milk
and a nd heat until the milk is isbloodVarm bloo bloodwarm dwarm
no n o more Take from the fire add the
flavoring then the junket tablet which
has been crushed and dissolved dissolved In a
tablespoonful of cold water Stir and
a > 9 once n c e pour Pou r into theserv the serving ing dish dIShL Let et
stand in the kitchen or other warm
place until it sets setsabout about ten minutes
then th n remove to pantry or refrigerator
to chill This simple aessert Is s to be
served with cream
Potatoes and Canned Corn
Make ake a white sauce with five cupfuls
of milk three tablespoonfuls each of
butter and flour one teaspoonful ul of salt I Ibutter
and a dash of cayenne When smoothly
thickened thlcknedput put one cupful of the sauce
with the can c n of corn and nd set at tthc the
side of the fire to slowly sowlycook cook Put
the potatoes on In boiling salted water
Heat separately onehalf of a cupful of o
the tomato soup Pull the head of I let t ¬
tuce s apart wash and let stand In cold 1
water In the same pot drop two or
more pared whole cucumbers When I
the potatoes are half done start the cof ¬
fee Arrange Arrmgethe the chops in a broiler and
cook them seasoning with salt and pep ¬
per when half halrqone done and turning fre ¬
quently Season the corn Dry the let ¬
tuce on a cloth Arrange on a dish
slice the cucumbers and spread them 1
over it Two minutes before serving
take cream and tomatoes from the fire I I
and let stand that the first heat may ma be I I
slightly dissipated then mix carefully
Do not return to ihe 1h fife or the soup
will curdle Small crackers may be
passed with with It
The Second Dinner
Open the th can of soup and turn Its con ¬
tents Into a a1UCCfan saucepan if of the con
denspd variety VarI ty add tjie proper properquantfty quantity
of water waterandput and put at the side sid of o the fire
twenty tt ttenty enty minutes of slow simmer simmering ing will
greatly grrotlylI1IVrovc Improve it For the sauce whic which h
goes with the themE meat 1t the canned tomato
poup mentioned In the lirst meal will
answer perfectly if there is not time to
make one from the stewed tomatoes
add onefourth its bulk of water and let
simmer for ten minutes The beets beetslf lf
fres fresh h have been put on earlier in the
day ay If canned they have been been opened
some hours ago drained drnlnedandcovered and covered
with cold water now they only need to
be reheated In a little Uttlesea30ned seasoned butter
For the the Information of those who have
never used l sed canned beets we would sug ug ¬
gest that IS 1 purchasing purchasi g strawberry
heets shoui d be called for these are
very small and an tender Pull the head of
lettuce l apart wash and let stand in
cold water to crisp Chop the cold pota ¬
toes rather fine fti Iftorevery for every two add to
them when chopped hoppeda a ta tablespoonful of
good cream season S ason well with salt and
pepper p pper Melt a apoonful spoonful of butter in a
frying pan and when hot turn In the
potatoes putting them in an even layer
Do D not stir through but from time to t
time tiin turn the pan parrounclthat round roundthat that they may rom
brown evenly on the bottom yet et not
burn Twenty minutes of slow heat
will make them golden brown br v71 They The
nre to be becar carefully fully rolled before turning
on a hot dish
To Prepare Hamburg Steak
A hamburg steak is scornfully refused
by many because he < a1sc it ttls Is bad badly prepared
In the th flrstlace It is a lways most mostBa mostsatis satis Ba B ¬
factory f ctory to buy a freshly cut slice aUcefrom from
the round and put it through the home
food foodchoppC chopper r the chopper In Int the leatore store
I n Ln AIR
Promotes j toe growth owth ot the hair and
I gives g 1 ves It 1 itthlustip t the th lustre l us tl and a andsilkincs D dSllkiD silklness 05 of otrou youth th tho o
When the hair is gray or < f laaed it
It prevents Dandruff and hair hn1r1nlllng failing
and keeps the tbe6Cnlpclennand scalp clean and healthy
is s not as frequently or as thoroughly
cleansed c leansedas as asJt it should be and often gives
a taint to the meat which is is irremedi ¬
able For each pound add after chop cl op
pin ping pingone t one tti t toonfui rMjonful onfu of onion juice a
half teaspoontuloJtlt teaspoonf teaspoonfiii ul o ui salt tlt and a quarter
of ofa o f a teapoonful of pepper Work Vorkthor thor ¬
oughly oughhwlth o with the hands then mold into
an a n oval steak steak fully an inch an and d a hfilC hale
thick thIck t Arrange in p a greased broiler anc a anci cl l
place p lace over a arnther rather moderate fire Turn
every e half minute and andcoolcfor cook for from froII1
eight e ight to ten minutes It Itsl10uld should be >
slightly s rare rare tender juicy and well
flavored When dished pour the sauce anct
round r it
A Sweet Omelet
A Asweet Asweet sweet omelet Is very quic quickly kly pre pr ¬
pared p ared and at this season senson of the th year
should s bean be an inexpensive dessert t Sep ¬
arate aratewhite a rate white and yolks allowing allowingone one egg egg
for f or each person Have ready some Jell jelly
marmalade marmnladcorsoft or soft preserve dr drained aIned
comparatively c free of syrup Whip Vl tfp the the
whites to a stiff froth to the yolks add
a R5c scant nt teaspoonful te SPoonful of powdered sugar SU gar
for f or each egg and beatun beat until un tiJ l thick and
light ight Heat a small t teaspoonful asp onfUI of otbut but ¬
tel er in a a clean frying pan p nPol1r Pour the
yolks y olks over oyer the whitea w l1lt s and mix the two
with v1thas as a little work as possible adding
a few drops of lemon juice or vanilla
Pour into the th pan and draw a little lb to t
one 01lElSlde o ne side where it will rise and br brown 6wn
slowly lSlowlyStalld s Stand in the oven oV n for a am a mo 6 ¬
ment to set the top drop a at a f faw jew wsPOOt1 spoon ¬
fuls f uls of the them marmalade rmatade in the cen c center nt ter r
roll r oll and fold Turn Turnout Turt1outona put on ona a a hot platter platter
sprinkle sl s rinkle with withpolc powdered ered sugar and put
more plore n toro of themaIfDalade the marmalade round it
One Delicious Way Wayof of Cooking a a Young
Roasting Chicken
The first i rstrequislte requis requisite ite for potrorntea pot roasted
chicken is is the proper kettle in which to
roast rO r St it Having a a large lar ge flat t1 tbo bottomed ttome d
plain iron kettle or one lined lIne d dwith with with f
white w hlte enamel which Is ISbetterprocee better proceed <
as astollows follows
Prepafea Prepare a young roasting chicken as as
you would wouldfQ fe f froasting roasting in ntheoven the oven Stuff
it i t if you like ftnot if riot truss It without w ltho t
stuffing Put the roasting pot or kettle
overtbetlre over the fire when it Is lSh hot t put In a
scant half pound poundt of > f salt larding pork
cut In insIices slices Cover the kettle and let I
the pork porkfryuntU fry until the f fat tisfr1edout is fried put
and th the slices are arequitecrIsp quite cr crisp isp being be ing
careful car ful not to let the pork burn When
fried jtp to a proper properdegrce degree remove remo ye the
slices of pork and put lna In a a good go d s size sized ized d
onion cut in th1n811ces thin slices Let et them fry
in the fat a a nice brown then lift them
out with a a fork Having Havingdr 1 drawn wn dressed dressecJ
and trussed the chicksn chiclt n season It with
salt and freshly fres hlgr ground mid pepper dredge dre dge
it i with flour and put it in the ner roasting a ting
pot Keep the cover cover on a removing Tem ylng it
only to turn the chicken so It will
brown nicely Tllcelyon on all Usldmf sides
When Vhe the chicken Is perfectly browned br wned
all nh over the surface pour in in It enough
boiling water wa fer to cover c Wer the bottom bottomoCthe of the
kettle l ttle to ti > the depth of two tW IInches11nd Inches Inc hes and
set it back where the chicken will cook
slowly for an n hou hour i and a half or
longer If the thechlckeJ chicken Is not quite youngl Young
During this time Jhe the water will have
cooked tcok d away If Ifni more rt1 Is required add
It but let it be very verylIttle little When the j
chicken is quite done lift it Itcareful1y carefully
from the kettle place It on onu a hot hotplat plat ¬
tel pour p ur outmost out most of the fat from the
kettle add half a pint of boiling water wat
dissolve two generous ger eroustablespoonfuls tablespoonfuls of I I
flour f In a scant half pint of otwater water
When lVhenthe the water in the kettle comes to
a boll stir stirin in the thedfssolved dissolved flour Let
the thewholc t he whole boil up UI once onc pour It on n the
platter p latter round the chicken and serve serye
iA A Few He fP fpful fU 1 R Hair a ir Dressing D ress in gpoints Points
About the Care of the Hair l
The evening style In hairdressing is
what is sometimes somctlmcsknownas known as the court I Iwhat
style tyle because be a e it is the t bestYle style required
by the court hairdresser The hair is
waved made ma e glossy with an n oil oUwavM waved I
again and scented and then thencoltfed coiffed high
It iSbroade Is broadest st right at the t11 very Cry toPso top so
that a crown can be b set upon it or a
bandeau andeauorsome or some other head orna ¬
There Th rc Isn is a distinct art in doing the
crown style of hairdressing ha and It is not
every woman wo man who loans well in it The
hahis hair is dressed very wide pQd is grad
rally made to widen If that can be un ¬
derstood derstoodunUl until at the very top where
it is Iswidest widest It is dressed in a tiny low I
knot ln tWb which iC is almost hidden In the theu un n I Idulations
dulations of the hair I II
The h low lowstyl style of hair dressing Is for 1
women who need breadth In the lower low r i
part of othe the face It is becoming to thin i
faces and to faces that are a little past
their youth outh It ltis is the style to wear
with the collarless stock and just the th
style to affect if one is going gain to a al c
luncheon luncheon There lherellre are those who wear I
It with lownocked 1own c k ed evening Ytnlngdresses dresses and ant
It must be admitted that hat it is very be ¬ 1 1it
coming The bare neck is not always
beautiful when viewed wcd from the back
Keep the hair halrt clean ean and glossy glo sy
Keep Ke p it itsHghtJlperfumed slightly s1ight1 perfumed
Keep it undulated undula ted if undulations undula ttons are ar
becoming bec rnlng to you
Keep Keeitalway it alwaya well dressed A care
loss snood is better In poetry than in L
reality find a a little knot tossed high on
top of the head may do for Phyllis in
the daisy dais field but it will not do for
Aramantha in the flrawisgroom
Face lib Raw Beef Thought She
Would Lose Her Ear Healed
Without a Blemish
My Mylitt1e little gir girl l l ha d eczema very ba d
when she WAS ten months old I
thought she would lose her r ight ear
It ha d turned black blnckand and her face was
like a piece of raw meat and very verysore sore
It would bleed bleedwhen when I washed her he and
I ha d to kee keen p cloths on on it day and
night There was not a clear s pot on
her face when I began using usingCuticura Cuticura
Soap and Ointment and andnow now it is com ¬
pletely healed without sea scar or blem
ish which is is more than I ha d ho ped
for signed Mrs Rose Ether 291
Eckfor Ec dor for d St Brooldvn Brooklyn N Y
TheaNectar I
Makes 1T 1ktS the best b e tlcedl Iced Tea ea 60c ft ftr r IK Ib
you YPU ever tasted i iuu uu
Gr Crat at Atlantic and Pacific Tea 03 G
Oafn Starts Cot 7ti ti aal i g
+ I I
1 L
i iJ J I
tr trD D
The b bc c above is Json60 one of lhcx the exaggerated aggeIated1vl Mnihery nery models l1 dels which Whicllzcme none but a
pre Pr pretty tty t ty t tc face c can ca p wear We rVi with witheven 1th even ev e cn 1 ihe the h e smallest sm alle stiiegreeOfbe t t degree of beconiingriess Conl1ng ri ss The hat h t
is coral pink plnkchlpand chip and the U elhtdedplumegae s shaded rikded plumes are In Ins sa sainetone m ne to tone he
1 sep 3P7P1ft RLXTe BODICE E3ODICi
For a aBridesTrousseallTliis Brides Trousseau This Isa Is a L
A A white separate waist Is necessary r
to the trousseau If this waist Is h
white it tcan can be worn with any skirt skin t
and will look fresh and pretty as long
as it Is kept clean and whole
Here Is a white whitesHkwaistlrImmed silk waist trimmed tnlmme I
With vilthhcavylace heavy lace embroidery The 1Ieyo yoke e t
is of plain silk ailkworked wor worked ked with eyelets
The collar coUaris is made of the lace acewhn while whili i
the yoke Is isol1tl1Iiedwfth outlined with the same same The Th t
Sleeves slc S are re out utof of the or ordInary dinary in that tha t L
a nstr1JOf strip of Valenciennes V lIen C ien n 15 lace 1a Ce insertion in Ser uon l
begins just in front of the top of the th 1 1beginJ
shoulder shoulderandextends and extends down the front t t
of the sleeves to t the e deep cuff The Th
waist is su suItable itable for matinee or any an r
occasion Which which requires something a I I
little better etter than thanth the shirt shirtwaIst waist
The hat llat worn with this waist Is Is of a f
shape ha pe with a a high band baAdornarnented ornamented
white Neapolitan straw mushroom
with Wi tIlU tiny n pink P ink rosebuds ros CbU dS The Theto top P of Oft the th he >
hat is trimmed simply w ith a broad b a bow bo
of white taffeta ribbon Such a hat hatwlll will wil i
answer for church
The bride who finds dead ead white unbe
coming to her will be wise to choose S
her wedding finery in a cream cream white
Hat braids and hat trimmings may be b
foundj found i to match
If the th girl who wears wears the separate
white bodice diccs Is is inclined to be short
waSsted let her he always wear with h her i
bodice bodicew as white belt never a gIrdl hdlfe t
matching matcbln matchingthe the color of the s skIrt kirt
Not No Dea d
Two TW 0 pe perfectly rfe cUY dressed refinedlookin 1 Mne d 100 king
girls were talking in Inthc the station
x Will you come around to see me to to ¬
morlowafternoon morrow afternoon said one
Sorry said the other but I Ibn can an ¬
not Mother is to togIye give something for fo
Cousin c O1sln Ada A da tomorrow tom tomorrowa orrown a reception r CC Pti onjlg jig ¬
ger with a tea effect attached to one on t
end of It you know and Im part of it
And It Is said that slang is dying out
Tty T e > Theater r Hat flalpn and an d After I
Now that the battle bat tI of the theater hat
has been fought and won it is the themQ mp
meat to tolop look around armndandcount and count the ad d ¬
vantages viu tagesof of victory vIct iyGQlnto GQ into any any ther tbe the
ater says a Paris > LlIIsct correspondent irr ponentand and
you Y U will wllibe be struck with the Improve ¬
mont in the appearance of th the audi ¬
torium tcri mln In place of monstrous creations
QC1ac of lace and aiHleatherbalanced eathei balanced upon the th
femlnine feminine head are diminutive caps nes ¬
tling tllngamong among the hetresses tresses or mere bows
ol ribbon rJb1 > on harmonizing w wfththecolor ith the color of I
the hair Ornaments and costly Jewels
gleam and hnlsparkl sparkle above fair ialr brows
anti and the fashion fashlonhasrt has a brilliance and pic I
turesqueness that belonged never to the the
laIdtime oldtime massive style styl 6 of f hat It is
hardly td be expected that all the I
I irbdlstes should appreciate the change
w many do not But the coiffeurs are de I It
lighted It has meant the revival of old
and elaborate forms of dressing the I
hair The jewelers likewise derive
benefit benefitfrom from a mode which lends itself
to pearls and diamonds I
Matc lied Details Pela ilS j I
The Tl1 matching JaiIhas fad has been extended exten ed
to gloves The latest 1at stgove glove Is lined at a
the top with wlthcolored colored kid in all shades
This ThlftgaunH gauntlet is supposed suppo d to be turned
back ack over over the Wrist wrist
Veils match as a matter n1a terof of course urse it
takes a a very pretty WOIna1 woman to look well
under a mauve or a I green gr n gauze but
veils must must match matc4hiltsA hats A few feW white
lace Veils vellsaro are i seen en and an many ma nY l lace ce
edged oigednet net and gauze veils
About the only nly part of the he costume c stume
that does not have hay to match is the
shoes Clored kid Is not yet yetiashlQnablc fashionable
although a lhO ug ht the hec colored O lor e dS1Ja spat tlS is an old story st 0 I
The new newmodels models in shoes are rather
oddand odd and women with extra b hIh h In
steps will wUlfind find some difficulty irr in being
suited The vamps of the th new n w shoes i
seem seem to be extraordinarily long Exten ¬
sion soles are seen on n many walking
shoes and an 1 the swin swing gsole sole which came earne
In a year year ago is on hand again very
much muchexagger exaggerated ted Some of the t4espring spring i
shoes sho s make makeone one look actually nctualljpigeon pigeon
toed Pumps J umpsinpatent in patent leather and Rus ¬
sian calf will be much worn
The Decisive Jest of M Merit rit
Ceylon an and d India Tea l a is incomparable in this par
iicular This claim is iseasiy easily easilyproven proven
Lead packets on on1y oniynever jy never neveI in bulk Trial Th ± I1 packets x zoc 6c c
Peter Pet r Grogaru Credit Crediff Grediffor for rAll All Was hington
Furniture F 11 rnitu reMatti Mattings ngs
plrrtew Our Qurnew new stock stQckOf of Refrigerators includes inc1udeever ever every y known knQwnsize size
and thevare their are bu ilt of f the very best tsf kiln kilildrie dried J lumber 4 Ho Housekeep k p ¬
ers erssaythat say that the th interiorcompartments interior inter ior compartments are JrearraI1ged arran arnwged ged In ina111r a rnost m c1 t con on
venien venient manner mann r and nd thatth that they yaregreat are great ice savers A cdmplete nplet
circuJBtlpu circIllatlonof of cold old oldj j dry air is main yw
tamed tain edatril1thneswhich at it all i11 times which keeps k e sthe the >
contents < ontentsfreshalld fresh and sweet You are
welcome to a cho hoi hb ice e Of of these tl1es Refrig f
erators an and d l ice Ice e Chests on Qpeasy easy <
weekly Veeklypayments payments pador Parlor Bedroom 4
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yuu and jJuiiu DiriingrQoni gjuum i uiiiiiuiui u ji iv
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I are areas as JQW Imvas IQW as lS the t e lowest cash cashprfces prices F
elsewhere We handle the best 11
grades of Chinese an d Japanese Japane Mat s
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welcome to everything you need on credit but butif if i f < you you prefer to
pay payca cash h hj hwe j we will vil1 allow all w the followin g discounts 10 per percent cent for
T cash with order or if ifaccounf account is is paid in full full Within ithin 30 days 7 7
per percent cent discount if paid within 60 days an and d 5 per per cent if ifp paid l d
within 90 days
SI7S19821S23 81789 7th St St6et Bet H and I Sts
In the Paraso l l 1 Sfop S10
The shops are blooming with wjthgayp gay par l
asols 4 oIsands and sunshades tJnhadespar Far and a away vay the
most attractive attrLctiveamong among the thecoloredsun Colored colored srnir sun
shades is the th English En gUshor or club l1b coaching co hiI1
umbrella lhishas3 Thi has a I long ng stickeI1am stick enam
eled to match matchthe the silk silkOthfrs > Others havenat have nat ¬
ural wood handles The The lo long iig handles llandlesQf of
wood term terminating l lm m itng In a cai C1lly cayv jyed d ir head of
animal or bird bir are very smart smart The col ¬
oring of t1e the heads 11 dsls Is most mostarti artistic lc
The prices of these umbrellas are areby by
no nori1 means anse extravagant traagant and nd almost any
one can canaffor afford l at least one colored sun ¬
thad shade
Pongee umbrellas with embroidered
dots in various variQuSocolorS s colors and ar d deep borders
of taffeta to match the the40tar dot are decidedly
popular These have hay natural n1 ral wood
handles and are no not t unreasonable in
pr price urics ice
Eyeletembroidered Eyelet mbroidered linen umbrellas
and parasols are arealso also in high favor The
colored ones Dneswhich which are a e being shown are
rather more nori > practical UTactic l than those of
white xhirh hlch hkl1 afford no no protection profecUonfrom from
the sun Some SomeQ of the w whiteones white hite ones are are
lined 1ine with wftht thin in green silk llk which helps
their usefulness
Miss Iiss Knox KnoxI I dont like IJkeher her Shes
forever talking about herself
Miss Wise WIseH WIsepointe pointedly pointe pointedlyWell lyVell Well thats
better etter than talking H about lIbout some one one else
Philadelphia Press
I t t c
f r1 t tt F e r J M
I ffd 1fi p 0 i1 There are two classes of remedies those of known qual m
Jl1Ei < f t i ar P 4 ityand ity and Vhich which 010 P Jhlrmanently 1 manently beneficial in iii effect act atmg D
1 1 i1fPrc y > 1 1 l I gently ji ill harmony j with Tiiiit nature uubuiv when 4tJiVJJintinjLt nature needs JUUCUO tK aSSISt > 2jU5lr
ance and another anot cr class composed of preparations of
f fP m unknown nncertiain l1llcert in and inferior character acting tempo ¬
I A A I t w wiaiil 1 rarily iaiil but injuriously inju 10US13 as a result of forcing tho natural
L 1tfr tf1fl z functions unnecessarily One of the mo m mlst it itexceptional t exceptional of
I f11 A f n the tli remedies of known quality and exeelleneeis excellence is is the ever
r rY Y I W lJ i 1 > t < J j pleasant Syrup of figs manufactured nianufactut ed by the California
n f Fig FJ Syrup Co which represent the actiyo acti c liuciplcs of
V i fl 1I l 2 O plant plants known to act most bcn bcneflcialh ficmlly In i plbasant syrup
t 1 4 r f c ijff m winch the llO yholcsome wholesome Cal1form Cahforniau n blue figs Rl e usml uset to con
i r p tJ1 tJ1t tribute their rIcll yet delicate ft flavor
4 t tlfl 3 frUIty n ty It IS the remedy
tt qtk f > l fi fiof of all l cmefues to sweeten and refresh i and cleanse the system
i t 1 Pi Pi ZftF Y r gently and naturally and to assist one in rn overcoming ovci coming consti
V l h fiI t t 17 e f i n ration pa ti on and an d the th e many ills ill s resulting resu resultl 1 tl1g g therefroni t Iere f rom Its It s activo acti a princfc pr1l1Cl
< 4 I pic I It iyy ft 4 pies and an quality are known to > physicians generally geneiall and the
J 3 t r ff4cc r f r fJiN fJiNlcmedy C remedy has therefore met Iet with their tII r approval a as well as with
t J j ifil i jv tie favor Of manY many minions of well wellmfolmel informed persons who know
f g 1 w = Y r F of their own personal knowledge and from actual experience elnerienec I
> riE I r 1 f ft d tIk1f r Y that it is is a t most excellent laxative laxati e remedy We do not claim that j I
Y F FE E i ii 1 J 3 It WIll cure all manner of ofi 115 i Is but recommend It for what It really
if i j jrfz rfz ii 1 tfff tfffrepresents represents 1 a laxative remedy of known quality and excellence
l 1 i rr l wi c ij > Ilitl Ilitlcontaining F4 containing nothing of an objectionable or injurious injurious character 1 I
f F l 4 Jr Jrf l f iff jj There are two classes csses of purchasers those who are informed I j
Fi r i 1iWNri 1iWNril fAif i as to > the quality i t the they buy miy and the reasons for the excellence e < eeUCUCO
F ji I w fftt r t W of articles tides of except merit and who cho do not lack courage to go o
iio 1tm t1tQ t Y 7 j jeIsewtere R 1 eIsewtere i e when i a dealer x i of offers i > ClS an lJUltatJOU jj of an any well 7 known I 1
l 7 f l 4 articlc but but unfortunately there thet c are re some people WlO who d do < nOt know
z fil r ftIJA ftIJAall1 and who allow themselves to be Imposed upon They cannot C exeet leat
tJfi Ji iJllifJii iJllifJiiits its beneficial effects if they do not get the genuine genuine lcmC1y 1
IL Ii e c4r < g To tIle credit of the druggists of the United States be it i said
y e 41 iti tt 1 hltt that hat nearly early all of < them value alue t their eir reputation for lIrofessioual
S 4f 4ft t iteffiity afid a 1d the good mIl of then customers too hIghly to offer
t > t 4 l ti
of oft Q t imitations IDll to tlons of the
I t t 4 tr 1tc 1tcUJ UJ I
t 1i1 w 1Ii l SJ
J At I l ll t GenUlneSVru Gern s neSyrMp of FJi Figs 0 j
4 lp J r
> if it 1 Y i 4 < Pi ft 0
F i t r lJI i f t it manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co and in or der to
l 11ti 4tiJ l rr rrbuy u y i i buy the genuine article an tmd to get its beneficial effects one has
I < 1 i if f i f1 1 o only y to note when Imrchasmg the full name of the Company
fl iii p t 4 f i1i I d R California a Fig Syrup S rup Co o plainly printed on the front of every everyi i I
< y r i jiP jJf i package Price 50c per bottle One size SIze only
7 r
f I
= I = = =
Best u Tomatoes 6c per rcan can
Paragon Sugar Corn Se < par p tier Iean can
MfonocaCyvaI Monocacy Val S Sifted ifted 1 eas ccan c caij
Monocacy M MbnocacyVal n c Tral al Extra Extr afSl Sifted d Peas eaS
3 3n
I 3 for 25c c
Petit Pols lie per can
ff 3 3 rD T 2 > 3X2iSS
7 Stores storetrIncluding Including S4S la Ave s8
We 2 2eare eare are fitting fittil1gmanY many meat meal
market and mu grocery gro rystoreswith stores storO d with
the he best b st Ice Ic Boxes Samples in
Butchers ButchersSupplles Supplies j
New ew Location LOC t1on
911 9U7th 7th 7th8t St a
I Best S 00
Stor Storge ge A M II
Rooms in UP
the tbeC City ty PER
at a a MD
gSttfe 3Saf SMe e Deposit Boxes oxes 250peI 250 per Sear ear ear
Vashington Safe Deposit DeposifCo Co
918 918fennylvani Pennsylvania Aye AV Aya16 916
THflARstsrSllDrAa D
I EXtaifing EXtrai liilg Fres F I A
3 Registered
i 4jWucs Graduates
I Set Ee etofTeeth7 tOf of Teeth Tee th OO
I QoIdCrowns Gold Crowns 5 IQ
I I3ridgework J
I Pattons Union Dental Parlors
I 910 2 r Stroat strcetN troet iT W
I S to 6 6Sundays Sundays 10 to 2
j f Ii IiJt 1 r Jt = rJ j 1 TEET T E 1 r 1 H
qAi A f
1 Pf Modern Dentistry
By skilled operators In each department la i
what whatW8otter we offer you at almost half you pay
in private DENTAI OFFICES Call at our
Dental Parlors so that wa va may explain out o
improved methods and PAINLESS P AIr SS OPERA
TIONS Teeth Te th Extracted Absolutely With ¬
out o t Pain Pan with or without gas gasfiOcNlts 50 0 cents
Office hours 820 8roam am to to 6 pm Sundays
from 10 tit 2 Female attendants
NE E Cor 7th Ithalid and B Sta NW over AttaaUa AtIaZZtI
and Pacific Tea Cos Store
Save the thafoodsave food foodsave save the ice Icevery very mod ¬
erately pr pr pricednone iced cednonfbetter none better at ataIl7 any
Wire Wir
45c 45 100 > square
feet by y the rolt roll
COc jIcl00 100 square sq are
feet if I f roll ig >
J In I fin h R R E P RarQwa e
joiiii u 0 Oii n o S spey speyPa D eY1010P Pa AVe Ave

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