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t I
clearing of the th south s ut h hs sifle s M of Pennsyl pe iuS l ¬ 1
vania vanlaav avenue nue from tho tho Treasury Treds ry to the t Q
Botanical Gardens and the construe construe4 I
tlon t1 11 of Qfncwbuildings new buildings the construction I
of ufan an auditorium and the establishment I
if 8tPotomac Potomac Park His remarks were were I
iiOdly wd11 applauded
dazamiBsIoner 2mlssloner Macfarland MaCf ar land responded it < r to 0 I
ffce toast h hThe The Board of Trade Trader r the
Handmaid lInu nald of the Commissioners Commiss oners He
Teyieveii T yiewe1 the effects of the centennial
celebration elebrationfi five ve year yeats ea J ago asop pointed Intcd out Ou out1 t1
the rapid advance of the District in re r ¬ 1 1the
cent years earu and complimented the spirit
of selfsacrifice S CI rsn crIll ce in th the e citizens S of me the
District He said in part 1 1DIstJict
The people of the District have done 1 j
more m re than their t 1 1rs rs share For seventy sovent
eight years they maintained the Capital CapI l
with practically no he lp from Congress
And now they the raise more taxes than
I IlJncle
Uncle Sam in in his present impoverished
financial fi I1anCal condition co n aUIOn can ca meet 11611 dollar ar for for
do dollar llar In the thecxpendltures expenditures of o the Dis ¬ I Idollar
trict tr1ct i
Wests Hobbyr HobbyrThe The Auditorium
S W Busby spoke in behalf of The
Invited Invi ed Guests and an d Commissioner
W West stfmowed followed with an appeal for aid in
thettudltorium the auditorium project whlchh which he termed
his hobby hdbb He displayed lgplayedoneof one of the
subscription su books bool just printed which
Wilt vIll be distributed tomorrow for
pledges in all parts p part irts < of the city He
was vascathuslastIcfillY enthusiastically cheered cheer d and sat
down assured assir d that h t the enterprise had
received a great impetus
He H sounded Jhekeynoteof the keynote of the theaudi audi
tLrium tLliumC31Ilpaign campaign in demanding that the
bulldintr be constructed by Washing
tenians t niUls witho without tonc one cents outside aid
lie H thought Washington public spirit
should h uld be equal to that of fclt cities s in the
West West which whIGhhae have accomplished as
much 1DUchunalded unaided
Colonel Biddle District Engineer
Commissioner spoke briefly but In a Q
liappy vein yehiUtging urging in n addition to other
plans plansoutllrt outlineel P the improvement of the
Sixteenth s str street treet tiet boulevard and the ob ¬
Uie literation literatE faUo on n no of o f the division n between
Georgeto 3 Georgetown orgeto wn and Washington Was11l ngton
Th The banquet banquet did not break up until
after ift r Samuel Cross had sung Tho
Sword SWDrdo of ofBunker f Bunkar BurI1rir Hili Hill IlU the audience audi n < e
singing the f1e chorus ho
IsHa A Handsome dsoI1l Menu
r The Th menu menuof of the jplanked shad dinner
ivas wa pr pjinted inted oh a al MndsomQ hndsornandunIqqe t dSOI and and1Jnlq4e uniqqe
iojder fo deI o on n the covers coYe rs rsof of which v41 happ appeared red
1 pictures l1ict ir sof of President W V V Cox Secre ¬
tary tao Harries and Treasurer W Y P Van
TVyckie VJc kJe together with a list of all the
committees coID n1tt es on arrangements arrllngemti 1ts
Across r ss the th center cent of lhe the inner pages
marched JD r ed a nproccss procession fonOf of men prominent
in the affair ffalrfach each carr carrying ing in his arms
an immense shad sh d From the first to
the fast the iiictures represented r presente l Ed
mIl H Neumeyer eutneYer c chairman chairman comm ittee
ori arrangements Thomas Thoma H Hforgail FL Morgan
vice vIc chairman chaitn chair than a Ji Walter H H Klopfer
chairman irnUU1 corqraittee on badges S W
Simemetz Sin imetz fihalrmai t icommit committee commit on
athletics n 1lleUcSE4w Edward rd H Droop 1rooDchalrman chairman
committee mmttteeofi on music Francis A See
bring Cuno CUI1oRudolph C no Rudolph c hairman reception rece ptJ l1
committee Edwa Edwar EdwatdT nFT d T Bates Bat s Chairman
committee m n tt e on llJ1 lunch luncht h ht t and lndJ J Whit Her er
ran tQno of the thecomniitt cpmm3itee cornudttee on o arrangements
Souvenirs were distributed in the
shape 1 1 apf of match matchboxes boxes inscribed with
the l date and place of otthe the meeting
Athletic 4th e t < JEvants v veiris ts
p Chris 1rs Arlhs Arlhsorcb orchestra stra played during
dinner rln r and on the boat po b oat at bqthr Qt1rgQin going and
eoiiMng cirnthg Athletic events followed tlm
dinner 41n gr inc Inclu including luding lin < a a crackereating crocker ngcon con
test testt testa es t i a a pie le eatin eatI g qoniest Qht htCst st aaii S 4 4race race
a ab 5 barrel barrel race JlLce rade a Ujreelegggd tlree4eggeibontestand tree4Egddcontes contest and
other cjthersfmllar1 similar feats tscOI1ed colored boys con
ie t ljnjj t ng in Ina In a mariner that won a Harvest h harvest rvest
of ot dir d t3lnies me hes s sand and fivecent v nt pieces ieces
5 J9ed Fi i ed W Moore Moorewon Moo Wo B won the t big ig medal t
znade D dc put t of f3oT sore leather and and prepared r pa1 ed
by S W WS1i1 Stlneraetz m chairman c rlnaiof of the qe
committee C tnJJ1itt con on athletics at l tlcstortne for toe hoop
rolling contest contest HaJph R 1phGrantwon Grant Won won a t aim
< JUw ilW n prze PrJz9 toy for supremacy supreina y in the soap soa p
b11 bubbling bum contest coptest Both 13otl I these t events
W 1vtLu pre eop open n only to members me rs of the th Board
of at Trader
Ciino H n Rudolph Rudo pbc chairman a rma of the th re ¬
S ception committee was very erybusy busy He
3net m netthe t the thecrowdatthe crowd atthe at thewbarf w whart ar and iuldadorned ndadorned adorned
each e hJI1embet member of ttM th thO party arty with a car cui ¬
nation 1 al9n white ones on or f for Ztpntuesta or the guests eS f fl l pinks
Ipa to members r
Edward dward H H Droopcnalrm Dxop chairmitu n o ot th the
committee com nltt eon ou music mpalca assisted I te l by byqeorK George
QGohnor mConn r furnished niuslc vocal and
Instrumental InBt mentnl on board board the boat Qoat coming
iiomei hom
The Th excursionists arrived at the dock
at 8 oclock clock last night still jubilant over
the thedays days events
The TheGf1th Gathered red Guests
Those + h se present were
William VllUnmH H Yost G L Barnsley Mil
ton Manta antz antzl William F Bowen Henry J 3
I r Cf > Si Aoc S p E Tt l TVoloi0 Waters El1 Ellery T7tloTv ry J T Burtt Riti tt T T
Pliny Pl Moran Dr Harry J JNIchoI5 Nichols G
vy V Forsberg H LA A A Cobaugh W J
Brunan William WllllamF F EVans R R D Chase
J S aCIssel CIssel Thomas TI > masP P Kane A N
Offutt Hervey Herve S Knight Brig 1 Gen A
TV tv Greely B H II Warner A A A S SCay Gay
Tvpod w9o4Conup1Ss Con Comm ditioner issIoner er Macfarland Macfarlandj acfarIaJld j J3 E H
Droop John Henderson Henders O f Jr Jr George e W
Eyans Evans Runns Thomas Thomas B Tl Wn Wq1ker Wt 4ker ikw rhlffnri Clifford l Y V
Smtth A A Gude William WUUamL L Swormstedt
D fi S 3 Warren James JamesF F Shea Shea W T C
Tnacher T cher YUliam VilUamEo E i Ellis R A A Chssst Ch St
er pdell Odell S Smith SmI th tho o A C c Wrenn Wren2t 2t H B
Leary John D Sleman i John W w V Dun
bar b r William WllU m Dpmer William H Lewis
Cu C J Cadsidy CaSsldyD Casid D C CSwartz Swartz J Fred
Kelley KcUeyA ASher > herC C Hinds Dr H R R Hum ¬
mer William W VGale Gale Jose JosephP Joseph ph P Ste
phenBon h ni3on Dr Harvey HalveyVI W WIley Albert
F Fox J E EVlliams Williams Claude J
Allen P r J B BYrne > rne Rev George
O Little Willis W Y Par Parker ker E
B Richar lUcharda ds Crosby S Noyes
R nE E Parker William H Spignul R IL
M Brown DrownW W 1 IL H Parsons Capt
Charles Ch rles Kutz James H H Spalding
Clarence C1arencoB B Rheem RheemDrC Dr C De Weese
E 14 J r MeQuade AlcQ McQia ie e E H HJemlsonAlexan Jemlson Alexan ¬
der McKenzie I K nzic ie E F Vermilllon VermilUonV W J
Fowler Charles S Taylor W V S Chase
K Kf HfC f G C Stiles S Ups W D Harrison Wit
Ham P Van Wickle exSenator exS nator Wil ¬
liam ll fu E Eo Chandler Edward Graves
James Jam Jnu L Owens Thomas P Morgan
Cuno Cun Cu H H Rudolph E IL C Schafer F FC C
Berens J 0 Harvey Frank Fra nk K Kf3e Se
brjLngj b gj E J Walsh C W V Jemmes
Herman H rmm E Burgess John T Crowley
Edgar Dr D r Shaw J Edgar Smith Joseph
U KC Curran rran R REdwin Edwin Joyce Frank FrankS S
Smith H HA A A Kite C A Joerissen
JajjjCS A Cahill A A M Chesley John B
Siep1anJr Ain lenian > Jr CM Jo T Ti > o i W hnGTedtcr h Gredler < l rtr ll > Woodworth VVrtnr 1tvr Vi
Cluiri Cl m J JEdwardLlbbey Edward Zibbey A 4 R RSpat Spot
t011 ori James C Courts Kennedy F Rca
Charles CharlesA A Euker E W V Spalding
Channlnsr Rudd T Janney Brown T 1
T 1 Alvey AlveyF V I L L Averill Frank l1rank1onea Jones
1 Ii 3J S Saunders unders C C Coombs John W V
Bebson W P JJKeleher Keleher Dr S S Sterns
W H H Holmes Thomas Francis Dr F
W True Oscar J Rlcketts Frank 1C K
Raymond Re nond G W WEBterlyErnest Esterly Ernest Ger
tenberig t nberg Harry T Jones John Cassel
Williams William F Brooks Harry HarryE E
BQpprecht Leo 3D pLatl Latjmer r Col L LM M
Brett Bi tt S F FFryc Fryc William V Cot John
B HerrelU Herr l1 Thomas P PWoodward Woodward T oodward W V
L 3fcLi McLeod eod Charles I L Allen H G
Goddard GQ ard Thomas F Hojden B L
gtonc tol thae W Wde da C Bavenc Raven1 R V Oulahan
Clarence Barnard E N Gray J Pau
SmIth George G orge F Mutha Thomas P
Stephenson ateph n on Dr DrP D H Hazen H1lZ n William
W Conner Conn c t Delbert Lean Charles A
fajgley Daniel E Garlres Ge George < rge Y
Buck 1l ck J M Little Charles W < Fairfax
J Jp t L P Kerrciann HerrmannP P V De Graw H L L
Rockfield R ldleld William M Merldith MQridithotto Otto
Lufibkert L1ie kertDr Dr Charles RLuce R Luce J M 1
Chamberlin Byron P Turner rurn r A R
McChesney Thomas q < 3 Alvord William
C Fox Fox James L LF Farmer rmor Prof Willis
JJ LMoore > Moore E M Carter Cart Commission ¬
er erlI Henry nt L West Dr H tL > T Harding
Myra Fisher D J Macartv TJ L A A J Barr
William H Yerkes Yerk 8 jr 1r Edwin EdwinR R
Brooks William L LLewJs Lewis F F Mc
Catheran Dr Theodore Meade E
Q QSmt Smith j C W Qajloway Dr Pro o
R TV T Hoiaen 1 John J pn Shughrue
ll fowd iowden n Aahtprd abford John hnDCiemer D Cremer
First Firstj Mr r Roosevelt Roosev e ltHas lt Has Taken f ke n Here Since His Occupancy Oc upancy
b of oJWhite While Hoxise IlouseAll All AIlEn Enjoyed joyedlt It But BlLthiSec the th 1 Secret J Jet et
Ser S Seiice vice lee Win i > t y
For the th first flrstt1meslnC time since sln he 11 11tSM has oc ¬
cupled the White House President
Roosevelt ROQscveltappeared appeared on the th streets atf cts of
WnSl1lngton Washington yesterday afternoon in an nn1 I
automobile After spending s the morn morn
lug and the carl early part of the aftevnoiv
receiving innumerable visitors isnol and
transacting a great gientdcal deal of business
the President called cali d it all off at S
Oclock Qc iockandquit and quit the office o 1 c building to
go to the 1V White 1ltc House Housonnd and prepare rcpure
for or an outing
He had ordered an automobile from
a local garage and ru id when thedmurr the chauffeur ur
drove it up to the White Vhlt House door s
I the President accompanied by Assis Jss As 1s ¬
taut on Secretary Murray 11ur o or the Depart npa ¬
ment tpent of Commerce and Labor Labort t and Mr
Hale the tutor of Theodore Roos UOOolt Vott
Richard 1tichardRathbunAdmlraIG Rathbun Admiral G W V Batul Dahl
Matthew Trimble John liv l Uoyjc llOl 4 3
Harry Har Cunningham Amos Kasijoy l1R U oem
George H liurries i Dr > r 1 It t A ASM BiU 2tes s s
1 1 t A oL Johnson J i I L L Gerry iir DrUttll utiu
Sc hafer h a ferJ James htlu n m fS s F lOste I Oyster r ai l 1 Well Wellvr e U vr 1
William M Shuster samuui Cross
I E F Droop dames tunes Beyer Be er Miles nle3 ja 101 i
Shand A 1 1 Jorss Charles F Vcller Cner
O W v r Whita Vhn Postmaster John A 0
Merritt Col Randolph picklns DlcklnsJt J A
WhltJield James iv b e axifts eyed irG 1 Eapey E pe
Judge Melvile McJvlleM M Miller K Edwin < win v v
Rood James A Cahill l LevIn eyin S Frey l1C
George GforgeV W V Harvey Lewis C Wilson
if H Grey George J Mueller William
A Hill L Lewis < WlS Herring Herringsames James B
Henderson flurry HCirr K Boss Bossu w V Town
send SHulNOL iNoi oL ley Anderson Charles C
Lace Lacey William WilUamMCl McKair alr WilllIlIllH Villianu H
Saunders SaunctersNorton Norton M Little H K A A Fra Fm
ser serWi1Uam William XL M i Mooney Moon y H H Dar
nellie llcHleRchard Richard L Conner William W1ll1arn D 1
West Dr Yilliam Tinciall J T Hen
drick drIck Edward jsa lU i Dawson Howard S S
Nyman Claude F King A D Yost
A A S Johns William M Terrell FranK
G Butts Butts Claude Livingston William
Hall HalfG HaflG > < 3 VWHangei f W r Bang Hangsr lD D 1 Agnew Gree Green
lees William Y1l1i m H McCuen Roy i Knapp
W W Bowie H C Gauss W V A
Cunnln Cunningham gham Dr D 1 D Olin 0 lin Leecn L CeCI1 Dr W V
T Reeves Morton MortonJ J Luchs i F J Ack ¬
I er Henry P West Edward Allen
Robert B Tenney J H R Moore Ralph
L Gait W F 11 I Roberts oberts Vr Y C Hibbs
G L Smith Dr Frank E Gibson GibsonC C
W V Fitts Itts Edwin EdwinC C Dutton Edwin K
Fox A M Tubman l bmanA A T TStuart Stuart uJ J
F Randall Charles S Clark William u
G Henderson William VilliamJ J Hughes Carl
Stodder Ii I L LThompspnN Thompson K E
Young E EH H Butler F O MqNev
H E EBlttingcr ii Bittinger Alonzo B Stewart towart
Bernard Kietfer KletcrHarr Harry y W WBarney Barney
Gen John C CBlack Black Rev George
E EMnydwellJohn Maydwell John F Croweli CrowelJ
H H G Ward W rd Leonard W Stabler
Victor J Beeker W V S Barker
d F 4 H Attell francis F 1nc s R R Weller W V A
Hurley John T Meany W VA A H R
Church J H HJohnSonNllthaa Johnson Nathan Hazen Hnz
Dr DrH H H HTayl Taylor r F A A1e Ferining ning Frank
SI Edmonds J 3 Clarence Price Walter
H Acker Francis l1 rancls Nye y Esau L John ¬
son son T H McKee John F Legge Com ¬
missioner Biddle F J Whitehead
Howard Fisk Dr Richard Kingsman
William Vl l1 m A Miller Ull r Capt E So S Randall
J JA A ctam Chamberlin b erIInp Philip hlUl Walker V a lke r H H J
Keene KeeneR R M Lamer LanlerRa1ph Ralph W Lee
j F W Y Yo o Moore Herbert F L L Allen Capt
Sydney R Jacobs William WlUlam T1llIam H 11 Hen
shaw sha Vf Dr W WQO Wood1ury oodtjury Qury Pulsifer W H
Otterback Otter ack Edwin S Pierce W H
Bajly Bayl Court F B Wood WoodS S Charles W
Matthews George orge B Farquhar E J
Clifton Thomas S W Stlnemetz
Those TJ1o in n Charge
The committees of the Board of
Trade Tradeitichargeof In charge of the th arrangements
were composed c II1Posed II1Posedas as as follows
CommIttee Commtt of oarrangcmcnts 9f f arrangements Major Ma Jor
Edwin dwin H H Neumeyer Ne meerchnnnan 9 chairman How ¬
ard ardlisk Flek secretary Cuno CunoR H Rudolph
Walter H H Jaopfer S W Stlnemetz
Edward Edw rd H H Droop J Whit Herron
Thomas P Morgan Edward EdwardT T Bates
and E EG G Schafer
Reception RecepUoncommltteeCun committee commltteeCun Cuno H HR Ru
dolp dolph chairman Walter H Acker rVI Vie c
tor J J Becker B erF F H H Bethell Scott S tt C
Bone W W Bowie Edwin EdwlnC C Branden ¬
burg bur William Burke jr David S SCu Curll dl
Arthur Cowsill John Joy JoyEdson Edson John
B B Espey AP A P Fardon F A Penning
W W T Galliher Mahlon N HaInes H
T Harding R R 2L N Harper Frank Hume
homas Bryan Huyck HuyckB B T TJaniwy Jan hty cy
Geo H H Judd JuddJ J F Kelley Chas Krae
mer J M lL Lamb John B B Lamer A A
M ULothro Lothrop I E J 3 MeQuade S So o J Mas ¬
ters F L I Moore Moore Charles S Muir
James L Norris Theodore W WNoyes Noyes
B Southard Parker Arthur ArthurG G Plant
Samuel J Prescott James W WPatclllfe Ratclltfe
E N Richards Cuno H Rudolph B
Francis Saul Edgar D Shaw Odell S
Smith Thomas W V Smith SmIthG G W F
Swartzell George Truesdell TruesdellT Wl wPVar T P Van
Wlckle B H H Warner S R R Waters WatersM M
I Weller George P Whittlesey and W Y
A 4 White
BARRYon Friday May 19 DOs at 2
pciocK o cloc1t a n m at 1 Providence Hospital
COOK COOXBuddenly Suddenly on Friday May 19 1005
at 745 p in at 716 Sixth street street northeast
JUDITH wife or Capt W H 1V Cook aged
sixtyseven sf sfi i riif riifn n years
Funeral l Monday atlp at 1 p mfr mfrt mfrrn rn frbm t rn DUg Douglas
Memorial Church corner Eleventh and andH K
streets northeast Interment at Arlington
JEANSON JEANSONonThursdat JEANSOITOn On Thursday May tay 18 1905 at
1130 II 30 p m JOSEPIIE JEANSON aged
fortyone years it
PHILLIPS PHILLIPSOn On Saturday May 20 1903
at his residence 1732 Connecticut avenue
WILSON WILSONOn On Wednesday afternoon May
17 1505 1 at 432 N street northwest northw t ELIZA
ANN WILSON IL < ON sister of Mary Vinn and
George w Milton it
GALLOWAY GALLOW GALLOWAYSuddenly AYSuddenly Suddenly on Saturday Saturd ly1fay May
20 1905 at 4 a n m at 3514 Thirteenth street
northwest Capt CaptTIlOMAS THOMAS GALLOWAY in
his seventyfirst year It
1903 at l ids ls residence resl nce 3048 N street north ¬
PJi p P1 D in his sixtyalxth 8 Y th year
a1ln lnf 1 1Y 1i thr fd
1hncrai a1 f toni his late r residence ce Monday
May 22 1003 at 2 p pm m It
GRANTHAM GRANTHAMDeparted Departed this life on Wed ¬
nesdays May Iy 17 at 2 oclock o < lo k W C ailAN
THAM thIrtyfive years of age beloved son
of Joseph and andSusle Susie Grantham
My M ty longinG sou soul oUI awaits the hour bou
When Thou 8halt kindly kfndlycnU call my name
To dwell with Thee Tne in peace forever forever
To meet again my m darling boy
By His Loving Father and Mother
Bid him farewell for torn a season
Though his absence ab8 nco give you pain
Soon you will meet where death is lsConQ conquered ercd
Nevermore N vermore to part vartasuln art again
By His Loving nl Sister Lorena
JDarllns arling brother If Its permitted where thou
ST lUe < 5 j
To To1mow know and see those loved before betore
Watch over us dear brother till wo > vo meet
To part not on the heavenly shore
It ItBY By His HlaLoving Loving Brothers and Sisters
Of every cv 17 description eacrJvtlonmoderateJr moderately priced prlcCl
it1 if 14 < F Street StreetNorthweB Northwest Phone J > horiGM M It 061 8S3L
SXGOt1Rlmy tL tLXEIUit fr XEIUit EiE
Juueral D1rectot nn4 Ihnba imer
Telephone Main Hit 48 my330t my13 30t
IS2 Penn P nn Ave N W W Washington D > C
Telephone elephono14oJn Main 13S5 U
jr got h1l into tho tlt car ct rTtioprofesslona 1Mb Tlio professional
chauffeur chnuft ur started stntttdoft on oft at a rapid rate tor Ot oz
Geojgetowu Tho lh automobllo waa fol ¬
lowe IOW d l b by t a Secret SUCojlS Service < wlccman man una on a
bi biOiclo clc
The lhollll machine htnoslq sptjd out Pennsylvania P nns lvan ill
n avenue nUc toward t wnld Georgetown but If tfthe the
s speed cd In rtv w was exceeded xc edc d dno no notice was
taken of Q the fact by b the bicycle police
11l mon ll stationed tntlone along the route Pass
tng tn through doorgetown O prgetown rgctowntho the President
dud nd d his hlslh jKirty tywcru were taken t1ltcnnloIS t1ltcnnloISt1e along the
Potomn Potomac river toward Great Falls
Everybody YQ bo 1 enjoyed njo cd the ride l Qbut but the
SCl Secret t Service S ivlcc man When Vh n the car
stopped topp d at the Wliita W lte House an tin hour hoqr
or r so o after It hsid started the th Secret S cx t
Setvie S Ic mnh was all in Inand and glad of
a olunce to rest r iL
Lawyer L Caleb Williams Wi l nlS
Ofii Office e RolJbed
Eighteen hundred dollars doIlarsi worth orth of dia d a ¬
monds and jewe lry was sto slolenfrom stolen len from the th
law offices of otL L Cal Caleb b Williams at 450
Loul21ana Louisiana avenue only onl r a atew few doors doorsfro from In
Police Headquarters He llquarler s sr yesterday after ¬
noon u on 0n
The Th valuables were were in a safe s fe at the hc
time the theft the ft was comm commItted itted and a u were were
the property of the Hall Ha l estate estate Detec Det c ¬
tives HcJanand Helan and McNamee were as ¬
signe signed lsn d to the thechseafter case a after fter it wa was srepQrted ported
to Captain IJoardman at Police Head H ad ¬
quarters The police believe the thetl1le thief
gained gah1ederance entrance to the offices bycUmb by climb clImb ¬
lug Ingintoa into Into a back window
Before going home h ho o xne to her dinner yes ¬
terday evening vel1lngabcut about 6 Goclock oclock Bertie
Bender the colored janltress looked l oke d into
Mr Williams rooms rooms and saw papers
strewn all over the floor which she had
just swept She entered the office and a d
saw that the rear window was also
open This ThIswlnqoW window lead out to toa a porch orcb
on w hlcTTshe whlc she saw footprints made by a
muddy mudd yahoe shoe Running to Detective
Headqua Heauarters iaeadquarters rter s sshe she reported the fact that
Mr Williams place of business buslnesshad ha had d
been robbed ro hbed but > utshe she did not know what w at
had been taken
Safe 5afeDoor Door Hanging Open
When Helan H lnnand and McNaroee enter enterid d
the office they theyfpund fpund the safe door
banging opsn The wooden drawers
had hadbeel1br been broken olten jand tlndp had papers pers were
thrown all allover over the ftoor Papers Pap rsln In Mr
Williams VfIUamS desk which was also lsobroken broken
open were In in disorder and some o of f
them torn torn to smaU1 small pieces > IC s
Mr Williams was w s a at t his suininer uxnmeC l1er home
at Washington Washlngton Grove when r lie heard
of the affair by telephone telephoneu Se seu He arrived
at his office an tlnbour hour later laterand u and made mad u an
examination of the the safe Ee said only
three threepersoJ1S persons besides bealdeshl11ise1tnew himself knew the th
valua valuables bles were were kept in the safe safean and that
he believed the job o jobwas was done don by an
expert ex pert safe robber who figured out the
com combination bination himself He said before he
left the office everything ever thlng was was locked up u
and he was wasesnec1aUy especially careful caref l to toSeethut see that
the safe was closed
The police olicelcarnedfroni learned from the janitress
and an Italian fruitstand keeper that
two suspicious looking men had bee been n
loitering outside of the thcbulldingall building all the
afternoon and it is believed they w were re
professional safe crackers who were weje
cognizant of the tact that the Hall jew ¬
ely was was kept kevtlnthe In the safe
At an ll1clirly early hour this thlsm6rnlng morning no
arrest had been made and the police
havelittle have little hope hopeof of capturing the rob ¬
hers because they have practically practlca lIy no
description descrlptlonof of them
i I President Roosevelt will be Inylted to
adress t hlress the Southern industrial lndu trJal parlia ¬
mont ment vhFch will convene co Vert here her01hls this week
It Itls is understood un derstood that he will WiI1accevt accept and
take advantage of the opportunity to
again define definehfs his attitude toward the
South So uth
The he parliament will be b the th strongest
body of 9 commercial and industrial
Southern men that has ever assembled
11 here ere Telegrams were werere re re ceived eived yester ¬
day ay from practically every chamber chainberof of
commerce and board of trade in the
South accepting Invitations to be rep ¬
Ti The he parliament assembles < In obedience
to a a suggestion from Southern Senators
and Representatives Represent tlves with the concur ¬
rence of otS Southern utbern governors Matters
pertaining to the development of the
material materlalresources resources In the Southern
States Including public health he thwm will be
discussed The delegates are the mayors
of cities members of the boards of
trade and health of Southern cities and
ra railroad ilroad presidents President Rome Roe e
veltwiU velt will receive the delegates delegatosto to tha th
convention at the White House on
Thursday at noon
Tee th
Beautiful and
Na Nahira txiraL l Appearing
Teeth Without Plates IT 5 5WithQut
By this operation opcraUonmlssing missing teeth are
replaced without the use of plates pl tOB The
result r s lt is most satisfactory su In every everyrc re ¬
spect speetas as s the teeth appear as Ufalike
as tI It if they had been supplied by nature
Pr DrE E i O Or OPjgeOr1 r Pigeon
Corner D and 7th Strci St is s s
Ojito1 Qa pltol it lRotnndattr Botimda to tO1 a J Have ave
J 3000 J OOOGl Globes b S 1
Z Zi Zc i c c <
PJans isfo f for or finun llluniina na nati tin ti tin til tig tji n l g the Huge Circle Circl
z zfl fl of tl the the Building BuiIdiugNow Now Be ing I
Drawn Dra riUp Up
The r i ie e hrilHantly brllliai llli3iitly llli3iitlyc llli3iitlylighted itly c lighted dome of the th
edn COI1Tf Congremiona es Tpnar gI1 bIlbr iLibrary ryWnl will be paled to to
insJgTiincancp Insi lnsigriifjczji lfic rlcp leg when the arrangements arr ngements
to t Illuminate iifum rt te the Capitol Ca pitol dome nome is com
pleted i I
Plans PdIiSOrtl1f Ph ns for the the l lighting ghtingof ot the hedomf dome
are ar l1Dw now belngMrawn and the bids for or
the h 1urJll furnishing lt ng ahd t idinsfa insta installing ilinfir ng of ofth6 the th now
iigMawlir lJghts lJghtsYlIIshQ YlIIshQ Charily Cit1I rUYbe be issued issued it It j is
roushT iogh ushl tjstlTOJited sdpt i1tc that t liatIt hat It willtake ctill take 3000 3090 3 000
bf cIt tt the thenin e ma ttlilt il Jftcahflescent t1cUn Incan descent 9s ent globes to fill
the p oft f 1 Uie40ipe tl 1 1 dome IP that Js to be
lighted l1ght d ijns l1nslg1 ig iiiij t1y dnd Iud inadequate in icquate < flx
ttr turestlre turesarncn s r t110 < now < In IJ1 place pta e and tim ttt new new ar
ransemtfnt lungem ntWlllIeatly will greatly impro ImpNV ve the theap ap ¬
pearance pcaraneeQ pcara ceof Of the t dome v
Thc he JI llghig lights bifla17 are i ibc io be arranged nrroI1s d 4 in four fO r
rcws r Ws nroU1f arquii arou nd the qOIP dome Ti rl tlib jne prsto ± first row row
will Will be forhe ffr tl1 purpose I urpoS of o tiig iightins i1ghting tinS the th
large lar sQ fresco JtescQIiaIf fresco pa painting inting lng at the he top The
tin thrbe hr fee eo other b r x ro bws ws Of oll ollght lights ght w will jill be b at
different dlffereJitdlSt distances iiccs and nd they l theywill ey will vlllbeso be so
arranged lurangedthf1t that tl1eycali they cannot ot bs bascenOnly seen Only
ilia thE light Ughterrectwlll effect effectvll will be be noticeable n ceabl lights
wili lll I lpJso also be placed prLC dOYer pver over the eight large
o ol1p oil il paintings ln tlngs that hang on the th w wa wtiul ll of
the Rotunda
Corridors to Be B Relighted
The corddorso corridors of tJ1ebullding the building have just
been bcentlt fitted ed with new and expens expensive ive
chandeliers chandc lf lfrswhich rswhich which materially nu ithrinllY increases
the thellglltlngc1cct lighting effect lhroughlhe through the building build ng
The Th only rllY c occasions otl onwhich 1tIHchthe the Capi ¬
tol building bu i dlngbi Is lighted ls felat Ia at night when whe n r
Congress is in session s ession and it ItbecoII1 becomes s
necessary ne ssary forelthc for either body to t hold holdiIi tri n
evening session ess on
This T 1I new n w lighting arrangement ErrfUlge ent cannot c cannqt n ltt
be put to use tJs until the convening Of the
next ncx t totisrESs Congress otisrESs which whlchWIllprobably will probably be 1
called in the th early fan fall
The dome of the Capitol CapitQlwUl will soon soon rank
as a one Queqf of the han handsomest som stof of of its lt kind inj in
the world so many ni n y yare are the improve ¬
meats mentstha that are being Elng made
Dome Being Painted
The top o of of f the thcinslde ins inside ide of f the th dome has has
just received a anewcoat new coat of ofWhlte White paint
and the lower part par t Janow Is now being fresh frcfiJ
Some S meg of the Snest fl 1egfollpaintinss oil paintings in the
world adorn Its walls and many hand ha 1d ¬
some s I11e statues rest rcstupori upon the floor of the
r rotunda
The T1 eonl only feature that Js JSI1otcoII1vlet not complete
is t the he frieze wor Work k which encircles encir l th the
dome dvmeabou about t talway halfway of otUs its height and d
i ithe the contract for the thcfinlshlI1 finishing gof of this t 1i
i work worklsundertidvisemcntnow Is under advisement now
Another Int h er improvement 1m provem fit that t atwnl will cer ¬
1 tainly talnlycome come in the th > near future will 1ll be b
the laying Iny ng of a new tile tllefioor floor
Elliott Woods u1i uperintend4nl uisrIntend 1r n ten nt t of Qtt the e
Capitol C pltolbundlng building pM has charge of the Im ¬
Thomas ThomMG Galloway Uo ny at at thaage the age of ofsev sev soy ¬
entyone years died at his home ham 3514
Thirteenth street str tn northwest orthWest orthWestjat4 jat4 at 4 oclock ocloc k
i yester yesterday day morn morning ing
I Mr MrGalloway Galloway lmsbcen has been a resident of
the the Distr DistrIct ict for t the Ie last thirty years yearsr ears r
He was born In Baltimore Md and
I lived there until he came to Washing
ton to res resIde ide He Hewasa was a contractor and
builder having his hlabuslncss business office beat
ed at 712 O Oatreet street northwest
Mr 1a1lowayis < Galloway Is survived urvivod by a widow
two sons and a daughter all of this
city The three threechcHdren chcildren are Thomas Thom l ls s
S Sand and S A C Galloway and dnd1IlsS Miss
Mary MaryM 21 Galloway
The Theuneral funeral will be held heldatthe at the house
at2 at 2 oclock clockon on Tuesday Tues ay Masons and
the Grand Army Arroyof of the he Republic will
have charge of the services Interment
at Arlington
Custfefe Cllst irs Old DldCoinmand Command Off
forPhi foi PI1UIPpAfleS PJ S
Second Sec ndSquadron Squadron Thirteenth Cavalry
to ci Replace Regiment at
NeighborhQoa Neighbor hQodPost Post
Bound for San Francisco and thence
for f fer er the Philippines Phnrpp Cs the first squa squadron dron
oftheScyenth of ofthe the Seventh Cavalry C vallY which has s been
stationed at t Fort Myer for the past P St
winter wirtt f left left1Yashington Washington yesterday
Two Tw o hundred bu ild red and forty forty men boarded
the tranat train at th the Baltimore and Ohio
station t ogether g gether t11eJ with 11th the band and the
regimental reghnemalnQncommlssioncd npncommlsslpried staff The
regimental 1 gImer alheadq headquarters art rs were wer also aJs pn on I
the train tra n f r j
As > the train pulled out the band
played 1Jlayedarr parryowen arr owe music mu ic tQ to which
the h Seventh Regiment marched out for
the Q Little Lltt1eBig Big Horn Hornca campaign Pl gn fn in 187C
Custers Old Command Command
TheSeventh The Seventh isCustersold is Custers old com
mand During the th stay tay in InVashfngton Yashjngton
officers ofilcersaud and men mcnofthl of this reg regiment iment have
been rece ived wit with more morcthan1sual than usual
cordiality Ordl Uty
The first squadron squt d1oq came to Fort Myer 1rry r
in nSeptem1er September last it to relieve reHevetheo the second
squadron Sq adr nf of the the Fifteenth FitteenthCa Cavalry vstl ryThe The
transfer iVtsniade was as made Immediately a ater fter
the themnneuvcrs maneuvers at Manassasi Manas sn
The four trQoPl3we troops were re encamped camvoo on n the
parade paradeIDourid ground 4t at t the he post fqr two tW
months monthsnfter after their arr arr iva l The Th o of f ¬
ficers of the regiment took too1ta a a prominent IJr mlncht
part in the social festivities o of f the cap
Ital T S
Regimental ymcers Officc rs
The Theofftcers officers who left with the theregf regi ¬
ment jwere ere re Cal ll Charles Charl Morton Major
Wllliam W1llia nJNIcholson J3Sricholson J Nicholson Capts Nathan 1C K
Avcrill Avcrlllr Thomas om H Roberts and Bob R9b
vrt rtYall Wallach chFlrat First Lleuts LieutsEvan Evan IL Ti
Humphrey Hum lihreY Charles H Bolce Daniel H
Gienty Emory S Sr r West and Thomas H
Jennings Second Lleuts Orlando G
Palmer James amesA A ShannoIkJol1ilC Shannon Jo John hn C
Montgomery Edward d M MZellan Zell and d Win
Blair B
The rheqrst first squadron has been selected
for duty utyatBatangas at Batangas It will go there L re
directly after af er landing from the trans ¬
port prt tp t tO relieve rel1 ve the tlI Twelfth Twe itth Cavalry Cavalrr
Which has been ordered home
The The Slw Seventh nth will n be replncedlt replaced at Fort
Myer M er by the tle second squadron of the
Thirteenth Cavalry Which which will arrive arrlv
here 1wrew within thln a wee week k Iror or ten lendars days from nom
the Philippines
The lh Officials o of tthc f the Patent Jate PatetO1l1cd iit OlSee fti are
determ determined determined ined to put a stop tQ to the thep practice ractl e
which which h has been beengrowlngf growintr for rsoIrte sOme time
amottp P certain rt in attorneys and andothcr other per ¬
sons sons Ofusing of using 1hoa the ass assignment ignment records
of the thecfflceto office to obtain a addresses of
persons having ha vlngappUc 1 applications tionsfot for patents pat n ts
p pendIng end Ins
The addresses addressesare are obtained in most
cases for the thepurposcO purpose of sending them t em
letters and circulars clrcularsofterlnJ offering to secure
foreign patents or transact other
business bus n ss for t r them The practice is de ¬
clared to be not a proper or l legitimate
use of otthe the records and Commissioner
Allen has ordered that any anyPerSQn person
who makes such use ot them be denied
access to the records
It is also alsoannQunced announced at the Patent
Office that tio nocascsw1l1 cases will be bedockcted docketed
or orhear heard d during the months of July and
August Au t
Brookland BrooklandWant Br okland Want Ad Branch
Want advertisements forth for the Evening Even s
and Sunday Times will will be received at t
regular office rates at Arthur II H P
Luerssens Pharmacy Siookland 2f ldand D C
Although the past week has been the banner
one op of the season seasonY yet t we are arede de termined te ined to t
make this week of still
E = E ± greater int in interest t e ere r e s t to our
customers From the fact
i that we shall sha s h a ll 1 1 cu cut c U t the
price pric on a number of the
latest styles in patents
and aindallthe all the leading shades
of Qftan tan with large eyelets
1 and andrib ribbon n ties for ladies
= = = = = = = HE misses and children We
I make a specialty also of
mens men menJ menshigh J shigh high grade oxfords o x fo r d s and shoes many
styles at a big reduction this week
S40O 400 reduced to S298 298
S3 350raduced 3 3a 35Q a SO reduced to 2 4 89
300 oo reduced to > 2 1 i9 9
250 reduced to 198 98
S200 200 reduced reducedto to > 149
MENS gs =
400 and and500reducedt 500 5 5I I OO reduced tdS350 to 350
300 and 350 reduced to to2 v26Q O
200 and 250 reduced to t L75 75
706 7th 7 i h Street N W Wrz rz
+ + e 11 I ooa i
TheWashingf The Washington nTimesadvertisingrepresenfatiye Times advertising representative in Atlan Aflat1licCn Aflantic tic City
is John C G Benson Bensongeneralm general manager pa erfth of the Res Resort prtAdvertising Advertising Company
Baftiell B ftJelthu tiiiflding I ing NortfiCarolma North Carolina and 1i Atlantic avenues AU All 1 advertise dVer1 sF
ments will be Accepted at atthe the same sam rates as sat at the hCfm home oitice of QfTh The Th
Washington Ti Times esCa Catalogues Catalo ta logue gues and IdBook1etsu Booklets u pon fo pon ponappIicicn l lappliqj application appliqj n Busi
iiess ncs sOffice Office of The Washington Wasn mgton Times
St StChari Charles Char fes place PlaC facing tacingthe tacingthec the Ocean c ean Ca
paelty pa 1ty SfM iVeah hclhand8e and sea J wateIbatbIH water baths suh sun un
parlor parJ rctcS etc Special c1a15Pr1ng spring rates Booklet
THE NETHERLAWD ET iQI LeILrl1 TIM m and New c cv cB v B Beach 1 york fN ave
obstructod surroundings aunOundin > sBalhselavator Baths elevator etc tc
1260 50 daily dn1l ild 10 to l7 1750 50 weekly t4Salurduy 4 Saturday
IRVIN until iAAiJl Monday WELLS lts Booklet ookletc Coach hmeets meets trains tr lns
Atlantic City C1tYNJRoomlJfJ1 N J 1 Koomai an oil suIte With
bath batblong long Oistaucv UItatte1 tciopuoucs Udu l in rcuois rQm ai8
vator to etreet street lev level Booklet li t mailed n
liW W will V4 R HOOD n
Chelsea C l lo o leAo H eitT1 Ven VenSoM I neartbalwcb near So SoM aidntpaiier the ntP kteneh Uelae aye
O Opens nsJ June nu 1 Refined Re rtedqulet quiet open o p n surround ¬
ings Il1gsRate Rates si 3 to J1S 15wl i5 weekly kly E EEBOllM E BIBOUM > fBOHM
K 2 TO TO31l S 3 A I PAYlOIO20A DAY > A ± 10 TO 120 ze A A WEEK
Centrally Jovate d l close to Boardwalk Bo wa1k and j
Pier ier at ocean oce n end endoManlandavenuc of Maryland avenue Lie Jz iie i
vator tor Ca Capacity pacity city ZOO W V CHANDLER C1L D p
BRADY D I D A rtV H 14 Hi 0 I U I l SE f < iP 15n S Arkansas kansas aye ave
pnAUT LJUttU I nUUOP 1JIJJ near near Beach Baths 8
wkly ylt y Special Specl4ltcir for May > Iay Booklet Jas Brady
250 250ards yards from fr msteel steel pier Best moderate
pr pJlcedhotelS priced iced hotel l ir Atlantic City lty W PW 10 S2 15
weekly y eky All AllrooID8 rooms have open VieW Booklet
lRS EVA ifiLlS hlJLLS PsychISt 811 >
i ilv TWelfth lv < ltth street slrc t Tuesdays a and iad Frtda Fridays
DIVIDEND HUTICB Nui1CEThe The regular rC gular
Quarterly Dividend D vid nd ot qt9rC one and turec
ijuarters I uartorspelcen per cent t ti ttt 11J J JO on O tne t1U pi tJr lire e
ierred terredstoek stocJc of oUie the hoy tvoyai I Glue Gl 1C Com ¬
puny panyhas has been declare d dPuyable Payable uynb1e to
stockholders of record May 4fl 31 15th lft 1
KUifAJU J fLUE LUE C COAlEAH t NNYli r Financial taaiicial nw1 ial
nepwtm Department nt Colorado Builatng
THE SECOND 8ECONDregular5 regular semiannual
dividend dlvidendoftwoandonehatf of two two and oneT oneThalf half Ap t M p per < r
cent ont has been declared 1e < laredQnthe pn a the preferfeu PIc rted
stock 5tO of the theWashl1gtonlallway Washington Railway al1d mi nd d
Electric ElectricCoI11PtUl Company payable Pay ble 3nn June i 150a
to tCfstockhofders stockholders of ot1ec recpfit recoret r dldY May 22 19t 10
Books Bo okStor for the thetransfe transfer i of t stock BtockWmb will wilibo b0
closed closedtiomMay from May 2i tf to J June untt i l 19Q5b 105 both tti
uatea at sinclu inclusive siva JAS 6 ii Jj LAiJRktr AUJ Kb iai t
Secretary becx tary
r my5811lll6lS132 my58U1416 fl58fl141eig1320Si222325203031jut S19WZ12223 > 2i222325293031jot 293031jui
Z DnC D1i > E C SOITTIBBS Iiouvn SB1101mGm BTTOStT GIST ax
THE PUBLIC J UBL1C Is hereby notified ll tifiedthat that
we have this day tiled ttledwlt with the theClerk Clerk
of the Supreme Court our t tof of the District b ot
Columbia a aUesirlptl aescriptldn Ii ot the bottle
used < im l hVr by TIC US us in in nthe rh the > SaIC ati ale ttt n otourBu of l nitT ourBuchu T1lr hll hu Gin GIn
said description being as s follows Said
bottles bear the words f Df C CB Bcivlers xviers
Buchu Gin GInblpWl1 blown into into and Jnirl imprinted lte
in the theglaSS theglaSSof glass d of cne one of oftheifdessatd the sides said in
serlptlbn s rlptlon being belngplalnlyappar plainly apparent ntiibdnot atod not
covered by a label Dr C BQUVIEBS
ROSBNBAUM I President PresIc h Louisville
Ky this 16th day of May A A 33 1905
WU1cox Wfflcc Gibbe Gi g An
Automatic Machine Ji YIi VV
New Xome ome Agen AgenOy y
Classified II
for The Th Washington W Shil1gton
t Times wUIfce will be
received at
themairt thcmainHoor th main floor
bureau bureauCJr of I
S SKann Kann Sons 6 Co
At th the regular
office officemte rate of
one cent per
word wor for most
Want advertisements
for fo theEve the Evening ipg1i11e Timer S >
will 4ll be receIved receive
until 14 dOam 30 a m in
Saturday Satur d ayevening evening
1 I = until J330 3 30
MONDAY 8r MAT t1 t1s 22 1905 o os AT A M Ms THE
2287 il St N W WWashlngton Washington D C
Among A1non this lot is one JlneTrottingMare fine Trotting Mare i
one n Chestnut t t Sorrel r Horse which C has taken j
3 ribbons b bg g at tth the th rh horse h show W for high I acting n
and 3 other otherStyUeh Stylish Coach Horses The bal ¬
ance General Purpose Purpo8oand and Heavy Hea Draft
Also 60 head l1 d of local horse orse These Theschorses horses
can bo seen at above stable SUNDAY SUND 5UNDAYMay Y May Ma 21
The h6DanSler 2 mangier > angrier 321evat Elevated d Oven Gas
Bange Is Different
Esamiae ExamineIt It Before BcforeBuyfug Buying 1
718 Seventh St StoNe H e W
Set of Teeth f3 j I 3
Gold Crowns > TO TO
Bridge Br dgetNork Work l5 I i S sP ° 5 ta
Eeniember Remembertho the Number 1flmber
906 F FStreetN Street N W
Tha That t Wnl Will Staad Stu d the tholc Test t
Pno Price aso
Aor1tmSO TEINSOWS S 11th 1 th and a nd G Sts sts B Iiw W
a n Vi Vhg1n VirginIa ginls avenue ilyenue tvenue
C 5 JU near the fucea ocearu ocean cea
5 fci I r Moat 1os iost popular popuJ1Ur s
i e tion tio t i 0 n a Elegant
I hfp mJIfI ii U JLu i mod m u darn 1 o r n hotel
I new new throughout
SiJ UUUlI fi capacity ca cltY 400 4 0 0
C Fine large rooms rooms
private b a t h s
steam heatCJ
yatpr vator etc 4CQO 000
act eetof t of sun parlors i at1orsand and porches jOlch S Orchestra O cl13tra
rtlXl jequent u en tsocialfeatt1r social features S Su Superior p J1 ior ortabl table e and
H iervice 1Vfce Special S1 > sPring rring terms Jg 1810 tt HO io S1250 o
15 5 v recky E eWri J ly n J2 2 tip P < da1y iali all y > > Number of desir deairl l
lDle te l leteantheateti eteantheateti tcam heate rooms at the S medut ratu Our
ng May and June Booklet J 1 p qpPE COPE OPE It It
Whole block lockocean odean ocean front frpntp Opens nsT June ure n IS 15
Directly Dlr ctly on on the Boardwalk Bcr114waIkatBo5wn at Boston ave
horoughly rh rQlgblyrebuUt rebuilt ana nndrl refurnished through
ut Hot HQtlllldcQld and cold sea sEaWa water rbt1ui baths bath jswii swl
nlu ling itPooIoxclestraCap pool orchestra Capacity ctty 600 Rates
uit rid booklet upon application Automobll AuwmQ n
lets all l trains E R RCHlUIPION CHAMPION Own Onner
md nd Proprietor iay31St m 2130t
Jceaii Dc ana andSt andStp Sfc St Charles C arleg Place Place Capacity apacity400 400
A JioteJ HQte Hotel that th tQfCr offers p everything ittghrclass hlgheIas and
modern 6dernj with wllhsuperlorcuI3ineEIivafor superior cuisine Elevator pri
rate ate baths ba bath ths large j6rche3 p rche3 wltlt 1 tlth thucean ocean view
4c i t tc Specia Speclalspr1ng 8pe ial l spring terms tJ j Automobile lutpmobUe uomobiJemeeta irieeta meets
rains traJnJBOkl Booklet mailed Q Qr Csn C r SHI2N f
Eoaiio ROankeHoteland Roanoke ke Hotel Hoteland and Sanies
roXtth SoutlNew i ievir 2esv evir York Yor k ave Henovaied Cnoyated Cnoyatedenla enlarge enla d 1
good rood table 8 to tOUW 14 weekly klyN 2f 2ft t A A DIBfe D DL 7
t iNG G
TOTE 3 t7rue T 7 TJIIO lt vci Oceanend Ocean end
s tasU MQEEIS LY f LIILbL055J O R RIS n niewYmk g iewYmk NewYorkAve y v fc
Neat t amusements l3I1 etn n tJ Her tHrpugliout n tit roo Jn utodera < i ra ra
cdnvornJeneear oDventen < e3 superior S feriottabl table Ca cafe < S ana hut u
fee tetat feCattached attactjed ed1SO Ji50 L90 to 4 pa90 50 daIlY flft 1O to ft5 is
Ot OtllttsbU Plttsbxirc Pittsbu g
fE iI IfcRlWT r MQtlT ii i 1 HOIJSE iifUi Y rmont Aye V
2C IU 5I 5 J neartile Beach
Beau Beautiful Beautiful tifu l location t c UoD open pen5Urr surroundings ndi gai all U
c conveniences nenIonces JSaturd 13 3 Saturday until Monday U
tot2da11y to to 2 daily U 7 to 113 12 weekly M JS Eo GHiSES
BLE BtEIM iBEn4ROUSEpnloav HOUS u JnurDeEdi °
Modern tier Gist class CIWl flares i10w UO wetkly kly Yc Ic WEISSEIL ISSEn
ernd1recUy emit rn directly on 0 11 the Oceaii Oceart1rODt iroat at t ycmioiit ye 11loht
f fv avc ve v j unobstructed unOblit11c < llew view capacity g MO J Spring pr1I4S
terms srms li 10 ftp up weekly Fresh Frean and gc iea s a r water ater
bathS baths aths elevator eleatorphone3 phones in n ro roOl moms bais lsBOo1de Booklet
Formerly FO Jestlc ff2 wlux with Samuel Samuel Ellis ot 9 thai 18 2Ia Mtt
Un usa ino 1 NeSt e rBoardwalk Boardwalk Select SelccteC excellent e ic 1lent iient Cal
5lneandat sIna iine anti attendance nc Terms J JL L rmS moderate
N Ifll1 13 W UT W M OLL1RIONKentu fIT CfT CfT4TTOr 4TTOr AT TflTT Kentuc ky kyavOazifi Ofveaz ave and c1
s sy Vu asaauj a n A LMJM Beaeh a p slmparlt OB parlor
P5Qday8 iito I 9 day e 8 t to tc14 li wkly S 8 1C if BONIFACS D N A
T TLJlI rptyI 1 rLCJ LJlI LJlIRO LJ5 RO tY1 jasjjj BB BBTTT LJt TTT TTTS ThTi S ss t Av S Soutit South > l near nearBeach ili CarolInA Carolina Beach
iUconv J1CO 11 coziv vo5pec1a1 Special 6 up up wklyMtJJB1L wkly MrzaBAlles All n
Uway AwaYJ op open n Virginia Vir Virginicave aye at at JJeach E e 11 Mpd MOd 1
am ro in n appolntroeats aPIWln nentg Capacity 350 lirlt > Ust
ti8Ss cla lass cuisine U1s1n nail service enlee Special Spring
ra Lates aus JJooJdet B9ok1e J3 a B aWEBSTEy >
Warrell Jarra arrelii White JlhiteSdpburs Sulphur Sprh ritg
Opens O ns Jima mel 1 Kswly N VWpap papered dj newly fur t ¬
nished tour kinds of water Ground G und and and
hade Ihad s plenty In beautiful li ghenaadpah hetiiai deah Va Valley iley
For ror190klet booklet address a r Si SDUN S BTKNeaN DTJ NtIAN L rover
ton ton Va Va iny2115t
At Vt tHerndont1le Herndon Hera Con toe model IIlodel i Virginia village oil
Uueniont Bluemonr13ranch Branch of Southern Railway Ra1IwayZ tf h f
miles rnU from from Washington altitude 4W 4 teSt t
no iO mosquitoes jno no malaria j gipve groV of tall
plne32 pinas l ines 2acre acrc lawn croquet CIQquettennl tennis ehll chlk
dreus jreua playground pll ground 2 S minutes minutestoraUroai to railroad ate
tlonc don lon c ivaclLy < pacltyv 50 0 b buildIngs dlngsand and ruraitura
new tew throughout rooms ro m3 single or orenliu1te en suite
200 90 feet eetot eetotwide of wide porchea spifn spring lWUter water For or
ratcsapvly rates atea apply to J j H H13ARKEIL BASKER
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15 16 i Rates and Information call or orald address
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