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Showers S1owersindcoo1eitonig1it and cooler ton ight THE ECOGNIZED
n ftflgfl
I tomorrow fair alr < WANTADMED lJt1
I > u uTim Times Tim esWanlAdsBring esWanlAdsBringRes Want Ads Bring Results Res lts lts1t 1 1t I
Long Conference Held
to Discuss Impeach ¬
ment Course
Seek to Coax or Coerce Co rce
Mem bers b rs Into Support of
Mayors Mayor 1 1s s Veto
PHILADELPHIA May 2G 2 26There There is
a lull today In 1 the political storm which
has been beenra raging ging In this thlsclt city but it may
be disturbed disturbed at any moment by b the In ¬
stitution of impeachment proceedings
directed against the mayor
The Th adv advisability lsability of taking such a a step
was the subject of discussion at a long
conference of the Republican leaders
held this morning m Orning but b Ut no nOdefinlteac definite ac ¬
tion was announced
Meanwhile the mayor and Directors
Potter Potter and Acker the last two rein ¬
stated in office by virtue of a supreme
court writ of supersedeas nullifying numf ing the
injunction previously issued by the com ¬
mon pleas court are going quietly
about at cut the business of their offices
Trying to Convert Councilmen
Delegations of citizens from prac pr c ¬
tically tlcall every ward are touring the city
in hl hlautomobiles automobiles and nndseeldng seeking to coaX coax or
coerce coer ce the members of councils into sup ¬
porting the veto of the gas lease which
Mayor Ma or Weaver will wjllannounce announce tomorrow
So far they the have made three converts
in select council but still stmn need ed eleven
more In common council they have
gained ained five but still require sixteen
Unless they can proselyte prosel te this th i number
the ga lease l ase will be jammed through
next Thursday I Inext
Tonight a huge mass meeting meet ng will be
held in the the Academy of Music to protest I
against the th gas steal st IiJ i
They Must iust Go to New York
t i To Get AntiGas Lawyers
One caii c caitlearn filearn learn only onlyvtbe e Jl ramiflcatlpns H1caUpn
of the U UG G I and an theRepUblican the Republican ma ¬
chine by the experience of Chairman
John C Winston of 9f the reform r com ¬
mittee of seventy sev nt I
This new leader in the reform move ¬
mont II ent of Philadelphia is a Quaker and
millionaire In business he is a book
publisher He is an athlete and a
tighter Wholly h ally inexperienced in c pericnced in practical poli ¬ I Ih
tics he ts s one of the c c1t itys s shrewdest
business bu iness merchants and is applying
tuslnesK uslnemmethods methods in n his fight against the
gas lease 4 i
Though never identified with politics
this Quaker has had all his fighting
blood aroused by the attempted steal
and is now devoting his time and energy
to war on the machine
We Weare are after big game said he and
it will be strange indeed if some one j
does not go to the penitentiary
Graft extends into every cverywalk walk of life
in Philadelphia PhUadelphiainto into the banks trust
companies business houses hou1jesj lawyers of ¬
fices as well as into the home of the
poor and rich
My own experience well Illustrates f 1
with what whntopposition opposition the reformers must
meet I went out yesterday to engage i
special counsel for the committee of f
4 seventy We Yo needed a a man capable of l
coping with the brilliant array of coun ¬
aol lined up for the machine I wanted wante d
a strung 1 man a man who whowouJd would probe
into the rottenness and Corruption that I
Is l strangling our city
Could I find such suctia a man
No Every notable lawyer Jnw er of the
town fit to do such work is tied up j
greatly in in a corporation directly or
through its allies
I went to see Samuel Dixon law r
partner of the framer of the city char ¬
ter under which the mayor mayor now got gO ¬
ems What hat do you think he said
I regret much that the clients of C
this firm preclude the possibility of my m
fighting the U G I and its affiliated j
Shortly after I received from W Y C
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The western trough of low pressure p ssure
has advanced slowly eastward and di ¬
minished considerably conslderabl in width the At ¬
lantic high apparently preventing Its it s I
normal eastward stward drift A second dis ¬
turbance of considerable extent Is cen ¬
tral this morning over Nevada It has ha a I
made little l1tt1 progress In any direction a L
during the last twentyfour tw nttour hours An u L
area of high gh pressure and colder weath ¬
er occupies the middle Mississippi val 11 ¬
Fairly heavy rains have fallen from 1
j eastern Texas northeastward to the low ¬
er lake region and rain has also fallen n I
in Georgia and the Carolinas
Showers and thunderstorms will pre ¬
vail tonight in Atlantic Coast districts
and tonight or Saturday Saturda in the South h i
Atlantic and East Gulf Static
It will bo colder in the lower lake re ¬
gion upper Ohio vaJley and the middle e i
Atlantic States
69 19 I
Sam 9 a m
12 noon tv 75 71 76 5 i
1 p m 7o 5 i
Sun sets et tod y 7H 71 4 I
Sun rises lses tomorrow 440 0
High tide today 220 pm p m i
Low tide today today900 900 p m i
High tJ tfO e tomorrow253 tomorron 253 a m 313 p m i
Low tide tomorrow tomorrow93S 935 a mS52p m952 952 p m i
Victim of Gout and In ¬
fluenza fluenzaEnd End Not
Known as Philanthropist PhiJan thropist
Philosopher and
PARIS PARIS May 25 26Baron Baron AlphonSe Roth ¬
schild schll < head headof of the the great great grea i banking ban I g house
died at 6 oclock this morning
The first intimation that the baron
was not In his usual health was received
on May 18 Then the report stated that
he was dying d ing and created creat d a great stir
on the Bourse
The next day da after a consultation of
physicians the announcement was made
public thst tb t the baron was suffering
merely from gout and influenza and
that there was no cause for alarm
Sudden Change for Worse
Yesterday Yesterdnythere there was a asudd sudden nchange change
for the worse in his condition His
death followed this morning
Baron Rothschild was recognized re cognized as
one of the greatest financiers of modern
times He was at the head of the Paris
branch of the great financial in stitution intitution
which controlled the private and n nd public
finances of Europe and was one of the
wealthiest of the Rothschild family famil
whose wealth has been computed at
Baron Alphonse was more than a
financier He was a iJ philanthropist ist
philosopher and sportsman as well as a s
one of the most patriotic Frenchmen
who ever lived His charities were not
confined confinedaloJe alone to France FranceQut but his wealth
was used to relieve the then needy eed Y in many many
parts of the world
Aid Ai for Poor of Paris
An example of his anxiety anxiet to relieve relleve
distress c lstre s was given only winter before
last when he gave 2000000 for the im ¬
provement of the homes of the poor in
With nil his business activity he found
tjmefo time > for + recreation rec tU J1 and tindw waErtdQVpted as s d dqvoted iv < pfed
t to rac ra ricing ing rng XHher OU Other r sports porfs also s li liclaimed claimed
hlsittention his attention in recreation hours
Mme Rothschild was the constant
companion of her husband hu sband and was as In
tcrested In whatever interested him
Their home was one of the most mag ¬
nificent in Europe filled with art treas ¬
ures from all parts of the world Gild and
was Vias the scene of many man social func ¬
tions which the most notable person person ¬
ages of the world were glad to attend
Government Govern ment Will Consume Eight to Ten
Days to Complete Its I ts Case CaseCase Case
Adjourned Till Monday I
When Criminal Court No No1 1 Justice
Wright presiding adjourned yesterday
afternoon the case of William G
Crawford on trial on the charge of con
spiracy in n connection with the contract
for furnishing carriers satchels in 1902
was postponed until Monday morning at
10 i oclock when the examination of wit ¬
nesses ref > ses will be resumed
From present indications it itwl1l will take
the Government eight or ten days to
complete C mplete its chain of evidence
So far the testimony has principally
been b en that of Identifying papers and sub
mitting them in evidence Checks
drafts money orders etc which passed
between Crawford on the part of the
Postal Device and Lock Company and
Lcrenz and from Lorenz to Machen
have been identified and submitted by
scores sC res
Up to this time the defense has of ¬
fered practically no objection to any of
the evidence submitted by the Govern ¬
ment ment Attorney Worthington occasional ¬
ly grum bling about lumbering up the the
record with all these unnecessary mat
tern t < rs Occasionally after a whispered
consultation with his colleague John
G Carlisle Mr Worthington has of
toted fel ed an objection on the ground of im Im
materiality lUn teriall ty
Since the sensational plea of guilty by
Machen there has been little of Inter
est In the trial In fact the proceedings proece 1lngs <
have been unusually monotonous
Such a deep sleeper is Mattie Smith
colored living at 2019 Eighth street
inorthwest northwest that she rolled rolle 1 up her six
weeks old baby and smothered smother = d It some
time between 3 and S oclock this morn
lag without knowing It It
Coroner Nevltt investigated d the case
and gave a a certificate or accidental accl ental
death The woman was up with the
child at 3 oclock and gave it whooping
cough medicine She then placed it on
the right side of the bed and went to I
sleep During her slumbers she becam
restless and ind when she turned tlrn d her hack
was directly over the childs mouth
At U 8 oclock ocl ck she awoke and focHne fpei lltr
something hard under her back moved
over ov overitnd rand and found fouti d the infant dead She re reported
ported the matter matt r to police of the Eighth
precinct pre = lnct station who communicated with
Coroner Nevitt N vJtt
ExCandidate Speaks to
Illinois Ilnn Ilhnois O Os s Lawyers 1 Wyeii s
Partisan Attorneys Become ecome Unbiased
Judges Obligations in Public
CHICAGO May 26 26Judge Judge Alton AUonB B
Parker of New York was the principal
speaker at the annual meeting meetin g today
of the Illinois State Bar Association
His speech covered a wide range The
title The Lawyer in Public Affairs
gave gav him opportunity for reviewing what
the noted men of the profession had
done from the founding of Ofthe the Republic Re public
He dwelt upon the th unusual opportuni ¬
ties which were open to the man well
versed in law and the dependence plac ¬
ed upon such men by their fellows in
every eve emergency
A point greatly emphasized empob lzed was the
fact that men of utmost partisanshln
as lawyers became absolutely unbiased
as a iu iud iudres < i res es He cited noteworthy in ¬
stances to confirm this view and said
that in his own somewh extended extende
judicial experience he had never known 1
a Judge to be moved by personal r sonal rea ¬
sons 01 by attachment to a political
Which Was Roosevelt
Interest in the speakers remarks in ¬
creased as ho began a reference to the
Chief Executive of 0 the nation nat1 < ll There
was some curiosity curiosit > to hcus hC < l what the
late Democratic candidate would ould say
about President Roosevelt Roo evelt His com ¬
ment was Indefinite He said s lid < that of
the twentyfour Presidents of the
United States who have followed George
i Washington in that exalte d office
whether by election or succession one
i was without trade or profession four
have been chosen for military mmtar service
more or less prolonged and more or less
distinguished eighteen had devoted
themselves exclusively to the study and
practice racUce of the law and another had di ¬
vided Ided his activities between the bar and I
the bench with an incidental or rather
an accidental diversion into the career
of the soldier If the same process were
I applied to the men who have been pre ¬
ferred by b their party temporarily in the
II I minority at succeeding succeed succeeding partYr r ng Presidential elec dcc ¬
tions the same general tendency to
draw upon the legal profession for the
higher places of our politics would be
none the less apparent
Judge Parker Parl er declared that if upon a
given givt > n day da the President Presi nt of the United
States s should receive the resignation of
every judge of all the Federal courts
of every member of his Cabinet and all ali
other of officials ficials the performance of whose j
duties required a legal training he could
nil their places with full regard to the
interests of the public service serviceS S and with
popular acceptance without drawing a
single annointee from any one of the
great centers of population
The lawyer lawy r Is neither the political boss i
nor life demagogue declared the speak ¬
er In like manner thus far in our
history no really great lawyer whose
reputation was both made and earned
in the practice of his profession or by
I experience on the bench has attached
movements himself to dangerous or demagogic
MectrlC lectri rGarlollisiou r Cai CMlision < Near
3 31v 1v h i
Baltimore E lti riIo e
Cars Were Making Late ate Trips From
River Resort and Sideboards
Were Crowded
BALTIMORE Md May 2G 2GAs As the I
result of ofa a rearend collision of two elec elctric ¬
tric cars on the Westport line of the I I
United Railways ahout 1230 oclock this
morning William Stemler was killed I 1
and about fortyseven persons were
Cither seriously or slightly injured
It was not long after the accident
had happened that tha t the police were no ¬
tified and Immediately several ambu
lances were sent to the scene A relief
car was wasals also sent to the rescue and
it was soon filled with injured men and
women who were taken to the Univer Unlv r ¬
sity sll and andc c city ity hospitals In quick time
The two cars cnrs were among the last
of the night to make the trjp from the
river resorts to the city and they were
well filled The first car had left Kleins
park about 1205 120 oclock and was pro ¬
ceeding to the he city It went down the I I
steep grade on O n Maryland avenue West
pert and had reached the point whore
the tracks of the theT Wabash V T nbash bash railroad cross cros I
that street
Second Car Crashes Into First
The conductor had alighted and was
just about to signal the motorman to I Ijut
go ahead as the tracks were clear
when a second Westport V stport car which had
been following the first came rushing
clown the grade and crashed crashed into the car
stnndlne at the Wabash Vabas h tracks
Men len shouted and women screamed
and as the lights went out as soon as
the collision took place pln e men walked
over the bodies of women in their ef ¬
forts to reach the ground The stronger I
ones battled their way to the ground and I
found the road lined with those unfor un for ¬
tunates who whohnc1 had been standing on the I
sideboard They had been dashed vio yb ¬
lently to the ground and lay lajmoaning moaning
or struggling to t recover re over their footing
William T iliiam Stemler was killed I IWUllam
S SVA WANTON TON Vt May Ma 2C 2CTwD Two mon I
were killed and an l one fatally Injured on
the Central Vermont railway last night
by the Montreal Express which overtook
them while they were riding on a hand han
The men had been fishing and were I
returning on a hand car Near the rail ¬ I
road yard they wore overtaken by the I
Montreal and Boston Express running I
thirty thirt miles mih s an hour
125 to Baltimore and Return 125 1
Pennsylvania Railroad Saturday and
Sunday tickets good on all trains ex ¬ I
cept Congressional Congr asslonal < Limited and good I
for return until Sunday night nightAdv Adv
Steamer S SLI Stin i aUetsAer GetSAe r d
< J
gr iainFOm fFr fu dart1iia p tIi a r
German Boat a Magnificent Picture
With Coston Lights of Red
and Blue
NEW YORK May 26 26Latest Latest reports
from sea received today toda from the
steamer St Louis via an anaerogramand aerogram and
the steamer Carpathia place the Ger ¬
man yacht Hamburg as farthest east
and so far as known the leading boat
In the ocean race
Captain Dow of the Carpathia when
he arrived today at Quarantine report ¬
ed that while he was in latitude 4046
longitude long tude 5202 on Monday May 22 a
wireless message was received from the
American Line steamer St StLouis Louis bound
from New York to Southampton It
At 1233 a m Greenwich time lati la ti ¬
tude 1959 longitude e 5524 passed yachts
Endymion and Ailsa At 750 50 a m
Greenwich time latitude 395 3951 longl ¬
tude 5225 5 522 25 passed yacht Hamburg
A Magnificent Spectacle
Captain Dow himself got a glimpse
of one of the yachts that that same night
and he says that for the few seconds
the boat was In sight she made a mag ¬
nificent nIfic ent picture In was at 1120 oclock
and nearly everybody but the watch
had turned in when a sailing craft
bound east showing Coston lights was
passed pa s d in latitude 4044 longitude longitu e 5313
The Coston lights shown were red and
blue followed d by one red ball None Non of
the yachts ncbts have iavC such a night signal
that of the Atlantic red white and red
being nearest near st to it Captain Dow says
the blue might have been white When Vhe
the Coston lights were displayed lispla ed the
craft showed an immense spread of
I cnvas C l1vas and was sailing northeast at
I great speed
If this boat was the Atlantic it would
make the position of the yachts achts as
sighted by b the St Louis and Carpathia
I ay a follows
Atlantic Is Second
Hamburg first Atlantic second En ¬
dymlon third Ailsa fourth
i The Hamburg wag about fifty miles
I further east than the Atlantic but the
j If letter tier was thirty thlrt miles further north
and apparently in a better action to
strike the coast of England
The Hamburg when sighted was 950
miles east of Sandy Hook
STROUD3BURG Pa May ra 26 26An An ex x ¬
plosion of mysterious origin totally
wrecked and burned the store and dwell ¬
ing of Councilman R W T Kistler this
morning mornln
Several other buildings were also
burned Loss S16OOO 16000 i
Petition Filed Against
Action Act QO of City and
Su Suburban bUrban
Reverse Decision of o f
Appelate A ppelate Tribunal Tribunalin in in
Question f
William G Hendersoh Hendersohi i Arthur rthurF rtiur F Kin
Edwin A M 11 Lawsph Law tfnThomas Thomas W
Clayton E Emlff and an others on Qn
own ssn b behalf ha1fand and in the theit iut iutv hfrrests trests v rests of
he residents res dentsof of the District DistrictT Dma trict T lia Ii ii l inter
in the suit of the Anacdsda Anac Anacos hIa Ia and
tomac Rlyer Railroad RallroadCompllIi Company the
Railway RallwnyCQmpaay Company and andthers others
presented resente toJus to Justice t te e Anderson a at t L
asking that Allan A tan L McDer McD r
o receiver oir the tn City 4y and Suburban 1
a Ilwa Company co m Pany be bed directed rected to toI revoke ret Ok ole e
hc notice given to the public of the i
of the free transf transfJ transfr er r sys ¬ I
between the Cit f and Suburban Su burban I
Company and other loca l lstreet street
lines I
The court Is alsa asked to direct frect and
the the City C ty and Suburban Railway tailnav I
to receive and continue to re ¬ I I II
ve a transfers tra nsfers from other oth erconnectton connection
as heretofore l I
The Th petitioners ask further that the
passed by b the court May 8 at the f
of certain rtain minority stockhold
of or the City CIt and Suburban Railway Ranwa
ny be vacated
The Thepetitioner petitioner William S YilliamG 1111am G Henderson Hendersonr
s president presldentot of the North Nir h Capitol and ana an and d r
Citizens CIUzensAssociatfon Association Arthur
ICinnan president of the Brookland
Association Edwin A A M MLaw i Law
president presidentofthe of the Northeast N Citizens
cfatfo and Thomas W V Smith
ot the East Washington Citi ¬
Plea of Petitioners
The petitioners say S y that th t for four years
more and until the th present time
have ha a en enjoyeUunnll enjol joyed en unmolested ested the right rig t
to a r cpntinuous co tfnucmsid side cyer Yer Yerthe the Un lines s < of
the the aaid said companies compapics tq tcf ln ahy any point po it i thejr y
ht desire e9nth on ithei the c said said lines jir luith itt the
rict of Columbia Colum Colum1a a for for the payment p ayment
of one fJl1 fare far nre as asewabU established ositabllsh h d by y laW l w th the
said 5ai right having been made madeeflectlv effective
by bya a system of free transfers tran fers whereby W h he e reby
a pa5sengerwho passenger who desired it was was passed passe 4
from one on of the th said roads to another
the payment pa ment of extra fare at a
point where the lines of the said roads
or connect that under this
system of transfers a a person who de ¬
sired to reach a point OK 01 the lines of
the City and Suburban railway raUwa of
Washington Yas lington could by b boarding a acar car on
the lines of the Anacdstia Anac05tiaand and Potomac
River Railroad Company or of the I
WaSh ington Railway Ha Railn ilwa a and n d Electric Com ¬
pany panythe the latter composed of f a a con ¬ I
solidation of the Columbia Railway
Company the Metropolitan Railway Railwa y
Company and the Washington and
Great Falls Electric Railway Company
receive a transfer that would pass him
to any anypoint point in the District of Columbia
on the lines of the City Uy and Suburban
Railway cf Washington
Notices regarding r the new trans fernr fer ar ¬
rangement now posted poste posteO1n in the cars of the 1
defendant company company are made part of
the record
It is contended that the action ac tlonor of the
court in making an oder for the dis ¬
continuance of f the free transfer sys ¬
tem between the City and Suburban
Railway Company and other street
railway ra ilway lines wiis made upon the appli ¬
cation of representatives of only about
4 per cent of the 35000 shares of stock
of the former company
Policy of Congress
The petitioners also contend that the
system s stem of free transfers is in accord ¬
ance with the declared policy of the
Congress as expressed epresse in the statutes
under which the several street car carCOln com ¬
panies In the District of Columbia hold j
and exercise the important Importantfrarchises franchises
conferred upon them Congress having
repeatedly made known its mind in en en ¬
actments concerning the th e transfer tran f er of O f pas pa ¬
sengers from one road the e to another ano ther con ¬ I Isengers
cerning the use by one road of the
track of another and concerning even e yen 1
the hauling T by > y one road of the carsof f
another anotherall all with a view to giving to a i i
passenger for forone one fare a continuous eontin ousride ride 3
between any two points in the District t
of Columbia
Messrs 1les srs J Altheus Altheu Johnson and A R
Serven will ask the court to name nameal a day iay r
in the early earl part of next week when whe
they the may ma be heard in support of the pe I ¬
The hearing of arguments for a new
trial In the th case of Thomas s M 1 Fields
convicted of the he embezzlement of c
S1597407 15940 of the funds of the defunct
Washington Wrtslmin gton Beneficial Endowment As ¬
sociation wnich were to have been i
heard today toda by Justice
Wright in Crimi ¬ T 1
nal Court No 1 was was postponed until I
Friday next
Mrs A H Webster widow of the late
B H Webster V bster died after a lingering 5
Illness at her home 417 Second street
northeast on Sunday May fay 21
She leaves lea sone one sister Sister SisterM M Stella
of New Orleans and two stepdaugh ¬
ters Mrs C Frank Keane of this city clt
and Mrs James D Hand of Bay
Minette Ala
UA JrAcQWi r
Rogestvensky Located at
Woosung Woosun g at Mouth of
< Yan Yangtse gtse gt e River
Believed That He IsHpnting
the Warships o f
Admiral Toga Tog
LONDON Jo DONlIay May 25 20A A dispatch d f fs s t th h t trom from rom
Tsingtau China says the th entire Ilus
sian fleet fi et is Is assembled s mblclat at Woosung YoOSUfl just JUS
above Shanghai at the mouth of the t i
Yangtse river r iyer
The ThQG German rman squadron at Tslngtau fa
said to bo l preparing for eventualities
The appearance < of Admiral Rogest
ensky at Woqsung is a great surprise
as he was generally gene raIl believed to be in
the Pacific ocean o ean Woosung Voosun Is com ¬
paratively Pa rative lYC close lose to Masampo l Ias am po where whereit it it
is reported Togo has had his base for
at least a week
In Incoming coming to toW Woosung osung it is believed
Rogestvensky 1st 1 seeking his adversary
and is prepared to offer him battle at at
the earliest possible moment
Togo log Is Well Informed
There is little doubt that Togo has
been eenkeptwel1 kept well informed of Rogestven
skys movements movem ents This explains why ha b
has held his present base He Is doubt doup
Jess prepared and will strike blow for
blow 110w if Rogestvensky Rog Rogestvens stvensh kY dares an attack
The daring of the Russian admiral in =
sailing directly direc tly into Japanese waters
leaves l aves little littI doubt that the long expect ¬
ed battle will be fought foughtb before foremany many
days perhaps even within a few ow hours
Rogestvensky was reported some time tln
ago as saying that his trip to the Far
East was was for the purpose of meeting
Togo and the battle would for him mean
either victory or death His actions
would vou l l seem seemto to show that he hC1leant meant what
he h said at that time
The Thefirst first of the Russian vessels vesseisap ap ¬
peared peare d in the neighborhood of Woosung
last 1jtf1 night nightWben wheit five volunteer cruisers
With colliers CDmergappear appeared at the tltemouthOt mouth ot
the iheYangts Yangtse river li r A cruiser accom accon ¬
panied the volunteer volunteerfieet fleet r and and it subse ¬
quently disappeared
Whole Fleet Flee t Appears
The balance of the fleet fieetmade made Its ap ¬
pearance suddenly sudden today
Little significance was attached at < t
first to the appearance of the volunteer
fleet It was was thought at the most th thn
ve ensels sels had been sent to a a port to obtal
information if possible in regard J
the whereabouts of the Japanese fioct fie ii > t
In the light of the tbedevelopments developments of t
day however howe v vr r it it can be seen that H
gestvensky gestenskyeVidently evidently had planned mali nai
ing inn for Woosung for some time
Immense ImmensequantlUes quantities of supplies have
been received r ceived at Woosune in the last
few weeks These it is now known aro
for the Russians This shows the care care
with which Rogestvensky Roges ensh has planned
his 1mm movements
Rogestvensky may delay at Woosuns
to take aboard the supplies and to coal
his vessels If he does this thisit it will re ¬
quire several days In that event the
battle will be e delayed
On the other hand hand Jfthe if the Russian
commander puts to sea again immedi
ately the meeting of the th fleets can
hardly be delayed unless Togo purpose ¬
ly ly1eeps II keeps out or the th way of oftime the Russians
Warsaw Police Resign
Rather Than Be e Killed
WARSAW May 26 26As As the result
of the killing of several policemen Our dur
ing the recent bomb outrages and the
attacks attaeksmnde made on police pol cewhen when caught
alone in unfrequented places by rove ¬
Ilu I I lutionists tlonlsts armed with daggers and re
volvers wholesale resignations from
the police poUceforcehaye force ha inane jve occurred
In resigning the thd thdpl1cemen policemen have not
hesitated to explain that they prefer
to risk dying of starvation in case Case they t hey
cannot get other work rather than
tnke the chances of assassination at
the hands of terrorists
Means Certain Death
They believe it means certain death
to continue to hold 101d their positions
In addition to the large number who
h have ve resigned it is said that about 20
per cent of the policemen have been
dismissed for various reasons The gen ¬
eral belief is that their loyalty to the
government was doubted
The vacancies caused by these re re ¬
movals and resignations have been
filled by b transferring soldiers to the
police force
Hebrew Riots Continue
The disorders in the Hebrew quartojf qu quarta rtot
continue today todn making the third day
of rioting Hebrews of the better bctte
class are determined to drive out out the th
evil characters who have brought dis ¬
grace on the whole race Resorts and
other places of evil reputation hav have
been raided the Inmates driven out out
and the furnishings destroyed
A great deal of property has been
destroyed destro ed Many persons have been
badly treated trent ddU1ing during the crusade
Chr Christians istians Take a Hand
Up till today the crusade has beeR
directed altogether by Hebrews To
day a a number of Christians have taken
a hand to assist In the purification of
A Specia lly Important Chapter Ch pter o f The Life Story o f fa a
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