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An Attempt to Destroy
Pennsylvania Struc ¬
ture Fails
Sam Par ks Old Gang Ga 1g Under
Suspicion Place
Under Guard
NEW YORK May 1Ia 27 2 27A A desperate des perate but
unsuccessful l attempt was made at 130 30
this th J morning to blow up the new Penn ¬
sylvania IvanIa railroad drawbridge over over the
¼ Hackensack river
The attempt followed several letters etter
r threatening President Cassatts death
and threats to destroy property of the
road ro d because of the refusal of the com ¬
pany pany p uy to employ emplo Iron workers affiliated
with the Sam Parks gang
Dynamite D Ilamfte was placed upon a raft and j
aUowed to float against the bridge on on the I
tide Fortunately the raft struck a a hid h d ¬ t
den en log before it could couldstrIke strike the bridge I
and a terrific explosion followed De ¬
tectives who had been guarding the
bridge against destruction destruc ion were wer vc ere e thrown
to the ground groun Had the raft gone out
ot its course it would have struck the th
old Pennsylvania Penns lvanlapasscnger passcmger bridge as
a train with six sleepers sleep s was passing
over It and the loss lossof of ofItfe life would have
been appalling
Yesterday afternoon there the re was a dy ¬
namite explosion in the excavation for
the new Pennsylvania station in this
city The cause of the explosion is still
a mystery mster
Threatened in Letters
When the Pennsylvania railroad un ¬
dertook ertook to build a new bridge across a ross I
the Hackensack Hac kensactr it gave orders that none
Of of the old Sam Parks gang should shoui be
employed emplo ed Following the announcement announ ement
President XresidentCngsatt Cassatt received several let ¬
ters threatening his life and also inti
mations that the bridge would be dyna ¬
mited Daniel McNally chief chie of inspect ¬
i ors took a score of men Inenandli Inenandliarded and guarded arded
the bridge br dge day dayandnlght and night n Ight On Wednes Vedn s ¬
1 day d ynigl1t night half lml a dozen mt1set men set upon upon
William VIlllam aicShune foreman of the
works orks and beat him nearly nearI to death
warning him that he would be beklUed killed
unless he he gave up work on the draw
McNally and his men were Ilned lined up
on either side Ide of the bridge brld e but because
the tide runs so fast at this thlsppint point p lnt no
cne supposed upposedan an attempt a tempt would be made
from the water to wreck the bridge A
rowboat t would be carried away awa In the
swift running current The plotters I
finding that the bridge was carefully carefulI
guarded floated a raft of logs laden
with dynamite in the stream strea m planning i
to ostrlke strike the center support of the
bridge b dge The raft luckily struck some t
submerged sJibmerg7d s bmered piling near the bridge and
exploded with great force The detec ¬
tives on the bank were thrown from
their feet and windows In houses half
a mile mi1ea away wa were broken I
Passenger Train Passing
Just as the theexplo explos explo5ion ion on occurred a pass ¬
enger train bgund for Boston passed
over ov r the old passenger passenger bridge It was I
not harmed A search for the plotters
was made but without success Me
Nally NalI said today I
There Is no nc doubt that it was the
work of the th Parks ang We Ve have
received letters lc ers from tHese these men threat ¬ I
ening death to the raIlroad railroad d officials and
destruction to railroad property by
dynamite d narnite If we can ca n lay hands on I
them they will be taken away awa by under und r ¬
takers That is the only onl way we can I
deal with them
Until the explosion at the drawbridge
it was thought the explosion In the ex ¬
cavation of the th Pennsylvania station
yesterday afternoon was an accident acchl < mt I
The police are now of the opinion the I
dynamite d dT T nam1te was discharged by design of
some s me miscreant The explosion injured
several people In the vicinity vlclnft and every
window near near the scene was bro broken ken
Alderman Gaffney one of the heads of
the the Nev York Contracting Company
which Is doing the excavating declined
to permit the police to make an investi ¬
gation No one was allowed inside the
inclosure and the police were forced
to drop the matter
The whole affair is enveloped In
mystery m 5tery
The principal feature of this morn ¬
ings weather weather map la an area of oCloYl low
pressure central in Utah and northern
Arizona that has persisted In that re ¬
gion for several scveralda days s East of the
Rocky Rocly mountains conditions are some ¬
I what unsettled An area of high pres
aure fAre re of moderate mo Ieratc energy Is central over
the lower lake region and a slight dis i ¬
turbance Is passing eastward over the
Canadian maritime provinces
Ruin has fallen falJ < n In the Carolina and
thence the ce northwestward to t New England
an end < 1 there have been showers hcwer In the miu
die Mississippi and lower Missouri val 31
levs also in Arkansas Kansas Okla ¬
homa western Texas Colorado and
IvyomI T Tomfng omfng ng I
Fair topartly to Partly cloudy weather Is Indi ¬ I
cated In all pads of the Washington I
forecast district < during the next thirty thlrt I
BX six hours
important temperature tempcrat re changes chang arc
nut anticipated
9 9am a m S
12 Noon 0 9
i ip ip 2pm lpm p p m
Sun nets ets today 711 5
L Sun rises ri o tomorrow toinOi10 > 4J > >
High tide t ff1 today 313 3 9 9pm pm
Low tide today 952 pm
VH Hf ilIh h tit tide le tomorrow 34ni 342 am 4ffi lIm
l low l ow tide tomorrow tumO frow1027 frOW 1027 am 1040 pm
Relief Prevails That the
Russian Fleet Is
Three Battleships Battleshi ps and an d Three
Cru isers With Vessels
at Saddle Isles
LONDON May 27 2iA A dispatch to the t1
Heuter R euter Telegram Company from Tokyo
stater s that Admiral Rogestvensky is off
Tsu T su Shima In Korea stra strait it
While VhUe there is no confirmation of a
Tokyo T okyo rumor that the th Japanese and
Russian R ussian fleets under Togo and nd Rogest ¬
vensky v ensky are engaged in battle in the
Korean Korean K orean strait naval and military men
who w ho have watched the situation close closely ly
think t it may ma prove true
The The Russians have gone go e closer and
closer el c ser to the Japanese fleet It Is the
opinion o that Togo is about ready rea y to give
battle b attle on the ground of o his own choos ¬
ing i ng
It may be that the fleets are not yet
actually a engaged The I e best belief Is
that t hat a seaflght sea fight is isbut but a few hours off
The The TheT Vl Vladixostolc T dlvosto1 scjuadroj squadror It is
known k nown has again left Its port cf refuge
It I t is possible that th t these fast armored
cruisers c are hurrying hurr ing south to take part
In i n the battle
News of the sea fight between Rogest
vensky v ensky and Togo is awaited awa ited with wJtheager eager ¬
ness ness n esS and interest There is hardly a
doubt d oubt that its result one way wa or the
other o ther will determine the war between
Russia R ussia and Japan
Battleships and Cruisers
With Vessels Vessels Off Shanghai
Private PrIvateadvices advices of an entirely authen ¬
tic t ie nature received in Washington T ashingten this
morning th orning announce that more than
twentyone t Russian vessels Including Incl dIng
three three t battleships and three cruisers are
oif o ff if Saddle Islands which are about
sixty s 1ty miles southeast of Shanghai
The reported presence prcSE > 11ce of a large sec sec ¬
tion tion t lon of the Russian fleet off Saddle
Islands I Is confirmed by official advices
received r this morning by the Navy De ¬
partm partment p artmeat nt from the American naval at ¬
tache tacheat t at Tokyo
The importance of these advices
though t in part anticipated by the press
dispatches d Is the fact that the presence
of o f three battleships and andYthree three cruisers
In i n the division off otfShanghal Shanghai is definitely
ascertained as a certained
This dispels the view that the vessels
which w hich have approached so near to the
Japanese J apanese base are merelya collection of
colliers c There seems every eVer indication
that Rogestvensky ROgestyc nSkYb has as split his fleet and I
that t hat part of It at least is making makingCast fast
for f or the Korean straits
Naval authorities are rather puzzled puzz led
to t o account for this new development
Iin in i n the movements of the Eastern fleets
They T hey can an scarcely believe that Rogest ¬
vensky v ensky would intentionall divide up his
fleet fl eet in the face of the enemy ellem
It is now anticipated that a big en ¬
gagement g gemnt between the Russian and Jap ¬
anese a nese fleets cannot be postponed more
than t a few ow days I
0t Other ter naval l lal al officers are inclined to
the the t he belief that i hat if this squadron contains
three t battleshlns as reported the rest
of o f Rogestvenskys fleet is not far dis
tant t ant o They The J y do not believe bell eve he would
divide d ivide his heavy fighting force In the
face f ace of 0 the enemy enem thus making both
detachments d vulnerable
CourtMartial for forOfficer Officer
Who Beards Russian Baron
WARSAW May lJa 27 27Vla < Vla frontier
At a banquet given by Baron Kortt orff
governor g of Somza to officers who have
been b een ordered from Somza to join the th
army a rmy In the Far East the baron de ¬
livered l d dan an address addre B in which he urged
the t he officers after defeating the Japan ¬
ese e se to return home and exterminate
Russias internal enemies
The Instant Baron Korff finished
speaking s one of the officers arose and
spoke s as follows fa 11 0 WI
When we wewill will return we will not follow toll ow
Baron Korffs advice He Is trying to
urge u rgeus us to fight against the working
men Jt Is not the workingmen but the
bureaucrats who are the real enemies
of Russia
Our poor and oppressed fellowRus ¬
sians s inus cannot harm Russia Her welfare
Is I s endangered by those who wear uni ¬
forms similar to that of Baron Korff
Consternation Immediately followed
tht th officers remarks The Th banquet end ¬
ed abruptly abrupt
Baron Korff ordered that the officer offio l
be placed under arrest and court
Our o Military Observers
Indicate War Lessons
An Interesting report has been made
to t o the general staff by Capt Carl Reich
mann United States Army Arm military ob ¬
server a with the Russian army In which
ho comments freely upon the sluggish ¬
ness J of the Russians as compared with
the Japanese due largely to the differ ¬
ence In the loads required to be carried
by the soldiers of the two armies
He draws two lessons les Ons from his obser ¬
vations The desirability of each eachsoldier soldier
of the United States army In a cam ftm ¬
paign 1 being equipped with an intrench ¬
ing spade and toe general lightening
of his load
I consider con Rider the spade as Important
a part of the soldiers armament as his
rifle rHlcst1s says Captain Relchmann Rel hmann and i
believe he ought to carry carr the spade him ¬
Lead Must Be Lightened
Of course his load must be lightened l1
to 1 t o compensate C for the tll C new n 6WIHlrdC burden n of the
intrenching J i tool toolbutlam but I am of the opinion I Iintrenching
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5 I 5 5 i7
TT s
= 5 S f b
h I
cCE I 1111
J li fAiJYCC S
Jt fJ on
Animal A nimal and Vehicle Drop I
Into Areaway I
James J ames Doyle of Navy Department
Caught in Strange Mishap MishapHurt Hurt
by Beasts Kicks
Crushed beneath a falling horse hor c and anc ancl l
wagon w agon this morning as he was at work
i in n the subbasement areaway of the
Navy N avy Department James Doyle Do le a lab ¬
orer o rer received injuries which w hich may ina prove
serious s The accident accl ent was one of the
most m ost remarkable which has ever oc ¬
curred c in the District
Doyle was engaged as usual with his
morning work with no thought of dan ¬
ger g er when one of the Navy Department
mall wagons was driven up alongsido along id
the t he subbasement from frointhe the edge of which
the t he driveway Is separated by a coping copin
a i I few inches high The driver before befoi I Ia
entering e the building with the mail
hitched h itched a strap and weight to the horses hors s I
bridle b ridle as he has done every morning for I Ibridle
many man months
Horse Grows Restive
He had been gone but a few minutes 1
when hen the horse became restive and pull ¬
ed e 1 on the strap Finally Flnall the animals
feet f eet became entangled In the strap and an I
he h e began plunging A spring to the side i I
and a nd the horse lost his balance He top tOPpled ¬ S
pled p led for the fraction of a second and an I I
then thenover t hen over the coping and down into the th
subbasement s he went the wagon v gon with 1
him h im
If Doyle saw the danger at all It was vat >
too 1 t oo late for him to save himself He t
was caught partly under the horse and
partly partl p artly under un c the wagon and the heavy hcav
weight w eight mado it Impossible for the la ¬
borer 1 b orer to move Then the thoroughly
frightened J f animal began to kick and
several J s timts his ironshod hoofs struck S
the 1 t he helpless hr lpl > SR man
Laborers working nearby and several I
clerks c heard the noise and ran an to Doyles I
aid a ki The horse was pulir pUIl puiId a up on his I
feet f eet detached dctar > hed from tIle wagon led I
away J a way n end rd quieted with great difficulty
Doyle was cared for as wMl as possible
until 1 u ntil the Emergency I mergenc Hcapltal ambu
launce I auace which had been summoned ar ai ¬
rived r ived
One Leg Is Broken
At the hospital it was found that one On S
Of I o f Doyles legs was broken his scalp I
cut c ut in several places and he also re ¬
ceived I c serious internal Injuries He was wa
doing I d oing as well as could be expected at 2 I
oc oclock lock this afternoon
Doyle is one of tilt most trusted and am
faithful f omplov es if the State War Var and anc
Navy building He re was once in the S
English army and told some of his hit
friends frlen f s that as a boy he was present lit a i it t t
Ilalaklava B T lallava and witnessed the charge of o C
the 1 t he Ligk Lig Brigade i
GUAM May 27 A fire i i ie e at Agana on oi l
Wednesday Vedn r ednesday sdlY destroyed twentyfive houses S
and rendered 125 T2 persons pers ns homeless
Owing to the cost and scarcity of ma ¬
ter terials ials it often takes years ears to build a t
there The white
house residents are an e
doing their utmost to relieve the dis di ¬
tress 1 tr t ress ss and andthe the Island governor has cabled cabe i
the Navy Department suggesting that tha
the I Amer ican public pub1icbe be appealed to for fe r
125 to Baltimore and Return IS GI25 125
Pennsylvania Railroad Saturday and an I
Sunday tickets good on all trains ex
cept t Congressional Limited Ilmltedand and good good I
Iorreturn for return until Sunday Sunda night l1IghtAdv Adv
Memorial Me1I101 al Day ay Acceptance
Is LS Withdrawn
Influenced Also by Action ction of Confed ¬
erate Veterans Veteransia in in Refusing to Join Jo in
in inN inNw New w York Y rk Parade P Pra ra de
Senator Blackburn of Kentucky I mtuek Is not n ot
going g o ng to toaj alienate nate any any an home homes support s up port in his
coming c race rac e for reelection reelectl n to t the United
States Seriate He evidently la a bit bit
apprehensive that his party part rivals are
hard on the blue grass trail for he has
declined to fill a aspeal a speaking ng engagement
In i n New York on Decoration Decor tJonDa Day He
says 6a s the campaign at home Is keeping
him too busy to go away just at this 1 1him
time and that he can only express hip 1 1
regrets r
This Is the substance of a a telegram t legram
the Senator sent se set h t to Post Commander Comm ander I
IHarry Harry W V Kn ight of U S Grant Post
327 3 27 Grand Army of the Republic in New
York city clt The Senator had been asked
to be the Memorial Day orator at the
Grant tomb exercises on Riverside
Drive But his declination is given a
slightly l different turn by a letter which
followed the telegram and w whi hiph h said
S Defers to Confederates
I cannot but recognize the force of
the suggestion that the action of the
Confederate Camp of New York in de
elding not to join In the parade a although
purposing to be present at the ceremo ¬
nies nl s at the tomb which action was
brought about by reason o ot the objec ¬
tion nvtle m e by other posts than your our own I
tends to te make the situation too delicate
and doubtful to justify me In filling fiIlln the
engagement and might perhaps sub
ject me to criticism here at the hands
of our organization organhmtl n because I did not I
conform or accord accordsufficfent sufficient considera
tion to the th course adopted by the Con
federate Camp of your city cIt
But If for the reasons above stated
that camp deemed it improper to appear I
in the parade as contemplated by the
generosity of Grant Post It was not I
perfectly clear that my appearance there
would escape criticism if not censure
Senator Blackburns friends here ap al ¬
preciate the deference he has paid to
the sentimental action of the Confed
erate Veterans It is regretted how h w ¬
ever this thi this thllappe tit le appeared appearee so serious a
breach that the Senator could not sci SC
his way clear to speak at the joint
exercises exercisesat at Grants Tomb
Sixtyfour clerks In the city post
office between the grades of 600 a ad rid
1100 per annum will receive promo ¬
tions on June 1 The salary salar of each
clerk will be advanced 100 100 a year
When r Jongress OngreBs made its last appro ¬
priation for the Postoffice Department
It I t provided for the promotion of clerks
In 1 city postofflces under the grade of
1200 1200 per year ear At the p sent time
the department Is engaged engagedm in prepar ¬
leg In the promotions of hundreds hum Ired a of
clerks In the larger postofflces Postofl1 es of tho t
countr country
Postmaster Merrltt 11 rritt has prepared the
list of clerks in his office who will be
promoted but they have ht + ye not yet been be l1
announced announce The promotions have been
based entirely on meritorious meritoriousserice service
during the last year or two
Decoration Day Excursion Pen Mar
and Gettysburg via 1a Pennsylvania PEnns Ival1la Rail ¬
road Special train leaves Washington r nshington
815 a m and returning will leave
Gettysburg at 6 p m mand and Pen Mar at t
610 p m Tickets for this train 200 for
the round trip to either Pen Mar or
Gettysburg GetusburJAdv Adv
M M r Pail Parker ker Retires as
President esidentofOo of Company pan y
Concessions Made v 1itde to Demands of Dis S
trict trictContractors Contractors Agree to
Increase Facilities
The Th Washington Fertilizer Company Com any
presen j present p resent l contractors con tratOrs for fnr collection n of gar ¬
1 bage bageln b age in the District has been reorgan ¬
1 ized sei l by the rf retirement of c Col l ar M f M
J Parker Parke P arker as president and the election tectlonof of of
John J 10hn ohn F Wilkins Vilklns as his successor su ccessor
Other changes changeswllI will be made In the
i management of the company S
A Along long conference was held today be ¬
tween t ween representatives repre sentaues of the company company
z arid a Commissioner Commissl ner Henry L L West Har ¬ S
i rison r isen Stidham superintendent superintendent of street
cleaning c < was W3 present pr esent
As A the result resu of f the conference Com ¬
i miss missioner ioner West announced that Mr
Stidham S tidham would at once recommend I
t awarding a wardinga a conditional contract to the
Washington Fertilizer F rtfllzer Company The S
i rew ne n ew w wcontrlict contract will will be entered into on or t
J December 1 only on condition that the
i company co c mpany furnishes a service in the S
i meanwhile fully fUll up to the requirements
j The bid bido of o f the company was fully 30000
lower l ower on a fiveyear fie ear contract than that I
of o f any of Its competitors c The he award awar I
j has h as been held up for several weeks C
j pending p an agreement with the com ¬
pany p any looklno to a better service
Company Makes Concessions
At the theconference conference today tho compan V
i agreed a to tosl3veral several Important concessions S 1
i to t o the District Unless these are all al I
j fully f ully granted during the coming months S
the t < he contract will be canceled Commis ommIs ¬
sioner s WeJt Vet T eL explnlnoU cxplnine l his r disatIsfse < 3Isatis is < atsffc > c
Hen t ifl with tile present Ktrvicr fTvl ond ad in u ¬
sisted i htcl that tIll company iirl < trood od ir h
writing us H verbal promises Norl ls cf TLrorm reorni L
in j 11 n other ot11f words provisions proi Icns for the iii I
jiucmised 1 111 I cmised service will be include m the tl1 C
nw r ° w oontmct oltIa t
The garbagg garbag j rople l ple now have 270 tanks tank S
i In i n service rvic < A Aiey lkiy iey agree to inciease Inc eUJe this thil h If C
rrfjmbiT r imbtr to t 400 at once nn They rIte also promise a
i to t o increase the humber of cars used us l to t 0
transport t ransport the garbage to the plant at a t
Cherry Run
Most Important of nil the contractors
i agree that In case they fall to perform C
ltie ho h hrtq required rtq lre dUlly service during the tim C
sunfcner sunl1er s to the satisfaction of the Com ¬
missioners ml sloncrs the District may ma engage C
wagons to do the work Itself at the cx ¬
pense or the company
Part of o f the Contract
This supplementary service is pro ¬
vided for in the th contract which will go g 0
Into i nto effect December 3 but Ja s not in ¬
cluded In tho five years contract which whlc h
will expire at that time The contrac con truc ¬
tors t om have therefore agreed to apply appl the lb C
provision proyl lon of the next contract to the th C
present reaent one
Complaints of the garbage service are ar
as n numerous us they they were three weeks
ago Superintendent Stidham deplores de plore S
the situation and says that it is the re ¬
gret of his official offl lal life that he cannot canno t
at the present time offer otterany any permanent C
New evidence of the th < faults of the th C
garbage ga rbage service has been brought to t 0
light by a complaint made by Keister r
Frotliers of 937 37 Louisiana avenue north ¬
west W st to the effect that they are being bein g
held up The driver of garbage wagon wago It
No 49 4refused refused to remove the refuse
Continued on on Second Pa Pae e I
Rebellion in the Air of
City of Brother ¬
ly Love
Social Social an d Business Boycott
Against Gas Lease Le se
PHHADEiPHIA PHILADET > HIA May lla y27Reb 27 27Rebellion Rebellion JIIon
is in the air One can hardly realize e
that he heIS Is In the City of Brotherly Love
Corrupt and Contented
The ThepoIltlcal political machine which has ruled
with an iron hand Is crumbling The
organization over which Dur Durham ham and
Penrose have held he ld sway sway Is on the point
of disintegrating
Desertion after dssertlon d sertlon from the thecoh co col l
ors is being reported rep rted A militant and
outraged citizenship Is thoroughly
The victory of the mayor which now
seems certain means the tnepasslng passing of Dur
ham Whether Wt Wrhe hether thera a a cleaner r rands and ands a better
condition of affairs will wfIlfolloW follow remains
to be seen een
As yet the organization leaders will
not admit defeat def at They The are silent and
Injunction Hearing Delayed
The cause of the mayor was consider
strengthened this morning by the de
clslon cl5 10n of the judges of the court
of common pleas to postpone the
argument of f the Jl e temporary tempor ry injunc
tion to restrain A A Lincoln Acker
the new director of public works and
Colonel Potter the new director of
public safety from exercising their
duties from fro m lf01 Monday Oay until Wednesday
out outof of respect resp ct to to tIe Ole memory of Justice
Dean Deanwhosefunolal whose f funeral occurrs occurrson on Monday
The T e supersedeas secured from the su
preme court by bylIyor Mayor Weaver to set s t
aside the Injunction obtained by the
old Ol directors who were removed will
therefore continue in effect until Wed
nesday whether or not the common
pleas pl ns court court makes the Injunction inj nctfon per
manent Dumcn t This j his assures a ssu s The t e mayor maql ofiwo Qflwo of two
days daysmor more of fpowcrov power over i the two de e
partments partm nts which whIc have been be n the basis
of o t the rings strength
Its the social soclaland and business businessbovcott boycott that th t
seems to have brought broughtabout about results
Councilmen in whom the ring placedey placed ev
cry eryrelfance reliance reliance are falling away one by b
one oneand and there Is every indication of a
stampede sta 11 ede
More Councilmen Co1in ilmen Converted
There were wer Important developments to
t ta iny iy but buttl1y they wore nor not of the llH tTivs trl
khd l I iJd which whichccJrr pccdrrid earlier in the w wPk we Mk k
The uprising uprfslnctf of the th peopje to assert estrt
tliflr thflrright t hitir right ill s illustrated by the two tw
ncnstar ncnst i ma nats s meetings held last las night ni ht in
the th t he Academy Acal lem of o MusJc IU5C and Association > s < ocl1tion
Hal has borne fruit frUIt The first evidence
o of f this came cam this mornin morning when two of
the t he members of the tllecounclls councils who hither
to t o have been counted as supporters of
the t he gas companies announced that t 13t the they
would support the the he mayors veto of the
gas g as lease bill
The defection of George B Edwards E wards
ot o r the Twentysecond TwentY5econdr Ward r ard German
town t own which was announced by the se
lect lectcouncfIman l ect councilman himself after a con ¬
ference f erence with Mayor 1 Iayor Weaver T Teacr eacr was re ¬
garded as the most important event of
the t he morning Edwards has been a strong
gas man and was regarded as almost
certain c to stand with the company All
the t he other councilmen cOlr cllmen from the th Twenty Tw nt
second s econd Ward have declared for the sup
port of the veto eto In spite of all pressure
Edwards E vards uni this morning refused to
desert the machine
Edwards Edwar ds was waited on last night at
his home by b a committee of citizens
numbering n mberlng several eYeral hundred persons
but still declined to assert where he
Changes With a Vengeance
This morning however Edwards had L
changed with wftha a vengeance He was at
the city clt hall bright and an d early e rly anxious t
to see Mayor 1Ja or Weaver eaver to pledge his sup ¬
port to the vote It did didnot not take talcehlm him long S S
to t do do this An Arhe he left the office of the th t
mayor m nor in company with Colonel Potter S
the new director of public safety he m
said to the newspaper newpa newspaper er men who accosted t tsaid
I will support the mayors ma ors veto I
dont sec how I can make that state ¬
went any stronger
A story told in regard regar to Edwards Edwar ds
visit Islt to the mayor was that after prom ¬ S
ising his sppport to the veto ctohe he asked aslce l
the mayor to give him a signed letter
under the seal of the municipality an ¬
nouncing noun cing that the se s selectman lectman had I
pledged himself him elf unconditionally unconl lftfonally to sup ¬ S
port the veto Edward explained that t
he wished to have indis Indlputable putable evidence
to show his constituents that he had ha i
flopped fioppedand and stood stoodwlth with them
The other defection to o the mayors
standard was Frank Fran G Grier common I
counc ilman from the Fifteenth ward
The he meetings showed the temper of of
the community communlt Amid tremendous S
cheering and the t he waving of flags the 1
foremost tor most citizens of the old town de ¬
nounced nounce on public platform the efforts i
of the ring r ing to jam through the gas steal stea 1 I
Struggle Hotly Pursued
The struggle to hold or win council
men is being hotly pursued Many of of
the city fathers fath rs express the wish ish that
they had never never been elected to the legis ¬
lative body bod
They declare they the owe all their lhelrsuc sue ¬ I
cess In life to the organization organiza tion and I
that It would be benn nn act of extreme dis ¬
loyalty to RO go back b ck on those who be ¬
friended them But they the are being made t
to realize that hatothers others contribute to their thou
Frank Richards voted for the lease S
Continued on Second Page I
Elkins and Culiom Urge
Delay DelayU DelayUntilN Until ntilN November
orN or No Extra ExtriJS Session ssion
Presidents Supporters Call
Suggestion an alrOld Old
Tric Trick k
There was was plenty of extra extra extrasession session talk
j at a t the White House today but none of
t the t he advocates of postponement who
t i talked with the President on the sub sub ¬
j ject j ect got any a y particular satisfaction from
him h im a after ter all their arguments
The situation remains unchanged
That T hat Is no one knows what the thePresI Presi ¬
dent dentwfll d < ent will do o As a matter of fact it
j la launderstood s understood that ho has not made up
his h is mind He has not abandoned his
j idea dea that there ought to be bean an early arly
extra e session ses sIon but at tho same time time he
j Is s considering 1 the strong requests xequestsota of a a
3 number n of Renublican Senators and
j members m embers to have have1 it in November Nove ber in ¬
stead s of October as asorIglnalll or iginally lginall intend
ed e < el
Elkins Opposes Oppo esP1 Plan n
Senator Elkins of West Virginia
chairman chaltmanof c of the Senate Sena Committee on
Interstate I Commerce called at the
White House this thlsmqrnlng morning to tell the tb
j President P resident what the thecommitte committee had ac ac ¬
t complished c in the sessions sess ions it has hnsbeen been
holding h to hear hezrtestiniony testimony eh cii railway
rates and what It will wllldo do in regard to
f framing a railway rate bill bill The com ¬
T mittee m ittee said SenatorElklns Senator Elkins wanted to
x meet m ee et t two or possibly three weeks be ¬
fore f ore Congress CongreEsconveIies convenes whether in reg ¬
t ular ularor u lar or extra session to make up Its
t report r In the meantime the immense
volume v volume of testimony gathered at its it
j hearings h earings will be printed printedanddlge5ted and digested by
experts e so as to be b ready for immediate
consideration consld c < ratlon
Personally Pe rsonall said Senator Elkins I
do < l not see the use ise of an extra session
Next 1 ext xttiiesslon session will be be the long session aesslon
and and a nd we will have plenty of time to con ¬
sider s kier legislation legfsla on If Ifr r however there is
to t o be b an extra e tra session I hope it wilt
not n ot come in October Octoberbutfn but in November
j Several S members of f our our committee will
i be b e out outo of reach in September and we
will wUlnot w ill not be able to get together before be for e
Congress C ongressconvenes convenes Some will be abroad
f and nndotherswIIlbe a nd others will be in the t e Philippines If
t the he extra session cornea alongin Novem
t ber h er after the elections electlonsC1ers there will be
i less l ess trouble
Senator Sen torCullom Culiom another member of
the t he commmittee also of Illinois saw the
J President Pr P res sident He Heeqres56d expressed the opinion
that t the extra session should e either be
delayed d or abandoned At least l Sat the
Senator S enator said he hoped there would bo b
T none n one at all Senator Culiom ullom stated 1
however h owever that the President had said
r nothing n to indIcafe that he would post ¬
I pone pO1 p ane or abandon the theextrn extra session
Would Delay Action
The President knows that If there is
no noextrt extra session the railway rate bill
cannot cannotcome c come up for consideration by the
Senate until after January 1 as Con ¬
gress Tess will adjourn for the ChrIstmas
holidays about aooutD aooutDcember December cember 20 When ques ¬
tioned t on this phase of the situation to ¬
day Senator SenatorElkIns Elkins admitted that if
there therewere t here were no extra L session there would
be little chance for anything to be dom
In i n the wa WaY y of rate legislation until af ¬
ter te Christmas ChrIs tinas
The situation then remains unchanged
The President Pre si ent is giving the matter care ¬
ful consideration as he has for several
weeks He Hewishes wishes to recognize the
wishes of those Senators and Congress ¬
men in whose States States elections elec t1om will take
place in November but he understands
fully fuIl that if he abandons the extra ses ¬
sion the th enemies of railway rlnwa ate legis ¬
lation will be able to waste w ste weeks and
weeks In the regular r egular session before tak ¬
leg up that Important Im portant question at all
Friends of the President well under ¬
stand the pressure pressurewhic11 which is being
brought to bear upon up en him either to
postpone the extra session until No ¬
vember or else give up the idea alto ¬
gether g ther Powerful railroad Interests are
exerting every effort to make the Presi ¬
dent believe there is nc popular 1 back
Ing of his plan for an extra session s sston but
the Executive Execu ive feels he has had more <
direct assurances than these from the
people who have no interest in the sub ¬
ject beyond getting ultable rates for
all sections oithe of the country
Party Interests Urged
A good deal of comment has been
based upon the action of Senators re ¬
cently atthe at the White House to urge the
advisability adisabl1lt of f at least postponing the
extra session until after the fall elec ¬
tions This appea appeal l is directed toward
the Presidents fealty to the party which
put him into office for another term of
Under ordinary ordinar circumstances such aa
appeal as this would weigh W igh heavily heall with
the Executive It does doc now In Jnfact fact
but the Presidents Presld nt ntT nts T s active a tivc mind mln sees
also another side to the argument Ao o
cording to gossip in official circles h he
knows just as well as he knows any ¬
thing that the diametrically opposite
line of reasoning would be urged if th the
corporations wanted to raise the tariff
or increase rates of any kind Elec ¬
lions would not Interfere were any an such
program in hand The extra session
would be demanded for the good off o
the country for the welfare of tho
workingman and so forth But as this thi
is not the program every argument is 1
ndvanced to postpone the session until
it will be too late to do anything along
the lines cf the Presidents wishes
Would Accomplish Nothing
Officials who suppcrt tho President Presidents o
t course so far do not no thesltlte hesitate to declare
with Jth utmost utm st emphasis that if ha yields ielde
to the present Importuning by ft few ew
Senators merely on the basis of the part
these tnesemen men are to take in inState State elea eloe

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